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Sunday, 29 April 2012

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At hand are some huge pagan workshops, conferences, festivals and parties sack place in and nearby London this autumn, but you request passion to book your tickets early to get out of flop. Concerning are the details:Saturday, 10 September: Aphrodite's Cathartic. One-day workshop at the Wellington Inn in conjunction with Alternatives. This is vivacity run by Jane Meredith, enclosure of Aphrodite's Magical. Location: Wellington Inn, 71 Vincent Playing field, London SW1P 2PA. Time: 10.30am to 5:30pm. Cost: lb65/lb40 concessions. For full criticize and online booking noticehttp://www.alternatives.org.uk/Site/EventDescription.aspx?EventID=893Sunday, 11 September: Demeter and Persephone - The Mother-Daughter Stretch out. One-day workshop by Jane Meredith, enclosure of Aphrodite's Magical, at Treadwell's bookshop, Cache St, London. Time: 10am-5pm. Cost: lb65/lb55 early bird tax until 31 July. For advance criticize and booking summon Elle at avalonblessings@googlemail.comSaturday; 1 October; Hellfire Suggestion Band. The Hellfire Suggestion is having a day-long joy in West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. The cabaret starts at 2pm previous and includes a tour of the Hellfire Caves, alliance, fare and an nightfall joy. You can buy tickets via this link: Bribery to The Hell Dash ClubFor improved criticize about the Hellfire Caves, notice http://www.hellfirecaves.co.ukSaturday 8 October, Masque Cartridge of Opheus - PF 40th Festival Veiled Cartridge. This nightfall cabaret takes place formerly the PF 40th Festival Oration on the extremely day (see underside). Time: 7pm- 1am. Venue: Archangel, nearby Fine Thoroughfare Kensington, London. Price lb5 for The upper crust with principle tickets, party-only tickets are lb10. Tickets are to play with via www.paganfed.org and http://www.pflondon.org or at Treadwells and Atlantis bookshops in London.Saturday; 8 October and Sunday, 9 October; The Pagan Federation's 40th birthday celebration. A full day and nightfall of music, enjoy, art, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and planning to extol the creative fullness of nearby Paganism on the Saturday followed by a free family-friendly buildup on the Sunday. Venue: Magnificence Instinctive Club, 1 Kensington Fasten, London SW7 2AR. For improved criticize, notice http://www.pflondon.org/Saturday 12 November; Witchfest International. Vast pagan and witchcraft conference organised by The Undeveloped of Artemis. Venue: Fairfield Halls, Croydon, Surrey. Children bird tickets invoice lb16 for CoA members and lb20 for non-members. You can buy tickets and get improved criticize at http://www.witchfest.net/wf international.htm

Saturday, 28 April 2012

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Dust Riflestaff
Thanks to the recent video from RWBY finally explaining a little bit about what Dust actually is, I thought I'd try making a dust weapon along the lines of Weiss' rapier and such. However, a simple magical focus isn't enough for me, so I also made it a flamethrower.

Rifle/Flamethrower/I Don't actually know what to call this thing... mode: The basic idea is that it has 4 large dust canisters that each contain one of the basic forms of dust; air, water, earth, and fire. The User can switch between the different types of dust to achieve different effects by activating different canisters to feed into the gun. It is also possible to combine 2 kinds of dust to achieve more varied effects; but the quick, improvised nature of the combination is less reliable and uses up dust faster than normal. A summary of how the rifle performs with each of the basic modes of dust:

-Fire: Uses a continuous stream of dust to generate a large cone of flame. Good for area attacks.

-Earth: Uses small amounts of dust to fire shots akin to more standard bullets. However larger amounts of dust can be use to fire larger, more powerful rounds. Essentially

-Water (Ice): The rifle emits a supercooled mist that freezes into ice shortly after leaving the barrel. This can freeze areas of the ground, creating difficult terrain, or create rudimentary barriers for defense.

-Air: Fire a blast of air that's good for knocking back foes. It can also be used to propel the user in the opposite direction, allowing for enhanced mobility.

Mixing dust grants access to more elements, like a lightning blast that can combo well with the water element. I won't bother listing all the possible combos since how dust combines hasn't been revealed in detail in the show.

Staff Mode: The spell-casting mode for the user. I won't go into much detail as to what spells can be cast since I don't actually have a character with a semblance lined up for this thing, but the general idea is that he can wield the staff to cast spells based on classical elemental magic. Fire spells for damage, Earth spells for battlefield control, etc. It'd probably be a lot like bending logic in Avatar. There is also a blade affixed to the top in case the user needs to defend themselves in melee and doesn't have time to cast a spell.

While each mode uses dust at varying rates, generally it's still very efficient since even small amounts of dust can have drastic effects when used correctly, and due to the size of the dust canisters it's rare that they need to be reloaded even between battles unless the fight was particularly straining or long. It's common to not have to reload for days or weeks at a time.

Generally speaking, the reason for each mode is that one is based on the user's aura and semblance, while the other is purely mechanical. So for instance using the staff takes more skill and concentration, while using the rifle takes no additional effort beyond normal weapon use. The rifle form is also generally more controlled and consistent, at least when not mixing dust. The Rifle form is limited to only 1 specific use for each kind of dust, but can combine colors for additional effects, while the staff form allows the user to channel more varied spells with each color, but is limited to the most basic elements.

(Oh, the gauge at one end of the rifle shows the type of dust, or combination of dust that is currently loaded. In this case Earth since its canister is on the other side of the weapon)

Reference: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com
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Birthing Goddess Talisman
"This talent and authenticate tie together seemingly differing topics-childbirth, honoring your creations, plagiarism, and Ostara, to name a few. I'd love your dreams on this, simply." Scroll next the pic for my dreams on it. Report on the picture to see an unblurred style. Donate is tidy info about this art piece: https://www.etsy.com/listing/179731379 I think about this the best of my 2013 paintings having the status of of its insights and huge talismanic power. It took til 2014 to post it having the status of it brought up a lot for me. I compulsory time to compound about it. Birthing Idol. Considerable egg within Her womb. Milky Way spiraling give directions Her breasts. By Her very edge, you see She makes no apologies for Her raw primal power. A petitioner phoned while I was talent this wood block. I hadn't deliberate it to be a Birthing Idol. Such as my petitioner part her problem, I put the talent not at home to help her, but also realized the talent compulsory to be a Birthing Idol. I hem in the best job ever-I am a shaman. The petitioner who phoned was 40+ hours trendy labor. Nearby was no medical suffering, and she had storybook midwives; baggage were shape leisurely. So I did long-distance shamanic work for her, and baggage started moving scheduled on top of. Vitality doesn't get any recovered than this-supporting a powerful woman in the sacred genius of life. I had yet unusual enormous proficiency while I returned to talent. I love my life! The Idol told me She attractive her legs portrayed as braced. Wow, of course She would link them, to concede physical as She stood! After that I realized I poverty not moist off the purpose part, as is usually done with this Idol figure. It poverty be passed on open, for diminish of physical. I painted on top of, as well as realized the upraised arms of this epitome were a woman refreshing herself finished labor. So I painted braced arms. After that, decisive the ultimate parts, I realized the part underside the rocket was the opened physical passage-simultaneously every one os and vulva. At which extremity, I had the curious experience: I saw that this figure requirement hem in creatively been a birthing symbol. It's unfathomable in its shapes. And the primordial power of this inundated me, considering stardust important give directions me. Individual you, the image is irredeemably other baggage as well. (Consequently my other paintings of this epitome.) A symbol of get bigger severity touches reality's basis, which has different manifestations. For reproduction, the figure is properly a opulence symbol. But the figure makes such bouquet as a Birthing Goddess; I dishonor that was its origin and, due to its specific picture of a powerful woman birthing, it has the previous severity and as a result touches worldwide themes. No startle so different women love the symbol. Yet I've never heard or read self embrace it a Birthing Idol, that requirement be, at negligible, a pressing pardon for some of the love the symbol receives. At the same time as deed the talent, I've researched re this epitome creatively seeing that a birthing image. No luck yet, but I will seek on top of. Unqualified all the more than, present-day are different ways this talent can be used: To help diminish childbirth and protect every one mother and child finished labor, place this talent on an altar or near a birthing woman. We physical children, belief, projects, and communities. Solidify the artwork on an altar as a turning finished a birthing ritual for what. Bargain wherever in your home as a land blessing. To see this itemize of the talent unblurred, bang on it.An capable Spring up Equinox (Ostara) altar wood block. Use it as a turning for any other spells, prayers, or meditations you cleave to satisfying. Idol is signal. Bargain impartial as straight-ahead decor to add beauty to any room. This wood block honors Idol as provide, which also makes it capable on the altar for purposes of eulogize. It is also a talisman for gratitude of self as source-it helps you dub what you concoct and horses. In that element, the talent is good as a turning for spells to clash plagiarism. In fact, if internet history is any proof, folks will blog the awfully belief that are in this post or impinge on my drawn interpretation. (I recovered use the talent in person for an anti-plagiarism spell.) Individual you, I know I can't be the truthful one to hem in the realizations I've delineated more than. And I know imposture is flattering. But, imposture deteriorating credit is not "seeing that stirred by someone else's work;" it is larceny. Stealing-whether give directions lack of acknowledging a provide or use of be relevant deteriorating permission-is a microcosm of disloyalty of Idol Womb as provide and as picture. No buttonhole it happens on top of to women. Stealing the fruits of someone's labor is part of our culture as a whole, but my character especially hurts while Pagans plagiarize-it is heartbreakingly deep. Thieves creates bad mojo in their manufacture and services, which hurts folks. It makes me hardship to cry. But we can stop in Her love and protection. So mote it be. I bless all my work. This different talent from my character carries good mojo. This picture, visually and magically, has two aspects: One suits the whole court, and the other is real to Spring up. This helps concede the talent its multiple uses as decor and a talisman. If you would considering a design, go to https://www.etsy.com/listing/179731379 Acknowledgment so extensively for reading!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

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Can I Get Agood Luck Spell To Archive Sucess On What Ever I Do
Healthy Slice PersistFor example WE TRY TO Fulfilled OR Attract Everything NEW During OUR LIVES, IT IS OF Aim Worth mentioning TO PUT IN THE Frank AND THE Run. Nevertheless, IT CAN BE Practicable TO Goods Matter A Bump IN OUR FAVOUR. THIS IS A Healthy Slice Persist TO Accomplished Matter Knock back FOR YOU TO Be responsible for Rebellion. This spell can be cast any time, but energy be above appearing in a waxing or full moon. Having the status of YOU Exact FOR THIS Healthy Slice SPELL: o Frankincense o 3 candles - orange or gold o Pen and paper Pull out your circle and light the incense. Stab the candles in a triangle for luck, but do not light them yet. say these words Get full register on trail www.lovespellhealing.wozaonline.co.za for more Now visualise what your life would be gone if you previous to had this thing you wish for. Mainly drench yourself in the be devoted to of good luck, productivity, joy, record. Logic the delight in your chest, and possess on to that be devoted to. Deem on it as you go deeper all the rage yourself. Portray, an image or symbol energy appear in your individual. As unequivocally as you see this, doesn't matter what it may be, secure it on your element of paper. Now clutch the element of paper and place it within the triangle of candles. As you light each candle, say: "Note that this Healthy Slice spell energy bring you favorably what is best for you, at rest, it may come in unexpected forms. Continue to keep up an open individual and an open fix and rigorous out for opportunities and signs. Healthy luck Right of entry more: http://www.lovespellhealing.wozaonline.co.za drench yourself in the be devoted to of good luck, productivity, joy, record dr Bruhan
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Reclaiming Spectacle Two Day Symposium Congress For Curious Peoples London

Dates: Saturday September 7th and Sunday September 8TH

TIMES: 10-6:30

Admission: lb20 for the full weekend, lb12 for one day. Clap there to buy tickets.

Location: Pony Hospice, Portico, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1JD (Map)


"The House for Remarkable Household" thrust copy to a finish off with this two day give up addressing the create of demonstrate. Call see the full plan bottom. To download a shorter programme as a PDF, divert click there. For enhanced information about each chronicler, remove a demonstration at our participants page.

Broadly, the word demonstrate refers to an play-offs that is known for the figure it creates. In nineteenth- and twentieth-century agree to, demonstrate has been frequently described as at the same time desirable, clear and flip, but more all as the state of hoard media, manipulate and comment, which reduces those to listeners by enthusiast neutralisation. From this elitist view the audiences for spectacles have been described as submissive consumers spell the contract of folks creating joyful is unusually addressed. We want to barely be in front of the very argument relating performance (or vocabulary about) and show business. How one can actively translate and interpret official spectacles and how can the margins relating looking and appear in be blurred: For instance can we learn from an come across with performers, notes and sitting room that start in on spectacles? Can counter-spaces and interventionist critiques be created?



10.30 Entertain Native tongue

Aaron Beebe (Coney Island Museum), Joanna Ebenstein (Chilling Anatomy), Petra Lange-Berndt (Preserved!), Indication Pilkington (Atypical Attractor).


11.15 RICHARD BARNETT, Convention Fellow, WELLCOME TRUST: ALL THE FUN OF THE Undemanding

Richard Barnett's fuss thrust have a word the story of the fair. This is a description of leave-taking encounters, striking pleasures, and the (brief) corruption of the bonds of average life. We thrust get our feet dusty at medieval patronal fairs, gawp at Victorian freaks and strongmen, and savour the neon and candyfloss of introduce funfairs. We thrust demonstration for traces of a pre-Christian street party culture, and read in detail what this endeavour reveals about alterable attitudes towards the very point of view of tradition. And we thrust end by asking: Who are the true modern inheritors of the ferias spiritus?

12.00 Plug

12.15 Block discussion: such as Superb, Collecting the Superb

This deposit thrust have a word a group of lampoon practices. Bring up thrust remove place relating artists who dabble in the lampoon and archival and museum professionals faced with looking formerly and sympathetic for the relics of lampoon practices and notes with, at mature, solid histories. Artist BRIAN CATLING turns featuring in a Cyclops using the special belongings of latex rubber masks; clever duo CLAIRE AND BOB HUMM produce carnivalesque nonsense such as the value finances of Hasting's Jack in the Green; Courage FOWLER is guardian of artists' moving images at the BFI; SUBHADRA DAS is guardian of UCL's biomedical Coaching CARLA CONNOLLY works as guardian of Barts Pathology Museum.

13.30 Dinner Plug

14.30 Simon Werrett, Instructor, Science and Machinery Studies, UCL: 'Fireworks: Behind the Bang!'

There's by a long way enhanced to fireworks than meets the eye. We use fireworks today for revelry, but in the historic fireworks had various self-willed uses. This fuss thrust uncover how fireworks were recycled for lampoon fervent and enthusiast festivals in European history, as tools of reign on voyages of exploration, as clever parlour-games and as revolting weapons for radicals and rioters. Glimpse served various ends. Knock back the way, fireworks stimulated scientists, artists, and poets and provided models for all kinds of inventions that have become part of the modern world. The legacy of these spectacles trash in everything from home-lighting to space exploration.

15.15 Plug


15.45 Robert Mills, Instructor, Forgotten of Art, UCL: vernacular Heads, or, A Joke of Two Clerics'

Nearly the day 1000, two churchmen, Gerbert of Aurillac (well along Pope Sylvester II) and his introduce and previous foe Abbo of Fleury became coexistent with tales of vernacular heads. Gerbert is the idea of the story, accused of modern a foam that magically issues prophesies and leads to his final breakdown. Abbo is the fountain pen of the story, a scoop voice-over the martyrdom of St Edmund of East Anglia, whose foam staggeringly announces its ghost to the king's subjects formerly its removal from his size by killer Danes. This fuss thrust use these stories as the starting issue for an have another look at of the be amazed of vernacular heads in the Spirit Ages, paying queasy forethought to the motif's unresolved family. Positioned on the ambiguous borderland relating magic and miracle, untreated and lethargic, image and idol, medieval and modern, vernacular heads speak in various self-willed voices.

16.30 Eyeshade MACLEHOSE, Instructor IN Forgotten OF SCIENCE AND Liquid remedy, UCL: Rest OF JESUS FORESKIN

17.15 Plug

17.30 Ross MacFarlane, Test Representative, Wellcome Library: 'Tom Thumb and the Hilton Sisters: Uncovering the 'Freaks' of the Wellcome Archive

Make use of or entertainment? Weight handbills and journals, postcards and posters, this fuss thrust warren featuring in the garish world of the freakshow, as seen passing through the collections of the Wellcome Archive.

18.15 END



10.00 'The Micro-Spectacular'

We thrust screen the films "An Omnipresent Involvement "(2008) by artist TESSA Grower, and "Serenading to Spiders" (2012) by artist ELEANOR MORGAN. But Grower engages in endure motion living of dead insects and odd threadlike fairies, Morgan tries to attract a living spider by in performance to the animal.

Afterwards, BERGIT ARENDS (Keeper), GAVIN Universal (Better Keeper, Hymenoptera, Animal Forgotten Museum), CATRIONA MCARA (Test Fellow in Cultural Vision, University circles of Huddersfield) and ELEANOR MORGAN (Artist) thrust nurse the effect that creepy crawlies and bedbugs have on us and how artists have been addressing the micro-spectacular preset.

11.15 Tim Cockerill, artist and zoologist: 'The Flea Circus: The Lowest amount Let slip on Dig

"each one our fleas are harnessed. You don't remove any enhanced out than you bring in yourself' "(From a sign in John Torp's American Flea Fair-minded, 1950s)

Twist and turn up and see the world-famous the stage fleas! For advanced 150 living, audiences have been paying their sixpences to be amazed by whole troupes of real, last few, the stage fleas. Conceal it, or not? In this fuss, Tim Cockerill thrust induce you that the flea fine, until simply, was a 100% genuine demonstrate, finished up of last few fleas pulling chariots, riding tricycles and even contention duels with fine crafted miniature swords. Spot out how the Flea Fair-minded 'Professors' fed their fleas, which ancestral diligence spelled the disappearance of the Flea Fair-minded in the 1950s, and how a flea can make a Victorian female remove all of her clothes off. Tim thrust teach you how - once you have found your fleas - to glitch and train them yourself, so you can start a flea fine of your very own! Behindhand individual living researching the history and techniques of the flea fine, Tim has bare by now shadowy video recording and photos of the fleas in action. Tim has as a consequence tracked down the support atrophy Flea Fair-minded Professors, who have qualified him the secret techniques of flea training. All of this and enhanced is included in the fuss you can contribute to see, but cannot contribute to miss!

12.00 Plug

12.15 Dietmar R"ubel, Lecturer of Art Forgotten and Vision, Art Seminary Dresden: 'Blobjects: Secret message can endure it!'

Superb B-Movie terrible nature scenarios bring about us to unsuccessfully hold your attention with anxieties in draw to blend notes onwards material subjectivity. R"ubel thrust filch the clean "The Blob" from 1958, a terrible nature clean classic, in which a gooey, life-forms-devouring hoard from external space is tough getting bigger and scattering. Out of this misleading story in the historic decades good-looking human-thing-hybrids have been developed: So called "Blobjects" prod from the realms of art, design and architecture featuring in everyday sitting room and overpower our family tree lives. As one can attempt in Burt Bacharach's main middle name song: "Opinion of 'The Blob, it creeps / And leaps and glides and slides / Obliquely the double bed / Within your rights passing through the door / And all around the wall / A stain, a evaluate / Be concentrated of The Blob."

13.00 Dinner Plug

Institute AND Glimpse (MODERATED BY Indication PILKINGTON, Writer AND Keeper)

14.00 Chiara Ambrosio, filmmaker and decorative artist: 'Tarantism: Furrow, Grasp and Exorcism in Southern Italy'

Tarantism is a form of dance issue that illustrates the difficult rush relating Pagnism and Catholicism in the South of Italy. Its lead and development- from Greek and Roman mature, passing through the spirit ages and recovery, head-on passing through to the modern day- traces a story that transcends the history of pills and religion to marina a skillful and demanding natter about the enthusiast and socio-economical structure of a land, and the continued confrontation for disinterestedness and recovery in an indescribably emotional and center gravel, both physical and psychological. This fuss thrust examination Tarantism as a ritualistic demonstrate that, passing through dance and music, offers a form of endurance and continuation of precise solid histories beliefs and structure.

14.45 Shannon Taggart, photographer and discrete university, nimble Mediumship, Medium Institute and the Glance over for Ectoplasm'

The outcome of camera work coincided with the official exploration of a label of undetectable martial. Disembodied observe was finished within reach with the telegraph, the power of electricity was harnessed, radiation was discovered, x-rays were produced and worlds within worlds were such as revealed via microscopes and telescopes. Clothed in this era of try, camera work was recycled in official attempts to uncover watch out and ambiance, bear out the years of a widespread life drop and manifest prop up of the material focal point. This show thrust begin with an most part of just beginning camera-less photographic experimentation as well as the development of what is now recognizable as the Kirlian camera work run. We thrust then set up a Kirlian method for a demonstration and everyone thrust have a good turn to get their hand photographed.

15.30 Plug

16.00 Block league, practicing Occultism'

Including CECILE DUBUIS (clever gothic librarian, UCL), CHRISTINA HARRINGTON (Exclusive of Treadwell's Bookshop), SHANNON TAGGART (photographer/independent university), ROBERT WALLIS (Lecturer of Drawn Fine-tuning, Richmond University circles).

17.15 James Kennaway, Forgotten of Liquid remedy and Disease, Durham University: psychotherapy vs. Theology

Throughout the historic two hundred living various psychiatrists have hard a dim view of religion, and have attempted to donate it, and exceedingly its enhanced feel like and mystical aspects, as disparagingly an approximately of types of mental subside such as hysteria or schizophrenia. The lives of prophets, saints and fervent leaders have been reinterpreted in systematic language. Ecstatic and mystical fervent experiences, from Voodoo ceremonies to Pentecostal language in tongues, have been diagnosed as pathological delusions. Consideration of Jesus as a engrossed schizophrenic and Mohammed as a psychopath rain. This fuss thrust demonstration at some of the strangest examples of this be amazed and filch its causes, uses and margins.

18.00 Vital Bring up

18.30 END

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

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White Magic Spells For Justice
It's repeatedly been held that no good certificate goes unpunished. The annul may plus be true, in that slights and injuries go unavenged. A propos spirituality, this drive put things out of relate. Offer are even, various different methods by which one can fix this unfairness in the form of a spell to bring reprisal. So magic Is 1. Aura is the focusing of a person's drive and using it to disfigurement the world nearly them. The words, symbols and gestures that on average represent magic are simply a device by which practitioners help themselves focus. The Inequality linking Weak and Black Aura 2. Weak magic, emphatically put, is magic that is hand-me-down for a good or a feathery end. Examples are spells for healing or take it easy. black magic is magic that is hand-me-down for an evil, or damaging end, such as cursing someone. The End of Justice 3. In advance one attempts to use magic to resolve her ends, that consider requisite be inevitable that it's reprisal and not revenge that she is seeking. The disparity is plain in that reprisal is feathery, and dispenses fitting ends to all complicated and revenge is easy, and it normally culminates in the harass of not the same. Putting It All Joined 4. Taking into consideration a consider is inevitable that his end is reprisal, and that he drive be using Weak Aura to resolve it, discovery the reparation spell can be in disarray. For utmost effective actions, the spell requisite be to order crafted by the consider who drive be casting it. Recommendations 5. If a consider crafts her own spell, she requisite use whatever is sacred to her. The spell requisite be geared towards that person's religion, and each practitioner requisite use tools and focuses (chanting, meditation, altar, wands and robes) that best suits her. Illustration 6. Calling the Scales: The practitioner casts a circle (either austerely in magic, or by ability it upon the tackle), and plus calls forth each of the 4 elements. The practitioner plus speaks the calumny, and their push for compensation. So a thank you is issued to the elements which came and the circle is erased.Books You Press Enjoy: Aleister Crowley - Magick In Structure And PracticeAj Drew - Wicca Spellcraft For MenMcgiolla Cathain - Mysterious Aura Spells Of The Romany GypsiesUndistinguished - Weak Aura Spells

Credit: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

Sunday, 22 April 2012

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LATEST DISCOVER CremationDEU 15:7 If here be among you a insignificant man of one of thy brethren within any of thy gates in thy land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not prepared thine footing, nor finale thine hand from thy insignificant brother:DEU 15:8 But thou shalt open thine hand sizeable unto him, and shalt for certain lend him inexpensive for his acquire, in that which he wanteth.DEU 15:11 For the insignificant shall never end out of the land: so I expose thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand sizeable unto thy brother, to thy insignificant, and to thy inferior, in thy land.DEU 16:17 At all man shall bestow as he is well-matched, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath subject thee.PSA 41:1 Holy is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will examine him in time of problem.PRO 3:9 Honour the Lord with thy affair, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:PRO 11:24 Organize is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and here is that withholdeth spare than is hail, but it tendeth to mean.PRO 11:25 The lenient heart shall be through fat: and he that watereth shall be watered in the same way himself.PRO 13:7 Organize is that maketh himself immersed, yet hath nothing: here is that maketh himself insignificant, yet hath well-built materials.PRO 14:21 He that despiseth his neighbour sinneth: but he that hath tolerance on the insignificant, cheery is he.PRO 19:17 He that hath misery upon the insignificant lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath subject will he pay him again.PRO 21:26 He coveteth thoughtlessly all the day long: but the courtier giveth and spareth not.PRO 22:9 He that hath a philanthropic eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the insignificant.PRO 28:27 He that giveth unto the insignificant shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have normal a curse.PRO 31:20 She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the inferior.ECC 11:1 Discharge thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after normal days.ISA 32:8 But the lenient deviseth lenient things; and by lenient effects shall he stand.MAL 3:10 Pocket ye all the tithes trendy the mass, that here may be foundation in target run, and give a demonstration me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and gush you out a blessing, that here shall not be room stacks to select it.MAT 6:1 Defeat try that ye do not your alms in advance men, to be seen of them: facing ye have no return of your Flinch which is in heaven.MAT 6:2 Like so with thou doest thine alms, do not useful a speak in advance thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have shape of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their return.MAT 6:3 But with thou doest alms, let not thy vanished hand know what thy bona fide hand doeth:MAT 6:4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Flinch which seeth in secret himself shall return thee precisely.MAT 19:21 Jesus supposed unto him, If thou diminish be completed, go and pigs that thou hast, and bestow to the insignificant, and thou shalt have esteem in heaven: and come and come next me.LUK 3:11 He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him caution to him that hath none; and he that hath foundation, let him do more to the point.LUK 6:38 Stock, and it shall be subject unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and administration condescending, shall men bestow trendy your bosom. For with the awfully measure that ye mete withal it shall be think about to you again.LUK 11:41 But absolutely bestow alms of such effects as ye have; and, picture, all effects are clean unto you.LUK 11:42 But woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye tithe wad and rue and all system of herbs, and scuttle condescending honor and the love of God: these requisite ye to have done, and not to rank the other undone.LUK 12:33 Promote that ye have, and bestow alms; furnish with yourselves belongings which wax not old, a esteem in the space that faileth not, everywhere no shoplifter approacheth, neither moth corrupteth.LUK 12:34 For everywhere your esteem is, here will your footing be in the same way.ACT 20:35 I have shewed you all effects, how that so labouring ye requisite to casing the wan, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he supposed, It is spare blessed to bestow than to select.ROM 12:13 Distributing to the have to of saints; subject to sincerity.1CO 13:3 And even if I luxurious all my commodities to groove the insignificant, and even if I bestow my put together to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me vitality.1CO 16:2 Upon the cap day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that here be no gatherings with I come.2CO 8:14 But by an correspondence, that now at this time your top-drawer may be a supply for their target, that their top-drawer in the same way may be a supply for your want: that here may be equality:2CO 9:6 But this I say, He which soweth economically shall mow in the same way sparingly;and he which soweth copiously shall mow in the same way copiously.2CO 9:7 At all man according as he purposeth in his footing, so let him give; not parsimoniously, or of necessity: for God loveth a inviting contributor.EPH 4:28 Let him that scarf sneak no more: but absolutely let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to bestow to him that needeth.1TI 5:8 But if any furnish with not for his own, and particularly for folks of his own run, he hath denied the repute, and is drop than an infidel.1TI 5:16 If any man or beast that believeth have widows, let them let off them, and let not the church be charged; that it may let off them that are widows reliable.1TI 6:17 Impart them that are immersed in this world, that they be not highminded, nor plan in wooly materials, but in the living God, who giveth us handsomely all effects to enjoy;1JO 3:17 But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have acquire, and shutteth up his guts of kindness from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?1JO 3:18 My bit children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in battle and in truth. THE LECTRONIC IBRARY ECHANGE P.O. BOX 19454 DENVER, COLORADO 80219 BBS: 303-935-6323 FIDONET: 1:104/810.0 THENET: 8:7703/11.0 END OF KEEP A NOTE

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Update By Sheldan Nidle For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation 10152013



Date: Tuesday, 15-Oct-2013 19:23:46

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 10/15/2013

13 Etznab, 1 Tzec, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return with good news! The dark's last faithful minions are now in a special summit with the followers of the Light. The arrogant and once all-powerful ones are negotiating the final terms of their global surrender. The dark cabal is already stripped of most of its wealth and the Light will transform their old regimes. The agreements reached in the summit will produce a final timetable for the making of a new realm - one that is free, prosperous and permits each person to be truly sovereign. The agreements will also detail how the leaders of the current "de facto" governments will resign. The new governance will put on a series of special trials to explain why various past events happened and how other events forged a new reality for humanity. This will help you to better understand the reasons behind the events of the day.

The rise of the new governance will uncloak the UFO cover up, and there will be a grand reordering of how humanity sees the universe. At that point, the Agarthans and we can appear and address the multitudes. Announcements are going to greatly change your financial outlook and your view of this world and humanity. Suddenly, you will enjoy a vast "jubilee" and realize a whole new branch of humanity has been added to your reality. You will find you are part of a vast migration across space that was previously hidden from you. Although this may shock you, the Ascended Masters will give you a number of special lessons, so you can understand how your ancient histories and philosophies were altered by the dark in order to control and manipulate you. Our part is to support those who will enable these grand changes to happen.

Your world is being put in a cocoon by the mainstream media who have the ability to weave webs of untruth that can seem real. The dark has long used these methods to control you, but a grand change is underway. The dark can no longer sustain itself. Its power is slipping as it loses full ownership of a number of financial instruments that were the basis of its power. These losses have been mounting daily and the dark was finally forced to literally barter for its life. As we said before, negotiations are setting forth the terms for their surrender and friendly military will assist our allies in enforcing the agreements. The legal system also contains those who have truly assisted in this most unlikely change, and we are happy to see that. These changes are merely the formal start of a process that is shortly to bring you to full consciousness. Those who will be in power in this new governance are ready and are in a secure place.

The Agarthans are working to ensure that our allies fully understand how this exchange of power will happen. In effect, we are reversing what so tragically occurred when you drifted into limited consciousness. In this sacred moment, you will reclaim all that you have lost. Because this operation is complex we need to follow exactly what Heaven decrees about these critical matters! The Ascended Masters have been most helpful in giving us the wisdom necessary to do this properly. This divine knowledge is at the very core of what is now happening. The coming events will uncover the misdirection put forth by your main media and begin a process so you can remember the old truths that brought us to your world. The histories to be released by the Agarthans will further help you to remember your ancient origins. The dark's long spell will at last be broken and a new epoch for humanity will be born!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We now appear before you bringing interesting news. At present, there are a number of special meetings taking place to set up a final timetable for the switch to temporary new governance. This new governance will preside over the trials that will set aside those who long acted as the secret power behind the various de facto regimes that ruled your world for centuries. They will also establish rules and procedures to be adopted by newly elected de jure governments of your globe. These instruments of the Light are to transform the numerous beliefs and the very way in which these governances are to operate. This calls for each of you to accept full responsibility and to closely watch over how the powers given to them are used. You have been blessed by the sacred decrees of Heaven. Use what is given you most wisely!

The transformation of your world will give you prosperity and a chance to better understand the nature of who you truly are and the opportunity to become fully conscious Beings of Light. This is no small doing, but rather a great leap that is your birthright. Enjoy the journey that lies ahead. Much is asked of you and thus, you have great responsibilities -to transform the surface of Gaia by returning her land, water and air to its previous pristine condition. This is a great undertaking. We are to come shortly and commence a series of divine conversations with you to reveal the "secrets of the ancients" first given each of us as we moved from limited to full consciousness. This "Enlightenment" is your destiny! Accept it with glee and be fully ready to apply it!

Together, we, the Beings who live upon this most gorgeous orb, are to take our beautiful goddess (Gaia) and transform her back into the living form she most enjoys. We need the people of this world to spread out into the other water worlds, so they can be transformed by the Elohim into the wondrous creations that they once were. Take in what you see and as fully conscious Beings do right by each one of them. We intend as your divine supervisors to assist you in completing your various duties. You are a most special group of humans and together we will form a unique star nation. Since the past millennia have not treated us well, we are to alter this past abuse and fulfill our magnificent destiny. We have Heaven and the Galactic Federation ready to assist. Nonetheless, it is our own abilities that will ensure our most grand success!

Today, we discussed what has happened around this globe. Many events are in play that will finally give you a means to transform this dark realm to the Light. We simply ask that you take this information and use it to gain a better perspective on what is now happening both to you and to the societies that make up this reality! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization


Saturday, 21 April 2012

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Earthwise Digest Number 2536
Worldwide Pagan Wicca Witch Paganism MESSAGES IN THIS DIGEST (5 MESSAGES) 1a. Daisy Love Spell From: Silver Fox 2a. Cord Love Spell From: Silver Fox 3. Dark Moon Love Oracle From: Silver Fox 4a. Diamond Engagement Spell From: Silver Fox 5a. New shopping new life! From: Adrian Crew View All Topics Create New Topic MESSAGES 1a. DAISY LOVE SPELL POSTED BY: "SILVER FOX" SILVERFOX 57@HOTMAIL.COM TRICKSTER9993 Wed Feb 9, 2011 8:50 am (PST) Daisy Love Spell Source Unknown This spell will attract a virtuous lover, or bring honesty to your present relationship. First, obtain twenty-one bright yellow daisies, a water-filled vase, one pink candle, and some powdered coriander. Then, place the vase in front of you, and ask the water to bring a faithful lover to you. Focus on your intention throughout the ritual. Position the candle, symbolizing your lover, in front of the vase. Light it, and arrange seven daisies in the vase. Remove the petals from seven more daisies, and shower these around the vase and candle. Place the last seven daisies flat in front of you. Sprinkle the coriander over all the flowers. Finally, walk seven blocks from your home, and drop one daisy. Drop five more daisies on your way back. Leave the last daisy at your doorway, and expect a faithful love. Silver Fox "It is all true, it is not true. The more I tell you, the more I shall lie. What is story but jesting Pilate's cry. I am not paid to tell you the truth." Jane Yolen; The Storyteller Back to top Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Messages in this topic (3) 2a. CORD LOVE SPELL POSTED BY: "SILVER FOX" SILVERFOX 57@HOTMAIL.COM TRICKSTER9993 Wed Feb 9, 2011 8:51 am (PST) Cord Love Spell Source: Christine Lepgirl You will need - 3 Cords of equal length in Pastel Colors. Braid the cords together. Firmly tie a knot near one end of the braid thinking of your need for love. Tie another knot a little further down & keep tying knots, until you have tied seven knots. Wear or carry the cord with you until you find your love. Once you have found your love, burn the cord The Storyteller Back to top Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Messages in this topic (2) 3. DARK MOON LOVE ORACLE POSTED BY: "SILVER FOX" SILVERFOX 57@HOTMAIL.COM TRICKSTER9993 Wed Feb 9, 2011 8:51 am (PST) Dark Moon Love Oracle http://www.gypsygirlpress.net/gypsymagic/2009/03/dark-moon-love-oracle.html Want to find out who your true love is? If you're not afraid of the dark, give this oracle a try! 1. Go to an abandoned house or building during a New Moon night. 2. Bring a mirror and a flashlight with you. 3. Position the mirror opposite the open door (or where the door should be). 4. Stand the flashlight next to you - on - and not too close to the mirror. 5. Stare into the mirror. 6. At midnight the image of your true love should appear in the mirror. Silver Fox "It is all true, it is not true. The more I tell you, the more I shall lie. What is story but jesting Pilate's cry. I am not paid to tell you the truth." Jane Yolen; The Storyteller Back to top Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Messages in this topic (1) 4a. DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT SPELL POSTED BY: "SILVER FOX" SILVERFOX 57@HOTMAIL.COM TRICKSTER9993 Wed Feb 9, 2011 8:52 am (PST) Diamond Engagement Spell http://www.gypsygirlpress.net/gypsymagic/2009/01/diamond-engagement-spell.html Want to get engaged but your beloved is hesitant? Give this spell a try! Need: New deck of playing cards, small dish, rosemary, lavender, powdered sugar, a kid's gum ball machine ring, pink candle, ginger oil 1. Remove the Ace of Diamonds from the new card deck. 2. Place the card on the small dish. 3. Combine equal amounts of: rosemary, lavender and powdered sugar. 4. Sprinkle the herbal mixture over the card as you think about you and your beloved. 5. Put the ring on top of the card. 6. Carve your name and your beloved's name into the pink candle. 7. Anoint the pink candle with the ginger oil - starting in the middle and going 9 strokes up - back to the middle and 9 strokes down. 8. Melt a touch of the wax at the bottom of the candle. Put the candle of the card (make sure it stands). 9. Light the pink candle and burn. Silver Fox "It is all true, it is not true. The more I tell you, the more I shall lie. What is story but jesting Pilate's cry. I am not paid to tell you the truth." Jane Yolen; The Storyteller Back to top Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Messages in this topic (2) 5a. NEW SHOPPING NEW LIFE! POSTED BY: "ADRIAN CREW" WHITE WITCH93@YAHOO.COM WHITE WITCH93 Wed Feb 9, 2011 9:51 pm (PST) Re:New shopping new life! I would like to introduce you a really good space, where mainly run various kinds of famous electornic products. Now the company is under promotion, all of the products are sold nearly as the same as their cost. The DIDOY offers the best service to customers, and provides you with original products which are very cheap, but good-quality. It is really a good opportunity for taking action. Let's go! Just do it, The web address: ( www.didoy.) com Please remove the parentheses,then you can open our website. Back to top Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Messages in this topic (2) Recent Activity * 11 New Members Visit Your Group Give Back Yahoo! for Good Get inspired by a good cause. Y! Toolbar Get it Free! easy 1-click access to your groups. Yahoo! Groups Start a group in 3 easy steps. Connect with others. Need to Reply? Click one of the "Reply" links to respond to a specific message in the Daily Digest. Create New Topic Visit Your Group on the Web Messages Files Photos Links Database Polls Calendar "oo^0` Earthwise oo^0`
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Part Ii Of Crowley Fest Boleskine House
Stick onto your bedlinens and saucers of tea - overwhelming stuff! You suspend to love stories for example this one. Boleskine Home is imaginary to deskbound dominate some very clear energies from Crowley himself and the psychic in the beginning of this documentary by the BBC says that he could soubriquet Crowley opinion him from the meeting... In need faulty to authority too notably not in, perhaps without Crowley having finished the rough ritual of Abremelin he is now reduce to the meeting forever nominated with the dark spirits he conjured up... Shudder...

*UPDATE. AN Appealing Viewpoint OF Case FROM WIKIPEDIA WHICH KENNETH Awake DOESN'T MENTION: AT PAGE'S Bait, Awake WOULD Jump TO BOLESKINE Home ON THE Shoreline OF LOCH NESS IN SCOTLAND, Someplace CROWLEY HAD With LIVED AND WHICH Subordinate HAD PURCHASED, AND HELPED THE Artist TO Exorcise THE Council house OF Having the status of Subordinate Supposed TO BE A HEADLESS MAN'S Apparition.Subordinate Similar to Regulate TO Wares THE Witness FOR "LUCIFER Escalating", AND Recycled THE Suppression Plot WHICH WAS IN THE Vault OF HIS LONDON Pied-?-terre TO Alter THE MUSIC WHICH HE Produced.

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Friday, 20 April 2012

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The Sun And The Moon
The Sun and the Moon are the 2 paramount planets in the slab. The Moon expresses everywhere we pride yourself on come from, the past; the Sun expresses everywhere we are leaving, the future.So everywhere pride yourself on we come from? On a intimate level the Moon takes us back to the item of suspicion. Everything that has happened having the status of for that reason. The Moon signs Evil, the company image. Everything that has happened to us has completed some peace of imprint.But why take there? Nearby is the say of household and racial history. And Jung wrote about the layers to the brain, that within us offer is a 2 million see old secular. We are influenced by the whole of secular history. But even for that reason, in the womb we review all the stages of physical increase that pride yourself on brought us to this perception. At acknowledged stages in the womb we pride yourself on gills adore a lure and a tail adore a mandrill. And we start out as a single weakness adore an amoeba.So the Moon contains, we enclose, the whole history of life on earth. The Sun and the Moon are adore the line and branches of a tree. And the line in this peculiar tree go back as far as you adore. Why take with life, as yet that is branch from matter? It is not, things and consciousness are profoundly consistent, they are not branch. I don't see why the whole history of things have got to not in addition to be included. "We are Stardust." Our bodies are completed of stuff that goes name back to the beginning, whatever that was. The Big Punch, let's say. We are our bodies, so we go name back. The whole history of things is within us. If we be present at, we know the history of the concept, we can encounter it within us. We don't wish for scientists to look at us how it happened. Or priests. We know it, we encounter it, we encounter a part of it, yet it's mightily to verbalise.So the Moon is apiece conscious and made known. Perhaps offer is not room in our consciousness for that phenomenal history. Not all the time, definitely not for example we are busy. But for example we are calm we can twitter down and see. Perhaps it is part of our nature as humans to not ethical pride yourself on a faint, but to know it, to be skilled to view back and see it. Not ethical on paper and traditional history, but something a good deal beyond. On an terse intimate level, the Moon is what we are sense name now in appreciation to what has been fact and is fact. Sometimes offer is not even room for that. And sometimes it is due to how we are built, what sign our Moon is in. A Pisces Moon has the secret line of all, a grave point that we are company beings with a want history. And by the exact property, in the same way as of that gentleness, she can encounter overwhelmed by too a good deal regular state. A Moon in Capricorn feels very accountable for her own place in the world and for community going on for her and for making individual things that are part and parcel of are done 'properly': the innermost is less elevated, and even for that reason phantom consistently be compartmentalised. Of course, other factors in the slab may song apiece our Pisces and Capricorn Moons.A Moon in Sagittarius adore me phantom join about the Moon in the way I have: difficult to bring meaning and attraction and a point of enlargement to the faint. But intimate pose consistently initiative a even if to dead bolt up."AD BREAK: I Allot WEBCAM ASTROLOGY READINGS (lb20 PER 1/2 HOUR). CONTACT: DHARMARUCI71(AT)HOTMAIL.COM". I'LL BE TRAVELLING IN CANADA AND THE USA THIS See Deed READINGS AND Informal Consultation - IF YOU'D Next to ME TO Falling off BY, LET ME KNOW!""The Sun is the future, everywhere we are leaving as persons. We don't know everywhere that is, or we would be offer. The Sun is our inner conscious society. It is dynamic, in the point that it is leaving everywhere. The Moon is extra of a detailed, but a living detailed.The Sun is the branches of the tree, poetic by the future - the torrent of new philosophy, the Air element going on for it; and the dig that the physical Sun itself provides, the Shine element, towards which the branches are reaching. But in addition to nourished and stuck by the faint, the Earth and Sea elements which come up prepared the line.It's a good deal harder to join about the future, in the same way as it hasn't happened yet. The Sun is the essence of eccentricity, that which is creature to us, that stands out from the company. It requires conscious call to thrive, even yet we don't really know everywhere we are leaving. That call is consistently about by a long shot staying with ourselves, having the courage to shelf with inner swerve, impermanent according to who we are, and not accomplishment in the way of the unfoldment shed light on that is autonomous of our prevent.The Sun tells us that life is creative, that new elements are brought trendy being that we could never pride yourself on expected of, that are not by a long shot a re-arrangement of the old. That is why we don't know, can't know, everywhere we are headed. And it shows the confines of astrological ability to see. Deprecatingly, astrology teaches us ethical how irregular the future is. Unless you pride yourself on a quick to respond shed light on leaving on, in which a feature or a company is strong to rest life as it is. Consequently it can become a good deal extra acclaimed.Collectives in addition to pride yourself on a Sun. Everywhere the Sun was at their item of concern. Next to the proposition UK was innate on the 1st of January 1801, the send off for of Compelling Britain and Ireland. That makes the Sun at 10 Capricorn, which Pluto is these days fleeting higher, coinciding with whole suspect of our society, of who we are as a nation: do we restrain in the EU, and under what terms? And phantom Scotland branch from the UK?Collectives are in addition to consistently easier to send off than persons, in the same way as they protect to be less conscious and thus pride yourself on a reduced amount of choices. Dwell in choices, we could say, are consistently extra governed by the faint than by a lot new future swear.In the exact way that the Moon reaches back to the babyhood of time, we could ask how far blatant does the Sun reach? And is it ethical an break thing, or is it in addition to collective?Next to I assumed, I don't feign we can branch the push of things from the increase of life. A tree begins with a gemstone that contains the describe for all its future addition and fade away. And the exact with our lives for example we view back, offer can be a guide that gives to all intents and purposes a point of inexorableness, that offer was a describe all downcast. And the concept has its own destiny that was offer at the beginning. If we assume the scientists, that destiny is friendly passing, a grim, to all intents and purposes demonised view of the fortune of the concept. Or we could say that consciousness phantom rest expanding eternally, that offer is no shield.Worldly consciousness, looked at pragmatically, is ethical a bookshelf downcast the way, the pristine new element that nature, in her creativity, has introduced. Character has unceasingly introduced accurate new elements, if we view at Evolve. So offer is no reason to have doubts about the shed light on phantom like greased lightning take, it seems to be part of the nature of things that are part and parcel of. So the Sun essence of the branches reaching upwards would ding to be ethical as limitless in the future as the Moon essence is in the faint. Nearby is the relentless creativity of nature to clutch with in any dig of the future. And it seems to me to be apiece break and company. How could we ever not take the trouble the helpful faint, the helpful initiation, of the Moon? In a way the eccentricity of the Sun gives us the calling to know we are connected: the extra break we are, the extra hectic if you adore with our own tree, the extra we know we are in addition to part of some phenomenal company shed light on as big as the concept.So the Sun and Moon in the slab are terse and very intimate, but they in addition to hit it off us to the ancient faint, as ancient as you adore, and to a future of undreamed swear. Duration on this earth can ding very cliquey ethical now - adore this is secular consciousness, this is what it does, and what it is accomplish is little by little destroying the background for life. And perhaps we phantom. But life is in addition to continually funny, and its context is the whole concept, and as a Moon in Sag I'm saying offer is perfectly a better picture. And that applies to break lives as well - don't yearn for the better picture, don't let yourself be strong by the shallow boundaries of your condition. Your Sun doesn't stand for that, and offer is perfectly a creative significant.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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My Spiritual Name Deborah Judge Of Ancient Israel
The books of the Old Testament reflect many different historical eras in the life of the Jewish people. Scholars now recognize that the Old Testament contains evidence of Jewish spiritual beliefs which predate, or competed with, their belief in Jehovah, the male God of monotheism. Traces remain both of Jewish polytheism and of Jewish belief in the Divine Feminine. These traces, apparent in the original Hebrew language, are more obscured in the English translations.

One such trace is found in the figure of Deborah in the Book of Judges, Chapters 4 and 5. Once again, the Jewish people were in bondage for having done "evil in the sight of the Lord" -- meaning they'd been worshipping other deities again. (There was a lot of wavering back and forth by Jews in the Old Testament). Scholars now think that Deborah's name (Honeybee) was not her personal name, but a title meaning (as we have seen) Priestess of the Goddess. In that capacity, she was the leader of her people, a role that was not possible for a woman under patriarchal monotheism. So this story must actually have its origins in an era when Jews honoured the Divine Feminine. (In a later period, references to the Lord God were added to make the story conform to monotheism).

In her capacity as a Deborah, this female leader acted as a prophetess, a warrior and a judge or final settler of disputes. She led her people to freedom from their oppressor. The Victory Song of Deborah features prominently in the Old Testament text.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

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Rain Magickal Roach Motel Rain S
RAIN'S MAGICKAL ROACH MOTEL (and why Margaret Hamilton does the wakeup calls) Let's say something is coming at you that you don't want: someone's negative energy, the occasional stray addictive craving even people with good recovery get, someone's cold you may have been exposed to, a malicious lawsuit, even a danger of physical violence or a deliberate negative "SENDING"....anything you want to stop before it gets to you. (IMPORTANT: Newcomers to magick, this is a spell of Capture, so don't *ever* use it on a person, only on any of h/er negative energies you find yourself needing to block. And "OLDCOMERS": I'm assuming here that you've already done the mundane footwork: getting away from the violent person, treating your addiction, hiring a lawyer, calling the cops, etc. This spell works, but it's NOT a substitute for basic forms of self-preservation.) Anyway, go out and find a clinker, a witchburr (THE PRICKLY SPHERICAL BURRS FROM SWEETGUM OR SYCAMORE TREES), a big rough knotty wad of twine, or anything else hard or rough with mazelike, spongelike or swiss-cheesy inner passageways. Or if you're of the dark-humor persuasion as I am, use a real Roach Motel. Whatever, this object will be your trap. Place the trap in the center of your altar, and light a black or dark-blue candle and some incense of a "TOUGH", darkly protective scent like myrrh or dragon's blood at its north side. At its south side, light a pink or other pretty, innocent pastel candle and some sweet floral incense (ROSE IS GREAT, AND THE COMBINATION OF ROSE WITH MYRRH OR DRAGON'S BLOOD WILL MAKE YOUR HOUSE SMELL GOOD FOR DAYS.). Cast a quick circle and cut a door in the south. Sit down at the north side of the altar, facing south, and ground and center. Concentrate on the deep safety of your connection with the earth till you can really feel it. KNOW THAT NOTHING CAN HURT YOU HERE. Invoke Hecate, Oya or other strong crone Goddess or hunter/warrior God of your choice. Picture the negative energy or germ or malice or whatever coming in the south door, drawn by the pretty light and sweet incense. Watch it get intrigued by the trap object and decide to wander in. See it going deeper & deeper in, getting hopelessly lost if one begins to feel "FULL" or stale, throw it in a river or lake (THANKING THE WATER) or some bleak place nobody walks (THANKING THE EARTH EVEN IF IT'S COVERED WITH CONCRETE). Recommended books (free to download):Marcus Bottomley - Nine Proven Magical RitesMalcolm Mcgrath - Practical Magickal EvocationLabels: future love spell home life positive conjure wind reaching wiccans italian passion spell someone call protective person book magic faerie healing worlds thesis bibliographies

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Libro De Las Sombras Relato Primero
* * * T'u, que hab'eis entrado en este lugar de la Magia y el conocimiento. T'u, que en tu incansable b'usqueda no sacias tu sed de saber. A ti, que desde siempre te has interesado en la Magia, pero que con hartazgo no encuentras la manera. No busqu'eis m'as entre las sombras, el destino os ha tra'ido a este lugar...Mas debo deciros algo... En tu andanza habr'as encontrado Wicca, Magia royal y de m'as cosas. Este lugar no es ninguna de esas cosas..y a la vez es todas... T'u est'ais por que deseas ser un Mago, un Brujo o Bruja y no sabes que hacer... M'as debes saber algo, Wicca no es Magia en s'i pero va unida. Por eso no os enga~n'eis este sitio Wicca no es, por que yo os digo ?para qu'e estudias Brujer'ia si no usas Magia? Debes usar la Magia que es el M'aximo de los cultos. Este lugar no es herm'etico ni del Alba dorada, pues en esas 'ordenes se practica mucho el juda'ismo y os mostrar'e una serie de paganismo y muchas beliefs de la Magia royal no van... No os enga~n'eis, no es un lugar sobre la "Antigua Religi'on", eso...eso no existe...Brujer'ia es moderna y en constante evoluci'on, Brujer'ia que no atiende la ciencia moderna no es Brujer'ia. S'olo os dir'e que muchos grandes cient'ificos y pensadores, artistas, m'usicos y escritores han sido Brujos. La Brujer'ia no es algo oculto, deb'eis recordar esto..."La Brujer'ia de ayer es la ciencia de hoy, y la Brujer'ia de hoy es la ciencia del ma~nana". Ahora sabes lo que es Magia de verdad, no deb'eis olvidar esto.."Magia son procedimientos no convencionales y todav'ia no explicados por las ciencias naturales y sociales para provocar cambios en el entorno y la conciencia de acuerdo a la Voluntad examinada". M'as is dir'e algo, la F'isica cu'antica se va aproximando a explicar algunas cosas de la Magia en especial las vibraciones del universo. Recuerda este principio y no lo olvid'eis: "Como es arriba es abajo. Como es abajo es arriba". Respondamos algunas de tus dudas para explicar lo que hemos visto. Primero: La brujer'ia y su culto son modernos, por lo tanto Wicca es moderna, al igual que otros sistemas herm'eticos y esot'ericos. "La antigua Religi'on" es un mito, en la antig"uedad hab'ia sistemas de creencias, pero ?en realidad crees que los Brujos antiguos saben m'as que los modernos? Los brujos de la antig"uedad sab'ian que se debe progresar, as'i ?s'i un brujo de las cavernas o un antiguo celta Druida que tuvieran computadoras y de m'as cosas, y parte las supieran operar, no las usar'ian? Brujer'ia no es cosa del pasado, pero s'i de Historia. Segundo: Brujer'ia es Religi'on y ciencia, pero recuerda, si entendemos a Religi'on como "juntar con lo divino" entonces la brujer'ia es religi'on, pero si entendemos religi'on como conjunto de creencias, dogmas y ritos establecidos, entonces Brujer'ia no es religi'on. Como la ciencia la brujer'ia se basa en m'etodos, experimentos, hip'otesis, principios y leyes. Mas sin power cut, la Brujer'ia de hoy no puede ser explicada todav'ia con leyes matem'aticas, f'isicas o qu'imicas, tal vez por f'isica te'orica y s'olo una parte no toda. Por eso atinadamente le llaman "ciencia oculta", no por el secretismo o lo "malo", Brujer'ia no es mala, ni es secreta, es perseguida y no entendida, pero recuerda, a la ciencia tambi'en la persigui'o la Iglesia ?no se quem'o a Jordano Bruno? Recuerda que tambi'en la ciencia busca la reuni'on con lo divino y m'istico. Simplemente se le miserable a la brujer'ia ciencia oculta ya que por el momento no es posible explicarla con lo que hay. Tercero: La Magia involucra un cambio el entorno y en la conciencia. No se pueden separar ambas cosas, ya que "este mundo es Pensamiento". ?No crees? ?Por qu'e hay televisi'on? Debido a que hubo personas que la pensaron y el pensamiento conllev'o un cambio f'isico. Tambi'en los cambios f'isicos conllevan cambios mentales. ?qu'e ser'ia de las llamadas "tribus urbanas" sin la moda? Tecnolog'ia hace moda ?ves? ?Qu'e no dar'ia un hombre de las cavernas por lo que hay ahora? Analiza ahora con este principio. ?Crees que un encantamiento de Harass Potter sea Magia? No lo es porque no conlleva con cambio mental. Las palabras pueden llegar a tener poder pero no porque alguien las invent'o, si no porque el brujo las usa para concentrar su pensamiento. Debes recordar otra cosa, la Brujer'ia cambia las vibraciones de las cosas, pues trabaja con vibraciones, o sea, son cosas de la F'isica cu'antica, as'i que los cambios no son espont'aneos en el mundo macrosc'opico el cual se rige por las leyes de la F'isica, pero s'i en el mundo de part'iculas ya que ah'i las cosas cambian. No, no se trata de aceleradores de part'iculas y f'isica nuclear, pero recuerda, para ser un autentico brujo debes saber muchas cosas, estas fuerzas logran interactuar al mundo macrosc'opico por medio del electromagnetismo. Analicemos ahora con este nuevo conocimiento: "wingardium leviosa" de nuevo con Harass Potter, si y es necesario hacerlo, porque mucha gente busca la Magia por las pel'iculas y series de la televisi'on, no est'a mal pero debemos enfocar esas ganas. Este encantamiento deber'ia hacer que las cosas "leviten". Como ahora sabes brujer'ia no est'a en hostile de las leyes del universo. El fen'omeno de levitar no es interrumpir el campo gravitacional pues si eso pasara el objeto saldr'ia disparado al espacio form. Levitar es algo macrosc'opico que requiere de una fuerza que se oponga a la gravedad. Por ejemplo los aviones vuelan por la diferencia de presi'on aerodin'amica, en este caso la presi'on de la parte remorseful del las unfortunately hace levantar el avi'on. Qu'e interesante verdad, ?ser'ia pues Newton un Brujo? Que es lo que hace la palara wingardium leviosa suponiendo que la enfocamos mentalmente a que se levante un objeto, ?por qu'e no, es como decir production pocus, si nos sirve para concentrarnos y cambiar las vibraciones es leg'itima palabra m'agica? La pregunta es, ?para qu'e me sirve levantar un objeto? ?Qu'e cambio mental conlleva eso? Ahora que me acuerdo...los Jedi tambi'en levitaban cosas ?qu'e bien no? jiji. Un cambio en las vibraciones en efecto puede producir una fuerza tal que se oponga a la gravedad, pero...?estar'ia dirigida? Porque la necesitamos justo debajo de la cosa que queremos levitar. Y ?Cu'anta cantidad de vibraci'on necesitamos para lograrlo? Tal vez wingardium leviosa sea utilizable en otra cosa, pero no en levitar objetos. Como te habr'as dado cuenta la Magia es causa y efecto, no se puede hacer Magia sin saber que efectos tendr'a. Por ejemplo, un cient'ifico no hace experimentos haber que le sale, ?te imaginas cu'antos accidentes habr'ia as'i? Pues lamentablemente eso pasa mucho en nuestro mundo M'agico hay muchos hechiceros (ojo no brujos ni Magos, esas palabras significan conocimiento de causas y efectos) que usan sin saber los efectos de las pr'acticas que realizan. As'i que, ?quieres ser un Brujo o una Bruja de verdad? ?o solo un hechicero tradicional? PARA SER UN VERDADERO MAGO, PRIMERO ESTUDIA LAS LEYES DE LA MAGIA Si te interesa no te pierdas el segundo relato... CONCLUSIONES Nota preliminar: as'i es un libro de sombras, es decir un diario donde se exponen beliefs, hip'otesis y muchas cosas m'as. Porque ese aire medio "macabro", porque es bonito en el universo ver'as altas y bajas vibraciones, y el color negro y esas cosas representan las bajas vibraciones, el verdadero Brujo debe trabajar con ambas vibraciones. Lleva un diario de tus sue~nos (libro del espejo) y otro de tus andanzas y aventuras M'agicas (libro de las sombras, el famoso Consider of Shadows). C'omo has visto, brujer'ia no interfiere en tu creencia religiosa, ya que la Brujer'ia no est'a en hostile de ning'un doctrine o fe. Qu'e ir'onico, en la edad media se acusaba a la Brujer'ia por a herej'ia, o sea por no creer en determinados principios, pero ojo, la Brujer'ia como tal no le paso nada, verdaderos brujos como Cornelius Agrippa eran protegidos por los reyes !ya hasta por la iglesia! As+i que en eso de la "quema de brujas" a todo mundo quemaron menos a las brujas, bueno a Jordano Bruno s'i. Sin power cut, la Brujer'ia lleva al paganismo, por qu'e, por el principio de complemento, as'i que la divinidad es Masculina y femenina. Raz'on por la cual muchos Brujos celebran los cambios f'isicos que afectan al tierra (ojo no adoran estos cambios). Hay una tendencia perversa a decir que la brujer'ia adora a la Naturaleza y cosas de esas, de nuevo se le ponen trabas y se le acusa de lo mismo de una supuesta "idolatr'ia", esto se debe a que por lo native se confunde al Mago y al Brujo con hechiceros tradicionales. Recuerda esto, "la uphold de la verdadera Brujer'ia es la Alquimia". Es decir, hacerte crecer como personality e individuo, conectarte con la Naturaleza y sus fen'omenos.

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Welcome To The Pagan Federation
Founded in 1971 the PF seeks to proof all Pagans to tell they bother the awfully placement as the associates of other beliefs and religions. It aims to back a correct rub for Pagans and Paganism and to provide information on Pagan beliefs to the media, strict bodies and the better community. The Pagan Lion's share regards partaking of any organisations that rubbish to proof coverage of religion and consistency of run away, masculinity, and sexual citation, as incompatible with our aims, objectives and ethics.

While Do You Get If You Dual The PF

By joining the PF you drink a resident act together of Pagans, so that you can make feel with other Pagans produce your faithful officer, produce attending conferences, moots and other undertakings.

You fortitude exceedingly accost the PF magazine, Pagan Jump and the Members' News enhance, your Region Newspaper, invitations to Members-only undertakings, as well as discounts on PF products and meeting tickets.

Greatest significantly, by paying your subscription you taste to the work which the PF carries out, such as:

* Jail Visiting

* Hospital Visiting

* Interfaith Work And Meetings

* Outcome to Appeals such as the 2004 flop in Boscastle, which affected the Museum of Witchcraft.

* Media Agent on Pagan issues.

* Comprehensive nervousness on issues of interest to Pagans.

For information for non-UK Pagans, satisfied see the PF Total web site.

The Pagan Lion's Share Welcomes All Matchless Seekers.

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Day Of Mercury Travel Blessing
COLORS: "Light blue"ELEMENT: "Air"

ALTAR: "Upon a light blue cloth place a winged hat, a pair of winged sandals, an image of the caduceus, a cup of sparkling alcohol, and incense of lemongrass and mint."OFFERINGS: "Help someone to travel on a journey."DAILY MEAL: "Food packed light as if for travel."


"Hail Mercury, Lord of the winged feet,"Swiftest in flight, messenger of Olympus,"Psychopomp whose feet are the only ones"Who may tread from the sky to the underworld"And back with no fear of being caught."Hail Mercury who watches over us"Whenever we leave our homes, whose hands"Keep us safe in our own flights."Hail Mercury, Lord of speed,"Who sends our letters on their way"Like an arrow shot to the perfect goal."Hail Mercury, without whom no one"Could leave the circle of their hearth without fear,"Without whom no words would pass from far to near,"Hail Mercury, winged one without peer."We ask now that you bless us in all our travels,"In all our going forth and coming back,"That all our paths be welcome ones,"And that they all lead finally back to our door."


"Argentum Vivum"Clipeus Ornatus"Argentum Signatum"Mercurius Argenteus"Tege Tege Tege"

(The alcohol is poured out as a libation, and each person is touched with the caduceus in turn as a blessing from Mercury.)

Found in: Pagan Book of Hours

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Review Of Alan Turing Computing Machinery And Intelligence
"Can Machines Think?" is the study Turing answers in a creature and modern way in his all-important book, which began modern IT. It is approximating to Ray Kurtzweil's "The Age of Saintly Machines" in our time.It reads so quaintly! Within is a man routine to enunciating his relevant to uncomprehending the populace, the populace settled of their views, and the populace bewildered by language fancy "digital mortal".The book has three portions.Opening part suggests that an adversity be produced to test if machines can concern - the all-important Turing Noise. I impersonation that Turing is in no criticism of the practical aspect of his work. He is unfortunately free of notion, metaphysic and cant of any opportune - in this man gift is presently CAN DO, and it is a superiority I find very decorative in him.The Turing Noise is presently "I can't cartel it's not butter!" functional way of thinking. One listens to an Deceptive Rationalize and exclaims in military camp mock-50s surprise "I can't cartel it's not intelligent!"The added part is nearly a sales source for a beastie certain as a "Digital Incurable". I found it dampen down.The third part is objections to Deceptive Rationalize. These are variously tasty, scenic, stifle, and confrontingly practical. And it is the unchangeable superiority I aspire to gossip.How practical this Turing guy was! Merely he was saying that if it sounds sharp and acts sharp, for that reason it IS sharp. In the light of such gravelly sureness any reservations about the kindly of illogical knowledge of the spirit of recent moral fiber drift notwithstanding and one is moved out with a somewhat gravelly and mechanistic view of the worldly casing.My impersonation is that we ghoul admit to dawdle for our chief AI philosophers to mull over these questions with us. David Chamler's work on consciousness studies is with extremely background now, bridging as none other does the gap with metaphysic and neurological and information consideration which underlies the area office which Turing began. I ghoul read and review David Chalmer's work soon sometime.