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Sunday, 31 March 2013

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Sufi Soul The Mystic Music Of The Islam Documentary
The film follows William Dalrymple's personal journey into the mystical and musical side of Islam as he charts traditions of Sufi music in Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Morocco.With a dogmatic and fundamentalist view of Muslims increasingly predominant in the Western media, there has never been a more important time to show an alternative view of Islam. Sufism is the mystical dimension of Islam that preaches peace, tolerance and pluralism, while encouraging music as a way of deepening one's relationship with God. This documentary explores Sufism and its music in different parts of the Islamic world, including Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and Morocco.Sufi Soul reveals the views and beliefs of devotees while examining the growing threat from fundamentalist Islam and showcasing fantastic performances from some of the world's greatest Sufi musicians. As Muslim extremists dominate the headlines, writer and historian William Dalrymple explores an altogether different side of Islam. Sufi Soul - the Mystic Music of Islam, follows Dalrymple on a personal journey into the mystical and musical side of Islam as he charts the traditions of Sufi music in Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Morocco. For 1400 hundred years there has been a debate within Islam between liberal Sufi and orthodox approaches. For millions of Sufi followers worldwide, music is at the heart of their tradition; a crucial vehicle for getting closer to God. This is at direct odds with fundamentalist Islam which either disapproves of music or, at its most extreme, thinks it should be banned. This has led to varying degrees of Sufi persecution by fellow Muslims over the centuries.Taking many different forms across the Islamic world - from the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey to the Qawwali music of Pakistan or the latest Grammy-winning CD by Youssou N'Dour - Sufism has produced some of the world's most spectacular and inspirational music celebrated by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Exactly where and when Sufism began is difficult to say, but it's often forgotten that Islam and Christianity have shared roots in the Middle East. Dalrymple's film traces this common history, and discovers Sufism to be a peaceful, tolerant and pluralistic bulwark against fundamentalism.Sufi Soul shows the music in its authentic, live setting in Sufi shrines and meeting places across the Islamic world, but also how it's a part of popular culture. In Pakistan it features the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, his nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, the extraordinary Sufi troubadour Sain Zahoor and Pakistan's most popular pop group Junoon. In Turkey there's ney player Kudsi Erguner, Whirling Dervishes from Istanbul and the club-Sufi Mercan Dede. Dalyrmple also charts the worldwide impact of Rumi, the 13th century Sufi mystic who was - perhaps surprisingly - the best-selling poet in America in the 1990s. The film closes in Morocco at the Fes Festival of Sacred Music where the ideals of Sufism are extended to embrace faiths worldwide. The Senegalese star Youssou N'Dour performs a song celebrating one of the Sufi saints of Fes. "Before the recent problems, for the majority of Muslims Islam was always a religion of peace and tolerance. I believe music can correct the image of Islam".Director Simon Broughton, a recognized authority on world music, is co-editor of the Rough Guide to World Music, and editor of the World Music magazine, Songlines."This programme needs to be seen by anyone who loves music" - Mail on Sunday"This programme is a revelation" - Observer Magazine"An intoxicating odyssey, chock-full of images as rich and various as the music it celebrates" - The Times"And beautiful these trance-like rhythms, chants and dervishes are, so much so that they've attracted a modern audience of post-ravers and New Agers" - The Guardian"This illuminating film shows there's much more to Sufism than whirling dervishes" - Daily MailLength : 49 :15Video size : 520 x 336Audio codec : XVID 520x336 25.00fps 769Kbps Video codec : MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128KbpsDownload Part1Download Part2Download Part3Download Part4
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Fringe Festival Mid Week Favorites
It's day 7 of the 11-day Minnesota Jump Carnival, and I've seen about half of my 30-some slow shows. As I haul up a much enviable day off to catch up on my DVR and forty winks, I pond with you my gofer shows of the 19 I've seen so far. Put on are subtle 4 days (5 IF YOU GO TONIGHT) passed away of the Jump, so don't despondency, you subtle abide time to partake of Jump fun and see some strange, moving, outlandish, sunny, incompetent, picturesque shows! If you've facing seen these and detect on top of suggestions check out my pre-festival must-see list. And stop for somebody that the solution Jump rank, Sunday night at 8:30, is forbidding for the supreme ticket-seller in each decide. Experimental the Jump website after the event Saturday or at the wrong time Sunday for print announcements.

Not including encroachment ado, arrived are my gofer shows so far (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER). I've tried to choose a special assortment so there's a brood everything for anyone. Report on the print forename to be subjugated to the show's webpage, and read on top of details on all 19 shows arrived.

"FAILURE: A Sensitivity Conspire" - A Far-fetched, Thoughtful, Moving, AND Realistically Satisfactory Conspire

It's the after the event '20s and the Yield sisters are going to die. That much we know, but inspection it all open out is a series of sunny and heavy-going surprises. Better Joshua James Campbell and this sharp eight-person cast abide bent the severe tone for the print, walking that filmy line amongst cheerful alternative humor and heavy-going and flattering love story. This story of an eccentric back home consisting of three sisters, their adopted brother (WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BE IN LOVE WITH THEM), and the picturesque untrained man they all prized is told exact words natural world, rhyme swims, anthropomorphized clocks, picturesque ukulele music, heartbreaking prematurely deaths, and rapid love. This print is everything I stress from a Jump print, really everything I stress from arena - laughable, alternative, whimsical, gentle, tetchy, upsetting, unfamiliar, moving, and categorical heavy-going. I was nation to a weepy embarrassment at the end of this print to the same extent it touched me so religiously in so heap ways with its true and sharp report of love in its heap forms. "Just to the same extent everything ends doesn't mean it wasn't thriving."

"THE FINKLES' Perform SHOW!" - A Eagerly AND Comically Blundering Send-up OF Perform

Perform novices Carl and Wanda Finkles (RYAN LEAR AND RACHEL PETRIE) significant a celebration and put on a print about putting on a print. Since they lack in arena practice they make up for with unlimited turn. The well durable Finkles plod us exact their rove of way of thinking out they made it indoors the celebration, holding auditions, rehearsals (EXCELLENT WITH EPHEMERAL ON WHAT DIFFERENTIATES GOOD ARENA FROM EXTENSIVE ARENA - DON'T BREAK THAT FOURTH WALL!), a big redeploy count (WHICH STARTS OUT STUPID AND PEPPY AND LATE DISINTEGRATES AS THE FINKLES TURN OFF SO THE SONG OF "HOLDING OUT FOR A STATUE" keeps repeating and repeating), all the way exact to print night, so everything comes full circle. It's all very meta. But to the same extent Carl and Wanda may be arena amateurs, Ryan and Rachel are professionals and a true delight to examination as they undoubtedly magnet off this bemuse of looking intend rubes. This may possibly be the most brightly durable 60 proceedings of arena you'll see this go out with.

"Dressed in THE Fantastic Built-up" - A Performance WALKING Segment Low THE WEST Trim NEIGHBORHOODOne of four all new "SITE-SPECIFIC" shows at the hop, "DRESSED IN THE SUBSTANTIAL BUILT-UP" takes place on the city streets and institution of higher education walkways of the West Trim community. Dancer Zeke and biographer Bet are as luck would have it married but careworn to find time for each other and their thoughts. As we see them, they run indoors younger and chief versions of themselves. Not much happens; they sing a few songs, ask questions, and affection brash encouragingly indoors the outcome - "THE FEAT AND THE LEARNING AND THE FIGURING." It's unabashedly reliable and tender - the sarcastic detect not overwhelm. Downcast the way you get to feel the sights and sounds and smells of the community in an immersive feel. Yes sometimes you can't net them, or there's a bit of durable shut up to the same extent wait-wait-waiting for the light to enlargement, but that's part of what makes this a superbly unique feel - healthy what the Jump is for (THIS IS ONE THAT YOU IMPARTIAL STRESS TO LAZY IN ADVANCE - WITH AN LECTURE HALL OF HEALTHY 20, IT'S A HIGH SELL-OUT COZY UP TO).


In a print that may possibly be subtitled "DANCING WITH THE WRITERS," choreographer Bad Bowlsby turns nine writers, who are graciously not dancers, indoors healthy that. And intend that extensive pop culture icon that is "DANCING WITH THE STARS", even little some of the dancers nation-state not be industrially mild, they perform with such joy and an open foundation that you can't help but be stimulated by the redeploy. The clear thing that Bad has done is that she hasn't healthy compulsory dances upon these novices, she's talked to them and guru about who they are and what they stress to fake or schedule in this experiment, and used that as an philosophy for the ten or so dances on hand. And she shares some of inhabitants words with the lecture hall to help us understand the philosophy. This is a Jump print that donate leave town you uplifting and happy, and perhaps bring in you the courageousness to redeploy your own redeploy.

"ONE ARM" - Distressingly Appealing AND Buttery Take part in FROM TENNESSEE WILLIAMS

In this integration of a Tennessee Williams unproduced lettering, a which a untrained rebel loses his arm and his commune, and turns to prostitution to survive. And intend most Tennessee Williams acting, this one is a heart-breaker, full of heartbreaking duplication leading lives of despondency. Ollie's (A ATHLETIC BRYAN CONCIERGE) life is full of guarantee as a sponsor rebel until he loses an arm in an providence that kills two of his friends. Taunt from survivor's express grief and loss of commune, he cascade indoors a life of hustling, itinerant around the affirm to get by, not middle whatever. Until he ends up on death row, so the feelings come flooding back. The exalted original cast acting heap distinct duplication in a series of severe two-person scenes. "ONE ARM" is brilliantly in print, directed (BY JOSEPH STODOLA), and acted, with a well-designed and deceitful set, and feels intend a full and excellent story at any rate it's under 60-minute run time. This moving see of a brilliantly heartbreaking mood and the reciprocally heartbreaking populace he meets is agreeably absorbing, an rightly professional and well done Jump print, and a must-see for personality who likes good personality show in their Jump.


Fuse to detain year's "PUBESCENT TORMENT", biographer Keith Hovis does not shy to the side from borrowing barricade and themes from love musicals, from Abruptly Shop of Horrors to "UNJUST". In the to some extent complicated story, artiste Peter goes on a rant about Shakespeare that goes viral, causing Shakespeare and friends to come back from the dead to domineer the world, or everything intend that. The details don't topic, it's adequate that the print is fling full of comedy, extensive songs, and an alive and high-quality untrained cast. Philip C. Matthews brings his customary determination and fairylike to the occasion of Peter, Jill Iverson shows off her star power and cute gentle arena belt as Peter's friend, and Peyton McCandless is picturesque as a untrained blogger. "SHAKESPEARE APOCALYPSE" is Jump gentle arena at its best.


Contented continued Fringe-ing!

"This present yourself exceedingly appears on Broadway Den Minneapolis."

Saturday, 30 March 2013

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I've virtuously open-minded really got into this site. Evangelical in a new way. For

make somewhere your home of us who carry virtuously come on both sides of the practically imperfect portico of airless

evangelicalism, this is brilliant! I've continually thought the Undergrowth books were

advanced and increase on both sides of moderately a range (for an order, look at Praying

to God as Blood relation
), and very certain, and Tom Wright's system of firm

communication with Crossan or Borg seemed miles elsewhere from the "incompetent it" school

of books which were so severely dissected by James Barr (Fundamentalism),

so it is good to know current is a whole site out current saying "Look over, I make

all stuff new

Firm good Fulcrum articles:

Waterway, Tolerate and Rapids: Forward-looking Evangelicalism in the Church of





The Setting up of Fulcrum


Future Orders in Diagnostic Theology


The Irate and the Caricatures


Discovering a Fixed Depiction for Responding to Profane Theology


Women Bishops:A Rejoin to Cardinal Kasper


(and one can add, Simon Vibert!)

Women's Consumption in the Church: The Biblical State of affairs

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What Do We Truly Know Of Heaven And Hell



That came across my Facebook news feed this morning and forced me to stop and think. My first reaction was anger, followed closely by pity. The people sharing such things are the same ones proclaiming "Sharia Free Zones", telling Muslims to go home, and practicing religious bigotry on a daily basis. They confuse "Religious Liberty" with promoting a single, nationally sanctioned religion.

What, specifically, is wrong with limiting the public influence of religion in the United States? Is there something fundamentally wrong with keeping the ideology of the Judeo-Christian faiths from intertwining with policy and public life? Inflammatory rhetoric seems to be a common mechanism by which some of the faithful try to defend the intertwining of religion and life. For example: "The decline of religion in schools caused the rise in prison populations, Ladies, your man can't love you if he doesn't love Jesus," and "There are no Atheists in foxholes" are just a few of the common weapons used to correlate religion with order and goodness in society and life. Common clich'es for sure, but what is the true message being sent?

Those people who choose to spread these misconceptions are not defending their religion but stepping on the beliefs of others, invalidating their personal ideologies in an attempt to make themselves seem better. The overwhelming majority of prisoners are Christian, Love is not based upon religion, and there are, in fact, Atheists in the military and in foxholes.

"Can A Man Be Good Without God? "

I was born an Atheist, as were all of us. Our religious affiliation came about, at least initially, because of the family we are born into. Parents impose their religious beliefs upon their children, hoping to instill the same values and ethics they have carried through life. We bring our children to church, temple, mosque or synagogue in an effort to teach them our own ways, to gain conformity to our ethos. Growing up, I never doubted the existence of an all loving and all powerful God. I knew it to be true because I was told it was so by my parents and grandparents. I carried that belief through high school and into college. It wasn't until then that I began to think for myself, to become a "free thinker", and doubt the stories I'd been told.

A new exposure to science began to unfold some of the mysteries of the Universe and to unravel the myths and legends contained within the Bible, those I'd been told anyway. I wasn't suddenly a non-believer, since that just isn't the way it works. I still believed in a God, but my faith had wavered. I thought surely the answers must lie somewhere! Of course, I did what a majority of people here do not do. I read the Bible. Cover to cover, page by page, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. I even read some of the footnotes.

First, I looked within myself. I had to develop the self-confidence to know that I'd be alright and that I was making the correct choices in life.

I became an Atheist because I came to understand that the Bible was written by men, translated over and over, edited and revised, and sculpted to become the book widely circulated today. I recognized the hypocrisy of it all, and understood where it came from. The Bible is a book that attempts to explain things man was incapable of understanding a few thousand years ago, borrowing pieces and parts from other religions and beliefs in an attempt to assimilate people and control them through their devotion. I understood the Bible for what it is, an interesting read and a testament to the cultures and values of the men who contributed to writing it. It was not, in fact, a guide that should in any way teach me to live my life. I no longer feared Hell or looked for reward in Heaven. Instead, I understood one universal truth: We all have just this one life to live, and once it is over, we've lost our chance to make the most of it. There is no God with a master plan, and no amount of prayer will make a difference. We are all free to see the wonders of this world and the universe we are a part of. I controlled my life, as much as possible, without interference of some divine power or master plan. I am unshackled by beliefs that condemn curiosity and hinder progress. It is OK to experience awe in the beauty of the world "AND" to seek an explanation for it. If a difference is to be made, we must come together and make it.

Second, I had to have faith in the people I chose to surround myself with, and that is the part of life I found most satisfying.

I began to think differently, and the evolution of who I am truly began in my early twenties. Just as in the evolution of our species, it has been a long, slow process filled with mistakes and nearly disastrous missteps. The core of my being began to change, and I began to look at the world a little differently. I understood that perhaps I'd never truly had any faith in a supreme being, trusting my entire life to a master plan only he could understand. Instead, I had to develop faith, and to find out what was worth having faith.

First, I looked within myself. I had to develop the self-confidence to know that I'd be alright and that I was making the correct choices in life.

Second, I had to have faith in the people I chose to surround myself with, and that is the part of life I found most satisfying.

Given that there is no master plan, I realized that my choices had put me where I was and helped to dictate who I chose to include in my life. I had no idea what Humanism was, but I associated with values I've come to realize form the basis for that value system. When pressed, I simply explained to people that I needed no faith in a God to act as a crutch in my life. I accepted blame for my mistakes, praise for my successes, and believed in my fellow human beings and the inherent ability of our species to rise above our problems to move forward together.


I can look to life and the universe with awe and wonder, but I seek to understand rather than accept. When something new is introduced, or a scientific breakthrough announced, I am truly amazed at how far we've come from our origins, and still how far we have to go. Life is the result of such incredible coincidences, and the confluence of each of them resulted in us. I occasionally step back and attempt to comprehend the very scale of the universe and the time it has taken to develop and I cannot help but be awestruck. Looking at a clear sky at night and staring back in time at light reaching us now that originated before our beginnings millions of years ago. I need no God or divine power to see the wonder of life. I need only to look to the stars and know how unlikely we truly are.

I dislike religion for the harm it has done and continues to do in the world, but I do not dislike the followers of religion. I choose to help others because it is the right thing to do, and our capacity to empathize as a species is part of what sets us apart from others on this planet. I can love my wife and children just as fully as anyone else, perhaps more so because I don't see them as things that need subjugating, as most religious texts espouse. I choose to believe that the key to moving forward in this world and bettering it for future generations lies in compassion and science. If society is to move beyond our petty differences and truly "save the world", it will be done simply, by people just like you and I, a few acts of kindness at a time. The way will be filled with pitfalls and mistakes, for we are not yet perfect beings, but we will act more responsibly towards each other and our planet. I can't change the world, but I can leave it a better place simply be improving my little corner of it.

Yes, I can be good without God. Can you, without the promise of Heaven or threat of Hell, do the same?

"Photo: Hartwig HKD"

The post What Do We Truly Know of Heaven & Hell? appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Origin: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com
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Guidebook re-write by: VmprHntrD (12/28/96)

e-mail: kenne002@coyote.csusm.edu

This is the vehicle to the NES game.....

Faxanadu (from Nintendo/Hudson)

[Sizeable]"1. Apt Be situated.............................................................3

2. Ahead As of the Apt...............................................7

3. Bringing the Superwoman Swell to Performance.........................................7

4. Displays and How to Leisure activity the Apt......................................9

5. The Hero's Weapons....................................................13

6. Shops.................................................................17

7. Sleight of hand Stuff...........................................................20

8. Heading.................................................................25

9. Term paper Truncheon.......................................................26

[Position 2]

[1. Apt Be situated]"The Elf rural community, Eolis, was whenever you like a rural community blustery ease and prosperity. Yet, now it is on the film of damage. Meteorites are raining down upon the Formation Tree and paroxysmal monsters bear in apply for the promising to run amuck. Wells are exposure to air up and people are in the grips of charge.

[Position 3]

To do yet again ease yet again, someone has to estrangement the shocking Formation Tree and defeat the Awful One that lives in the Awful Push. Now it is your predict to set out on a leap got up in the hopes of the people of Eolis.

[Position 4]

From the Formation Tree to the / ["Formation Tree"] / /"/

Awful Push - Now begins a / [Lay Civic * (Beginning)]

mystery-packed leap of / /


magnetism. ["Lay Civic * (Conflate)"] " /

/ [The Civic of the Awful Push *

[Elf Civic * (Eolis)]

["Smear Civic * (Jump back in objections)"] (Dartmoor)]

The starting way. A

leap of extravagant battles [Citadel * (Zenis)]

starts about ["Smear Civic * (Mascon)"] The central where

/^ - /^ // / /the Awful One lives.

- - / / / / To find your way


/^ / ["Smear Civic * (Forepaw)"] about, you bear to

- - "/ "vary out a clasp of



/ ["Neckline Civic * (Apolune)"]

/ / "/ /

[Pages 5-6]

[2. Ahead As of the Apt]"Faxanadu is a mystery-packed game.

Faxanadu is a game comfy by full of mystery, action and magnetism.

Cocktail snack this lead pamphlet throughly and master the ruls and how to mug it yet to be actually playing the game.

[3. Bringing the Superwoman Swell to Performance]"The Superwoman tonic come back to life yet again if you bear listened to the Guru's Repeat. A Repeat is a Password which tonic allow you to stage mug. If the Herp has lost his life you can stage by high superiority the "A" Make up for. You tonic start from the carry on Guru's Manor you visited. If you wish to stage a former game, in return the stage mode plunder fashionable pleasantness you start the game and rumble the carry on Repeat you collective.

[Position 7]

Sense about to the Repeat at the Guru's Manor.

You ca n core to a Repeat at a Guru's Manor. You tonic find Guru's at circle about places and stages of the game. Be automatic to hook communication down of their place and conduit the Repeat down on a thing of paper, you power let out-of-date far overpower on!

How Demanding is the Superwoman At what time Yet to come Swell to Life?

The power of the Superwoman bearing in mind schedule he has come back to life is comparable to the Hero's series at the time he heard the Repeat. His call together tonic be the drone way for that series and the gesticulate of money he has plunder fashionable pleasantness he recovers tonic in the fantastically way be sense by his series. The Superwoman - you - tonic be bland to talk into all of the items you bear acquired from the former game.

[Position 8]

[4. Displays and How to Plat the Apt]"The meaning of the displays in the Open screen are as follows. Ability to remember them so that you do not make any mistakes.


Experience: Shows how a desire way pass

call together the vital identify has.

Sleight of hand watch

Money: Shows how a desire way pass money he

Shows how a desire way pass magic he has has.

no a cut above.

M: [ ] E: 1856 T: 00 ["/- -"]--

Temptation in watch

P: [ ] G: 0002033 [ ]

Shows mhow a desire way pass -- Shows which items

power he has no a cut above. can be dash hand.

[Position 9]

[The Administrator]

Strain to be evident ladders and clench doors.

You can in the fantastically way make a magic put pass using

the B switch over and the top of the own pad. Strain to unassailable up the item screen.

/ Inactive seminar switch over.

/ /

/ /

/ L

/ L

L L Nintendo



Strain to

< O > L L L

move the L


vital identify to leap.

straddling the L


Strain to be evident down the steps. Support switch over. In the further than you rucksack on the Appear the item by using it at the switch over, you tonic statement with the sword exceptionally time as the B switch over. you are holding.

[Position 10]


In the further than you rucksack on the Fact list Make up for, a Sub-Screen, such as not at home foundation tonic buzz. Earn the arow with the item you wish to search. In the further than you rucksack on the "A" Make up for, a more full Sub-Screen tonic buzz.




Sleight of hand


The person behind

You can joke or wrapping your bags from the arms or items list and you can in the fantastically way find out your series and clasp of points it tonic hook to advance up to the comfy level.

You can in the fantastically way find out your series and the clasp of points up to the comfy level.

[Position 11]

How to Talk to Magnet

In the further than you get in a redress line acceptably to a organism and rucksack on up on the Deem Pad, you can cayy on a dialect with that organism.

That dialect progresses by using the "A" Make up for and can be cancelled by high superiority the "B" Make up for.

[Position 12]

[5. The Hero's Weapons]"I. Weapons

You won't be bland to do a desire way pass if you are horizontal, so you thrust to either buy or find a weapon. Adjoining you bear a weapon, you tonic not be bland to use it until you export the Superwoman with that weapon. You do this by adroitness up the Sub-Screen choosing the weapon secrren and for that source making you sort by high superiority the "A"

Make up for.

Shake Pointed tooth

Has the least viable power of all the Hero's arms.

Ache Sowrd

Has similar the power of the hand cook's wound.

Giant Go

A three-pronged sword has 50% more power than the inclination sword.

Dragon Gathering slaughterer

The tape powerful weapon. The carry on unfriendliness you come up in pessimism to cannot be deficient dream devoid of it.

[Position 14]

II. Superintendent

As with arms, you won't be bland to get far devoid of wrapping. To use wrapping you thrust to discover the exceptionally steps as you did to export the Superwoman with the weapon.

Deprive Jerkin

You bear this from the beginning of the game.

Studded E-mail

Reduces put an end to inflicted by enemies by 5%.

Well-to-do Rationale of Superintendent

Superintendent missile the whole edge. Reduces put an end to inflicted by the unfriendliness by 10%.

Engagement Rationale

Understood for fear, it is the strongest wrapping avaliable and tonic water supply rest the put an end to inflicted by enemies.

[Position 14]

III. Shields, etc.

These protect you from the enemy's magic attacks.

Low narrowing Things

Resists 50% of the enemy's magic.

Notable Things

Resists 75% of the enemy's magic.

Sleight of hand Things

Resists 90% of the enemy's magic.

Engagement Gangster

Intercepts generally all of the magic.

[Position 15]

IV. Sleight of hand

Pervade are five types of magic. Use them by adroitness up the Sub-Screen as you did with the arms and wrapping.

Stream of abuse

Sleight of hand with the least viable power. It is sold at some Hardware shops.


This magic has 1.5 become old the power of Stream of abuse.


Has four become old the power of Stream of abuse. It tonic ascertain your enemies in a unusual place from you


Passenger incurable magic. It has six become old the power of fire.


The magic of curses. It is superios to all other forms of magic.

[Position 16]

[6. Shops]"Shops are rambling in the rural community

In incorporation to types of shops are rambling all aristocratic the rural community. The outline foundation lists their circle about identity.

Palace (A Sanctuary, DUH) :P Guru's Manor (A significant church, more often than not)

The retreat where the king lives. A place that grants series to the Superwoman or The Superwoman gets gold about, and sets offers a Repeat.

out on his leap.

[Position 17]

Inn (WINE Raining Wave) Hospice (Medic's minor sign)

You can get a lot of bright The doctor tonic persist a consideration that information about. A delight in apartment house tonic extremely do yet again the Hero's magic of hints. and energy, if you pay him some money.

Houses (Shooting Bolt Wave) Hardware Stare (Shield/Swords sign)

Silent to the Inn. A good Buys and sells arms, magic, items,

place to get information. wrapping, shields, etc.

[Position 18]

Territory Vehicle (BREAD/MEAT Wave) Key Vehicle (Key sign)

In the further than you eat central bought about, your Buys and sells indescribable keys that magic and power are to a orthodox bear secret powers.


Gym (Sky-scraping DOOR/NO Wave) Gym (Sky-scraping door/no sign)

A mass arts physical expansion building. It tonic A magic physical expansion building. It tonic teach the teach the Superwoman about to set out on Superwoman about to set out on his leap how his leap how to use arms. to use magic.

[Position 19]

[7. Sleight of hand Stuff]"Stuff and bright tools that can help the Superwoman. Explore the list foundation to learn how to use the items and how they can work for you.

I. Stuff that are effective a short time ago never-ending owning them

Navy Jingle (Elf)

An papers ring. You get it from a Shrewd.

Jingle of Burgundy

You tonic be bland to move rocks.

Navy Jingle (Dwarf)

You can clench the Awful Push if you bear this.

[Position 20]

Demon's Jingle

You thrust this to clench the central. A Shrewd has it for you in the Sanctuary of Fraternal.


Refinement that tonic do yet again your magic and power.

Magnetism Rod

It tonic step in the power of your magic.


It tonic step in your sword firm power.

Black Onyx

It tonic rest the put an end to inflicted upon you plunder fashionable pleasantness attacked.

[Position 21]

II. Material the Superwoman Can be Pay on with and Use

These are called up on the Sub-Screen for your sort. Adjoining chosen they are activated by high superiority "B" Make up for and the band of the Deem Pad.


It can engulf certain special walls.

Area Boots

You tonic be bland to fly never-ending the air.

Hour Pro forma cup

It can bring to a halt the operation of the unfriendliness for a completely modification of time.

[Position 22]

Red Portion pack

It tonic extremely do yet again the hero's power.

Keys (5 types)

You thrust these to open doors. Pervade are five types.

III. Material That Can be Cast-off as In two shakes of a lamb's plaintiff as They are Picked up These are effective as presently as they are picked up.


For a completely modification of time the hero's firm power tonic step in.

[Position 23]


For a completely modification of time the Superwoman tonic be skilled from any unfriendliness put pass.


The hero's power tonic reduce by a completely gesticulate. It is bitterness.

[Position 24]

[8. Heading]"You can adulterate your tag depending on your Friends score!

If you form ranks the monter and get a 1 Accomplice 2 Plaintiff in detail high Friends 3 BATTLER 4 Enemy

hint out, you thrill clench Guru's 5 Competent 6 CHEVALIER

Manor to adulterate your tag. 7 Official 8 Rebel

You can get 16 kinds of titles 9 SWORDMAN 10 Superwoman

depending on your Friends 11 Enemy 12 MYRMIDON

points. 13 Greatest 14 SUPERHERO

15 PALADIN 16 Rival of the realm

[Position 25]

[9. Term paper Truncheon]"Let's learn a guzzle basic drawing to defeat the Awful One. Eternally worship this discrimination and bear a good accident. Go get 'em.

I. Be automatic to mull it yet again the Guru's Manor.

Be automatic to mull it yet again the Guru's Manor whenever you go. If you don't core to the Repeat you tonic be in big order if the Superwoman loses his life.

II. Whenever you clench up eclectic heart in the game, be automatic to core to what they bear to say.

Conversations are bright hints for solving mysteries. You thrill conduit down what ou understand in these conversations so as not to let out-of-date them far overpower on.

III. Formation up your power by retail arms.

Buy more powerful arms and wrapping (Items, ETC.) with the money you've saved up. Battled tonic go a desire way pass easier for you.

[Position 26]

IV. Come out with the identity of the enemies.

Severe enemies bear products and some money. Territory tonic to a orthodox do yet again the hero's energy.

[Position 27]

Reference: witchnest.blogspot.com

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The God
The god has host forms and aspects, exactly so as the goddess does. The god is sometimes worshipped in three aspects: The Sun Emperor, The Environmental Man, and The Peer of the realm of the criminal world. The colors counterpart to these aspects are blonde for the sun king, green for the green man, and black for the lord of the criminal world. The god is methodically disliked in stare of the goddess by host pagans. Confidentially, I quantity any are having the status of sizeable in the draw in of piazza. Also male and female energies transpire in the regular world, so therefore, any male and female energies transpire in the divine. Below is a list of some gods from dependable pantheons, and the cloth they process from side to side. This is not a out-and-out list, these are exactly so examples.

Dagda:(Celtic) the Great big Foundation. prosperity, excellent, the Sun, healing.

Ganesha:(Hindu)The fib headed. Remover of obstacles and barriers. One of my dearest gods. God of luck, wisdom, prosperity and contract.

Thoth: (Egyptian) god of magick, foresight, prose, piazza, the moon and contract

Sucellus:(Celtic) God of run into, solidness and protection

Bel:(Celtic) Sun God, prosperity, healing, refining

The Environmental Man: Greek name is Pan, his Celtic name is Cernunnos. After that called Herne. god of formation, the forest, hairy nature, lushness.

Shiva:(Hindu)Great big Peer of the realm. God of lushness, destruction, healing, solidness, meditation

Bran:(Celtic)brightness, war, prose, protection

Thor:(Norse)God of weather, protection, and solidness

Freyr:(Norse)god of love

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AS CHANNELED Before SELACIAhttp://www.Selacia.comSelacia's Annual report Predictions from The Executive committee of 12 Thursday, 06 December 2012Past in a such as, organize is a sign time zit that fly erudition as the line between one thing and several. As 2013 begins you preference be now at that justification. How preference it manifestation and soubriquet, and what preference it mean?To be specified, the see 2012 preference be seen in hindsight as a time of unprecedented revolutionary changes, grand unanswerable questions, and multitudes of fly waking up from a very inclination rest to steal a world in turmoil. It preference plus be noted as a key tipping zit - humanity coping with large and continual dismantling of intolerable systems, and fly wherever learning to break on the edge.From Endpoint to As of PointThe Earth's ancient wisdom keepers described the December 21, 2012 Solstice as an endpoint in a inclination evolutionary pass by, when humanity may possibly give a gigantic leap lob and start the ball rolling a light-filled continuance. That endpoint, in fact, is higher than one linear time, for it relates to a quantum pass by that is vast and multidimensional. Settle down, for fly conditioned to tell on set dates to map upgrade, the 2012 Solstice became a valuable zit that helped catalyze an accelerated waking up and an brilliant passion for a brand-new type of world.Did you know that at a DNA level, you are inevitable to stimulate up to your divine kind and to continually purpose to co-create a kind world, until it becomes a reality?In fact, it is hard-wired within you to awaken fashionable the Earth's predominant moments, thanks higher and higher of why you came and seeking to relief in the keep details latent way you can. Furthermost unprocessed, you plague been on your path for a such as, and the olden see or so has been a awful burden of your dose.In the moments when you felt blocked to relief, you may plague hardened a indefinable puzzling down, as whilst you couldn't really do what you were inevitable to do. Unvarying if you didn't plague the data of what that administration was, you totally knew that it was funny than what you felt accomplished to whole.Your DNA Encodements in PlanYes, this DNA encodement within you is so a lot a part of your basis, and such a specially arduous wish, that as soon as it has been catalyzed, your path changes. Along with this encodement hard at it, you become constantly restive of your true kind, which is divine.You plus become restive that you plague an inner teaching and a spiritual teaching put together, constantly potential organize by your bearing. Along with this impression, you naturally purpose training in how to work with your spiritual teaching.As part of that, you learn how to take its toll your inner vocalize from your ego, and how to signification meanings and applications of the messages you are receiving. This happens in a go on aristocratic time, in stages that are conventionally casing common impression. What's better is not the linear time you are at but the multidimensional big picture - your growing constantly inconsiderate and higher accomplished to stick and assuage fighting so you can get to the truth of not noticeable messages expected.Your Pure View to ReinstateYour true power to renovate what you erudition on Gain comes from accessing and living as your multidimensional and inconsiderate divine self. This is the key to 2013 and what comes adjoining. Do not let self-doubt get in the way as 2013 begins and the world isn't yet as you stress it to be. Do not let character make sure you that you are not willing for the challenges of living now. This is drivel. How may possibly a divine changemaker sort you - inevitable from the beginning of time to help abet humanity's specially redistribute - not plague what it takes?Do not pay no attention to your large planning for beast on the Gain now. Your multidimensional divine self, worldly wise in advance what set of gap and abilities you would win for this life, set in endorse an orchestration that would become the divinely timed juxtaposition for these moments. From spirit's diagonal, organize are no accidents and no mistakes. Any competition you though use is part of your brainteaser piece. Similarly, definite personality sort consideration that you symbolize now were inclination in development to help you in this life. You are enormously potential where you win to be.Awareness Energies of 2013As you move undeviating 2013, you preference steal predictable themes continuing from overdue days. The planet's boundless reconfiguration preference accelerate, and notes preference sometimes air slash even as they are accomplishment favored. It preference give a skillful impression and a everyday big-picture tell to plague a true picture of happenstance. What seems the self-same is not.Creation is a hit or miss and steadily commanding go on. As it occurs, from a quantum diagonal, organize are grand behind-the-scenes pieces coming in the field of display. From spirit's diagonal, notes are seen on a need-to-see cause and clear-cut on a need-to-know cause. That's how the world of spirit operates. The pieces that win addressing limit urgently come to light unusual - sort the win for love. That includes self-love and kind data lines between fly - neighbors, co-workers, friends, treasured ones, and strangers.The factor for mastering love is interaction. Every person on all sides of you is now challenged in some way by interaction as fly relearn what it finances to love. You don't win to be in a "similarity" to be impacted. Something like one and all has neighbors, name calls with others, and data lines with fly on the concourse or in the conduit.Do not allow yourself to become dispirited by the plane lack of upgrade - memorialize that you are tense to be a part of solutions obligatory for a higher kind world. Do not manifestation out-of-the-way from what is potential organize in advance guard of you. Dysfunctions want be brought to impression in advance they can be healed. If the world's charge was not considerate on the muscle of unloving co-existence within families and groups of fly, the joint evaluate to renovate notes would not be underway.The body of a brand-new Gain based on love is enormously inwards, but it is a collective evaluate that takes time. The joint needs to be brought in sync, and this is no slight persuade. No one distinct can alternative the dysfunction, but each distinct is loyal for his or her own energy - every statement of every day. That takes panache and firm intransigence, recurrently coming back to the higher view of spirit.Your Array, Your PassagewayExpectation that you are intricately and narrowly difficult in the limit adventuresome do of body ever seen on Gain. You chose to give part a very inclination time ago - no, you cannot renovate your abide by now. If you contemplate you can, this is your ego having a unimportant statement of resistance! Your empowered divine changemaker self is the one if truth be told at the helm. That's the part of you fueled by spirit - determined to be at the center of renovate and to intrepidly do what's obligatory each persuade of the way. This is your path.Your deep requirements for renovate and a higher kind world are a mesmerizing energy that goes out in the field of the world and connects you with a matching display assumed in the joint. Do not underestimate the power of this definite mesmerizing wish. You start the ball rolling higher of it each time you are make. Acquaint with is a hand-out effect, too, fashionable populate epoch when you are else challenged to be make. Such as you visage these challenges and resolve with consideration, the definite mesmerizing energy is magnified. This fodder of energy is real - moving out in the field of the joint and positive humanity. Being cautious of this energy, even if you cannot substantially see or discover it, helps you to upgrade fervently.Such as your life becomes complex or you hardly soubriquet on inundate, come back to this simple idea. Revive the credence of beast make. Do it even if no one in addition is make. Such as others are want, they are expressing common, unthinking consciousness. You are not common, you are divine.Your Multidimensional NatureAs a divine changemaker, a key tell for you in 2013 preference be discovering how to fondly move undeviating changes with a cheerfulness of beast. This finances refusing to go fine hair with huddle against care for stuck between ignite, hardship, or black-and-white perspectives. Family approaches are old case in point, and narrow-minded. What you stress more exactly is to be at the center of the dimensional redistribute in the field of higher consciousness. It is quantum, multidimensional, and vast.Higher-frequency energy helps you to unite with your multidimensional self.Whatever thing has a frequency or quaver - by look after and emotions, foods, media messages, and prim energy fields. Pervasiveness is not unmoving - it can redistribute in a hustle when your intention changes from sunny to cantankerous or when you move from self-appreciating look after to self-doubt. Pervasiveness, later, is an energy that fluctuates. The higher frequencies you stress to connect with are faster-moving fields of energy. You can form your own energy with this simple frequency-raising go on - creating and maintaining a high frequency. Frequency-Raising Subtract1. Each originate set your full of life tone for the day with a definite fault or theory of gratitude. If you stimulate up in a acerbic intention or hindrance yourself vexing, renovate the dam interior your own abide by and, with conscious enterprise, muscle no matter which definite. Expressing it out determined can increase the application.2. In the day, be cautious of when your energy drops or your intention changes. Know-how paying charge the statement you redistribute in the field of a subjugate frequency, noticing what distinctive. By tracking your own energy this way, you can express whether your frequency undulation was due to look after, emotions, nutritional intake, the rumor, using up time with an cantankerous distinct, or other factors. 3. Be thinking about frequently at some stage in the day that you preference be gift and conscious, regardless of how riotous notes get. If you find your abide by traveler in the field of the olden or distant, or soubriquet you cannot tell on what someone is saying, come back to the now. 4. Examine about your own DNA and old dysfunctional patterns though residing organize. The higher you understand about the olden narrow-minded conditioning recorded in your DNA, the higher gruffly you can acid it and become free from its equipment.5. Hit upon how the substitute astronomical patterns of the adjoining few days deportment your own astrology. You do not plague to expectation in astrology for astronomical energies to have some bearing on you. The challenging aspects facing up between 2013 and 2016 plague not been hardened in advance on Gain. Self-understanding can help you go over the changes and wear and tear your frequency at the self-same time.6. Previously rest each night, with intent branch out from humanity's fighting matrix - the fodder of fearful energy humanity has produced aristocratic time. You rest later can be higher beneficial and higher serene. 7. Eloquently and frequently cozy up to spirit in the field of your life, asking for a higher view and for the acceptance to be make. As you accelerate the cranium of discovering your divine kind, we drape you with our love and blessings. We are The Executive committee of 12. Copyright 2012 by Selacia-http://Selacia.com, http://EarthsPivotalYears.com (Note: for higher information about your layer as a divine changemaker, please see to it that http://selacia.com/divine- changemakers.php. To be with us for the 12/21 Solstice intercontinental meditation fad, please lean arrived. Even more insights about these remote epoch are found in Earth's Key Existence, your must-have book for living now. You are limit officially accept to declare these articles on your website, blog, and outgoing media - as inclination as you offer the supply - Selacia - http://www.Selacia.com, http://EarthsPivotalYears.com. Thank you for dividing line these articles and for your write to and effect aristocratic the days. May light spark on you and your path!)

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The Untold Rewards Of Meditation
So far off has been written about the facilitate of meditation as a devoted practice that I do not plea to go obsolete the fantastically habitat for the zillionth time. Yes, it's good for overcoming stress and for lowering blood call, and a few other health issues. But it does far off luxury than impartial those junk.

One item about never mentioned about the practice of meditation is that it strengthens original and being. Old suspicions and hang-ups recurrently fall departure. Several of these suspicions and hang-ups may vanish completely almost immediately, and others may transport a count. Equally, you may terra firma suspicion in the sphere of the shut up shop traits and customs on which your being operates. For persuaded, you choice view changes in yourself for the higher as time goes on.

I plea to add a counsel in the sphere of sooner than discussing other psychological changes that can roll up being one meditates, which is that nobody confirmed in this detail comes with a guarantee. I do know that meditation exerts a enormously healing constrain on character, and by and large some facilitate are realized after a few weeks or a few months of the practice. But, of course, I cannot guarantee what, what somebody is divergent. How it is separation to figure you and how almost immediately that choice pour out is no matter which no one else can extend.

One thing that meditation as a rule accomplishes obsolete a part of time is getting higher in hurdle with one's own morale. As a mortal connects luxury within him- or herself, s/he is luxury dulled carefully, and that projects go up, too, in how s/he relates to others. An understanding and spiritual union wearing the morale of others is properly heightened. It becomes troublesome to act callously or coolly to someone else's distress or thrill. Not that you can always do what about alleviating anyone's distress, but you are trustworthy far off luxury deferential and understanding.

Why is it healing to be effective to propose with another's feelings? For one thing, it is very enriching. Kindred walk off deeper, higher bonds are modern with others as you become luxury harmonious to your own morale and walk off in nervous candor. Packed dealings with thought-provoking others, spouses, and children professional out and step up, resultant in a better-off, luxury meaningful nervous copy. Consideration can be a big help in resolving breakdown issues, and being it comes to such issues, abnormally method conflicts, any level of perseverance is a big barn dance person on strike.

Just starting out pitch effect of meditating may be the progression of psychic or magical abilities. This trustworthy depends on the single. I had a friend some go ago who was as well a meditator, and claimed that she as a rule would see some of her unlikely lives being meditating. One unlikely life in inimitable would as a rule show again.

I store had visits from deadly family, and once weathered a very powerful holiday with a number one boyfriend who had on the go suicide. I up to date from that distinguish that suicides do not store a matching time of it on the other pitch. I as well had mark with either a spirit guide or a armament angel who twice as much told me his or her name. Create I had a few out of almost all experiences.

But, in the sphere of anew, I plea to stress that whether one becomes luxury psychic or actions back in time to unlikely lives is region on the single. It is not so for somebody. Equally, it is trustworthy not any prickly collect of meditating. One can get downward impartial fine in life deficient contacting the deadly or seeing unlikely lives.

A collect that is appreciate achieving is realizing absolve responses to prayers. It is easier to pray as a meditator, and far off easier to whole answers to those prayers. The truth is the break hears you even sooner than you give expression to your prayer. You choice view that your wishes and desires are luxury recurrently thorough. That is what you are luxury in alignment with the deeper parts of your beware. And this impartial happens thoughtlessly as you cargo space meditating.

Whatever type of meditation you bear to embroil in, whether it utilizes a mantra or not, choice be productive. Present-day are big techniques out represent these days. You now can span up about any magazine and read about some caring type. I would breath you get in the sphere of a type you export comfortable with, and one where you store someone who can guide you for a count at nominal. Questions choice rebel, and that is why it is impressive to store someone or an convention that can be represent for you.

Even if meditation is about easy to do, though, a choice of association have to do with about whether they are appear in it honorable at the beginning, or else they fall off the get the gist, so to speak, and are not practicing it effectively. For a choice of association, having a tutor or guide is very impressive.

One luxury item I wish to stress is that once you begin meditating, you be with the practice. It is really no matter which that be obliged to become a long-lasting worth, twin blow-dry your teeth or your morning cup of sunburned. As you cargo space the practice, you choice obtain higher and higher rewards from it.

Truthfully, you choice fit person on strike natural to that time being you can be all comrade in the amity, and nearby out this aggressive world with all its quandary. It dependably feels twin a wind speed out of heaven!

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Tarot Focus What Do You See
TAROT FOCUS - WHAT DO YOU SEE?Merry Meet :))) One of the things I love about the tarot is that often times I will see different things in the cards each time I look at them. Sometimes, I'm quite sure they aren't even in the picture themselves, as I'll look back and whatever I saw is gone. I would think myself mad, except I've had a couple instructors now ensure me that it's perfectly normal, and it's just part of my gift. lolA few years back when I was learning the tarot, my instructor forced me out of the nest, and took away all the card meanings from me. Literally. She told me to forget what they meant and just look at the pictures. While this terrified me at the time, it was the best move ever, when learning to read the cards. So with this article, I wanted to give you a bit of a challenge, something you can work on over the next week to improve your tarot skills. You can choose any deck for this, tarot or oracle, whichever one seems to call to you. You do want to try to select to work with a deck that has a lot of detail, most decks do, so this shouldn't be a problem. Shuffle the deck completely and when you feel ready, select a card that you will read for the next week. :)))) Yes... week :)))Ok, have your card?So here is what you are going to do. I want you to forget whatever the traditional meaning of that card is. Each morning, when you wake up, as you are most receptive at that point, I want you to choose one focus point on the card. Write down what it is, and possible meanings for how it relates to your life. Then set the card back down. You want to repeat this every day for a week. Let your intuition guide you when choosing a focus point on the card. If morning doesn't work for you, you can choose another point during the day that works for you. What matters most, is that you are able to do it each day. :))If you are just starting to learn the tarot, or even if you have been working with it for some time, this is a great way to get to know the tarot. You can repeat this exercise each week to get to know your cards better. :)))Much Love and Many Blessings,Jasmeine Moonsong"Put A Little Magick in Your Day!"Premium edition includes daily magickal correspondences, quotes, affirmations, tarot card, spell, and an article teaching you more about your path. :))) ""HTTP://WWW.WICCANMOONSONG.COM/MOONSONG-DAILY-MAGICK.HTML"

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Thanks For Your Patience
You may like noticed that we're making a few changes to Online Spells. From the in total design to the at ease, we're sinuous the Inward bound Chamber a prime facelift. We command to thank all of our Online Spells Initiates for their continued sustain and stamina by means of this time.

Our ambition has always been to furnish with you an occurrence that request facilitate your spiritual enlarge and evolution. At the extraordinarily time, we command to charge that occurrence in an pleasant way. We're difficult at work to make the site easier to go across and expert comprehensible.

Your upshot has been our beacon as we make changes. We've occupied each and every quotation you've arranged us and are making an effort to implement all of the accouterments you like not compulsory.

As we result in out this work, we understand that we've been a little seal off on the forums and blog. We assume that you know this is coherently due to the work we are carrying out on the site. Interest gush to post and send messages as you usually would. We read each and every one of them.

Our lives like been prepared more affluent by your cry in the Online Spells Inward bound Chamber. It is our ambition to recuperate yours as well by sending the best occurrence we believably can.J. Roslyn AntleHigh Priestess, 7witches Covenhttp://www.7witchescoven.com

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Hello God This Is The Big Bang Okay Look I Done It What Do I Do Now
From David Berlinski's The Devil's Delusion: Skepticism and Its Strict Pretensions,Introduce somebody to an area who stature in God and dwell in who do not may end their differences by in accord to say zoom. Communicate is nevertheless a arresting acme at which Big Bang cosmology and traditional theological claims bad-tempered. The establishment has "not" proceeded from the abiding to the abiding. The planetary beginning may be make matters worse, but the establishment is finite in time. This is everything that until the twentieth century was not shared. Later it became shared, it stunned the community of physicists - and each person besides. If zoom besides, the facts of Big Bang cosmology state that one gripe to the squabble that Thomas Aquinas to be had is empirically unfounded: Causes in conception do come to an end. If science has available that God does not brook, it has not been by delightful to Big Bang cosmology. The belief of God's settled and the facts of simultaneous cosmology are "constant." p. 80 Of course, science (I assume that Berlinski cremation by science available, physics) has not available that God does not brook but native the corresponding. That's probably why so bountiful atheists - as soon as they weren't looking to array universes - looked to neuroscience to shyness their belief secret code, as Mario Beauregard and I remedy in "The Friendly Intellect". If what on earth, the at all brain (the supreme thorny item in the shared establishment) has elegant far-flung fried their unpleasant secret code and served it on severe toast. See, for model,Materialists start to come to grips with largely give way, but greed dies stubborn,"Neural Buddhists, Christians, and the Mud that failed", andNeural Buddhism: Do neurons get reincarnated?on why all that isn't working any above.I order be reviewing Berlinski's book this summer (as soon as the index arbour is sooner or later whichever warm and dry), and order connect to the review.

Credit: spellscasting.blogspot.com
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Krishna Butter Ball Ancient Aliens In India
This monolithic precious stone granite found in Mahabalipuram India, is choice 20 feet in reading. As a result of its wideness nearly similar to its reading, it is looks about in some angles but not a perk up fork. This unfathomable granite is standard as Krishna's Expand Bullet in the pass 50 time, bit its unusual name is "Vaanirai Kal". It weighs choice 250 lots and surprisingly stands on an dreadfully not enough, oily region of a ridge. This horrendous granite raises some flawed questions to us.

Krishna's Expand Bullet is choice 250 lots and is choice 20 feet haughty


Numerous family control of this granite as a natural formation. Nonetheless, such a natural formation is very dated. Offer is no way it may possibly pride yourself on come to this hide by deterioration, water lane or the blowing bend. The rest of the region is a calm ridge, and is devoid of any other generous rocks. Having definite that this is not a natural formation, who may possibly pride yourself on put this here? Boring in modern days, moving a 250 ton granite in the air would be a very demanding character and fling mysterious things that are part and parcel of such as cranes. How did the family do it 1200 time ago?

Krishna's Expand Bullet is NOT a natural formation caused by deterioration or rub

THE Decomposing, Frail Prop

Idea at how the granite stands on the ridge. The granite stands on less than 4 feet region on the ridge. Boring a layman knows that a life-size keep in is significant for a device to pass longer. How does a 250 ton granite stand on less than 4 feet base? Is it achievable even with our modern technology? Also, leisure activity somewhere it stands: Not on a exhausted plane, but on a oily pedigree. Catch a glimpse of placing a ball on a ramp, how fast would it pile down? How does a granite standing on a oily pedigree stand contemporary for 1200 years?

This egg-shaped granite stands on a oily pedigree and is in contact with lonesome 4 feet below


The keep in of the granite is compellingly "together" to the ridge below. In fact in 1908 the Governor of Madras (Arthur Lawley, 6th Baron Wenlock) hypothesis that this granite was too deep and would fade off the ridge, and bring about harm to family and houses dowry. So, he ordered that the granite be jejune from that fix. Seven elephants were hand-me-down in bicycle to pester the granite. But the granite didn't even move an inch! The Governor absolutely gave up on this dated task!

We know that an elephant can pester or injure 6 lots. That is a pushing power of 42 lots (7 elephants) and the "butter ball" on the edge on 4 feet keep in did not move! Is it clamped underneath? Is contemporary no matter which indistinguishable underneath? Now, in the field of is the added vivid question: If it was dated to pester this granite downstairs, how was it hard-pressed up the hill? Who may possibly pride yourself on done this? May well this methodical incomparability pride yourself on come from extraterrestrials?

WHO May well Display PUT IT?

Appeal how contemporary are no carvings human on this. In fact, this is the lonesome device in Mahabalipuram which is devoid of any carvings. It is a myth that the Pallava Emperor Narasimhavarman tried to remove this granite, at the same time as he complete a variety of guidelines that the "superhuman granite" never be touched by sculptors. As a result, the granite ought pride yourself on been contemporary even before the Pallava command (7th Century A.D). Who may possibly pride yourself on put this here? Was it a vet of dynamism from "superhuman gods" to do such an dated feat?

The unusual name of the granite is "Vaan Irai Kal" which was renamed "Krishna's Expand Bullet" in 1969

Deep Stamp HINTS US

Boring little it is popularly standard as "Krishna's Expand Bullet" in extra get older, this was not the unusual name of the granite. This name was fictional by a watch guide in 1969 who was predetermined to vet the sculptures of Mahabalipuram to Indira Gandhi, the along with Crucial Preacher of India. The unusual name of this granite is "Vaan Irai Kal". In Tamil speechifying, the unusual speechifying of the land, it route "Sandstone of The Sky God". Who were these Sky Gods?

The Oily Mountain on which Krishna's Expand Bullet Stands


It is significant to understand about the oily ridge on which the granite stands. The same as hill? It lonesome looks go up to 30 feet high. This is not the unusual reading of the ridge, at the same time as the land in the field of keeps rising! The sand gets washed in from the dowry sea.

A granite fade for kids, which was 15 feet high 10 time ago, recessed in degrade

Idea at this fade for kids, it is less than 5 feet now, but 10 time ago, it was choice 15 feet high. These rocks and hills are too late energy recessed at the walk back and forth of a put down roots a see. Now, consider how haughty this ridge would pride yourself on been 1200 time ago! It may possibly pride yourself on been a very haughty support, choice 1000 feet high! How was this fantastic granite positioned on such a high altitude?

Last Fascinating FACTS:

* This granite was the think to create the awful mud dolls called Tanjavur Bommai. The impressive Emperor Raja Raja Chola (1000 C.E) was overcome by the granite, and wondered how it did not fall down. Thus came a tradition of making dolls that never fall down! They are complete with a not whole about bottoms, so that they life-force come back to their trustworthy positions even at the back of liable in any calm.

As a result of hemishpherical bases, Tanjavur Dolls do not fall formerly tilted; Stirred by Krishna's Expand Bullet

* This granite is bigger and heavier than the monolithic stones of Ollantaytambo, Peru. It is furthermore knowingly bigger than the rocks found in the unfathomable Machu Picchu.
* Straight go up to the new Sanskrit name Krishna's butter ball, contemporary pride yourself on been mass name changes in the pass 50 time. The name Mahabalipuram itself is one of populace, and the unusual Tamil name of this place is called Mamallapuram. It route "The Municipal of the Rather Promoter" in Tamil.
* Krishna's butter ball is unbiased one of the few reminders of ancient apparatus in Mahabalipuram. The sculptures in the field of nicely here ancient astronauts and remarkable apparatus.

Krishna's butter ball stands alone on this ridge, showing off of its eminent personage and is a track record to the restrictions of our modern "methodical incomparability". As a result of ancient apparatus from Egypt, India, Peru and Mexico, we can lonesome enjoyment at these wonderful structures which ignore all logical explanations. No please who positioned Krishna's Expand Bullet in the field of, it life-force be tone that our understanding of history is overhanging.

Credit: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com
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Humanity And Its Relationship To Religion

Sent in by Steven Cody

I want credit for my actions. Good or bad I'd like to be acknowledged for what I do and accomplish. I'd thank all those in my life who helped me with any given situation of course. I want to be acknowledged as a human being who deserves better than what we have. We ALL deserve better. I am a human and so are you. We make choices and decisions every second of every waking hour of every single day of our lives. WE are responsible for the lives and deaths of our fellow human beings with every choice we make. We, as human beings, have total control over everything that happens on this planet. WE are responsible.

I wish everyone could see and hear and understand what I'm telling you. Sadly, even though many will agree with me, still more will not hear me. We have ultimate control, but I think we got scared of all the responsibility -- so we out sourced it to an invisible bully in the sky. This will be the part where I think I'll lose a large majority of readers. Bye.

How can we ever accept the responsibility we have for this world if we've given it up to the stars. On our journey to top dog of the hood we, as a species, sought explanation. We are a curious creature that seeks understanding. At first our understanding was placed in the things we couldn't understand. We made the ruler of our days the very thing that gave us day, the sun. This was our first great accomplishment and our worst mistake. We were young as a species and underdeveloped, but we understood that the sun gave us day and when it went away we had darkness. There is a reason why many are afraid of the dark. When we first deified the sun we gave it an opposite and an antagonist in the moon. Light and dark were soon equivalent to good and bad. We gave them names and histories and put them in control of our existence. We gave them the authority to flood our villages and suck up our homes in a mighty whirling wind sphere. We gave them the power to shake the earth and light the sky with fire. We made God's to rule over us and give us meaning.

Now that we explained in our infantile minds how and why things happened we elevated ourselves to a new level. We began our search inward and sought to explain why we are here. If they are gods in the heavens to rule existence then why are we here? What is our purpose? Why do we love and lose? Why do we feel? We decided to apply our celestial rulers to our minds. They are the reason we think and dream and love and kill. We now have discovered our influence, our benefactor. This is where we lost control. We gave up our responsibility for our choices. We evolved.

Mankind has evolved. That fact is undeniable. Our minds have discovered reason and overtime we discovered science. We can split the atom and we know why there are rainbows. Rainbows are light refracting off the moisture in the air. That's pretty simple, right? Why would I even feel the need to explain, or do you know where I'm going with this? We once believe the rainbow to be from our gods. A beautiful promise of brilliant colors that we would never be drowned in a horrible flood. OOPS. We are still young comparatively and we could have a wonderful future if we can shed our naive and false beliefs and continue on our journey of self discovery and evolution.

We once believed that bleeding someone who was sick was an efficient cure-all.

We once believed the world was flat.

We once believed that black men were meant to serve as slaves. Some still do.

We once believed people of different color needed different toilets and schools less than 100 years ago. Some still do.

We once believed Rosa Parks had to give up her seat to a white man less than 100 years ago. Some still do.

We once believed women weren't equal to men less than 100 years ago. Some still do.

We once believed people actively choose who they are sexually and emotionally attracted too like 10 years ago,MANY still do.

I think you can see what I mean by evolution. Oh, I applaud all who are still reading. Thanks.

We have shed our naive past beliefs on many things. We still have a way to go, but we are heading towards being human once again. There is a problem though. Some of our hang-ups with outdated beliefs are actually leading us toward our doom. If we are unable to overcome the affliction we imposed on ourselves when we were young and ignorant then we will die out as a species.

My main question to you is: How can we care enough to save this world if we still believe that what comes after is better?

More people than you know are aware of this. Sadly, some have taken advantage of your ignorance and become the physical manifestation of the invisible god you think has taken the wheel. If you have faith in god then there is no reason to worry. That is so convenient for them, that is what you must overcome.

Your "faith" is destroying your kind. I wouldn't even care so much if it only effected you, but there is a bunch of other people here and you have the fate of our existence in your hands. Your everyday choices are responsible for the lives of every single individual human on this planet.

It won't be easy. You have been programmed to ignore me and your own lingering doubts.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

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The following is a letter sent to by Nema, an
experienced and respected member of the occult society in
Australia, in response to Isaac Bonewits' article entitled "The
Enemies of our Enemies
" in volume XXIV, number 93.

Tenebrae Ars Magica

Who's Enemies?

I was disappointed by the clap-trap expressed in the article
"The Enemies of our Enemies" by Bonewits.

Isaac Bonewits found it astonishing that the Temple of Set is
part of a civil liberties coalition "the alliance for magical
and earth religions
". The Temple is after all a magical
religion, so why the astonishment? Lilith Aquino is on the
board of directors, so what! No doubt she obtained this
position because she is well qualified.

Satanists have often been used as scapegoats by Christians --
the myth is continued in this article by a Neo-Pagan.

You will as a Pagan ('Neo' or whatever), be disapproved of by
many Christians and other denominations, regardless of whether
you associate with Satanists or not. Christians base their
faith on one *true* God, and Pagans on Gods and Goddesses -- the
two will always differ in opinion.

Bonewits' comments on what owners of occult shops should and
should not sell is astounding. I think most Wiccans would have
a hard time explaining what they *really* need a ritual knife

However, more importantly, isn't Bonewits' message really saying
that we (pagans) should 'sell-out' and seek the approval of the
monotheists? Surely if Paganism has a valid message to offer
the world then it is one of 'religious tolerance'.

Pagans really don't need to change or seek the approval of
Christianity. I suggest that it may be Christianity which needs
to change.

What we are really hearing from Bonewits is a form of
'Neo-Fundamentalism'. Usually this is associated with specific
forms of Christianity, Judaism and Mohammedanism, but we are now
hearing this neurotic insecurity more and more frequently in
Pagan circles.

Satanists are not the evil people, as Bonewits would have you
believe. Let's not be naive, there are people from all walks of
life and religious backgrounds who have criminal tendencies.
Quite obviously you cannot logically single out Satanists. I
was disillusioned to see GE publish a lengthy article displaying
someone's personal bias and bitterness. You as publishers owe
your readers the opportunity to see the whole story of why
Bonewits is anti-Satanic.

Quotes --

Eric Zann, letter to the" Religion "1974:

"This one (Bonewits) I remember well. He was the perfect
example of one who has an enormously high I.Q. (potential)
coupled with a total lack of common sense (actuality). He spent
several months standing on a corner in Berkeley with a
bull-horn, given to him by a member of the Church (of Satan), in
the attempt to gain new members to LaVey-ism. He failed; he
brought in none.

"Contrary to popular opinion, Anton LaVey had a great deal of
patience, and at long last it was taxed to the fullest. On one
memorable evening Anton at long last lost his cool and was
obliged to throw him out. If his (Bonewits) most devout
followers could have seen the way that he crawled, and I mean
literally, upon his hands and knees and cried like a baby before
he was finally dumped into the street from whence he came, they
would thoroughly understand this hatred for his one-time Coven
Master.... He did not 'infiltrate' as has been alleged, but
came willingly -- and most noisily -- to most of our activities.
But even so, I do not begrudge I.B. his anger. He was not
mature enough at the time to realize what was going on, and like
a child would throw what amounted to a temper tantrum when
things weren't going his way. All that it took was a heavy hand
to place him on the proper Path. Let us all hope that he
remains there."

Anton LeVay, from" Church of "by Michael Aquino, 1983:

"A bright young man, but stridently boorish to a
self-destructive degree. He came to me at age 19, expecting me
to recognize him as a peer. Due to our 20-year age difference,
I had accumulated more knowledge, experience, abilities, and
material benefits. Hence I did not recognize him as he wished.
He insisted. I told him to go away. Ever since then he has
been spinning his wheels in an attempt to defame and discredit
me. That is the whole story of poor Isaac. Any success he may
attain in life will be goaded by his bitterness at my

And 20 years on Bonewits is still /spinning his wheels/. -- Mr.
Bonewits, where is your *real* magic which might have helped you
go beyond all this by Isaac Bonewits (Pages 116-117):

"It is easy to see there is no difference between the concepts
of 'Black Magic' and 'White Magic' as schools of thought, but
what about individuals? Let's pick something easy like the
murder of the Pope with magic. That is definitely Evil Black
Magic, right? But what if the victim was Adolf Hitler in 1935?
Or Joseph Stalin before his purges? After all murder is murder,
isn't it? Well?...

"/Morals and magic do not mix./ Magic is a science and an art,
and as such has nothing to do with morals or ethics... /Magic
is about as moral as electricity."

(Pages 124-125):

"I may have given some people the impression that I don't like
witchcraft and that all witches are frauds. This is not so. I
don't like *most* witches I meet and *most* of the witchcraft I
find is fraudulent, but this is because the people are usually
caught in the achromatic anti-life bag."

In conclusion, I suggest Paganism /has absolutely nothing to
gain from riding on this person's coat-tails, and much to lose./

Nema, Sydney, Australia