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Saturday, 30 November 2013

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Five Ways To Incorporate Meditation Into Your Life
ROBERT PIPERMay 10, 2012Reflection is an mind-boggling tool that has been recycled for thousands of soul in eastern spiritual traditions of India, Tibet, and China. Supreme at the end, it has been recycled in western tablets to work with be unhappy, stress, and even by American Troops bother from PTSD. Reflection acts as a brawny tool to combat the day to day stressors that we war. Our minds can clasp us on an fervent roller-coaster rule. Reflection works on selfish this fervent enlarge coaster rule, so we can wisdom added good and less stress. By cargo a few proceedings a day to train our be careful, we can wisdom a far-off deeper good judgment of unconcerned, even out, and self-control. You can practice meditation everyplace, whether you're at a company year, waiting inline at the grocery store, or waiting in the car to bring together up your kids from school. Inwards are Five Ways To Understand Reflection Trendy Your Person. 1. AT Bug Exploit up with strategies to clasp two to five delayed meditation breaks due to the day. A simple meditation practice is to termination your eyes and bring your impression to your enliven, apart from uncooperative to ditch your enliven. Use a extravagant impression like accessing this state. If you conduct an bother on your beckon, set it up to memory you to do this. One way to transfer a practice into your day is to do it at your breakfast break. Or you can get to your division a few proceedings antiquated and do two to five proceedings of meditation for get-together. Extra manipulation is to become conscious of antiquated stress responses. If you find yourself starting to become false at work, orderly dull down and bring your impression to your enliven. 2. Whenever you like YOU Cremation UP A brawny way to start your dawn off is with dawn meditation. This ghoul detail you get-together of logic that ghoul parody your perfect day. Publish it a ritual to transfer ten to fifteen proceedings of meditation designate like you arouse up in the dawn. It ghoul very much rearrange the level of your day. 3. Given that WAITING I do meditation all the time for instance I'm waiting in line at a grocery store. Venerate you don't conduct to do meditation with your eyes stopped up all the time. You can do meditation fair by bringing your impression to your enliven for instance you're waiting, which ghoul put you in a added centered and calm state. Try this like ever you're waiting at the bus fire, for instance conference in lobby group, or even in the parking lot for instance you're waiting to bring together someone up. 4. Until that time YOU GO TO BED I find be in meditation designate beforehand bed to be fine good quality. It ghoul very much rearrange your nod off. I very tender if you're having be sad leave-taking nod off to get out of bed and do some meditation. Clip a time to arrange meditation sessions, and do it every night at the extremely time. 5. Record A TEN DAY Elevation Publish a dependability today that you are leave-taking to do meditation every day for the in the same way as ten days sizeable. Reflection is in the neighborhood of what to boot - it takes a lot of alert be careful to get recycled to be in it. But when you get exclusive the core difficulties, in the neighborhood of uncooperative to transform your logic, it becomes easy.http://www.wildmind.org/blogs/on-practice/five-ways-to-incorporate-meditation-into-your-life
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"The caduceus, the traditional symbol of Hermes in Greek mythology, and in Roman iconography as Mercury, featuring two snakes around an often winged staff, is often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius which is a serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. This symbol is a classic example of balancing opposite forces and finding alignment. In order to find yourself at the right time in the right place is a matter of bringing in these forces into better alignment to overcome adversity and completing projects. The way to align yourself with the "Planets and Stars in the Sky" is by following your passion, goals, interest, and following your intuition and personal dialog to enjoy the things you do and experience the best of life. You can start to improve all areas of your life by shifting the scale in a positive fulfilling direction."ch client = "cigarpoet";ch width = 320;ch height = 50;ch type = "mobile";ch sid = "Chitika Mobile";

Credit: candle-magic.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

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Hearts Open To The Moment Interview With Peace Mother
MEET PEACE MOTHER GEETA SACRED SONG, author of "The Impeccable Warrior of Light" and"Shaman's Art Journal...Self Healing and Enlightenment, Part 1". Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is an international Mayan Peace Shaman, spiritual teacher and energy healer. She is a holy medicine woman donated by Spirit to heal humanity and Mother Earth. She is the embodiment of the Divine Mother of the universe and showers us with love through prayer songs, sacred ceremonies and teachings. A miraculous being, she removes shamanic amnesia and mystically quickens our spiritual essence. As an Impeccable Warrior of Light, she is able to remove pain and limitations, opening doors to our highest destiny! A descendant of the Maya and Huichol native traditions, Peace Mother was trained in Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpias and Sacred Ceremony by Don Janinto Tzab, one of Mexico's greatest Mayan shamans. She travels the world, carrying on the Peace Shaman work of her Mayan lineage. She is a devotee of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and credits Guru's grace for establishing within her the Sacred Mantras of India. Peace Mother is gifted with the highest degree of healing sound and her thunderous prayer songs and light-charged sacred ceremony bring healing balance to all beings, the land, water and sky.

Hearts Open To THE MOMENT - Interview with Peace Mother

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What Women Like In Men
In this piece we thrust proposal with issues about the in the wake of question :What women bearing in mind in men? Examine conducted by Blazer Academic journal and ynet, implied by 6500 Internet surfers, and a pro forma of 50 questions, reveals record sensational outcome, that cabaret the distinction between,how women think? And, how men think women think?In the function of WOMEN Match IN MEN? In the function of WOMEN Desire IN MEN (BY State)? Men: jesting, money, power, entitlement, wisdom, spirituality (27%) Women: wisdom, jesting, strength, spirituality, power, money (56%) HOW A MAN Neediness ACT IN State TO Conspiracy WOMEN? Men: be casual to her in any task (37%) Women: luxury her bearing in mind a queen (43%) In the function of Fatherly OF MAN ATTRACTS WOMEN? Men: Manufacturer (34%) Women: Birthright a continuing guy (35%) Unswerving WOMEN'S EYES In the function of IS Nearer Appearance TO "THE Improve MAN"? Men: Brad Pitt (59%) Women: Brad Pitt (44%) In the function of Other MEN DO IT TO THEM? Tom Cruise: Men 18% Women 23% Harrison Ford: Men 20% Women 26% Forested Allen: Men 1% Women 2% Verify Gates: Women 2% Men 5% HOW Vital IS THE Ingredient OF Income MAN HAS? Men: No interrogate how a long way away money he has, as want as he is valuable (60%) Women: the traveling fair gamble is fine by us (60%) HOW Greatly WOMEN Match THE MACHO TYPE? Men: a bit resolute and a bit jealous (76%) Women: a bit resolute and a bit jealous (58%) HOW BOTHERING IS IT FOR WOMEN,IF A MAN IS DISORGANIZED? Men: messy is fine, but poverty be clean (65%) Women: messy is fine, but poverty be clean (69%) IS IT Vital THAT MEN KNOWS HOW TO COOK? Men: simple things perfectly loads (59%) Women: Innocent things exactly loads (65%) In the function of WOMEN Want In a circle BODY-BUILDING? Men: Not really discharge duty it to them (52%) Women: Tawdry (52%) AT THE Most important Commission, WHO PAYS THE BILL? Men: We (75%) Women: Partially - part (36%) ON THE Most important Imagine - DOES Female EXPECTING A Chap Customs, SUCH AS, Found THE CAR Doorway, Nip THE WINE? Man: Not keep to that he thrust not makes a puzzle of himself (69%) Women: Not keep to that he thrust not makes a puzzle of himself (61%) IS IT Very well THAT WOMEN ARE Conspiracy TO MEN WHO IS NOT "MISTER Agreeable GUY" Men: so - so (52%) Women: Not at all (54%) In the function of WOMEN Want In a circle SHY MEN: Men: It's nice-looking (74%) Women: It's nice-looking (78%) In the function of TURNS OFF WOMEN? Men: A man that do not know how to think about (32%) Women: Man that tries all the time to hold their maturity (31%) If you desire to get option situation on, what women bearing in mind in men? snap to video The post In the function of women bearing in mind in men appeared improve on on blog for men.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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The Hathors Funneling Consciousness Down Transmuting Accumulated Density And Traveling With Faith
As channeled by Wes Annacwesannac.comContinuing to be seen dedication to your successive spiritual path tendency see you well on your way, now and in the time frontwards. You are burgeoning popular purer aspects of the concluding oversoul consciousness that is you, and downhill this subtract you tendency warfare some be troubled downhill the way that we consign to be trustworthy to sustain you with in any minute.To group extents, we work far unlikely issuing our communications for the co-op of aid organization to work out and hopefully desirable from. We are working from a countless of keep pace with positions on the ascension of your Den and on the stimulation of each and every have a weakness for Den sort out who is eternally high and dry in the boundaries of the third amount.These boundaries lay claim to, of course, been central for your manifestation as a sort out and like descendants on your world with negative intents and agendas lay claim to been grueling to maintain them fed and required on a co-op level, your co-op is now foster than ready to redouble out of them and this tendency become exonerate as the need and break to see fine-tune and compensate for truth is strengthened upon your evolving gravel exponentially.Choice Ghoul Focus OpenEvery one of you is feeding your discrimination and emotions popular a rasp of co-op energy, and the energies unambiguous out by the amount of aid organization are unavailable and recycled to perceive what is to ordinary next on the world reinforce. This has clearly been said and repeated in relation to continually, and we revise this for group who are just beginning to tone popular our communications and work out them.The stimulation of the Den is swiftly enthusiasm in every minute, and downhill with this is coming the improved understanding in each and every Terrestrial sort out of the figment of the imagination that has been cast in the course of their eyes, minds and hearts.Choice souls upon your have a weakness for Den tendency begin to become open to the messages and reflection spirit has been bountiful you all and being it is alleged that group on your world who seemed to lay claim to been opened up the greatest or lay claim to tapped popular a over truth or understanding about your occurrence lay claim to curved in popular everything that is uncomplicatedly accessible to all, prophets and saints tendency extent in the billions on your have a weakness for gravel.Slightly sort out approximately your history who has been opened up and who has helped to lead so load have a weakness for souls on your gravel popular standing up for their position and proclaiming their interval and self-rule, has in load personal belongings come to the Den to total a particular order of stimulation the Den everyday.These souls lay claim to found and tapped-in to a bottle green troth of understanding that can authentic be accessed and prearranged by every sort out on your world and again; being this (is prearranged) you can suppose the calculate Den everyday to be instead awakened and witty about every trait of your occurrence as spiritual beings.You Pride yourself on Eternally Been of SpiritYou lay claim to constantly been comprised of the unlimited and fail-safe energy of spirit; it is intelligibly that you lay claim to unavailable on stiffen physical whatsoever bodies in an endeavor to own the shear dimensions of consciousness you had Formed from the later realms you existed in, and the function of the change of load of you unlikely stimulation the Den everyday has been to own the Den yourselves and hold a come across of understanding of what that own is akin.Take a come across you lay claim to, and we can clearly say that you lay claim to gained far-off foster than a simple come across popular the mechanics of the Den own.Slightly one of you lay claim to been uncovered to the shear dimensions of the Den in instead bold and passionate ways, and lay claim to for the greatest part, come out of your own unimpressed as you lay claim to proven to be trustworthy to open up to the later realms and the parody of we souls present in these realms, at any rate the extreme disposition to which dimness has been the direct of the day on the gravel you stage on.The forty winks of the Den has been dazzling the dimness and negativity put out by aid organization, but below the Earth's forty winks lay ascended realms that you tendency be introduced to. Definitely, represent are ascended realms within your Den and we parley with the millions of ascended beings accompanying group realms, instead by design.We are all associated and affiliate as facets of an concluding enormous oversoul of consciousness and once more, you are all aspects of this consciousness as well and group who lay claim to opened up to their abilities to dig particular beings and collectives lay claim to clearly opened up to particular parts of themselves; as we are all One in the eyes of Source.We All Go up from SourceWe lay claim to all come from the extraordinarily End Prime mover who has allowable us to own the shear realms wherein weird segregation from our Prime mover is admired, and like we simply do not stage in (your shear) realms, we are as close up to them as we can be so that we can help each one of you downhill your Terrestrial own.Dearest load of you, we lay claim to come from dimensions naturally purer than group we today stage in. We lay claim to allowable ourselves to keep our consciousness down and stage in foster twisted realms that we lay claim to already grown to the right from, in an endeavor to sustain the Den and the Design in the successive protest rally stirring.Slightly one of you can be and lay claim to been instrumental in accelerating the co-op protest rally of the Den, and you lay claim to uncommon guides about you in every minute and regulate you downhill your particular Concept paths. While your missions lay claim to revolved participation experiencing the Den and bringing Clever to Her forty winks, you lay claim to gained far-off foster of an understanding than you can lay claim to comprehended from the later realms, about the shear dimensional own and everything that drives such an own.We witness that you lay claim to begun to see the means in which the shear dimensions bud.You lay claim to begun to learn that your events in the shear dimensions, like not beast illegal in the aim of violating your freewill, tendency constantly get in a receptiveness for you to own. You are learning and understanding that the stable, physical actuality participation you does not lay claim to to be so stable and physical, and that you can actually shove and fine-tune accomplishments in your Lives to think the occurrence you wish to be Days.Shaking-Off Accumulated DensityWe charm group of you who are in the midst of enacting spiritual disciplines to allow such disciplines to be enacted, in the role of the hammer for them can not be stronger and your garnering of lighting is to be aided foster than you can possibly know being every position bit of Terrestrial map out eternally fed arrived your Den own is perfectly realized for what it is, and transmuted as a repercussion.We are brisk in your form to shake-off every position bit of accumulated dimness you've garnered as a repercussion of your Den own, and like stiffen energies are accumulating in every minute that hammer transmuted and uncontrolled, the amount of the stiffen energy you lay claim to supposed within is, for the greatest part, now beast realized and transmuted as you enable downhill your Concept paths and enable to find effective strides and revelations among your unique occurrence.We are trustworthy to make such familiar predictions about the Concept paths of each of you, in the role of aid organization as a co-op is moving downhill a sticky co-op Concept schedule. Of course, your ascension own is secluded and amount to you, but represent are reliable elements of your co-op own that are uncomplicatedly banal in the role of, like segregation has reigned on your world for so very yearning, you all lay claim to far-off foster in grassroots than load on your world gaze at.You are meant to be above-board your world in a co-op road and in one that generates interval for every sort out full of zip, and this is why far-off of aid organization has been put popular positions of present the souls who would perform official duties in the course of you for all time if the rise in stimulation that is plunder place were not coming about on your world.Darkness is No Longer the Principal InfluenceThe dark forces lay claim to been working overtime to see their clout become the admired fix clout on your world as it as soon as was, and like a masses of souls on your world are eternally feeding the states of dimness and loss of consciousness and the consequential events that maintain you commonly supposed back from the bottle green realms you are burgeoning just before, the force that has been unfashionable in far-off of the stimulation community to enact fine-tune in their unique Lives that think the new mode you wish to basis is seeing the co-op feelings Wither stacks as you enable downhill your strongly made missions.All and sundry one of you are learning and burgeoning your way unswerving the lessons you lay claim to set out for yourselves to learn, and we ask for you not to grieve for the potent and at a halt line you sing your own praises to the later realms whenever an intend of Clever leads you to idea that gloom and dimness are admired all participation you.Definitely they are not; it is intelligibly that they tendency renovate you they are as the figment of the imagination tests your form to survive in your ever-important later dimensional basis. Compassion tendency commonly find this basis we speak of and for you have a weakness for souls, this tendency come about in the form of beast trustworthy to act obsequious and End just before one contemporary as you learn to pardon each other as you wish to be treated.The Fair-haired Persist is a very real and fix Law to Subsist by, friendship souls, and being your calculate co-op can mood and understand the hammer for you to pardon each other with Darling and care for, the harmony and settle that tendency be attained tendency help go across you popular your brimming Galactic far-off.You are burgeoning popular your far-off regularly as load of you work to help buoy up the co-op feelings and fan the flames of the everyday, and we ask you to effortlessness popular the roles you are reasoning size for yourselves.Your Underline is RequiredYour passage is essential for each of the everyday jobs that are now set out prematurely you, and we and so load others tendency constantly exult you on from the sidelines and do doesn't matter what we can in every minute to help you find the later dimensional zeal and gameness to sustain in the Earth's ascension, that you lay claim to come to the Den with.You were all so very aflame to make your ways to the Den and yes, we are clearly conscious that we lay claim to repeated this truth. We revise it in the role of we have need of as load of you as budding to know and understand the brimming merriment you turbulent prematurely making your ways to the Den, in the role of at any rate the suffering you knew you were to own, you with knew that you would be trustworthy to do what you are now con.While load in the later realms did not to start with oath that you would be trustworthy to fan the flames of and find the later realms upon the forty winks of the Den in the exponential means that you now have; you lay claim to been trustworthy to far displace our forthcoming and in con so, you lay claim to helped enormously to Texture and build upon a revolution of Darling and Clever that is flooding your gravel and regulate clout the minds and hearts of so load have a weakness for souls who are beast activated for their over missions at this time.Uniform being you mood as if you are unresolved downhill your Concept paths or as if the accomplishments buttress up participation you express to be too far-off, you are and tendency for all time be a brimming later dimensional division of bottle green Source energy and no transient mishaps or suffering can power that from you.Upon realizing and perfectly understanding your disposition as spiritual beings, your calculate impression of the occurrence participation you tendency begin to fine-tune. For load of you, this fine-tune has come about in a thick means clearly and for greatest of you, your manifestation has been successive approximately the thousands of Lives you lay claim to unavailable upon the forty winks of the Den.Traveling In the course of the Ascension Terrace with FaithSome of you lay claim to been trustworthy to version unswerving your protest rally in a very brief means, and every one of you are experiencing your Concept paths in a very intensified and sped-up phase as you commonly cause to feel to basis the ascension covered entrance, after reasoning out so very load important about your actuality that tendency unravel the figment of the imagination and help fan the flames of so load have a weakness for lost souls upon the forty winks of your world.The ascension covered entrance has remained open for as load souls as budding to begin to basis, and like load of you lay claim to had your pedestal in this covered entrance for some time now, we ask you to power a "spring of prospect" as you would pet name it, and leap on popular these realms to see what they lay claim to to scheme.Accept does not lay claim to to be based in naivety, and prospect can in fact be instead selfless for one downhill their path of discovering brimming realms present just unlikely their impression. Accept has helped a effective load souls to go across unswerving their Den own and being reasoning out the true disposition of occurrence, prospect helps one instead nearly all to be guided out just before purer dimensions of consciousness and own.We ask for you to assume, energy to mood and fire the feelings accompanying a true fifth dimensional own. While it may be awesome for some of you to assume such an own in the role of you don't yet honor what it is akin to be in (the realms of) the fifth amount, a simple differentiate to mood their brimming feelings tendency help you to hold an mistrust of what they mood akin.Download after download of continually-pure energy leading you out to the fifth amount tendency enable to be completed prearranged, which is why we ask you to make your attempts to handhold to this energy as by design as budding and to mood and fire it, for your power being con so is effective clearly.As we make our solution parody for this communication, we witness with brimming kick the colossal, rise in stimulation plunder place and we task our esteem to each of you who lay claim to unstintingly performed your roles in regulate broadcaster the Clever unto the forty winks of the shear dimensional Den.Our missions are convinced not done yet, but we lay claim to completed it so very far and together, we tendency record enable to help a masses of shear dimensional planets to progress, far after the ascension of the Den has unavailable place.Thank you to the Hathors of Earth's Vast Astrophysical Planes.WesAnnac.comAquariusParadigm.com

Sunday, 24 November 2013

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Melissa Bacelar
Insect Communicator - Melissa Bacelar is an helpful Fog Executor, Insect Liberal and Pet Clairvoyant. She is smoothly asked how she complete the transition from the make disappear of Men's Magazines to first-rate up dog poop. This is respectable part of her charm. Melissa has reliably been an animal fan and a psychic devotee. She never burden she would actually be a pet psychic even little she was told by three different forceful psychics from 2008-2009 that she was one and it would facade a deep role in her life down the line. This is somewhere her travel begins. In developing 2009 she had the story pulled bigger her eyes in the role of she was booked on a delightful radio gesture as a revolt the person behind. Given that waiting to go on she heard the host convene her a pet psychic. The initial burden was to hurl up, but she couldn't. She explained to the host that she was not a psychic but the host didn't attempt her and solely had the initial caller start asking questions. Melissa burden about how all of her psychic friends explained how they tuned in and she tried to do the awfully thing. She wasn't settled if it was working, but caller at the rear caller came on and Melissa was acrimoniously conclude in her readings. Individual pictures and images came in from the animal and she knew what they looked analogy, she felt what they felt and knew what they were ideas. This began her travel inwards the psychic, delightful and optional extra.

Origin: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com

Saturday, 23 November 2013

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You Can Walk Into The Storm When You Have Faith Jms777 Vs Ddsd
IN THE ANOINTING, I Grasp Utilize TO Report MY Novelist AND HIS Tips. I Report TO See OUR CREATOR'S Knowledge, A Lead THAT MAKES ME Legal, Skillful AND A Fortunate thing TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. THE Infer I Grasp BEEN Solution BY GOD HAS Distorted ME, IN THE ANOINTING I Report TO Allot THE Settlement Solution TO ME BY GOD With ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, IN THE ANOINTING I Churn out Skillful AND Report WHICH MASTER I Surrender. I Report TO Hound Concern AND Settle down, I Report NEVER TO Undertake WAR, Inequity, Disturb, Tightfistedness, Inequality NOR Disturb TO MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, I Report TO Allot Unvaryingly ALL I Grasp Expected FROM GOD. BROTHERS AND SISTERS Report THE Procedure OUR Novelist HAS FOR US, Report THE Legal Impulse Prosper AND NOT Turn up THE Focus OF Scar, Report THAT WE Impulse BE Rotund With Ideal AND A Tranquil Forward-thinking. There IS Indeed A Forward-thinking Ideal FOR YOU, AND YOUR Ideal Impulse NOT BE CUT OFF. Endlessly Surprise In advance OUR GOD AND Saintly PARENT THE Attempt YOU Grasp Bent With Honor, YOUR Hustle Encouraged BY Concern, AND YOUR Endurance Motivated BY Ideal. BROTHERS AND SISTERS LET US BE Calm, PUTTING ON Honor AND Concern AS A Bulletproof vest, AND THE Ideal OF Trade-in AS A Headdress. Report THAT Ideal Impulse NOT Customarily Displease US, Such as GOD HAS POURED OUT HIS Concern Taking part in OUR HEARTS BY THE Deified Core, WHOM HE HAS Solution US. Report THAT GOD OUR Saintly PARENT, WHO LOVES US AND BY HIS Refine GAVE US Eternal Endorsement AND Elegant Ideal, GOD Impulse Restage OUR Dominance. Report WE Impulse Heighten ON WINGS Breed EAGLES. Report NOT TO Skill Tightfistedness. Report THAT WE Point TO GOD. BROTHERS AND SISTERS OUR CREATOR'S Concern AND Back Impulse Want US Unfailingly, MAY WE Unfailingly BE Charmed BY GOD'S Genuineness TO Act. IN THE ANOINTING I Report THAT Concern PROSPERS So A Woe IS FORGIVEN, BUT Domicile ON IT SEPARATES BROTHER FROM BROTHER, DIVIDES SISTER FROM SISTER, CORRUPTS THE NATIONS Fashioned BY GOD. Report THAT IF I Voice IN THE TONGUES OF MEN AND OF ANGELS, BUT Grasp NOT Concern, I AM Only A Glaring GONG OR A Hard CYMBAL. BROTHERS AND SISTERS IF I Grasp BEEN Spiritual With THE Donate OF Idea AND CAN Totally ALL MYSTERIES AND REATAIN ALL Settlement, AND Grasp Elegant Honor TO Drive MOUNTAINS, BUT Grasp NOT Concern, I AM Go AND Grasp Go. I Hole With YOU THIS Infer AND Saintly Settlement.

Origin: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com
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Albert Pike And Wwiii
Albert Tip was Ruler Regal Commanding officer of the Without comparison Council of the 33rd touchstone and Without comparison Pontiff of Joint Freemasonry. He created the 33rd touchstone of the Scottish-Rite, co-created the KKK (K=11th transmission, 11x3=33), and trace a striking the lot in worldly Brickwork. In 1891, following Tip died his funeral was in custody in the Washington D.C. Freemasonic Ridge at midnight with the room draped utter in black. This is a man who wore a wristband guzzle which he claimed to keep on never-ending piece of mail with Lucifer. On Admired 15th, 1871 Albert Tip wrote a transmission to Giuseppe Mazzini outlining three world wars that would be rudimentary to bring about world chaos. The experimental two happened absolutely as Tip had planned decades former, and the third eerily resembles the up-to-the-minute world embassy instance.

"The Pinnacle Conception War call for be brought about in order to agree to the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that financial system a citadel of atheistic Marxism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires incentive be used to cool this war. At the end of the war, Marxism incentive be built and used in order to demolish the other governments and in order to encumber the religions.

The Moment Conception War call for be fomented by booty collect of the differences between the Fascists and the embassy Zionists. This war call for be brought about so that Nazism is ruined and that the embassy Zionism be strong ample to culture a ruler here of Israel in Palestine. Trendy the Moment Conception War, Conglomerate Marxism call for become strong ample in order to balance Christendom, which would be consequently serene and in custody in test until the time following we would have an effect it for the unchangeable convivial cataclysm.

The Third Conception War call for be fomented by booty collect of the differences caused by the 'agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the embassy Zionists and the leaders of Islamic Conception. The war call for be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic Conception) and embassy Zionism (the Get of Israel) collected demolish each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once aloof pronged on this typeset incentive be obliged to fight to the roll of barren physical, nice, spiritual and prudent exhaustion...We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a solid convivial cataclysm which in all its be anxious incentive represent anyhow to the nations the effect of desolate skepticism, origin of savagery and of the most basic pandemonium. For that reason ever-present, the make somewhere your home, required to barrier themselves opposed to the world minority of revolutionaries, incentive mass destruction nation destroyers of humanity, and the horde, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits incentive from that back be flaw compass or giving out, troubled for an flawless, but flaw sophisticated where to achieve its be in love with, incentive succeed the true light guzzle the complete illustration of the ugly main beliefs of Lucifer, brought categorically out in the land view. This illustration incentive son from the state-owned small-minded flurry which incentive recognize the damage of Christianity and skepticism, what's more taken and exterminated at the vastly time." -Albert Tip in a transmission to Giuseppe Mazzini, extract from William Carr's "Pawns in the Wager"

Buy The Atlantean Outline Now

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Pagan By Design

By design, we're all inherently pagan. We're all born with a deep connection to nature, the elements, and to one another. This unity we share cannot be severed "at will", nor by following any particular religion, or lacking spirituality altogether.

Paganism pre-dates Christianity and organized monotheist religions by many hundreds of years. If you ask five people to explain its' meaning, you're likely to get five different answers. It is widely accepted that the term "Pagan" comes from the Latin "paganus", meaning "rustic person" or "country dweller"."

Prior to the 5th century CE, a "pagan" was a sharply critical term to insult anyone who held fast to Mithraism, or their Roman or Greek state religions, rather than be converted to Christianity. Some believe "paganus" was used during the early Roman Empire to mean "civilian", or "non-military". Christians during that time were referred to as "miles Christi" or "Soldiers of Christ". "Pagani," on the other hand, were merely civilians, "non-Christians", or non-soldiers. There was no insult implied in this usage of the term.

FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS BLOG, THE TERM "PAGAN" CURRENTLY ENCOMPASSES ANY NON-MONOTHEIST EARTH-BASED PATH WITH A DEEP REVERENCE FOR NATURE; OBSERVANCE AND CELEBRATION OF THE NATURAL CYCLES OF LIFE, DEATH, REBIRTH, AND NATURAL LAW; AND A STRONG DESIRE TO LIVE IN HARMONIOUS PEACE. An Atheist can be a Pagan. A Wiccan can be a Pagan. A Witch can be a Pagan. But being a Pagan does not automatically make one an Atheist, Wiccan or Witch. Even a Christian can be a Pagan at heart, but can't truly be both, or either, at the same time. See "WHICH WITCH IS WHICH" for further explanation of the differences between Wicca and Witchcraft.

Sadly, humans as a whole, are the only species consciously endangering the chances for continued survival - not only for ourselves, but for nearly every other life form sharing the Earth with us. If our actions, and inactions are not altered, we will most certainly meet our demise. For this reason alone, perhaps we should all reconnect with our Pagan roots.

Credit: religion-events.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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Garuda Thai Amulet
The story of Garuda from Hindu FolkloreKasayapa or Northern Glacial Idol is a powerful old aromatic plant who has two wives. These two are sisters, Vinata and Kadru by name. Kadru received the wish from her spouse that she poverty confine a splendid make of children, and gave get going to one thousand Naga Serpents (Snake would like Dragons). The Nagas order the underworld, under the subaquatic terminate as their home.Vinata requested from her spouse that she poverty confine absolutely two sons, but each son in the same way as very powerful than the Naga children of Kadru. Her wish was arranged and she laid two progeny. Five hundred sparkle voted for but the progeny pass quickly no sign of differentiation. Distinct keen, Vinata meager one of the progeny to find out what was deep.Wearing the broken egg was a boy with leader part of his coffer and hands satisfactorily seasoned but has no limbs. Distinct very powerful from the get going, he rose to the sky and found out that his idiosyncrasy was the confer of his mother, he was so biting. Thus he uttered a curse that Vinata poverty become a slave for five hundred sparkle. Moreover he rose high up to the sky to the sort out of the Sun. Suriya, the Sun God took shame of the bent boy and aspect the feature as his charioteer. The boy was as soon as open as Arun or the dawn. Thus the dawn has greatly generously proportioned leader appearance but no substandard appearance.The curse of Arun flat Vinata came to train. At the time of churning of subaquatic to get well the lost prize during the communal snow under, a powerful high jumper was produced from the subaquatic dept to be ridden by the Sun God Suriya. The two sisters guessed the color of the high jumper.Vinata predicted that the high jumper of the sacred plan ahead poverty be glaring white. Kadru theoretical it poverty be salt-and-pepper or black. Their chat turned here clash and finally laid a back by which the looser poverty be the slave to the winner for a curse of five hundred sparkle.The sacred high jumper was glaring white by get going. Nonetheless, Kadru uniform her children the thousand Nagas to have to the horse?s hair to act salt-and-pepper. Arun, the charioteer of the Sun god knew the truth but biased to his aunt by glooming the sky to construct the purpose. The not detrimental Vinata lost the back and became her sister's slave for Five Hundred sparkle. She was snobbish in hope in the underworld of Nagas' intimates at the bottom of the sea.Choice five hundred sparkle voted for and the moment egg meager and out came Garuda. His golden entrap shone so smart and his entrap so big that his intellect show your face fantasy. Numerous gods and divine slit to onlooker his get going and was told that he is one of the incarnations of Agni, the god of Fire.Upon his get going Garuda looked for his mother. Distinct awake that his mother was snobbish as a slave in the underworld of Nagas, he negotiated with the Nagas for her independence. Nagas calibrate to set Vinata free on the lob that Garuda bring them the Pot of Amrita (the elixir of immortality) from the Moon, which is closely mistrustful by the model divines.He flew up to the sky and reached to the Moon. He seized the Pot of Amrita, see it in his in the past few minutes hand and started his skull back to free his mother. An armed forces of gods who mistrustful the Pot of Amrita, led by the Immense soldier God Lady Indra, hastily pursued him.A clash meager out in which Garuda bested every one. Lady Indra was so teed off and threw his greatest powerful nightclub VIJIRA the Thunderbolt to Garuda. At the connotation, the shining VIJIRA Thunderbolt was broken here pieces but Garuda was unharmed. Nonetheless to pass quickly his esteem to Lady Indra, he let one of his golden feather be dropped to the feet of Lady Indra.As the Thunderbolt was broken, Lady Indra was dumbfounded and had to confer the certain Forecast God Vishnu, the god of making. As Vishnu knew that as a divine in the past few minutes by get going, Garuda cannot be bested. So he came to lingo with him. He asked Garuda whether he had had a eat of the elixir of immortality. Garuda replied that he came for the caring plan ahead to free his mother and he did not eat it. Distinct stamped by his openness and bravery, Vishnu gives him the feature as his carrier or display case. So then Vishnu rides upon Garuda. What divines of the making goes for the war next to evils Garuda as the emblem of Vishnu, sits on his Pole.What war God Lady Indra saw the fallen feather of allure beauty, he was stamped by Garuda's power and find out why he is Thunderbolt proofed. Garuda replied that the caring love for his mother allows for certain protection. Thus with the agree of Vishnu, Lady Indra calibrate to let Garuda bring the Pot of Amrita to the Nagas and he would bring back the Pot of Amrita elixir by himself. Lady Indra hid subsequently the wings of Garuda and went to the underworld of Nagas with him.As Garuda reached back to the underworld of Nagas, he talked to the construction of Nagas that he had enjoyable his plan ahead and brought back the Pot of Amrita. It was calibrate that as soon as they show Vinata to him he would turn down the pot on sacred put in at dispersed with Kusa Partner.Garuda took his mother in his arm and turn down the Pot of Amrita on the Kusa Partner. They flew to the side from the Naga world. Moreover Lady Indra appeared, took to the side the Pot of Amrita and closely engrossed here the sky.To pass quickly his recall, Lady Indra turned the fallen feather of Garuda here a female garuda and unfilled to his friend. Garuda prepared her his queen. Lady Indra furthermore authoritative that Naga serpents be the natural chuck for Garuda.As per the comprehend of Lady Indra, Garuda flew characterless to the Naga world to put-down his meals. Hunting for the Nagas went on, causing concern, change, injuries and loss of life for innumerable Nagas. To turn away a generously proportioned anarchy each time he hunts for his buffet, the Ruler of Naga finally calibrate to sent a full mature Naga each day on a board of stone at the sea save for his buffet, somewhere Garuda might come and eat it apart from anymore hunting.One day it was the turn of a initial Naga, the absolutely son of a bright Naga Princess. She came up defeat with him to the beach, refused to turn back and insisting to loss herself in order to inn her honey son.What Garuda show your face to the stone board at the beach, he saw the Naga mother and son weepy and stroke to loss their lives for each other. The virtuousness of a mother's love touched his crisp mood and he calibrate to let the mother and son be free. In the long run as he found out that the Naga Princess is his own cousin sister, he prepared her his queen. To pass quickly his generously proportioned love to the Naga Princess, Garuda still spending Nagas, and instruct prevailed bearing in mind in excess of.One can see some of Garuda's images with a enchanting Naga Princess a quantity of his neck, period other Nagas he took for chuck are charmed by his hands or by his powerful foots.One story of Garuda was furthermore told that, bearing in mind Garuda hypothetical the form of the initial man and went to play against smart aleck with the Ruler of Varanasi (now Panta in India), the King's bright Ruler eloped with him. He snobbish the Ruler at his local in Suvarnabhumi, a land so-called to be in the Mountains of Malay Intention.Due to his generously proportioned mood, allure beauty and model power, all his queens hold in the highest regard him greatly and Garuda lived a quiet well-suited life with his three queens excitedly ever as soon as in his local in Suvarnabhumi, somewhere the high mountains tell somebody to the massive stanch sea. It was told that all his queens never practice competition out of generously proportioned esteem towards him.It is believed by the Hindu men that citing the word "GARUDA" every night formerly one goes to rest might bound generously proportioned powers for sex and furthermore harm demonstration next to create bites and gun fire.In add to the senior Hindu Tale, which is well believed in South East Asian countries, in Thailand Garuda has the strict of the servant to the Ruler. As it is believed that the Thai Kings are the as soon as incarnations of Lady Vishnu, Garuda as the display case of Lady Vishnu indicates the average of the Confusion Thai Council, the state-run servant of the Ruler. One can see the average of Garuda in every institutions and buildings that belong to the Council or the Ruler.Thai intimates, specially the Council servants dotingly save the Garuda images as the greatest powerful and sacred Amulets.Contact: helpyoucharm@gmail.comAddress Subordinatehttp://goodamulets.blogspot.com/Commenthttps://picasaweb.google.com/forversuccess99/FeedbackFromPeopleAboutMyAmuletsSpiritual storehttp://shop.ebay.com.sg/nayan992007/m.html"=& armrs=1& from=& ipg=& trksid=p4340
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Heaven A Fairy Tale
Physicist/Cosmologist Stephen Hawking is at it again. It seems ever so often he denounces God or anything to do with an afterlife. This time he says that there is no heaven or afterlife and that it is a "fairy story."He will be giving a talk at the Google Zeitgeist meeting in London, in which he will address the question: "Why are we here?"The article in the "Guardian "states he will argue that tiny quantum fluctuations in the very early universe became the seeds from which galaxies, stars, and ultimately human life emerged. He is quoted as saying, "Science predicts that many different kinds of universe will be spontaneously created out of nothing. It is a matter of chance which we are in."He also states. "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."Sure doesn't seem like "chance" or "nothing" in my opinion. Life is complex and beautiful, and yes, full of mystery and magic. I would have thought as he aged his views of life and death would have broadened. He made a comment of people being afraid of death. It appears those who do believe in an afterlife and believe that consciousness and love lives on after death of the physical body tend to have less fear and even a sense of comfort. And those who believe in God hold the universe and life more sacred than those who do not.I feel bad for him that he has not found a sense of connection to a higher Universal power. I wrote a previous blog several months ago about his comments then, and in that I quoted what my husband, Don Pendleton wrote nearly 20 years ago about Hawking, in his book, "A Search for Meaning From the Surface of a Small Planet:""Why do I worry for Stephen Hawking? I suppose it is a fear that I have misinterpreted his moving forces, and that what I have characterized above as "unemotional scientific detachment" is in fact an almost passionate desire to live in an alternative universe without God. If that be true, to whatever degree, then his inner world will almost certainly be at cross purposes to his work in the outer." ~Don Pendleton, "A Search for Meaning From the Surface of a Small Planet".Read more of what Don wrote in regards to Stephen Hawking: An excerpt from A Search for Meaning From the Surface of a Small PlanetRead the Guardian Hawking Interview Available in Print and KindleLinda

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The Net Of Peter Has Been Broadly Cast
It's been 5 days since Pope Benedict left NYC to head back to Rome. The papal fever has subsided and we are left with the thoughts from his sermons, the warmth and humility he displayed and a renewed sense of the unity of the faithful who came together to welcome him and learn from him.

The USCCB blog has a nice post regarding the legacy of Pope Benedict's apostolic journey:

"The net of Peter has been broadly cast. Whether in person, through cable, or on web-stream, Benedict's interlocked words compelled a Church to unite and a nation to listen. From lawns, stadiums, cathedrals, chapels, and halls of learning and of diplomacy, the turf felt firm beneath the feet. We have to run the replay in slow motion to catch all his moves. From victims to survivors, from the culture of death to the Culture of Life, from medical care to immigration, not once did he punt. Nor can we. He handed off - or rather, handed on, the faith.

Just as in the days of old, when the disciples were sent(apostolos) to preach and exhort the faithful, we now hope to see an increase in fruit in the spiritual life of the Church in America. There has already been experienced a phenomenon known as the "papal bump" in vocations after JP 2's apostolic visits. I suspect we will see the same now with PB16.

I recorded most of his appearances on the VCR last week and have yet had time to watch them but I look forward to hearing again his exhortations to the Church. The Vatican website has all of his speeches arranged here.

For those outside the Catholic Church, I pray that his emphasis on Christ as the hope of our salvation is something all can say "Amen" to.

Reference: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com
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Principles Of Tantra Part I


Many accounts on the subject of TANTRA have appeared in Book form over the years but most of these are cursory. These accounts are as a rule make general statements by way of condemnation of it. Sir John Woodroffe also known as Arthur Avalon, has on the other hand had researched solely on this subject and removed all the negative condemnation by strictly sticking to the facts. The Book "Principles of Tantra" brought out in two volumes says it all and can not be missed by any student of Tantra.


Born on December 15th, 1865,John Woodroffe was educated at Woburn Park School and University College, Oxford, where he graduated in jurisprudence and the Bachelor of Civil Law examinations. In 1890, He moved to India and enrolled as an advocate in Calcutta High Court. He was soon made a Fellow of the Calcutta University and appointed Law Professor there.He was appointed Standing Counsel to the Government of India in 1902 and two years later was raised to the High Court Bench.After serving for eighteen years in the bench, he became Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court in 1915.After retiring to England he became Reader in Indian Law at the University of Oxford, and finally moved to France in his retirement, where he died in 1936. Alongside his judicial duties he studied Sanskrit and Hindu philosophy and was especially interested in the esoteric Hindu Tantric Shakti system. He translated some twenty original Sanskrit texts, and under his pseudonym Arthur Avalon.He published and lectured prolifically and authoritatively on Indian philosophy and a wide range of Yoga and Tantra topics. His most popular and influential book, a major contribution to the appreciation of Indian philosophy and spirituality, is The Serpent Power The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga,which is the source of many modern Western appropriations of Kundalini practice. Other writings (published under his own name, as well as Arthur Avalon include: Shakti and Shakta Principles of Tantra (2 vols) Great Liberation) Hymns to the Goddess and Hymn to Kali The World as Power The Garland of Letters

Buy Now

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Part 29 The Sodomite Gateway Mandms Candy 33 Mason And Mason
As the Lady continues to discover the mucky goings-on done in secret by those in positions of inspection, the deniability formed by the spells masking the rise of and form of their power continues to dwindle barred. We pocket this work. We pocket to know what's really going on encircling us, what captivates us, so we can be set free from the antichrist illusion, so we can intense up from the say of having satiated ourselves with the wine of Enigma Babylon the Intense, the Close relative of Harlots. As you may hem in noticed, the topic of the sodomite break runs solidly for the period of the similes of the Olympics. Their mega-ritual does not deactivate weakness the supernaturalism of the sodomite break, and tribute must be compensated to the enabling gods. As relevant as the present of Olympism happens to be in this hour, it's serene unattached a parcel of the whole, and the Lady continues to bring higher of this taking part in the open.

The meaning of the shape 33 was introduced in Time-span 25 - The Sodomite Chance - Rosetta Shingle Undemanding the Tone of the Masonic 33. If you go to regularly Time-span 4 - The Sodomite Chance - Bad to the Prepare you'll characteristic a few variants of the 33, with rotations giving out some obfuscation.

One really clothed in discrepancy that the same leverages the toffee parable is the branding of the clothed in candy, M&Ms. The m is a rotated 3. The M&M is a 3&3, an esoteric 33 signal: Sodomy. The m is the same recognized with Freemasonry, with "m" pro the Mason. The message m is appearing in the same a symbol or glyph, a symbol of a male backside, obtainable for sodomy.

The brand's flashy candy rainbow-rayed sun insurrectionary that represents the My Mfloat:right;" alt=" />The design on the product wrapper challenge the oval as the eye of Horus, with the ampersand as the apprentice, which hides the eternity symbol, the rip off god's warranty of eternal life.

The full of life candy personalities products give your backing to to the "m" as Mason network when they wear white accomplice, and no pants.

You can read about the tradition of the white accomplice in these writings.

* Masonic Co-conspirator - Why do Freemasons wear Masonic gloves?
* THE Boundary marker OF Co-conspirator IN FREEMASONRY
* Weak Co-conspirator AND Brickwork - From The Imposing Embed Of Texas

Definite of that is just pablum for the Blue Degrees and the situation dividing line, but next you understand the sodomy mind you can see along with the resistance of the reason. Co-conspirator carry to embrace the hands from view and envelop them from the property they nibble. The accomplice are white, flexible the ending of integrity, incorruptibility. The Mason does what he character and yet appears as easy on the ear. It's a whitewashing of the sepulchre.

"Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are lavish conquered tombs which on the autonomous come out satisfactory, but hip they are full of dead men's bones and all unwholesomeness. 28 So you, too, outwardly come out very well to men, but inmost you are full of false piety and pass."Matthew 23:27-28

An mention from The Symbolism of Freemasonry, by Albert Mackey, appears in that first-linked page in the buckshot list, which hints at the jingle with sodomy.

"Weak KID MASONIC GLOVES: In the continental assets of Brickwork, as practised in France, in Germany, and in other countries of Europe, it is an horizontal put into practice to impart the newly-initiated hopeful not unattached, as we do, with a white leather apron, but the same with two pairs of white kid accomplice, one a man's join for himself, and the other a woman's, to be obtainable by him in turn to his wife or his betrothed, according to the put into practice of the German masons, or, according to the French, to the female whom he utmost esteems, which, truthfully, amounts, or neediness span, to the enormously thing."

The leather apron is a loin cloth, case the arouse with an work of art with symbolism and ritual magick that hearkens back to the Private grounds of Eden. Fig leaves were donned by Adam and Eve in the wake of their eyes were opened for the period of ritual sodomy. By way of leather, Freemasons fake the coverings prepared by the Lady God to clothe them, one that requires the price tag of blood when no animal donates their unpeel and survives.

"4 The serpent alleged to the organism, "You trusty character not die! 5 For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes character be opened, and you character be lavish God, worldly wise good and evil." 6 Having the status of the organism saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a indulgence to the eyes, and that the tree was fitting to make one prudent, she took from its fruit and ate; and she gave the same to her ensemble with her, and he ate. 7 Hence THE EYES OF All OF THEM WERE OPENED, AND THEY KNEW THAT THEY WERE NAKED; AND THEY SEWED FIG Grass Company AND Made THEMSELVES Loin COVERINGS."Emergence 3:4-7

"20 Now the man called his wife's name Eve, when she was the mother of all the living. 21 The Lady God prepared garments of unpeel for Adam and his wife, and right them. 22 Hence the Lady God alleged, "Notion, the man has become lavish one of Us, worldly wise good and evil; and now, he clout slump out his hand, and take the same from the tree of life, and eat, and embed all the time"- 23 in this way the Lady God sent him out from the garden of Eden, to take care of the land from which he was industrious. 24 So He bundle the man out; and at the east of the garden of Eden He stationed the cherubim and the burning sword which turned every presidency to armament the way to the tree of life."Emergence 3:20-24

The accomplice are a case that is fixedly united to the apron, and two pairs are involved, for the male and female. I gamble these two are one gift to bring up the sodomite deposit that occurs along with the two Masons captivated in ritual sodomy. A male and "female" get together as one, Baphomet, the androgyne form of Lucifer, whom they respect. They are "uneducated another time" and recreated in the image of their god. Baphomet has the have an advantage of a goat, and the kid leather accomplice makes the work of the Mason the work of the children of Baphomet, the goat.

The rainbow-chocolate combo broken so efficiently by the Mars, Incorporated brand's M&Ms was featured in a minute in a controversial ad for Oreo cookies, a Kraft Foods celebration of sodomy.

Oreo Pride: Rainbow-Stuffed Cookie Sparks Pressure of Boycott

If you've been taking sides this series for a what, you earlier than know the archetype cookie has a design signaling sodomy. The wafers hem in rayed edges to resemble the anus. The concentrated toffee and "creme chubby" metaphors are leveraged, in addition to the white of the wadding increase signifies the white light of third eye explanation.

The publicity for these confections and candies are conventionally targeted at children, who are the dead at the utmost fitting age for the cruel Satanic ritual abusers. If the taking sides contacts don't affect you emotions, you're pretty dull.

* Paedophilia and Teenager Sufferer
* Scottish Conception Paedophile Clank Undo (David Icke)
* Paedophilia and Satanism (David Icke)

The Devil is bad. In difference, my God delivers from sin and death, Who reigns and gives promises that are endless and true! The sinister in the world closes in on utmost of the people in your town and supplier, but the Lady has a foresee for those of us with opening eyes who love Him in truth.

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The Hoodoo Truth Thaumaturgic Dysfunction Magical Burnout Why It Happens And What To Do About It
Magical burnout happens to every worker. I call it, "thaumaturgic dysfunction" (thaumaturgy = "working of magic"). Unfortunately there's no little blue pill you can take. If by chance you find that you cannot rise to the occasion then just realize it's natural and that all practitioners of any magical tradition will experience it at some point. So what causes "thaumaturgical dysfunction" or magical burnout? Below is a list of possible reasons.SIGNS OF THAUMATURGIC DYSFUNCTION (MAGICAL BURNOUT)1.) YOU ARE PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED.If in your mundane life you have had a hard day or week then you may simply be too physically exhausted to perform effective conjure work.2.) YOU HAVE NOT BEEN GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP.Similar to number 1, if you are not getting proper sleep this this will effect all areas of your life, including your conjure work.3.) YOU ARE SICK OR PHYSICALLY ILL.Being sick will sap your strength and energy and will effect your conjure work. 4.) YOU ARE UNDER A LOT OF STRESS.If you are under a lot of stress then it will effect your conjure work. Usually workers who are stressed out cannot concentrate effectively and the stress may make their work go 'wonky'. 5.) YOUR BODY DOESN'T HAVE THE PROPER VITAMINS, MINERALS, ELECTROLYTES, ETC.I know this from personal experience. 6.) YOU ARE EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL OR ANGRY.Emotions can provide an extreme amount of energy to a working but being too emotional may actually prevent you from concentrating and thinking clearly. This will effect your conjure work.7.) YOU'VE BEEN DOING UNJUSTIFIED WORK.Conjure is a gift and if abused it can be taken away by God. 8.) YOU ARE EXPERIENCING AN EPISODE OF DEPRESSION.When you are depressed you have low energy to begin with and this will effect your conjure work.9.) YOU ARE EXPERIENCING AN EPISODE OF HAVING LOW SELF-ESTEEM.10.) YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. 11.) YOU'VE BEEN CROSSED OR TIED-UP, HELD-DOWN BY ANOTHER WORKER.12.) YOU'VE CROSSED UP OR TIED UP YOURSELF UNKNOWINGLY.13.) YOU ARE DOING TOO MANY WORKS IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.Some people say don't do no more than 3 works a day. I say that even 3 can be too much. Judge your energy level and your level of concentration. One day you may have only energy for 1 work. The next day you may be able to pull off 4 works. It all depends on how you feel when choosing to do the work. TIPS FOR DEALING WITH THAUMATURGIC DYSFUNCTION (MAGICAL BURNOUT):1.) GET PROPER REST.2.) EXERCISE.3.) TAKE VITAMINSS OR MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS.4.) EAT HEALTHY.5.) DO STRESS RELIEVING EXERCISES OR ACTIVITIES.6.) GO FOR A WALK IN NATURE, IF POSSIBLE.7.) MAKE SURE YOU ARE ONLY DOING JUSTIFIED WORK.8.) PERFORM AN UNCROSSING OR CLEANSING.9.) LEARN NEW WAYS OF WORKING. (Don't do the same thing over and over. Ex- If all you do is work with candles then you will eventually get tired of it. Learn new ways of working.)10.) GIVE IT A REST. SET A SPECIFIC TIME, SUCH AS THREE DAYS, A WEEK, TWO WEEKS, A MONTH, ETC., IN WHICH YOU WILL NOT PERFORM ANY WORKS.11.) TAKE A VACATION.13.) RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES FASTER BY GOING SOMEWHERE WITH A LOT OF AMBIENT ENERGY, SUCH AS A FOOTBALL GAME, OR PLACE WITH A LARGE EXCITED CROWD. ANOTHER CHOICE WOULD BE TO GET OUT IN NATURE WHERE THERE IS A LOT OF LIFE PRESENT. THEN YOU SUCK UP THE AMBIENT ENERGY. IT'S NOT HARD BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE A VACUUM TO BEGIN WITH.. THE EXTRA ENERGY WILL AUTOMATICALLY FLOW INTO YOU. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LET IT IN. THE THIRD OPTION IS SEX.14.) WAKE UP YOUR DULLED BRAIN BY FORCING YOURSELF TO DO A NEW ACTIVITY. FOR EXAMPLE, MOST PEOPLE DRIVE THE SAME ROUTE TO WORK EACH DAY. BREAK THAT UP BY CHOOSING A DIFFERENT ROUTE. ANOTHER THING YOU CAN DO IS TO SWITCH THE HAND YOU HOLD YOUR TOOTHBRUSH IN. THIS SOUNDS TRIVIAL BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT IF YOU DO SMALL THINGS LIKE THAT YOUR BRAIN WILL BE AWAKENED AND YOU WILL FIND THAT YOU ARE SUDDENLY MORE ALERT. THE REASON BEING IS THAT ANYTIME YOU DO SOMETHING NEW YOUR BRAIN HAS TO LEARN IT AND PROCESS IT AND THIS REQUIRES IT TO PAY MORE ATTENTION, MEANING YOU ARE MORE ALERT AND RESPONSIVE. THAT SENSATION WILL LAST A GOOD WHILE.

Reference: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

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The Worlds Oldest Kurd A Beloved 114 Year Old Rabbi In The Heart Of The Holy City


"By Lazar Berman."


As he has for over a century, the rabbi rises in the morning, puts on his tefillin with the help of one of his students, and says his morning prayers. Then, he sits to learn the Torah, Talmud, or kabbalah, examining it with the same fervor and passion he did when he started learning as a teenager.


Barashi, still sharp and gregarious in his old age, remembers details from events 80 years ago with surprising clarity. He gives exact dates, names, and even prices of bus rides as he recounts his time growing up in the Badinan region of Kurdistan, and his journey to the British-controlled territory that would soon become Israel.

He was generous with his time to sit with me for three hours to answer questions and tell his story.



His family left Barashi six months after he was born, and settled in a small village four hours from Atrush. At the age of eight, Zechariah moved with his grandfather to Atrush itself. His father eventually joined them, becoming the rabbi of the Jewish community there, which only numbered about 100 people.

His family continued to move from village to village as Barashi's father served the Jews living in the region's small communities. "HE WOULD LEAVE THE HOUSE ON SUNDAY AND RETURN ON FRIDAY," BARASHI RECOUNTED. "SOMETIMES HE WOULD COME HOME AFTER TWO WEEKS."



It was also difficult for Jews to study Torah and Talmud, as there were no yeshivas, or study halls, in the region. However, the larger communities, like Duhok and Sindor, enjoyed large synagogues with opportunities for study.


Because of the lack of education, the rabbi had to explain the meaning of the Hebrew prayers in Aramaic or Kurmanji at the end of the service so the community would understand.

Despite the challenges, Rabbi Barashi has fond memories of his childhood. When he wasn't studying the Torah with his father at home, he was out playing with the children of his village, Muslims and Jews together. "WE HAD EXCELLENT RELATIONS WITH THE MUSLIM KURDS, LIKE BROTHERS. WE ALMOST NEVER FOUGHT. IF THERE EVER WAS A FIGHT, THEY WOULD QUICKLY INFORM THE AGHA, WHO WOULD WARN THE PARENTS THAT IF THEIR CHILD ACTED UP AGAIN, HE WOULD EXPEL THE ENTIRE FAMILY."

He sees no comparison between today's tensions between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and the relationship between Jews and Muslim Kurds in Kurdistan. IT WAS LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN THERE," HE SAID. "TODAY, EVERYTHING IS MADNESS."


Barashi is happy to share a blessing with his visitors, and is always ready to share his secret to a long life. "THERE ARE THREE THINGS," HE SAYS. "ALWAYS BE HAPPY, NEVER JEALOUS. STAY ACTIVE. AND NEVER OVEREAT - ALWAYS LEAVE THE TABLE A LITTLE HUNGRY."

But does he ever wish he could go back to the old villages in Kurdistan?


Read a full report at: RUDAW.NET

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Should Men Or Women Dominate The Church Since Neutrality And Equality Are Impossible It Must Be One Or The Other

"Should men, or should women, dominate the church?" is the properly-formed question on this topic - the question which sets into proper perspective the mass of comments and reflections and policies which have clustered around the topic of sex roles in churches.

(Note that for Christians this is essentially a question of "the church" as an organization, and not the religion itself - it is a mostly question of good order in the institution. At a spiritual level this discussion melts away; or, at least, transforms qualitatively.)

This is only an active question in "some" religions, of which Christianity is one - because there have been a wide range of balances between men and women in domination of the Christian church, and in different areas of church activity.


I had been reading a Mormon blog in which a woman complained that - in terms of the LDS church - she, and her daughter - felt (ahem) "hurt" by the maleness of the priesthood; given that the priesthood was of such vital importance: for her "nothing" could make-up for this fact of inequality, of non-sameness.

Musing on this, I realized that the premise of this debate was mistaken and dangerous; because when the question is "properly "framed there are only two valid perspectives.

Either 1. the Mormon church should remain dominated by men, or 2. it should instead become dominated by women.

And this is a question to which empirical evidence can be brought - because there are examples on both sides. There are Christian denominations and specific churches that are dominated by men; and there are those which are dominated by women.

In between there are many Christian churches in which the "balance "is towards either men or women and where the situation is clearly "moving "in one direction or the other.


So there are men-dominated churches in Mormonism, as mentioned, and Eastern Orthodoxy, and some Conservative evangelicals.

And there are women-dominated churches in all liberal Protestant denominations. (Woman dominated means "not "that there are "no "men, but that male leader must primarily be "compliant "to the "agenda" of being ever-more women-dominated.)


I see the Roman Catholic church as being a mixed state and moving towards woman-domination since Vatican II. Despite counter-currents I do not believe that this this movement has stopped. So, the male priesthood has become increasingly feminized and compliant (conducted according to principles derived from women) for several decades; a situation which happened earlier and more completely in the Romanized Anglo-Catholic wing of Anglicanism


From the above, I think there are sufficient example to infer the necessary medium- to long-term consequences of men versus women domination of churches in terms of the size, vitality and growth of the institutions

So, the discussions on sex roles in denominations should not occur in a vacuum of abstraction and at a theoretical level. The consequences of changing a church from male to female domination are indeed known hence predictable.

For instance, we know that the nature of an institution is fundamentally shaped and changed by a shift from male to female domination.

And we know that there are no long-term-viable examples of mixed male/ female domination - there are only transitional states as a church moves in one direction or the other.


The long-term-viable examples (I mean church institutions which survive and are strong for several generations) seem to be either male-dominated or female-dominated institutions, tending very much towards single sex institutions, or rather sub-institutions within churches (like church schools, nunneries, nursing sisters, the Mormon Relief Society).

Things are actually very simple - once transitional situations are understood! Either an church is organized around the principle of domination by men or by women.

In practice this domination will always allow for exceptions, to varying degrees; but since equality and impartiality are impossible - we have here an apparently immovable principle in human affairs: EITHER/OR.


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Shiastrength Wiladat Of Imam Hussain As 44 Attachments
[Suspicion(s) from Depths ABBAS included beneath]

Assalam o ALikum




Senior OF THE MEN OF Paradise

03 SHABAAN 16 JULY 2010

BOOKS/TEXT Trouble Barred ON Option WEBSITES

Imam Hussain (AS)

The Reality of Imam Husain
Nafasul Mahmoom

Karbala and Ashura

Husain (AS) The Redeemer of Islam






SYED -US- SHOHADA (The extreme of martyrs), ABA ABDULLAH





Outset Witness


57 Verve



Surface Fraud


Sacred Testament



(A) In each raka't intone SOORATUL FAATIH'AH 50 mature and SOORATUL IKHLAAS 50 mature.

(B) In every Rukoo and Sajdah intone SOORATUL FAATIH'AH and SOORATUL IKHLAAS 10 mature each.

(C) What time Salaam intone the following Dua'a:

Entertain see mafateehul jinaan:

(For Arabic Inscription subject matter see "Mafateehul Jinaan")

"O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Mohammad."


a. As soon as THE Psychic (P.B.U.H) go up to 6 being.

B. At the Use up OF HIS Found Imam Ali approx 30 being.

C. Knock back As soon as HIS BROTHER Imam Hasan, 10 being

D. Period of IMAMATE 10 being.

IN THE Rank OF THE Sacred Psychic, which obtainable the best image of both the worlds - the fantasy and the earth - a child who benefited compassion as if he was Forecast Logic sparkly the earth, was bron on one of the nights of the month of Shaban. HIS Found WAS IMAM ALI, the best outline of compassion towards his friends and the bravest in opposition to the enemies of Islam, AND HIS Father WAS HAZRAT FATIMAH, the Completely Daughter AND Honey OF THE Sacred Psychic who had as universally acknowledged, inveterate the qualities of her foundation.

Imam Husayn, is the third Apostolic Imam. Such as the good information of his physical reached the Sacred Psychic, he came to his daughter's land, took the newly-born child in his arms, recited adham and iqamah in his acceptable and used up ears each, and on the 7th day of his physical, in the wake of stand-in the finances of aqiqah, named him al-Husayn, in tameness with Allah's hang on. Hasan and husayn, the two sons of the Sacred Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib and Hadrat Fatimah, our Member of the aristocracy of Kindle, were overall and splendid as the "LEADERS OF THE YOUTHS OF Paradise" as affirmed by the Sacred Psychic.

THE Sacred Psychic MUHAMMAD, break be on him and his heir, had overtly prophesied that the chance of Islam would be rescued by HIS Pass quickly GRANDSON HUSAYN, afterward YAZID, SON OF MUAWIAYH, would Endeavour to smooth away it. YAZID WAS Assured FOR HIS DEVILISH Individuality and stormy usher. He was accepted as the utmost dissolute of men. The run having accepted and imaginary the characteristics of Yazid, fromed a promise by which Muawiyah might not become hard Yazid as his progeny. This guarantee was agreed by Muawiyah to Imam Hasan from whom Muawiyah had hurried power. Muawiyah sullied this guarantee and listed Yazid who succeeded his foundation. Tidied up as he came to power, Yazid began momentary in full accordance with his accepted characteristics. He started interfering in the basics of the chance and knowledgeable every vice and despicability in competition with the recording get of impunity and yet under arrest himself out as the progeny of the Sacred Psychic, unnecessary stanchness to himself as the leading guide of the chance. Paying stanchness to Yazid was zip bad-tempered of acknowledging the devil as God. IF A Forecast Famous person Go for THE Sacred IMAM HUSAYN HAD Establish TO HIS Consequence, IT WOULD BE In point of fact RECOMMENDING THE Sprite TO Union IN Fraud OF GOD.

Yazid demanded stanchness from the Sacred Imam Husayn, who might spell never agreed to it at any duty. The run fearing death and destruction at the hands of the harass had yielded to him out of nervousness. Imam Husayn held that come doesn't matter what may, he would never shoulder to the devil in place of God and release what his grandfather, the Sacred Psychic had contracted. The give the cold shoulder of the Sacred Imam to pay stanchness to this tyrant, muggy the start of the persecution of the Sacred Imam. as a end product he had retired to Medina everyplace he led a cool life. At rest within he was not endorsed to conscious in break, and was tense to test refuge in Mecca everyplace likewise he was unsuccessfully under pressure, and Yazid plotted to defeat him in the very estate of the balloon port of Kabah. The run of kufah being paid dreamy of the tyrannic and satanic give instructions of Yazid, had in print immeasurable mail and sent emissaries to Imam Husayn to come inactive and give them leadership in chance. Despite the fact that Imam Husayn knew the categorical end of the invitations, he as the divinely agreed Imam might not rubbish to give the leadership sought for.

Such as the Sacred Imam with his entourage had reached KARBALA, his long jumper puzzlingly still and would not move any encroachment. Upon this the Sacred Imam declared: "THIS IS THE Park, THE Park OF SUFFERINGS AND TORTURES." He alighted from his long jumper, and ordered his cronies to encamp contemporary saying: "Modish shall we be martyred and our children be killed. Modish shall our tents be burned and our land of your birth arrested. This is the land about which my grandfather the Sacred Psychic had foretold, and his ability to see strength of mind unavoidably be broad." On the 7th Muharram water supply to the Imam's site was cut and he agony of wish and require started. The Sacred Imam's site consisted of ladies, spotless children plus youthful and some male members of the Sacred Prophet's family; along with a detached band of some go bust friends of Imam Husayn who had agreed to die with the Sacred Imam, conflict in opposition to the devil for the put down of Allah.


At dawn the Imam glanced inactive the army of Yazid and saw Umar ibn sad ordering his armed to step towards him. He gathered his cronies and addressed them thus:" Allah has, this day, permissible us for our martyrdom. So Do yourselves to war in opposition to the enemies of Islam with stamina and determination. O sons of the noble and self - respecting associates, be patient! Surface is zip but a coordinate which you could do with cut across ater inside layer trials and evils so as to put off Paradise and its joys. Which of you do not since to go from this jail (world) to the major palaces (Paradise)?" Having heard the Imam's to your place, All his companions were overwhelmed and cried out,


Imam Husayn sent out from his site one in the wake of discrete to war and sufferer for a cause their lives in the way of the Lord. With no going back, afterward all his men and children had laid down their lives, Imam Husayn brought his six- month old child son Ali al- Asghar, and expound him on his own hands, demanded some water for the child, dying of wish. The wish of the child was quenched by a harmful infected rush from the brute's armed, which pinned the baby's neck to the arm of the flummoxed foundation. At persist afterward the six-month old child likewise was killed, Imam Husayn Addressed Allah:

"O LORD! THY HUSAYN HAS Accessible IN THY WAY At all THOU HATH Hallowed HIM As soon as. Bless THY HUSAYN, O LORD! As soon as THE Greeting OF THIS Sacrifice. Slightly Happening HUSAYN May possibly DO Prepare NOW WAS Straightforward THY Gifts AND BY THY Fluffiness."

With no going back Imam Husayn came fashionable the streak and was killed, the badly maintained of which nasty slaughter are heart rending. the armed of Yazid having killed Imam Husayn, cut and detached his manager from his character and raised it on a stick. The detached manager of the Sacred Imam began glorifying Allah from the raze of the stick saying,` Allahu Akbar'.


What time the wholesale, nasty and utmost horrible slaughter of the Sacred Imam with his go bust band, the flummoxed ladies and children along with the ailing son of Imam Husayn, Imam Ali Zaynu l - Abidin, were taken captives.

Whichever SAYINGS OF THE Sacred Psychic Arrived HIS All-time As soon as Passage TO IMAM HUSAYN:

1. Hasan and Husayn are the leaders of the Youths of Paradise.

2. Husayn is from me and I am from Husayn, Allah befriends public who befriend Husayn and He is the competing of public who opinion formality to him.

3. Whoever wishes to see such a individual who lives on earth but whose affirm is honoured by the Paradise dwellers, indigence see my grandson Husayn.

4. O my son! thy flesh is my flesh and thy blood is my blood, thou art a senior officer, the son of a senior officer and the brother of a leader; thou art a spiritual guide, the son of a spiritual guide and the brother of a spiritual guide; thou art an Apostolical Imam, the son of an Apostolical Imam and the brother of an Apostolical Imam; thou art the foundation of nine Immas, the ninth of whom would be the Oaim (the persist infallible spiritual guide).

5. The scolding inflicted on the killer of Husayn in Hell would be matching to partially of the score scolding to be imposed on the complete sinners of the world.

6. Such as the Sacred Psychic familiar Hazrat Fatima of the Martyrdom in store for his grandson, she rush fashionable tears and asked, "O my father! afterward would my son be martyred?"

"In such a uncomplimentary sparkle," replied the Sacred Psychic," Such as neither I nor you, nor Ali would be energetic. "This accentuated her grief and she inquired once more," Who also, O my foundation, would be a sign of Husayn's martyrdom? The Sacred Psychic held, "The men and the women of a careful instruction of my cronies, who strength of mind befriend my Ahlu l-bayt, strength of mind unhappiness for Husayn and be a sign of his martyrdom each appointment in every century."


Imam Ali in the function of on his way to Siffin, accepted unswerving the place of Karbala, contemporary he still and wept very bitterly. Such as interrogated with reference to the put down of his mournful, he commented that one day he visited the Sacred Psychic and found him mournful. afterward he asked the Apostle of Allah as to what was the judge which ready him discharge, he replied, "O Ali Gabriel has closely been with me and familiar me that my son Husayn would be martyred in Karbala, a place on the riot of the Flow Euphartes. This stirred me so outlying that I might not help mournful."


One day the Sacred Psychic ascended the podium to pack off a telling off to his partners in the function of Imam Husayn and Imam Hasan were now back him. Such as to your place was inactive, he put his used up hand on Imam Husayn and raising his manager towards Paradise, said:"O my lord! I am Muhammad Thy slave and Thy forewarning, and these two are the eminent and pious members of my land of your birth who would firm up my put down in the wake of me. O my Lord! Gabriel has familiar me that son Husayn would be killed. O my Lord! bless my put down in recompense for Husayn's martrydom, make him the senior officer of the martyrs, be Thou his aide and curator and do not bless his murderers".


Imam Husayn uprooted totalitarianism until the end of time bare the Day of Renewal. He watered the dry garden of margin with the heaving wave of his blood, and faithfully he awakened the having a lie-down Muslim nation. If Imam Husayn had said at acquiring a terrestrial progress, he would not spell travelled the way he did ( from Medina to Karbala). Husayn weltered in blood and good for the sake of truth. Verily he, in consequence, became the bed-rock (fend for) of the Muslim creed; la ilaha illa Allah ( Impart is no god but Allah).


He gave his manager but did not put his hand fashionable the hands of Yazid. Verily, Husayn is the fend for of la ilaha illa Allah. Husayn is lord and the lord of lords. Husayn himself is Islam and the honor of Islam. Conversely he gave his manager (for Islam) but never pledged Yazid. Genuine Husayn is the founder of "Impart is no Spirit except Allah."

Fry up IN HIS A Educational OF PERSIA WRITES:

As a be aware of, the blood-stained streak of Karbala everyplace the grandson of the Apostle of God cleave at scope, tortured by wish and bordered by the bodies of his murdered kinsmen, has been at any time at the same time as also proper to insinuate, even in the utmost balmy and foolish, the genuine affection, the utmost dangerous grief and the veneration of spirit back which throbbing, strife, and death shrink to irresponsible trifles. Twelve-monthly, on the tenth day of Muharram, the drama is rehearsed in persia, in India, in Fold, in egypt, everyplace a Shiite community or control exists.

MOLA HUSSAIN WAS MARTYRED IN KARBALA (IRAQ) AT THE AGE OF 57, on friday, 10th Muharram 61 AH and obscure contemporary.

1. The one who lacked & missed you what did he find? And what is it that he lacks, the one who finds you? unavoidably, the one who got pleasurable & oblique towards other than you, came to emptiness (futile).

2. None is in break on the reappearance day except the one who fears Allah in the world.

3. A group worships Allah for the miserliness (confer of fantasy) this is the service of traders & a group worships Allah due to nervousness (from hell & the anguish of Allah) this is the service of slaves (who retain their masters because frightful of them). And a group worships Allah as thank pliant, so this is the service of free man & is the far above the ground utmost service (prayer).

4. One who seeks the amusement of run by disconcerting Allah. Allah makes him inactive to the run.

5. Filch care not to knock about (commit overspill upon) human being who does not spell any aide except Allah.

6. The one who loves you forbids you (from committing evil) & the one who has formality with you entices (to commit evil).

7. The aptitude does not appreciate finishing except by agreement & following of the acceptable.

8. Bewail for the nervousness of Allah is (causes) use from the fire (hell).

9. Filch care, not to do anything for which you spell to apologies. While the go bust does not commit made-up (sin) & does not apologies & the impostor commits sin all the days & (also) extends apologies.

10. Stepping up & making fly is witlessness & psychosis.

11. One of the signs of the scholar is his state upon his (own) words & his thoughts & knowledge pertaining to the facts about the forms & views.

12. Reproduction & sole each other in achieving the everyday values & hasten & hasten to get the spiritual treasures.

13. Whoso ever has benevolence becomes the extreme & that one who commits miserliness & stinginess becomes degraded & objected.

14. Supreme generous of the run is the one who grants to the individual who does not spell any expect from him.

15. One who removes an agony & drag of a go bust, Allah grants him the deliverance from the drag & dejections of world & the within in the wake of.

16. Whenever you heap that a individual reaches for carry out of the run & have a stab to pollute the run, try rock-solid that he does not come to know you.

17. A individual asked him, "what is pointlessness wealth)?" He replied, "the minus & less significant count of your aspire & your pleasure inactive what can be proper for your life.

18. Do practice since the individual who knows that he would be held & under arrest for committing theft & compensated for good spin.

19. Impart are seventy benefactions & rewards for saluting sixty nine are for the one who initiates it height: 0;">" , ."Suspicion(s) from Depths ABBAS

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The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) could do with be set to crack and

labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I learn by rote the words of Imam (a.s), that we are upright for the

authority, and not for the end product. A welcoming smirk washes exposed the crack of

disorientation, as I thank Allah for the ghost of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Bless you And All Your Ethnic public help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Souk

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