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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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Religion Belief Legend Of Atlantis Documentary Series
The Legend of Atlantis is a five part documentary series on the advanced civilization of Atlantis which thrived 11,000 years ago and the occult, esoteric mysticism associated with the legend. Many eons ago extraterrestrial beings came to Earth and settled inside the core of the planet with the purpose of developing higher forms of biological life on the surface of Earth. The civilization of Atlantis arose as the fourth root race of humanoids living in the 4th dimension succeeded by the 'Aryans' of the Vedas. They lived during a time when Power and Love were united and human beings did not live with an ego, separate from the higher self, the divinity within and all around.


"Thousands of years ago the gods came down to Earth from the stars to initiate a genesis. Human civilization was formed and reached a peak with Atlantis. A Dark Age began and the battle of Atlantean gods led to its fall. A secret brotherhood brought Atlantean secret teachings before the fall to Egypt. Through all civilizations and with inspiration from extraterrestrial guards the secret Atlantean brotherhood managed all political systems with an educational mission. The thrilling documentation shows for the first time the secret activities of a brotherhood in relations with invisible masters from Shambhala and Agharta and the secret about the hollow earth."


"Following the catastrophe in Atlantis all nations were dispersed. A part of the Atlantean brotherhood's secret knowledge survived in Egypt, in India and in Tibet. The heirs of these secret brotherhoods led mankind during the Dark Age...through Atlantean knowledge and through all ages. In modern times the Freemasons, Templars and Illuminati brotherhoods were formed. After World War I the Neutemplerorden and Thule society emerged in Munich and Vienna. New occult sects which saw 'Satan' in the old Freemason lodges. With Hitler these occult sects came to power. This thrilling documentation shows for the first time the background of the Third Reich and its intellect which led to the catastrophe of World War II."


"Atlantean secret knowledge tells us the legend of mankind and those souls, who have to undergo cycles. With the fall of Atlantis an advanced civilization cycle had ended. All prophecies and more recent Earth changes point out that today's mankind has reached the end of the next experience cycle. Up to the year 2011 the most serious Earth and climate changes, earthquakes, social and political changes have been predicted. This thrilling documentation shows the prophecies of ELIA, the returned prophet and his message on the last days, Christ's return and the space Brotherhood."


"Millenniums have passed... since the high culture of Atlantis sank with a catastrophe through power abuse of some corrupt scientists. All humans of that time, who also experienced the descent into the Dark Age, are being reincarnated today. The thrilling documentation shows the return of the Atlantean light children and allows deep insight into the role of the lightworkers and brotherhoods of Atlantis. It shows why some souls reincarnate today and act as environmental protectionists, therapists, artists, esoterics etc. for the healing of the earth. Addresses also the Space Brotherhood events - 11:11, the hollow earth, Shambhala and Agharta."


"For millenniums the secrets of creation were exclusively limited to an elite of secret societies. Now we have entered the so-called "Last Days" where these secret societies like the Freemasons and the secret political lodges lose their power. This exciting video documentation will reveal the Atlantean secret knowledge on the hollow world and their extraterrestrial civilizations. The secret of the pyramids, the Sphinx, world-wide underground tunnel systems, flight movement of the Nazis to the South Pole and much more allow the viewer to obtain an overview over the final secrets of the past and its connection with extraterrestrials."

Edgar Cayce first mentioned Atlantis in 1923, and later asserted that it was located in the Caribbean, proposing that Atlantis was an ancient, now-submerged, highly evolved civilization which had ships and aircraft powered by a mysterious form of energy crystal.

Atlantis is believed to be somewhere around the 'Bermuda Triangle', also believed to be a natural stargate, a portal into another world !

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

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By The Sweat Of Your Brow
By the Sweat of Your Brow: Reflections on Work and the piece of take in Classsic Jewish Thought

By David J. Schnall

A Written Review

Dovid Kupchik

Azrieli fork up School

Fall Semester 2011

As a teenager I acquire from hotshot of my rabbis that G-D can be found truly everywhere. At that time in my lifespan the challenge was to find spiritualty and religion not only in my religious studies only when in such significanceful activities such as ingest and sports. At my current stage in life I find it relatively easy to find religion and meaning in my family life yet for the other component of my life as a takeer/employee I did not have a clear vision of exactly what Judaism has to say astir(predicate) it. Reading the book By the Sweat of Your Brow by Dr David J Schnall has opened my eyes wide open to the reconditeness and detail to what Judaism has to say. While it should really not come as a great surprise as the Torah has more commandments concerning the kashrut of ones money than the kashrut of food, often those topics do not jump emphasized.

Additionally perhaps it is no accident that the Hebrew rule book for work, avodah, is the same as the word for divine service/worship. both(prenominal) employers and employees have to treat honesty in the workplace as seriously as divine service in the set apart Temple. In this essay I will review some of the themes found in the book and explore how they can bug out out guidance for me both as an employee, an employer and as an educator.

In modern-day society, marriage and family are often balanced against the values of work. Judaism emphasizes work: Six days shall you labor and do all your work, and yet equally emphasizes the seventh day as a day of rest. Jewish sources make it clear that work is Copernican for the welfare of society as a whole, for its contribution to the mental health and self-worth of the individual and for the economic support it affords...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

If you want to get a full essay, wisit our page: write my paper

Monday, 27 August 2012

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The Real Christian Smackdown Liberals Vs Fundamentalists
"Image by wallyg via FlickrI suspect that any atheist who has brought up examples of Christian hypocrisy during interactions with Christians has heard some version of the "not a real Christian" claim. The idea is quite simple: "real Christians" do not do bad things and so anyone who does bad things is de facto" not a "real Christian." The Christian making such a claim is willing to ignore the entire body of evidence supporting the perpetrator's Christianity prior to the bad act and dismiss it all because "real Christians" do not do whatever the perpetrator did. But there is another even more important way in which it is meaningful to discuss who is and is not a real Christian. There may even be a role for atheists can play in such a discussion.

If we view Christian belief along a continuum with liberal Christians on one end and fundamentalist Christians on the other, we typically see that each pole accuses the other of not being genuine Christians. Liberal Christians love to point out that the fundamentalist beliefs emphasize a wrathful Old Testament god and miss the compassionate character of Jesus. They criticize the fundamentalists for refusing to allow their religion to evolve with the times.

On the other hand, fundamentalist Christians are equally fond of criticizing the "cafeteria Christianity" practiced by liberal Christians. They accuse the liberals of simply omitting whatever parts of their bible suit them and failing to honor the divinely inspired word of their god.

Indeed, the tension between these two camps focuses on who has the right to regard oneself as a "real Christian." Each side views the other side as missing the point of Christianity and as not being true to the "holy" spirit.

I'd like to suggest that the part best played by atheists in this discussion is one of facilitator and critic. Simply put, we can encourage both sides to think. We can ask the liberal Christians how they justify ignoring the many parts of their bible with which they disagree, and we can ask the fundamentalists to consider the implications of a literal reading of the Christian bible in our modern world. We can ask the fundamentalist Christians why their god seems so angry and punitive when Jesus allegedly spoke of forgiveness, and we can ask the liberals why something "holy" seems to require so much interpretation.

At this point, you may be asking yourself why atheists should even care about this debate within Christianity? In my opinion, we should care because we live in a predominately Christian culture in which the nature of this debate has implications for us. The future of Christianity is relevant to us even as many of us hope to see a continued decline in its potency.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

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Latest Divine Experience
Up to date Divine StateSupport OF SADHNA, BENIFITS OF Survey, BENIFITS OF YOG, Support OF CELIBACY, Support OF MASTER, Support OF Tutor, BENIFITS OF Blessed Stand, Support OF Scary Stand, Support OF Unnatural Stand, Support OF KALA JADU, Support OF Stand, DEVOTEES Reputation, SADHAKAS State, VIDEOS, Come to pass State Fastest, Divine StateNEETA DHAWAN! FROM INDIAHer 1.5 appointment old young woman saved by Bapu Ji from Electricity current. Her 1.5 appointment old young woman was in electricity current for 5 five teensy weensy. She was all but died but Bapuji come in go underground form and saved her life. Extremely Lurid........ Well watch the video...Snap Acquaint with TO READ/SEE Spare StateSurvey Devotees State Vedic Mantras Black Charm Survey Masters Song Science Transitory and New start Bhakti Divine Blessed Stand Towards God Shabar Song Huge Stand Song Jap Bright star of Song Kala jadu Aura Science Hari Kirtan Song Stand Song Vigyan Aura Stand Aura Sound Stand Of Mainstay Test Mahakali Song Sadhna Best Mahavidya Novelist of Blessed Song Shakti Sitaram Radheyshyam Anushthana of Song

Reference: magick-keys.blogspot.com

Thursday, 23 August 2012

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Tuesday July 27 2010 Tonight On The X Zone Radio Show With Rob Mcconnell
The following interviews can be heard starting at 10 pm - 2 am Eastern / 7 pm - 11 pm Pacific (Network 1) 2 am - 6 am Eastern / 11 pm - 2 am Pacific (Network 2) 6 pm - 10 pm Eastern / 3 pm - 7 pm Pacific on The TalkStar Radio Network from our Washington DC Affiliate at http://radiotime.com/WebTuner.aspx?StationId=100596&ProgramId=149441">SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific

ELIZABETH JOYCE - Psychic - Born as one of two sets of identical twins, Elizabeth Joyce has been psychic since birth. Named one of the World's Greatest Psychics (Citadel Press, 2004), she is a spiritual healer and gives personal psychic readings worldwide. She teaches the work of Louise Hay, who was her mentor, as well as Dr. Hans Holzer. Elizabeth Joyce writes a monthly astrology column in several publications, including Wisdom Magazine. Elizabeth is a professional Astrologer, Spiritual Healer/Counselor, Medium and Clairvoyant who interprets dreams and utilizes the Tarot as well as Astrology in readings. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, and The Psychic Detectives. Ms. Joyce's first book Psychic Attack -Are You A Victim was released in October '07. Her second book, Ascension-Accessing The Fifth Dimension, was released March 1, 2010. Named into Who's Who In Metaphysics 2010, her website-www.new-visions.com has 1,000,000 visitors, and is one of the top-rated in her field. Her life and service is profiled in ten books. Elizabeth studied with Dr. Eric Pearl, and is a Reconnective Healer. On October 3, 2007, Elizabeth Joyce founded and heads the Bucks County Metaphysical Association, (thebcma.net) a non-profit organization to benefit the charities of Bucks County, PA. Besides traveling extensively, Elizabeth facilitates her women's group while teaching Intuitive Awareness classes and Spiritual Intensive workshops. Ms Joyce is located in Doylestown, PA. and Bergen County, New Jersey. - www.new-visions.com

SEGMENT 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm Pacific

CHRISTOPHER MONTGOMERY - UFO's - Christopher Montgomery began his career in the mid 1980's writing for "The Journal Of Natural Health and Parapsychology," Canada. Since then, Christopher Montgomery has penned articles for UFO Magazines and worked as a writer for USA Networks. Radio experience includes the X-ZONE with Rob McConnell in Canada as well as WAIF in Cincinnati and KRVL in Arizona. Well known for his appearances on television together with the documentary "UFOs In The Bible" by Weller Grossman Productions. He now resides in the Seattle, Washington area and heads an organization entitled the UFO Research Center. Their web site URL is http://uforc.com.

SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific

LAWYER JORDAN FARKAS - The Law and You - Jordan Farkas graduated Osgoode Hall in 2004 with honours, and in 2005 was called to the Ontario Bar. Jordan spent several years with a downtown Toronto boutique firm where he managed files for many of Canada's largest businesses. Jordan has appeared before numerous courts and tribunals including, but not limited to the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, Ontario Court of Appeal, Landlord Tenant Board, Committee of Adjustment and the Ontario Municipal Board. Jordan's practice involves a variety of different areas including, but not limited to general commercial disputes, shareholder disputes, construction lien litigation, real estate litigation, receivership applications, mortgage enforcement and wrongful dismissals. Jordan currently maintains a Toronto, Ontario law firm. - www.mrsmallclaimscourt.ca

SEGMENT 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm Pacific

MIKE M JOSEPH - Conspiracy Against Divine Sexuality - Mike M. Joseph was born in 1944 to a strict Biblically oriented Orthodox Jewish family in British Aden, Yemen. In 1949, his entire family moved to Israel, after a local Arab pogrom took the lives of his mother and three other brothers. In 1963 the author moved to Paris, France to study French and work in the fashion industry. In late 1965 the author moved to New York where, about four years later, a change in his religious convictions led him to a community practicing both the Old and New Testament teachings and laws of the Bible. From 1970-1975 the author served on the faculty of a local private college in Pasadena, California - teaching both modern and Biblical Hebrew to students and ministers on Sabbatical year. At the same time, the author attended classes and graduated with a B.A. degree in Liberal Arts - with a major in Theology. After graduation in 1975, and later ordination, Mr. Joseph began his service in the Field Ministry in the Pasadena area congregations. Through the years, Mr. Joseph has published three books and dozens of articles about Biblical, historic, and human relationships subjects. He presently attends a local congregation in the West valley area of San Fernando Valley, California. The author also teaches a Bible Law Series from the Old and New Testaments on the internet website: www.teachingthelaw.org. and www.mikemjoseph.com


Host / Executive Producer

The 'X' Zone Radio Show



Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

T: (905) 575-1222

F: (905) 575-8492

TF: (800) 610-7035

Fax: (905) 575-1222

Toll Free: (800) 610-7035

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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Rerun Reconsidering Kenneth Grahame The Reluctant Dragon
Yesterday, I had believe to interlace to this post that I wrote three or four duration ago. Upon re-reading it, I crucial I'd nearly to stain it off, alter and add a few things, and republish it. It was good for me to hem in about it another time, so I thought I'd cause a rift it. This is virtually the exceedingly post, but rationalized a hardly visible.The solitary thing I would add to all of this is that I hem in we could do with not confound Grahame. We cannot know his intentions with veracity, but his book is a caricature of the article of Saint George, the backer saint of his own home. I find it hard-working to illustration that Grahame was uninformed of what he was exploit, that this was not a usurpation of, or reach upon, the traditional tittle-tattle. The higher I hem in about it, the higher sly it seems to me."Truth and integrity and beauty go together so attentively that if you lose one, you lose all three of them.--John Hodges, discussing Hans urs von Balthasar's Seeing the Form: The Recognition of the Lord: a Theological Aesthetics in his natter Reflections on Genre EducationYesterday was the day on which I had weigh up to study the article of Saint George and the Dragon. Or, actually, we were separation to study Raphael's ostentatious knack, and I was separation to read Margaret Hodges' textbook picture book to the children yet another time in order to make certified that Fellow citizen M. equally alleged the article.Raphael's knack fall on deaf ears if one doesn't understand the appeal of Saint George.I was so enthusiastic, for I "love" reading this book to someone for the core time. I laid it gloriously on my lap and announced that we were separation to read Saint George and the Dragon. Fellow citizen M.'s point looked a hardly visible panicked, and she told me that her parents do "not" nearly dragons. She told me that dragons are bad which they "are", and that they don't let her stick at all to do with them.Two things: 1 I was frightened with a hardly visible girl who obeys her parents wishes having the status of they aren't a few. She very unmistakably at ease to read the book. 2 I was convicted that I should never rupture the ethics of a child. Habitually.So I told Fellow citizen M. I would version a statement to her parents asking if we may possibly read the book and study the knack. And I did. I tried to be cursory in explaining the book and its appeal to western culture, and how C.S. Lewis himself educated Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene and how I "really" didn't choice them to hem in that I was a crazy dragon-lady."Ahem."And today, a well brought-up statement fashionable with Fellow citizen M. saying that "of course" I may possibly read her the book and study the knack, and that "this" is the way that dragons should be educated. The award in a few words explained that a choice of of the dragons they had met emphatically were supposed "good" and "charming" dragons, and that this is what they were guarding in opposition to.This was a pin-prick of self-control for me.It was moreover that I realized everything about one book on my last, and that book is Kenneth Grahame's The Unenthused Dragon illustrated by my wonderful Michael Hague.But core, let me add arrived the mix a quote from Doug Wilson, who down for the count some blogging time emphatically discussing the desperately here Evening Memoirs in jargon of the perversion of traditional cultural symbols:[E]verything in this fallen formed order "answers to" everything unfallen, with the conceivable exclusion of hyenas. In other words, the dragon is the archtypical badge of sly, clever, revolt -- and this goes back to the Zone. Satan is that ancient dragon. If we read our Bibles honorably, "we life-force pay selflessness to the symbols". Award the symbols, associates.But of course Satan was a fallen "everything", and that everything was, to the lead he lop, an unfallen make a copy of that exceedingly thing. My confess view is that he was one of the seraphim, which structure that the seraphim are victorious, unfallen dragons, elevated to cry "holy, holy, holy "in the mischievous spirit of God. But in "this "world, the one we accommodate in, dragons still mean what they mean. That meaning was "assigned "to us. Variable the meaning of everything a few in this metamorphing way seems to me to be not so extreme a verification to our theoretical prowess as to the continued cunning of the serpent.Kenneth Grahame, whom we all honorably love for his best work, The Twirl in the Willows, was born solitary seven months to the lead John Dewey, who touch on abandoned formed the world as we know and grasp it today major his tryout in revolt which we bellow modern coaching.I hem in present-day is an spellbinding forward in the birthdates of these two men. They were colleagues in a time that resulted in the world insect turned upon its be in the lead.While Dewey managed to mode coaching from a study in the flat things to a chase for get-together transmute, stage we see Kenneth Grahame recasting Saint George's dragon as a, well, a "compulsory" one.He would first read, truth be told.The story goes, although, that the common associates illustration that dragons really "are" bad, even in spite of this furthermost of the stories they are telling are falsehoods. The Boy, who has a stylishness of "wisdom" about him, and is a large aficionado of books himself, befriends the dragon. The Boy becomes the speaker amid two worlds--the associates, who hem in the dragon is bad, and the dragon, his large friend, who is so insightful and gorgeous, but a hardly visible simple having the status of it comes to understanding how serious the townsfolk are about eliminating him.Being Saint George arrives on the confrontation, the Boy sits down with him and explains the truth: "The dragon isn't bad." But, the townspeople essential be appeased. So, the Boy suggests a "feign" confrontation, in which Saint George defeats the dragon, but in such a way that he survives, and moreover Saint George, the dragon, as well as the Boy and all of the townspeople, can utterly accommodate in end of war together.Being I examine that the up-to-the-minute story of Saint George was deliberate by C.S. Lewis to be a large Christian classic, and that Spenser's dragon tittle-tattle, nearly all ancient dragon tales, was actually a retelling Christ's with and permanent invasion over and done with that dragon from the Zone, well, I examination decent how extreme rule I sanctioned Michael Hague's artistry to stick over and done with me.The book is full of lies, it seems: The dragon is real loads, but he's actually a ingenuous, generous old basic, and very optimistic. born associates are the ones who illustration the dragon is "bad".} Saint George's confrontation with the dragon is a ploy, and equally ineffective. The townspeople who hem in the dragon is "bad" are decent petty and superstitious.Do you turn up what I'm aiming at here?Now, let's return to Hans urs von Balthasar via John Hodges. "If" beauty is subjective and Hodges says it isn't, moreover I can say that Grahame's screenplay is so powerful and adroit, and Hague's paintings are decent delectable.Up till now, comma.If beauty is aim, to the same degree it is "stretch of God Himself", moreover Balthasar has everything to say about this book. It has lost its truth; as Wilson exhorted us, we essential "fee the symbols". If dragons unpleasant Satan, and Saint George represents Christ, moreover the tinge of Grahame's work is misleading in the influence that it is a snub of ultimate reality. And if the work is not "true", moreover it is a "lie", which structure that it is not good. And if it is misleading and double-plus ungood, moreover its beauty is a falsehood, an rationale of dimness masquerading as light, and, nearly the adulteress in Proverbs 7, it looks more willingly good initial, but her to your house is a blood vessel to the plain.All of this is to say that I've rethought the stop which The Unenthused Dragon has had upon my last. Hodges says that true coaching honorably passing the affections. Babyish who are well-versed honorably, he says, don't decent learn "about" Truth, but they learn to "love" Truth. If this is so, I stick to ask myself the uncertainty, "Am I helpful a call for ordering of affections if I keep up up this book as everything to love?"And he laid keep up on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Fiend, and Satan, and ceiling him a thousand duration... --Revelation 20:2*Thanks to CiRCE and Cindy, I life-force probably go crazy in the nearby projected, but pleasingly so.

Source: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

Monday, 20 August 2012

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Spiritual Or Religious
One of the particularly scandalous aspects of the Law of Represent is found in it's knowledge. In effect, it teaches persons how to have to do with. Not what to have to do with. Scrutinize how to have to do with, helps focus the right mind. Diverse persons blab that focusing the right mind, helps restore their life. The book and DVD, The Unidentified, is a good introduction to the Law of Represent, but that's all it is.It focuses on acquiring certain possessions. And there's not a bit wrong with that. It's not wrong to be well fed, well clothed, torment a first-class car and subsist in a first-class home. If you felt tip a common sense of self that's usefulness and matchless, you'll attract what you craving. You can tug encouragement of yourself as well as others. The major points of the Law of Represent is detection enjoyment in your article life. Making the world a outdistance place for every person. Detection self-fulfillment with the power of the right mind. In attendance are heaps persons that see the Law of Represent as a fully holy be of the opinion. Concerning them to others and to a aristocratic power. The manufacture are due as sizeable that think over the Law of Represent spiritual but not holy. Priestly or due spiritual, the have a disagreement are the same: Recuperating life for yourself and others with the power of consideration. Repeated if you think over the Law of Represent as neither holy nor spiritual, the utility are the enormously. You're idle using consideration energy to get the bits and pieces you craving highest out of life.Snap At home to Get a Untied 21-Day Turn of phrase ControlHow Can I Collapse My Problem? The motion is "Retrain Your Take care of, Snap At home For Chief Untied Information!

Credit: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com
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North Miami Beach Police Department Employees Fired Over Plan To Put Santeria Curse On City Manager
First Posted: 11/30/2011 3:10 pm Updated: 01/30/2012 4:12 amTwo North Miami Beach Police Department employees have been fired for plotting to put a Santeria curse on the city manager.Officer Elizabeth Torres, a 24-year veteran of the police department, and Yvonne Rodriguez, an office manager for police chief Larry Gomer, were caught plotting to use birdseed to cast a spell to make Lyndon Bonner "go away" in August before a round of planned departmental layoffs.Torres told Rodriguez she had previous success with the curse, having made her son and daughter move out by sprinkling it on the front porch of their home, according to the police report.Investigators say the pair were upset with the "negative climate" in the department, and hatched a plan to similarly curse Bonner by gaining access to his office. Torres admitted to police that she brought the birdseed to Rodriguez, then approached janitor Esther Villanueva, asking her to sprinkle the birdseed in Bonner's office as she cleaned.The two were busted when Villanueva reported the incident to a supervisor. Though Torres confessed to the plan, she told investigators it was just a superstitious idea and the pair meant no harm."It was kind of a joke, kind of a superstition," she said, according to interview transcripts. "It did have bases in religious knowledge I had from before...As misguided as it may seem, this idea popped into my head, and I thought, 'Well, it can't hurt anybody.'"Fortunately for Bonner, University of Miami Religious Studies professor Michelle Maldonado agrees."Ultimately, the city manager really doesn't have anything to worry about. In Santeria, you can't just spread bird seed and make the supernatural do what you want it to do," she told WSVN.The pair, who were fired last week, can appeal their terminations.Source.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

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This article is excerpted from the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal.
Each issue of the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal is published by
High Plains Arts and Sciences; P.O. Box 620604, Littleton Co.,
80123, a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation, under a Public Domain
Copyright, which entitles any person or group of persons to
reproduce, in any form whatsoever, any material contained
therein without restriction, so long as articles are not
condensed or abbreviated in any fashion, and credit is given the
original author.!

(c)1986, Buck Jump
Greetings, my Pagan friends; may your Gods be well
disposed to you. May your harvest be bounteous, may your winter
meat be fat and easily gotten, and may the autumn sun warm you
for the cold to come.

Now is the time of the grand payoff when what we have
worked for throughout the long summer is at last laid in the
granary. A little while to enjoy the sweet earth, the time
between harvest and wood chopping. Our Mother is especially
sweet just now - past bearing but not yet the wise old
grandmother, our Earth is still warm with passion, a lover of
pleasure without consequence. Autumn is the year's reward. May
yours be rich and filled with ecstasy.

The black birds flock for the long trip south; the wild
geese return from the arctic barrens. The coyotes sing their
wild song of life and love. A night wind rustles the drying
leaves under the Hunter's moon, and I hear the horn of the wild
hunt rushing over the land. The veil between the worlds grows
thin and the past comes back into the present.
There is a sweet nostalgia in the past. Old loves still
warm the cooling blood; old triumphs still make the heart beat
faster; old mistakes still bring a blush to the cheek. "Old
", as the English sailor said in the Japanese bath
house, "Aye, there's the rub."

I hope the wild hunt in passing your house, starts only
such game as you will want to see. I fear that old Herne has
a hare in my woods that I neither knew was there nor wanted to
My Pagan friends, forgive me... I goofed. Mea Culpa,
and I should have known better. At least I give thanks that I
can acknowledge my goof before it goes farther, and thanks too
that I haven't entirely dislocated my arm patting myself on the
When last I wrote in these pages, I suggested that we
all work some magic to put an end to senseless violence. I
thought I was being reasonable, I thought my idea would perhaps
inspire an outpouring of spiritual power that might well improve
our common environment. It seemed like such a good idea. I was
proud of myself. Well, pride goeth before a forced landing.
I have a friend with whom I've debated many an issue of
moral philosophy over many a cup of coffee. He shall remain
nameless here, but I can identify him as a Talmudic scholar who
has taken a post graduate course in human nature in the "second-
" business. He is a master schooled in both theory and
practice. As soon as the last issue of the R.M.P.J. came out, I
rushed down to the coffee shop to gloat and play `one-up' with
my friend. I went in like a falcon and got shot down like a
goose. He read my prose carefully, and re-read parts of it. He
is a scholar and a gentleman. The former kept him from
agreeing, the latter kept him from being nasty about it. Every
philosopher should have such a friend, someone to keep our feet
on the ground.

"I agree with your position", he told me, "I think you
have a noble idea, but your first premise is false. There is no
senseless violence -- all violence seems sensible to the one who
does it. Now you, I, and every well intentioned reasonably
intelligent person must agree the examples you cite are
senseless. To us they are senseless, but to the people who did
them they were sensible."

Then he proceeded to show how, from the warped viewpoint
of these violent people their actions were, to them, both
sensible and justi-fied. He convinced me that I was making a
moral and value judgement rather than a positive statement of
natural fact. In order to achieve what I wanted, I now realize,
would require some drastic reshaping of a lot of minds, an
overhaul of millions of psyches. I didn't realize what I was
asking. Well, when I dream, I dream big....

If all the moral philosophers, gurus, religious leaders,
prophets and shamans who have tried and failed to re-shape
humanity en masse were gathered together in a single place, it
would take a Texas wheat field to hold them. In order to stop
senseless violence it will be necessary to get everyone to agree
on what is senseless. I know what is right, you know what is
right, but that wierdo next door has some other idea. Before we
can feel safe around him we have to get him to agree with us.
I'm not too optimistic about a mass mind change even by magic.

It is worth a try, but recall - in the past, some real eternity
class magicians have tried and failed. Some of those old boys
could control the weather, transmute metals, turn juice or water
in to wine instantly and levitate, but they couldn't change the
mind set of mankind. It's easier to move a mountain than a
mind. To use force either real or implied, either physical or
social, is only to replay the inquisition, and we've already had
too many remakes and sequels to that. Education seems to be the
only method that works, and that's as slow as evolution.

Right and Justice are not to be had in job lots, even
with magic. Every case must be approached individually one by
To change minds in mass lots can be done magically; however
people who are so changed are not really changed, but only
suppressed -- what you get are a bunch of zombies. So far as I
know this sort of thing is only done by magicians on the dark
side. Adolph Hitler and Jim Jones are two examples that come
readily to mind. For all I know both of the named examples may
well have started with the highest motives. When you start
superimposing your mind on the mind of another or others, things
have a way of coming unglued. History is full of examples of
groups that acted with one mind for a while and then unravelled
when the guru leader either died or ran out of gas. No my
friends, it won't work, even with the noblest of motives it just
won't work.

I knew all this from long ago, but I was misled as to
what was going on. I thought the senseless violence I saw
around me was from some outside source. A mad spirit, a virus
or some sort of "dis-harmonic vibration". If that were the case
my idea would have been a good one. On the off chance that
something like that is now afoot in our world a general
intention for reason and against violence can't hurt, and may
well do some constructive good. I'm all for anyone who tries to
clean up our environment, seen or unseen. Considering the sort
of good folk who read the R.M.P.J. I'm not too worried that
anyone who read my last little effort will be misled by it. I
fear that at worst, those of you who followed my suggestion may
have wasted both time and effort - I hope that at best, you may
have done some good by promoting reason and discouraging
confusion. Cleaning the house won't stop a fire, but it will
lessen the chances of spontaneous combustion, and make a fire
easier to fight if it does break out. As I see it, my mistake
was in supposing we all have more or less the same values and in
externalizing he source of senseless violence.

Enough of apology and explanation. Breast-beating and
patting your back are both good exercises.....in futility.
One good bray from the donkey, one good hoot from the owl, and
then back to work. We are still at risk from some angry fool
armed and dangerous. What can be done? What should be done?
I can think of several things to do. First, learn to
perceive the violent ones. Some of us can see auras, some can
pick up on "bad vibes", some can "smell" trouble -- however,
whichever, my advice would be to use it. An antelope don't long
survive in the veldt without looking, listening, smelling and
generally keeping on the alert. Second, surround yourself with
protection. Some walk in a sphere of protection, some are
guided by some unseen force, I rely on my guardian spirit,
guardian angel or however you call her. In any case, whatever
protection you have, use it. Whatever ceremonies, prayers,
incantations or deep meditations you use, don't neglect them.
That is about it. We're back where we were when we wore fur
bikinis and hunted with stone-tipped spears, but haven't we
always been there? Safety is, in this life, I fear only an
One thing more we can do, and should do -- we can teach.
Part of the debt we all owe to life is to clean the place. Non
only should we pick up the trash, but we should also clean up
the vicious bull-shit wherever we find it. Like it or not we
are all teachers. Whatever we do, whatever we say is part
of the lesson we teach.
Before all the Gods I wish I had some magic formula to
give you that would clean up the world both seen and unseen, but
I don't. The life of mankind is a hard road to travel, that is
why the ultimate designed a hard bunch to travel it. My
blessings on you one and all. May you find enlightenment. You
are smart, may you find wisdom. Let this subject now be closed
between us. If you have any ideas on this subject pass them on
to our longsuffering editors.
Now it may be that I can resume my clown suit and once
more arm myself with my gadfly stinger and get back to the
heretic business and leave metaphysics to those better equipped
to deal with it. A silversmith shoeing a horse rarely does a
good job of it.
In the spring the wild plums were a'blooming. White
blossoms on the bough, lace for the bride. In the long summer
the little green plums grew and changed to a lighter green
color. When the first frost was still up in the high country the
plums grew sweet and turned a lovely purple-pink shade. Then at
the time of the autumnal equinox, they were picked and crushed.
Now the new wine works behind the air seals in the fermenter.
The promise of spring blossoms is redeemed in the good strong
wine of winter. What we learn in any one place we can use in
another place. The wild plums are a part of life; from them we
can learn about other parts of life. When the wine falls clear,
a drink all around, a toast to life. May we all go our separate
ways bound for a common goal. May the flowers bloom where we
have passed. Go in peace, well disposed to your fellows. With
these words I do now part from thee" Jump.......from
RMPJ Oct '86

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Blessed With Every Spiritual Blessing
I have been making my way through the book of Ephesians again. Ephesians is my most current favorite book of the New Testament and the other day I was reminded as to why during a conversation with a friend.

Paul penned such wonderful truths in the first 3 chapters, deep solid theological truth that is so relevant for our lives in the here and now. Allow me to point you to several wonderful things -

In chapter 1, Paul tells us who we are and what we are in Christ and why.

We- as in you and I fellow believing sister- have been "blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly "places" in Christ." Take just a moment and think about what that "really" means! How many spiritual blessings do you suppose there are; hundreds, maybe millions? How many do you need? Essentially, what we are told here is that we are complete in Christ (Col. 2:10). We have "all" we need. This is significant when we think we are unable to accomplish something or overcome a sinful habit. God tells us here and in other places in Scripture that we have all we need for this life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3-4).

In verse 4 Paul begins to reveal another astonishing truth, "He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world..." God chose every believer before the foundations of the world were set in place. He chose us "before" we had ever done everything good or bad, He chose us before we chose Him, He chose us before we existed in any manner other than His mind. This is what is known as predestination and shows us that our being "in Christ" is a response to what God determined long ago.

We were chosen by God to be "holy and blameless before Him." It was God's will that we be holy and blameless and God accomplishes this through our union with Christ. Our holiness is imputed or applied to us by God. This is a positional or vertical holiness and means that we use it like a form of the verb "be." Holiness and blameless before God is something we "are. "Being blameless is likewise something we are and is also a result of being in Christ. These are both practically applied in that the expectation is that we live and act what we are. Since God has declared that you and I are holy and blameless, the way we live our lives ought to reflect that!

Verses 5,6 tell us, "In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved." These are more power packed truths! First God reveals His motive for why He has done this for us, He loves us! Our great God who spoke the universe into existence chose us and saved us because He loves us, and because it brings Him glory to do so! Look back at what He says! He adopted us out of our previous family- the family of death (Eph. 2:1-2) with full knowledge and awareness of exactly what we are. God sees the heart (1 Sam. 16:7) and knows our blackest, darkest intentions. He sees the secret places of our heart (Ps. 139:3-4) and every individual thought and motive we have. We are described in our unredeemed and unbelieving state as "dead in trespasses and sins without hope" and even as children of the devil! Exactly what is so great about us that God would want us? I know I brought nothing good to Christ; I brought nothing but my sin. The fact that I was worthless and such a wretch is what brings God glory in this transaction. God took something useless and ungodly and has brought Himself glory through redeeming it- through redeeming "me. "

Wow, what a wonderful God He is!

Meditate on these verses today, think about them, look them up in your own Bible and cross-reference the other verses. I hope and pray that you will be as awed as I am about what God has done. Praise Him! Give Him glory and thanksgiving for His mercy and grace toward you today!
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The Saxon Goddess Eastre Rabbits And Eggs
Its unusual to see the intertwining of religions, everyday parents remonstration the kids off for the church Easter egg pursue to make official the strength goddess Eastre and her affiliated the rabbit, its miraculous how everyday belongings voters do and never misgiving them, how about down for the count a stop tree inside the living room for a while? I am all for it, gives voters something to do and keeps them out of disturb. The Roman empires get out of bed inside the barbarian lands bent a peculiar mix of tradition and the church was equally creative, more exactly of tough to bit out pagan traditions they included them to soothe the renewed, making the new religion exceptional sanction, if they resisted unprofessional they would real put them to the sword six thousand at a rumbling, the really bad ones they would put a toothed hat on them [as a result the witch's hat] in the shape of a church tower heed to clean their substance real at the forefront light them on fire, thats why pagans were portrayed with a toothed hat, but in fidelity this was put on them real at the forefront a very hot family.Storage you ever wondered where the celebration of the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ acquired its outstanding name and odd symbols of decorated seed and rabbits?The retort lies in the devious way that the Christian church forlorn Pagan practices. After discovering that voters were exceptional disinclined to there up their holidays and festivals than their gods, they clearly incorporated Pagan practices inside Christian festivals. As recounted by the Laudable Bede, an offspring Christian dramatist, sagacious clerics banal Pagan practices and by be active so, finished Christianity exceptional heavenly to pagan folk disinclined to there up their festivals for stern Christian practices.In flicker century Europe, the predominate fount carnival was a piercing Saxon strength celebration in make official of the Saxon Idol Eastre (Ostara), whose sacred animal was a hare.The decorated seed associated with the bunny are of additional, even exceptional ancient origin. The seed associated with this and other Vernal festivals brag been symbols of recovery and strength for so desire the vulnerable extraction of the tradition are concealed, and may era to the beginning of mortal club. Snow-white Romans and Greeks second hand seed as symbols of strength, recovery, and abundance- seed were solar symbols, and figured in the festivals of numerous resurrected gods.Pagan strength festivals at the time of the Fine equinox were common- it was intended that at this time, because day and night were of point length, male and female energies were also in remainder. The hare is commonly associated with moon goddesses; the egg and the hare together bring in the god and the goddess, each.Inspirational license fifteen hundred lifetime, we find ourselves in Germany, where children await the invasion of Oschter Haws, a rabbit who desire lay decorated seed in nests to the ideal of children who command them Easter dawn. It was this German tradition that popularized the 'Easter bunny' in America, because introduced inside the American cultural bits and pieces by German settlers in Pennsylvania.Tons modern practitioners of Neo-pagan and earth-based religions brag embraced these symbols as part of their religious practice, identifying with the life-affirming aspects of the fount holiday. (The Neopagan holiday of Ostara is descended from the Saxon carnival.) Matter-of-factly, some Christian groups brag second hand the ghost of these symbols to criticize the celebration of the Easter holiday, and everyday churches brag only isolated the Pagan character with exceptional Christian oriented titles be after resurrection Sunday.'The Roman pagan Saturnalian [admiration of Saturn] about Saturn is notorious in everyday free-masonic lodges, the winter solstice was incorporated inside Roman Catholicism as well, the Christe masse, voters would run impart nude and wolf down, kiss under mistletoe, revolution gifts and dinner for 12 days, [12 days of Christ-masse] put candles in the hole, so the neighbors would know they were "partying", in modern epoch christmas lights. They would commonly adhere slaves and animals from a yule tree, an Oak as a sacrifice, and propel voters, sometimes the house reprobate on the "yule log". In 16th century England it was forbid for one day such as it got out of hand, murders, burning up and riots, sex in the streets, but that's a desire story for additional situate. Family are thin-skinned about "sacred" holidays stiffling planning on their origin, that's OK, it would not be the first can of worms I opened, "can of worms" hey, where did that identify originate? In the offspring twentieth century voters would buy worms for fishing in a sharply tin can with a undeveloped install then fall them on the riverbank, they would flinch all wrecked the place in their natural habitat, personality of be after opening "pandora's box", hey! where did that identify come from? maybe Pandora is a two beat whore from Tim Buk Two with the crabs? I don't know, OK I'll definite up now... -Citizen

Credit: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

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Choupai Sahib















Paatshaahee dasvee kabiyo baach baynatee chaupa-ee (p. 1721 Dasam Granth)

Hamree karo haath dai rachhaa. Pooran ho-i chit kee ichhaa.

Tav charnan man rahai hamaaraa. Apnaa jaan karo pratipaaraa. (1)

Hamray dustt sabhai tum ghavho. Aap(u) hath dai moh(i) bachavho.

Sukhee basai moro parivaaraa. Sayvak sikh sabhai kartaaraa. (2)

Mo rachhaa nij kar dai kariyai. Sabh bairan ko aaj su(n)ghariyai.

Pooran ho-i hamaaree aasaa. Tor bhajan kee rahai piaasa. (3)

Tum-h(i) chhad(i) ko-ee avar(u) na dhiyaa-oo(n). Jo bar chaho(n) so tum tey paa-oo(n).

Sayvak sikh(y) hamaarey taaree-a-hi. Chun(i) chun(i) satra hamaaray maaree-a-hi. (4)

Aap hath dai mujhai oobariyai. Maran kaal kaa traas nivariyai.

Hoojo sadaa hamaaray pachha. Sri asidhuj joo kariyaho rachha. (5)

Raakh layho mohe raakhanhaarai. Sahib sant sahaa-i piyaarey.

Deen bundh(u) dusttan kay huntaa. Tum ho puree chatur das kantaa. (6)

Kal pa-i brahmaa bap dharaa. Kal pa-i siv joo avtraa.

Kal pa-i kar bisn(u) prakaasaa sakal kaal kaa keeaa tamaasaa. (7)

Javan kal jogi siv kee-o. Bayd raj brahmaa joo thee-o.

Javn kal sabh lok savaaraa. namaskaar hai taahi hamaaraa. (8)

Javan kaal sabh jagat banaayo. Dayv dait jachhan oopjaayo.

Aad(i) a(n)t(i) aykai avtaaraa. Soee guroo samajhi-yaho hamaaraa. (9)

Namaskaar tis hee ko hamaaree. Sakal prajaa jin aap savaaree.

Sivkan ko siv gun sukh deeo. Satrun ko pal mo badh keeo. (10)

Ghat ghat kay a(n)tar kee jaanat. Bhalay buray kee peer pachaanat.

Cheetee tay ku(n)char asthoola sabh par kripaa dristt(i) kar phoola. (11)

Santan dukh paa-ay tay dukhee. Sukh paa-ay saadhun kay sukhee.

Ayk ayk kee peer pachhanai(n). Ghatt ghatt kay pat pat kee jaanai. (12)

Jab oodkarakh karaa kartaaraa. Prajaa dharat tab day-h apaaraa.

Jab aakarakh karat ho kab-hoo(n). Tum mai milat day-h dhar sabh-hoo(n). (13)

Jaytay badan sristt(i) sabh dhaarai. Aap aapanee boojh oochaarai.

Tum sabh-hee tay rahat niraalam. Jaanat bayd bhayd ar aalam (14)

Nira(n)kaar nribikaar nirlu(n)bh. Aad(i) aneel anaad(i) asa(n)bh.

Taa kaa moorh oochaarat bhaydaa. Jaa ko bhayv na paavat baydaa. (15)

Taa kou kar(i) paahan anumaanat. Mahaa moorh kach(u) bhayd na jaanat.

Mahaadayv ko kahat sadaa siv. Nira(n)kaar kaa cheenat nahi bhiv. (16)

Aap(u) aapnee budh(i) hai jaytee. Baranat bhi(n)n bhi(n)n taytee.

Tumra lakhaa na jaa-i pasaaraa. Kih bidh(i) pratham sansaaraa. (17)

Aykai roop anoop saroopa. Ra(n)k bhayo raav kahee bhoopaa.

A(n)ddaj jayraj saytaj keenee. Ootbhuj khaan(i) bahur rach(i) deenee. (18)

Kahoo(n) phool raajaa hvai baittha. Kahoo(n) simitt bhiyo sa(n)kar ikaitthaa.

Sagaree sristt(i) dikhaa-i acha(n)bhav. Aad(i) jugaad(i) saroop suya(n)bhav. (19)

Ab rachhaa mayree tum karo. Sikh(y) oobar(i) asikh(y) sa(n)gharo.

Dustt jitay ootthvat ootpaataa. Sakal malaychh karo ran ghata. (20)

Jay asidhuj tav sarnee paray. Tin kay dushtt dukhit hvai maray.

Purakh javan pag paray tiharay. Tin kay tum sa(n)katt sabh taaray. (21)

Jo kal(i) ko ik baar dhi-ai hai. Taa kay kaal nikatt(i) neh ai hai.

Rachha ho-i taahi sabh kaalaa. Dustt aristt ttray(n) tatakaalaa. (22)

Kripaa dristt(i) tan jaahi nihariho. Taa kay taap tanak mo hariho.

Ridh(i) sidh(i) ghar mo sabh hoee. Dushtt chhah chhvai sakai na koee. (23)

Ayk baar jin tumai su(n)bhaaraa. Kaal phaas tay taahi oobaaraa

Jin nar naam tihaaro kahaa. Daarid dustt dokh tay rahaa. (24)

Kharag kayt mai sarnn(i) tihaaree. Aap haath dai layho oobaaree.

Sarab tthor mo hoh(u) sahaaee. Dustt dokh tay layho bachaaee. (25)

Kripaa kari ham par jagmaataa. Gra(n)th karaa pooran subh raataa.

Kilbikh sakal deh ko hartaa Dushtt dokhiyan ko chhai kartaa (26)

Sri asidhuj jab bh-ay dayaalaa. Pooran karaa granth tatkaalaa.

Man baanchhat phal paavai soee. Dookh na tisai biaapat koee. (27)


Sunai gu(n)g jo yaahi su rasnaa paava-ee. Sunai moorr chit laa-i chaturtaa aava-ee.

Dookh dard bhau nikatt na tin nar kay rahai. Ho jo yaaki ayk baar chaupa-ee ko kahai. (28)


Sanbhat satrah sahas bhannijai. Aradh sahas phun teen kahijai.

Bhaadrav sudee ashttamee rav(i) vaaraa. Teer satudrav gra(n)th sudhaaraa. (29)

Swaiyaa (p.599 Dasam Granth)

Paa(n)-i gahay jab tay tumray tab tay kou aa(n)kh taray nahee aanyo.

Raam raheem puraan kuraan anayk kahai mat ayk na maanyo.

Si(n)mrit shaastra bayd sabhai bahu bhayd kahai ham ayk na jaanyo.

Sri asipaan kripaa tumree kar mai na kahyo sabh tohi bakhaanyo. (863)


Sagal duaar kau chhaad(i) kai gahyo tuhaaro duaar.

Ba(n)hi gahay kee laaj as gobind daas tuhaar. (864)


O Lord, protect me with Your Hand, thus my heart's desire be fulfilled.

May my mind ever seek the refuge of Your Feet, and You sustain me as Your very Own.(1)

Lord! destroy all my enemies [diseased passions, instincts, impulses, evil thoughts, etc.]* and protect me with Your Hand.

Thus make my house-hold [mind], servants and followers [intellect and varied other organs] rest in peace. (2)

O Lord, extend Your Personal protection to me and kill all my enemies here and now [refers to our countless inner enemies, i.e. evil thinking, diseases etc.]

May my this wish be fulfilled and I ever yearn to reflect my mind on You. (3).

Lord, Bless me that I should never abandon You and think of any one else. Whatever boons I seek I should obtain from You.

Liberate all my servants and followers [way of thinking], pick each and every one and destroy them, who are obstacles in my well being. (4)

Pray, ferry me across, giving me Your Hand, and destroy the fear of death in me. [This fear is one of the greatest enemy of ours].

O Mighty Lord of the Sword (All Wisdom), be ever at my back, and protect me. (5)

You are the Protector of the Saints, protect me too, as You are my only Protector.

You are the Savior of the weak and Destroyer of tyrants. O the Lord of fourteen worlds (according to Puranic conception). (6)

Time came when Brahma appeared in physical form, then Shiva was incarnated and then Visnu.

It is all the Play of the Temporal Lord. (7)

The Temporal Lord created Shiva, the Yogi; Brahma, the Utterer of Vedas.

The Temporal Lord, Who fashioned the entire Universe, I salute to Him alone. (8)

He, Who is the Creator of Time and the Universe, also created the angels, demons and yakshas.

He alone was in the beginningand will also be at the end of the Time. He alone is my Guru. (9)

I make my obeisance to Him alone, Who has created all His subjects and preserves them.

He has blessed His devotees with all merits and happiness and destroys enemies [inner dis-harmony] instantaneously. (10)

He, Who is inner Knower of all hearts, knows the sorrows of all creatures, good or bad.

He casts His Graceful Glance on all from the meek ant to huge elephant and feel pleased. (11)

He is pained, when His saints are pained; and feels happiness when they are happy.

He understands what pains each of the hearts of the creatures and their innermost workings. (12)

When He, the Creator, evolved Himself, His creation manifested itself in innumerable forms.

When He dissolves the creation, all the physical forms are merged back in Him. (13)

He has created numerous forms and bodies. They utter Him as they can think, what He is.

He, however, lives Detached from all. This distinction the wise ones and the religious books know. (14)

He is Formless, Stainless and Self-reliant. He is the Primal Power, Blemishless, Beginningless and does not take birth.

The fools claim boastfully about the knowledge of His secrets, which even Vedas do not know. (15)

The fools consider Him a stone, for He does not know the Profound Mysterym that is God.

He calls Shiva, The Eternal Lord, and does not know the secret of the Formless Lord. (16)

Every one according to his understanding, describes You differently.

The limits of Your creation cannot be known, nor how in the beginning You wrought the Universes. (17)

You are One, manifest in varied forms, as a poor man, rich manor a king.

You create the egg born, the sweat born, the earth born and the foetus born. (18)

Sometime You joyfully appear in the form of Brahma expanding the creation, and some time in the form of contracting and dissolving Shiva.

He shows His miraculous deeds to all His creation of the Universe. He, the Primal Power, born of Himself is since the beginning of beginning. (19)

O Lord, now keep me under Your protection, encourage my followers to flourish [in intellect and wisdom] and destroy my enemies (negative thinking).

All the evil doers who arise (in my mind), fight with them and destroy them there and then. (20)

O Mighty Lord of the Sword (Knowledge), whosoever seeks Your protection, his enemies (evil passions) suffer pain and are destroyed.

The persons, who fall on Your Feet, You remove all their afflictions and maladies. (21)

Those who meditate even once (with complete devotion) on You, the Supreme Destroyer, the Death cannot come near them.

They remain protected at all times. All their enemies and sorrows are removed instantaneously. (22)

Upon whomsoever dawns Your Grace, their sins and afflictions are instantly removed.

They are blessed with all the earthly and spiritual treasures, and no evil doer [deadly passions and sickly instinctual drives] can even touch their shadows. (23)

O God, he who remembered You even once, You saved him from the noose of Death.

Whosoever meditates on Your Name, he overcomes his poverty, suffering and adversity. (24)

O The Lord of Sword (Knowledge), I seek Your protection. Protect me with Your Own Hands.

Extend Your support to me wherever I be, and save me from the evil doers [evil thoughts and sins]. (25).

The Mother of the world has been kind towards me and I have completed the book this auspicious night.

The Lord is the destroyer of all the sins of the body and all the malicious and wicked persons. (26)

When Mahakal became kind, He immediately caused me to complete this book.

He will obtain the fruit desired by the mind (who will read or listen to this book) and no suffering will occur to him. (27)


The dumb, who will listen to it, will be blessed with the tongue to speak; the fool, who will listen to it attentively, will get wisdom.

That person will be absolved of suffering, pain or fear, who will even once recite this Chaupai-prayer. (28)


It was Bikrami Samvat 1753;

This book was competed on the banks of Sutlej on Sunday, the eighth Sudi of the month of Bhadon. (29)


O God ! the day when I caught hold of your feet, I do not bring anyone else under my sight; none other is liked by me now.

The Puranas and the Quran try to know Thee by the names of Ram and Rahim and talk about you through several stories, but I do not accept any one religion.

The Simritis, Shastras and Vedas describe several mysteries of yours, but I do not agree with any of them.

O sword-wielder God! This all has been described by Thy Grace, what power can I have to write all this? (863)


O Lord! I have forsaken all other doors and have caught hold of only Thy door.

O Lord ! Thou has caught hold of my arm; I, Govind, am Thy serf, kindly take (care of me and) protect my honour. (864)

Pronunciation Guide


a u in "sum"; u in "thumb"

aa aw in "awsome"; a in "calm"

o o in "oh"; o in "home"

ou ow in "how"; ow in "now"

ay ay in "hay"; ai in "aim"; a in "fame"

ai a in "apple"; a in "at"

i i in "India"; i in "simple"

ee ee in "need"; ea in "cream";

u oo in "book";

oo oo in "bloom";

(i) like i in "india" but lighter; don't emphasize


r roll the "r" (like in Spanish); dd in "padding"

(n) add a nasal sound but not of full n

gh make a sound this is in both/between "k" and "g"

bh make a sound this is in both/between "p" and "b"

chh make a sound this is in both/between "ch" and "sh"

jh make a sound this is in both/between "ch" and "j"

kh exasperate/more air

th exasperate/more air

dh exasperate/more air

tt retroflex the tounge

dd retroflex the tounge

rr retroflex the tounge

nn retroflex the tounge

tth retroflex the tounge and exasperate/more air

ddh retroflex the tounge and exasperate/more air

Origin: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

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Gen 12 3 May The Miracle Of Creation Continue In Us Through Christ


I can see (or hear) a breath between verse 2 and 3 of Gen. 1.

The description of the earth as formless, empty and dark, prescribe what God is about to do in creating form, filling the earth and dispelling darkness. It was never God's intention of the Earth to be anything less than what concluded Day 6.

But the movement of Creation I think shows up in the second half of verse 2 where the Spirit of God of God is hovering, moving, ready, preparing to begin this next movement in the divine symphony.

Then there it is. The Conductor raises his hands in silence, the Father silently inhales the breath that will birth life when exhaled.

Then He speaks, through the Son, the Word, "Let there be... and there was...and it was good."

Nothing that comes from the Father's mouth can be anything but good since it is was comes from His nature. He brings order to chaos, form to formlessness, substance to emptiness, light to darkness but it all proceeds from Him and His Triune nature operating in perfect harmony and rhythm.

Through Christ, the Father is still creating. The Spirit is still hovering. Order is still being pulled out of chaos, form from formlessness, substance from emptiness, light from dark as all of this is going on in the soul of any and all who trust Christ as Savior. He is creating perfection through the movement of His Spirit and the power of His Word.

May we let Him have full access to breathe, move and speak His creation into us until we are complete.


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Is Your Psychic A Mentalist
According to Wikipedia, a hard reading is "a series of techniques recycled by mentalists, illusionists, resonance tellers, psychics, and mediums to detect or restricted testimony about assorted participate, often in order to convince them that the reader knows by a long way aristocratic about a forte than they actually do. Without prior knowledge of a participate, a expert hard reader can still quickly precise a fanatical deal of information about the forte by analyzing the person's majority oral communication, age, clothing or cast, hairstyle, sexual characteristics, sexual effect, religion, run away or civilization, level of erudition, line of oration, place of origin, etc. Cold readers communally attach to high endanger guesses about the forte, quickly diversity up on signals from their subjects as to whether their guesses are in the profess command or not, and for that reason emphasizing and reinforcing any notch contact the subjects acknowledge spell quickly moving on from missed guesses."

Techniques to keep watch on for (you've directly seen TV psychics use these a lot):

"Shotgunning" (Wikipedia) "A commonly-used hard reading technique recycled, along with others, by hide psychics and spiritual mediums. The psychic or reader progressively offers a vast cut of very regular information, often to an unbroken listeners (some of which is very likely to be constant, finale constant or at the very lowest, combustible or vigorous to someone succeed), observes their subjects' reactions (treat their majority oral communication), and for that reason narrows the reach, acknowledging secure people or concepts and refinement the light statements according to populace reactions to press on an fiery rejoinder."

Example: "I persuade an superior male sketch in your life, who requirements you to know little you may control had disagreements in your life, he still loved you."

"Barnum Statements" (Wikipedia) "named on one occasion P.T. Barnum, the American showman) are statements that jingle classified, yet rehearsal to assorted people. And spell it appears that precise, such statements are often ill at ease or bestow the reader the most distant furnish of "waggle room" in a reading. They are premeditated to increase identifying responses from people. The statements can for that reason be off trendy longer and aristocratic educated paragraphs and jingle to reveal fanatical amounts of manner about a participate. The effect relies in part on the fervor of people to suit in testimony and make contact amid what is understood and some aspect of their own lives (often analytical their unbroken life's history to find some edge, or reinterpreting the receipt in any put out of alternative achievable ways so as to make it rehearsal to themselves). A excellent and beautiful reader can sometimes even hassle a forte trendy admitting a edge, demanding better and better that they acknowledge a secure receipt as having some orientation and maintaining that they cool aren't attitude callous adequately, or are repressing some items commemoration."

Example: "You had an fortune subsequent to you were a child stuck between water."

"The Rainbow Scheme" (Wikipedia) "The rainbow graphic is a crafted receipt which as one awards the forte with a precise personality include, as well as the uncooperative of that include. Between such a saying, a hard reader can "spread all possibilities" and call to control completed an proper elimination in the cause of the forte, nevertheless the fact that a rainbow graphic receipt is vague and opposite. This technique is recycled previously personality traits are not calculable, and too like a little everyone has informed all sides of a secure idea at some time in their lives."

Example: "I would say that you are commonly shy and concord, but subsequent to the tendency strikes you, you can directly become the resources of worry."

Perspective: One time, a friend begged me to get a reading on one occasion she got one. I humored her. I wasn't expecting whatsoever queer. Their wasn't a psychic implication in the whole shop. I sat down and the man took my hand and tried the hole object. "You're not at fault! You necessity stop feeling so guilty!" A maestro technique to make me dive through my cause for whatsoever I prize open sample culpable about. I gave her recollection for technique. Like a good fly fisherman, she cast her line and may possibly control bent a sucker. Opportunely, I appointed her to spectacle this game. I not only had no belief of guilt in my consciousness, but as she spar, she told me I have got to scrutinize departure my boyfriend, he'll never get married me. (I was wedded for decades). She proceeded to inform me to touch up the room I decorated red (no red in my house-I abominate the color). I convincingly cool got up and departed spell she was in mid ruling. A less savvy participate prize open control replaced "boyfriend" with "next of kin," and exact "I once custody about knack my room red," whatsoever to make it "fit"."

This is not to say psychics don't have your home. I know for a fact that they do, as I in person control skills that I can neither not blame or often era pointing device. With you get a reading from a psychic, you need to ask yourself "how precise is this to me, or is it a full receipt that frenzy many? Are they waiting too by a long way for me to counter and lead them in the profess direction? Is this the constant of thing I prize open evaluate from a spiritual leader and adviser?"A good psychic too ghost control a "serendipity" everyplace they say everything go for "you have got to unfailingly nominate the yellowish-brown" and you sample your take dip like cool that day you were shopping and debating better yellowish-brown and indigo for a new shirt and not clear-cut which looks end. They control a apparition to say everything make plans for. I very well won't do a reading unless I can turn not worth it from the participate and the participate says energy spell I'm be active the reading but may have ready money if they wish. I don't require a sympathy from them that ghost lead me down a devious path or dead end and I do not require to read their terms and postures. That is a sign of someone who is not baiting. "In fact, move about to sit through a reading, looking down at your lap, saying energy and see how want very much the psychic can upset it."

A bigwig rattle on trendy you psychically for a living shouldn't be asking you to make decisions based on their upshot, control you fall your nucleus out to them so that they know too by a long way of your classified lives and for that reason can lead you trendy attitude they know you so well, or requisition that you come back once more and once more like you're triumph "nearer" to some items knowledge.

I'll be maliciously exact. A person making money as a psychic may not control your best interests in cause. It's a source of revenue. One in which you coming back is enormously items, cool go for your spiritual leader or decrease. Your bank on on them assures their cremation. We don't control any set of instructions on psychics, no damaging, certification, or a board of examiners go for medical professionals control. As a payer, you need to be expert, skeptical, and covert. It can be very healing for some relations who need to deal with sorrow or to see what they are be active devious in their lives and for the counseling personally it can be well-behaved, but unfailingly be covert and sample free to source and not return if you control gotten what you require out of the greet.

New blog to scrutinize is The Sprite Hunter's Compendium that is constant to the evil and spine-chilling creatures of paranormal legends

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Pagans And The War In Iraq Four Years Later
On March 19th, 2003, we invaded Iraq and began two wars, the one over there and the one over here. On April 5th, 2003 I offered this piece at The Witches Voice:


I warned back then that we could "win" the war and loose the "peace", and to my horror, that is what we've done. I wrote about the screaming intolerance towards different points of view that came from all sides. Rabid rhetoric is meant to stifle thought and shame us into silence, and in many places, it worked. I noted with concern the lack of "any kind" of intelligent, informed debate about this war. I knew (as many others knew) that fear mongering, and ignorance would hurt this country, threaten our civil liberties and divide the Pagan community, and that has come to pass. Meanwhile, those in the political center were not being heard, and they soon stopped listening to the screamers. In the last four years many Americans, especially those who had no friends or loved ones serving in this war, stopped listening, and the youth protest never truly materialized. Unlike my own generation during Vietnam, collage age citizens were at no risk of being drafted and what protest there was, was ignored by most of the media. When people feel powerless and overwhelmed by events, they tune out. That has happened as Bill Cusak notes in his provocative article on BUSH'S GOD:

"People rely on an all powerful combination of corporations and government to run the world and provide them with order and protection. In return for giving up control of our lives to this authority structure we get someone to blame when things go wrong (think Katrina) and an expectation of safety and security so we can pursue happiness. With all the big stuff out of the way we get to be little kids who can afford to get upset when they change Coke's secret formula and when Simon Cowell gets too mean".

"What we give up for this dubious warm and fuzzy sense of security is responsibility for our government's actions and for our society's decisions. They overthrow other governments, pardon themselves, meet with energy companies behind closed doors, rig insurance laws and we complain and rarely throw them out of office. Most Americans want health care, gun control and to end the Iraq war now. Fat Chance. Authority doesn't want those changes, and we don't want to give up relying on Authority to give us security. So we take the scandals and call them assholes and move on from O.J. to Anna Nicole to who ever is next. "

We no longer get to have it both ways. Authority is no longer taking care of us. Jobs are leaving, cities are dieing, health care is beyond nearly everyone's reach, we can't secure enough energy without being in a constant state of war. Authority's way is failing all around us. REFUSING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES IS CREATING TOO MANY PROBLEMS AROUND THE WORLD AND IS STUNTING OUR GROWTH AS SPIRITUAL BEINGS.

Some people emailed us in 2003 to say that "The Elephant in Our Circles" helped induce a bit of sanity into the mix during a time of crisis, hysteria and pain. If it helped, I'm glad. I have only said what a lot of other people were thinking.

Our job now is to stay active, support positive change, and to help others do the same. This is what I wrote in 2003:

"Right now, courageous people in every country are working for the highest good of all. Each will do so in their own way...individuals can and will contribute in different ways while We, The People share a common vision of peace and freedom for all....let us honor those men and women who serve during wartime, support free speech and civil liberties here at home, lead by example, gather food and medical supplies for those in need, raise their children with love and tolerance, and work for peace and freedom worldwide. In closing, I will ask that we make our views known to one another in ways that are respectful, truthful, compassionate and honorable."

This is what I say today: STEP UP OR STEP ASIDE. Do what your heart and spirit compel you to do but do it with integrity and compassion or not at all. And if you do nothing but gripe at the current state of affairs, you can expect nothing from any of us, ever again. You will have lost our respect, our trust and our support.

I have never forgotten the meditation offered by Dr. Randolf Becker just days after we invaded, a meditation which I quoted at the end of my article in 2003. I have kept it in my heart every day of this conflict, and will continue to do so. I would like to share it again here:



"I am mindful this morning of those among us who hold the lives of the men and women serving our country in their prayers, seeking the safe return of all who have been deployed;"


"I am mindful this morning of those among us who hold the lives of the civilian women and men and children of Iraq in their prayers, seeking their safety amidst the conflict;"


"I am mindful this morning of those among us who are filled with emotions - of sadness, of anger, of resolve, of doubt, of uncertainty - which seem to overwhelm them, as they seek a balance of spirit;"


"I am mindful this morning of those among us who feel disconnected, through their passionate understanding of either support or opposition, but who would welcome inclusive arms to embrace them even in their differences;"


"I am mindful this morning of our duty as a congregation to hold, in thoughts and prayers and hugs, all those who choose to walk with us along the path of life, not only those with whom we agree but even more so those with whom we differ."


"So, this is my prayer for the morning: that in our own community we find the wisdom, the courage, the connection, the acceptance - ah, yes, the all- encompassing love which is the essence and source of peace - that none be afraid."


"Amen and Blessed Be."

(from the Rev. Dr. Randolph W.B. Becker of the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists. Written on March 23rd, 2003.)

My thoughts today are with those who grieve, with those who suffer, with those who serve, and with all those working for a better world.

With love, sadness, and hope,


THE OFFERING (CD) by Mary Youngblood.

Native American Flute


both books are by Gwynne Dyer (who warned us over 20 years ago that World War III would start in the Middle East)Sia@FullCircle