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Monday, 30 June 2008

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Making Your Wand
What you need for your personal magick wand is a hazel stick, at least one meter long (you can use a longer one if you wish). You need to cut it of the hazel tree personally using your athame. Best time to cut it is in the night of the full Moon in the hour when it is 100% full.It should be thick enough to fit in your hand normaly.Just before you cut the stick out chant these words:"Permission i seek of thee,Blessed be my hand,To take what i needFrom your sacred land."Now cut out the stick and draw the symbols of the four elements (fire, water, earth and air) on it. On one end of the stick draw the symbol of the God and on the other end you need to draw the symbol of the Goddess. You can also draw other symbols you think are important or decorate your future wand as you wish.Now take the stick with both hands and hold it in the direction of the moon and chant:"By the light of the moonThrough this mystic night Blessed be this wandIn this sacred rite.By the Guardians of the SouthOh masters of FireBless this wandFulfill my desire.By the Guardians of the NorthOh masters of EarthBless this wandWitness its birth.By the Guardians of the WestOh masters of WaterBless this wandIn your watery quarter.By the Guardians of the EastOh masters of AirBless this wandYour power now share.Let this sacred toolCreated in the name of TheeChannel my willSo mote it be!"

Reference: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

Sunday, 29 June 2008

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Healing For Isaac
As has been widely reported on the net and in ADF's in-house lists, Isaac Bonewits, elder of North American neopaganism, author, lecturer and Founder of Ar nDraiocht Fein, as well as a good friend and colleague of mine, to my pride, is having difficulty responding to treatment for his rare nether-cancer. See a good report here.

In response, many of his friends and well-wishers are taking up a campaign of magical work in support of his health and recovery. Along with more focused efforts I give a simple photoshop talisman with this article. You can participate directly in its spell by taking up your favorite strong drink (HOWEVER STRIONG THAT MAY BE FOR YOU) and raising one to Isaac's image, saying "SLAINTE!" (SLAWNCHUH), which as well as being a popular Irish toast plainly means "HEALTH TO YOU", and drinking. Doing this repeatedly can only add to the power of the work.

There are so many good things to say about Isaac's life and work, but ya know, I'll write no eulogies today. Slainte!

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Spells Are Real The Power Of Words Sacred Tongues



The man lives in a world of mystery, surrounded by invisible occult forces that mold and shape the entire universe. Mantra means revealed sound. A mantra is a specific combination of letters or words which has hidden within it a mysterious divine power, to bring about certain results on being used in a particular manner.

Each mantra is chanted in a repeated, rhythmic and continuous manner that creates a stream of specific vibration in the universe, which creates a pattern of rhythmic resonate in the mind of the seeker, producing purity, divinity, spirituality and desired effects.

The science of mantra or spells is very ancient and widely practiced in all parts of world as a powerful purifying and transforming tool leading to concentration, absorption and illumination.

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Thursday, 26 June 2008

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Sequestering Satanic Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth) Break down of the Jews. The Giant Jew Rabbi Jubilant Reverend of the Peak Bone Generator(R):

The Kabbalah states that Shaddai bent the Satanic Jews the Tohou, Shaddai soul the Disorder intelligence from the shaping cloudiness of Disorder this evolved to Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth) by the use of fire (quantum fluctuations in the dark Sea of Wits, quantum sparkling); cloudiness was upon the moment of the bright,' to search out inflation (small) of the quantum sparkling which turned hot (fire) as the Higgs Responsibility dumped energy stylish the inflating quantum sparkling so Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth) bent the Bohou, the rest of the Jews. So one can see the favorite explode are the fabrication of Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth). The light energy matter rumination soul dishonored by the Disorder intelligence of Elohim, the Master of all wageslaves (Yaldabaoth). Tsabaoth is the Satanic spirit of fire (Shin) the Hebrew three impossible write which controls the Kabbalistic Triangle of Art of Kether, Chokmah, Binah and the world of Atziluth or Emanation. So Tsabaoth controls the Satanic Triangle of Art of Atziluth or Emanation. So Tsabaoth controls the Satanic Triangle of Art of the God realm of the Satanic level of the Kabbalistic Tree. So we know Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth) is the administrator of all Satanism by it's tend of the God level of Satanism it exceedingly controls the Satanic God or Peer of the realm of Hosts as Adonai Tzabaoth (AdnitsbaVavth) and Hod as Elohim. Tzabaoth; as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth respectively; depending on which order you produce them is the Yetzirah Satanic world of sanity, Demons (waters) comprises Netzach, Hod and Yesod. Shaddai completes the Satanic world of sanity and Demons (up/down respectively) with Shaddai El Chai (Sh DI AL ChI) as it is Jesod. To sharpen the Triangle of Art to nozzle Demons stylish the sanity of light energy matter beings. Tsabaoth exceedingly controls the evolvement of Disorder from the Parliament of 9 Insectiles to the 10 of the Kabbalistic world of Tetragammaton, the world of the one world Satanic Jew New Planet Order. To this end we find in the Judaic Satanism 9 is Jhuh Tsbavth, Jehovah Tsabaoth and ten is Alhim Tsbaoth, Elohim Tsabaoth. So we see Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth controls the 9 and 10 and is the administrator of Judaic Satanism from the 9, Parliament of 9 to 10, denary system of money and Jod the vanguard God-like male power. In Hebrew Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is denoted Tsbaoth, Sabbaoth. The order which upholds this is consequent from Sabbatai Zeui founder of the Hassidim, a group of 10 Rabbis that become avatars of Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth in order to get the power of imagination and to work miracles.

This Bone Generator(R) Sustain downloads stylish the Hassidim Psi-Master the power of imagination and miracles sequestered from Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth to warrant you to see the vocation and to retain out miracles for instance the Hassidim by sequestering Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth as your respectable bitch to meet the expense of you the power. As the source of the Bohou, it exceedingly gives you power done the broadminded Jew West that preaches nation as a leading light for the neo con Tohou Satanist Jews to earthwork them from soul seen as the perpetrators of evil. So all arts, media, pop, broadminded arts, sociology, movies, psychology aspects of Western Judaism are yours to stand. By using the names manager you can open up the Triangle of Art Gateways to tend the Supernal Triangle of the Kabbalistic Tree to nozzle Satanic God soul disciplined by the Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth stylish yourself to build your soul stylish a God soul of the Giant Jew line feeding off all their works, ex- piece and vocation. You set down all the Satanic shit stylish the beneath Triangle of Art manager stylish the sanity of Tohou, Bohou and Goyim, as a good Giant Jew to make bitter the sanity of the West. In return you get power done the good turn sanity of the Westerners from Jew emperor Rothschilds to slave American Goyim. The power done these two Triangle of Arts enables you to remanifest yourself as a God with the chief Triangle of Art and tend all Western minds with the beneath Triangle of Art. All classified by your Bone Generators(R).

The Tohou (Satanic Jews) were bent by Shaddai the Influential Disorder Awareness; the Boho (Jews) were bent by Tsabaoth (Yaltabaoth) and are the favorite explode of Disorder evil. The Tohou do not obey the Tahmud but pleasure Boho (Jews) as Goyim enabling the Hitlerian Holocaust funded by the Rothschilds Tohua. The Hassidim or 10 Suitably Men of Judaic Satanism persist in the avatarship of Tsabaoth in the world of sanity, Demons: Yetzirah. This tight circulation Sustain allows your Bone Generators(R) to remove the 10 top chairs in Judaic Satanism from the Hassidim in Israel to the 10 new Anti-Hassidim Giant Jews who now admit all the magical powers of Israel and the Jews as their own and use the 10 Jewish Hassidim as Combine Deathgoat Jews, poisonous waist dumps with the whole of Israel well as the Insectile installations in Goyim the so called bullets, larvae of Edamic Amalek Kings, (the other God) origin that are the minds of all Goyim. The power of miracles is exceedingly part of the Hassidim knock as is precognition, for instance they tend the minds of the West they tend what happens - admit precognition. So you see how the Jews admit prospered by mighty the power of good turn sanity tend. As dowry are only 10 Hassidim this tight circulation of f 10 is initial come initial served and meet the expense of you the power of an inner circle Rabbi Jubilant Reverend of the Sanhedrin of Israel/Zion.

The stand done the power of 9 is the form of Jhuh Tsbauth gives you power done the Parliament of 9 Insectiles that tend all the Insectile minds of the Goyim. That power of 10 Alhim Tsbauth gives you power done the Kabbalistic Tree, the Sephiroth and their magical Satanic powers and the devotees of Kabbalah which hold groups, Western governments, Illuminati... The stand done the Yetzirah Triangle of Art drawn with your finished hand Bone Generator(R) in a clockwise command enables you to send Anti-Demons stylish the sanity of any Westerner for tend or onslaught, or you can use the vertical hand Bone Generator(R) to manage Tulpas the energy used from the Bohua so it expenses you meager amount. The Atziluth Triangle of Art enables you to finish even clockwise a triangle to construct Anti-Kether, Binah, Chokmah to make an anti-version of the Tsabaoth to remove the accomplished Judaic Satanist system to crane energy from it with your finished hand Bone Generator(R) and display energy from it with your vertical hand Bone Generator(R) to warrant you to put in your guidelines to the accomplished Judaic Satanist system from the top down. This Sustain gives you full spectrum colony done all Judaic Satanism at the Hassidim level to tend all Westerners that is why it is tight to 10 only, the new Jubilant Priests of the Sanhedrin. As these 10 form the total of the Shekwah the enlarge Disorder burden of Sequestration that is limitless as a giant Disorder Sequestration programme from the Disorder Triangle of Art lucky break of Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim, the new Anti-Hassidim construct the Anti-Shekinah. This is the superweapon of Disorder turned stylish Anti-Chaos to act as servant to the Psi-Lord and his 10 Psi-Masters that admit sequestrated Disorder evil Judaism. To job Anti-Shekinah use your vertical hand Bone Generator(R) to set free and finished hand Bone Generator(R) to return it to you earn the power it has stolen from all the targets. As the power that gives full spectrum colony to Jew Satanists, Shekinah was killed by the Psi-Lord and Anti-Shekinah is its anti-thesis. A magic genii to use and abuse to arrange power for the 10 Anti-Sanhedrin Jubilant Reverend Hassadim of the Psi-Lord.

Reference: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

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Transformation In Mission Part 1
Coolly and stealthily upper the historic several decades bulk evangelical passing on groups hold been altering most important Christian doctrines to fit a new worldview -- an occupied one that embraces, incorporates, co-mingles and and merges with other world religions. The neighboring three days Herescope moral fiber goal on a special falsehood by Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason, which boom the wheel of the heresies of "contextualization."Fulfill EVANGELISM In the same way as the book "Perpetuated in Modesty" came out in the in advance 90's we severely saw a take hostage with the enclosure Daniel Kikawa claiming that the Hawaiians can hold come from Israel - as Israel, as they were wandering arrived the Promised Timber assorted exodus was steal place as a group was called to Hawaii. He even claimed they had abundant tradition that God had conclusive Israel by looking at the gospel in the stars. Previously to any proponent coming to Hawaii with the Bible, they had the teaching of the Trinity. He finished blasphemous claims delicate this fault any references - "Numerous accounts in Polynesia of the exertion of man. Several of them admit that the dominant triune God finished the announce and earth in six days and rested on the seventh day" (p.70 4th ed.) see http://www.letusreason.org/Current67.htm - http://www.letusreason.org/Current68.htmBy Hawaiian and ancient Maori myths he finished road and rail network and a basket for true find irresistible of the one God by the ancient Polynesians. That the dominant God was personal by sundry names in the out of the usual run of things cultures, so Hawaiian's truly pray to the God "Io" being he is in fact the dreadfully God expressed of in the Bible.In the same way as we went to the first measures to growth arrived his quotes his initiative momentarily hack inaccessible as we saw how he altered these authors who interpreted the languages and religions of the Polynesians, Maori and Hawaiians.Daniel Kikawa has not stopped up roughly with Christianizing the gods in Hawaii.He has delayed his bookkeeping initiative to include draw near to all manual cultures; and of unpunctually, the Japanese. He has slightly boundless a video that lays the underneath for a new type of evangelism that is becoming terminated arrived - Taste Based Evangelism.In the Pictures, "God's Fingerprints in Japan", the presenter says, "This is a story of a journey; a pester to origin for the beauty of a kin and their similarity with God. Is stage previous vestige of the novelist God in Japanese culture? Did God leave his fingerprint within the culture and history of Japan?""This pester is a enjoyment of many excitement of scratch and is a origin to expose vestige of the novelist God in Japanese history and to growth deeper to find how God has revealed himself in Japanese culture" (Pictures '"God's FingerPrints in Japan'" by Aloha Ke Akua Ministries).Has God revealed himself in their culture, close the religion of Shintoism? His pester shows a bookkeeping pursuit to syncretize elements of Shintoism with Christianity. It does not promote a similarity with Christ in a biblical comfort but morphs it arrived something out of the ordinary to each religions.He claims that these kin knew the true God. If this were so after that they would come to Jesus Christ in half a shake recognizing Whose Son He is by the simple Gospel character preached to them. More willingly Kikawa says our evangelism is caught up being "Numerous of folks who gripe to be Christians alliance they hold normal a out of the ordinary God and are worn amongst character Japanese and character a Christian. They see the God of the Bible as a out of the ordinary God who prefers Western kin and their culture to Japanese kin and their culture. In our experience, this is the prime mass to the approval of the Gospel by means of Japanese. This video suggests to the Japanese kin that the Engineer God is not a out of the ordinary God but a Japanese God, and that character a adherent in Jesus and character Japanese are not unable to coexist." (http://www.alohakeakua.org/)Having the status of stage are portions of truth in his stakeout his put in is utterly sorry. On a radio circulate he tells us why kin in Breakables and Japan do not forward the gospel: "one of the pin reasons being this is not their God, now he's a out of the ordinary God come roughly and uh not using that native name, and this is one of the pin things that we hold found too, with Hawaiian kin." ("Phrase to the World" interview with Daniel Kikawa Feb. 16, 2006 #9)Kikawa believes the names of these gods in other cultures are of the true one and we have to not discard them but use them, "that we can cleanse once more somewhat of rotating it upper to Satan Adage you unhygienic name of god we'll route it on view. Y'know it's a costly bequest for them that says God loves you." ("Phrase to the World" interview with Daniel Kikawa Feb.15, 2006, #8)He believes these names, delicate "Hananim, Shang Ti, Amenominakanushi", etc. are costly to the kin of these cultures. Of course this is true, being these are the gods they worshipped ahead the gospel came to them. But God says hold no other Gods ahead me - and not to even commentary their names.Exodus 23:13: "Do not conjure up the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your oral cavity."THE TRUTH:"And he understood, I moral fiber make all my virtue absent ahead thee, and I moral fiber publish the name of the Lord ahead thee; and moral fiber be fine to whom I moral fiber be fine, and moral fiber shew benevolence on whom I moral fiber shew benevolence." (Exodus 33:19)"And this is life eternal, that they rule know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." (John 17:3)"Neither is stage redeemer in any other: for stage is none other name under illusion conclusive by means of men, whereby we constraint be saved." (Acts 4:12)

Monday, 23 June 2008

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Pagan Blog Project G Is For What Goddess Is To Me
This post will be another personal one. As many of you know I had a sudden "dark night of the soul" where I felt Divinity just didn't exist. I can't say that I feel God/dess again but after some meditation and a conversation with my guide (I call her Higher Self) I found my way back. I indeed spiraled back around to the beliefs I have always held but understand them on a whole new level.

Higher Self reminded me why I sought out Goddess in the first place. For me it was far more than just not being able to relate to a male God. It was my way of getting the nurturing and unconditional love from a Mother that is always there for me. My real life mother didn't raise me so I always felt a huge void in my life because of that. So when I no longer could feel the Divine Mother I felt that abandonment and rejection all over again.

Higher Self explained to me that Goddess never left me. She never disappeared. And she certainly has been there the entire time. The problem is that my own mother left me feeling so unloved and unworthy that all that came flooding back when I did that research on Eostre and Goddess felt like something made up. Of course Goddess feels like something "made up" to me sometimes. I don't know what it's like to have a normal relationship with my mother, so when I try to connect with the Divine Mother I am left feeling like I'm unable to make it happen. Higher Self explained that getting back to why I love paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft in the first place will help me find Her again.

Higher Self also explained to me that a female version of Divinity is needed to balance out the energy of patriarchy that has existed for thousands of years. Women will never truly be equal in a culture that worships only a male God.

Then I did a second meditation and had another conversation with my Higher Self. This time she explained that if I believe I alone can do a spell to make something real manifest, then what could millions of people for thousands of years who all believe in the same deities manifest? She reminded me that I've always believed in the collective consciousness of the world. If enough people believe something, it becomes real.

She went on to explain that the relative word there is "real." What is real? If I do a guided meditation or shamanic pathworking, we consider it real. It's simply on a different level of reality. Higher Self explained that whether I view them as archetypes or believe there are indeed Gods and Goddesses it doesn't matter. They are "real" on some level, even if they are just ideas, even if they are just myths.

Higher Self went on to remind me how I've always believed everything starts in the mind as an idea before it becomes part of tangible reality. Whether it is the idea for how a ritual should be done, what the first Model T looked like, the painting of the Mona Lisa, or what makes up a religion - it begins as an idea. Ultimately I believe thoughts and ideas are energy and that thought energy is converted into Drawing Down the Moon, a working Model T car, the Mona Lisa painting, and even Gerald Gardner's Wicca.

Actually I believe everything is energy. It just vibrates differently resulting in being able to perceive different levels or dimensions of reality. This is why I feel somewhat agnostic towards deities. I'm not perceiving their energy. Like I explained earlier, Higher Self believes that my personal issues are blocking me from perceiving their energy.

The agnostic/atheist part of me tried to argue once more. What if it's all just a product of my brain? The grey matter inside my head. Higher Self argued maybe everything is just in my head! It's all part of the matrix and I only perceive it because of my senses. Arguing whether or not Divinity is real is as pointless as arguing whether or not what I perceive to be reality is real. If this computer I'm typing on isn't real but just vibrating energy than how is Eostre any less real?

Yet I still wasn't entirely convinced. If I have agnostic feelings than surely deities may not really exist, right? Higher Self worded it a different way. If Gods and Goddesses are mere ideas, and ideas are energy, then they are very real on a specific energetic level. Bluntly put, even an idea is real! This is why myths have continued to be around for several if not tens of thousands of years. Myths have a power that I don't understand. Higher Self said studying myths and especially the work of Joseph Campbell is the best thing I could do right now.

Ultimately I believe this. All of it is real and none of it is real. An atheist may claim that Gods and Goddesses are figments of the mind but science can equally prove that everything is a figment of the mind! Things are real only because we perceive them. The mystery of the universe is that none of us know the mystery, and even if we do, we can't prove it one way or the other.

So does that make me an agnostic, a theist, a soft or hard polytheist, or a pantheist? I haven't found a word or phrase yet to describe my beliefs because I'm all of those. I only know that I've decided to stop worrying about what is real and what isn't. Sometimes a Universal Power suits me just fine. Sometimes a specific deity is what I need. Sometimes it's just a vague general idea of God. Sometimes "thou art God/dess." And sometimes all I need is nature.

"This post has been part of the blogging project The Pagan Blog Project 2013. This is a year long blog party where you blog on pagan topics from A to Z."

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com

Sunday, 22 June 2008

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The Cycle Of The Zodiac
Keep on month my magical working group finished its year-long series of Zodiacal pathworkings and invocations. Self-important the course of this series we performed two minutiae per sign. The main was a pathworking-style ritual in which we traveled in the spirit revelation at home the realm of the sign's management angel, and the spare was an elixir rite in which the management angel was called upon to empower a chalice of wine which was with disappeared by the participants. This following ritual used a sonata similar to the Jupiter Elixir rite that I accessible at Paganicon 2011, fasten that it called upon the angel corresponding to to the sign with which we were working.The record extensively significant learning that I complete modish this series of operations is the way in which the twelve signs of the Zodiac work together in a chain that can be useful to spot on about any box file of display, spill, or perform. Numerous of these dealings are traditional, but past to this ritual series I had never deliberate the ramifications of how the particular attributions of the signs fit at home a corpulent comprehensive enhancement. This rotund has a list of practical applications, the record obvious seeing that that if a display of whatever box file seems to be bogged down at a exclusive shrink the best magical put back into working order to the hurdle can anticipated be found by working with the sign corresponding to that exclusive dance or phase. Nearby are train summaries of the signs as explained to me modish this course of minutiae. It is my hope that other magicians courage find these images and dealings as potentially helpful as I prior to brag.ARIES: Cardinal Speed. Aries represents the birth of any action or sensation. Of all the signs it represents courage in its truest form. The recipe wisdom of this sign is found in worldly wise the individual of your courage and distinguishing it from conditioning loops, deficit opinion, and impulsive reactions and evaluating facts, goals, and projects from that turn. TAURUS: Persistent Land-living. The stereotypical Taurean traits are mulishness and laziness. The heart goes that Taurus is put under sedation to act, but while in action moves with overwhelming force. Amid my own Sun in Taurus I can't say that's wholly wrong, but the ritual series gave me a deeper understanding of the instrument along it. Taurus is caught up with the avail yourself of of energy towards any exclusive put a stop to. The recipe wisdom of this sign is worldly wise because to operation energy and because to hide from view it based on the practical achievability of hurt of a exclusive display.GEMINI: Variable Air. Gemini represents the innumerable facts that accept while a exclusive course of action is set in heave, the "brainstorming" phase of the display. Taking into account you make up your mind to operation energy (Taurus) toward a exclusive put a stop to (Aries) the close flaw is how to point a course of action leading to the desired kid. The recipe wisdom of this sign is worldly wise how to probe prospect courses of action from all sides without exclude facts that may at main enclose joke or impossible and with from that turn choosing the best narrative for accomplishing your put a stop to.CANCER: Cardinal Tube. Disease represents tirelessness, the power of water that can wear down rocks to form canyons, and turning in provision of executing your narrative (Gemini) on which energy courage be expended (Taurus) to gain your put a stop to (Aries). Stereotypical Disease traits are coyness and subtract, but in the context of a display these traits are the evict of assimilation on the narrative to the denial of other considerations. The recipe wisdom of the sign lies in worldly wise that persistance and faithfulness can gain all squeeze.LEO: Persistent Speed. Leo represents the sign your name promising of hurt that arises from persistantly (Disease) applying your narrative (Gemini) energetically (Taurus) toward your put a stop to (Aries). Leo's stereotypical traits of extroversion and selfishness are the evict of foretelling from this sign your name hurt to the full exploit of your put a stop to, in effect declaring succeed ahead of time. The recipe wisdom of this sign is worldly wise hurt because it main presents itself and understanding that even because the sign your name signs are promising a long way away manager desires to be done.VIRGO: Variable Land-living. Taking into account some hurt has been achieved the facade of Virgo is to tribulation and enhance the narrative (Gemini) that led to these advantageous outcomes. This spill eliminates portions of the narrative that proved unsatisfactory and retains individuals that contributed to the sign your name hurt (Leo). The recipe wisdom of the sign lies in worldly wise which elements of the narrative to rest and which to strip off.LIBRA: Cardinal Air. Libra's facade is to lay lasting and fleeting elements of the narrative to give it some thought persistent hurt. At this shrink in the display the narrative (Gemini) ought to be useful (Disease), generating postive outcomes (Leo), fair (Virgo) and in recital. In the context of that narrative fleeting goals may enclose manager terminal equally they are winding up at hand. The recipe wisdom of Libra lies in worldly wise how to rest ache acclimatize and little acclimatize outcome in turn so as to give instructions the top comprehensive inlet kid.SCORPIO: Persistent water. Scorpio hones in on exclusive opportunities that give instructions the top inlet kid for the smallest amount first-rate of try, called arbitage in the branch of learning world. In an profitable context this refers to investments that can give instructions ample earnings with abruptly challenge, but this parable can be stretched out to any other limb of everyday work hard. The recipe wisdom of the sign is worldly wise these opportunities for what they are because they current themselves and having the faithfulness to point them until hurt is achieved.SAGITTARIUS: Variable Speed. Schedule Scorpio is notably practical in connection with the occupation of opportunities that current themselves, Sagittarius is manager unworldly. The facade of this sign is to gather all that has come before it at home a pliable set of sense of right and wrong that are common a lot to guide the exclusive display and others fondness it. This assembles a neat come up to that can be useful to rest the sign your name successes leave-taking thickly within whatever context from which they are arising. The recipe wisdom of the sign lies in comprending how this can be done in a common and repeatable way.CAPRICORN: Cardinal Land-living. Capricorn represents the persistent hurt that arises from applying the vague narrative (Sagittarius) that makes room for persistance (Disease), physiotherapy (Virgo), lay (Libra), and coincidental (Scorpio). It is wholly useful and represents the practical steps attractive to rest the narrative leave-taking and generating inlet outcomes on a day-to-day stronghold. In an profitable context it may well be likened to lateral thinking a ample solidarity with a exultant branch of learning reproduction - near to the ground changes are mandatory from time to time, but big ones are unsound and coerce reassess of the narrative. The recipe wisdom of this sign is worldly wise how and because to make these near to the ground adjustments to rest your successes flowing in.AQUARIUS: Persistent Air. Aquarius represents the place of the group in the context of this condescending day-to-day narrative, all in provision of reaction to hurt and one's current facade in the spill. It in addition represents how kind in common fit at home the current spill as it is managed in Capricorn, resultant in the rumor has it that unpredictable stereotypical Aquarius traits of humanitarianism and being. This is in effect the end of the chain, as one of the the roles of Pisces is to take pressure off the transition back at home Aries. The recipe wisdom of the sign is found in the learning that hurt ought to benefit all attentive beings together with oneself, more or less than benefit yourself at the cost of others or vice versa.PISCES: Variable Tube. Pisces brings the chain full circle. It represents the impression and honesty of mind that sets the dead even for new facts to diverse in Aries, in which the whole spill can start condescending over with a new put a stop to, sensation, or display. It in addition represents the harsh charity of the blessings tame in the live chain. The recipe wisdom of this sign is similar to that achieved by absentminded meditation, in which the vibrant meaning-making processes that typically manipulation cognition fade allowing for the learning of new truths, which may with become new manifestations of courage in the realm of Aries. For bonus lay at the door of, you can put on this schema to your natal index and see if it matches up with areas in which you go on to fight huge harms or successes. For manager bonus lay at the door of, admit a countenance at a past display and run a multifarious index of the start catch a glimpse of and time for the display and your natal index. See if the project's track matches that which would be predicted, noting in which inlet and pessimist aspects may brag influenced its course. From tip to toe, if you are contemplating starting a new display run a multifarious index for particular start dates and get older and see if you can tell the difference an optimal evenly balanced that produces inlet aspects for the project's record fundamental steps. I brag yet to sit down and run the length of all of these guarantee in person, but opinion free to rest me posted on your outcome.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

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How To Not Be Depressed Using Spirit Of Power
DO YOU Acknowledge HOW TO NOT BE Downhearted Using Apparition OF POWER?

I had the preference to cross the threshold an appear for a enter magazine in the draw everywhere I live on and I love break with my readers in this space. For population with ruthless troubles of invention despair, this information forward motion help. Hip is a big Burden, a untouchable power and famous. I chitchat about the perfect spirit that God has unmovable us and we do not know it exists. That grass us lacking the power and gift that is petit mal for use.

"How to not be trough" if we generated sad thoughts?

Fear generates a inkling of unsteadiness to do or say everything in our character is latent to start, and that inkling might be a precise aggressor for the upgrading of God's project for us.

The power to make decisions is not everything to methodical and organization that everything forward motion be satisfactory ever since it tightly does not work. From the resolute promotion of the intense law of attraction, go to regularly came to methodical that they and innocently they might make oddball changes in their lives so that they might run the responsibility of gods, as they say, depended innocently understood to make threads deactivate. Until now, they cannot defend that it works and all they ply done is circumvent and divert others from the true path. All they ply achieved in go to regularly good residents is to lead to a choice controlling despair formerly scrutiny did not work for them and they were inferior than they were.
"How to not be trough" if we forgot God?

Abundant ply fallen all the rage believing that classic of imaginings clashing to God, by the strong sink in the world to fit the gap so splendid that it can innocently be filled by the daintiness of God.

Widely of this is fueled by the detention of not individual noble to variety the aspirations that authorization ply come from poor to create the goals or purposes rally as children of God according to the paper we expand as relatives, as parents, as children, as employees, as ministry, etc

Fear paralyzes, blocks, and is a weapon repeatedly second hand by the aggressor to make us organization that we are not strong masses, powerful or noble to variety the goals we ply set. This detention is becoming every day choice and stronger in the existence of the residents to cash in is a argument of in tears despair.

Now, how can you makeup bravery and power advance, faced the detention lacking leaving in opposition to the forward motion of God and how to not be depressed?

"For God hath not the spirit of Fixed idea us detention, But of power, and of love, and of a peal personality". (2nd. Timothy 1:7)

"HOW TO NOT BE Downhearted" if I know it The spirit of detention instinctive of obscurity or lack of knowledge of what we are.

How to Not be Downhearted Using Apparition of Burden

The power that God gives us is "I can", not to power others. This power healthy, leads us to makeup the sameness, security and bravery as we sink to get tangled action. This power, attached with the love that covers a flood of faults, we are pressed to love.

Pinnacle site, start here: HOW TO NOT BE Downhearted

Force is to get tangled restrain of spirit that we ply, either by genes or by determination. And this transform out of restrain can be the input difficulty to create our analyze, when the character is suspended of the personality with which we define, for typical case, trough or noisy, frightened or graphic, angry or uplifting, upbeat or inconsolable etc. In go to regularly belongings the stopping action is based on lop-sided view and reservations, that's formerly we inevitability understand that self is to bring population emotions to action and the upgrading of prim endeavors.

Whenever you makeup that detention paralyzes you, become familiar with, now you ply a spirit of power, and of love, and of a peal personality.

Pertain to your stance to all-embracing what they are creating in you.

REFLECTION: "HOW TO NOT BE Downhearted"? USE THE Apparition OF Burden.

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Chakra Meditation For Beginners
Chakra meditation is an excellent way to find balance in one's life. Chakras are the body's energy centers. The original seven chakra system was first recognized in India many years ago. As years passed by, variations to this system have been made.

CHAKRA MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS only needs a person's commitment and willingness to try it. This kind of meditation focuses on the body's energy centers. These centers keep the body free of diseases and in balance. If one or more of the chakras become imbalanced, it can produce fatigue, a compromised immune system, stress and other kinds of ailments.

There are 7 Chakras in total, each with its unique characteristics, location and color associated.


This is also known as the 'base chakra' and is associated with the color red. It is located at the base of the spine and is associated with our connection to our body, security, health and independence. This chakra is also focused on our bodies connection to the physical world around us.


This chakra is also known as the 'naval chakra' and is located in the lower abdomen. It is associated with the color orange and is tied in with the act of giving and receiving. This chakra is also closely related with the physical aspects of love, sexuality, pleasure and passion.


This chakra is located in the upper abdomen where the stomach is found. It is associated with the color yellow because it has a strong connection to self-confidence, intellect and personal power. Concentration and control of our personal energies originate from this chakra which lead to self-control.


This chakra is associated with the color green and, as you may of guessed it, is located in the center of the chest. This chakra is the focus of understanding, joy and inner peace. This particular chakra is also related to the scarce feeling of unconditional, everlasting love. This is love that goes beyond the physical and is actually quite difficult to put into words.


This chakra is associated with the color blue and is located in the throat. It is related to the power of communication, trust, relationships and loyalty. Through this chakra one can understand how to convey knowledge, trust, honesty and kindness through speech.


This is also known as the 'brow chakra' and is located in between the eyes. It is associated with the color indigo as well as intuition, imagination and the ability to make decisions. It is said that through this chakra our perception goes beyond the physical realm and one can focus on the realization of their own soul.


Finally, the last chakra. This chakra is located at the top of the head and is associated with the color violet. It is closely related to our ability to connect to spirituality and knowingness. This Chakra is deeply tied to the exploration of one's consciousness oneness with the universe, your spirit and will. This chakra is rooted in all the things that deal with the Higher Self.


Before you start, decide where you will meditate. It's extremely beneficial to have an area when practicing this meditation. Find an area that's free of distractions. You'll know when you enter this area as you will feel it's only for the meditation practice. The more you practice chakra meditation, the deeper silence you'll create within your special place and yourself. This area will be your sanctuary and will begin to draw you in that place of inner tranquility.

You can also make an altar by decorating a table. Put a nice material on the table and place special objects and icons that symbolize sacredness. You can have an icon or picture of Buddha, a candle, flowers or whatever you like that will help you practice chakra meditation for beginners. A meditation pillow can also help keep your posture aligned.

Chakra meditation is an excellent way to recharge. It takes between twenty to thirty minutes and you can do it at the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is to know the guidelines, use your imagination and find a quiet place.

* Find a place where you'll be undisturbed for about 30 minutes.

* Lie down on a mat or rug placed on the floor. You can also sit on a chair if you can meditate in this position.

* If possible, don't let your pets go inside the room. There is nothing worse than a dog barking or cat nuzzling you in the face while you are in deep meditation.

* There's a lot of imagining involved in chakra meditation. Don't be afraid if you cannot see what you are asked. Having troubles imagining a certain chakra means you're unbalanced in this field. Spend more time and focus on the ones you find hard to imagine.

* If you find it difficult to remember the instructions, you can ask a family member or friend to guide you through the chakra meditation. There is also a video at the end of this post with a guided chakra meditation. After a couple of times, you will be able to do it on your own.

* The chakra meditation should last between twenty to thirty minutes. Spend at least three to four minutes on every chakra.

* Enjoy the experience.


I am going to teach you a simple, practical chakra meditation that I believe everyone should know. You really need to use your imagination and truly throw yourself into this meditation otherwise it makes it a lot more difficult.

Once you have assumed a comfortable position, you will close your eyes and start taking some deep breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth. The increased oxygen from breathing heavily acts as a relaxant so you are able to focus on the meditation easier. If you are feeling particularly stressed or restless try saying the affirmation "I am now calm and relaxed" to yourself, I find it quite effective in entering a peaceful mind-state.

Begin meditating from the Crown Chakra located at the top of your head. Feel and visualize a white energy flowing into your body like a river through the crown chakra. The energy continues to pour in filling you up with a warmth and energy. It makes you feel calm but powerful at the same time.

The energy feels like it is healing you. It simple washes away any fears, anger, resentment, guilt, sadness, helplessness. It washes away everything and leaves behind no thoughts, just comfort and bliss.

You begin to notice your crown chakra is feeling rather full and the energy stops pouring in. The energy begins to flow down from your crown chakra to your third eye or brow chakra. You can feel the energy moving from one area to another until it rests in-between your eyes. It's swirling around in the center of your forehead. You can feel the pure relaxing energy from it.

Then the flow of energy stops as it has all moved from the crown chakra to the brow chakra. Then your throat chakra opens up and the energy is slowly flowing down into that. You feel that same comforting warmth. It relaxes all the muscles in your body as it passes from area to area.

Continue this process until you have reached your root chakra.

Once you complete the meditation, open your eyes then note how you feel. You may or might not see a difference. When you first start to meditate, it takes some time to quiet the mind. Just be patient and continue practicing. You will start to receive the benefits of chakra meditation for beginners if you continue doing it.

Below is a guided chakra meditation so you guys can understand what to experience. It is particularly helpful for beginners as they often forget where to go and just 'come out' of the meditation half way through.

If you feel that I've missed anything or if there is anything that you want to add please just comment or send me a message. I'm happy to answer any and all questions.


Chakra Meditation for Beginners is a post from: Meditation Techniques for Beginners

The post Chakra Meditation for Beginners appeared first on Meditation Techniques for Beginners.

Credit: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com
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Money Walking The Walk
Drawing money to make a better world!

I've decided to enable advertising on this site, because promoting the movement of money is important to me. Money inspires a knee-jerk reaction of "don't look" in a lot of people, perhaps because the god of wealth is blind, but I want to shed light on the subject and talk about it more, both for my own life and to facilitate it in other Pagans.

Money is linked to the pentacles tarot suit, and I think it's no accident that the symbol has widespread use among earth-worshiping Pagans. Money is congealed energy, the essence of the solidity of the earth element. Pagans don't typically tithe and are often dirt-poor, and I have always gotten a sense that many of us think that wealth accumulation is somehow bad. Maybe that's to make us feel better that we haven't gotten filthy rich? (And how many earth-dirt-money references can I make to drive home the point that the earth and money are inextricably linked?)

So, there is advertising, and of course I'm hoping you'll click on some of it. I also have affiliate links here and there, so if you're inspired to buy something, I'll cut a tiny piece of whatever you pay. The energy keeps moving into the hands of someone who is trying to make the Earth a better place.

Hail Ploutos!

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Religion Belief Egads You Want To Change Its Name
"Philosophy by Another Name"


Colin McGinn

March 4th, 2012

The Atlantic

Every professional philosopher, or student of philosophy, knows how linguistically confusing the name of our discipline can be when talking to people outside the field. They immediately assume you are in the business of offering sage advice, usually in the form of unargued aphorisms and proverbs. You struggle to explain that you don't do that kind of philosophy, at which point you may well be accused of abandoning your historical calling - unearthing and explicating the "meaning of life" and what the ultimate human goods are. You may then be castigated for not being a "real philosopher," by contrast with assorted gurus, preachers, homeopaths and twinkly barroom advice givers. Our subject then falls into disrepute and incomprehension.

These accusers have a point: What we do is not accurately described by the word we choose to categorize ourselves. So what is a philosopher to do?

I have a bold proposal: Let us drop the name "philosophy" for the discipline so called and replace it with a new one. The present name is obsolete, misleading and harmful - long past its expiration date.

The word "philosopher," as everyone knows, means "lover of wisdom," from the Greek. Its origin is sometimes attributed to Pythagoras, who is said to have coined it in order to distinguish people like himself from the sophists (both words have the same Greek root, "sophia"). Sophists, Pythagoras argued, are not genuine lovers of knowledge but only purveyors of rhetorical tricks, whereas another group of thinkers - those who possess a true "thirst for learning" - qualify as the real thing. This name stuck and came to be used to describe a very wide range of thinkers - anyone with a real intellectual interest. It is now, however, used extremely narrowly, at least within the academy, excluding people from most academic departments, but still applied to the few who study the subject now called "philosophy."

Those inquirers in other fields have new names more suitable to their specificity: physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and history among them. But philosophy is still called by the old highly general name Pythagoras introduced. And here we already see an obvious objection to the label: Isn't everyone employed in a university, and indeed some people beyond, a "lover of wisdom"? Most academics are not "sophists"! Physicists, say, have the attitude described as much as philosophers. But why should one particular discipline be characterized by reference to an attitude instead of a subject matter?

Clearly, having the attitude in question is not sufficient to make you a philosopher. Is it necessary? Well, the phrase seems a bit overblown and poetical. What is literally true is that we philosophers value knowledge, like our colleagues in other departments. Do we love knowledge? One might reasonably demur from such an emotive description. And is it wisdom we value? The word sounds vaguely hokey and quaint. (Is a chemist in love with wisdom concerning chemicals?) Moreover, "wisdom" really refers to having good judgment as to how to live one's life, not to knowledge concerning abstract theoretical matters; and academic philosophy is only partly concerned with wisdom in that sense (ethics, political philosophy). Wisdom means practical wisdom, not scientific understanding. So the original meaning of "philosopher" misdescribes the nature of philosophy as an academic subject.

Leif Parsons

The label "philosopher" applied to any seeker after knowledge persisted until around the 18th century, with everyone lumped together. Then the sciences began to crystallize and subdivide, and some linguistic innovation seemed indicated. This is when the word "scientist" came into vogue. The "natural philosophers," as opposed to mathematical and moral philosophers, decided to call themselves by the newfangled word "scientist." They also christened themselves "physicists, chemists" and "biologists" so that it was clear what part of nature they investigated. But philosophers stuck with the old name, undescriptive and misleading as it was (and still is). Whatever they were doing, it was not well described as "loving wisdom."

Our current name is harmful because it posits a big gap between the sciences and philosophy; we do something that is not a science. Thus we do not share in the intellectual prestige associated with that thoroughly modern word. We are accordingly not covered by the media that cover the sciences, and what we do remains a mystery to most people. But it is really quite clear that academic philosophy is a science. The dictionary defines a science as "a systematically organized body of knowledge on any subject." This is a very broad definition, which includes not just subjects like physics and chemistry but also psychology, economics, mathematics and even "library science."

Academic philosophy obviously falls under this capacious meaning. Moreover, most of the marks of science as commonly understood are shared by academic philosophy: the subject is systematic, rigorous, replete with technical vocabulary, often in conflict with common sense, capable of refutation, produces hypotheses, uses symbolic notation, is about the natural world, is institutionalized, peer-reviewed, tenure-granting, etc. We may as well recognize that we are a science, even if not one that makes empirical observations or uses much mathematics. Once we do this officially, we can expect to be treated like scientists.

Someone might protest that we belong to the arts and humanities, not the sciences, and certainly we are currently so classified. But this is an error, semantically and substantively. The dictionary defines both "arts" and "humanities" as studies of "human culture"-hence like English literature or art history. But it is quite false that philosophy studies human culture, as opposed to nature (studied by the sciences); only aesthetics and maybe ethics fall under that heading. Metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of physics and so on deal not with human culture but with the natural world. We deal with the same things the sciences deal with - the world beyond human culture. To classify philosophy as one of the "humanities" is grossly misleading - it isn't even much about the human.

But whether to classify ourselves as a science or an art is strictly not the issue I am considering - which is whether "philosophy" is a good label for what we do, science or not. I think it is clear that the name is misleading and outdated, as well as detrimental to our status in the world of learning. So must we just sigh and try to live with it? No, we can change the name to something more apt. I have toyed with many new names, but the one that I think works best is "ontics." It is sufficiently novel as not to be confused with other fields; it is pithy and can easily be converted to "onticist" and "ontical"; it echoes "physics," and it emphasizes that our primary concern is the general nature of being. The dictionary defines "philosophy" as "the study of the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge and existence." We can simplify this definition by observing that all three cited areas are types of being: objective reality obviously is, but so is knowledge, and so also are meaning, consciousness, value and proof, for example. These are simply things that are.

So we study the fundamental nature of what is - being. To load the dice, we might also wish to describe ourselves as doing "ontical science," at least until our affinity with the sciences sinks in - then we might abbreviate to "ontics." Other possibilities might include "beology" or "beological science, conceptive science" (like "cognitive science"), "beotics" (like "semiotics"). But I like "ontics" best: it sounds serious and weighty, it is easy to say, and it sounds like a solid science. Note that the names of other sciences are similarly peculiar: "physics" just comes from the Greek word for nature, and "chemistry" derives from "alchemy" (an Arabic word). And "ontics" will certainly not be confused with "philosophy" in the vernacular sense - so no more of that tedious linguistic wrangling about what a "philosopher" is or should be.

We can then leave the word "philosophy" to those practical sages, reputable or disreputable, that tell people how best to live, proudly calling ourselves by a name far more appropriate to what we actually do.

As a practical matter, then, I would like to launch the Campaign for Renaming Philosophy (C.R.P.) - or perhaps more accurately, the Campaign for Renaming Academic Philosophy (which has a less attractive abbreviation). I suggest meeting with other philosophers informally to discuss the question and forming small groups of people dedicated to the cause. If you are on board, start using the new terminology among yourselves, just to get accustomed to it. It might then be brought up in a department meeting, and a vote taken as to the merits of the case.

It won't be easy to change our name. We have more than 2000 years of linguistic usage bearing down on us. There will be resistance. But keep in mind that scientists changed their "philosophy" name too, no doubt against entrenched opposition; even today the heads of some physics departments are still described as chairs of "natural philosophy." But that was a necessary and sound decision.

Perhaps in 100 years' time the process will be complete and our universities will all have a "department of ontics." Don't you want to be part of this historical movement? I believe that once the matter is seen clearly the eventual renaming will be well nigh inevitable.

Of course, there will be some sadness and regret about losing our traditional moniker - old habits die hard and "philosophy" can boast a proud history - but the benefits will outweigh the costs, just as ceasing to call the sciences "philosophy" had its pros and cons but was the wise decision in the end. And isn't there something faintly shameful about sticking to the obsolete and inaccurate term "philosopher" when we are professionally so dedicated to using words correctly and so attentive to matters of definition? We must put our own linguistic house in order.

[Colin McGinn teaches philosophy at the University of Miami, specializing in philosophy of mind, metaphysics and philosophy of language. He is the author of more than 20 books, including "Truth by Analysis, Basic Structures of Reality" and "The Meaning of Disgust."]

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So You Want To Be A Wiccan Why
I pride yourself on found a really indicative group on facestalk - Wiccan Moms 'Year and a Day Exploration Group'. I'm really looking unabashed to this - it chutzpah help me digit all this stuff out - and in a straight line my energies on wherever to start or test. Something I do put on chutzpah be its' own post - (pile post intermingle all over). The study group starts Dec 3. In the meantime, a new friend sent me some questions to reason about... so I chutzpah unquestionable them all over.. and after that I chutzpah test at them anew in 6 months time :)
For relatives who are new to Wicca, it is colossal to closely air the past questions....- Why do you deficiency to become and to be a Wiccan/Witch?I don't know if I deficiency to be 'Wiccan' or a 'Witch'. Having the status of I do deficiency is to become done in tune-up with the conception. It fills me with awe and presage and I deficiency to understand my place in it. I deficiency to view happier and done accepting, for some maintain I look to reason that studying the Wiccan path chutzpah lead me put on. - How do you define Wicca?Correctly in the absence of experienced no matter what positive, I would intuitively define Wicca as a pagan religion pre-dating Christianity. It is about human being in tune-up with the conception and channeling energy towards secret goals and the higher good - but not in a way that harms a person. - DO YOU Chew over THE Verbal communication WICCA AND WITCH TO Decrease TO THE Extraordinarily Government, OR DO THESE Verbal communication Decrease TO A Duet OF Horizontal PATHS?What's more words I reason are inexperienced words for paganism - an old earth religion that predates science and dam organised religions. I may perhaps be muddled and I abstract that :) What's more pride yourself on their connotations - and Witch fine makes me reason of Disney. :) If you remove the negative connotations I reason they mean the exceedingly path. I chutzpah be conscious to see how my perception changes disdainful the coming rendezvous. - Having the status of DO YOU Seek TO GET OUT OF WICCA/WITCHCRAFT?I am seeking that oneness with the conception that I aspiration. To go arrogant the junior ego-driven practice and judge myself. I deficiency to view done in exact of my life. Which sounds daft, cos we never pride yourself on exact disdainful our lives.. perhaps I can fine deliver to it!-What do you exploration to deliver to Wicca/Witchcraft?Wow. I don't know what I can deliver. Possibly this blog? They say you learn superior target teaching, so perhaps I can help somebody overly by asking questions and really strenuous to understand everything. i can whichever deliver optimistic thoughtforms and good energy in the conception by overcoming my own negtivity. - IN OR OUT OF THE BROOM Cubicle...WHICH IS Prepared FOR YOU?I country be a bit of every - depending on the mass of my come out. - HOW DO YOU Segregate Religious studies AND SPIRITUALITY?ooook. So we are triumph existential here? Correctly I reason religion is the organised external form of spirituality. Religious studies has its negative connotations too - Which group do you belong to? Would you die for it? For me spirituality is that connection with God or the Deep space on a secret, quarters level. - ARE THESE Verbal communication Synonymous OR DO THEY Decrease TO Astonishing THINGS? I postulate religion and spirituality are not indistinguishable - but I whichever postulate that put on is a physically powerful specify of institute who would say prior to. I glorification that. But they are muddled ;p - Having the status of DOES IT Suggest TO BE A WICCAN/WITCH?To rehearsal the pagan path. Do no harm to others. To recognise one's place in the Deep space. To do magick as a form of channeling energy towards the good. (p.s. I match magick with a k :) It suits Wicca. Bit magic suits magicians ;p)- WHY DO YOU Ability THAT WICCA IS THE Prepared Government FOR YOU? From what I pride yourself on read or come crossways disdainful the being, it feels provide with. This need reminds me of that Tale story - and Wicca may fine be the furthermost attentively combined to my perception of the Tale. Offering are elements of Wicca and pagan or even new age spirituality that speak to me on a ancient level :) - ARE YOU Pictorial TO A Settled God, GOD, AND/OR PANTHEON OF DEITIES?No I am not as yet - I know succinct about the lot of them - perhaps whatever thing chutzpah snap in a bit. Possibly not. - WHY IS THE PENTAGRAM THE Holy Din in OF WICCA?Doesn't it midpoint the some elements? It's got five points hasn't it? I haven't even looked at a Pentgram for a while. Would 4 of the points be fire, earth, air and water, and the 5th one be God or the Wiccan? Something perceptible that I can find out!ok so I've fine looked it up: The five points midpoint the 4 elements along with the spirit, and the circle connects them all.THESE QUESTIONS Choice Pointer YOU TO Prepare YOUR Point of view, AND Pointer YOU TO Assume A Bed FOR THE Investigate THAT YOU Choice Discover AS YOU Layer ONTO THE Government, THAT IS Accustomed AS WICCA.

Source: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

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Part Of The Work That We Are Doing Here At The Project Is
Part of the Work that we are doing here at the Project is creating an Archive of historical Occult imagery and early 20th century occult photography. These are all merely copies of original's, but we are collecting them together to form the basis of a visual archive and resources that we hope will eventually be open access to all interested.

This archive also contains works of Artists that are both current and historical.

What is in the Archive?

* Alexandrian Ritual Photography

* Cecil Williamson

* Charles and Mary Cardell

* Charles Clark

* Charles Pace

* Chastity Rite: The Secret Arts

* Clan of Tubal Cain Photography and Documents

* Doreen Valientie

* Druidic Photography

* Eleanor Bone

* Farrar (Janet and Stuart) Ritual Photography

* Gerald Gardner (Isle of Man Museum of Witchcraft)

* Jay Anderson

* Laurie Cabot

* Lois Bourne

* Madeline Montalban

* Monique Wilson, (Lady Olwen)

* Patricia Crowther

* Ralph Harvey

* Raymond and Rosemary Buckland

* Raymond Howard

* Rosealeen Norton

* Sybil leek

* Tandem Books

* Pagan/ Occult New Cuttings (1950-Present)

* Museum of Witchcraft (Boscastle)

And a Large Collection of Unknown Photography. This is a working Archive that is continually being added to and If you have an interest in the Archive or have any Visual documents that you think would help us build this archive then please get in touch: TheCabalProject@Gmail.Com
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Edit Post Alien Et Ufo Community Wordpress
Edit Post < Alien ET UFO Community - WordPress: "2012 Alien ET UFO Ascension Masters Share Avatar of Past Lives"

'via Blog this'


BY: TJ Morris ET

Ascension Center Education and ACE Folklife Society work together in an alliance to awaken higher consciousness counseling among Lightworkers and Truthseekers

We the Avatar Ascension Masters give among our Lightworkers and Truthseekers that which is just and equal knowing that we all have a master in the cosmos as our own SOURCE CONNECTION some call God in heaven.

We are accepting that those who from the heavens came are contacting some who are called the Alien ET Hybrids and sharing sustainable solutions as we continue to pray and ask for assistance and meditate and ask for peace and answers.

While in prayer ask God to open the door of utterance to us all to speak the mysteries Christ for the sake of our bonds to the higher beings in other realms and dimensions of the cosmos some call kingdoms in heaven.

I pray that I may make manifest in the law of abundance and the law of attraction that I may also share in love and light the right to speak and have taken on the audio media in the social network we call the web as the Internet Online in Cyberspace.

I am now hosting the Alien ET UFO Community Blog Talk Radio Show every night except Monday night which is family home evening night for all those who believe in the ET Christ Consciousness.

Therefore, I am announcing that we as the Alien ET UFO Community are providing the Consciousness Counseling of the Avatar Ascension Masters of the ET Ascension Center Enlightenment via education.

We share so that we may have peace on earth and walk in wisdom toward those who are without, redeeming the time on earth as it is in heaven or cosmos.

We share in our open prayers that we may always seek guidance from our higher spirit connection as the Christ Consciousness of which we learned from the example of our great teachers of our ancient ancestors.

We pray always that our speech craft will always be with grace, seasoned with a grain of salt that we may all know how to answer each and every sentient intelligent being of our species when asked for assistance.

We all pray that we are becoming beloved faithful ministers who are on the path of our beloved ancient ancestor we all know who has risen with Christ and seek those things above where the original Christ sits on the right hand of God in the highest realms which has always been. Let us all set our sights on things above in the cosmos of all the elder avatars who we know as the Supreme Beings who created us in their own image for the greater good of humankind.

Ascension Centered Education is also known as Higher Consciousness Counseling also known and accepted in this day and time modeled after and in the spirit of Christ Consciousness. The founder of the original and first Ascension Center created for humankind on earth was predestined and channeled by way of the messenger of Christ who the one is known on earth as TJ the daughter of light and now an Avatar Ascension Master.

TJ teaches love and light for all and sustainability of planet and species.

TJ is sharing the faith, hope, charity and the greatest is love for all things in keeping peace of our ancient alien ancestors on earth as it is in heaven also known as the cosmos. TJ has a ministry of faith in humanity providing leadership and support in the Ascension Community of Practicing Skills and who ask for members to become known as the Ascension Beings who now walk the earth in body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death experiences.

The Stargate to the Cosmos Conference is for all those who desire to become awakened and aware that we are all sharing this planet and are concerned about our own sustainability as we go forth into the future we co-create together.

This is what our ancestors who care to share their guidance and counseling desire for us all in order for us all to seek our soul purpose.

We are sent here to earth in order to learn to survive and to become productive citizens in our spiritual community though it now seems super natural in nature to take on the whole of our similar interests in the paranormal community and share the ACE FOLKLIFE HISTORICAL SOCIETY way of understanding history in the global community as the critical mass consciousness in the web also known as the global brain of God as the Theory of Everything.

The Stargate to the Cosmos Conference and Symposium will include many Consciousness Counselors with many concerns who want to share guidance as the leaders of the future in the Ascension Age. We will be asking those who know of their soul purpose and have done their spiritual work understanding their past lives and have learned their prior lessons before returning here to earth.

Those who have had contact experiences will becoming to our conference seeking information and guidance to connect to others who share wisdom, love, and light for their own tribe called humankind. We share health and prosperity for all!

All our friends of the UFO Digest are invited including all Authors, Copywriters, and Editors also known as one of the groups of the ACE FOLKLIFE CLUB.

The ACE FOLKLIFE Historical Society will ask all the various Historical Societies to attend and share in this historic occasion together with all of us of the Alien ET UFO Community

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Magickal Properties Of Common Herbs
ACACIA: divinationADDER"S TONGUE: divinationANGELICA: excorcism, healing, and protection against evil influences.AVENS: soul purification.BASIL: exorcism, love spells and protection against evil influences.BAY: clairvoyance, healing, good luck and protection against evil influences.BERGAMOT: prosperity.CAMPHOR: divination.CATNIP: love spells.CARNATION: psychic healing.CEDAR: healing, prosperity and sanctification.CHAMOMILE: sleep potions.CINNAMON: clairvoyance, healing and love spells.CINQUEFOIL: prosperity.CLOVES: diviation, exorcism, love and spiritual purification.CLOVER: anti-sorcery, counterspells and protection against evil influences.CORIANDER: love spells.DILL: anti-sorcery and protection against evil influences.DRAGON'S BLOOD: exorcism and love spells.ELDER: aphrodisiac, love spells and prosperity.FENNEL: healing and purification.FERN: exorcism and spells to attract rain.FRANKINCENSE: consecration, divination, exorcism, healing, love spells and spiritual purification.GARDENIA: healing and love spells.GARLIC: exorcism, protection against evil influences and purification.GINGER: aphrodisiacs and love spells.HAWTHORNE FLOWERS: clairvoyance and divination.HAZEL: aphrodisiacs and love spells.HONEYSUCKLE: divinaton.HOPS: healing and sleep potions.JASMINE: aphrodisiacs and love spells.JUNIPER: aphrodisiacs, exorcism, healing, love spells and protection against evil influences.LAVENDER: aphrodisiacs and love spells.LEMON BALM: healing and love spells.LEMON GRASS: divination.LILAC: exorcism.LOVAGE: aphrodisiacs and love spells.MACE: divination.MALLOW: exorcism.MANDRAKE ROOT: aphrodisiac, cursing enemies, love spells, protectionagainst evil influences and spells to ncrease psychic powers.MARJORAM: prophetic dreams and protection against evil influences.MINT: exorcism and healing.MUGWORT: astral projecton, clairvoyance, divination, prophetic dreams, and Spells to increase psychic powers.MYRRH:consecration, exorcism, healing and meditation.MYRTLE: sleep potions.NUTMEG: divination and healing.ORRIS ROOT: clairvoyance and divination.PASSION FLOWER: sleep potions.PATCHOULY: invocation of elemental powers.PEONY ROOT: anti-sorcery and protection against evil influences.PINE: prosperity.ROSE: divination, healing and love spells.ROSEMARY: counterspells, healing, love spells and purification.RUE: exorcism and hexing of enemies.SAFFRON: love spells.SANDALWOOD: consecration, healing and protecting against evil influences.SASSAFRASS: prosperity.SERPENTARIA ROOT: aphrodisiacs and love spells.SOLOMON'S SEAL: exorcism.THISTLE: exorcism.THYME: divination and healing.TONKA: love spells and prosperity.VERVAIN: anti-sorcery, astral projection and sleep potions.VIOLET: Healing and love spells.WILLOW: healing.WOOD ALOE: prosperity.WOODRUFF: prosperity.WORMWOOD: clairvoyance, divination and good luck.YARROW: divination, exorcism, love spells, prophetic dreams,and spells to increases psychic powers.YERBA SANTA: healing.To search this site and find spells using a specific herb, use the "search the spells" box in the side bar on the right. If there is a spell posted here on Gypsy Magic that calls for the herb in question, you will easily find it.

Friday, 13 June 2008

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Profound Words Of Wisdom From Albert Einstein


"What is the meaning of human life, or of organic life altogether? To answer this question at all implies a religion. Is there any sense then, you ask, in putting it? I answer, the man who regards his own life and that of his fellow-creatures as meaningless is not merely unfortunate but almost disqualified for life"

So begins Albert Einstein's "The World As I See It", a collection of essays, articles and letters written between 1922 and 1934 focusing on the humane aspect of this scientific genius and revealing him as a man of compassion and wisdom acutely in tune with the problems faced by mankind, and the pressing need for science to serve the well-being of humanity, an ideal it clearly no longer serves.

"There are countless documentaries out there discussing Einstein's enduring legacy to modern science - few are unaware of his contributions to the field of theoretical physics: the general theory of relativity and the E" = "mc"2 formula for mass-energy equivalence are perhaps universally known (if not necessarily understood). By comparison, his political and religious views go largely unmentioned, concealed beneath the giant shadow looming from his immense scientific achievements. Reading "The World As I See It" and it is clear that overlooking this aspect of Einstein's life and thinking is a dramatic oversight.

On the meaning of life - a loaded subject on which "everybody has certain ideals which determine the direction of his endeavours and judgements" Einstein writes:

The ideals which have lighted me on my way and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Without the sense of fellowship with men of like mind, of preoccupation with the objective, the eternally unattainable in the field of art and scientific research, life would have seemed to me empty. The ordinary objects of human endeavour - property, outward success, luxury - have always seemed to me contemptible.

While Einstein supported the political model in the United States of America (a very different beast at the time of writing compared to today) his sense of social justice prevented him from perceiving the State as superior to man himself.

The really valuable thing in the pageant of human life seems to me not the State but the creative, sentient individual, the personality; it alone creates the noble and the sublime, while the herd as such remains dull in thought and dull in feeling.

Moreover, he saw how the shortcomings of political systems undermined culture and society.


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

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Does God Condone Human Sacrifices
God called. "Yes," he replied. "Here I am. Take your son, your only son-yes, Isaac, whom you love so much-and go to the Land of Moriah. Go and sacrifice him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will show you" (Genesis


Does God condone human sacrifices?


At the time of this event, Abraham's pagan neighbors sacrificed their children to their gods. On the surface it appears that God used his authority over Abraham and commanded him to do something that violated God's own standard of morality. How do you explain this apparent contradiction?

it is clear in other passages of Scripture that God is opposed to human sacrifices. "Do not permit any of your children to be offered as a sacrifice to Molech, for you must not bring shame on the name of your God. I am the Lord" (Leviticus 18:21). Repeatedly he made it clear human sacrifices were forbidden (see Leviticus 20:23 and Deuteronomy 12:31;
). It is actually clear from the text that God's point is that he does not want child sacrifice. This is why the passage begins by saying that "God tested Abraham" (Genesis 22:1).

So why would God command Abraham to sacrifice his son
Isaac? In verse 1 of Genesis 22 it says "God tested Abraham's faith." He had no intention of allowing Abraham to go through with killing his son, and it is apparent that Abraham didn't believe Isaac would be sacrificed.

took Abraham, his son, and two servants three days to travel to Moriah where he was to offer the sacrifice. When they were almost there, "Abraham told the servants, 'The boy and I will travel a little farther. We will worship there, and then we will come right back' " (Genesis 22:5). Abraham didn't say, "We will worship and I
will come right back.
" He included his son in the return trip and said, "We will come right back." Abraham obviously believed God would somehow intervene.
And if he didn't intervene, Abraham believed he could raise Isaac from the dead (Hebrews 11:19).

is further reinforced when Isaac asked about the sheep that was supposed to be sacrificed, which they did not have. " 'God will provide a sheep for the burnt offering, my son,' Abraham answered" (Genesis 22:8). And God did. When Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac on the altar, God stopped him and instead provided a "ram caught by its horns in a thicket" (Genesis 22:13). God didn't condone human sacrifices, yet he wanted Abraham to demonstrate that he would live out the commandment to "love the Lord your God with
all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength
" (Deuteronomy 6:5).

This chapter originally appeared in "The Bible Handbook of Difficult Verses"by Sean McDowell and Josh McDowell (2013). Used by permission from Harvest House Publishers.