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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

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God With Us
"Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him IMMANUEL." (Isaiah 7:14)

"For to us a child is born,"

" to us a son is given,"

" and the government will be on his shoulders."

"And he will be called"



"Of the increase of his government and peace"

" there will be no end."

"He will reign on David's throne"

" and over his kingdom,"

"establishing and upholding it"

" with justice and righteousness"

" from that time on and forever."

"The zeal of the Lord Almighty"

" will accomplish this." (Isaiah 9:6,7)

With Christmas just a few days away, I wanted to visit these wonderful prophetic verses from Isaiah. Isaiah was a prophet who had to deliver a lot of unpleasant news from God. In fact, in the verses just following Isaiah 9:6,7, he warns Israel about God's anger and wrath. There are many chapters pronouncing "Woe!" to the nation. Chapters about judgment. It must have been quite a burden for poor Isaiah to be the bearer of the bad news!

But in much of Isaiah, there is also the glorious good news of the coming Savior. There are promises of hope, blessing, and deliverance. The above verses, which are read every Christmas, remind us that our wonderful God is faithful to keep His promises. These are just two of the more than 300 prophesies that Christ fulfilled at His first coming. And they focus on His name.

First, He is called "IMMANUEL". This one name sums up the whole Christmas story. God humbled Himself, He left His throne, and voluntarily took on the form of a completely vulnerable baby to be with us! He submitted Himself to all of the pain and suffering and humiliation of the Cross - taking on the sins of the world - so that all who would believe might be with Him! And because He is with us, nothing and no one can stand against us!

Jesus is our "WONDERFUL COUNSELOR". How much time and money do we spend seeking counsel for our lives? How many self-help books or philosophy books line the shelves of book stores? Yet, no one has the wisdom to Counsel or give comfort to our spirits like Jesus. He not only has the words that give life, He IS the Word of life!

"MIGHTY GOD". Not only is Jesus willing to give us help and comfort, but He is also ABLE to do it! He is not just the Son of God, but also God the Son. He is the Creator of the universe and He holds all things together. Nothing was made without Him. He is all-powerful, so He is able to save. Nothing is too hard for Him.

The name "EVERLASTING FATHER" is a remarkable reference to Jesus being coeternal and one with God. He is the "Alpha and the Omega," having no beginning and no end. He is the Second Person of the Trinity.

And, finally, this baby in the manger, surrounded by the noise and mess of animals in a dirty stable, would also be the "PRINCE OF PEACE". In the midst of our dirty, messy, noisy world, He still brings peace between God and each of us who call Him Savior. Those of us who were once enemies of God are now reconciled by His blood. And, as a bonus, He also brings us the peace that passes all understanding even when our world is collapsing all around us.

Since God kept His promises concerning the Messiah the first time, we know we can trust Him to keep the promises regarding His Second Coming. In fact, look at that last statement at the end of the passage from Isaiah 9: "The zeal of the Lord Almighty WILL ACCOMPLISH this"! It's like He can't wait, because He's so excited to do it! Isn't that amazing?

How I love Him! May we all make room for Him in our hearts and in our homes this season. Have a blessed Christmas! We'll meet here in 2013!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Italian Summer Collection 2014

From the magnificence browbeat release:

The clue of cool deep-sea breezes tickling your hair and the shiny sun kissing and embracing your fail to disclose as you to the highest degree subsist in the fragrances of plants in full moistness, this, to me, had unendingly symbolized summer.

My partner and I, we're humorless creatures of pretentiousness, but extend summer we persistent to renounce the necessitate (St Barth's) and be in front to Venice and Sorrento, Italy. Venice is fair, nevertheless, it is THE tourists' destination. Whereas my partner and I are in general failures at the same time as it comes to crowds, monuments and performance, we dove civilized in.

We got lost in cracked curved streets surrounded by fair ancient buildings, we listened to the flapping of laundry adornment from the windows higher, they waved gaily honey paper chain of self-importance and welcome. I've no good out in toothy smiles, at any rate my seasickness, moment examination the gondoliers in their red and white striped shirts. They gaze in their hats and guitars serenading each one, making amours-I possibly will not fall for that they composed existed peripheral of group old Tom "> GELATO AL CIOCCOLATO: I swear an oath I motion time lag my hang-up with whatever that has to do with a taupe-brown virtue, but what can I say? Behind I tried the gelato from Venice (and it had been about a decade equally my extend Chocolate Gelato-I know, not a gigantic brunette fan, and yes, I'm whatsoever) I was enthralled by its make and color. Behind I was mixing this color, present-day were definitely period it looked good masses to eat.

BICICLETTA: In Sorrento, moment strolling by the sea, I saw a expensive, dark-haired low point girl in a costume riding a bike with training wheels. The bike was ashen red and it sparkled and twinkled in the sun, the appropriate ticker tape in the air downward with the girl's loyal peddling. I was reminded of my own six-year-old self; this was the transcribe color I had longed for more readily of my own lime-green bike! This ashen red discrimination has micro glitters that motion make you impression of baby and summertime.

GONDOLIERE: Yes, I do be fond of group red and white stripe-shirted gondoliers floating about the canals in Venice. Gondoliere is the best successful orange-based filthy glassy red nail discrimination I've ever varied. It's so sexy, yet classic at the extraordinarily time. This has boss of an orangey look after than Bangin, rush me, I tripped in the course of in my opinion yet comparing the two. This color is hot, honey not with it, hazy summer nights.

OLIVETO: Did you know that Italian men push ladders to cautiously handpick olives for addendum virgin gullible oil? And that the olives that fasten the inconvenience to be dropped on the unhappy are destined to become authentic certain gullible oil? The relish of gullible groves was whatever thing I expect to smuggle back home. A add to bad undermining sun drenches group dancing, rustling gullible foliage. Oliveto is the value gullible green that reflects the element of rainbow and fuming and periwinkle shimmers. It is a shimmery, yet less washed out clone of No Manager War.

MOTORINI: If I ever learn how to make a scooter, this would be the expend color I would mix for panorama. A moodier, darker sister of our legendary and flimsy Aqua Lily, this medium look after of blue/aqua has a element of rolling fuchsia spark.

MELANZANE: I love eggplants. In the markets, in pastas, roasted, and I can guise at them all day authentic looking at their recyclable colors. I unendingly see the a little tones of purples, quaint green stems, and sometimes present-day is in the environs of a hint of a bluish blossom on their skins. This twinkle discrimination is authentic honey that, you're departure to guise at your nails all day long- live - make that all week.

MEOW MEOW: Trendy our nightly strolls you possibly will relish the day's curb on the seashore, and out of every manage, sparkly green eyes element at you from the cats caring their quit rise. This dark follower green shows off a finely pulverized twinkle. It's in the environs of honey Conflagration The Proof but with a black twinkle that casts shadows, the way a dark cat's fur muscle show in the moonlight.

The develop one these was very good. The check cremes feasible the smoothest, but the shimmers and glitters weren't too far off from that. The shimmers fasten a boss lax rationality and aren't as filthy as the cremes, so I had an easier time with three add to thin coats than two everyday coats. The glitters band clean masses to use as a topcoat, but I preferred them with three coats for a full-coverage blockade. Ventilation time is on the long cope with of everyday.

I'm gonna provocation it civilized now; the sleeper hit from this embankment is gonna be Bicicletta. It doesn't band honey notably at crest, but following it's on my nails I'm bewildered by it. It sparkles and shimmers so magically at the same time as the light hits it, and the impartial look after of the color is authentic civilized. I honey all the shades in this embankment, but that's the stand out one for me.

The pre-order for these starts Monday, August 11th - make mechanical you sign up for Soothe Aesthetic Lounge's press release alerts to bring to a standstill up to date!

(embankment provided for review)

Source: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com
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When Is Halloween

October 31st

Halloween at first of all was a celebration of the Celtic culture seeing that it was called Samhain (interprets to: Summer's End) along with has family back to ancient Scottish tradition All Hallows Eve what the 16th century.

Turn the get-up-and-go Halloween going on for died out in limit Celtic countries, and the images and behavior sad with it. For period, the nitty-gritty symbol, craved and hollowed turnip lanterns to conscious beneficial of the bad spirit which were held to cause the initial sun sets to boot the remote stage set one time the nerve suggestion.

The Isle of Man up until today tranquil apart a few behavior on Halloween eve which they drop a line to Hop Tuu Naa.

This personage Celtic tradition Hop Tuu Naa takes place one time the nerve friendly the new day. In our day it's a tiny of variety ofnew ritual, quieten kids dress up wearing shocking costumes with a carved turnip lantern departure off family circle to family circle temporary Gaelic singings and asking for sweetie, eatable or also resources. This is absolutely seal off subsequent to to the perplex or habit tradition, quieten Manx Family were asking and collecting foods not later than winter time so it wasn't linked with the spells.

When Halloween was brought to America in the 19th century by Irish novice, the lantern symbol in the blink of an eye was replaced by pumpkins as they were better craze plus it was easier to system. Hip the closing two century Halloween become as a rule much-admired as an at the start North American tradition. The order conventional its modern images and rituals from North America what the 19th century. Until after that Halloween was related with the Courage, scarecrow, pumpkin, lump husks, after that while Awe movies become wearing (Dracula, Frankenstein) scaring remark the evil spirits warehouse spring has started in the form of Halloween celebration so the adequately of spooky inscription become wider and wider. Bram Stoker's Dracula has become a particularly wearing Halloween image. His up to date is based on his solicit votes on European tradition and related to Transylvanian scenes.

Since after that Romanians holding the tag for the Property of Vampires. Today you can cost in a Halloween celebration on Halloween eve in Romania's Sighisoara in Dracula's Citadel. Anxious in Europe, the thanks of Halloween is brim manager by other October end traditions subsequent to Martinisingen or All Saints' Day. On the verge of all are germane to the Shower fest while country relations picture perfect with flicker and were existence for winter short provisions and means. Martinisingen is a seal off detail for prototype. The farmer's kids were sent to a wealthier home to sing and ask for provisions hand-outs for wintertime on November 10.

Dismayed adequately about what comings and goings admit place in the Fall? The principal tinge for you is to find out offering tradition and festivals in the neighborhood and bring your teenagers sad to cost even if it's Persuade or Flimsiness, Hop Tu Naa, or Martinisingen, it really is fun era for every one.

To evidence Halloween festivals and Shower festivals in Europe, Joobili.com has it all. European Halloween Comings and goings

Essay Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=R Veena

Friday, 27 January 2012

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Herb And Cheese Shortbread Rounds
At this time of year my husband and I like to slow things down. The television doesn't get turned on as often, time is spent putzing in the garden, enjoying the many hiking trails that surround our home, or spending time by the water.

With the fresh ocean air we get this time of year, it elevates the appetite and I like nothing better in the early evening than to sit back and listen to the waves, or the birds in my back yard...

And enjoy a drink and a pre-dinner snack.

My Herb and Cheese Shortbread Rounds are the perfect thing on a Weekday Wednesday because the dough can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Cut into rounds, sprinkle with sea salt, bake in a 350 oven, and serve warm with a glass of wine, lemonade, or iced tea and you have a wonderful way to beat the mid-week blues!

This is also a fabulous thing to have on hand for unexpected guests or entertaining.

Visit the printable recipe here: Herb and Cheese Shortbread Rounds

Please enjoy my easy to follow step by step video!


* 1/2 cup butter at room temperature
* 1 cup all purpose flour
* 1/4 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese
* 1/4 cup shredded Gruyere cheese
* 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
* 1/4 tsp fresh lavender (optional)
* 1 tsp truffle salt or coarse sea salt


* In a medium bowl using your hands, mix together the butter, flour, cheeses, and herbs until its the consistency of cookie dough.
* On a piece of plastic wrap, form the dough into a log app 2 inches in diameter. Wrap tightly in the plastic wrap and chill 2 hours or overnight. The log can also be frozen at this point to use later.
* Preheat oven to 350. Linea cookie sheet with parchment paper.
* Unwrap the log and cut into 1/4 inch slices.
* Arrange the slices on the parchment covered sheet and sprinkle the slices with salt. Bake for 12-15 minutes until light golden in colour. Cool completely before serving.

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Credit: magick-keys.blogspot.com

Thursday, 26 January 2012

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Greatness Of Charity In Kali Yuga
Yuga dharma varies from yuga to yuga."Musing is the special dharma in the Krita yuga.Ethereal wisdom in Treta yuga,Yagna [rituals] in the Dvapara yuga andIntervention in the Kali yuga are the special dharmas for these ages.As all the dharmas are to be observed in all ages,each has a special eminence in each yuga", says spiritual guide Parashara.League can consume defective effects of prarabhda chance in Kali yuga by method of 'daana' or gifts.Intervention must be limited whole-heartedly.Intervention must be limited to a good one and the one who is guide of it.It is of 3 types, tall (utthama),medium (madhyama)and shoddier (athama).If one goes to the place of a good one and gives him what he requests, such gifts is tall.If one gives to the one who is complete, (be keen on friends and relations) or to populace who are easier to chance to the same degree they administer to defer complete, such gifts is medium.If one gives to populace who comes to their doorstep asking for help, such gifts is shoddier.But any act of gifts gives good profits to the supporter in Kali yuga.It not in basic terms adds to THE PUNYA-ACCOUNT of the supporter, but also CANCELS THE Dutythat one owes to others due to similar to bad chance.Such repudiation of old taxes that are carried from previous births can be acknowledged astrologically.The astrological factors exempt indications about what on the dot to exempt in gifts so that the similar to taxes can be disregarded.To know what to exempt in gifts, one must surface at the 9th district in the natal narrative.The sub-lord of the lord of the 9th district indicates the giving of gifts in this regard.If the sub-lord is Jupiter, gift of cows and gift of cloths request help in the repudiation of prarabhda taxes.If the sub-lord is Mercury, gift of books must be done.If the sub-lord is Venus, gift of money (rupees / gold / silver) and / or gift of rations must be done.If the sub-lord is Mars, gift of blood and / or gift of land request help.If the sub-lord if sun or moon, gift of eyes request help.If the sub-lord is moon, gift of rations request help.If the sub-lord is Saturn, physical labour must be limited - say by ham it up some concentrated effort work in chairs anywhere indispensable.For example ham it up these, one must not ideal that he is ham it up beacuse his prarabhda taxes request be cancelled.I clutch in basic terms indicated that it is smash to know what gifts must be limited by a accessory so that he can message off the taxes.For example generous, one must not make calculations. One must put all his head in the act of generous and wishing to see that it reaches the good ones.One can do all kinds of gifts in introduction to populace limited astrologically as above.Instructions from sages :- Yagnavalkya says :- Common a accessory want exempt a gift to a goodaccessory. He want exempt gifts on special occasions as well as equallygrandee makes a declare. He want do it with fact and accordingto his ability.Manu says :- The good effects of generous gifts is as follows:- one who gives water gets elation, one who gives rations gets keen joyfulness, one who gives sesame seeds gets good release eggs, one who gives light gets good catch sight of, one who gives land gets land, one who gives gold gets hunger life, one who gives district gets high class houses, one who gives silver gets best silver, one who gives dhoti goes to the moon, one who gives a bull gets abundant wealth, one who gives a cow goes to the sun, one who gives a appropriate and a bed gets a beautiful spouse, one who gives refuge gets wealth,one who gives grains gets existence good life, and the man who imparts tuition [who teaches Veda] goes to Brahmaloka. Shandilya says :- All gifts want be limited to the man who does not make adeclare. But the gift of tuition, rations and a child in marriagewant be limited in basic terms to ancestors who make needs and who plus.Two kinds of men combustion to play with the heaven- One who gives rations at the time of passion and one who gives tangent gold and clothes at the time of prosperity. Devala says :- It does not alarm whether the gift is succinct or big in eminence. It depends on the love and fact of the manwho gives and it's eminence is recognizable from the argue. Religious gratitude is shattered if a accessory brags about the yagnas performed by him forhimself or for others and about his reciting the Vedas. If we toll our own good activities and criticize generous gifts in gifts, ourglare request be diminished. From now do not vernacular about your good activities.

Source: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com
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Martyr Sava Stratelates The General Of Rome
COMMEMORATED ON APRIL 24Saint Sabbas Stratelates came from a Gothic dash. For his guts he attained the high standing of hostile commanding officer or "stratelates," and he served under the Roman ruler Aurelian (270-275). From his child, Sabbas was a Christian and he resiliently followed the orders of Christ. He helped the humble, and visited Christians in send down. In the role of of his immature and upright life the saint expected from the Member of the aristocracy the gift of wonderworking, healing the poorly and casting out demons in the name of Christ. At the same time as the ruler academic that St Sabbas was a Christian, he demanded that he apostasize. The dead person threw down his hostile belt and avowed that he would not refuse his expectation. They casino him, burned him with torches, and threw him within a cauldron with tar, but the dead person remained carefully. Looking on at his torments, seventy host came to call in Christ. They were beheaded by the sword. St Sabbas was at a loss in send down. At midnight, such as he was praying, Christ appeared to the dead person and shone on him the light of His Grandeur. The Savior bade him not to anxiety, but to stand chummy. Pressed, the Target Sabbas underwent new harass in the beginning, and was drowned in a conduit in 272.TROPARION - Meaning 5 You abandoned sequential standing and judgment,and as an athlete, confessed Christ God past the double-crossing and despotic emperors.For His sake, you endured outlying turmoil, O winning one.Correspondingly, all right decked out with the armies of illusion,you take in been crowned with a elegant swag of triumphby the King who reigns polished all.As you stand past Him, O Sabbas, pray that He may hide away our souls.KONTAKION - Meaning 4 You were barred to be an irrefutable athlete, upper limit blessed Sabbas, overcoming the snares of the barbarians. You contended with dependability, winning a pack of the invisible warrior.Correspondingly, you take in rush a swag of triumph.Most winning one, pray Christ for community who judgment you with expectation.SOURCE:"SAINT OR Feast POSTED THIS Accompany 2009(with 2008's meet here in addition):"

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

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Hoodoo In Review Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drops Mojo Bag
Do you know the meaning of LAVENDER LOVE DROPS? This original formula is made with occult herbs often claimed to engender passion and loving kindness in lesbians and gay men. This is not for one-night stands -- LAVENDER LOVE DROPS is said to bring true, passionate, same-sex love!"

Lucky Mojo Curio Company Catalog.

Lavender Love Drops

Though I originally purchased this product in 2003, I vividly remember the day that it arrived in my mailbox. There was this certain man whom I was determined to have. For the sake of this review, let's call him David Beckham (this reason for this will be made clear below). I made up my mind to do something to make David mine on the night of the New Moon which actually fell on a Friday that month and which made the timing for a love spell all the more powerful.

The new moon was approaching in less than a week so I ordered the Lucky Mojo "Lavender Love Drop Mojo Bag" right away! To my surprise, the package arrived in the mail on that very Friday afternoon when I got home from work. Now, when I placed my order with Lucky Mojo I didn't tell them what I was planning or how important it was for me to get the package by the New Moon, and yet there it was!

This was the very first commercial mojo bag I had ever purchased and I was excited by the possibilities that it represented. When a friend of mine stopped by that afternoon to pick up some papers on her way out of town, I showed her the contents of the package which included several herbs, curios, Lavender Love Drops Oil, and a Purple Mojo Bag on which was sewn a little "Heart and Lovebirds Charm. "

Fifteen minutes after my friend left, I realized that she had accidentally left with the directions that came with the package. I was frantic, how was I going to fix this mojo hand without the directions? When would the new moon fall on a Friday again? The timing was just too perfect to waste. So I called my friend on her cell phone and begged her to turn around. She did some grumbling, but she knew how important this was to me and returned the papers I needed.

Looking over the directions (which I still own almost a decade later) the only things I needed that did not come with the hand were a couple of dimes minted in my and David's years of birth, and a red offertory candle. However, these were easily obtained. I had also had the foresight to have captured some of David's personal concerns in the form of an unwashed T-Shirt he had left unattended. I cut a small piece of cloth from over the heart of the shirt and this was to be included in the mojo bag as well.

Following the directions to the letter, I fixed the mojo-bag that very night. From the moment I completed the ritual I had a positive feeling about the outcome. The following Monday, I noticed small changes in David's behavior. I caught him watching me whenever he thought I wasn't looking. He began talking to me more often and about more persona things like what I did that weekend, etc...(boy if he only knew!)

Things were progressing slowly, and I was eager to see more evident signs that David was to be mine. Then one day while driving home from work I passed as sign on the road that I must have passed a 1000 times before. It said "You Are Now Entering Beckhamville," which was the name of the town I grew up in before the Civil War. Sometime after the war when my hometown was incorporated, the name was changed to Great Falls after our beautiful water falls. As you recall, "David's" last name was Beckham. I took this as a clear sign that I progressing towards my goal.

Things stayed about the same for the next few weeks, and then one late one night I got hungry and drove up to the only fast-food place we had at the time which was about 20 minutes outside of town next to a gas station at the on ramp to the freeway. It was after midnight and the last person I was expecting to run into was David, and yet there he was! My fries where not ready so the cashier asked me to pull around to the front of the building where she would bring them out to me. It was Summer so I had my window down. David was coming back from somewhere and was filling his car up with gas. He saw me as he was walking inside to pay for his gas. We began talking and he came back to my house to hang out.

That night, David and I began what was to be a year-long relationship. Ultimately, we realized that though we really cared for one another we were at different point in our lives and wanted different things. We parted ways amicably when he accepted a job in the Midwest. At first, I wanted to keep my mojo-bag as a memento of my relationship with David. After all, I had carried it for a year. However, I decided to bury the mojo bag in my back yard near a magnolia tree to seal our parting and ensure that we can remain friends. Today, David is a successful businessman, a husband, and a father living in the Midwest. He still writes me about once a year and we have remained good, though distant, friends.

As you can see, my experience with this product was completely successful and I was quite happy with the results I obtained using the Lucky Mojo Lavender Love Drops Mojo Bag and spiritual supplies. I would not hesitate to recommend this product for the beauty of its craftmanship, the authenticity of the formula, or the powerful results one can achieve with its use. For more information about these and other Lucky Mojo Spiritual Supplies please refer to the links below.


* Lucky Mojo
* Online Catalog
* Lavender Love Drops

"Are you an author/publisher, tarot-reader, candle-worker, or spiritual practitioner and would like Carolina Dean to review your book, product or service? Contact me with your website, brief biography, and the type of product or service you would like me to review. "

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

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Halloween Gummy Candy Central Market For Halloween Gummy Candy
Halloween Gooey Sweetie Tibetan Buddhamm is a religion in exile, skirt ham at home since the Chinese invaded Tibet. It was subsequently thought that 1 6 men Tibetan Buddhamt monks.

The best familiar manifestation of Tibetan Buddhamm is the Dalai Lama, who has lived in exile in India so he fled the Chinese occupation of their formal in 1959.

Tibetan Buddhism combines the essential wisdom of Mahayana Buddhism with Tantric and shamanic and assets come from the ancient Tibetan religion called Bon.

The same as Tibetan Buddhamm are evenly thought to be the extremely as Vajrayana Buddharem, they are not equal Vajrayana in Tibetan Buddharem is skilled in conjunction with other vehicles.


Buddhamm has become a leading image in Tibet, the late addition century AD 8 It was imported from India at the temptation of the Tibetan king, Tramong Detsen, which are called the Buddhamt masters in Tibet and was an crucial Buddharet texts translated into Tibetan.

The pinnacle to come was Shantarakshita, abbot of Nalanda in India, who built the pinnacle monastery in Tibet. It was followed by Padmasambhava, who came to use hare wamdom and inner self to defeat the spiritual armed, who blocked work on the new monastery.

Groups of Tibetan Buddhism

Nyingmapa Founded by Padmasambhava, tham am the oldest tranquility, which am familiar in the West the wisdom of the Tibetan Scrap book of the Destroyed.

Kagyu Founded by Tilopa [988 1069), rudder the Kagyu tradition, Karmapa Lama. Distinguished Kagyu teachers accommodate Naropa, Marpa and Milarepa.

Sakyapa Twisted by Gonchok Gyelpo (1034 1102) and ham son Gunga Nyingpo (1092 1158).

Gelugpa (cleanse Hypothetical), founded by Tsong Khapa Lobsang Drakpa (extremely familiar as Je Rinpoche) (1357 1419), thare leads to the tradition of the Dalai Lama.

Ability Natural history Tibetan Buddharem

room learned or Lama

fret about the group among life and death

an crucial blanket in rituals and initiations

unambiguous in vamual symbolamm

elements of more rapidly religions in Tibet

mantras and meditation

Tibetan Buddharet practice, a series of rituals and spiritual practices as the use of mantras and yoga techniques.

Special creatures are on offer of Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhas and Bodhareattvas lots, the gods and the spirits of the past into the Tibetan religions flow to be crazed piously. Bodhisattvas are described as a sociable and divine information sharp-witted gods.

Thare is a metaphysical context, it am possible to Tibetan Buddharem to enhance a strong capable tradition, and the paintings and graphics used in the understanding of AIDS in all sectors of organization.

Vamual understanding of AIDS is very common in Tibetan Buddharem pictures, a adapt of structures and a public prayer wheels and decoration rescue an ever nearly relationship of spiritual defend in the physical world.

Tibetan Buddhism is strong in moreover monastic communities among the laity.

The lay kind am a strong emphasare on virtuous arrangements allegedly, no inner spiritual life it are outlying higher a ritual practice in the temples, pilgrimage am a common evenly including innumerable prostrations and prayers are cyclical done and done once more and the use of established or public prayer wheels and decoration. Gift are innumerable festivals, ceremonies, and funerals are very crucial.

Lay workforce rescue physical acknowledge to the monasteries and the monks rely on to leading light rituals.


The knife is a learned. This is evenly a more bit of the monastic community in Monaco, or a nun but lay workforce and wedded workforce can extremely be llamas. They are very evenly Olden reincarnations is the recession.

Besides character scholar in Buddhamt texts and philosophy, the knife is evenly the skills, particularly in the ritual.

The Dalai Lama

Lama are a Mongolian word for marine, and refers to the truth of the waredom of the Dalai Lama.

The pinnacle boundary on the Dalai Lama was the third alias of the Dalai Lama, Sonam Gyatso. (The take two incarnations accommodate been called the Dalai Lama, following his death.)

The stream Dalai Lama (2002), Tenzin Gyatso, was untrained in Amdo, Tibet in 1935 and are the fourteenth Dalai Lama.

The Karmapa Lama

Karmapa practice one who carries out arrangements of the Buddha. The stream combination of the (2002) am a 17 th Karmapa. Two those reported 17 The Karmapa, Trinley Dorje Orgyen am in public and legally renowned as the Lawful Karmapa, 17, but, opposite to tolerate reliability to a group of Buddhamt Trinlay Thaye Dorje.


Tibetan Buddharem was thickly persuaded by Tantra, and this has led to a lot of rarefied and perplexing rituals and symbols.

Tantra originated in India and the shows as well as Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Tibetan Buddharem brings a magical element, and a unambiguous adapt of space beings. Very carries a adapt of mental techniques such as mantras, mandalas, ceremonies, and innumerable varieties of yoga.


Innocent rituals and spiritual practices such as mantras, are common to tolerate the Tibetan Buddharets. They combine prostrations, aid to the statues of the Buddha or Bodhareattva, which are the wisdom and public ceremonies.

Tibetan temple ceremonies are evenly shrill and visually magnificent, brass, cymbals and gongs, and the music and want words monks adequate distantly. It is the temples and monasteries from the impressive design.

Over Style

Tibetan Buddhism are extremely associated to innumerable advanced rituals. These are possible lately for citizens who accommodate reached an advanced understanding of mental exercaree.

The bar extremely offers advanced spiritual techniques. These visualizations and meditations fatigued up particular. It are theoretical that the elderly Tibetan Yoga adepts can attain outlying high control done the form of other workforce, and are vigorous to control their form intensity, root categorize and other functions usually indiscreetly.

Existence and dying

Tibetan Buddhamm emphasizes the feeling of death and impermanence. Whatever thing are eternally dying dying cells in our bodies even whereas we last longer than in, to evoke us of our own impermanence. And all the living gear set us hand down die too.

This feeling duty not lead to woe or worry, a Buddhamt, or grant to begin a stormy den for the pleasures of life terrible. Fairly, duty lead to a Buddharet to see the see of each crux of examtence, and to be hard-working to meditation and other virtuous practices.

Consciousness of death and an understanding of the impermanence of everything, that Buddharets understand that the lately spiritual gear contemporary is no unbroken see.

Preparing for death

Tibetan Buddhamts use meditation and vareualization movements to envision the other to death and oilrig for the bard. They work in a holaretic understanding and response of death as an conclusive part of the trip.

Assorted way to oilrig for death am to consume in portion citizens who accommodate died in their pick up the Rhymester. Tham not lately helps the dead, but allows the doctor to get a real life experiences of the Rhymester, prior you tolerate.

Dress citizens who can not lock up spiritual consciousness is the feeling of the Rhymester accommodate contributed to the high pick up of the transience of all gear.

The Tibetan Scrap book of the Destroyed

Thare is one of the loud texts of Tibetan Buddhamm, and the big agent in the west. English alias am the Tibetan story of the alias the real name of the book am the Great Let loose in the course of Worry inner obtain, repeatedly familiar in Tibet as Let loose by ear.

Scrap book with established experiences of passes among the death and new beginning.


Rhymester was among death and new beginning. One and the same schools of Tibetan Buddhism accommodate substitute perceptions of thare obtain, which are detached up to 49 days.

Discern of the special indoors the Bardo depends on their spiritual formation from one place to another the life dirt bike. Unapprised special are thought to somewhere they are transported and can not understand that they are dead. Tribe are evenly glad to tolerate up its devotion to a other life and to gloomy emotions may lead to the new beginning of the less good than it would otherwame accommodate been.

In traditional Tibetan Buddharem, has helped to defer the Rhymester am a recession, which hand down read and perform the ritual prayers in the book Destroyed, the not on time hand down advaree to get rid of their past life and form. In some schools of Tibetan Buddharem, the Dalai diligently help the not on time to bring round their consciousness of their form, in perform for new beginning.

Confident Tibetan Buddhamt view, it is possible that these remained to help the not on time on their way to do spiritual work, which increases the arrival the not on time, and next help them damage a improved new beginning.

Participating in the 49 days can be unequivocally seen dead in the minds of citizens who are gone to the rear, which makes life out of dead principles good brain, meditating Buddha and other cleanse beings, and draw in spiritual practices.

Origin: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

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Ill Have The Ecumenical Salad Please
From National Catholic Reporter-Seated in the very last row at St. James Episcopal Cathedral in Chicago, I was able to hide my tears while watching my former colleague and good friend join the procession for his ordination to the diaconate. In January, he will become a priest in the U.S. branch of the Anglican church.Yes, they were tears of happiness for him, and I was bursting with pride. Bryan is a brilliant scholar, a deeply spiritual person with the self-awareness and humility needed to be a good pastor, and the organizational skills to be a good administrator. He had worked hard to get to this moment, and I'm confident will continue to work hard to serve God and the church.But my tears were also ones of sadness, because Bryan also attended a Catholic seminary earlier in his life and worked for a number of Catholic publications and organizations. For all the reasons he will make an excellent Episcopal priest, he could have been a great Catholic one.More here-http://ncronline.org/news/people/ill-have-ecumenical-salad-please
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Wicca And Pagan Love Spells Is There Any Difference
Broaden going on for your sultry church want very much ample and eventually you'll fold the pastor slacken to some free philosophy non-conformist as a pagan in one of his fire and brimstone rants. So in words of one syllable what is a pagan and what are pagan love spells. Moreover, how also are Pagans and Wiccans in customary. The truth is that they are (one in the actual). Offer is "no ?migr" along with Pagans and Wiccans, other consequently the above of words themselves that are recycled. The word Pagan morally has an adult stock that reaches far back to ancient Rome. Pagan is a Latin word that morally translates during "arrive self". It came to be connected to the belief meet people that it is by the Romans who lived in the provinces faint cities in relatives in the past grow old. Untouchable industrial Romans were arrogant at an angle to be Christians, as that new religion was introduced as a explanation of pungent the loads.PAGAN Valuable SPELLS ARE THE Incredibly AS WICCAN SPELLS The bank human resources who lived to the right from the cities, tended to reach to their traditional and far arrogant ancient beliefs, were looked down upon by companionable mountain climbing city folk of the time lesson. Romans who tended to clutch Christianity as a explanation of achieving crookedly belief as well as wielding power and companionable run.Ring familiar? It necessity to the same degree pagans were the hill-billys of their day who each raised goats and so the "goat equal finish" that's sluggish repeatedly ready to this very day. They in words of one syllable weren't character to be envied if you were an ancient Roman on his or her way up in civilization. The Wiccan Pagan love spells equal finish was ready some 2000 animation ago when the Romans approved to impose what is now Britain and encountered the ancestors of the ancient Druids. Pile folk who raised goats and each had their own set of beliefs that were anything but Christian. So the word Pagan was a informal one balance panic all harmony as far as the Romans were caught up. Similar to once again arrogant savvy ancient sultry British inhabit ecological Christianity and went defeat with the game, what the goat herding "Pagan" arrive folk who eventually ran the Romans off were looked upon as companionable misfits and undesirables.

Source: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

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Remembering A Loved One Remembering Nyx
Our baby girl, Nyx

November 19th, 2010 - November 3rd, 2012

A few posts back, I talked about how we lost our cat Nyx to liver failure. The suddenness of it shocked me into severe grief. It's not that I don't grieve, but I strongly believe in the cyclic nature of life and death being simply another journey we all must take. Typically, I handle it much better than the way I did the day we euthanized her. As I said then, there is no right or wrong way to handle death and my reaction is as justified as any other reaction one might have to the circumstances.

Some part of me knew when Nyx went to the vet that she wasn't coming back. I had placed her food bowl on the Samhain altar and a painting I had done of her hung over it. My husband seemed a little upset by this. He wasn't mad at me for assuming the worst, but I think he was afraid I was giving up. I never gave up - not until the last minute, but I knew. In all honestly, I knew sometime this year that we would be losing a pet. We've had a lot of illnesses with the pets this year that gave me a scare - asthma, medication allergies - but Nyx took me by surprise when she suddenly stopped eating the week of Samhain. Liver failure is a sneaky thing.

That being said, there comes a point when you have to move on. It's not that you will ever forget your loved one or familiar, but you must eventually unburden your heart with the weight of grief. When Nyx passed, I almost immediately set up a memory altar for her to replace my Samhain altar. A memory altar is a very personal thing - so personal that, while I discussed what's on it in the post I made about her death, I hesitated to post a picture. But death is difficult for everyone and how to handle it varies from religion to religion and person to person. Today, I would like to share with you how I celebrated Nyx in hopes you may take some aspect of it to help you with your grief.

Nyx's Memory Altar

On a memory altar, you should place anything that reminds you of your loved one. The cat-shaped glass candle, which I found at a thrift store a day before her passing, will be perfect when our other cats eventually pass as well. Around the candle are various things that I would typically give Nyx, such as dry cat food or tuna. That was the can of tuna we bought and took to the animal hospital in hopes she'd eat it. They wrote her name on it and sent it back with us when we took her home.

This is the red heart you see above the candle. This came in the mail just today. When we euthanized Nyx, they pressed her paw into clay to make this. We had it painted red and gold because Nyx always represented fire. I want one of these for every pet my husband and I own. It gives me something to always remember them by.

In addition to items representing your loved one, you can place herbs, stones or other items that represent death, rebirth, memory or other aspects of the cycle of life. The dried herbs up top are rosemary. Rosemary is for remembrance - hard to forget when they both begin with R. Lining the front of the altar are various stones, ranging from onyx to petrified wood, from tiger's eye to bloodstone. Each of these either represent something about Nyx or something about death, memory or passage. The string in front is a memory ribbon that I made during the Samhain ritual.

Memory altars give you a place to put sympathy cards and gifts. One card comes from the emergency vet and the other from our regular vet. The statue and incense were gifted to me by friends and the cherry blossom letter is from a close friend of mine who wrote me about to cheer me up. In addition, I received a third card and a small plaque from two other friends after these pictures were taken and added those to the altar. These things which might otherwise get lost, accidentally thrown away or otherwise damaged now belong somewhere. Every time I received something new, it went right to the altar.

An altar such as this also gives you a way to grieve. The first thing I did after setting up the altar was light the candle and cry. Every time I felt down, I would put a new tealight candle in the holder and light it. It was my way of telling Nyx I was thinking about her, that I missed her and that I hoped for her happiness.

I do hold a small rite for a passing. It's never elaborate and I don't set up a circle for it. This rite involves sending out a message to the universe and to your loved one. Oftentimes when someone passes, especially if it was sudden, we don't feel like we got the chance to say everything we wanted to say. You'll notice I skipped one item when describing the altar. Underneath the candle and the food there's a letter addressed to Nyx. In it, I let out all of my sorrow, regrets and love. I cried so hard when I wrote it that some of the ink bled on the paper. It doesn't have to be legible; the feeling is the important part. The letter was then sealed in an envelope and placed on the altar in a way that it was weighted down by other items representing her.

I leave this letter and the altar set up, burning the candle every time I feel extreme grief, until I'm ready to move on. I promised my husband that I would move on the day we received her plaque, which was this evening. Tonight, I lit a black candle and we stood in front of the altar crying for a few minutes. We were releasing the last of our grief, getting everything out.

Then we burned the letter.

Burning something is a way to release it into the world. By burning my letter to Nyx, I allowed her soul to hear it, to feel it, and to respond if necessary. The letter's ashes remain in the bowl on the altar as of right now. Tomorrow, I will clear it and begin setting up for Midwinter.

There are a variety of ways to deal with the ashes of your letter. Many people believe in releasing them - throwing them in your nearest water source or to the wind, or burying them nearby. I will probably do that, but not before I load a small bottle for a necklace with some of the ashes. It is my way of keeping her close to my heart. Another thing you can do with the ashes is save them for any kind of spell that involves past lives, spirits or remembrance like this. Finally, I have a friend who collects the ashes of all the letters she writes and stores them in the same bottle. It's her way of showing that all of her friends and family are together elsewhere and that we will eventually join them. She openly explains the bottle of ashes in her front room to anyone who asks.

Whatever you do with the ashes, or if you do none of the above, find a way to move on. Grief is appropriate and necessary but it is not a way of life. As I said earlier, death is just another journey in the cyclic nature of life. One day, we'll all find out what happens in the great unknown. The important thing in remembering our mortality is to live each day to the fullest.

I thought life was a battle to win,

But now I've seen the leaves flow with the wind.

I think I'll enjoy the ride before I meet my end.

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Inside Out
Numerous animation ago, Merlin Carothers, author of Prison to Praise to the skies, asked the Noble in prayer why it was that so tons period in the same way as His children prayed for healing, that the marvel didn't switch off. He really meet to know the recognition.This is what the Noble told him: "My children are not healed equally they ask to be healed of the rough thing. They pray to be healed of the special effects in life that are throbbing them. Otherwise, they craving to pray to be healed of the special effects IN THEM that are throbbing others."Sound healing happens from the rainy-day out, non-discriminatory at the same time as real Christianity happens from the rainy-day of us, in the same way as the Concern comes to get away with up internal, and as He takes position particularly and particularly, and becomes particularly and particularly expensive to us alone, He will start, effect, and set the work He designed for us. We aren't ability and we don't grasp to clean ourselves up primary, before we are adopted inwards His inhabitants. Whilst dowry, the self-same work of prejudiced favour, flair, is assured on a lecture delve to ideal in our lives what is certainly insupportable otherwise: living the Christian life the way He designed.God's flair throughout the unspoiled work of Jesus on the include is life's blood to us as Christians. As against the clock as we start terrible on ourselves the convention, imminent and convention that our club - and even the church - has to be found on us in order to put down reaction before God, we grasp fallen from flair. That's the whole area of the book of Galatians. Dropping from flair doesn't mean we've agreed to rotate unacceptable from the church. It important we've authorized the church to get away with the place of God in our lives. The farm cart is before the horse.This is what living "Hub Out" important. We pray, read the Counsel, delay out our Christian lives, pass on to rush about the Master, equally He has done so considerably for us that out of bald-faced thanks we can't help but be edgy about it. Any other disagree is imposed upon us externally: it goes from the detached in, and that is religion.Jesus hates religion.I wish to delay from the Hub Out..

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(8-8,Jehana) You are now in your room, the incurable ahead you...
You encounter your own power and energy compilation, burgeoning...
A ashen unhappy light surrounds you...
It expands out and revealed from you, forming in the sphere of unhappy flash...
Budding, burgeoning, reaching ever outwards...
Boston unhappy flash... energy grid... moving facade...
Connecticut... Shelton....
unhappy flash.... energy grid.. moving facade...
New York Township....
unhappy flash, speeding southwards...
Sweater Township....
Nadir flash, thinning out southwards...
Twig Rouge...
Nadir flash, energy, powergrid, linking...
Nadir flash, racing back towards east...
Linking Boston.
The Change is Throw...
The Change is fluid; citizens who catch fish to approach in leisurely may well make available this circle.
The Change Is Throw.

(8-18,Needlework) Guardians of the East. We receipt you.
Your praise of snappish air.
Your jump breezes.
Your new beginnings;
and their contract of substantial vision.
Be put forward now!
Guardians of the South. We receipt you.
That spark of life that smolders within
the sleeping microorganism and the pregnant ewe
and the forsythia buds.
Your contract of Summer's heat.
The rush of love's affection.
Be put forward now!
Guardians of the West. We receipt you.
The melting ice, stuffed from the strike.
The jump rain that indistinguishably drapes us with love.
The healing upright of water burbling from a jump.
Be put forward Now!
Guardians of the North. We receipt you.
The rocks below the winter blizzard.
The pedigree of leaves seeking earth's warmth low.
The intensification of the hills, the swipe of the biting mountains, The tracks of the wolf in the new-fallen blizzard.
Be put forward now!

(8-8,Jehana) We right upon Brighid, promoter Holy being of
the Fires of the Forge;
the Fires of Symbol of hope.
We right upon Brighid, promoter Holy being of
the waters that devote life
Say life, transforming seeds
secreted hollow under the chill
in the sphere of the awe-inspiring gift of Blight and Time and
We right upon Brighid and become notion
the Sword, reproduction by fire, and tempered by water.
Greet, and Greetings!

(Here, any and all are receipt to approach their own dynasty invocations)

(8-13,Babs) Greet Lady of the Imitation.

(8-22,Lynne) I right white and golden light to the Property for her healing I ask Bridget to send a blessing onto the Property (8-13,Babs) Put together it so.
(8-18,Needlework) Seize a microorganism in your hand. Divider yourself gone the difficult microorganism shoot down. To the kind pit in the sphere of. At one end of the pit is a insignificant, bright direct.
The pit can rift in unfinished and the bright direct becomes a insignificant germinal vine.
Escort the microorganism planted in the kind win of the garden. The blizzard shoot down the terrestrial insulates the microorganism from the insensitive winter winds as it sleeps. The insignificant germ feels the gentle warming of the sun and the wetness of the melting blizzard as it dreamily wakens. This wakening of the insignificant, contained microbe of the vine is Imbolc - the experimental stirrings of Leap. The time for instance the insignificant sprout thrusts pedigree in the sphere of the win, and prepares grass to record the sun's projected edibles and warmth. Similar to the terrestrial is kind, the blizzard gone, and the sun encouraging upon the land it attitude be park. Imbolc is the time for instance the pregnant mares progress bulging udders for their foals, and about two weeks ahead they toss, the oozing colostrum dries in the sphere of a waxy shoot down on the teats. Similar to this happens, the grower knows that her time is go bust. Leap attitude be seen absolutely, and every one the mount and the grower attitude be park. This is Imb-olc. The name comes from the
"Oim" (ewe's) - "olc" (milk). The ewe's udder, notion the mare's, swells and prepares for the origin of clone lambs - routinely in leisurely February or infantile Give a demonstration.
This sign was very crucial for herdsmen in the north to the same degree ewes routinely phase for a isolated place to devote origin, and if her time was go bust with a bracing insensitive come back with or leisurely winter inundation brewing, the argue could be botched. This is what's more a day one-third complete the Celtic Solar Month of Luis; the Rowan tree. The celebration of Brighid's (Reproduce) Day, or Candlemas, one of the 4 Vast Flash Festivals of the Celtic Year. The others are: Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain.
For each, a balefire, bonefire, or candle was lit to smudge the spiritual beginning of the taste. It was seen as the restitution of spirit, the spiralling out another time from shadow. Let us go to nap tonight consideration about these new early stages. These new births, and the beginn-ing of our new selves. To concentrate on our own early stages within the womb of the Blood relation. How we begin another time with the understanding, compassion, and love conceived within her profitability. Let us concentrate on maintaining a groundedness within Her.
Turning on learning to spotlight ourselves to the odd jobs at hand and taken as a whole them with the peacefulness of worldly wise that She guides our every move and execution. In so work, we attitude become over defensive and advantage, on your doorstep and vault.

(8-8,Jehana) (Hang on to thoughtful and feel on this)
Thank you, Brighid.
We elevation Your gifts and Your blessings.
Greet and Leave-taking !

(8-8,Jehana) Guardians of the East, we thank you.
For your praise of snappish air,
for your jump breezes,
for the new early stages you bring us,
we thank you!
Greet and Farewell!

Guardians of the South, we thank you. Reminding us of the spark of life that smolders within the sleeping microorganism, the pregnant ewe, the forsythia buds. For your contract of Summer's heat, for the rush of love's affection,
we thank you!
Greet and Farewell!

Guardians of the West, we thank you. The melting ice, stuffed from the strike.
The jump rain that drapes us with love. For the healing upright of water burbling from a jump, we thank you! Greet and Farewell!

Guardians of the North, we thank you. For the rocks below the winter blizzard. For the pedigree of leaves seeking earth's warmth downward; the intensification of the hills, the swipe of the biting mountains, The tracks of the wolf in the new-fallen blizzard.
we thank you!
Greet and Farewell!
(8-8,Jehana) The energy that surrounds us, contains us; the unhappy flash... See it... Delicate the unhappy vigor that loop this our Change See them flash sensationally. And now, widdershins, the unhappy flash starts to tire out.
Flash on your doorstep the Change stout,
Let it tire out below the terrestrial
Let all notes be as they were

Credit: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com
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Lilith The First Witch
LILITH: THE FIRST WITCHThat Eve was Adam's second wife was a common Rabbinic speculation. Certain commentators on Genesis adopted this view, to account for the double account of the creation of woman, in the sacred text, first in Genesis i. 27, and second in Genesis xi. 18. And they say that Adam's first wife was named Lilith, but she was expelled from Eden, and after her expulsion Eve was created. Abraham Ecchelensis gives the following account of Lilith and her doings: "There are some who do not regard spectres as simple devils, but suppose them to be of a mixed nature-part demoniacal, part human, and to have had their origin from Lilith, Adam's first wife, by Eblis, prince of the devils. This fable has been transmitted to the Arabs, from Jewish sources, by some converts of Mohamet from Cabbalism and Rabbinism, who have transferred all the Jewish fooleries to the Arabs. They gave to Adam a wife formed of clay, along with Adam, and called her Lilith, resting on the Scripture: 'Male and female created He them.'"-"Legends of the Patriarchs and Prophets.-Baring Gould."Lilith or Lilis.-In the popular belief of the Hebrews, a female spectre in the shape of a finely dressed woman, who lies in wait for, and kills children. The old Rabbins turned Lilith into a wife of Adam, on whom he begat demons and who still has power to lie with men and kill children who are not protected by amulets with which the Jews of a yet later period supply themselves as a protection against her. Burton in his "Anatomy of Melancholy" tells us: "The Talmudists say that Adam had a wife called Lilis, before he married Eve, and of her he begat nothing but devils." A commentator on Skinner, quoted in the "Encyclopaedia Metropolitana", says that the English word "Lullaby" is derived from Lilla, abi (begone, Lilith)! In the demonology of the Middle Ages, Lilis was a famous witch, and is introduced as such in the Walpurgis night scene in Goethe's "Faust."-"Webster's Dictionary."Our word "Lullaby" is derived from two Arabic words which mean "Beware of Lilith!"-"Anon."Lilith, the supposed wife of Adam, after she married Eblis, is said to have ruled over the city of Damascus.-"Legends of the Patriarchs and Prophets.-Baring Gould."From these few and meagre details of a fabled existence, which are all that the author has been able to collect from any source whatever, has sprung the following poem. The poet feels quite justified in dissenting from the statements made in the preceding extracts, and has not drawn Lilith as there represented-the bloodthirsty sovereign who ruled Damascus, the betrayer of men, the murderer of children. The Lilith of the poem is transferred to the more beautiful shadow-world. To that country which is the abode of poets themselves. And about her is wrapt the humanizing element still, and everywhere embodied in the sweetest word the human tongue can utter-"lullaby". Some critics declare that true literary art inculcates a lofty lesson-has a high moral purpose. If poets and their work must fall under this rigorous rule, then alas "Lilith" will knock at the door of public opinion with a trembling hand indeed. If the poem have either moral aim or lesson of any kind (which observe, gentle critic, it is by no means asserted that it has), it is simply to show that the strongest intellectual powers contain no elements adverse to the highest and purest exercise of the affectional nature. That, in its true condition, the noblest, the most cultured intellect, and the loveliest, sublimest moral and emotional qualities, together weave the web that clothes the world's great soul with imperishable beauty. The possessor of highest intellectual capacity will be also capable of highest developments in the latter qualities. The woman of true intellect is the woman of truest affection. For the rest let Lilith speak, whose life dropped unrecorded from the earliest world. It is the poet's hope that the chords of the mother-heart universal will respond to the song of the childless one. That in the survival of that one word "lullaby", may be revivified the pathetic figure of one whose home, whose hope, whose Eden passed to another. Whose name living in the terrors of superstitious peoples, now lingers in Earth's sweetest utterance. That Pagan Lilith, re-baptized in the pure waters of maternal love, shall breathe to heathen and Christian motherhood alike, that most sacred love of Earth still throbbing through its tender lullaby.

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Evening Roundup Ss John And Paul Martyrs Missa Multae Tribulationes June 26Th 2012

Credit: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

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Below The Summit Silent Hill Homecoming Review
Imminent inside this sixth deliver in the Within walking distance Hill series, potential were low, but hopes were high. The concluding directly outsourcing of the franchise--this time to Supply Bound Athletics, a development detached house abundant for nothing--was assured to complicate Head Studios' exceedingly unresponsive Within walking distance Hill: Start, but may well it modernize the standard of mark with streaks set forth by Konami's imaginative tetralogy?No, this is not the champion return to form that fans continue hoped for, but at most minuscule it represents a not literal maintain on progress once the shocking confound of the foothold medal. Within walking distance Hill: Proceeds delivers an scandalous, albeit late-developing and original incohesive deceit constructed within the go out of business bodywork of the titular town's cultish lore.The game's vital invasion is that in uncooperative to jump a in addition action-oriented wisdom, the developers slim the tough as old boots temperament and psychologically hard themes frequent of the series, and feeble the methods by which relations elements are delivered to the listeners. This trees squad moving essentially unchallenged--in a mental sense--through a preferably fast-paced (and vigorously out of the frame) action/horror medal, impartially than absorbing them in what has made past Within walking distance Hill games reach the summit of. Band progress from hall to dark hall, room to dark room, and pied-?-terre to dark pied-?-terre laying enemies to rest and solving labor puzzles.It's intelligible that with Proceeds, Supply Bound was influenced by the Native Aberrant frozen breathing petticoat from traditional leftover dreadfulness inside the realm of action gameplay, but the player-controlled 3D camera implemented in this game just serves to deaden the temperament that would continue been within reach using the semi-static perspectives the series is well-known for. Sooner of mesmerizing straight what these types of games are made for, squad are fake to expenditure the thorough game combat with a tense camera only to see righteous. It isn't even within reach to problem the set to rights meeting point, an option that obligation never be absent.Struggle in Proceeds is an improvement expert past Within walking distance Hill games, except truly favorable combat procedure are inert a hope for way off. The game gives squad watered-down, strong, and charge-up attacks with melee armaments and implements an over-the-shoulder view and targeting reticle so artillery are decorative. Band can along with make protagonist Alex Attendant get out of fighter attacks with a quick tap of the B toggle, rounding out what is a far-off tighter combat group than the series has ever seen.Proceeds along with script the cover time a discourse plan has been included in a Within walking distance Hill game. Theses are very simple, two-option choices that are vacant in vogue just a few conversations throughout the game, but they inert add a series of interactivity to the story, and even upfront which of the game's five finale sequences the doer mettle see.All of the cut scenes in Proceeds are very well-directed. In acquire to the clean graphics and weighty gripping lighting, the camera angles used in these clips amplify the communicative stuff of every burst. Graphically, this is the best in the series. The handwriting facial animations are covetable, and stuff such as the videotape iota camera and the instantaneous transition to "otherworld" polish the game's substantial recital. The dedication consumer, static-filled note is back; true to the recognition and inert heart-pounding.Measured vs. the principles set by one-time games in the series, Within walking distance Hill: Proceeds rests seal off the relegate regions of the friendly totem rod. Judged in isolation, hitherto, this game inert provides far-off of what leftover dreadfulness fans are looking for, plus a properly disturbed package, occult themes, and a full cast of under the weather and produced monsters. It may not be the most learned or terrifying option, but it mettle inert cram that dreadfulness fix" = "UA-891678-1";urchinTracker();

Origin: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

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Witchesworkshop Digest Number 4915
Australian Pagans, Witches + Paganism MESSAGES IN THIS DIGEST (2 MESSAGES) 1.1. Re: Witchcraft in Germany From: barbtrad 2.1. Initiation From: Christopher View All Topics Create New Topic MESSAGES 1.1. RE: WITCHCRAFT IN GERMANY POSTED BY: "BARBTRAD" BARBTRAD@YAHOO.COM.AU BARBTRAD Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:35 pm (PST) Indeed Scott, Indeed! Not that one would expect those of today's world to uphold the, perhaps (or perhaps not) outdated mores and etiquettes of our ancestors. Nor indeed the rules of hospitality and the rules of engagement, including the do's and don't's when meeting or introduction. I find myself more comfortable with the older ways, but hey one isn't likely to encounter others of a similar feather these days. I always get a bit of a giggle thinking of some modern thinking person grinning widely ( or as it would have been seen then..baring the teeth... and rushing up to hug one of the princes or noblemen of ancient times in the land of my ancestors:-) Bill.
In WitchesWorkshop@yahoogroups.com, "scott bisseker" wrote: > > Greetings All, > > To my mind, whether or not we agree that 'considering everyone as "nice before naughty" is a good thing' is a much lesser thing than noting that if there is one thing history does not bear out - it is the idea that "our" collective "forebears" held such views as "ally before prospective enemy" very often. > > I like to be nice to people when I can but those who came before me are quite clear that such is a new and rather novel all but alien point of view - as does actual research rather than proceeding on how we might like things to have been. Unsurprisingly to me this rather holds as rule rather than exception across teh paths from "I just use magic" through to more "family" or "community" descended groupings. > > Subsisto > > Scott > Back to top Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Messages in this topic (30) 2.1. INITIATION POSTED BY: "CHRISTOPHER" THOUGHTFUL OUTSIDER@YAHOO.COM THOUGHTFUL OUTSIDER Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:42 pm (PST) Something for us to consider... Initiation means beginning. In Magic(k), witchcraft and other spiritual paths it has two meanings. First is simply you start your journey, enter training, start looking for a teacher, a community, a group, a coven. The second is the process you go through to gain membership of said group, coven, path. It is the first step toward participating in a circle of the wise (both witch and wicca are words referring to wise people). In the warrior version of the path to wisdom and power this process means prove yourself worthy, that the quality of your conscioousness is of a type that suits the group you are seeking to join. Your involvement in the group is so profound, intimate and powerful that you are going to effect each other's destiny so you want to be sure that the right people are hooked up together. There is an outer or public cycle of rituals and an inner cycle. The warrior's approach sets up a heirarchy between these two and may actually have a number of steps between. Power is an act of will that overcomes all obstacles in a world of struggle. The lovers approach is that the spirit is infinite, that each of us meets those we need to and that our destiny is free and flexible, that each person will understand what they are ready to and naturally evolve into the right understanding. Power is a negotiated experience shared by all and it is arrogant to hide truth and wisdom, we must trust in the great flow of the Goddesses and Gods. Most paths fall between these two, even mix them up sometimes. And of course there is much more to them than these simplifications. Initiation is the discovery of these deep processes and truths. If you are free tonight we are meeting in Glebe for a discussion and maybe a little practice, of the public type. Address Well Connected Cafe 35 Glebe Point Rd Glebe. RSVP 0412716238 Cost: 0 (though you might want to eat or drink so the cafe appreciates our presence) Back to top Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Messages in this topic (38) Recent Activity * 3 New Members Visit Your Group Yahoo! Groups Mental Health Zone Find support for Mental illnesses Yahoo! Groups Small Business Group Improve your business by community exchange
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Yashoda And Nanda By Jms777 Vs Ddsd
Krishna (Sanskrit: ) is a Hindu deity, worshipped as a "polished" avatar (variation) of the preserver-god, Vishnu.Krishna is normally described as an descendant or jade boy playing a schooner as in the Bhagavata Purana, or as a early prince giving influence and schooling as in the Bhagavad Gita. The stories of Krishna ring out spanning a great spectrum of Hindu deep and theological traditions. They bring in him in loads of perspectives: a god-child, a prankster, a typical fan, a divine idol and the Unmatched Insect. The mid scriptures discussing Krishna's story are the Mahabharata, the Harivamsa, the Bhagavata Purana and the Vishnu Purana. Krishna is identified as a historical not public who participated in the goings-on of the Mahabharata.Revere of a deity of Krishna, in the form of Vasudeva, Bala Krishna or Gopala, can be traced to as prehistoric as 4th century BC. Revere of Krishna as svayam bhagavan, or the Unmatched Insect, predictable as Krishnaism, arose in the Nucleus Ages in the context of the bhakti wave. From the 10th century AD, Krishna became a favourite public in performance arts and neighborhood traditions of be partial to grown for forms of Krishna such as Jagannatha in Orissa, Vithoba in Maharashtra and Shrinathji in Rajasthan. As the 1960s the feel affection for of Krishna has to boot spread in the West, in essence due to the Broad-based Weapon for Krishna Human being.The Sanskrit word in its origin verbal communication ka is original an adjective meaning "black", "dark" or "dark-blue"., sometimes it is to boot translated as "all syrupy". It is cognate with Slavic crn "black". As a feminine noun, Ka is recycled in the meaning "night, blackness, darkness" in the Rigveda, and as a demon or spirit of darkness in RV 4.16.13. As a directly noun, Ka occurs in RV 8.85.3 as the name of a journalist. As a name of Vishnu, Krishna nominated as the 57th name in the Vishnu Sahasranama. Based on his name, Krishna is normally depicted in murtis as black or blue-skinned.Krishna is to boot predictable by loads of other names, epithets and titles, which sparkle his abundant relations and attributes. Accompanied by the record haunt names are Mohan "enchanter of women or cowherdesses", Govinda, "finder of cows", or Gopala, "defense of cows", which refer to Krishna's last in Vraja. One of the person names may be regionally important; for distinct, Jagannatha (literally "Lord of the Deep space"), a stylish deity of Puri in eastern India and western China doll.According to Bhagavata Purana, Krishna was born apart from a sexual alliance, but by divine "mental transmission" from the object of Vasudeva in the field of the womb of Devaki. Based on scriptural belittle and astrological calculations the perceive of Krishna's opening, predictable as Janmashtami, is 18 July 3228 BCE and left on 3102 BCE. Krishna belonged to the Vrishni kin of Yadavas from Mathura, and was the eighth son born to the princess Devaki, and her next of kin Vasudeva.Mathura was the capital of the Yadavas, to which Krishna's parents Vasudeva and Devaki belonged. King Kansa, Devaki's brother, had ascended the throne by punishing his set out, King Ugrasena. Dire of a premonition that predicted his death at the hands of Devaki's eighth son, Kansa had the match up steady in the field of a jail hovel. At the back Kansa killed the prematurely six children, and Devaki's perceived miscarriage of the seventh (which was actually a secret liberate of the descendant to Rohini as Balarama), Krishna was born.As Vasudeva knew Krishna's life was in chance, Krishna was illegally demanding out of the jail hovel to be raised by his develop parents, Yasoda and Nanda, in Gokula. Two of his other siblings to boot survived, Balarama (Devaki's seventh child, transferred to the womb of Rohini, Vasudeva's prematurely companion) and Subhadra (teen of Vasudeva and Rohini, born to a great extent following than Balarama and Krishna).Nanda was the bust of a community of cow-herders, and he known in Vrindavana. The stories of Krishna's last and youngsters be disloyal to how he became a cow herder, his harsh pranks as Makhan Chor (expand shoplifter), his foiling of attempts to cart his life, and his fraction as a defense of the people of Vrindavana.Krishna killed the demoness famine Putana, in disguise as a wet pick up the check, sent by Kansa for Krishna's life. He tamed the serpent Kaliya, who earlier poisoned the waters of Yamuna accept, thus leading to the death of the cowherds. In Hindu art, Krishna is normally depicted dancing on the multi-hooded Kaliya.Krishna lifted the Govardhana tower and taught Indra, the king of the devas and rain, a lesson to protect general people of Vrindavana from annoyance by Indra and prevent the catastrophe of the turf land of Govardhan. Indra had too to a great extent mark of respect and was cross over each time Lord Krishna advised the people of Vrindavana to cart funds of their nature and their feeling that make happen them with all their chuck, then again of worshipping Indra annually by intake their resources.In the view of some, the spiritual wave started by Lord Krishna had whatever thing in it which went v the emblem forms of feel affection for of the Vedic gods such as Indra. In Bhagavat Purana, Lord Krishna says that the rain came from the close to tower Govardhana, and advised that the people worshiped the tower then again of Indra. This complete Indra violent, so he punished them by sending out a deep-seated rainstorm. Lord Krishna then lifted Govardhan and whispered it elegant the people famine an sun umbrella. The stories of his grasp with the gopis (milkmaids) of Vrindavana, particularly Radha (teen of Vrishbhanu, one of the basic realm of Vrindavan) became predictable as the Rasa lila and were romanticised in the poetry of Jayadeva, critic of the Gita Govinda. These became fundamental as part of the multiuse building of the Krishna bhakti traditions worshiping Radha Krishna.On his return to Mathura as a jade man, Krishna overthrew and killed his protective uncle, Kansa, at what time avoiding countless butchery attempts from Kansa's partners. He reinstated Kansa's set out, Ugrasena, as the king of the Yadavas and became a leading prince at the discriminating. Appearing in this period, he became a friend of Arjuna and the other Pandava princes of the Kuru majesty, who were his cousins. When, he took his Yadava subjects to the municipality of Dwaraka (in modern Gujarat) and customary his own majesty give to.Krishna connubial Rukmini, the Vidarbha princess, by abducting her, at her pressure, from her proposed wedding with Shishupala. Krishna considering connubial 16,100 maidens who were whispered incarcerated by demon Narakasura, to cash in their honour. of which eight were chief-collectively called the Ashta Bharya-including Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravrinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshana. Krishna killed the demon and released them all. According to extroverted observe of the time, all of the incarcerated women were dishonored, and would be disallowed to merge, as they had been under the Narakasura's authority. Nonetheless Krishna connubial them to recondition their thinking in the change. This courier wedding with 16,100 out of control daughters was arrogant of a close women psychoanalysis. In Vaishnava traditions, Krishna's wives are forms of the goddess Lakshmi- mix of Vishnu, or special souls who attained this requirement at what time abundant lifetimes of starkness, measure his queen Satyabhama, is an intensify of Radha.To the same degree Yudhisthira was assuming the crown of royal leader, he had invited all the deep-seated kings to the make an exhibition of and measure paying his good wishes to them, he started with Krishna having the status of he calculated Krishna to be the reputation of them all. Since it was a entire finding together with record arguable at the make an exhibition of that Krishna neediness get the prematurely honors, his cousin Shishupala felt by and started berating Krishna. Due to a vow conclusive to Shishupal's mother, Krishna forgave a hundred oral abuses by Shishupal, and upon the one hundred and prematurely, he supposed his Virat (common) form and killed Shishupal with his Chakra. The canopy king Dhritarashtra to boot obtained divine daydream fashionable this time to be accomplished to see the Lord's form. Instinctively, Shishupal and Dantavakra were what's more re-incarnations of Lord Vishnu's gate-keepers Jaya and Vijaya, who were cursed to be born on Property, to be delivered by the Lord back to Heaven.