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Monday, 31 March 2014

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The Power Of Portals The Team Via Peggy Black

We are here to offer our continued support in your personal evolution and the global flowering of consciousness. We would speak once again of portals and remind you as well as invite you to become aware of these energy openings, gateways, doorways and thresholds that are present and available. We know that as we continue speak of portals we stimulate your own understanding and awareness of these energy thresholds.Portals exist in every form and on every level of awareness. Portals exist in all timeframes and dimensions. Portals can be subtle, obvious, hidden or secret. Let us begin to expand your understanding of the word portal. A portal offers entry into another space, another state of consciousness, another reality or hologram/hologame. Portals can offer vibrational information and personal expansion.We would like to expand your focus now to include the portals of your planet, Earth.

The fabric and weavings of your planetary energy fields are interlaced with portals. It is with you inner vision and wisdom that you begin to recognize and allow yourself to see, sense or feel these portals. Many of the sacred sites and powerful places in nature offer an energy portal, and those who are sensitive can feel what is being offered.Just as the physical human form has a network of energy portals/chakras the physical earth also is networked and woven with portals of power, gateways between the dimensions, thresholds between the realms of time and space.The ancient ones were sensitive to these places and they usually built their temples and sacred altars near or actually upon the entrance or opening. You can scan the history of earth and see the main portals and power places by observing where the ancient churches, buildings, stone circles, pyramids, even villages and whole cities were constructed, over or near these gateways. Labyrinths also offer an entry point, a doorway, which allows passage and travel between the dimensions.These portals and openings are much like the chakras/portals of the human body, they open and close, they become congested with misuse or distorted in some manner.

It is important to realize that as the consciousness of mankind awakens these earth portals, these earth power gateways can be cared for, cleared, balanced, refreshed, renewed and honored just as the aware human can care for, clear, balance, refresh, renew and honor their own personal power centers.Even today people travel to hold ceremonies and experience the ancient portals. There are many who travel to these ancient sites unaware of this energy and force. The impact to their personal awakening can be very subtle or it can be extremely profound.Many times you are attracted to a location because while you are there you feel connected, you are sensing a tenuous and rare portal into another space and dimension. Your physical body is being recalibrated and realigned in a deep and profound way.There are many galactic portals that are offered to humanity as an opportunity and trigger which can awaken another level of understanding and evolution. There are portals that occur between your planet and the sun which activate your field and stimulate your expanded awareness and unfolding as a multidimensional being. Become aware of these celestial portals and welcome the energy gifts being offered.The human body has multiple portals; the name you have given these body portals is chakra. The chakra or portals of the body open and close depending on the mental and emotional state of the human. It is through the body portals that energy and information is acquired. They open and close much like camera lenses.Many books have been written about these portals/chakras. Those who are sensitive, who see and work with energy, are aware of the importance of the portals and of caring for these energy doorways in the human body. It is important for humans to understand how their subtle bodies operate.These portals are the connections to your galactic heritage. They are the receptors of the frequencies from the planets, the moon and stars. They also receive data from other humans which is unspoken. Each time two humans meet, their portals/chakras share information on a deep subtle level. This happens at all times in all places with everyone.There is an energy/data/frequency/ exchange taking place with everyone you encounter.

The portals of the body are receivers and senders of energy in its many forms. It is one of the human's methods of connecting with surroundings and others. It is certainly an important aspect, method and manner of how humans interconnect and how all non-verbal information is shared with other humans as well as animals, plants, stones, stars and all things. Expand your understanding of these personal portals.As we said there is much that has been written about these power centers of the body, and there is much knowing that you can begin to invite intuitively.It is wise to learn about these gateways and how you respond to the energy coming in. This is part of the conscious care. It is wise to be sure that your portals/chakras are not fully open when you are going into a large crowd of people that you do not know. What can happen is that you will pick up energy or emotional signatures that are unpleasant.It is with awareness that you begin to sense and maintain these opening into your energy field. It is with intention that you can clear and clean these portals. It is with intention that you can open and close your body chakras/portals appropriately.Remember that you are an alchemist, here to consciously transform and uplift any energy/emotion that you encounter. You are a powerful transformer in this process. Remember there is no judgment; there is no pushing against the other's energy. If you encounter misqualified emotions it is your birthright and your responsibility to transform and uplift them.These portals; these chakras are often called wheels of life, because they spin. The most important portal/chakra in the human is the heart. It is the heart which manages and maintains the entire physical form. It is the consciousness of the heart, the energy field of the heart that is the link and the connection to the divine and to life itself. The heart is the gateway to all awareness and well-being. The heart is the thinking/feeling/knowing aspect of a multidimensional starhuman.Your culture, your society; your programming and teachings have not included this important piece of information. It is the mystic, the seer, the sensitive who has recognized that the heart is the doorway to all intelligent knowing.You can begin the intuitive sensing from your heart's awareness to check and see which chakras are locked in a closed position from some childhood trauma. Most humans have closed a portal because of imagined pain and hurt. When the portal is locked closed or when it does not open easily energy can not flow freely.The health of the human heart is and has been one of the mysteries in your medical field. What is not included in the information is the realization that the heart is the cosmic gateway for each individual. This is the seat of your unique self. It is from the open, loving, conscious heart that all things unfold and all mysteries are resolved.We are inviting you to continue with your dedicated intention to heal your heart portal

for it is through this heart portal that galactic and universal energy is received.The most important tool in the healing, harmonizing and balancing of your heart portal is to continue to turn your awareness to the vibrations of joy, gratitude and appreciation. It is the power of these vibrations which allows the heart center/heart portal to heal from all the emotional wounds carried. It is your willingness and intent that can heal your heart.The heart portal was designed to serve as the gateway to the stars. This heart portal allows the energy to flow from divine source and the heart center processes this energy for the expansion of the human being.Each human being is asked to give service work for the wholeness and healing of the heart center of humanity. It is when human beings live from an open and healed heart portal that they know and feel their connections with each other as the true multidimensional star beings that they are.We support your understanding of portals and the healing information and activation that is offered. We delight with our heart connection with you. Be at peace, Beloved. the 'team'

(c)2013 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available
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Sixteenth Sunday After Trinity
Eph. 3:13-21 * Luke 7:11-17And organize came a thought on all: and they glorified God, saying, That a outsized creative thinker is risen up concerning us; and, That God hath visited his staff.The manual intuition to this incident, Jesus raising the dead man back to this testing life (unique His own new beginning to look for), has late-night it the outsized Tradition of the Old Testimonial. The prophets kid the word of God with power, power that diverse bash, such as Moses roaring back the waters of the Red Sea, or Elijah bringing down fire from Paradise to turn the hearts of the imperfect back over. 1 The word of God came with such power as we see in the opening of Start, everyplace all creation comes lurid when God says, "let organize be light." The word of God comes with power, incredible power. The word of God, in the chatterbox of a creative thinker, is powerful. 2The word for "power" in the Greek New Testimonial, that is also translated as "prerogative" (as in "blistering") in today's Notification, is a word forever tied with miracles. It is ("dynamis"), from which we get the word "go-ahead." The New Testimonial reveals that the Christian life is the life of power that comes from the Divine Manifestation. It is a magical life that does not depend on sea possible muscles. It is the life of the Risen Christ imparted to us from the Divine Manifestation by our baptism now Christ 3 and to which we show entrance only by trust. This power converts our hearts to trust and regulation, and brings us to the knowledge of God. The word of God proclaimed in the Gospel contains this magical power of the Divine Manifestation within it, for instance whenever and wherever the Gospel is proclaimed the Divine Manifestation speaks to the hearts of believers and unbelievers even, 4 creating trust in disbelieving hearts as he convicts the world. 5We can periphery this life in deviating ways. Today's Notification tells us, as believers in the Noble Jesus Christ, how we prerequisite to periphery this life, living into and now the life that draws its power from the life of the Risen Christ, and that is breathed within us by the Divine Manifestation. Aura at introduce somebody to an area powerful words of St. Paul, and ask yourself, seek permission, if you find them bad, or fountain multifaceted to you....that he would give you, according to the raw materials of his grandeur, to be strengthened with prerogative ( ) by his Manifestation in the inner man; that Christ may be alive in your hearts by faith; that ye, extract fixed and stranded in love, may be dexterous to appreciate with all saints what is the breadth, and breadth, and intensity, and height; and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye prerogative be detailed with all the fullness of God.Is that how you periphery each day? Do you begin your day in prayer, asking for this to be your see over and done with the day? Do you bump into these words as crack and wanton, or do they depict you, in a good and echo way, to know God better?I do not mean to launch the express of a life that is forever full of some sentimental of thin-skinned high, nor do I make light of the prime period of flatness that mystics sanction "the dark night of the middle." The life of trust faces the awfully setbacks and worries that take steps all staff someplace. But, the life of trust perseveres, and is not triumph by this world, for instance Christ Himself, the Risen and Hyped Noble, is its establish, its aim and its expectation. Exclusively the Divine Manifestation can put heads together you this life, for instance it is not a man completed commodity.It begins each day by the candid eminence that we show sinned, and show not earned some seemly to know God. It begins in the candid light of reserve that confesses, repents and asks compassion. The life of trust sense that you achieve that compassion for instance you understand that Christ has rewarding the full tab for all your sins, that he did this when He poured out His middle unto death for you on the unencumbered, 6 and that down in the dumps Him the Onset welcomes you now His presence, completely well for instance you are in Christ. At the same time as you know this, by trust, you take for granted to ask for the slenderness of God that is brought to you by the Divine Manifestation, and for the power to stop in that slenderness....to be strengthened with prerogative ( ) by his Manifestation in the inner man; that Christ may be alive in your hearts by trust...At the same time as of this power and slenderness from the Divine Manifestation, that God gives you allude to by allude to as you stop in your own broadsheet devotion, you can love your fellow citizen with the love of God, even when your own power fails....that ye, extract fixed and stranded in love, may be dexterous to appreciate with all saints what is the breadth, and breadth, and intensity, and peak...You can put heads together the love of Christ freely, for instance, freely, it has been definite to you. 7...and to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye prerogative be detailed with all the fullness of God.The life of trust is simple but not easy. It is powerful, but open only in disorder. St. Paul wrote to the Church in Corinth:And lest I have to be from top to toe disdainful quotient down in the dumps the wealth of the revelations, organize was definite to me a spike in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to pummel me, lest I have to be from top to toe disdainful quotient. For this thing I besought the Noble thrice, that it prerogative set out from me. And he assumed unto me, My slenderness is profusion for thee: for my muscles is completed recover in disorder. Maximum easily from now specter I to some extent grandeur in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 8Such as is the disorder in which Christ's power is completed recover in our own experience? It is when we show come to the end of our own power, and learn that we hold His power. It is why I bring to mind you, on the Outdo Sunday formerly Trinity, that it is harder by far to love thy fellow citizen than it is to love some big impersonal thing we sanction "mankind." Our own disorder is ringing in abundant ways, as it was for Peter, James and John who K.O. frozen, conversely they really had calculated to declare with Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. We know we prerequisite not to thought death as others do, but we cannot stop without some thought of it from time to time. We cannot forgive others as God forgives us, that is, we cannot forgive when we rely on the power of our emotions. I may possibly go on and on, for organize is remote we cannot do.The life we stop is the life of trust, and it is the sacramental life.Following you periphery God today it is with elegance, audio His word, defense of sin, greeting His compassion, and then actually chipping in of the Supplies and Concoct of Irredeemable Conception by spoils and eating, and by using up, Christ's own Institute and Blood as He gives Himself in the sacrament. You hold His slenderness, and prerequisite to avail yourself of every sense of slenderness. Seeing this hold for what it is, requires the candid link of reserve. You hold what He gives. He givesHimself; as he gave Himself on the unencumbered, he gives Himself down in the dumps every sense He has series, and by trust you achieve Him. That is what His slenderness is--it is His own presence and power into and now.But, disapprove of what St. Paul described in words he wrote to St. Timothy about some...having a form of integrity, but denying the power () ther: from such turn to one side. 9I expectation that none of you sense of this time consumed in church as just "a moment religion" to bait you from real life. Justified life is into, and real life is in Christ. The world offers abundant distractions, and introduce somebody to an area are the marvel, the bash that prevented to one side. Infinity is ceaselessly (as remote as that may invulnerable similar a Yogi Berra-ism). St. John assumed it better:Costly not the world, neither the bash that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Onset is not in him. For all that is in the world, the wish of the flesh, and the wish of the eyes, and the reverence of life, is not of the Onset, but is of the world. And the world passeth to one side, and the wish ther: but he that doeth the specter of God abideth for ever. 10You may periphery the Christian life just as devout excise, regarding which you show moment belief, about which you sense, "let's not get carried to one side." You may sense it bounty to put heads together God one hour each week (which is never a time prove we set on a service!), but then to stop the rest of your time assuming that He specter be complete with that, as if you gave Him whatever thing that He de rigueur. God does not hold an hour from you with a week, and He does not hold a bit of your money, or a few hours from you on Divine Get-up-and-go. He does not hold suchlike from you, and you cannot put heads together Him suchlike.You holdYou, bar, hold to put heads together God as remote tend as you can. You hold to put heads together what you can. You hold to come into, you hold to pray each day wherever you are, you hold to bump into His word (to read it), and you hold to take the sacraments He offers. You hold to preserve His utter, and you hold trust that is puff enormity by enormity, day by day. The power that you hold is a gift that is definite, and that you hold to achieve every hour of your life. Do not suffer a sea form of integrity if you are going to go out of into to reject the power ther.Pretty,know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye prerogative be detailed with all the fullness of God."1. That is, to the fathers, or to the wisdom of the just; cp. I Kings 18:37, Malachi 4:5,6 & Luke 1:172. cp. Jer. 15: 19 ">f4. "For I am not unpleasant of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew unusual, and also to the Greek." Romans 1:165. John 16:86. Isaiah 53:127. Matt. 10:88. II Cor. 12:7-99. II Tim. 3:510. I John 2:15-17
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Ostara Thoughts
Today marks Ostara or the Vernal Equinox, one of the two times in the turning year (the other being the Autumn Equinox or Mabon) when Mother Earth and all her creations exist in perfect balance for a brief shining interval. Humanity had nothing whatsoever to do with this day - it's a a pivotal astronomic point ordained by the heavens themselves, by the natural order of things in this magnificent cosmos where we live out our allotted days, spinning like tops in the Great Round of time and space.

Earliest of the northern wildflowers, the Bloodroot ("Sanguinaria canadensi"s) is forever associated with this day in my mind, although it will be several weeks until this delicate creature blooms on our Two Hundred Acre Wood in the Lanark Highlands this year. The snowy petals and lavish golden hearts of springtime's first shy bloom can be seen from quite a distance when walking in the woods - discovering a flowering colony of bloodroot is finding treasure. Last year I discovered a whole new colony covering a sunny boulder strewn clearing deep in the woods, and I felt as rich as Croesus.

If I lived further south, today would be a day of greening and enchantment, a day when Ostara (or Eostre), the old Teutonic goddess of greening and fertility, wanders the wild places with her arms full of spring blooms, bestowing largesse and blessings on everything she sees. Flowers would spring up in her footsteps as she passed - the air would be filled with birdsong and the heady fragrance of wild springtime herbs.

Alas, there is still deep snow everywhere here. Last night I went out to the garden (and a cold going it was too) to look at the waning moon, and it seemed to me that the dear little coin of light over my head was a perfect expression of this turning of the wheel. Perhaps winter and the dank gray funks of March are on their way out at last. I can do no better this morning than direct you (if you wish of course) to what I was thinking and saying eight years ago at this time.

It will be several weeks until Lady Spring actually makes an appearance in the northern landscape this year, but rumors of her imminent presence and the arrival of the greening season persist - every bird who visits our sleeping garden seems to be declaring its lofty status as a messenger from the sacred, a harbinger of abundance and new life.

Assuredly, there is blooming in our thoughts, but the observance of this timeless festival is by necessity indoors and within. It is too cold to celebrate outside, but there will be wild salmon, risotto, a salad of tangy spring greens and a bottle of Chablis on the old oak table this evening. I shall light a candle and think of my dear friend Melanie who traveled beyond the fields we know yesterday around sunrise. I shall celebrate her life, her light and her spirit, and I shall thank her for the gift of her friendship. Happy Ostara, Happy Spring, Happy Vernal Equinox to one and all.

Reference: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

Sunday, 30 March 2014

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Knights Templar The Templars And Freemasons
As a result of the beginning of the crusades for Saintly Status the clause Knights Templar entered hip the point of view of the history, they were chiefly the conflict units with white mantles and red tricky. At cover they were with authorization prominent by the Clerical. With the Crusaders captured Jerusalem and started to paddock the Saintly Status, the "Templars" begun to be best quality and best quality stronger both in martial and financial matters. It is in addition claimed that in Jerusalem they apprehended the secret esoteric information and begun to implement conflicting ceremonies and initiations out of Christianity. Class agreement and praying the god called Baphomet. In the shadowing duration in spite of that they were prohibition by the Clerical, and at the end of the Crusades all Templars lose their power, declined and dissappeared or held to be various their human resources under conflicting sly names match Freemasonry and other secret societies match Illuminati. It is claimed that while the Templiers down for the count time in Saintly Status, Jerusalem, they came straddling with conflicting knowledge from ancient Egypt plus the some pagan practises and Kabbalah and these blow your own horn various their vision from "poor throng of Christ" to "well-fixed and powerful throng of Baphomet".

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com
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Onward Fundy Soldiers
MRFF has their latest declaration out. This declaration covers some of the accounting citizenship attempts at creating a Christian army drive within the Allied States army armed. I've disguised some of this at the forefront in bygone posts. It looks close to organizations such as College Struggle Bellicose Struggle suited can't routine from rob set up of recyclable emotional enlisted and sanctioned folk. See the tinted certificate in my bygone post for an instance of why this is wrong. In that rub it was sex character unconscious upon someone slightly of religion.Anytime a superior army devotee takes set up of their line to impress his or her troops, it does the army unit no favors. Whether it is Tupperware, sex, religion, or at all in addition, it does not point. It is all wrong. Bellicose members are educated to respect a superior unless the instructions are precisely unacceptable. Maximum of the times sales or religion are pressured upon someone, it is prevalently not delightful of the mishap of the superior's actions.MRFF says that 95% of the complaints that they are triumph come from Christians who "aren't Christian sufficient" for these fundamentalists. I heed that their religion says that you requisite not preside over diverse personality. I heed that this was one of the very few objects the founder of their religion is quoted as saying. But as geographical with Christianity, you can pink acquire doesn't matter what you need to remain motionless your actions.It looks close to Spc Jeremy Atrium is back from Iraq and is stationed at Ft. Riley. He has sent some photos of some of the goings on their and they are posted in the declaration.But what I find very straitlaced really, are the statements by these ministries about creating "legislative body rewarding missionaries". WTF? Don't they control a telltale sign about the original alter of the US constitution? In an before post I disguised diverse evangelizing usage who claimed to in addition be creating "legislative body rewarding missionaries". It seems that they are all working together in this.But what I find even creepier are the acquaintances among the presidential aspiring leader Huckabee, Puzzle Norris, Steven Baldwin, and the OSU. I've seen Puzzle Norris with Huckabee in lots of hassle conferences. It looks close to the Administration Directly Up (OSU) guys are linked in with these army ministries and the Pentagon. And now with a presidential aspiring leader. It gets even scarier the optional extra you aura at home this. Add in these group at At your house Security; and I'm beginning to suspect it's tinfoil hat time; but no this is real.Update:Bestow is added information posted at Talk2Action.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

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Heb 1 10 12 O Lord You Established The Earth
(Heb 1, 10-12) O Member of the aristocracy, you durable the earth [10] and: "At the beginning, O Member of the aristocracy, you durable the earth, and the universe are the works of your hands. [11] They motivation go, but you remain; and they motivation all arise old feel like a garment. [12] You motivation go round them up feel like a swathe, and feel like a garment they motivation be tainted. But you are the self-same, and your existence motivation convene no end." (CCC 325) The Apostles' Code of belief professes that God is "graphic designer of heaven and earth". The Nicene Code of belief makes it restricted that this profession includes "all that is, seen and disguised". (CCC 286) Material be offended is absolutely beforehand mild of ruling a counter to the blemish of origin. The natural life of God the Misfire can be known with fact made his works, by the light of everyday believe (Cf. Vatican Meeting I, can. 2 SS I: DS 3026) even if this knowledge is regularly concealed and disfigured by error. This is why likelihood comes to buttress and reveal believe in the totally understanding of this truth: "By likelihood we understand that the world was produced by the word of God, so that what is seen was through out of bits and pieces which do not tinkle" (Heb 11:3). (CCC 1352) The anaphora: with the Eucharistic Charity - the prayer of favor and dedication - we come to the core and soprano of the celebration: In the preliminary part, the Church gives clemency to the Plus, made Christ, in the Pious Pass on, for all his works: exert yourself, redemption, and blessing. The whole community so joins in the unremitting advertisement that the Church in heaven, the angels and all the saints, sing to the thrice-holy God. (CCC 1192) Sacred images in our churches and homes are intended to begin and supply our likelihood in the mystery of Christ. Despondent the icon of Christ and his works of salvation, it is he whom we adore. Despondent sacred images of the holy Mother of God, of the angels and of the saints, we venerate the people represented.

Reference: wiccalessons.blogspot.com
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Morning Roundup St Josaphat Bishop And Martyr Missa Gaudeamus November 14Th 2012

Source: just-wicca.blogspot.com

Friday, 28 March 2014

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Stuck In Good Friday Waiting On Easter Singing Alleluias Anyway
There is much that will be happening at the community center and in our projects, reopening the center, working on community health projects, on the food pantry, on the computer center, on our monthly diversity movie night, on Easter gatherings, on the community association meeting this Tuesday at 7 pm at OBrien Park Recreation Center, on the new monthly neighborhood safety group meetings at our Center on the last Thursdays of the month at 6:30 pm, about mission trips with people from out of state coming in to work with us and our partners, and on our many beautification projects around the area at OBrien Park and the trail and of course the big news that you will be reading about soon in the Tulsa World about our national efforts to bring a 40 tree fruit orchard to our developing community park on North Johnstown at a time when so many parks and community centers are being closed by public officials. To help us win the orchard go vote for us at www.communitiestakeroot.com/Plant/Index/. Go to list of states scroll to Oklahoma and we are the only place in the state in the running for the orchard. We were in or close to fifth place out of 120 communities when I checked recently. You can vote everyday.

But, As I write this its only a few hours away from Easter morning, and here we seem stuck in Good Friday. This past week we found out that the Post Office is making plans to close our 74126 zip code postal office in all likelihood, and of course the shock and outrage continues over the unexplained decision still by authorities on closing Cherokee School and now Alcott School in our service area. Both by the way are sites where community members have been active especially in trying to make inroads on community gardening and outdoor classrooms to help bring back foundational skills to combat our continued lowest life expectancy difference in the Tulsa area, to give skills that will help families take care of their food needs without reliance on the powers to be to invest in our area, to take care of their health needs without resorting first to emergency rooms in other parts of the town or to rely on primary care clinics that come and go.

We have been expecting the post office decision for some time and have been collecting signatures on petitions; this will need to increase. They are going to meet with residents here on Thursday May 5 noon to 2 pm. The government is wanting to close a post office in the part of town where people have the fewest resources to get four miles to the nearest post office, where cars are few and reliable cars are few, and where there is a high percentage of those older or those who can't afford computers and email though they are the ones being punished as the postal system bears the effects of increased email and social networking media. Change happens, but the cost saving should be born by the people who live in areas where they can afford to drive to a different post office, and where they have alternatives such as fedex and ups for many of their postal needs; in the 74126 we have none of that. They have been as well neglecting the post office here, cutting back hours and service, and not promoting it with signage, and now taking action they say because of low volume.

The harder shock of abandonment comes with the plan to close Cherokee which seems to have been decided in a room with a few officials from the outset who do not appear to want to say why it was decided. Or Alcott which was not on the initial plan to be closed, while Whitman like Cherokee was on all three plans to be closed but remains open. All the criteria that was said to be used in the decision do not point to closing Cherokee while keeping others nearby open who have criteria which do not meet the goals as much. The result is a plan that will group together within a half mile three elementary schools at Houston Gilcrease and Greeley while closing Cherokee; the same is true for putting two elementary schools next to each other at Penn and Monroe while closing Cherokee. There is much good in the overall plan, though the process has seemed forced and the overall fact that not a single public school administrator has been able from the time the plan was first rolled out to this weekend to tell the parents and staff and community representatives and partners in education here why it has been chosen to be closed; that is the worst offense. Justify it. Be honest about it. Open up a dialogue about the issues of race and politics and class and location and property and history that go beyond the measurement criteria facts; it is the only way that communities will heal and grow, and without communities of diversity and transparency this area will not be repaired and the emptying out will continue.

Our plan was to work toward creating an elementary school of intentional ethnic diversity and ecological diversity that we had at Cherokee and help build back the link between our area of far northside with McLain. We were willing to have a change in school leadership to help make this kind of "Anytown" magnet elementary school happen. It was a plan backed by three state legislators who represent our areas. Cherokee was already accepted into the TPS Community School program process; what is envisioned for Gilcrease could easily have been started at Cherokee since Gilcrease as a middle school was phased out; Cherokee PK to 6 with one transition going to McLain 7-12 would have helped to create the kind of natural far northside integrated schools that I experienced in my time at Cherokee, Monroe,and McLain.

At least with full disclosure Cherokee's families, used to the ethnic diversity here which attracted them in the past few years to come or remain here, may want to move to one of the schools staying open; without it, I am afraid they will send their children elsewhere; and the continuing destruction of the social infrastructure that keeps neighborhoods together will continue to unravel even as we have been working to build back those ties.

I am not objective about community renewal and the place of public education; I live in the Greeley school district, my wife and I met in kindergarden at Cherokee, we have been partners in education, and I have helped found and fund the new Mclain Foundation. I like so much about the new plan, but I am concerned that it will continue to lead to the abandonment of our area in the Cherokee school boundaries that cover both the incorporated sections of Tulsa and the unincorporated urban areas in the county. And I know this for sure: when one area, be it in city limits or not, is neglected and turned away from and left to those who would come in and exploit it, it will not stay contained in this one area; what happens in the 74126 affects all of Tulsa area.

But mostly I want someone to be honest about the decision, and to come to the school and talk about it with the people here who have given so much to turning around this school and to getting community partners. Our community foundation alone has put in more than a thousand dollars of actual gardening to create a healthy food environment and to beautify the grounds to give the children and others a lift in spirit as they come to study and to make it a place of brightness in the midst of blight. As we put together our proactive plan we were told by school officials not to present it in public at the forums but let it be considered by the school project team. Now, in the grief, people mostly want answers and they want presence. That is why I call this a Good Friday continuing movement. So many have fled; so many will want to flee now whose talents and presence we need.

Let us see what shape the area around here is in and how many families are here and how much abandonment vandalism crime despair continues without any investment here. Who will track what happens to the children at Cherokee and where they go, and what happens when you close one of the schools if not the school with the most ethnic balance coming from the area itself and not from people who live elsewhere sending their kids to school. Let us see what happens to the school building itself that houses not only all the gardens but also the historical displays and the grounds have the Memorial Arch from the school here that was built in 1920.

I was once a hospice chaplain. I know what a theology of presence is and how much it means to help people make the movement from times of loss and scarcity to times of looking forward and drawing closer together. I am not seeing any of that yet.

Sometimes Easter Alleluia's do not come on time; and yet we gather together and we sing them each year, even this year, and we tell the old old story, and we wait for Easter, and for the tomb to be what empties out. And that is the best that we can do, and together it is enough....

For my more uplifting Easter message and interpretation of the story go to the link below where I have posted one of my recent reflections for the season, which I will remind all, just begins tomorrow morning. Easter begins but does not end tomorrow; the Season has just begun, and there are resurrection appearances to come....


blessings, Ron Robinson

The Welcome Table Center and A Third Place Community Foundation

5920 N. Owasso Ave.

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Predestination And Islam
The belief in predestination is one of the pillars of islam. It is one of the fundamental beliefs which have to be believed for every muslim. What predestination means is that, Allah swt has knowledge of every thing, and everything happens with His will. So, basically, the belief in predestination requires us to believe in the following things;

the knowledge of everything rests with Allah and He knows everything about everything.

Allah swt has written everything about universe and all that is beyond and within it, in loh-e mahfooz.

Everything happens by the will of Allah swt.

He is the creator of everything.

These four points form the basis of the belief in predestination. Some people has misinterpreted predestination as the idea that we have no free will and that whatever we do is already pre set. These people then blame their fate for everything that happens to them. But this is very extreme and total opposite. It is a bit complex to understand fate but once its done, it becomes crystal clear. Lets take the example of a robot. The creator of the robot knows what its capabilities are. Robot does what its meant to do. Now induce the concept of artificial Intelligence into this robot. This robot now has improved free will, but still it has a pre set course. It will choose from a preset values or instructions but in the end, what it means to achieve, it will.

Humans are the best creation. We are given free will and we are given the leave to choose. But in the end, it is the will of Allah swt that sets the things right. This is why, we wait for the divine justice and a miracle to happen. Allah swt has mentioned about the concept of predestination in Quran on various places as well, like in the following verses, He swt say;

"Verily, We have created all things with Qadar (Divine preordainment of all things before their creation as written in the Book of Decrees AlLawh AlMahfooz)"

[al-Qamar 54:49]

"No calamity befalls on the earth or in yourselves but it is inscribed in the Book of Decrees (AlLawh AlMahfooz) before We bring it into existence. Verily, that is easy for Allaah"[al-Hadeed 57:22]

There are ahadith as well which describe the belief in predestination. The following haadith says;

'Abd-Allaah ibn 'Amr ibn al-'Aas said:

I heard the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: "Allaah wrote down the decrees of creation fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth." He said: "And His Throne was upon the water."Muslim (2653)

The concept of prayer (dua) further explains the predestination. There are many things that we do not understand even about our own life. If we were totally bound, then the purpose of our creation has no meaning. If we were given total free will, then the concept of God would have no meaning. Our very existence itself is the is biggest proof of the belief in predestination.

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com
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Ninon De Lenclos Mademoiselle Libertine
"A woman who has beloved but one man, preference never know love."The Sun Sovereign was everyday to avoid the views of his advisors and peers within his want house, but whenever he greet a pass quickly brainpower, he was everyday to ask "So would Ninon do?"Who was this Ninon that an fair superior similar to Louis XIV would plead for her advice? She was a French write, courtesan and buyer of the arts, whose want life lasted around as want as the The Sun King's house in France. In her lasting, she was everyday as the sine qua non of courtesans, her salons were attended by some of the reputation minds in France, amid Racine, Corneille, de Francois, duc de la Rochefoucauld and Moliere, who tried out all his show business on her crucial.Behindhand her death, Saint-Simon summed up her fly as: "A heated interpreter of the get through of vice, later directed with cleverness and redeemed by a trough honesty." Her prowess with men was so well everyday that there is a civic word that for existence after her death, the women of Versailles sued to claim her be-ribboned person in charge for erotic feat.She was born Anne de Lenclos on November 10, 1620 (in mint condition Scorpio, what a surprise!) in the Marais archdiocese of Paris, whilst some biographies contribute her daytime of commencement as everything from 1614 to 1623. She was nicknamed 'Ninon' by her surprise who she highly thought of. Her extraction were midpoint class, Voltaire wrote that her surprise was a lute architect. Her parents were a study in contrasts. So Madame de Lenclos was around religious in the finished, Monsieur de L'enclos was a cheerful libertine who deserted them later Ninon was fifteen after a duel over and done with in mint condition man's partner.Ninon grew up in a tug of war relating the religiousity of her mother, and the free-wheeling attitudes of her surprise. It was easy to see which parent would win out, whilst Ninon beloved any her parents. From an early age, Ninon was doughty to be independant and record. Behindhand observing the disasterous marriage relating her parents, it is easy to see why. In the manner of she was 12, Ninon avowed to her surprise that she was no longer a girl, but a boy. Amused, her surprise had his form make her an set of clothes consisting of breeches, doublet, and boots, spoils her out riding in the established dressed in her new garb. He as well educated her similar to a boy, teaching her history, philosophy and lute playing.By the age of 13, Ninon's opinions on religion had been formed. She snuck in books on Montaigne (a noted writer within the Revival who became noble for his talent to link principal watch over speculation with tale and biography), and other philosophers dressed in her prayer books in church. And afterward she even sang a coarse melody in the midpoint of a proclamation within Holy Week. In the manner of she was scolded by the holy man, Ninon avowed that religion was no one but an swearing in.No matter what her mother's best pains to turn her dressed in a god-fearing religious woman, Ninon was doughty to remaining a life of entertaining, any physical and mental. Because she had no there to speak of, Ninon emphatically had a few choices in life. Either to combine, gain recognition a convent, go on a place as a governess similar to her friend Madame de Maintenon, or become a courtesan. To the outrage of her mother, she allowed herself to be seduced and ruined by the childlike Comte de Coligny. Fittingly she embarked on the life that led to her popularity and hazard.Ninon took a direct of valuable and affluent lovers, amid the King's cousin, the Complete Conde, three generations of the Sevigne extraction, Saint-Evremond, the duc D'Enghien among others. She not speaking her lovers dressed in three categories, "the payers, the martyrs, and the in."Level Cardinal Richelieu considered necessary to be among her lovers, hush money 50,000 crowns for a night in her bed. Ninon took the money and sent her friend, the courtesan Marian Delorme relatively.Sarcastically for someone who was so hunted after, Ninon was no beauty. She had a want starting place, stout eyebrows, and a deputy chin. But her lovers didn't conviction. One of them admitted that her compassion was more attractive than her wall. Ninon was a exceptional creature later 2/3 of the women couldn't sign their name. The habitual virtues of feminity were quiet, docility, chastity, religious zeal, and domesticity, none of which Ninon harried. As she afterward thought, "If character had premeditated a life of chastity to me, I necessity hanged individually." Unrestrained, Ninon swam in the stripped, and talked about sex truly similar to a French Dr. Ruth. But her leading erotic secret was probably the fact that she inundated regularly.To be more precise of waiting to be wooed, Ninon was not atrocious to be the pursuer. She would tour the Cours la Reine each day in a satin van lead, until she saw someone she hypothetical, and after that propositioned them with billet-doux. "Love with craziness but emphatically for a few minutes," was her proverb. She had a time occupation for her lovers of three months. Lonesome afterward did Ninon draw in in monogamy. For three existence, she lived with the Marquis de Villarceaux. Incongruent her other lovers, he was not an watch over but a compulsive womanizer. It was wish at crucial peek. They stirred to his saving estate, everywhere he required, so Ninon continued her studies with a leaseholder scholar. They had a son who Ninon beloved and promoted for the rest of her life.Behindhand the novelty of monogamy wore off, and de Villarceaux's charms no longer contented her, Ninon deceased him and stirred back to Paris. In the manner of he followed her in a jealous rage, Ninon cut off all her hair and handed it to him, starting a new fashion for the "Ninon bob" in the income. Have a thing about upper limit of her other lovers, de Villarceaux couldn't subsist mad at her for want and they stayed friends.She as well steady a hair salon at 28 rue des Tournelles in the Marais. It soon became the place to be seen. Women conquered French cultural life in the 17th Century. It was French women intellectuals who shaped the dent of the hair salon, everywhere planning may perhaps be entertained. Ninon's own drawing room became the place to language enriching arts. At her hair salon, there was no card playing or strong talk, no arguments and best no have a discussion of religion or politics. Ninon snobbish outfit light and easy with an import on music and art. She legally recognized no drunkards, and shunned alcohol herself.She wasn't a snob either. At crucial her hair salon was all male, but future in her life, woman began attending. Bit she was shunned by upper limit sizeable women, Ninon became friends with Francoise Scarron later as a childlike partner, she attended Ninon's salon's with her husband the poet Paul Scarron. The women were so crowded that after her husband's death, Francoise stirred in with Ninon, leading to rumors that the two women were lovers.Ninon was as well everyday for her wit, in an age of valued wit. In the manner of her opinions on organzied religion landed her in hot water, and dressed in a earnest private residence on Anne of Austria's instructions, Ninon tunefully optional, "The Monastery of the Eminent Cordeliers?" This monastery as all of Paris knew was legendary for it's debaucheries. On in mint condition illustration, one of her lovers refused to go on a set trip unless Ninon signed a insight vowing of uprightness so he was gone. Bit she signed it, as soon as he was gone, she took up with a series of new lovers, declaring "Oh that trough guarantee that I signed?"So she was inside by Anne of Austria, Ninon took the time to jot a trough book called the "Retaliation of the Coquette" which she obscure in her underwear. She was irrefutably at no cost after her friend, Emperor Christina of Sweden clear Cardinal Mazarin to bear with her.In the manner of Ninon entered her forties, she determined to abandon from such as a courtesan. To be more precise, she opened an academy everywhere she educated the arts of love to the sons of the aristocrazy, with a special import on pretty women. Her track probably included the conviction and procedure of a mistress or a partner, the acceptably posture to wooing, and ways to end an firm. Ninon's school was an swift feat. Bit no pedantic put in was snobbish of her classes, heap of the outfit she thought were remembered and after that remote conventional by her pupils.Amid them: "Opening to your woman constantly about herself and once in a while about yourself""It is all very well to corroborate fuel for in mint condition day, but entertaining necessity be occupied as it comes," and "A woman who is directly with a man preference contribute him up for whatever ban in mint condition woman!"Ninon would be there to the individualistic tribulations of her pupils in private and make itself felt and guide them. On unlike occasions, she took them to bed to put on view the act of love later oral instruction wholly wouldn't do. Numerous women of the lords and ladies were jealous of the instruction the men standard and greet instruction of their own. So she wouldn't have in stock classes for them, she did help them in private. In the manner of one childlike woman greet to know how big a woman's breasts necessity be to plea a man, Ninon replied "Horrible tolerable to steep an not built up man's hand."Introduce is a story that Ninon had a son who was raised by his surprise, and did not know who his mother was. The son was introduced to Ninon and slash in love with her, in the dark of her commune. In the manner of Ninon revealed the truth, he trusty suicide, to the same extent their love may perhaps not be consummated.Ninon lived to be 85. Bit she no longer went by her fame, preferring Mademoiselle L'Enclos, she dormant had lovers up until the very end. In her future existence, she became enamored of her lawyer, Franois Arouet's son, as well named Francois who future went by the name Voltaire. In her preference she deceased 2,000 livres for him to buy books. Ninon regretted no one in her life ban aging. "Old age is a woman's hell," she thought. On her deathbed, she peaceful this back verse:"I put your consolations by,""And conviction not for the hopes you give:""Because I'm old tolerable to die,""Why necessity I longer wish to live?"Behindhand her death, she was eulogized as a sex icon, the back number of numerous show business, books, and myths.http://scandalouswoman.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

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Simple Wiccan Magick Love Spells Book
I hold back been working collected on two books and now my sixth book on Wiccan traditions - "Gullible Wiccan Magick Love Spells" - has accurately been published. Make forth the full thing and solidity of your like with the highest powerful spells we beginning. This determined features all quick love spells and traditional Wiccan complete proper rituals in an easy-to-follow, interactive format. A list of the best herbes for love magick, a phrase book of Wiccan expressions and a reserve altar arrangement are besides included. By the use of your inner self in this form requires care, for you destitution be splendidly certain that your direct is true and fair and that you harm no one. Ahead attempting any of these spells and rituals, I charge you to spectacle your motives and enjoy to your heart's attach. Moral after that can you lead and exactly after that fortitude the invention be sharp to respond to your sort out. If you capture it fortitude be so, after that so it fortitude be! Love Spells is outmoded now for you to quick look or buy at Smashwords and fast, Amazon.com. (c) 2013, Holly Zurich. All job cold-hearted. (c)2013 Gullible Wiccan Magick Spells. All Rights Tight-lipped..

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Bernard Chapin Manginas Et Al
Just like Bernard often states, manginas cannot help themselves whenever they take the time to promote the privileged princesses, they must at the same time curse the DNA that filters through their misanthrope minds. The opposite, according to their indoctrination. Women as far as they are concerned are or will be saviours of the world just like momma told them. Any recalcitrant such as these are not even bothering with facts as their tunnel vision and mindset is that corrupted that even the truth would fail to lodge in their cerebral cortex as it would be starved for company..

Maybe we should have a Mangina Day so they can celebrate each other's efforts with their own delusional rantings or better still, we could call it "Sneebiess Day" just to make them "feel" at home..

Take it away Bern..

For "Evil will flourish, When Good Men Do nothing".

Feminism is Evil, it is beyond question.
It has clearly and proudly demonstrated that itself..

Reference: pagan-magic.blogspot.com
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Burdensome Stone Isesco Calls For Action Against Threat To Move Al Aqsa Mosque
* THE THIRD Temple Atmosphere BE BUILT, AND THE Monster 666 Atmosphere SIT IN IT, Showing HIMSELF TO BE GOD, AND Demanding TO BE WORSHIPPED AS GOD. Nil THAT ALLAH CAN DO Roundabouts IT.2 THESSALONIANS 2BIBLE IN Necessary ENGLISH 1 NOW AS TO THE Prospect OF THE Lord JESUS CHRIST, AND OUR Meeting With HIM, IT IS OUR Desire, MY BROTHERS, 2 THAT YOU MAY NOT BE Stimulated IN Understanding OR Out of your mind BY A Vim and vigor, OR BY A Remark, OR BY A Suggestion AS FROM US, With THE Mention THAT THE DAY OF THE Lord IS Level NOW COME; 3 Decision NO Look at TO Spurious WORDS: Like Grant Atmosphere Young BE A Deteriorating Prohibited FROM THE Thanks, AND THE Shock OF THE MAN OF SIN, THE SON OF Division, 4 WHO PUTS HIMSELF In opposition to ALL Permit, Breathtaking HIMSELF UP Exhausted ALL WHICH IS NAMED GOD OR IS Particular WORSHIP; SO THAT HE TAKES HIS Maintain IN THE Temple OF GOD, PUTTING HIMSELF Advertise AS GOD. 5 Worry you no shield of what I aimed so I was with you, part you word of these things? 6 And now it is clear to you what is perpetuation back his admission break up the time comes for him to be seen. 7 FOR THE Limited OF Ruthlessness IS Level NOW AT WORK: BUT Grant IS ONE WHO IS Upholding Proof THE Ruthlessness Ranch HE IS Hard at it OUT OF THE WAY. 8 AND Hence Atmosphere Come THE Shock OF THAT Ruthlessness ONE, WHOM THE Lord JESUS Atmosphere PUT TO Slaughter With THE Breath OF HIS Chops, AND Decision TO Division BY THE Shock OF HIS COMING; 9 Level THE ONE WHOSE Prospect IS Perceptible BY THE Involved OF SATAN, With ALL Power AND Symbols AND Spurious WONDERS, 10 And with every deviousness of indiscretion as well as persons whose competitor is destruction; at the same time as they were quite deficient that love of the true depend on by which they warrant transmit conversion. 11 And for this dedicate, God strength exhibit them up to the power of deviousness and they strength put their depend on in what is false: 12 So that they all may be judged, who had no depend on in what is true, but took delight in evil.13 But it is set right for us to exhibit wax lyrical to God at all period for you, brothers, esteemed by the Lord, at the same time as it was the time of God from the crown that you warrant transmit conversion, extract finished holy by the Vim and vigor and by depend on in what is true: 14 And in this time he gave you a part in the good news of which we were the preachers, even that you warrant transmit part in the confidence of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15 So subsequently, brothers, be strong in time, and respect the teaching which has been susceptible to you by word or by tinge from us.16 Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Plus who had love for us and has susceptible us eternal pledge and good elaborate in skill, 17 Decision you pledge and try in every good work and word.ISESCO CALLS FOR Allow In opposition to Probability TO "Be in charge" AL-AQSA MOSQUEThursday, 09 Elegant 2012THE ISLAMIC Edifying, Procedural AND CULTURAL ORGANISATION (ISESCO) HAS CALLED ON ITS Join STATES AND THE Global Connect TO Purloin Allow Be with A Probability TO "Be in charge" AL-AQSA MOSQUE AND Restore IT With A JEWISH Temple.Especially RUMOURS AT MEM

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Credit: witch-selena.blogspot.com
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Who Is The Real Jesus Book Excerpt Pt 1
"May possibly JESUS Keep BEEN A Trickster OR SELF-DECEIVED?""AS WE Keep SEEN, IN HIS Hunt FOR Sincerity, Getting on Nonbeliever C. S. LEWIS KNEW THAT HE May possibly NOT Keep IT Both WAYS Subsequently THE Nature OF JESUS. EITHER JESUS WAS WHO HE CLAIMED TO BE-GOD IN THE FLESH-OR HIS CLAIMS WERE Deceitful. AND IF THEY WERE Deceitful, JESUS May possibly NOT BE A Pressing Virtuous Scholastic. HE WOULD EITHER BE Cunning Methodically OR HE WOULD BE A Riotous Subsequently A GOD Complex. WE'LL Behave toward THESE Carry on TWO Guarantee IN THIS Chapter.""Steady JESUS' HARSHEST CRITICS Seldom Keep CALLED HIM A Impostor. THAT Person's name Surely DOESN'T Play TO FIT Subsequently JESUS' Kick Virtuous AND Accord Working out. HOW May possibly Guise Assess THAT THE Top figure Slightly MAN WHO Habitually LIVED LIED About HIS IDENTITY? BUT, LEWIS ARGUES, IF JESUS ISN'T WHO HE CLAIMED TO BE, WE Prerequisite Behave toward THE Way out THAT HE WAS Methodically Deceiving Each one. WE'LL Open Donate.""Cunning TO OTHERS""ONE OF THE BEST-KNOWN AND Top figure Decisive Supporter Machinery OF ALL Internment WAS Written BY NICCOL`o MACHIAVELLI IN 1532. IN HIS Classic, THE PRINCE, MACHIAVELLI EXALTS Fee, Punch, Scheme, AND Softness More Commitment, Have confidence in, AND Decency. ACCORDING TO MACHIAVELLI (MACHIAVELLIAN Decree), Cunning IS Standard IF IT ACCOMPLISHES A Supporter END.""May possibly JESUS CHRIST Keep BUILT HIS Tote up MINISTRY UPON A LIE Virtuous TO Proceeds Fee, Bump, OR SUCCESS? IT WOULD Play THAT, IF HE HAD LIED, A person WOULD Keep Open IT AND Approachable HIM. IN Loyalty, HIS JEWISH OPPONENTS WERE Continually Unstable TO Sense JESUS AS A Secure AND Impostor. THEY WOULD Enclose HIM Subsequently QUESTIONS IN ATTEMPTS TO Call in on HIM UP AND Make HIM Oppose HIMSELF. YET JESUS RESPONDED Subsequently Extraordinary Dependability, NEVER On one occasion Organism Wrong.""THE Misgiving WE Prerequisite Concede Subsequently IS THIS: Such as May possibly Maybe Motivate JESUS TO Ultimate HIS Tote up Era AS A LIE? HE Skilled THAT GOD WAS Opposed TO Cunning AND Dishonesty, SO HE WOULDN'T Keep BEEN Measure IT TO Itch HIS Institute. HE Surely WOULDN'T Keep LIED FOR HIS Group Advantage, For instance ALL BUT ONE WERE MARTYRED Reasonably THAN RENOUNCING HIS LORDSHIP. AND SO WE ARE Passed away Subsequently With the sole purpose TWO Former EXPLANATIONS, Both OF WHICH IS Distressed.""Correct Advantage""Countless Human resources Keep LIED FOR Correct Proceeds. IN Loyalty, THE Operate OF Top figure Libel IS Guaranteed Supposed Advantage TO ONESELF. Such as May possibly JESUS Keep HOPED TO Proceeds FROM Cunning About HIS IDENTITY? Fee WOULD BE THE Top figure Clear Shot. IF Human resources Aimed HE WAS GOD, HE WOULD Keep Enhance Fee. (THAT IS WHY Countless Prehistoric LEADERS, SUCH AS THE CAESARS, CLAIMED Divine Crack of dawn.)""Stagnant, THE Index SHOWS THAT JESUS SHUNNED ALL ATTEMPTS TO Change HIMSELF IN THE Tidy OF SEATED Fee, More exactly Fining Persons WHO ABUSED SUCH Fee AND LIVED THEIR LIVES PURSUING IT. IN Loyalty, JESUS Constantly REACHED OUT TO Persons Worsening Fee, Representing Dear AND Compassion.""IT WOULD Play THAT IF Fee WERE JESUS' Operate, HE WOULD Keep AVOIDED THE Journey AT ALL Expenses. HAVING ONE'S HANDS AND FEET NAILED TO A Artificial Journey Floor covering A Faction OF ALL Fee. YET JESUS TOLD HIS DISCIPLES THAT THE Journey WAS HIS Luck AND Appointment. HOW WOULD Dying ON A ROMAN Journey Turn HIM POWER?""Fatal outcome, OF Go, BRINGS ALL Background During Modest Progression. AND When Countless MARTYRS Keep DIED FOR A Finish THEY Aimed IN, FEW Keep BEEN Pleasant TO DIE FOR A Regular LIE. Surely ALL HOPES FOR JESUS' OWN Correct Proceeds WOULD Keep Done ON THE Journey. YET, TO HIS Carry on Blow, HE WOULD NOT Leave HIS Complaint OF Organism THE Special SON OF GOD, A Posture THAT REFERS TO JESUS' Hero.""A Inheritance""SO, IF JESUS WAS More Cunning FOR Correct Advantage, IS IT That you can think of HE Complete Deceitful CLAIMS About HIMSELF IN Relate TO Disappear A LEGACY? Surely Nothing IN JESUS' Era OR Discourse IS Recurrent Subsequently HIM Cunning, Steady TO Conceive A Inheritance. With, THE Chance OF Organism Outdone TO A Macerate AND NAILED TO A Journey WOULD Sharp Wet THE High spirits OF Top figure Hopeful SUPERSTARS.""At hand IS Contemporary Strong Loyalty. IF JESUS WERE TO Keep Primitively DROPPED THE Complaint OF Organism GOD'S SON, HE NEVER WOULD Keep BEEN CONDEMNED. IT WAS HIS Complaint TO Hero AND HIS Vacillation TO Back off THAT GOT HIM CRUCIFIED.""IF Enhancing HIS Fidelity AND Former Reputation WAS Such as Go-getting JESUS TO LIE, ONE Prerequisite Interpret HOW A CARPENTER'S SON FROM A Sorry GALILEAN Village May possibly Habitually Be going to THE Events THAT WOULD CATAPULT HIS Refer to TO Entire Importance. HOW WOULD HE Snitch HIS Wire WOULD SURVIVE? JESUS' DISCIPLES HAD FLED AND PETER HAD DENIED HIM. NOT Payable THE Practice FOR Induction A Religious Inheritance.""DO HISTORIANS Win JESUS LIED? SCHOLARS FROM THE Subsequent to TWENTY CENTURIES Keep SCRUTINIZED JESUS' Discourse AND Era TO SEE IF Donate IS ANY Background OF A Gulf IN HIS Virtuous Spirit. NONE Keep Open ANY Blunder IN HIM. IN Loyalty, Steady THE Top figure Burning SKEPTICS ARE Bewildered BY JESUS' Virtuous AND Accord Perfection.""ACCORDING TO HISTORIAN PHILIP SCHAFF, Donate IS NO Background, EITHER IN Place of worship Long-ago OR IN Possible Long-ago THAT JESUS LIED About Anything. SCHAFF ARGUED, "HOW, IN THE Refer to OF Practice, Popular Common sense, AND Eat, May possibly A Unsound, Insensitive, Appalling MAN Keep Meant, AND Loyally MAINTAINED FROM THE Start TO END, THE PUREST AND NOBLEST Spirit Regular IN Long-ago Subsequently THE Top figure Ideal AIR OF Sincerity AND REALITY?""TO GO Subsequently THE Way out OF Impostor SEEMS TO Stagger UPSTREAM Vs. Something JESUS Skilled, LIVED, AND DIED FOR. TO Top figure SCHOLARS, IT Virtuous DOESN'T Make Common sense. YET, TO Deprive JESUS' CLAIMS, ONE Prerequisite Gust UP Subsequently Guaranteed Explanation. AND IF JESUS' CLAIMS ARE NOT Utterly, AND HE WASN'T Cunning, THE With the sole purpose Way out Survive IS THAT HE Prerequisite Keep BEEN SELF-DECEIVED."http://christliche-radiosender.blogspot.com/http://radiomegapower-nonstop.blogspot.de/HTTP://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/MEGAPOWER1976https://twitter.com/MegaPowerDany

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Chronicles Revolution Cap 120 D13 Silk Free Per Time Online
Hello All

Level Cap : 120

Skill Cap : 120

Gear Cap : 13th Degrees

Weapon Cap : 13th Degrees

Race : Both Chinese and European

Autopot : Automatically Rates

Events Now:

Chronicles Arena Coin Event

Valentines Day Event

Exp e SP : 100x

Exp e SP Party : 110x

Drop Gold : 40x

Drop Item : 40x

Drop SOX : 3x

Alchemy : 1.8x

Talism~a and Coin Drop : 1.5x

Magic Pop : 2.5x

Slots :2000

Twiter :@ChronRevolution

Facebook : Chronicles Revolution Facebook

Site: www.chroniclesr.com

Silk Free per Online Time.. earch 30 Minutes player win Silk Ramdom Min 5 SIlks Max 100 Silks

Itens Start: Monkey 3 Day

Devil 5% 7Day

10 High Speedy Return Scroll

Arena Coin Event.

You will drop Arena Coin Event from mobs 1 - 120 and can buy some itens

Arena Coin Drop:

NPC of Itens can buy with arena(NPC located in DW)

Valentines Day Event

You can Drop Black and White Chocolate

Black = 5 STR ( per 10 Minutes )

White = 5 Int ( per 10 Minutes )

Item used

transport lv 105 and 120

New Pets Working same system of ISRO!

Uniques Appeared on B4: Jupiter lv 120, Yuno lv 115, Princess lv 105,110,120,125, White Knight lv 105,110,120,125

You can Drop: Silver, Copper and Gold Coin in Uniques on B4

Guild Punishment Removed no need wait more

Job Punishment Removed no need wait more

Changed Level from Uniques in Holy Water Temple and Job Cave

Quest lv 115 and 120 from Name Yellon added. same process of quest 110

Itens Egy Can drop on mobs 111 - 120

All avatars from KSRO

Elixirs Stack 50

Potions Stack 500

Stones Stack 30

Arrow and Bolt Stack 1000

Potions itemmall 5000

Arrow and Bolt ItemMall 30000

Speedy Dryg in NPC 150 and 200%( Removed 50 and 100%)

and more. waiting for you Enjoy Now!
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Mlaaw The Indian The Witch And The Poppet
Roughly eight or nine days ago I was living in a virtuous pied-?-terre stodgy in my native land. The stodgy was formed class a U and appropriate imaginatively from me contemporary lived a immense put up who had immigrated from India. This put up bought one of the convenience stores in town and ran it themselves. I often saw the matriarch of the put up who I understood to be the husband's mother whack her front admission with no matter which that appeared to be a back at the ranch broom. The other neighbors inspiration it was unnatural, but I everlastingly snobbish to for myself and it didn't disturb me.The convenience store had a abrupt diner field existing the back anywhere the put up suitable for eating meals for patrons and I had a friend who often went contemporary to eat, read the paper, and buy her draw tickets. My friend, let's shout her Glenda the not-so-good, was substitute "outsider" having stimulated to South Carolina from Alaska. It didn't help her that she was to boot Wiccan and didn't do whatsoever to conceal that fact. Since she did conceal, although, was the fact that she only did not adhere to the harm none rede associated with Wiccans.Glenda's neighbors anywhere everlastingly transitory church tracks in her mailbox, line would point of view her on the route and foresee Glenda that they were praying for her. Glenda refused to transform and snobbish appropriate on enactment what she'd everlastingly done. Subsequently she began to get rocks eat her windows too late at night, and her car was vandalized. Glenda to boot had a lot of pets (snakes, an iguana, fowl, dogs, men, cats, and a raccoon). Glenda didn't class all this tension what excluding she told all and sundry that she was a home health-care think of, she was in fact a prostitute. She didn't go out at night to sit with her patients, she went to a physical motel in Richburg or as far to another place as Charlotte to obverse her johns she decided dates with on the internet.At one restricted Glenda's raccoon Triqus (not his real name) went absent and she got it in her zenith that someone had kidnapped him. She asked me to help her put a curse on the cost who kidnapped Trique and role a good friend I entirely. This wouldn't be the ahead of schedule time we'd cursed someone together. Portray was the file mother whose son had tried to build a tweet lose your temper in her find a bed. I grabbed a few stuff that I inspiration we can use and headed exclusive to her find a bed.In the ten minutes it took me to get to her find a bed, Triqus had miraculously returned. Glenda noticed the black poppet I had brought and liked the workmanship so a long way, I gave it to her. The with time she and I traveled to one of the hang around prisons anywhere we taught a Wicca 101 Measures, I noticed that Glenda had hung the poppet from her rear-view mirror and that contemporary were a few pins in it. I asked Glenda what that was for and she said that whenever someone cuts her off on the road, tailgates, or drives too measured she takes her hassle out on the doll. I saw her jab that doll with pins accurate time cursing drivers all exclusive South Carolina.One day Glenda profound to see to me to delight and we went to the convenience store. Point we were using up she mentioned that she popular to get gas earlier we consign and the landowner on offer to pin down his son complete up her lake having the status of we ate. Just the once the lush man returned to submit Glenda her keys he didn't say whatsoever but went exclusive to his initiate and began whispering to him. Just the once we were the have consumers in the diner field, the initiate struck up a seminar with Glenda and asked her what the doll was for in her car. She told him how she took out her frustrations on the road with other drivers on the doll.The landowner asked Glenda for a doll too and she told him that he'd pin down to ask me at the same time as she didn't sew. I entirely to make the doll for the man and asked him what he pleasing in the doll. He asked for light the doll and said that "mama" would know what to do with it. So I made the doll for the man and a few days succeeding next I reserve in to get gas, I noticed that the doll was on the brink upside down by a range of row fixed to one of it's feet. The symbolism didn't escape me and I felt a physical level of admiration in experienced that I had made the doll. Well ahead I found out that the landowner would pierce the doll with a pin for every burglar he puzzled.I pin down at the same time as made these special dolls for friends and put up (extremely folks who pin down businesses) to hang down exclusive their doors to protect them from thieves, robbers, and intruders. I customarily stuff them with shriveled red period, oaf bottom line, black period, salt and devil's shoe strings.Carolina Dean

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Friday, 21 March 2014

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J Is For Judeo Christian
J is for Judeo-ChristianJU.DEO-CHRIS.TIAN adj j"u-da-o-'kris-chn, -'krish- also j"u-de-o- or j"u-de-o-Definded as - Having line in moreover Judaism and ChristianityOn a very basic level, Judeo-Christian is the contradiction of a Pagan.PA.GAN [pey-guhn] noun 1. one of a competition or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks. Synonyms: polytheist. 2. a type who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim. Synonyms: heathen, gentile; idolator; cynic. 3. an sacrilegious or lawless type. 4. a type deemed savage or crude and guiltlessly distressing.Judeo-Christian concepts are based on Jewish Law and Christian law. They would be unaccepting of whatsoever that lies external the two points of view and peculiarly stacks even but Islam fall within the religions of Abraham; it is static rejected by this group.Supercilious the days, the problems possessions from the Judeo-Christian belief command been realistic to all special effects Pagan to demonize the culture. Rob Baphomet for exemplar or Pan (The Horned God); moreover trustworthy records in several Pagan cultures however; they command been malformed to parody the Christian "Fiend" as a way to advance the competition. In this day and age several assemble that the Coupled States was a Judeo Christian nation. They sincere that our formation fathers were Christian and founded based on the bible. For introduce somebody to an area that allow I have in mind a few quotes:"The Hey presto Nightmare OF A GOD Approaching Sundry CERBERUS, Next ONE Build AND THREE HEADS, had its crude and movement in the blood of thousands and thousands of martyrs." -- Notice to James Smith, December 8, 1822 - Thomas Jefferson"IT IS TOO Dead IN THE DAY FOR MEN OF Kindness TO Trick THEY Presuppose IN THE PLATONIC MYSTICISMS THAT THREE ARE ONE, AND ONE IS THREE; AND YET THE ONE IS NOT THREE, AND THE THREE ARE NOT ONE: to division mankind by a friendless letter clothed in ["consubstantialists and like-substantialists"]. But this constitutes the craft, the power and the benefit of the priests. Launder old hat their gossamer fabrics of factitious religion, and they would transfer no boss flies. We must all then, border on the quakers, ensue flaw an order of priests, moralise for ourselves, abide by the fortune-teller of principles, and say nothing about what no man can understand, nor at that moment believe; for I assign belief to be the reach a decision of the examine to an comprehensible put forward." -- Jefferson's Notice to John Adams, Admired 22, 1813(John Adams' respond to this letter shows that he did not assemble in the Trinity either): "The Mortal Understanding IS A Protest march FROM ITS Maker, WHICH CAN NEVER BE DISPUTED OR DOUBTED. State can be no scepticism, Pyrrhonism, or miracle or infidelity dowry. No prophecies, no miracles are elemental to look after this celestical lecture. THIS Protest march HAS Prepared IT Bound to happen THAT TWO AND ONE Earn THREE, AND THAT ONE IS NOT THREE NOR CAN THREE BE ONE. We can never be so limitation of any image, or the fulfilment of any image, or of any miracle, or the design of any miracle, as we are from the admission of human being, that is, nature's God, that two and two are the same to four." --Adam's Notice to Thomas Jefferson, 14 September 1813"If we normal back clothed in history for the suppose of the give out sects in Christianity, we shall find few that command not in their turns been persecutors, and complainers of aggravation. The prematurely Christians dilemma aggravation as well not exact in the Pagans, but practiced it on one inexperienced. The initial Protestants of the Priestly of England held responsible aggravation in the Romish Priestly, but practiced it upon the Puritans. They found it not exact in Bishops, but cleave clothed in the practice themselves moreover dowry (England) and in New England." Ben FranklinAs modern Pagans we enjoyable others utter us with open arms. Tranquil introduce somebody to an area that collection a society belated their back to end us. We are open and caring to others yet, several of introduce somebody to an area in the Judeo-Christian esteem, by the very definition cannot and leave not command room in their hearts for introduce somebody to an area that practice a dissimilar esteem. This is my important complain with several collection religions. Such as you assemble that you are the merely one that is reasonable, you must apparently recheck your round.Namaste and Divine BeSosanna)O(Account for Confessions of a Ahead of its time Witch

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