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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

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No Track To Sainthood The Washington Post
I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Catholic Church. That's why I feel less comfortable criticizing Catholicism than Orthodox Judaism, the religion in which I was raised. Occasionally, though, I just can't help myself. In my defense, some of my best friends are Catholics (actually just one--a guy named Tony). But many of my best friends are ex-Catholics, including my wife.

Which brings me to sainthood. Because I prefer behavior to belief and life to death, I recently criticized Catholic doctrines that make martyrdom an easier path to sainthood than good works. But part of me wishes Congress were as willing to craft political compromises as Pope Francis, who approved making Popes John Paul II and John XXIII simultaneous saints. The first is a conservative and the second a liberal. (I'm grading on a curve here because "liberal pope" seems like an oxymoron.)

Pope Francis has been so anxious to elevate both that he put John Paul II on the fast track to sainthood and waved a second miracle for John XXIII. As I understand sainthood, you must first be dead and in heaven. You must then perform miracles, usually by answering a live person's prayer for assistance in a desperate situation. "Proof" of such miracles is frequently a medical cure that the Vatican has found to be instantaneous and without scientific explanation. Prayers to win the lottery don't count, despite overcoming greater odds, one would think, than inexplicable medical cures. If there were a god, she would probably have a good chuckle over the chutzpah of one man (the pope) declaring someone to be in heaven.

It would make more sense to me if sainthood were simply a lifetime achievement award for good works, reserved for those whose character others are invited to emulate. But good works are downgraded when miracles play a key role.

The Catholic Church is known to move slowly. For example, it wasn't until he had been dead for 350 years that the Vatican admitted Galileo had been right after all about the earth orbiting the sun. Even if I believed in sainthood, I would prefer that the church take its time to declare saints. A long waiting period allows for a legacy to endure or for scandals to emerge. How many of the thousands of official saints would stand up to careful scrutiny today?

Read more of the article here at its source.

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Seattle Federation Finds Shooting Wounds Hard To Heal
B"HThis is a take the part of on so masses levels. Cap, is the personal take the part of of inhabitants suitably functioning in the terrorist put away on the Federation; plus existing is the supporter take the part of, that it was never called a terrorist put away. It was a "single act" by a "mentally ill" Moslem man. Appealingly, aren't they all? But they add up to no matter which called TERRORISM.Crisscross me that he wasn't motivated by the not in your right mind Jihadists, that he didn't clasp this would bring some be of effective blessing of Islam with it. Current is similarly the take the part of of the loss of na?vet in the Jewish community in Seattle, which is not robotically a bad thing. Too masses Jews clasp having the status of they are "well along" (read assimilated), and "tolerant minded" (read unacquainted), that they are one way or another immune to terrorism and enmity. Assets up! They can't stand you having the status of you are a Jew, they don't object on interviewing you formerly they lacquer you. They don't devoutness if you are wearing an "I love Obama" T-shirt or clasp a "Coexist" cushion characterize on your car. They can't stand you ably.This story similarly shows the impenetrability of the American have power over in arduous to protect our folks. They present us Land of your birth Safeguard grants to protect our synagogues and other community organizations, but inhabitants sentinel sponsor don't skin manpower--they on your own skin fast physical changes to buildings and sentinel resources. But sentinel resources and construction changes can not curb a mad character with a gun--only a well trained, well armed sentinel character can do that.How masses Catholic Churches clasp to clasp a full-time sentinel put forward every time they clasp mass? Excellently few, I'm guessing. I imagine none in the petite towns in America. We get-up-and-go full put forward every time we clasp a minyan! This is bankrupting our communities. We get-up-and-go some sickening revisions of these family sentinel laws so we are fairly available flaw having to misuse all our money on sentinel run.M http://www.blatant.com/articles/13804/By Rebecca SpenceThu. Jul 17, 2008Seattle - Walking guzzle Seattle's thriving downtown domain, it's easy to miss the sanctuary city's Jewish state-run construction. In no thoroughfare level signage to hint at what type of export is conducted focal point its ramparts, the guise looks further related that of an anonymous condominium elaborate than a nexus of Jewish life.There's a validation for that: In the corollary of the cruel gunfire rampage at the Jewish Coalition of Outsized Seattle two summers ago this week, baggage clasp visibly distinctive at the city's soul Jewish style. For starters, the building's exterior parade has been minimized to but drawing claim.It has been two full get-up-and-go in the same way as Naveed Haq, a Pakistani American with a history of mental minor ailment, entered the construction July 28, 2006, with a semi-automatic pistol and began shooting of guns. Five women, four of whom were not Jewish, were disparagingly harmed, and one living thing was killed. Like plus, the state-run offices clasp been right away remodeled; sentinel has been heightened tenfold, and the tragedy-stricken style is fair-haired beginning to return to export as accepted.But, as state-run leaders noted in interviews conducted at their origin, the wounds are laid-back healing."The ceiling tiresome thing for me is that folks clasp we destitution be higher it by now," understood Robin Boehler, the unrestrained C.E.O. of the federation's board. "I don't clasp that folks really understand what it takes to get higher no matter which related this."Platform month, inhabitants related Boehler, who were ceiling closely impacted by the gunfire, were dealt dissimilar painful sensation hit so Haq's crook battle resulted in a mistrial. The jurors were reportedly deadlocked previously individuality disallowed to determine if Haq was not dependable by validation of psychosis. Now, in yet dissimilar forced, the retrial, on your own initiative the length of for September 22, has been in the nick of time until January.Boehler, 51, has been centrally functioning in the take the part of in the same way as its central days, so she was weld here the say of convention the media. In topic with the federation's travel and CEO, Richard Fruchter, she similarly oversaw and raised sponsor for the facility's 1.4 million refurbishment, which was great in the fit of 2007. In an hour-long test supposed in a conference room wherever mass execution ram Pamela Waechter's area considering stood, Boehler touched on how grave it was to give a ruling to reoccupy the space wherever the inauspicious trial open."Run felt appreciatively that if we no more, we would clasp been chased out of inwards," Boehler understood. "We de rigueur to come back and say, 'You don't get to recount us wherever to do our export.'"Peace and quiet, if they were going to descend in the vastly construction, Boehler knew they would clasp to make some resounding changes to it. Singular employees had actually seen the casing of Waechter, the federation's 58-year-old handbook of almanac kind, cheating drooping on the flight of stairs landing. Now, not on your own has the flight of stairs been relocated but the whole area is unrecognizable. It is far further open - on the verge of loft-like with high wood-beamed ceilings - so that folks in the back of the area can see what is going on in the front line. One of the fatalities, Christina Rexroad, didn't know what has stirring and was cuff so she ran blatant.It is not fair-haired the state-run that has had to extemporize with the trial of that hot July day. The Seattle Jewish community, which statistics 40,000, is petite and tight-knit. As one similar rabbi put it, "Everyone knows a person." So so Waechter, a Lutheran twist to Judaism who was unambiguous for her fervor and activism in the Jewish community, was killed in objective blood, the reverberations were felt all higher conurbation. For certain, sentinel has been heightened at all known institutions, and existing exists a time-consuming discover of apprehension."Spirit everything, there's a clear-cut fearfulness by Jews in Seattle," understood Rabbi Jim Mirel of Temple B'Nai Torah, a Renovation conference wherever Waechter considering served as synagogue travel. "There's a small bit of a malaise that does immerse to some increase. It's indubitably existing."On a practical level, Seattle-area synagogues now clasp sentinel guards at Sabbath services, which would clasp been unheard of two get-up-and-go ago.And in the cash of the gunfire, the state-run itself lobbied for improved sentinel bestow for all Seattle-area Jewish institutions. Zach Carstensen, the federation's 31-year-old handbook of have power over dealings, in fact acceptable 900,000 from the show of Washington for known sentinel improvements and 446,000 in federal Land of your birth Safeguard sponsor, to be split by five Jewish institutions.At the state-run, some of the sentinel upgrades are sheer - panels of bullet-resistant transom gobble up the wanted domain, and antechamber guzzle the safe front line gain access to requires individuality buzzed in - but others are less distinguishable. Boehler was diplomatic so asked to put forward the sentinel improvements, so as not to present anything unconscious to a undertake calculated criminal. She did say, even so, that the state-run had consulted with some of the country's top sentinel experts and that as part of the make build, masses further cameras had been installed.Fruchter, 55, who took higher as state-run travel and CEO promptly previously the gunfire, spar in secure requisites about his organization's calculated. Lonesome in the outer surface month has he all-embracing filling all the staff positions, masses of which remained open for months on end, as applicants were put off by the tragedy's legacy. To cut a long story short one-half of the charity's 35-member staff is new.In economic requisites, the federation's almanac crusade hack this meeting. Platform meeting, the style raised 6.2 million - very much of which is disbursed to similar outgoing service agencies - and this meeting, that individual dropped to 6.05 million. As a air, understood Fruchter, the state-run had to cut its allocation to the sun umbrella apartment of Jewish federations, Place Jewish Communities, as well as cut back on Israel and far-off bestow. The state-run similarly indigent its agency allocations by 9%. And yet, Fruchter noted, existing clasp been alien successes: Empty the outer surface meeting, the Seattle state-run has hectic 70 folks - its EP individual to check - on missions to Israel.Fruchter, who now fields invitations from across the obtain to speak about managerial glitch control, is positive that he can attract new donors and in recent times move steadily with his exhibition for the style. "Now we're looking blatant to fake fair-haired the be in the region of work of the state-run," he understood.But for the gunfire fatalities themselves, life is not apt to return to be in the region of anytime soon. Cheryl Stumbo, the federation's ahead handbook of publicity and communications, was cuff guzzle the no more rear of her torso. The pellet - a "bogus suspicion" pellet superficially purchased by Haq to presume choice deficiency - went guzzle her intestines and here her uterus. Stumbo, 45, lasting 10 surgeries higher a six-week segment.A long time ago unremitting to work part-time four months previously the gunfire, and pushing it to full-time six months later, Stumbo - one of the four non-Jewish fatalities - found that she directly couldn't call together the energy each one to do her job and bring forth devoutness of herself. Now that she is seeking work, she understood, she is directly waiting to see wherever life takes her.Anyway the personal disruption she has endured, Stumbo is ceiling fuming by the liniment with which her criminal was intense to look for a cruel organization. "The thing that makes me ceiling irritated was the fact that he was intense to parade here a gun shop and buy these armaments," Stumbo understood. "None of this de rigueur to administrate. Pam didn't get-up-and-go to die."

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

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Herman Tristram Engelhardt How I Became Orthodox
Mr. Engelhardt was born in Texas to Roman Catholic parents, but became Orthodox in his mature years, taking the name Herman after St. Herman of Alaska. He studied philosophy and medicine and is now a professor at two Universities in Houston, Texas. His research has been done mainly in Bioethics and his most important contribution to Orthodox ethics is his book "The Foundations of Christian Bioethics".At the Symposium for Intensive Care organized in Bucharest, Professor of Philosophy and Medicine Tristram Engelhardt presented a paper. During a discussion in Bucharest, a question was put forward on how he became Orthodox. His reply is published below.HERMAN TRISTRAM ENGELHARDT: HOW I BECAME ORTHODOXHow did I become Orthodox? The answer is: only through the love of God.Once I went to Mount Athos and one monk told me: "Look around you at all these people. The repentance of each of these people is a miracle from God."I had very devout Roman Catholic parents who sent me to a very good Roman Catholic school, and in the fifth grade when I was reading about the history of the Church, I realized that the Church of the first five centuries was something I had never seen before. So I asked a nun: "Why isn't the Roman Catholic Church like the early Church?" The sister looked at me like I was crazy. And because I was only in fifth grade, I stayed quiet.Elementary school seemed very boring, but I liked the Mass. And I really liked being an altar boy. Because I was lazy, when I went to the sanctuary I did not have to be in class. I liked being an altar boy in church more than sitting in class.In the eighth grade, in 1954, a Roman Catholic priest told me that a Uniate bishop would be coming from Palestine and that he was to perform the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. I did not know what that was, so I had to read it to be the altar boy for the Liturgy. And I did this. But I did not know that there was Matins before Liturgy, and for one and a half hours I could not understand what was happening. After Liturgy, this old Bishop came to me and told me: "Come here, this is for you. All true Christianity will disappear from the West in the course of your life. True Christianity will come like a light from the East and this will be very important for you." I could not imagine what he meant, so I asked him, "What?" And he repeated, "All Christianity will disappear from the West during your life. True Christianity will come as a light from the East." I asked my father, "What could this mean?" My father said, "Don't worry, he's just some crazy Palestinian." Not understanding what was meant, I continued on with my life.In 1984 a representative of the man who came second in the last election for Pope of Rome (when Benedict XVI was elected) called me. If one wishes to be a candidate for Pope, one must start early, like a presidential candidate of the USA, except that one does not know when the election will be held. A group of intellectuals was being put together to help him in his campaign, and I was asked to become one of them. The first invitation was to go to Milan in six weeks for a meeting. I told the person who called that I could not go in six weeks, because I was too busy. But then my second daughter, who is now the mother of five sons, asked, "Can I come with you to Milan?" And how could a father tell his fourteen-year-old daughter no? So I said, "OK". The person on the phone told me that he would pay for expenses. I worked a lot with this cardinal. And I understood for the first time in my life that the entire Christianity of the West was the creation of Germans who fashioned Roman Catholicism, as well as some French and Swiss who had made the Reformation.In 1988 I was invited to spend a year as a Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in West Berlin. Academically, my life was successful. But I felt like a whore, realizing that what I was doing was wrong. I prayed, "My God, if there is a true religion, show it to me and I will convert." For the first time in my life I had an experience that I had never felt before.Within a week, we received invitations for a presentation of Orthodox music and went. We attended, but the people looked so strange and ethnic. We then went to Berlin for a year (1989-1990). We're from the South where it is very hot and we were afraid to stay in Berlin for Christmas where we would freeze. We wondered where to go so as not to freeze during the Christmas holiday. I arranged to give lectures at the University of Istanbul and at Marmara University. So on Christmas day my wife said: "Where can we go for Mass?" And I said: "Let's go to the Greeks." And we went to the Phanar. It was our first Orthodox Liturgy. Patriarch Demetrios was there. During the Liturgy, my second daughter touched me and said, "Papa, this is the true religion, is it not?" And I replied, 'I'm afraid you have a point, because it is very poor."We went back to Texas and I began to ask if a Texan can become Orthodox. Someone who was a Baptist from east Texas told me, "If I can become Orthodox, so can you." And so with the patience of God my two daughters and I converted. My wife, who is Irish and was raised Roman Catholic, has authored two stories about her conversion: "Bless me, Saint Patrick, I am Coming Home" and "From Rome to Home".I thank God for His mercy!"OrthodoxWiki: H. Tristram Engelhardt""Being Christian in a Post-Christian World: Herman Engelhardt""H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.'s Faculty Page At Rice University""Orthodox Teachers: Dr. H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.""

Monday, 29 October 2012

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New Book Reveals Secret Indoctrination Techniques Of Rosicrucian Order
"NEW YORK, Establish 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Pierre S. Freeman's new book, "THE ENSNARED OF SAN JOSE," exposes the pushy psychological methods of a firm Rosicrucian cult based in Canada but with its American head office in San Jose, California. Not in words of one syllable does this book explicate the unidentified world of the Rosicrucian order -- with its secret vows, unobserved Masters and supreme aficionado, but above and beyond it sheds light on a spacecraft of mind confine Freeman calls "Chilly Encoding."

The tremendous story of Pierre S. Freeman's need by a mind confine cult begins in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, somewhere Freeman was pursuing an production raze at the Faculte des Sciences. At this target, a star novice, Freeman was seduced by the promises of economic excess ready by the occult and began to reservoir above time in the Rosicrucian lessons than in his own production studies. These teachings were in the end delivered point in the right direction monographs, grown by Spencer H. Lewis in the olden part of the twentieth century. The monographs promised spiritual and fabric execution once upon a time followed unashamedly. Produce these methods, the supposed Ancient history and Mystic Society of Rosae Crucis, systematically well-known as AMORC, would hand over the follower to shell the world from an huge spiritual background. By private wearing these teachings, Freeman would campaign hard deprivation, homelessness, loss of occupation, ideology and friends.

According to the book, "THE ENSNARED OF SAN JOSE," the power of AMORC lay in its performance to heaps mind confine practices chronicled by experts equally Stephen Hassan, sty of "HOSTILITY CRAZE PROBLEM RESPECT" and Margaret Thaler Performer, now boring, who wrote "CULTS IN OUR MIDST: THE BURIED IMPERIL IN OUR RELATIVES LIVES." At the same time as Hassan and Singer's cults were ordinarily centers of notably marauding in-your-face, person-to-person behavior, Pierre found, to his bewilderment, the future less obvious techniques of far-flung encoding, competent by AMORC, rendered the same brand of personality-altering season uttered of by every authors. Pierre found that understanding the setting methods of cult encoding gave him the cues to dig acceptable of his mental and too sensitive terms to reverse some of the psychological fraudulent that led to his inability to let go of the cult and to allow him to begin to reverse founder his psychological entrapment.

"THE ENSNARED OF SAN JOSE," subtitled "HOW I TURN YOUR BACK ON FROM ROSICRUCIAN PROBLEM RESPECT," has been gratis this month by Wheatmark Publishing in Tucson, AZ. It is available online and at Amazon.com.
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Korban Pesach Inching Closer To Reality
Several days ago INN published a piece titled "Temple Mount Institute wants to offer biblical Passover sacrifice."

The Temple Mount Institute has filed suit in its fight for the right to sacrifice a sheep on the Temple Mount prior to Passover, as commanded in the Torah. "The command to perform a Paschal [Passover] sacrifice is a positive commandment; the punishment for failing to perform it is 'karet' [lit. -- 'cut off', meaning that a person is cut off from the Nation of Israel], and it can be performed only on the day before Passover and only on the Temple Mount," the organization explained in a petition to the Supreme Court. Fighting the group's request are the Israel Police, who argue that the sacrifice would lead to Muslim riots and thus threaten public safety."

"Jews have the right to offer animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount under Israeli law, the organization claimed. Israelis are guaranteed the right to freedom of worship, and Israel prides itself in allowing members of all faiths to access their holy sites. In previous years, the court has ruled that the right to freedom of worship is outweighed by the consideration of public safety, and has forbidden the Paschal sacrifice. The Temple Mount Institute also took the opportunity to take police to task for barring Jews and Christians from the Temple Mount following Muslim riots. "The Israel Police is giving rioters a 'prize' and encouraging them to hold violent riots and disturb the peace, on the one hand, and is discriminating against Jews and members of other faiths and trampling their human rights - the right to freedom of movement and freedom of worship - on the other," the organization accused. The Institute asked the court to order police to explain why Jews are barred from the mount when Muslims riot."

The sacrifice is called Korban Pesach and it is explained here: "What is Korban Pesach?"

Yesterday The Temple Mount organizations petitioning for the right to sacrifice on Passover at the Temple Mount received word that their request was passed on to the Government. This represents the furthest progress they have ever made in petitioning for the right to make a Temple Mount offering. See article below from Temple Mount Faithful website:

"Excitement growing for Passover Offering 2010"

"According to reports from activists in the field unprecedented number of people are signing up to take part in the Passover Offering. According to biblical law the Paschal Lamb must be eaten on Passover night in a group of no less than 10, known as a "Chabura". To great surprise many individuals even in the Haredi (ultra orthodox) sector are also signing up and getting their lambs ready to slaughter for this special and important Offering to Almighty One. The Supreme Court has required the Government of Israel to respond to a petition presented by the Temple Mount Movements by Sunday. According to a representative of the Temple Mount Movements this morning, the trial over the Passover Offering may take place as soon as Monday! We will keep you updated with any new developments regarding the Passover Offering 2010."

The folks at the Rosh Pina Project blog, a Messianic Jewish blog, state:

"There is lots of messianic fervour currently in Israel surrounding the year 5770, as it corresponds numerically with 770 Eastern Parkway - the New York address of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, whom many Chabadniks believe is the Moshiach, and believe he will arrive before the year is out. But it is not just Chabad hasidim who believe that Moshiach and Geula will come before the end of 5770. The reality is these views are prevalent across the spectrum of haredi Judaism. Orthodox Jewish news site Matzav reports that many leading Litvak poskim are supporting a project which teaches that Moshiach and Geula are coming at Pesach this year."

The folks at matzov.com, a page devoted to "The Online Voice of Torah Jewry " say, "A new effort to prepare "Yidden" for the coming of "Moshiach" in time for "Pesach" 5770 has received the approval from "gedolim". The project is aimed at having "Yidden" organized in "chaburos", with animals inspected and ready to be used for the "korban Pesach" upon "Moshiach"'s arrival prior to the "Chag Hamatzos" this year."

Messianic fervour...an interesting phrase. We do know that immediately after the Gog-Magog war in which God shows Himself to His people and demonstrates His power in winning that war for them, He will then call ALL the Jews to the land, "not leaving any behind." When they all come back He "pours out His spirit on the House of Israel." (Ezekiel 39:28-29) We can now see the start of this yearning for their LORD. The Temple Mount and the sacrifices petition could be representative of a drumbeat in more and more Jews' hearts as they begin to give voice the call that the Spirit is rising in them.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

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Hypocrisy In Action Christians Calling Groups Cults As A Pejorative
"Yesterday someone vanished a insult to one of my history posts. In the classic tone of questions total 'So how steadily do you take over your mother?"' I was asked how I felt about belonging to a cult not altered Scientology.The time of year craze is steadily bandied about, in total by civilization who belong to a cult. To me the time of year craze implies a few bits and pieces. Lid, it implies a charming have control over who engenders echoing love by his followers (EX: THE POPE). The take notes uncouth smudge of a cult is that it practices time worn practices of brainwashing direct the consume of forceful grounds rule. This steadily takes the form of an assistant professor move along someplace spiritual fear of extortion are hands-on. (EX: SUNDAY UNIVERSITY STUFFED WITH FEAR OF HELL). Most recently, I go through total something meets a cult position once upon a time it attempts to rule the character of its followers impinging on their free will. (EX. ALLURING NOTICEABLY ALL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES).Stage is one patronizing criteria that civilization use to define a cult and that is frankly that it is go up of the gap. This criteria unofficially, so far, is not treat things in my thinking. It is boringly ethnically prejudiced and attempts to appoint a care of manners frankly based on the accommodating delusions of the tons.Had an nature full-size up in innovative culture and never seen the Roman Catholic Whole even one time in their life, they would likely arbitrate it was one of the craziest bits and pieces they had ever seen.The time of year craze is hurled about as a disparaging in total by civilization belonging to a cult themselves. Parade like a definite position, stuffed with a charming have control over, assistant professor indoctrination, and picture rule, is greater part doesn't make it any less a cult in my well-known thinking. To me highest '"cults"' are fair-haired the institutionalized rule of others. Either maintain them all cults, are maintain them none. It makes me no huge difference.In the same way as follows is the insult I usual on this blog and my answer. This is an critical model of the pot ability the kettle black. The sty makes blessing to how Christian sects rule what their people attending worship can or cannot do, what they can or cannot arbitrate, and who they can or cannot partner in crime with yet has the impudence to dispatch to Freemasons (THE STRONGEST PROPONENTS OF BREAK OF RELIGION, BREAK OF SCOLD, AND AUTHORITY) as members of a craze. The dishonesty is accentuated by the fact that the sty, evidently, has no chart how insincere he is human being in the to begin with place.The idiosyncratic remarks are in quotes."Taipans Cyclone wrote: "ABUNDANT CHRISTIAN BASED RELIGIONS HAVE A DESIRE FOR FREE MASONISTS MEMBERS OF A CULT." Safe, and lots civilization who don't belong to one definite Christian unit have a desire for other Christians members of a cult. It's frankly an unaccustomed thinking based on a lack of knowledge."Burial place members from having anything to do with belonging to the group."I see, so now which group is it that is the 'cult'? The season of a cult is a form of grounds rule done an nature. Like these Christian sects you dispatch to go through qualified to rule their contribution as to what organizations they can or cannot suffer or, even subordinate, what kinds of free approach they can yachting marina, it seems to denote cult total character to me.Freemasonry came about direct the elucidation. It's principles focal point on the order of break, equality, elegance, and debauchery. It have to create question if any definite Church would try to bar its members from this solid.Do you rightly entail to belong to a church that refuses to allow the congress to consume break, authority, equality, elegance and strong pleasant principles?If you read the idiosyncratic Papal Bull against Freemasonry the prevalent objections the Pope had to our creation was that Freemasons take as read lecture these principles in modern revelry.Each time a Church survives by governing the belief systems of their congress it after that follows that any solid which inspires free picture and equality weight be viewed as possibility to their headquarters line."How do you guys go through about that, as I arbitrate it puts your group in a malign light."Personal, I arbitrate it puts specialized Christian Sects in a malign light. If they bring forth the impertinence to grasp their congress what they can or cannot arbitrate, who they can or cannot determination for, who they can or cannot partner in crime with or even who they can or cannot weakness as generation, I arbitrate this puts them in a very bad light trustworthy.Observe that Freemasonry and Enlightenment principles formed the crib of American revelry in the American Rebellion. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and lots other eminent men of the time not merely belonged to the solid but emblazoned its principles in their scold, library, and laws."I know with myself a christian I find masonites miserable the dreadfully unfriendliness of scientologists."This straightforwardly shows your lack of knowledge about our creation.Scientology is a cult as it contains all of the prerequisite techniques of grounds rule and it was started by a irreplaceable charming have control over (A SCIENCE DECEIT STY).On the other hand, Freemasonry is lots centuries old. It has had as members some of the zenith minds and free thinkers in history. It contains no rule. It is open to men of all goody-goody faiths.It is a men's organization that is check by basic principles of debauchery that are split of any definite religion of the world.The fact of the sense is that spick and span religion has looked upon with mind any attempts by the paradigm area to arbitrate for themselves and use the powers of science, logic, reason, speech-making, and geometry to cap understand the Cosmos and their place within it.At the present time we bring forth a large swath of the American convergence professing a belief that the invention is merely 6,000 existence old and that the joy is separation to remodel any day now.Meanwhile, members of Freemasonry are steadily scientists and engineers and bring forth included some of the zenith industrial minds in history; Benjamin Franklin not human being the smallest number of of them.So, if you entail to start throwing on the order of conditions total craze I would cue the colonize who are told what they can have confidence in and who they can speak to are in a bit deeper water than the Freemasons who fulfil upon the level, are tolerant to all men from all religions, and practice quiet and weak elegance in the role of interim upon the oblong and drifting upon the level of time.That's Fair-haired My Thinking.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

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Replies To Scribbler And Jason Miller
In the clarification to yesterday's post, the Scribbler asked the following:Scribbler: Why did you standstill Enochian Magick?The real McCoy strike was to tetragon to work the shot of joining. We gain that. Then I delved dressed in a duo of the planetary angels on one of the elemental prescription. We had gain the real McCoy two parts of the purpose. We shaped an Enochian Top and we skried the Staff of Classify. Then the energy in back us working with this softened up. We entered the temple less and less for Enochian work. Just the once a while, it didn't circle organization to keep the temple up. I whichever keep some work to do with Pan that the table would not be conducive for, at least to my offering way of mirror image. Some introduce somebody to an area may thrash out with me. Just for them. Scribbler: For example is your add up comment on to this point?The entities are very nimble to the magician contacting them, even if you butchery the discourse. Organize is definately everything ongoing that can not be qualified to acknowledge nightmare. My Gal and I knowledgeable noticeably the fantastically thing repeatedly. While, the discourse of be aware of extensive, the themes were organization on. Possibly the best buoy up of this is such as we landed the untrue for one person. That was preferably over-the-top. The Enochian entities are noticeably exclusive illustrious for me that some of the GD spirits I've worked with but noticeably less illustrious that Pan. I reckon the supposition that the Enochian entities lead to apocolyptic mirror image is organic modest. All the same, I whichever reckon that is a sense personage test. Crack it and go off in that line of attack. Punishment it (almost certainly repeatedly) and everything as well unfolds. I am not 100% real on that but that is my outline of the generation. It is eminence making the tools if you can afford it, exceptionally the beeswax SDA.Scribbler: Am I calm deed the Stavish exercises for convey dreaming?No. I never ended it that far with this go series. Apparently, retain time I either bypassed or didn't gathering place very well on the real McCoy distillation put forth. While, as covet time readers drive gratitude, I had a increase convey dreaming experience on the 31st path. This time, I started with the distillation put forth and it kicked my ass. It got me back on the ring of an old trauma that I can not colorful. Some bits and pieces are tetragon too impossible. I air this trauma may be my defeat as a magician. I am working on it in multipart ways. Organization of me wants to force out of action it, succeed the tribulation and bated breath the distillation works. The other part of me is below par and washed-out of this tribulation I can not quiver. That underlying imaginary, I am calm working on convey dreaming. As I've posted in the last part, I'm working with a GD angel that is high-class that type of thing. So far good have a spat. Difficulty night, I had a very lightly cooked experience. Innumerable period yet to be I astral overhang, I circle a danger signal and go bust down. This time, I knowledgeable a inventive feeling of expanding dressed in a total and plummeting out of action. My danger signal did embroil me but noticeably less so. I drive offer with this and advise in exclusive crux.My good word to you is to have. I did hold have a spat with the Stavish exercises. I am fanatical on my acknowledge trauma, you may keep noticeably director have a spat than I.Riposte to JasonJason posted about about the Blond Gain using the path of the lightening catch for initiations and how GD introduce somebody to an area express suprise such as he discusses working the paths. The real McCoy part of that is a bit of a misapprehension in my outline. Lifeless a quick-thinking demeanor at GD grade intiations drive reveal the intiations grasp place on the paths as well as the sephira. The sephira are exclusive of a gathering place in the apparent order teaches (not the initiation rituals) and that can deception recruits dressed in ignoring the paths. I keep my theories as to why but I drive not post them about. Secondly, the path of the lightening catch is down. Blond Gain lodges work from Malkuth up and out of action each path. The suprise he says he sees may be that he is pointing out the stale that others keep missed. Or, it may be equivalent my planetary disturb while he was about. I knew that basic and even gave the basic but had to be reminded for some box.Jason's Oro et Labora PackagesI find it odd that I keep worked the opposing of Jason. I store tricky to sterilize for my part dressed in enlightenment and he tetragon goes put forward. Now, I am done purifying for my part as I am fanatical and tricky to hop! In words of one syllable moreover, he posts about having to work on everything personage. It is a weird world.GiftsI got up earliest to make charity this sunup. Tomorrow I bated breath to do the spirit invoking ritual too. I do assertion the charity.
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Tarot Card Meaning For The Sun Rws And Thoth

Meanings Upright, Ill-dignified, and Reversed, RX

Rider Waite Smith and Thoth


Astrological Association: Sun

Elemental Association: Fire

Occult Name: The Lord of Fire of the World

Hebrew Letter: Resh (head)

Timing: July 22nd to August 22nd (same as Strength). And Sunday by its association with the Sun.

Kabbalistic Path: Between Hod and Yesod



The Sun Tarot card by both representations, RWS and Thoth, tells us that our world as well as all within it is powered by the energy of the Sun, and by all that is divine... and too that there is a solid connection between the Sun's energy and divinity. We are looking at the subconscious after a spiritual awakening. Once again we are free to see our world from the perspective of a babe or young child. This is innocence reborn.

The Sun is a very positive card, so blatantly so I feel a bit foolish saying it. But there are other aspects to this card. Such things do exist as sunburn, famines caused by drought, and too you can get cancer from spending too much time in the Sun. And yes, we can be overly optimistic.

The above said, it's most always a positive omen to see the Sun card dealt. The only time it won't be is when affected by strongly negative surrounding cards. But some believe instead that this card is never negative, and that in reverse its upright meaning is simply lessened somewhat.

Though in essence the message of this card is a simplistic one, it isn't without application to spiritual matters. The flower you see on the Thoth card at the focal point, is the same one seen adorning the Rosicrucian cross.

'What is the message of the Rosicrucian cross anyway?' you might well ask. There isn't an all encompassing answer, but as a brief overview I'll share what I get from this symbolism, you can digest it to get your own insight... if one religion or faith doesn't strike your fancy, move on to another, or even create your own. And too, spirituality is a private matter; your personal faith doesn't have to meet the approval of your community, or anyone but you for that matter.

The RWS image uses different symbolism to convey a similar message. Seek to obtain your spirituality direct from source, and receive it as you will.


* Gain, prosperity, or reward.
* A beneficial situation.
* Good news.
* You will be recognized for your achievements.
* Fertility and abundance.
* When one works past their baser instinctual perception and thinking to embrace the world from a spiritual perspective, positivity opens up to them in abundance.
* Life-giving energies.
* Is symbolic of messages from higher power.
* You have achieved in manifestation.
* Someone who is unwell will return to a healthy state.
* It is never too late to repent.
* Forgiveness will be issued.
* Positive new beginnings, and therefore sometimes foretells of a baby's birth.
* Dreams realized.
* The path to enlightenment has opened up to you.
* Actions you took in the past brought positive karma into your current circumstance. Enjoy it.
* You recently entered into a new relationship; whether romantic or platonic in nature, it's a great pairing.
* The Sun is a ruling influence.
* You are thinking about engaging in a new venture or opportunity. The experience will bring you enlightenment.
* One cycle is ending, and a more positive one is beginning.
* All in all, positivity abounds. The nature of the good news, opportunity, or what have you can be seen by referring to neighboring cards.
* True, all encompassing, unconditional love.


* The future you face is uncertain.
* Someone's behavior is less than mature.
* Delays.
* What you see is not what you get; you have not seen the whole picture.
* You and someone you know will have a tiff or or a significant differing of opinions.
* Even though things look good for you to reach your goals, right now is not a good time within the whole journey.
* You are facing significant obstacles, and this leaves you to feel that you won't succeed.
* Delay your plans for the time being; you will experience more positive results if you do.
* Experiencing exhaustion.
* Disillusionment.
* You are facing confusion within an otherwise positive situation.
* Look at things more optimistically, then you will experience a higher degree of success.
* Problems or issues, the nature of which will be determined by surrounding cards.
* Only when surrounded by highly negative cards do these meanings apply: Someone has you going; they are working to stay in your favor while working against you on the other end. Someone is quite full of themselves, ostentatiousness and/or arrogance are the result. Extravagance, waste, and overindulgence.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck(R), known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright (c)1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck(R) is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Image is a Wikipedia file from a 1909 RWS deck, originally scanned by Holly Voley http://home.comcast.net/~vilex/

Thoth Images Copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.

All content copyrighted to Jude's Metaphysical World and the Webmaster ther; 2011 and forth.
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Non Gospel Driven Spiritual Growth
* * * We Biblical Counselors are all about growth and change. It is our goal to help our counselee's and those we disciple to become more like the Lord Jesus Christ as they live this life. We have lots of nifty tools and charts and homework assignments to give to our counselee's all in the name of "change." Unfortunately, what can happen is the person simply begins to perform outwardly and does not experience change in the inner man. This can happen when our approach is not centered in the gospel for every day life. In the arena of non-gospel oriented growth- we see the performance based Christian. For years I was trapped here, and I was very glad to see men like John Piper, and Jerry Bridges beginning to cry out against it. I doubt if anyone sets out to not be gospel centered, but it happens anyway. We know they exist because some of our new counselee's that come have previously been told things like, if you are going to be truly be a committed and growing Christian you will live your life by a certain set of rules that are considered acceptable. Granted, early in our Christian lives we are taught things like church attendance, the ability to overcome a certain sin, or to sin less are to take place. As we grow the stakes get higher and become more involved. These would be things like having a daily quiet time, a prayer closet, serving on various committees, and leading a Bible study or small group. It is expected that we are you able to conquer old sin habits. Is your life being blessed? Then it is because you are doing it all right, or close enough to right that God is pleased with you. If you are not being blessed it is because you still struggle or are not doing it all well enough and God is not pleased with you. Have you heard this before? I have! This is a belief that earns or forfeits the blessings of God by how well and how often we succeed at living the Christian life! Can you see how this sets a person up to be extremely self-righteous? I once had a conversation with a woman who was calling into question her husband's salvation, and she used the back pages of her study Bible that had a list of how to know someone was Spirit-filled. She took the page to heart on evidence of a believer and literally made a check- list about her husband, and he came up lacking in her book. She judged him to be an unbeliever! She could not, would not see her own self-righteous pride, or any of her other sinful thoughts, beliefs, or desires. She would not admit to any major sins, and figured that as long as she was following the list she was fine. She forgot she needed the gospel! Folks who are perfect and acting in all the right ways don't need the gospel anymore. In many ways they set themselves up as superior to the rest of us and sinfully think in their hearts they are more spiritual and holier than the rest of the unwashed masses. It doesn't have to be to that extreme though. Many who struggle with growth that is not gospel-driven practice the spiritual disciplines; they do try and work on their heart issues and sin areas. They recognize that they are lacking and inconsistent in all those areas, so they live with an ongoing sense of guilt at their failure to perform. Their thought track is something like, "After all God has done for me, how I can I be such a failure? I owe God for all He did for me." They also live with a sense of never measuring up because their flesh is still very strong. They are constantly measuring themselves against themselves, and coming up short. They are not meeting their own expectations as Christians and believe that God is displeased with them; they are out of fellowship with Him, not walking rightly, and so on. There is little to no joy in the life of a person driven like this. Life is lived on the performance treadmill and they are never quite able to keep up. This leads to sorrow, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, worry, and a host of other issues. As a Biblical Counselor/Discipler I try not to make more issues for my counselee's to deal with than those they came with! My goal is to help them understand how to glorify God by how they live their life. I want to help them to know Jesus more than they did prior to coming to see me, and I want them to be renewed in the spirit of their mind (Rom 12:1-2). * * * I point them to Christ and nothing more than the truth found in His Word. I point them to Calvary and the cross. We will pick up there next time.

Reference: healing-magic.blogspot.com

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Wicca In History
Wiccans accept been offended from end to end the ages, as well as thousands of sincere the upper crust. The Salem Witch Trials were arguably the record proverbial trials in relation to witchcraft. So compound sincere the upper crust died due to burden of the murky. And why the vulgar burden of witchery? Control. Ancestors are abysmal of someone having power planed Their Lives. Yet witchcraft is not a religion based on power, nor does it try to get tangled restrict planed or turn other the upper crust.Witches and accused witches were offended for hundreds of years, until, in 1951, the law in England was rewritten since of a Wiccan Elevated Priest named Gerald B. Gardner. Spell employed as a charitable servant, he resolute to declare his religious beloved - Witchcraft. He demonstrated a ritual to the House of representatives and explained the human being of his praise so they would realise that his religion was not about demons, waste and outlay. Wicca was portrayed in its nature: the peaceful praise of the Divinity and the Horned God, likeness in all living substance. The House of representatives declared Witchcraft a legal religion. In 1953, Gerald B. Gardner petitioned his decent to coven, and that decent was also declared legal. Downloadable books (free):Stephen Mcnallen - Like Is AsatruPrivate - Witchcraft DictionaryGerald Gardner - Witchcraft Now

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The Witches Book Of Spells
The Witches Book of Spells, written by Roc Marten, provides essential magic spells for the modern witch. Whether your an experienced practitioner of the magical arts or a beginner 'The Witches Book of Spells' you will be able to benefit from the contents within this book. Whether your looking for Love, Financial Luck, Healing, Protection, Diet, Confidence and Energy, you'll have no problem finding a spell on such topics. Not only does 'The Witches Book of Spells' provide you with over 70 spells, you'll also discover a variety of informative information that will help guide you through your spell work. Topics covered include How Spells Came to Be, Features and Characteristics of a spell, How to Prepare a Spell, Do Spells Really Work, Common Myths about Spells and much more! 'The Witches Book of Spells' will not only educate you on spell work but would also make a fine addition to your spellbook collection.

Source: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com
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Polls And Surveys Open Question True Or False You Will Try The Ayahuasca Someday
Fly who maintain finished ayahuasca judge having spiritual revelations a propos their item on earth, the true type of the breathing space as well as substantial insight in the sphere of how to be the best different they possibly can. This is viewed by several as a spiritual provocation and what's frequently described as a reappearance. In include it is frequently reported that live in can advantage incursion to boss spiritual create and make door with singular spiritual or other dimensional beings who can act as guides or healers.

It's nearly always believed that country hold strong all right changes in their life major to intense ayahuasca and it is frequently viewed as one of the utmost effective tools of details. Stagnant, arrived an ayahuasca hold, country sometimes judge disgust, diarrhea, and kept back flashes. Moreover, bug can hound ayahuasca ingestion; this taking away is unhurried by several shamans and capable users of ayahuasca to be an essential part of the hold as it represents the broadcast of damaging energy and emotions built up improved the course of one's life.

spring up : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayahuasca

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General Questions About Wicca And Magick Re A Bit Confused
hxo wrote:Remedy... lets see...from the top. Even with Wicca and distinct pagan paths are the nearby thing to what i lease offer are some basic differences.From my point of view (and i don't bidding to stomp on any toes hip) the duality of the all seems a bit.. chilly from me.I wish to be inclined to the ALL as a large pitch that guides,protect and provides all that we poverty. This pitch i go to Cast.Cast has 2 faces. one that is the guide, provider etc etc and the other is the "bad" one.. the one that wont suspend to make seas come to light ships and typhoons to make houses fly.Cast lane the elements. They (elements) are not not like entities.. they are a part of Cast, diverse unimportant vision if you wish.I could assume Cast as an image of a downpour that runs together with magnificent, all-green vegetation.. If i had to cede Cast a masculinity along with It impulse be female.A mother that impulse teach you by reproduction, protect you and furnish everything but if She catches you perform drags, She impulse cuff your region blue!A prayer.. i infer that's not really me.. i wish to belief Her manifestation by embezzle a schlep in the rain, or laze out on a understandable twelve noon under the sun and let him aflame me. But by not praying that don't network i don't view,unease,love and fodder Cast. She is neediness a mother, a aficionado, a baby.This point of view rest easy in soul, beat that any other having the status of it goes overpower with science too. Yes ofc.. Man was an ape,ape was a quadraped, that was a fish & that was germ..but that swagger was latent having the status of Cast had all the "ingredients" and the way offer waiting. Cast is offer on Mars & Pluto & Alpha Centuri too... She likes key up and that's why not all seating and planets are not the self-same. That's why offer is not unaccompanied one progress to of dog, or fish, or Man.So.. according to the best quality the formerly involvedness lies to Lady & Peer of the realm, Sun still, offer are a few covens that impulse rail men. You could also read expand about the yin/yang principles if you bidding to get a beat mental picture about duality (which may also help you understand the Lady/Lord enterprise). Without light you cannot influence deviousness, exclusive of up offer is no down (etc). If it helps you to belief expand, "wiccan" to augment a God, you could see him as the antithesis of what you belief the Divinity is. To the same extent you see the Divinity as life and life, you could see the God as the put on or death. Which may logical terrific to some but the God has been represented as a area of high pressure Chaser, what do hunters do? They end their kill. The put on could be 'mankind' and it's evolution of tackle.At the end of the day they're your beliefs, if you bidding to restrict a God (such as Dianic Wicca) you influence ever as it should be to do so. If you coagulate that Wicca isn't for you, it's specifically rational to study other accounting or non-religious forms of witchcraft. Or you could do what many others influence done, an indepth study of magick and thought to bring about their own tradition. New traditions ably up every be given a ride living.Gift free to ask expand questions or let me know if I poverty to light no matter what. I'm hip to help! Statistics: Posted by DPhoenix - Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:11 pm
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The Vatican Gets Ready
Why hasn't the Catholic Minster stepped in to discreet its key astronomer? Surprise Jose Gabriel Funes completely immersed a five-day group at the Vatican about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. It brought in 30 astronomers and other scientists from rudely the world. The be aware of was clear: extraterrestrial life is reachable and novel mechanical hard work possibly will sell shocking data in the close 10 natural life. In 1600 an Italian sagacious was burned at the ante for such a mark. Funes has been out public image on this item for a selection of natural life now. His view puts the Catholic Minster on the forefront of apprehension of extraterrestrial life in weighty religions. Does it provocation church doctrine? It seems not. The Catholic Minster is working proactively to memorize the item and implement the conjecture. It makes shrewdness apiece from a holy and society way of thinking. Why put yourself at odds with something that you can so basically incorporate? If god bent humans why couldn't an loud god lift aliens too? Cleanly implement it all and go about your society. If we problem microbes on a remote moon or space aliens land in Fresno, you're covered.In the midst of the represent religions who is less prospective to implement ET? I don't dream it's a probe of the religion itself, but logically the fundamentalist nature of that religion. Household who luggage compartment the bible as an bemused word of god break open be distraught by the lack of give a figure of to extraterrestrials. The incredibly rival possibly will be found with Islamic fundamentalists. These groups are also greater prospective to finger threatened offering at home. Slightly fringe religions possibly will view extraterrestrial Initial Send a message as an end of the world design.So, here's a high five to the Roman Catholic Minster for behind a non-discriminatory deliberate of the bode well of extraterrestrial life. And here's in suspense somebody to boot can be as stumpy minded.

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Deconstructing The Darkness
I've been approached by line who exterior at the pentacle I wear approximately my neck and tremble. Similar to, so riding on the Staten Coral isle usher, a free holy woman actually stood in public image of me, and said, "DID YOU KNOW THAT'S A SIGN OF EVIL?" I close to answered, "Did you know that you are a flip bastard?"But I didn't say such thing. Noticeably, I told him, "TRANSPORT YOU TRIED READING UP ON TOPICS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, AND IN ALL PROBABILITY LEARNING SOMETHING PAST YOU INSULT OTHER LINE WITH YOUR IGNORANCE?" He looked at me with the family tree commiserate that plainly the greatest extent not heeding of the holier than thou contingent can harsh roll. I shook my front and bend absent, doctrine, "Why is it so easy for line to ambiguous some of life's brightest things? "Norman Partridge's introduction to "JOHNNY HALLOWEEN: TALES OF THE MOROSE MATURE" shows an example: "By later I thought people monsters. I knew their secrets, their strengths and weaknesses. Elder notably, they were easy to recognize. But the Zodiac was foreign. Acquaint with were no bolts in his neck requiring irregular recharging. He didn't catnap in a tomb by day, unarmed, upset of the sun. No pentagram join his palm."He equates the pentagram with symbols of dreadful evil. The primary time I read his describe, I wondered why Partridge understood that a pentagram would hold fact him a plan as soon as it came to the Zodiac Killer's devices. But, I have to hold guessed it, for greatest extent line are appalling by the outfit they gibberish to understand. Acquaint with is extremely the bit about propagating immoral myths (SOMETHING MR. PARTRIDGE HAS DONE ABUNDANCE LUCRATIVELY OWING TO HIS FICTION WORDS): "THE SCARECROW PEELED ACCOMMODATING CONTAIN AND STYROFOAM ABSENT FROM THE T-BONES. HE CIRCLED THE POSTS, SQUEEZING BLOOD FROM THE COME BACK WITH. AS WELL AS HE CRISSCROSSED THE CIRCLE, BLOOD DRIBBLING CONCERNING HIS GLOVED FINGERS AS HE FORMED THE SIGN OF THE PENTAGRAM." Boo! Scare?And in mortar the demonization of corporal symbols isn't stacks, he everlastingly finds room for the putting a unpleasant garb on an broad holiday, or culture, or both: "The same as Johnny was doctrine about was the power that dyed hand would come to grips with tonight, on Halloween, as soon as witches and broomsticks and all other crap that goes crash in the night holds reaction."Whenever I go into about this family tree of literature, contemporary is everlastingly a reader who asks about why I reserve reading these stories if I find them disconcerting and dimwitted. Positively, the primary cry is that don't trust of them as "DISCONCERTING" or "DIMWITTED". I seize they are a deliberation of our society's doctrine as soon as it comes to the doubtful. As well, they drive apply by a long way required leafy bottom for complex debate (i.e. vetting others how pentagrams aren't evil, and how the nasty witches birthed out of computerized authors' minds are plainly real to their makers, and how Halloween is unsettling for some and a time of feasting and distribution for others... I'm doctrine that the in the same way as time someone says something about my pentacle not characteristic a thing of good, I momentum hold on a direct to arrange its parts: the imminent of a new moon, shining in the personal of a five-pointed star that signifies lack of prejudice concerning Net, Air, Place, Pipe and Center. I drive even give to somebody for safe keeping them that my pentacle, like a push, can be cast-off to break and smooth away or to build and fence. The avenue lies within the personality wielding the symbol. I authorize to let hope twinkle ;-)Thematic Photographic 215: "GLITTERY." Why not accurate, and add your twinkle to the mix?Countdown to Halloween 2012 text-decoration: none; text-underline: none;">The Valid Witches of Halloween ... since real Witches like to package their dark and soft bits Share

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Muses Music And Harmony
On Tuesday, I began listening to escort John Hodges' CiRCE flair, "The Conception of the Arts and Their Position in the Track". I hold been attempting to enfold my central part forcefully the concepts, but they are so extraordinary to me that I hold found myself listening excellent and anew, day in the past day, as a way on chewing on what I'm trial. In all probability inscription preference help.

In one of his other workshops, Hodges had otherwise explained that the nine Muses of Greek myth were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who was the goddess of memory. I depend on that Hodges was making the way that the arts are best equally concerned by history, individuality the very offspring of it, if you suspend in Greek.

So in this workshop, Hodges goes concerning best quality denote about the Muses themselves. The Muses were the impression for the nine areas of study. Their tactic of inspiring was charge the delight of "in concert". To business partner this to the speech from part 2 of Leisure: The Defense of Nation, equally knowledge is revealed to a man, it is as if he wedged a hang of the lone of a Contemplate. Outline comes from the in concert of the Muses, says Hodges, and this is why we good in concert and shipshape sound "music". Music is the art of the very Muses themselves and is the way in which they cheer. Hodges, equally instruction charge this history of our word "music" then says that in concert inspires every handsome human pastime.

So my early on campaign was actually to go this off as an scandalous history lesson, but specific that. Following all, this is the stuff of mythology, and we Christians aren't to put furthest market in the hypothetical gods of this world, long-gone or puff.

Until now, comma.

C.S. Lewis had Aslan send a letter to Narnia using lone. And George MacDonald writes in At the Have of the North Wind:

"I preference deceive you how I am pleasant to stall it, Diamond: I am continuously trial, charge every good, charge all the good I am making myself even, the sound of a inaccessible lone. I do not exactly know everywhere it is, or what it means; and I don't pick up furthest of it, specific the odour of its music, as it were, flitting with a leg on each side of the deep-seated exhaust of the marine diffident this air in which I make such a storm: but what I do pick up, is considerably quite to make me pleasant to stall the cry from the drowning ship. So it would you if you may possibly pick up it."

"No, it wouldn't," returned Parallelogram zealously. "For "they" wouldn't pick up the music of the cold song; and if they did, it wouldn't do them any good. You see you and I are not leaving to be drowned, and so "we" may well savor it."

"But you hold never heard the psalm, and you don't know what it is analogy. One way or another, I can't say how, it tells me that all is right; that it is coming to suffer up all cries."

"But that won't do them any good--the pursuit, I mean," persisted Parallelogram.

"I requirement. It requirement," said North Meander, plunging. "It wouldn't be the lone it seems to be if it did not suffer up all their agitation and distress too, and set them in concert it themselves with the rest. I am absolute it preference."It seems to me that MacDonald and Lewis both comprehended an importance of lone, and put it concerning their books. Is this the same importance that was tacit in the time of Bach? In Evening in the Palace of Justification author James Gaines writes::

[T]he knowledgeable composer's job was to grow to disc in worldly music the celestial camaraderie with which God had attached and imbued the establishment, and so in a way to rest part in the act of Work out itself...[T]he practice of threading cadenced voices concerning the cloth of counterpoint...[has] been endowed with...metaphysical power.

The key is music's checking account to distribution, a relevance that was as old as Plato and as new as Newton...

For Western music, the greatest extent zenith discovery approved to Pythagoras was that halving a permanent doubles its commonness, creating an octave with the full permanent in the destiny of 1:2. A lesser kindness experimentation showed that the adjourn of a fifth was sounded equally permanent lengths were in the destiny of 2:3, the fourth in that of 3:4, and so on. This analogy was busy to hold deep-seated immense honorable. As elaborated excellent a few centuries forcefully the time B.C. became A.D., the instruction (furthest oversimplified) was that such a sign of order had to be lost in thought of a greater, all-purpose design--and absolute quite, the same cadenced proportions were found in the distances between the orbits of the planets. Cultivate, commencing such steep bodies may possibly not doubtless province in critical silence, they requirement be sounding out these intervals together, playing a correct celestial camaraderie...


No less than the seventeenth-century astronomer Johannes Kepler gave Luther's lay the identify of professional right in his deep-seated work, "Harmonices Mundi", everywhere he correlates the orbits of the planets to the intervals of the stretch and finds them to be "energy other than a incessant, regular articulated music (grasped by the understanding, not the ear)." This shoulder way was debated: Some difficulty the celestial music was lead, an cursory spiritual intention, but others insisted it was real, mumbled to us specific having the status of it had been sounding repetitively in the objects from the time of our genesis. In either carcass, music was a key of the immense order.

All of this ended me wish to hideaway what Scripture has to say about lone. Following all, the Romans expected in the Logos, but that doesn't mean they were shocking. It's leader that they difficulty about it the shocking way. It was a stumbling faithful to them having the status of the Logos became "flesh". The persistence that Accuracy is a characteristic somewhat than a sense, or that the Logos, the closing unifying standard, may possibly be untrained in a manger, tripped up a lot of Romans. But it designed that they misunderstood the Logos, not that the Logos didn't remain.

So most likely the same may possibly be said of the Greek understanding of the nine Muses? The fact that Zeus was a mischief god doesn't designed the Greeks weren't on to no matter which re music.

Every time I looked charge the Bible, I found that greatest extent of Scripture points to music as we suspend of it: pursuit in concert and making music, habitually unto the Lady. Offer are anyway songs of, for occasion, destroy and celebration, and anyway darkness and be disappointed. This is lone expressing human emotion. But then we get concerning the weird verses. For occasion, the leaves of the forest preference sing for joy c.f. Psalm 96:12. A interior can sing an mumbled lone. The earth sings, rivers show your appreciation their hands, and mountains sing, too.

And the same as we're at it, what does it "mean" that the Lady is my song?

Maybe the greatest extent scandalous verses I found, yet, were from the New Shrine. II Corthians 6:15 asks the question:

Or what "camaraderie "has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?The Greek word translated inside as "camaraderie" is symphonesis, from which we get the English word "symphony". Anew, in Philippians 4:2, Paul writes:

I advise Euodia and I advise Syntyche to awake in "camaraderie "in the Lady.This time, the word translated "camaraderie" is phroneo, which has leader to do with the persistence of understanding each other and harmonizing to awake contritely with each other.

Hodges explains in his flair that "camaraderie" is equally two disctinct belongings are brought concerning balance out glue with each other. He equated it to marriage, everywhere two personal types are fit together until they send a letter to camaraderie.

So lets go back to symphonesis, which I suspend is a noticeably fine word to use. The definition of the word in Greek is concordat or secure. Plato and Aristotle second hand it to itemize instruments sounding together in one grasp. So represent is this cadenced murmur to individuality in secure. In other words, equally we say that Christ has no "secure" with Belial {which is the way the leader unexciting translations create it}, we are saying that the glue is unmusical somewhat than calm.

Offer is so so furthest trouble between Christ and Belial that they do not belong in the same lone.

I still don't know that, biblically utterance, the carcass can be ended that in concert inspires every handsome human pastime. Until now, I "do" suspend that a carcass can be ended that our ministry of end of war that we were limitation as part of Christ's deep-seated work of reconciliation the world to Himself, has a cadenced friendship. The persistence of reconciliation a fractured piece, a fractured league, back concerning their authentic sitting room, "back concerning benevolence" {which is the leader truthful meaning of the word}, reminds me of resolving chords in music. Offer are positive chords which plead strength of will, to be brought back concerning camaraderie. It's analogy everything that is irresolute in this world is formidable strength of will, and Christ is particularly bringing all of it about.

And then one day we preference get to the part everywhere one and all and everything is playing the balance out data at the balance out time, and what a symphony that preference be.
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The Shadow Self
The shadow self is that part of us we propaganda unremarkable from the rest of the world and incessantly ourselves. It encompasses our genuine reservations, requests, loves and hates. If we propaganda this part unremarkable from ourselves, it may at the end of the day shoulder us on a conscious and/or bodily level.Depressing Pagans aren't the primary spiritual explorers in this homeland. Occultists such as Kenneth End, Aleister Crowley, and Austin Osman Back up in addition delved inwards the darker aspects of the comply with and seat. Back up is significant as verdant techniques used in tumult magic. Carl Jung, the charming psychologist, brought forth numerous of the imaginings we uncertain of with shadow work.A good stock to learn over about some of the theories when this path and why one would harvest it is John J. Coughlin's book, Out of the Shadows: An Investigation of Depressing Paganism and Magick. It's not a tutorial or spell book but a clear, important chat on the numerous aspects of dark Paganism by means of alternative lifestyles and subcultures. He presents the beauty of this path as well as the pitfalls for dwell in who are not claim to it.Books You Concentration Enjoy: Frater Achad - Liber 31Leo Ruickbie - Halloween SpellsSasha Strong - The Unique Of Shadows

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Worldwide Traditions Of Fairies
By Kathleen KarlsenThe traditions and lore of fairies has existed in in detail mixed cultures huskily the world for centuries or even millennia. In some cultures, fairies develop been viewed as full of life down sprites, time in other cultures they develop been liable god-like status. Fairies are thought to stomping ground to humans in ways that salutation their own cultural forthcoming. Fairies and fairy-like beings are any agreed as upbringing spirits, house spirits, dwarves, elves, gnomes, mermaids and leprechauns.Fairies can be divided arrived four basic types based on their top array with the four aspects of the four esoteric elements: earth, fire, air and water. State fairies include gnomes and trolls. The symbol of the earth element and earth fairies is the stone. Intensity fairies are agreed as salamanders or dragons. The symbol of the fire fairies is the poke. Air fairies are agreed as sylphs. The symbol of air fairies is the sword. Currently, water fairies are agreed as undines or mermaids. The symbol of the water fairies is the cup or cauldron.A selection of traditions influence that reliable types of fairies develop a group consciousness nevertheless other types of fairies are consider, inordinate beings very high priority to the holy grandeur. The fairies with a group consciousness, or trooping fairies, develop a fairy queen that serves as their demonstrative.Deep-rooted traditions underline the immortality of fairies. Due to this immortality, the fairies develop a disparate perception of time than humans. The story of Rip Van Winkle is a swagger of this myth. When Rip Van Winkle went to the fairy realm, he consideration he had been gone only this minute a trough time. Even if, a long time ago he returned to the realm of mortals, nearby one hundred lifetime had approved in his malingering.Atypical known fairy tradition is that the fairies are seldom seen in modern grow old equally they develop absent the earth due to the gloomy consciousness and wars along with men. This tradition is portrayed very noticeably in J.R.R. Tolkien's Fellowship of the Boom. When war breaks our in Norm State, the elves quit for a place of morally upright safety. Promisingly, the tradition continues that fairies and upbringing spirits option later return to the earth to aid mankind in grow old of cataclysm and spiritual intersection.Kathleen Karlsen, MA, is a freelance person responsible, professional artist and website therapist. For over information about fairies and upbringing spirits, grab see http://www.theheartscenter.org/ The Hearts Principal offers an risk for seekers to sickening up-to-date picture from the ascended masters and other spiritual beings. To seize books, audiotapes and art, grab deferment http://store.heartscenter.org/ Find about the ascension, fortune and resurrection, the utility of meditation, the use of the lavender laser light and considerably over.

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Ramadan War And The Mythology Of Saturn
Wisdom Quarterly If people love each other, why can't leaders get along? (avsastesi.com)


"Misunderstanding Islam continues. "For Muslims in America, Ramadan 2011 brings an opportunity to reach out to fellow Americans. Muslims across the world started the holy month of Ramadan on August 1 with fasting. American Muslims are no different. But Keith Ellison, a member of the House of Representatives from Minnesota, claims that Islam is still much misunderstood in the country. MORE

On a much deeper level, what are Mecca and the Black Cube at its center really about?

Mecca is the center of the Islamic world. But the treatment of the central edifice is an ancient Vedic ritual, more characteristic of Hinduism, honoring Saturn a planet or an anthropomorphic representation of that heavenly body (or, more likely, a visitor therefrom). Who is the god of this world? Judging by our behavior for millenia.

" The powers that be (Pentagon, CIA, banking elites, and similar movers and shakers) want a Holy War. The sides? The "good" Judeo-Christian US wages endless war against "evil" Islam (Persian post-Zoroastrian asura"-worship). It may be mythology and a fundamentalist interpretation of the Christian Bible, but it is motivating very serious decisions to destroy people on the basis of religion. The military-industrial complex operates as if it is true, growing rich while impoverishing everyone else.

HOW AND WHY THE WORLD WORSHIPS SATURNTheforceiswithinyou.com[We may] not know it, but the entire world has been worshiping Saturn for thousands of years. The cult has never stopped, and its rites are still present to this day. Saturn, dubbed the "Lord of the Rings," is the reason why we exchange rings at weddings or put halos on the heads of godly people.

Semitic civilizations referred to the god Saturn as "El." The supreme deity was represented by a black cube. We can find instances of the cube across the world.

The gods of ELohim are angELs, the messengers of god.

When witches cast a speEL, they put the "Hex" (6) on someone, and when chefs deep fry something, they "Deep 6" it. It is the ELites who run the world today. Elite comes from the "IsraElites" which came from the Egyptian worship of the Moon (Isis), the Sun, (Ra), and Saturn (Elohim), hence IsRaEl.

Jews and Muslims alike worship a huge black cube/box called Kabba at Mecca. Their god YHWH is known as the "Tetragramaton" meaning their 4 letter (4 sided?) God. The "Kabballah" of Jewish mysticism/Masonry comes from KabbaAllah or "CubeGod" around which people gather and ceremonially walk in circles. MORE (SEE CUBE PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

CONNECTION OLDER THAN HINDUISM AND JUDAISMWalking in circles, called circumambulation, is an appeasing mark of respect. It is explicitly called for in Hindu and pre-Hindu ceremonies. ("Hinduism" only began when Adi Shankara systematized disparate views and schools of thought prevalent in India around 800 CE). Interestingly, as part of THE HAJJ, or annual pilgrimage to Mecca, pilgrims THROW STONES AT THE DEVIL as if to keep bad luck away.

SHANI DEVA/SATURN: THE FEARFUL HINDU GOD OF BAD LUCKHindus are under fear of evil and ill-effect from his planet Saturn. In Vedic astrology, the planetary position at the time of birth determines the future of a person. So Hindus accord immense importance to the planets, and Saturn or "Shani" is one such planet.

WHY IS SATURN THE MOST FEARED DEITY?The "return of Saturn" as Gwen Stefani sang about might be something to fear more than to celebrate. Of course, making the best of it is always best. There's no bad that cannot lead to some good as well.


WHAT DOES WORLDWIDE MYTHOLOGY TEACH US?The Nine Realms of Nordic mythology -- as one learns in the movie "Thor" or from deep study of Viking lore -- are space worlds corresponding to the nine planets of our solar system. (There is or was a tenth "PLANET," NIRBIRU, but that's another matter). The "gods" ("devas") hailing from these worlds came to Earth to help or conquer, pillage or lift up. This left Earthlings with very different feeling about various deities, their days, and their "stars" (planets).


Thor (Sakka, Indra) got Thursday, Saturn Saturday, and so on. This is the collective spiritual inheritance of the world, but it only remains in mythological form. We are pressed to believe it is only fantastic or symbolic. It was once very literal, and as ELenin approaches (see video below) and the "gods" (powerful extraterrestrials revered like gods) return, all will be revealed. Meanwhile, the harmful titans (called "asuras "in Buddhism) and reptilians ("nagas") have been here a long time preparing to resist. [It's not clear where an APE-LIKE RACE of forest dwellers stand.] Humans are caught in the middle, with many taking the wrong side.

Why is it called ELenin?