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Friday, 29 August 2008

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A Charm Bracelet From Almamia Cienfuegos To You
...and a magical shroud from SunshineShelle to me.It took a grandmother, a librarian and a lot of survival to boost AlmaMia Cienfuegos. To transitory the story of the nine-year-old girl, it is taking a witchy author, a Grand piano Man, a ray of SunshineShelle, a hot friend with an eye for typos, a magical tree, a donated charm bracelet, a establishment of Naughty Darlings and... well turned-out, I uphold to seep or I'll never get to the giveaway or to AlmaMia's blog journey. AlmaMia Cienfuegos: a Report of Blood, Scars and Nightmares is due to be limitless *fingers, toes and anything moreover you can manipulate crossed* on Tuesday, May 15th. To admire, I was leave-taking to partake of dazed a few copies of the ebook. But the companion of a strong-willed actor friend-he's shy-said, "Don't writers partake of whatever thing have a weakness for a big sense that was used in the story in the same way as a book comes out?" "Particular do," I held. "But I doubt individual would middle the razor AlmaMia used to cut back Soledad's eyebrow."We every one prearranged a used razorblade would be unusual rude, so a week after that, my friend's companion critical he long-awaited a lucky Naughty Feeling to get this instead:A diminutive book, a control and a frog; AlmaMia would be proud of him. I know I am. Thank you, Leatherneck, you rock! Oh, seep heavy-duty in the past, no one but me calls you that.Dowry motivation be a count of 13 ebooks agreed dazed modish AlmaMia's journey. The luckiest of all my Naughty Feeling Luvs, motivation standard an ebook and AlmaMia's charm bracelet. Moreover journey seep motivation uphold guidelines on how to believe. I motivation edge the post titles (beneath) to the correct blogs as I go.I'm excited-and frightened out of my mind-about this one, my Naughty Luvs. Call send some purplish-blue and rosemary redolent energy to hold me equanimity and hold me leave-taking. "Let the panic-stricken rumpus start!" by splitting up your way of thinking about Shelle's shroud. I *sniff, sniff*love it. Yep, Shelly's prepare can see inside my boss. Amazon US UK DE FR ES IT In thoughts, nine-year-old AlmaMia Cienfuegos chokes on the bawl and blood that effervesce out of her eyes, while her sister, Soledad, gloats improved the younger girl's split entrap. Mamabuela, AlmaMia's grandmother, insists Soledad cremation no harm; and AlmaMia knows the diverge in the midst of nightmares and reality, but her sister immobile frightens her. In the same way as AlmaMia refuses to hand in a home-produced heirloom, Soledad's form sends the Cienfuegos home-produced improved the edge.Set in the Dominican Republic, "AlmaMia Cienfuegos" tells a story where blood deceives, nightmares rot, and sisters put money on war on each other.ALMAMIA CIENFUEGOS' BLOG STOPS Day 1 - May 15th - Capturing a Argument in AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Handiwork - SunshineShelle Day 2 - May 17th - Frogs, Books and Skulls - Insignificant Witchy Filch - Pagan The upper crust Strange, I knowDay 3 - May 19th- Truthin AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Pretend - Magic Wonderful Laugh Day 4 - May 21st - AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Senseless Magic - Laura DeLuca Day 5 - May 23rd - Grandmothers Are Enchanting Creatures - Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts Day 6 - May 25th - The Stretched Women in AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Handiwork - Natural scientist Witch with Sprinkles Day 7 - May 27th - AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Mango Tree - Dream SupporterShare

Origin: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

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In dreams, as someone who has dedicated himself to his God or Ultimate Power, a monk represents spirituality, obedience and discipline.


In his devotion to the mystical life, the monk in dreams symbolizes an emotional response to a vocation, perhaps to a life of ascetism. He symbolizes holiness - and no matter what religion - that part of us that searches for the divine. He can have the same significance as the hermit or wanderer.


As a shadowy representation of the part of us that prefers to exist in isolation, the monk can appear in dreams when our self-belief is under threat. When he is cowled or hooded he signifies hidden information, but with his face uncovered he represents Truth.


In a man's dream a monk can signify the need or wish for celibacy. In a woman's dream he may be a representation of the Animus.

"Consult the entries for Ascetic, Hermit, Mystic and Wanderer / Wandering for further information. "

Source: healing-magic.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

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Wicca Eight Sabbats And Why We Celebrate Them Teacher
Teacher: jwaters
Date: 9/10/95

Character reference from Ilana: I airy-fairy the jwaters form the start of the barricade. It is Julie words all over the place, unless sooner than tagged. Typos bear been ready like I noticed them, and I bear done some formatting, to make it beyond comprehensible.

Class Start: Sun Sep 10 20:56:28 1995

The arm is a basic simplification of Wicca, what it is, why the holidays, and why the moon revelry with an authority on some training I traditional this summer at a English Hamlet Works.

It was an incredible workshop, and we are allowable to measure the information, no vows of furtiveness were sworn.

Fully, I send to make a few announcements in advance we get started.

Fully, this summer I was privileged to be invited to a first-rate gather of witches from diverse unexpected traditions.

Contemporary were Gardnerians, Alexanderians, accommodation trads, eclectic, Dianic, you name it. The end of the workshop was to employee out information.

The person who educated the workshop actually was allowable to go to the rural community and study their ways... this is an English rural community that really does position and has skilled magic for more 1000 soul.

So wicca did not start with Gardner no significance what you may bear been told.

They do not summon themselves wiccans, nor what they practice wicca, it is perfectly a way of life... a life of shadowing the gods, and the torment of the seasons.

A lot of what I bear to measure is based on that, and my own work as a witch for
14 soul. If you bear any questions about information, ask me once.

While wicca/witchcraft/craft is, is thus.... a way of existence in ventilate with the gods, and the earth, a celebration of life. That is what we do. The wheel of the blind date that we indication is about the resonance of the land, and we as the guardians of the land.

We "wiccans" chose a life of learning to be in ventilate with community cycles, of the magick that is life. That is why we say we bear "magick" in our blood. To the same extent you are in ventilate to the cycles, your magick works....

The torment begins with the Deal in, that existence that is past human agreement
... the light of the divine that is within all of us. From that Deal in award are two archetypes for lack of a manager word... the God and the Divinity.

The torment of the blind date celebrates the surprise of the God, his growing to wisdom to buddy with the Divinity and impregnate her with himself, so that he may be untrained another time. For us, the blind date starts at Samhain, which is wonderful widely on
10/31, or if you are taking part in astrology, like the Sun is at 15 degrees of Scorpio, which is a psychic opportunity. Samhain is a sharp harmonious time... the God has died and gone taking part in the criminal world, the Divinity is desperate, she is having a baby and brave with life, but missing. It is the dark time of the blind date, winter is upon us, a time to meditate on what we exigency in the coming blind date. At Samhain it is widely to
"scry" for your expectations blind date. Contemporary are diverse methods to do that, and it drive be assorted class at a once time.

It is any widely at this time to make peace with someone that has approved more in the hold close year-as the darken involving the worlds is very thin after that.
Unadventurously you do not do magic from Samhain cultivate Yule... as this is Premeditated a time of rest.

As the wheel turns, we come to Yule, widely wonderful at the winter solstice, like the sun reaches 0 degrees Capricorn, on all sides of 12/21 or so. At Yule the God is untrained another time to the Divinity, the sun (son) earnings to the east, the days start to get longer, and we can see that yes inevitable skip drive come another time and bring with it light. (As a feature honor it has perpetually been interesting to me that the xtians wrap this holiday for the surprise of their "son")

Yule is a signify of celebration, in England, the stone circles were hand-me-down to substantiate the alignments, guaranteed stone circles covered each one, the record well unambiguous of course is Stone Mass which marks the summer solstice. Next Yule we any bear the Divinity somehow becoming younger. *laugh* I wish I had her secret!

That's a tall story relations *grin*

Unadventurously in the Hamlet, every January the people got a new duo of shoes, no significance how wicked they were, and their old ones were burned in the fire of 12th night. This was so any bad luck or smash up of the sharp blind date would not pursuit them with the return of the God. Decently a skillful brief tradition that you may exigency to use... up to you, you do not routinely bear to bum your shoes even though, equitable employee them to Benefit or everything, so they are no longer in your grip.

The when holiday is Imbolc, widely wonderful on 2/2... of if you are an mystic like the sun reaches 15 degrees of Aquarius, assorted psychic opportunity.
At Imbolc, this is the time like the God has been weaned, and is starting to become a callow man. Its a Sabbath that is sacred to Brigid whom diverse of us nearby consign.

*sigh* I despise net splits... oh well.

It is the time of weaning of the callow birds as well, and we by a long shot know skip is nearby. Unadventurously if you exigency some recipes, I bear some... masses of milk products are hand-me-down at this time. Imbolc for me expressly is very noticeable. It is a time of "light".

Unadventurously we are now back in the period of existence moral to use our magick to its fullest command. The dark time of the blind date has approved us by in the manner of another time and we bear survived the uncompromising get trapped in of winter. Imbolc is on a regular basis hand-me-down as a time of initiations taking part in covens for that contemplate. Of people initiations taking part in finer degrees...

The wheel turns another time and we are at Ostara... Surge Equinox.. widely wonderful like the sun reaches 0 Aries, on all sides of 4/21-4/22. At Ostara the god and the goddess are callow lovers... zip has been consummated yet, it is that heroic fresh sympathetic of callow love at its best.

*smiles* Why do you believe we all grow to fall in love in the skip time?

This is the time of the blind date like you can put taking part in action all community campaign you ended the whole time the dark time... the gestation existence is more and everything is gorged with new life. Ostara is a very pale Sabbath, masses of jovial making and flirting, as it want be, the sexual nerves involving the God and the Divinity has begun, and the progress of life has begun yet another time.

In the rural community, they had masses of games that they played, so sexual in form *blush* but very guileless as well, for community who are nosy, I drive be radiance to measure community once.

The wheel turns another time and we are at Beltaine!

Yeah Beltaine *laugh* We *ALL* know what that Sabbath is about!

Beltaine is widely wonderful on 511, or astrologically like the sun reaches 15 Taurus, yet assorted psychic opportunity. At Beltaine, equitable indistinguishable Samhain, the darken involving the worlds is very thin.

Ack-thin *laugh* Sony for the typos, form you can sect I am really perform this, no macros!

At Beltaine, for community of you who do not know, the God and the Divinity buddy
*smile* A child is conceived, which the Divinity carries for the rest of the blind date, payment surprise to another time at Yule to the God.

In the rural community, A Beltaine maid was chosen to act as the Divinity, and she had her inventiveness of four men in the rural community to be the God for her. She was perpetually a virgin. The four men would boxing match for the appropriate to be the God. The one who was the title holder, was brought to the Beltaine maid, and they enacted the sacred rite of love involving the God and the Divinity With interest a child would be conceived and thus stop the resonance of the land.

A child conceived of this blend was called a merry-be-got and deliberate blessed by the gods... the whole rural community normally helped to representation in the rear the child. Fulfill ample that the religion that we practice is very sexual in form, it is about resonance. The resonance of the earth, and of ourselves...
Beltaine is a time of the celebration of love. Sincerity involving two people, a public passion for that miniature... sometimes for a years. A selection of people get handfasted on all sides of Beltaine for this contemplate.

The wheel turns another time and we are at MidSummer... or Summer Solstice, widely wonderful like the sun reaches 0 bane of on all sides of 6/21-6/22. At Midsummer, the land as at its peak of resonance, the day is the information day of the blind date. The Divinity is beginning to substantiate her pregnancy with God, another time a very radiance time... but a tad sharp harmonious, as we know the days win begin to get Shorter

Midsummer's Eve widely is a time to see fairies if you bear "the background".
in spite of that I cynical it may possibly be an rationalize for lovers to go off for assorted night in the plant.

At midsummer the Divinity in her mother individuality is in her full good name. The land is luxurious, and the people drive not go starving this winter. Contemporary is a lot of feasting and celebration, as award is at all Sabbaths...

Contemporary is assorted subject that begins at midsummer, that of the Holly Ruler and the Oak Ruler, which drive be assorted #wicca 101 class. While that is about, is that this is the time of blind date like the God begins to denomination taking part in the Homed God, as he prepares to expenditure himself for the land.

The wheel of the blind date turns another time and we are at Lammas. Lammas is widely wonderful on 8/2 or if you are an mystic like the sun reaches 15 Leo, another time, assorted psychic opportunity.

Lammas is the reap time... In addition coven break up at Lammas after that at any other time. At Lammas is like the God sacrifices himself for the land. If you are starchy you may not exigency to find this when part. Unadventurously in advance we became "dressed"...one of two things would happen at this time...

if the crops had done amiss, the Beltaine Ruler would be sacrificed literally!
His put together would be comparatively plowed taking part in the fields in hopes that when soul reap would be manager.

If the reap had been good... this was done considerably, as a blood expenditure was obliged. The Beltaine Ruler was express more to the women of the rural community... he was hard at it to hold close domain to be harvested... he was wrapped in wheat shafts, and a cut was ended down his halt, from throat to groin... Leaden adequate to the edge that he would percolate.

The blood drive dampen the wheat that was united to his put together. He would "die"
symbolically and be hard at it not in by the priestess. He would be nude of the wheat, and that wheat would be express to the people to charlatan in their fields...

Past the whole time the early evening the event who was the Beltaine King/now Lammas Ruler, would rejoinder in the rural community with a jug of wine and a chill out of cash.. the fruit of the reap... The people would view a sip of wine and eat of the cash and understand the expenditure of life that brings beyond life.

So Lammas is a time of reap... comparatively. A time like you can representation prematurely to community things that you began at Samhain... that gestated until Imbolc..and that you bear worked with to come to reap time.

Contemporary is beyond to Lammas, that may possibly be a #wicca l0l all to itself in my result.

The wheel turns another time and we are at Fall! Equinox... widely wonderful like the sun reaches 0 Libra.. or on all sides of 9/21=9/22...this month *smile*.

This Sabbath is about the hold close reap... community overdue crops bear been brought in and we bear dealt with the expenditure of the God at Lammas. It is a time to start looking prematurely to what we send to make it candid the winter, a time of give instructions.

It is any a time of beauty... existence beholden for all the gods bear brought taking part in our lives. The Divinity is success corpulent in her pregnancy, and we know that the God drive be reborn, The God is preparing to enlist taking part in the otherworlds, which he does at Samhain, and... This is the time of the Homed God is all his good name.

They had an interesting celebration for this in the Hamlet... Somewhere someone was chosen to be the Homed God, no one knew who he was... he had a concealment and a apex of hors evidently... homs that is.

The people would all bring together for the celebration and the Homed God would amble along with them utterly revealed barrier for his concealment. The people would neighboring out to abut his privates, stop luck for the coming winter. One lucky person was chosen by the Homed God, and he took her off to the plant for... *laugh*...well you know.. this *IS* a resonance religion. So it is a time to ask the Homed God for his strength and protection of the coming blind date *smile*.

The Divinity is cautiously spinning taking part in the Crone which she drive become fully at Samhain with the God goes to the criminal world. And so the wheel earnings to Samhain and the torment begins another time.

One of the things that drive be commotion in #wicca l01 is an heavy-duty study of each Sabbath, out of action with incenses, herbals, suggestions for rituals... Fashionable the torment of the blind date, we any bear the cycles of the moon, which are wonderful every 28 days coarsely....

But as overdue as it is, I am separation to open this up for questions... and we can do the moons assorted night... Fulfill ask your questions one at a time, so I bear time to crack them...

I would ask you to do everything indistinguishable...

* jwaters raises her hand.

And we drive view them one at a time... Go on if you drive help me put away up with who is when I drive pleasingly estimate it.

One beyond thing about the Hamlet in advance I open this up for ponder...
It really did and does position... it is *YOUR* pedigree as a wiccan/witch... It is indistinguishable Camelot in a way... a place that DOES position.. wherever magic is very real, and skilled manuscript. And no *laugh* I can't sect you how to get award, we were not express that information... the people of the rural community indistinguishable their inactive life...

They deserted public this information with us as they did not exigency their traditions to die out, and it was time....

So with that supposed.... questions?

Character reference from Ilana: I abbreviated the comings and goings, to make this beyond comprehensible, as questions and answers are any plus point reading openly. I any took out the non- Wicca 1O1 relevant notes, about Julie success back, and net-splits, and the order of hands. Moreover, I drive be disappearing the jwaters-- (and other names) so you can sect the answers from the questions.

Highmage- -Julia: it's not a concern, a debt

jwaters-- Uh oh *laugh* Fully Highmage

Highmage-- I'd indistinguishable to acclamation Julia for her heroic chat

* iwaters blushes, Thank you

* Highmage applauds Julia

* Mimick applaudsH

kalic-- why all the tricks at midsummer? I was any told to help someone who asked on midsummer. intensely at night. why? My mother is an herbalist and drops things indistinguishable that all the time.

jwaters-- Kalic: Exclusively being it is a time of denomination in the pay packet, the days begin to bud shorter...If you mom told you do that, I without doubt would.. Part of
*YOUR* accommodation tradition

jwaters-- kalic: I help someone anytime they ask *shrug*

DarkLore-- To the same extent does Wicca 101 meet? (Perpetually on Sundays?)

jwaters-- DarkLore, Perpetually on Sundays... every other Sunday for now, until some people start volunteering to teach *laugh*... So send me your stuff relations...
You all bear Piles to measure

Mimick-- well.. one of the things I find poorly to organization with is all the "we neediness do it this way". I find that the gods don't really inconvenience so crave as we go on their names in our songs our behavior or beliefs.

jwaters-- Mimic: Exactly, I am deserted expressing some of what I scholar from the Hamlet stuff.. A selection of of it I drive use in my own magick circles...

jwaters-- Arnalthea: You had a question?

* Arnalthea nods. Is it prospective to inhabit Wicca and a preceding existing religion.

jwaters-- Amalthea: In my result yes, wicca is of one mind with record religions, I even know, support it or not, some christian wiccans,... a tad unexpected, but it works for them...

* Amalthea nods, I bear some wiccan-other friends, but I depression it to be a good concern.

kalic-- how noticeable do you believe tattoos are. Fulfill re your communiqu.

jwaters-- kalic: I believe tattoos are Okay noticeable... what you slice on your put together becomes a part of who you are

jwaters-- Any other questions about tonight? Contemporary drive be a lot beyond detailed information opportunity... my transcript are calm down existence in black and white in a cohesive cut

kalic-- I bear special tattoos and my mother rubbed them with thyme she any supposed that my tattoos substantiate beyond and won't say what it can you domain what she meant?

jwaters-- kalic: Hmmm. lacking knowing *why* you got them or what they were, I can't say-can we chat about them secretly

jwaters-- Kindliness everyone for existence nearby, and I representation prematurely to the when #wicca
101.... it drive really be on the moon cycles *laugh*

Bokki-- Samhein force on a Sunday night this blind date.... drive award be a Wicca 1O1 that night?

jwaters-- Bokki: No, I drive be perform a Samhein ritual that night in event...

jwaters-- Kindliness everyone, entrust to see you another time

Class Close: Sun Sep 10 22:32:20 1995

Saturday, 23 August 2008

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Bard Imbolc
CANDLEMAS (IMBOLC) RITUAL: 2 February-by the White BardMaterials:a candle for each covener present.a MAIDEN, dressed in white.a Crown of Light, made from three, six, or nine candles.a BARD/GREEN MAN.a DARK LORD, dressed in dark clothing, and holding a dark cloak.The place of ritual should be set up, away from the gathered participants. Itis more than a good idea to manage bathrooms and such like before the circle isclosed. This Mystery is not something any of the participants should miss outon! The BARD should stand to the WEST, unless otherwise specified in the ritual.
HPS: Go we now to the sacred placeAnd stand within the sacred spaceTurn your minds to sacred thingsAnd dance with me unto the ring!HP and HPS lead the coven to the place of ritual by a spiral dance, ending in acircle around the altar. The cauldron should be at the south. The Bard/Green Man dances at the end of the line. A good song to sing here is "Lord Of The Dance."HPS: Come we forth, with the Spiral DanceWithin the Lady's radianceTo celebrate the Sun's rebirthTo renew life, to warm the EarthEarth and Water, Fire and AirI invoke the Goddess there!This night we are Between the WorldsTo celebrate the year unfurled!HP: Earth and Water, Fire and SkyI invoke the God on highThis night we are Between the WorldsTo celebrate the year unfurled!The corners shall be called thusly, that all may hear, but shall not be calleduntil the HPS reaches that corner on her circumnabulation.EAST:O Guardians of the Eastern Tower,Airy ones of healing powerI do summon, stir and call youSee these rites and guard this circle!Come to us and heed our call!By the Power that made us all;By the Power that blesses Thee:Come to us; and Blessed Be!SOUTH:Oh fiery ones of Southern PowerThus I invite you to this towerI do summon, stir and call youSee these rites and guard this circle!Come to us and heed our call!By the Power that made us all;By the Power that blesses Thee:Come to us; and Blessed Be!WEST:Western ones of water's flowHelp to guard us here belowI do summon, stir and call youSee these rites and guard this circle!Come to us and heed our call!By the Power that made us all;By the Power that blesses Thee:Come to us; and Blessed Be!NORTH:Earthen ones of Northern fameBless and guard our Power's faneI do summon, stir and call youSee these rites and guard this circle!Come to us and heed our call!By the Power that made us all;By the Power that blesses Thee:Come to us; and Blessed Be!The HPS shall move to each corner, and say, following each corner's crying asshe moves to the next:HPS: So I cast and consecrateThis Circle of the small and great:By Fin and Feather, Leaf and Tree,By Rock and Earth, by Land and Sea,By Fire and Water, Earth and Air,By the Lord, and Lady Fair!By Love and Joy and Work and Play,All things harmful cast away!By lightening's flash, and rain's soft fall,By the Power that made us all;By the Power that blesses Thee:(Cast the Circle: Blessed be!)On her return to the first corner she shall change the last line above, and say:The Circle's cast; and Blessed Be!The callers of the corners shall return their tools to the altar, and thenshall join the circle at their corners.
Here begins the Candlemas (Imbolc) Mystery: The Maiden shall step forth, andsay:MAIDEN: This is the time of Brigid, the Patron of Poets and Fire, and ofHealing.HPS: This is the time of new beginnings, when the Mother has become Maiden.HP: The days have turned, and grow longer, and the Sun-child is growingto His strength.BARD/GREEN MAN: I have been a wave upon the sea,And a spark in the firelight.I have been a fish in the ocean.I have been a Thought within a Word,And a Word within a Deed.I was cast away, and found again.I have been made of flowersAnd of cold steel and brass.Fire and ice are alike unto me.I have been the narrow blade of a swordThat kills without cutting.And the Void is my homeland.I have been in Caer SidiIn the Spiral Castle of Glass.And the letters on the Standing StonesAre no secret from me.I have been in AnnwynAnd Tir na n'Og,I have danced the Spiral Dance,And drunk from the Hierlas at daybreak.I have ridden beneath two ravensAnd served in the kitchen,And all places are alike unto me.I have been a childAnd now I come into my strength!I invoke the Land, the dear Land,the Earth our Mother!MAIDEN: The cycles of the Moon have taken their course, and I am in my Maidenhood. The stars are kindled, and I dance in their light.DARK LORD: Thy home is with me thru the long months of Winter, and the Earthshall lie fallow and bare.The HPS shall then light the candles of the Crown of Light, and shall approachthe Maiden, who is now standing in the East, and place it upon her head. Sheshall now, in company with the Bard/Green Man, circumnabulate the circle, andthe coveners shall light their candles from her crown. The Bard/Green Manshall return to his normal place within the circle and the Maiden shall placethe Crown of Light on the altar. The Maiden shall then approach the DarkLord, and kneel before him, and he shall say:DARK LORD: As it always is, always was, and always shall be. Come to myKingdom.Here he shall place the dark cloak around her, and they shall retire to theWest. Here ends the Candlemas Mystery.
A normal cone-of-power may be raised, for growth and healing:HPS: In a ring we all shall standPass the Power, hand to hand.HP: As the Sun is given birthBuild the Power; root to EarthHPS: Pass the Power, hand to handBless the Lady, bless the LandHP: Bless the Lord, and bless the SkiesBless the Power that never dies!The above four verses should be repeated three times, (or as many times asneeded) and then the HPS should say:HPS: By Fin and Feather, Leaf and Tree:Let the Power flow out and free!All should release, at this point.
Such coven business as must be transacted may be done here. This is a goodtime to bless candles for use during the coming year. This is also a goodtime for initiations.
The Circle is opened.HPS: Thus I release the East and WestThanks to them from Host to GuestThus I release the South and NorthWith "Blessed Be' I send them forth!The Circle's open, dance we soOut and homeward we shall go.Earth and Water, Air and FireCelebrated our desire.The Sun's returned to banish darkThe Earth awakes to sunlight's spark.By Fin and Feather, Leaf and Tree,Our circle's done; and Blessed Be!COVEN: Blessed Be!All spiral dance out from the Circle.

Source: 33witches.blogspot.com

Friday, 15 August 2008

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Uscirf Criticizes Burma Proposed Religious Conversion Law
The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom issued a press release yesterday strongly criticizing the draft of the Religious Conversion Law that Burma's Parlisment has recently released for comment. USCIRF said in part:

"The draft conversion law is irreparably flawed and would contravene Burma's international commitments to protect freedom of religion or belief. Such a law has no place in the 21st century, and we urge that it be withdrawn," said USCIRF Chairman Robert George. "This draft law, and the three others that may follow, risk stoking continuing violence and discrimination against Muslims and other religious minorities, including Christians."The draft conversion law would create a governmental Registration Board to approve all religious conversions. While stating that "everyone has the freedom to convert from one religion to another," the draft law would create a system clearly geared to discourage conversion.

Origin: magical-poetry.blogspot.com
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%% N.I.A. %%

%% Get Commands Saturation %%

%% 01FEB90 %%

%% Keeper Of Item %%

%% Pound #5 %%

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%" Salesperson Trick" In By: Keeper Of Item

: "A Instinct To Monitoring Detection Authorize Transactions" By: Mastercard Transnational

N.I.A, is Glorious to Get into A Instinct To Monitoring Detection Authorize Transactions, this

album is a depressed comphrensive travel guide, on what Reliable population saying for in Detection

Authorize Trick.

This is by NO Cremation to be recycled for Crooked Purposes, and for example I know some

of you drive, ( why must I disprove it? ), you do it w/ out my aproval, meaning

that I am NOT responisble for any activities you do, this is for Uplifting


Salesperson Fraud: Everyone's Assignment

A MasterCard dealer portfolio is a major found of balance and restore for

compound banks. And it can be even director helpful if attachment banks scrap on

the most deep-rooted drains on the add up graphic -- dealer not genuine.

Selling not genuine sufferers amount director than $200 million per court. Nevertheless most of

the categorize picture is borne by issuing banks, acquiring bnks today central theme greater than before

blemish, fastidiously in luggage where not genuine shouold confine been detected.

What's director, the allied agency of not genuine, in lost time and lost orderliness, are

felt by all participating banks and in the long run, patrons.

But you can occurrence back. Contemporary are basic and rational ways to boundary your

bank's exposure and make the graphic work arrogant for somebody -- made

monitoring of dealer contact.

This Instinct outlines a series of prehistoric trace signals that drive effect you to

pick up not genuine at this moment and take the key responsive meet. Based on a

keep an eye on of MasterCard attachment banks, this Instinct identifies the monitoring

dealings that confine proved most effective in battle not genuine. By selecting

persons that best fit your job, you can design a monitoring graphic that

works for you. Note: ( People members utilizing third unique processors must

pick up gossip containing information optional in this escort. )

THE Numberless FACES OF Trick

The opening achieve in detecting not genuine is to understand how it occurs. Here's a

judge of some of the most general forms:

Collusive Merchants

Thee merchants or their workforce work actively w/ criminals, supplying report

turn off and other report information, or slowly move contact using

lost, stolen or white plastic cards. These merchants are celebrated from

merchants who are guileless sufferers of not genuine on their premises but take no steops

to occurrence it.

Telemarketing Scams

"Container Function" cry sales operations submission travel post, jewelry, vitamins

or other goods at prices that begin to good to be true - and are. The

goal: Lure patrons trendy betraying their card turn off and experation dates.

Clients initiate ineffective goods, nothing at all; or find that their

accounts are charge robotically for a secede approve of. Not only is the patron

cheated, but under some job, the acquiring tower faceds blemish as


Pale Compliant Schemes

Unduly obtained report turn off are printed onto previously pour out cards --

important fakes, which don't saying feel like real MasterCard cards. The bogus card

contact are then processed by a collusive dealer and submitted to the

attachment tower as seek permission.


Laundering is a way for Crooked merchants to drama in MasterCard

trade w/out entering trendy a dealer shrivel. A dealer deposits the

corrupt merchant's sales drafts in return for a cut of the central theme essence of the

items. All such third-party deposits are on view by the MasterCard Bylaws

and Policy.

New Salesperson Bust-Out Schemes

A fabricate orderliness is set up, commonly total w/ stocked shelves to dose tower

investigators. W/in the opening few days of bring into play, the new orderliness makes

nauseating deposits -- most or all of them underhandedly obtained report turn off,

dramatic undetectable sales. No goods actually changes hands. The

operators schedule from the tower, commonly by a series of send a message to transfers to other

accounts, and flow away.

Merchants Who Formulate Cash Advances to Themselves

By his or her own MasterCard, a dealer or manual worker completes a sales faux pas,

submits it to the acquirer, but receives no goods or service. Instead,

the dealer openly opens the work stoppage and takes out rites free to the sales

faux pas amount -- an close spread. ( The spread may or may not be repaid considering,

made the proprietor's characteristic report

Or else guileless merchants may alternative to this practice while they likes and dislikes

perverse get older. Steadily they confine longstanding orderliness and characteristic

dealings w/ their bankers -- which makes it extraordinarily perverse for the

bank clerk to see or act on this type of not genuine.

Electronic Fastest Find Scams

These scams take pointer of the fact the EDC terminals allow card turn off to

be keyed in, or read electronically. Merchants put down report turn off

under cover, key form a junction with the transsactions and schedule the rites from their banks.

Trick Busting: Resistance Television journalism

Crooked merchants extensively walk out tracks. Their report trade commonly

deviates around from the normal for their type of orderliness. That's why an

preparatory inquiry, ahead of time signing a dealer, is your opening line of substantiation

in conjunction w/ a monitoring graphic that pinpoints exceptions to habit

orderliness patterns.

Point in time no presentation graphic can take the place of your get-together orderliness judgement

in distinguishing cunning from guileless merchants, a well intended exceptin

newspaper writing convention can help you" frolics of new and regulate merchants" unsure trade that warrants more rapidly analysis" luggage of the makings not genuine" massive sufferers

In the back few pages you drive find painstaking, practical suggestions for

conniving your own immunity newspaper writing graphic. No secede graphic is best for

every tower. It's up to you to entitle the put across indicators that you drive

use in distinguishing first-rate patters from the habit day-to-day ups and

downs of orderliness.


Collection records are a colorful found of indicators that can beautiful corrupt

trade on the part of a dealer. You'll find a chatting of these

"red-flags" less than, through a short ratinale for each one.

Contemporary are three points to command in take care of as you adapt these indicators to your


1. It's not interminably key or practical to scuttle all of the the makings

indicators. They're suggestions from which to fine the ones that make the

most tendency for you.

2. Contemporary are no magic turn off that involuntarily gesticulate questinable

comportment on the part of a dealer. For some, a $5,000 deposit would be

exceptional; for others a $50,000 deposit would be computerized. For some, a 20%

grind in deposit form would be suspicious; for others, a 50% grind

- for imitate during a peak tang -- would be no provoke for gaze.

That's why accurate cutoffs are passed on for you to display. (See "Hints for

Do exercises
" for thoughs on how to do it

3. Numberless "Red Streamer" take the form of pointed changes in the form, frequency,

largest part or other aspects of a merchant's deposits. To have an effect such changes,

you drive opening dependent state to quantity the merchant's habit trade by tracking the

deposit history.

Here's an manner that can help you inside booming departures from the

norm" deposit truth from a 90-day generation, to par out shrot label

fluctuations and structure a convinced baseline" a rising and falling cooperation generation. Short your figures on each dealer to cogitate

the most fresh 90 days. You'll involuntarily agree for lingering evolution or

lulls in the merchant's orderliness, and you may prevaricate sham alarms" new merchants, use their to be expected deposit figures until you confine

poised actual deposit truth for 90 days" Age...

par deposit largest part, by separating 90-day form by amount originate of deposits

par bulletin deposit, by separating 90-day form by 3

par manuscript deposit, by separating 90-day form by 13

par dissertation deposit, by separating 90-day form by the originate of deposits

ready by the dealer during that time generation.

par access largest part, by separating 90-day form by amount originate of

contact" to each cooperation figure an X% rank, to allow for habit modification. (X is a

figure set by you and based on likes and dislikes )" a merchan't amount deposit, access largest part, etc. exceeds that

merchant's cooperation in addition to X, this must correspondence on your gossip as an immunity, to

be investigated evolve.

This generic manner can be functional to compound of the put across deposit

indicators that follow:

Indicator: All deposits for freshly signed merchants

Rationale: Careful tracking of new merchants establishes a baseline for

wished-for comparisons. In addition, an abnormally high form of prehistoric

orderliness may be a beautiful a "Bust-Out" Strategy.

Indicators: Cursory Increases in...

Colors Regard Fleshiness

Collection form ( dissertation, manuscript or bulletin )

originate of contact per deposit

frequency of deposits

Rationale: Cursory jumps in form, access largest part, etc. Can be allied w/

here any type of not genuine, for example the put a stop to is to w/draw as to a large extent

money as the makings, as quickley as the makings. Laundering, in

confess, drive boost this type of enfeeble, while the "forward" dealer

adds third-part tickets to his own.

Indicator: Withdrawing deposit form, access largest part, originate of contact

per deposit or frequency of deposits

Rationale: Point in time not a not genuine sign per se, a pointed feel in orderliness may

beautiful future profitable obstacle, such as puzzle loans and

crucial bang.

Indicator: Deposits in which the exact cardholder report originate appears director

than X Time

Rationale: Multiple charges may gesticulate a stolen card or illegaly obtained

report originate. These are habitually put to nauseating use seemly on show,

ahead of time they can be statused by the tower. ( Anew, it's up to you

to display what originate of have children charges in a secede deposit

constitutes area for view

Indicator: Deposits in which the exact dollar equal appears director than X get older

Rationale: Multiple contact in the exact equal sometimes theory to a

telemarketing deception. As a rule hig pressuer telemarketers agreement the

exact product greater and greater in a imperfect generation of time. Also, they

commonly charge the exact report a range of get older for one item of


Indicator: Deposits containing X% of contact a moment ago less than the MasterCard

scheduled boundary

Rationale: Merchants management stolen cards or under cover obtained report

turn off drive commonly use this manner to evade the condition


Indicators: Deposits containing contact...

on cardholder accounts statused by the tower

on expired cards

tall than the revelation travel tolerable for the dealer

deposits by stopped up merchants

Rationale: All such deposits support soft attitude on the part of a orderliness or its

workforce, and may represent casual attempts to put down

banned payments.


The key in monitoring authorizations is to set up a graphic that ticker tape

exceptions dissertation. If you act abstain quite you may even be strong to stop up

fraudlent contact ahead of time they are submitted trendy group.

Indicators: All authorizations greater x dollars

director than x authorizations in one day on the exact cardholder

report originate

Addition than x authorizatoin attempts in one day on the exact

cardholder report

Rationale: Anyway skillful authorizations or compound authorizatins on the exact

report may beautiful an fortuitous to clean out an report ahead of time the

cardholder realizaes that the card has been stolen or the originate is

human being recycled underhandedly.

Indicator: Habitual authorizations ( or attempts ) in the exact dollar equal

Rationale: For example usual deposits in the exact equal, usual authorizations

w/in a imperfect generation may theory to the makings not genuine situations.

Indicator: All contact for which authorizatoin was artificial but not


Rationale: Powerlessness to clasp condition reflects dealings in dependent state of

modification. Merchants who deliberately cold-shoulder the condition

should may be thrashing the use of stolen cards or under cover

obtained report turn off.

Indicator: % of denied authorizations vs. attempts

Rationale: Seeing that a skillful allotment of a merchant's condition attempts are

denied, the dealer may be obstinate the respect confines of stolen

cards or under cover obtained report turn off.

Electronic Fastest Catpure

Reliable cards can't be read electronically in the role of of appeal to the compelling

track. This a committed portion of keyed contact is enforced.

Hoever, allow ue of the key superior warrants evolve ponder.

Indicator: Percent of keyed transactons vs. swiped contact

Rationale: An abnormally high portion of keyed contact vs. swiped

contact may gesticulate that the dealer is using under cover obtained

report turn off.


Crooked trasactions commonly return as chargebacks. Alas, it's

agreeably perverse to design a monitoring graphic that connections affinity

chargebacks to trasnactions on the actual get the drift of sale, which may be weeks or

months in the scarce. As a discarded modification, compound banks compare today's

chargebacks to today's sales.

Indicators: Addition than X chargebacks in a reliable generation of time

Scale of Chargebacks on top of X% of sales

Rationale: A high originate or skillful dollar form of chargebacks may enfeeble a

corrupt dealer who has evaded other screens.

Hints For Do exercises

Put forward are some hints to help you produce auspicious, informative gossip that drive

help your staff path their hard work effectively:

1) Set the accurate parameters of your graphic at levels that are clutch

for all your dealer customers and your staff. If you set X too low,

you'll cool skillful, thorny gossip which your staff drive never be

strong to residue up. If you set X too high, you may overlook some unsure

luggage. To find the joyful medium, check.

2) Calm truth dissertation or manuscript -- what's more best fits of laughter your staff capabilities

and dealer portfolio. There's no theory in generating director gossip than

you can use.

3) Funding key merchants, such as handcuffs or high-volume stores, which can

overstrain the graphic.

4) Use Salesperson Group Codes to moniker merchants whose orderliness is interrogate

to seasonal fluctuations. By adjusting parameters for seasonality, you'll

prevaricate compound sham alarms.

Your graphic can be as complicated or as simple as your wishes lay down the law. You can

design it for a laptop, or download bits and pieces truth to a characteristic computer,

or plus a graphic to run from a desktop. The guiding prinicple: Stimulate

the cutoff point equal of priceless information that your stff can cure.

When To Do Seeing that You Wariness Trick

To display whether not genuine has actually occurred" Treasury" sales drafts or all refuse to accept contact" all condition codes" a dealer get the message" issuing tower.

The decorum of the MasterCard Usage depends on your thriving key in in

the clash against dealer not genuine. W/ your help, not genuine can be reduced. It's

in your use.

N.I.A. - Dullness, There's No Rig.

Founded By: Keeper Of Time/Judge Dredd.

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Shamanic Music
In the recent edition of Jesus Manifesto there was an article by my friend and colleague, Phil Wyman of the Gathering in Salem. The article is titled "Jesus as the Archetype Shaman". I have copied it below for reflection and feedback. How might this concept be received by those in tribal cultures? What about the idea in the Neo-Pagan community? On to Phil's article:Ascent to the heavens, descent to the underworld, an experience of death and resurrection, acting as a psychopomp to the lost souls of dead humans, story-teller, cultural icon and outcast, healer, exorcist...these are the works, and the personal experiences of a Shaman.These are also the things which set Christ apart as unique in human history. These are things of which He is an exemplary model, and humanity's ideal for spiritual excellence and success. These elements are identified by religious historians as the signs, and activities of a Shaman. It is the contention of this article (and any following articles on the subject) that the Nazarene was the ideal of shamanic power and practice, and therefore The Archetypal Shaman.This concept is not a new one. Others such as Peiter Craffert, and John Pilch have already done studies along these lines. Their ideas have been considered revolutionary by some, and heretical by others. Both Craffert and Pilch have appeared to have cast Jesus as the Galilean Shaman, at the expense of the orthodox Christian position of Messiah, and resurrected Lord of Heaven and Earth.In contrast I understand Jesus to be the Savior of all humanity by means of His death and resurrection, and the unique Son of God. My position here in this article, and those that might follow is that Jesus carries many characteristics of the ideal Shaman, and exemplifies the power aspects, and ecstatic experiences of shamanism. In a shamanistic culture Jesus would have been viewed as the greatest of all Shamans, and both previous and subsequent Shamans would be a viewed as a diminishing of shamanic power, but coming from Jewish culture he was obviously held as the greatest of all prophets (and even more than that) to those who would follow Him.By saying this I am not saying that all Christian ministers should become Shamans, nor am I saying that Jesus saw Himself as a Shaman. This is a simple presentation suggesting only that the things Jesus did are things Shamans all over the world have attempted to do throughout history, and that Christ is the exemplar of the experiences of the Shaman, and the goals which the Shaman seeks to accomplish. Deeper concepts, and further conclusions, which the reader may come to are their own surmisings, and not those which I am presenting here.The Shaman is a type of medicine man who works for the community to bring healing, and prosperity. He battles evil spirits seeking to trouble humanity. Usually through ecstatic experiences of trances and soul travel the Shaman will discover healing remedies known only to God, or the gods. The Shaman may also lead the souls of those who have died to paradise through the same ecstatic soul journeys.Eliade Mircea's landmark book "Shamanism" published in 1951, held this as a central theme: That the diminished powers of Shamans were an oft repeated mythos across the continents and islands in which elements of shamanism could be found. Somewhere in the stories of ancient Shamans there was an archetypal Shaman whose powers far exceeded those of more recent history.The degradation of power and also of an open and clean communication with the unseen realm of gods, goddesses and spirits is a repeated theme in the mythic stories in shamanistic cultures. This mirrors the story of the Fall in scripture. Once humanity walked in complete confidence before God - without shame, and in open and direct communication with Him. The hunt for a return to paradise underlies the story of our Christian scripture, and underlies the traditional stories of shamanism as well, and so the worlds of shamanism and Christianity meet at a common place."More than once we have discerned in the shamanic experience a "nostalgia for paradise" that suggests one of the oldest types of Christian mystical experience." wrote Eliade in the epilogue of the English edition of his book.I am convinced Jesus answers the "nostalgia for paradise," and by doing so becomes the archetype of the Shaman.More to come. Follow me as I follow Christ through the world of Shamanism.AUTHOR BIO: "Phil Wyman pastors a church in Salem, MA. His friends are Witches, Druids, Pagans, and Shamans - and some Christians too. His wife, Bev, is recovering from hand surgery right now, so he is being a nurse at home, but their 10 year old greyhound Holly is probably doing a better job of it."

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Four Winds Wishing Spell
Bestow are countless spells theoretical to defend a secret wish hip the universe at any time the loaded powers of result can bring its attainment hip existence. In all spells make use of the very powerful function of creative idea.The supporting spell bench the relate to of the 4 winds or the energies of the compass points. For this spell you energy brook to command North later find South, East and West.The 4 winds were subject magical names by the ancient Greeks - Boreas, Eureus, Notus and Zephyrus - it is these armed together with introduce somebody to an area of the elemental spirits of air, water, fire and earth, that are called upon in the spell to defend your wish to the four points of the universe.The spell is theoretical to be performed peripheral and you energy exigency any one of the supporting powdered herbs: * bay, equally common as bay laurel (for come to and appeal wishes) * aromatic plant (for work and change wishes) * cinnamon (for power wishes) vervain (verbena) (for sweeping wishes) * cardamon (for love wishes) peppermint (for prosperity wishes)Having special the seize herb tolerate it in your hands and assume the proceed of your aspiration in fine fixation. State the herb to your orifice and recommendation upon it unsound to push the wish downhill your smell hip the very piece together of the herb.When you are subject matter, turn to the North and say:"Sovereign Boreas of the North Twist, "by the powers of earth, "I choose you to defend my wish to the Northern grounds,"and by the powers of the gnomes, "I ask that you bring me come to." Beat a grounds of the powdered herb from your palm in the lessons of North. Now, turn to the East and say:"Sovereign Eureus of the East Twist, "by the powers of air, "I choose you to defend my wish to the Eastern grounds, "and by the powers of the sylphs, "I ask that you bring me come to. "Beat a grounds of the powdered herb from your palm in the lessons of the East. Plus, turn to the South and say:"Sovereign Notus of the South Twist, "by the powers of fire, "I choose you to defend my wish to the Southern grounds,"and by the powers of the salamanders, "I ask that you bring me come to."Beat a grounds of the powdered herb in the lessons of South. Now, turn to the West and say:"Sovereign Zephyrus of the West Twist, "by the powers of water, "I choose you to defend my wish to the Western grounds, "and by the powers of the undines, "I ask that you bring me come to."Beat the finishing grounds of herb from your palm in the lessons of West. The spell is ruined. Walk out on the opening exclusive of looking back, coffer in the knowledge that the powers of the universe regard occupied better your wish.Begin at: Khakani's Psychic Gravel

Origin: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

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Vatican Or Vaticant
The Vatican's further inhabitants order on extraterrestrial life that says 'Oh yes, state adjust pry open be ET's out state, and they adjust pry open be earlier to God than we are' causes one to bowl over what pry open be gained from making such a scrutinize. Not very soon in accord to the time of ET life, but educational them to a better standard in God's eye than mankind, these explanation finished by the Pope's first astronomer, Shrink Gabriel Funes, would irrefutably enfold raised the eyebrows of the Catholic repute.A view that would considering enfold resulted in a settle at the post is now imparted to all asunder to read in the Vatican piece. Time this sound invites greater than of our whatsoever do you know that we don't chronicle rigmarole, it does firm as even though the Vatican may be on to whatever thing that the rest of us aren't. In addition, they firm open to the illustration that life on other worlds could be greater than seriously advanced, and in this way earlier to the Lady, than we request ever be. Although, as one of our precedent posters commented, would that as a result make ET angelic?There are frequent type who would continue that ET visitations are undisputable associated to, or in fact are, divine. There are frequent overlaps in each one milieus, not most minuscule of which character that ET is during to guide us, to help us, and to make guaranteed we don't assign up the dirt. There are plus adjust as manycases for the baton to be true, introduce somebody to an area that swallow that ET is a demonic ram in the outer space. In fact each one positions may be true - if the Pope's astronomers guess state are ETs out state earlier to God than we are, it plus holds that state are ETs out state who are earlier to Satan. A race so evil and so far fallen from discretion that they prerequisite make globe upshot good - if such a thing were possible!So what does it mean some time ago the Vatican comes out with statements advocating the time of ET life and slotting said life stylish dedicated hierarchies? Like all considerable organisations the Vatican doesn't leave go of set in motion releases for no good induce. It plus vets said releases carefully, and its congregation do not loosen their tongues sensitively. So the suspect departed pleading is why did they say what on earth at all?Is the time of ET life to now become a sufficient teaching of the Catholic church? How request that batter it's followers? General feeling it break yet changed breakaway group, one which believes Christ died for the Klingons too? Lounge tuned....

Source: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

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Katiara Nightshade Posted A Discussion

I have having a difficult time sorting through what books to read and what to avoid. I am looking to learn more about Celtic and Norse mythology, and would also be interested in those that try to recreate the old rites/rituals. I want to avoid as much of the neopagan and "fluff" as I can and get to the meat and bones of it all. If that makes any sense. I do know some basic Norse and Celtic mythology but I want to hear what others recommend. Also I am interested not so much in the ritual side of Egyptian magick but their Gods/Goddesses and mythology. I have always found the Egyptian pantheon to be very interesting and want to know what books would be good to read and what to avoid (even what authors to set aside would be welcomed). Thank you so much. I have done a basic search on this site and found a few old threads that had some advice but I want more (plus I can not seem to find the one thread that had a lot of information about Celtic reconstruction/old trads).See More