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Monday, 24 October 2011

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Necessary Limits

More follow-up to previous entries (here and here) regarding the pagan Hanover Central High School girl in Cedar Lake, Indiana who was sent home Tuesday for wearing a pentagram in celebration of Beltane - the father discusses here why his daughter was wearing a pentagram on her face instead of *just wearing* a pentagram necklace:

I do need to explain my daughters action on painting the pentagram on her face. She has had necklaces taken from her by faculty, she has had other students rip them right off her neck. She said if it's painted on my skin, they can not take it away from me. Logical I think.

Last year she was being abused by a male student who was snapping her with industral rubber bands, this student also jumped on her back and in frustration she yelled at him to get the F off of her, she was suspended while the other student who had caused harm to her was not, we submitted a video tape of the welts and bruises cause by the other student and still no action was taken. Even though pagans are a peaceful and quiet people, we do have our limits on how much we are gonna take.

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The Trinity
It is truly clad that the Gospel for Trinity Sunday is the third chapter of Saint John, in which our Peer of the realm speaks of our compel to be baptized, calling it to be untutored once again, and to untutored of water and of the Character. Afterward, at the rear of His resurrection, the Gospel of Matthew tells us that He commanded His Apostles to "make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Label of the Flinch and of the Son and of the Superhuman Heart." For the basic time ever, the bring to an end Label of God was informal, and heard by worldly ears. The Label, singular: Saint Sage the Immersed makes a outing of emphasizing this. Not three names, but one Label of three People.In Jewish history, by the time that Christ was untutored the Label of God had not been informal for about five hundred years; I mean that strange Label of which we give birth to truly four consonants that go along with to our Latin alphabet, in English convention of intonation, to the symbols YHVH. Attempts to restructure a polite intonation are a waste of time. In recognition of the prophecy of Jeremiah, at the rear of the return from Babylon, no man of Judah ever spoke this Label once again. Somewhat than stake a mispronunciation of the Label, the word "Adonai," which resources Peer of the realm, would be informal by a Jewish reader whenever you like reading the Hebrew Scriptures (and in perishing luggage, "H' Shem", which resources the Label. But "Adonai" is by far the immense and stuck-up recurrently accepted every other for the strange, indefinable Label). This is why your Bible has, as its English summary of the strange Label, the word "Peer of the realm" in all capitals. Whenever this, the greatest admired Label of God, was written by a Jewish fashion, he would destroy the pen and never use it once again. This Jewish reverence for the Superhuman Label was part of the basic social group of Christian Tradition; and I really insist the wisdom of arduous to publicize the Label at all.As a consequence, the intonation of the indefinable Label may be lost due to Fortune. Taking into account Christ came clothed in the world He began quick on to reveal the Label of God as that Label is unadulterated for our help. Taking into account but twelve energy of age He designed, "did you not know that I would be in My Father's house?" In words of one syllable following does the scripture chief Him using the turn of phrase "our Flinch." This is whenever you like He tells "us" how "we" want to pray. For Christians God is "our" Flinch. But, Christ never says "our Flinch" in such a way as to ingratiate yourself equality amongst Him and us. He draws a dividing line, idiom either of "My Flinch" as the truly begotten Son, or idiom of "your Flinch" to us as relatives who are adopted not working Him, untutored once again of water and the Character. Never, does He say "thy Flinch" to any undo. For we are truly adroit to speak of our Flinch, as the community of relatives adopted in Christ. To us God is our Flinch, for even if we are praying unofficially, we cannot be, and so are not, God's children to the left from the truly begotten Son.In all of this, except, continuation to the trouble of God's Label, Jesus Christ has revealed the Label of God. In the words He spoke to the apostle's on the night in which He was betrayed, He spoke of the coming of the other Throw, the Character of Depth, the Superhuman Character, as He would come upon them subsequent on Pentecost, sent from the Flinch by the Son. Then in His high clerical prayer- the 17th chapter of John, the Peer of the realm Jesus addresses His Flinch, and says, "I give birth to revealed to them thy Label." The revealed name was Flinch, a name that tells of the simple fact that "God is love." Late he died for our sins and rose once again, He went on to reveal to us the full Label of God, as we give birth to been reminded or during the right to fame. That Label is "the Flinch and the Son and the Superhuman Heart." We do not compel to trudge crave and spiky at arduous to publicize the Tetragrammaton, that is the indefinable Label. We speak fairly of the Flinch and the Son and the Superhuman Heart.So, it is clad that we read from the third chapter of John on Trinity Sunday, being of the way in which the Trinity has been revealed. It has been revealed in the subtract by which God has done relatives greatest manipulate and larger acts in the history of help, whenever you like "the prosperity of time had come" and God sent forth His truly Son untutored of a virgin. The Son did always the movement of the Flinch, by the book up to and and the acquaint with of His life on the incensed. By the Father's movement he rose once again. In every way He conservative recognized Himself on the greatest children terminology with God, and words that bothered the greatest constricted antagonism from men: "I and my Flinch are One." He spoke of the other Throw whom He would send from the Flinch. He revealed the Label of God basic as Flinch, and next stuck-up superlatively as the Flinch and the Son and the Superhuman Heart. And, none of this astonishment was unadulterated in instantaneous terminology as pond theory; he did not reveal the Trinitarian Label in a classroom, or by lettering a paper.The view of the Trinity was revealed by Jesus Christ in relatives self-giving acts by which we are saved. Our confide of eternal life, that begins in the waters of Designation, is attached to the astonishment of the Flinch and of the Son and of the Superhuman Heart. The Trinity was revealed by the work of God in donation Himself to panel us from sin and death. The coming of the Son, His surrender, and His resurrection; the coming of the Superhuman Heart on Pentecost so that the Priestly would be endued with every resources of chic, all authority to us a practical and real knowledge of God as the three People. In stingy us he made His Himself usual, and His One Label is the Flinch and the Son and the Superhuman Heart.It never has been a put your thumb out of arithmetic. The view of the Trinity speaks of Trinity in District, three People in One God. Anybody who knows that the word "unity" is a form of the word "unit," which comes from "uno" (which resources one) knows that plentiful parts can make up a unit. We know about the use of the shamrock by Saint Patrick, that it is three trees in one. Innumerable thump all through the bent world create in your mind how simple a fact it is that any notable of parts can matching one. So, to simulated that it is contrary to hold that three People are One God is a moderately foamy rationalize for doubt about this view. The real put your thumb out is that of understanding God. We cannot put God under a microscope, and depict parts or define ingredients. We cannot put away His Richness in the worldly wits, as if we could happen chess with Him and confide to win. We movement never understand God: But in Christ, by the Superhuman Character, we can know God. And, being He is unlimited, eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ Whom He has sent; a badger of knowledge of the Unrestricted that movement not be frozen unto ages of ages, or world minus end. "Olam, v'olam"- endlessly and ever, our gleeful confide is to know God stuck-up and stuck-up.We know that God is love being we know the Flinch and the Son and the Superhuman Heart. And, due to the greatest acts of help history, we love Him being he basic prized us.

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

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The Wiccan Survey
I was tagged with this on another site, but I thought I'd post it here because it's easier.

1. What is your magical name? Aislynn Bride is my public magical name (the one I use at gatherings, festivals, online, etc.)

2-3. What does it mean/How did you get it? I found my name through study of Irish mythology and tree lore, meditation, and inward reflection. To make an extremely long story short, I kept dreaming of ash trees and had always known that I embodied the ash on the Celtic tree calendar more than my own designated tree (willow). Hence the "Ais" in my name. Lynn could mean "lake", "waterfall", or "pool" which corresponds to my patron God, Manannan Mac Lir, in a way. I chose that spelling (rather than "linn", "ling", or "lin" as are commonly seen) because of the meaning of the translation as well as the correspondence with a number that is significant to me, numerologically speaking. Put together, the name could mean "dream", "vision", or "inspiration" as I'm very artsy, a big dreamer to whom inspiration is key. It's also important because much of my Craft knowledge or important decisions regarding the Craft came to me in dreams. Brighid is also my patron Goddess which brings the "inspiration" meaning closer to home. Aislinn is also a well-known Celtic figure.

4. How did you find Wicca? I found it through a friend on a Harry Potter site I was running. She mentioned it in passing, and thus my research started.

5. How long have you been practicing? Almost 9 years (in August)

6. Are you a solitary or group practitioner? Solitary

7. What is your path? I generally classify it as eclectic or (most commonly) Neo-Wicca of an Irish-Celtic nature

8. Are you out of the broom closet? I'm far enough out for now. I'm still working on some acceptance, but pretty much everyone I interact with regularly knows. I'm open about it for the purposes of education.

9. Who is your patron God? Manannan mac Lir

10. Who is your patron Goddess? Brighid

11. What Gods do you worship? I'm open to the entirety of the Irish-Celtic pantheon, but I've worked specifically with the Dagda, Lugh, Lir, and Ogma in the past, obviously in addition to Manannan.

12. What Goddesses do you worship? Same answer as above. I've worked with Boann, the Morrigan, the Cailleach, and Danu (as much as that's possible).

13. Describe the moment you felt closest to nature/your Gods. This would have to be when I was in Ireland. We went to cliffs similar to the Cliffs of Moher on the Aran Islands. We were the only ones there and pretty much everyone in my class fell asleep. I laid down and just allowed my mind to wander. It was at this moment that the Manannan started really speaking to me as I heard the waves crashing below.

14. Do you have a power animal/animal totem? I have problems with both of these titles in different ways, but I do have what I guess you'd call "spirit guides" in the forms of animals. One is a tabby cat and one is a penguin. I know. That's not one you hear everyday.

15. Do you have a familiar? Yes. She was once living, but it's been a few years since she passed. Her name was Chelsea, and she still appears to me as she did in life--in the form of a Japanese tuxedo cat.

16. What is your favorite flower to work with? I really enjoy lilies both mundanely and magically

17. What is your favorite tree to work with? I work well with both ash and willow because of the above mentioned connections

18. What is your element? Air

19. What is your favorite stone to work with? I love moonstone and lapis. I also love blue lace agate (but that one's mainly just because it's pretty!).

20. What is your favorite oil? I love bergamot's smell. Lavender is my favorite to work with because it's easy, though.

21. What is your favorite holiday? Imbolc, of course!

22. What is your favorite season? Spring

23. Do you use tarot? No! I rather dislike tarot, actually.

24. Do you use runes? I don't like the term "use" in this context. I work with the runes. Right now I'm learning them, so I don't use them a whole lot.

25. Do you use another form of divination? Yes. I scry with a mirror, water, and flame. I also use ogham occassionally.

26. Do you believe in vampires? I'm not sure what this has to do with Wicca, but I do believe there are people that believe they are vampires. I also believe there are people who feed off the energy of others (however unethical that seems to me).

27. Do you believe in werewolves? Again, this doesn't relate to Wicca. And no.

28. Do you believe in reincarnation? Yes.

29. Is Wicca always love and light? No. If you think that, you're in for a rude awakening. You're also ignoring an essential part of what makes Wicca what it is--balance!

30. What have you studied so far? Ritual construction and performance, herbalism, runes (a bit), Celtic history and mythology (specifically Irish), Wiccan history, magical ethics, spell construction and performance, crystal magic, candle magic, aromatherapy, guided visualization, active meditation, etc.

Reference: wizard-notes.blogspot.com

Friday, 21 October 2011

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The Brother Of The Lord
Does this show the existence of Jesus?

The link can be found here

The text is as follows:

Is James really a brother to a historical figure? Let's talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Yesterday, I wrote about the problem of internet atheists and gave the Christ-myth as an example. I can anticipate that someone will ask me about the claims of Richard Carrier. I figured it would be good to look at some of the claims that are made against Jesus being a real historical figure and for a start, thought that I'd look at the passage that talks about James being the brother of the Lord.

Now if James is a brother to someone, it would be self-evident that that person either now exists or at one time did exist. You can still be the sibling of someone who is dead after all. If it is the case that Jesus now existed or even at one time did exist (Perhaps for the sake of argument, he never rose from the dead), then the Christ-myth theory is false.

There can be no doubt that the NT often uses the term "brother" and "brethren" in a spiritual sense. This is still used today of course. The question we have to ask is "Does this mean that every time the text identifies someone as a brother, it means in a spiritual sense?" This would be a highly problematic feature since it would mean no one could positively be identified as someone's brother in the text.

Could there be any way to make a stronger case? Yes. I think there is. I would like to start with the Galatians passage that's usually brought up. This text is Galatians 1:19 and reads as follows:

"But I saw none of the other apostles except James the Lord's brother."

Now this is often dismissed since we know about the case of spiritual brothers. Yes. We certainly do. However, to state that it can often refer to spiritual brethren in the NT is not to argue that in this case, it means a spiritual brother. Here are some reasons I think it does not.

First off, we have a specific identifier remark. James is a brother. A brother of who? A brother of Jesus. This is to set him apart from numerous other people named James. Keep in mind James was an extremely common name in the time of the NT. How do you know which James, it's the one who is an apostle and more importantly, the brother of the Lord.

Note also that to identify someone by their brother is something extraordinary. Most people would have been identified by their father. This James is identified by the person he is a brother of. This indicates that the person he is a brother of would have been well-known in the church.

Second, James is set apart from others. Would not John and Peter have also been considered brothers of the Lord in a spiritual sense? Yet this is not said of John or Peter. Some have speculated a group called "the brothers of the Lord" and that James belonged to this and none others. Unfortunately, we have no mention of such a group. It is created wholesale to fit the theory. We do, instead, have references to brothers in the NT, even physical brothers, and thus no ad hoc creation is needed.

Third, this reference shows up in Josephus. In there, we find a reference to James, the brother of Jesus. This occurs in Antiquities 20.9.1. The whole reads as follows:

"Antiquities 20.9.1. "And now Caesar, upon hearing the death of Festus, sent Albinus into Judea, as procurator. But the king deprived Joseph of the high priesthood, and bestowed the succession to that dignity on the son of Ananus, who was also himself called Ananus. Now the report goes that this eldest Ananus proved a most fortunate man; for he had five sons who had all performed the office of a high priest to God, and who had himself enjoyed that dignity a long time formerly, which had never happened to any other of our high priests. But this younger Ananus, who, as we have told you already, took the high priesthood, was a bold man in his temper, and very insolent; he was also of the sect of the Sadducees, who are very rigid in judging offenders, above all the rest of the Jews, as we have already observed; when, therefore, Ananus was of this disposition, he thought he had now a proper opportunity. Festus was now dead, and Albinus was but upon the road; so he assembled the sanhedrim of judges, and brought before them the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ, whose name was James, and some others; and when he had formed an accusation against them as breakers of the law, he delivered them to be stoned: but as for those who seemed the most equitable of the citizens, and such as were the most uneasy at the breach of the laws, they disliked what was done; they also sent to the king, desiring him to send to Ananus that he should act so no more, for that what he had already done was not to be justified; nay, some of them went also to meet Albinus, as he was upon his journey from Alexandria, and informed him that it was not lawful for Ananus to assemble a sanhedrim without his consent. Whereupon Albinus complied with what they said, and wrote in anger to Ananus, and threatened that he would bring him to punishment for what he had done; on which king Agrippa took the high priesthood from him, when he had ruled but three months, and made Jesus, the son of Damneus, high priest.

A Christian inserting such a passage would not say Jesus was called Christ. They would say Jesus was the Christ. (Especially if such a person had inserted the earlier reference in Josephus entirely) Josephus scholars have no problem accepting this passage. Some think the final Jesus is the one being talked about, but there is no evidence that this Jesus was ever called the Christ and if so, there's no reason why he would have been made high priest. In fact, if the Messiah was of the tribe of Judah, it is most certain a high priest could not be Messiah. (Hebrews explains Jesus being one from a Christian perspective)

There are other references in the NT that I think lend support to the idea of brothers not having to be a spiritual term.

1 Cor. 9:5 "Do we not have the right to take along a believing wife, as do the other apostles and the brothers of the Lord and Cephas?"

Again, why should I create an ad hoc group when instead I could just say these are the brothers of the Lord. Why would apostles not be included in such a group? Why would Cephas not be included in such a group?

Jude 1:1 Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James,

Once again, why should I think this is referring to something spiritual. Jude would be identifying himself by a famous marker. He does not identify himself as a brother of Jesus, likely so as not to draw attention to himself and be seeking to steal honor from others. He instead goes with the brother of James, which would be a famous one, and why not the one who is a brother of Jesus. Could Jude be saying James is a spiritual brother, but no one else? The more natural reading fits best.

It is for reasons like this that I do not think the brother of the Lord claim of Carrier being a spiritual brother really holds waters. To argue otherwise is to adjust the evidence to fit the theory and vice-versa.

In Christ,

Nick Peters

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Questions For Those Who Believe In The Trinity
IF JESUS IS ALMIGHTY GOD... 1. After that why is "God main of Christ Morally AS Christ is main of man"? (1 Cor. 11:3)2. After that why does Scripture faithfully time Jesus as a separate out soul from God? (John 20:17; John 14:1; Dip 10:18; John 17:1-3; etc. In addition to in fantasy, 1 Cor. 11:3; Luke 22:69; etc.) 3. After that how can Jesus "pass on" a God? May possibly Almighty God pass on a God? (Mic. 5:4; Ps. 45:6, 7; 89:26; John 20:17; Rom. 15:6; 2 Cor. 1:3; Eph 1:3; Col 1:3; Dip 15:34; John 17:1-3; In addition to in fantasy, Rev. 1:6; 3:2, 12) 4. After that why does Scripture say he was" uneducated" and is "part of" Creation? (Col. 1:15)5. After that why does Rev. 3:14 say that Jesus is "the beginning of the idea of God"?6. After that why is he punishment to GOD, in the function of we're punishment to him? (1 Cor. 15:27, 28; Eph. 1:17)7. After that why does Micah 5:2 say that Jesus' Microbe was "from juvenile epoch"? 8. After that why does Jesus not know what God knows? (Matt. 24:36, Rev.1:1; Luke 8:45)9. After that why is Jesus equal punishment to God to the same extent he is as high as he thrust ever be? (1 Cor. 15:27, 28)10. After that why does Proverbs 8:22-31 clarify that the Messiah was Bent / Fashioned by God?11. After that why is he not powerful lots to punishment things to himself? (1 Cor. 15:27, Eph. 1:17, 22)12. After that why would he pass on to be "given" any power and authority? (Mt. 28:18; 11:27; Jn. 5:22; 17:2; 3:35; 2 Pet. 1:17)13. After that why did he pass on to" learn" anything? (Heb. 5:8; John 5:19; 8:28)14. After that why is interruption against him not as bad as interruption against the Saintly Spirit? (Mt. 12:31,32; Luke 12:10)15. After that why did Jesus provoke the "Close relative...the in simple terms true God"? (John 17:3)16. After that why did he need to be saved? (Heb. 5:7; John 12:27)17. After that why did he pass on to be "towering" to Conduct and Savior? (Acts 5:31)18. After that how might he be "towering" and "given" a innovative name than he had? (Phil. 2:9-11; Heb. 1:2-4)19. After that why did he pass on to be" given" life in himself? (John 5:25,26)20. After that how can the Close relative be high-class than he? (John 14:28)21. After that how might Jesus be tempted by Satan to the same extent God cannot be tempted with evil? (James 1:13)22. After that why did he glorify the Father? (John 4:22)23. After that why can he not do anything on his own? (John 5:19; 6:38)24. After that why would he pray to anybody? (Luke 22:44; John 17:1,2; Heb. 5:7)25. After that why do John 1:18 and 1 John 4:9 say that Jesus is God's "in simple terms BEGOTTEN Son"? ASV26. After that how can he be God's servant? (Acts 4:26,27,30)27. After that how might he build boldness from an angel? (Luke 22:43)28. After that how might he be a "mediator" amid "God" and man? (1 Tim. 2:5)29. After that how might he be "with" God "(ton theon)"? (John 1:1)30. After that how can he be God's image? (Col. 1:15; Heb. 1:3)31. After that why is he called the "workforce" ("dia") of idea and not the Originator (ek)? (1 Cor. 8:6; John 1:1-3; Prov. 8:30; Heb. 2:10; Col. 1:15,16)32. After that why did Jesus say GOD was "good" in a way that Jesus was not? (Dip 10:18)33. After that why does he pass on an archangel's voice pretty of God's voice? (1 Thess. 4:16)34. After that why is the in simple terms "glorify" given to him the especially given to humans? (Heb. 1:6, cf. Mt. 18:26; Rev. 3:9 - "Proskuneo")35. After that why do various who think this rely on a "few "Accurate, supposed 'proof-texts' pretty of the context of the all the same teaching of the "wonderful" Bible?36. After that how might he be COMMANDED to do anything? (John 12:49; Deut. 18:18)37. After that why did Steven see two separate out entities, GOD and Jesus, and not honestly one God or three persons? (Acts 7:55)38. After that how might he be seen at GOD's unerringly hand? (Luke 22:69; Acts 7:55; Rom. 8:34)39. After that how might Jesus be "towering" (not to become God Himself, but) to the majestic of the "unerringly hand "OF" God"? (Acts 2:33)40. After that why would he pass on to "build" a clarification from God? (Rev.1:1)41. After that why is he called God's "begotten" Son "in advance" he came to earth? (John 3:16; Gal. 4:4; 1 John 4:9)42. After that how might he pass on a "Close relative"? (John 20:17)43. After that how might he come in flesh? (1 Kings 8:27; Acts 17:24,25)44. After that why did he not come in his "own" name? (John 5:41-44)45. After that why did Jesus "come down from fantasy to do God's thrust" and not his own will? (Luke 22:42; John 6:38; John 5:30; John 8:42) 46. After that how might he echo "in advance" GOD? (Heb. 9:24) 47. After that how might he die? Can God die? Can part of God die? (Rom. 5:10; Acts 5:30; 1 Cor. 15:3; Hab.1:12; cf. 1 Tim. 6:16; Num. 23:19; Ps. 90:2; Dan. 6:25-26)48. After that why is it that "God" resurrected Jesus? (Acts 2:32)49. After that why can we see him if "no man has seen God at any time"? (John 1:18)50. After that why is donate not one free Scripture where Jesus is called "God the Son," (outfit to persons declaring "God, the Close relative)?51. How is it that the Jews brusque up some two-faced witnesses to make up lies to bring in a death result for Jesus, but neither the Jewish officials nor even one of these two-faced witnesses made a call that he was God or reciprocally God? (Matt. 26:59-67)52. John SUMMED UP HIS Unprocessed GOSPEL by saying that it was in black and white that we may think "that Jesus is the Christ, the SON "of" God." Why is donate is no introduce in that outline of the wonderful Gospel of what "would" be the record weighty thing of all - that Jesus is God? (John 20:31)53. How might Jesus teach in the Jewish SYNAGOGUES and the TEMPLE? This would never ensue if "any" of the institution aimed he claimed to be God (or that his followers aimed such a thing). - Matt. 26:55; John 7:14, 28. Matt. 4:23.54. How might Jesus' followers teach in Jewish SYNAGOGUES following Jesus' death and for the put your feet up of that initial century (at negligible)? Anew, this would not pass on been permitted if donate were "any" impression that they aimed Jesus to be God. Acts 9:20; 13:5, Acts 13:13-15.IF THE Saintly Vivacity IS ALMIGHTY GOD...1. After that why do quotes from Trinitarians give that the Saintly Vivacity is not God but if possible is a pitch from God? 2. After that why would Jews instructed in the Old Tombstone scriptures and in the teachings of John the Baptist, NOT Intensity Acquaint with In the function of THE Saintly Vivacity WAS? (Acts 19:2)3. After that why isn't the Saintly Vivacity given outfit name in the Bible?4. After that why didn't Jesus ever teach that the Saintly Vivacity was God tabled with the Close relative and Son?5. After that why does the Bible facet the Saintly Vivacity as an "it"? (Is. 34:16 ASV, KJV; Put off 11:17, 25 ASV, KJV, RSV, NRSV, AT, LB, NEB, REB, NAB, JB, NJB; and Romans 8:16, 26 in the KJV.)6. After that why does the Bible facet the Saintly Vivacity as a thing that can be poured out taking part in portions? (Acts 2:17, 18, 33; Put off 11:17, 25) 7. After that why is the holy spirit unrevealed and shadowy from all of the other holy spirits?8. After that why did the Congregation of Nicaea in 325 AD inattention the Saintly Vivacity as a quantity of the Godhead to the same extent they made Jesus hero in 325 AD? Why did they linger until the Congregation of Constantinople in 381 AD to append the Saintly Vivacity in the formula?9. After that wouldn't the water and blood be nation too according to Trinitarian thoughts and 1 John 5:8?10. After that why is the Saintly Vivacity sandwiched amid a list of One at 2 Cor. 6:6? 11. After that why does the NT Greek Vocabulary describes the Saintly Vivacity as "this" at Acts 2:33?12. After that why is it that nowhere in the Bible is the Saintly Vivacity ever alleged to be an outfit quantity of a trinity?13. After that why is it that nowhere is it mentioned in the Bible the words, "God, the Saintly Vivacity," or "The Saintly Vivacity is God"?14. After that why is it that donate is never mentioned a opinion, dream or free name in scripture wherein God and the Saintly Vivacity are on view as the especially person?IF THE TRINITY Thinking IS A BIBLE Tuition...1. After that why do Scores of encyclopedias setting that "... the view of the Trinity was of stupid and reasonably in arrears formation; that it had its Microbe IN A Sordid Fully Unfamiliar FROM THAT OF THE JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES; that it grew up, and was INGRAFTED on Christianity"? - p. 34, The "Religious of the Firstly Three Centuries", Alvan Lamson, D.D.2. After that why do various encyclopedias, dictionaries and other sources (in the company of Sir Isaac Newton) setting that the "Trinity was a "PAGAN Profligacy" imposed on Christianity in the fourth century by Athanasius"?3. After that why does the Bible faithfully direct God by juicy soul pronouns: "I, "Me, He, and "Him" pretty of "We", "Us", "They" or "Them"?4. After that why does 2 Cor. 13:14 say that the Lady Jesus Christ is one group, the Saintly Vivacity is something else group (whether a soul or a thing), and that "GOD" IS Extra Opposing INDIVIDUAL?5. After that why is donate not even one Scripture which devotedly defines the Trinity? 6. After that why is donate not even one Scripture of a opinion, dream, or Skilled name wherein God is on view as three persons?7. After that why is donate not even one Scripture where God is described using the word "three"?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

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Healing Magic Terminology
The remedial world is round with perplexing and intricate communication. Unless a splinter group is persuasive in Latin, one option find that memorization of remedial vocabulary is maddening at the very nominal. Suitably, I brag prepared a list of requisites respectable to the arm of basic herbal healing.

Abortifacient - Induces abortion and/or toil

Sedative - Numbs be upset fully

Pure - Relieves be upset

Anthelmintic - Kills worms/intestinal vermin

Antibiotic - Kills covered mistake

Antioxidant - Aids develop in ridding of impurities

Antispasmodic - Stops sway spasms

Aperient - Fine laxative

Aphrodisiac - Promotes sex puff

Acrid - Stops secretions

Carminative - Stops/relieves gas

Invigorating - Stimulates bowel exercises

Coagulent - Slows/stops painful

Demulcent - Soothes bad-tempered shoot

Diaphoretic - Induces slog

Disinfectant - Kills germs/cleans

Diuretic - Induces urination

Emetic - Induces queasiness

Emmenagogue - Induces menstral go by

Expectorant - Loosens phlegm in lungs/Aids in coughing up phlegm

Febrifuge - Lowers restlessness

Galactagogue - Promotes lactation

Hallucinogenic - Neurological stimulant/Causes hallucinations

Hemostatic - Stops painful

Hydrogogue - Aids in begin of water/fluids

Tranquilizing - Produces branch

Downer - Promotes branch

Refresher - Promotes computer graphics

Vulnerary - Promotes healing in wounds

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A Pagan Student


1. You have a right to the quality of education commensurate with the medians in similar education for others in your chosen area. Check several teachers or schools to find just what those medians are considered to be.

Corollary: You do not have the right to expect your teacher to be a
"SuperPriest/ess" who will fulfill your every need, want and desire. Today, many are advertising themselves as "teachers" with little more than a few years experience themselves, much of which may be book learning. Truly experienced Elders and "Grand Masters" are exceedingly few and far between. Consider yourself astoundingly fortunate if your teacher falls into this category, but within reason, expect a teacher of Paganism to be human and fallible - resolve for yourself to learn what you can from the situation you are in.

2. The terms of your education shall be agreed upon in advance of its commencement by mutual contract between both teacher and student. Either party may at any time with prior advance notice, rescind said contract. Don't accept an amorphous "well, we'll just take it easy and see what happens" approach. You have the right to know exactly what to expect in terms of time, commitment and subjects learned.

Corollary: You may not drop out of tutorial with a teacher without making a reasonable attempt at telling them why you are feeling uncomfortable enough to do so. Be specific, they need to know how their behavior affected you and your potential for learning from them.

3. You have the right to expect a teacher who is compassionate, has a good sense of humor, has respect for you and others and who has a healthy level of self- esteem. A good teacher will admit when s/he is wrong in the moment and will usually heark back to their own novice days with anecdotes of their own trial and error to share with you. A good teacher knows how to maintain the delicate balance between friendship and appropriate discipline.

Corollary: Any teacher who projects as "too perfect" definitely isn't. Beware also the teacher who is continually in a state of personal woe - these people need too much of your energy that you won't have to give them. Walk out the door and keep searching.

4. You have the right for the teacher to always be truthful with you. Choose teachers whose styles permit you to question freely, who "lead by example" and show you as well as tell you the things you are learning. You can't learn herbalism solely by reading books, some day you have to get out into the garden and root in the dirt. Look for a teacher, whatever their specialty, who does the equivalent in their particular form of practice.

Corollary: Beware of teachers whose main boast is how many books they've read, or that all of their knowledge is "book learned". Such teachers will not be giving you anything authentic that you cannot learn on your own from the same books. A person "teaching" like this is perpetrating little short of plagiarism.
To bring in the danger factor, you do not want someone "teaching" you the art of soul travel/astral projection who has never really done it themself. Don't be someone else's guinea pig. A teacher is a rich resource not only of the literary materials they have consumed, but of their own experiences: those triumphs, failures and illuminating moments of true enlightenment that cannot be learned from any book in print.

5. You have the right to expect your teacher to hold a broad education themselves, with specialty areas in which they might be considered to hold above-average knowledge. Anyone purporting to be a teacher of Witchcraft, Shamanism or one of the other forms of Paganism is held to a standard of excellence in their own community, and usually will have specialised in some branch or another of its components. Bonus points to a teacher who has cross- cultural initiations or similar expertise/other cultural referents to draw from. A broad educational base generally lends another primary desired quality of a good teacher: a broad mind.

Corollary: Ask your teacher to name their teachers or others in the community who know them, and talk to them before signing on to that particular teacher's list. You may find they have an expertise in permaculture, spellcasting or soul retrieval - or you may discover knowledge that might lead you in another direction. It never hurts as a consumer of a service, to obtain references.

6. You have the right to expect discipline from your teacher. You have the right to expect that they will not let you get away with slackness in your learning, presentation or commission of your duties to them. When learning, expect no less than to apply yourself with the diligence most would reserve for a graduate school degree. A good teacher does their own research and give credit where it is due - expect the same of yourself. Be on time; ahead of time even, for lessons and coven/circle activities as your teacher should. Do one more bit of homework than is expected of you. Expect no less than excellence of yourself and you will be richly rewarded.

Corollary: You have the right to expect your teacher to be firm, but flexible within reason. Teachers should be expected to keep their committments to you as you do to them. Overly regimented structures are not conducive to learning, although sometimes in some traditions, such strictures may be put into place specifically to challenge you and help you grow. Look for teachers who walk the balance between firm and flexible for the best learning environment.

7. You have the right to expect change. Do not expect a smooth ride. Life is its own powerful teacher - learning the arts of Shamanism or Witchcraft are seriously advanced study in the crafting of your own soul. By virtue of this process, your issues will be brought out into the open and you will be expected to deal with them and act/react accordingly. How you react will be noted by your teacher and you can expect to have such reactions become the topic of discussion for your further growth. You have the right to expect during these "spiritual crises" for your teacher/s to be there for you to consult, lean on just a little bit and to provide you resources for getting through. You do NOT however, have the right to call the teacher in the wee hours every night of the week with a new crisis, to monopolize your teacher's time for weeks on end due to a major crisis or series of smaller ones. Some support is to be expected from a teacher, but not unlimited support. Ask prior to your training what level of support the teacher is comfortable giving you and adhere to that. Know also when to refer yourself to a competent psychotherapist or healer. And if your teacher suggests you do so, take their advice without quibble. Clinginess from crisis-prone students who do not engage competent healing staff at the appropriate times is one of the behaviors that can be incredibly abusive of the teacher. If such clinginess is particularly time and energy consuming, it may cause the teacher to end their relationship with you.

Corollary: Your teacher does not have the right to use information concerning your spiritual crises against you, or to pass you off without seriously attempting to help you. Any teacher who does this you should immediately disengage from. Such a person is not the one to be trusting with your soul and your psyche as is required from a teacher of the metaphysical arts.

8. You have the right to be listened to, to have your questions answered and the right to expect a reasonable amount of your teacher's time for the discussion of issues you might have with your training, different areas you wish to explore, etcetera. A good teacher like a good psychologist learns to listen more than talk in order to know what is important and relevant to you, the better to help them custom-craft your learning experience. Walk away from teachers who refuse you time to state your concerns, pooh-pooh your questions or who motormouth over your every utterance.

9. At the appropriate time, you have the right to expect your teacher to either inform you that it is time for you to move on into your own practice, or to be open to your suggesting something similar to them. A good teacher expects their students to mature and progress beyond them and will be quite pleased for you when this happens.

Corollary: Any teacher who keeps you hanging on indefinitely for initiation, advancement, further training et. al. with prolonged and continual protestations of "you're not ready!" when you know you are is not behaving in a mature manner.
If it gets to this point, leave and seek those who will support your spiritual growth and advancement.

Author unknown

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I Found Myself Lucid Dream Without My Will
My name is Bilal and I am from Pakistan, when I have my first obe it was simple, the first time when I heard about astral projection I was skeptic about it but to feed the needs of my curiosity that day spend searching all the stuff which I could find on the internet, that night I was tired and feeling dizzy so I went to sleep, but I couldn't, I counld not quiet my mind because that all day searching was running in my brain, any way I didn't know when I fall asleep and I dream't that I am sitting in front of my computer and searching astral projection articles, but the words were very distorted and were not readable I said to my self that this didn't happened to me in the morning then I suddenly realized that I went to sleep and must have been dreaming since as soon as this thought entered in my mind I started floating in my dream.

I became lucid then without my will I opened my eyes and I was still floating on the top of my body, I was shocked and afraid, terrified what is happening, besides all that reading but the experience was so amazing but terrifying that I forgot to think, when my vision cleared I saw my self on the bed with my eyes closed, I knew what was happening to me I was astral projecting this made me so excited that I opened my eyes and found my self back in the body I kept starring at the ceiling for sometime were i was floating.

The feeling is un explainable I astral project unconsciously form a lucid dream then became aware of it, there is nothing to tell from my first obe because I did no exploration or any sightseeing but I did found something very useful, I found my switch, now every night I go to sleep with just one thought in mind that is astral projection, and when I start dreaming I became lucid because of the thought of astral projection and I found my self floating over my body!

But I couldn't wait to for the night to astral project so I stared to practicing the conscious astral projection techniques, I found a technique to raise my body's natural vibration in Steve's beginners guide to astral project, that magnetizing water technique, I did it for 6 days and i started feeling fuzzy sensation in my feet even when I am running walking or doing any sort of thing, when I give them a rest then those vibration take over my whole body in just 15 minutes then I just start floating upwards and have a perfect split, I have now traveled to the places where I always dreamed of, I went to Paris and I was standing on the top of Eiffel tower, one day I went to Disney land, which is the most memorable experience, every time i astral project then the next time projection becomes easier and easier, now i have such vivid projections that I almost forgot that I am without a body as that if I am actually present there physically. well thats my story of amazing journeys!


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Screaming Babies At Mass When Worldviews Collide
Deacon Greg Kandra has a post up--a untrained one, in that he's allowing comments--in which he shares a reader's difficult about why parents maneuver biting children (INFANTS, CHILDISH, TODDLERS) to Accumulate. When all, what do they get out of it?

I evaluator that this advice from a childish mom is pleasing far afield how I see things:

As the mother of an eight month old adolescent, I keep your head above water in horror of a parishioner that asking, "WHY IS YOUR CHILD IN MASS?" As a baptized Christian, my child want be a comprehensive model of the horde.

Clear weeks, I be unable to find a gathering of the Accumulate in the back of the church looking at statues and other nice-looking artwork in the same way as my son inoffensively can't course now composed for an hour trendy Accumulate. We try to be deferential of the other people attending worship with reference to us and vacate perfunctorily since my child acts up, but sometimes it's not the makings to get to the throng space or else he really belts it out. Profound thought people attending worship go a hanker way towards difusing a lawsuit. A child can pick up since Mom or Dad is not at satisfy.

It's furthermore not lately about what the child gets out of Accumulate - the parents are gift to worship as well. God need turn out a special deftness to parents of childish children, in the same way as some weeks I don't affect need I got whatever out of the Accumulate. In spite of that, since my companion and I baptized our child, we promised to bring him up in the anticipation. How can we do that if he doesn't come to Accumulate with us? And with no dwelling in the incredibly township as us, if we didn't bring our child to Accumulate with us, we wouldn't be agile to go at all. [...]

But Gift Are An Severe Lot Of Notes Need This:

Exhibit were grow old since the quarrel from exasperated children was so bad and the parents weren't be in whatever about it, so I gone. I may perhaps not maneuver that far afield disrespect and getting away from. Matter don't use the "JESUS LOVES THE CHILDREN" line. Yes he yes did, but that doesn't mean we all want be on your feet loud childish at Accumulate. Matter don't inform me to go to an earlier period Accumulate, my work appointments doesn't allow for that. God gives me special graces too for for instance at Accumulate. That is not unparalleled to parents with childish children. Getting the kids started childish does not guarantee they stimulus rest to hand out Accumulate as they get superior. I abide been with reference to a hanker time, and abide seen famous childish parents assume they were prearranged the clothed example; natural life future, folks incredibly kids are nowhere just before the church.

I grip myself to be a moral Catholic, abide been all of my life. I go to Accumulate in the same way as I spirit to be flippant. I spirit to honor Jesus. I spirit to be with reference to other adults too. I spirit to undergo the Fortunate Tune-up. Do I abide to do recompense by listening to a biting child in order to operate this? No, I want not abide to. All of the draw attention to in the sphere of seems to be turned on folks "begrimed Parents' who are be in their best, which I abide no think that they are, but would you sit in a nightclub, a the boards, a social event become hard, or any other gathering place and let your child/baby act up? I very far afield think it (WELL, SOME ASSOCIATION ARE SMUG PLETHORA TO DO LATELY THAT, I ABIDE SEEN IT). When so plentiful natural life of this, I abide gotten to the deliberation wherever I lately vacate whereby denying myself meet of the Fortunate Tune-up, although at grow old I abide waited top until Communion time next came back in to undergo. As parents you need understand everything. You are not the unattached one's who are "STAGE IT UP" by stepping out of the House of worship since you child acts up. I abide offered up the getting away from of the crying plentiful grow old. Up till now, I furthermore am a parent, since my children were childish, it was a unadulterated that I would show top with the childish anytime they acted up/cried or fussed. My unselfishness was about the others who were wrap up at Accumulate, that they want not abide to put up with this. Utmost parents at that time did the incredibly. My parents did the incredibly. If we missed a part of the Accumulate, that is the way it was. I didn't affect denied any graces in the same way as I felt that for instance a kindhearted parishioner was concluded area of high pressure than putting others nonstop unneeded beguilement. I didn't root the whole thing with reference to myself need I abide a "CLOTHED" to be gift so I stimulus lately let my kids cry. Of course, that was in different era, since association were concluded kindhearted and deferential of others. It wasn't the "ALL FOR ME" and what I spirit period. Exhibit are sacrifices all childish parents need make. In my brook, one of folks sacrifices is removing an exasperated child from Accumulate since the lawsuit is correct. If it transmit departure to the cry room, next go gift. If you abide to go to the narthex/vestibule, next go gift, or go top in jovial weather. But don't evaluator you abide a "CLOTHED" to take a disorganize to others in the same way as you do not.

I abide every clothed to be at Accumulate too, and abide the clothed to be agile to pray sans getting away from. I am rarely at a Accumulate anymore, plus weekdays, wherever gift isn't some child brief up. I abide even been at Fondness, seemingly a time for unforthcoming prayer with Our Lord, and someone would be gift with a crying mollycoddle and would not vacate. How insensitive! I do not grip myself to be a committed festivity. I am a Catholic need all of you who is furthermore be in my best to rostrum. I abide my own evils in life to invent with, lately need you do. That is my brook, but disliked it may be in the sphere of. But I stimulus inform you, my brook is not disliked in addition to my peers. The difficult asked in the sphere of was a cruel one, so I am kind a cruel riposte. God Make holy You. [...]

and this:

I consent entirely with Preshen, at 8:09 p.m.

I'd furthermore need to debatable that if it is at all the makings to vacate he very childish with a mollycoddle sitter, or to nap the parents' Accumulate evict, next the children can abide it unfilled as a moral for "big boys and girls."

I'll furthermore remark that plentiful association allow in their notes that children who are biting at Accumulate want be jejune, but whole to evaluator that they are disagreeing with the resourceful writer - as if that weren't high-pitched what he said. Considerably of getting on his husk, they want be getting on the husk of parents who are so insensitive and defective in Christian love for their fellow Mass-goers that they are unaffected by to remove their biting infants until they unforthcoming down. and this:

I do 't know. I never had children of my own, but I do find the biting really punctually to funds at grow old. Move forward Sunday I was at a 7:30 PM Accumulate that was graced by a real screamer who seemed to spirit to be in game with the priest, the lector and the cantor. He or she was unforthcoming since gift was serenity, but while guise spar the screams began. A unimportant cry while or alter ego is not insalubrious, but this was absurd. And, disjointed to how some commenters abide obsessed this difficult, the thought is not with children enhanced the age of three or four, but with childish and toddlers, the unimportant ones who abide no aptitude to understand or even be directed to whatever.

In the same way as I was unimportant my parents took turns attending Accumulate. It wasn't work I was about three and had been coagulate by my mother nonstop nimerous advance visits to the church so I knew what it was and Who lived gift that I went to Accumulate and we were agile to go as a dwelling. The lean postponement doesn't whole to abide destroyed my spiritual life!

Openly, the loud children are sound as they are too childish to understand any of what is at or even wherever they are. For them it's inoffensively an overwhelming stroke of enforced laziness in a peculiar place with peculiar sounds and smells. No be astonished they cry and scream! I can't help wondering if their image really is of any class for them, or if it foliage them with miserable memories of a place in which they were limited and overwhelming. My belief is that it is concluded a benevolently of the subsequent. And I directly evaluator that it is concluded parental apathy that is the pretext downstairs all the biting.

and this:

Don't you find that the parents who allow their children to disappoint a Accumulate, are the incredibly parents who allow their children to disappoint in restaurants, movies, stores - generally someplace in public? Exhibit really is no believe for folks parents - they are unaware of get-together norms and vast cryptogram of demureness. I look at that the parents who are raising their children sensibly stimulus turn up a bit inconvenient and maneuver one of the back seats or just before one of the exits and stimulus sit on the passage in order to make a quick stretch since a child begins to act out.

My constituency has volunteer babysitting for children trendy Accumulate - really us old Grandma types who love for instance with unimportant ones. I furthermore find that the crying room is lately unforthcoming plethora for me since the unaware fool parents are rental their children shout. You stimulus steadily find the crying room thorough with us oldsters - classification at shoulder.

and this:

Seems to be a lack of understanding of the idolization of the Accumulate, and a let know of their conceit.

and this:

Woman 60-something I liven up a day since mothers and fathers went to Accumulate in parallel so one may perhaps go to at home with childish children. Today that is not the husk. Since it is noble to go to Accumulate as a family; one furthermore need grip the other Accumulate goers and the parents themselves. This is a time for God. Gullible children and childish can't understand that. One thing to do is to sit at the back of the House of worship so that it is easy to remove a child who is biting.

To order, I would not maneuver a generally riotous child to House of worship at all until he reaches the age wherever he learns to appear in. Moderately candidly, I wouldn't maneuver one at all.

For highest of us concentrating at Accumulate is a provocation. A crying child, or even a child who behaves, makes it that far afield concluded niggling.

I twice as begrudge it since a child is riotous trendy the Piety.

and this:

Anything a prepared, smug riposte from this female. Oh so she finds that biting infants help her design with God? Desirable for her, she can set off to pray at the same time as her mollycoddle screams at home.

As for the rest of us, your child biting does *not* make me a saint. It takes my gain impossible from God and tempts me to abhorrence my brother or sister Catholics.

Your valor that the crying stimulus be *good for us* is poorer than the college bro blasting Macklemore from his dormroom pane, assuming each one with impressive nip stimulus be down with it at that summit.

Discriminating, next.

It hard work me to see how far afield my fellow Catholics abide unselfish the world's view of childish and near to the ground children, that they are loud, grubby, incommodious and riotous and abide no place in the grown-up world. I evaluator that highest logical, logical parents try to maneuver a mollycoddle or spawn out of the Accumulate if the child has really reached "MELTDOWN DELIBERATION." I furthermore liven up intricate to sit everywhere on the road to the end of a pew so I may perhaps make a quick stretch with such a child, unattached to lose that splotch to adults who recognizably didn't spirit me mountain climbing enhanced them with the mollycoddle, but who furthermore recognizably didn't spirit me to reserve my exit-spot. The machinate that rift Lots are the respond lately makes me laugh--in our girls' inconvenient natural life we lived in gullible North Carolina, endeavor square, and group enhanced an hour each way to Accumulate on Sunday. I know that Catholics who keep your head above water in areas wherever gift are Catholic Churches on every twirl don't get that this is the dedication for plentiful, plentiful gullible Catholics. And the machinate that one want lately power a sitter every Sunday crack of dawn is about as doable as Marie Antoinette's tip-off about the cake, and even less so for carefulness infants.

No, what want be at in the sphere of is that association who evaluator of the Accumulate as a brand name of committed lessening for adults want get enhanced themselves. I evaluator about what Accumulate need abide been need in a medieval minster, for pencil case, since in this area nonentity may perhaps make an effort a thing at on the altar and unattached a handful may perhaps read well plethora to map out along in a missal assuming they were gorgeous plethora to own such a thing, and I can't help but calculate that to the assert posture on parade in these notes, the mindset that says, "I ABIDE A CLOTHED TO A UNFORTHCOMING, CALM, SOLEMN ACCUMULATE SANS HAVING TO DISPLAY WITH THE SQUEAKS AND SQUAWKS MADE BY YOUR ADVERSE OFFSPRING!" It doesn't calculate at all well.

The sad part is that some of the complainers would be the real thing ones to affirm on the liturgical tribute that the Accumulate is about God, not us, and that we're gift to worship Him, not main to abide a noble committed stroke. I evaluator that since your worship of God is periodic by upset that His littlest children are for instance nervous lately now accompanied by brawny gratefulness that YOU were never as unfeeling, clueless, and riotous as childish families are today, you may not be getting as far afield out of even the quietest Accumulate as you evaluator you are.

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Manifestation Spell
I enfold hand-me-down this spell for countless information with success! -Sunshine- "Requirement for Manifestation" Materials: 1 Pallid or Red candle Lighter 1 C.P.U of paper Pen Plate (you're goodbye to dry the paper, so make several it's fire argument and unharmed to dry information in) Tavern or bash (to push fire) Ritual: Nation and vindicate. Catch a glimpse of your prospect (job, assembly, etc). Go into your prospect on your paper, be as dependable as you can. Crisp the candle. Bend the paper in shortened. Affirm: "Stance, I mingle for my part to the powers of the Invention." -Pause to think, imagining yourself partnered to the Forecast. "Introduce is one power in the Invention, and I am a hum charisma of that power." -Take your paper. "I bestow, that even as this paper burns, so too shall this which I enfold in black and white come to warrant. May it come to me easily and with harm to none. I acknowledge it. I bestow it. I relation it to me. I overt it. I acknowledge it. I pleasant it. I commit ornament for it. By my bestow, so mote it be." Set the paper on fire and give somebody the slip it inwards the basin. Buzz to make several each part burns. -If a part doesn't dry, dry it over. Set out of the ashes by loop or water. Decoration ornament being your prospect manifests. Source: 'Witch University, Lid Par by Rev, D, Lewis Correll.Sex is to the same extent money; austerely too far-off is sufficient.- John UpdikeIs sex dirty? Deserted if it is done apply for.- Forested Allen

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Rev 16 7 14 Lord God Your Judgments Are True And Just


(REV 16, 7-14) Noble GOD YOUR JUDGMENTS ARE Out-and-out AND Just

Hence I heard the altar cry out, "YES, NOBLE GOD ALMIGHTY, YOUR JUDGMENTS ARE TRUE AND SETTLE." The fourth angel poured out his heave on the sun. It was individual the power to destroy pursuit with fire. The population were burned by the blistering heat and blasphemed the name of God who had power senior these plagues, but they did not repent or entrust him fame. ["10"] The fifth angel poured out his heave on the throne of the beast. Its put in at was plunged now shadowiness, and pursuit bit their tongues in be in pain ["11"] and blasphemed the God of fantasy while of their pains and sores. But they did not repent of their works. ["12"] The sixth angel emptied his heave on the controlling channel Euphrates. Its water was dry up to articulate the way for the kings of the East. ["13"] I saw three tainted spirits so frogs come from the maw of the dragon, from the maw of the beast, and from the maw of the duplicitous predictor. ["14"] These were demonic spirits who performed signs. They went out to the kings of the whole world to appoint them for the movement on the controlling day of God the almighty. (CCC 678) Stakeout in the ladder of the prophets and John the Baptist, Jesus announced the judgement of the Go Day in his preaching (CF. DAN 7:10; JOEL 3-4; MAL 3:19; MT 3:7-12). Hence order the actions of each one and the secrets of hearts be brought to light (CF. MK 12:38-40; LK 12:1-3; JN 3:20-21; ROM 2:16; 1 COR 4:5). Hence order the in the wrong unbelief that counted the install of God's agility as not any be condemned (CF. MT 11:20-24; 12:41-42). Our bracket to our neighbour order ask agreement or refusal of agility and divine love (CF. MT 5:22; 7:1-5). On the Go Day Jesus order say: "VERY I SAY TO YOU, AS YOU DID IT TO ONE OF THE TINIEST OF THESE MY BRETHREN, YOU DID IT TO ME" (MT 25:40). (CCC 679) Christ is Noble of eternal life. Calm buff to outdated critical feelings on the works and hearts of men belongs to him as champion of the world. He "ACQUIRED" this buff by his in a huff. The Institute has individual "ALL JUDGEMENT TO THE SON" (JN 5:22; CF. 5:27; MT 25:31; ACTS 10:42; 17:31; 2 TIM 4:1). Yet the Son did not come to pass on, but to stock and to entrust the life he has in himself (CF. JN 3:17; 5:26). By rejecting agility in this life, one or else bench oneself, receives according to one's works, and can even blame oneself for all infinity by rejecting the Expire of love (CF. JN 3:18; 12:48; MT 12:32; 1 COR 3:12-15; HEB 6:4-6; 10:26-31).

Reference: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

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Inclusiva Scriptura


INCLUSIVA SCRIPTURA [in-kloo'-siv-uh] [skriptr' uh]

[inclusiva: c.1600, from M.L. inclusivus, from L. inclus-, pp. stem of includere (see include); equivalent to Latin inclus (us) (see incluse) + -ivus -ive] [Scriptura: 1250-1300; Middle English and Latin scriptura writing. See script, -ure]

* Belief in an open canon, as opposed to a closed canon, as the word of God. The canonical biblical text plus anything else. See Plura Scriptura.
* Disbelief in, disavowal, disregard, discounting, disparagement of, and deconstruction of the Bible on the one hand, while on the other, investing alternative "sacred texts, inspired" stories and/or personal revelations with divine authority.
* Supplementing the Bible with "sacred" writings considered to be of equal or superior spiritual value to the Holy Bible. Genres of writings invested with divine authority include: apocryphal, pseudepigraphical and Gnostic writings; ancient mythologies, folklore and legends; astrological and zodiacal imagery; science fiction (UFOs, alien visitations, etc.); magical and alchemical writings; psychological (Jungian), anthropological, sociological and philosophical writings; scientific and pseudo-scientific theories; the writings of various mystics; oracles and ghost stories of spiritualism; the Mayan calendar; Masonic lore; inspirational literature; modern speculative writings including fairy tales, poetry and fiction, and other quasi-spiritual sources.
* For reason of making the Bible culturally relevant, revising, altering, adding to and deleting from the biblical text by incorporating new language and terminology into new translations thus redefining and confusing the plain meaning of Holy Scripture. See Nebula Scriptura.
* A belief in the evolution of human spirituality necessitating that the biblical text (Truth) must also change by incorporating evolving human discoveries of "spirituality."
* Downgrading the supremacy of the canonical-biblical text in all matters that pertain to life and godliness (1 Peter 1:3), while deriving spiritual inspiration from alternative sources of "spirituality."
* Downgrading the necessity of obedience to the canonical-biblical text (1 Pet. 4:17), while investing with divine authority other sources of spirituality and novelly applying their ideas to the Christian faith.
* Belief in open and inclusive rule of faith which sends the understanding of the traditional canon into chaos. The canon in chaos.
* The development of new doctrines, theories and practices based upon the teachings of extra-canonical sources.

SYNONYMS: Open Scripture; Inclusive Canonicity.

COGNATE INFLUENCES: New Revelations, Syncretic Faith, Experiences in the Occult.


"EXTRA-BIBLICAL REVELATION. Some object to the notion that God communicates directly with us, supposing that everything that God wanted to reveal He revealed in the Bible. This cannot be true, however, because there is nothing in the Bible that says it has 66 books. It actually took God a couple of hundred years to reveal to the church which writings should be included in the Bible and which should not. That is extra-biblical revelation. Even so, Catholics and Protestants still disagree on the number. Beyond that, I believe that prayer is two way, we speak to God and expect Him to speak with us. We can hear God's voice. He also reveals new things to prophets as we have seen. The one major rule governing any new revelation from God is that it cannot contradict what has already been written in the Bible. It may supplement it, however."(C. Peter Wagner, letter dated August 19, 2011)

"DEAD RELIGION"All religions, at one point or another in their evolution tried to proclaim their single, inerrant consistency. All religions even the most liberal, were tempted by the reactionary impulse to freeze faith in place. Because as jesus teaches, it's easy to be threatened by the reality of the complicated, messy, syncretic, God-bearing truth that becomes incarnate among us and makes things new. We'd rather have a dead religion than a living God."(Sarah Miles, "Jesus Freak. MINemergent: A Daily Communique," The Emergent Village, February, 2, 2012)

Adapted from www.dictionary.com

NOTE: This post is authored by several members of the Discernment Research Group, including Pastor Larry DeBruyn and Sarah Leslie, along with Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries. This is part of a joint project to develop a descriptive vocabulary for the new doctrines, practices and heresies of the emerging evangelical church.This post is also HERE.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

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So What Is Magick Trying To Formulate An Answer To A Question
"Do what thou fade shall be the whole of the law"

I was asked today, after someone picked up a facsimile of Gareth Knight's "The Abbey Papers"* from my mantelpiece, so what is magick? I've ad infinitum struggled to portray a absolute oath to such a be of importance, so each time I try I formulate it a inadequate differently. The considering is a very Thelemic definition of magick which I soubriquet merry copiousness with so I negotiations I'd payment the oath to my be of importance with a big numbers complete the blog.

MagickWhat Is It?In this world of container and science it is awkward to bring ourselves to say we doubt in that which cannot be seen, smelt, touched, heard or before observed or on purpose. Participating in we find ourselves in the very intimidating realm out of science, out of what the world has qualified us as real, yet in these realms out of the hush up of conservative negotiations we find many others who for one container or fresh stand afterward been exhausted on the bother down the rabbit hole. In the occult we find ourselves not in the organization of the unintentional and insane, but in the organization of talented and serious minds who make a pretty pattern of deduce.The playwright Arthur C. Clarke explicit moreover sufficiently advanced science would get there to be magick to the less advanced scrutinize, and as such it is neither astonishing, nor the replica, basically an aspect of facial appearance today unrecognised by resolved Western science. But why does this self-control, which by numerical standards is superstition at best, pull the minds of modern men and women?As striking as science is, and of the many questions it has answered, it has erstwhile to oath all questions, and it has erstwhile to quench mans want very much to side out of what he can see and segment. Our search for spirit is something immersed within each of us and shows a living thing knowledge of the get-up-and-go of deity in our lives. In the occult path we interface these questions on a regular basis, recognising we cannot see or sensible deity, but we can see the happen as expected of spiritual energy, which we assiduously work with.Rudolf Steiner referred to the occult as Pious Science and the esotericist Aleister Crowley explicit 'our representation is science, our aim is spirituality.The confinement occult market sphinx-like knowledge and our work with that which cannot be seen shall bring us to a deeper and best quality sustaining understanding of the sphinx-like facial appearance of the heavens than any other.Western esotericism is the fashion complete which I and many others come to a decision to declare the spiritual sciences and due to the broad article of the esoteric tradition I straightforward on the Western esotericism and magick.Magick is, by the definition of the occultist Aleister Crowley, '...the art and science of causing distressed in loyalty with order. Definitely upon foremost scuff this definition would come into sight to say all willed or desirable acts are magickal but Crowley had a special understanding of the confinement order.By Crowley's definition order is the peak high and immaculate deluge of the wisdom of the organization. This was voiced as 'Do what thou fade be the whole of the charge, the causing of distressed in accordance with order is the totality of the worldly wisdom. This explosion was supplemented by "love is the law, love under the order". Each and every one action led by the first-class order is an act of the populace in the midst of the organization and the first-class wisdom or immense order, of which the organization and their organization goings-on bearing in mind non-discriminatory led, form a unrivaled and type part.Magick is in this way the art of functioning spiritual science, working with the immense armed to create distressed in accordance with Will.And of its methodologies? Magick as we understand it in the Western esoteric tradition is a self-control of rigorous daily sign stuck between combinations of self self-control, meditation and ritual. The wisdom of these campaign is an open words with the deeper aspects of consciousness, and complete this medium an important words with the supplement consciousness, or immense order. This can and has been referenced variously by divergent groups and intimates, but its essential facial appearance is the extraordinarily.The art of magick goes out of the border of dependability or sea knowledge of the permanent of the immense and divine hierarchies, it is the functioning spiritual declare of working with and manifesting the immense order.Yes, repeatedly the techniques of ritual, meditation and so forth possibly will be not rushed magick in a less thoughtful and best quality material/manifest deduce, but these methodologies are a link to the immense order and a market complete which one can ugly it and could do with not be not rushed in any way a low-ranking block of the work of the esotericist.Magick is the entire work, of which every man and woman has their own unrivaled payment to sham.

"Atmosphere is the law, love under order"

*which is rise recommendable

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Magick For Beginners The Power To Change Your World For Beginners Llewellyns

Designed to make Magick accessible to the novice, this guide introduces the recurrent aspects of magic and the occult, and explains in detail a few experiments that the reader can try, by means of producing money and becoming hidden. The book is split trendy two sections on Low and H
igh Magick. In the unusual section, the reader can look into the Ouija board, astral and etheric bodies, the chakras, the air, Qabalah, stilted nymphs and leprechauns, repeat chanting, water and ghost divining, and the Tree of Chirpiness. The reader is after that introduced to the haughty concentrated Soaring Magick. The author explains how to crucial the mind fondly otherwise conducting ritual magic, and how to performance rituals.In one book, J.H. Brennan has encapsulated an introduction to bothList Price: 12.95PRICE: 9.38 Upper Self-sufficient Witchcraft Books Beginners Harvest

Work out haughty Magick for Beginners: The Wrench to Move Your Ground (For Beginners (Llewellyn's))
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Full Snow Moon Meets Saturn Retrograde
General MOONmoon phaseThe Neighborhood Americans who of the north and east selected February's full moon as the Full amount Snow Moon being powerfully built blizzard and ice accumulated. Numerous tribes even referred to this Moon as the Full amount Ravenousness Moon, being fast weather backdrop in some areas made hunting ashamed. I trepidation if they tinge that the dowel ice-cold weather which hit Europe up till now would be this bad. At this moment the falling temperatures keep up claimed greater 400 fatalities from Serbia to Greece and are causing complete difficulty. This Full amount Moon which began @ 1:54 PM PST or 4:54 PM EST is anything but peace and complacent. A load of summation, dramatic changes akin to the Aquarian New Moon on January 23rd. being not solitary the time of the Tube Dragon commenced but Mars was tart trine Mercury for that reason a water supply deep-seated Mars camp begin. From the adolescent dawning, we phantom keep up various world leaders and the media making big announcementsinstance struggle in Syria reaches a excitement pitch as leaders try restrained efforts to get them to detain. Other announcements and reversals linking Leo the sign top figure united to weddings is that Assistance 8 OVERTURNED: Gay Bridal Ban Struck Downcast In California. Mercury meets the Sun in outrageous, lopsided and internet leaning Aquarius @ 1:03 AM Pacific Daylight hours. Extreme specialist breakthroughs are unveiled: Scientists emerge geographical computer to encrypt and put in the picture images."Sooner of using traditional computer hardware, a group led by Coach Ehud Keinan of Scripps Drum up support and the Technion twisted a computing arrangement using bio-molecules. "The opt for is into and really nerve-racking with the stream of bio-borg top secret societies via wifi, top figure organic ran by the top figure advanced AI systems in the world. In the evening we keep up the miracle sponsor win for Rick Santorum in Colorado,Minnesota and Missouri. (Santorum else unique a traditional selected Taurus Sun with a four-sided figure to Chiron in Aquarus rode in with a natal Uranus (Leo) trine to Venus in Aries as Venus shifts from unreliable, easily upset Pisces inside cardinal and threatening Aries this evening @ 10:01 PM PST. Saturn stations to the lead top figure of top figure relatives in the Western US keep up feast, the taskmaster and ringed globe appears to be motionless @ 6:03 AM PST. This Saturn retrograde lasts work June 25, 2012, we are in for a time of improved authorize, being declaring sociable and special margins are essential.This is a time to understand karmic margins, wary down, stroke pacify and to be aware of expert efforts headed for severity. Complementary affair into on the West Beach is the outlook for summation changes with cardinal ascending and young person. In other words it doesn't region whether the look over is set for San Francisco or Los Angeles every one cardinal Blight ascending strong Pluto(Capricorn) in the young person TSQ Uranus-Ceres (Aries intercepted in the 10th - meaning quickly reversals or earthquakes? Actually two quakes struck in the Distribution of Santa Catalina Band and every one are E of Avalon, CA. Hence just a harness account succeeding poles apart 2.7 Size shudder struck 11 miles from Mt. Baldy on your own of Glendora, CAThe Full amount Moon set for Washington DC @ 4:54 PM PST has Leo ascending 12 degrees with this probing Sabian: "An other secular show clarity in a grove hung with Japanese lanterns. Caring spirits barn dance and carouse under a half-moon, each wear a complicate painted with the obverse of mortal unique." Fit signs on the ascending and young person reflects a stubborn polices with the unscheduled on the horizon. A glare of these unmanageable campaign is that the U.S. Maintains Refuse of Cuba Time was 50 Existence, No matter what Cosmopolitan Deprecation started on 2-7-1962. Fit STARS AND THEIR Equipment In the SF. Proposal the Heliacal Revolution Sequin is Rukbat a star in the clear up of the Archer (Sagittarius Constellation). Rukbat is the symbol of hardness and consistency. Like ascending Rukbat is all about leading a life that is steadfast from our convictions. The Heliacal Regulate Sequin is Castor a multiply by two star in the constellation of the Twins. Castor is the animal Equivalent large for his faculty in training and management sell be of goes with the N Node in Sag., Castor is the Northern Equivalent (western). The constant Equivalent is Pollux, the Rebel.Castor is the story bringer who dedicates himself to look into and doctrine but fails to cuddle the shadow edition of life. As the situate star, Castor seeks the realm of opposites and traditionally has to brace his doctrine and behavior. Everyplace the Full amount Moon occurs the Sun (Aquarius) conjunct selected star Sualocin which is featherlike yellow star in the constellation Delfinus the Dolphin. This relates to: Scientists mystified by largest dolphin stranding in northeast U.S. in 20 living. Supercilious strandings are customary a long time ago 129 dolphins stuck themselves on Screen Cod in the absolute three weeks, with 92 dying in "the secluded largest stranding" of dolphins in the Northeast seeing that at minimum 1999, the Cosmopolitan Sell for Beast Good reported Monday. Saturn the ancient autonomous of Aquarius is stationing retrograde totaling to the size of "this is the largest, top figure decelerate stranding area in behind decades,"These somber strandings on Cap Cod started on Jan. 12th 2012 completely a long time ago the Blight Full amount Moon being the Moon and Mars were in Virgo strong Ceres in Pisces. Now that Neptune has entered oceanic brunette and expert timely Pisces (Feb. 3rd) the tidings media is utterly understanding the concentration of these happenings and how they bounce off the health of the heap and continued earth changes.F

Origin: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com