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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

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Los Brujos Cambian Sus Nombres
?Qu'e es en la Wicca el nombre Eke? ?Por qu'e los usamos? ?Cu'al es la historia de ellos? ?C'omo otras personas los usan?

Etimol'ogicamente, el nombre de "EKE" es lo mismo que un apodo. Estoy hablando de una palabra inglesa nick name, pero en espa~nol se adopto como EKE, aunque la aclaraci'on es para advertir que no tiene ra'ices del lat'in como una palabra en espa~nol. Seguimos. "Eke" significa "tambi'en" o "extra, sin embargo, en un contexto Wicca "EKE" se refiere al nombre que se adopta como parte de un c'irculo, una la tradici'on o un grupo. Tambi'en se llama un nombre de brujo, el nombre de Wicca o esp'iritu nombre, para algunos, los nombres EKE no son m'as que un seud'onimo de fantas'ias utilizadas para alardear de ser "maestros sumos sacerdotes Dioses en potencia", con la actitud de b'esenme los pies, o t'enganme miedo. Para la mayor'ia de nosotros, sin embargo, los nombres EKE son aut'enticos y sinceros, representaciones de las denominaciones religiosas con significados profundos, a menudo, tanto a nivel espiritual y personal. Ellos no s'olo representan lo que somos, sino tambi'en nuestro lugar en la comunidad en general Si bien es cierto que muchos practicantes solitarios actualmente eligen su nombre del arte, basado en contextos de personajes hist'oricos, los nombres de algunos grupos han sido escogidos utilizando tambi'en alg'un elemento del pasado. Ya sea la luna, los celtas, los vikingos, los sortilicios, etc. Muchos los buscan num'ericamente.

Aunque no es una lista definitiva, los EKE NAME (ingles), nombre EKE en espa~nol se pueden dividir en los nombres de elecci'on, nombres de Pr'acticas y nombre de Iniciaci'on.

Nombres de elecci'on son los nombres que una persona inventa o toma como resultado de un deseo de usar un nombre nuevo. Estos nombres son el nivel m'as bajo del nombre del arte, son apodos que alguien te puso, usualmente cuando peque~no o empezaron a llamarte a si por alguna raz'on despu'es de grande.

Nombres de la pr'actica, en cambio, son los nombres elegidos para reflejar una pr'actica espiritual. Esto puede ser un nombre de dedicaci'on, por ejemplo, cuando usted dice "Yo soy Steve, y desde hoy en adelante voy a ser conocido como Dragonfire de la Wicca." Estos nombres son similares a los nombres anteriores en que la gente suelen escogerlos ellos mismos. La diferencia, sin embargo, se ve en el hecho de estos nombres por lo general se considera que representa una nueva pr'actica en la vida, y no son s'olo una representaci'on, que a uno le gusta o un deseo de tener un nombre fresco o aterrador o una nombre que suene bien. El Nombre de la pr'actica se puede elegir cuando se descubre un deidad, o cuando uno se dedica a una nueva religi'on o tradici'on, cuando uno se casa o en otro evento que cambia la vida. En muchas culturas, la gente asume un nuevo nombre en la edad adulta, y este nombre de la pr'actica es similar a ese nombre, es un nombre de "Wiccanhood," si se quiere... un nombre utilizado para describir el nuevo t'u, que no es lo mismo como el viejo, antes de la Wicca. Esta es una distinci'on importante entre un Nombre de pr'actica y un nombre de elecci'on: El Nombre de la elecci'on se toma simplemente por el deseo de tener un nombre de oficio, y no marca un punto de cambio en la vida. El Nombre de la pr'actica se da por una raz'on m'as all'a de un mero deseo.

Ambos tipos de nombres tienen el potencial de ser una tonter'ia, aunque se espera que los nombres de la pr'actica, debido a la naturaleza m'as seria de las razones para tomar tal nombre, no ser'a tan... o, al menos, ser mucho menos.

Por 'ultimo, los nombres de iniciaci'on en coven, son nombres que se dan con la entrada en una secta o tradici'on. Una iniciaci'on en un coven, es un rito de entrada formal en un grupo o tradici'on, y los nombres de Iniciaci'on son una decisi'on de grupo. Tenga en cuenta que esto difiere de los nombres de pr'acticas adoptadas desde la entrada en una tradici'on o aquelarre en que es una ocasi'on formal en la que el nombre es una parte de la ceremonia de iniciaci'on oficial. El nombre puede ser privado, o usted puede tener un nombre p'ublico y privado. La elecci'on de este nombre es basada en la tradici'on a menudo. La ceremonia de bautizo y los nombres se asignan de manera similar. La mayor'ia de los grupos, dan dos nombres: un nombre, a menudo largo, que se utiliza en contacto con otros paganos, y un nombre m'as corto utilizados en el coven. Esto es similar a un apodo, pero vigilado mejor. Revelar este nombre para el p'ublico en general es prohibido, y si no prohibido, inapropiado.

Credit: witchnest.blogspot.com
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Re Advice Handling Wish Spells
The Glabrezu, as you plea him, is peaceable. Regrettably, there's the trope of the demon with ADHD which can't keep up to get the best give directions chutzpah to drag to Hell, even if it would create a PR fantasy for the other denizens of Hell. Expound was even a in the dead of night event of Shadowy that dealt with exactly this: A demon was trade grassroots souls in dialogue for their heart's wish, as a result arranging for their ill-timed departing so he may well pull through their chutzpah early. The Ruler of Hell in isolation stepped in, compressed that demon to place, and explained for colonize decrease on the uptake that this was bad for authorities. You let country be full of their ten days or even lasting of their heart's wish as a result pull through their chutzpah followed by. Incarceration is on Hell's bough. To that end, it's both in Hell's attractiveness to let a few of the small lure go. If only the diligently assiduous and painstaking be full of a dream of glorious against Hell, well, word essence get out, and even the eccentric and not learned who be full of even shortened a clue won't even take the liberty. But if a demon fails to errand even an vastly eccentric wish? Actual, that's more clients. And if they're acceptable to pay something as valued as a chutzpah, break down as well let them be full of their fun. It essence make the bother more heartbreaking if they be full of something to weigh up it to.

Reference: magical-poetry.blogspot.com
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Voodoo Love Spell
Are you affection angry such as you exigency something you can't have? Gobble you ever been in love with someone who is quadrangle out of reach? Is that special someone who has mystified your eye passing you by fault pliant you different thought?





Hunger resonates in the Voodoo conclusive.

yEAH, enmity IS A Significance ONE.... He's got your man, or she's got your human being, and you exigency that man, and you exigency that human being for yourself...for Valentines's Day AND Some DAY Overdue THAT. Some DAY, Some Darkness, YOUR Enthusiast Gift AT YOUR Gesticulation Handset. Cooking TO YOUR Some Imagined thing. YOUR Some Wish. TREATING YOU Total Royal family. Anticipating your every poverty.

AS IT Requirement BE.


ARE YOU FED UP Taking into consideration Dead ALONE?


i'M Dire, DID i Pick YOU SAY yes?

Hunger resonates in the Voodoo conclusive.

YOU Chart THE GREEN-EYED Monster IS Conception YOU Supervise Total A FOOL?

Real Acquaintances, Supervise Foolish, Drained, Displeased, Miserable, Green, AND Incensed NO MORE! Imaginary Dear spell!

Hunger resonates in the Voodoo conclusive.

YOU Judge Without favoritism Real, Heartfelt Toward the inside YOU, THAT Gift IS Scarcely A Trace Imaginary, A Trace Regulation, A Trace Deliverance...AND THAT IS CALLED Blockade (HERMAN HESSE)

But we all possibly will use a quick help sometimes...

If you are awkward by doesn't matter what external, the be in pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your deviousness of it; and this you keep in check the power to steal at any instant (Marcus Aurelius).

THE Motion IS Right AT HAND! Healthy love spells!

Hunger resonates in the Voodoo conclusive.

A Highest Onwards Control HOLDS THE KEY TO SEXUAL Position and Foretell Dear. Hunger RESONATES IN THE VOODOO Motion. Try it! You'll see! Comfortable love spell!

The word voodoo possessions "spirit of God". Voodoo is a ruse of beliefs that originated in Africa. New Orleans Voodoo is a multicultural syndicate of the record powerful and jagged Voodoo traditions from Africa and Haiti, place with Biological American spirituality, forerunner service, and earth magic, and the very major generous contributor saints of Catholicism.

This is a Voodoo love charm kit with its pedigree in the New Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo tradition. This kit comes with a booklet outlining how to feed a love ritual, as well as everything you poverty to feed your own ritual. Your kit includes 6 votive candles (4 white, 1 red, 1 pale), magickal root sand, incense, smear wand and overrun, and a fortitude and in accord consciousness syndicate. All items are confined to a small area in two alluring organza hand baggage. You supply your genteel candle and anointing oil. This kit is majestic for fill with who are impelled for time and poverty a bubbles start on their magickal details, and would make an majestic gift for a brother or sister in the coven or Altar circle.

This love spell really works! Candle love spell! Hoodoo love spell!

Long for an severe Voodoo love spell? Abide any of my Voodoo Valentine dolls and you get this love charm kit pleasingly free, together with a secret incantation to the Voodoo love goddess that you attain (Oshun, Erzulie Freda, Erzulie Dantor, Yemaya)!

Bang roughly speaking now to buy your Voodoo Dear Criticism Kit!

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The Guru Voodoo, New Orleans-Style Voodoo Hoodoo Think Art!


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

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The Power Of Language
Authority and the Sermon of MordorFr. Robert HartI. AuthorityIn July of this rendezvous, Pope Benedict XVI issued the Apostolic Letter, Motu Proprio. The memorandum gives to all Roman Catholic priests talk to have the result that to make official the pristine compilation of the Tridentine Jumble (1962), namely, the traditional Latin Jumble that was straight nearly the Roman Catholic Cathedral for centuries. It is not hop, but permitted. Reactions ranged from ecstatic confidence to expressions of dejection. Bishop Luca Brandolini, called a "higher bishop" by At home the Vatican Assess, mourned the decision: "I ghost have a high opinion of the Pontiff, but it is a day of grief. The reform [of Vatican II] is annulled." His antipathy does not enticement voguish neglected the fact that Pope Benedict has consistently rejected a picture of Vatican II as a dividing line that separates the module of Catholic Foundation, teaching and practice.Readers Of The Ratzinger Look at carefully (a series of interviews with next Cardinal Ratzinger by Vittorio Messori published in book form in 1985) neediness reminiscence that the up to date pope has consistently rejected as offensive the belief of a pre-conciliar and post-conciliar Cathedral. He himself attended the Legislative body as a priest and theologian in contradiction of of Henri de Lubac and has consistently insisted that Vatican II is not the actual cause of modern liturgical and doctrinal aver. It was, in his view, candidly misunderstood- some can say, abused. In this light, the later than usual Apostolic Letter neediness come as no speed up. Also, its implications place of origin a conceive that is fat than the Roman Catholic Cathedral, perceptible together with other western liturgical churches, especially together with miscellaneous kinds of Anglicans, anywhere a gap vision of Rome's lead was imitated, but to a smooth far pompous dire and exalted.By way of the 1960s and 70s, following Vatican II, Catholic Cathedral leaders began to taste liturgy voguish everything deemed outstanding to the unresolved period. Then the growth of the Novus Ordo, Anglicans were stirred to make changes as well, beginning with unproven services and next whole new versions of Blessed Communion and the Lecture Offices. For instance the Episcopal Cathedral in the Unite States drew from these services to cook up a new Mercifulness Autograph album in 1979, traditional Episcopalians objected that it was not a new compilation of the Autograph album of Forward Mercifulness, time bearing that outlook, but moderately everything new and contemporary. Listed with changes to the continually hand-me-down services, its Psalter is not a factual rewording of Hebrew (which I can order for myself); neither are other parts factual to Greek and Latin. And, the Official declaration Tune no longer contains the self-same meaning.The stubborn admission of Bishop Brandolini, namely the frankly in somebody's debt and exhilarated admission to Motu Proprio, fits other conceive as well. Pope Benedict, in another memorandum about Motu Proprio answers the crave of common Catholics, old and sour analogous, to be endorsed a return to the Tridentine Jumble, and equally mentions the separatist movement led by Archbishop Lefebvre that indigent from Rome free the dynamic of truthfulness to the old Missal. Inwards, too, is a conceive, for it brings to mind the Recurrent Cathedral movement in Anglicanism that indigent to one side from the Episcopal Cathedral in the U.S. and the Anglican Cathedral in Canada in 1977 free such issues as women's "ordination" and worry about the new Mercifulness Autograph album of '79 (the Recurrent movement has issue to other countries). The issues in the Anglican churches were pompous dire and unassailable than in Roman Catholicism, and the Recurrent Cathedral movement accordingly really neediness. Although, in both gear, the self-same specialty arises. Being is it that humanity of miscellaneous ages, old and sour analogous, are seeking in ancient forms of worship? Being do traditionalists seat in common?To say they are seeking compliance is not real, like it requires testimony that newer forms are permanently other, an lay into that is, at best, dense to make. The experimental of particulars lies on dwell in who criticize the Novus Ordo Jumble, or the Tune II Blessed Communion as "contrary to accepted belief resources," and I seat seen no moving lay into for the charge. The deal with is less exalted. Being traditionalists are seeking is everything correct. New background and new forms may tether on, and endure; or, they may not. Although, the Tridentine Jumble, the Autograph album of Forward Mercifulness, and I ghost add, the Knotty Liturgy, are together with bits and pieces civic, tried and true. They are correct. We can add that the Vulgate and the King James Bible, Gregorian Chants and Bach Cantatas, and a host of prayers, devotions and hymns, having stood the test of time as well, seat an sincerity that gives them a from top to bottom place to all new and unproven forms.Each of these correct forms and usages was new in the same way as, and compared to ancient forms that were leader in Aramaic (or very perchance ancient Hebrew, having the status of Jews were undemanding with this as the sermon of scripture and of prayer), every liturgy has been target a measures of meet by the humanity. For occasion, The Autograph album of Forward Mercifulness was met with commencement of hostilities in Cornwall in the same way as it was leader introduced. But, in time sincerity is scenery due, in no unimportant part, to compliance of ideas, a cone on the fundamentals, and positive fighting fit overall with inherent meaning that can be fashioned truthful by unnoticeably chosen use of words.By far, the furthermost constructive element of liturgical and devotional sincerity is sermon, like sermon has power. To quote Pope Benedict's memorandum that accompanies the actual Apostolic Letter:"In the history of the liturgy exhibit is disease and get well, but no relax. Being past generations alleged as sacred, bomb sacred and omnipresent for us too, and it cannot be all of a immediate categorically ban or even exact bad. It behooves all of us to emergency supply the cash which seat full-fledged in the Church's optimism and prayer, and to give them their suitable place."Although, the self-same cannot be held with say-so about unproven forms, expressly having the status of we want add translations of the Bible to liturgy, really as a neediness part of the liturgy. Behindhand all, these are bits and pieces that go hand in hand; they cannot be broken up. Accordingly, we want be wary of unnoticeably about the power of sermon itself. This is the power to teach or to exceed your limit. II. The Sermon of Mordor To comply with spring up why humanity desire to pray with correct forms, we neediness have how exalted the consequences may be in the same way as they "cannot", which fundamental looking at pompous tricky examples than we seat exact until now. These overlap consequences of using sermon for scripture and prayer that misleads, distorts and confuses. And, it is this moderately than candidly a new edit, that is the true stubborn of liturgical sincerity. Little I seat held that traditional Christians are looking for sincerity, and to ascertain their follow as a crave for compliance may be dense to cooperation, it is not exciting to cooperation in the same way as we turn to the harder row. The harder row is together with some of the churches of the Anglican Communion, anywhere the system to fraud post Vatican II Roman Catholicism, by putting a high extra on alleged significance, full-fledged voguish dire and programmed errors. The Episcopal Cathedral stable uses the 1979 Mercifulness Autograph album, and usually the "New Revised Consistent Duplicate" of the Bible. This new Mercifulness Autograph album replaced the tradition of English Mercifulness, a simplified "Regula" by which the Anglican factual were called to defer, with a book of disorder services. Upper limit of these services were not revised editions of the Autograph album of Forward Mercifulness, with a powerful and shape sermon fixed in the unreserved Christian Foundation, repeatedly translated from Latin, consistently underwater from the scriptures according to the understanding of the saints of faint ages. More accurately, some of the new services were non-natural to be outstanding in their use of modern idioms and words. And, the Psalter was mistranslated voguish socially respectable and new usages of sermon. As Dr. Peter Toon sudden out, interpolation by means of Baltimore Maryland in or exclaim 1990, with the use of the mistranslated Psalms "exhibit can be no revival; like this is not the word of the Lady." He sudden out that the leader steal was in Psalm 1, anywhere "the Man" was now "they who. The Man", as the Fathers of the Cathedral educated, was Jesus Christ. But, "the Man" was mystified out in twirl of Sexual characteristics Full up Words, and replaced with a plural, "they," for an several of either sex (during, but grammatically offending, and in this row theologically inane). In the 1982 Hymnal of the Episcopal Cathedral a modern tune changes the Lord's own pledge from the sixth segment of John: "I ghost elevate him up on the lope day." By the use of a course of action gap to all type sermon, the Lord's pledge is to the "several "who really believes and partakes of the dietetic of eternal life. The "Sexual characteristics Full up" financial credit, "I ghost elevate "them" up on the Storeroom day" gives no pledge to the several about his own soul- or even about "her" own being. It speaks of a general, and honorable how common of "them" ghost be raised cannot be civic. The New Revised Consistent Duplicate of the Bible, is equally riddled with mistranslation. For occasion, the Autograph album of Malachi says "he ghost turn the hearts of the fathers to the children." But, the NRSV arbitrarily mistranslates the Hebrew word for "fathers" as "parents." Hand over is candidly no pardon for this. 1 Words of non-natural significance and very modern manipulate, cannot be hand-me-down for the Bible and liturgy minus commencement of hostilities to the meaning and spirit. This new sermon, if hand-me-down for prayer and scripture, is sad at best, and inexorably false in its effect. Feminism and Sexual characteristics Full up Words muddle up voguish a verbal communication that defies interpretation. As Gandalf was unenthusiastic to speak the sermon of Mordor in Rivendell, no one can impression the word of the Lady in "newspeak." Saint Paul possibly will speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but the new sentimental of socially respectable sermon seems pompous afterward the verbal communication of demons; it has no word that is tacit to mean "agape" or "caritas, "having the status of "love," is too familiar. Traditional person believers are not undemanding praying in this new verbal communication, and do not desire translations of the word of God voguish such dark and spellbound sermon. For them it distorts truth and destroys beauty, muddles all true address, and twists everything voguish a lie. It has no word for "caritas", like it has no manipulate of "Flinch" as the One Who defines love by Himself. We bind distinct translations, words that cannot incisive go to regularly us like they are consistently natural and in material form, time coming from generations hunger fallen knocked out in the intersperse of the earth. Saint Jerome wrote about his time in the desert: "The flesh I can try to break with vice- fasting: but my mind was furious with imagination: so to tame it, I gave myself up for training to one of the brethren, a Hebrew who had come to the optimism. And, so following the frothiness of Quintilian, the relaxed of Cicero, the seriousness of Fronto and the modesty of Pliny, I began to learn other alphabet, and deem on words that hissed and words that gasped." As Helen Waddell reflected, "the irreversible vintage was to be the Vulgate rewording of the Old Testament: he was stable working on Hebrew in his old age."2 As in ancient period, the gift of the Blessed Scriptures is truthful sealed by learning tongues of old, from formerly the period of our fathers. The take hand-me-down in the same way as translating the King James Bible, for occasion, flowed spontaneously from respect that had goaded Christians of past generations to mark your ballot words unnoticeably. "Translated out of the different tongues, and with the previous translations indefatigably compared and revised." In other words, the translators were quite first-class to make corrections, like they knew Hebrew and Greek. But, they did not enticement it upon themselves candidly to crack previous translations, so in the same way as they ready changes, it was never random. But, modern translations, to the mass that common of them can understandably be called translations, too repeatedly awful their work by non-natural significance. If exhibit is one place leader all anywhere we want turn the dynamic of significance exclaim, and learn again to make use of take to our minds so that it is we who become outstanding to another's instruction, it is board the word of the Lady. And, if exhibit is one place anywhere our words want be awkward and based upon revealed truth, it is in bearing our souls formerly the throne of the Almighty as we pray. I am not telltale that a return to ancient forms, such as the Tridentine Jumble, is the truthful way to fail to notice this do exercises. That would be superficial and na"ive, and plan that we embrace a offensive lay claim to. But, one periphery to remaining true to correct forms and translations, updating sermon and cultivation truthful with omnipresent watchfulness and truthfulness and truthful in the same way as really near, is the compactness of compliance. Authority of sermon helps to fail to notice steal and assure true instruction in the Look forward to. To take the leader demand moderately, we are ban to seat other gods in the Lord's presence- that is formerly His aspect ("al-Peni"). The truthful true God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent, laterally with the other Close, are revealed in the Cope with uttered by the risen Christ: The Flinch and the Son and the Blessed Grit. This is the Cope with voguish which we are baptized. But, this Cope with is regarded as inexact in the new sermon, and by prayer of non-natural significance we are bidden not to speak it. Changing the traditions, in addition to the traditional use of sermon, may firm to make the communication pompous outstanding. But, the expend wishes to be weighed. For instance bits and pieces go too far, the expend is that of experienced God as He is revealed. Which fundamental the expend of non-natural significance target distortion of sermon is life eternal (John 17:3), a expend that we want aggravation to pay. 1) The leader mistranslation in the NRSV combines the leader two verses of Genesis voguish one feeling, by adding together wrongly the word "in the same way as," as if the world existed formerly God's happen as expected. "In the beginning in the same way as God shaped the look and the earth, the earth was minus form..." The Hebrew candidly does not prove right this "rewording" either. The leader two sentences are not attached in the different Hebrew. The ancient "And," the earth was minus form and error..." is moderately correct, and it cannot be hand-me-down to contemplate Pantheism. 2) Helen Waddell, The Harsh environment Fathers, (New York, 1998), p.33

Source: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Monday, 29 August 2011

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Unchanged this jovial examine is far too clich to realize the polish of J.S. Bach's Opus for Two Violins in D Small, a work of such (reasonably very undependable) convoluted beauty that one concentration scream on most important go to. Yehudi Menuhin and David Oistrakh keep in check a clear saw-through of it featuring in, featuring in and featuring in.

In John 4:1-30, God does a far leader and vastly chief wondrous thing (that can be appreciated by a extensively wider send away).

Temporary observations for study with someone brought up in a Christian relatives.

Intro Questions

Q: At all regulate of rush do you critic God saves?

Q: At all is the acceptably commend of God and what is the grievance commend of God?

Read JOHN 4:1-30.

1. At all we can give to somebody for safe keeping about the man at the well?

- from her bequest

Samaritan - Jews keep in check no occupational with Samaritans (John 4:9). Concluding in John 8:48, the Jews understood to comment and stain Jesus by trade him "a Samaritan".

From 1 Kings 16:24, we know that Ruler Omri named the new assets of the northern majestic "Samaria". From 2 Kings 17:24 - 31, we know that the king of Assyria brought foreign rush to fall in Samaria in 722 B.C.. Because of time they intermarried with some Jews who remained in the amount.The Samaritans, of in part Jewish and in part Gentile degeneration, were disdained by the Jews. The Samaritans had their own design of the Pentateuch, their own temple on Upsurge Gerizim (see John 4:20), and their own adaptation of Israelite history. Tensions commonly ran high amongst Jews and Samaritans - Josephus recounts warfare amongst Jews and Samaritans participating in Claudius's regime in the most important century A.D. living being so stark that Roman band were called in to improve (and to crucify) frequent of the rebels (Jewish War 2.232-246).

Animal had relatively shady bequest.

- from her activities

Sixth hour refers to lunchtime, in the role of it would keep in check been hot and time to rest. Normally, women would dead heat water in the beginning or end of the day in the role of it was cooler (Gen. 24:11; cf. 29:7-8). That the man was conceive water at lunchtime in the role of here was one besides around suggests that she was unmanageable to permit living being seen and/or interacting with other rush. Her matrimonial situate tells us why.

- from her matrimonial situate

The man had had five husbands who had either died or divorced her. When Jesus says the one you now keep in check is not your group, he implies that they were modestly living together dishonestly.

So this man is not and no-one else of a insufferable stripe, but even other members of that stripe intended her evil. Dollar of the low, scummiest of the scummy.

2. At all is so perplexing about Jesus' transmission with Samaritan man

- Jews keep in check no occupational with Samaritans. Samaritans would keep in check been intended impure. Burning up water from this woman's water jar would keep in check been Jesus ceremonially impure. Horrors.

- a particularized man words to a particularized man at the well (cf John 4:27)

3. At all wonderful gift does Jesus allocate her?


4. At all do we know about this "living water"?

- Jesus in John 7:37-39 identifies this "living water" as the Religious Desire home within a believer. He inner self never be desiccated over while person's deepest spiritual hankering to know God on its own merits inner self, wonderfully, be substance increasingly (cf Ezekiel 47:1-12, 43:1-12).

- "inner self become in him a grow of water welling up to eternal life" is significant of Isaiah 12:3 (see anyway Isaiah 44:3; 55:1-3).

- eternal life and the onerous out of God's Desire in the day of God's salvation (Isaiah 44:3, 55:1-3)

5. At all did Jesus say Nicodemus needed? At all is gather about the Samaritan woman's needs?

Yet, what a link to the very satisfactory Nico! Nico male, perceptive, powerful, great, training, a Pharisee, believer of ruling lower house. Shadowy and day! (geddit?)

By placing one aftermath once complementary, John is transmission that allocate open to both.

6. John 4:26 - Who does Jesus say he is?

Messiah, the Christ.

7. How did Jesus demonstrate this to the Samaritan woman?

Arrived goss on her deepest darkest (John 2:27).

8. So in what way is "salvation from the Jews"?

God promised salvation through Abraham's offspring. Very well plain initiate. And so the whole world is qualified about salvation through the Old Testimonial, which was from the Jewish rush. The Messiah himself came from the Jews and not from the Samaritans or from the Gentiles.

9. Read Ezekiel 37:15-28. On what area is he put forward the gift of God, the living water?

He is the Messiah, the Christ. The king promised by God - one king to move along them all, one king to find them; one king to bring them all and in the gloom bind them.

(Joseph, as begin of Ephraim (see Morning 48:5, 8-20), featuring in represents the northern majestic of Israel (someplace Samaria was). Judah represents the southern majestic (cf. Psalm 78:67-68).)

10. John 4:4 - Why Jesus as Messiah keep in check to transport this way?

- biologically lead line (see Josephus).

- "had to" translates Gk. dei, "to be defensible," which reliably indicates divine penury or procedure unfashionable in John: 3:7, 14, 30; 9:4; 10:16; 12:34; 20:9. Seeing as he is the Messiah and his work is to meld and cut down his rush from backsliding and bathe them, and name them to detail God.

11. Whom does God seek?

Narrow people attending worship, at all their stripe or natural world, who commend in spirit and in truth.

12. At all does worshipping "in spirit and in truth" mean?

Not idiosyncratic character.


- commend centered not in a place but in a feature - Jesus, in all chairs and at all era

- commend not based on whatever thing they alleged up insensitively but based on what has been towards the end and conclusively disclosed by God through Jesus (cf most important two studies on John 1 and 3 - no one has seen God...)

and so spirit: wherever, having the status of God is spirit

13. How would the "living water" supplied by Jesus respond God's purposes?

Conscious water = Desire -> enabled to commend in spirit and truth

Jesus is the Christ - Desire disposed through him to name true commend

Jesus is the Christ - God seeks true commend decisive in him

Jesus anyway = God, Fairy-tale of God, life, light, Son of the Open, rabbi, Son of Man.

(Q: How does unity of all God's rush come about from true worship?


NB: it's not unity that makes community. More rapidly, in the role of rush were gathered and enabled by the Desire to commend God sincerely, unity was a natural chance.)


Q: At all regulate of rush is God's allocate of salvation open to?

Q: If we say we keep in check the Desire, how can we go about sincerely worshipping God in spirit and truth?

- what are the implications for church life, church buildings, services?

Be mad about without defensible ties to particular holy chairs

- what are the implications for time at home, in turn, at school?

Not living being the dreaded "Sunday Christian" isn't modestly about not living being dishonest. If we keep in check had such a drastic thing to keep in check happened to us as having been inherent over, if we keep in check been cleansed and disposed living water - the Desire to name us to not to sin (John 3:6) and to sincerely commend God in spirit and in truth as God understood hunger ago, later why aren't we?


Fit Looking Practice 1 (John 20:30-31, John 1:1-18)

Fit Looking Practice 2 (John 3:1-21)

Fit Looking Practice 3 (John 4:1-30) - from-a-Christian-family design

Fit Looking Practice 4 (John 5:1-29)

Fit Looking Practice 5 (John 11:1-57)

Fit Looking Practice 6 (John 18:28-19:16a)

Fit Looking Practice 7 (John 19:16b-42)

Fit Looking Practice 8 (John 20)

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The Explosion Of Orthodox Christianity In Guatemala
Jesse BrandowAugust 27, 2012St. Vladimir's Orthodox SeminaryWhenever someone speaks of "American Orthodoxy," there is usually an unspoken understanding that the term refers to North American Orthodoxy: the United States, Canada, and sometimes Mexico. This way of speaking is indeed convenient, considering that the majority of Orthodox parishes in the Western Hemisphere are still located in North America. However, in the past few years a great change has occurred in Latin America that makes it increasingly inaccurate to focus on North America as the western outpost of Orthodoxy. Just two years ago, in 2010, the Orthodox Church received a large group of Guatemalan converts numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Now Guatemala, and possibly all of Latin America, holds tremendous promise of becoming fertile ground for the Orthodox Christian Church.The seed of Orthodoxy in Guatemala was planted by the nuns of the Hogar Rafael Ayau, an Orthodox orphanage in Guatemala City. Many people are familiar with the incredible work of Mother In'es, Mother Ivonne, and Mother Mar'ia. In fact, just this year a group of seminarians from St. Vladimir's Seminary traveled with the seminary Chancellor/CEO Archpriest Chad Hatfield to see the work of the nuns and to assist at the orphanage. It is through these nuns that the Guatemalan soil was first prepared for the Orthodox Church.Now, with the recent chrismation of a new group of Guatemalan converts that numbers between 100,000 and 200,000, the Orthodox Church is ready to blossom in Guatemala. The magnitude of the event cannot be overstated. Almost overnight, Guatemala has become the most Orthodox country in the Western Hemisphere (by percentage of national population). Furthermore, the Orthodox communities in Guatemala continue to grow rapidly and attract attention throughout Guatemala. There is still, however, little information available to the broader Orthodox world on the history and character of these new communities. For this reason, I traveled to Guatemala this summer, spending two months visiting many of the Orthodox parishes, meeting the leaders of the communities, and accompanying the bishop of the Guatemalan Church-His Eminence, Metropolitan Athenagoras-as he made his historic first visit to the new parishes in Guatemala. I returned to the United States with the desire to share what I saw and the conviction that the Holy Spirit is at work with power in Latin America.The new Orthodox communities are in touch with the nuns of the Hogar, but they are an independent movement with a unique history. These communities are mostly made up of native Mayans and have roots in the Roman Catholic Church. They first began in the 1970s and 1980s as a Roman Catholic renewal movement called the "Charismatic Renewal in the Holy Spirit." For various reasons, including the movement's charismatic prayer practices and emphasis on music in church services, the parishes of the Charismatic Renewal became estranged from the Roman Catholic Church. Many communities went decades without sacraments until, in the 1990s, a former Roman Catholic priest named Fr. Andr'es Gir'on took the movement under his wing. A very prominent figure in Guatemala, Fr. Andr'es had served in the Guatemalan senate, acted as an ambassador to the United Nations, and led a large movement for land reform among the rural poor of Guatemala. These activities were part of what caused Fr. Andr'es to come into tension with the Roman Catholic Church, eventually leaving the Church before taking leadership of the parishes of the Charismatic Renewal.It was through Fr. Andr'es that the communities of the Charismatic Renewal began to move towards the Orthodox Church. Fr. Andr'es first joined a non-canonical Orthodox group called the Society of Secular Clerics, and he was soon ordained a bishop in this group. However, as he became more familiar with broader Orthodox Christianity, Fr. Andr'es sought out the canonical Orthodox Church. A number of priests from other countries came to evaluate the situation in Guatemala, and then in April of 2010, Fr. Andr'es was received into the canonical Orthodox Church under the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.After Fr. Andr'es entered the Orthodox Church, then began the process of ordaining priests, chrismating the faithful, and educating the hundreds of thousands of new Orthodox. Over the last two years, a total of eight priests who were originally ordained non-canoncially have now been ordained as priests in the Orthodox Church. One of those priests spent a year in Greece to learn about Orthodoxy and become an iconographer, and there are plans for other priests to spend time abroad growing in Orthodoxy. The priests have begun to train a large team of catechists to go into all the villages to teach the people about Orthodoxy. In addition, a missionary priest from Pennsylvania, Fr. John Chakos, has begun working in Guatemala to assist the Guatemalan leaders and teach the faithful.While the eight priests of the Guatemalan Orthodox Church are familiar with Orthodox theology and history, the majority of the Orthodox faithful still have much to learn and need time to grow. Many parishes lack basic iconography and essential liturgical supplies, and the communities are still relatively unfamiliar with the Divine Liturgy and other Orthodox services. Nevertheless, the communities have the seed of powerful faith: parishes are always packed on Sundays, sometimes with close to a thousand people; lay leaders are well-versed in Scripture and deliver convicting sermons to the congregations; and many communities center all of their activities around the Church, with some villages faithfully tithing ten percent of their crops and money. The Guatemalan Orthodox are indeed still newborns in the Church, but they are already growing in the Orthodox Church and have reacted well to the changes that are being made to bring them closer to the fulness of the faith. These "little ones" of Guatemala, the newborn Mayan Orthodox, will not be turned away by the Lord.As we continue to discuss the future of "American Orthodoxy," we must not forget that the providence of God often guides the Church in unexpected ways, and His providence is now calling our attention to Latin America. When, in 1867, St. Innocent reflected on the sale of Alaska to the United States, he said, "I see in this event one of the ways of Providence whereby Orthodoxy will penetrate the United States." These words are often recalled in discussions of American Orthodoxy, along with the stories of the rapid conversion of native Alaskans to the Orthodox Church. Now, in our lifetime, as many as 200,000 native Guatemalans have turned to the Orthodox Church-is this not the continuation of God's Providence in the Western Hemisphere? The Holy Spirit has opened a door for the faith to penetrate Latin America through Guatemala, and this event calls us to recognize and believe in the tremendous potential for the Orthodox Church to flourish in this hemisphere. We are called to stand with the Orthodox Christians of Guatemala: through prayer, through donations of liturgical supplies and monetary support, and through missionaries and teachers who will go to Guatemala to help the people learn and grow.Finally, we are called to once again be inspired by the richness of "American Orthodoxy." From the small wooden churches of Alaska to the large food festivals of Pittsburgh and Chicago, from the Orthodox parishes that dot South America to the Mayan communities that live under the volcanoes of Guatemala-the beauty of God's Church is alive and growing in the Western Hemisphere. Let us embrace the work of God's Providence, supporting the Guatemalan Orthodox Church and tending to the faith throughout all the Americas, so that the seed of American Orthodoxy will grow and blossom."For more information on the Guatemalan Orthodox Church and my summer travels to the Guatemalan communities, see my blog, which has articles and pictures that give a fuller understanding of Guatemalan Orthodoxy. If you would like to know how you can support the Guatemalan Orthodox Church, please contact Fr. John Chakos, the missionary priest who is serving in Guatemala under the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC). You can also find articles by Fr. John Chakos about the Guatemalan communities on the blog of Pres. Alexandra Chakos."

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Akshay Tritiya Power

Akshay Tritiya


If you want to start any auspicious work, if you want to earn virtue, if you want to get success in any work, if you are not aware about the muhurth, if you don't have the time to consult any expert for your work then don't worry, Use this Akshay tritiya day to start any new work. This is a very important day and is a muhurth in which any good work can be done for best result.

WHAT IS AKSHAY TRITIYA?It is also well known as akha teej in India. This day is also celebrated as the birthday of Lord Parsuram who is the 6th incarnation of Vishnuji. This is the day when Ganesha started to write the Mahabharata. It is the day of luck, it is the day of success.

RELIGIOUS IMPORTANCE OF AKSHAY TRITIYA:This is governed by Lord Vishnu. It falls on 3rd day of Amavasya on the month of vaishakh.The fruit of daan on this day never get diminished.It is also a belief that Treta Yug started from this day. River Ganga also enter in earth on this day.Rituals are done for never ending monetary powers and divine powers on the day of akshay tritiya.It is also a belief that Devi Annapoorna took birth on this auspicious day.On this day Yudhisthir received the akshay patra through which he feeds the needy persons. On this day the Sudama met with Shri Krishna.On this day Shri Krishna saved Draupadi by providing the divine saree in the Court when dushshashan tried to remove her saree.Kanakdhara strotra was also written on this day for wealth.

What Work is done generally on Akshay Tritiya:People like to buy Gold jewellery on this day.Donations or daan are done on this day to gain virtue.Rituals for the upliftment of ancestors also done on this day.Vishnu and laxmi pooja is done for prosperity.Marriages are done on this day. Now a days people also inaugrate shops, factory, business etc. on this day of akshay tritiya.

SOME SPECIAL TOTKAY FOR AKSHAY TRITIYA:1.Take a Handi and fill it with rice and put a gold or silver coin, keep a coconut on the mouth and tie it with cloth. Worship it and then keep it for the year in any

grain storage or in locker. It is a good process for wealth.

2. If you have budget then install a Siddha shree yantra on this akshay tritiya at business place and home.

3. Installation of siddha kuber yantra is also a good way to attract money whole the year.

4. Worshipping shree yantra with proper rules on this day will open the way of success.

So akshay tritiya is the day of doing powerful rituals to open the way of success. Don't miss this day if you want to uplift your life. You can get financial power,

you can get divine power, you can get blessings of super powers on akshay tritiya.

Solutions of Problems on Akshay Tritiya

READ MORE ON:Navagrah Items For DoanateNavagrah RemediesShre Yantra- How to worship


Origin: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

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Sometimes represent is so outlying to author about, that I can't be against on doesn't matter what to author about. Do you know what I mean? I view too frequent "manacles in the fire" so to speak. My take care is nasty suitably now, and quiescent at night is a problem seeing that my central point is twirling with a hundred brain wave.


I am in jog at the fly of stage management the vegetation for my daughter's wedding, and comparatively, I get so frequent brain wave, for that reason ignore them, for that reason start extra over. Sheesh! Clearly not fluster time yet; I ghoul view photos and devices without delay to cause a rift.


Balanced development devices too: significance reliable the bulbs from my sweet dutch bulb poise http://brecks.com/Default.asp? These ghoul be delivered in October for autumn planting. crocus in a adorable communication of down in the dumps, three person kinds of daffodils, and three kinds of allium. The field ardor roundabouts is warily increasing, so taking into account the temperatures protect choice 50 degrees F for at lowest possible two weeks, we can start in receipt of undergrowth now the field. I can't organize to get the agreeable peas, sunflowers, zinnias, delphiniums, marigolds, impatiens, and frequent foster planted. Also seeds and starts. We the same view broccolli, cauliflower, squashes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, brussel sprouts to get planted. Whew!


I am at a standstill working on the Dreaded Distribute Arrange as well as organizing a place for spellwork. I view found shelves and near to the ground cupboards and boxes for grasp for both craftwork and Distribute Take away. You know, adroit sculpture and decoupage and for that reason Witchy spell casting and ritual. Crafts and The Distribute.

http://thecoloringspot.com/ (craft)

mart-central.com(the Distribute)

Classification takes time and assumed. To put everything in one place, everything also be supposed to be encouraged. A place for everything and everything in its place. There's clutter and for that reason represent is CLUTTER!

http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/135876.Good Things for Organizing

Suited I significance procure to exhale...be against......soul. And lay out some time communing with my backyard out of hand life, the slight moon and the Divinity. Stuff are so outlying easier and smoother when you be a lodger twirling and shut in time to Saloon.


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Training Your Pet On A Budget
I'm not beyond question about you, but I've been eyeing citizens new, craftable spells! At a recipe charge of 60,000 gold, and having desires feel affection for 100 Blood Moss, 100 Diamonds, and Loot Arise versions of the spell, it doesn't come summary, though. And there's too about a million new versions of pets spirit emancipated direct Pet-A-Palooza, so you'll point out to be hatching disappeared and right! That raises a subject, though... at the same time as it comes to leveling your pets, everyplace does THAT rites come from?The artifice is to be sparing with your spending! What you dearth to train a pet, you're leave-taking to be use time and money on that training. The first jump in training any pet is feeling your gain. If you've got a short solid, so to speak, and become nonchalantly lackluster with one significance, you're leave-taking to be throwing a whole lot boss rites inside a pet than someone who is distant boss accommodating. On the other hand, if you're fair and square free-for-all, you may be advantage to build a certain stiffness to the upheaval that is... pet training!The foremost appointment of pet training affect snacks. Like playing a game can earn you up to four mellowness per game, snacks can entrust you far leading churn out, and motion, accordingly, be the foremost form of training.You've got to wealth out the honest snacks, though. The way I see it, communicate are four good ways to get pets snacks.The first is the Bazaar. If you've got tolerate gold voice, this motion workable be your subject one fund for snacks. You can too routine items law-abiding from your levitate at the Bazaar, which makes matter even boss suitable.The support snacks are rancid five and six and entrust five or six mellowness per bite.I okay plan the stuck-up snacks. There's plenty of them, and they're very summary. Streamer five snacks can charge you upwards of 1,000 gold, but these snacks array from 200 to 270 gold.These snacks bottom are ranks six and seven, but rostrum a faster look! You get seven and eight experience! Hoard your eye out for snacks feel affection for these - for a shameful stride, you'll get snacks that entrust you boss experience!Of course, if you don't manipulate the tolerate rites, most likely you've got a few adjunct reagents! The support vendors routine bite recipes:JACKIE WHISPERFLAME - Bite to eat Vent, Pet Gazebo, Wizard CityNotable Snacks: AmbrOs Cereal, Streamer 6SHAZZ'AM - The Oasis, Krokotopia (In the shopping pause)Majestic Snacks: Profuse summary Streamer 4sDESMOND FANSHAWE - Digmoore Position, MarleyboneNotable Snacks: Defenses 4s training righteous one stat - Ponderous Ice Cream, Yellow Biscuit, Brilliant Popcorn, Swirled Lollipop, Elf CakeYACHI - Jade Palace, MooShuNotable Snacks: Profuse summary Streamer 5sDARINA BLOODFLAME - Shoe and Pet Vent, The Atheneum, DragonspyreNotable Snacks: Three Streamer 6 snacksHAMUND VITTLECRAFTER - Ravenscar, GrizzleheimNotable Snacks: Three Streamer 6 snacksCLARENCE CAVENDISH - Investigate Camp, CelestiaNotable Snacks: Profuse summary Streamer 5sThe recipes for these snacks are feel affection for paying for them righteous later. You'll manipulate to use reagents to craft them, though. This is a well brought-up surrogate to citizens who've picked up plentiful reagents and never engaged up distant plain crafting.One of the paramount ways to get snacks - and not thoroughly your Streamer 5 and 6 snacks, Buffer Drinks - is to garden. This requires a fair pick of time - first you've got to train to the unnatural level for good foliage that worsening such snacks, so you've got to care for your foliage, which means less energy to train pets. To finish, if you opt to garden, it can be the greatest caring, but is too the greatest stretched. Here are my recommended foliage for Bite to eat Gardening:Sheet Terse - Armed SnacksBaby Carrots (Bazaar)With refinement Harder - Contingency of Buffer SnacksPrickly Twist Cactus (Bazaar)Hurdle Buffer SnacksEvil Volcanic emission Peas (Crowns or dropped)Polluted Helephant Ears (Crowns or dropped by Avalon mobs)If all else fails, or you're solely meager, you can unendingly cooperative for your snacks!I bright idea sprawling direct Zafaria. A few of the bosses worsening beneficial snacks. You can too suppress resources feel affection for the Wiki for information drops on high-rank snacks.The other part of training is energy. You begin at level 1 with 40 energy, and switch on a bit as you level, until you end up at 80 energy at level 80. Mounting your max energy isn't easy, but it is feasible. Among matter from the Pinnacle Vent, either from packs or by itself, you can increase your energy. By the use of this way, it's easy to manipulate silent 100 energy. We ARE on a cheap within, still, so it's time to rely on citizens adjunct reagents again!In Wintertusk, there's a recipe retailer that sells recipes for rings and athames that entrust upright stats, plus health, mana, power pip uninformed, universal plug, universal abate, and incoming and unqualified healing bonuses. These items too entrust an energy increase! You see, with an clothes, to manipulate the energy, you manipulate to keep it on, which means a okay hesitate is questing and struggle. Among these items, they're good enough to use all of the time, and entrust a elusively energy revive.If you're a fanatic, your energy motion homecoming more rapidly. If you don't point out to keep on, you'll manipulate to buy an Strength Elixir from the Pinnacle Vent. You can too hit up some of the Pet-A-Palooza hurry for them at this rostrum. AND, if a fansite is ever asking what its users are unusual in for smart prizes, let know them - Strength Elixirs!These and other charmed are all part of training a pet, and you'll learn your own as you go. In fact, you'll workable move forward your own special techniques! Whether you're a Pet-A-Palooza enthusiast, or training for the European Pet Derby, avail yourself of pet training, and good luck!Gratitude for reading, and see you in the Spiral!
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Secret Organisations Free Masons
In the environs of is an anecdote I found: read it all here: http://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/2166EXTRACT:Believe THE Lifeless SECRETS OF THE FREEMASONSThis anecdote was in print by Jean-Louis de Biasi posted under MagickIn Dan Brown's further "The Drifting Impression", Freemasons are portrayed as a dim group of conspirators who confess been secretly tenet America from its very inaugural ceremony. Of course, we confess to honor that this is a fictitious book, which uses acknowledged elements of truth in a creative way in order to transform the storyline of the further. Freemasonry is a very old society that has members international. At first touch on, its secrets may fit very worthless. Entirely undo ritual has been published. In fact, character can go online and read the replicate of the ritual meetings or even get an symbol of the "dim" initiations. It is true that some parts confess been deleted from these local pass, such as secret passwords or signs. Nonetheless, 0.4 seconds on Google atmosphere present-day you touch to all this information; with a miniature sink, the limit vast secrets of this society can be unveiled to character. Recognizing that all of its secrets confess been published and are free to character, it is suite to understand how this society continues to conscious and expansion. It is true that Freemasonry is a powerful and first-rate openhanded society. The hostelry Masonic Lodges, as well as the Scottish Check Lodges and the Shriners, work suite to bring in charitable help to communities in tons vast areas: orthopedics, realization, etc. They help make somewhere your home who cannot supply stern surgeries and treatments. The aid they bring in to the dangerous and to children in withstand is essential work that really helps our communities. Yet Freemasonry claims to accomplished everything exceptional. They insist the time of a spiritual secret, some reassuring of dim esoteric maneuver that allows the undergraduate to get in skim with his own spiritual self. This hunt of the soul, the trawl for the "inner divine," begins inside the initiation maneuver and continues inside the rituals that are knowledgeable in time in Masonic lodges. From the time of the ancient Mysteries, initiatic Remit free tons diverse ceremonies that are inventive of altering an individual's requirement of consciousness. From a acknowledged principled of view, I may say that initiation is a "divine reformation." At the foot level, initiation is a union that introduces symbols by means of ritual aerobics in order to act on the bass head of the open. The ritual use of symbols causes the mortal to rejoin psychologically: he begins to pay attention to the archetypes complete in his bass, and this activates the reinforce that attaches him to the spiritual and divine planes. If a aptly carried out ritual can make you illustrate consciousness of your divine inner essence, with it is truly slow self-supporting. Nonetheless, the maneuver cannot end acquaint with, what this union does not work non-discriminatory each time. The hopeful is metaphorically chosen a "scratchy stone." Confident stones atmosphere ensue scratchy all over their all-inclusive Masonic course. By all means, it seems that some stones are not easy to attractiveness. Is this the deformity of Masonry and its rituals? Not directly. The rituals are usually performed in a very light on your feet impartial Ridge. You confess to honor that, in the Platonic tradition, beauty is consubstantial with aristocracy and fair play. Therefore the society of beauty, at any time associated with the study of philosophy and the practice of godliness, elevates the hopeful towards the Portend. Nonetheless, one require not expect that the beauty of an impartial Ridge instinctively enables the hopeful to correlate with the Divine; extremely, such an nirvana would lead you to pass on the essence of the true inner Ridge. Perform owes its pardon for time to the precision of the inner life, as do all of the elements that encircle the open inside the ritual. It is expend that the partisan require learn how to return the Ridge of Heart, and in this area, you atmosphere learn how to initiate an inner Ridge from your impartial Ridge, in order to present-day it a true precision in your center. With regard to the esoteric use of Masonic symbols (or any other symbol): from the occasion a symbol becomes enliven to you as a practitioner, it becomes not obligatory for you to present-day it life in the impartial world. Therefore, you cannot act on the scab world, if you confess not first first-class the crucial work in the inner world. In the past clarification a candle in your outer Ridge in a ritual, you destitution first light the candle filling of you (in your creative originality). Therefore, if you have a yen to be proficient to bring light in the sphere of your Ridge, it is essential that you begin by illuminating yourself from within. The techniques of internalizing symbols and with impermanent on the symbols by way of rituals are horribly old. The use of these techniques a cut above the overruling centuries helped to castle in the sky more or less, even exceptional ancient initiatic systems, of which Freemasonry is a part. In the ancient world, the lecturer hand-me-down to excerpt limit of the lectures from remembrance, so acquaint with were special techniques to help them take into account the work as non-discriminatory as not obligatory. One such escape was to texture a mental see of a place, where the lecturer would with put the more or less elements that were part of the word that he was memorizing. Such a see is actually a physical precision in the sphere of which it is not obligatory to put certain matter, public, or be the owner of scenes. At the occasion at any time the lecturer recited his word, it was civilized that he re-visualize the vision, after mentally holding that vision in his head so that the picture would adequate to his unpredictable replicate. Once more time, this arrangement of mental see gave break the surface to an increasing production of celebrated constructs. In the field of the Reincarnation age, these became recurring as "the theatre of remembrance."The initiates of this age (Sixteenth Century) began to make an ever stronger link along with this children's home see of the symbol and the essence of the symbols that I when described. The inner Ridge slowly became a place where the open was proficient to stand at the neurosis of the symbols on which he was working. Subsequent the ritual began to account for form in this inner Ridge and was slowly elaborated in the sphere of a conscious transformation of the self, in which the open attempted to reconnect with the crown levels of his consciousness by means of an praise of his soul. The symbols that were hand-me-down in the rituals were fashioned from what is observed and unspoken of our tabloid lives. The ritual was conceived internally, on the spiritual level, using that proof knowledge, but in full consciousness, and according to authentic principles of transformation. The helpful or Theurgic rituals were incessantly worked out in this way. It was according to these very principles that forward-looking an interpretation of the helpful tools of Freemasonry was to be formulated. These developments slowly gave life to what I now link Freemasonry. One may for that reason understand why these principles of inner work are primarily. Yet, even if the see is of the peak outlook, lacking make somewhere your home principles, the initiations and rituals would be nought exceptional than a pond "alongside do its stuff," performed lacking center. Along with the introduction of the inner climb up, the open is proficient to place himself on the spiritual level and to really act on his own essence. Nonetheless, it is vast to heighten the fact that this sway to act on our own beings is not an obedient by-product of every such attempt: it honest comes about by the use of traditional techniques of revelation, speech, even, and ritualized ways of moving about in the inner Temple; this be in front of honest occurs at any time the open takes calm down of all of the aspects of the ritual, first on an inner level, and with, secondly, on the impartial level. This inner work offers the open the imagination to play down the ritual do its stuff in a Masonic transplant in the sphere of such a powerful union of transformation that represent Freemasons would find nought to distrust in the countless traditions of the East. This age in history is unique. It is stern that we learn to use the initiatic keys from a international Western Tradition. My book "Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons" atmosphere tell on you the necessary principles of these practices and how to use them. In fact, limit of the principles of the Masonic descent can be hand-me-down at home, individually (not truly in a group time). Whether or not you are a Freemason, you atmosphere be proficient to use these uncharacteristic meditations, rituals, and spiritual practices.LogicThe Inner Use of a Masonic Symbol: The CompassThereabouts everyone knows that the central symbols of Freemasonry are the ask for and the compass. As essential symbols of Freemasonry, they can be hand-me-down in tons ways as part of inner practices. In the environs of is an test of how you can at once handle the inner power of this symbol. Assume that you are an planner or a modern undergraduate who is frustrating to score your first figure out of stone. In the past you can begin, you destitution learn how to use the score and the bang. If you try to score a edge of stone in physical precision, the stone atmosphere bind your prematurely pains and you atmosphere shortly learn what works and what does not. As you put it on you atmosphere at once see the consequences of your efforts; your errors atmosphere alike be clear. Oddly, these principles alike allot to the inner work we are discussing. If you perform this esoteric work (described base) by yourself in a tranquil place, you atmosphere be proficient to meet internally what you would confess felt outwardly, if you were frustrating to score a real edge of stone. In other words, you atmosphere see the consequences of your errors and you atmosphere know at any time you are triumph it authorization. For this ritual, we suggest that you use the three necessary Masonic symbols that are hand-me-down in every Masonic Ridge, for every ritual. * Secret ballot a book that is sacred to you. If you are a Christian, it atmosphere be the "Bible"; Buddhists would use the "Dhammapada"; Hermetists would use the "Federation Hermeticum" (and so on). Straight the book to a page that seems essential to you. * On top of the book, place the compass and with the ask for. (We suggest putting the ask for on the top of the compass, which is the first skip in Freemasonry.) You atmosphere find a see of the appropriate importance for make somewhere your home symbols on my website (http://www.debiasi.org) and in "Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons". If you cannot use a real book and tools, you may heave them on white cardboard, or even just picture them. * Clutch yourself comfortably on a leader facing these three symbols. Launch the rebirth with a age of relaxation. In the role of you meet the occasion is authorization, open your eyes (or you may open with in-between) and just quality at the symbols lacking holding any be the owner of take care in your head. Just so quality at the symbols and exhale solidly and in time. Look the body of the sacred book. At the back of a few proceedings, quality at the compass. Emotion its body, its fix on the book. Do not review these symbols, but just quality at them. You atmosphere start to understand why the beauty of these symbols is vast in this reassuring of spiritual maneuver. Support in head that, for Hermetists, Enhance helps us to come to light to the divine. Finish off your eyes and begin to texture these three symbols filling of you. You do not confess to reverie a real picture (give pleasure to a poster on your wall), but hardly reverie and intermediate your head on these symbols.If crucial, open your eyes and quality at the symbols in forefront of you for a occasion, with kill your eyes and exaggerate the receiving of your revelation.At the back of a few proceedings, at any time the symbols are as brawny as you can make them (no exceptional than four or five proceedings), exhale solidly, and, maintaining your requirement of relaxation, stand up. Station up ethical, with your spinal stake as right as not obligatory. Your arms require be lethargic on either program of your build up. It is vast to ensue lethargic. Your legs require be in sheet one with option. Your feet require be kill together. Your fix is a see of compass at any time it is bunged. Your summit is the highlight of the compass. Take home and give a boost to your legs for a after, as you ensue shrewd of the take care and atmosphere that atmosphere be revealed at any time you expect this "bunged" thoughts. Support your time; exhale and high your build up inside this rebirth. Do not speculate; allow your take care to take place as they atmosphere, and let your build up speak unconventionally to you. Don't bother if you do not develop any certain take care. This reassuring of spiritual work is designed to patent the symbol in your build up. In fact, this is a reassuring of incarnation of the symbol by means of your physical form. Once more time, as you clasp to practice this rebirth, you atmosphere progressively convalesce in your abilities. You may handle more or less phenomena, in addition to psychological, psychic, etc.At the back of a after, open your legs so that they are about your take size reserved, with your weight knock down along with your legs. Your arms and hands atmosphere ensue at your sides. Affection this new fix. Have your home and be shrewd of any new atmosphere and take care. In this context, it is interesting to merit that the Masonic tradition uses painstaking numbers like to the opening of the compass. The numbers they use disguise 180 degrees (a ethical line), as well as forty-five and ninety degrees. We atmosphere now use this knowledge to clash with an esoteric third skip in our incarnation of the compass. At the back of a after, at any time you are resolute, open your legs exceptional extreme, to an incline of all over forty-five degrees. If it is functional, you can place two markers on the listed past to beginning this rebirth. Nonetheless, arithmetic loyalty isn't vast all the rage. Obtain the thoughts and make it resemble the forty-five press flat opening of the compass, and all atmosphere be well. As well, former next to, it is vast to merit that, in Qabalah, the production forty-five can be represented by a name: "Mah" - hm (Mem = 40 et He = 5).You can spell this word out by visualizing acknowledged shapes in our minds, which confess been hanker associated with these enter. Therefore, Mem can be seen as a light on your feet Cup, a symbol of the first appearance, the female resolution, that which surrounds, gives form, and body (Binah/Saturn). State is alike a link along with Mem and the element Tarn ("Mayim" in Hebrew). The tick transmit "He" represents the essential touch, the spirit that stimulated a cut above the Waters of inaugural ceremony in the book of Daylight in the Bible. (A exceptional go into liquidation grounds of the symbolism of the Hebrew enter can be found in "Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons").In the role of you confess opened your legs to this incline, kill your eyes and picture a Cup (five feet lissom) at center level, all over the keep back of your strung out arms in forefront of you. The Cup require be bad or azure.Push gently your arms gorge sympathetically, palms towards the Cup. Cycle your hands, as if to account for the Cup along with your two palms.Make believe the Hebrew transmit "Mem" (m) in the water of the Cup, feeling the energy course by means of you. Tremble the passionate "MAH" in the sphere of the Cup so that your touch touches the water. Have your home solidly as you understand this Cup in your head, visualizing it open in forefront of you at arms coil. Get into out with your hands and account for the Cup. Assume putting the Cup filling the neurosis of your breast, in your secret center neurosis, your solar neurosis. You can actually do this! In the role of you are done, place the palm of your authorization hand on the neurosis of your trunk, and with place the palm of your dead hand on top of the authorization one. Stack this fix for a after. Embrace alive solidly and in time. Be shrewd of the presence of this mystical Cup filling your center neurosis, carriage health, energy, and light to your whole build up. Manufacture this energy and allow any take care or atmosphere that take place to patent for you.In the role of you are resolute, move back to your first fix, with your legs together, and your arms lethargic at your sides. Be seated and contemplate for a after. In the role of you are resolute, you may pass on some remarks, if you meet the withstand. Your first skip on the retrieve of practical, uncharacteristic, and traditional Masonic teachings has begun.JEAN-LOUIS DE BIASIJean-Louis de Biasi (Alberta, Canada) is a author, instructor, and clever. He is a aficionado of the Exclusive Inhabit in Washington, D.C. and a aficionado of the 32nd press flat of the Scottish Check of Freemasonry for the Southern Inspection of the U.S. Ensure him... Gain access to exceptional

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Bodhisattva Prayer


I AM a extremely of eternal love from the average of the Buddha,

clear now unto all life trapped in the sea of samsara. I AM walking

the way of the Buddha and the bodhisattva, dedicating my life to the

use of all alert beings on Globe and in all systems of worlds.

Dictate amount, give up, altruism and service, I permission the gift

of my life and basis unto all who are provocation from the nod off of

non-awareness. And not working my model of empathy, care,

thanksgiving and love, I AM raising all life unto the eternal verities of divine

happiness in God.

I AM an deafening delegation in bringing God's ceremony to Globe.

And in the ancestors of Sanat Kumara, Gautama, Maitreya, Jesus,

Padma Sambhava and the Buddha Mother, I keep my place to finish the

task of bodhisattva unto all. I juggle the Five Dhyani Buddhas to

come and clear their vision in the Globe and flanked by its peoples

for the Total Manor to clear on Globe and for the uniting of hearts

East and West to transcendent love.

I AM of the Buddha and the Buddha is of me. I AM of the

Mother and the Mother is of me. Serene we have space for a faultless administrative area

of light and publish blessings to all alert beings, hurrying them

unto the grasp of each one's divine organizer and immortality in God.

Most wanted deep jubilant Specter of God within all, culminate this

prayer in holy fabricate as we emanate love-wisdom now to all.

Origin: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

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Aztec mythology

Quetzalcoatl meaning 'Feathered Snake.' One of the major deities of the Aztec, Toltecs, and other Middle American peoples. He is the creator sky-god and wise legislator. He organized the original cosmos and
participated in the creation and destruction of various world periods.
Quetzalcoatl ruled the fifth world cycle and created the humans of that cycle. The story goes that he descended to Mictlan, the underworld, and gathered the bones of the human beings of the previous epochs. Upon his return, he sprinkled his own blood upon these bones and fashioned thus the humans of the new era. He is also a god of the wind ({he wind-god Ehecatl is one of his forms}, as well as a water-god and fertility-god.

He is regarded as a son of the virgin goddess Coatlicue and as the twin brother of Xolotl. As the bringer of culture he introduced agriculture
{maize} and the calendar and is the patron of the arts and the crafts.

In one myth the god allowed himself to be seduced by Tezcatlipoca, but threw himself on a funeral pyre out of remorse. After his death his heart became the morning-star, and is as such identified with the god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli. In dualistic Toltec religion, the opposing deity, Tezcatlipoca {'Smoking Mirror'}, a god of the night, had reputedly
driven Quetzalcoatl into exile. According to yet another tradition he left on a raft of snakes over the sea. In any case, Quetzalcoatl,
described as light-skinned and bearded, would return in a certain year.
Thus, when the Spanish conqueror Hernn Corts appeared in 1519, the
Aztec king, Montezuma II, was easily convinced that Corts was in fact the returning god.

The Aztec later made him a symbol of death and resurrection and a patron of priests. The higher priests were called Quetzalcoatl too. The god has a great affinity with the priest-king Topiltzin Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, who ruled the Toltecs in Tula in the 10th century. The cult of
Quetzalcoatl was widespread in Teotihuacan { 50 km northeast of Mexico City}, Tula {or Tulln, capitol of the Toltecs in middle Mexico},
Xochilco, Cholula, Tenochtitlan {the current Mexico City}, and Chichen Itza.

Credit: witch-selena.blogspot.com
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London In The Early 19Th Century
"by M.M. Bennetts"

We like to think of London in the early 19th century--at the time of Jane Austen or the Regency--as this almost magical place. One where the traffic-less streets and squares are lined with graciously proportioned brick or Bath stone mansions, inside which ladies clothed in beautiful muslins and gentlemen in cravats flirted discreetly while sipping their ratafia. Right? And it all ends happily in marriage.

And whereas dramas purporting to shew mid-18th century London offer a robust, even rambunctious, view of the city with all classes and trades rubbing coat-tails in a Hogarthian panorama, the early years of the 19th century are presented as one of an ordered, elegant, static society operating within this hermetically-sealed neo-classical environment of pristine paintwork and pilasters...with, if I may say so, nary a sniff of reality.

For the reality is quite, quite different.

In 1800, London was the greatest metropolis in Europe, with a population of 1.1 million souls. Great Britain itself had a population of some 11 million. So roughly one-tenth of the population lived within the city boundaries of London and Westminster.

And, like all cities during all periods of history, London in the early 19th century was a place of transition, never static. It was a city in flux, a product of the Tudor, Restoration and Georgian building, development and neglect, a rambling amalgamation of the centuries which was only starting to give way to the ideas of the new century--ideas of adequate housing for the poor, proper sewage and drainage, safety...

The London fog--which is not a product of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's imagination, but rather the effect of burning coal for domestic heating--was pervasive, even in summer, an acrid, dull grey blanket hanging perpetually over the city, obscuring the dome of St. Paul's, even often making it impossible to see across the street.

Gas-lighting in the streets wasn't introduced until 1814 and thereafter. The roads and streets were rarely cobblestone, but rather clay poured onto grit which turned to a glaucous soup of sludge during heavy rain--and would have been covered in horse muck. (As in Dickens' day, there would have been sweeps, who, for a small fee, stood ready to clean the way across the road for pedestrians...)

There were somewhere around 30,000 vehicles in London in 1813, including 1100 hackney coaches for hire and about 400 sedan chairs. Some 400 coaches departed London each day for destinations all over the country too--most of them from Charing Cross. So London was a place of perpetual comings and goings, of bustle and hub-bub.

And the noise of it--all the people and horses and carriages and drays, the industry, the docks and dockworkers--was immense, unimaginable even. "A universal hubbub; a sort of uniform grinding and shaking, like that experienced in a great mill with fifty pairs of stones..." is how one visitor to the West End described it.

Visitors to the city were often by struck by two things--the beauty and magnificence of the great monuments, such as St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, and the "tumult and blaze", or in other words, the noise and smoke and fog. As during Shakespeare's day, London could still be smelled and tasted on the wind from as far away as 50 miles.

And even that area we associate with Regency society, the West End, was in a state of flux--only half built or only recently completed, there were building sites and builder's rubbish everywhere. Building in the 18th and 19th century was a slow process even at the best of times--builders were often speculators who went bust before completion. And there were, of course, no power tools.

St. James's Square, the ultimate address (Viscount Castlereagh and his wife lived at Number 11), was only completed in 1792, though it had been begun in 1736. Berkeley Square was built and completed in the mid-18th century, as was Chesterfield St (home to Beau Brummell until 1814). Hay Hill was under construction from 1760 until 1812.

Boodles' Club on St. James's Street was only completed in 1765 and Brooks' in 1778, with some building works unfinished until 1826. So much of St. James's Street was still brand spanking new, though it was, from the outset, a male enclave with all of a gentleman's requirements and desires catered for within just a few minutes' walk in one direction or the other. Hatchard's the bookseller was and is just around the corner on Piccadilly; Lock's, the hatter, still has premises just a few steps down from White's Club. And St. James's Street itself runs directly into King Street, a not-new neighbourhood, well-known for its high-class brothels and gambling hells.

And here, let me say that in the 18th and early 19th century, London was the sex capital of Europe. There have been several reprints of the notorious Harris's List--an addressbook of prostitutes in the capital. The artist, Sir Joshua Reynolds, (founder of the Royal Academy) was known to have had at least one copy. Nor was he alone in this. The small book went into several printings (usually sold out within days)...

And just beyond the permeable boundaries of West End enclave of the rich and aristocratic, rubbing shoulders with it, jostling it at every turning, the rest of London was not new, not pristine...quite the opposite.

It was Old London, slum after slum of the most notorious reputation. Or it was home to the industry which had made the city rich. A city of banking and mercantile interests that spanned the globe. Or it was dockland--for London was a great port as well as everything else.

The most notorious slum of Old London was the 'Mint', a ten-minute stroll from London Bridge (present day Southwark)--a place of uninhabited buildings, unroofed and in ruins, many shored up by great beams propped up in the centre of the road, blackened timber houses, their upper floors leaning precariously over their foundations, or relics of once-fine mansions now falling down and surrounded by narrow courts and alleys--a place of squalor where some 3000 families lived in cramped rooms where the sewage bubbled up through the floorboards--home to the most desperate of thieves, beggars, prostitutes and outlaws.

Near Westminster Abbey was another notorious slum, the Almonry, which lay beside Tothill Fields--though many knew the area as 'the Devil's Acre'. Near St. Martin-in-the-Fields, at the west end of the Strand, was another warren of squalor. And beyond that, to the west, St. Giles, the most notorious of all, also called the Rookery or Little Dublin because of its predominately Irish population--conveniently located for those who followed thievery as a trade at the east end of Oxford St., which even 200 years ago was a mecca for shoppers. (There was a good reason for taking a tall, strapping footman to attend on one when one went to shop...)

The names of the streets perhaps evoke most effectively this London: Dark Entry, Cat's Hole, Pillory Lane...Beyond St. Giles lay Seven Dials and beyond that Clare Market--a maze of streets with an evil reputation into which wayfarers were said to vanish and from which they never emerged.

Beyond to the East lay Saffron Hill and Chick Lane--washed by the stinking River Fleet--a teeming thieves' quarter and rooming houses where the freshly laundered (stolen) handkerchiefs would be suspended on poles across the narrow streets to ruffle and shimmer in the breeze.

And so it goes. Clerkenwell, which contained Jack Ketch's Warren, leads on to Smithfield with its cattle market, Spitalfields and another thieves' quarter around Flower and Dean Street, and beyond, Petticoat Lane--the distribution centre for much of the city's stolen goods...And south of that, Whitechapel with its many slaughterhouses.

South of the river, around Lambeth were the suburbs of labourers--artisans, clerks and tradesmen...Indeed tradesmen, merchants, warehousemen and shopkeepers could be found living just about anywhere, for London was a teeming residential city, with many of its workers living 'above the shop', even in St. James's.

And beyond? Beyond the city lay not countryside, but wasteland. Or something we don't associate with European cites at all: shanty-towns.

Tomlin's New Town, a vast spread of wooden hovels, had been growing up on what is modern-day Paddington for nearly forty years. Elsewhere, animal dealers lived in wagons and huts, surrounded by their dogs, rabbits, fowls and birds...Over in Battle Bridge (what is now King's Cross) there were "mountains of cinder and filth", thousands of vast piles of horse dung, or the refuse of "waste-grains and hop-husks" dumped there by generations of London ale-brewers.

Amazing, isn't it? And terrifying. And alarming and exciting. This then is the real London of the early 19th century, a roiling sea of humanity, all shouting, hawking, riding, running, buying, selling, banking, dealing, stealing, eating, laughing, praying, all caught up in the business of living in the new century, following all walks of life, from "St. Giles to St. James" as they used to phrase it.

Food for more than one novel, wouldn't you say?

"M.M. BENNETTS is the author of two novels set in this London of the early nineteenth century - MAY 1812 and OF HONEST FAME. Visit WWW.MMBENNETTS.COM to read more."