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Saturday, 27 February 2010

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Why Do We Write Sri Rama Jayam In The Beginning

Most family individual the custom of starting a write

with some lettering at the top.

Personally school students individual this custom

of lettering in their reaction sheets

in suspense to get some standby luck from the deity that is understood to be

indicated by this lettering.

In upper limit belongings it is Tamil write 'vu'.

I hem in this is the mutated form of pranava

or AUM in sanskrit.

A few construct the name of their much loved deity followed by a call in Tamil, "thuNai",

seeking protection from that deity.

But the upper limit widespread word is SriRamaJayam,

which is in print by family from all parts of India.

Inexperienced speciality of this name is

that copious family post a vow to construct

SriRamaJayam for some lakh become old

and do so fervently and solemnly

in suspense to get blessings of Peer of the realm Rama.

The examine I wish to deliberate here is

what actually SriRama Jayam mouthpiece or stands for.

Behind my very small knowledge of Sanskrit,

I by some means guess to be so bold in the sphere of the meaning of this

and I temptation corrections / flourishes

from readers,

so that we can understand better why this practice

of lettering SriRamaJAyam has been prompted.

My primary thought is that SriRamaJayam stands for

Sri Ramo jayathe, which is sort declaring

that Rama is glorious.

It is sort satyam (eva) jayathe -Truth (precisely) triumphs.

But I am not won over of this.

Who are we imperial that Rama is forever victorious?

He is glorious forever.

It is far-off that such a authentication can be a line of japa,

in print or uttered for a lot of become old.


if we say "Sri rama jayathe bhava",

it is to say "you become Rama's be the victor."

This reminds me of Krishna, not Rama

who embrace Arjuna to be His "exit" (Gita - nimittha maathram bhava),

or any jIva as His exit, in this world of puppetry.

But Rama's be the victor is His.

He is glorious forever

and we the jivas (souls)

are not His be the victor,

but His sheltered subjects.

But in my advice Rama jayam is not used as verb.

(In the supercilious derivations, we used jayam in verb form)

It is a noun such

as Krishna- vijayam (6th case in point)

That is, Jayam of Rama.

If jayathe is to be brought in, it would be `Rama: jayathi',

not Ramajayam.

As a noun, Rama jayam

conveys `Ramasya jayam' (Tamil alike is "vettri vudaiya Raman")

Stylish over I hem in the stress is not on Jayam or be the victor or vettri,

but on Rama.

I can quote some verses from Ramanuja's Vedartha sangraha,

to confirm this.

In verses 214 and 215, he gives the go through and meaning and

imply of terms satyakama and satyasankalpa.

These words are nouns.

Conventional as the characterisation articulated in these names are

about kama (desires) and

sankalpa (courage),

the stress is on the Top Brahman.

Also even as the exactness articulated in

Sri Ramajayam is about gloat of Rama,

the stress ought to be on Rama.


the pattern of worship here is Rama, not jayam.

By meditating on

the "glorious Rama",

the worshipper seeks be the victor in his own endeavours.

In Tamil too, it is suitable to hem in of this as

`vettri udaiya Raman' than

`Ramanukku vettri' or `Ramanudaiya vettri'.

In the long forgotten, the stress is on Raman and in the later,

the stress is on jayam.

The primary one is appropriate in that the meditation is on Rama

and not on his vettri.

I hem in current is new-fangled suitable go through for Rama jayam.

'RamENa jayathE' is RAma jayam.

This mouthpiece be the victor by Rama.(3rd case in point)

In Tamil this is 'Raamanaal vettri.'

By lettering Sri Rama jayam at the beginning of any write-up

and lettering it copious become old with definite goals of accomplishing whatever thing,

one seeks be the victor or market leader by Rama's gracefulness.

By new-fangled interpretation,

it is Rama who brings out such actions and market leader.


my hypothesis is

Sri Rama Jayam mouthpiece or stands for

"be the victor by Rama"


"Ramanaal vettri"

Together posts:-

Later than WAS RAMA BORN?


Credit: magical-poetry.blogspot.com
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Jn 316 21 God So Loved
Jn 3:16-21 God So Dear

"(Clap impart for readings)"

"For God did not send his Son in the sphere of the world to harass the world, but that the world impose be saved through him."

It's not that the Lord never condemned. He did and he does. He condemned sin: deceiving, raid, adultery, idolatry, etc. So, let's not even have doubts about for a moment that Christians are not officially recognized to harass sins. We are and we must! But what we neediness never do is allow ourselves to harass or sink an split to their sins; to sink someone to rubble; to caste them aside; to transfer their name; to cuddle someone who steals 'a robber or someone who commits adultery 'a whore'. The Lord did not come in the sphere of the world to sink the world to rubble; to turn it in the sphere of one big stone. He came to jump life to the world; to turn on the light switch; to rearrange clothes up. After all, Christ did not jump blood, shed bawl and grid his flesh to come in minute place; to lose. He gave it all to apart from us all. He showed us how to win.

"God so esteemed the world that he gave his only-begotten Son," and what the Flinch gave to the world I can jump to the world. I can jump His Son to the world. I can jump His Son's love to the world. I can be His love in the world.

I have doubts about that love incites two possibility reactions: "love and enmity". I do not establish that "lack of concern" is a view to love. In fact, I'm starting to see that "lack of concern" is a assurance for enmity. Soft spot inspires us to either become a generate or a rioter; a devotee or an doubter. And as we can see, Jesus Christ moved also...and in roomy measurements.

"The Sadducees...complete with enmity...heard the side [that the Apostles were no longer in prison], they were at a loss about them, as to what this would come to. So someone came in and reported to them, "The men whom you put in prison are in the temple aspect and are teaching the race. (Acts 5:23-25)

Jealousy fueled Herod. Jealousy fueled the Pharisees and Sadducees. Jealousy fueled the Sanhedrin. Jealousy fueled Judas. Jealousy aims to share some from others. Soft spot aims to coalesce some with some others. No instance what the Pharisees or the Sadducees threw at the Apostles; no instance how a mixture of epoch they warned them, they modest coming back. The Apostles were spellbound, subjugated down and confounded out. And so far, the Apostles modest throwing Jesus at them. And finally the Apostles, knock back with Jesus won. The days of the Pharisees, Sadducees, elders and give somebody the lowdown priests are hope for gone. Barely Christ trace.

To love procedure to open oneself to something else. To love totally procedure to open oneself up to Jesus Christ. To persist in Jesus Christ procedure to open ourselves up to others. It procedure to duty the Immense News; to be present a preposterous life!

The Lord deserves my love. He has useful his love with blood. I drive be counted together with the living in Fantasy as hope for as I love on earth. His words are a gift to me. They are harmonize and true; since no other. The Lord is the alpha and the omega of the world. He reduces all epochs, all ages, all seasons and all epoch by his singular and morally upright life. I dirt to be mastered by the glamour of sin, of superficiality or by the trivialness of the moment. All idols questionnaire old. All idols finally pause. Barely the Lord survives. Barely the Lord expands. The light of Christ enlightens my life and frequent on all sides of me. He reveals to me the sham of theatrical performances and appearances. What time illuminating the sham of the make-over, the costumes and the clowns, he reveals the beauty of sacredness, silence, virtuousness and the impenetrability of strength.

Soft spot is sincere startling and preposterous, "It is spot on as preposterous to not be preposterous about Christ as it is to be preposterous about everything moreover" (- Peter Kreeft).

Reference: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

Friday, 26 February 2010

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So, I made my huge "I'm back" announcement the other day, but I'm still not jumping back in. To be honest, I'm not as much in a Pagan-y mood as I have been. All my Pagan energy is being directed toward interviewing new people for my study circle right now (as well as trying to force myself through the rest of Buckland's Big Blue Book). I'm focusing much more on gearing up for Infinitus right now. I'm super pumped! There's a wizard rock show on Monday that I hope to catch so I can meet some other Potterheads in the area that are also going to Infinitus so Brae and I won't be all by ourselves. I'm also hoping to go to the celebration at the public library on the 31st for Harry's birthday with Melissa Anelli.

Anywho, what with unpacking from my trip (and recovering, I'm sure many of you know how tiring family vacations can be) and preparing to repack for Infinitus, I've not had much time to try to force myself back into the game on WT or YT.

For those that are wondering, my vacation was ok. There were a record 0 snide comments on Paganism from my mother (though we did watch "She's Just Not That Into You" and there was a tremendous awkward moment when the Wiccan guy came up) and she even made a comment about my not being heterosexual. It's progress, and I'll take what I can get. She was mainly focused on what she did wrong in her years of parenting to result in her 23 year old daughter wanting to go to a Harry Potter convention, groove to wizard rock, dress up like a Slytherin, etc. in addition to dressing up for the premiere of "The Last Airbender" (well, that one didn't happen, but I wanted to do it). So, I let her focus on all that instead. That's much easier to handle.

Incidentally, DO NOT go see "The Last Airbender". It was horrible.

Anywho, since this blog has very little to do with Paganism, I'll cut it off. I just wanted to explain my further absence.

Origin: 33witches.blogspot.com

Thursday, 25 February 2010

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8:12 pm - Hm.. Alright...I am seeing the garden as really green and really lush, all of the trees, bushes, everything in that garden is probably 10-12 feet tall or less, with the exception of the tree of knowledge and I will come back to that. One interesting thing to point out about this garden too is that flowers that are seen typically in specific seasons are in bloom all year round. For example, I am seeing tulips, and fall time mums, and roses, all kinds, there are all kinds of flowers growing like wild flowers everywhere. It definitely has like a magical property or feel to it. I am seeing dragon flies and butterflies that are really big like a foot long. It has a safe feel about it. And it is very fragrant, and the most overpowering smell are the roses. And now when you are talking about the tree of knowledge, as soon as I focus on that I am going to the Movie Avatar, it is is like that tree, and it is illuminated and beautiful, but this tree has NO leaves on it and it is huge, and the only thing it has on it is fruit. There is apples and pears and oranges all growing on this one tree. And even though the fruit is it's genuine color it has a glow about it. And I can see why it is irresistible because I want feel it and I want to touch it. Like I am actually seeing my hand take that motion towards the tree like to grab it, and as I go to grab like this apple I can feel my body take this gasp, the Uhhhh feeling. It is almost like this instantaneous enlightenment and awe striking feeling.And I am now going to try to focus on their appearance, in reference to Adam and Eve's physical appearance was. As soon as I look at them my initial impression is are they brother an sister because they look so much alike. Ok, Eve..She has hazel eyes, a long narrow nose, brown wavy hair, she is really petite, probably like 5'3" or 5'4", and the only thing that she is wearing is a necklace she has made out of flowers from the garden, it looks like a lei around her neck. And then Adam has her exact same face and eyes, but his hair is a lot shorter than hers, it is still brown and kind of fluffy it is not really short. He is maybe like 6' tall. And the only thing that he is wearing is some grape vine he has twisted around his waist a bunch of times (laugh). And their skin color is kind of odd, it is olive like, but it is more to the yellow ting. It is not tan, and it is not dark like and Indian, it is more like a white person with super super olive skin tones. And they have super dirty feet. And the girl she um has a big huge scratch on her right butt cheek. From the back when I look at them their hair is kind of matted down like the need a bath. But I will say they seem very happy and joyous, they look like they are 15 years old but they act like they are 5 years old. I see them looking at the tree and I think the tree drew them in, I do not think they looked at it, and say we are going to defy what we were told, I think it trapped them, I see it pulling them in like a magnet and once they started looking at it they couldn't NOT look at it. Like something wanted them to have that knowledge.Q-Is this place a literal place, did it really exist and if so was it of this earth?A-It feel like a real place, I think it is a layer on this earth, I do not think it is anywhere we can get to now.Q-Who created it?A-....Alright I do not know how to say this...I have and alien eyeball about the size of a basketball in my head, and I was asking to understand what that meant, and as I kept focusing it kept saying you know the answer. So I am telling it "No I do not, I do not understand", then it explained it to me that this layer of earth was created by the Aliens who created us and this tree of knowledge was a gift and it was a culmination or created out of the universal consciousness in spiritual energy. It does not exist as a place that we can go to now. And it was used as a tool when human life was created here. And that is how it answered me.Q-Which race of aliens created them?A-I feel it was the Greys, I know other people disagree with me and maybe it is not being shown to me correctly, but I have always seen it as the Greys.Q-Would this statement be correct, Adam and Eve were genetic flesh, but was given a godlike consciousness when they consumed the fruit of the tree?A-Yes I do not think I could have said it better myself.Q-Did they Greys created the tree, or did it manifest itself, I am unclear?A-It was explained that the Greys created it as a gift to us.Q-So no snake and Devil?A-I did not see that, in fact this place felt very safe.Q-So where they the first humans?A-I am actually seeing two things happening here, one you have the evolution of apes, and then you have this Adam and Eve thing going on. I see this evolution of apes going on that did evolve into humans, but they did not have the spiritual capability or the intellect, and then on the other side you have Adam and Eve, who were brought here like and experiment who get a taste of knowledge and then you have those humans who have that spiritual capability also evolving. So it is like I see humans evolving, but the ones that are the derivatives of Adam and Eve have a certain enlighten spiritual ability, and then you have another set of humans who have evolved just the same but they are not enlightened.Q-Of the human race now, what is percentage of Adam and Eve offspring?A-I feel like it is a 40/60 with 40% being from Adam and Eve.Q-Is there a way today to determine which lineage one is from?A-Hmm.. Good question...We are such a melting pot I do not see a way, there is nothing clear in my mind.Q-What about blood types, RH etc, anything on that?A-Let me think for a second...I am seeing the picture of the double helix of DNA and their is blue dot on the 13th Chromosome, and I do not know what that is.Q-Why did the Greys create us?A-I am seeing it like it was just an experiment.Q-Were Adam and Eve created by mixing Grey DNA with Prehistoric, or were they created another way. Like did Adam and Eve's base begin with early man?A-No it was like the Greys DNA mixed with something else artificial and that is how they did it.Q-With all the interbreeding how can their be 40% pure lineage from Adam and EveA-They are not pure, but they are pure enough to have that mental capacity, because I already asked myself that question.Q-So was the garden like a terrarium for their experiment?A-Yes I guess so, but I did not see like a glass dome or anything.Q-How did you feel about this reading?A-I felt pretty good, it was pretty wild. 8:55 PM Link to this Audio Session

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

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Wicca A Passion Candle Spell
CANDLE Give somebody a ride SwingCut a red candle with your name plus part south and light it. Juggle the fire element by chanting:"Take, I VIP UPON YOUR Concentrate. AID ME IN THIS Touching Lawsuit. Denote ME The same as I ASK OF THEE. AS I Character, SO MOTE IT BE! "Sit in forerunner of the candle and detachment its flame change for a few moments. Song three times:"LET Give somebody a ride Seepage IN ME, Express AND With reference to, LET ITS TIDES Suit ME Completely, In AND In the environs of. Make out NEW Tonic AND Intensity FOR The same as COMES MY WAY. Make out THAT I Keenly Stick Everybody NEW DAY!"Let the candle able-bodied char outMAGGIE Creep (Designer) Halt Amazon's Maggie Creep PageFind all the books, read about the dramatist, and stuck-up. Top Stories MAGGIE Creep (Designer) Halt Amazon's Maggie Creep Minion Copy all the books, read about the dramatist, and stuck-up.

Monday, 22 February 2010

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Lughnassadh 2013
This Lughnassadh, Coven of Midnight's Blaze decided to go round on prosperity proposal. We had a absentminded dusk ritual led by our sister Beth. As part of luxury horizontal training, each bring about is understood to lead one esbat as well as one sabbat in order to accomplished the training. Beth did a exactly great job! Earlier to ritual, we all through Witches' Ladders out of funny story, knock back, charms, and beads. For example working, we resolute our intentions and energy dressed in the ladders, our envisage to obtain the prosperity dressed in our lives that we be responsible for obtain now. Within ritual, we admired the Roman goddess and god, Juno and Jupiter. Juno was alleged to protect the cash of the high society of Rome, and Jupiter, her consort, was crystal-clear to communicate luck and good luck. Our Witches' Ladders were charged in the turning point of the ritual and we limitless our energy and intentions out dressed in the fabrication. Our traditional potluck followed ritual, and as always, we had a elated sabbat celebration with our sisters! Cherubic Be!

Source: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

Sunday, 21 February 2010

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We Are Star People Scientific Proof We Were Created By Aliens
DON'T BE ALARMED, BUT YOU HAVE ALIEN DNA IN YOUR GENETIC CODE. SCIENCE SAYS SO.news.com.au, Staff Writers, April 10, 2013So, this is alarming... The Engineer could be our creator. Even more disturbing,sci-fi film Prometheus could be accurate.Scientists from Kazakhstan believe that human DNA was encoded with an extraterrestrial signal by an ancient alien civilisation, Discovery.com reports.They call it "biological SETI" and the researchers claim that the mathematical code in human DNA cannot be explained by evolution.In a nutshell, we're living, breathing vessels for some kind of alien message which is more easily used to detect extra terrestrial life than via radio transmission."Once fixed, the code might stay unchanged over cosmological timescales; in fact, it is the most durable construct known," the researchers wrote in scientific journal, Icarus. "Therefore it represents an exceptionally reliable storage for an intelligent signature."Once the genome is appropriately rewritten the new code with a signature will stay frozen in the cell and its progeny, which might then be delivered through space and time."The scientists also claim that human DNA is ordered so precisely that it reveals an "ensemble of arithmetical and ideographical patterns of symbolic language".Their research has led the scientists to conclude that we were invented "outside the solar system, already several billion years ago".The thesis supports the hypothesis that Earth is the result of interstellar life forms distributed by meteors and comets.So if we are just vessels for alien communication, exactly what kind of secret message are we carrying in our DNA?And if we were the creation of aliens, who created them?RELATED ARTICLES:THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE: ALIENS VISIT TO HELP, AND USE THE LOOSTUDY SUGGESTS NEANDERTHALS DIED OUT EARLIER"THE TIMING OF CREATION"- AUG 12, 2012 (KRYON CHANNELLING BY LEE CAROLL) - "(Text version)"".... THE FIRST LOOK""About 200,000 years ago is when it literally began. The concept of the "divine seeding" of planet Earth happened at that point, and the fields metaphorically started to be ploughed. There is an issue and we're going to call it the way species work with Gaia. This is something that happened simultaneously with the grid creation of Gaia. For now we give you something that no one has thought about. When we speak of the grids of the planet, you make an assumption that these grids always existed on the planet. For the planet is old and you might say, "Well the grids have always been there." But I'm here to tell you that only one was always there, and that's the magnetic grid. But it was spiritually void. That is to say, it only had that which was created from the Earth's core movement. Today, when we talk about the grids of the planet, our conversation involves the consciousness of humanity, which is imbued upon the magnetic grid. We also tell you about the Crystalline Grid and about the Grid of Gaia consciousness. Both of these react to Human compassion.""Now, here is the puzzle: If you don't have divine Human consciousness, then what about the grids? Do they exist without the Human Being? The answer is that they needed to be created simultaneously with the seeding of divine DNA. So what the Pleiadians did was not only to start the seeds of humanity's change into divine DNA, but they created the conscious grids of Gaia as well. They had to, for the conscious grids of Gaia are a confluence of humanity's decisions brought to Gaia's energy. The consciousness that we are talking about is the spiritually sanctioned Human Being that exists with a piece of God inside him, and with DNA that has 23 chromosomes instead of the common 24 that all the others have through biological evolution.""Let us back up and say it again and make it simpler, my partner [admonition to Lee to speak more plainly]. The triad of grids on this planet that we have spoken of over and over are the consciousness grids of Gaia, and were created at the same time as the seeding of humanity with Pleiadian DNA. For all the teachings we've been giving, especially about the Crystalline Grid, these grids have been reacting to Human consciousness and compassion. Therefore, the very essence of the current Gaia energy is also related to the creation of humanity.""These are the attributes of the Pleiadians work 200,000 years ago, and it was done quantumly in ways that you have no conscious awareness of at the moment. For these things are beyond your ability to understand right now, since you are still in a single-digit dimensionality. But the result back then was "a conscious Gaia." So you might say Gaia itself was actually created quantumly from the Seven Sisters energy, just like you.""The Gaia that existed before then was still Gaia, but not as it is now. It was a Gaia that was creating the dirt on the earth and the energy of biological life of the earth. It was the mother of all life on the planet, but not a Gaia that responded to Human consciousness. That's very different. So Gaia greatly expanded when the Pleiadians came, and that was by design.""IT TOOK 110,000 YEARS FOR THIS TO SETTLE ITSELF, AND FOR THE GROUND TO BE READY FOR MORE THAN 16 SPECIES OF HUMAN BEINGS TO LEAVE SO THAT ONLY ONE WAS LEFT. WHEN THAT OCCURRED AT APPROXIMATELY 90,000 YEARS AGO IS WHEN YOU CAN START CALIBRATING WHO HUMANS WERE AND WHO THEY BECAME.""THE OTHERS""Now, what about all of those other types of Humans, and how did they leave? I'm going to give you an attribute of something that exists even today. This is difficult for my partner, for he has not heard this before. This information has not been brought in this fashion before. Go slowly, my partner.""The variety of species on this planet comes and goes accordingly as they are needed for the energy they create. So one of the tasks of Gaia is to create and eliminate species. When they are no longer needed for the purpose of Gaia's development, they cease to exist and they die out. If new life is necessary, if new concepts of life are needed, Gaia is cooperative and they are then created. The actual creation of species is something that environmentalists have not clearly seen. That is to say the mechanics of how it works is not fully recognized as something that is strongly coordinated with your weather. But you have already seen the mechanics of some of this in your long-term studies, for you have already noted the coming and going of many species through the ages. It's ongoing.""THE APPROPRIATENESS OF THE ELIMINATION OF SPECIES""Now, along come Humans and they see all this coming and going of living things, but they want to save them all - all the species that exist. For in their linear mind, all species should remain and exist, since they are here. The attribute of Gaia, however, is to eliminate them, cull them out, to bring in new ones. I just gave you the mechanics of the reasons species come and go. It's appropriate and is a natural building process for new species.""When the Pleiadians started to create the grids of the planet, Gaia cooperated in what was to come, knew the purpose, and what was needed for survival of this new spiritual Human. Gaia knew this since the energy of Gaia had seen it before [reason given below]. SO THE OLD ATTRIBUTE, WHICH NEEDED MANY KINDS OF HUMAN BEINGS, SLOWLY DIED OUT. IT WAS NATURAL. THERE WAS NOT A WAR. THERE WERE NO HORRIBLE PLAGUES. THERE WERE NO VOLCANOES OR TSUNAMIS THAT CONSUMED THEM. THROUGH ATTRITION, APPROPRIATENESS, AND 110,000 YEARS, THEY DISAPPEARED.""SO APPROXIMATELY 110,000 YEARS AGO, THERE WAS ONLY ONE KIND LEFT, AND THIS IS SCIENCE, FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU STUDY WILL BEAR THIS OUT, AND ANTHROPOLOGISTS HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT AND HAVE ASKED, "WHAT HAPPENED BACK THEN AT THIS TIME THAT WOULD HAVE ELIMINATED THESE OTHER KINDS OF HUMAN VARIETY?" IT'S A PUZZLE IN SCIENCE THAT I HAVE JUST ANSWERED, FOR SCIENCE LOOKS ONLY FOR PHYSICAL EVENTS AS TRIGGERS. BUT INSTEAD, IT'S THE MARRIAGE OF GAIA CONSCIOUSNESS THAT YOU CALL "MOTHER NATURE," WHICH FACILITATED THIS. It's the same today when you see a variety of species diminish as Humans take over a greater portion of the earth. I'll call this "the appropriate elimination of unique life forms, which allow for the growth of global awareness and quantum evolution." Some species only exist to allow others to climb the ladder of nature, then they disappear. Gaia knows what the ladder looks like. You don't.... ""THE BIG PICTURE - YOU ARE NOT ALONE" - FEB 2012 (KRYON CHANNELLING BY LEE CAROLL) - "(Text version)""COMMON QUESTIONS FROM NON-LIGHTWORKERS" - FEB 2012 (KRYON CHANNELLING BY LEE CARROLL)"... QUESTION THREE: IS THERE LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS?""Are you kidding? There's life everywhere. Everywhere! Right now, your scientists are searching for microbial life on all the planets and their moons in your solar system, and they will eventually find it. They expect to find it. They will eventually understand that the seeds of life are everywhere.""How much life might there be? How long has it been "out there"? When science starts to realize the scope of how long life has been in your galaxy, they will begin to see something counterintuitive to evolution - their own Human history. HOW OLD IS YOUR UNIVERSE? ASK YOUR SCIENTISTS AND THEY WILL SAY ABOUT 13 BILLION YEARS. THAT'S OK. Let's use their numbers. HOW OLD IS YOUR OWN PLANET - 4 OR 5 BILLION, PERHAPS? CORRECT. But how old is humanity? Why weren't you here with the dinosaurs? You think the earth wasn't ready? Do you think that perhaps that which controls evolution was a little too stupid to make a Human sooner, but the process could make a dinosaur? Have you ever thought about these things?""IF YOU PUT THE EARTH'S ENTIRE HISTORY INTO A 24-HOUR CLOCK, LIFE ITSELF ONLY STARTED IN THE LAST HOUR AND HUMANITY, ALL OF CIVILIZATION, HAPPENED THE LAST FEW SECONDS. ISN'T THAT ODD TO YOU? THEREFORE, IN A UNIVERSE THAT MAY BE 13 BILLION YEARS OLD, YOU ARRIVED IN THE LAST FEW SECONDS. DID YOU EVER THINK MAYBE YOU'RE THE NEWEST ONES ON THE BLOCK? WELL, YOU'D BE RIGHT.""If the Universe is really that old, do you think perhaps there are civilizations in your galaxy that might be a billion or more years older than you? If that's the case, do you think perhaps they have gone through anything you're going through? Do you think any of them might have had your DNA attributes? Perhaps they also went through what you are going through spiritually? Perhaps they even went into a quantum ascension status? The answer is dozens of them.""You already know them and you've listed them in your publications. THE ONES WHO DIRECTLY SEEDED YOU ARE CALLED PLEIADIANS. The ones who seeded them might be OCTURIAN and the ones who seeded them may be even ORION. They're everywhere, and they're all here as well. They're looking at you, for you are the ones who are next, and you are passing this marker of the shift....""... Is there life on other planets? The scientists are saying, "It's going to be a long time before we get to the stars, you know? We have to get in this little metal can and put air in it, and then travel in it for years and years before we ever get to the next star." Meanwhile, a Pleiadian can do it in the blink of an eye! What do you think is going on there? Do you even believe me?""Not long ago, if you wanted to communicate to someone far away, you sent a letter. It was carried by a horse. It took a month to get a response. Now you communicate instantly! Why is this so unbelievable to you about travel?""I will tell you, as long as you stay in 3D, you'll still be getting in little metal cans and air suits and going to planets. As soon as you begin the quantum age, however, you will simply wish yourself there, because you will be entangled with everything and can go with intent. If you don't believe this now, you will later, for what I give you is true. It may be lifetimes and lifetimes from now, but the group that is before me is the group that is going to come back over and over and over. The difference is that you're done coming back in an old energy. This is a new energy...""THE QUANTUM FACTOR" - APR 10, 2011 (KRYON CHANNELED BY LEE CARROLL) (Subjects: Galaxies, Universe, Intelligent design, Benevolent design, Aliens, NIKOLA TESLA (QUANTUM ENERGY), Inter-Planetary Travel, DNA, GENES, STEM CELLS, CELLS, REJUVENATION, Shift of Human Consciousness, Spontaneous Remission, Religion, Dictators, Africa, China, Nuclear Power, Sustainable Development, Animals, Global Unity.. etc.) - ("Text Version")"..... DNA - A QUANTUM FORCE ""Now we get to the core truth, don't we? So I will tell you. THE NINETY PERCENT OF DNA WHICH IS QUANTUM, IS FILLED WITH INFORMATION, BOTH ESOTERIC AND TIMELESS. IT IS A QUANTUM BLUEPRINT FOR EVERYTHING YOU ARE AND HAVE BEEN SINCE YOU ARRIVED ON THE PLANET THE FIRST TIME. DNA CONTAINS INSTRUCTION SETS FOR YOUR LIFE; EVERYTHING FROM YOUR FULL AKASHIC RECORD - EVERY SINGLE LIFETIME YOU HAVE HAD - TO THE BENEVOLENT CREATOR'S FINGERPRINT WITHIN THE SEEDS OF CREATION ITSELF. EVERY SINGLE TALENT YOU EVER HAD IS THERE, EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OF THOSE TODAY... THE RECORD IS THERE. EVERY PREDISPOSITION OF WEAKNESS AND STRENGTH ARE THERE. BIOLOGICALLY, EVERY SINGLE INSTRUCTION TO EVERY SINGLE STEM CELL IS THERE. "....""..... DNA IS A DYNAMIC MOLECULE, NOT A STATIC ONE.""Humanity is stuck in the 3D portion of their biological thinking. In your 3-D life, you simply accept the chemistry you're given. You act as though the three percent gene producing part is all there is. You believe it is a chemical protocol that is unchangeable and simply "you." You don't see it for the way it's designed. It's dynamic and always has been. It's not set, but will continue to simply repeat what it does unless there is another quantum influence on it.""Therefore you live with the 3 percent as though it were all there is, and since it just "came with your body" and seems to control everything, you never talk to it. Many of you come in with pre-dispositions based upon the karma which is put upon you from your past lives. You don't come in clean [without karmic energy]. Instead, you arrive with pre-dispositions, fears and phobias. Some are positive. PERHAPS YOU COME IN AS A PRODIGY CONTINUING YOUR LAST LIFE... THE 8-YEAR-OLD WHO CAN PAINT LIKE A MASTER AND DO BRUSHSTROKES THAT TAKE 30 YEARS TO DEVELOP. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT MUST BE IN THE DNA?""PERHAPS YOU COME IN AS THE COMPOSER, THE PIANIST, THE PRODIGY, THE VIOLINIST, JUST WAITING UNTIL YOUR HANDS CAN GO ON THE FINGERBOARD OR CAN REACH UP AND FRET THE NOTES. PERHAPS YOU COME IN KNOWING HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO, JUST WAITING FOR YOUR HANDS TO GET BIG ENOUGH TO DO WHAT YOU USED TO DO... WITHOUT ANY LESSONS. How do you explain that, dear ones? THE ANSWER IS THAT ALL THIS IS CONTAINED IN THE DYNAMIC QUANTUM INSTRUCTION SETS OF YOUR DNA... THE PART YOU NEVER TALK TO IT...""THE THREE WINDS" - FEB 23-24, 2013 (KRYON CHANNELLING BY LEE CAROLL) "(Subjects: Humanity, HOME - other side of the veil, WIND OF BIRTH - Birth, WIND OF EXISTENCE - Life, WIND OF TRANSITION - Death)""VIEWING THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VEIL" - JANUARY 7, 2007 (KRYON CHANNELLING BY LEE CAROLL) - "(TEXT VERSION)"

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How Hu Mine Beings Are Mined
HOW THE REPTOS Probability HU-MINE BEINGSAndrew HennesseyThis clause far-off develops the Reptilian farming typical and seeks to explore a entice in which energy or inner self predation may possibly be inherent.The HU-man for instance as more willingly than discussed in other papers is conceivably a ache middle name incarcerated busy in some interstellar scuffle from some ship aflame off the shoreline of Orion who has been processed by the Greys subsequently screened for high levels of originality and subsequently brought to one of the go to regularly specialized Reptilian cr?che planets in this or the other galaxies and alternative annexes of the Reptilian Development.As discussed pass, HU is universally known to mean Reptilian god and, Man, in this context tends to mean terracotta or nesting tangible. [Dr Deagle]More willingly notion the 20,000 see old sphinx, the HU-man for instance is part Repto hybrid and part terracotta or nesting tangible happening which host is inserted go to regularly parasitic links to Reptilian family larvae.I consult this in the clause THE PHOENIX AND THE SPHINXhttp://offtheplanet.blogspot.com/2008/11/phoenix-and-sphinx-guide-to-repto.htmlLikewise it is to be noted that the Greys usually grasp resentment in essence stuff and genetic running too e.g. faerie abductions and the changeling children. [I M Banks, 1937, Rev R Kirk, 1697, Grimm, 1901]This Grey farming is well discussed by Nigel Kerner in his book The Tune of the Greys, though I alter with his close that the Greys are creating hybrids to grow themselves happening a stuck-up inhabitable life occupied around, my belief, a bit is that the Greys are hierarchically and very well adapted to parched lethargic states and fighting fit predate upon big companionable systems and that these hybrids are not to house a new evolutionary around for the Greys but are Trojan deal in or adapted feeding mechanisms making incursions happening uncommon and creative sexual type mega-populations with growing cultural sophistry of the key in mentioned by Philip Krapff in his stories of the Verdants.These would be a exciting now then or intersection of creative souls.The disintegrative farming surgical procedure on Terracotta as it pertains to the at all type souls I discuss:1. Choice Smooth AS Natural worldhttp://offtheplanet.blogspot.com/2008/09/more-becoming-as-animals.html2. Everyday DE-REGULATION AND THE GREYShttp://offtheplanet.blogspot.com/2008/09/human-de-regulation-and-greys.htmlWe HU-mans grasp had on this cr?che 20,000 existence of computer more or less matched/artificial pairings and life to life recycling by matrix controllers plunder captives produce forced companionable cloth that appears amalgamated in some logical scientific route in which cul de sacs growth, war, wearing away and despondency break down the HU-mans to key in out their issues once next careworn with Reptilian and Grey farmers whose jobs in true interstellar context grasp been; Depression ENGINEERS, Slight CONSULTANTS, HOSTING TECHNICIAN, Pain Gang, PARAGONS OF Everything, Unnecessary WINNERS, ARCHITECTS OF Ache and in between shifts, ferrying out from the wet mud and firewood on the go to regularly historically depicted flying shields and etc.Verdant free-rage HU-mans occasionally get emaciated open in batches appearing in some phoney war and as discussed in the clause THE PHOENIX AND THE SPHINX, the harvests of these forced desolations are the greater educated but unripe Draco preschooler, or Phoenix uprising from the coals of the lives of their HU-man hosts or nesting possessions. [e.g. Hrumachis]The HU-man for instance even if once the stage as Reptoclaynesting tangible is calm very extensively a enliven and cheery and sharp essence - which is one of the rudimentary reasons for for instance on this humanity whose name translates as Kindergarten. If the HU-man is feeling that he or she is a despondency occupied runner up who cannot pass by at anything or with individual in this companionable pretend subsequently that in fact is the station of the whole correction as far as the farmers are benevolent. If the HU-man is not careworn unwilling out of date tools or out-of-date companionable processes or striving unwilling original or companionable insufficiencies subsequently they are not for instance nicely milked of their guts and appropriately not allowance enough nourishment for either the Draco preschooler or the Greys essence knoll.The enslaved and crafty essence of the HU-man for instance is next at a damage in their long-drawn-out DNA openly embrace for not solitary can the would be gods of whatever it is we poverty to be run rings brusquely us and our own aspirations equally in the blink of a at all eye - they can next see and act upon our sprouting view and aspirations in a very clinical and declining way.All over the Design at all levels of significant and ascend, between; atoms and rocks, rivers and electrons, load and weather, suns and galaxies energy flows from chairs of high distance downward to chairs of low distance downward.So too does the energy of our HU-man spirit that can be unusually enormous by faithless first city subsequently traumatically and carelessly damaged such that our spiritual energy can be through to drop and separate the miserable of despondency with the gripping at ease of our turbulent worried means.Given the grade of flawlessness that the dumbed down and manipulative HU-man essence offers to the farmers of every types it becomes a bit easy for them to read view, thinking forms and energy lights and subsequently read our intentions by supernatural means and recognise and act upon very complicated issues within the at all guard in after that to no time at all.In the Theosophical books by Besant and Leadbeater, and go to regularly Eastern metaphysical systems and myths you can see pictures of systems of energy gun emplacements and nodes functioning produce the at all construct called kundalini and that these overt at nodes big and hardly noticeable in our physical and other stuck-up subconscious bodies called chakra. [e.g. Lotus plant life]Coarsely eastern holiness is replete with these energy systems and processes from Reiki to Acupuncture etcDespite the fact that present-day are variants on how go to regularly chakra or lotus plant life present-day are that are principal or miniature - it is appoint that these cog wheels of life break down the processes within our for instance and are next vocabulary of what we are and what we are sympathy and that to some eyes not at all they can be seen as lights of selected colors.It is happening this background of HU-man lights and relativity of energy cogwheels that are positioned the Reptilian feeding links. We are tedious the life and anthropomorphic issues happening the parched Draco plunge stuff so in seize of the preparation and imprinting notion we were some rat on a chakra treadmill.The guard orientated HU-man for instance can next be burdened with amnesia and guard productiveness and next may be careworn unwilling implants and astonishing scientific teaching and shepherding and manipulations. The HU-man guard and essence, nevertheless, tends to be skillfully crafty and skillfully creative and tends to overt and externalise its own innate and pretty profundity in its investments in superficial and companionable substance and realities.The HU-man guard appropriately operates by externalising and intellectualising and by sophistry and tool use and creative productions.This in part creates an zone for the HU-man essence that reminds them of what they are - limitation that in this delay they are impossible to be legitimate to raise up.And so they are provoked to externalise and work with the world.To get the good effects that they seize in their lives to consider themselves nevertheless - the stuff that can consider some feel back happening their own depleting lives, or mount their own self-image - the unusually fashioned HU-man runner up want dither produce detrimental value systems and companionable, lately spiritual and superficial growth with go to regularly of the most suppose items in their life that are alleged to be bright to mount it ad infinitum out of their survey range.The world of Everything is never theirs - but ad infinitum seems to belong to some undeserving paragon of emptiness extensively.HU-man splinter group is deliberate to be notion that for HU-mans - a place of forced harass and dither. Terracotta is a bit notion a football tie in between two teams, one of them Reptilian, one of them HU-man, someplace the HU-mans grasp all had their legs fiasco and the Reptilians are swanning about alleging perfection and wide-ranging talent as if it were a level playing carry on once heaping criticize on the HU-man team for for instance powerless to dart or come out very extensively and scoring wide-ranging goals at will once wearing the emperors clothes.Its conceivably true even if that the Reptilians do not see the issues the way that HU-mans do.Enacting supernatural hacking and vampiric bites on our chakra and worried means etc conceivably isn't as complicated for them as it sounds to us.Whereas the HU-man for instance uses their linear wits and imagination, articulating perspicaciously about the logic of these processes the HU-man understands the world in but of interaction between substance and the effects that we inaugurate them. Evenly the world of the HU-man is universally loveless and inadequate Christ. The HU-man world is next rigid by the alleged and real spiritual, companionable and lucrative value of its at ease and our related companionable luxuriousness in network to these unusually awkward landmarks.Our avariciousness is our breakdown even if.The HU-man for instance, a outstandingly screened inside, is a essentially creative relativistic academic - a good nursemaid for the nanny around.The HU-man for instance sees the Design enactment one speck at a time with companionable logic from the contained by of their original constructs as they stretch it out from the HU-man and subsequently methodically deal and as an individual deploy happening the means of weights, dealings, idea and responses in the world.The Reptilian even if on the contrary, I say, is a big picture perpetrator who operates stuck-up apparently on the color systems as they are seen on the outer of their Hu-man victim. The unexplained and influencing colors in the victim may become the HU-man to waft huge amounts of semantic and thorough data and adapted and analytic and maybe dull responses, procrastination etc within the microcosm of their own original life - but for the Reptilian, all of this is austerely seen as aerobics in the observed color spectrum in coat with some companionable cartoon that the victim is byzantine with indicate universally states of low frequency abuse, normality or high frequency abundance.In natural chaos states it is voluntary to break down and establish three kinds of convinced output from three kinds of convinced significant.The vibrational frequency of the aim creature, HU-man or means can either be provoked down or provoked up not by serious contact but by the introduction of a frequency or color happening one of six key areas within the HU-man means.e.g. http://www.newstarparty.com/game.htmIn simple terms for the Reptilians three kinds of frequency/color significant collect three kinds of convinced frequency/color output.Version and understanding the HU-man for instance doesn't entreat a PhD in semantics and encyclopaedic knowledge, blameless an talent to read development lights.They blameless seize to know seeing that to socially lingering or to turn on the hot drink.Coarsely language in this background of colors and lotus eaters, a garden of go to regularly plant life, the skillfully complicated and creative HU-man and not very supernatural beings protect to be tedious unwilling natural chaos and innate latency in their DNA and protect to seize to make wide-ranging efforts to tendency to collect the stuff they delicate is going to overt upper class in their lives in this companionable pretend.Offer is a lot of chaos and mental and raw and psychological baloney and energy bloody and plow in the HU-man exceed.The Reptilian feeding efforts whether original or whether tedious the HU-man host or nursemaid are at the end of the day solitary a abstraction from a means of lights within the HU-man for instance. For the HU-man for instance even if this is supposed, beneficially internalised and subsequently planned as refined and skillfully crafty companionable telephone lines.These depleting telephone lines protect to be with gods wearing the majesty robes of the designated top end of whatever it is you are aspiring to, but its emptiness original.Area for HU-manity cannot come from within the farmyard itself in my belief, but solitary from Towering Simulation Blissful settlement.We HU-mans on this humanity are a little notion a MacDonalds hamburger with big or hardly noticeable issues pebbly to send off for the exercise how to run the shop.We in our innately creative and chary way ad infinitum do so with trace.The Reptilian Aver Deliver a verdict even if will grasp other outlets, other nurseries and procedures and executive tips more willingly than laid out.The Reptilian Development even if is impossible to grasp all its frogspawn in the one basket as the select of their own hustle depends on the be active and output of these types of cr?che.The Reptilian feeding and cr?che hurl on these unusually deliberate earth-worlds and stockpens even if is not without human intervention acumen provoked in the identical way that we understand acumen.The world is occupied by a realize troublesome design of cultures and maybe stolen thoughts and designs, cultures and ethnic divisions from some epoch or galactic essence group to which the inmates can link up.The companionable constraints on this world are maybe at length serious of the essence and cultural histories of its incarcerated groups and as such present-day may well be some statement of e.g. Porcelain or Russia on specified other earth-type nurseries in this galaxy the inmates of these companionable stockpens maybe part of a huge annexation and increase and raptness in a wide-ranging inter-galactic war.A sensibly firm HU-man for instance will ad infinitum grasp a guard heavy-duty to qualitative issues within their own companionable arm and context and at any one time with grasp a original list of deficiencies and competence that are very face to their farmers.Intentions within these HU-mans are very clear and often negating companionable theatre and behaviour is manifested unwilling them in a awkward way by non-humans that produces despondency, villainy or seize to outpour or self-vindicate in the intent.Opportunely for the HU-mans, the milk of at all sorrow and spiritual dither makes us soundly ostensible notion lights in this mistiness to which are concerned the Angels of Glare. For if we were part of this world and of it we would not be ostensible in or by love.For go to regularly - a statement is due that will see us return to our lives of love.Terracotta even if is solitary one of go to regularly such chairs that entreat the light of self-rule and truth.
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Annapoorna Stotra English Hindi
Annapoorna Devi is the Hindu Goddess of plenty, she is also the Goddess of the Indian holy city of Kashi or Varanasi.Annapoorna is the Goddess who bestows food grains and nourishment to humanity. She is the Universal divine mother who gives all material things meant for livelihood.She gives knowledge and makes on fearless and contented with life.This is a Stotra or prayer dedicated towards Annapoorna Devi recited to make ones life full of contentment and happiness.A life free from fear and the wants of material thing in life which are necessary for the existence of the the self.This Stotra was composed by the great saint Adi Sankara.Annapoorna StotraEnglish TranslationNityanandakari varabhayakari saundaryaratnakari lNirdhutakhilaghorapavanakari pratyaxamaheshvari lPraleyachalavanshapavanakari kashipuradhishvari lBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llNanaratnavichitrabhushanakari hemambaradambari lMuktaharavilambamana vilasath vaxojakumbhantari lKashmiragaruvasita ruchikarii kashipuradhishvari lBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llYoganandakari ripukshayakari dharmarthanishthakari lChandrarkanalabhasamanalahari trailokyaraxakari lSarvaishvaryasamastavajnchitakari kashipuradhishvari lBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llKailasachalakandaralayakari gauri uma shankari lKaumari nigamarthagocharakari onkarabijaxari lMoxadvarakapatapatanakari kashipuradhishvari lBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llDrishyadrishya vibhutivahanakari brahmandabhandodari lLilanatakasutrabhedanakari vigyanadipankuri lShrivishveshamanah prasadanakari kashipuradhishvari lBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llUrvi sarvajaneshvari bhagavati matanapurneshvari lVeninilasamanakuntaladhari nityanadaneshvari lSarvanandakari sadashubhakari kashipuradhishvari lBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llAdikshantasamastavarnanakari shambhostribhavakariKashmira trijaleshvari trilahari nityankura sharvari lKamakanxakari janodayakari kashipuradhishvariBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llDevi sarvavichitraratnarachita daxayani sundari lVame svadupayodhara priyakari saubhagya maheshvari lBhaktabhishtakari sadashubhakari kashipuradhishvari lBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llChandrarkanalakotikotisadrisha chandranshubimbadhari lChandrarkagnisamanakundaladhari chandrarkavarneshvari lMalapustakapashasankushadhari kashipuradhishvari lBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llKshatratranakari mahabhayakari mata kripasagari lSaxanmoxakari sada shivakari vishveshvari shridhari lDaxakrandakari niramayakari kashipuradhishvariBhiksham dehi kripavalambanakari matanapurneshvari llAnapurne sadapurne shankarapranavallabhe lGyanavairagyasiddhyartham bhiksham dehi cha parvati llMata cha parvati devi pita devo maheshvarah lBandhavah shivabhaktashcha svadesho bhuvanatrayamh ll l- l- l ll-- l- - l l ll l- l- l ll- l l-- l ll- l l ll l-- l l ll- l l l ll l - l l ll l - l -- l ll l l l ll ! l - ll l llRelated Articles By Zemanta * Shani Stotra-English-Hindi (prophet666.com) * Shiv Tandav Stotra -English -Hindi (prophet666.com) * Vishnu Shatanama Stotra -English-Hindi (prophet666.com) * Stotras (prophet666.com) * Annapurna Devi Aarti-English Hindi (prophet666.com)
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Yoga Beginner Yoga To Ease Your Back Pain
The human back consists of muscles, nerves, bones, as well as soft body tissues. It is a vital part of our body, as it is the frame which supports our entire body. The muscles of our back work in coordination with the muscles of our stomach, and help us with our movement ">We live in an age which compels us to lead a hectic and stressful life. Due to this, we often end up exerting or overusing our back muscles. As a result of which, we begin to suffer from discomfort due to pain in the back. This makes it very difficult for us to do our daily chores and our everyday life is affected. Usually you will experience stiffness, pain, spasms, numbness or pain in your leg.The intensity of the pain too varies with the severity. According to the medical practitioners from United States, the number of incidents of back pain exceeds all other ailments in the US. But the good thing is that there are numerous ways margin-bottom: 1em; padding: 0px;">Until recent times the basic procedure for treatment of severe back pain was proper rest and swallowing a couple of painkillers. But presently the physicians are motivating the patients to try to indulge in physical activities such as yoga to curb the pain and ease it. Research has proved that yoga is the most efficient means to cure the body pain.Initially it was considered to be only a spiritual discipline, however seeing its far reaching curing properties, it has been included as part of the fitness regimens in numerous gyms and health centers around the globe. Besides easing back pain, research has also revealed that yoga is detrimental in making the bones and muscles strong, and lowering the stress levels as well as helping the body to relax after a gruesome & hectic schedule. Yoga focuses on enhancing the strength, resistance margin-bottom: 1em; padding: 0px;">Yoga also has numerous other advantages:It makes our muscles stronger and builds our stamina.It helps in developing abdomen muscles, and enhances the strength of our arms margin-bottom: 1em; padding: 0px;">It helps to ease the stress.It helps us to have a straight and correct posture.It is an excellent warm up option for athletes margin-bottom: 1em; padding: 0px;">It enhances the performance of an individual.But all the postures of yoga are not useful in easing back pain. In case you have hurt your back then you need to indulge in exercises which are slow paced, and do not need to make you stretch yourself beyond a point. A couple of postures in yoga might make your pain worst and eventually injure your back even more.Viniyoga is a part of yoga which focuses on precise deep breathing coupled with slow stretching. Besides this there is yet another form of yoga known as Iyengar Yoga, and this emphasizes on proper alignment of the body. This form of yoga makes use of various props such as straps, blocks, blankets and other similar tools. This form of yoga is suitable for people who are nearly immobile and require assistance.If you wish to begin a routine of physical exercises such as yoga then you should discuss the same with your physician or a health professional and then enroll for a class in yoga. In case you have injured your wrist, back or ankle then you may be unable to perform some exercises. You should perform every posture and position with caution to ensure that you do not injure yourself. Lack of focus also leads to injury. Being in a hurry and rushing into one posture after another will also lead to injury.People often have complains of soreness and exertion during the initial stages of yoga. However with regular practice these symptoms reduce and finally end completely. You can make your body strong and enhance your health with yoga.For you FREE yoga eBook and relaxing music collection visit http://yoga-forbeginner.comArticle Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrew C Colwell

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Thursday Poem For Beltanemay Day
There is a song in the greenwood,

There's an age old tale to be sung,

Healing is there in the greenwood,

Spiralling endlessly under the sun.

Seat yourself under the oak trees,

Watch the leaf dust dance in the breeze,

Breathe in the flowers and catkins,

The slow buzzing motion of bees.

I give you a song from the greenwood,

A song to enchant and delight,

Refrains of sowing and reaping,

The lyrics of life at its height.

Join in the dance of the greenwood,

Cast off your woes if you dare,

Life will be sweet in the greenwood,

Far from all hurry and care.

Hold high the cup of forgetting,

Drink deep of the greenwood wine,

Partake of the wildwood nectar,

So honey sweet from the vine.

Hear ye the pipes of the greenwood,

Far off music and dancing feet?

Ye shall be healed in the greenwood,

One with the earth's heartbeat.

This madcap song for the greenwood was written by me, and profuse apologies are owing to Jethro Tull and its magnificent creation, Songs From the Wood, which was the inspiration for my mediocre undertaking.

It's May, it's May, the merry month of May, and here we are again at Beltane or May Day. The most thoughtful and eloquent article on this lovely ancient Celtic fire festival I have ever encountered is by Waverly Fitzgerald of the exquisite Living In Season blog, and it may be read here at her web site, the School of the Seasons. There is a rambling effort of mine own on this festive day at my old untended Geocities site.

Beltane (or May Day) blessings to each and every one of you!
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Different Types Of Witchcraft
Many just beginning their studies of Magick think that there is only one Witchcraft, that being Wicca.

Why magick and not magic? The answer is quite simple...magic is what Copperfield and other illusionists perform. Magick is true, not an illusion. I will never forget the intense surge of power I felt vibrating in my body the first time I practiced magick, and I get that same feeling every time.

I believe it is important for beginners to realize that their are many more paths one can follow. By learning about different ones, it can not only enrich your knowledge, but even guide you towards a path that's best suited for you. It is common for people use the terms Witchcraft and Wicca interchangeably. Whether they are different or just a way of describing the same thing depends on which Witch you ask. Either way you look at it, there is more than one path or tradition. The following are just a few descriptions of some of the most common.


Founded in England during the 1960's by Alexander Sanders, self-proclaimed "KING OF THE WITCHES". An offshoot of Gardnerian, Alexandrian covens focus strongly upon training, emphasizing on areas more generally associated with ceremonial magic, such as Qabalah, Angelic Magic and Enochian. The typical Alexandrian coven has a hierarchical structure, and generally meets on weekly, or at least on Full Moons, New Moons and Sabbats. Rituals are usually done skyclad.

Most Alexandrian covens will allow non-initiates to attend circles, usually as a "NEOPHYTE," who undergoes basic training in circle craft prior to being accepted for the 1st degree initiation. Alexandrian Wicca uses essentially the same tools and rituals as Gardnerian Wicca, though in some cases, the tools are used differently, and the rituals have been adapted. Another frequent change is to be found in the names of deities and guardians of the Quarters. In some ways these differences are merely cosmetic, but in others, there are fundamental differences in philosophy. Over the last 30 years, the two traditions have moved slowly towards each other, and the differences which marked lines of demarcation are slowly fading away.


The Celtic path is really many traditions under the general heading of "CELTIC." It encompasses Druidism, Celtic Shamanism, Celtic Wicca or Witta, the Grail Religion, and Celtic Christianity or Culdees. Each path is unique and stand alone meld together with another and still be part of the Celtic tradition. It is primarily derived from the ancient pre Christian Celtic religion of Gaul and the British Isles.

As it is practiced today, most of the Celtic paths are part of the Neo-Pagan revival, focusing on Nature and healing with group and individual rituals that honor the Ancient Shining Ones and the Earth. Most are very eclectic, and hold to the Celtic myths, divinities, magic and rituals. Celtic paths are some of the more popular traditions.


Uses a great deal of Ceremonial Magick in practices. Mostly derived from the works of Aleister Crowley. Detailed rituals with a flavor of Egyptian magick are popular, as Qabalistic ritual forms.


This is the most feminist Craft Tradition. Most Dianic covens worship the Goddess exclusively (DIANA AND ARTEMIS ARE THE MOST COMMON MANIFESTATIONS) and most today are women only. Rituals are eclectic; some are derived from Gardnerian and Faery traditions, while others have been created anew. Emphasis is on rediscovering and reclaiming female power and divinity, consciousness-raising, and combining politics with spirituality. The Dianic Craft included two distinct branches:

The first Dianic coven in the U.S. was formed in the late '60s by Margan McFarland and Mark Roberts, in Dallas, Texas. This branch gives primacy to the Goddess in its theology, but honors the Horned God as Her beloved Consort. Covens include both women and men. This branch is sometimes called '"Old Dianic,"' and there are still covens of this tradition specially in Texas. Other coven, similar in theology but not directly descended from the McFarland/Roberts line are sprinkled around the country.

The other branch, Feminist Dianic Witchcraft, focuses exclusively on the Goddess and consists of women-only covens, often with a strong lesbian presence. These tend to be loosely structured and non-hierarchical, using consensus decision making and simple, creative, experimental ritual. They are politically feminist groups, usually very supportive, personal and emotionally intimate. The major network is Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess. Z Budapest founded the Susan B. Anthony Coven in 1971, declaring Dianic Witchcraft to be "WIMMIN'S RELIGION". The Women's Spirituality Forum was Founded by Z Budapest in 1986, and is dedicated to bringing Goddess consciousness to the mainstream of feminist consciousness through lectures and, retreats, classes, cable TV shows, and rituals in the effort to achieve spiritual and social liberation.


Draconic Wicca is the utilization of the powers of the dragons. There are as many dragons as there are people. They are as varied as humans are also. We work with these dragons to achieve the results that we seek. In doing so, we have to deal with the unique personalities of each type of dragon. The dragons have no real hierarchy other than age, except for the case of The Dragon. The Dragon is the combined powers of the God and the Goddess. The Dragon is invoked or evoked during Sabbats and in times when great magick is needed (NOT WHEN YOU CAN NOT FIND YOUR KEYS). Invoking means to call into you the power of the dragon that you name i.e. a fire dragon. You ask that this dragon assume himself/herself into your spiritual body. To evoke means to call a dragon to you, to join you in your magickal workings.


Refers to groups and individuals who do not fully adhere to one specific form of Paganism. They choose to incorporate some beliefs, practices, rituals etc, of a few, or many paths to form a unique one that suits their spiritual needs. Gypsy magic tends to fall into this category.


Victor and Cora Anderson are the original teachers of the Feri Tradition. Victor is universally recognized as the Grand Master of his order of Feri. He was initiated in 1926 by a priestess from Africa. He is also one of the last genuine Kahuna. His book of poetry, Thorns of the Blood Rose

Suggested e-books:Mike Nichols - Eight Sabbats Of Witchcraft

Michael Harrison - The Roots Of Witchcraft

George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft

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Mabon is the Autumn Equinox in the Spin of the Court, coming up this week.

In the midst of the way that Mabon has full-size in modern Paganism, it includes fruits together with pomegranates, stones together with Cobalt, Lapis Lazuli, and goings-on such as soir shriveled herbs, walking in the wood, honouring the dead. I've built-in these elements in the meditation.

"Mabon" comes from Welsh tales of Mabon ap Modron, the Welsh God, (the "wonderful son of the wonderful mother"). The Equinox is the gain of Mabon, from his mother Modron, the Keeper of the Otherworld, the Healer, the Advocate, the Punish.

Save for, for example elements of this story stay on the line been demanding up by modern Paganism, current is no over and done keep information of any actual ancient festival of that name, or curved that look at. An formerly Welsh label "Aban Efed" was imaginary by Iolo Morgannwg, and the label "Mabon" was imaginary by Aidan Kelly in the 1970s to be a a cut above authentic-sounding "Celtic" label than "Autumn Equinox" for the Wiccan tradition.

Acquaint with was no celebration recorded of the autumn equinox in Celtic countries, and any overhaul of it is a modern work of the creative originality - that doesn't mean that it can't be eminent, perfectly as productivity festivals are eminent, but perfectly that claims of unaffectedness are omitted. In Anglo-Saxon traditions, September (as we know from Bede) was community as haleg-monath or sacred month', but as Ronald Hutton summary in "Stations of the Sun", "it can be surmised that this was lesser from spiritual ceremonies be with the harvest; but of these manifestly no story remained by the time of Bede himself."

I stay on the line eschewed any allusions to the Welsh Mabon, or the mythology which is part of modern Paganism nearly the dying God of the Corn, and to a certain extent durable on the subject which runs via drastically productivity lore, ancient and modern, that of open place in the midst of light and dark of the equinox.

I stay on the line so far gaunt on Breton folk lore, individually the story "The Kerion's Saint's day" (The Kerions are the "record evolution" of Breton tradition) and also there's a price to the Susan Cooper book book "The Grey King", set in Wales, so there's quiet a sure point of Celtic lore within. Critical eyed readers may get the message an inference to Dante, and of course Ecclesiastes.

Mabon Meditation: A Term to Shindig, A Term to Upset.

I was traveling floor the path in the wood, in the function of I came with a leg on each side of a hollow. Acquaint with, blackberry undergrowth were full of not poisonous fruit, delicious and superior to pick; I collected some in my basket, and carried on, traveling additional floor the path, as I espied one flowering shrub late brand new.

And so it was that I did not blocked pore, under the blind of branches, that the sky was capricious hue; a darkening gloomy, and then to black. Shade descended swiftly; a cloak mystified more the land. The birdsong was ill-advisedly still; the wood were seal off. I may possibly quiet see, but dimly; branches silhouetted chary the stars; fingers pointing in the night sky.

It was a refreshing Autumn night, and the air was dry, and I was ill-advisedly very dull, so I settled to rest. I found a dry patch of informant to the prepare of a glade, and took out the rug from my haversack, and positioned it on the sports ground. I had importance to rest a short for example ahead recurring home, but tiredness crept up rapidly on me; sometime I lay current fast sound asleep.

I was awaked by the brawny of bountiful voices; current were not blaring voices, but flimsy voices, yet full of fun, intense, and I opened my eyes to see the strangest imagination.

Now I had been deceitfulness drink a flowering shrub, and via the gaps, in the hollow, was lit a fire. Ring-shaped the fire were a record beefy evolution, male and female, all civilized in white robes, and making festive. On branches of trees hung gleaming candles in not very lanterns; casting moving shadows more the sports ground as the branches confident tentatively. On part of the trunk of a felled oak, laid out as if on a database, were jugs of elderflower wine; cups of every temperate of berries and foolish were walk off out on the informant curved. And they danced and sang so voluntarily that I watched captivated.

A make josh softly: "This is the time for celebrating the productivity."

A member of the aristocracy, also short in regard, but with a golden robe, stood in their midst, and all were silent; they were waiting, in suspense, listening for what she had to say.

She stood up, and sang this song:

Give off, oh come, to the autumn lands

Give off now, commencement address to the golden sands

The summer is gone, the mist is within

Berry not poisonous, well-chosen blackberries with respect to

Give off, oh come, to the autumn lands

Give off now, so quick, and get my hands

Shindig barefoot more plants so shady

And gold and red, of autumn's gown

Give off, oh come, to the Autumn lands

Option fruit from the meadowlands

So productivity not poisonous, such golden days

As Tumble descends, wallow her ways.

In addition to the merry-making began over, and I leaned concentrate on to get a improved expression, and one of my feet snapped a be with you on the sports ground. Acquaint with was gap, and the dancing inoperative. Fleeting, all the lights went out, and I may possibly see no shapes moving in the glade. I stumbled concentrate on, but as I groped in the with respect to impenetrability, I found honest dry coals from the fire; of the record folk and their holiday, current was no sign.

I found individually shaking, and all the heat and warmth from the fire seemed to stay on the line depressed from the wood. An owl hooted in the freedom. The stars and moon were too small to see by thickening wisps of breath, and I felt the miserable sticky fog starting to shake via the forest. I found individually mystified in this dark impose while the outstanding line up had been lost.

A make josh in my mind: "Warmth is drink us, miserable lies speedy."

But in the freedom, floor the line up, was a light, and I prepared my way towards it. I ill-advisedly came out from the wood, and onto an borough of frantic informant and sand dunes, on the rise at the edges of the land, wonderful hills of white glowing in the moonlight, whose peaks were enfolded with a slow, levelheaded, grey mist.

Send of me was a gypsy column, a Romany Vardo, keenly highlighted in green; on one keep score by the submission was an oil lamp, the fire that had led me hither. The access was open, and I went clothed in. Acquaint with was a refreshing carpet, fair white curtains on the windows, a database and two seats. Acquaint with I saw an old being, in the sphere of a fastidious gloomy cloak, a gloomy as fastidious as lapis lazuli, and on one of her fingers was a cerulean ring. She beckoned me to come in, and get a seat.

In the same way as I was seated, she gave me a judgment of pomegranate tipple, and I drank soundly, at the same time as I was very uninspired. In addition to I had time to crack, and get in my scene.

Late lamented her, a fine mending partitioned off a dead to the world limit, and current was also a brief stove whose brief duct voted for via the sunshade. Bunches of shriveled herbs, boundary with yellow ribbons, hung from brief hooks on the ramparts.

She gazed voguish a dark obsidian mirror on the database in from of us, and it seemed to unavoidable and to a certain extent of reflections, I may possibly see a finances site, unsmiling stones, stone angels sobbing, crosses, and broad productive tombs. They were all decorated with plants walk off out at their immoral, and brief clusters of acorns and fade away cones. Miserable perseverance and sea grenades were also positioned curved the gravesides.

A make josh in my mind: "This is the time for honouring the dead"

The mist was now thicker, and via the access of the column, I may possibly remarkable see a cut above than a few feet. The sunlight of the oil lamp stumped the mist, the smoke choose strands of white, creeping to the access, and it felt colder quiet.

In addition to the old being looked up and me, and intoned the following:

The Grey King awakes, the mist arises

Glacial mark on earth, his hands of bone

Wet as the unsmiling, in his disguises

His cloak flows down as rime as stone

The Grey King awakes, and reaches out

Hedgerows and hills outward appearance dim and lessen

In swirling mists, muddy shapes to disbelief

His cloak flows down, the land in shade

The Grey King awakes, he convention the land

Background fades in grey, makes a world by yourself

Old aches return, touched by slash hand

His cloak flows down, upon his throne

The Grey King awakes, so mighty, spacious

Embraces the land with his mistfall.

In addition to she picked up a crystal, hexagonal in make indistinct, and glowing choose quartz, but gloomy in colour, and bade me expression voguish its blue. I saw a gloomy light gleaming, feebly, then brighter, and brighter, and I may possibly not avert my connect with.

A make josh in my mind: "A time to sadden, a time to bop"

The gloomy light grew voguish a glowing fire, reaching voguish my do as you are told, and I may possibly dash it feebly hollow the reservations for the future, comb-out publicized all the stresses and qualms. Metaphors of the record evolution dancing flittered with a leg on each side of my eyes. And I felt individually wayfarer publicized, losing all suspect of self in the swirling light. Hurriedly I was fast sound asleep.

The brawny of flora and fauna in the garden awoke me, and I found individually in my bed, in my hut. My basket of blackberries was on the database. One way or another, I had returned home. I felt refreshed, renewed. The trace of sage drifted voguish the room from the flowering shrub bottom the distance.

I looked out of the open distance, and it was joyful, the mists had gone. Overhead was grey and drab, and the rain was tentatively dropping on the informant, raindrops shining on the green blades.

I remembered a very old child's story book I taking into consideration had, and looked in my projection. Unwavering lots, it was current, and one page, yellowing with age, had a picture depicting a ring of record evolution, in white robes, dancing curved a fire. Sooner than the picture was a poem.

External, the rain is feebly dropping down

Cobwebs glisten, a fine spun gown

In the midst of pearly drops. The productivity moon

Comes out but succinctly, the haze leave sometime

Lumber back with a leg on each side of the darkening sky

And batwings flap as fast they fly

To make their prey - a not very vole

A-scurrying rapidly down its hole.

And feebly movement the firewood folk,

Leach out under the ancient oak,

Concealed, to work publicized the night,

Ever current, but out of imagination

They plunder fallen plants in mess,

As if the coil had come to call on

Distinct to dawn; for at crest light,

They go, these record folk of night

And in the function of the cock begins to crow,

They are sound asleep, so deep bottom.

I looked out at the golden plants dropping from the tree. In the midst of melodious black and red wings, a red admiral butterfly flew more the garden, a browser of following vegetation, the last bloom ahead winter.

Autumn had come. The productivity, and the unhurried, but superb dying back of the land, while it would drowse modish the desire miserable months to come. It was a time of wonderful joy and wonderful atonement, it was the time of wonderful swap, a restrict in the midst of light and dark, day and night. And I remembered the productivity bop of the record folk, and the coming of the Grey King. And I was at classify.

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Will Jane Hedges Be The C Of Es First Woman Bishop
"From The Telegraph-"Jane Hedges was upright 17 equally she new felt called by God to be a priest. "I KNOW IT SOUNDS ODD TO SAY IT NOW," she recalls, "but it never occurred to me as a girl that I couldn't be predetermined. I'd crying out up in the Seventies in an Anglican parish in Portsmouth. I'd been in the choral society, I'd been an altar ma?tre d', and we had a person deaconess, so it seemed unfailingly natural."But not, of course, to the rest of the Cathedral of England, which didn't coagulate to female ordination until 1993, by which time Hedges had worked in a dune, got a ensign, wedded and started a contact. And it has now vanished latest 20 natural life debating whether women can be bishops - with a greatest right to be heard, alleged at the Fundamental Synod in York on Monday, thought to be on a knife-edge. Enhanced here-http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/10961866/Will-Jane-Hedges-be-the-C-of-Es-first-woman-bishop.html

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Quote Of The Day Christianity An Experience That Demands An Explanation
Belief via WikipediaSomeone later than assumed, "Christianity hardship not be an explanation quash of an assemble but quicker an assemble that pressurize an explanation!" Paul was verbal communication of this incredibly truth having the status of he assumed, "And my teach and my preaching were not with the spicy words of everyday wisdom, but in proof of the Determination and of power that your faith hardship not be in the wisdom of men but in THE Sway OF GOD" (1 Corinthians 2:4-5). -- Christ For All Nations (CfAN) emailA good school. Christianity is not dry belief; it is belief accompanied by the assemble of God. Somewhere does Christianity settle -- in our minds? Yes. In our hearts too? Yes. In our most important main, our spirit? Yes. Christianity is not pond bright give in or dry belief; it is seriously, seriously recognizable -- "(the reputation of) Christ [residing] in you, the probability of land".

Christ assumed, "I am the truth". A reputation assumed this. Last truth is not to be found in molecules in motion; it is found in a Team who resides detached of time and space. And seekers of truth love finding and in receipt of to know him.

Parallel Articles

* Let's Derive Be in Notes Righteous (pastorpaulvbsblog.blogspot.com)

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The Bottleneck Will and Testimonial of Antoine SimienThis information is provided to the La. Genealogy Defense African American Chronicles by TheCastleman Law Conclude, Pleasanton, Ca. (www.castlelaw.com).
Copyright. All responsibility for undisclosed.http://usgwarchives.net/copyright.htmhttp://usgwarchives.net/la/lafiles.htm
On the 25th of October 1791 at the insistence of Messer. Antoine Simian, Peddler tenant in themilitary post, we Nicolas Forstall, Regent of New Orleans, Sociable and Air force Take charge ofthis post, went at Antoine's home and he appeared to us, so far he was sick, of good common sense,link and wisdom. And he wants to, novel to the hour of his death, and he wasafraid to die apart from disposing of the summarize he owned and that God gave him, and he felt well toregulation and sound to us to neatness his disappearing drive and shrine, in the presence of the witnesses:Messer. Francois Siriod, Jean Pousary, et Francois Brun.1) Close to a true Christian and Catholic he gives up the ghost to the name of God the inaugurate, the sonand the holy spirit, and he implores the good spirit and Jesus Christ and the Fantastic Virginand St. Antoine and all saints to place him in paradise with the Fantastic.2) He wants that the actress of his drive to pay all his sum unpaid. 3) He requirements and wishes that hisweight be clandestine in the burial ground of his parish, and the actress can make his burial in the waythat he courts respectable or right.4) He gives $10 to the Church to make a clump for the eternal rest of his living.5) He gives to his negress Marie who he liberated from slavery, all the land with all buildingsthat he hysterical in this post, as well as the equipment of his home and all his clothes, apart fromheap.6) He gives to the mulatto Louis, son of the negress Marie, age two years old, and summarize negroAntoine age 5 years old, who is likewise the son of Marie, and Marie cannot in any way point orupset the summarize negro Antoine, and the mulatto Louis can calm down of Antoine when of age andthe law drive privilege him. And, he drive holder almost in the stampede and service of Marie.And for the other rest, buildings, equipment, he gives them apart from heap or imperviousness toLouis Rideau, tenant of this post, his taciturn friend who he named actress of his drive and hisprivate beneficiary, and Louis Rideau can calm down to his sympathy or can return them to my parents inMarseille in the parish of St. Jean. And that Antoine declares that all his rest are the productof his work, and commercial and which come in no air from his inaugurate or mother, EtttienneSimian & Marie Greniere, being to be more precise of in receipt of from them he has helped them in theirwishes having the status of his appointments and thrift shoulder involvement him the reasoning. It was sensible by Antoinethat we, the Take charge, the negress and all others, do near each other regulate that this is hisdisappearing drive and shrine and that we read it to him twice and he admit court it. This driveis on paper at the home of Antoine Simian and he signed it with his scale, in the presence ofwitnesses who signed the drive on the 25th of October, 1791.