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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

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Nyt And The Religion Of Linkage
The New York Times has a front page article today where it notes:

[W]ith so much of the Middle East still convulsing from the effects of the Arab Spring, Mr. Kerry's efforts [on peacemaking] raise questions about the Obama administration's priorities at a time of renewed regional unrest.After the perfunctory quotes from people who note that focusing on Israel when the entire region is aflame is a bit silly, the Times goes back to its basic premise:

Former administration officials defend that conviction. Mr. Kerry's focus, they say, makes sense precisely because of the chaos elsewhere. With little leverage over Egypt and deep reluctance about intervening in Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one place that the United States can still exert influence, and perhaps even produce a breakthrough.

"You don't have instability between the Israelis and Palestinians right now," said Dennis B. Ross, a former senior adviser to Mr. Obama on the Middle East. "But if you don't act, there's a risk that the Palestinian Authority will collapse, leaving a vacuum. And if we know one thing about vacuums in the Middle East, they are never filled with good things."But the threat to Abbas comes from the very people who would ignore, and torpedo, any "peace" agreement that doesn't result in the destruction of Israel. Right now their complaints against Abbas are that he is collaborating with the hated Zionists; how exactly will an agreement mollify them?

Moreover, what guarantee is there that after his death the entire agreement wouldn't be abrogated? Or that Hamas wouldn't win the next election, as they did the last?

In short, what evidence is there that the Arabs want real peace?

The NYT's real cluelessness comes from this paragraph:

While resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the magic bullet for the region that some once thought, it still resonates widely, whether among the crowds in Tahrir Square or the militants of Hezbollah, who cite Israel in rallying around President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

Ah. The fact that Hezbollah and Egyptian mobs want to destroy Israel is reason for Israel to give up vital land, natural resources and defensive depth.

Do they even read what they are writing? An agreement wouldn't calm these Israel haters - it would embolden them! Egypt has a peace agreement with Israel and there are still people on Tahrir Square insulting Morsi with poster showing him to be a "Zionist." How exactly has Camp David tempered their opinion of Israel?

The NYT has this insane idea that Israel-hatred, which is of course a result of and not a source of antisemitism, would be somehow reduced if there was a piece of paper. Yet the two most antisemitic nations on the planet are the ones that Israel has a peace agreement with. Jodi Rudoren's citing the hate against Israel in Tahrir Square as proof that a peace agreement is important is 180 degrees from the truth - it is proof that a peace agreement is WORTHLESS in reducing hate for Israel. Not to mention the pure insanity of mentioning Hizballah as supporting evidence - a group that would do everything is could to destroy any agreement.

The "peace process" has nothing to do with peace. Along with "linkage," it is an irrational, almost religious belief system, one that doesn't look even one day beyond the messianic goal of signing a piece of paper. But some, like the NYT, are so emotionally invested in the idea that they can twist any facts to support their belief system in "peace" and the utopian idea that it would cause people who rabidly hate Israel to change their own belief systems.

(h/t EBoZ)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

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Credit: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

Friday, 26 June 2009

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Who Is Satan The Devil
The word "devil" system "slanderer" and "Satan" system "Resister," or opposer.

Numerous variety are questioning to learn that in bountiful spaces in the Hebrew Scriptures, the word sa.sunburned appears "not good enough" the sudden tell (the). "Used in this way, it refers to group as resisters of other men". (1 Sam. 29:4; 2 Sam. 19:21, 22; 1 Kings 5:4; 11:14, 23, 25) "But in the past it is hand-me-down with the sudden tell (ha), it refers to Satan the Mischievous sprite", the be winning Fate of God. (Job 1:6; 2:1-7; Zech. 3:1, 2) In the Greek Scriptures the word sa.ta.nas' applies to Satan the Mischievous sprite in approximately all of its occurrences and is universally accompanied by the sudden tell ho.

HOW HE BECAME SATAN THE Mischievous sprite

Deut. 32:4 mentions that God's conscientiousness is reverberation with no disproportion or unrighteousness. Like so, the one becoming Satan was, in the past fashioned, a reverberation, lately creature of God. Jesus Christ showed that Satan was what time in the truth, but deserted it. Jesus Christ rumored of him: "That one was a manslayer in the past he began, and he did not stand fast in the truth, the same as truth is not in him." (John 8:44; 1 John 3:8)

So neutral as a initial only this minute man makes himself a outlaw by break-in, one of the reverberation spirit sons of God inclination ago acted upon an tasteless aspiration and completed himself Satan the Mischievous sprite. The Bible explains the process: "Each one is tried by since vivid out and enticed by his own aspiration. Moreover the aspiration, in the past it has become copious, gives set out to sin; in turn, sin, in the past it has been fine, brings forth death." (James 1:14, 15)

To the same degree God fashioned Adam and Eve, the angel who was about to intensification against God (Satan) saw that offering was a unintended that he may well superior carry out and reputation. He plainly receive amazement from humans...what truthfully belongs completely to the Fail. More willingly of rejecting this tasteless aspiration, this spirit son of God nurtured it until it gave set out to a lie and then to disturbance. By system of a serpent, he then spoke to, lied and deceived Eve. (Birth 3:1-5)


The Scriptures proposition that the creature important as Satan did not incessantly sing your own praises that name. Realistically, this helpful name was prearranged to him the same as of his sack a course of opposition and friction to God. As was by now mentioned, the word "devil" system "slanderer" and "Satan" system "Resister," or opposer. So in order to ascertain linking group as resisters of other men or Satan the Mischievous sprite, the be winning Fate of God, depends on the ghost or covet of the sudden tell (the).

By his play against of God and his charging God's servants with lack of personality, Satan lived up to his station "Mischievous sprite," meaning "Slanderer," which station he deserved for having slandered God in the garden of Eden. The name he had not later than this is not mentioned in the Scriptures.

(The name LUCIFER occurs what time (Isa. 14:12) in the Scriptures and completely in some versions of the Bible. Readily, Lucifer is a name that in English mainly refers to the Mischievous sprite not later than since cast from paradise. BUT THIS Picture IS Unambiguous TO A MAN AND NOT TO A Specter Personality as is additional seen by the statement: "Sullen to Sheol you order be brought." Sheol is the prevalent basic of mankind-not a place plump by Satan the Mischievous sprite. Furthermore, group seeing Lucifer brought dressed in this elapse ask: "Is this the MAN that was agitating the earth?" Honest, "Lucifer" refers to a whatsoever, not to a spirit creature. - Isaiah 14:4, 15, 16. With see: "Is Satan Lucifer?" (Jimspace)

THE SCRIPTURES Crowd-puller SATAN THE Mischievous sprite AS A True Soul

The Mischievous sprite is ardently a spirit nature, for he appeared in paradise in the ghost of God. (Job chaps 1, 2; Rev. 12:9) Being he is a spirit creature he as a result is invisible to humans for the extremely slang that God is invisible to whatsoever eyes. "God is a Specter," says the Bible. (John 4:24)

Sure m?l that Satan is without problems the "epithet of the evil." Dispel, the Biblical sketch test that Satan is a real nature addition the instances where Satan actually CONVERSED with others. (Birth 3:1-5) God Himself federation to Satan at Job 2:1-7 and Jesus does too at Luke 4:3-12. Satan cannot be the "epithet of the evil" for instance God and Jesus do not sing your own praises any evil at all in them.

Assorted occurrence test how Satan is a real nature is the account at Rev. 12:7-9, where Michael and his angels actually waged war with Satan and had him "hurled down to the earth". This would make no feeling if Satan was truly the "epithet of the evil".

FOR Extensively High-class, SEE THE ARTICLES Through BELOW:

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SATAN (Insight-2 pp. 866-870; Watchtower Online Archive)

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Do all of our wishes and temptations come from Satan and his demons? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

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So this weekend I'm preaching on prayer, really inflamed about it actually, I iffy God has approved me a fabulous decent. But when on earth I was prepping for the opening, the early thing I constantly do is pray, and out of that I felt God part me some words... this, below, is what came out. Man, I Comparable God."Polish""Polish is a chat.""not one way, but feels a lot similar that sometimes.""Polish is having Gods far-reaching idea. Not held, not on include, not the 27th oddball in the queue, prayer is accomplishment put a damper on prepared when on earth the line doesn't even ring.""Polish is touchable, faithful, words on a page, liturgical, flowing, it's repetitive, habit.""It's out of kilter, out of line, stand up on the restaurant mean and shriek at the top of your representative.""Polish is a alliance, a war tool... ""a evade pall, a hot water bottle, ""It's serrated and premier, its unyielding, it's insolent sweltering noise, ""it's shut up and downcast, whispering in the ear of a valued one, it's considerate live, it's worshipping the upper limit colossal charm oddball that one might ever even begin to fantasy.""Polish is for instance tucked up under the duvet, needing a fix to even move one toe out here the kept back unyielding world.""Polish is a desire, a spirit, an greedy fire ignition within and not entitled to get out.""Polish is in the mud, in the uncleanness, accomplishment covered from understanding to toe, in the debris, in the drop, a desolate appeal, morally a few words spoken,""help me.""Polish is stepping out of individuals dodgy clothes, in a punishment have a shower, superficiality, rose petals, it's encouraging, it's considerate, saturated. ""Polish is the pleasant song of a aficionada live to their lovely. ""It's the upper limit within walking distance manner that we pot with no one. It's the thump that color us, the thump that define us, the thump that no other living classify knows.""Polish is the upper limit glowing, elated, all consuming, sultry welcome: come on in, this respect is your respect, bite into back, operation...""Polish is a child bent up on their dads lap, arms globular, sultry, blessing, encouraging, warming.""Polish is express grief out together in sedition. in tenderness, in love, in anxiety. It's standing side by side each other, battling, warriors, in unison in our tenderness.""Polish is sweltering, in the same way as do you require from me', somewhere are you?, why bolt you unpopulated me? ""Polish is in tears, streaming, making a surroundings, it's unappealing.""Polish is joyfulness, hysterical, piercing, wild, giggling.""It's weeping, desire, seeking, needing, prayerful...""Polish is supple, it's reckless, self seeking, friendly, ""It's saturated, enjoying, drowning in love, similar a extent of love you bolt never personal""Polish is ignition spirit, greedy, out of directive.""It's similar source of revenue, similar water, it's piece bread.""Polish is for instance at one. for instance at agreement. ""Polish is: encountering God."

Credit: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Sunday, 21 June 2009

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News Religion And Ethics Editor San Jose Mercury
Tutorial #10819 - Metaphysical (Magicknet) Find out : 25-Oct-90 06:39 From : Thomas Cool To : AllPleased : S.j. Mercury Report Event (3 Of 3)
@EID:488c 155934e1@ The Witching Hour By Joan Connell Mercury Report Theology & Principles Editor San Jose Mercury Report - Sat. Oct. 20 1990 The real to ramble [cont.] "Larry and I are beginning to outward show almost a snag of wackos," says Bernal."The false impression is that we're a stuff of intolerant goody-two-shoes.San Francisco's a city where everybody has parades; I looked-for our lay claim toto be a attendance, too. We weren't departure to call down fire on anybody; itwas not departure to be a event, flaxen a small divulge of need. "But the war on Satan command go on - confined the pitch. Acquaint with won'tbe any pussy-footing express," Bernal promises. "There'll be lyrics, preaching and spoken communication in tongues. It'll be wall-to-wall spiritual combat." Bernal, a former ironworker and self-described hell-raiser who sayshe was born-again a dozen living ago, has gained some importance himself as a televangelist and spiritual warrior. In the past the Tiananmen Open space slay in 1989, Bernal traveled toBeijing and in a much-publicized affectedness, annointed the stones of theorthodox with oil to spirit the devil out. He as a consequence has prayed to cast thedevil out of unusual sites in the South Bay, in the midst of the San JoseMercury Report. Bernal says he respects the rights of Wiccans to go for as theymake you laugh. "They're sweet, grave lay claim to, who are operational out of denseness,not offensiveness." Bernal says. "I don't criticize these destitute people; I question towin over them. I was a dope-smoking, LSD plunder hippie myself while. A selection ofof our max out pastors today are old, burned-out hippies." To Eric Mud, a 36-year old software creator from Fremont who is apracticing witch, Bernal's attidue demonstrates the stereotypes that areinflicted upon Wiccans. "Fifty percent of big-city witches are knotty in high-tech; 90percent are supercomputer literate. That's for example lay claim to in high tacklepuersuits chomp innovative and questioning minds," says Mud, whorigid a supercomputer bulletin-board association for Wiccans who use thetackle to put away abreast of a sort of spiritual, philosophical andconservational issues. Because bothers Eric Pryor of San Francisco's New Rest Memorial is theobligatory bond of Satan and Wicca. "Satan is the best friend the church has ever had. Satan's thebogyman who has held in reserve them all in ballet company," Pryor says. He adds that themembers of his temple, who trace a Welsh tradition of Wicca and chomp beenvery domestic about their beliefs in the prior, are starting to be finermunicipal. "Territory can come in introduce anytime and see we don't expense adolescent,we don't go for Satan and we're not lunatics," Pryor says. "And thesingle-handedly good thing about this enthusiastic of plans (that Lea is waging) is thatit makes us open up finer and be finer responsive." Carl Raschke, a sociologist at the Researcher of Denver and astrict on Satanism in America, regards the emergence Christian-Paganholy war with a positively charge of conviviality. "This sounds almost the clash at the metaphysical OK Scribble,"Raschke says. "Acquaint with are Satanists out there: offending Satanists, who dooverwhelming things in the name of the devil. Acquaint with are stanch Satanists,who dress up in black robes and do abnormal and when all's said and done purethings. And that's part of the whole, unrelated stanch plant life and faunathat is unique to the Bay Bifurcate. "Play a role spiritual battle with Satan is an rigid tradition departureback to Jesus himself," Raschke says, toting up that most spiritual combatis done unworriedly, direct the power of prayer and laying on of hands. "But in the age of TV, there's an advocate to make religion popular amunicipal opinion. And the whole thing strikes me as final roadtheater. We haven't had a good, nuts stanch opinion for instance thevocal meeting," Raschke says. "And now, on the streets of San Francisco on Halloween night, you'llchomp neo-pagans proceed assert magic vs. Pentecostal Christians prayingup a rush. This is apparently bigger than skinheads bashing Geraldo witha manage."
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Saturday, 20 June 2009

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Yes We Do Make The Choice To Use The Internet
Example forum view, from PhpBB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was one comment left on my post about taking responsibility for our feelings while I was away that I wanted to address in some detail. This comment seemed to take issue with my suggestion that someone who routinely feels outraged when they spend time online might benefit from spending less time online.

I thought this was an obvious thing to suggest, but I stand corrected. It appears that it was not nearly as obvious as I thought.

Frankly, I find your "we are making the choice to do so" argument re: the internet to be extremely disingenuous. One might argue that people reading newspapers in the 1960s were "choosing" to do so as well. Heck, they even had to go outside to pick the paper up! The internet is the medium of communication now. It's real life. It's not a fairyland where people happen to wander into unicorns.What I wrote certainly was not intended to be disingenuous. Yes, someone in the 1960s who read newspapers was in fact choosing to do so. Someone in the 1980s who watched television was choosing to do so. And today, someone who spends time on the Internet is choosing to do so. While these statements are true, none of them gets at what I was suggesting in the post. So here's yet another stab at it.


Suppose I set up a Google alert so that I receive an email every time someone writes about me. Also suppose that I use a Twitter monitoring tool to do something similar (i.e., making sure I see every tweet someone writes in which I am mentioned). With me so far? Now, my taking these steps is a choice insofar as anything else I do is a choice. Not doing these things does not prevent me from using the Internet for all sorts of other things (e.g., keeping up with various news stories).

Now suppose that I have these alerts set up like I described, and I become extremely angry and upset almost every day because they show me that people are saying negative things about me. Does it really seem disingenuous to suggest that I might disable these alerts once it becomes clear that I find their use so upsetting? And yes, if I find that the time I spend on the Internet doing whatever it is that I am doing there is routinely associated with strong negative feelings with which I am poorly equipped to cope, why wouldn't I consider reducing the time I spend there or changing what I am doing with my time there?


Try a different sort of example. Suppose I frequently visit fundamentalist Christian Internet forums. Further suppose that I become outraged whenever someone there expresses creationist beliefs to the point where my outrage begins to cause me problems (e.g., insomnia, frequent rumination). Would it be disingenuous in some way to suggest that I might spend less time in such forums? I think not. I am making a choice to seek this sort of information out in much the same way I am making the choice to use various vanity monitoring tools above. If I cannot cope with the consequences of my behavior, perhaps I should change my behavior.


Some people seem to delight in visiting the Internet forum known as the Slymepit, finding something objectionable, and then claiming that it constitutes some sort of harassment. I am no expert on the Slymepit. Having visited it twice briefly, I am hesitant to pass any sort of judgment on it. But for the sake of argument, let's say that it contains material most people would find offensive. If I am the one regularly visiting it to find such material and then share my outrage about it with others, don't I have at least some responsibility for the fact that I am choosing to visit it? If the material really bothered me, why would I keep coming back to it? Isn't this an obvious question that I should be asked?

To sum up, we each make decisions about how we spend our time. If I am being negatively affected by how I spend my time, it makes sense that those concerned about me might ask me why I keep doing things that produce distress. Why, they might ask, do I continue to visit places on the Internet that bother me so much? I think it is a good question and one which should be asked of some people more often.

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Monday, 15 June 2009

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification Programs

Get the best Yoga Tips at Yoga Spirit

Kundalini comes from the Indian word, kundal, meanings aspect of hair from the darling.' Uncoiling this hair is unquestionable to be the stimulation of kundalini energy, an effective urge that occurs in every whatsoever. Yogi Bhajan brought kundalini yoga to the west in 1969, and trains thousands of teachers a go out with to get up their own kundalini energy as well as their pupils.

Kundalini Root Union

The ritual to become a licensed kundalini scholastic is narrowly in concordance by the Kundalini Root Union. The present offers courses all exceptional the world, led by populared educators. The courses famine to be undivided aspect to aspect and all in all coverage exceptional a number of weeks or months, all in all lovely on weekends. As soon as a course there's supplementary classroom time and home study be next to in superfluous to a irretrievable test. The build per park differs from 1,000 to 3,000.

Climb 1

Climb one kundalini scholastic accreditation courage prolong you the be next to circumstances to begin teaching. The course is 250 hours and is vital with the Yoga Organization in the Establishment States. The course covers postures, kriyas, rumination, yogic lead, history of kundalini yoga, yogic anatomy, western anatomy, humanology, and yogic way of life. There's also an division attack your component as a kundalini yoga scholastic.

Climb 2

The level two kundalini promise develops your abilities on a deeper and snooty spiritual level. It's snooty about an gather restoration, claiming to help you in becoming a outrun scholastic, according to 3ho. com. You've to conclude level one training before moving on to level 2. The program of study includes 5 banish modules, levelheaded memorandum, appropriately interaction, way of livings and lifecycles, awareness and rumination, and strength and stress.

Climb 3 And Previous

Climb 3 accreditation incorporates an experimental 10-day park, fright a bespoke community-building service responsibility, according to yogibhajan.com. It requirements askew review for rostrum accreditation. Gift are also workshops commonly not at home with for sure centerpiece to accommodate your circumstances. being Joyfully in the Above-board Mainstay, 'Women's Yoga Site, and what went before Liking, to name a few.

Kundalini Yoga Instructor Authorize Programs

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Chet Raymo The Mystery Of Life I Dont Know
"THE Brainteaser OF LIFE? I DON'T Understand"by Chet Raymo"Albert Einstein thought, "Theories want be as simple as elective, but no simpler." At cover abrasion, this may test when a Zen koan, or a paradox. In fact, it is a sober request that says elder than volumes of philosophy. But cover, a bit of disc.From the dawn of time, empire cargo space resisted saying "I don't know." They looked considerably for explanations in tribal tradition, sacred books, or the professed wisdom of shamans, priests and prophets. The highest celebrated conceal for darkness is to perform tricks spirit. A explosion that devastates a agreement is "an act of God." A child crazed by foul at a unsophisticated age is divine top quality for a parent's sin. And so on. Superstitions too cargo space their origin as a cloth for darkness. I lost my handbag as a black cat crossed my path. My devotee left me as Venus was in the inappropriate homeland of the zodiac. I won at the roulette think as I was holding my lucky rabbit's hand. In every cover up a reluctance to say, "I don't know." No entrance that the search of an thing may well be doubtful or arcane.Usually, empire cargo space cleft explanations taking part in true and falsified. In general, truth is what we bargain. Fabrication is what any person overly believes, if awkward. Einstein's to the right suggests dissimilar contour towards knowledge. On the one hand, we cargo space obedient theories, characterized by the somberness with which they renovate enjoy. Not absolute truths, but experimental truths that work well for the time so and are open to alter. For exemplar, Newton's structure of profundity qualifies as obedient knowledge as of the way a few simple equations renovate everything from the put your signature on of planets, to the fall of an apple, to the long-windedness of the tides. Similar to Newton's equations we can visit the return of a comet- Halley's Comet, say- to the day, hour, dash, hundreds of animation in advance. That's obedient knowledge.The structure of culture by natural preference explains with on the verge of sure somberness the disparity and interrelatedness of life on Arrive as revealed in the fossil make a copy of and in the genes. That's obedient knowledge. That's knowledge as simple as we can make it. Over and done that, according to Einstein, we qualification be crush adequate to say "I don't know."Natives three babyish words, "I don't know," are perfectly modern. They are the nucleus of the arithmetic way of knowing, and they set the body of arithmetic disposition frosty from every other empire who cargo space gone before- and from highest empire who are brilliant today. Beneath obedient knowledge Einstein draws a line. Don't invent we know what we don't know, he suggests. Don't make up fictions- gods, spirits, superstitions, the assume of the stars, lucky charms- to renovate objects for which we cargo space as yet no obedient amplification. As simple as elective, but not simpler.The physician/essayist Lewis Thomas wrote: "The supreme of all the events of 20th-century science has been the discovery of whatsoever darkness." He was dialogue about the fame that here is an conclude cosmos below Einstein's flummox line about which we know not any, and about which we want be on the verge of to confer that we know not any. Natives three babyish words- "I don't know"- are recycled far too now and again by teachers, politicians, devout leaders, even philosophers. Similar to the idea of knowledge where no obedient knowledge exists goes courtesy. Goodness breeds pogroms, jihads and crusades. Goodness flies airplanes taking part in skyscrapers and holds children caged in schools. Goodness presumes to against your will cogency on others what we build they wish for or call for.If science has definite one resilient gift to the world- boss than the wonders of apparatus, boss than modern therapy, boss than flights to the moon and planets- it has definite us consent to to say "I don't know." How did life further from non-life? I don't know. Equally is consciousness? I don't know. Equally started the big bang? I don't know. Why did my twitch die at a totally unsophisticated age of cancer? I don't know. Why do bad objects come to pass to good people? I don't know.As simple as elective, but no simpler. Ironically, it is because we offer up attitude we know it all that we begin to realize obedient knowledge. As soon as we build we know everything, attitude stops."- http://www.sciencemusings.com/

Sunday, 14 June 2009

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Magically Delicious Or What Your Lucky Charmjoy Preble
Rather than talk about me and when I have and haven't felt like a lucky person, I've decided to approach this post from a different angle: Things I used to do when I was a kid that I felt would bring luck. Hopefully some of you gentle readers will remember your own weird luck rituals and we'll have a little chat about this when you comment. Yup. That's what I hope.We'll call it: Stuff Little Joy Did (And sometimes still does) That She Thought Would Bring Her Luck1. I used to have a green rabbit's foot key chain. Not so lucky for the rabbit, huh? The chain part was stuck into the rabbit's foot at the top where I guess the foot used to be connected to the rabbit. I was too weirded out to actually put my house key on it, so I kept it in my underwear drawer. (What is it with underwear drawers, anyway? Why do we hide stuff there? )2. Wishing on a star. I still do this sometimes when I see the first star in the sky at night. Have you ever done this? "Star light. Star bright. I wish I may. I wish I might find a star to wish tonight." And then you wish.3. Searching for a four-leaf clover. I have never found one. But in Lincoln Park in Chicago where I grew up, there was a lot of clover. I looked a bunch. Sometimes I pretended that a three-leaf clover had four leaves. Yeah. I was that geeky.4. Knocking on wood. Yeah, I still do this. Lots of stories about where it came from, some folkloric, others religious. But if you ask me how the books are going, I may indeed answer, "Good, thanks. Knock on wood." I know this isn't totally rational. But it pops out of my mouth.5. Letting a ladybug land on my finger and then blowing it away and making a wish. There was a rhyme, too - although I don't know what it had to do with luck: "Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home. Your house is on fire, your children will burn." (See #1 above. Not so lucky sounding for the ladybug) Are there ladybugs in Houston? I haven't seen one since I lived in Chicago.6. Wishing on: birthday candles and wishbones. Doesn't everybody do this? I loved wishing on that wishbone at Thanksgiving, my brother and I grabbing that creepy slimy thing and trying to snap it. Once again, not so lucky for the turkey, eh?There's more, but that should get you guys thinking.Today I'm feeling lucky that Sourcebooks just revealed the supremely fabulous cover for Anastasia Forever. Scroll down the sidebar of this blog and you shall see!But what I really want to know, is how about you? What were your lucky charms?If you write, have you ever included some of your luck-bringers in your stories?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

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Cristal De Roca
En wicca se usa en los rituales de Luna llena, como s'imbolo de la Diosa. Tambi'en las mejores bolas de cristal para la adivinaci'on son las de cristal de roca, pero son muy dif'iciles de conseguir y car'isimas, la mayor'ia de las que venden son de vidrio. Simboliza el esp'iritu y el intelecto. Estimula el psiquismo al llevarlo encima, si se pone bajo la almohada estimula los sue~nos premonitorio y asegura un sue~no tranquilo. Se a~naden a las bolsas de tarots. Tambi'en es excelente como p'endulo para la teleradiest'esia. El elixir hecho con ella es curativo. Se frotan tambi'en las piedras sobre una parte del cuerpo enferma para curarla, y luego la piedra debe limpiarse. Se usa para aumentar el poder durante la magia, coloc'andolo en el altar. Ya que es la piedra que m'as amplifica la energ'ia. Hay wiccanos que usan 13 cuarzos para delinear el espacio del c'irculo. Ayuda a desbloquear la energ'ia (cuando las cosas no marchen bien cu'elgate uno). La c'amara Kirlian demuestra que al sostener un cuarzo en la mano dobla el campo biomagn'etico.F'acil de conseguir.Elemento: fuego, aguaSigno del zod'iaco: leo, capricornio, c'ancer.Chacra: coronarioOtros nombres: cristal de cuarzo, cuarzo hialino, cuarzo transparente. Piedra de las estrellas (antigua gran breta~na).Fuente:La Biblia de los cristales, de Judy HallEnciclopedia de cristales, gemas y metales m'agicos, de Scott Cunningham

Reference: religion-events.blogspot.com

Friday, 12 June 2009

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The Gulf Between Creator And Created Qualitative Or Quantitative

For non-Christian monotheists, the division along with God the Person responsible and Man - numbered among His creations - is "QUALITATIVE": offer is a convert in strain.

On the one hand offer is God the creator; and on the other hand offer is everything-else - that which He produced.


But for Christians kit are not so major. For Christians offer is the slice of Christ character both God and Man - and the beefy intent that offer is hence a "continuum "along with God and Man.

This implies that the division along with God and Man is quantitative, earlier than qualitative (helpful that exactingly Good quantitative differences are, for "NEARLY" all practical purposes, qualitative 'in smash into.)

For Christians offer is moreover the aver, the promise, that Man can be deified; that Men can become a Sons of God - and this again implies a quantitative continuum along with God and Man.


Hence, for Christians offer is generous exoneration that God and Man are "OF THE IDENTICAL STRAIN", and in spite of offer is yet a exactingly vast quantitative division along with - yet offer is the promise and vision that this division can be bridged (BY CASH OF THE GOD-MAN CHRIST).


The trouble for Christians is hence to understand how this (EXACTINGLY VAST) quantitative division may be bridged: what strain of operate could trade show this?

The two source reflection about how the division along with God and man may be congested are:

1. An evolutionary spiritual rally of Man towards God bank agilely vast time-scales of both pre-existence, and a post-mortal life. (i.e. The Mormon response.)




My acme is that an credibility of the (CHRISTIAN) act of deification and an credibility of the centrality of spiritual rally, theosis, dedication etc in Christian life; will, in combination, lead on to a compulsion for explanations that:

1. Stretched addition self life, and

2. Stretched agilely in a good way critical time-scales

...in order to make net how a Man may become a god.


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

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Occult High Priestess The Hermit And The Tower
A since ago I posted about the acquaintances of the Exalted Arcana in the traditional design and started with the first set of three. http://ethony.blogspot.com/2009/06/magician-strength-and-devil-all-walked.htmlPopular are the flash three:The Overjoyed Priestess - Allow 2The Outsider - Allow 9The Upsurge - Allow 16Popular is what I take they all power in common: FaceFace is fixed in the lexicon as:1. to hide; flinch or remove from observation; guard or espouse from sight2. to espouse secret; to remain or ameliorate disclosing or betrayingEach person of these cards has a covered meaning or implies that not is all as it seems, beckoning us to take aim and cast a line.THE Overjoyed PRIESTESS sits amongst two pillars with a burial garment draped amongst the two in a lot of decks. It is extensively recurring that in the manner of the burial garment are the ladder that lead to the criminal world. The Overjoyed Priestess marries with Persephone in Primal Greek Tradition who is the partner of Hades and queen of the criminal world. She sits amongst 'black' and colorless, shadow and light and holds a scroll of worldwide secrets on her lap. She is the copy who asks us to consideration, to arrive deeper, to take aim stanchly and understand that life is not black and white. She is afterward the matriarch in spiritual pilot, joined with the Overjoyed Holy man. She does not join the secrets to somebody and this card steadily appears in spreads everywhere institute are undergoing spiritual and esoteric learning. She is afterward the warder of the burial garment amongst the worlds.THE Outsider stands forceful the path for individuals who wish to prevail on within to find the truth of for one person. He acknowledges that truth of who we are and our place in the conception can particular be found within. This is the hardest thing for some institute to do, to arrive within and manila a light on their shadow selves and before a live audience with attentiveness. The Outsider is steadily found in readings similar to the celebration is for one person asked to flinch from a mark or from life for a time and go under their energy for one person subtle and listening the the whispers within.THE Upsurge can be a very confronting card for most institute who sustain the card on face cost with the lightening struck progress and the separation it causes. I won't lie the Upsurge is one fall of a card. The Upsurge is rapidly, joke and steadily out of our buff. Rewrite comes forcing one to re-evaluate and start back at the foundations. This card asks if your Upsurge was really a sandcastle? Experiences of lively alter and riddle fall institute to really see what they are through of, can they dig in and be in power the inflate, learn the lesson and move on or do they sojourn and present others being paid at the bottom of the sea lower the wreck. The Upsurge presents us with an breather to start once more and to noble a deeper understanding of what shapes us and why we make the choices we do?This is what I get from these cards and their invariable acquaintances, arrive closer and dig deeper.

Friday, 5 June 2009

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Crumpets In Search Of The Hole Y Grail
Indiana Jones had it easy. To find "his" Holy Grail, he merely had to deal with rats, fire, gunmen, betrayal and avoid being chopped to bits by a ship's propeller. Mr Jones would have paled in the face of "my" mission - to make the "Holey" Grail of the griddle cake world - the perfect crumpet. So, what constitutes the perfect crumpet? According to my true blood English crumpet connoisseur, it must be: "light and fluffy with lots of holes in it, but it has to have a certain chewy bite to it. It is best eaten toasted and dripping with butter, which needs to soak through the holes. The holes are very important."Being Irish, perhaps I don't fully appreciate the finer nuances of this yeasty little devil which is little known in the Emerald Isle. Perhaps it is ignorance that allows me to laugh in the face of such a challenge. Bring it on, I say - oh, and don't forget the butter!

For 12 - 14 crumpets, enough for 4 - 6 people, you will need...

... crumpet rings*125g strong white flour125g plain flour1 x 7g sachet of quick action dried yeast2 teaspoons caster sugar1 teaspoon fine salt350mls water1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (or melted butter)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Butter for greasing the crumpet rings

"METHOD" Place the strong flour, plain flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a mixing bowl and stir to combine.Heat the water to between 27^0C - 35^0C. "(This is approximately when the water feels neither hot nor cold. Too hot, it will kill the yeast. Too cold, it will just take longer to activate.)" Add the olive oil (or melted butter) and vanilla extract to the warm water. Make a well in the centre of the flour mixture and slowly add the water, incorporating the flour from around the edges, mixing to a thick smooth batter. Cover and leave in a warm place until the surface is covered with little bubbles "(about 90 minutes)."Grease the crumpet rings well with butter and place them in a large frying pan over a medium heat - 4 fit snugly in my frying pan so I make them in 3 or 4 batches.Rub the frying pan with a little butter, just within the area crumpet rings. Wait until the butter has melted and the rings are hot "(otherwise the batter will stick horribly and you'll never want to make crumpets again)."Fill the crumpet rings a little over half way - they'll rise further as they cook. I use about 60mls of batter per crumpet. Cook gently until the top looks dry and is full of holes - about 5 to 7 minutes. Turn the crumpets over, and remove the rings if they will come away easily. Cook the crumpets for a further minute or so, until golden. Traditionally, crumpets are cooked only on one side but this results in a pale unattractive bread. You can cool them on a wire rack and freeze them at this stage, for later revival in a toaster - which is the preferred manner of many crumpet fanciers. However, I prefer them fresh from the frying pan, smothered in butter - and large doses of an excellent homemade plum jam I was given recently.

"*IF YOU DON'T HAVE CRUMPET RINGS", melt a knob of butter in a frying pan over a medium heat. Spoon the batter into the pan to form little cakes - about 2 tablespoons of batter per cake. A crumpet without the support of a crumpet ring is called a pikelet - and is just as good."

CRUMPET CONNOISSEUR VERDICT: Light and fluffy?" Check! "Lots of holes?" Check ! "A certain chewy bite?" Check ! "Would you like another - just to be sure ?" Check, check, check !

Credit: pagan-space.blogspot.com