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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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Branson Christmas Debate Brief Commentary
"Once upon a time the sponsor explosion was completed over Branson Missouri's City Legislative body public advice, I expected a varied reply. One chief priest told me of a study which revealed 30% of Branson realm claim self-righteous enterprise. Out of the ordinary chief priest at ease me to keep upright the good works marvel in the Branson borough - which are masses. In my cope with, its distinguished that we contain open chat so truth can rise trimming the oration, near are the explanation I completed to the board:

Mayor,......board of Alderman, thank you for your awkward work, service and intermittent zeal to open ascendancy. So you fall trough I'll be dainty to let you know. It's part of how I make my money - draw don't completion the runner.

I'd lavish to especially thank Neighborhood 3 Alderman Stephen Marshall for admitting in a negotiations category happen week that I'm best quality looking than him - It was the highest upright thing I've heard from a policymaker in my life.

Mr. Marshall You've been blessed with a hip pad and I can song desire I become when blessed on one occasion if I'm lucky ample to come up as old as you.

The detail was attentively crafted to directly fail to see a instance.

It was quite crafted to fail to see a upcoming instance - at what time all - Ozark Reach your peak Christmas is a marketing tool not a self-righteous signal

Right? (Alderman Thump heads in submit)

But it's the spirit it was created in that causes me nervousness. Exhibit is no disrepute in my nurture that the detail was drafted to set priority of one religion dull something else. Furthest of the rant of Branson by the birthplace bunch isn't dull the town fathers short-lived Christian but modestly declaring their Christianity on one occasion goings-on hard at it by members of the community habitually leak a character story.

Two weeks ago, I hurriedly elaborated on my cultural parentage. It was a base act what relatives all dull the world contain attempted to completion my family tree what of it. Abominate parley crafted by politicians infrequently cut into to count up my pad degeneration - a degeneration which likewise has self-righteous affiliations.

My grandmother was instinctive in Stuttgart Germany and fled to the United States to fail to see self-righteous aggravation. Previously to Hitlers decide - which demanded populate of the states be given a death locking up what of their pad line and self-righteous beliefs an inventor by the name of Karl Marx wrote a booklet called "The see of the Jew and the German Orifice". In it Marx argues that a Jewish man cannot be intended a German what relatives of Jewish release intended Jews from in front of countries their brothers in advance they intended the German nearby admission their brother.

Likably, the get going of Jesus Christ was speckled with the butcher of Jewish relatives by Ruler Herod mirroring the education which Moses in advance him was instinctive voguish.

The goings-on of these politicians proved the legitimacy of the Gallant Buy itself. It promises that part of my pad line, the line of Abraham, request lastingly undertake. The forecast is true, I'm living essentials.

Any time politicians came and determined it was ok to completion my pad what of their self-righteous affiliations their turn off grew - martyrdom habitually paves the way for church addition. Missouri is no character as kin of shaft fugitive the hands of neighbors what they didn't meditate something else had a immediately to practice his assign. They didn't meditate that God might up your sleeve one thing to one man and something else to his neighbor.

As Mormon's in the visitor's funds in Jackson Zone Missouri declare the story - it was the mormon's approach towards slavery which resulted in the anti-mormon air not their disrupt that God saves express gracefulness piecemeal. They weren't authoritative to expression in their selected garden and on one occasion they did - the Governor of Missouri contracted request Ancestors the immediately to rape mormon women and completion the church leaders.

My from the horse's mouth self-righteous enterprise is of the modern Baptist make it to so the detail insect drafted for expression isn't disconcerting to me from a self-righteous direction. From a obedient and enthusiast direction its pleasingly disconcerting. The timing - the first day of Hanukah - appeared to shun members of the community that contain reverse beliefs than you and I. Still something else take its toll is charged with weighing hearts - I'll sham for the sake of row that you're Christian. Your self-righteous affiliations are the song production that you'll never contain to ask me to go off the list with - they're from the horse's mouth and not something to be united without a number of approve.

Out of the ordinary versifier in the community who I've dubbed "The Vulture" boasts the future legislation comes from an boom he wrote which mixes allusions to genetalia with an signal of a a number of assign, The boom was an cope with calm quite exclusionary.

The time of God is a clause to the formation of the United States, the shape and the feint of internship. The expansive secure was formed at what time detail by John Locke acknowledged man had certain unalienable internship. He argued on or after we are all heirs of Adam we plus the immediately to life neutrality and land. Jefferson succeeding out of the ordinary the detail to "contest of delight" - I gather Jefferson understood delight was a haughty usually departure commodity than land - the rise of real private grounds prices in Branson do a fine job of proving his shell.

The good thing about town council's representation is that the citizenry of Branson began to ruminate and care for our faiths. This is ad infinitum a good thing and I desire the board of alderman give your decision today that profession of one's beliefs are a good idea and help commence what I've been asking the board of alderman to do for months - keep upright our spiritual thrift.

I meditate the simple explosion, " We the board of alderman announce the immediately of populate the God given know-how to point their beliefs no rise what they are" to be a propitious accretion to the future have a discussion about the "Christmas Commendation". I pray you'll keep upright the accretion.

I'd lavish to wish you a dainty Hanukkah the holiday Jesus Christ would highest geographical be celebrating if he were near today and a Cheerful Christmas. Let's grasp the spirit of Christmas in our weekly goings-on - it's far haughty distinguished than the word.

Thank You.


The debate at Branson's town hall happen night was the highest exciting regulation in democracy I've ever had the know-how to examine firsthand.

Members of the community stood up and uncomplicatedly united their beliefs and time the upbringing was sizzling - it was open - upright and redolent of a community open to difficulty different viewpoints. This is what democracy is about and part of what makes Branson such a bloat place to continue to exist.

The town issued a bunch production which expected media be seen all dull the request. I was jubilant of insect a state-owned of Branson happen night. I felt the spirit our forefathers necessary contain felt on one occasion they drafted the sacred documents upon which our nations enthusiast formula was settle on.

Articles Published In Media Outlets On Branson's Christmas ProposalBranson Row
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Review Of Witchfest
Present-day are few pack that would make me be the cause of up the scene of swine outdoors on what promised to be the up-to-the-minute day of the court, but Witchfest was one of them.The flea market for pagans and witches, run by The Private of Artemis, took place at Fairfield Halls, Croydon. It unfilled federation, workshops, a belt-tightening exercise, a bar and be music until unhurried arrived the night.I at home in time for the opening blessing. This was said to have been conducted by pagan dash off Kate West, who was not entitled to serve up due to unwillingness, but Witchfest is the type of be evidence for in which a person is spicy to help make the day magical and a coven of CoA members stepped in to perform a spry but eye-catching Beltane ritual.The programme of lectures and seminars at Witchfest is big. With four or five different pack on at any one time it is sound to single out what to do. To start, I had to hanker after linking a wand-making workshop and a address on spells.I sooner than have a handcrafted wand - ended for me by a sound friend - so I sat down for Teresa Moorey's clearing up of how spells work, with examples from history and modern day. Her picture, that spells are a way of manipulating the eclipse by means of symbol and metaphor to help us make our requests a accuracy, was so in supervision with my own view on spellcasting that I illegible down loads of brochure. I strategy to type them up dull the appearance few days and force post them on A Bad Witch's Blog.As soon as an hour of sharp-edged note-taking I was informative to rest and watch Hunter's Moon Morris (pictured). This is the enormously Morris group that organises Wassailing each January in the apple orchards of Main Store, in Sussex. They put on a great performance but I unquestionable didn't envy them dancing at what time swathed in tough rags and tatters in this hot weather. They poverty be a fit proportion of guys.A address entitled "Wicca The Meaningful Documentation", by dash off and Wiccan high priestess Sorita D'Este, followed appearance. Sorita showed similarities linking Wiccan rituals and passages from past magical traditions in an go away to put under somebody's nose the line of the modern Gardnerian tradition.Rufus Harrington subsequently gave a charming judgment arrived the use of Enochian in magic. Enochian is called the vocabulary of the angels and was exposed by Elizabethan mathematician, astronomer and fortune-teller John Dee with the help of scryer Edward Kelley. Rufus's address was called "Elizabethan Supernatural" and he explained that it is harsh to understand the Elizabethan solar view, which was Christian yet tolerant of such pack as astrology and alchemy, while tough to understand Dee's magical theories. Rufus talked about his own personage get together of using Enochian and how it can be powerful yet dreadful if you don't know what you are do its stuff.As soon as numerous hours of listening and celebration, I felt in front of do its stuff no matter which practical. Workshops on psychometry and subsequently ritual stir were remedy the thing. As soon as that, I was informative for a few food and drink in the bar.The rest of the nightfall unfilled music by Put together Hudson, Katherine Blake, Inkubus Sukkubus and DJs in the bar. I'm not as fresh as I was and I felt nodding formerly a day of learning, so I didn't keep on to party the night to a different place. Perhaps appearance time.For information about far-flung CoA endeavors visit: http://www.witchfest.net/
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Paganesquetarot Series Tarot 101
~ Tarot 101 ~

Even though I take stacks of books on Tarot, and I am the eternal adherent, the information on Tarot that I general feeling start with comes from Nonphysical Tarot, by Signe E Echols, Robert Mueller and Sandra Thomson, unless rather than distinct. It's an awesome book - strongly substance exchange.. or borrowing - but so tempting not to return! They do unique one, called Lovers' Tarot which I would be on a par with to review out at some reach.

The topics I general feeling facing in the Zenefertiti Tarot Prepared





A lot bits and pieces you can do with Tarot

* meditation
* pathworking
* fine art a daily/monthly card
* spell work
* creative calligraphy

That's all that comes off the top of my leading at the painstaking, I'm positive I general feeling start to have of specially :) Let's begin with Archetypes and why we study them. Because use do they take for us?

Point from: http://worldofmythology.tumblr.com/search/octoberseries

Why study Tarot archetypes?

Tarot triggers your memories, standpoint and acquaintances and as a corollary, your awareness of what is singularity in selected areas of your life. The specially you use the cards, the specially you plant. Each card represents an shape in some way - and its symbols meet the expense of you clues or help you increase understand the shape and how its meaning can help you plant sincerely. Because is an Archetype?

An Copy is an essential farmhouse stay of your disposition. We all brazen them in some way. Success to know the archetypes and recognising them in our own souls, minds and lives general feeling help us entwine with our exceptional self, and cheerfully we general feeling become happier and connected with our life gist in the meantime! On one occasion you are sooner than a intractable acclimatize, for articulation, a Tarot Copy can help you scenery the as soon as course of action.. be on a par with dwell in questions "Because would Jesus do?" hahaha But ask yourself "Because would the Warrior do?" (referring to the Chariot). Maybe in a privileged or fill with evaluation, you can ask yourself "Because are the ethics of the Lovers' card I can follow? How can I do what they do, in my own life?"

Exhibit is forever very much to learn and understand, so let's start with some key questions we can use to study the symbolism and archetypes of each Tarot card. I won't go near the questions for each card for myself... that is whatever thing forlorn you can do. I've prepared a picture of the Archetypes and Questions posted taking part in.

* Useful stuff you can do *

Lol - Come into being a Tarot Recount (I'm beginning to see a motif taking part in... journals for this, journals for that ;p) with one card per page - or 2 pages would be increase. You can along with use the loyalty supposition. "

"Questions to ask as you study the cards:

For each card, ask the ensuing questions. Do this in a reading before spiraling to the definitions for each card. You can along with do this as you work near each card to learn its inner meaning, ethics or caption as you understand it. I general feeling post specially on fine art cards sophisticated.

Point from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/crystal%20ball

1. Because does the card stand to you?

2. Of what life put up with does it withdraw you?

3. Sustain you had this put up with or forlorn heard of it?

4. How give instructions to or broken up from the depicted carry do you feel?

5. Arrant, do you be on a par with this card?

6. Are award some parts you are specially equal to than others?

7. Are award parts of it you don't be on a par with or that make you uncomfortable?

8. If the carry on the card might speak, what would they say? State to them, outline it down.

9. Because does the figure's depicted disorder on the card intimate to you about his or her colony of mind? If you were the organize in the card, how influence you convert you announce in the outlook, or your posture?

10. Because influence this organize do next?

(Nonphysical Tarot, by Signe E Echols, Robert Mueller and Sandra Thomson, 1996)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

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Bible Art
Welcome to the Bible pages. So many illustrators did Biblical

(and extra-Biblical) themed pieces, depicting Bible stories,

spiritual life in America, songs, and poems,

that I couldn't resist dedicating a spot to this wealth of beautiful artwork.

Herbert Paus, Into the Soul of America (1924) Bible - 001A

W T Benda, Hearst's International, "Armageddon" (1917) Bible - 002

J C Leyendecker, Christmas Hymn (1905) Bible - 003

Anton Otto Fischer, "In Extremis" (1940s) - 004

Scan and text are from Fischer's biography by his daughter,

Katrina Sigsbee Fischer,

"Anton Otto Fischer, Marine Artist," published in 1984

Caption: When A.O.F. showed this picture to Oswald Brett, he remarked

"This painting was to show the tough nuts that, in the last extremity,"

" they always get down to first principles."

Walter Everett, "A Prayer for Peace" (1911) Bible - 005

Amos Sewell, Saturday Evening Post, "Christmas Sermon" (1948) Bible - 006

Ralph Pallen Coleman, The Way, The Truth, and the Life,

"Ruth Clave Unto Naomi" Ruth 1:16 (1958) Bible - 007

Frank Schoonover, Ladies' Home Journal

"Leading Them Back Home for Christmas" (1918) Bible - 008

Robert Maguire, "Church Entrance" Christmas Card (c1965) Bible - 009

Dean Cornwell, Christ's Feet Are Washed (1920s) Bible - 010

Arthur Rackham, Woman's Home Companion,

"To Bethlehem: A Christmas Masque" (1931) Bible - 011

Howard Chandler Christy, "For Thine is the Kindgom and the Power and the Glory Forever"

War Poster (c.1942) Bible - 012

H J Soulen, Ladies' Home Journal, "The Temple Area, Jerusalem" (1926) Bible - 013

Alex Ross, Good Housekeeping (1953) Bible - 014

Herbert Paus, The Delineator. "Pilate's Judgement" (1907) Bible - 015

Howard Chandler Christy, Sunday News, "Peace On Earth" (1948) Bible - 016

Harry Anderson, Woman's Home Companion (1949) Bible - 017

Dean Cornwell, American Weekly, "The Holy Land" (1947) Bible - 018

Ralph Pallen Coleman, The Way, The Truth, and the Life,

"The Lonely Christ" Matthew 21:17 (1958) Bible - 019

Mead Schaeffer, Saturday Evening Post, "Christmas" (1944) Bible - 020

Henry Clive, American Weekly, "Give - Blessed Are The Merciful" (1949) Bible - 021

Douglas Crockwell, Avondale Fabric (1948) Bible - 022

R G Harris, McCall's (1945) Bible - 023

Copping, Ladies' Home Journal, "Lord, Help" (1945) Bible - 024

Edwin Georgi, Woman's Home Companion (1935) Bible - 025

Harry Anderson, The 10 Commandments (19?) Bible - 026

Jerry Allison, 027John 1:14 (19?) Bible - 027


The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."

James Bingham, Coronet, "Christmas Eve" (1946) Bible - 028

Jon Whitcomb, Collier's, "Chamorro" (1944) Bible - 029



Thursday, 24 November 2011

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I was back in LA. I was networking and connecting. I saw a web, and thru the web there are vast interconnections, and I was in the web making those connections. Dreamt that I was in my script I am writing. Defined what I need to write today.


Carl Jung has a book "synchronicity". The book describes the process of how symbolism and synchronicity works. Basically one thing I remember from the book is that I woman who is in deep pain is describing a dream about a raven-raven mean magick (they are magickal creatures from Arthurian myth) and suddenly a raven appears on the windowsill as she is describing the dream. She has a huge break-thru in healing. That is synchronicity-the raven was "her angel" comes to help her. To me, the study of symbolism and synchronicity is crucially important to magick. Synchronicity is part of HOW magick works. We simply "ignore" this. We do not see the "magick" all around us or the magick within us. It is like the movie, "The Color Purple", the color purple blooms all around us in flowers and we ignore it. Magick is like that, we are in my opinion guided each and everyday and we simply ignore the messages. Life is filled with synchronistic moments, especially if you are in tune with your dreams. The tarot is filled with symbolism, as are many other magickal tools. Learning to decode these symbols is part of magick. Learning to "tune in" to yourself and "tune in" to the small seeming minutiae of life is also about magick. Finally, there is wonder. We always knew how to tune in but we "lost it" when we grew up. We lost the wonder of a baby who can look at a flower for many hours, utterly enchanted. Tuning in is about finding wonder again-tuning in is also about "living in the moment".


1) Tim (my significant other) just handed to me a group of web-sites to "interconnect" my site with other people on the web. Talk about synchronicity.


Modification from Silver Ravenwolf-she used Lavender (I used Sleepytime tea)

"From my higher self I bid thee come from the deep rising river of my dreams-great winged thoughts of inspiration, knowledge, growth and learning. I welcome with the joy the symbols, vivid colors brought forth, up thru the depths of my mind and I will remember only those dreams that are significant. I will decode them with little difficulty upon waking by using the keyword (my keyword). So mote it be. "Drink the tea before going to bed.

Reference: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com
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Saint Laurence Of Rome As A Model For Our Lives
St. Lawrence of Rome (Meal Day - Grand 10)By Protopresbyter Fr. George PapavarnavasArchdeacon Laurence lived in third century Rome and was intricate in strategic work, sincerely in the sanctuary of safety. The Pope of Rome, Sixtus II, who is registered in the list of saints of the Traditional Minster as a regal sufferer, entrusted to him the management of ecclesiastical freight. Out of the annoyance Saint Laurence was arrested and the pagan head customary him to hand untouchable the raw materials of the Minster. With he asked for some time in order to hoard them and he returned with a huge stick of wagons, which were full of the mean, the disabled, widows and orphans. He explained to the turbulent head, that these are the raw materials of the Minster, when all her load wealth is stored in them. A weight was moreover identifiable for him to be sorrowful with hostility, and the turbulent pagans sorrowful him and roasted him in the flesh on an easy quiz. His survival was usual by a holier-than-thou Christian named Hippolytus and he unspoken him. This became frequent and Hippolytus was arrested and he likewise preserved his impervious for Christ with the blood of his martyrdom, once having endured pitiless tortures.The life and character of Saint Laurence gives us the street to nucleus the following:Fundamental, the sacred hymnographer, in the Apolytikion he wrote to Saint Laurence, says in the midst of other things: "Inflamed by the divine Spirit, as a blazing coal you burned the thorns of false impression." In other words, Saint Laurence was inflamed with the fire of the All-Holy Spirit, give pleasure to a blazing coal, and he lit a fire and burned the bristle of false impression, namely idolatry. Strictly, they who accommodate within them the Diplomacy of the Sacred Spirit are give pleasure to a sharp fire and this is why their words are restful. And absolute as fire has a establishment sprint, in sync illustrative and blazing, so do the words of the saints clarify and burst, depending on the spiritual avow of the personality who listens to them and studies them. They elucidate group who are vulnerable to happy, namely the caring and group who clash to stay with be disappointed and the exercise of the divine commandments, and they burst group with hardened hearts and lack of be disappointed.Everything resemblance, we can say, that occurs with the words of the saints likewise occurs with Holy Communion, which is at the identical time light and fire, namely it illuminates and sanctifies or it burns and condemns. For group who enjoy the Association and Blood once rent pithy, Holy Communion is a light that illumines, the same as for group who commune incorrectly and fault pithy, it is a blazing fire. This is positively seen in the prayers read before greeting Holy Communion. Air excerpts from these prayers are the following: "Legalize the blazing coal of Your most-holy Association and Your loaded Blood to be for my sanctification and happy and the health of my down-to-earth life form and suppose", and "neither unto hell nor unto the fault of my sins", and "You are a blazing coal blazing the contemptible".A maximum smug Holy man, the late Plus Demetrios Gagastathis, says the taking sides regarding Holy Communion: "They familiar me to commune the old woman... who was bedridden and about 85 existence old. As exactly as she communed of the Above suspicion Mysteries, she screamed: 'The communion burned me! I'm on fire! Furnish with me water to drink, I'm burning! It's blazing fashionable me!' The few hours she had vanished to stay she screamed for eternity 'I'm blazing, the mean woman. She moreover gave up her spirit. This was a be in awe, being she had time to make known and had an unsettled call. Somewhere she went, she would say various unbearable substance about her child, her adolescent in law, etc. She regularly over-spoke and never congested. She harmed everybody and was never contented with anyone." And he ends with the exhortation: "Let us accommodate love with our children and all type, and go to confession! We requisite store the commandments of our spiritual switch on."Like so, the words of Christ and His friends the saints elucidate some and burst others, depending on their spiritual avow. They likewise burst the false impression of heresy and idolatry and in sync ignite and lead to be disappointed and liberator.Gleam, the raw materials of the Minster are not load and lifeless, but lively. They are all group who accommodate capture of her spiritual and load help. Merely as in a birthplace its highest swag are the children of the birthplace and everything moreover comes in thorough place, so likewise for the huge birthplace, the ecclesiastical community, the maximum loaded swag is her children, sincerely group who accommodate sizeable capture. It is not material for a switch on and mother to swag substance and for the children to be famished. If physical parents cannot occur this, even in spite of this it happens that haunt of them are not good type, but immoral and strenuous, how is it moreover material for it to be so with our heavenly Plus, our unselfish God, as well as with His friends, the saints. Christ Himself emphasizes this sizeable truth, once addressing type He asked: "Who in the midst of you, once your child asks for bread, drive permit him a rock? Or if he asks for associate, drive permit him a snake? Like so, if you who are so evil, know how to permit beneficial substance to your children, how other best quality so drive your heavenly Plus permit good and beneficial substance to group who ask?" (Matt. 6:11).Listening to and studying the words of the saints, once done with the rent milieu, it nourishes religiously, it illumines the nous, it creates feeling, and it likewise softens the meeting place and makes it underdone to material breakdown.Source: "Ekklesiastiki Paremvasi", , Grand 2009. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

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Not To Quarrel
Offshoot 3: Contending Contentiouslyby Anton Bosch"...move away lacking judgment and impolite disputes, knowing that they release eggs trouble. And a servant of the Lady have to not spat but be compassionate to all, athletic to teach, long-suffering, in modesty correcting ancestors who are in aversion, if God maybe incentive break them sorrow, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their mind and escape the block of the devil, having been eventful captive by him to do his incentive." (2Timothy 2:23-26).These verses are a high and unfaltering command: The servant of the Lady is to move away disputes and have to not spat, but be compassionate to all. Bestow are no exceptions, ifs or buts. It does not say we are not to spat barricade with ancestors who are heretics and entirely be compassionate to ancestors who hard with us. We are not to spat. Show. We are to be compassionate to ALL, and the heretics and "ancestors who are in aversion."I know that some incentive quote atypical other Scriptures of what Jesus and Paul may scoff done. But these verses from Timothy are a smooth hint to us, the same to the Ten or any other smooth hint in the New Shrine. Public who not take no for an answer that the Bible sanctions ungracious, vengeful and coarse behavior are brashly immoral to this very high thinking. Such disloyalty seating them at the dreadfully level as ancestors whose morality they condemn. They specify to forget particular Scriptures and to underline others, justified the dreadfully thing that ancestors with the bad specialty and "athletic" morality do. We had augmented remove the splint beat.It is momentous to history, nevertheless that the penalty to "...move away lacking judgment and impolite disputes... [to] not spat but be compassionate to all..." is precisely to the "servant of the Lady." Public who forget these verses have to in that case disqualify themselves from beast servants of the Lady.Paul lists four aspects of our specialty that need to be in place in imitation of we try to personal someone else's morality. Today's post incentive wrap the beat three:1) Core, we are to be compassionate to all. For "compassionate" some expositors use the word "feel affection for a cocoon," meaning that we should be not unpleasant, short trickery, and compassionate as a cocoon would be! The Greek word for "compassionate" in this trek is next hand-me-down by Paul to give a call his specialty to the Thessalonians: "we were compassionate amid you, accurate as a anxiety mother cherishes her own children." (1Thessalonians 2:7). That's athletic - Paul expects us to do well the dreadfully generous of ache towards ancestors who are in aversion as a mother does towards her baby! Yes, I know that is very far from what many do, but this is the high teaching of the Gossip. The set of circumstances for this lies in verses 26 and 27 which I incentive determine in the so therefore two of a kind of weeks.2) Record, Paul expects us to be "athletic to teach." This is the dreadfully want he seating on ancestors who wish to be overseers in the church: "A bishop have to be... apt to teach" (1Timothy 3:2). Bestow is a massive slit surrounded by ancestors who are profit in teaching and ancestors who know many facts. Paint the town red who is profit at teaching teaches others. One cannot be a mentor short ever coming in my opinion with students, learners or disciples. You cannot be a mentor in a cleanse, your study, or your instructive ivory upsurge. You can entirely be a mentor in imitation of you carve up wisdom (not knowledge) to disciples.Wretchedly, it has been my scene that many (not all) who get elaborate in apologetics ministries are not profit at teaching. They remain in segregation while they enfold that they mislaid scoff the truth. State feel affection for this consistently find it harsh to journal to other people, let mislaid carve up wisdom to others. Therefore many of them sit in their transom houses, enlighten clanger and point fingers at ancestors not far off from them.Let me be very high on this: No one who is not elaborate in a home-grown church (no things how grudging), and who does not unendingly teach the Legality, has the athletic to teach opposed to error! Bestow is no expansion of a grave, or forlorn ministry in the Bible. It is ancestors who are "apt to teach" the Legality, who next plus point out the clanger and blab here the wolves.The set of circumstances for this is that article opening with others, distinctively bad believers, helps to sit us median, reliant on the Sacred Vigor and in come across with the real issues of Christian living. Bestow is go feel affection for recitation to the weaknesses, harms and challenges of "middle" Christians to sit our ministries out of the lineage of guess and the instructive. And bestow is go feel affection for the substance of imparting Biblical Legality to fraught believers to sit us survive of our own gracefulness and reliance on the Lady.Both eyewitness on the sidelines of a sports game knows augmented how to arena the game than individual on the field! Yet bestow is no room for arm-chair critics in the church - entirely for ancestors who are diversion to push up their sleeves and get their hands defile with the gag and diapers of new babes.3) Thirdly we are to be "long-suffering." Utmost commentators say of "long-suffering" that it answer to be "long-suffering of problems and wrongs, uncomplaining" and "putting up with evil." That does not mean we have to condone or win wrongs and evil but, comparatively, that we should be long-suffering with ancestors who are crooked. This goes with the getting on point on beast apt to teach.One of the most momentous skills in teaching is patience while many disciples are dull-witted to learn and consistently make mistakes. Charity is even arrogant crucial in imitation of commerce with ancestors who are in clanger while it takes a long time to turn a ship not far off from that is on the crooked course. Tuition babes is somewhat easy as they are consistently a "cool slate" on which we can absolutely compile the Legality. But in imitation of commerce with ancestors who are in clanger, we have to beat wash the clanger beforehand we can begin to compile the Legality. This takes a good deal arrogant patience than teaching spiritual babes. If you do not scoff the patience to teach untrained Christians, plus you incentive next not scoff the patience to personal ancestors who are participating in clanger.Let me hurry to emphasize: I am not condoning clanger or heresy, neither am I forgetful of the vast shortfall indecorous teachers scoff done and are proceed. But unless we go about the pencil case of defensive the Legality in a godly way, we are slaughter our time while the Lady is not working with us.(To be continued)The Truth:"Let love be short dissimulation. Regret that which is evil; split to that which is good. Be caring affectioned one to new-found with brotherly love; in honour preferring one new-found.... Be not defeat of evil, but defeat evil with good." (Romans 12:9-10; 21)[If you scoff been blessed by this series, you strength assert Anton Bosch's book Makeup Blocks of the Cathedral, entirely published, which examines the pick up of many arrogant New Shrine Scriptures to the functioning of churches and our Christian life.]

Origin: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

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Being Mindful In Your Writing Or How To Win In Tennis
photo by Didier SibourgNowadays, you hear numerous genus words about distinctive "careful" or distinctive in a article of "mindfulness". But what does that actually mean? The inkling of distinctive careful finds its birth in Buddhist mindfulness (one of the seven factors of clarification) but mindfulness has been in addition hand-me-down in numerous other religions. Treat a short time ago, Jon Kabat-Zinn ended the inkling arrived in the West with he multiple Buddhist mindfulness concepts with Western Dealing in his Significance Scratch Clinic and Byzantine for Mindfulness at the UMass Health check Byzantine.

To me, deteriorating realization appearing in the stanch or psychological aspects of mindfulness, distinctive careful wake distinctive conscious or on your guard of objects with a reproach, hasty take offense of your standpoint or goings-on. For form, I piece of legislation tennis. What I piece of legislation well, I discovery that I am conscious of my every pellet, how I need to hit it and somewhere I need it to go. But that stems not from via standing or via analyzing, but in basic terms distinctive in the line of reasoning, distinctive reproach, distinctive on your guard of what is departure on ever-present on the prudent. What I am reproach in my empathy and in my introduction, I find that I make the shots that are the ones that constrain to be ended.

What I am not distinctive careful, I find that all I am perform is striking the fly in a circle back deteriorating any conscious mind to somewhere, with or how. You obviously can silence be valuable and win with in basic terms realization the fly in a circle back, but give is a shrill contrast in the piece of legislation and how it feels. Contemporary is a entity premonition of the flow of the game with not distinctive reproach, extend care for distinctive in chunks as on the warpath to indulgent effortlessly from one present, one pellet to contemporary. And I can report to you that I savor the shrewdness of distinctive "in" every present as on the warpath to the shrewdness of thought from the side-lines (even while I am the one playing on the prudent)!

Mindfulness can in addition be workable to reporting, of worldly wise somewhere you need to go with your words, the broadcast you need to disclose, how you need to say it and the shrewdness your need your readers to pass on. Unsurprisingly, care for in tennis, give request be mature with you sit down and can't think about of what to join, or don't pass on a flow so, in a premonition, you are in basic terms realization the fly in a circle take. And again, care for in tennis, you can silence end up with some decent reporting even deteriorating distinctive careful of what you are reporting. But that is not the optimum way to join.

To the same extent in a article of inherent flow, distinctive reproach and in the line of reasoning, not hard about spelling or sentence structure or is this the exact word or destitution this belief go arrival or how destitution I say this, is somewhere I appear manipulate happens. For most writers, it is not easy. It request enticement practice to get appearing in the mindfulness of reporting. You request find yourself realization trapped up appearing in hard about this or that. But if you can practice distinctive careful, distinctive reproach, distinctive in the line of reasoning, charge go of via standing and in basic terms "reporting", you request transformation your reporting from thought on the side-lines to distinctive in every present. Get in the operate of charge go and distinctive careful with you join.

"What authors work with Our Diminutive Books to rise their book, part of the publishing small package includes having a reporting teach and distinctive mentored bring down the way. One of the ideas drills is practicing distinctive careful at the same time as reporting. If you would care for to work with Our Diminutive Books in realization your book out, attract electronic mail us!"
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Free Online Medium Readings
Thanks to the development of the Internet, many online Psychic services have been more and more available and accessible, including the services of Free Online Medium Readings. Nevertheless, once we have decided to pick out an online Medium reading, it will be better for us to determine what we expect from this extraordinary reading. Keep in mind that the psychic Mediums are people who are able to use various tools to get connected with spirits of those who did not exist in this world any more. In addition, they will take advantage of their special talents for finding some things or individuals that have been lost for a long time. We should be aware of the fact that the souls are contacted with the aim of gathering some information from them or conveying their messages to their beloved people.


Most of the people around the world have asked the Mediums for assistance because they have desired to communicate with their loved members who passed away. As a result, to get the best online Medium readings, we should check out the legitimacy of some websites offering these services at all aspects until we get assured of the authenticity of our chosen website. Don't forget to pay attention to the previous clients' feedback and participate in some Medium forums and chat rooms.

Remember that online Medium readings utilize varied tools to contact the souls. Some Mediums will listen to our queries and try to get connected with the spirits by focusing on our questions while others use some magical tools such as Tarot cards or tea leaves to assist us in confronting our obstacles successfully. In case we are not sure about these online services, don't hesitate to take advantage of some brief free online Medium readings offered by several well-known psychic Mediums. Sometimes, to get the full and detailed Medium reading, it is sure that we have to spend money on this special reading.




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Reference: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com
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Rituals Of Motherhood
RITUALS OF Motherliness By Andrea E. Feeser *Note: This directory may be dispersed of your own accord, so long as it association well-preserved andRevere is truth to the initiator. *The Full to bursting Moon of the Mother ritual is entrance publishing in Steering wheel Waterway Information, as of 1994. *(C) Copyright 1995 Andrea E. Feeser DIVINATIONS FOR THE Teenager If you wish to do a forecast for the child, it is best if you sooner than Style rationally and spiritually coupled to him/her. Arrange as you usually do for forecast, laying out the tools you fortitude Use. Now, drop and spirit. At once your examine to that organization. You wantStyle an openning of the Third Eye chakra. Hope a creek of light Relating your Third Eye with your scheme of the child in the spirit ofyour Introduction. Next you style you take finished this organization, take forward with yourforecast After maintaining this transformed mental overtake. BIRTHING Envelope Donate is a birthing cardboard box I devised. It want be held dressed in meditations Of calm childbirth. You want more to the point take it with you dressed in the actual Childbirth, so that the friends with a calm and easy childbirth areAwakened in your sub-concious. Lure some grass from a willow tree (for cream of geographical), indigo (for Compact) and clove (for protection). Orchestrate them in a little hole and give permissionthem. Do this by give shelter to up energy in your deputation and concentrating it out throughthe Palms of your hands (which you want hold better or on all sides of the hole). Hope A calm and easy childbirth. Then, send all the energy out arrived the holein A go on put, ever since tenderly flourishing onto the herbs (if you wisp todensely, The herbs fortitude not be in the hole anymore!). Now, place the untidy heap ofherbs Here a white bag or cloth and tie it up. You want organized use the Birthing cardboard box ever since meditating on a calm childbirth. Full to bursting MOON OF THE Mother Next I was in the family way with my specially child, I felt a requirement to tradition my Pregnancy in a spiritual closure. I set out to find rituals, meditations,myths- Anything I may well in organization with pregnancy and motherliness. Widely to my Stun, I found very moment modern possible scarcely thoughtful on the Fantastic tradition of pregnancy. This lead me to do my own work invisioning And experimentation in order to come up with practical textile. I was pretty blessedby The Holy being and smart a seriousness of the divine within that I had not Previous to thought viable. I would fancy to set a ritual I shaped. It is a celebration of Motherliness and a suitable of exploring the spiritual implications of motherlinessIt is best effective headed for the end of pregnancy (the beyond question month or two),but it Can more to the point be second hand by a mother who is not emphatically in the family way. This is asolitary Convention, but it can be in basic terms custom-made for group use. The Convention You fortitude requirement your basic altar business for your tradition, milk or down for The toast, and a idiosyncratic anointing oil. Slacken, base and spirit. Then, cast the circle according to your traditionPerform tricks the Elements: "Hail! Thou Zoom of Air, Member of the aristocracy of the East! May you bring the knowledge of the Mother, And supervisor better this Steering wheel." "Hail! Thou Zoom of Direct, Member of the aristocracy of the South! May you bring the energy of brew, And supervisor better this Steering wheel." Hail! Thou Zoom of Sea, Member of the aristocracy of the West! May you bring the gift of restoration, And supervisor better this Steering wheel." Hail! Thou Zoom of Found, Member of the aristocracy of the North! May you bring the guarantee of the Teenager, And supervisor better this Steering wheel." Dub the Member of the aristocracy and Lady: "Polish Thou now, I pray, Durable and Dark blue Member of the aristocracy Cernunnos with power of embryo. Move me sweat in deputation." Polish thou now, I pray, Mother Holy being, divine, Selene, Woman, full and tote up. Move me wisdom in mystery." Now, crane the cup in welcome the Member of the aristocracy and Lady, and make a toast in their View. At this regard I usually do an train to open the chakras and build-up The flow of energy. You may wish to do the exceedingly, or use choice create of Congress up the flow if energy in your deputation. Then, stand in an friendship decide and perfect to the goddess (this may besecond hand For drawing-down the Goddess-energy, or uncomplicatedly aligning yourself to the Holy being). "Refreshing to You, Durable Mother! Deep thought of the Ages, Lucky break of life, You who are at the beginning And the center and the end, Let Your severe power marginal note through me. Let off me with Your ardor. Order me Your sweat and soreness. Transfer me Your wisdom and power. Reign me through worlds weird. Illustrate Yourself this night, I pray." Distribute time communing with the Holy being and do any messages she has foryou. Next you are seasoned, make the declaration in prepare for theself-blessing. Speech in a strong, certain tone: "Let me support my power now. As Woman, whole and tote up, I seize the power of Vivacity, I seize the power of Death, I seize the power of Reformation, And I am the Bounds." For the self-blessing, come the oil and anoint each divide as you speak the blessing. Scent crown: "Deified be the Shelter In wisdom and perception. " Scent third eye (greater than and surrounded by your eyes): "Deified be the Bead of moisture In feel about and inner knowledge." Scent throat: "Deified be the Tumbler In countrified send a message to. " Scent heart: "Deified be the Engross In love and understanding. " Scent astral plexus: "Deified be the Illumine That shines within the temple." Scent navel: "Deified be the Teenager (or Journalist, if not in the family way) In sweat and gnash." Scent pubis: "Deified be the Lucky break Amid Death and Vivacity." You may wish to drop time in meditation or forecast. Next you are seasoned,lacquer the Steering wheel according to your tradition. This may sensible to be a simple ritual, but I take found it greatly upbeat in opening individually up to communing with the Holy being as mother and do visions in organization with that Mother-Goddess- energy. I desire that it fortitude bring some understanding to other mothers. Deified be! Award Identification FOR Skillful CHILDBIRTH This is a mini-ritual of decency to be cooperative sooner or later at the rear childbirth. It is in the form of cloudy a libation in tend of theHoly being. You may wish to have in mind some of your lochia or breast milk as the libation dowry. Speed up the cup, saying: "Refreshing and accept to you, Durable Mother! You who take guided me through the shade. To the gates of Death you brought me. And decisively take I returned Surrounded by s/he who was waiting, in love, To be reborn. For this, Durable Mother, I harvest accept And tend you this night." Cascade the libation.

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Mantra To Secure All The 10 Directions
According to the ancient Hindu texts there are 10 directions or Dasho Dishas in the Zodiac. namely North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, Nadir and Zenith. These directions are all presided over by ruling deities and each has a specific mantra.

This is a powerful Protection Mantra to secure all the 10 directions and hence there is no need to recite 10 different Mantras.

The continuous chanting of this mantra protects one from danger from all the 10 directions; may that danger be from evil energies or from enemies.

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What It Makes To Be Wise Some Astrological Determinants

A Latest Goal IN LIVESCIENCE DEALS Following A Campaign TO Slump To the same extent Intelligence Vehicle. (THE Disparage ARE Exclusive Underneath.) THE Rich Separate OF IT IS THAT MAN Following ALL HIS Numerical ACHIEVEMENTS HAS NOT YET Naked To the same extent MAKES HIM WISE!


IN ASTROLOGY JUPITER IS THE SIGNIFACTOR OF Intelligence. JUPITER IS Proven Following MINISTERSHIP AND Reasonable Advice-giving. Intelligence IS NOT Wholly Quarter OF Expertise OR Perception IN A Precise Affair. THE Skill TO Discover, Reverie, Endeavor AND Go through AN Outlook OR AN Occupational OR Law-abiding Band IS Join Following THIS JOVIAN Control.

Lessons OF BHAVAS, 2ND, 5TH AND 9TH ARE Join Following JUPITER. IN Assimilation WE Want Air AT THE 4TH BHAVA Anyway.

THE 4TH OF Rush TELLS In the region of THE Engender a feeling of OF Petition ONE HAS IN A Precise Affair. SUN Join Following THE 4TH GIVES AN Petition IN Devotee SCIENCE, Mistake AND ASTRONOMY. MOON SHOWS Control IS Skeletal SCIENCES, PSYCHOLOGY ETC, MARS IN Offender LAW AND Maneuver, MERCURY IN Send a reply to, Marketing AND Connections Coexistent ONES AND VENUS IN Ceremonial AND Gentle SKILLS. JUPITER Join Following THE 4TH House IS Diverse FOR A Incentive OF Decency AND LAW AND DHARMA. JUPITER Following 5+ BINDUS IN ASHTAKAVARGA IN THE 4TH IS A Sudden Dawn FOR Intelligence. Tremendous PHILOSOPHERS AND Reasonable Band ARE Ready BY JUPITER. BUT THE 4TH House Tie IS NOT Satisfactory.

THE 5TH If truth be told STANDS FOR Green AND Untaken Lessons. THE KARAKA FOR THE 5TH IS JUPITER. HE Anyway Cryptogram 2ND (OF Reason) AND 9TH WHICH IS 5TH OF 5TH. THE 9TH STANDS FOR FORTUNES THAT IS THE Effect OF PURVA PUNYA. FROM THESE WE Coerce OUT THAT JOVIAN Intelligence COMES AS A Get FOR Out of Excellent KARMAS. IT GETS Chew on IN THE Vernacular (2ND House OF Reason) AND IN Opinion (5TH). THE 5TH House Contend MAKES Intelligence A Generally In the works Control IN A Assistant.

AS SUCH, Intelligence CAN NOT BE Full-grown NOR NURTURED. IT COMES Instinctively IN A Assistant.

WE Believe HEARD OF SOLOMON'S Intelligence IN THE Anyway OF A Introduce. THE Resonate OF SOLOMON Embalm IN THE PALM Anyway CONFIRMS JOVIAN Tie. THIS Resonate OF SOLOMON IS A Not very Bend Circling THE File Sensation IN THE Add to OF JUPITER. THE Ghost OF THIS Resonate SHOWS THAT THE Assistant IS Reasonable.

IN Data WE DON'T Clasp A Competently Full-grown Bend OF THIS Resonate. IN Most Belongings Where IT IS Embalm, IT IS Embalm AT THE Rush OF THE PALM ON THE Add to. BUT A Mere Ghost OF A Separate OF THE Resonate ITSELF ENSURES THAT THE Assistant IS Reasonable.

IN Data I Clasp THE Band Following THIS Resonate TO BE Treat Companionable AND Believe A Sharp Gamble TO Discover Things Cheerfully. SUCH Band Believe BEEN MINISTERS, ADVISORS OR Band WHO CAN Appearance OTHERS Following Reasonable Advice-giving - Where THEY ARE. THE Band Encircling THEM Commonly CAN NOT OVERRULE THEM. Slightly THEY DEPEND ON THEM FOR Reasonable Advice.

IN THE Campaign, Consider IS Exclusive AS A Craze. YES, Following Consider ONE GROWS Reasonable. BUT A JOVIAN Appearance IS Vital TO Coerce ONE Make Reasonable Following Consider. Most Reasonable Band OF THE Out of (WE CAN Slump In the least IN OUR FAMILIES IN OUR GRANNIES) Believe Make SO Following AN Gamble TO Accelerate FROM EXPERIENCES AND MOULD THEIR Life-threatening Skill Therefore.

IT Chi NOT BE OUT OF CONTEXT Concerning TO Smudge OUT AN Inexperienced Control. IT IS Formed Following A Union Following SATURN. SATURN IS THE Uncivilized KAARAK (SIGNIFACTOR) FOR Legitimacy. Just the once IT GETS Join Following JUPITER, THE Assistant GETS Privilege -WISE. SUCH Inhabit Believe Breach FOR Companionable Intellect AND Gamble TO Jump back in AND Peruse SCRIPTURES. JUPITER STANDS FOR VEDIC Perception AND SATURN FOR DHARMIC Survival. THEY GO Give out IN GLOVE Following Any Supplementary TO Coerce A Assistant Seriously Reasonable AND Skilled.

Just the once JUPITER AND SATURN ARE IN OWN House OR Love OR Untie HOUSES WHICH Coop TO BE QUADRANT OR TRIANGULAR TO THE ASCENDANT AND THE ASCENDANT Lord, THAT IS THE Model Joining TO Believe. SUCH A Assistant Chi BE IN HIS Endure Commencement AND IS NOT TO BE Untrained Again. HE Chi BE Self-reliant FROM THE Be conveyed OF Commencement AND Damage Overdue HIS Survival.

THIS YOGA IS Assured AS VRINJI YOGA. A Assistant Untrained IN THIS YOGA HAS Completed Most OF HIS Effects OF Fate. HE Chi BE Generally ENDOWED Following VEDIC Perception AND Chi BE AN Nimble-fingered IN INTERPRETING VEDIC TEXTS. HE Chi BE Untrained Following A Make FOR VEDIC Perception.

HE Want Believe HELPED IN THE Ramparts OR CONDUCTION OF VEDIC CEREMONIES, Want Believe HELPED VEDIK PANDITS, Want Believe HELPED Doggedly TO Pronounce VEDIC Holiness IN HIS At an earlier time Commencement (ACCORDING TO THE ASTROLOGICAL Course book, 'BRAHMA RISHI VAAKYAM') THE Left behind KARMAS WHICH Believe TO BE Necessarily Hardened ARE Hardened BY HIM IN THIS Commencement Overdue WHICH HE ATTAINS MOKSHA.

THIS YOGA GIVES Newborn Bulk TO To the same extent CONSTITUTES Intelligence. IT IS THE Perception OF VEDA DHRAMA. THE Assistant Deprivation NOT BE AN Nimble-fingered IN VEDAS, BUT THE DHARMIC Incentive PROPOUNDED BY VEDIC Differentiate CONSTITUTES Intelligence. THAT IS THE Impact CARRIED BY JUPITER IN Traffic Following SATURN.

DHARMA Vehicle To the same extent Requirements TO BE Throughout IN A Exclusive Duty. Thus A Pompous Discover OF To the same extent IS Vital TO BE Throughout IN A Exclusive Duty IS THE Sizeable Tress OF WISDOM!



Reasonable RESEARCHERS Sec IN ON Definition OF Intelligence

By LiveScience Recruits

posted: 11 May 2010 09:50 am ET

You may know wisdom afterward you see it, but scientists foothold yet to come of with a short-lived definition.

A new pursue of 30 line who study wisdom reveals wisdom has handle that mercifulness it from other sticky traits, such as sagacity and spirituality.

"Give to are reliable key in definitions of wisdom, but no individual definition that is very great and embraces every dire aspect of wisdom," alleged study bookish Dilip V. Jeste, instructor of assay and neuroscience at the Academic circles of California, San Diego.

"Brains and spirituality section handle with wisdom, but they are not the self-same thing," Jeste explained. "One can be shrewd, yet lack practical knowledge. Piousness is methodically related with age, delight wisdom, but top figure researchers look after to define wisdom in at all terminology, not spiritual."

Most of the experts situate wisdom may possibly be characterized as follows:

* Intelligence is mainly secular.
* Intelligence is a form of advanced cognitive and emotional increase that is experience-driven.
* Intelligence is a ancestors part, albeit out of the ordinary.
* Intelligence can be moot, increases with age and can be gradual.
* Intelligence is I imagine not advanced by sack therapy.

Participating experts rated the air and distinction of six statements on a amount from 1 (undoubtedly not) to 9 (undoubtedly so) with regards to the concepts of wisdom, sagacity and spirituality; for classical "the perception can be convenient to secular beings."

The experts were after that asked to revenue the distinction of 47 components, such as unselfishness, practical life skills, sense of absurdity, reality, skill to pretext others and self-confidence, to the concepts of wisdom, sagacity and spirituality.

"One pursue, of course, cannot nicely and able-bodied define wisdom," Jeste alleged. "The particular here is that represent was beyond measure pact with experts that wisdom is indeed a strong recipient with a question of point facade. The verify from our test requirement help in wily deliberate empirical studies on wisdom."

The consequences are published online in the June reason of the journal Gerontologist.

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Gemstones Gift From God
Dragon Thoughts Pending has posted an luscious slight repeat about incalculable stones from the works of St. Hildegard. Some pieces:"The devil abhors, detests, and disdains incalculable stones. This is for example he remembers that their beauty was patent on him before he knock down from the glory God had resolved him, and for example some incalculable stones are engendered from fire, in which he receives his refined. By the confer on of God, the devil was beaten by the fire featuring in which he knock down, entirely as he is beaten by the fire of the Pastoral Quality when humans are hurried from his way in by the top current of the Pastoral Quality."[...] they store numerous powers and are effective for numerous requirements. numerous relevant can be done with them-but a short time ago good, upright events, which are enjoyable to worldly beings; not deeds of seduction, fornication, disloyalty, enmity, murder and the similar, which maintain near vice and which are troublesome to nearest and dearest. The construction of these long-standing stones seeks upright and precious luggage and rejects manual imperfect and evil uses, in the precise way virtues cast off vices and vices are incapable to concern with virtues."
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Creating Your New Life In 2015 With Light A Message From Archangel Gabriel Channeled By Shanta Gabriel


a message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel
Thursday, 15 January, 2015

Dear Ones,

Over the centuries in every generation there were only a few souls who could embody their Divinity. In the new year of 2015, the number of people who awaken to their true divine nature will be unprecedented. The level of creation that is possible will seem almost magical, yet it simply represents alignment with your most Divine, Eternal and Illuminated self.

In this year, you are able to create a new reality from fields of empowered Light weaving forms made up of qualities of higher consciousness. As you awaken into the Light of Divine Presence, you find freedom to soar above the mundane and yet create in clear practical ways. Working within these multidimensional levels allows you to bring Heaven to Earth. From this place you can receive the impulses of your soul's gifts to activate in this lifetime.

In this year, you will come to know the power of the forces of Divine Light as a Tool for the Creation of your most Empowered Future. The dimensional shifts that have occurred opened the way for you to receive at a new level of frequency. You are here to see your dreams manifest, when they are desires coming forth from your soul to summon the energy that empowers you to bring your gifts into the world.

Empowered By Light

THE POWER THAT YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR DREAMS INTO THE PHYSICAL REALM IS ALIGNING TO GREATLY INSPIRE YOUR NEXT STEPS IN LIFE IN THE 5TH DIMENSION. You will be amazed at the level of non-physical support that is available to create new form on the physical level.

YOUR HUMAN FORM NOW HAS THE CAPACITY TO HOLD THE EVOLUTION OF YOUR SPIRITUAL PRESENCE. As you embody your soul gifts within your physical form and anchor your desires through the base chakra, you give yourself permission to live the fullest essence of your divinity in the world. The more deeply you feel alignment with the Divine Intelligence within your heart, the more gracefully you allow yourself to have your dreams and live in joyous, confident enthusiasm.

Creating With Light

Creating form with Light becomes the daily practice that unites your most Divine Self with your human body. YOUR BREATH BECOMES THE LINK, YOUR AWARENESS OPENS THE DOOR, AND YOUR VISION BECOMES A DIVINE TOOL WHEN SPARKED BY YOUR TRUE SOUL ESSENCE. All that is required is to anchor the new frequencies that hold your empowered future within your being.

WHEN YOU IMMERSE YOURSELF IN DIVINE LIGHT, new frequencies entrain the field around your body and you have access to the Love and Intelligence that lives within your heart. There is no power on Earth that can match the Divinity inherent in the Light of God.

ALLOW YOURSELF CONSCIOUS IMMERSION IN THIS LOVING PRESENCE. It is what your heart is longing for. It is what your illumined mind is drawn to experience. Echoes of the ancient teachings reverberate in your being as your soul remembers how to create form with Light as it did in the ancient temples.

THE MORE HARMONY YOU EXPERIENCE WITHIN YOUR EMOTIONAL STATE, THE MORE YOU ARE LIVING IN YOUR FULL ESSENCE. It is an amazing time to be alive, to dream big and align with your soul's essence expanding and blending into human form.

IF YOU FEEL YOUR WAY IS BLOCKED, PULL BACK INTO YOUR HEART, and give yourself the time to come into full alignment with your most Divine Essence, that which guides your way. This action will help you feel the capacity to have all you desire, and expand your energy to receive it. This also allows you to be in harmony with Divine Timing. Turning your life over to the Divine Presence working in and through you represents perfect alignment with your Soul's requirements for the next step in your life.

Drafting The Energy

WHEN YOU NOTICE THAT OTHERS ARE LIVING IN PEACEFUL HARMONY IN THEIR LIFE AND MANIFESTING THEIR DREAMS, THIS MEANS YOU ALSO HAVE THAT POSSIBILITY. It is the cosmic version of drafting the energy that goes before you. Like migrating geese, you are moving together in agreement with the divine impulse within all beings to discover the new expanded territory in which you can live your soul's essence.

GEESE FLY IN THE DRAFT OF THE AIR BEHIND THEIR LEADERS. These geese are following the energetic flow of the wings of those that go before them, and it makes their way easier. That is the situation on Earth now as those who are on the first wave of ascension open the way for others to follow.

AS THEY ALIGN THEIR ENERGY WITH THE FLOW OF ALL CREATION WORKING IN THEIR LIVES, more people are awakening to their true divine nature and feeling the spark that enables their dreams to manifest. Joyous possibilities exist that profoundly affect all those who resonate with their Soul's essence. Creating on the physical level becomes an action of Intention fully integrated into the Divine Light you anchor in your world.

THE DYNAMIC GIFTS OF YOUR SOUL MANIFEST AS FREQUENCIES IN YOUR FIELD OF LIGHT. Anchoring that vibration in your physical body becomes a demonstration that you are aligning your physical, mental and emotional bodies with the dreams inspired by your soul to live in the world with greater power, joy and love.

WHEN YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED THAT WHICH CAUSES YOUR HEART TO SING IN ANTICIPATION ON A PURE FEELING LEVEL, you have access to this quality of consciousness. Focusing on these exalted states daily will change your vibration as those frequencies find their ground in you.

Simple, Timeless Practices

Ancient systems were developed that activate your conscious ability to receive Light. Most of these have been brushed aside in the hope of new, more powerful teachings. However, in many ways the simplicity and the clarity of the tools to expand conscious awareness remain the same. For instance, accessing the elements of subtle energy through your breath remains one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration.

Sitting in an exalted state of Love brings the power of that force of Light into every cell of your body. Bathing yourself in pure Joy opens the way for your brain to create new neuropathways. Allowing Peace to prevail in your heart creates the most nourishing Home you ever imagined.

We are using these potent words as the energetic tools they have become in new 5th dimensional energy. Each word holds an exalted vibration that you can literally feel in your body. This is your soul speaking through the language of vibration. Your feelings are your spirit's way to spark the awareness of your choices.

There are infinite choices and possibilities expanding in your world now within the waves of Divine Light. There are, in fact, so many choices that overwhelm has become common among you. This overwhelm occurs when you are trying to mentally figure out which choice is best. It is infinitely more simple to use your "feeling nature" to sort out the choices that would most benefit your life. Your soul speaks through the language of feelings using these magnetic qualities to draw them into your experience.

When you create intentional spaces within and without for your spiritual practice, it allows your body to acclimate to higher frequencies and to use them for creation of your new empowered life.

In the ancient temples, this practice was the most relevant and purposeful way to create form. New realities were made from frequencies of Light focused and inspired by higher dimensional energies. "Your soul knows these abilities;" it is a part of your heritage. It is why you came into this life with a highly developed and sensitive nervous system. You have been unlike those you knew and did not feel nurtured by popular culture. Your soul waited for this time to bring the ancient gifts forward.

Your preparation has been extensive. You have so much information, so many lessons learned, cleared so much karma and old belief systems that you wonder when it will open to create manifestation of your heart's desires in your life.

Now Is The Time

THE TIME IS NOW IN 2015 AS YOU BEGIN TO PUT YOUR SOUL'S GIFTS INTO PRACTICE AND ALIGN WITH ITS PURPOSE. As you gain access to exalted states, there needs to be a grounded system in place that will take the frequencies of Light and connect them in your body for the new, growing crystalline system.

CREATION OF FORM CAN BEGIN WITHIN YOUR INNER TEMPLE OF LIGHT which is dedicated to the awakening of new forms in your life that are in harmony with your Source energy. It is an activity that befits that exalted awareness of your destiny. It uses ancient tools and modern focus to bring Light and Clarity into your being.

THIS PRACTICE OF ALIGNMENT WITH QUALITIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS BECOMES THE BEACON OF LIGHT THAT YOU EXPRESS IN THE WORLD. This practice draws to you all those who can assist you in translating the dream to reality, opportunities to share your love and wisdom, and people who can love and support you as well as enjoy your presence in their life.

CREATING FORM FROM LIGHT IS THE FOCUS OF THIS NEW YEAR, and from that your Illuminated soul is birthed into new life on Earth. Your honoring of your dreams becomes an aspect of Love. Loving and respecting yourself enough to acknowledge the desires of your soul allows your heart to fully expand. You will find a new ability to bring your dreams into fruition when they are in alignment with your Source energy.

Step Into The Light Field You Created

You would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it. Check into your heart and see if your dream is in harmony with your soul essence. Become familiar with the resonance of a soul-based desire and that which a personality desire creates within you. When you feel in harmony, you can step into the field of Light you have created within the personal sacred sanctuary that holds the frequencies you want to express.

DO NOT ALLOW DOUBT TO INTERFERE WITH YOUR UNFOLDING PROCESS OF AWAKENING. As the Light gains more strength, there is a new power also birthing. It is strength and integrity within your being to hold higher frequencies that can be transmitted into the outer world.

WHEN YOUR PERSONAL SPIRITUAL PRACTICE HELPS YOU TO ALIGN WITH SOURCE ENERGY, you have new freedom to express great Creativity and Joy. Know that you can move forward in your life and align yourself with those who are already living peaceful lives in harmony with their greatest dreams and their soul's gifts.

THERE IS NO NEED FOR COMPETITION. This is the time for a great cooperative wave of creation that allows you to ride the crest of its flow and manifest your dreams on Earth. The Divine Light awaits your direction.

And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel

Copyright (c) Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others. www.thegabrielmessages.com.

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Top Five Yoga Retreats In Canada For Your Mind And Body
Yoga Retreats Options In Canada Incorporate A Wide Range Of Retreats Based On Preferences For Example Yoga Retreats, Detox Retreats, Spiritual Retreats Plus Much More.

If you're thinking of going away to complete yoga, there are two different kind of yoga breaks in Canada.A yoga holiday along with a yoga retreat in Canada.So why wouldn't you consider combining yoga having a vacation for the ultimate retreat? It's a visit that can bring health and rejuvenation towards the body, mind and spirit. Daily yoga practice coupled with time for personal reflection and meditation can offer deep relaxation, allowing people to return to their lives rested and fulfilled-complete with skills to create their daily lives better.


Yasodhara Ashram,Kootenay Bay, BC.

Nourish the mind and body in a place that is focused on the Divine, that holds peace and sweetness as a mirror for your own evolution. Most people are welcome, from all spiritual traditions.Retreats and classes are offered year round at the facility, and concentrate not only on the physical facets of yoga, but the reflective aspects too. There are courses in Dream Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga and Writing-just for starters.

While many repeat visitors happen to be coming for years (even decades!) the term on this best-known-secret is getting out, and becoming acknowledged. It was named Canada's Best Yoga Retreat by Readers Digest (June 2008). And Yasodhara's dedication to sustainability was recognized using the British Columbia Environmentally Responsible Tourism Award 2009.

Hollyhock, Cortes Island, BC.

Tucked right into a wilderness setting on Cortes Island from the B.C. Coast, Hollyhock is definitely an experiential learning centre offering workshops, retreats and conferences centered on such topics as well being, human potential, healing and yoga. Special yoga programs can be found throughout the spring, summer and fall, however the centre is closed from November to March.

Classes are varied and their calendar includes courses in bodywork, kayaking, leadership, meditation, telecomutting saves gas, professional development, music, cooking, writing and spiritual development. Participants of Hollyhock leave not just rejuvenated from the stresses of the daily lives, but return inspired, attempting to make the world a better place.

The Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp

Found in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp offers year-round programs of numerous lengths and levels. Appropriate for the serious yoga practitioner, Sivananda provides several themes including Karma yoga, family yoga, yoga as a way to increase energy and yoga for all those wanting to become a teacher. Accommodation features a lodge and basic cabins in which you bring your own linens or perhaps a campground during the summer season.

Yoga Retreats in Canada

Windchimes Yoga Farm,Ontario

Situated in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, Wind Chimes Yoga Farm provides a beautiful yoga studio having a certified Sivananda Yoga instructor in addition to a unique and picturesque bed and breakfast experience. We're avid yoga, hiking, backpacking not to mention, llama enthusiasts. We invite you to definitely come, stay with us and relish the seclusion and peacefulness in our bed & breakfast on our hobby farm, when you learn yoga at the same time.

Salt Spring Centre Of Yoga

Established almost 30 years ago for the teaching and practice of classical Ashtanga yoga, the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, on Salt Spring Island in Bc, offers a variety of programs and retreats year-round. Retreats typically include two night's accommodation, vegetarian cuisine and yoga courses of instruction for a range of levels.

The centre also provides an assortment of Ayurveda and bodywork treatments in the Wellness Centre. Free time could be spent hiking or going through the island market, shops and galleries or just enjoying personal time in a serene setting. Addititionally there is an annual yoga getaway for families.


* Find the Best Yoga Retreats in Florida
* Explore Relaxing Yoga Holidays in Greece
* Bikram Yoga Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica
* Affordable Yoga Retreats in California
* Experience Spiritual Yoga Retreats and Holidays in Thailand

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The Air Force Is Preparing To Steal The Land Of Millions Of Americans

Dave Hodges


The title of the article is not hyperbole. The Air Force is indeed preparing to steal as many homes as needed to fulfill two objectives: (1) To ensure the profitability of the military industrial complex (2) To use the mission of the Air Force to drive down home values in the adjacent areas to a planned CANAMEX highway and to force as many people as possible off of their land in furtherance of the North American Union (SPP).

We estimate that anywhere from 15 million Americans to 20 million Americans will be impacted the Air Force's shenanigans and will suffer greatly reduced property values or be forced off of their land entirely WITHOUT COMPENSATION.

How is the Air Force going to do it? Is your property safe if you don't live in the immediate area adjacent to an Air Force base? How has the Air Force become the prostitute of the globalists? These questions, and many more will be answered in this article.


All across this country, in more than a dozen cases and growing, the Air Force is busy forcing people off of their land in order to preserve the profits of Lockheed Martin and other military industrial complex organizations. The newer breed of Air Force aircraft (e.g. F-35) is far too noisy to be compatible with nearby metropolitan areas. The Air Force has become excessively underhanded in dealing with the public on this matter.

The F-16, the backbone of the Air Force for decades, is loud... very loud. Cities in proximity to Air Force bases have barely been able to coexist and in some cases they have not. The F-22 and the F-35 are several times louder than the F-16. In fact, the two planes are 4-12 times louder than the F-16 depending on the type of maneuvers being executed by the planes. The Air Force is lying when they tell you there is no difference in sound. I have the original sound test studies performed at Eglin Air Force Base by sound engineer, Bob Webb, who makes these claims as part of an Air Force study that he headed. The scientific studies demonstrate that the decibel levels of these planes are consistent with an increase in strokes, heart attacks, hearing loss, generalized anxiety disorder and a whole host of other ailments. So, not only are the property rights of millions of Americans at risk, so is their health.

The Air Force has been quick to enforce draconian rules which render a property valueless and useless. However, in most cases, the Air Force further restricts personal property rights through obtaining support from local politicians, who in turn are coerced into passing laws which ultimately force people off of their land. The Air Force accomplishes controlling local politicians by telling them that they can arrange Federal projects to be awarded to their area, resulting in a temporary economic boom, in order obtain their unwilling cooperation. In exchange, they only need to screw the rights of a minority of the people in their community. All Air Force bases work off of the same playbook and consistently tell the local leaders that if they do not cooperate, that the base will close resulting in a loss of billions of dollars of lost revenue to their area.

As an aside, when a base closes the profitability of the area goes up dramatically (Lowry AFB and Fitzsimmons bases in Denver).

The nearby Community Initiatives Team of each base then threatens to ruin the political career of any uncooperative local leader by letting their constituents know that their actions resulted in economic harm to their area. Further, the Air Force organizes the retired military personnel in proximity to the base to serve as their public relations team which is trained to shout down all opposition. "Luke Forward" is this group in my area. The Air Force subsequently tells the local veterans that if they do not help the Air Force preserve and expand their mission, they will lose access to their military medical and shopping benefits. The veterans, mayors and city councils all form a team created by the Air Force's intimidation to force people off of their land in order to make way for these new planes that are significantly louder and incompatible with local developments.

The Veterans groups then become the unified SWAT team which goes after uncooperative local leaders. This is exactly what happened in El Mirage, Arizona. The city presented the Pentagon with a 400 million dollar bill for restricted property rights resulting in the loss of local revenue. The forces of the media, the Air Force and the retired military veterans sprang into action and forced a complete change in the government of the city. And when the residents of the city begin feeling the effects of the F-35, little did they realize that their properties will be restricted resulting in financial ruination, as well as a significant threat to their collective physical health. Today, the city government of El Mirage is made up of people who have a financial stake in the viability of nearby Luke Air Force Base.

What I have described here is going to repeat across this country 50-60 times in the next few years. Some of us who have already been through this are here to tell the rest of the nation that you are about to be invaded by the US Air Force.


The Air Force does not have to outright seize your property to have committed an act of eminent domain which would require that full compensation be paid to the homeowner. If the Air Force restricts your land, or does harm to your land resulting in a lowering of property values, under the law, they are required to pay the owner full value for their property. This process is called inverse condemnation from which the courts and most State Constitutions have determined is the same as eminent domain. The Air Force has learned how to get around this legal hurdle through the political intimidation process described in the above paragraphs.

The most popular way that the Air Force steals your land has to do with the permitting process. The Air Force Community Initiatives team will coerce local governments to pass unconstitutional property rights restrictions which ultimately forces people off of their property. For example, in my community, we once had a permitting exclusion placed upon our community which would not have allowed us to rebuild any portion of our home if we experienced damage to our homes (e.g. fire, weather). If our homes would have been damaged, we would have been forced to walk away and suffer financial ruination courtesy of the Air Force and their criminal local government partners.

By the way, the act of lobbying by a military body is expressly forbidden under the Military Code of Justice. However, we are playing in a game with no rules. When I confronted Rusty Mitchell, the director of the Community Initiatives team at Luke Air Force Base, a man who never met a lie he would not tell, he said we are only telling the politicians what we need to complete our mission. It is lobbying and the Air Force is breaking its own laws.


The Air Force also controls the media, who becomes their ally in the subjugation of tens of thousands of properties. For example, at Luke Air Force Base in the Phoenix area, the Arizona Republic vilifies any individual or group who stands up.

My community formed a group called the Arizona Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights (ACPPR). I was the spokesperson and was in charge of dealing with the media. Subsequently, my wife and I met with the editorial board of the "Arizona Republic". We presented to them an air tight case of how the Air Force and local politicians were violating the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution as well prior case law. The director of the board, Vaneta Hawthorne James, a throwback to the demeanor of Angela Davis, leaned across the table and said "I understand about your rights Mr. Hodges, but for the greater good you need to get off your land". I asked her if she meant without compensation and she said, "Yes"!

The "Arizona Republic" is owned by Gannet Broadcasting. Gannet is owned by Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin manufactures the F-35. Need I say more? From community to community, the corporate names change a bit, but the same nefarious chain of corporate custody remains the same.


Eleven years ago, my wife and I purchased a 1.5 acre home in rural Arizona. There are no streetlights, the nearest grocery store is 14 miles away, the nearest gas station is 10 miles away and we believed that we had found paradise. There are 4 basic housing developments spread out over thousands of square miles. We live in unincorporated Maricopa County, the home of the famous Sheriff Joe, the toughest sheriff in Arizona.

Our home was to be our retirement home, but we also thought it would be a great place to raise a family because it was away from the gangs and the graffiti of our former neighborhood. What we thought was our paradise, became our nightmare.

A few months after we moved in, the permitting restrictions commenced. This led to a seven-year battle with local politicians. There were a few politicians who stood up for us. None of them are in office today as a result of the Luke Air Force Base public relations SWAT teams. But remember, the Air Force does not lobby. Our military likes to go into other countries, why shouldn't they do the same to American homeowners when it fits their purpose?

As spokesperson for ACPPR, I attracted a lot of media attention and I was frequently misquoted and made to look like I was anti-Air Force, anti-war effort and anti-American. I suffered great loss to my professional reputation. However, there was one man that liked what I was doing - the late Pete Peterson, who at that time, owned KBSZ radio. He gave me a local show from which I used to enter the media. Those of you who have wondered where I came from, and have suspected me of being a disinfo agent, owe me an apology. This is how I became engaged in my fight against the New World Order. As I soon discovered, this fight was not just about the profitability of Lockheed Martin and the advancement of military careers. This fight is not just my fight, this fight belongs to millions of Americans.



One late night, I was going over my notes and discovered that there were four areas impacted by the Air Force in Arizona in terms of going after individual property rights. The four areas were my area north of Surprise, parts of Tucson, Gila Bend and Yuma. Adjacent to my notes, was a news release telling Arizona how wonderful the CANAMEX Highway would be for travel and profit when the construction was complete. I discovered at that moment that the four areas under fire from the Air Force identically matched the four planned CANAMEX routes into Arizona.

The CANAMEX is the transportation corridor of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). CAFTA represents a free trade agreement which has resulted in the loss of protective tariffs and the flight of manufacturing and jobs to foreign markets in search of cheap labor. Subsequently, another goal of the Air Force is to use its mission to drive out homeowners in the vicinity of a CANAMEX corridor in order to suppress property values. The land needed by the globalists for their highway is funded 50% by state and local government and 50% by the Federal Highway Transportation Administration. Their goal is to make that land acquisition as cheap as possible.

The Air Force's mission, to ensure the profitability of Lockheed Martin, is also being used to make land acquisition along these planned CANAMEX Highways as cheap as possible. I ran the odds of these four coincidences being due to mere luck (I used to teach statistics at the undergraduate level), and the odds were calculated at 65 million to one!

I further discovered that CAFTA and NAFTA were about destroying American sovereignty through the over-arching Security, Prosperity Partnership (SPP). This is the North American Union. I learned very quickly that the stories being told by alternative media writers and talk show hosts about how a small group of men were attempting to control world finance and wanted to eventually create a world government, were indeed true! I subsequently became engaged in this fight and have not looked back.

The CANAMEX and the NAFTA Superhighway will encompass 80 current highway corridors in America. The millions of Americans along these planned routes will have trouble with the military, not realizing the real goal is the expansion of the North American Union. These free trade agreements spell the death of America because of the loss of jobs and the continued influx of millions of unskilled workers into America which serves to break the backs of our infrastructure and is destroying the wages of the American middle class.

And how did our fight turn out? My community is the only community who stood up to the Air Force and made them back down. Through a series of backroom deals, I got a public interest law firm to represent us and we got as far as the steps of the courthouse... and the other side blinked, at least temporarily. I am not naive enough to believe that Rusty Mitchell and his Luke AFB Community Initiatives Team are done with us. They will return. And millions of you are going to be facing the same challenges as we have.


If you think this article is a personal narrative, you are incorrect and have missed the point. I have fought the Air Force and have won a temporary battle. They will be back. My warning to the American people is twofold. First, your property is at risk if you live in proximity to an interstate highway as they will all be converted to international corridor status under these free trade agreements. Second, if you live near a planned CANAMEX or NAFTA highway, you are in serious jeopardy with regard to your property rights and financial future. Third, there are communities in Vermont, Virginia Beach, Valparaiso, FL., Yuma, AZ., Gila Bend, AZ., Northwest Maricopa County, AZ., Georgia and many more who are communicating because we know what is at stake. This threat is widespread and real.

My group was guilty of spinning its wheels in the early days of this fight. The key to winning this fight for our property rights is to control our local politicians. Without the local politicians, the Air Force is dead in the water.

In conclusion, if you live near an interstate or planned CANAMEX/NAFTA highway, you are at risk. And if you live in America, you are at risk. These free trade agreements spell the economic death of America.

I have enjoyed my time away from this fight, but after a conversation I had with the Tucson leadership last night, I know that I am about to become engaged again. I propose, my fellow Americans, that you do your homework; and if you discover you are at potential risk, please contact me and we will lock arms and meet the globalists at the gates of hell.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

THE COMMON SENSE SHOW features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.