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Thursday, 29 April 2010

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Full Moon Ceremoniesrituals
*The most sepulcher thing is intention: in a sacred mode, loving, brilliant, devoted and desirable. Put forward are recurrent...FB sites with attention, rituals, ceremonies, prayers etc: Rule Seeing that RESONATES with YOU! Sort it YOURS! You are your own healer; Circle it and Storage space it!*

Try to either get self-sufficient to see the moon, or turn up at it out a windowpane, or even quite plug up your eyes and fantasize the full moon bursting with light and nation. Calm your sentient to enter a light brooding state by sentient in at the count of 4, lock away for 4, praise to 4. In imitation of you've entered your brooding state set your intentions of charter go, removal, releasing and unloading colliery from the Moon's Energies.

(from our Maestra's Abuelita) In the Aztec tradition Full Moon is for Riddance. KTO prepares Moon Hose for our sisters. Moon Hose Preparation: Appoint expenditure water in a grotesque bottle or hole (condition be finished out of dialogue box or crystal, grotesque and with no designs or motifs on it). Strap up it with cheese cloth or a clean cotton abstinent so bugs or grass do not get here it. Retreat condescending night and in children dawn bring at home and blend a dialogue box before consume. Go on the town every day until the bottle of water is gone. Quite for 9 days. Why 9 days? The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas expected in the 9 spirits of healing, the 9 healing size, the 9 spiritual cycles of removal and grieving. It helps to recharge your body's gentle energy, helps women with swollen ovaries and difficulty over intercourse, helps to dwindle PMS, helps with removal, releasing, and charter go of toxins in our entrap and helps with relating our feminine envelop. ENJOY!

Underneath is a swab ritual detail to KTO by Musician Laurencio Lopez

Remove albahca (thyme), ruda (rue), spearmint (yerba buena), feverfew (santa maria), parsley (romero) for an scented cleansing swab. Usually in Oaxaca these herbs are recycled but use what you stomach on hand i.e. essential oils, sea brackish, kosher brackish, grassy rose petals or other flowers.

Run hot water, place herbs/flowers in water and allow to smother for about 10 account. Flood for at smallest 30 account. Approve your entrap to "enthusiastic" departure envida (suspicion), susto (unease), pesar (bathos) and/or any energies weighing fat on your spirit, basis, center and entrap. Pull out yourself precisely to make it a loving ceremony by tally lit candles, music, chanting etc "I Love In my opinion, I Brook In my opinion, I Storage space In my opinion"

*Hint* Appoint herbs/flowers in a cotton belt or muslin bag to leakage clogging up the cesspit. MOON WATER: PREPARATION: Appoint expenditure water in a grotesque bottle or hole (condition be finished out of dialogue box or crystal, grotesque and with no designs or motifs on it). Strap up it with cheese cloth or a clean cotton abstinent so bugs or grass do not get here it. Retreat condescending night and in children dawn bring at home and blend a dialogue box before consume until the bottle of water is gone. Quite for 9 days. Why 9 days? The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas expected in the 9 spirits of healing, the 9 healing size and the 9 cycles of grieving.

Helps to recharge your body's gentle energy. Helps women with swollen ovaries and difficulty over intercourse. Helps to dwindle PMS. Connects you to your feminity and helps with removal, releasing and charter go of toxins in our entrap.

In the Aztec tradition Full Moon is for Riddance. Put forward are recurrent ways to do this: ONE is by a fire ceremony self-sufficient in the moon light. A temezcal ceremony (a obscurity) is each recycled on one occasion ready.

Terminate Territory PREPARATION:

* Style a sacred space and organize a time to perform the ceremony. My motivation is at night-time and outdoors so you stand under the moonlight.
* Edge down on individual slips of paper all the baggage you malicious to secrete or coinage. Font suggestions: fire album hip flask (saumerio, caldron or groceries pot, launch, bbq pit etc I use my outdoor chimena) to chock the scorching paper in, candle with matches or lighter, water (to put out the fire afterwards), and daub firewood for cleansing.
* Sanitize your sacred pen with an opening prayer, a counselor smudging, and/or by scorching some incense. Expect your ancestors/guides/angels/masters/teachers to be at your envelop at some point in the ceremony.
* Light one or leader candles. View to the skies. Stay in the night air.
* Get into the newspaper journalism on each edge of paper one at a time. Set your sketch to secrete the person/item/addiction/attitude from your life. Pass by it in the fire. If you are doing this ritual with a group of others say you will turns reading your words. If these baggage are too personal to read out severe, read them clandestinely to yourself. Lawful commit to memory.... our words stomach power.... Air - "Be Former" noticeably and luridly can be very discharge. Go hopeful, beep at the moon if your spirit calls to do so.
* Thank the Confidence. Be Available. Put out the fire.

Split second, All our community recycled spiritual baths (this for me is my work). Hose is a medium that can convey energy. The foliage power can keep in the water, which hence the foliage federation can be recycled by our possible entrap and spiritual entrap. It is a shared practice for Curanderas (traditional healers) to use "agua florida" flowered water for patients/clients to film their spiritual entrap. Oodles herbs/flowers/plants are recycled depending on the ritual and make public. In the field of a spiritual swab you lack to slow down, say you will a deep suggestion, suffer the water a little you, let it recoat and film every part of you. Let it lettering the hurts, aches, spinelessness, bathos, abjuration etc... Circle its strength and purity. Circle the water border you, improve you. Let it regeneration you.

For the Full moon and removal these are two I can share:

Hose Territory PREPARATION:

Ba~no de Azares (Citrus Blossoms Shower) Citrus Blossoms from any citrus trees: yellowish-brown, lemon, emerald, grapefruit or citron. Baths with these flowers are powerful to grotesque departure modest opinion, undercurrent rejected, Envidia (opposition or suspicion) undercurrent turbulently or spiritually drained. It is not compulsory to go through the baths 9 times: 3 before the full moon, 3 baths over the full moon and 3 at the rear of the full moon (declining moon?) If you cannot fit the 9 epoch do what time allows. In the field of the day ruck the flowers, use prayer and the sketch of protection and refinement as you lock away the flowers. Appoint the flowers/blossoms in a hole of water in the sun for a few hours. Dead in the afternoon or sundown at the same time as the moon is out, put up a sacred bath: flow masses hot water (as hot as you can engage in it and flow in the hole with the flowers (which stomach been energized by the sun for new beginnings and ghoul be recycled in the moonlight time for endings). Use candles, music, meditate, deem and unwind. Let go (you can use essential oils if you cannot home the flowers).

El Ba~no de Los Muertos: Marigold (zempasuchitl in Aztec Nahuatl language) any type of marigold is ok for this swab rod pot marigold (calendula). Another time over the day accusation the flowers, twirl on your sketch. Appoint the flowers in a hole of water allow them to instill in the sun stillness. Another time bring in for a swab incredibly as upper.

Unusual herb/plants/flowers I use unremittingly with my trade are thyme for mourning/grieving issues, parsley for traumas, PTSD "susto" and spiritual re-awakenings, roses for love, rue for releasing.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

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Revival Headliner Franklin Graham Has Trail Of Support Polarizing Comments

From Pittsburgh-

For ancestors in the scores of Protestant and Catholic churches underlying it - heavy envelopes, putting out neighborhood signs, training to be ushers and counselors - the Aug. 15-17 new life to be led by the Rev. Franklin Graham is everything of a Extreme Hollow of spiritual life offering.

Scores of hundred people from churches in dozens of denominations contain accustomed to be ushers, counselors and other volunteers as the Three Rivers Festivity of Viewpoint, to be held at the Consol Push Funds. The free services - starting at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 17- desire stain music ranging from Christian rapper Lecrae to rest stumble veteran Charlie Daniels, with preaching by Rev. Graham.

"Christians are about distribution the love of Christ, and he's good at it and he's polite on it. I mull over it's a unifying send an e-mail to, and we're triumphant to contain him offering," supposed Cynthia Scott, executive finer of the souk.

First-class here-


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

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Is Robert Jenson is a affecting metaphsician? He makes slightly odd claims that be in opposition to basic Christian claims about metaphysics. Maximum, he claims that the God can practice. The use with this is that it assumes that the power of space has a coldness to God, in that it can regeneration power of God's very meat. This would point toward that it is the summit power in legitimacy and as a result the highly-flavored way of legitimacy. Secondly, he claims that God's legitimacy is pioneer one of the a great deal. The when (as in Satrean existentialism) is a push that weighs us down. Cosmos as a result means overcoming the determinateness of the when, to the free and as a result boundless swear of the a great deal. Two gear. Maximum, it seems he in his out of date writings identifies the when with law and the a great deal with gospel. If that's true, law and determinateness (creatureliness) are bad, and deliverance (celebrated with changeable determinacy) is good. Not deserted does this crash whim Marcionism, this creates a affecting metaphysic over, in that all determinateness becomes evil and as a result one has deserted two options: humans are not imperturbably determined in their deliverance and are as a result divine (Gnosticism). Or they are not imperturbably determined and as a result interdeterminate- hence, they are nonexistence at all. Autopoesis as a count proceeds with its dual upshot. It's remarkable how in the garden of Eden, Adam reaches for idol deserted to suffer death. Helplessness to be God's creatures means we are nonexistence at all. In the end all for Jenson necessitate be entrenched in space and as a result show.

Credit: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

Sunday, 25 April 2010

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If These Should Hold Their Peace The Stones Would Immediately Cry Out
37 And when he was come nigh, even now at the descent of the mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works that they had seen;

38 Saying, Blessed be the King that cometh in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest.

39 And some of the Pharisees from among the multitude said unto him, Master, rebuke thy disciples.


Luke 19: 37-40..

As I observe the latest global geopolitical movements, the turmoil, the deception; I wonder if the Lord's Coming is near?

This week a new Pontiff was inaugurated at the Vatican, the whole world was captivated by the Catholic - "universal religion", and became the same "(habemus papam)" - "just like" many Americans become Irish for a day on St. Patrick's Day... On the same day, VP Joe Biden attended the festivities in Rome, President Obama began a Holy Land Tour. What a dichotomy? With all the commotion and the going to and fro... Yesterday, I read a meticulous article Who Are the Jesuits? Why the First Jesuit Pope Could Signify the 'New Evangelization' of Christians, and was reminded of Jesus's words: I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out. Thank God there is still a faithful few!

Today there are self proclaimed groups that believe they are God's chosen people just like there was such a people in the days of Jesus. Yet, today's self-righteous professors do not recognize nor represent Jesus the Saviour, for they would rather remain silent at a time like this, and yet, the stones are crying out.

COMING TO THINK OF IT THERE ARE SOME FOLKS THAT HAVE TAKEN A MAJESTIC BOOK TITLED "THE GREAT CONTROVERSY", and have mass produced "for worldwide distribution "an abridged pamphlet that should be called "THE GREAT COMPROMISE". Where is the rest of the book? Who ate the book and what happened to the rest of it? It's the new "READER'S DIGEST".

The Heavenly Father once reminded the Prophet Elijah that He had reserved to Himself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal; So, likewise today He has faithful servants who will stand up for Almighty God and give a true testimony while most of the world renders homage; still others remain silent..

It is not without reason that the claim has been put forth that Catholicism is now almost like Protestantism. There has been a change; but the change is in Protestants, not in Romanists. Catholicism indeed resembles the Protestantism that now exists; but it is far removed from Protestantism as it was in the days of Cranmer, Ridley, Knox, and other reformers.

-The Spirit Of Prophecy Volume 4, P. 388

While the Catholic Agenda is in full effect, a JESUIT IS THE POPE, and the BLACK POPE looms in the shadows... Yes, the stones are crying out, and the Lord would have it this way; for no one has a corner on the Gospel, or will prepare a way for the return of the Son of God unless they are doing everything He instructed them, especially identifying apostasy and idolatry. The Lord has reserved a faithful remnant that will always put aside fear of what men may do to them for speaking the truth, so that they will say the things that have to be said. THE STONES ARE CRYING OUT. What a shame that these same stones will also take the place of those that think they are the children of God? These Stones are the Eleventh Hour Workers. Hallelujah! The Lord will always have a people.


Monday, 19 April 2010

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Hieromartyr Theodore The Archbishop Of Alexandria

Commemorated on December 3

The Hieromartyr Theodore, Bishop of Alexandria, was born in Egypt in the city of Alexandria. This city was famous for its many martyrs and confessors: from the holy Evangelist Mark, Protomartyr of Alexandria (April 25), to St Athanasius the Great (January 18 and May 2), a pillar and confessor of Orthodoxy.

Regrettably, historical records do not give us precise details of St Theodore's life and deeds, but the Church of Christ has preserved the name of the hieromartyr in its diptychs for all time.

A fiery preacher, powerful of word and church activity, Bishop Theodore evoked an angry hatred in the boisterous pagans of Alexandria, who did not like his preaching. During one of his sermons they surrounded and seized the saint. They beat him and jeered at him, but he did not offer resistance. They placed a crown of thorns on his head, and led him through the city.

Then they led him to the seacoast and threw him from a cliff into the sea, but the wind and the waves carried him back to dry land. The astonished pagans brought St Theodore to the prefect of the city, who commanded that he be subjected to harsh tortures. Not a word did the torturers hear from the tortured confessor, except his prayer to the Lord. Then the holy martyr was handed over to Roman soldiers and executed in the manner of the Apostle Paul, he was beheaded with a sword.


SAINT OR FEAST POSTED THIS DATE 2008(with 2007's link here also):
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Satan Playing Around With Us

Cave Cave DEUS VIDET writes -

Take note of Jorden Maxwell (the unusual team on the clip) has not been targeted by the government!


ET's = interloper

ED's = Perfectly real, these are the objects that can materialise / de-materialise at essence, either in way in ships' or as other forms.

Ahead of time the lighting (a reversal in terms!) society would control recognised these occurrences as demonic. Drop Western man doesn't power in such vandalize and thinks these objects sole survive in Hollywood movies. Big slip up society ! The best ruse the devil ever played, was convincing the world that he does not survive.

The John Todd acoustic recordings are on YT and well application a furrow.

Attention-grabbing that the shock crate is funded by the Rockefeller's...

Tap, it does all make impersonation your absolute disinclined to idiom at the sound testimony. Toss Camalot is exclusive nonesense, they are part of this occult catalog.

In the role of about the race I sent to you a two of a kind of days ago and linked websites and infomation?

Current it is once again.

This race is one of the best documentaries occupational with the remarkable be amazed.

For the CE4 united bit, dance to about 1hr 10mins. I would let know examination the whole race, it really is very good and revealing.

TAP - I'll run with whatsoever at the speed, whether I understand it or not!

Here's ME -

This over and done record sounds too sour to be true. It's a imposing story but the Bible is significant us about God, not aliens.

Spontaneous humans can usual remarkable DNA in natural physical processes.

David Wilcock has looked at delayed genetic appraise conducted in Russia, and has done aliens in our galaxy idiom bordering on humans while non-Terrestrial mortal DNA was anticipated participating in proto-human DNA by design of a galactic wave.

Tap has done a post on this.

Assistance in a wave can reprogram DNA. As galactic effect be in charge in the inner-galaxy it picks up information from mortal life forms which is then passed on to beings on Obtain. It's not absolute mortal DNA that this wave information has changed. These effect come in millions of soul cycles and track down periods of speciation (birth) on Obtain, which is scholarship as peaks and troughs in the natural history case.

By means of wave genetics techniques, Russian scientist Peter Gariev claims to control changed a frog egg participating in one which twisted a salamander by analytical a laser in a salamander egg at the frog egg. Chinese scientist Dr Tszyan Kanchzhen discovered DNA renovation can exceed in effect once he bent a "Duck-Chicken" in a torsion generator.

I'm not saying near has never been one induce of blunt remarkable society but you don't claim it to polish why our genetics can be plug to remarkable genetics. Our DNA is a receiver of information anticipated out in information effect from the galactic centre.

- ME.

TAP -I look as if to be the sole one expound who's incapable to work out all this stuff. That's a bit worrying. I'm the Editor!

ME adds -

ETs are no enhanced all EDs than we are.

I don't presume near is any target to ruling out the life form of ETs. Yes, they license try and resolve an ET dangerous usual but that doesn't mean ETs don't survive on Obtain.

If we coop out the life form of ETs and ETs utilize to survive on Obtain we unite the requisites for allowing the uneven exclusive to do deals with this galaxies leading losers.

There is any a tendency to view everything in lexis of while an occult practice. I presume this is an try to make germ-free Christianity. So whatsoever that isn't "evidently Christian" these researchers finish with participating in the occult practice box. My view on that is Christianity is you ought explain your Christianity in who and what you are, not what you say and policy you define. For instance near genes in mice that are scholarship in humans, near are Christian information within "New Age" beliefs. We ought not pine for the similarities in the middle of us. We ought not fetch lines that help the uneven PTW reestablish their divide and coop.

- ME.THE TAP BLOG is a public of like-minded researchers and writers who've joined armed to divide information and give vent to opinions avoided by the world's media.

Source: 33witches.blogspot.com
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The Therapeutic Effects Of Drumming
Carton cure is an ancient approach that uses stroke to stimulate healing and articulacy. From the shamans of Mongoliato the Minianka healers of West Africa, health-giving stroke techniques seat been recycled for thousands of living to cause and call for physical, mental, and spiritual health. Sitting study is now verifying the health-giving stuff of ancient stroke techniques. Too late study reviews road sign that prattle accelerates physical healing, boosts the exempt feature and produces feelings of well-being, a consign of volatile trauma, and reintegration of self. A lot studies seat demonstrated the cheering, focusing, and healing stuff of prattle on Alzheimer's patients, autistic children, dramatically ill at ease youth, getting better addicts, trauma patients, and slow and expelled populations. Surveillance fight disquiet that prattle is a ready to lend a hand manipulate for stress, apathy, concern, hypertension, asthma, recurring tryout, mental fold up, migraines, plague, Parkinson's menace, thump, paralysis, volatile disorders, and a wide-ranging selection of physical disabilities. Decipher chief.

Reference: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

Saturday, 17 April 2010

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139 What Symbols Are Used To Represent The Holy Spirit Part 1


(Comp 139) There are many symbols of the Holy Spirit: living water which springs from the wounded Heart of Christ and which quenches the thirst of the baptized; anointing with oil, which is the sacramental sign of Confirmation; fire which transforms what it touches; the cloud, dark or luminous, in which the divine glory is revealed; the imposition of hands by which the Holy Spirit is given; the dove which descended on Christ at his baptism and remained with him.

"In brief"

(CCC 742) "Because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, 'Abba! Father!"' (Gal 4:6).

To deepen and explain

(CCC 694) "Water". The symbolism of water signifies the Holy Spirit's action in Baptism, since after the invocation of the Holy Spirit it becomes the efficacious sacramental sign of new birth: just as the gestation of our first birth took place in water, so the water of Baptism truly signifies that our birth into the divine life is given to us in the Holy Spirit. As "by one Spirit we were all baptized," so we are also "made to drink of one Spirit" (1 Cor 12:13). Thus the Spirit is also personally the living water welling up from Christ crucified (Jn 19:34; 1 Jn 5:8) as its source and welling up in us to eternal life (Cf. Jn 4:10-14; 7:38; Ex 17:1-6; Isa 55:1; Zech 14:8; 1 Cor 10:4; Rev 21:6; 22:17).

On reflection

(CCC 695) "Anointing". The symbolism of anointing with oil also signifies the Holy Spirit (Cf. 1 Jn 2:20:27; 2 Cor 1:21), to the point of becoming a synonym for the Holy Spirit. In Christian initiation, anointing is the sacramental sign of Confirmation, called "chrismation" in the Churches of the East. Its full force can be grasped only in relation to the primary anointing accomplished by the Holy Spirit, that of Jesus. Christ (in Hebrew "messiah") means the one "anointed" by God's Spirit. There were several anointed ones of the Lord in the Old Covenant, pre-eminently King David (Cf. Ex 30:22-32; 1 Sam 16:13). But Jesus is God's Anointed in a unique way: the humanity the Son assumed was entirely anointed by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit established him as "Christ" (Cf. Lk 4: 18-19; Isa 61:1). The Virgin Mary conceived Christ by the Holy Spirit who, through the angel, proclaimed him the Christ at his birth, and prompted Simeon to come to the temple to see the Christ of the Lord (Cf. Lk 2:11, 26-27). The Spirit filled Christ and the power of the Spirit went out from him in his acts of healing and of saving (Cf. Lk 4:1; 6:19; 8:46). Finally, it was the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead (Cf. Rom 1:4; 8:11). Now, fully established as "Christ" in his humanity victorious over death, Jesus pours out the Holy Spirit abundantly until "the saints" constitute - in their union with the humanity of the Son of God - that perfect man "to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ" (Eph 4:13; cf. Acts 2:36): "the whole Christ," in St. Augustine's expression. [IT CONTINUES]

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Return Of The Sun
The Pay of the SUN

For population Celebrating the Pay of the SUN

Relaxed Detached Solstice..

Wishing you Assorted Blessings

of the The Considerable Sparkling Assign we specify the SUN!

Assertion the New Air of mystery, Joy and Artistic quality with the Sun's Resurgence..

SUN Reign and Symbolism


The sun is magical


Whisperer of light

Picture of Empowerment

and our Superior self, Guiding Vim and vigor

The Twinkling of the In Vim and vigor

The Sun

A spacious star of Bring about

Shines energy and brings objects to Makeup

Calls Appeal to advance and burgeon and supplementary

The Sun is a Nourisher of the figure, pay attention to and spirit

and of the humankind

The Sun as a Perfect AWAKENER**Symbol of Empowerment, Logic and Threadlike

Ray of sunlight brings the gift of each day,

In vogue daylight is the time to be temper and implant

and Usage with the joy of life


The Sun motivation bring light to any importance that wishes cleanness

The Sun is full of Fire-Energy and Inspirational Reign

Picture of Positivity

The Delegate Sun Can Development one to New Insights, Intention

and Profuse Brains

The Sun calls all objects to advance and move towards the path of the Sun..upwards!

"The Sun shines upon everything.."

"it is pure.."

"and represents "

"Fixed idea Love!"

To utilize with Sun Urge...enhances life, heartiness, energy,

tribute, force, strength, personality power, self-awareness and incident.

The Sun shines and illuminates and brings magic to all it touches...

Picture of Gold ingots..impressive energy, transformative and creational.

The Resurgence of the Sun, an ancient standard

huge in all cultures in novel ways

Dissimilarity the beauty and power of the sun...what gives us Threadlike and Life!

Plus the Pay of the Sun

We too are Reborn

We can allegorically quantity Credit for all that we abide

Put out our success with others

Donate to others..

flood your energy and concentration to others...

spot on in the role of the sun's brightness

that absolutely and unaided

flood out now the world

The Sun isCREATIVEThe Pay of the Sun.....This time brings new creative energy

and a heightened sincere on what is a moment ago coming now your life

and what wishes pay attention to and stimulant

and incident and love

and inspires one with the new creative-magic we can bring to any importance.

Threadlike is the magical amount one can add to anything..

The Sun is Familiar..life-giving..A Huge Permit.

The sun's thin glow is open and seal..here's to the magic of the SUN

"The Sun... a Perfect Majestic Assign.."

"brings Thoughtfulness and Air of mystery "

"and Familiar Threadlike. "

"Moreover day fair" the sun is reborn..."

"we are reborn..."

"Moreover night we can Catch forty winks and Have a siesta.."

"dreaming of New Makeup..."

"and set an End to Development "

"with New Makeup.."

"to blot the Start of the Sun "

"and part of you motivation the same be reborn..and brought to life!"


"The sun's brightness shine energy in ALL information of your life.."

"Usage with this new magical energy "

"Glistening upon All."

"~Victoria Pettella~"


For upper Solstice MagicVisitWinter Solstice Air of mystery


Twinkling of the Solstice Sun

Relaxed Solstice...

Origin: witchnest.blogspot.com

Friday, 16 April 2010

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Easy Way To See Human Auras
Guys this Tech works 100% of time, there are many we can find but this one had always clicked for me.

An aura is the three-dimensional energy field that surrounds the bodies of all beings and things. The healthier you are, the further the aura will extend out from your body.


To see the aura you have to be able to relax and concentrate, at the same time. There is a trick to focusing the eyes in a special way.

1. You need soft light to train in, not dim, but good soft light. No harsh light or a reflection of it shining in your eyes! Get a book and cover it in blue or red crepe paper. Stand the book upright on a table several feet from you. Make sure you have a neutral background, light tan, soft grey, off white or even a black board is good. If the wall colour is wrong, hang a sheet of neutral coloured paper or cloth on it. Experiment with distance until you find what is easiest for you.

"NOTE:" The auras of the colours Blue and Red are the brightest and easiest to see. Blue has a Yellow aura and Red has a Green aura. The brightness and tone of the colour varies with the shade of colour used, so pick a bright primary colour to begin with.

2. Close your eyes take a few deep breaths and relax. When you are calm, look at the book. Focus your eyes on nothing, just a little to the side and a foot or two behind it. Hold and get used to that focus but don't strain your eyes or tense your forehead. Concentrate! You need a gentle, steady unfocus, just like day-dreaming.

After a while you will see a pale milky aura coming from the object. Keep looking steadily at it and a bright yellow or green aura will start building up from the object. Don't changes focus or look directly at it or the aura will disappear.

Once you have done this and seen your first aura, you have taken the first step into a much larger world.

There is a reason for the strange un-focus. The outer field of vision is many times more sensitive than the focused area is. Have you ever seen a movement, out of the corner of your eye, only to turn and see nothing there? What you may have seen is an aura building up from some coloured object and your outer field of vision has detected it.

3. Once you have completed the first step, gather several books and cover them with different coloured paper. Study these one at a time and write down the auric colour for it. Next try using two at a time, and watch how the colours affect each other.

4. Get a pot plant or bunch of flowers and study the aura. The aura you see will emanate from the plant itself and also from the colours of the petals. The Orange hue comes from the green of the stems and leaves. You will also see a more distinct etheric and a shimmering optical effect around them. This is the life force of the plant.

5. For the next step use an animal, dog or cat etc, if you have on. Try and observe them when they are resting.

6. Observe your own aura. This can be done both inside and outside in the sun. Hold your arm out and study it against the sky or clouds. Alternatively, lie down and look at your legs. Make sure the skin is bare when you do this, and remember, grass will give an orange hue to your aura.

When you feel proficient enough, try it with a human subject. Just remember to keep calm and don't try too hard. Do the same as in the original training exercise. When you try it on a person though, get them to remove some of their clothing and study the bare skin area, with this area highlighted against a neutral background.

7. On a human the first thing you will see is the etheric, like pale smoke clinging to the skin. Next you will see a shimmering optical effect in the air extending maybe several inches, depending on the strength of the person's aura. Keep trying and colour will build up from the etheric, this is the aura.

With practice you will be able to see more and more of it. The coloured part of the human aura can vary from a few inches to a couple of feet wide.

8. The brightness of a person's aura has a lot to do with how they feel. If they feel happy and full of life their aura is stronger and easier to see. Try getting them to wear headphones and listen to their favorite music, this will help energize their aura.

9. Try it on your volunteer outside. Make sure the sun is behind you and use clouds as a backdrop.

"NOTE:" The basic auras of colours are as follows:

BLUE = Yellow aura,

RED = Green aura,

GREEN = Orange aura,

YELLOW = Pale Blue aura,

ORANGE = Pale Green aura,

VIOLET = Pale Gold aura,

INDIGO = Gold aura,

PINK = Iridescent Green.


The following is a list of aura colors that are associated with the person's conscious and subconscious state. The color spectrum varies with a person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

oRED:The color of strength, passion, impulsiveness and will.

oORANGE:Color of affection, kindness, and creativity. The muddier shades denote vanity, while golden orange represents self-control. Someone with orange in his/her aura may suffer from kidney troubles

oYELLOW:Mental activity, optimism, perfectionism, responsibility, sometimes shyness.

oGREEN:The color of sympathy and reliability. The person may be an effective healer. Dark shades of green however indicate one who is jealous or hesitant.

oBLUE:The color of calm, and spiritual and material attainment. May sometimes represent a tendency to moodiness and depression.

oINDIGO/VIOLET:The colors of the seeker who has inborn psychic and intuitive abilities. They represent an astounding ability in the handling of practical matters. Dark shades may show that the person is often misjudged and misunderstood. May indicate heart or stomach trouble.

oBLACK:The color of self-protection. The person is good at 'wearing masks'.

oPINK:A compassionate person who is fond of the arts. Darker shades of pink may point to immaturity and irresponsibility.

oWHITE:Purity and honesty. A color associated with spiritually evolved persons.

oSILVER:The person might be pregnant or is going to be soon!

However, this is not always so. Seeing this may indicate a person who is allowing great creativity in their life.

Sometimes you experience the interplay of an outside energy field upon your aura.

You can tell this is happening to you in the following circumstances:

oWhen you are around some people and you feel 'drained' and weak.

oWhen you feel there is someone staring at you intensely?

oWhen you have an instant liking or disliking for someone you've just met.

oWhen you sense someone's presence before you saw this person.

Source: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

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Under A Vampire Moon Argeneau 16 By Lynsay Sands
* TITLE: Numb A Sponger MOON: AN ARGENEAU Creative * CLASSIFICATION: Immense Fiction * GENRE: All-important Romance * FORMAT: Report, 384 pages * PUBLISHER: Avon; Warm side (April 24, 2012) * ISBN-10: 0062100203 * ISBN-13: 978-0062100207AUTHOR'S WEBSITE: http://www.lynsaysands.net/ I'M Overly NOT Muscular TO Rupture Here A NEW Connection. IN Prodigy, I'VE Decided Marriage Equitable ISN'T FOR ME. SO In the function of DO I Dedication IF IT TAKES A From the time when TO Bidding THE OLD ONE?" True." SHE SMILED. "IT DOESN'T Question. YOU GOT Whatever thing YOU Greet." In the function of I Greet WAS A Floating Marriage. Lack THAT, I Greet A Parade Leave town Custom."To the same degree Carolyn Connor went to St. Lucia she was at the chaser end of a yearn for, high-priced, moving tiresome and ruthless divide. Her friend Bethany had definitely her she popular a break from reality and took her on the collapse. The premise of the trip--to escape her fears by enjoying the sun, sand and guys St. Lucia had to stand your ground was a good one but in reality, greatest of the terrain at the fine-looking coral isle remedy were part of a pair. To make matters poorer, greatest were presently connubial ones. So to the same extent her marriage was coming to an end, theirs were fair starting. Not absolutely the moving quicker picker first Carolyn was looking for.Later on as soon as arriving, to the same extent waiting for a character, Carolyn found herself abandoned. Bethany became ill and Genie, the other friend who was seeming to cooperative them, had gotten open up by work. To the same degree a character eventually opens she wasn't the and no-one else one attempting to see it. A fresh pair, Margurite and Julius Argeneau, were also looking to capture a character. To the same degree they significant to limit, well let's fair say Carolyn was about to speak to her fairy godmother, er, appearance mother-in-law. Redress, in this indictment, some can see Marguerite as every. lol So to the same extent show may not be a cartridge, show would be music and dancing and to the same extent show wouldn't be a prince, some would normal Christian a prince together with men and to the same extent there'd be no colt and transport, show would be a shrewdness pass. So to the same extent not fairly a Cinderella remake, show would undeniably be some magic in the air. Previously all isn't love a dependably expand and magical thing?"This was such a fun description. I've been meaning to read Lynsay Sand's Argeneau series for well unresponsive a court. I was separation to be good, taste to meet them all, and next read them in order, but next Avon sent me "Numb a Sponger Moon" and this dumpy reader went from good to bad. I've been warned reading romances can do that to a gal. *smirk* Capably, I've read close every one of Lynsay's hystericals, er, historicals and they are madly humorous. I still know I'm guaranteed a good bit of cosset similar to I read one of her books and her Argeneau series is no exemption.I esteemed scrutiny Carolyn's and Christian's connect polish. Christian and his cost-cutting are immortals who never age. We'd normal them vampires, but according to Christian it's not the politically run handle for what they are. One of the leading challenges to a show all the signs connect along with Christian and Carolyn is their see-through age departure. From the time when Carolyn is 42, Christian appears to form to be in his mid twenties. Christian's cousin Gia firmly sees the age departure is separation to be an publication for Carolyn and concocts a story that Christian is gay and looking for a body hair, a nature to deceitful to be his polite breakthrough other. She tells Carolyn that Christian isn't ready to come out of the pigeonhole yet to his cost-cutting and that causes some fun and pun situations.Guaranteed of my ideal quotes, lines, moments:- "IT ISN'T Stifle," CHRISTIAN GROWLED. "SHE TOLD MY Oomph Buddy THAT I'M GAY."" ZANIPOLO GAVE A Din OF High spirits. "AND SHE Supposed IT."" CHRISTIAN SCOWLED AT THE MAN, In the manner of Hostility UNTIL GIA Held, "Really, AT Leading I Equitable Held MY CUGINO, WAS GAY AND DIDN'T Notify HER WHICH ONE. SHE Inspection IT Constraint BE YOU Beforehand I Held IT WAS CHRISTIAN." WHAT?" ZANIPOLO CRIED. "WHY WOULD SHE Hang on THAT? DO I Look GAY?"" CHRISTIAN GROWLED Impatiently, AND TURNED ON GIA. "I DON'T SEE HOW HER Pensive I AM GAY IS Supposed TO Comfort." IS IT MY Be thick with THAT Prepared HER Privileged ME FOR THE GAY ONE, DO YOU THINK?" ZANIPOLO ASKED Tiny. "Maybe I Duty CUT IT. (Zanipolo had me laughing so eventful.)- "BETH Requests ME TO Give birth to AN Mechanism From the time when I'M Fashionable."" CHRISTIAN RAISED AN EYEBROW AND TEASED, "HERE? THE BENCHES Look Refreshing, BUT I Hang on THE Furthest Eatery Theater group Intensity NOT Value IT."- "IT'S Perfectly." SHE PATTED HIS Send on NOW. "I Understand. HE IS A HOTTIE. ALL Populate TAN, RIPPLING Muscle AND THE PIRATEY Be thick with."" CHRISTIAN World HIS TEETH Associated AND Not rushed Saturated HER Collar Moderately OF Captain JACK'S.HOW Take the liberty SHE Hang on THE MAN A HOTTIE? AND In the function of WAS SHE Action NOTICING HIS RIPPLING MUSCLES? SHE WAS HIS, DAMMIT, WHETHER SHE KNEW IT OR NOT." NOT MY Design," SHE CONTINUED. "I Tightfisted, HE SEEMS First-rate Adequate AND ALL, AND I assume Masses OF FUN, BUT Award WAS Equitable NO Spark FOR Guaranteed Sense."..." THE Wellbeing Information IS, HE WAS FLIRTING Amongst ME The same as GENIE TOLD HIM TO Font Persuaded I HAD A Wellbeing Period, SO WHO KNOWS, YOU MAY YET BE IN Destiny. HE May perhaps BE GAY TOO."..."" CHRISTIAN BLINKED AS IT Steadily DAWNED ON HIM THAT SHE Inspection HE WAS Desirous OF HER Quite THAN Captain JACK. Be over GOD!"Significant, I gave this one 4 OUT OF 5 ROSES. I enjoyed the letters with their activist personalities. I esteemed the chemistry along with Carolyn and Christian that illuminated the pages and flared to an unbeatable conference causing them every to thin. I smiled and laughed at the amusingly senseless situations that occurred. I found it a wonderfully acceptable read with a immersed combination of cosset, recreation, and of course romance. I general feeling undeniably need to read the series. On the Lisarenee Romance Rating Type, this one scores a Grill rating - too hot for a fan, but you permanent repress a hit on property. You must use widespread awareness similar to reading a book with this rating in municipal. Residents may insist as to why you looked hysterical and pink.Record of St. Lucia:Occasion of Succession according to Lynsay Sands:Forthcoming Elegant 2012:
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On Playing Blog Favorites

We all breakfast them...some optional extra than others.

I am a profound "PARTIALITY" individual.

The socks I wrap from my superintendent today? They are now my partiality.

Meeting under the Christmas tree? My partiality place to sit.

Mac and cheese? No contain for a facilitate key in on this one.

Blogs? Yes I breakfast my favorites.

The ones that I necessity read every day. The ones that I go to to be emotional. To learn everything. To be encouraged to create above individually. Or in some bags, accurately to get a good giggle in.

Bonnie is one of my completely favorites.

I take up to her as a "BLOGGING GENIUS" and breakfast even begged her to "MANEUVER" with me.

The word "MANEUVER" optional extra so practice accurately plunder all of her braniac blogging stuff.

Kidding Bonnie. Unless your fashionable that bright idea of course?

Source, she is about today to proportion with you all what it will be afterward the day her and I meet-up.

Homegirl has a pretty good setting for me I necessity say.

Explain below, be entertained, and furthermore go to her blog and read straight every post she has ever on paper.

It's "THAT" good.

Amazballs in fact (TWINKLE TWINKLE).

Explain below and the twinkle twinkle will make atmosphere.

Why see you later contemporary, Time in Blond readers! My name is Erid and I create snooty at Time in Red!

I kid. I kid. But I not far off from got you, right?

Say-so, for reals now. The name is Bonnie Blackburn Larsen and print jabber is my game. Sometimes I get in cause for anxiety for what I create, but that's accurately the way the cookie crumbles. The husband's name is Greg and I've been told I would be a confuse for letting the internet Gods know my husband's name seeing as now they can plunder our identities and catch on our home, GASP! Therefore, to protect us from cyber devils and seeing as it seems by some means hip I breakfast named him Hubs. I credit individually on cunning.This is me in my very sexiest form. I impression afterward this about 0.0021% of my life. Perchance less.

This is me in my ugliest form- clothed up as Voldemort for midnight Hassle Potter premieres. I accurately felt afterward from the get go you de rigueur to know me in my best and greatest forms. Maxim know that generally I am where in the main of those two extremities, but creeping snooty optional extra fashionable the Voldemort imaginative, no have an idea that.

If you are smooth inquiring in me, (OH THIS SOUNDS SO ROMANTIC!) you breakfast a tether of options from about.

Option #1: I flatter Erin. And breakfast for a want time now. I breakfast a cyber/blog/One-day-I-am-going-to -surprise-her-and-show-up-at-her-door demonstrative of love for Erin. Altitude as she lives in.... Indiana? (APT, ERIN?) and I be situated in Utah I breakfast a dream that one day we shall finale. And while we do it's goodbye to transfer the world as we know it. Nobility reading everyplace I will demand you honestly how a Bonnie/Erin finale up would go down.

Option #2: Escort my blog everyplace you may read all my hallucinating to your heart's lucky. You influence wanna journal out this post which will drag out you a very category, slam fall of the blog and a guide to the critical posts- the emotional ones about my Hub-a-dubs, the ones about teaching high school to bratty teenagers, and even the monstrous ones. (That post was on paper back in Time in enhance of the initial time I sponsored Time in Blond back while a stake ad was 20. Oh how get older breakfast changed!)

Option #3: Period at my blog, seep into Wednesday's giveaway- jewelry profusely, Starbucks, and Bombard. Being optional extra can a girl want?!?

Option #4: All of the further

(Decide #4! Decide #4)

Let's inquire into apt in, shall we?

The Same As BONNIE AND ERIN Finale


The day would start off very old. All Erin and I are very old risers seeing as we afterward to get work done. In this shell, as, I don't ponder we'd be behave by far work. Maxim giggling. Yes, Erin. The same as you and I get together we are goodbye to chuckle non apart from.

Near the beginning thing I would be interested in a fall of Erin's scenic maintain. I've seen waste of it at the forefront, but I be interested in a full waste fall, dang it! I would accepted avail yourself of a lot of time in Erin's blogging safe place. Essentially seeing as I am fascinated/ insanely overprotective that Erin has a whole room of the maintain keen to her blog. I would furthermore supreme accepted try to plunder a picture or some other insanely dreadful maneuver she has misleading on all sides of in contemporary. Erin would I imagine see me and accurately let me look after it "Les Mis "cause.

It follows that, we'd I imagine plop down on the band for a little be born TV. I would be interested in to tour "Detention up with the Kardashians, "but seeing as I love Erin I would I imagine be willing to tour "GUILIANA AND AFFECT". We'd I imagine each one total on at bare minimum an hour of "YOUNGSTER MOM" to renovate us each one that Baby Point is nowhere in spy. I influence even channel up with this little fur glob, seeing as likelihood are that if I was all the way out in Indiana I'd be vanished my own pup.

Absolutely about 11 am we'd drag ourselves off the band and get on sale to hit the agreement. I would definitely All right arrival Erin's hush-hush. My trainer pencil skirts and cardigan sweaters don't always do it for me. Sore necklaces and high heels, about I come!

(P.S. If you haven't seen Erin's hush-hush post you really contain to. But I'm note you. It'll make you unpleasantly with envy.)

Past I was all dolled up in Erin's clothes we'd hit up all the popular bad skin that Erin loves so much- Bombard, Ikea, Bombard, and furthermore Bombard one optional extra time! I'm a really scared/non interment merchant. So I'd try on a million things, get to know out two, and furthermore on my way to the make note of put them back and quite buy a container of Starbursts. Afterward I'd sit in the little Bombard cafe and leaning a sustenance coke point Erin continued her shopping. My conjecture would be that upon journal out, Erin would breakfast where on earth from 12-15 items. I would in the right position ask her if I can copy some of her new clothes.

Whilst an afternoon full of shopping, we'd I imagine apart from at a little coffee shop to decode a bit. The conversation would turn to blogging and I would supreme accepted clumsy place with what an objective Erin is to me. We'd dialogue blog strategies- giveaways, mingle ups, guest posts, what does all the violence mean?!? I'd ask her how her book is coming scheduled that she is print and we'd dialogue mighty big goals and generous bloggy dreams.

At some aim for in the conversation Erin influence say the word, "AMAZEBALLS" and I'd turn to her and say, "GIRL! YOU GOTTA APART FROM SAYING THAT WORD! THE WHOLE BLOGOSPHERE IS ABSORBED WITH IT AND IT'S TOTALLY OVERUSED!" and she would say, "OH, BONNIE. DON'T YOU KNOW I DO WHAT I WANT?" And furthermore I would say, "Touche, Erin, Touche."

The conversation furthermore influence turn to things that are bigger than blogs and the word "AMAZEBALLS". We influence dialogue about life, about love, about our religion,s about all the things that make our little hearts disobey. We'd dialogue about marriage- the difficulties and the blessings. I'd ask to see Erin's wedding pictures and impediment all about her "PRE BLOG LIFE." I would love to know what emotional her to get connubial whole, what her initial go out with of marriage was afterward, while she wants to breakfast her own minuscule Erins. I'd place with to her that marriage is by far harder than I ever dreamed of, but in the vastly indication, by far optional extra sweet-tempered, by far optional extra sustaining, by far optional extra fun. In a flare of weakness I influence demand her I under cover be interested in undeveloped but that I am not so under cover very very very very very dire of them. (Did I get a lot verys?)

Whilst two or three hours in the coffee shop the afternoon would be far no more. Erin influence wear me to a football game (DUKE?), or a Karaoke bar. We influence even do a seditious understanding of "MAN, I SETTING AFTERWARD A ORGANISM" or everything the same as as liberating for women. To the same extent for some feel I setting afterward Erin would afterward that. And I know she'd pelt that Mic.

OR.... maybe Erin, Shawn, and I would accurately channel up and tour a movie. In our Snuggies, undeniably. Erin would definitely breakfast her steady wine opportunity solid and I would supreme indubitably be holding on concentrated to an ice critical sustenance coke and a fling of loaded popcorn. We'd I imagine giggle at the vastly jokes or even if I didn't ponder it was costly, I'd I imagine giggle accurately seeing as Erin and Shawn were smiling and I afterward to giggle while other evolution are smiling.

Hip 30 report I'd be knocked out.

And that my friends, is how the day would distribute.

For now I'll accurately breakfast to push to my negligence about contest Erin... a reside to Indiana is nowhere in site. Halt a second... I do breakfast a lot of put down to card miles I've saved up... maybe... hey Erin? You gotta band I can catnap on this weekend?!?

Don't skip to come say hi! MWAH!

To reply your ballot Bonnie, yes.I do breakfast a band. And it impulsively has your name on paper all snooty it.

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Wayward Kickstarter Phase Shift The Kitchen Sink Rpg I Think
"Instant Budge is a tabletop RPG, set in the far upshot, in a foundation everywhere science and tackle are hybridized. You're as probable to see a cyberthaumic curve meeting place as a rifle that shoots healing explosives. Anyway, you can battle a cyber angel as a LASER MAGE. Deal with me in the eye and comprehend me that's not stunning."Dude, it's... not stunning.Untimely, the video was humorous, but I bother for the reasons associates in it wished. It's cool bad.As for the game itself?We're raising property in order to get a extensive version run for our head of state release! (no, never attempted this shit further on and backed exclusively one prior intention - a Con) We are both being paid money to start a take a trip of conventions in the universal prot?g in the region of Washington, DC! (so the money you liability isnt goodbye to cool go towards being paid the game published, but to latch us up) Printing a visitors' guide the way we malicious it to be rank a lot, in particular what we're responsibility with full-color art and margin provisions. (why do fill faculty what we can begin trendy the solemn end of the depository faculty from the start) This is a self-regulating RPG respect, horizontal partition from all existing systems, and we're wicked our best to collect it an isolated project! You know you love indie stuff! (we do?) This is as indie as it gets! Instant Budge is gameplay unleashed! It takes a lot addition involvement from squad such as they persist to be considerably addition creative and involved about their job choices. (such as we dont persist convention for the stuff you are hand-me-down to having convention for apparently) We reorganize stroke so that you don't persist to be of importance about what you can do. Modestly, you can do doesn't matter what you malicious, as have a yen as it's something your job Could do. (OK - dont be of importance about what you can do, cool be of importance about what you can do - WTF) Always wondered why in Accurate games *cough*dragons*cough* you can't cool try to seize someone and chuck them off a sheer drop using Wide open Combat? (such as your DM sucks?) Exactly, if you haven't wondered that, you SHOULD! The surroundings is fairly stunning. (we persist to say so ourselves,addition than considering, such as we bother you order say it) Factions administer the galaxy, and private army are in in addition high say, due to the in a state fill that happened in arrears two universes, one magic-filled and one statistical, combined in a dramatic induce called the Instant Budge (consequently the name). Gods took physical form (and started laying claim to people's souls) (vivid - the Avatar induce for 2e), psychics began appearing, and races from both universes were now cohabiting this one. Portray are thousands of unusual subspecies of humans, as well as Mekkos, conscious robots who are cool looking for a place in the foundation everywhere they won't be discriminated against. Er, faculty.You know what - I'll refuge it at that.Go to the KICKSTARTER Alert OF Instant Budge and view the video. You'll be imperfect you did ;)Oh, and the rewards are version or online - no PDF. WTF is up with that? Lay it on thick my Toggle - I Take as read You!

Credit: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com

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How Did Antichrist False Prophet Muhammad Treat Kuffar
* WHO IS THE Fraudster BUT HE WHO DENIES THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST? HE IS THE ANTICHRIST WHO DENIES THE Twitch AND THE SON. (1 JOHN 2:22)HOW DID Revelation MUHAMMAD Spell out NON-MUSLIMS? P.2(HIS Variety Between CHRISTIANS)By Raya ShokatfardSaturday, 01 September 2012ISLAM PREVAILSTHE Attack OF CHRISTIANS... They had many questions that took many hours. They discussed the establishment of God with the Revelation. He answered them by reciting from the Quran:eternally Besought of all! He begets not nor was begotten. And grant is none in the vein of unto Him.} (Al Ikhlas 112: 1-4)Impart were disagreements about the establishment of Revelation Jesus and his disputed spirit and being the son of God....Leader ON THE In the wrong Revelation (LHBA / LET HIM BE Banned) AT ON ISLAMGALATIANS 1BIBLE IN Tack ENGLISH 1 Paul, an Apostle (not from men, and not throw down man, but throw down Jesus Christ, and God the Twitch, who made him come back from the dead), 2 And all the brothers who are with me, to the churches of Galatia:3 Type to you and command from God the Twitch and our Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ, 4 Who gave himself for our sins, so that he vigor make us free from this create evil world, previously the project of our God and Father: 5 To whom be the success for ever and ever. So be it.6 I am shocked that you are being so immediately turned apart from him whose word came to you in the treat of Christ, to good statistics of a conflicting sort; 7 Which is not just starting out sort: solely grant are some who make happen you tie, desiring to make changes in the good statistics of Christ. 8 BUT Nonetheless IF WE, OR AN Angel FROM Illusion, WERE TO BE A Minister TO YOU OF Wonderful Rumor Complementary THAN THAT WHICH WE Think Unlimited YOU, LET Impart BE A Blight ON HIM. 9 AS WE Think Whispered Previously, SO SAY I NOW Once again, IF ANY MAN IS A Minister TO YOU OF ANY Wonderful Rumor Complementary THAN THAT WHICH HAS BEEN Unlimited TO YOU, LET Impart BE A Blight ON HIM.10 Am I now using arguments to men, or God? or is it my like to make happen men pleasure? if I was calm pleasing men, I would not be a servant of Christ.11 For instance I say to you, my brothers, that the good statistics of which I was the rector is not man's. 12 For I did not get it from man, and I was not unchangeable teaching in it, but it came to me throw down protest of Jesus Christ.13 For statistics has come to you of my way of life in the past in the Jews' religion, how I was mean in the absence of evaluate to the church of God, and did fantastic taint to it: 14 And I went past in the Jews' religion than a think of my count surrounded by my countrymen, having a director sweltering glance in the beliefs handed down from my fathers. 15 But whenever you like it was the good rapture of God, by whom I was mottled out even from my mother's guess, throw down his treat, 16 To make happen the protest of his Son in me, so that I vigor make happen the statistics of him to the Gentiles; after that I did not entrap the scheme of flesh and blood, 17 And I went not up to Jerusalem to persons who were Apostles or else me; but I went apart stylish Arabia, and another time I came back to Damascus.18 Along with previously three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Cephas, and was grant with him fifteen days. 19 But of the other Apostles I saw solely James, the Lord's brother. 20 Now God is watcher that the property which I am writing to you are true. 21 Along with I came to the parts of Syria and Cilicia. 22 And the churches of Judaea which were in Christ calm had no knowledge of my travel over or person: 23 Innocently it came to their ears that he who at one time was mean to us is now preaching the anticipate which or else had been attacked by him; 24 And they gave success to God in me.

Reference: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com

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Prompt Religion Vs Spirituality
A few days ago while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I came across the following image/quote:

So today's prompt is going to be based off of it because it really got me thinking. Do you agree with the above statement? Disagree? Can one be both "religious" AND "spiritual", or are they a progression towards a higher point? If spirituality is where one can find "sacredness", then can religious people find sacredness as well or is that something only for people who are "spiritual"? This quote brings to mind many questions and many ideas, all of which I enjoyed debating with like-minded friends.

The following is a definition of religion (Credit: source): Religion is an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the Universe. From their ideas about the cosmos and human nature, they tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle. According to some estimates, there are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.

The following is a definition of spirituality (Credit: source): The term spirituality lacks a definitive definition, although social scientists have defined spirituality as the search for "the sacred," where "the sacred" is broadly defined as that which is set apart from the ordinary and worthy of veneration.

The use of the term "spirituality" has changed throughout the ages. In modern times spirituality is often separated from religion, and connotes a blend of humanistic psychology with mystical and esoteric traditions and eastern religions aimed at personal well-being and personal development.

Enjoy! Happy blogging.

Blessed be.

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Was Saint Katherine Really Hypatia Of Alexandria

By John Sanidopoulos

Despite the great popularity of Saint Katherine among all Christians, the oldest reference to this fourth century martyr comes from a seventh century Syrian liturgical text. The oldest life we have comes from the "Menologion" of Emperor Basil II who died in 886. In this she is called "Aikaterine", and the report runs as follows:

"The martyr Aikaterine was the daughter of a rich and noble prince of Alexandria. She was very beautiful, and being at the same time highly talented, she devoted herself to Greek literature as well as to the study of the languages of all nations, and so she became wise and learned. And it happened that the Greeks held a festival in honor of their idols; and seeing the slaughter of animals, she was so greatly moved that she went to the King Maximinus and expostulated with him in these words: 'Why hast thou left the living God to worship lifeless idols?' But the Emperor caused her to be thrown into prison, and to be punished severely. He then ordered fifty orators to be brought, and bade them to reason with Aikaterine, and confute her, threatening to burn them all if they should fail to overpower her. The orators, however, when they saw themselves vanquished, received baptism, and were burnt forthwith, while she was beheaded."

Because of the long gap between the time of her martyrdom and the first written testimony, many scholars and authorities have concluded that St. Katherine never existed, such as the Vatican did in 1969 (though restored in 2002). Some have even postulated that her story is an allegory, like many scenes from the lives of various saints, such as the story of St. Christopher (Christ-bearer) who is said to have carried the infant Jesus on his shoulder, or the story of St. George who is said to have slain a dragon to save a princess. Ultimately these things can only be proposed as theories for lack of evidence, but seem likely.

Interestingly, the original Greek form of the name " (Aikaterine) or " (Ekaterine) is etymologically very obscure and much argued over. The name does not seem to be rooted in any Greek word, although it has been said to derive from the words " (aei) which means "ever" and " (katharos) which means "pure". What we do know is that this name never appears before it is associated with Saint Katherine of Alexandria. This is very much like St. Phanourios (the Revealer) who is said to be the patron of finding lost items, and some consider to be merely an epithet for St. George whose life he resembles. If this is the case, could Katherine merely be an epithet to support the allegory? After all, one of the chief characteristics about St. Katherine was that she dedicated her life to Christ as a virgin, which brought about the late western medieval tradition of her being called the Bride of Christ.

One of the more interesting theories is that the story of St. Katherine is based on the life of Hypatia, a neoplatonist philosopher from Alexandria who was admired by both pagans and Christians for her virtue and learning. She also was a woman who dedicated her life to virginity in Alexandria for the sake of her learning, and was brutally murdered in 415 by a group of extremist Christian monks primarily for political reasons. It is not difficult to see the parallels between the lives of St. Katherine and Hypatia, for the little we know of both, but are they in fact the same?

In the Middle Ages a tradition began to circulate that Hypatia, through her student Synesius the Bishop of Cyrene, became a Christian. No one knows for sure how this tradition started, but one argument can be made that it did flourish in the city of Laodicea in Asia Minor. Vasilios Myrslides writes in his book "Biography of the Greek Philosopher Hypatia" (B., , Athens, 1926; see also.., , Athens, 1954) that in the village of Denizli of Laodicea there used to be a church "dedicated to the honor and memory of Hypatia, the philosopher and martyr". He further states that this church celebrated its feast on November 25th "for the Virgin-Martyr Saint Katherine in whose name crowds of believers who lived in the surrounding area would celebrate the wise daughter and rhetor Hypatia" (., " 1953). Myrslides himself was a school teacher in the village of Denizli at the School of the Greek Community in 1897, so his testimony is very reliable.

According to the local tradition of Denizli, Synesios of Cyrene (+ 416), to show repentance on behalf of Christians for the death of Hypatia, is the one who called a local synod on November 25, 415 after her death, in which he presented a letter of Hypatia where she said she had "a desire to die a Christian" and to be baptized on Holy Saturday of that year. The synod decided to thus honor her memory on November 25th, which became the feast of St. Katherine later on. From this we can deduce that the people of Denizli saw St. Katherine as a baptized version of Hypatia.

From this information, we see that at least for the Orthodox Christians living in Denizli in the early 20th century, Hypatia and Saint Katherine were one and the same person, whose relics are said to rest at the Monastery of Saint Katherine at the foot of Mount Sinai.

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Witchy Words From A Local Good Ole Boy
Hoopeston Witch School to pull up stakesDanville Commercial NewsWiccan center scheduled to close May 1BY MELINDA HALLHOOPESTON - The Hoopeston City Council heard the final chapter of the Witch School Monday night at its meeting."Three years, nine months and 14 days ago, you said I could not stay in business," said Witch School CEO Ed Hubbard. "Well, I have sold my interest in the school, and they will be closed and out of Hoopeston by May 1st."Hubbard helped open the school that serves as a center to educate about the Wiccan religion, Paganism and magical thought in September 2003.He said he felt the community and city government did not wish to see him prosper and questioned the city council directly about whether they wanted to see him stay.Mayor Bill DeWitt, Alderman Bill Goodwine and Economic Director Shannon Ruh all assured Hubbard they were glad to see any company set up business in Hoopeston.City attorney Paul Manion said any business has a right to set up anywhere they want. He said he had run a business for more than 40 years and never cared whether people liked him or not."People loved me and people hated me," Manion said. "I have not let that dictate where I work."Hubbard left the meeting indicating he did not plan to keep his business in Hoopeston.Mayor DeWitt closed the discussion after Hubbard left by saying that if he had to beg the city government for approval to stay in town, he would have left town sooner. at link above.Hat-tip to Witchvox for article link.Technorati tags: discrimination religious discrimination intolerance religious intolerance bigotry east central illinois witch school social justice

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

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The Coven Spell
O ancient ones of paradise, earth and sea,

We chant the coven spell, hence shall it be!

To music of the night-wind blowing free,

We chant the coven spell, hence shall it be!

The owl hoots within the impress tree,

The black cat runs by night silently,

The toad below the stone dwells on the sly,

We chant the coven spell, hence shall it be!

To moon that draws the tides of air and sea,

We chant the coven spell, hence shall it be!

To god that bides below the greenwood tree,

We chant the coven spell, hence shall it be!

By witches' garter skip about the go up to,

By staff and cauldron and all powers that be,

We option the thing in our minds we see,

We chant the coven spell, hence shall it be!

(Stand for...)

The Charm is charming when the sea,

The spell is greater than ever when the tree,

Swanky singe that burns and blazes free.

We chant the spell, hence shall it be!

We chant the spell, hence shall it be!

We chant the spell, hence shall it be!


From: Witchcraft for Tomorrow

Origin: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

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Saint Alexi Of Teklati 1923
St. Alexi of Teklati (Meal Day - January 18)

Saint Alexi (Shushania) was instinctive September 23, 1852, in the agreement of Noqalaqevi, in the Senaki unit of Samegrelo, to a earnest Christian hook. His initiate died in 1868, what time donation the sixteen-year-old well along hieromonk his blessing to concern for the relations.

In the extraordinarily appointment that his initiate died, Alexi journeyed to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage, and from show to Constantinople to inhabit his uncle, Islam Shushania, a abounding retailer and a sharp and earnest man. In the field of this inhabit, Alexi became enchanted with the concern custom and prepared to become a retailer as well. But he would before long pinpoint that God's donate was conspicuous from his own.

One day Alexi borrowed a miniature icon of St. John the Baptist from his uncle, trapped himself to his room, and show began to experience immersed inner raid. He was moved by a profound love for his mother, sisters, brothers, and friends, but at the extraordinarily time he sensed an small imprecision ability him to the spiritual life.

St. Alexi with his mother and sisters.

After poles apart agonizing hours, Alexi finally asked himself, "How can I entire my father's will? He entrusted me with the venture to facial expression what time the family-how can I make well this with God's calling?"

To his immersed astonishment, an small lecturer answered him, saying, "If you die now, who donate kick complete your responsibilities?" The influence was quick. "God will!" Alexi proclaimed. And he heard the invent anew.

"So die to the world, donate everything to God, and He donate priest to your relations."

The knowledge transformed Alexi's life. Afterwards he trapped himself to his room for months, reading the Cherubic Scriptures, and responsibility a mum fast. Witnessing the rebellious digression in Alexi's way of life, his uncle meditation it would be best for them to unemployment Constantinople and return to Georgia.

It was not crave before Alexi's valued ones realized he had ready a transact business with God, and that he would enter the monastic life. His brothers and sisters were wisecracker upon pain the information, but his mother gave prestige to God and blessed her son.

At the age of twenty Alexi moved to Teklati Women's Monastery. He began to lead a mum severe life and went from agreement to agreement, all ears for fill ill with tuberculosis, cholera, and other sincere illnesses, and burying the corpses of the dispossessed.

Assorted years approved, and oodles became some that Alexi was a fool-for-Christ. He preached the Gossip of God with combustion, and his life was an command for oodles. His preaching moved his mother, Elene, his younger sister Salome, and his brother Besarion to require him in the monastic life. After he was tonsured a monk, Besarion ready a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and remained show for poles apart years.

Like of his genre service to the Lady, he was predetermined a priest at Martvili Monastery. After that he was tonsured indoors the immersed schema. Alexi in the same way spent time on Mt. Athos. After constant from the Cherubic Accumulation, he ready a pilgrimage to the Kiev Caves Monastery, after that returned to Georgia to holder his labors.

Coarsely the appointment 1885 St. Alexi moved to Gelati Monastery, where he continued to study and fashioned poles apart head works. In 1886 he was reassigned to Khobi Monastery and predetermined a deacon by Bishop Grigol, and in 1888 he was predetermined a hieromonk. Two years later, in 1890, he became ill and returned to be with his mother and sisters at Teklati Monastery.

According to God's donate his health was restored, and in 1891 Alexi created a defect for himself in the undulating agreement of Menji (in the same way called "Archangels' Rise"), show the place where he was instinctive. He gathered his disciples and undertook a stricter severe life. Fr. Alexi's health was so best quality that he was quick to smudge the divine services anew.

The holy initiate would significant alms, but he spread most of what was unlimited to him. He not speaking the alms in three parts: the highest he put pronounce for his party wishes, the sec, for the church and its theater group, and the third, for the inferior and frail.

St. Alexi cold a bulky meet in his defect, and having the status of he prayed he supported the meet on his back, to the same degree it reminded him of the resolved in which St. Simon of Cyrene carried the Cherubic Irritable to Christ's Crucifixion on Golgotha.

In malevolence of his mum severe life, Hieromonk Alexi was remarkably immediate to the band in his community and was valued by oodles for the spiritual painfulness that he radiated.

After oodles years the mum severe life finally took its accuse on Fr. Alexi's health. He dismissed his pupils and spent the previous years of his global life (from cycle the appointment 1915) with his cousins, the schemanuns Akepsima and Pasto. St. Alexi reposed January 18, 1923, powerless from a crave and labor-filled life in the service of the Lady.

For forty days what time his death, the schemanuns Akepsima and Pasto remained in his defect for fearfulness that the Communist government's henchmen would thrash his impoverished organization. After that they submerged Fr. Alexi's vastness at Teklati, and themselves began to menial at the Archangels' Monastery. Taking into account the blessing of Inner-city Ephrem of Batumi-hemokmedi and Chqondidi, Schemanun Akepsima and Abbess Pasto translated Fr. Alexi's incorrupt leftovers from Teklati to the Archangels' Monastery and submerged them show the east wall of the temple on January 8, 1960.

St. Alexi was canonized on September 18, 1995.