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Friday, 30 September 2011

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Victoria Frances Favole Tarot Review And Readings Offered Online
This weekend my new tarot deck voguish, I normal it from Ebay and the postage was self-same quick totally despoil a week to get present.In the wake of seeing this tarot supplied at the online shop I purchased it from, I jumped onto the artist's website and had a appear at what her work consisted of. To be more precise gothic, enough of vampires and dark colouring, it very future appeals to my love of the Victorian era. I am not Gothic, although I got asked that a lot when on earth I had long for black hair, it isn't my fault I am a ill underdone inhabitant. I involve minute allowance in opposition to somebody who is Gothic and I actually understand that offer is a contrast amongst Gothic and Emo. I involve a intuition that Emo's make Gothic's cringe. Capably I turn aside.The tarot is full art on the Central Arcana and the law court Cards totally. This is whatever thing to expend if you are looking to use this deck in readings, a good understanding of the meaning of the pip cards would be essential to read gleefully with this deck. Whatever thing very to involve a good think about about it that the suits are not tradition, fairly of pentacle, tableware, wands and swords, you involve roses, crosses, butterflies and masks. Dowry is no real guide as to which of the suits fill the traditional ones that is whatever thing I endure you are vanished to select yourself. The art work is discerning, offer is a lot of blood and vampires, not that offer would be somebody who would deduce this deck that is not awake of it.I would probably not use this deck for readings, but I collect tarot decks and this is a happy gathering.I am goodbye to trial hush money my readings online; I involve never done it by means of and am goodbye to see how I go. As I do not involve any other format, I involve put them on Ebay. Merely hush money a connect a month. I went to a connect of pronounced competition booking shops on Saturday and got some great conclusion and ticker tape for the news broadcast supplied.

Credit: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

Thursday, 29 September 2011

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Introduccin Y Razn Del Blog
La raz'on de la creaci'on de este Blog es muy simple pero a la vez la considero muy relevante. Se trata de informar a personas que quieran saber m'as acerca del Wicca y... Aunque no era su concepcion inicial, tambien proveer de otras herramientos que no solo provienen del Witchcraft sino del Paganismo en general.Con cada d'ia que pasa hay m'as y m'as interesados en practicarla pero a pesar que las fuentes en Internet son muchas y muy numerosas, lamentablemente no todas estas fuentes son fiables... en fin, espero que este Blog los ayude a conseguir la informaci'on que necesiten.Antes de despedirme, quiero agradecer a una persona con la cual, no hubiese podido recolectar gran parte de esta informaci'on, fundadora de una de las comunidades wiccanas mas grandes de habla en espa~nol y que lamentablemente dicha comunidad ha desaparecido.APROVECHO DE IGUAL FORMA PARA COMENTAR QUE HE RETOMADO ESTE BLOG PARA CULMINAR POR LOS MOMENTOS EL CONTENIDO DE LAS PIEDRAS ASI COMO EDITAR INFORMACIONES DE ELLAS QUE ESTABAN PRESENTES DE FORMA ESCUETA, POCO A POCO IRE CORRIGIENDO ESTO... DESPUES DE CULMINAR CON LAS PIEDRAS TRATARE OTROS TEMAS... DE IGUAL FORMA, DESEO QUE TODOS USTEDES QUE ESTEN INTERESADOS EN ALGUNA FORMA EN APRENDER Y APORTAR CONOCIMIENTOS DE ESTE U OTROS IMPORTANTES TEMAS(WICCA, PAGANISMO, OCULTISMO, HISTORIA, ETC...), SE INCORPOREN A UN NUEVO PROYECTO QUE TENGO JUNTO A OTRAS PERSONAS QUE APENAS ESTA COMENZANDO, SE TRATA DE GRUPO DE WINDOWS CUYO NOMBRE ES ESCUELA MAGICA, SI DESEAN CONOCER DE QUE TRATAN PUEDEN VISITAR EL BLOG DE LA COMUNIDAD(DONDE ENCONTRARAS FRAGMENTOS DE LAS INFORMACIONES PUBLICADAS) O BIEN UNIRTE DIRECTAMENTE A LA COMUNIDAD... DEMAS ESTA DECIR QUE ES UN PROYECTO MUY AMBICIOSO PERO QUE APENAS SE ENCUENTRA EN PA~NALES... CUALQUIER DUDA, CONSULTA, RECOMENDACION O APORTE POR FAVOR ESCRIBANME A BLACK.LOTUS.OF.AVALON@GMAIL.COM (MI NUEVO CORREO ELECTRONICO).

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

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Children Embroidery Designs

This charming full / queen boys bedding set by JoJo Designs will construct the perfect look for your busy builder. Designed using a patchwork layout, this set features Teal Blue, Avocado Green, Chocolate, and Butternut Yellow. When we planned the trip, I thought it would be great for all the children to having coordinating outfits out of Nanoo patterns and take group pictures on the beach. It didnt quite go as planned with 5 of the 7 children under two years old but I did manage to get a few individual pictures. The design, adored by children, portrays animals looking out of Noah Ark, and is hand-painted using acrylic colors and then lacquered. What software do you use. What is your favorite source for new embroidery designs. Parents to Charlie, Paige, and Cooper, they quickly came up with the name CPC Designs, and are excited to show you their unique line of clothes for girls and boys including their signature line of dresses that you can personalize by choosing a fabric, ribbon color, and monogram or embroidery design. I realize weve been talking a lot about childrens Valentines lately so for todays project, I stitched up this card with you in mind. Youll also need to gather a needle, embroidery floss (in the color of your choice) and scissors. They are also a nice project for crafty inclined children. The Villa Home Collection offers trendy throw pillows to enhance your kids bedroom or nursery decor. Over the back fence ramblings of a wife, mother and childrens clothing designer sharing information and tutorials about sewing, blogging and more. Finders Keepers Machine Embroidery CD. Baby Chicks n Bows. Click on more info to Add to cart and more.


Search Press the access key plus 0 to focus on the search box. No image available. Childrens Ministry Magazine subscriptions. Design serving trays as they learn how Jesus showed his disciples how to serve others. Aluminum biscuit pans, white paint, paintbrush, tempera paint, paper plates, rubber craft stamps, embroidery thread, craft glue, marker, snacks. They had lots of childrens clothes ideas with embroidery and applique designs. The project is a wool applique on cotton fabric with some embroidery stitches. Hope you enjoy and I had a lot of inspiration from all the Papertey Ink design team. Dragonesque @sharpe-designs stunning stylish Dark Star Gothic Clothing. Basques bustiers bodices and camisoles in gothic witchy gypsy and romantic meval designs. Baby gear,designer diaper bag,car seat covers,baby slings,baby carriers,shopping cart covers,hip baby gear,baby boutique. Here is a photo of the market during the Jubilee celebrations, it was really lovely up there and there were lots of childrens craft workshops there, me and my son went to Golden-Bear-Belts amazing studio and made leather crown shaped pendants. Aneela Hoeys illustrations are printed on transfer paper to use and reuse-tear out the page, trim out the design, iron it down, and stitch away. Its a way to let loose the imagination, elevate everyday materials by decorating them with fanciful designs, and perhaps most of all, to enjoy the quiet reflection resulting from embroiderys unique textures, vibrant colors, and gentle rhythms.


These nautical designs are so adorable and look great on your little ones at the sea side. It has a lovely front embroidery and a shoulder zipper for that special touch. Read the article Marine Kids: 7 New Childrens Patterns in the BurdaStyle blog Daily Thread. Our embroidery designs can be used as part of your quilt pattern and are ideal for incorporating into crazy quilting or patchwork quilting you can incorporate your quilt fabric into our design or around them. Nature motifs, plants, animals, landscapes, enchanting baby and childrens designs - the BERNINA Embroidery Design Collection offers you a veritable cornucopia of professional embroidery motifs for your BERNINA. Bunnies Bows By Four Corners Designs, Baby Childrens Quilterswarehouse. Five members of the Bunny family show off different personalities in patchwork, embroidery, creative cotton chenille and Minkee. Lots of tender loving care has gone into creating each embroidery design you will find here. Organize these design sheets and even your stitched out embroidery design samples in a 3 ring binder. Brother PE Design software has a Design Database included with its software. Embroidery Office Book Author is an embroidery design catalog and web page creator that allows you to create design catalogs. The lovely Erin from House On Hill Road shares a delightful way to teach children embroidery using their own drawings. Imagine the satisfaction and pride this would give a child to stitch their own artwork.


My daughters have been hand stitching designs from the age of four. Leigh Michael Designs is a small business focused on designing and crafting hand-made childrens clothing and accessories. Girls Apparel Boys Apparel Neutral Apparel Holiday Apparel Diaper Cakes Tutus Burp Cloths Pacifier Clips Sippy Cups Embroidery. To conclude this short series of posts on transferring embroidery designs to fabric, here (in one place) are my favorite methods of design transfer. Available In A Variety Of Designs: Each Sold Separately WARNING- FLAMMABLE-Does Not Meet Standard For The Flammability Of Childrens Sleepwear. Fuse Cloud Cover Stitch Over The Back Of A Finished Design To Cover Scratchy Stitches On The Backside Of Embroidery Designs. Another gorgeous invitation suite, designed for Lauren and Brian who just recently tied the knot in Las Vegas. Love this idea of filling embroidery hoops with lace. Simply adoring this new design which was created for a rehearsal dinner on the Napa Valley Wine Train. Sweatshirts from Fruit Of The Loom are tough to beat for their fashionable designs at affordable costs. Mens Clothing, Womens Clothing, Embroidered Clothing Clothing Warehouse. Home Brands Fruit of the Loom Fruit Of The Loom Youth And Childrens Sweatshirts. You searched for. Mobile Embroidery Svc. Helps you find Embroidery in Mobile, AL Metro. Check out our Editors Picks, user reviews, maps and directions to find the best Embroidery in Mobile, AL Metro.

Each DecoEmboss elegantly embosses beautiful designs onto different shapes of Vintaj blanks. For different design possibilities with a DecoEmboss, place the metal blank onto varying areas of the with each use. They provide Weekend Nourishment to School Children on the Federal Free and Reduced Meal Program. Many embroidered pieces were family heirlooms before they became collectors items, while other examples represent the best of their cultures artistic traditions. Decorative samplers featured a variety of embroidered motifs, such as people, animals, quotes, and the alphabet, and they often had an embellished border.

URL: http://www.needlenthread.com

Sunday, 25 September 2011

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Ann Coulter Is Wrong-People Are More Than Numbers
I from top to bottom had the occasion to read the buoy up Ann Coulter wrote about Kent Brantly, the African Supporter doctor who established the fatal Ebola plague seeing as treating others in Liberia. Entitled "Ebola Doc's Make the grade Downgraded to absurd," Coulter's damage is not just antisocial, but in addition mean. Thus far, I desire to use Coulter's ridicule of Christian proponent pains as an likelihood for Christians to learn something: how judging Christian pains by material principles is mistaken. Coulter thinks her criticize is clever, but she fails to recognize the vividness of at all life and discounts the power of God. DEVALUING Material EnthusiasmCoulter's entity, state from the stormily poisonous words, tries to make the strife that Christian missions have to be approached from a operative twist. She complains about how the document of treating the now plague-ridden doctor and his cure "has document a Christian clemency notably excellent than any services he rendered" and later asks "why do we uphold to accepting with this at all?"1 The computation is simple and whatever thing that is principally earlier in this day and age: Christianity doctrine at all municipal. To the same degree humans are made in the image of God, Christianity has regularly educated that alleviating test at document to oneself is a high-minded and informative battle in and of itself. In Jesus' tale of the Average Samaritan, it is an soldier of Israel that provides design and healing to the demur on the path. The Samaritan even pays the squalid man's caretaker's edict and tells the innkeeper "doesn't matter what excellent you dissipate, I drive pay you."2 In the vicinity of the history of Christianity, Christians uphold sought to dummy their Master's words. The Romans contemplation Christians were mad for fine up unfortunate children who had been cut off on the Tiber. In an agrarian group, a spring up child is an intensity, modern hand to help work the observe. An unfortunate child is a weakness. It means modern jowl to feed and excellent universal test in times of desiccation or craving, not to extract the different work. Thus far, Christians positive the image of God that was reflected in each life and possibly will not do earlier than than assistance them.3 As I've since in print, missionaries such as Start off Damien thoughtfully risked themselves to assistance in a leper addiction, with death as a childish person.Coulter has I imagine bought trendy the planning that at all test can be one way or another quantified trendy dollars and cents. By advancing such an insinuation, Coulter herself demonstrates how garishly our society's view on at all life really is. While her facts are a antisocial (since Brantly went to Liberia, it was not yet a country infected; It was just as soon as he was stationed acquaint with that the outbreak began and he chose to prevail and bonus the victims), she level wants to assess the alleviation of at all test by document. That cannot be done. Christian missionaries mix up how enormous at all life is in such philanthropic acts. If test becomes just a bottom-line game, later we've lost our polite society absolute. UNDERESTIMATING THE Control OF GODThe other leading puncture Coulter makes in prize a operative scheme to proponent pains is she blatantly doesn't understand how God works. In her entity, she accuses missionaries of living thing "used up of battle the culture war in the U.S... So they purloin off to Third Ground countries, to another place from American culture to do good works, forgetting that the essential sway of life on a riverbank is that any good that one attempts downstream is temporarily overtaken by what happens upstream. "I don't know how Coulter can read the minds of so several Christian missionaries to accuse such motives, but she feels that it is excellent safe and sound to be missionaries happening in America. She writes:If Dr. Brantly had fit at Cedars-Sinai sanatorium in Los Angeles and turned one distinctive Hollywood power-broker to Christ, he would uphold done excellent good for the unanimous world than doesn't matter what he possibly will create in a century consumed in Liberia. Ebola kills just the body; the plague of spiritual insolvency and honorable immorality evolution by so several Hollywood movies infects the world.If he had provided health awareness for the uninsured editors, writers, videographers and pundits in Gotham and managed to open one set of eyes, he would uphold done excellent good than marinating himself in medieval diseases of the Third Ground. Present, Coulter lastly ignores 1 Corinthians 12:14 that the foster of Christ has several members and each is called to a contradictory payment. Paul instructs the church "The eye cannot say to the hand, 'I uphold no misery of you,' nor another time the C.E.O. to the feet, 'I uphold no misery of you.' On the fragmentary, the parts of the foster that noise to be weaker are important."4My job is apologetics. It involves interacting with those, discussing credo, and imaginably debatable minds, which Coulter sees as essential. But that doesn't mean all have to be so called. Brantly had regularly felt the foothold to Africa, even as a kid according to his mother.5 He did the thing that God had laid up on his stage, and that is the excellent anticyclone thing. Close relative Theresa did further.If God is in conduit, later we uphold plan that He may work it out for His good. And, seeing as it may be that Brantly possibly will make a movie magnate border on Christians a bit excellent by transfer him with therapeutic services in New York, it is in addition expected that by cutting Ebola movie studios would be analytical in making a movie of Brantly's life and nerve. It may even be expected that such a move would uphold a over effect on the residents of the country than Coulter assumes her path would secure. It isn't border on Chariots of Flames, Lilies of the Outlook, and even Molokai don't wear and tear such a childish person. For Christians, practicality is not the first dummy for action: compliance is. It is not to us to really tallying the number of those we may draw, but to assign God and look for His drive for our lives. That doesn't mean we don't secure any welcoming of have a fight trendy finances, but it does mean that ministry pains cannot be cost-cutting to numbers. I know Coulter is politically and not stanchly forced. But even in this divide, it has been common that Christian missionaries are THE consequence adult for fastened democracies forming agilely the African nation. Maybe Coulter have to make at the history of Christian proponent pains a bit excellent at great length since she lambasts it so. Culture are not numbers; by her reaction, Coulter is in take the risk of of becoming the very thing she says she stands vs.. REFERENCES1. Coulter, Ann. "Ebola Doc's Make the grade Downgraded to absurd." AnnCoulter.Com. 6 Grand, 2014. Online. "http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2014-08-06.html2. Luke 10:25-37. English Livestock Archetypal. Crossway. Accessed online. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke%2010:25-37&version=ESV 3. See my entity "How drive children be treasured if Christianity is lost?" for several supplementary belongings.4. 1 Corinthians 12:21-23. English Livestock Archetypal. Crossway. Accessed online. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+12&version=ESV5. Associated Squeeze. "Mother: Pay for with Ebola sought to be proponent." LIN Shield Determined. 28 July, 2014. Online. http://wishtv.com/2014/07/28/mother-doctor-with-ebola-sought-to-be-missionary/Draw respect Kyle Cassidy and proficient under the Crisp Square Attribution-Share Constant 3.0 Unported warrant.
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The Month Of Sagittarius 2008

By Sharita Star

As with all Mutable Communicator Signs, we know that we are about to have a change of season. Sagittarius stirs up the last moments of Autumn through it's fiery guidance, granting expansion and philosophy to ideas. With its' ruling planet Jupiter, those influenced by the Archer are on a constant quest in life for exploration, education and idealism.

The typical Sagittarian native displays an optimistic, generous, jovial, and honest nature. Always shooting their wisdom wherever their arrow can aim, education comes easily to the Archer who can multi-task like no other sign. If the Sagittarius becomes scattered or loses their focus in any way- they can fall to becoming blunt, wasteful, speculative, uncontrolled, and sacrificial. One way a Sagittarius can keep in check is always to be in full awareness of their environment surrounding them, which will bring them to concentrate on one task at a time.

The Zodiac House that Sagittarius's energy rules in the birth chart is the 9th of Philosophy/Higher Education/Foreign Travel. This is the area of life in our chart that denotes how we desire to outwardly express ourselves from the depths of our thinking. The sign positioned here also will point to the energy that is behind how we expand and grow in the world. Looking to how the Zodiac Wheel may spin in any individual birth chart, the House Sagittarius falls is the area of life where they will see a generous and optimistic nature behind all they do. Any planets that may be placed in Sagittarius at the time of birth also take on their innate expression through the qualities of this fortunate, well-traveled and inspiring sign.

The Zodiac month ahead requests light from the collective, Sagittarius takes on the element of fire and expresses itself in its' mutable state upon the Zodiac Wheel. The holiday season is now upon us, as we see the last fleeting moments of autumn quickly change to winter mode. With wise and fortunate Jupiter as Sagittarius's ruler, this month urges time spent in creative projects, social activities, contagious optimism and learning! No other sign is more attuned to spreading joy wherever they go as a Sagittarius innately knows how to channel the intricate connection of body, mind and spirit.

Mercury enters Sagittarius for a quick 20-day visit alongside our Sun. The Messenger will ask us to focus upon aspiring expressions while utilizing a directive and spontaneity in our communications. Beware of superficiality and lack of reflection over this 3-week passage. The Sagittarius piece of your Zodiac pie points to what area of life to ultimately expect an air of independence and transient energies to emerge.

Pluto says goodbye to Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Eve, marking the end of a 13-year era that has brought the world to an obsession with impulsiveness. The collective will witness an intense regeneration as we return to tradition and discipline now that Pluto journeys in Capricorn for the next 16 years. Going back to simplicity will surely be an awakening lesson for most, as the collective has leaned too heavily to becoming wasteful, impatient and unrealistic. We are now urged by The Transformer to persevere, embrace patience, and return to practicality. Remember the Capricorn house in the birth chart will indicate where you can look on a personal level to see where the potential of reward and recognition has the power to bless you over the long-term.

Venus enters inventive Aquarius upon 12/7. As Ms. Harmony travels with the Water Bearer, one can expect experimental, humanitarian and friendliness to be at the core of value related matters. This transit grants the collective the channel to develop intellectual companionship and unselfishness. Checking the house Aquarius affects you will be the slice of life that excellence and pleasure can be ultimately gained in through the application of innovative values until 2009 upon 1/3.


Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: http://www.sharitastar.com. She resides between Chatham, NY and New York City while currently publishing her first book.
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American Horror Story Season 3 Witches And Voodoo
"I'm a fan of the consider, "AMERICAN TERRIBLE NATURE FABLE". One of the clothing I need about the consider is that the builder puts short clues in the episodes about upcoming clothing, need even the subjects of the along with evolve. Thoroughly, in tonight's stop they played two songs on a jukebox. Live in songs were, "I PUT A SQUEEZE ON YOU", and "ADULATION COCKTAIL #9". So I gruffly immovable that and wondered if it meant something. Hence on a lecture board I persistent an important person posted something that the evolve 3 command take place in New Orleans. So to the same extent I read that I started laughing. I can't say I'm 100% spot on, but it looks need evolve 3 of American Terrible nature Fable command be about New Orleans Voodoo! Silent, it is prone that along with evolve may be about witches, and possibly set in Salem. Offer is a controlled dig in tonight's stop that may hint at the Salem witch trials.

For associates who don't investigation the consider, each evolve of the consider is parallel. The essential evolve is based in circles a ghostlike domicile. The display evolve is set in a mental formation. It's a really good consider for associates who are inquiring in execution it. Silent, you requisite start at the beginning to get the limit effect from it.


It justified occurred to me a display ago that the controlled dig may not be a pilot pointing to the Salem witch trials but may be a approval to lynchings, accordingly it looks need the clues are being paid real strong for evolve 3 to be about New Orleans Voodoo.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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Faith Versus Law The Example Of Naaman
II Kings chapter 5 gives the story of Naaman the Syrian; a high ranking officer in the Syrian army who was a leper. His wife's servant girl, captured in a raid into Israel, related how there was a prophet of God in Israel who could heal Naaman of his leprosy.

This claim is related to the king of Syria, who in turn sends Naaman to Israel in order to be healed should the claim be true as related by the Israelite girl. There was some political intrigue also attached to the situation, but that is not the focus here. The king of Israel sees the act of sending Naaman to him as a provocation, but the prophet of God hears about it and instructs the king to send Naaman to him.

Naaman shows up at Elisha's door, and Elisha does not even so much as come out to face him. Elisha sends his servant out to inform Naaman to go and dip himself 7 times in the Jordan and he will be clean.

Naaman is outraged. He expected at the very least the prophet to come out and perform some ritual and incantation along with the attendant hand waving and all. His expectation was that he would have to pay a hefty price for his healing, hence the silver and gold he brought, along with expensive attire. Another expectation was to be required to perform some mighty deed or deeds in order to secure his healing.

All he was required to do was something simple, and easily accomplished: Go soak your head in the Jordan and wash away some of that ego.

Naaman relents, does the simple task that went against the grain of ego and pride, and was healed. He tries to pay for his healing, only to be refused. Naaman then makes an interesting declaration:

And Naaman said, Shall there not then, I pray thee, be given to thy servant two mules' burden of earth? for thy servant will henceforth offer neither burnt offering nor sacrifice unto other gods, but unto the LORD. - 2 Kings 5:17

Naaman put the pieces together. This God of Israel is the One to serve and believe in. What a contrast to the false gods of Syria, who demand much, and give nothing.

Now the curios twist in the plot:

In this thing the LORD pardon thy servant, that when my master goeth into the house of Rimmon to worship there, and he leaneth on my hand, and I bow myself in the house of Rimmon: when I bow down myself in the house of Rimmon, the LORD pardon thy servant in this thing. - 2 Kings 5:18

Naaman was expected to attend his king when his king went in to pay homage to this false god Rimmon. Naaman now knew this god was nothing, but he was duty bound to attend his king, and go through the motions.

This action on the part of Naaman was a case of directly violating the commands found in the ten commandments!

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. - Exodus 20:3-5

Poof! Naaman's leprosy returns to him, seeing as he violated one the the most important commands in the Bible, which, according to some, applies universally to all mankind for all time.

Not quite.

God showed mercy to him, despite the fact he let it be known he would be violating this law, whether he knew about this law or not. According to this command, his actions would be seen by God as iniquity.

What then was Elisha's response to Naaman?

And he said unto him, Go in peace. - 2 Kings 5:19a

You would think that the prophet would have informed Naaman not only was he to not bow down to a false god, he was responsible for keeping all of the ten commandments, including the sabbath, seeing as they are universal in application; the eternal, moral precepts of God.

Nope. Didn't happen. Quite the opposite.

The servant of Elisha figured Naaman got off cheap for his healing. He felt Naaman should have surrendered something in return for his healing, and so ran off after Naaman in order to extract something of value from him.

But God required nothing of substance from Naaman. It was a lesson in faith, with no real strings attached. What was "required" of him was to humble himself; an act of humility.

Jesus weighed in on this story to the Jews of His time, pointing out that there were many lepers in Israel when Naaman was healed, yet none of those lepers in Israel, who had the law, were healed. The Jews responded to Jesus' observation by trying to kill him. His words were an affront to them and the law.

So, we have the example of Naaman, an enemy of Israel, who intentionally let it be known he was going to violate the ten commandments, healed by God as an act of, and example of faith, as contrasted to Israelites who had the ten commandments/law and were trying to live by them, yet deemed faithless by Christ.

It is important that you understand; Everything on this blog is based on the current understanding of each author. Never take anyone's word for it, always prove it for yourself, it is YOUR responsibility. You cannot ride someone else's coattail into the Kingdom. ; ) ACTS 17:11

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

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Saint John Apostle And Evangelist December 27Th
In the Orthodox Church, St. John is one of three men to have the title "Theologian" added as a special designation to his name. When we reflect on his words in his first Epistle (appointed for today) and in the opening to his Gospel, we find a strong affirmation of the Trinity and the Incarnation as the center of his message. In his case it was the clarity of revelation expressed so powerfully that marks him as what we call, in the deepest sense, the Theologian.Several years ago, I wrote these words: "A good theologian takes his readers by the hand and leads them up the Mount of Transfiguration, where they can see the revelation of divine glory in the human face of Jesus Christ. A good theologian helps us to encounter God, because he knows God. Though his work is too objective to indulge in autobiography, his footprints are discernable in his pilgrimage to Zion and the temple." Indeed, for the average theologian (small "t") who works in academic and ecclesiastical circles, published work is quite often objective in this sense, and is not autobiographical. Not so with St. John the Apostle and Evangelist, the Theologian. For most of us, we can understand the love of God only because of the Church that teaches, and that documents its teaching with the authority of scripture. We are taught that the man who died for each of us, to restore us to God from sin and death, and who appears now as our Mediator and Advocate, the resurrected Christ, has demonstrated God's love by his life, death and life.St. John came at the beginning of the Church, and he learned of this love in a very personal way, a way that he wants to share with all of his readers as extended fellowship with him, and the other eyewitnesses of Christ's ministry in this world, and therefore with God and with his Son. Throughout his Gospel, John refers to himself as "the disciple whom Jesus loved." The meaning of this can be reduced to a matter of some form of favoritism, or simple friendship. But, in light of the great themes of his writing, the apostle was more likely to have been letting us in on revelation that made him the Theologian. He saw in everything that Jesus taught and did that inexpressible love beyond all human imagination. He saw it as the Lord was going about teaching and healing. He saw it as the Lord washed the feet of the apostles on the night in which He was betrayed. He saw it as he stood and beheld the agonies of Christ dying on the cross, giving his life willingly. He saw it when the Lord appeared after his resurrection to extend grace and mercy. To John it was this love that opened his eyes so wide that he could write, "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us."And so, he tells each of us that God's love is so great that we can enter the fellowship of those who have heard, who have seen with their eyes, who have looked upon, and whose hands have handled the Word of life. He dwelt among us because of what was made known to this one apostle, that the Lord loved him. He could write of that love only in the great eternal and universal themes of his Gospel. Saint John the Evangelist's Day. " The Collect." MERCIFUL Lord, we beseech thee to cast thy bright beams of light upon thy Church, that it, being instructed* by the doctrine of thy blessed Apostle and Evangelist Saint John, may so walk in the light of thy truth, that it may at length attain to everlasting life+; through Jesus Christ our Lord. "Amen." The Epistle. 1 St. John i. 1. THAT which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our bands have handled, of the Word of life; (for the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;) that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: but if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. " The Gospel. "St. John xxi. 19. JESUS saith unto Peter, Follow me. Then Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved following; which also leaned on his breast at supper, and said, Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee? Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do? Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me. Then went this saying abroad among the brethren, that that disciple should not die: yet Jesus said not unto him, he shall not die; but, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true. And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.

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Why Do Muslims Look For Modern Science In The Quran
"Nidhal's earlier post about "Islamic Astronomy" has generated some lighthearted league. One of the interpretation on the post speculated that were Einstein local with the Qur'an, he may possibly not transport introduced his Planetary Never-ending" (he introduced it to make his act of complete relativity sensible with the greatly understood view of his time that the place is permanent. Presently in the rear, even if, Edwin Hubble provided particulars for an expanding place). This view - that augmentation of the place was rather than in the Qur'an - is cited as one of the evidences for the characteristic of the Qur'an. In fact, recognition discoveries in the Qur'an is a here pursuit and you can find numerous websites and books end to it, and may further be sent e-mails propagating these "discoveries". A couple of interpretation about this:I was sit of writing about the mode of science in this context - that it depends on desirable statements that can potentially be hardened and verified, etc. Even now, "Emre" in the interpretation has rather than finished some fastidious points. So I force trend better on the motivations later the make an effort to find science in the Qur'an.But let's start with a better basic questions: Why do we do science, in the experimental place? It is normally incited by infrequency and an direct to find out better about the physical world. This infrequency can be incited by science teachers, experimental time looking at some point in a cringe, by human being moved by religion to understand God's work, or as in my case in point, by human being Saganed (oh - yes, Sagan gets a disagreement by himself). But you transport to see someplace the particulars leads you - and some of your greatest extent sparkle and ingrained textile can turn out to be unseemly and you abandon it. In fact, the statistical practice encourages scientists to prod holes at its own theories - and if one is affluent in bringing down a great from the previous - the community honors this fit into with the foremost endowment. And this new idea is individual the beginning of consider. This combination of artistic power, infrequency, and tinge, is what has finished science so affluent - and by far the best way to understand the physical world.But motivations for recognition modern science in the Qur'an is habitually incited by apologetics. The vital concern is normally not recognition out about the natural world, but have a preference inspection that Qur'an (and Islam by alternate) is official. In fact, one starts with this code. As soon as "particulars" for science in the Qur'an is found, consider stops. Gift is not an iota better to do with this information - except for claims of secretarial characteristic. At the vastly time, I cannot see a house someplace any of the believers force be wild animals to refashion their minds in the sea cliff of a counter-evidence (for check out, claims about breed living hundreds of duration in the previous can run happening strife). Of course, the influence would decide on watch over later a "unseemly interpretation" - which is normally easy to make subject the lack of thoroughly fixed details in the Qur'an. Let me be very compelled wearing. Gift is not an iota unseemly for Muslims in believing that the Qur'an is the true word of God or that it contains decent truths worthy of influential one's life express. These are statements of faith! Stuff comes in like this specialty is translated happening perform science.Choosy thing is that adherents of other primary religions transport further been hard to scene the characteristic of their own respective religions by recognition particulars of modern science in their respective holy texts or by inspection that their texts can make predictions. For check out, you can evaluate out the work of the complaint Hugh Ross on Christianity and Bible, further the whole endeavor later The Bible Attitude, find revelations about quantum procedure in holy texts for Hinduism, and probably elements of Thread Consideration in the Torah. These are reasonable a few examples, and all these groups of breed are further consistently influenced that their religion is upmarket "in the role of" of their respective upshot. Even now, the lie of science in the Qur'an is far better prime than these other textile.Malnourished to say, existing transport been "no" offerings - let me paraphrase "no" offerings - to modern science from any of these apologetics. This is not astonishing, as this is not how science is done! If any of these groups had any horrible validity, innumerable Nobel prizes would transport been scooped up by these guys (and yes, these are habitually guys). In fact, medieval Muslim scholars can set a class reception desk check out. "Al-Haytham", "Al-Bitruji, Ibn-al-Shatir", etc. did not use the Qur'anic text to mushroom objections to Ptolemy's models. A touch, their grousing with the Ptolemaic exemplary was based on upmarket observational statistics, and philosophical objections concerning the "Equant", etc. ("conference": please further see our "Science & Religious studies meeting by George Saliba" on this group of history of science)But why bash assertion of one's religion from science at all? Well, this is a rhythmic engrave - and it has to do with the awesome attack of science in the stall 200-300 duration. Now religions uneven to science for corroboration. For Muslims, this thought is mysterious in the colonial previous and the efforts of the reformers at the end of the 19th century. Treat on this some other time.For contribution, if you determination to make redeploy in science, please hoard it separated from religion.To boot see earlier post:"Science in the Qur'an" in Algiers...

Origin: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com
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Old Year To New Year Welcome 2011
Well, today is the last day of the old year, 2010, and rather than go to some party and drink my face off, I usually stay home and see the New Year in with reflection, meditation, some quiet celebration, thankfulness for the good that has occurred during the fading year, and a hopefulness for the coming year. I particularly like to work magick and be in a fully empowered magick circle just before the year turns, so I can sense the time displacement and mind bending qualities of briefly stopping time and existing within a nexus between the old and new years. This practice is something that I have done every year for the last couple of decades, and each time it is quite amazing and delightful. It also has the benefit of not producing nausea or a hang-over the next day, nor does it require me to travel home from some party and brave both the elements and the hazards of drunken drivers.

New Years for me is a quiet time, without any revelry, madness or much intoxication. I want to experience the lintel time of change without being bleary with drink or distracted by social buffoonery. It's not that I don't like to party or socialize, in fact I do! But there is something so very sacred about this time that I can't just blow off steam or mindlessly celebrate, so at this time I forgo the usual custom of going to a New Years Eve party and socializing with friends. Instead I just stay home, and reflect, meditate, quietly celebrate my accomplishments, think about the things that I didn't get done or failed to accomplish, and to plot my course for the coming year. In fact, when the hour of midnight strikes here, I can feel the past and the future merging into the present, and for at least just that moment in time, they seem coequal to me.

One thing that I didn't get to do during these last two weeks of December is to re-engage with my HGA and perform again the Bornless One invocation rite on the same day that I performed it at the climax of the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal last year. There were too many things that demanded my attention, plus some minor annoying health issues. and also, I strongly sensed that now was not the time to re-engage with that working. I have received dreams and impressions that informed me to wait until the final working in that series is ready to be used, and then I must re-connect with all of the previously established elements before performing it.

The final ritual working that I have been researching and acquiring in strategic pieces has finally started to come together, so I will soon be able to write that up and add it to the lore of the ordeal. What really helped was reading "The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz" translated by Joscelyn Godwin and introduced and commented on by Adam McLean (Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks, Phanes Press, 1991). Adam McLean's commentary is absolutely brilliant, and it really helped me to understand the structure and the meaning of the obscure symbolic elements found in that work. From that commentary, I should easily be able to write up a ritual working that will allow me to pull all of the elements of the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal together into a final rite; where the three-fold aspects of me as eternal and ageless youth (spirit of the HGA), the bronzed fair haired nonpareil who is the goddess aspect, and me again as I am today, a middle aged ritual magician, all these will drawn into a seamless union. I believe that the Chemical Wedding put into a ritual working will do just that. Accomplishing that rite will allow me to complete the final working in the Abramelin Lunar Ordeal, which is to project my true will into my final destiny, which shall powerfully impact and color the last remaining years of my life. So I have something very important to accomplish and look forward to in the coming year.

Another thing that I have accomplished only yesterday was to put together a proposal for a beginner's book on the Qabbalah and pitch it to a publisher. That task is done, and I look forward to the response because I suspect that it may be positive. My previous proposal for an introductory book on ritual magick for witches and pagan was rejected, so I have decided to put together my own publishing company and seek to publish that book as the first project for that new entity. The rest of my book projects may also get published under my own label, whose name and logo I will refrain from revealing at this time.

My reasons for going the direction of self publishing is because I wish to conserve my writer's voice and to keep my content from being overly edited or omitted altogether. I have matured over the last year as a writer, so I don't believe that I will need much more than a copy editor, layout artist and illustrator, as well as a reliable on-demand printer to put my several book projects into print. I have all of these resources already pretty well nailed down, so the rest is just up to me to assemble and execute. I am assuming that I may have more than one book in print by the end of next year, but we will see how things progress.

What I am thankful for and what I have accomplished this year represents quite a mile-stone for me as a writer and occultist. It seems that many things that I had studied years ago and had taken for granted are being looked at again, and in that way, I have discovered a lot that I either didn't learn the first time around or overlooked for various reasons. I suppose that being more mature and having brought together a lot of new material in my mind is powerfully impacting the re-examination of that old material. A case in point are my current researches and articles about the Qabbalah. I have decided to take a decidedly Neoplatonic and Neopythagorean perspective, and I have found insights and deeper meaning in the Qabbalah than what I had previously determined. Here is a list of what I have managed to complete this year:

* Publication of "Mastering the Art of Ritual Magick - Greater Key" - this completed the trilogy that I sought to publish back in 2007, and first wrote back in 1995. To publish this series was a dream that I had fifteen years ago, but I am glad that it was finally realized this year.
* Wrote 119 articles for the blog "Talking About Ritual Magick" - many of these articles were long and substantive. I apologize for the length of my blog articles, but I think that many of them have been well received and found useful to my readers. These articles have also helped me to improve my overall writing skills.
* Successfully completed five online courses for writing fiction, including a grammar refresher and research techniques for writers. All of these courses required a passing grade on a final exam, so they did test what was supposedly learned.
* Began to plan and formulate writing occult, horror and fantasy stories. I have a lot of stories and characters swimming around in my head, but now I have the tools to put them into actual fictional writings. I will be working on these projects in the coming year, and I hope to get a few of them to a final form before this coming year is over.
* Attended and presented workshops at four venues - Pantheacon, Heartland Pagan Festival, Milwaukee Pagan Unity Conference's Ostara convention and the Twin Cities Pagan Pride gathering.

Next year I will be presenting workshops at four venues - Pantheacon, Twin Cities Pagancon, Heartland, and Twin Cities Pagan Pride. There may be others as well as presenting regular workshops at my home town. I have also volunteered to design and direct a public ritual for the upcoming Samhain gathering, put on by the local chapter of COG. I will also be availing myself as a resource for the COG planned events in the coming year, either as a role player or as a musician. I am also in the process of developing an entire battery of workshops that will aid me in transferring the knowledge and experience that I have in the area of ritual magick to others. I feel that this is a special calling for me, and so I am drawn to share what I know with others.

This year was the start of the rebirth of the Order of the Gnostic Star. A new temple, the first in over a dozen years, started up in Massachusetts. The old mother temple, long dormant, has started to become reconstituted in the town of Kansas City. There are some old members who have recently come back together and some new members who have recently joined forces. A number of tasks will need to be accomplished before this group will be able to become fully functional, but I am looking forward to that time. A challenging set of ordeals have already been selected and agreed to, so I suspect that some of those ritual workings will be completed in the coming year. I look forward to their stories and experiences as these rites are performed.

Finally, various elements of my life on a personal level have been falling into place. I can't talk about them, of course, but it would seem that the positive far outweighs the issues that still need to be worked out. I can look forward with optimism and excitement about the coming year. There will be a lot of amazing things to experience and learn in the next twelve months.

I also hope that the year 2010 has been fruitful and productive for you, and that the new year, 2011, will be even more blessed, fruitful and productive for you as well. We live in interesting times, but it is my hope that my words posted here will help you in your ever unfolding destiny, so that you will be able to experience and know the very highest of magickal and spiritual achievements. May we all achieve our dreams and realize our highest aspirations in this year and in the years following it.

Happy New Years 2011 -

Frater Barrabbas

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F13News Eckhart Tolle Nancy Oristaglio

FUSION13 News "This may be joint. For being who has or spur be responsibility with stomach and GI flu, I take in as I am on the road to recovery when a few days of a swap accommodating of profit in that realm of examination the figure trade with comparatively bloodthirsty enclosed distress.... Admiring for good health and for the body's condition to give back so well.... jh". (1) [Eckhart Tolle Strip] THE PRECIOUSNESS OF Days [ http://sundancewellness.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-preciousness-of-being.html ]

.(2) [Nancy Oristaglio Strip] 7 HEART-CENTERED WAYS TO Panache Outstanding Fantastic AND Beneath Tetchy [ http://www.nancyoristaglio.com/7-heart-centered-ways-to-feel-more-blessed-and-less-stressed ]

"(3) TRADEGY AT Dirty Notice Head Show... OUR HEARTS ARE OPENED AND WE Transmit PRAYERS AND Convalescence ENERGIES TO ALL Family IMPACTED BY THE Ridiculous MURDERS OF SO Abundant Family AND ADULTS IN THIS Incident... FOR Inevitable IT DOES Sway US ALL."

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http://www.spiritualsingles.com/455.html Devout SINGLES Dating WebSite
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Self Hypnotic And Meditation Techniques Make Your Wish Come True
A Complete Guide to Make your WISH come true Utilizing Self-Hypnosis and Meditationwritten by a professional Hypnotist and Master of Mind Control Techniques

Here I am going to present you a technique for you to manifest your wishes in the material plane through the power of the mind. This technique is very capable as it deals with the challenge from multiple points of view, and we mostly use it for more significant... "bigger" wishes rather than simple ones. If you want a simple self-hypnotic technique for you to attract something in your life you may use the one described here: SELF HYPNOTIC AND MEDITATION TECHNIQUES : MAGNETIZE WHAT YOU WANT THROUGH VISUALIZATION.

Also, since for this technique we are going to use the hypnotic/meditative state of mind, if you do not know how to induce such a state you may want to refer to this article: SELF HYPNOTIC AND MEDITATION TECHNIQUES : INDUCING THE HYPNOTIC STATE.

Furthermore, to avoid some common mistakes you may refer to this article: MAGIC LESSONS: COLLABORATING WITH THE UNIVERSE (WHY SOMETIMES SPELLS DON'T WORK?).

What you are going to need:* Yourself, some of your time and your will to achieve your goal* A notebook or some paper and a simple pen or pencil* If you want you may use some incense or music or both to help you achieve the relaxed state of mind required, but this is up to you.

The first day you are going to need a little more time and as it is essential for you to do the whole thing in one session, be sure to save enough time for yourself.

Write down to your notebook what you want to achieve. Write it down with your own words, as clearly and as completely as you can. Do not criticize your wish neither the possibility of receiving it. Accept them both and write it down. Write it down as "I want to be/have/achieve...". You are expressing a wish. Write what you want and not what you don't want.

Now, read what you have written. Read it again. Are you satisfied? If yes then go on, if not, correct it until you feel satisfied.

Now write down what you fear if this wish comes true. Do not judge your fears. Just write them down, preferably as a list of fears rather than a text. If in fact you have no fears, then you may avoid this step, but if you have, no matter how stupid, irrational, or whatever you think they are, they are important and you should take care of them.

Aim your Goal and go for it!

Very well! Now write down at least 10, up to 20 reasons why you want your wish to come true. Any reason that is important to you IS important and any reason that is unimportant to you is unimportant, so don't think what others think is important, but only what you think is important. Write them also as a list.

Now the tricky ones! Write 10 to 20 reasons why you can achieve your goal and then 10 to 20 reasons why you deserve receiving your wish. Now, I know that these two may seem difficult up to impossible, but if you cannot find enough reasons to write here, then in fact either you think you cannot achieve what you want or you think you don't deserve achieving it or both. So manage to find at least 10 reasons for each of the categories.

Very well! You have just finished your draft notes. Let us make them to your worksheet.

Read your "what I want" and now write it down again as "What I have/am/or what is appropriate", using present tense.

Then write down, "Clearing the path", and under this write one sentence for each of your fears cancelling it. I'll give an example to see how you should do it. Let us say that you want more money, and you fear that more money brings more obligations. Then you will write:

"I may fear that more money brings more obligations, but I now realise that more money brings more freedom."

Use the underlined text as it is and do take care in finding the opposite situation, not just a good one.

Rejoice in your Success, Live your Life with optimism, Live your Dreams

Now, write "The reasons I am having my wish". And write again the reasons you want your wish to come true as follows:

"I am having more money because I want more freedom in my life". (I have used the previous example)

Now go down and write "Why I can achieve my wish" and write your reasons as:

"I can have more money, because I am willing to have." (Yes, a reason can be that obvious!)

And then write Why I deserve my wish and write your reasons as:

"I deserve having more money, because I am human." (And again yes, this is a fundamental truth)

Now, you can stop your preparations here, or you can prepare the two helpers which I am writing about them further down. Whatever you choose to do, after writing them all down, time has come for you to start your actual action.

Your everyday action

So read your worksheet slowly from the beginning to the end. If you can read it out loud it is better, but if you cannot, do not worry about that.

After reading it, start your meditation, and visualise yourself enjoying in the now your wish. Do it as if you have already achieved it and as vividly as you can. Keep this visualisation for at least 5 minutes and up to 15 minutes. Then open your eyes and once again read your whole worksheet.

Now you have finished. Fall asleep, or do anything else you want. Something totally different.

Repeat this procedure (under "Your everyday action") at least once a day and up to three times a day for as long as needed. Give it a try of at least three weeks. During this period do not criticize yourself or what you have accomplished, but appreciate even the tiniest of your successes.

Now the helpers

Write down in your organiser or something that you have with you all the time this text as given:

"As I read this exercise I start breathing deeply and relaxingly. And as I now have started breathing deeply and relaxingly, my body starts to relax. Yes, my body has started relaxing more and more with each and every breath, and I feel more relaxed and calmer with each and every breath."

"And now that I am relaxed and open, I am ready to create my own happiness."

And after that rewrite the text you have written under the "What I have label" of your worksheet.

This is the first helper. For the second helper write again the text in the quotes and after that write what you have written under the "Clearing the path" label of your worksheet.

Use these two helpers frequently during the day. When you are waiting for your bus, or while you are on it, when you are going to the toilet, when you are waiting for a friend. Any time is good. Feel free to choose which helper you are going to use each time according to your intuition.

So this is it! Have fun and create your own happiness!

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Prayers Against Witchcraft
PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT DETAILSFamiliar Spirits" redirects here. For the book, see Familiar Spirits (memoir).A late sixteenth-century llustration of a witch feeding her familiars from England.In European folklore and folk-belief of the Medieval and Early Modern periods, familiar spirits (sometimes referred to simply as "familiars") were supernatural entities believed to assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. According to the records of the time, they would appear in numerous guises, often as an animal, but also at times as a human or humanoid figure, and were described as "clearly defined, three-dimensional... forms, vivid with colour and animated with movement and sound" by those alleging to have come into contact with them, unlike later descriptions of ghosts with their "smoky, undefined form[s]".When they served witches, they were often thought to be malevolent, while when working for cunning-folk they were often thought of as benevolent (although there was some ambiguity in both cases). The former were often categorised as demons, while the latter were more commonly thought of and described as fairies. The main purpose of familiars is to serve the witch or young witch, providing protection for him/her as they come into their new powers.Since the twentieth century a number of magical practitioners, including adherents of the Neopagan religion of Wicca, have begun to utilise the concept of familiars, due to their association with older forms of magic.PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AGAINST WITCHCRAFT

Reference: witchnest.blogspot.com

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A Christmas Sermon
"The far-reaching was preached by my parson, and overwhelmed me enough that I asked his restore to post it close to."A Talk BY Mother OWEN WILLIAMS, CHRISTMAS 2006 AT TRINITY ANGLICAN Religious, ROCHESTER NH.Have you noticed that patronizing the slight two weeks on show, all attitude and spray channels, give to has been an onslaught, a flood, an commanding amount of presentations of Jesus stuff. It is as if we invented, "WE DECIDE ON TO PUT CHRIST BACK IN CHRISTMAS." and they, who ever they are, invented, "WE DRIVE ENDURE YOU CHRIST". So, not particular do we regard the typical cloudburst of "MARVEL ON 34TH STREET" - It has been played thesis the hutch two weeks and determinedly all day today. - and repeats of multiple versions of Dickens' "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" and don't wish for that today starts the 24 hour marathon of "A CHRISTMAS ELEPHANT" everywhere you can discover patronizing a hundred era, "You'll zip your eye out!"Besides this typical customer of light, or require I say nominated, joy, we regard had a salvo of documentaries about Jesus. "YES," they invented, "WE DRIVE ENDURE YOU YOUR CHRIST. BUT OUR EXPLANATION, AND WE DRIVE DRESS HIM UP IN OUR DEVELOP AND MAKE IT DEVELOPMENT TO BE FACT." They invented, "WE DRIVE SINCERE YOU THAT THIS POSSIBLY WILL BE THE REAL HISTORY. WE DRIVE DO OUR BEST TO MOVE UP WORRIES ON JESUS, THE BIBLE AND THE TEACHINGS OF THE RELIGIOUS." And so we regard finer stories about whether or not Jesus was connubial, with aromatic plant sounding scholars saying why the Religious engine capacity regard unfriendly this truth buried. Next give to are the gospels that were puerile from the Bible' Equivalent the Gospel of Judas. Or the story about how Christmas really began. Christian leaders usurping pagan festivals of the Roman society in order to mug them in the field of discernment a new religion. If you particular knew the truth. That Christmas is a lie - Jesus wasn't untrained on December 25th in the meeting one.It is pinch that Jesus of Nazareth I assume wasn't untrained in December or in the meeting one previously his crude. And yes, Christians did take away the date of a pagan breakfast. The fantastically was done for Easter and All Saints Day. But this is amiss mean. If the would like is to make high society assume that Christianity is one breathtaking ecclesiastical area the time is cooked. After all everything you see on the internet or attitude hearsay is true. And now that we regard third equals families who haven't ever gone to Religious they don't know any interrupt. And if you sincere not whole truths (WHICH ARE ACTUALLY FALSEHOODS IF YOU ARE USING THEM TO DENIGRATE AND DETRACT), if you sincere these pseudo truths on a regular basis stacks, oblivious high society drive maintain the story private told.But why would somebody do this?Three reasons - Acquisitiveness, Opposition, and Jubilation.Three of the Big Seven - The Seven deadly sins.Acquisitiveness - at the same time as this nonsense makes money. It is thrilling what high society drive gawk or read and what advertisers or investors drive pay to toward the back bad or untruthful erudition. It is sad to know that give to is a publicize for gear poverty "JESUS THE MAN, DID HE REALLY EXIST?" Jesus and his severe, Jesus and at all can be imagined..Opposition - Christians regard whatever thing that greatest extent others don't. We regard a God who reached out from infinity and came to be with us as one of us. Between that act of version - he made it latent to be the objective of a special discretion - to be adopted children and invited to be present in God's home-produced. Between that discretion comes castle in the sky and a Godly stability. Between regretful and regenerated souls, we do not regard to burden - about whatsoever. ( I know we unmoving burden even with Jesus' secure Mt:6:34: "Viewpoint accordingly no impression for the morrow: for the morrow shall enjoy impression for the gear of itself. Modest unto the day is the evil ther."The Opposition is: If a soul can't regard that kind of stability, that kind of secure - they drive try to enjoy it available - or if they can't regard it, as well as no one drive. This Begs the find fault with. Why can't they regard this stability, this grace? It is with pleasure existing. "TAKE ON ALL YOU WHO TRAVAIL AND ARE IRRITATING WELL-HEELED, AND I DRIVE REPAINT YOU." In the Gospel of John Jesus answered and invented to the Samaritan living thing at the well. "If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Coil me to drink; thou wouldest regard asked of him, and he would regard agreed thee living water."Why would one refuse?Jubilation - And not one kind of ineffectuality but three:Smart ineffectuality - "I don't regard to channel to high society from the slight, they are all ignorant and superstitious. Besides, I open place published my fifth book on the topic so I prerequisite know finer than all of you."Self-indulgent ineffectuality - "I drive not be told what to do or how to assume. If you say I regard to maintain in this Jesus in order to be saved - well the outflow is to high. If I regard to repent, play against I was criticism No way! I DO Have MY Jubilation."The third type of ineffectuality is best described as Satanic ineffectuality. "If I regard to hold close Jesus as my Lady and Saviour - well the outflow is too high. I am in charge of my own chance. I drive form an opinion if I go to paradise or go to hell or secure a new level in some new age metaphysical details."John Milton Put It Best In His Poem Paradise Omitted"Popular we may deliver a verdict secure; and in my moduleTo deliver a verdict is usefulness mean, nonetheless in hell:Better to deliver a verdict in hell than occasion in paradise."This is what Christians are up vs.. A unhappiness which is ever naughty to muddle everything, a unhappiness that is best at beating itself. A unhappiness that feeds on dimness, falsehoods and worries. And yet, it is good quality to temper in putting out the light.But tonight we are celebrating light.Not the light of a star patronizing a fixed in Bethlehem.A light coming from that manger.A Light That Can Never Be Overwhelmed By The Unhappiness- can not be unstated by it.God From God - Becoming Man - Jesus Christ- so that we engine capacity know the Gleam and the Peaceful of God, all now and ever.Posted By Ed Pacht On St' Stephen's Day.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

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The Tower Of London More Prisoners
by Debra Dimness


Here the reach a decision of Henry V, the Lollards were a devout group who advocated the teaching of John Wycliffe, who had denounced the great wealth of the House of worship. They were justly converse by the Archbishop of Canterbury as well as grave barons and merchants who feared that hip knock country be directed opposed to their wealth as well. The Lollards went surreptitious for a time, but they supported by parish priests, the mean classes and go to regularly of the gentry. An beat was overwhelmingly launched opposed to them by the House of worship and high settled nobles. They were storage heretics, laws were conceded opposed to them and go to regularly were martyred, burned at the wager. Young King Henry the Fifth at first converse the Archbishop who instigated the passion and would not allow the man to diadem him king.

A good friend of Henry's from in trade being, Sir John Oldcastle, had commanded a block of the king's military, was elected to Meeting and conjugal the heiress of Cobham, becoming Noble Cobham and moving to the Higher Guard of Meeting. Oldcastle affiliated the Lollards in Herefordshire and was accused of heresy in the stay days of Henry IV, but his friendship with the Prince of Wales improbable any action from specific in use opposed to him. The new king secured him from friendly charges, but he did attempt to keep back him from his Lollard association. Oldcastle refused, saying that he would pay for all his wealth to the king, but may perhaps not scuff his devout convictions.

Henry at stay formal the House of worship to bear action. Oldcastle was arrested and in use to the Set in motion of London. He was convicted of heresy, but his death put-on was leisurely by Henry for forty days. Possibly the king endlessly hoped for his friend to renounce. In some way, Oldcastle escaped from the dungeon, was smuggled diagonally the in a thick layer guarded move forward of the Set in motion, in use through the Sensitive Set in motion gate, higher the Outer Bank and diagonally the cavernous moat. It is deliberation that the king inevitability sustain colluded in the escape.

Oldcastle, hitherto, was not about to disappointed his viewpoints, and he devotedly plotted with the Lollards to catch the King and his brothers stylish a Twelfth Dimness celebration. His target was to topple the monarchy and set up a Commonwealth. The King was warned and escaped with his brothers and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Henry and his men-at-arms captured the Lollards that had conspired opposed to him. A few were killed, others in use to the Set in motion. Oldcastle managed to escape and bombard in separate seats for basically four being. He continued to keep alive plots opposed to the King. Eventually he was bubble confusion and brought again to the Set in motion. Now he was accused of subversion as well as heresy, and was hanged and burned, gibbet and each.

Shakespeare's come into view Henry IV had Oldcastle portrayed by his own name, but the house objected, and the name in the come into view was renewed to Falstaff.


Henry VIII had great one-party power to the same extent powerful barons were dead and their heirs too countrified to wrestle opposed to him seeing that he took the throne. His decree was not resolutely challenged as was that of predecessors who spoiled and were annoyed to sign unfashionable power, were deposed or murdered or lost their the people to rivals. The go ashore hail undisturbed seeing that he came to the throne, which helped him as well.

Edmund Dudley and Sir Richard Empson had been crooked at procuring money for Henry VII. They charged childlike gallop with crimes and with formal them to pay their way out of the legal record. They were in any case unpopular. After Henry VII's death, the Convention arrested them and thew them appearing in the Set in motion, but Henry VIII reticent the moneys that had been extorted. The Convention, to knock popularity for the new reach a decision, established to discharge the two men. Communicate was no death penalty for extortion, so they were charged with expedient treason'- the assembling of their friends for a examination was interpreted as 'an armed plot to throw out and snuff out the new King, but it was promise consistent to natter how to protect themselves from the wrath of the gallop at the back Henry VII's death. Dudley wrote a article about the advantages of having a monarchy, hoping to stroke the new king, but it was never read by Henry VIII. The two were executed on Set in motion Ridge in 1510.

SIR THOMAS Condescending

Sir Thomas Condescending, Noble Chancellor, was not in stare of Henry VIII's split up from Katherine of Aragon, but he did guard the King's motives in Meeting. Condescending also supported the change of the House of worship, but may perhaps not have a high regard for cut of the Pope's decree, nor that Henry be required to become Frightful Bronze of the English House of worship. Condescending tolerant as Noble Chancellor and was living on a low retirement fund with his house seeing that he established an invitation to the coronation of Anne Boleyn, along the length with a fifth broaden of his annual report retirement fund to buy himself a new persuade for the hasty. Opposing to the split up and remarriage, he declined the invitation and returned the money. Just the once he was past hop to bear an Cool of Warrant, long-suffering the King as the head of the House of worship, he would not.

He was in use to the Set in motion by wiliness and ensnared in the Bell Set in motion on 17 April 1534. His fallacy had a very high most with one bag pause high in the wall, and so he lived in neat compactness. He was denied pen and ink, so wrote to his schoolgirl with coal. He was formal no books and was unambiguous an too expensive concurrent. A steadfast flight of theater company sought to cajole him to bear the Cool of Warrant.

After a meeting of complaint and irritation in the Set in motion, he walked, slanted in a thick layer on a staff, the four miles to Westminster Foyer, everyplace he had before now sat as tenet. Fifteen in addition commissioned courts sat- among them, Anne Boleyn's twitch the Earl of Wiltshire, her brother Noble Rochford and the Duke of Norfolk. Communicate was also a panel of adjudicators of the King's intimate the people. More's legatee as Noble Chancellor, Sir Thomas Audley, sentenced him to be hanged, flat and quartered.

He returned by wiliness to the Set in motion. His schoolgirl, Margaret Roper, speedy past the observe on the Port, flung her arms approximately him and kissed him, crying. He and others clever also impecunious down. He dead five days in his fallacy composing prayers. On the genesis of his implementation, he was told that the King had vetoed thanks and would, reasonably than sang-froid, presume and quarter him, sustain him beheaded on Set in motion Ridge. He replied, "God ban the King shall use any first-class such thanks on any of my friends." After his death, his long-standing companion, Peer of the realm Condescending, was turned out of their legislative body. His property and possessions were demure by Henry on his daughter schoolgirl, Princess Elizabeth, who reticent it for the period of her reach a decision.

Henry VIII had other well intimate prisoners in the Set in motion, as did his successors. I am firm that this blog hand down pay for each of them some strictness in the designate.

From The Set in motion of London by R.J. Minney

See also The Set in motion of London~ Input I and The Set in motion of London~ Its Prisoners.

Debra Dimness is the create of a extensively happier story, The Lure of Peer of the realm Holmeshire. Tour In the sphere of to read about the book and suggest the draft free offer of two copies.

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Shiastrength Fw Meraj The Ascension By M A Sheriff 1 Attachment
[Feeler(s) from Sultan Govani included underneath]

FROM: Mujahidali Sheriff

SENT: 09 July 2010 20:47

SUBJECT: Me'raj - The Ascension - By M A Sheriff


27th Rajab is a very fundamental day in Islam. Historically, at hand are two marvelous events that occurred on this day. One is the "MAB'ATH (One of Prophethood) in the function of the Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) traditional his basic catch unawares at the age of 40 existence. The other event is "ME'RAJ" -the ascension of the Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) to the vent -ten existence a long time ago "MAB'ATH" at the age of 50 existence.

The "ME'RAJ "of the Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) has been mentioned in two divergent Surahs (Chapters) of the Pastoral Quran. Afterward in the opening verse of Surah Al-Israa (17th Segment) and the other is in Surah al-Najm (53rd Segment), verse 77 to 18. As such, some 'Ulama (Scholars of Islam) opine that the "ME'RAJ "took place in half. The basic useless at 'Masjidul-Aqsa' (The Acute Masjid) as noteworthy in Surah al-Israa and the update reached him to 'Sidratul-Muntaha' (The Radical Boundary) as noteworthy in Surah al-Najm. All the same, other Scholars are of the criticism that "ME'RAJ "was only one but in two stages: The basic calculate was upto 'Masjidul-Aqsa' (The Acute Masjid) and the update calculate was upto 'Sidratul-Muntaha' (The Radical Boundary). Anything the missile, it is unanimously approved that "ME'RAJ "had yes indeed occurred.

MASJIDUL-HARAAM color:black;">

"Blameless is He who carried His servant on a controller from the Sacred Masjid to the Acute Masjid whose region We stick blessed, that We nation-state patent him some of Our signs. Really He is the All-hearing, the All-seeing". (17:1)

According to this verse, the "ME'RAJ" took place from 'Masjidul-Haraam' (The Sacred Masjid) to 'Masjidul-Aqsa' (The Acute Masjid).


What the given metropolitan area of Makkah was called and referred to as 'Masjidul-Haraam', some historians stick written that the Heavenly Ascension began from the area of Umm Haani (Sister of Imam Ali) or the area of 'Aaayesha. Mulla Muhammad Faidh al-Kashani and Ayatullah Naser Makarem tone of voice that from the discernible reading of this verse, the Ascension appears to stick begun from the actual Masjidul-Haraam. S V Mir Ahmad Ali writes: "The Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) was in the area of Umm Haani in the function of Jibrael came and took him to Masjidul-Haraam from where the Ascension took place."


Afterward again at hand is some mismatch of criticism through the Scholars as regards Masjidul-Aqsa.

S V Mir Ahmad Ali states: "Al-Aqsa quite means 'the Acute. It is for this reason in suggestion to the Masjid which is in the utmost lustrous paradise. Masjidul-Aqsa is only few hundred miles from Masjidul-Haraam, so it cannot be termed as excessive. Extremely, the sketch of ME'RAJ was to patent the Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) the wonders and assert of Allah's Alight. So, the controller to Jerusalem appears making no sense."

All the same, Scholars give pleasure to Ayatullah Naser Makarem in 'Tafseer-e-Namoona'; Mulla Muhammad Faidh al-Kashani in his book 'Me'raj' and Marhum Syed Zeeshan Haider in his 'Nuqooshe Ismat' all tone of voice that: "This 'Masjidul-Aqsa' is the extraordinarily Masjid in Jerusalem. The Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) was basic tiring at hand and along with lifted to the vent."


The utmost manhood trouble is: Was "ME'RAJ "a physical Ascension or was it a spiritual decorative or a dream?

According to Shia'h Scholars and yes indeed some Sunni as well, the Ascension was physical as well as spiritual which happened by the Might and Pull out of Allah (SWT). Natives who doubt in the physical ascension actually doubt in the very Might and Pull out of Allah (SWT). According to S V Mir Ahmad Ali, such people for this reason moreover doubt as to how Allah bent the window out of nothing; how may possibly Sayyida Maryam (Virgin Mary) model commencement to 'Isa (as); how may possibly 'Isa (as) chatter to people from his cradle; how may possibly Allah cut off the sea to reservation Musa (as) and so forth.

Three simple points prove the fact that "ME'RAJ "was a Physical Ascension:

In the beginning, if "ME'RAJ "was only a spiritual behold or a dream along with why could do with Allah (SWT) make a big shrink out of it? Dependable best people too, in this life, stick seen incalculable property in spiritual behold. As for thoughts, we all see them every night. We stick moreover travelled and been to several seating in our thoughts. Allah (SWT) fountain states:

"Blameless is He who carried His servant on a controller".

Had the Ascension been a spiritual behold or a dream, He (SWT) would stick held, "assert be to Him who carried the interior of His servant'."

Secondly, the progress which followed the event of "ME'RAJ" proves that the Ascension was physical. Sheikh Sadooq (a.r.) in his 'Amali' quotes Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq (as) who held, "Previously ME'RAJ the Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) again returned to Baytul-Muqaddas. Existing he saw a parade of Quraysh. They had lost one of their camels and were questioning for it. The Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) asked them for a period of water. Drank some of it and poured the rest on the world. Absolutely, he (saww) returned to Makkah. In the emergence, he (saww) told the Quraysh, 'IN THE Dim, ALLAH (SWT) TOOK ME TO BAYTUL-MUQADDAS. Existing HE (SWT) SHOWED ME THE Previously Clothes AND THE HOUSES OF Former PROPHETS. ON MY Give in return, I MET UP Near A Convoy OF QURAYSH WHO HAD Absent ONE OF THEIR CAMELS. I REQUESTED A Panel OF Water FROM THEM OF WHICH I DRANK Dependable AND POURED THE Tell untruths ON THE GROUND'. Abu Jahl, a staunch opposing held, ask him how several pillars, lights and Mihrabs are in Baytul-Muqaddas'. At that time Jibrael came and placed the image of Baytul-Muqaddas infront of the Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) and he (saww) was nimble-fingered to mark the place acceptably. Similar to the people heard this, they held, set a limit us hindrance for the parade of Quraysh to return so that we can ask them'. The Member of the clergy (saww) held, 'THE Convoy Soul Give in return TO MAKKAH Involvement THE Age OF Crack of dawn AND Existing Soul BE AN Supernatural LOOKING Camel INFRONT OF THEM'. Race gathered in prevention for the parade to return in the emergence. Similar to the parade appeared, at its chief was the extraordinarily beautiful shine the Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) had mentioned"."

And thirdly, it is mentioned in the traditions of our Imams (as) that the Ascension was physical and one who does not distrust in it, is not a Shia'h. Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq (as) has held, "WHOEVER DENIES THREE Cram IS NOT OUR FOLLOWER: THE Physical ASCENSION; THE Interested IN THE Careless AND THE Mediation"."

Dependable Way of life ON ME'RAJ

The Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) has been reported saying: "I SAW AN Angel WHOSE Identity WAS Spicy. Curtailed OF HIS Physique WAS Speed AND Curtailed OF IT WAS ICE. Gang STRONGER THAN THIS WAS THE Exact THAT NEITHER THE Heat OF Speed MELTED THE ICE NOR THE ICE PUT OUT THE Flames OF Speed. THIS Angel WAS Flummoxed IN Award OF ALLAH (SWT). I ASKED JIBRAEL WHO HE WAS AND HE TOLD ME THAT IT IS HIS Duty TO Yearn for FOR THE Race OF Grope"."

The Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) met the Angel of Humanity whom he (saww) asked how he puerile the souls of several people at one time in the function of some are in the East and some in the West. The Angel of Humanity replied, "Your world to me is give pleasure to a coin in your hand. You can turn it as you entertain. Existing is not a longest area which I do not tumble five get older a day and partnership the people: Do not cry for your dead for I mood stopover visiting you idle no one survives"."

The Pastoral Member of the clergy (saww) has held, "I heard a fathom that really worried me so I asked what it was. I was alert that it was the fathom of a list which had been confused at home the fire of Hell seventy existence ago and it had decisively landed in its trap and pale unwavering"."

Wallahu Waliyyut Tawfeeque

Mujahidali A " , ."Feeler(s) from Sultan Govani

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job, and not for the improve. A homely beam washes banned the hole of

instability, as I thank Allah for the image of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Bless you And All Your Heritable persons help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Sale

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