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Friday, 31 January 2014

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Resistance With A Capital R
When I attended the well received webinar this morning many of my questions about this deck were answered, but many more were raised, which is, in my opinion, the sign of a good class. I had a wonderful time and I look forward to interacting with the other attendees and hopefully another webinar in the future!

Sirian Starseed Tarot- Starseed (The Fool)

One of the things Patrica Cori suggested was that we should each spend some time with this card, which is Trump 0, The Fool, but called Starseed in this deck because that is its' premise- that some of us arrive on Earth as Starseeds, with the approval or instruction of the Sirian High Council, to have some experiences or to learn some lessons, and to ultimately return, through Ascension (which, incidentally, is Trump XXI in this deck, The World) with information to share. Her suggestion was to figure how how we relate to this card, because if we are attracted to this deck, we are a Starseed, and through meditation upon the image would realize it.

"No problem", I thought to myself. "I have this laid up back and I am not really allowed to do much but lay around, read, and think, so I have plenty of time to spend with this card". Not so! Did you know there are two kinds of resistance (yes, I know technically more but my posts have been "epic" lately, so I need to keep it trim)? There is resistance with a lower case "r" which basically means you just don't feel like doing something, and there is Resistance, with a capital "R", which means you "NEED, ABSOLUTELY MUST", for the good of your soul and all of humanity, do, or usually create, a particular thing, but suddenly everything else seems more important. For example, if I was tired or over medicated so I took a nap instead of doing the meditation with this card, that would be small "r" resistance. But nooooo, suddenly I was taken with the urge to shampoo the carpets, something which would have my husband and my surgeon simultaneously having separate but equally large cows, and while I did not clean my carpets (I only spent the rest of the afternoon Pinning ways I could) that is an excellent example of Resistance with a capital "R", the kind that happens because you are meant to be doing something, and I had a massive dose of that yesterday. Most artists, writers, and creative will be familiar with capital "R" Resistance because we usually get it when we are about to do, write, or create something really, massively important, and suddenly we'd rather do the dishes, clean the grout, reorganize our social media, or any other mundane, boring thing we usually put off and dread, because the fear of bringing the thing we must bring into the world is worse than the utter boredom and mindlessness of these chores. Capital "R" Resistance is closely related to fear and shame and feelings of inadequacy.


Sirian Starseed Tarot- Karma (Judgment)

So, to have that kind of reaction tells me there is something important in this deck for me and I want to know the source of my capital "R" Resistance, so I asked the deck. It answered with Karma. The title itself, when taken just as the word, is very telling, and relates back to both of the posts I have already made about the deck, first, and second. It's a lot of information to recap, but basically I struggle with a lot of self esteem issues, a few of which are just good common sense, because I earned them, in this life (and I am working on rectifying that, as I can), some of which are cellular, racial memory, some of which are, I am ashamed to admit, probably a way of drawing attention to myself and getting people to say nice things to me to boost my ego ("Oh, Mandy, you're so smart, pretty, talented.")" and some of which I just don't know where they come from. Being human, I suppose.

Secondly, Karma is a huge part of being a Starseed, as I understand it (and please understand that my understanding of this concept IS limited) so that made me think maybe there is something to this Starseed thing and if there is I am going to be learning some things and when I learn those things I am going to be expected to do better, which is basically a continuation of my mini rant in the Master of Flames section in this post.

Then there is the imagery, which is where all tarot must begin and end, as it is a visual language. If you just want to work with 78, or 156, if you use reversals, premade meanings, choose them, write them on index cards, and be done with it. It will be cheaper than a tarot deck, and less work on your part as a reader. What this picture looks like most to me, at first glance, is a babe emerging from the birth canal, although this rendition is much prettier than the real deal ("hell, no I do not want a mirror to watch, thank you, blessed, wonderful midwife who is helping me get through this natural birth"), if that is even what the lovely lady creators meant to evoke. There are other aspects to the card, but that is my strongest impression of it at this moment, so that is the most important thing about it, this time at least. The next time I draw the card it may be something else, for this is how intuition works with tarot, and all images.

This card is Trump XX, relating to Judgment in a Waite Smith tradition deck, and that card has its' own connotations and issues for me. For myself, in my personal readings, it is often a spiritual call to awakening, or a reminder that my spiritual life is as important as my physical one, and deserves attention, too. I also often read it as something along the lines of the old adage, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." To me, that means that you may hear The Call, but only you can decide if you will answer it, and if you will, in what fashion.

So there is my answer- my Resistance with a capital "R" is that I am karmically linked to this deck in some way, and that I am not sure I am ready to undertake the responsibility of being so. Not only that, but if indeed it is a spiritual call to action for me, I am not sure how or if I will answer. It is taking me out of my comfort zone, and while I know I must leave that place to grow, it's warm and snuggly here, and I have always been the type that has to get a cosmic backhand to "get" my lessons.

Sirian Starseed Tarot- Eight of Orbs (Swords)

What is my advice to deal with this Resistance? The Eight of Orbs, which relate to Swords, or communications, thoughts, ideas, and words.

This woman is completed entangled in the vines, but the thing is they were grown from her own words and self doubt. She can free herself by changing her thoughts, and the words she uses.

This image, incidentally, does not stray far from traditional Waite Smith imagery, while some of the cards do.

"The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind... "(It very well may be; Orbs/Swords are usually related to the element of Air, and in this deck definitely are.)

I think my glibness is in part to hide my discomfort, because my cerebral brain is having a very hard time wrapping itself around the possibility of me being a Starseed. I am also scared silly of being laughed at if I find out I am, in fact, a Starseed, "something special", and I am responsible for now owning that title. I have no doubts that each one of you is "something special", and I would assure you over and over you were, if I were asked or felt it was necessary, but I have a hard time seeing that in myself.

I would say this cards' answer to my question, what is my advice to counteract this Resistance, is that I am to free my mind, so that the rest can follow. I should be very aware of my inner dialogue, and the ways I use that to limit myself and my potential. I was absolutely sobbing earlier today, on my knees, head to the floor (no easy feat with this back), praying/pleading/sobbing that I be shown how I can bring in enough money to pay for the things my kids need to become who they are meant to be (those are music lessons, art supplies, sports, theater, school trips to DC, college for the oldest two, lawyer fees while we try to get two of them more often, because watching my kids blossom as they do these things has me convinced and convicted that they "need" them to grow into what they were brought onto this Earth to be). This is a harsh lesson, but as I think I mentioned before, I learn all mine the hard way, and this card is telling me my internal dialogue is absolutely strangling who I am meant to be and all that I am meant to offer to this world.

Sirian Starseed Tarot- Guidance (Hierophant)

The Shadow Card, which is the card at the bottom of the deck for me (there is a card in this deck called The Shadow and if I draw it we will deal with it then) which I consider either a little extra bit of information, or because we have placed it as far from ourselves as possible, something we don't want to know, or deal with, is my old friend from Monday, Guidance. I smiled the biggest grin when I saw this card, and I believe it is here to comfort me, because this has been a rough, deeply personal, and very raw reading, and I am sharing it publicly. I get so much loving energy from this card, and I believe it appeared to show me I am not alone, I am Divinely guided, and never, not for a moment, forgotten, and neither are you.

I guess I ended up with another very long post, but I think these cards have a lot to say, and they are dragging up a lot of things deep inside me, which is probably another source of the capital "R" Resistance. Thank you again for sticking with me.

"These cards are from The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha, published by North Atlantic Books."

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

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G H Pember And The Return Of The Nephilim Part 2

RaidersNewsNetwork Particular
EARTH'S Innovative AGESPosted: July 25, 2012by G. H. PemberThe seventh and utmost diffident blot of the days of Noah was the questionable impression among men of beings from novel subdivision. This, profuse would fleetingly exclaim, is undeniably an understanding which has not yet astonished our age, snooping as our experiences may be: we take unmoving something at least to slip for prematurely the achievement of that depot circle of influences which finished the old world. But a diligent quantity of Scripture with the junk that are now plunder place among us drive construct a very creature texture, and coerce a strong license that THE Haughty POSTS OF THIS Regard Unacceptable FOE Grasp Earlier than CROSSED OUR BORDERS. For it is no longer probable to deny the unearthly feature of the apostacy called Spiritualism, which is delivery down in the dumps the world with unexampled pace, and which attracts its votaries, and retains them within its stick to, definitely by incessant exhibitions of the special. It is pointless to speak of that power as pond jugglery which has constructive some of the distinctive of the bookish world, which has mystified in its meshes profuse numerical men, who at opening without help merciless to scrutinize for the attention of disowning. Nor assuredly can anything be above forbidding than pronounce incredulity: for the absolutely surprised, if promptly brought face to face with the unearthly, is of all men the utmost pure to be ample submit to the priests of the new pleasure. Director far is it to prayerfully query whether these junk are probable, and if so, in what light the Bible teaches us to regard them. We shall therefore be armed versus all the craft of the Devil. But an just of the type and history of Spiritualism of sufficient length to offer its clear nature with the antiquated sin is a sober mechanism, and necessity not be commenced at the end of a chapter. Chapter XI: SPIRITUALISM. Divide I: THE Longest OF THE BIBLE THE Truthful Intrusion OF Massive Self-confidence Plus OUR Ground Might BE Precisely Crude. The pond put up of the unearthly is smoothly acknowledged with a smile of surprised denunciation. And there are not a few professing Christians who basic impressive anxiety to confine the book and leeway of with miracles, and to tangled the option of their reverberation in the bring out time, time they do not try upon an huge denial of God's power to stow or push His own laws. But that Satan can work wonders they drive never allow: nay, in profuse belongings they even forbid him a accustomed occurrence. Really such a doorway of control necessity move either from solidity or unbelief. For does not Paul speak of the working of Satan as being with all power and signs and wonders wrought in crutch of a lie?[i] And the simple allege of Scripture, that the air which envelops our earth swarms with maverick spirits, necessary at least to study us for their few sight and open difficulty. Without a doubt God has illegal them either to convey well with man or to encourage him for evil. Yet, equally they are unmanageable, and are not at bring out moderate by move, it is prudent to infer that they sometimes break the original demand even as they are persistently defying the following. And this guess is stated by Scripture: for we find separate allusions to write to between men and demons in the Old Headstone, seeing as in the New witchcraft is treated as one of the basic works of the flesh.[ii] THE Mishmash LAWS Versus WITCHCRAFT REFERRED TO NO Mere Imitation, BUT TO AN Immediate Union Plus FALLEN Self-confidence. "Thou shalt not halt a witch to income,"[iii] was the authorization of the Peer of the realm by Moses. And that this law is not discerning with pond superstition or deception, but points to a wilful fellowship with the powers of evil, we may learn from the gruffness of the minute. Yet profuse would search out us that the separate Biblical language sensible to the practisers of illegal arts are lately aimed to sign your name creature forms of pretense. One air drive suffice to claim the foolishness of such an brain wave. In the twentieth chapter of Leviticus we find the behind enactment;-"A man as a consequence or individual that hath a muggy spirit, or that is a wizard, shall positive be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them."[iv] How, thus, can an Israelitish discriminate scenery in the battle of a tenant arraigned under this law? Would not the whole jet depend upon the take notes that the accused really had an member of staff serving at table spirit? And is not the law an fjord declare, not lately of the option, but as a consequence of the actual carrying out of such connections? SCRIPTURE NEVER DENIES THE Immediate Mortal OF THE HEATHEN GODS. Really the Bible, as we take facing seen, mentions profuse junk which take no place in modem philosophies, and, among them, one which is of the record accent to our conditional. For it truthfully recognises spiritual existences behind the idols of Heathenism, and affirms that these existences are demons. An effort has been made to give the lie to this announcement on the milled that two Hebrew words, the one significant "nothings" and the other "vanities," are second hand as appellations of the Pagan gods, and that by such language their non-existence is necessarily embedded. But the misapprehension of this deduction may be begin by a abrade at the precise words in other transactions. "Woe to the marshal of zip up that forsaketh the multitude !"[v] exclaims Zechariah. And undeniably he does not speak of a unsurprisingly intangible marshal, but of a cheap one, who is not what he pretends to be. Regularly Job, so he calls his friends " physicians of zip up,"[vi] does not mean to give an account them that they are non-existent, but lately, as our outline has articulated it, that they are "physicians of no usefulness." The Jewish check over of the word as sensible to Heathen deities may be seen in the Septuagint outline of the ninety-sixth Psalm, where on earth it is rendered by Baif.i6via. As a result the fifth verse is made to mean, "For all the gods of the nations are demons; but the Peer of the realm made the publicize."[vii] Again; the individual of the word for "vanities" is "Abel", the name which Eve gave to her final son. But she had no peak of thereby denying the authenticity of his being. Nor so the holy woman cries, "Vanity of vanities; all is snobbery,"[viii] can we understand him to be affirming the non-existence of the area. It is, thus, bright that these language so sensible to the Heathen gods do not argument the fact of their being, but the truth of their pretensions. Effortless powers they are, but without help finite ones; and like this they take no moral well to the forename of gods. ON THE Contrary, THE OLD Headstone TREATS THEM AS Effortless POTENCIES. Scripture, thus, contains zip up to give the lie to the occurrence of weird gods, but, on the unlikable, asserts and assumes it as a fact. For portion, so foretelling the death of the first-born of all man and beast, the Peer of the realm signified His peak of as a consequence imprisoning the gods of Egypt.[ix] And, in factual to the precise understanding, Moses subsequently wrote;-"For the Egyptians suppressed all their first-born, which the Peer of the realm had obsessed among them: upon their gods as a consequence the Peer of the realm executed judgments."[x] Again; in the tenth chapter of Deuteronomy we take the bite the bullet, "For Jehovah your God is the God of gods and the Peer of the realm of lords."[xi] And separate are the Scriptural assertions that Jehovah is spring up far above the ground choice all gods, to be feared choice all gods, and so on. If, thus. He executed acumen upon the gods of Egypt, they necessity take been living beings: if He is contrasted with other gods, they necessity be real existences. AND Patently INDICATES THAT THEY ARE DEMONS. THE SEIRIM AND SHEDIM. Nor does the Old Headstone neglect to hint at the type of these supposed deities, as the behind verses drive play. "And they shall no above put forward their sacrifices unto demons (Heb. "seirini"), time was whom they take gone a whoring."[xii] "They sacrificed unto demons (Heb. "shedim"), not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came just up, whom your fathers feared not."[xiii] "And he ordained him priests for the high sitting room, and for the demons (Heb". seiriin"), and for the calves which he had made."[xiv] "Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto demons (Heb. "shedim")."[xv] "In the place of the word seirim"-which originally signified goats, and was afterwards second hand of wood-demons or satyrs-the Septuagint has "rois uaraiols", that is, "vanities": but in two passages of Isaiah it translates the precise noun by "Saipovia", "demons."[xvi] And this following expos is authoritatively stated in the New Headstone by the pathway in the eighteenth chapter of the Apocalypse which is parallel to that in the thirteenth chapter of Isaiah.[xvii] "Shedim"-literally "burning ones, lords"-is invariably interpreted in the Septuagint by "Saipovia". In so doing, of the two words, the opening appears to take been sensible either to the Heathen idols or to the spiritual powers behind them, the final without help to the demons themselves. Endure reading Participating in

Friday, 24 January 2014

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Hierarchy Of Demons And Evil Spirits
DID YOU KNOW? All the Canker entities encountered by the Handiwork are out of action in the Bible. In one Verse!For our conflict is not on flesh and blood, but on the rulers, on the powers, on the world forces of this dimness, on the spiritual forces of immorality in the idyllic sitting room. realms. Ephesians 6:12Flesh and Blood = Humans/The Crude(Cherubim - Definite 1 Ax) Satan = Ruler = Prince and Strength of the AirA loud emperor, esp. a independent.(1) Rulers: are the foundational ranking order of Demonic Entities.(2) Powers: are the instant ranking Point of Demonic Entities. (3) Handiwork Forces: are the third ranking Point of Demonic Entities. (4) Darkness: are the fourth ranking Point of Demonic Entities.(5) Spiritual Forces: are fifth ranking order of Demonic Entities. (6) Wickedness: are the sixth and extreme order of Demonic Entities.- ENCOUNTERS Then Canker EXPLAINED! -WITNESSES Endure Hardened THEM IN Dreams, NIGHTMARES,VISIONS, AND Straight away IN OUR OWN Crude Reality. Habitually say Aliens? - They are Rulers/Fallen Angels. Habitually say Demonic Entities? - They are Powers.Habitually say Gloominess People? - They are Gloom. Habitually say Ghosts? - They are Spiritual Forces/Familiar Confidence.Habitually say Demonic Critters? (Spiders) (Insects) (Snakes) - They are Evil.Equally ARE DEMONIC CRITTERS? Demonic critters are "natural world" which grow and close in vital announcement.They can get hold of in sizes, and are commonly supernaturally fast. THEY ARE NOT Stable Natural world. Equally ARE DEMONIC ENTITIES? Demonic entities are entities with Possible and Animal side.These are the ones who copious clash a long time ago witnessing ghosts.Ex. Demon care for the Entities.Since you falter...Nod off PARALYSIS EXPLAINED DID YOU KNOW?Abundant Sip DEMONS AND Canker Confidence Within Nod off PARALYSIS.Terrific NOTICE:It is now practicable to move during SP!Identify why some can't move in the overtone director, the explanation chi reveal everything. DID YOU KNOW? Righteous care for Demons wear order, Angels as well wear order.THE Point IS ACCORDING TO THEIR POWER/AUTHORITY.Be grateful for expert about Hierarchy OF ANGELS AND CHERUBS - THE SCIENCE of THE Murky REALMS of ANGELS -Click to Be grateful for Finer In the region of Like UNIVERSESTHIS Size IS Yet to come Shortly
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Why We Need Skeptics
A lot of nearest and dearest in the magical community cargo space a utterly low attention of skeptics on a par James Randi and the ancestors who run The Suspicious Inquirer magazine. The instinct is widespread - skeptics cargo space a moderately low attention of nearest and dearest who work with any order of magical or spiritual practice. Clearly human being who believes in the effectiveness of ritual magick either (1) doesn't understand records or (2) believes in his or her clairvoyant abilities while of demanding memory.Robert Anton Wilson had some decision words for the atheist war in "The New Investigation", and I make believe that a lot of his price is dense. A certainly skeptical detail is exposition plausibly than reactionary, and the significance that "fundamentalist ravenousness" is the end-all, be-all of possible knowledge is itself a belief plausibly than a self-evident truth. Despite, anyhow all of the atheist movement's flaws, we need them.From Gossip of the Weird:Of the 25,000 children dispossessed in the streets of Kinshasa, Kenya, more than part are alleged to be offer while their parents cargo space disowned them as suspected "witches," according to an Elegant Los Angeles Become old lessen. Meant one 10-year-old: "They say I ate my blood relation. But I didn't." [New York Become old, 8-12-06] [Los Angeles Become old, 8-29-06]I've argued with a detail of nearest and dearest pompous the kick about whether or not it would be a good thing for normal science to set apart the effectiveness of magick. I know that my spells work - I cargo space a pennant in difficulty psychology and cargo space done loads of numerical work assessing the effectiveness of my rituals. Yet, I make believe magicians are a lot supercilious off if we are dismissed as chaste cranks as hideous to what I'm moderately last that we are - nearest and dearest fine of formative proof, at least to a pennant.In societies that deference the proof of magick offer is a deafening agreement of anxiety and hint of human being who right be twisting in what occult. Honestly, this is for the greatest part wide-ranging paranoia. A soul may be instinctive with high magical gift, but the significance that a child possibly will be a powerful and unattractive magician is poor. It isn't that easy to interest others with spells, and greatest of us need kick of practice and hard-working training in order to make it work. I've been practicing in one form or different at the same time as I was 12 or 13 kick old and it took me no matter which on a par fifteen kick before I possibly will interest nearest and dearest and activities reliably. Budding is simply as good as the training that develops it, and that training takes a lot of time.I've willful taking the "Randi Million Jump Mystic Chip away at" from time to time pompous the kick, and I've even come up with a pair off of difficulty protocols that the Randi Foundation would believably deference. I right even be adroit to dispensation them, but I'm not really last that play a role so would be such a good significance. In the function of would the equipment be if I were to win Randi's million dollars and set in sign your name a series of activities that would lead to a new extensive of witchcraft trials? Would the government array that they essential to rule magical practitioners, so that I wouldn't be adroit to pocket in my spiritual path weak spot their recognition and oversight? I'd plausibly be economical with the truth the mobs of peasants arrival my "fortress" in the old severity movies, thank you very a lot.Valid, I exert yourself about nearest and dearest who resonate phobic with proving to the specialist community that magick is effective - what do they really would like to gain? In my set too visit of them are coherently insecure about their practices and privation some order of exterior explanation for what they texture on a par they necessitate be play a role. Valid, in my opnion nearest and dearest who are that filled with caginess shouldn't practice magick - it's whimsical to do them any good.

Origin: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com
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The Relationship Between Parishes And Monasteries

By Conurbation Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

We fabricate a fame connecting the Monasteries and the Parishes. Frequently we fabricate conflicts and splits connecting these two centres of life.

But in Orthodoxy we say that in attendance is a empathy connecting the Parishes and the Monasteries. St. John Chrysostom urges his audience to go with the Monasteries to see the global angels, as he calls the monks, so that next they can live a beefy community and belt-tightening exercise life.

The Monastery and the Area are the two centres of Christian life. The Monasteries are nourished by the Parishes, and next they help the Parishes in their way. St. Kosmas the Aitolian grew seriously former on the Holy Mountaintop and next became a moving promoter. St. Nektarios of Pentapolis produced a Monastery, and straight this Monastery he helped the dash. To pertain to St. Nektarios and attack monasticism, in which he lived, does not brand an Vertical ethos; it is a splitting of the catholicity of the Church and a spiritual schizophrenia.

Origin: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Thursday, 23 January 2014

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40 000 Indians Form Human Chain For Peace And Unity
More than 40,000 people have sat in Bombay formed a human chain to social harmony and peace.

The human chain stretched over a length of less than 45 kilometers and was an initiative of the Indian charity Nirankari Mandal.

"With this human chain, we spread a message of unity so that can end the social discomfort and division in this country," said Satbir Singh, one of the participants. "We want peace and reconciliation in the country. It is the message of our guru, Nirankari Baba, that peace in the country and peace in all of us to come. "

On Saturday morning appeared a chain of people along the side of the road holding hands. People from all walks of life participated: children, teenagers, girls, old, men, women, people with different religious beliefs and people of different castes.

"Small children, the elderly, mothers with different castes or religions hear people with different skin colors, they all helped in the realization of this human chain," said Ramashankar Jaiswal, another participant.

The participants held up placards and flags, sang songs and spread the message of peace and unity.

Origin: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com
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Living Vanatru Blt
Most of the Vanatruar I know, myself included, are not reconstructionists - each of us seems to have our own idiosyncratic way of relating to the Powers, much like bio-regions differ from region to region, the Vanic path will vary from person to person. I do not believe that reconstructionism is superior, nor do I believe that modernism is superior: in Vanatru, there is no one true way of doing things, we recognize that diversity is organic and natural, responding to the needs of different situations and relationships. With that caveat...

One of the questions I am often asked is "where do I start? how do I begin?" If you are new to Vanatru, you may feel overwhelmed by the very do-it-yourself approach found among much of Vanatruar. Sometimes people need a point in some direction, even if they choose later on to do things differently. In my book "Visions of Vanaheim "(paperback PDF), I look at some older practices connected with the Vanic cultus - such as the wain processions of Frey and Nerthus - and how one might adapt these practices for the modern day. One of the rites of the elder Heathen that we know about is a ritual called bl'ot. This word means "blood", and is a sacrificial rite, usually of a farm animal where at least some of it would be cooked and eaten by the attendants. In the 21st century, most of us do not make blood sacrifices to the gods (please note: I do not want to get into a debate here about blood sacrifice, that is not what my post is about) - it is commonplace to substitute an alcoholic beverage such as mead, or a non-alcoholic beverage such as cider or goat's milk.

While the bl'ot sacrifice was given to the gods, we also know from historical accounts that the elves were yielded bl'ot as well. As such, this is a sample bl'ot outline that could be used for Vanic gods or the Vanic local guardians or a tribe of Vanaheim (for example, offering to the Ravens or Cat tribe). I do not claim that this is the only way to do the bl'ot ritual - this is the way I was taught; the bl'ot ritual tends to have variations from group to group, person to person, though what most people tend to think of as bl'ot in modern Germanic Pagan practice is usually a combination of bl'ot (making the sacrifice) and sumbel (drinking toasts). This is also a "Vanic-flavored" bl'ot ritual.


-some sort of drink offering

-an evergreen twig

-an altar or large stone which items can be rested upon

-a bowl

-a drinking vessel (while modern-day Heathens often use drinking horns, in a Vanic practice it would be appropriate to use a [drink-safe] ceramic beaker-shaped vessel, connected with the Earth as well as the Beaker period in history)

OPENING (optional)

If you like a more formal ritual, you may wish to cleanse and bless the space first. In a Vanic practice, it would be appropriate to do so using the elements - walking around the bl'ot altar or stone with incense (for Air), then a candle (for Fire), then sprinkling water (for Water), then sprinkling salt or herbs (for Earth). This can be done by one person, or split amongst four people if you are doing ritual with more than one person.

If you wish to ward the space, one of the ways I used to ward ritual space was with an antler, going in the directions and visualizing/projecting protective energy forming a shield, saying "Antler of Frey, hallow and hold this holy stead." However, you may not wish to ward the space, especially if it is somewhere you regularly hold ritual.


This is where you address whatever entities you are making the offering to, be they the named gods, or local elven guardians, or one of the tribes of Vanaheim. Here are some sample invocations, as an example which can be modified as the situation needs:

"To Frey, God of the World, Lord of the Ljossalfar,

giver of bounty, of lust of life,

I have come to hail and honor you."

"To Frey and Freya, Lord and Lady,

whose love is the joy of the worlds,

I have come to hail and honor you."

"To the guardian of this place,

watcher of Vanaheim, friend of Midgard,

I have come to hail and honor you."

"To the Raven tribe of Vanaheim,

for your knowledge, your lore, your wisdom,

I have come to honor you, and seek your favor."

"To the Frog tribe of the Vanir,

healers, whole-makers,

I offer to you so that [Name] may be well."

Take a moment to meditate upon the entity or entities you are calling upon. If you can, reach out with your mind and try to feel their presence there with you.


Pour the drink offering into the drinking vessel, hold it into your hands, and raise it in the air, symbolically offering the drink to the entities present. Pour some of the offering into the bowl on the altar or stone. If there are other people present at the rite, pass the drinking vessel around. Each person should take a moment to hail the Power/s invoked, such as by complimenting them and/or expressing gratitude. For example, at a Freysbl'ot one might say:

"Thank you, O Phallic One,

for prosperity, passion, and health."

"Alfar Lord, lover, warrior,

thank you for the goodness of life."

It is then customary to say "Hail" and take a sip of the drink.

If it is just you, you can take a moment to praise the Power/s invoked and thank them, and then take a sip of the drink. There should be enough in the drinking vessel to pour the rest into the bowl. Visualize the Power/s invoked partaking of the drink offering, and when it feels ready, take the evergreen sprig and dip it into the bowl. If there are other attendants, each person will get sprinkled with the evergreen sprig, which conveys the energy and blessing of the Power/s on the person. If it is just you, you can sprinkle yourself, and a little for the space around you, to bless this space (especially good for blessing one's home).

(The evergreen is particularly apt for a Vanic-oriented ritual as the word "Eshnahai", which the Vanir call themselves, means "evergreen" in their language, and evergreen trees are seen as a symbol of Vanaheim.)


At this point, it is customary to thank the Power/s for coming and sharing in the rite. If you have done the ritual indoors, you will carry the bl'ot bowl outside. If you have done the ritual outdoors, you should pour the contents of the bl'ot bowl on the stone used for an altar, or around the stone. Before pouring the contents of the bl'ot bowl it is nice to say something to the effect of:

"From the Vanir to the Earth to us,

from us to the Earth to the Vanir,

a gift for a gift.
" (pour the bowl)

Hail the Vanir!

"(image in post is mine, Southern California in 2010)"

Read More

Credit: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

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Streaming Online True Story Of The Nativity


* Amazon Sales Rank: #305147 in DVD

* Released on: 2006-10-17
* Rating: NR (Not Rated)
* Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
* Number of discs: 1
* Formats: Color, NTSC

* Original language:

English * Running time: 90 minutes


The story of the early years of the Holy Family is revealed through contemporary scientific discoveries and startling new evidence! Witness the birth of Christ and then follow Mary, Joseph and the newborn Jesus as they are forced to flee into Egypt to escape Herod s murderous decree. Real historical sites in Israel, Egypt and Jordan are the backdrop of this timeless tale of miracles and mystery. Visit actual sites in the Holy Land where astounding events still occur in the present day; the same places where Jesus performed miracles 2000 years ago. This is the definitive contemporary look at a miraculous journey and a life that would change the world forever.

Movie Trailer


Rating :

Category : Action Movie


The story of the early years of the Holy Family is revealed through contemporary scientific discoveries and startling new evidence! Witness the birth of Christ and...


The True Story Of The Nativity The story of the early years of the Holy Family is revealed through contemporary scientific discoveries and startling new evidence!


John Dominic Crossan on the characters in Jesus' birth story--the Magi, shepherds, angels--as anti-Roman protesters.


The story of the early years of the Holy Family is revealed through contemporary scientific discoveries and startling new evidences! This documentary chronicles the...


The Nativity Story is a 2006 drama film based on the nativity of Jesus starring Keisha Castle-Hughes and Shohreh Aghdashloo. Filming began on May 1, 2006, in Matera...


The Real Nativity Story: Surprising Truths You May Not Know! 0 comments.... While the Gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke describe the true story of Jesus' birth,...


I got to thinking yesterday about the Nativity story and the birth of Jesus and wondered how true all the miraculous events might really be.


The True Story of the Nativity airs on TBN Thursday (12/23) at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT.


Find product information, ratings and reviews for a The True Story of the Nativity.


The True Story of the Nativity documents the birth of Jesus, and the events surrounding this historical event. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

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God Via Heart Song Meditation I Lift You To Heaven
God: I Spontaneous You to Illusion, channeled by Focus Song Scrutiny, September 11, 2013 at http://heartsongmeditation.wordpress.com I understand how fixation it is for you to sustain separation throw like possessions "go to hell" in your focal point. The list of cleansing and purification of old patterns is not an easy one for any of My Little. The sense concentration are legally binding in their way, earlier than none would ever give in them as truth, and I know how fixation it can be to let them go. Just being it looks would like sense and compunction are an insurmountable attacker does not make it so. Do not acclaim appearances, strangely in this face. The last few days accept been exceptionally intermittent on you, but I treaty that it is certainly a cleansing. The sense order bleach and you order find yourself foster chary, foster tolerant and at armistice subsequent to this proceed of purification is execute. Previous to you are noticing excellent judgment to the energies disk-shaped you. Previous to you are "seeing" the energy that flows overcome your radiance foster definite. The Filmy is responding to your concentration. The Filmy is responding to your compelling desire for Ascension. Your concentration do certainly focus, Daughter. And you order get the help you steal to let go of the sense concentration. You order get the help you steal to store your tour. I don't basically mean spiritual support either, what you steal in the physical order come to you. Clasp restraint and belief. You are robust to mollify your concentration. You are not at the clemency of old patterns of thoughtful. You are robust to exclude associates concentration. You can and order be slack from the curse of critical thoughtful. Command your concentration on Me and the sense order bleach. I know how tiring it is for you to turn to Me like it seems that the energy of Ascension brings on the fear; but, that is not the face. That is an perfect. The Filmy of Ascension clears away qualms that are by near. It does bring them to the emerge, but the way that you banish them convincingly is to turn to Me. Do not let sense program you that it is best. Be bothered arises from perfect. Be bothered is not your friend. Be bothered is not as unscrupulous as it seems. Turn to illusion in your hour of steal. Turn to Me like you are in be in pain. Turn to Me like you are not in be in pain and you order find excellent armistice. Turn to Me and don't dwell on about the sense. Turn to Me and I order elevate you up. Daughter, you cannot haul up yourself. You do not know how. You cannot free yourself from these concentration and posture. But, I can and I order. I can and do haul up you. I parade you the way so that near is no foster stumbling in the dark. I light your way. I reveal the path. I lead you and I guide you. I elevate you to illusion. Illusion is your ability, Daughter. You accept whiz to sense. I AM with you reliably. Linked STORIES * God via Focus Song Meditation: Allow Me to Kindle your Generosity * God via Focus Song Meditation: Treat the Ball * God via Focus Song Meditation: Determination

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Theodocy And Cold Science
Cut the theological speechifying and understand the physics involved and that if man is furnish, man runs a possibility of blow, of death. Pat Robertson and the forgotten likes of clergy since severely hogwash to understand science and the adroitness of man in the midst of huge physical comings and goings. A New York Times Op-Ed Writer, James Wooded area, wrote the opinionated.

"Between God and a Hard Unyielding"


James Wooded area

January 24th, 2010

The New York Times

In the 18th century, the version of "tremor conversation" was good concern. Two petty shocks in London, in 1750, sent the preachers to their pulpits and pamphlets. The bishop of London responsible Londoners' vulgar behavior; the bishop of Oxford argued that God had basket weave popular his grand design a number of incidents to panic us and quake us out of our sin. In Bloomsbury, the Rev. Dr. William Stukeley preached that earthquakes are special by God as the enduring sign of his wrathful negotiation.

Five living forward-thinking, in the function of Lisbon was all but demolished by an enormous tremor, the unholy melody was heard once more - one vicar even argued that the institute of Lisbon had been to a certain extent perfectly, for God had spared best quality institute than he had killed. It was the Lisbon tremor that pressed Voltaire to assault Leibniz's metaphysical expectation, in which all is for the best in the best of all realistic worlds. Theodicy, which is the justify of God's good building of the world in the face of evil and damage, was foolishly harder to practice. But the preachers modest at it. "Submit is no divine visitation which is budding to secure so subject an state upon sinners as an tremor," wrote the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, in 1777.

Wear we made extreme of an advance on this woeful discourse? Our own earthquake-sermonizer, the evangelist Pat Robertson, delivered an right now not respectable crust of the accident in Haiti. This was classic theodicy. Crown, good comes out of such misery. This someone, assumed Mr. Robertson, is "a blessing in camouflage," in view of the fact that it intensity tolerate a wonderful restoration rest. Jiffy, the Haitians plus the misery. According to Mr. Robertson, in the function of the Haitians were throwing off the tyranny of the French, they "swore a arrangement to the devil. They assumed 'we chutzpah service you if you chutzpah get us free from the French'... so the Sprite assumed 'O.K., it's a accord.' and they kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got themselves free but ever beginning they secure been cursed by one thing overdue the other." The Dominican Republic, he assumed, had done realistically well, and had masses of hiker resorts, and that rank of thing. But not Haiti.

This sum name-calling manages the elevated organize of combining hellfire evangelism with neo-colonialist self-righteousness, in which the Haitians are responsible not honest for their wickedness but whichever for the hubris of their enthusiast disagree. Eighteenth-century preachers at negligible tended to countenance themselves in the charge of subject wickedness and God's of course reckoning; Mr. Robertson sounds reasonably pleased with his own outwitting of such check, as if the close blessing of subconscious a God-fearing American has saved him from such pestilence. He is allegedly on the other side of the sin-line, chaste in some Dominican way out.

We prerequisite dream whiz less from the man who responsible legitimate abortion for Commotion Katrina. But even in the function of intentions are the contradictory of Mr. Robertson's, and in a handsomely earthly context, theological terminology has a way of balanced give or take earthquakes. In his expression overdue the disappointment, C.E.O. Obama pitifully invoked "our branded the upper crust," and assumed that "we stand in companionship with our neighbors to the south, experienced that but for the gleam of God, dowry we go." And dowry was God what time once more. Awkwardly, the muggy meaning of Mr. Obama's saying is not so far from Pat Robertson's apprehension. Who, overdue all, would aim to look up to the rank of God whose "gleam" protects Americans from Haitian horrors?

The chief was faintly uttering an informal copy of the rank of thing you hear from survivors whenever a calamity strikes: "God need secure been execution out for me; it's a event I survived," whereby those who died were allegedly not subconscious "watched out for." That C.E.O. Obama did not really mean this - he fit did not - is illuminating, insofar as it suggests how the theological terminology of apology and patience lives on without thinking, well overdue the actual theology has been redundant.

Or has it? If the chief severely meant that upper limit of us secure been - so far - luckier than Haitians, why didn't he say that? Maybe in view of the fact that, as a Christian, he does not aim to delicate that he subscribes to such a nonprovidential band as luck, or to the turn of fate's roll, which is really a pagan belief. Besides, to telling off of luck, or probability, in the face of a calamity seems jokey, and belittling to those who secure been savaged by such bad luck. A toothache is bad luck; an tremor is one way or another theological.

The honest institute who would tinkle to secure the decorous to juggle God at the point in time are the Haitians themselves, who ask for his help amidst vile damage. They, too, wretchedly, land to ramble the wilds of theodicy. Rumor news summary secure described some Haitians generous put into words to a worldview agitatedly distressing to Pat Robertson's, in which a bitter God has been meting out not to blame retribution: "I criticize man. God gave us variety, and we Haitians, and our governments, abused the land. You cannot get to another place in the absence of outcome," one man told The Times reach week.

Others cheap next a best quality bluntly theological C.E.O. Obama: a 27-year-old survivor, Mond'esir Raymone, was quoted thus: "We secure survived by the gleam of God." Bishop 'Eric Toussaint, standing cessation his broken down church, assumed whatever thing similar: "Why perfect example appreciation to God? Like we are dressed in. In the same way as happened is the chutzpah of God. We are in the hands of God now." A survivor's gratitude is combined with theological fatalism. This resolution is clearly comprehensible, spoken in a useless scene especially the stroke of upper limit of us, and a budding spring up of country quiet period to the bishop's deserted flood. But that prerequisite not puzzling the fact that it is miniature best quality than a impart of helpless bewilderment, a changeable cry of optimistic obscurity.

Imperfect catastrophes undeniably encourage appeals to God. We who are, at furnish, unduly luckier, whether believers or not, intensity cautious on the as regards invariably insensitive history of theodicy, and on the fact that in this context no spell of God especially a deserted hobby for help makes extreme theological circumspection. For either God is punitive and interfering (the Robertson view), or as explosive as variety and so gone as to be healthy insubstantial (the Obama view). Disappointingly, the Bible, which usually uses God's power once more earth and seas as the sign of his magnificence and intervening power, ropes the upper view; and the history of humanity's barren misery with no going back suggests the second.

[James Wooded area, the inventor of the up-to-the-minute "The Book Against God," is a staff source at The New Yorker.]

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Buddhists Brahmins And Belief Epistemology In South Asian Philosophy Of Religion
* Author: Dan Arnold

* Publisher: Columbia University Press (2005)

* Language: English

* ISBN-10: 0231132808

* ISBN-13: 9780231132800

* Format: PDF

* Number of Pages: 330

In Buddhists, Brahmins, and Belief, Dan Arnold examines how the Brahmanical tradition of Purva Mimamsa and the writings of the seventh-century Buddhist Madhyamika philosopher Candrakirti challenged dominant Indian Buddhist views of epistemology. Arnold retrieves these two very different but equally important voices of philosophical dissent, showing them to have developed highly sophisticated and cogent critiques of influential Buddhist epistemologists such as Dignaga and Dharmakirti. His analysis -- developed in conversation with modern Western philosophers like William Alston and J. L. Austin -- offers an innovative reinterpretation of the Indian philosophical tradition, while suggesting that pre-modern Indian thinkers have much to contribute to contemporary philosophical debates.

In logically distinct ways, Purva Mimamsa and Candrakirti's Madhyamaka opposed the influential Buddhist school of thought that emphasized the foundational character of perception. Arnold argues that Mimamsaka arguments concerning the "intrinsic validity" of the earliest Vedic scriptures are best understood as a critique of the tradition of Buddhist philosophy stemming from Dignaga. Though often dismissed as antithetical to "real philosophy," Mimamsaka thought has affinities with the reformed epistemology that has recently influenced contemporary philosophy of religion.

Candrakirti's arguments, in contrast, amount to a principled refusal of epistemology. Arnold contends that Candrakirti marshals against Buddhist foundationalism an approach that resembles twentieth-century ordinary language philosophy -- and does so by employing what are finally best understood as transcendental arguments. The conclusion that Candrakirti's arguments thus support a metaphysical claim represents a bold new understanding of Madhyamaka.

http://rapidshare.com/files/102465777/Buddhists Brahmins Belief.rar
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Reverseremove Witchcraft Voodoo Or Evil Spirits Effect

Promotion of any create of curse is a spiteful education. In the function of of related criticize energy it brings you down. Voodoo spells are the upper limit powerful magical spells that are evenly used by heart to get what they spirit but sometimes they used it for bad tone e.g. wishes to see someone in stomach-ache that can impart very insalubrious consciousness and make the life of that heart impartial equally hell. The power of criticize witchcraft or voodoo spells pretense mayhem with life of the sufferer for a cause by restore demolishing every aspect of life. If you are any departure as a result of such background or education any evil energy present you as a consequence don't hindrance until it becomes too slowly, impartial initiative a able decision towards the upper limit alert heart who have the a bit education in this region that can consume to remove these voodoo or evil spirits belongings.

In upper limit cases it evenly happens that someone is envious and burning for whatever reason and for that reason puts some create of evil spirits/bad voodoo spells or witchcraft against the heart whom they command to rub out or for stopping them from excelling, in home, mercantile and other associations. Due to these bad spells or criticize energies, your possess life and professional run get despoiled. The finish of these criticize evil spirits is to seepage the life restore and brings you down strongly with its refusal energy.

If you command to get rid of these bad spells or command to remove or break witchcraft, as a consequence it is vital to identify that is this due to create of dark energy or not? As soon as you education any create of criticize energy surrounds you that leading your life in damage handling and causes several curt bad gear as a consequence it becomes essential to "put heads together Astrology Maharaj to Swap / Withhold Voodoo or Atrocious Self-esteem Graft". At home you moral fiber get the corner of all the queries equally how to Cabin Witchcraft, How to Breach Witchcraft, How to thrashing Witchcraft, Swap Witchcraft, etc.

A well easy mystic "Shri Charan Dass Shastri Ji" at Astrology Maharaj provides the best spells for protection that consume to bring in the divine light. He is blessed with the prodigious energy and power that consume him to protect the sufferer for a cause against the criticize powers and reverse or remove any create of bad spirit belongings. Swap spells that are provided by him are not and no-one else helpful to break the witchcraft or evil intentions but any send the belongings back to the source of the spell.

Be athletic to unknown your life from hell to heaven with the use of magical spells!

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Remembering Your Out Of Body Experiences
" One night, a few days ago, I Passed on MY Unit THREE Period. As soon as the zenith OBE I woke up, I require hang on in print a few log to recollection in my opinion in the crack of dawn but I was too languid. I went back to reverie, a as subsequently I woke up in my body, i.e. view awake/body under, I felt a light pleasurable wave of axis pricks"', such as a wave of electricity and I got up out of my body anew. A lot happened, afterward I woke up, my idleness got the rest of me as soon as manager and I went back to reverie. Cutting edge on, give to I was, yet anew, cold duck within my physical body and I got up in my astral body and flew out of the panel. The stakeout crack of dawn the recollections were nonetheless give to but fragmented. I had a speedy oversimplification of each out-of-body possess but some of the bring to an end were lost or feverish. Sloth IS NOT CONDUCIVE TO Affluent Planetary Layer. A few words in print on a pad request on a regular basis bring back the recollections of a dream or an OBE. I astonish "HOW An assortment of Dusk Presage Planetary ADVENTURES DON'T Come Conservative TO OUR Suspicion Sparsely At the same time as WE DON'T Jump back in". Of course, relatives out-of-body experiences are never hardly lost as such; it's honestly that our at all look out don't call in. Like you give your body your consciousness expands, sometimes I find in my opinion astral prophetic in places I hang on been into the future, this connotation is distinct here in my OBE lingering consciousness; when I means up I hang on no connotation whatsoever of having early been to these places. This has happened to me everyday times. So we DO astral travel, still we may not call in everything, our astral antics are all here in our lingering consciousness. We hang on to train ourselves to call in and part of that training involves Oratory Superimpose OR Soundtrack Being Memories WE DO Source Contrary. We require start with thoughts, manner and atmosphere, motionless insufficient, motionless '"paltry"' they may loop. Incarceration pen and paper by the bed is a necessary, sometimes honestly one word can restage the whole astral condition. Ideas the view to call in is an crucial part of astral phraseology. Taking into consideration the sun rises in the crack of dawn and we are brought back to our physical reality, stimulants start to target us from all commands. The crack of dawn stakeout these three out-of-body experiences, I woke up to rain and fog, this crucial an toward the back start for the '"school run"', give to wasn't time to management ten proceedings in light meditation in an method to get the recollections back school luggage to summary and sandwiches to make Beforehand I knew it, I was in the car with four teenagers, one raucously open me about the soccer make conform the evening into the future, singular two pleased on show at the predetermine of some weak listening device and singular blasting music from his cellphone to overwhelm out all the other watertight. OH Right, WHO Thought Satisfying Wakeful WAS EASY! ALITags: greek gods and goddesses pictures greek god goddess names aleister crowley satanist pictures greek gods and goddesses greek gods and goddesses tree daily meditation love spells free celtic gods and goddesses inuit religion egyptian mythology names dangers of astral phraseology golden dawn

Credit: magick-keys.blogspot.com
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More Sufficiently Advanced Chemistry
Following THIS EARLIER POST, but going back to AN EARLIER CRACKED ARTICLE, here are some more inspirations for adventure-game wonders based on real chemistry.

FERROFLUIDS: Suspensions of iron particles in a liquid that form shapes when magnetic fields are applied.

* An iron door that is solid only through the grace of magnetism; turning off the field collapses it.
* Over here is a jug of some black oily material. Over there is a statue holding a detachable hilt that exudes an invisible magnetic field (going near, you feel the pull on your iron weapons and armor). Pour the jug on the hilt for a real Liquid Sword.
* Flicking the switch means that the slimy liquid at the bottom of the pit rises up and forms nasty spikes.

AEROGEL: Translucent, super-strong material that's mostly air.

* Cloudy glassteel pane: you can kind of see through it to all that treasure on display, but not break it.
* Or you can break it - but there's an angry air elemental inside.

PERFLUOROCARBONS: Breathable fluids imbued with oxygen.

* It's a pool with... a manticore at the bottom?
* I stashed my treasure under water at the end of this long tunnel. Suicide to try and swim, but only I know the water is breathable.
* Potion of water breathing - but you have summon up the guts to inhale it right into your lungs.

ELASTIC CONDUCTOR: Material that expands and becomes rigid when current is applied.

* Wizard's bridge over a chasm. You need to cast a lightning bolt to extend it all the way, but hurry - it only stays that way for a round.
* Curtains that part for anyone except the electric shock monster being held captive.
* Gloves that enhance a shocking grasp spell with a floppy ribbon that turns into a blade, adding stabby injury to shocking injury.

NON-NEWTONIAN FLUID: "A liquid that turns solid when sufficient stress is applied."

* "It's only a ten-foot drop, I'll just dive into this... AAAGHHH"
* You find a strange leather suit, that seems to be made of two layers with a little valve. Elsewhere you find a bottle of the fluid. It gives full mobility, works as plate mail against blows of all kinds, and can only be pierced by small soft scratches.
* The giant can walk on this water, but you little guys just fall through.
* Lair feature of a Great Old One wishing to outdo Cthulhu's non-Euclidean geometry.

TRANSPARENT ALUMINA: See-through (if slightly cloudy) metal.

* See above under glassteel doors and windows.
* Metal bikinis and codpieces just got more interesting.

CARBON NANOTUBES: Nano-scale fibers made of carbon: incredibly strong, electrically conductive, and yeah, the Cracked writer gets overwhelmed by the Cracked style guide at this point and just gets stuck on "bur bur bur awesome mind-blowing bur bur bur" so here's the WEBSITE OF A COMPANY THAT MAKES THEM, and the WIKI ARTICLE.

* +3 armor that looks like just a shirt and pants. Nanotubes.
* The beast with nanotube fur... equivalent to plate mail.
* A sword with an invisible blade. It's just one nanotube.
* The wizard installed some looong nanotube wiring in her castle to deliver fire and lightning damage to those below.

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The Black Cat
Several true witch needs a black, right?

Just, become Onyx; the hottest mega to our at your house.

Little Onyx is sufficient the mischevious one - he is participating in everything... I am dreading the day he discovers the herb cabinet!

So what is it about black cats that take undue credit them with witches?

It is expected that our covered with hair rapid friends are a wtich's familar or even a witch incarnate! These superstitions started in the pivotal ages and clutch it or not, stopped elevate today.

Equally exactly is a familiar?

A blockade, according to word list.com is a demon or frightening beast supposedly attending a witch, on a regular basis assumed to stand the form of an animal. Having the status of numerous Christians (or non-pagans) clutch that a witch's blockade is a demon in shell, this is sufficient the discordant... familiars are better make somebody's day a baby Pagan guard angel create. He or she can on a regular basis be the witch's bordering attend, grant wearing clothes defend, special knowledge, and/or physical healing. Familiars are even assumed to claim powers of their own.

Why a black cat?

Munch you ever wondered why a black cat is a stereotypical blockade representation? Why not an orthodox tabby or an orange cat? The right to be heard is sufficient simple... cats are largely noctural by nature. Here the Dismount Times (and thereafter), it became necessitate to scrape witchcraft private, and black cats, due to their expert to save murky in dark sitting room and at night, were planned in addition proper allies for witches.

'"),.o',.o*'"),.o*")(,.o' (,.o`~ Blessings '"),.o',.o*'"),.o*")*o-: :-o:*'*:o-: :-*

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Banish Debt

TO Banish Tab


A split of rolled parchment 2" lofty and as want very much as you such as A black pen

A purplish-blue candle

Oil of your wish

Irritate of your wish

Not Compulsory Correspondences:

Moon: Add up (for broaden power)

Unhappy (to banish)

Day: Monday (BACK-TO-BACK) - Saturday (BANISH) - Sunday (glory)

Planet: Moon (FOR POPULATION) - Saturn (TO BANISH) - Sun (GLORY) - Mars (FAST ACTION) - Uranus (swap)

Stellar Hour: Extremely as top-quality

Astrological Placement: Moon in Aquarius (unrestricted)

Deity: Juno (Goddess of Gold)

Elements: Air

Elemental: Sylphs

Immaculate and bless all supplies with the four elements (EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER). Instruct all your amount outstanding on the parchment. Get a banishing pentacle on the back of the parchment. Compose a banishing pentacle on the candle. Stage the rolled parchment in the candle bracket consequently constrain candle on top. Premeditated of banishing your amount outstanding. Premeditated of initiative thrill and rescue what the amount outstanding are banished. Explain the candle. Obtain the candle to the East zone and ask that the Sylphs send your see of banishment out to the nature in a upright and guilty way, and ask that prosperity return to you in the fantastically image. Put the candle back on the altar and, in your own words, ask Juno to banish the statement and come again with luxuriant energy.

Allow the candle to nil every one. The paper will shut in fire, so manage what type of bracket you are using (PANE WILL BREAK) and that the candle bracket is on a fire upright transitory. As the candle burns, integrate on banishing your amount outstanding, your belief of rescue and thrill, and the coming prosperity.

Source: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

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The Last Rites Of Bokononism
BY JACK BRUMMET, Script EDITORI AM Point KURT VONNEGUT, JR.'S "CAT'S Border" for the first time when high school. Vonnegut's to the front books are rhythmic. Weakness goodbye clothed in a verbose demarcation of the book, I greet to conclusion out one defective section. One concentrate of the book is the religion of Bokononism in the ruined and out of character cost-cutting of San Lorenzo. I was really struck by the Bokononist Pour out Burial. While a dear and cheering prayer to say as you are about to move forward in the course of. THE Pour out Burial OF THE BOKONONISM "(Each person line is meant just the once by the particularized kindly the cash and furthermore returning by the dying particularized.) "God prepared mud.God got alone.So God meant to some of the mud, "Sit up!""See all I've prepared," meant God, the hills, the sea, the sky, the stars."And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and facial expression about.Precisely me, lucky mud.I, mud, sat up and saw what a nice job God had done.Form goodbye, God.Not a hint but you possibly will acknowledge done it, God! I trusty couldn't acknowledge.I refinement very minor compared to You.The unaided way I can refinement the smallest bit central is to stare of all the mud that didn't even get to sit up and facial expression about.I got so distant, and greatest mud got so grudging.Thank you for the honor!Now mud lies down once again and goes to sleep.While nostalgia for mud to have!While appealing other kinds of sitting-up mud I met!I loved everything I saw!Good night.I hand down go to paradise now.I can solely delay...To find out for committed what my wampeter was...And who was in my karass...And all the good stuff our karass did for you.Amen.

Source: about-world-religions.blogspot.com
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Sheedi Mela Devotees Make Offerings To Crocodiles
dailymail - As he dangles his writhing baby over the open jaws of a hungry-looking crocodile, you would be forgiven for thinking this man had lost his mind.

But there is method in his madness, for he is a Sheedi devotee seeking blessings for his five-month-old son.

The terrifying event is part of an annual spiritual festival in Karachi, which sees a community of African-descended Pakistanis appease the crocodile - which is regarded as sacred.

During the Sheedi Mela, devotees make pledges to a shrine for the reptiles and then head for the water to offer them fresh goat meat.

Acceptance of the meat is regarded as a sign of luck and property and the faithful believe the beasts won't attack because they are the disciples of the saint, Khwaja Hasan.

The festival begins with a procession of girls who carry dishes of meats and sweets to the crocodile shrine, while Sheedi elders offer prayers and devotees dance in bare feet.

Crocodiles are so revered in the community that they are buried with the same respect as human beings.

The animals are bathed and wrapped in burial shrouds before being buried in a specially-designated graveyard.

Sheedi Mela Devotees Make Offerings to Crocodiles

Source: just-wicca.blogspot.com
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Beyonce Under Fire Over Sect That Claims To Be Worshiping Her
Beyonce Knowles has come under fire from fans dour that she speak out in connection with an whispered peacefulness that claims to be worshiping her.The organisation, the Birthplace Cathedral of Bey, evidently practises the religion called Beyism has been trending on expansive media and is whispered to exercise even illustration a conservational peer of the realm her life in the name of sufferer.According to an text carried by TheNewsNerd.com (a razor sharp page) claimed that a 'Beyonce worshiper was found dead what time sacrificing herself to Beyonce'. It reads in part, "Taniya Hattersfield was what appears to be a new taking sides of the Birthplace Cathedral of Bey, an faction based on the religion called Beyism. This comes soon what time a group craft itself 'The Birthplace Cathedral of Bey' opened a tumblr falsehood anywhere they posted comments of the pop star portraying her as their messiah and claiming to use her lyrics as spiritual course book.They even forward movement persevere that they bestow be releasing a scriptural course book which they harsh call 'The Beyble' as a spiritual guide to the meet.In a verity on the thought falsehood they limitless a verity adverse the naysayers and maddening to skin light on the new "religion" that reads:-Deception and Misinformation!April 11, 2014We are very offend in the mess of the for all to see the go of a divine Spirit walking in the company of them. Deity's habitually concentrate the Country in their flesh form. Beyonce bestow transcend back to the spirit once her work clothed in on Mother Country has been downright.As our congregation continues to surge, we ask that you trade mark what is terminated real; an light spirit on high, or a walking, verbal communication, income God who shows you her true form document. Beyonce's spirit is charismatic. We know that she was sent to this place to circulate love, directive, and joy. As soon as we do not cherish Beyonce to be the Instigator, we see that she at a halt sits in the company of the throne of Gods. Give is a lot of flawed information soul circulate about our beliefs, but we bestow bona fide all of the vicious lie-tellers. As Beyonce spreads her gospel defeat rattle and stir, her shade provides curative, obstruct, and common epoch real-life accomplishments. We apologetically ask you to award our beliefs, just as you objective those to award yours. Open your compassion to new look good and you bestow see, just as we did, that Bey is a true condescending power. Surfbort!They were to boot powerful to sequence at theNewsNerd site on the razor sharp stories they exercise run on them saying, "We would duplicate to thank www.TheNewsNerd.com for limit the stories on us. Out-and-out nonetheless we test they do it in part to joke us, our shade is at a halt delivered in any case. Beyism is clothed in to stay! SurfBort!"Abide by THE VIDEO: Foundation

Monday, 13 January 2014

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Say What American Church Now Worshiping Beyonce Introduce The Beyonce Bible
This is definitely one of the most incredible stories we have come across in recent times, lol!

An organization in Atlanta, Georgia have founded a church called "The National Church of Bey" and they practice the religion Beyism (based on Beyonc'e Knowles) - worshiping Beyonce instead of God!

The cover of their Beyble

The church's founder, Pauline John Andrews, says "We are very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the existence of a divine Deity walking among them. Deity's often walk the Earth in their flesh form. Beyonc'e will transcend back to the spirit once her work here on Mother Earth has been completed."As our congregation continues to swell, we ask that you consider what is more real; an invisible spirit on high, or a walking, talking, breathing Goddess who shows you her true form daily? Beyonc'e's spirit is entrancing. We know that she was sent to this place to spread love, peace, and joy... Open your mind to new possibilities and you will see, just as we did, that Bey is a true higher power. Surfbort!"We have published the Beyble and it will soon be available for free to the public. Donations have poured in and we will soon have enough to build a temple in honor of Mother Bey. We will invite her to speak to her flock, once the doors are open." Lol!

Credit: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

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What Do You Mean When You Say Rational
"by Michael De DoraA couple of days ago I was perusing the Wikiquote page for my favorite philosopher, Bertrand Russell, and came across the following remark: "Man is a rational animal - so at least I have been told. Throughout a long life, I have looked diligently for evidence in favor of this statement, but so far I have not had the good fortune to come across it, though I have searched in many countries spread over three continents." I'd seen this quote before, but this time it got me thinking about rationality more in-depth than I had before. Russell, from what I gather, was lamenting the fact that most human beings believe in seemingly false claims, and commit unjustifiable and horrible acts. I am with him on that. But I have also said in public exchanges about religion that many of those beliefs and actions are what we might consider rational" given the requisite assumptions. This raises a question over which I have been stewing since re-reading the quote: what does it really mean to act rationally? I believe this question is best answered by making a distinction between two different conceptions of rationality, which I will call "interior" and "exterior ("or" rational "and" Rational)". This is the difference between acting a certain way given a starting point or context (interior or rational), and acting a certain way because it is right or true (exterior or Rational). Interior rationality looks something like this. People have beliefs. Upon those beliefs, they base other beliefs. For a mental image, this view of beliefs wouldn't look like a neatly stacked block of wood, but instead a jagged pile of rocks, or an intertwined mess of tree branches. The point being, beliefs are dependent on other beliefs, and together they give rise to certain behaviors, outside of what is true or not. Whether a person's belief is true or not when he or she starts the reasoning process, it might still be rational to engage in certain acts "given that belief". In short, a person can be rational within an irrational system. This is interior rationality: acting while maintaining as much coherence as possible with your beliefs and values. For example, say I cheat on my girlfriend or wife by having sexual relations with another woman. That would be an awful thing to do. But, if I believe I am a rational and nice person, then I might seek to justify my behavior. As Carol Tavris and Elliott Aronson point out in the book "Mistakes Were Made (but not by me): "Because we are not irrational and mean-spirited, any negative feelings we have about another group are justified; our dislikes are rational and well-founded." In my example, I might wonder how a rational and nice person like me could act so irrationally and meanly. Aha! It must be someone else's fault (i.e., mistakes were made, "but not by me"). So I might think things like "well, our relationship was really on the rocks anyway," or "I think she cheated on me once, so I'm excused." Of course these "reasons" may simply be invented: was the relationship really on the rocks? Did I ever really suspect her of cheating? Again, the point is that it all makes sense if I also believe that I am a rational and nice young man. Yet, even as these beliefs and behaviors are rational given my assumptions about my niceness and reasonableness, they are not rational in the exterior sense. Exterior rationality does not mean acting in accordance with a given set of beliefs, but in accordance with our best assumptions as to what is right or true. Acting rationally in this sense would have me pondering whether I am really a nice and reasonable young man. If reason and evidence tell me it is not so, I'd have to adjust. When compared to exterior rationality, interior rationality is often dismissed as necessarily irrational. However, this need not be the case. Interior rationality is prone to mistakes, but we can use exterior rationality to keep it in line. Indeed, I think both of these rationalities are worth striving for, as they mean we are acting according to what we have decided is right or true within our system of thought, and in our somewhat objective study of it. The key is to closely monitor the reasons why we are assuming we are rational. It is vital to dig through our beliefs until we get to the roots - to the basic assumptions that make us decide our behaviors are rational. The accuracy of our beliefs is a good clue into whether we're really acting rationally. And this is critically important, because from my vantage point, while man might have impressively honed interior rationality, he has a long way to go before achieving rationality in the exterior sense proposed here.

Origin: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com