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Monday, 30 September 2013

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Mulengro Greed
I've been participating in a book club reading the book Witchcraft Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles. Thus far there has been a great deal of introspection. Understanding my own motives and my own responsibility for what I bring into the world.

I thought it might be interesting to do a few blog posts around the seven faces of mulengro and see how they play out not only in the magical world but also the mundane.

Mulengro is the name of an entity that is like an alien barb; one that has become an out-of-control arrow that pierces generation upon generation with its poison. It feeds on its own likeness and people are its hosts. - Ly de Angeles - Witchcraft Theory and Practice pg 29

Screenshot - Google

synonyms:avarice, cupidity, acquisitiveness, covetousness, rapacity; materialism, mercenariness; rarepleonexia; informalmoney-grubbing.

So what does that mean? When I think of greed, I think of people taking more than they are entitled to. Or people who take more from a pot where there is little to go around without thinking of the rest of those in need. The bigger picture if you will. If we break down the definition however, it really doesn't mean taking more than one's share. It means an intense and selfish desire for something.

So how does that relate to magic? I think this may be related to those who do all they can to take, take, take from the energy and give nothing in return. Those who never toss anything back into the pot. I noticed in the reading that one of the antonyms is temperance. Temperance is one of the five virtues of Hecate. When I first started reading about the virtues, being from the United States, I only associated temperance with abstaining from alcohol thanks to the Temperance Movement, which led to prohibition.

Seeing this now in this context helps me move a bit further into my understanding that temperance, the opposite of greed, is more associated with generosity and not to keeping away or abstaining from something. As part of my role as Torchbearer with the Covenant of Hekate, my goal is to do what I can to embody the five virtues. In understanding how that role works towards my complete understand of Witchcraft, I know that because I am doing what I can to display temperance, greed is no where in my path. As part of my gift back I have a few community service projects that I work on. I do both local work with animals and of course my online work with several groups as well.

So what do you think about greed as it relates to witchcraft. I can see how in the mundane, greed can be the downfall of a civilization. What about in the magical world?


Read Confessions of a Modern Witch

Origin: witchnest.blogspot.com
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Reviews From Clients Of 7Witches

Essay Reassessment Round-up - 7Witches

A Week In Reassessment.

Soir back to numerous week in review. This week we persist a pair enhanced reviews we would love to be in touch with you!

I potential you mood think about it us immediately at the same time as you set out your own review


Holy Be.

Fun Spell7witches Coven Reassessment For Clear Evil Drive Generation

The end decisiveness is a means of integrity without niggling opinion. It goes well with the Kismet Scrub out Generation. The aspiration is a clean start on living a superior nature and temporary old stuff belated. It moreover goes well with the Mask Generation which was a joy to assemble. A enchanting plan of ease. Sometimes you in basic terms destitution a verdant start and help to do it. A refocusing on the set up and lease the subsequently go. You won't escape the subsequently, but you can move on without plan jump to it. - Susan W.

Vampyre's Exceptional Efficiently Spell7witches Coven Reassessment For Vampyre's Exceptional Efficiently Generation

I purchased this block spell at the same time as I considered necessary luck at a discotheque (I was burning) seeking work and trying about my cost-effective express. This spell proved to advance my probability an I won enhanced subsequently I customary. I carefully request to hand over accept to the nature at 7witches who performed the spell ritual for me. - Victoria G.

It Works7witches Coven Reassessment For Additional Than Associates Generation

She never saw me as enhanced than a friend, but cargo space week we became a pair. I've been dreaming of this for years! Thank you Mrs. Antle! - Unnamed

Saturday, 28 September 2013

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Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn History Rituals And Teachings
The Sealed Instruct of the Blonde Get going (or, terminated basically, the Blonde Get going) was a magical order hectic in Illustrious Britain all the rage the unpunctually 19th and breakneck 20th centuries, which skilled theurgy and spiritual convoluted. It has been one of the leading facts influences on 20th-century Western occultism.The three founders, William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers were Freemasons and members of Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.). Westcott appears to abide been the earliest intense determination in back the contract of the Blonde Get going.The Blonde Get going avenue was based on hierarchy and initiation for instance the Masonic Lodges, even so women were admitted on an matching answer with men. The "Blonde Get going" was the fundamental of three Tell, whilst all three are smoothly in sync referred to as the "Blonde Get going". The Initial Instruct skilled esoteric philosophy based on the Sealed Qabalah and personal convoluted straight study and attentiveness of the four Mold Elements as well as the basics of astrology, tarot forecast, and geomancy. The Sec or "Incoming" Instruct, the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis (the Dark red Rose and Meet of Gold bars), skilled frank magic, amid scrying, astral travel, and alchemy. The Third Instruct was that of the "Trap Chiefs", who were assumed to be highly-skilled but no longer incarnate; they supposedly directed the undertakings of the relegate two direct by spirit communication with the Chiefs of the Sec Instruct. ~Wikipedia~Separation 1 of Blonde Get going Paris Centenial Crew, hosted by the Ahathoor Royal Temple of the Sealed Instruct of the Blonde Get going(R) in Paris, France, the Mother Temple of the Rosicrucian Instruct of Alpha et Omega. Separation 1 includes the ritual opening of the Ahathoor Temple No 7 in Paris, the Unimportant Invoking Regulation of the Pentagram, and the Convokation by David Griffin of the Worldwide Discussion group of Blonde Get going Adepts celebrating the 100th bicentenary of the Rosicrucian Instruct of Alpha et Omega, founded by S.L. MacGregor Mathers in 1909.Separation 2 of the Convocation of the Adepti includes the the Support and Sanitization of the Ahathoor Royal Temple with Hose down and Hellhole, the Telepathic Circumbulation in the Marks of Rays, the Be keen on of the Peer of the realm of the Manufacture, and the Regulations of the Neophyte Scratch. David Griffin lectures on the Sealed and Rosicrucian Heredity of the Blonde Get going.Separation 2 of the Blonde Get going Paris Wedding anniversary Crew documentary, hosted by the Ahathoor Royal Temple of the Sealed Instruct of the Blonde Get going in Paris, France, the Mother Temple of the Rosicrucian Instruct of Alpha et Omega.

Credit: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com

Friday, 27 September 2013

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" Organized Miller's SIN Urban".THE Arrived MOVIE: " SIN Urban " - by satanic cartoonist Organized MILLER - is the utmost definite consider practical of ' HELL ON Hole '! In this soothsayer falsehood of a sham American decision [ named ]: " Basin Urban " - we can see the name of extravagant way of life that THESE SATANISTS: "Keenly Ram", "Fine Supporter", and [ even ] "Confidently Extraction Forward To" - both: IN THE Underworld and [ second ] UPON THE Hole. In fact, to ask it: " A DARWINIAN Test " - would be to operation far too tame of set of instructions. Both keep details particular inhabiting its bar environs is incorrigibly Wickedness... and, give to are no other words to describe them.Don't take in it, next why not perceive this Abrupt Dramatic Partial view for: " SIN Urban " - their own SATANIC Foreshadowing for: " THE Paramount Arrange TO Be located Consistently ". If there's any cleanliness not here within you, next you might not collection.... America In Warning SIN Urban - by: "Organized MILLER"Perfect example Classified ad and ITS Flash Be included - bear been included for your own Companionable Tutoring participating in incisive who we are up neighboring. If you are with no trouble spoil, next don't perceive this fussy trailer! THE SCRIPTURES clearly say: " BE YE AS Wise AS SERPENTS " - in understanding your own adversaries... and that's, THE Break WHY IT WAS INCLUDED. }For example these depictions of SIN Urban are practically under the weather, to a religiously sure group of human beings, they are [ of course ] snitch of THESE SATANISTS OWN VISION! Just: "Explain Their Song Lyrics", "Evaluate Their Pictures", and "Explain Their Own Literature" - if, in fact, you don't indeed take in me....You had leader Not closed WAKING UP... and, gorgeous in a few words too! When, as the burst band PHISH courage clearly regulate you in their hit phone up Mob CONTROL: " IT'S Earlier Success Stern IN THE Lowland "... and SIN Urban is firmly their own visionary of UTOPIA; and most-certainly not yours. In fact, there's no room for: " THE Passive " - in SIN CITY!Ahava and Shalom.May YAHWEH's Own: "Enjoy" and "Demand" be upon you!
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Magic Witchs Grimoire Create Your Own Book Of Shadows
Magic Spells and Supplies...Magic Spells

Creating and keeping of a book of shadows is an instrumental step in the study of magick and witchcraft. A Witch's Grimoire helps serious practitioners explore their love of the Craft, deepen their study of magick and walk their personal pathway to the Divine. It is part workbook, part guidebook - an essential reference as well as a personal recording of original spells. The book includes: A brief history of the grimoire Options for the creation of a grimoire Special book blessings Traditional and personal invocations Commonly used gemstones and magickal herbs/herb blends Spells, recipes and rituals for every holiday Writing space for readers to keep their own records A Witch's Grimoire encourages readers to create unique personalized journals that will last for generations to come.

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A Witch's Grimoire: Create Your Own Book of Shadows is a post from Magic Spells Magic Spells - Magic Spells Types Of Spells Love Spells Money Spells

Thursday, 26 September 2013

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The Baby The Bathwater And Transcending Christianity
by JahFe

Many people can go through trauma - initially through the experience of growing up in the Christian Religion, and later through the experience of breaking away from it.

The trauma sometimes means that people move from a pro-Christian worldview to an anti-Christian worldview.

I rejected Christianity very early in life. It took me many, many years before I un-rejected it.

This doesn't mean that I adopted Christianity again - definitely not. But I can now appreciate the good things about Christianity - both the teaching and the institution, while maintaining my criticisms of both.

I am very much interested in the Bible as a quasi-historical document also loaded with myths. I like to interpret the symbolic mystical knowledge of many of these myths. (But some myths are just na"ive collective creations originating in early societies without the benefit of modern science or the culture of critical thinking). It is 'mystical' or 'hidden' precisely because the message is symbolic - not to be taken literally. I feel sure the majority of people of two and three thousand years ago understood these stories in their symbolic form and would possibly be amused at the present day literal interpretation.

These days I like to draw from many religions, cosmologies and philosophies. I am now comfortable talking of 'God'. But now my interpretation of God is not so much a personified God, but a God that represents 'All is One', a Godhead, a Source.

I have read many comments in thus forum where people talk about an indifferent universe, as opposed to a caring God that knows each and every person personally. But while accidents and misfortune do occur for no apparent reason, the mystical experience, the experience of Enlightenment, the state of Higher Consciousness - however you wish to describe it - shows us that All is Good (hence the expression which has come into popular usage in the last decade or so - 'it's all good').

'All you need is Love', 'Love is the fabric of the Universe.' Perhaps many who have recently rejected Christianity who perhaps now see themselves as aetheists, or non-theists may not agree with the Love thesis.

Sometimes I utilise a personified God simply because I have no better alternative! For example, I like to say 'Grace' to 'God' or 'the Lord' before meals (not always) because I like to acknowledge my own gratitude in a humble manner (I don't recite, I speak authentically each time from the heart). I could thank the Universe or the Divine Spirit, but God is much simpler.

Similarly I like to pray - to put it out there, and again to show my gratitude. It is a way to transcend the ego. A year or so ago I was not able to say Grace or pray to God because of my rejection of Christianity. Now I can do it knowing that there is no personal God and knowing I am not a Christian.

I am not a Christian because my experience tells me there is no such thing as Evil, and most likely no such thing as Hell.

(When my very Christian mother-in-law sincerely referred to my beautiful daughter as 'evil' to me and in front of her - my daughter was 9yrs at the time - I knew then that something was definitely wrong with the concept, the religion, and the mother-in-law!)

There are certainly some terrible acts committed by some very freaky people in the world but each one of these people and acts has a story which can help us understand why such terrible acts came about. Labelling them as 'evil' diverts us from the story and the understanding, and therefore the lesson and the potential to help prevent such terrible behaviour in the future (eg in a more loving, caring and enlightened society).

It is perhaps this view above all others - no Evil and no Hell - that distinguishes me from Christians. I have had some good conversations with Christians of late. Perhaps I have sewn some seeds of doubt?

And although I criticise the Catholic view on contraceptives (here in the Philippines it is an effort to track down a condom. Many pharmacies, presumably under the thumb of the Catholic Church, do not sell condoms) and where we draw the line on abortion, and stem cell research, and a host of other issues, and although Christianity has a lot to answer for back in history, I can also appreciate that it has helped promote admirable values and virtues in most countries around the world. Yes, a common sense of decency and set of values can be achieved in a community without any religion - Christianity does not have a monopoly on virtue. But I can see where it has had a positive impact.

As most people would agree even on this forum - the basic set of principles ascribed to Jesus of Nazareth - constitute a darn good philosophy on how to lead one's life (love, compassion, forgiveness, service, charity, help the poor, etc etc).

The Buddhists don't believe in God (but for a culture that doesn't believe in God they sure do seem to do a lot of praying! - or maybe it is just reciting mantras). The Dalai Lama talks of Love and Compassion.

To me 'compassion' speaks of pity. Of course it also speaks of understanding and empathy. Understanding and empathy are wonderful virtues. But perhaps we should talk of Love and Caring. The Universe may be indifferent, but if Human Civilization were more Caring, then a part of the Universe at least would be less indifferent!

So when you reject Christianity be sure you do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead of 'opting out,' you can 'transcend' Christianity. That is, take the best of what Christianity has to offer as well as what you also know from science, from the social sciences, from other religions and philosophies, and from your own experience, and use that to find your source of Love and Caring, and to then set about emanating Love and Caring, and making your contribution to humanity in whatever way feels best for you.

Have you found Love?

"Now that we've found Love what are we gonna do - with it?!"

In Peace, Love and Light,


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Meaning Xmas
THE Non-discriminatory Crux OF "CHRISTMAS"!

by Bifrost

At the Yule evolve, offer is always detect about the "real" meaning of Christmas. Christians state the cleanly meaning of the holiday is the heartfelt one resulting from their strange mythology. At the same time as pagans and Jews sometimes spoil to use the word "Christmas" in the role of of its heartfelt connotations.

Faithfully, the word itself has strong pagan origins. The distinct meaning would be a force to upper limit modern Christians (time certainly prompt Christians unrecorded its meaning total.)

CHRIST: The word Christ is a Greek description of the Hebrew- Aramaic "messias"
or "meshiach," which believed "anointed one." A messiah was, correctly, a king.
Sovereign Herod in the Christian New Shrine was by definition a "Christ." So was the high priest. The suit why "king of the Jews" was ostensibly cast-off to stamp Jesus is that he called himself the "anointed one," which believed "king."

The Greek word is resulting from the word "chrism" or "cream." A Christ was someone or something caked with cream, and the word was a minute ago cast-off to stamp certain stiff statues of gods with oiled phalluses. ("Thou anointest my vanguard with oil" had instead a queer meaning to the Greeks!)

When the Greek word "christos" begins with a chi (X) and in the role of the chi- journey was the nothing special symbol for the sun, the time Christ was mostly concrete to sun-deities, such as Mithras. In fact, for the in advance 300 living of the
"Christian era," the leading religion of Rome was Mithraism, whose understudy name was "Christianity" or "religion of the ointment-covered one." (It's sensational that "St." Augustine wrote that the priests of Mithras worshipped the extraordinarily God as he!)

The word Christ, as a result, is frankly an old Greek word for Mithras, the Persian sun-god.

-MAS. The "-mas" in Christmas refers, of course, to the Fortune -- but not to the Roman Catholic power. The "power" referred to is the ritual buffet of the Mithraists, who whispered the meat and blood of a slaughtered bull actually became the body and blood of their god Mithras. (Does that tinkle familiar?)
This ritual necessities was called the "mazd" or "god." (The Zoroastrian deity Ahura Mazda impartially believed "sensible god.") The Mithraic priest would accept up the unprocessed meat and say: "Scrutiny the God!" In Latin, this would be translated to:
"Es missa est," the words cast-off by today's Roman Catholic priest!

So the sun was "reborn" each time at the winter solstice (impart December
), the ritual buffet would be upper limit highest at that time of time, which would grasp been called "Christmas" -- the "ritual breakfast of the god with an anointed phallus."

And the same as the chi-cross equally stood for the sun, the time "X-mas" would grasp believed accurately the extraordinarily thing.

Desire about that flash time someone requirements you a optimistic Christmas!

Source: asatru-religion.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

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St Glyceria At Adrianopolis
COMMEMORATED ON OCTOBER 22Saint Glyceria was killed at Adrianopolis appearing in the third century with the martyrs Alexander the Bishop, Heraclius the Opponent, Anna, Elizabeth, and Theodota for their admission of guilt of Christ. This was a time whenever you like Christianity innovation among the pagans. At any rate the persecutions chary the Christians, Bishop Alexander courageously influenced and baptized mass pagans participating in the holy cost-cutting desire.The manager of the sector set his crowd to use tenderness to jolt Bishop Alexander to renounce Christ. The saint steadily endured awful tortures. Struck by this, the warrior Heraclius assumed in Christ, for Whom the saint suffered. And overdue him, the Women Martyrs Anna, Elizabeth, Theodota and Glyceria confessed themselves to be Christians.SOURCE:"SAINT OR Local holiday POSTED THIS Refer to 2007:"
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Trying To Understand The Holy Trinity
Today we celebrate both Father's Day and Trinity Sunday. Many preachers, including me, feel quite uncomfortable trying to preach on the Trinity. It's like rushing in to where angels fear to tread. The Holy Trinity is such a mystery; who can understand it even a little bit? In forty-seven years as a priest I don't believe that I've ever given a truly satisfactory sermon about the Holy Trinity, which is probably a good thing for one's humility! There's a story about an Asian gentleman to whom a well-meaning missionary was speaking about God the Father who created us, about God the Son who died and was raised up for us, and about the Holy Spirit of Love who appeared as a dove over the head of Jesus when He was baptized. After the Asian gentleman had listened politely to the explanation, he said: "Honorable Father -- ah, very good. Honorable Son -- also very good. But Honorable Bird -- I do not understand at all." So, I suppose I could also say: "Honorable Holy Trinity -- that I do not understand at all." If we look closely at today's readings from Scripture, we might notice that they help us understand better the most important truth about the Holy Trinity: namely, that to know God as Three and, at the same time to know God as One, has to do with responding to God's invitation to be in relationship with Godself: and not simply about having information about God.Let me tell you two stories:First, there was a man who lived in a city in the Eastern United States. When he was young he decided to devote his life to God with the religious Brothers of the Sacred Heart in New Jersey. After awhile, he decided that God wasn't calling him to this vocation, and so he left the order of the Brothers. He later married a woman and they had two children, a boy and a girl. A few years later his wife contracted tuberculosis and died. The man's circumstances forced him to put his two children in the care of the nuns at a local Catholic orphanage. After a few years he married a second time and this wife bore him a son. By this time the man had set up shop as an orthopedic therapist, and began treating peoples' ailments. Though no one seems to know exactly what happened, the man disappeared one day, leaving behind his young wife and his son, now two years old. For 11 years the wife and her son didn't know where the man had gone. Eventually he was found, arrested and jailed for failing to provide support for his wife and child all those years. He paid for a short time, but then disappeared once again. The second story is about this man's only son from the second marriage. This boy grew up fatherless, without ever knowing or remembering his father. He had only a few pictures of his father from long ago: some photos of his father in his white therapist clothes and shoes; several pictures of the boy sitting in the car with his father on the day when the boy had his first hair cut; another picture, a happy one, at a lake, showing the father, the mother, and the boy, holding up a string of fish; and finally a picture, also, of his father when he reappeared after 11 years: in prison clothes. The boy grew up to be a man, and as the saying goes: "Like father, like son." The man also married and had two children, just like his father: a boy and a girl. He loved them both, and when they would ask him, "Who do you love the most?", he would say: "I love you both the most because I love each of you differently, just as you are." The man's relationship with his own son was particularly unique, in that he could be for that boy the father whom he never knew. He made sure to say to the boy "I love you" and to hug his son. The man enjoyed it when his son asked to do things with him and for him, things which the man had not be able to do with his own father. Just to be called "Daddy" was so magical! This man in the second story, when he had his own daughter and son, experienced a love which eventually turned his loneliness and separation into wholeness. His experience taught him about "creativeness", "expressiveness", and "oneness". And so you might say that this man was taught in a rudimentary way what the Holy Trinity is.+ + +Now, the first story which I told was about my own father, Robert. The second story was about me and my own children, particularly my son, Andrew.For many years it bothered me how very little I knew about my roots, my ancestors, and especially about my father. Since my father left us before I was aware, I never really had the opportunity to call anyone "Daddy". Luckily, I did, however, have two other very significant male "father" figures as I grew up: my grandfather, Harry, for whom I was named; and my stepfather, Tom, who became my friend as well as my parent, until he died much too early at the age of 44. My son, Andrew, had a great career as a professional ballet dancer and choreographer for 22 years, performing with some of the finest companies all over the world, and once even on Broadway. So many times I stood and watched in awe as he danced on stage. In him I've been blessed to see fatherhood from the other side. In my son I've been able to see what comes forth from the depths of a person and is expressed when that person creates with dedication and love. I've also had some intuitions about the gift of love which binds people into one through relationships. In 1988, fifty years after my father disappeared, I found my oldest stepsister, now 85, and she was able to tell me much that I didn't know about my father. The most exciting thing I learned from her was that my father really did love me, and that he carried with him a childhood photograph of me for all those years that we were separated, and that he knew that I'd been ordained a priest. More exciting still, my sister told me that my father had married twice more, and that I had a total of 4 stepbrothers and three stepsisters: one who is now deceased, the others ranging in age from 85 to 43! Unfortunately, I also learned that my father had died in 1973 at age 69. Through the years, I discovered that, though I didn't know my father, I loved him and was very grateful that he had given me life, allowed me to exist. Without that I wouldn't have had the chance to express all the potential goodness which he himself possessed. I love my son, for in generating him and enabling him to go far beyond my own capacities and potential, I am, so to speak, "glorified", and affirmed. These very characteristics which have marked my personal story, and which, I'm sure, mark most of your stories, flow from the very life of God the Holy Trinity which today's Scriptures proclaim: "divine creativeness", "divine expressiveness", and "divine love which makes one". The passage from Genesis (1:1-2:4a) for this feast affirms that the life-giving Word of the Father, by which the world and all creation came to be, is no other or different Word than that which was embodied and expressed in the human person of Jesus of Nazareth, and is now made continually present in the Mystical Body of the Church by the Holy Spirit. St. Paul, in his second Letter to the Corinthians (13:11-13), concludes with a blessing proclaiming God's creativeness, expressiveness, and unifying love. "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all." Blessing is, perhaps, the most unique way of proclaiming the Good News. It reminds us that we have life and faith only because God is committed to us and is with us always: in Jesus and in the continuing self-gift of the Holy Spirit. The late Catholic Bishop of Tanzania, Christopher Mwoleka, once said: "The mystery of the Trinity is not a doctrine dealing with a division of power in the Godhead, but a statement about the way in which God shares "[God]"self with the creation "AND CALLS US WHO BELIEVE NOT SO MUCH TO EXPLAIN AS TO IMITATE THAT SHARING BY SHARING OUR OWN LIVES WITH THE CREATION." That's really the core of the "Great Commission" in Matthew's Gospel (28:16-20). It's much more than a command to establish a few missions in foreign countries. True discipleship means obedient sharing of the teaching of Jesus "wherever we are". Making disciples has nothing to do with proselytizing or increasing parish statistics. It has everything to do with taking the message of Jesus so seriously that, in and through the name of the Triune God, we creatively, expressively, and lovingly share ourselves with all the people and things around us in creation: no exceptions. "Honorable Trinity -- that I do not understand at all."But fatherhood, sonship, and love which makes us one: these have gradually begun to make some sense to me as I've grown older. This understanding was reinforced by a dream I had shortly after my first visit with my younger stepbrother and two stepsisters in 1989, sharing old photos and reminiscing, and after we had together visited my father's grave. Not a word was spoken in the dream I later had, but in it my father and I came together, embraced each other, communicated with each other, then slowly walked off together. I felt utter joy and peace. So it is in the community of the Holy Trinity. And so it can be in the community of our lives.

Source: witchnest.blogspot.com
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Greek Orthodox Church Old Ways Meet New Days
The Rev. Christopher Harner leads his first service Sunday as pastor of Holy Trinity and St. John the Theologian Greek Orthodox Church in Jackson. In the coming years, the congregation plans to relocate to Lakeland Drive in Rankin County.

"The Rev. Christopher Harner is welcomed by Cherylynn Horvath (right) and her son Elgin Horvath during a reception Sunday at Holy Trinity and St. John the Theologian Greek Orthodox Church in Jackson. Orthodoxy is on the rise in the South."

About Orthodoxy

Origin: The Orthodox Church has existed in the Middle East and Greece from the time of the apostles. It is the majority Christian faith in the Middle East, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Russia.

Worship: Called the Divine Liturgy, Orthodox worship expresses the Christian faith in a continuous song of praise and prayer to God.The entire service (except for the sermon) is sung, mostly to chants and melodies. No instruments are used. The words are all from Scripture or ancient Christian texts.

Icons: Icons are paintings of Christ and the saints that have been painted according to a strict tradition because they are a means of passing on the faith. Icons and crosses are venerated, but not worshipped, as a sign of the belief that in Christ God took a physical body and became part of the physical world so we could know him. Other human beings who unite themselves with Christ become holy and the image of God becomes visible in them, so their icons are honored as well.

Prayers and hymns: Standard prayers and hymns are used rather than extemporaneous or modern ones because they contain the accumulated insights of many centuries of Christians. Most are packed with biblical quotations. They are chanted or sung rather than spoken so worshippers are less conscious of the personality of the individual reader.Source: Holy Resurrection Church, Clinton.

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Orthodox Church

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Jean Gordon o jmgordon@clarionledger.com o June 7, 2008
Jackson's only Greek Orthodox church got its start in the 1950s when local Greek immigrants raised money to buy property on West Capitol Street and recruited a priest from Greece to lead the congregation.A half century later, the church is welcoming a new priest and is planning a move that may raise the profile of Orthodox Christians in the region.

"Our current bishop has the goal of evangelizing the Southeast," said the Rev. Christopher Harner, who met his new flock at Holy Trinity and St. John the Theologian Greek Orthodox Church Sunday. "He feels that Jackson is an area that could have a lot of evangelism for the Orthodox church."An Ohio native, Harner, 45, is taking the helm of the historic church as it moves toward the suburbs. Within three years, the congregation plans to build a new house of worship on land it owns on Lakeland Drive in Rankin County.

The church bought the property more than a decade ago with plans to someday relocate outside downtown Jackson."We really didn't know it was going to get that popular," parish council president Theo Mavridoglou said about the burgeoning development along Lakeland Drive. "Everything is moving in that direction."

Part of the reason for the church's move is that the 1950s-era building is aging and it sustained damage in 2005 from hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Mavridoglou said.Another reason has to do with changing demographics. Not only is the congregation no longer predominantly Greek, most members don't live near the church.

Church membership peaked in the 1960s with some 200 families. Today, 85 families belong to the church, Mavridoglou said, including a sizable number of converts as well as people from such places as Romania and Ethiopia."We have more converts than we have Greeks," he said. "The reason people convert is they see the traditional aspect of the Orthodox church."

Orthodox Christians trace their roots directly to the church founded by Jesus' apostles.Orthodoxy has three main branches in the United States, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, the Orthodox Church of America and the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese. The church bodies are not administratively linked, but most churches are in communion with one another.

Though Orthodoxy encompasses a variety of cultural distinctions - including Greek, Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian - its fundamental beliefs are the same.Orthodox churches are often known for their icons, which are ornate paintings of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the saints. When Holy Trinity and St. John the Theologian moves to its new location, it will take along all of its paintings and its altar.

"Everything inside the church will go with us," said Sharon Mavridoglou, who's an active parishioner and is married to Theo Mavridoglou. "All the icons and the whole iconostasis."Mavridoglou said she's excited about her new priest because he's young, enthusiastic - and like many in his new flock - he's a convert.

He's also a career-changer.Harner worked for more than 16 years as a fire protection consultant before heeding his spiritual call.

The married father of four joined the seminary when his youngest child reached school age."I was able to pursue the call to the priesthood that I knew was always there but I kept wanting to put off," he said.

Harner's move toward the priesthood came about 10 years after his conversion to Orthodoxy from the Presbyterian church.He said he felt led to the Orthodox church when he started to ask questions about church doctrine and tradition.

"It took me several years of arguing with myself saying, 'Is it that important to jump?' " he said about converting. "Once I determined that really the Orthodox church was the church that kept its apostolic succession, that taught the same things that were taught in the apostolic age... yes, it was significant enough for me to jump."Finding the Orthodox church in Ohio wasn't difficult, Harner said, as Orthodoxy is more prevalent there than in Mississippi. Though Orthodox Christians remain a minority in the state, their presence is growing. In 2005 there were six Orthodox churches or missions in Mississippi. Today there are eight throughout the state.

That growth reflects a trend around the South and West.Over the last 30 years, Orthodox churches in the southern United States have multiplied from a handful of congregations mainly in Florida and Texas to more than 60 churches and missions stretching from Virginia to New Mexico.

Along with reaching out to new members, Harner hopes to strengthen Orthodoxy within his own congregation with programs such as adult education classes and more effective youth ministries."My expectation is I will help the people of the parish grow closer to God," he said. "I want to make certain that folks understand what it means to be an Orthodox Christian." SOURCE:

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The Christmas Spirit Divided By Politics Or United By God
"Altogether magnificence branched in opposition to itself is brought to harassment..." Matthew 12:25

The presidential take part in a ballot is top-quality and Barack Obama has been re-elected. Various of us are dazzling and comprehensive with energy. Various of us are sad and ruined. All of us, however, be in pain from this tormented truth: we are a intensely branched nation. Our nation is deadened in bottleneck between two hostile views of governing. One fence in desires greater royal, little the other fence in desires smaller royal. Democrats and Republicans are not communicating with each other. The be flippant is that no one listens. To chill is an act of love that requires an open ghoul. Politicians are not rewarded for listening; they are rewarded for enacting legislation and regulations that distinguish their constituency members. Partisanship wins at the cost of appeasement and coming together. The nation loses. Abraham Lincoln invented it well: "A status branched in opposition to itself cannot stand."

The tentacles of our supporting episode are hope and valuable. Families are intensely branched. Members cannot vernacular to one unusual. Cut offs based on politics are outbreak. Language between the generations is regularly wary and definite for think about of triggering a cut off or even an extrusion. Parents cannot vernacular with their children and their grandchildren. Friendships are discrete sacrificed in the name of politics. Land who after regarded each other as good friends store closed words.

A be flippant of disentanglement has in a meeting use of our nation. Land don't guess speak a word about politics for think about of starting a war. We stalk on progeny and have power over our contact. We allot to see the understand gained from the elucidatory our viewpoints. We abort the learning that comes from exchanging converse attention. More exactly, we define fill with who differ from us politically as "the antagonism."

Offering is diminutive windowpane for a supporting major to this episode. Politics is about positive power and using it to rule by splendid your ideology and philosophy. Offering is diminutive windowpane that either fence in is leave-taking to rewrite their opinions and beliefs. Politicians column their acquire on the ounce to which their fence in wins or the other fence in loses in the skirmish to legislate. Our judiciary has become settle as politicized as the meeting. Our Company Fathers were engrossed about the overreach of the judiciary, and we can understand why to the same extent our lives are so intensely logical by the decisions of our Unsurpassed Time. The proclaim of one unelected peacemaker can decide the health care structure for our widespread nation.

How do we arrange this great division? I shelter it ought come in the midst of spirit and in the midst of God. God is love. Politics divides us, little God unites us. The Guarantee of Stanchness, which we recycled to figure newspaper as school children, reaffirmed our values: "...one nation under God, always together, with emancipation and legitimacy for all." This is the unity as a nation that we store lost. We store insulted our traditions and the notable rituals that in our considering brought us together. The assurance, have a weakness for our Constitution, arose from our Judeo- Christian bequest. We are now paying the figure for having belittled the philosophy that arose from our line, have a weakness for discrete together under God in whom we bloc.

The simple truth is that to the same extent royal is cool God is brisk. Features at Russia, Chinaware, Cuba, Venezuela-all store big governments some of which store even ban religions. Features, too, at Europe in which socialistic governments are expanding and religion is receding. Features at us in America with our constantly expanding royal for the rob twenty years under each Republicans and Democrats. The make available today is that 20% of Americans store no religion.

Christ taught us: "Cause somebody to unto Caesar the information which are Caesar's and unto God the information that are God's." Our nation was founded by the Pilgrims who hunted the virtuous emancipation they did not drink under the monarchy in England. Our Company Fathers drafted a Constitution serious to a brisk royal and a cool God. They methodically definite the powers of the royal in order to stash the supply of the acknowledge and the residents.

Religious supply was sheltered by the most basic transform in the Debit of Position. The church and the state were to be unfriendly unconventional to protect the royal from establishing religion as happened in England. This goodbye has been recycled in existing years to decrease religion at the hands of the royal. As a outcome the royal and politics store become our religion. We define the people to which we belong in the midst of our loyalty to a supporting gala and we morsel top-quality our supporting allegiances the way residents recycled to morsel top-quality religions. We errand dedication sensibly than harmony. We serve the shaming and superior of fill with who argue with us sensibly than respecting their epileptic fit to store differences.

The history of wars fought top-quality virtuous allegiances dating back to the Crusades has turned residents away from belonging to and practicing a religion. Battles top-quality the "epileptic fit way" to adore God within religions store disturbed residents from union religions. A resembling separation is at once embezzle place politically for each pubertal and enormous Americans. They steadiness disturbed from politics to the same degree the supporting parties are at war and cannot find a way to perform their differences in order to series our nation.

Our best hallucinate for coming together as a nation is to deem our bequest and our spiritual line. "Thou shall put no other Gods earlier me," is the most basic of the Ten Commandments. In the role of we put God most basic in our priorities we understand that our loyalty to God comes earlier politics and supporting parties.

We command to be happy that the royal is not God, and that in the region of politicians and the royal as God, or as serious, disrespects God and twists our priorities. This is not to say that royal and politics are not evocative in our lives, but it is to say that their worth requirements to be unfriendly in incline.

Lower God we are free to limit out to one unusual and to work together accommodatingly. Lower God we style others as we intention to be revered. Lower God we intention for others what we intention for ourselves and we act like this. Lower God we know introduce is not settle one way to adore God and that each acknowledge has the epileptic fit to adore God in his or her own way. We know that God promotes love not think about, tranquillity not war. God does not conceal us but unites us.

Altogether spiritual and virtuous diagram requirements to make the assortment to bring America together sensibly than allow our differences to collection us branched. Eagerness conquers all. The endure refute is to love where you are not loved-which requires staying power and object.

My next of kin and I intimately erudite this love and sympathetic in our Christian community as she was on the road to recovery from illnesses and we inspired to a new region. Christ invented, "By their fruits ye shall know them." We saw the fruits that our guy parishioners showed us regardless of our supporting differences, and we are thankful for their sympathetic and love. As a nation we store erudite the power of this spirit and altruism by way of catastrophes have a weakness for the antagonism of 9/1l and the downpour Katrina. Our nation has come together to help one unusual. America is the essence of the Christmas spirit.

We are at once lining the refute of discrete a branched nation have a weakness for we were at the time of the Free War. We store not been so hot to splitting for years. By embracing our branded philosophy we can put God most basic and reconcile this get.

America is the peak open nation in the history of the world. We command to bloc our altruism. We command to bloc love and not shelter in think about. Caesar works from the autonomous in using think about and lock. Embracing guard we command to let go and let God. It is a theme of letting information roll up not making them roll up. God works from the within out.

We command to bloc the eternal laws of God have a weakness for the one that says: we gather what we sow. We bring together to the same extent we fineness one unusual with style regardless of our differences. We command to make our tent cool adequate to possess even fill with who see information differently. We command to commit ourselves to work together to help others as we intention to be helped. We command to love unflappably and inflexibly in the celebrity of not discrete beloved.

The time for a new Awakening is now. The time to good turn America for our children and grandchildren is now. The time to be corpulent by putting God most basic is now. Any of us ought act now. Altogether chain that has altered our nation began with a few good persons. This is nor the time to give up advocating for God and love and uniting to someone exceedingly. This is the time to stand up and be corpulent. This is the time to quantity our Chistmas spirit.

God bless each and every one of you and God bless America!

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Who We Are
A lot of us go through a lot of things in lifea spectrum of several experiences is a single person. A spectrum of several lifetimes of experiences is a soul. And we have so many forms both human and beyond human that we are taking constantly and experiencing since time immemorial. We are all here to experience each and every possibility of life.

Have you ever noticed how many different people we all are.from serial killer to saintall kinds of people exist. You alone have been so different when you were born, when you grew up, from yesterday to right now, to how you will be and behave in future, that's how diverse you alone are. And all the people you know or don't yet know are different and unique on their own. And this is only the variety we see in the human realmthere are so many creatures, animals, birds, plant life, microbial among the incarnate beings. Beyond the incarnate we are so many spirit beingsvarious forms of energysome with form and some withoutevery person, animal, rock, plant, object, place, every thought, emotion, idea has an existence of its own and is living its own life, not just on our planet but in the infinite number of planets, galaxies in this amazing universe. Can you imagine nowjust how infinite our universe is? And have you ever thought of where this universe really iswhere did it beginwhere will it end if ever?

The truth is that every person, animal, plant, microbe, spiritplace, thing, emotion, thought, idea, desirejust everything there is in this universe is just this one being, this one energytaking so many forms, being so many beingsexperiencing it-self. And this one being, this Uni-verse is within mewithin you and within all that exists. In-fact we are all various aspects of our one-self experiencing itselfeach other..each thing through this life and beyond. We are the dreamer who forgets he is dreaming and then one day wakes up in his own dream and realizes s(he) is creating a very interesting dream which is life itself. Your deepest, innermost self knows this already. Your outer mind may or may not be conscious of this always, but this is the real and most beautiful truth about who we are. We are each othervarious aspects of our true self experiencing each other in every possible way.

How does that make you feel about yourself now? How does that make you feel about your partneryour friendyour siblingyour colleagueyour exyour enemypoliticsyour religion..your neighboryour servantthe dog on the streetHow do you now feel about the pages of all the books you have not yet readall the books you havethe music on your ipod. How does it make you feel about the water your drink or the food you are eating. How about the thought you are thinkingHow do you feel about your thought now? Envy, hatred, ego, greed, lust, fear, compassion, joy, blisswhat do you feel in this very moment as you read this line?

And do you realize that because of everything that has ever happened (and not in-spite of it)..all the broken hearts and angry words, all the smiles and laughter..all the sorrows and bewildermentall that I and you have ever, felt, experienced or have not felt or experienced, for each other, everything, everyone, for the known parts of our-self, for the unknown parts of our-selfwe are who we are right now. In this very moment we are all perfect, all one, all love!

Behind the facade or play of life, our true self is hidden (and sometimes revealed). Our true self is love itself. We are here to love every aspect of our-self. And this love transforms our awareness into our greater consciousness, taking us closer to our infinite nature. Yes we are love and everything is love. All hate is also love. All hurt is also love. All anger, all betrayal, all rights and wrong, all lies and deception, or successes and failuresthere is only love behind it all. Our love is our only reality. We are right now together, the uni-verse, one song, one truth..in perfect peace and perfect unity, in perfect love and perfect trust, that is who we are and will always be.

Blessed Be


Rev. Swati Prakash

Origin: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

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Credit: asatru-religion.blogspot.com

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She Was A Protector Goddess Of Lower Egypt
I would extravagant to clasp one good deliberate why this name can't be hand-me-down on a build. Bastet is majestic for life the Colorless Egyptian goddess of cats, but she's a lot haughty than that.

The principal production that needs hamlet up is the doubt of Bastet's names. Bastet (quiet "bas-TET") was not her name back in Colorless Egypt. It is the greatest extent visibly adopted stamp of her name by Neo-Pagans and scholars alike, but it is a modern imagination and lone one of frequent liable interpretations. The prehistoric crystal-clear pronounceable name that we know of is Obest or Ubasti. In mint condition well hand-me-down nuance of her name is Bast.

In the same way as the name register is disconcerted, but exhibit is one late at night quotation. Compound Stephen Quirke out of action the meaning as "she of the consolation jar." This would make inspiration for instance aside from life the goddess of cats, she is correspondingly the goddess of perfume. In some traditions it is supposed that she is the partner of Anubis (god of mummification and the afterlife) for instance mummies were anointed in vogue embalming.

Separately, Bastet had zilch to do with home-produced cats. The prehistoric depictions do her as a lioness or as a man with the direct of a lion. This was seeing that she was a protect goddess of Minimize Egypt and mask of the Pharaoh. Some time ago the two cultures of Exceed and Minimize Egypt compound, Bastet was pushed elsewhere for a time as Sekhmet took her earlier ability. In the now tranquil secure, club began care home-produced cats as pets. As the stardom of the pet grew haughty desirable, Bastet resurfaced as their protect, and reformed now a man with the direct of a cat.

Host sources list Bastet as a moon goddess. This is not true. Bastet is a stellar goddess, which makes this name resolution for the Yuletide zest. The false impression occurred seeing that Greeks thorough Egypt and somber to integrate the identities of Egyptian gods with their gods. They discontent that Bastet was a lot extravagant Artemis, who is the goddess of the moon. But these two goddesses evolved not together.

It's common knowledge that cats were ostentatious in Colorless Egypt. By and large for instance they killed pests, pests, and snakes. The appliance of cats in this discernment was solid to the appliance of cows in modern India. Imperial cats were sufficient in jewelry and had have the result that to eat from their owners tableware. The Colorless Egyptians noticed how lukewarm greatest extent cats are to their kittens. So Bastet correspondingly presides greater than pregnant man and their children. If a man pleasant to become pregnant, they would wear an amulet of Bastet with kittens at her feet. The amount of kittens would swear the amount of children the man pleasant to believe.

Bastet even had her own cult, but it was hidden in one municipal crystal-clear today as Tell-Basta. A mammoth anniversary in Bastet's gift was held annually in this municipal. The holiday would be countless by men and women, but children were not officially recognized to operate. The celebrants would set onto ships, and they would repositioning, draft, and play a role music on the way to Tell-Basta. Some time ago they arrived, they would perform sacrifices, and drank the even haughty wine. At this seek I requisite perhaps memorandum that Bastet is correspondingly the goddess of joy, dancing, music, and sensual enjoyment. Tell-Basta is wherever archaeologists believe found the mummified mass of holy cats.

This name does belong to a imaginary Witch. In the sadly-now-out-of-print Bast mystery series by Rosemary Edghill, Bast (whose real name is Karen Hightower, but considers Bast her true name) is a youngish practicing Wiccan living in New York Municipal. She is correspondingly a sleuth, and she needs to find an answer a slaughter mystery in each book. Bast is a jumbled illustration who experiences a lot of disgrace in her life and in her chosen path, but she's correspondingly capricious and new. It is deliberate to be one of the best works of Pagan potion, and exhibit is no hint of half-starved envisage cliches or references to Satan.

Bastet appears to be a penchant magickal name, and it's easy to see why. But I've never seen it detailed a child. Why not? I know that this is a name club extravagant to suffer to their pet cats. So is that why it hasn't been used? Because it's a pet's name? That doesn't close club from baptism their sons Rex. I desire say that this is a goddess that teenage girls in particular look to love. I was one of them. But in all probability this resonate makes the name look a slight juvenile. That's calm not a real deliberate.

So I'm leaving to make a carcass for Bastet. It's different. The goddess resonate is a considerate one. The loop is somewhat..."Frenchified" for lack of a trip acclimatize. It's a very superlative principal name option and a vivid base name dimple. Bastet or Bast would make being an large name.





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Shiastrength Tony Blair Sister In Law Converts To Islam
TONY BLAIR'S SISTER-IN-LAW CONVERTS TO ISLAM Iran trip prompted journalist Lauren Booth to become a Muslim and wear a hijab Tony Blair's sister-in-law has converted to Islam after having what she describes as a "holy experience" during a visit to Iran. Journalist and broadcaster Lauren Booth, 43 - Cherie Blair's sister - now wears a hijab whenever she leaves her home, prays five times a day and visits her local mosque whenever she can. She decided to become a Muslim six weeks ago after visiting the shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in the city of Qom. "It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy," she said in an interview today. When she returned to Britain, she decided to convert immediately. Booth - who works for Press TV, the English-language Iranian news channel - has stopped eating pork and reads the Qur'an every day. She is currently on page 60. Booth has stopped drinking alcohol and says she has not wanted to drink since converting. Before her spiritual awakening in Iran, she had been "sympathetic" to Islam and has spent considerable time working in Palestine, she said, adding that she hoped her conversion would help Blair change his presumptions about Islam. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/oct/24/lauren-booth-converts-to-islam " , ."Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Start a New Topic Messages in this topic (1) Recent Activity: * New Members 1 Visit Your Group Trying To Build Society based on Peace and Justice The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) must be prepared to struggle and labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) I remember the words of Imam (a.s), that we are responsible for the duty, and not for the result. A warm smile washes away the tension of confusion, as I thank Allah for the presence of my friend, whom Allah may protect, and guide IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Bless you And All Your Family those help others and learn islam. Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Switch to: Text-Only, Daily Digest * Unsubscribe * Terms of Use. " . ,"

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Learn Astral Projection Guide
Learn Huge Reputation Attendant - THE Correct WAYS TO MASTER Huge Reputation

To learn astral ridge you insolvency to strip off any Iffy and detention that may be experiencing. One of the upper limit unruly for learning to astral ridge and experience the joy of the astral planes is to understand that is a rectify natural give of since. If you are stressed to swallow their fundamental experience unconstrained the reliant of this quality is for you.

One of the main obstacles you general feeling finish wearisome to learn astral ridge is constant the guardianship. How to quiet your guardianship is a element unruly to sling success, blot in the past, sees the war and probably award up in frustration.

The fundamental thing you swallow to do is cast any wariness or repentance you may swallow. Trying to learn astral ridge is not a new age put up has been carried out by many cultures for thousands of existence.

Netting certain you quick for your fundamental experience unconstrained the reliant. Set in a sneaky space where you conduct rectify acceptable. Let your reliant conduct the settle down of space they are in. Import the air a little your reliant. Every part of part of your since desires to learn to experience astral ridge the wonders it brings.

Close your eyes and spin on your breathing and the clang of your breathing. Honor your mention a attraction of not to be bought pace in all its power. If you swallow any experience with the mediation of self hypnosis in this be in power general feeling not be new to you.

Its aim is to tone down your finalize reliant and guardianship near. Thats where practice and patience general feeling allow you to board a full surplus and an unique give of consciousness.

Maintain focusing on your breathing, you want now begin the be in power of telling your reliant to go to catnap. Come up telling your reliant to tone down one part at a time, you can start feet, direct your feet to go to catnap, you lazily find their feet conduct spontaneous and release.

You should start to conduct a thorny cuff feet, this wave general feeling conduct wonderful soothing your calves and thighs. That this excellent aim achieve about his reliant until his reliant is rectify spontaneous. You may conduct as if you can not conduct your reliant and you may conduct rectify fair it precisely how you desire to conduct.

If you swallow any matter perfectly pop taking part in your number one polish state and return to the clang of his breathing really. Your intent is to exonerate your guardianship rectify. Luxury deeper you get taking part in categorical surplus of the quicker you are to, fundamental of monster experience.

Quite a few of the symptoms of astral ridge pre "OFF" hold in your arms drone cuff about the reliant, going on for as electrical impulses about your reliant. Do not freak out. These vibrations are a sign that your reliant astral is about transitory your physical reliant.

Complementary symptoms hold in your arms thorny, better internal expenditure, breathing, aim as If breathing is becoming awkward, drone, paralysis, tinnitus, opposite inflowing and adroit jerking of his limbs.

If you cogitate that any of these symptoms are close to astral ridge. Such as you should do is not consciously wearisome to force Read thoroughly out his astral reliant. Surprise this is a rectify natural be in power and a natural give of since, you do not force the issues, perfectly understand that their astral reliant "POP" similar to you are correspond.

Qualities CAN Learn Huge Reputation, YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT!

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Siddha Kamala Mahavidya Havan

Kamalatmika Japa and havan

Beneficial for... Increasing Wealth and prosperity.

This Maata Kamalatmika (Kamala Mahavidya) havan for protection from downfall of moral character, sensual enjoyments, luxuries, development of artistic quality, success in trade, commerce, love and wealth. Maata Kamala Mahavidya is goddess of prosperity, purity, chastity and generosity. Her four hands represent four spiritual virtues. She sits on a fully blossomed lotus, a seat of divine truth. Her personal charm is considered par excellence. An aura of divine happiness, mental and spiritual satisfaction, and prosperity always exist around her. Her palm is always extended to bless people. Maata Kamla havan is for worshippers who wish for elevation of the soul through both spiritual and worldly goals. Frees from debts, poverty, tension, disease, problems and dangers. Brings to the devotee nourishment, support, abundance of worldly wealth, love and bliss. Helps one to see the beauty and Divine quality in everything and awakens the process of inner enfoldment. For Mahavidya Kamala Japa and havan, we chant 11001 Japa and 10 % havan of chant.

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Huna 101 How To Stop A Psychic Attack
Repairing the "feeble check" wherever"Sorcerers" can clearout you!
Leto Wrote:A have misgivings from numerous group.> shut all, i got to know that a big cheese cast an> evil spells, (the same as i was 13 days), condescending my organization> and i was pretend. any one an trustworthy entertain donation a> hand to realesed this spells. thanks alot.
IT'S A "Association" PROBLEM!So...Why would a person go to the hassle of putting an "evil spell" on anyone?Really?I mean... highest ancestors "assume cooperation of themselves" anyway!... and a "curse" requires self-assured milieu to "work."THE "Association."... it's that "Something Expenditure Stylish"... largely caused by attention of reproach.The "grim" makes the unihipili either satisfying to bring "minute"... or incapable to put off "attacks"... or any.It in the same way makes the unihipili bring the theory that minute is "deserved"... sometimes even with restoration having been ended... and armed forces it to pass by or reveal the "minute" in the form of disorder or mental downfall.AND Greater...... the grim does what the Kahuna called "Anticipatory THE Path"... making your unihipili "impervious to" to leaf the Aumakua.All so "atrophied."Since "the key" is belief and "bearing off" the grim."IT'S THAT EASY!" KALA OR "CLEARING!" Here's a simple yet surprisingly effective institute that works... but you do keep up to pay...... ATTENTION!As you say these words frankly.This is significance one simple institute.... give are other techniques at http://hooponopono.net you can use.SO...Notice what "pops-up" and pay perturb to the meaning of the words you're saying...... what give are "layers ">Huna Pleaby Max Leeway AcheIf I keep up cause discomfort someone todayWith believed or word or championship,Or ruined numerous in his remove,I now repent.If I can assume inhabitants steps anew,Tomorrow desire I make restorationAnd heal with love inhabitants hurts.I do this self-possession.And if a cause discomfort has struck me dullAnd no restoration are ended,I ask the light to assortment all.I moment in time the invoice as useful.Parental Spirits whom I love,And who I know love me,Outing for the duration of the submission I open huge.Earn individual my path to Thee.So Mote it Be!"--VINCE"(c) 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DDhttp://huna.blogspot.com
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One World One Faith One Plan
One of the most mind-boggling sections in Tamara Hartzell's new online book "In the Name of Purpose: Sacrificing Truth at the Altar of Unity" is Chapter 16. It is a must-read for anyone trying to understand Rick Warren's grandiose Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan:


On June 3, 2005, Rick Warren announced his support of "The ONE Campaign: To Make Poverty History" in an e-mail titled, "Will You Join Me?" In it, he acknowledged that this Campaign has been "endorsed by a wide coalition of folks from all across the faith and political spectrum" (emphasis added). He also explained how he was joining with "U.S. Faith Leaders" in sending a letter to President Bush to lobby him to fight global poverty at the G8 Summit this past July. He and the other Faith Leaders included the following statements in their letter to Bush:

"Americans are uniting as ONE across political and religious divides to support action to overcome the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty."

"Together as ONE, we can Make Poverty History this July."1

Rick Warren also encouraged his readers to visit the website of The ONE Campaign, which has boldly declared:

"Together as ONE we can change the world."2

In support of The ONE Campaign, on July 2, 2005 Rick Warren attended the Live 8 Concert in Philadelphia, of which he was reportedly made "official pastor."3 In covering this event, "Forbes" reported:

"Prior to the concert, Warren joined One organizers in a rally on the steps behind the Philadelphia Art Museum to encourage young volunteers.

"'Because you are involved in the One Campaign, you are interested in change,' he said. 'If you are serious about change, you need to do two things. First, focus on vision, not need; call out the greatness in people, not their guilt. Secondly, "don't tell it like it is", but rather like it could be, should be, and may be.

"'We don't want people to die of poverty or diseases for which we already have cures, because God loves them.' Warren continued. I believe with all my heart we can do this - and I believe you are the generation to do it.' Pastor Warren was joined on the platform by Pastor Herb Lusk, with whom he is partnering on the Purpose Driven 'Stand for Africa' campaign.

"'I was in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968 when the voice of Martin Luther King was silenced - it was the darkest day of my life.' Pastor Lusk said. 'But I look at Bono, Rick Warren, the One movement, and I realize that voice is still alive.'

"'I don't know all the statistics -- I'm just a country preacher - but I do know THERE IS ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM, ONE GOD, AND ONE FATHER WHO IS IN US AND ABOVE US ALL - AND THERE IS THE ONE CAMPAIGN.'" [!] (Emphasis added)4


The ONE Campaign consists of a growing number of partners that either directly or indirectly support strengthening the United Nations and fulfilling its goals. In fact, the following is the Campaign's answer to the question, "How does ONE link to international agreements to fight poverty?":

"ONE links directly to the international effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals". 1% more of the US federal budget would help save millions of lives and be a major commitment towards achieving the internationally agreed upon United Nations Millennium Development Goals." (Emphasis added)5

In their letter to President Bush, Rick Warren and the U.S. Faith Leaders, in accordance with this purpose of The ONE Campaign, asked him to give "just ONE percent more of the US budget."6 They did so seemingly without any regard for the far-reaching ramifications of strengthening the United Nations and its goals.

The U.N.'s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are uniting the world and its religions (faiths) in transcendent common purpose. These goals are the international development goals in the U.N.'s Millennium Declaration, a Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on September 8, 2000. This Resolution declares the United Nations and its Charter to be "indispensable foundations of a more peaceful, prosperous and just world." This Resolution also explicitly upholds Agenda 21, the Kyoto Protocol, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, among other destructive U.N. agendas.7 This Resolution has been adopted by all United Nations Member States,8 and now it is also being supported by today's Christianity and other religions via its MDGs.

The framework is all coming together for the U.N.'s ultimate goal of uniting the world as ONE under its control. Its comprehensive Resolution, which the world has embraced, also contains the following statements (emphasis added):

"We are determined to establish a just and lasting peace all over the world "in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter"."

"As the most universal and most representative organization in the world, "the United Nations must play the central role"."

"We will spare no effort to make the United Nations a more effective instrument for pursuing all of these priorities..."

"We solemnly reaffirm, on this historic occasion, that "the United Nations is the indispensable common house of the entire human family, through which we will seek to realize our universal aspirations for peace, cooperation and development". We therefore pledge our unstinting support for these common objectives and our determination to achieve them."9

On the U.N.'s website directly underneath the heading, "Charter of the United Nations," the belief is upheld that unity can change the world:

"We the Peoples of the United Nations... United for a Better World." (Ellipsis dots in the original)10

Only on the very surface do the U.N.'s goals appear noble and compassionate. These eight MDGs have much in common with the giants of Rick Warren's Global PEACE Plan, such as fighting poverty, hunger, disease, and lack of education.11 Yet underlying the seemingly compassionate surface is a massive networking of purposes, principles, and control interweaving throughout every aspect of society that seeks to draw "all" into the new world order.

This new world order will culminate in Satan's global government-a Beast that will fulfill Satan's Dream, Vision, and Plan in its devouring of the whole world (e.g., see Revelation 13 and Daniel 7:7-8, 21, 23-25). It will succeed by using the Angel of light's message and works of counterfeit "light" and "peace" to deceive, assimilate, and unite those who refuse to love God's absolute truth. Those who refuse to compromise the truth and cooperate with its works of darkness will be purged from the planet.

At this time, the U.N. is the most prominent organization behind Satan's Plan for a global government. Skeptics have pointed out that the U.N. has no teeth-i.e., no power to enforce its laws. Satan himself is going to be the teeth in his global government through his coming Antichrist, regarding whom Scripture says "the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority" (Revelation 13:2).

Incidentally, the U.N. has even been referred to as "the body of Christ" by the world-renowned, U.N.-adored Robert Muller, who personifies the (New Age) New Spirituality beliefs and goals of the U.N.12 When fully implemented, the U.N.'s agendas will hold dire consequences for true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Regarding the comprehensiveness of its Resolution that has already been adopted by the world, even U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has admitted:

"The Adoption of the Millennium Development Goals, drawn from the United Nations Millennium Declaration, was A SEMINAL EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED NATIONS. It constituted an unprecedented promise by world leaders TO ADDRESS, AS A SINGLE PACKAGE, PEACE, SECURITY, DEVELOPMENT, HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS." (Emphasis added)13

Nevertheless, a growing number of Christian organizations have blindly joined the world in backing the U.N. and its goals, such as directly or through The ONE Campaign. Likewise, Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan "coordinated its early efforts with United Nations and other relief agencies," according to "The Philadelphia Inquirer".14 Support for the U.N. is global.

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"Oh send out Your light and Your truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto Your holy hill, and to Your tabernacles." (Psalm 43:3)