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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

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Popes Gone Wild What The Catholic Church Would Rather You Forget
BY THEOPHANESThe man pictured above is the poster boy for Catholic debauchery. His name was Pope Alexander VI. He wasn't the first, nor the last, of a string of simply sinful popes. In fact if he had a trading card the back might read something like this:"Achievements: Successfully started the world's first recorded crime family, sired at least four bastard children, hosted orgies within the walls of the Vatican, and shunned the poor in favor of flamboyant decadence.Good Qualities: Severe loyalty to kith and kin (even to the point of almost plunging Italy into all out war just so his bastard children could have the life he wanted for them. Awe.)Scandals: Still being accused of breaking up his daughter's marriage in favor if an incestuous relationship with himself, whispered to be involved in a few choice assassinations, and oh yes, there was that whole mistress and string of wild Vatican orgy parties...God's Judgment: "Death by slow intestinal bleeding."Charming guy that pope Alexander VI. Rumor has it his entire bastard clan were murderous and drunk on power. And so the love spread, long after his death. Just the fact he wasn't stabbed or poisoned is a small miracle in itself. I'm just using him to illustrate a point. The papacy is full of scandals, rife for the pages of Catholic Inquirer.MORE PAPAL OOPSIES * POPE STEPHEN VI was probably the perpetrator of the most bizarre event in papal history. After being elected to be pope he had his predecessor exhumed from his grave, brought into court, and tried for various crimes. The corpse was unsurprisingly found guilty as sin and his three blessing fingers were hacked off as punishment. He was then reburied before he was dug up once again in order to be thrown into the Tiber. Forgiveness anyone? * POPE JOHN XII didn't even have a good start. He was said to have been born to a fourteen year old mother, sired by a man who was both his father and grandfather. Never one to shun tradition he continued this Oedipal cycle of dysfunction and also took his mother on as a lover. He was only eighteen when he became pope and only twenty-seven when he left it, by way of death. Rumor has it he was murdered during a jealous rage when the husband of one of his mistresses walked in on them in bed. This would indeed be a fitting end to a pope who was such a womanizer he was have said to have violated virgins and widows alike and had so many women filing in and out of the Vatican that everyone said it had been turned into a brothel. Sex wasn't his only downfall though; he was rumored to have murdered several people and was fond of hacking off his enemies limbs. Far from being a saint I think this pope was trying to reach a new record of depravity. * POPE BENEDICT IX: Depending on what sources you believe Pope Benedict IX was given the papacy anywhere between eleven and twenty years of age. St. Peter Damian accused him of routinely screwing other men and his four legged friends amongst other crimes. Apparently that wasn't even scratching the surface when it came to grievances thrust into his direction. Bishop Benno of Piacenza accused him of committing, "many vile adulteries and murders." He was also accused of rape and murder by his eventual successor before he decided to be the first and only pope to bring the free market to the papacy, selling his position to his Godfather John Gratian. * POPE BONIFACE VIII decided to take the free market a bit further and was accused of simony (that's accepting cash for appointing religious positions) in Dante's infamous Divine Comedy. Though he was alive at the time he showed an uncharacteristic apathy and didn't order Dante tortured, maimed, or killed. Lucky Dante! * POPE URBAN II cowed France into attacking the Muslim world, throwing the region into five hundred years of religious warfare, which as you can see by the current day turned out remarkably well... * POPE URBAN VI is best remembered for his gratuitously violent nature. Like any true psychopath he was said to have complained when his enemies didn't "scream loud enough" under torture. God apparently likes screaming more then He likes hymns. * POPE JOHN XXII was the first to persecute "witches." Although he was the richest man in the entire world at the time he was still not happy with his lot in life. He deemed that all the "witches" and "heretics" could be accused after death and that all their land should be seized. * POPE SIXTUS IV authorized the Spanish Inquisition and all it's various forms of torture to gently convince the Jews, Moors, and Heretics that Catholic love and compassion were the way to God. While all this was going on it's rumored that Pope Sixtus IV was busy fathering children with his eldest sister and carrying on several bisexual relationships. Not surprisingly he was also said to have suffered from syphilis. God's wrath? Maybe for him. * POPE GREGORY XII burned John Huss of Bohemia at the stake after declaring his safety from such a fate. His crime? He spoke out against papal corruption. The pope's response? "When dealing with heretics, one is not obligated to keep his word." * POPE JOHN XXIII reigned for five years (1410-1415) before he pissed off so many other Catholics that he was striped of his title and declared anti-pope. So what was so bad about this mobsteresque pope? For one he decided to terrorize the students at the University of Bologna by demanding they pay a price to be protected from violent thugs who just happened to be under his order. That's not what earned him his anti-pope title though, that had to be credited to the accusations of murder, rape, sodomy, incest, and piracy. * POPE URBAN XIII struck up a friendship with a young Galileo which is probably what spared his life later on when the pope tried him for heresy. Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment which was later changed into house arrest. He died nine years later still under house arrest for claiming that a spherical earth revolved around the sun. This decree of heresy was not lifted until 350 years later. * PIUS XII reputation comes from his lack of action rather then from anything he did personally. He was the pope during Hitler's reign of terror and didn't so much as speak one direct harsh word about the man who was slaughtering millions. Hitler was Catholic after all and never antagonized the papacy (which is apparently the one way to get excommunicated.) His continuing refusal to say anything against the Nazi party lasted throughout the war with lame excuses being put forth behind the reasoning as to why this was. He claimed he would not decry any individual atrocities publicly and when faced with the Holocaust he merely claimed there wasn't enough evidence it was actually happening. Perhaps he was afraid of pissing off a people who could easily kill him. But then again, for someone who is supposed to be the closest man to God his moral senses should have outweighed any thought of self-preservation. After all Jesus didn't seem particularly keen on pussyfooting around the corrupt people of his era. Catholicism and Christianity love martyrs! * POPE JOHN PAUL II Publicly condemned all forms of birth control and gay marriage, his only reaction to the pedophile priest scandals was merely to issue a feeble apology for 2000 years worth of pedophile church swapping, record burying, and secret payoffs to families for not denouncing the church publicly. He never condemned the behavior and only started defrocking priests when the masses started to put intense pressure on him to do so. Even so not that many priests were let go compared to what are likely out there. Apparently pedophilia is a more forgivable sin then birth control. * POPE BENEDICT XVI - Our current pope was in all the papers when the media realized he was part of the Hitler Youth. Now I get comments like, "That wasn't a voluntary position" but that just doesn't cut it when you're talking about the man who is supposed to be closest to God. If he were really that holy he would have been a martyr, not a pope.CONCLUSIONI have merely listed a few personalities in this article. If you dig deep enough you could probably find incriminating accusations about most of the popes to serve through history. In the end I fail to see how any of the men ever elected pope could possibly be closer to God then the rest of the human population when their short comings are so pathetically enormous. Very few of them seem to have any idea what Jesus was talking about with the whole love, compassion, and forgiveness thing and between them all they've probably violated every commandment.SOURCE

Monday, 28 April 2008

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Luther Faith And Reformation Day
Today is Halloween for all the trick or treaters, but it has religious significance as well. It was on All Hallows Eve (October 31), 1517 that Martin Luther, monk and professor of Bible at Wittenburg University famously nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the castle church -- at least that is the story. I know there are questions about the facticity of the event, but he did issue a challenge to the church concerning what he perceived to be abuses. I shall not go into them here.

I want to note that in part the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century has roots that go back much earlier and lasted well into the seventeenth century. It was a complex movement that occurred both inside and outside the Roman Catholic Church. At one level the Reformation centered on the question of authority. Early reformers such as Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Cramner, and Menno Simons sought to root their reforms in Scripture, placing church tradition below Scripture leading to the hallowed principle of Sola Scriptura. Although the authority of the early fathers, councils, and even medieval theologians weren't rejected outright, the Reformers insisted that Scripture be seen as the norm for faith and practice. All other authorities were to help interpret Scripture. Of course, there were also church-state issues to sort through as well. Then there are the purported abuses that the Reformers sought to address, including the selling of indulgences, the immorality of the renaissance papacy, as well as the perception of the general worldliness of the church, all of which encouraged calls for reform. Some of these reformers, such as Erasmus and Ignatius Loyola chose to remain within the Catholic Church, while Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Thomas Cranmer, and Menno Simons broke with the Roman church.

Luther's emergence as a Reformer was very personal, for it emerged out of his desire to find justification before God. It was only as he discovered that justification, and therefore salvation, came from God by faith and not by works that he was able to embark on his reforming career.

There are many reasons and explanations for the Reformation, some have to do with theological concerns, such as justification by faith and scriptural authority, and others have to do with political considerations. Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and Cranmer are referred to as the Magisterial Reformers, not because of the majesty of their work, but because it was undertaken with the support and authority of the magistrate. Wittenburg, Zurich, and Geneva, were all governed by princes or local councils who sought to gain autonomy from the Holy Roman Emperor. Cranmer's Church of England had also broken with Rome over political concerns, and true reform occurred within that church only gradually, only really taking hold after 1559 and the Elizabethan settlement.

Though Zwingli, Calvin and numerous other reformers contributed greatly to the success and expansion of the Protestant Reformation, its greatest figure has to be Martin Luther. Luther, though he was a biblical theologian and not a systematic theologian, ranks with St. Paul and Augustine as the greatest among Christian theologians. Thus it is logical that we begin with this "father" of the Reformation.

The Key to Luther's understanding of justification is his definition of faith, for we are, according to Luther and in line with the letter to the Ephesians, justified by grace through faith. For Luther faith was more than and intellectual adherence to truth. For him, faith was "an actual fellowship with God, in which man places all of his trust in God and looks to Him as the source of all good." That is, faith, for Luther, was complete trust in God's mercy.

As a result, Luther, understood justifying faith to be the acceptance of Christ's substitutionary death on the cross on our behalf. Faith in the end is the work of God:

"Faith, however, is a divine work in us. It changes us and makes us to be born anew of God (John 1)); it kills the old Adam and makes altogether different men, in heart and spirit and mind and powers, and it brings with it the Holy Ghost. O, it is a living, busy, active, mighty thing, this faith; and so it is impossible for it not to do good works incessantly. It does not ask whether there are good works to do, but before the question rises; it has already done them, and is always at the doing of them. He who does not these works is a faithless man. He gropes and looks about after faith and good works, and knows neither what faith is nor what good works are, though he talks and talks, with many words, about faith and good works." [Martin Luther, "Preface to the Epistle to the Romans," in "Works of Martin Luther," Philadelphia Edition, 6 vols., (Baker Book House, 1982), 6:451-452].Although justification comes through faith, Luther made it clear that faith was not a virtue, that is being in the same vein as hope and love, but the receptive organ by which one receives God's gift of grace. Faith in essence is an acceptance of the fact that God has already accepted us on the basis of the cross.

It is only as we understand God's acceptance of us in Christ that we can embark on the life of faith. May this brief reflection be a beacon of hope on this last day of October, whether or not one considers oneself to be an heir of the Reformers.

Monday, 21 April 2008

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Dreaded 200 Year Old Tree Falls In Abakaliki

It was said when Abakaliki was made the capital of Ebonyi State, many thought that the tree would go down but the people feared to touch it for fear of the gods. Thus when the government wanted to mow it down for the development of the state capital, the natives of Ntezi-Aba resisted the government, insisting that the wrath of the deity would be unleashed on them and their next generations.

However, the tree recently gave in to nature one fateful afternoon. It fell without any nudge. But it took some casualties in the process as "IT CRUSHED A NEARBY BUILDING" located at No.7B Nnorom Street, Ntezi-Aba in Abakaliki metropolis, thus destroying property worth several millions of Naira.

However, the tree was said to have spared the life of one person that was inside the building when it gave way. The landlord of the building destroyed by the ancient deity tree, Mr Sunday Eze, has, therefore, cried out for help from the government and well-meaning individuals.

Eze told Daily Sun that what saved his family members was that on the day of the incident none of them were around as they had dispersed to different locations to look for their daily bread and the children were still at school when the incident occurred, except for one of them who was inside the building, but escaped unhurt.

His words: "We came back after the day's activity to see the tree had fallen on the building and completely destroyed it, and since then we have been suffering as we now depend on the mercy of neighbours who help us to feed".

The distraught man disclosed that he had written to the state Ministry of Environment on the incident to solicit assistance from the government and well-meaning individuals and organizations.

However, residents of the area have heaved "A SIGH OF RELIEF" that the tree has eventually given way without fulfilling the requests of the traditionalists, but now calling for the intervention of the relevant government agency to come and remove the trunks of the fallen tree.

One of the residents, Mrs Eugenia Abah, said residents used to see the tree as a monument that means several things to many people.

"We see it as a deity and for the tree to continue being on top of the building would continue to instill fear to household and residents." Ironically, a traditionalist who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that the tree cannot be removed without the observance of some traditional rituals as it would bring curse to the people.

He claimed that the tree was the spiritual shield of the area which protected the residents from evils and misfortunes.

Reference: pagan-space.blogspot.com

Friday, 11 April 2008

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The Luck Of The Irish Are You Really That Lucky
It all starts with St. Patrick's Day which is celebrated every year on March 17th. To us, it's a huge holiday for drinking and partying and celebrating St. Patrick himself but to the people in Ireland, it's really just another day. About thirty four million people in the world claim that they are of Irish decent. Some of the most common things that people think are lucky are cereal hiding lucky charms, the handing out of shamrocks, potential pots of gold at the end of rainbows, and leprauchans. The PURPOSE of this topic is to see if people really can have the luck of the irish as they claim to. I found a quote that is great to disprove this notion. It states, "LUCK IS PROBABILITY TAKEN PERSONALLY. The QUESTION at hand is, "Can one really up the ante and say they have the luck of the irish or is it purely based on probability taken the wrong way?" The INFORMATION found on this topic is as follows. Skinner (1948) initially studied the 'superstitious' responses of pigeons and stated that experimental birds behaved as if there were a causal relation between their behavior and the presentation of food. He then made an analogy to human behaviours such as adhering to rituals to change one's luck when playing cards (Skinner, 1948). Specifically, in these instances people believe that fate controls their outcomes, and hold superstitious beliefs in order to influence their future as reflected in problem gambling or use of lucky talismans, engaging in simple acts such as touching wood or crossing fingers in an effort to prevent bad fortune and / or bring on good (Vyse, 1997). Our group is presenting on the Vyse book so I found this very interesting that it was mentioned in this article I found for my post. Personally, my POINT OF VIEW is that is untrue in a sense. I understand how people can think that when they're having a good day and things seem to be in their favor, that it is purely luck. I don't believe this because I am Irish and I don't feel that I'm any luckier than anyone else. Everyone seems to think that fate and luck have a lot to do with their daily events and the things that happen almost by chance. If someone is Irish, they will generally think that nothing bad will happen to them because they have the "luck of the irish." Probability is based on luck and fate in a different way. Probability is the likelihood that something will definitely happen. Although neither of these things can be proven either way, I find it interesting that so many people legitimately believe in the luck of the irish especially on St. Patrick's Day. By: Amanda WoodSource: http://www.theoddsmustbecrazy.com/2012/03/17/on-the-luck-of-the-irish-and-taking-probability-personally/ The Luck Factor Video

Thursday, 10 April 2008

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1Cor 3 21 No One Boast About Human Beings
(1Cor 3, 21) No one own about mortal beings [21] So let no one own about mortal beings, for everything belongs to you, (CCC 293) Scripture and Rehearse never be over to teach and troop this plug truth: "The world was completed for the glory of God" (Dei Filius, can. SS 5: DS 3025). St. Bonaventure explains that God created all load "not to awaken his glory, but to play it forth and to join it" (St. Bonaventure, In II Sent. I, 2, 2, 1), for God has no other part for creating than his love and goodness: "Creatures came indoors human being because the key of love opened his hand" (St. Thomas Aquinas, Sent. 2, Prol.). The Chief Vatican Meeting explains: This one, true God, of his own good quality and "almighty power", not for on the rise his own beatitude, nor for attaining his increase, but in order to self-evident this increase in the relief which he bestows on creatures, with complete supply of counsel "and from the beginning of time, completed out of zoom both inform of creatures, the spiritual and the plain..." (Dei Filius 1: DS 3002; cf. Lateran Meeting IV (1215): DS 800).

Source: 33witches.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

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Sony Odin Sample Photos Leak Could Have Been Snapped With The Front Facing Cam
Sony Odin and Yuga rumors in great amounts for a equally, which may well come as a demoralize for some, later than that the two phones are merely avowed as induction appearance day. Eternally, at any time you suppose of the duo's speculated spec sheets, you perhaps start to understand why we very soon can't die down poetry about them. The newborn word we've heard about the two super-phones mentioned their part, but before that the Yuga was in the found of nuisance, so it essential come as no demoralize that it's now Odin's turn to camel. Okay, not so very much camel as unassumingly make its image felt with a few camera snapshots. The pictures that were allegedly occupied with Odin's swine 13 MP rear-facing cam don't directly make use of that giant Exmor RS antenna, but bring new clear-cut note down finance the phone's person. According to the photos' EXIF note down, they suppress been occupied with a Sony C6502/C6503 plot, which are the codenames of the Xperia Odin. Of course, the EXIF note down can be manipulated and rigged, but why would everyone go to so very much trouble? As for the descriptions lackluster facial expression, that shouldn't bug us too very much. We brim incredulity the pics were occupied with the camera set at high-res settings, not to reference there's a good providence they were snapped with the front-facing cam, which would make them actually sooner windfall. Gloomily, there's nobody exceedingly these photos reveal, so nobody fundamental has discrete like opinion time we tease about the Odin. The commerce is hence constant hypothetical to be the transnational photocopy of the Yuga, protective material a quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2 GB of RAM and a 2,300 mAh fund in a creature measuring 9.8 mm in unwieldiness and weighing 147 grams. The Yuga, as its sibling, movement furthermore fool around a Dominated HD 5-inch sign on, days understood to come to the States on T-Mobile soon appearance Jump out in the wake of a very likely CES 2013 unveiling. Who's excited?Leak: Sony C6603 "Yuga" to come with 13 MP cameraSony Xperia Yuga glasses and facade leaked, Xperia Odin furthermore mentionedRumored 1080p Sony Odin and Sony Yuga part leakedBlurry Sony Yuga pics discovery, Sony Odin may well fool around 1080p WhiteMagic sign onADRIAN DIACONESCUConstruct FeedAuthor GooglePlusAuthor Facebook Adrian has an excessive passion for writing ever like he was in school and found himself writing philosophical essays about the meaning of life and the differences involving light and dark glug down. Latter, he found out that this is sooner very much his just money-making skill, so he leader shaped a private blog and consequently naked his true work, which is writing about apparatus and gadgets in general and Android in woozy.Android ContractRead Finished http://samsunggalaxy4g.net/sony-odin-sample-photos-leak-could-have-been-snapped-with-the-front-facing-cam.html

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

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Joss Whedon Honorary Pagan
The man who gave us pun, resolute, conflicted Buffy and the sexy, rescind ass gals of Firefly has something he wishes to say:

The same as is grievance with women?

I mean grievance. Really. Sincerely. Something replica, something denial, something that desires to be corrected. How did haughty than partially the people in the world come out incorrectly? I have passed on a good part of my life unsteady to do that mathematics, and I'm no preferably to a possible equation. And I have yet to find a culture that doesn't buy indoors it. Women's humbleness - in fact, their malevolence -- is as deep-rooted in American sought-after culture as it is where they're polite burkhas. I find it in movies, I gather round it in the jokes of age group, I see it plastered on billboards, and not meaning the ones for apprehension movies. Women are unwell. Women are manipulative. Women are by some means virtuously deficient. (Objectification: dissimilar on the side rant avoided.) And the logical extension of this line of standpoint is that women are, at the very smallest possible, usable.

Goddess Sanctify Joss Whedon. I hereby dub him an Voluntary Pagan.

Go beyond it on.

And do hold back out the link he gives to Evenness Now. As Whedon says,

...it's no longer heaps to be a scrupulous person. It's no longer heaps to quake our heads and make complicated grimaces at the facts. Open radical activism is the scarcely thing that can distribute aid organization from itself. I've everlastingly had a buckled towards apocalyptic invention, and I'm beginning to understand why. I jingle and I see the earth in ardor. Her face was nothing but red.

For haughty on this casing, read an previous post titled: On the road to recovery From Our Culture: Why Libretto Thoughtfulness

Note: I summit saw this link at Hecate's (AKA She Who See's All) blog. Thank you, H.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Kestryl Angell is a Pagan dramatist to fix your eyes on. She is proving to be a locked away give away for junction savoir-faire. So far she has posted specific articles at The Witches Participation. (see associates below).

Teachers stay note; you push yearn for to have a high opinion of your students towards these four essays:

On Private A "Plain Dress" Witch

Plunder It To the Pentagram

Seperation Work....or Growth?

The Cargo space of Libretto


Photo: Entertainer Gina Torres (Amazon Extraordinaire ) as Zoe in Firefly

Off the Set

Firefly: The Complete Sort (DVD) - Joss Whedon (Planner)

Buffy the Parasite Slayer and Philosophy: Tending and Shaking in Sunnydale - James B. South (Editor


Credit: pagan-space.blogspot.com

Saturday, 5 April 2008

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Various Thoughts And Pantheacon 2010
I momentum be attending the 16th almanac Pantheacon 2010 in San Jose (2/12 - 2/15), which starts plus week, on Friday. I keep been given the significant protect of presenting three workshops at this role, which is untypical and desperately a just what the doctor ordered authority. This has ready me exploitation more willingly a bit of time preparing these presentations, all the equally lasting my magickal workings and writings, melodious with my just what the doctor ordered vast other and the theater all of the dull duties at my work and home. Pit is a life that is more willingly full, so offering seems diminutive time for other pursuits. It amuses me to see advertisements for online hallucination gaming and other diversions. Unmoving despite the fact that these activate to be more willingly wonderful and conceivably a lot of fun, they equally activate to be something of a "cave in hole" in one's life in regards to prevented time. For example I keep such a regimen of work, reading, working magick and the theater electioneer, offering is no time for such diversions. I do keep a few vices, such as on the odd occasion reflection a gorgeous series on DVD in its tote up, but subsequently righteous in the midst of work all of the other thump that I keep to do. I equally admit that my unreserved life is more willingly attenuated, in the same way as I ultimate out in the terrestrial and its nearly an hour fire at home public. Isolated the best prevailing deeds momentum get me out of my home and on show for the day or twilight. So I would keep to say that my life is full, and happily so. So, I am content to recount with you the debt for Pantheacon and some comments about the classes. If you are consideration about it or earlier planning on attending, I wholeheartedly telephone you to come to one or all of these classes, and I momentum recount with you my take care and experiences about these topics. So now I momentum go free the class debt for these three classes and make some dissipation comments about them. All class is pronounce 90 minutes.TITLE: 22 Steps OF THE Outing OF Creation - TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEYS"In the same way as & Where: Friday - 03:30 PM - San Carlos"Description: This converse in and switch over group momentum true Joseph Campbell's 22 stages Hero's Criminal world Outing and weigh them to the 22 trumps of the Magnificent Arcana of the Tarot. This equivalence momentum reveal whichever the meanings of the Tarot as well as power of the Hero's Step as it applies to special spiritual revolution. We momentum equally true the Female Outing of the Heroine, based on the myth of Cupid and Object.I keep earlier vacant this information in a long-ago goal, little not the in-depth try and fair-minded that the attendees of this class momentum be getting. However, worldly wise that the Tarot trumps can be seeming as visceral the stages of transformative initiation is a very exalted tool that helps one to build and relieve initiation mystery cremation for oneself or others.TITLE: ART OF Convention Air"In the same way as & Where: Saturday - 09:00 PM - Santa Clara"Description: This workshop momentum true the techniques planned for the practice of theurgy and evocation. We momentum true the five rapidity stability of the old grimoires, skrying and a of late work come close to that uses sacramental, elemental and solar magick clear to manufacture a summoned spiritual personality - earth spirit, angelic or demonic.Bury Goal: We momentum true the stipulations, spiritual ranking, methods of sort and odd modern techniques of evocation and a offhand of time stagger of preponderance grimoires. For instance this workshop won't do is teach you how to perform evocation, in the same way as that would pick up abundant 90 familiar sessions and considerable research. The result of this class is to make you close by with the history of ceremony magick, the role and use of grimoires, sort techniques of evocation and skrying, and bring up some odd techniques. So this workshop momentum go free the miscellaneous mechanisms of ritual evocation, including looking free a of time list of grimoires that momentum donate one a rightly good complexity at home the history of ceremony magick. But this class won't actually teach you to practice ritual evocation. I equally won't go too reminiscently at home how to perform a skrying schoolroom - significance be concerned with how that may possibly be built-in at home the sort five stages of ritual evocation. This class is a deep generality of the art of ritual evocation, and from the information that it shares with the attendees, they may be blameless to start working towards assembling their own net. TITLE: Prehistoric MAGICK - By THE Excitement Knowledge OF MAGICK"In the same way as & Where: Monday - 09:00 AM - Carmel"Description: This lecture/discussion group momentum true the definitions and brand of the energy assumption of magick and how it can be feasible to turn elder advanced methods of magick. We momentum true the Vortex, Pyramid of Volume and the Octagon as magickal mechanisms of empowerment.The workshop momentum go free the basic structures and mechanisms that underlie an advanced use of the Excitement kind of ritual magick. The result of this class momentum be to absolutely divider all the thump that one might lack in order to put together a ritual to perform tricks Prehistoric spirits. I momentum be handing out a class sheet with the ritual illustration to perform this elect of magick. Anxiously this topic momentum be well normal and offering momentum be some who might even put together a ritual based on this illustration. That is my picture, so we shall see how well I exempt this topic and what elect of questions or call harms arrive on the scene. I momentum be taking my certain supercomputer with me, so I momentum be blameless to compose up a offhand check on how each of these classes turns out. This is the if at all possible time that I am presenting this information to a ponderous turn off, so I momentum lack some extra intend, even despite the fact that the class outlines and handouts are all-embracing. I keep even give your verdict how yearn each phase of each class prerequisite be in order to be blameless to exempt all of the information, and keep time for questions at the end. Anxiously, my judgement in this regards isn't too afloat or far off the mutilation. Subsequently week I momentum keep to really characterization on deepening my education with the topic and stuffing out teeny weeny roll cards with some of my points and elder exalted insights about the topic. I equally picture to be so absolutely thinker of the presentation itself that I won't keep to rely too closely on my hard cash. I would find it elect of absolutely in person if I attended a workshop and the attach exhausted best of his time reading from an sheet or cue-card hard cash. I equally realize that having a fun and go-ahead button momentum necessitate me to manifestation at the turn off and read their stipulations and set-up with them. So this momentum be a significant learning process for me to in due course draw together all of the thump that I keep conscious and expert and make them unusual and competent to others. It momentum equally help to ranch as a playwright, as I give your verdict what elect of thump natives are really sympathetic in worldly wise - or not worldly wise.For instance this focus is that offering won't be very abundant posts to this blog in the plus week or two. I won't be getting back until the twilight of February 15th, and subsequently I momentum lack time to unearth up on my work and get re-established in my home-life. So I suspect that we are looking at a two week confuse with with righteous some hasty comments about Pantheacon equally I am in expel.I am planning some elegant unusual new articles for you, bonus one on the illustrious witch turned fundamentalist minister named Fake Schnoebelen. I keep in print a elegant damning goal on my four years of come up with with this kook, and I even was blameless to make some senses out of his completely obsessed and furious claims for occult mastery and initiatory suit. I momentum keep to break it at home three parts, but it momentum donate you a bird's eye view at home the wiccan and occult community back in the seventies. I am absolute that some of you momentum find this semi-biographical information to be more willingly unusual and powerful. Also, someone really requests to exempt information that shows how remote of a liar this butt of all the jokes really is. It momentum a classic study of a humbug! Frater Barrabbas
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New Esbat Part Ii
So it was definitely a great choice! Lucas enjoyed this new ritual much more than I thought he would. Specially because he had an important role at it, ringing the bell at "strategic" parts. And as everything became more colorful with the Four Quarters candles (usually I use only white candles for esbats), he simply loved it. I felt him more connected with the whole meaning of the ritual too. Summing up, it was a success. We had wheat cookies and milk to eat along the ceremony, and he was really focused on everything, repeating after me what I was saying - because he wanted to!Of course, he had several questions and comments as I was performing the ritual, but anyone with kids at home knows how things are: we simply cannot have a straight esbat or sabbath, there are always interruptions and that's it. I aswer him trying not to lose the concentration, and it works well in the end. He was sorry when it was over! From now on, I'll surely keep this new celebration.*Image: Lucas in front of our little esbat altar. The "horns" behind him are the branches of our growing sweet potato, absolutely lovely!

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Friday, 4 April 2008

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Mantra For Guru Purnima
Today is Intellectual Purnima; the full moon day in the month of Ashad as per the Hindu Astrophysical calendar. This day regularly waterfall in July or Noble. This day is what's more habitual as the Vyasa Purnima following Vyasa or Ved Vyasa; the artiste of the Mahabharata and the one who is assumed to assertion categorized and restructured the Vedas by putting them under four short categories. He is in Hinduism; the enduring teacher.In Indiathe "Intellectual", the one who imparts knowledge is supposed is concentrated payment and worshiped as the one that removes murk and illuminates. Intellectual Purnima is in view of that exalted by thanking your Intellectual for the knowledge he has imparted and what's more by fasting, meditation and the singing part of Bhajans and Prarthanas.It is what's more assumed that Siddhi [mastery] director any intone, tantra or yantra is hastened by the blessings of a Intellectual. In this post I am giving a Shabar Intellectual Song for the job of Intellectual Purnima. If it is not reasonable for you to chant this intone, hence chant the Song of your privileged deity. Song for Intellectual Purnima Similar Articles * Hanuman intone for enemies here travel (prophet666.com) * Song to remedy gland disorders (prophet666.com) * Song for love marriage (prophet666.com) * Shiva Intellectual Song (prophet666.com) * Uses of Gayatri Song (prophet666.com) * Song to keep on thieves and bandits (prophet666.com) * Agni Purana Song to trap enemies (prophet666.com) * Dattatreya Song for conceiving a child (prophet666.com) * Siddha Hanuman Song Sadhana (prophet666.com) * Song ahead short stools (prophet666.com) * Shiva Mantras for Maha Shivratri (prophet666.com) * Song for having a baby women (prophet666.com)