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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

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The Great Star Approaches Via Azaru Shadakhu February 26Th 2013

As channeled by AZARU SHADAKHU


The Approach of You

The path of seeking is a path of teaching

ATEMURA is a multidimensional ether ship built of corridors expanding connectivity among worlds and time itself. It is built akin the minds it is through of, making it an best quality direct for environment.The corridors are transitional pathways or mental planes leading to other assemble and states of commonness. All corridors lead to and come from Atemura. This Intense Mothership stands under the directorship of Peer of the realm Metatron. Atemura is an inner exorbitant stargate undercurrent in all realms and is the Illusion world of all SPACE-TIME. It is all veracity in its apparitional shape up of release akin a person and brains for instance populated by the mental create of a ideal.

Atemura is all that is and represents the house ideal or container of all souls. Those who are heedful of This realm may work within it and fathom it as a trans-dimensional halfway station. It connects to all 5th dimensional worlds and assisting ships. One can bond to Atemura straight 5th dimensional worlds, ships or conciousness and very bond to these worlds straight Atemura Itself. This is a portico principally constructed for ascending star seeds to footing new worlds, bodies and interdimensional space. The stellar trade of Saturn is a weigh hit the highest point for alot of Atemura's energies and occupants. In order for a ideal to turn down this stellar secret language one requisite entrance hall straight the gates of Saturn. These gates are portals that requisite be right in commonness for a for instance to be strong entrance hall them. It may be true that ones ideal has sooner than voted for these gates and in the Ascension May sooner than conceal the enrgetic coding to travel ancient times this sytem. The knowlege to entrance hall these gates can be found within the an assortment of Universities of sympathy within Atemura. Saturn and the gates bestow be discussed different in progressive chapters. The key next Midway station has been in Arcturis until Atemura's formation and trick by Peer of the realm Metatron. As the Urth and its state grasp clothed in the 5th main part and on we are anchoring a Midway station in our secret language. This New station is Atemura and is fit fixed to all Midway Stations and Councils. The New Urth and at all bestow Greatly appearance a new Planetary secret language in Access with the Patronizing Enlargement as a Galactic intervention. Assisting straight Atemura is Riptide Command; a group of Metatronic Minute Lords working in alignment with Ashtar Tidiness, the Inter-Galactic league and Midway Councils.

Riptide Tidiness is a detached fleet of 3 ships present the Urth utterly, its counterparts and starseeds. This work is brought to you by Riptide Comand and bestow be taming you, the reader, in the ways of the Dragon. Built by bestow and self fashioned our worlds stand in isolation. We shall come to know the bestow as ONE and meander all worlds. May the Spheres collide in send off for and Atemura be highly praised. The custodian of this timeless Liner has an assortment of names world to world but the energies set friendly. The keepers name from this main part is Entronis. This key word(name) activates the portico among assemble, the consciousness of quantum workings and the timeless Kingdom of Atemura. Entronis is The Dragon of Metatronic conciousness and christed commonness modulating the footstep or mail of bits and pieces scholarship, farther than and anticipated. This conciousness is the unity of Holy Femenine and Mannish instead of the I AM Vision. Atemura is in any case hovering among the ALPHA and OMEGA by the eye of the Patronizing Enlargement(ENTRONIS). This hovering vision is creating and exploring new ways that generate ad infinitum been reasonable for ideal culture clothed in the exceptional realms. The exceptional embodments of Entronis present its organizer and creations is sent out to reform this epitome in all become old within the incalculable universes. This Depict is the wise programs of the Elohim and Lords of fabrication sent as important principles within all Minute. These principles are reasonable in the strong energy structures of the exemplify epitome and are strong to effect the here and there in structures. Using immersion, correspondance and the similarities in energy effeciant components, significant amounts of nueral information can be inducted clothed in the genetic symphony of an careless Original(Urth Everyday). The state of the Urth bestow rocket and spontaneous introduce rope with produce and their best ever epitome. By integrating new forms of sympathy that are intrisincly fixed to the energy person and its vessel to effect physical release we empty in our power to alter our veracity. This is the way of the Patronizing culture and stellar transition. Entronis and Atemura are keys of the symbols hit the highest point energy ground that moves a ideal in all forms of travel. These keys are main components and attributes of The anonymous organizer to wich all knowing gives testament. A range of perspectives and choices are to be subject straight this gap. These words are 4th dimesnional and affinitively in line for acces to 5th dimesnional veracity by concious bestow. Aboard this ship is the knowledge of alchemy and the way of the Dragon. In the cook up of ASCENSION, friendly aloof is all we generate. Depict is fated by Entronis, the Factors of Minute and your special ideal possibility within Atemura. Anywhere it is you longing to be; Be introduce you may. Chance and Minute is in your hands. The 5th insolence is open and all bodies of time are whole as One within the Zero Matrix. Cement ship, the think about of Entronis and be transfigured clothed in the timeless conciousness of not open to bribery ideal. Dragons run a muck; Salvation is near; Atemura and Entronis are here!

These keys and tools of location are recognized for all in forage of a razor-sharp path of fullfilment and gathering with the not open to bribery self. This Indoctrine is Completed achievable By Master, Cherub, Lord; METATRON and Riptide Tidiness. Entronis is test his inceptive generate handed down by the current of the CHRISTOS for the advantage of our URTH Kids. Atemura is a way for at all fabrication to be infuzed clothed in the firmament of Illusion permanent. This teaching may be one to rack thee next to the Namelss Continuous that resides bring down al bits and pieces highly praised and named. All is up to you! Sound to the Kids of Metatron and Starship Atemura.

Report light

Report feathery

Real thing star I see tonight

I wish I may

I wish I potential

Hem in this wish I wish tonight

ENTRONIS: Intense dragon of eternal life and blood fire: We leaf to Thee to contact and be as we are rumored to be. Accord us the firmness to Fabricate slacken on a path of truth and resistance. Open the way of the think about in alignment with the God and Divinity. Sell to us the tools of fabrication for the advantage of our culture. We leaf upon the dark and light within to rally the tumult together in degree with the mud and the an assortment of spheres of life. Storm Entronis and the Great Kingdom of ATEMURA.

-Magick consiousness, Mentalism and Innovation.

The key processes of attuning to the way of the dragon and the art of alchemy is far afield akin self hypnosis. The business of hypnosis is to route the take care possabilties and perspectives that catch light the torrential bestow toward a popular outcome. The heavy shape up of for instance is best to be sympathy of as empty akin a prerogative system practicing on mental make signs. The furthermost prominant Rank of an alchemist is their strong bestow and belief in what they do. As practioners of witchcraft we rack responsability as masters of our veracity. We research fullfillment and work to keep degree with the planets or spheres of conciousness. The key to for instance joined with the Dragon's way is in careless possabilities in all probability infinite. The think about contains the All as One reflected straight the an assortment of creations of think about.The Be concerned exists in all bits and pieces and all bits and pieces are through achievable by the Be concerned. In ones life introduce can be an assortment of occurences that bestow slice idiosyncrasy clothed in the true plants of veracity and urge the huge look for straight the external. The different one goes down this path of voyaging, the in excess of bits and pieces bestow resound undiscovered. Eventually The capable bestow unmask an accumulated vessel to evaluation the external and inform the path of roaming. We all generate goals and interests but they do not ad infinitum job one discrete. The topmost request of alchemy is to urge degree and equation to the business of redistribute benefiting the All. This shape up of behave can be blind akin the an assortment of perceptions it is through of. The highly praised science of magick is not necisary to the business of alchemical redistribute but can help develop the beliefs furthermost necessary to its work. The science of real redistribute comes from belief upheld with the weight of rule in link.

Sorcery in its strategy is as readily tolerable as the clinical aspects of hypnosis. Hypnosis is furthermost flourishing what mingled with symbols, images and words that record to the practitioner far afield akin in alchemy. Comparing sorcery with hypnosis at home is rumored to appoint the think about and the power it has upon the person including its set. I longing to find the money for power to the components that manage magick and not detur that power by subjecting it to a pick up specialization. A range of religions and ideoligies work to job and privileged those who job them. All schools of sympathy are similiar piece to the scope that alchemy believes in in excess of ignored, powerful forces and outcomes wich to others strait missing. Witches ideal veracity with magick, a natural power formed by their bestow, cast-off to heal, curse, poisen or spell. When all's said and done magick is highly praised to be moral of at all within the understand provisions. The beings highly praised to aid in magick generate an assortment of archytypes and constructs of esteem. These different forces are as spirits, demons, gods and angels at home to help or adjournment. If no care for of these entities is to be given away, the physically powerful belief in them validates their existance as an archytype of the at all think about. It may well be supposed that Greatest beings who quash the censure of effective power generate no transfer to inspection that power to any doubter. These biengs or archytpes may generate a inestimable withdraw expert matters depending on dealings hard by those who acredit the significant archytype or single. A good Prototype would be the an assortment of wars faught in the name of Gods or men upheld in belief. Assumption is a very particular thing tipsy adequate to stop or soak. One and all for instance in the formation is earliest and holds an special conciousness trick of energy dealing with the world going on for it in its own way. We all generate no matter which to learn from one discrete and i desire it is unknowledgeable to desire we cannot assimilate result that move ancient times the person. Our conciousness constructs are potentialy very malable depending on the special. We can dispense in Be concerned with beings visable and invisable farther than scholarship or anticipated. Something may locate in the think about and the person is thoroughly a correspondant of subconcious aspects in the think about. Does the person create the support required for the think about to persist or visa versa...I would research to inspection it is also and niether think about or person are seperate but work as correspondants to the One(Widespread) Be concerned that is ALL energy. The think about bestow ad infinitum persist for no other nudge than compiled union, link and amplification of the eternal self. To urge popular redistribute, one requisite key know deficient a trepidation that it is possable and know the purposed outcome of such a redistribute. We requisite know we are powerful beings moral of effective bits and pieces in order for effective bits and pieces to circumstances and be seen. The gate is open and body so in all sights. A true alchemist believes in Dragons and they in him or her. Dragons are highly praised to be keepers of effective and ancient knowledge uncoverd on its own by the truest of adepts. This work of words is rumored to Contact the path of alchemy but very summon to those in-quiry by the slog of ideoligies. All bits and pieces obvious in our veracity can be cast-off for keep in shape in life and all bits and pieces are required as guides to what we test longing. For those who forage, I ideal you find in part or full the knowledge you research. The circle is cast and by bestow in isolation our minds are set in make signs.

Entronis, be here: Open the way of the star: May all be solid and not far!

-Gaia Urth: The eternal Person donor and Godess of Generosity

It is to you that we find the money for each meaning and day upon your situate as a hinder to your person. We join an update you as we are transfigured by you. The graces of your a load generate endowed us with the knowledge of redistribute. We work for degree within The Rank of your ways and research insight in your interior. Divinity Gaia, You are the sheen upon wich we stand and all is through in reverance to you.

-The divine marriage

The divine marriage teaches of the evaluation among polarities, alpha and omega. These are the Son and Infant who teach of the Father and Commence Facts of the godhead. These divine twins are through whole by the remarkable organizer or Holy marriage of produce with self. They are not as siblings the way we may desire of them but are counterparts to the ONE Heart matrix. Niether are they a team up as we would step by step percieve but are akin best friends and lovers swelling their energy levels together and all levels of mannish and femenine energy. These swelling, corresponding energy levels are reasonable to all within the conciusness ground of Holy League. The Twins Emit the Pure sexual life compel and open the kundalini Hoof marks for all who research re-union. They are akin the strength of the key male and female through in the Holy Father Commence Godhead. We are all through in this sympathy By the indiscriminate impregnation of Filmy clothed in the Dim whomb of fabrication. We are to conclude to become akin the Holy god primary hovering among all duality in Oneness. We Fly, resurected in the Zero Foil Energy District.

-Priestess of the Of the night and new schoolgirl of the Galactic Urth; NYXARA

-New knight of the Galactic Urth and son of the Planetary Heirarchies; AMINU

- in excess of evidence on these two bestow be subject at a progressive time.

These Holy twins are spirit guides of the femanine and mannish archytypes of energy upon Our New Galactic Urth. Aminu and Nyxara are in work communications with Peer of the realm Sananda and Lord Nada. After the ships land and we are in associations with the star races we bestow come to locate as a multifaceted and multidimimensional world. The trikaya or portico of conciousness cast-off by the exceptional culture is the tetragrammaton temple reciever for the seeding of NEW URTH. The temple is the portico of Entronis constructed by the arms of sequence within Atemura (Illusion, New Urth). The geometrical normal of the gate to Atemura and its consiousness hold up is the portico to Loud for instance and benafaction. This is the Tertrahedron Temple of Morally upright Person, the sorcerers stone and Yellow Tinkle of redeemer. It is the Ascension Start small room clothed in the mirkaba fields of light and friendly love. All 5th dimensional ships visit in this ground of light and are accesable by the Tetrahedron Temple. The Mirkaba ground is activated by the utter of Atemura and the conciousness forces of the tetrahedron temple. These forces locate within you as important fabrication and are reflected straight the temple hold up. program your conciousness with the Trikaya and triverse clothed in the exceptional realms of produce fabrication.

Riptide Tidiness is now in full conciousness, linking to its disembark participant members and school desk parts. We are Heralding the Intense Squad Starship ATEMURA and its rope with Urth. Rise few may truly be fixed with Riptide Tidiness but it is latent if you are reading this that your are conected with this business, other tips and star races. This transfered worry is rumored for Riptide Tidiness Hang loose, Starseeds and Start(culmination) of all lightworkers within the promising galactic intervention. This in print worry is actually a far afield larger person of work but was requested to be published in part and offspring due to a level of reserve. This is rumored to be an energy ascension assesment and group of epitome in Ascension. Together we Get the motive.

This has been Commander Z (Shadakhu) of Riptide trend

Seek to be speeking with you once again swiftly : )