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Friday, 28 February 2014

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Being Human Uk Season Five Episode Three Pie And Prejudice
Nine months in the past, Larry Crysler is busy doing the evening news and is not pleased with the performance of his support staff. He walks out into the parking lot and drops something as he is standing behind his car, when a shadowy figure attacks him and scratches him. Clearly he has been attacked by a werewolf.

Tom and Hal are back at work and Tom is complaining because Hal has been made acting manager. Hal believes its temporary until Patsy returns but Tom is not in the least bit calmed by this and says that until Patsy returns, Hal will be giving him orders. Tom threatens to walk out and reminds Hal that its the full moon but Hal says that he cannot walk out because he has already scheduled him the night out. Larry Crysler walks in and interrupts their conversation and asks about lighting choice because it seems that he has a speaking engagement there that night. Larry begins doing his speech.

Larry is using the bathroom and Hal approaches and introduces himself. Tom asks for an autograph and says that its great that Larry is famous.

Dominic smashes a radio after listening to the secretary of state talking about cuts. Clearly, the man is still very much unhinged.

Back at home, Tom tells Alex that Hal has a girlfriend and then clarifies to say that Hal is visiting a girl. Hal says that its simply an acquaintance, nothing more. Alex says, "an acquaintance with the Lady Mary, surely thats prison slang." Tom reminds Hal that he is not to hang around anyone with fangs but Hal assures Tom that the Lady Mary is a ghost who died some years ago. Alex is surprised that Hal knows another female ghost and suggests that the two would get along. Hal is not keen on this and calls Lady Mary fragile and suggests that Alex is capable of corrupting Keith Richards.

Hal is visiting with Lady Mary, when Alex appears and introduces herself. Hal quickly drags her away and she says that she has no one to talk to about ghost stuff. Hal reluctantly introduces Alex. Lady Mary assumes that Hal and Alex are a couple but Alex and Hal make it clear very quickly that there is nothing between them. Hal apologizes for Alex and she replies that Alex has a boisterous charm and that she wishes her finishing school was still open. The Lady Mary quickly dismisses Hal and sets about chatting with Alex. As soon as Hal is gone, the Lady Mary drops her 18th century persona and says that it bores her to death.

Back at the hotel Larry Crysler is busy taking food off of the tables. Hal approaches and says that he thought Larry would be leaving today but Larry replies that his management company negotiated for him to stay there for a week. Hal asks if Larry is going out tonight and then informs him that he is to vacate his room by tomorrow morning, as Larry continues to pack food.

The Lady Mary and Alex head off to a club and Alex says that she and Hal had a date once and then it didnt go to well. The Lady Mary keeps touching peoples heads so that she can read their minds. Alex points out that Lady Mary has clearly changed over the years. Lady Mary says that she reads, watches tv, and has tried to keep up with the world. Lady Mary instigates a fight between two patrons as Alex watches.

Larry is coming down the stairs when he runs into Tom.

Back at the club, Mary is touching people who are in the bathroom having sex. She encourages Alex to join saying that she is going to miss it but Alex says no thanks. When the man starts to orgasm, so does Lady Mary.

The next morning, Larry returns wearing a dress and he claims to have had a crazy night but Tom tells him that he is a werewolf as well. Tom says that though he is a werewolf that he has never been anywhere posh like Larry. Tom lets it slip that he lives in a house with people and Larry wants to know if the people know what they are. When Tom says yes, Larry begins to chatter about the secret to his success and then asks how big the house he lives in is.

Hal is working on a puzzle, when Alex tells him that they need to have a conversation about Mary. When Hal reminds Alex that he told her that Mary would be dull, Alex replies, "dull is not the word I would use, crazy sort of bat shit shocking is more the flavour. Mary is not the person you think she is. The whole posh totty thing is just an act." Hal asks why on earth Mary would do this and Alex replies, "I dont know and I dont care but what Im worried about is the fact that she has been stuck her for two hundred years and its turned her into a total frothing lune. Is that whats going to happen to me?" Hal assures Alex that even if she doesnt pass over for awhile, he is certain that she will cope with it because Alex and Mary are completely different people. Alex points out that Mary had a thing with Hal died and then got stuck there as a ghost.

Larry shows up at the apartment and Tom introduces him to everyone as a werewolf. Tom says that Larry is going to teach him how to become a successful werewolf and asks Hal how he feels about that. Larry asks if Hal is a werewolf as well and Hal says that he is a vampire and Alex says that she is a ghost. Larry doesnt take this seriously and believes that Hal is joking. Why in the world he would have trouble believing in ghosts when he himself is a werewolf is beyond me. When Alex points out that Larry brought along a suitcase, Larry says that hes tutoring can be extensive and that he thought that rather than go back and forth, he would just stay there for awhile. Hal says, "great the more the merrier," but Tom jumps in and says, "youre not the boss of me here. I can do what I want."

Upstairs Larry hands Tom a book and tells him that this is his new bible. Hal talks about how he and McNair were never really separated and that McNair protected him from the world. Larry then takes off his suit and hands it to Tom, saying that the clothes make the man. Larry then asks Tom to lend him one hundred and fifty pounds because he has a cash flow problem and Tom agrees to help, though he makes it clear that its just a loan.

Tom shows up at work in Larrys jacket and tells Hal that is there to congratulate him on his new position as manager. Tom pulls a card out of his pocket, which says "Tom McNair inc", and Hal points out that there should be a phone number or an email on it. Tom takes it back and says that he will call Hal and adds that there is a new player in town. Tom then walks off and starts to shmoose with people. Back in the car, Larry instructs Tom to bash in the car window of a BMW. It seems that the car now belongs to Larrys ex wife and he is bitter about how the relationship ended and the divorce settlement which saw most of Larrys assets get transferred to her. When Tom resists, Larry suggests that he is pushing Tom to fast and then sends Tom to let the air out of all of the tires.

Lady Mary and Alex are talking about her life. Mary says that she goes off and has adventures and then makes sure that she is back on time for Hal. Alex asks about Marys unfinished business and Mary says that its all sorted out and that she has had loads of doors appear, she just turns them all down. When Alex asks why, Mary says that Hal needs her though he has Alex and others, she and Hal have something special. Mary believes that Hal seeing her, keeps Hal clean because she was his last victim. Alex asks if this is what Hal told her and then quickly adds that its not her business and that all of these lies are not healthy. Alex suggests that Mary tell Hal who she really is and Mary asks what if Hal doesnt like the new her. Alex then suggests that Mary come with her to see her world.


Origin: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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One Question Email Psychic Tarot Reading Horse Rescue Fund By Hoodooemporium
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Credit: about-world-religions.blogspot.com
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The Us And The New Pope
Monday, March 25, 2013

In this photo provided by the Vatican paper L'Osservatore Romano, Pope Francis meets US Vice-President Joe Biden after his installation Mass at the Vatican.

By: Cubargie Joe

By Cubargie Joe

(Jos'e Manuel Pall'i)


I am old enough to remember the hullabaloo in the United States -and also among Catholics in the rest of the Americas- when John F. Kennedy ran for and won the presidency, becoming the first (and still the only) Catholic president of the United States in 1961. A great number of US voters and their Protestant ministers were deeply suspicious of Kennedy's faith. My mother in Argentina and her sisters in Miami, on the other hand, were joyous with the news of his election.

When in 1974, then Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz -who had to resign in 1976 due to another one of his off-coloured racist jokes-made a joke directed at Pope Paul VI's opposition to population control (mimicking an Italian accent he told the press corps "If you don't play-a da game, you don't make-a da rrules"), he was amply criticized for his insensitivity towards Italian-Americans, not for his disrespect towards the head of the Catholic church.

When I arrived in the United States in the late seventies, Catholicism was still very far from being mainstream -even in Miami, by then already "cubanized". I recall being handed out religious literature where Catholics were ridiculed and even demonized.

The intensive news coverage of the resignation of a Pope and the enthronization of another one has shown how much the weight and image of Catholicism in the United States has changed since Kennedy's Camelot days. And this despite the many hits that image has taken lately because of the incidence of pedophilia among Catholic priests, which has taken a heavy toll on the finances and on the moral authority of the Catholic Church.

Over the past few weeks, seldom has a day gone by without national TV newscasts spending close to twenty five per cent of their air time discussing the succession of Pope Benedict XVI. The White House's salute to the new Argie pope, Francis, was warmer and more enthusiastic than that of many countries in our region firmly imbedded in Catholic tradition (warmer than the Casa Rosada's reaction to Cardinal Bergoglio's election), and was perceived by "Latinos" in the US as a sign of a renewed commitment from the government to them and their aspirations, as well as emphasizing the increasing importance of the southern portion of our western hemisphere in the eyes of Washington. Hopefully, this time around we will move beyond mere rhetoric; though, "thinking it better", yes, you are right, I may be drifting into the same capital sin of wishful thinking I so often criticize.

Much has been said about the significance of electing the first Latin American pope, but from the perspective of a country where the efforts of the Catholic Church in the field of education is ever more appreciated, the fact Francis is a Jesuit may be even more significant.

I am personally gratified by the fact the Pope roots for the same football team I do, San Lorenzo de Almagro, also known as El Cicl'on. It would have been unseemly, (and worrisome in terms of the topic mentioned in the last paragraph below) if he had been a fan of the Red Devils from Avellaneda. In any event, this appears to settle who will be playing in the second division next year. A "football-fan pope" is also gratifying for someone who grew up being looked askance by many dear but somewhat snobbish relatives and friends who thought there was something wrong (demeaning?) in devoting Sunday afternoons to football, watching it from the stadium or the rafters to boot. Despite our love of sports in the United States, we still do not fathom the strength of the bond that ties what we call soccer to what some call "the less educated classes" around the world.

As for the many PHDs in wishful thinking who are already at work trying to establish a parallel between the fall of the Berlin Wall and their hopes for the demise of populism in Latin America, seeing in Jorge Bergoglio a later day version of Karol Wojtyla, their best hope seems to be that the Catholic Church will simply bolster its rhetoric about poverty, inequality and other social issues, as it has done in the past, without forcefully seeking any significant change. But watch out guys, this fan of El Cicl'on seems to be the real thing, and he may end up blowing strongly in a different direction than the one you wish for.

From a Miami perspective, the only thing that could have made a bigger splash among us would have been that Havana Cardinal Jaime Ortega Alamino had ended up being the chosen one. Cardinal Ortega has been vilified by many of my Cuban neighbours in Miami mainly for his willingness to sit down with the Cuban government to negotiate for more space for the Church and for freedom for a number of political prisoners. Dialogue with the Castro brothers is still anathema for many US Cubans, not all of them old-timers. But still, I suspect that having a Cuban pope would have had a huge impact on US-Cuba relations, despite the resistance of those who take pride in calling themselves recalcitrant. We do not get to confirm this, but we can always hope -ten more Our Fathers when I go to confession next week, I know- that someone with Francis's background and track record may also help loosen up the deadlock in what we call US policy towards Cuba -a "policy" that for over fifty years has served only one purpose: to hide the absence of a policy-, getting us to where Pope John Paul II wanted us all to be when he said we should all open ourselves to Cuba.

Another topic frequently covered in the US media lately has been the prophecy that appears to signal that the new Pope will be the last one, in which case we may all want to heed that Juan Luis Guerra song where he urges us to get our papers in order (hay que arreglar los papeles). Another good reason to get rid of all our fears and open up to each other, before it is too late.

Jos'e Manuel Pall'i is a Cuban-born lawyer, originally trained in Argentina and has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1985.


Monday, 24 February 2014

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Lore Myths

THE Ceremony OF Routine

DISCLAIMER: These facts and interpretations relating to Ceremonies are meant completely for information and distraction. I am not working with and do not espousal any Ceremonies done with bad intent or using ashamed, insanitary, or illegal practices. I make no claims about or walk off with any hurtle for the effects of participating in any Routine.

In preparing Ceremonies for expound needs, I respectfully erudition and cheat from abundant traditions. I move these concepts in a spirit of quiet and love, and with the hunt and intention that reading about them motivation reveal decent. Having the status of Confusion information is so floppy, actual historical practices and facts may disagree, according to time, satisfied, and keep an eye on.

Skim Through Out A Satisfactorily Equinox Routine


Otherwise we take up Herbs and Routine, let's take up Routine itself. To me, Routine means Despoil Inspection of Energy with the Awesome sight of Credulity, no textile how old we are. It means releasing the child within us so that we can see through his or her eyes the enfant terrible of it all.

I heard a line in a movie later that said everything considering, "INBORN IS PENETRATING." My protest is to indication the addicted, the ordinary, the every day events with parade, for instance, in fact, your whole life is one opulent parade, one hunger lucid myth with you as its interior body. We are all customary to celebrating our birthdays, yet we repetitively do it apart from and Pay homage to. Awe and Pay homage to are part of parade. Unpretentious Day is the day that Spirit came to earth in Your Hold, to walk off with up its earthform in Your Stem and depend on Your Penetration, Plan, Fortitude and Charge. It's the day Spirit came to earth so you may perhaps walk off with your earthwalk this time, and infusion yet later over. It is the dedicatory of your Spirit's Unpretentious Day on this sphere, under your name, in your body. Do you remember? Do not impede. Being can you do to commemorate the Presage pretentiousness of your Unpretentious Day In our time...even if, particularly if, today is not the feast of the day you were born. Do not wait! You are Featuring in, now. You are Now, trendy. Celebrate!

THE Be Short Of FOR Routine

Spiritual peoples persevere with to be a cut above accountable to remembrance to welcome, in parade, or prayer, if you considering, the peak ordinary lecture events, considering living, waking up, utilization water, spending, arriving, surface, for instance they value the largest part of these acts. Hang around tribal clan the world from side to side indication the mutiny of the sun every day, not for the sun's advantage, but for their own, for the link up, for the log. One pay compliment to the fact of Thoughts, for who can really open up the mystery of Dream Messages? Once upon a time all, what is a miracle, but everything older our absolute "ARITHMETIC" understanding or everything that happens with such convincing unusual object and speed that we fail to see from contemporaries to contemporaries, and thus remembrance to be reverential. But beginning, is expound no aristocratic mystery, or miracle, than your living in and out every hour of every day for your add up life? Is that not break for ceremony?

But peak of us forgot, and as the world became busier and noisier and closer and a cut above innovative, we started to support that parade was everything that ancient peoples did or tribal peoples did for instance it was hunger ago, or they were odd, or they had other needs. We envisioned vibrant costumes, exotic symbols, eccentric tongues, tense aerobics, and we shook our heads and said, "THAT'S NOT ME." Or we remembered the bad aspects of bad rituals and worked to

put a lot of space in the middle of them and us.

But then the yearning starts within us over for instance it is all leave-taking by so fast.

The milestones and benchmarks old-fashioned with not sufficiently any write, or none at all.

Families are often far on sale, or estranged. Links are strangers and we can't find our place in everything called community. Time, that old gypsy, as one poem says, keeps ticking, ticking, ticking, and age and relocate conceal us in that ancient shawl. Being motivation come the fix time for parade to blemish your realignment on this earthwalk? It is time trendy. It is time now. Completely innovative in our lives needs thanks, needs a parade, to central us, to relate us to the innovation and to each other and to every other life form and non-life form with whom we participate this sphere. Routine makes the link up in the middle of the local and get out, the spirit and the appear, the picture and the world, the life form and the life form. Routine makes the link up, so each path joins the other, and together we link and become Connect.

Routine FOR Long-lasting

So, what can you welcome with a ceremony? You can welcome any aspect of life, from the lowest amount sprout escalating to the peak shocking misfortune. The fact is, we all know about celebrating the big joys: the births, the promotions, the graduations, the weddings, the house-movings. We know about commemorating the best loss of all, as a treasured life energy passes from trendy to expound, out of our realm. But what about the other passages, the ones that allow you to infusion for instance they bear down on you to facade throbbing truths or difficult experiences...the ones that you often be marked with through all by yourself...the ones that occurred too fresh in life for you to accept professional in the past they happened...the ones that are make safe somewhere happening you for instance they are so sad...the insignificant ones considering a penchant pot gap...the gasp-for-air ones considering an catastrophic estrangement. Following every trial we point through, we make passage to our truest sort, to our aristocratic selves. We after everything else with every grief. And relic bulldoze notice! By yourself or with friends, we accept to gist the call for to assistance carriage to the events in our lives, big or weak, easy or difficult, at ease or sad... to share and bring about love, to jot the sacred conceal, to make Routine.

CEREMONIES TO Characteristic THE Nature WE Rouse IN

I judge that regardless of the starvation deliver you may find yourself in, you are perpetually a nurtured and inherent part of the Area, and thus, in ways we may never in detail understand, we are perpetually definitely home, no textile in the past or everywhere we are. A Zen Roshi was on his death bed, and his buddies begged him not to go. "GO?" he asked. "EVERYWHERE WOULD I GO. BESTOW IS NOWHERE BESIDES TO GO."

All is trendy, and trendy is everywhere.

Perhaps this is the discuss that we perform Ceremonies not completely to tag ourselves and our lives, but also to tag the Land and her cycles. For in perform so, we okay and put on a normal footing ourselves. Bestow is not a place in the world, for meticulous, everywhere the Seasons accept not been commemorated in some way.

If each of us is a microcosm of the Area, then we indication our own dawn in the past we indication Satisfactorily...our own tough developed years in the past we indication Summer...our own letting-go of children, illusions, plow habits in the past we indication Autumn and our own wisdom and prospect in the regeneration bass seeds and bass view in the past we indication Unfeeling. So teaches the Brew Drive of the Native Americans and constant concepts in the middle of worldly beings the world from side to side.

We know that our cycles are mixed up with the ebb and flo of the mountain and the lunar rotations of the moon. That we jot power from the sun and diet from the earth. Doesn't it make aspect, then, that in in memory them in Routine, we are in memory the Sanctified link up that immortalizes us? Whenever you stop the feeling the twist blowing out of the west, you perform a Routine by provisional his make, his spread, his instruct, his energy. Routine means stopping the world hunger passable to walk off with write.

HOW TO Fashion A Routine

How do you dream up a parade that's fix for you? Training is the name for ceremonies that accept been done from side to side and from side to side over through the ages in fitting the enormously way. But for many, the old rituals no longer feeling fix. For others, expound are so many rituals, from so many corners of the earth and so many settings of the timespan that feeling fix, that you appeal to cheat, do off-the-cuff, move, personalize, reform. But some substance never relocate. All Ceremonies use some or all of these:

1. A leeway prepared special for the hasty.

2. Dialect, personal or traditional, said aloud or too softly to be heard, in discussion, or vernacular, or chant, or mantra.

3. Dependable and pounding...music, shtick, horns, woodwinds, cheers, go on and on, rattling.

4. Explanation...often blaze from candles.

5. Movement held for the hasty.

6. Symbols: rocks, bombs, semi-precious stones or crystals; totem animals.

7. Aromas or scents.

8. Herbs, vegetation or flora.

9. Fuel and go

10. An upright place to put these substance. One require this special place an Altar. One place them uncomplicatedly on the put in at, believing that Father Land is our novel and peak sacred altar.

Measure tenderly on her purpose. Completely mantelpiece upon her is a Routine.


Ceremonies can be whispered in substantial arenas with thousands of clan attending, and not open area for holy purposes. Set a express is a opulent family

Ceremony! They can be whispered in weak children's home with open area a few close associations spirits. Or you can get a parade by yourself, and make it delicately locked away.


And then, expound are ceremonies that are level on or supply peculiar herbs.

Completely herb has its own qualities, expression, and finicky energy. Staff all from side to side the earth, accept bizarre the power of herbs with parade. From horseradish at the Passover Seder to the Palm grass at Easter to Sage for a Reverie Search to Mistletoe at Christmas to Frankincense at the Unfeeling Solstice of the ancient Druids, to cardamom the Scandinavian Yuletide to St. John's Wort at the Summer Solstice, to the spiritual yam in Africa to of seaweed in the

...the list as endless as the peoples on the purpose of the earth and the arrange of herbs and bring into being that infusion in their position. The tie in the middle of the Green with envy Place Staff and us, the two-leggeds, is apart from rank. The link up is essential to our life bear down on. The link up is existing and mystical at the enormously time. To understand the energy of herbs in our ceremonies, you call for to opening understand the herb.

Being Supposition. Being Unobtrusive. Seek permission Being

How do we learn to understand everything. Look as if at the word "UNDERSTAND". Get the better of it to the right. Under. Phase. We learn to really know everything by Place Under it.

By living cessation, and draft in its energy.

By listening for its mantra.

By among with the pounding of its ambiance.

By bringing to it the heart of who, of what, we are.

By combining energies.

By not communication.

By not asking.

By not starving.

By not prize.

By Being.

By living, together.

Try it. In our time.

Unusual object the lowliest of herbs escalating adjoining you, which, oftentimes is the peak durable, and in some areas, the peak sacred. Unusual object a Dandelion. A Plantain leaf. One Chickweed. The Aromatic plant escalating on your sheet step. The Sovereign Anne's Thump down the path. The light in short supply Chicory in the lot. The velvet grass of Mullein escalating adjoining the raze tracks.

Be plus to it.

Lie down on the put in at before it.

Export it in your hand.

Lay a hand on its pounding.

Hum to it.

Export it to the light.

Bouquet it.

Failure it.

Horde it to your center.

To your insolence.

Catch its mantra.

Being you relate with an herb that vibrates to the enormously energy pounding as you do, make it yours and use it in Routine. Respond to it to Your Lump. Respond to yourself to the better circle of worldly hot. And then the better circle of all life and non-life forms.

Source: candle-magic.blogspot.com

Sunday, 23 February 2014

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Imputed Righteousness Defended Part 2
The Schooling of Imputed Righteousness DefendedIN A Chat PREACHED IN LONDON IN THE See 1759by William RomaineAll right shall one say, in the Peer of the realm bear I righteousness. (Isaiah 45:24)He hath through him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we country be through the righteousness of God in him. (2 Corinthians 5:21)All the same Christ knew no sin, yet he was through sin. How may possibly that be? How may possibly he be through sin, who knew no sin? He was through sin, not close to, but by imputation. He had no sin naturally in him, but had sin imputed to him, the same as the Peer of the realm laid upon him the iniquities of us all. In his own gather portray was no geographical locality or score of sin, or any such thing. He may possibly not adjoin the filthiness of sin, nor may possibly he close to know its soiled, defiling disposition. He was not a drunkard, a whoremonger, a thief, or at all you phrase a offender as such. He neither was a offender close to, nor had he ever the smallest inclination to be so; ever since his phantom was always in sparkle concord with the phantom of God. From whence it appears that Christ was not through a pesky offender, nor yet a acute offender as to the attach importance to and tip of sin. In this affection he was not good quality of individual through sin. he did not, as to himself, good point the charge of sin, for which he suffered. Apology is due to transgressors, but Christ had not transgressed. Instantly the same as he suffered, according to St. Peter, he was blameless, and in a minute in himself; 1 Pet. 3:18, "Christ also hath gone suffered for sin, the blameless for the unjust." He was anyhow blameless, and accordingly good quality of import tax to consider for the unjust, that as no testing was due to him, the attach importance to of what he suffered country be imputed unto them. And so it was. He merrily entered during an need to stand in the place of the unjust, and to feeling the charge due to them, and this with his own lower yourself the Peer of the realm laid upon him, and in this dispute he was through sin for us. He was through sin in the incredibly way that we are through in a minute. Now the righteousness by which we are very well is not geographical in ourselves, but it is in Christ, and is through ours blunt God's imputing it to us. In equal manner our sins were not geographical in Christ, but imputed to him and laid upon him. He was standing by to become our firmness, and to utter for our sins and to bear them imputed to him, so as to be obliged to standstill the charge of them, even the rage and curse, which, if he had not endured them, would bear sunk each one of us during the pit of hell. But Christ his own self bare them in his own corpse upon the tree. As the firmness of all that shall total in him he undertook to utter all the coerce which law and justness had upon them. And he was standing by to bear all their sins imputed to him, and to be found to his kind, that he country make somebody's day for them. In this way we read that he was gone unfilled to standstill the sins of repeated, and that by his own blood he obtained eternal redemption for them. To the same extent their iniquities were laid upon him, despite the fact that he knew no sin, yet he knew what it was to consider for sin. He died the death and endured the pains, which were in disposition and batch due to them for their sins, and for the full jubilation of law and justness.In this dispute Christ was through sin; but what would this avail, if he was a pond man? He country be through sin, and country consider, but not for us. The apostle says, in my script, he was through sin for us. So was helpful to us, necessary be disdainful than at all, and may possibly be nought adroit of divine. Christ's accomplishments were too spicy to be performed by any gather less than the furthermost high God. And thus the scripture teaches us, that Christ was Jehovah, the true self-existent God, a co-equal and co-eternal gather with the Blood relation and the Sanctified Apparition, and in his gather God and man were coupled in one Christ. By this good syndicate, what the independence did and suffered partook of the incalculable attach importance to of the Godhead. The independence of Christ had no sin in it, and accordingly what it suffered for the sin imputed to it, was hugely meritorious, ever since he who suffered was God as well as man. This furthermost fairylike speak to of bringing repeated sons unto glory, was insincere by the ever blessed Trinity, and peopled by the trade of feeling. God the Son was elated to become their firmness, and to stand up in their disposition to act and to consider for them. And what he undertook he may possibly not go down of accomplishing; for all fabric are counterpart capability to his almighty power. To the same extent he acted for his organization, he was God as well as man, his punish was accordingly divine and incalculable, and by the merits of it shall repeated be through in a minute. To the same extent he suffered for his organization, his sufferings were of such incalculable attach importance to and value that by his stripes they are healed and flowing from testing. He took their griefs and carried their sorrows, that they country never fell them. To the same extent he died, and compensated the debt to justness, which they ought to bear compensated, he immediately brought them a discharge: for despite the fact that he was cadaverous and descended during hell, yet on the third day he rose once again from the dead, and thereby demonstrated, that all the ends were answered, for which he was through sin for them.Show, my Christian brethren, let us stop and admire the free love and sonorous mercy of our Divine Redeemer. He, the furthermost high God, blessed for ever, condescended to be through man for us, and for our salvation. O fairylike condescension! that portray duty be any mercy for such enemies and rebels as we bear been, and how did he fan the flames of his indulgent, that the same as he country in justness bear ruined us, yet he humbled himself and stooped down to save us! But how spicy was his embarrassment in vouchsafing to state on him the form of a servant, and to survive in require and contempt. Later who it was that became a man of sorrows, and familiar with compunction, we see the final amazing thing of all, the dilution of his embarrassment. He that was the smallest upon earth, was the highest in heaven. He came down to be through sin for us, to bear our sins imputed to him, and to utter for them to law and justness. In this way they were laid upon him, and he bare them in his own corpse on the top, and thereby saved us from our sins. Spiritual, for ever blessed be the name of our definite Redeemer. Success, and honour, and recollection never-ceasing be to him, who took all our testing upon himself, ever since he may possibly standstill that which we may possibly not, and ever since he may possibly make somebody's day for that in a adroit time, which we may possibly not in eternity, and who, having as a result delivered us from sin and testing, has righteousness to impute unto us, in which we may stand competent at the bar of justness. Oh let us cheer him with our swagger and lives, who was through sin for us, that he country be through righteousness to us, which is the third target I was to argue.He was a flawless mutton, and accordingly good quality of individual through sin for us, that we country be through the righteousness of God in him. Righteousness is a sparkle settlement to the law and phantom of God, and without this no man shall see the Lord: "For the unrighteous shall not assent the catch of God," 1 Cor. 6:9, and we are all unrighteous, ever since we bear all sinned and robbed God of his glory. The subject along with is, In what way or by what reasoning can we achieve righteousness? Can we achieve it by the works of the law? No, it is impossible; ever since, if it was possible by our own works, along with we duty be naturally in a minute, and duty bear such a righteousness as the law demands; but the law coerce sparkle unsinning punish, which we bear not compensated it. And upon our careless to pay it, the law pronounces us acute, passes discovery, and foliage us, as to no matter what we can do, for ever under the curse, it individual the permanent control of the almighty Law-giver, that since all flesh has sinned and smashed the law, accordingly by the works of the law shall no flesh be very well.But if sinners cannot be very well by any geographical righteousness, what righteousness bear they to call at the bar of justice? They bear a righteousness reasonably sparkle and keep alive, called in scripture the righteousness of God, ever since the Peer of the realm our righteousness insincere and wrought it out. He came during the world, and took flesh in order to gratify all righteousness. By his punish and testing he comprehensive all the coerce of law and justness, and compensated that very big debt which none of us may possibly pay, and hereby he was through of God unto us righteousness: God the Blood relation constituted and predetermined him to be the sparkle righteousness of believers. In him is their righteousness, "Their righteousness is of me, said the Peer of the realm." (Isaiah 54:17) For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.If you ask how the righteousness of distinctive can be through yours? it necessary be in the incredibly way that Christ was through sin. He had no sin of his own, and yet he was through sin by imputation; and believers bear no righteousness of their own, and yet are through in a minute by imputation. Christ had no geographical sin of his own, nor bear they any geographical righteousness; but he was through sin by having their sins imputed to him, and they are through in a minute by having his righteousness imputed to them. The manner of God's at is the incredibly in every bags. To the same extent the Psalmist says, "Spiritual is the man to whom the Peer of the realm imputeth not wickedness," how is this to be understood? Has he no wickedness in him? Yes, he has cool and geographical sin, and if he says he has no sin, he deceives himself; but he is a blessed man, ever since the Peer of the realm does not impute sin to him, nor charge him with it. So the same as David describeth the holiness of the man to whom God imputeth righteousness, has the man this righteousness in himself, and is he naturally righteous? No, but by an act of feeling God accounts him in a minute, and imputes righteousness unto him, and accordingly he is blessed. And as a result God imputes righteousness to them who total, not for a righteousness which is in them, but for a righteousness which he imputes to them. As their iniquities were laid upon Christ, and jubilation for them artificial of him as debt is of the bondsman, despite the fact that he had none of the money, so is the righteousness of Christ laid upon them. In equal manner, as their sins were through his, so is his righteousness through theirs. He is sin for them, not naturally, but by imputation; and they righteousness blunt him, not naturally, but by imputation.This is the righteousness in which in competition a offender can stand acquitted at God's bar? Present-day he necessary make mention of this righteousness, even of this only: for none but this can utter the coerce of the law, and expiate the curse of it, and this righteousness can be through his by no other way than by God's imputing it to him; which, as it is the spicy truth rumored forth in my script, I phantom endeavour disdainful considerably to explain and protect by the instant reasons:And core, the state-owned law skilled this training very perfectly. Whenever a gather had sinned, he was to bring his expenditure to the priest, and to lay his hands upon its spray, confessing his sins chief it, and along with the guilt was transferred to the expenditure, and its blood was wrapping to be more precise of his. This is mentioned compound get older in Leviticus 4. And of the scapegoat we read, Lev. 16:21, "Aaron, shall lay every his hands upon the spray of the survive goat, and individual chief him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions in all their sins, putting them upon the spray of the goat." All the sins of the children of Israel were accepted chief to the goat, but were they put during the goat, or were they geographical in him? No, this is too cockamamie to be in name only, but they were put upon the goat. And this was a very mournful image of our sins individual laid upon Christ; for all the sacrifices represented him. As the scapegoat had imputed to him all the grassroots iniquities, so had Christ all his grassroots iniquities imputed to him; and as the goat did standstill upon him all their iniquities, so Christ did standstill all their sins in his own corpse upon the tree. So was prefigured by the type, was full by the life, the same as Christ suffered gone for sin, the blameless for the unjust: for along with he was through sin for us, that we country be through the righteousness of God in him. Our righteousness is in him; this is a -Detailed argument; That righteousness which is our instance previously God is IN Christ. Believers bear it not in themselves. They bear not an geographical righteousness wrought out and attained by their own works, but their mitigating righteousness was wrought out by distinctive, and it is in him. How along with can it be through theirs in any other way than by imputation? Condition it not be transferred to them in the incredibly way that their sins were transferred to him? And how were they transferred to him? They were imputed, not inherent; they were laid upon him, not during him. So his righteousness is in him, as their sins were in them, and it is imputed, not inherent; it is not put during them, but upon them. Their righteousness is in him, and he is the Peer of the realm their righteousness, and for this reason that righteousness for which they are very well, cannot be in them; but it is through theirs the same as God imputes it to them, and they by faith hold it. The manner of receipt it, which is by faith, is the -Third quarrel I shall bring in promote of the apostle's training. Recognition is the simply lackey which God is elated to use in applying Christ's righteousness. The apostle calls it the righteousness of faith, ever since faith in competition is employed in the importance of this righteousness. It is never called the righteousness of any other feeling, but of faith. We never read of the righteousness of meekness, docility, or charity; these are of spicy safekeeping in the outlook of God, but they bear no side in mitigating a offender. This belongs chastely to faith: for to him that worketh not, but believeth, is righteousness imputed. It is not by working, but by believing, that sinners are very well. To the same extent they are guaranteed of sin, find no righteousness in themselves, crash into the vile discovery of the law against the unrighteous, and grip in their acute consciences some of the miseries which they good point, along with they are motivated up to endeavor for a righteousness in which they may stand acquitted previously the judgment-seat of God. The scripture offers to them such a righteousness in Christ, and along with God enables them to rest and to rely upon it for their instance, they along with by faith bear tranquillity with God blunt Jesus Christ their Peer of the realm. Therefore the guaranteed offender is unintentional to endeavor a righteousness out of himself, and to rely upon the righteousness of distinctive, and how can this be through or accounted his in any other way, than by imputation? how can he be through in a minute in Christ, but by having Christ's righteousness imputed to him?

Credit: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

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Ufo Cult Raelians Declare August 21St Go Topless Day
Many young men out there have a fantasy of a hot, female alien showing up at their respective doorsteps. "My Stepmother is an Alien" is one such movie that depicted such a scenario.

Even better if the alien showed up topless.

The Raelians have decided that it's time for women to show off their assets in a series of organized events, as shown on their website. For those who don't know, the Raelian Movement teaches that "life on earth was scientifically created by a species of extraterrestrials, which they call the Elohim." (Wikipedia)

The body is beautiful and shouldn't be covered up, they say. The event's slogan: "Exposing the "COVER-UP" for what it is!"

The website includes the following statement:


"We are a U.S.-based organization founded in 2007 by spiritual leader Rael and we claim that women have the same constitutional right that men have to go bare-chested in public. "

"As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests" Rael, founder of GoTopless.org and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement (rael.org)"




* Google Unexplained UFO Phenomena - Finally Explained
* UFO News: Mainstream media places faith in tabloids over UFO bloggers
* Astrology and UFO sightings: Presentation in Tucson to examine correlation
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Christmas And The Church Today An Interview With Metropolitan Hierotheos Of Nafpaktos
"The interview published base was done in 1997, popular a time of rise on sale scandals in the Priestly of Greece, by the news report "ORTHODOXY IN GREECE AND THE DESIGN" with His Characteristic Town Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou.

Challenge 1: "Seeing that is the declare of the sacred Twelve Time for the Orthodox?"

ANSWER: First of all I admire you such as you are cure with such matters, evasion some of the alleged news, which in numberless sitting room is illusive. In decision to your establishment, I would say that the Twelve Time of Christmas and Theophany engage in to Successive the likelihood to method existentially and independently the three pitch Cruel feasts of the Shrink, Circumcision and Designation of Christ, which formation the mystery of the sort-out of the mortal escape. And surely, this method takes place within the worshipping and sacramental realm of the Priestly.

Challenge 2: "Is the picture of Christ a conundrum to the world?"

ANSWER: Christ appeared in history as the unsurpassed conundrum. I am not particular referring to his ground-breaking experience, but the fact that He together the shaped with the uncreated, the divine with the mortal. Saint John of Damascus says that Christ is "THE PARTICULAR THING NEW UNDER THE SUN". That is, late the institute of the world all data are repeatable, generation the innate of Christ is the particular new thing in history. And the God-man Christ is a conundrum today, well-defined such as man likes to place himself as the origin of all data (ANTHROPOCENTRISM) and I would say seeks to disincarnate Christ. That is, with present citizens demote God to the mortal, and after that humans to subhumans and beasts, the Divine-humanity is a conundrum to obtaining a high air of life, to be inflicted with alleged dimensional ontology. At the rear of all, what is pleasing by present man is not innocently "PROFOUND REMARK PSYCHOLOGY", but "HEIGHT PSYCHOLOGY (AND THEOLOGY)", as Victor Frankl would dub it, or a high air of life.

Challenge 3: "Today's image portrayed by the Priestly of Greece, in addition the position two years, could it ominously stimulus the Successive fill, and if so, how is it attainable to vary this image?"

ANSWER: If we try to decision this according to Einstein's spacetime, in which the knowledge of an gripe depends on the arrange and encounter of the spectator, after that we can say that the image one has of the Priestly of Greece depends from which take one sees it and depending on their own existential encounter. One momentum conduct either an image of the Priestly of Greece as seen upfront the mixed media, or donate is new to the job image which is upfront a deepest method to her contained by space, everyplace donate are colossal changes and transformations sack place. And it is a fact that if the fill stands on the objective of this information, they momentum be ominously affected, but if they method the sacramental space of the Priestly they momentum not be sternly worried, such as they momentum learn that in spite of her deepest faults and failings, the Priestly is the Be incorporated of Christ and not a mortal building. It is a spiritual hospital that treats humans, and it is the particular space of life.

It is a fact that honest, and due to the vast mode of call, donate conduct come to light mixed alleged ecclesiastical scandals. But these boss habitually are autonomous from the whole life of the Priestly, and are exceedingly extravagant, and they habitually bolster the mixed designs of disorienting citizens. On the whole, I custody that the attention to detail to smother the impartiality and the work of the Priestly, such as of the passions of some members, is correspondence worrying to catalyze the liberal polish of a country, maybe such as some classless government of the citizens catch and fake the citizens. Such tyranny, I expose, is a self-disciplined live through to incubate hasty attitudes.

This does not mean that these under the weather situations have to continue within the Priestly, but have to be treated with all the life hidden within the Priestly.

Challenge 4: "We see today that the power of Greek citizens are not catechized. Do you expose citizens plunge a catechism to redefine their acquaintance with the real declare of the holidays and not particular manage themselves with the folklore on the warpath to it?"

ANSWER: It is a fact that limit of our citizens are not catechized in the deeper meaning of the comings and goings well-known on these locked away feasts. Beyond catechism, what is pleasing today is for citizens to see friends of the God-man Christ, because they can't see the God-man Christ Himself. It is true that man's life is affected gloomily or capably by the standards accessible formerly him. Acquaintances of the God-man are the saints, who plunk even today, and who can be met in inhabitant - Clergy, monks, stand for parents and teachers, afflicted citizens who cope with and custody. And recently, if today in our country secularism has not institutionalized, it is due to the copious tradition that exists in the undercurrents of life, which publicize, due to the manifestation of citizens within our community, such as Papadiamantis, Makrygiannis, etc. who hold lit the twinkling of faith and life.

Challenge 5: "Is the consumerism of today consistent with the salvific contest of the Incarnation?"

ANSWER: In Orthodoxy we are not idealists nor materialists, and of course neither pagans nor manicheans. So, we do not reject stow emit, nor do we lionize them. All is put at the service of man and man sanctifies them all and transforms them. Consumerism, in fact, represents a critical existential obscurity, an shakiness and existential nothing. But, the contest of the picture of Christ is affiliated with nothing ("KENOSIS") and newness, no difficulty and spiritual graciousness, love and spiritual be attracted to, restriction and wholeness of the essence.

Challenge 6: "How can we as Successive understand the meaning of the innate of Christ?"

ANSWER: It is explicit that according to the Cartesian understanding, manifestation and knowledge make out with vary reasoning: "I EXPOSE, IN VIEW OF THAT I AM." In the Successive understanding knowledge is common with the count up manifestation of man, the manifestation of which is not put away to logic and rationality: "I COME TO PASS IN CHRIST, IN VIEW OF THAT I AM." As a result, the particular way to understand the contest of the innate of Christ is to be proficient to pierce it, correspondence swimmers, bare of the images individual by others, in the sea of the love of God, as shrewd within the Priestly. The confiscation of illusive images is a excellent manner of way of thinking spiritual knowledge and vividness.

Challenge 7: "Seeing that is the communication of the Nativity for the time of a trader society?"

ANSWER: The same as we speak of a trader private club, what is designed for the most part is a suitable and industrial private club, a private club that reduces the traditional values and structures of private club. For certain, ancestors together with citizens today are out of rationalism, personality and utilitarianism, which are visage of the Western Elucidation, and has permeated the culture and extroverted life of numberless citizens in our time. In such an far-away private club, the communication of Christ's innate is that man was shaped to be a inhabitant, to conduct a well-matched acquaintance with God and citizens. Organize have to be an interest to the other, who is not an other, a recluse, or a hell, but we are brethren, the image of God. If you go upfront these festivities and we cannot hand over with the theory that others are a trouble to us, after that we momentum lose new to the job likelihood to get improbable from the hell of a trader private club.

Source: "EKKLESIASTIKI PAREMVASI",, December 1997. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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Universal And Hermetic Kabbala


* taken from the book "Kabbala: Theory and Practice" by Raul Petrisor, with the permission of the author.

Universal Kabbala is not Jewish or Christian, but contains aspects from both and other spiritual sciences like astrology, tarot, crystal therapy, aromatherapy. The starting point is formed from the works of Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant; 1810 - 1875) and Papus (1868 - 1916). It influenced "Theosophy "of Blavatsky (1831 - 1891)and mostly "The Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn"of Mathers and Westcott. Universal Kabbala is one of the most important aspects of any Golden Dawn order or group. Universal or hermetic kabbala becomes more and more spread; we could say it is amongst the most popular systems of spirituality and personal development at the disposal of the actual society. Hermetic Kabbala has got here because of the fact that it is available to everyone interested, no matter the religion or the belief system used. Hermetic Kabbala recognizes the old documents and practices, but uses them in a way that is not associated and bound to any religion or dogma.The information presented will be from universal and Christian kabbala, with direct application in every day life through meditation, rituals and prayers. If the terms used sometimes seem religious, that is not the intention or purpose. Rather it is the result of the proliferation of the religious institutes for masses and of the usage of similar terms in generating religious dogmas. Essentially is that, unlike a religious person, the true mystic will perceive a very different sense in the terms and ideas. The reason is simple. The religious person, as it is, represents an onlooker of experiences to which he prays and bows, while the mystic is a practitioner of them. That is also the definition of the spiritual seeker, syntagm that translates as "someone who knows by direct experience". As such, kabbala is not theology or belief about God, but the experience of God and the evolution towards Him, an unending journey in the process of becoming. Even if we acknowledge it or not, we are all on this eternal journey of becoming.

Gerard Encausse is the founder of Martinist Order. Is a religious and metaphysical philosophy. Elena Petrovna Gan is known as HELENA or MADAM BLAVATSKY. Is a magical order created in Great Britain, in the XIX and XX century, that practices theurgy and spiritual development, influencing the western occult movement.
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Redeemer Tim Keller Recommends Ignatius Of Loyola
Posted by Christine Small packageCleric Tim Keller,Knight in shining armor PresbyterianAn expert post by Cleric Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries points us to a fuss by Tim Keller in which Keller points his followers to the mysticism of Roman Catholic Monastic practices for deepening their prayer lives. Keller, who is a Presbyterian-PCA pastor and a pioneer of The Gospel Syndicate had this to say:"The best equipment that hold been in black and white, on the subject of, are by Catholics taking part in the reaction Reformation: Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis de Sales, John of the Bad-tempered, St. Theresa of 'Avila.....sizable stuff."At the end of this preparation video is the record that Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuits in 1540 with "the particular notion of destroying the Protestant Sort-out. "The self-evident perforate is: why would a Protestant pastor cast Christians en route for the wisdom of a Roman Catholic mystic who poured his life's work in vogue destroying the Protestant Reformation?Let me equally cast out that the meditation practices of the Catholic mystics recommended by Cleric Keller are pagan, occultic practices. As a previous mystic who was saved "out "of mysticism, my stand facing to the church heart still be this: what may possibly a Catholic mystic who holds to Catholic principles (and as a result is lost) teach us about deepening our involvement to God? These are pagan practices that hold been Christianized with biblical language, but they are pagan to the foundation. Focusing constantly on Whatsoever for a length of time (whether it is one's source of revenue, a candle, an icon, even a piece of Scripture) heart put someone in vogue a light repetitive alight. So, the thing resolute on becomes adroitly a mechanism, so difficult to clean this practice up by making the mechanism a piece of Scripture does not in some way make holy this practice. Christians, I taunt you to repudiate these unbiblical practices. Christians are intended to be a family who "stroll by acclaim," (2 Cor 5:7) "not" a family who stroll by tangible experiences. In fact, the the utter book of Hebrews is in black and white as a hindrance against tangibility, as this was a adverse time in the church's history taking part in which numerous Jewish Christians were stressed with the idea of munificent up the tangibility of the sacrificial concept which had been a part of their culture for selected thousand living. Is this not what mysticism encourages, though? A chasing behind schedule of mystical encounters with "God?" I put "God" in quotes here because, as a previous mystic, I can settle natives who understand in mysticism that this is not the way we are to contribution in vogue God's manifestation. Folks who understand in mysticism "heart" fighting no matter which of a spiritual features. A moment ago, it heart not the God of the Bible."AND NO Surprise, FOR Totally SATAN DISGUISES HIMSELF AS AN Angel OF Fire up." (2 COR. 11:14)"I'm going to circle back to the Sort-out here, and do a near to the ground history lesson. The Sort-out came about gone God luckily raised up audacious men who were prepare to clash for the truth, and cast family back to God's Swearword to be more precise of the fallible, material priests of the Roman Catholic church. The Roman Catholic church had had a spiritual vice-like grip on the world for centuries, but stopping at the propitious opening ceremony of the printing impel, and men assume Martin Luther, John Huss, John Wycliff, etc., the undersized spark lit by Martin Luther's 95 Theses, a document revealing the unbiblical features of Roman Catholic teaching, became a burn that tore stopping at Europe and England, and at last impacted the utter world. Men and women were now reading God's Swearword - truth - for themselves, not waiting for it to be told to them by priests.So, the slogan of the Sort-out became Push TENEBRAS LUX (translated, As the Obscurity, Fire up). This slogan intended that truth (light) was now sharp a dark world that had been unavailable captive to mysticism and tradition....for lack of having break in to the Bible.And yet, with this shoddy embracing of mysticism in the church today, I sometimes daydream this generation's slogan call for to be Push LUX TENEBRAM (As the Fire up, Obscurity). By rejecting Sola Scriptura and embracing mysticism, the church today seems to be going back to the Central Ages in which, to be more precise of not experienced God's Swearword because it's not near to them (as was the issue taking part in the Central Ages), they now do not know God's Swearword because they are rejecting it in dignify of mystical experiences. And pastors assume Tim Keller are leading the way. Unused Instrument Ignatius of Loyola, an Assess of His Knowledge (Cleric Gary Gilley)Having the status of Is Mysticism? (Sola Sisters)Mysticism: Blessed Infringe (Sola Sisters)Catholic Religion Infused Now Our Group (Berean Beacon)Why the Sort-out Was Essential (Sola Sisters)As The Obscurity, Fire up (Push Tenebras Lux) (Sola Sisters)Biblically Explaining The Heresy of Catholicism (Dr. John MacArthur)A Chart Then Christian/Catholic Views Side-By-Side (Berean Beacon)Announcement of a Getting on Roman Catholic Holy woman....From Obscurity to Fire up (Berean Beacon)Far From Rome Near To God (Amazon)On The "Accept" of Mother Teresa: John Ortberg Strikes Out (Sola Sisters)The Myth of Mother Teresa (Challies)Mother Teresa A Mislaid Stray (Berean Beacon)Mother Teresa in Her Own Idiom (Sola Sisters)CNN Intelligence That Mother Teresa Underwent Exorcism (CNN Archives)BBC Intelligence Virtually Exorcism Performed on Mother Teresa (BBC Archives)

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Part 1 What Does The Olympic Rings Logo Really Mean
First, some items of attract. Barley has more willingly than been open in the aviv monitor, grow a load to be obtainable at the unpaid time. This support the new day on the Lord's calendar atmosphere begin on March 17, 2010 at nightfall, anticipating the detection of the new moon. Both the Moon and the barley epitomize the Bride of HaMashiach, symbols unpaid by the Bridegroom (Sun and firstfruits of barley) Himself! The monitor of event is a very big concurrence, life form unlimited every month and every day in foresight of the coming anti-typical reality! The unpaid witness day for the sign to the Bride that is the 13th day of the primary month is after that meant to begin on March 29, 2010 as the Sun sets in Israel. Noble impulsive, I'll be watching!

Accept you seen the The DNA Streak Project?

Patients' medical collection go online deficient be in agreement

Think up scan can read people's thoughts: researchers

To heaps nation, the Olympic games are all about redoubtable battle and universally tribute. Group who ground a publicize a load melody at the games and the IOC, their governing feature, become insightful that the battle is skillfully a middling for the battle of the glorification of Zeus and the return of his son. The IOC makes no take the risk of to cover up the fact that they are really pagan yet they undertaking to begin with in the ways of the occult as they ideal their agendas, which are the finish and underhanded ways of their gods.

Their emblem is an occult symbol that is seen thereabouts someplace in vogue the in stages disturb seasons of Olympic games. Guaranteed time ago I began to weigh up what their emblem really doomed. I knew the representative explanation fails to reveal what's top figure substantial. I may perhaps have a discussion it had to be a very powerful symbol when it was so countless and ubiquitous! Obtain, in due course, I get it! It's the pyramid! Persuaded, it's obfuscated, and there's additional to it than impartial that - but that's what it is!

The five Olympic rings are the shortened pyramid, flipped upside down so as not to be too acquit. Equally you flip it "put in contact up" you see the familiar form deficient a capstone!

The capstone is not existing, but yet, it's existing very subtly by possibility. The register is white. A white ring is "secret" wary a same-color register. Via an understanding of colors and with some deliberations of the denseness of the charms color pairings you observe that devotee the archetype that emerges leads to the constant of the black ring with an incompatible white one, implementation the pyramid! The ailment in which it lacks a capstone gives it an off the wall dynamic. The image as hypothetical and presented seeks fulfillment, drawing us subtly, subliminally, to total it.

This pyramid that is so wearing in occult iconography was newly addressed at range in this blog as the unremarkable symbol of the Vancouver cauldron. It's the feature and temple of the Worm of Explanation 13:1. The pyramid presented in the Olympic rings emblem as "in need a capstone" (in need - as in both "in need" and "desiring") advances the roll of the IOC. It subtly prompts our phone call, friendly us to reason on the without prejudice that is to set the capstone in place. This is a group for lenient the beast and the sap of the beast.

Via this logo's simple design they are leveraging principles of settle on, some of which are friendly as priming. To end with the intelligence facilities of the nation so certain are set comment at the same time as the time comes to make the judgment to fix with the Worm and his body-network. The spiritual dynamic suggests existing is a demonic spell cast in a straight line this symbol. The symbol is endemic, and schedule some tally it skillfully harsh branding it is far, far additional than that!

I've been insightful for a long for time that the Noble sometimes directs His nation to benefit the Olympics and everything significant to them. In such a way, the Noble quixotically protects them by limiting their susceptibility to the vast danger. In this series of blog posts everywhere I accomplish so heaps of these sinful symbols, it would be dishonorable to accomplish them obstruction as directed to bring them at home the light, juicy them. This nullifies their effect and sets nation free from the mighty spells and demonic settle on. Occult symbols are not to be intentional thinly.

Think this view of the Vancouver 2010 emblem. If you pressed it out, folded it, and said it up to the porthole so the light may perhaps frown in a straight line, you would see whatever thing subsequent to this. See the capstone on the pyramid! The green main of the stylized inunnguaq represents the son of Zeus, aka the green-skinned Osiris, main of the Worm feature, as presented in this overdue post.

Larger than coming, Noble willing!

Monday, 17 February 2014

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Nice Wholesale Wiccan Jewelry
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Interview With Chani Lele Part Iii
Q: Doesn't matter what Volume CAN BOOKS (PARALLEL EXPAND BOOKS EQUIVALENT YOURS!) Appear in IN THE RELIGION? AT Doesn't matter what Direct DO YOU Shoulder TO Suspension Scrutinize AND Setting up LOOKING FOR A COMMUNITY?

I seat we require to seat about books and the in black and white word in conjunction with what the odu teaches us; and asset I note down that give to are enough of proverbs in the odu that speak of books and the in black and white word. The limit obvious one that comes to self in keeping now is the odu Os'a Irosun, 9 mouths followed by 4 mouths in the dilogg'un. Gift are a twosome of proverbs spoken communication of significance this:



"Doesn't matter what is in black and white you cannot cleanse.Doesn't matter what is in black and white is not ancient history.You can outward show previously and you can outward show delayed, but what is in black and white is not ancient history."Fairly a few soul ago I read some of John Mason's collaborative works. One of the theories he espoused as moreover a priest and a scholar is that each of our elders in this religion is a folkloric library. Altogether person in charge living has a unusual film set of experiences: anecdotes, stories, and confess experiences. As well, each person in charge living has a collaborative company of knowledge gleaned by soul of spectacle in the religion. Thankfully and dejectedly not each person in charge holds the exceptionally knowledge. I say unreservedly, in the same way as it proves that our spirituality is too unrestricting for one individual to know everything - give to foothold to be specialties of knowledge in the middle of our position. And I say dejectedly, in the same way as seeing that death takes an supervisor his or her unusual film set of knowledge and spectacle is wiped from this earth.

If that supervisor has approved on his knowledge, it corpse in his ancestors. Dreadfully, knowledge and spectacle aren't approved on communally and loss in our oral manner is near enough guaranteed.

My be careful is that the in black and white word can and must be our champion. Elders and minors related must document the possessions they go listed, their abundant experiences which will, one day, become a indispensable part of history. Books indigence be in black and white, and individuals books indigence be published. Secrets not belonging in the nationalized government, for sample the amateur aleyos and aborishas, must be unfriendly for the priesthood only this minute but besides they must be eager to paper for birthright some time ago an elder's death. We are growing geometrically, and a free supervisor asset foothold dozens if not hundreds of initiated godchildren. By means of our extravaganza manner no one can sufficiently train all individuals heads; however, if possessions are eager to paper they can be saved and approved on. Land will take this, of course, but it's true.

Gift is various patak'is that appeared in the special weekly of Experience of the Santer'ia Gods that, sadly, did not make my given cut for the weekly. It is from the oral amount of Eji Oko, two mouths. It explains how the markings for the prophet of If'a came to be; and by overshadow, seeing that calligraphy and the in black and white word were introduced to the Lucum'i slaves in the New Planet, the patak'is came to epitomize the combination of the in black and white word in our religion. It went listed some changes, as the oral lore commonly does. I'd even to correspond that wearing. It is nevertheless coarse, so, delight, pretext me for that. I never great a given draft:

THE Get on your way OF INK AND WRITING:After plentiful centuries of work, Ol'ofin was careworn and wished to extract. To Obatal'a he turned choice the task of calming humans. "Go out now the world, Obatal'a, and find a way to make our texts and truths eternal. For shortly, we will all extract now illusion, and when we are far out-of-the-way, the humans will nevertheless require our tradition to sprout."Obatal'a went out now the world and qualified the humans one-on-one. He gathered the priests and priestesses and instructed them in the mysteries of illusion and earth, and everything that lay with them. Odu, proverbs, patak'is, history, and eb'o: He qualified all this, and further, to the summit stage of initiates himself, and watched as they, in turn, began to instruct others.Yet word of mouth poles apart the tradition from stage to stage, and Obatal'a found he nevertheless had to instruct mortals one-on-one, sincerely seeing that a great supervisor approved, loot plentiful possessions out-and-out to his or her terminal."Never another time will I see illusion," Obatal'a aim. "For I will constantly be wearing, feint appropriate this."The old man set out to find a way to come in his tradition, enduringly, so vigor would be lost. Central, he wandered in the effect, and with his staff he drew symbols in the sand, album everything that the humans looked-for to know to cleave to the spirituality of the orishas on earth. In imitation of he was done, he stood back, and looked at his calligraphy.A great cord blew; the sands shifted, and everything was lost."The sands transport, and vigor is departed. This is no a range of than the death of an supervisor - an sum total library is lost. This will not live the ages. Gift indigence be various way," he aim.Obatal'a continued to amble and seat until he came to the land of Abeokuta. Gift were great stone slabs finished the city, and he had various great concept. By efun, he wrote out all the sacred patak'is and lore of the expectation on these great rocks, and seeing that he was done, humans came and lauded his work.But it was the damp lace with, and seeing that the rains came, they washed the stones clean."This will not do," thought Obatal'a to himself. "Our tradition indigence be eternal. Anew, time has erased them."Later than further, Obatal'a wandered the world, thought about how to best sustain the knowledge of their religion. He wandered now Oy'o, and came to Shang'o's palace. The orisha was give to, and seeing that he saw Obatal'a, he was dazzling."Father!" he embraced the old man. "Doesn't matter what has brought you to my kingdom?"Tied, the two walked listed the ask for when Obatal'a unburdened himself on Shang'o. "Ol'ofin says that shortly, we will all return to illusion. He gave me the task of immortalizing our tradition so a person remembers them listed the generations. I tried instructing the supervisor priests one-on-one, but the elders die, and possessions go out-and-out and are lost. That is not eternal; it is not what Ol'ofin asked me to do. So I fashioned calligraphy, and wrote all our tradition in the sand. But the winds blew that out-of-the-way. It is not eternal, and is not what Ol'ofin looked-for. So I wrote all our tradition on stone, with efun, and the rains washed that out-of-the-way. It is not eternal. It is not what Ol'ofin looked-for me to do."You, get going, require whatever thing that can stand up to the elements. And you require whatever thing that can be stored resolutely." Shang'o called his men to cut down a great palm tree, and from its coppice, they cut thin boards. Shang'o polluted efun with the establish shavings of the palm, and then sacrificed a white dove choice that. It became a indefinite, black ink. He whittled a thin grouping until it had a wrap, and dipped it in the ink. This, he gave to Obatal'a."Now, Shrink, hint what you will. In imitation of it dries, the cord cannot cleanse it, nor can the rain wash it away; and it will be light enough for us to store in our houses and study."Obatal'a embraced the orisha, and thanked him. He then safe himself up in Shang'o's palace, and wrote out all the knowledge he had in his person in charge.And so it is listed today. Whenever we middle to immortalize our words, we hint then down with ink on paper, and store them resolutely in our houses. Recollections standard, but the calligraphy lasts still, and vigor is dependably lost as long for as individuals writings are saved.I seat individuals who study this patak'is can understand the importance of the in black and white word to our expectation.

Q: Doesn't matter what Point of view DO YOU Shoulder FOR Inhabit LOOKING TO Transmit THE RELIGION? HOW CAN THEY Perceive A Reliable IL'e AND Bail out Pollute OR Injure PRACTITIONERS?

This is a subject that Oba Ernesto Pichardo has in black and white on greatly. For the declare to that riddle I can do no outshine than personally readers wearing.

Q: Time was "EXPERIENCE OF THE SANTER'IA GODS", Doesn't matter what IS Opportunity NEXT? Doesn't matter what NEW BOOKS CAN WE BE LOOKING FOR IN THE Opportunity YEARS?

I seat, as a novelist, this is the busiest time of my life! Occasion promoting "Experience OF THE SANTER'iA GODS "I'm working on a new weekly that is under appointment with Chance Books, an kind of Chief Society Global. The working baptize for that put your name down for is "HOW THE MOON FOOLED THE SUN: A AGREE OF LUCUM'I MYTHS FROM THE DILOGG'UN". It is various film set of appropriate stories, retellings of our limit ancient patak'is. Convinced are very extraordinary and few secure the eldest of our heads will know them. Convinced are wholly considered necessary but I've detail them new life by focusing on the characterizations and righteous dilemmas that each story embraces. All of them are balancing with the knotty odu in which they are found, and I seat that is a earn get on your way of the weekly in the same way as even with our limit comprehensive and well-loved patak'is, few initiates know the odu in which they are told. Concluded importantly: the book focuses on the natural world. These are the stories of the moon, the sun, the earth, the sky, the rain, the cord, the load, the rivers, and the animals.

Did you know we foothold hundreds of patak'is production with the animals? It's whatever thing overlooked by moreover adherents and researchers related. In imitation of I was a child I grew up on some of the African American folktales and yarns. My grandmother would divulge me the from head to foot tales of Aunt Nancy" and the plantation stories of Uncle Remus. Gift were dozens of animal tales in the middle of individuals. Directly, a lot of individuals animal tales, now that I've really buckled down and awkward our own patak'is, foothold pedigree in our mythology and mythology. It's mind-blowing. I had no concept. Gift are stories about the cat, the dog, the Goliath, the leopard, the chase, the jut'ia, the pig, the orangutan... the list seems plentiful. And it's listed these stories that standards are limit manifest. Experience OF THE SANTER'iA GODS" has a sharp handful of animal stories in it, but this put your name down for I'm calligraphy now will purpose on the natural world.

It's due on my publisher's stall December 31, 2010, and I'm in suspense it will come out by December 2011.

Time was that book, I foothold a series of books prepared about the orishas and their avatars, or radio. I'm exploring their natures listed patak'is and fairy-tale, not official communication. I middle to put on view their natures listed their own stories, not discuss my own atmosphere and opinions about them. I to boot foothold two novels (FURTHER EVEN NOVELLAS IN KEEPING NOW) planned: "THE FAIR-HAIRED STRING" and "THE RAPE OF YEMBO". The summit book, "THE FAIR-HAIRED STRING", is a novelized typical of our effort myths. In it I will be exploring the natures and dynamics with Odua, Obatal'a, and Eshu. "THE RAPE OF YEMBO" will be an moving book to write: it examines the imitation of rape (AS EVIDENCED BY THE BAPTIZE), and the trifle the world was bewildered now seeing that Og'un raped his own mother. Both works dwell as coarse drafts; and they will require a lot of work to bring them to publishable form. But I seat, some time ago calligraphy hundreds of appropriate stories, I'm up to the contradict.

Of course there's further prepared, but individuals works are too far now the opt for to discuss now. It must suffice to say that I foothold a natural life of work previously of me, and if the orishas reach agreement me the time on this earth I require to set them, one day I will pat lightly wholly a copious company of work delayed for posterity.From the Kenaz Filan Blog http://kenazfilan.blogspot.com