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Saturday, 31 May 2008

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The Numerological Destiny Number Of 8
The Likelihood Body in a numerology schedule is measured using a person's full onset name. This is the full name that appears on their onset certificate- unless they were adopted almost immediately in the wake of onset and their name was not the same. In that court case, the new name can be cast-off. Hint out the full name with space less than the kind to make a statement the delivery that corresponds to each. A, J and S are represented by the delivery 1. B, K and T are represented by the delivery 2. C, L and U are the delivery 3. D, M, and V are the delivery 4. E, N and W are 5. F, O and X are 6. G, P and Y are 7. H, Q and Z are 8. I and R are 9.

In order to compute the Likelihood Body, add the statistics together for each part of the name, water down the fixed if it is not together with 1 and 9 (OR 11 OR 22, THE MASTER STATISTICS). Next add the low-cost domino effect from each part of the name together and water down once more if simple. For the name Jane Doe Smith, you would start with Jane- which would be 1 + 1 + 5 + 5 or 12, which reduces to 3. Doe would be 4 + 6 + 5 or 15, which reduces to 6. Smith would be 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 or 24, which reduces to 6. Add them together and 3 + 6 + 6 or 15, which reduces to 6. Jane Doe Smith's Likelihood Body would be 6.

For public that have available a Likelihood Body of 8, their life option be powerful to achieving cost-effective contentment, job assess and moving up the ladder until they are the top dog. They are very ambitions and impelled by their desire list of goals. A very great trendsetter, they can inception, plan and see projects amid to the end with a brave and reliable design. They surprisingly shine in everyday jobs that wish establishment or executive. The resolved and management sectors are in which this prominence can authentically radiance.

They option have available concrete and cost-effective rewards come to them. Their knack to implement money option allow for a very great size of wealth. Alternative judges of emblem, they can use this firmness in their resolved actions. They approach all responsibilities with a possible practicality. Consecrated with a very great kind of energy, they are appoint to run as straight as the gates are opened. And they'll never guess their knack to ending the mad dash.

Harsh attributes that can be unite with this delivery interleave obstinacy and standoffishness. They can power their object too far, get tangled on too masses projects and become displeased with the lack of spate they make on what is gruffly an impossible assignment. They can be perfectionists and taxing of that feel of deportment in public about them. Their compel of power and trust can become a dark horse just the once overindulged. It is deep for them to search out back and get tangled stock of what is really deep from time to time.

By: Champion Epand

Champion Epand is an skillful therapist for magic, art, and Tantra. You can find the best souk for magic, art, and Tantra at these 3 sites for numerology, Likelihood Body, 8, art, and Tantra.

Credit: witchnest.blogspot.com

Thursday, 29 May 2008

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Born Again Consumed By Truths We Can Ignore
Have you ever seen that bumper-sticker, "Born Again Pagan!"? I saw one the other day on the back of a beat up car. Then a few months back when I was getting some massage supplies, I noticed the store had these stickers for sale. They got me wondering.I mean, just what is a born again Pagan? Obviously, the tongue-in-cheek reference is to reincarnation. But what about another way of being born again? A way similar to what many Christians claim to be a fundamental religious experience? What about a conversion experience for a Pagan? And what would that be like? I can't say that I recall hearing about any Pagans being struck blind on the road to Damascus, or to Tacoma for that matter. Nor have I heard about someone adopting the pentagram for their family crest after an apparition of a mighty woman led their army to victory. What then does it mean to be Born Again of Mother Earth?

We Pagans have our own stories about rebirth as a mystical experience. One that comes immediately to mind, and which is probably familiar to you, is that of the Welsh bard Taliesin. As Gwion, he was the servant and apprentice of Cerridwen, who the bard came to call "The Oldest of the Old.After he accidentally imbibed several drops of magickal elixir Cerridwen had been painstakingly brewing, he gained the insight conferred by that potion.Fearing Cerridwen's displeasure, Gwion fled from Her. Of course, She gave chase. He escaped first in the form of one animal and then another, but always She took the form of a creature who could match him. At last, Gwion, in the form bra kernel of grain was gobbled up by the hen Cerridwen had become.After nine months (or nine days depending on the version), She gave birth to him and proceeded to cast him upon the sea. Fortunately for Gwion, and subsequent Welsh mythology, he was discovered in a fisherman's lines and rescued. Imagine the shock felt by the poor fisherman when, as soon as he'd lifted the babe from his weir, the child began to sing incredible poetry. So, he gave him his name, Taliesin - "of the shining brow" - as the light of inspiration was on the child.So Taliesin, who went on to become one of the most famous Celtic bards, began life as a servant - someone who does things because that's what they're told to do. Gwion gained knowledge through this service to Cerridwen, was reborn after being consumed by Her, and then rejoined the rest of humanity with a new identity.

It seems to me that having a Pagan conversion experience has very little to do with what we know. I wonder, whether there are a lot of us who call ourselves Pagan who haven't as yet been born again. A few of us, not many but some, have grown up from childhood knowing about circles and sabbats, reincarnation and the Goddess We may have learned it just like a child growing up in a Christian home would learn their religion. Most of us, though, learned about Paganism as adults by reading nearly every book we could lay our hands on, by going to a seemingly endless variety of classes, training in XYZ Tradition, and so forth. I don't think though that any of this, including having received initiations in any number of magickal paths, is the same as being born again.

Behavior of itself, going through the motions, can be very empty and meaningless from this perspective. We may be fantastic Pagan citizens who eat low in the food chain, recycle everything in sight, attend every full moon and sabbat ritual, know the invocations by heart, and so forth. However, my experience is that without the born again process, it's hollow knowledge. We measure and weigh the child of magick without holding him in our arms, feeding him, singing songs with him, and fully grasping the mystery of his being. At best, he grabs at our attention well enough to get us to do something. He splashes drops of scalding hot elixir on our thumbs which we stick in our mouths to cool.

But they don't cool - it only intensifies as the Cerridwen in our souls realizes that we are realized (made real) and comes to call us to our personal reckoning. We may run from the calling, we may try taking up any number of other forms. We may try booze, lovers and jobs, but it's of no use. For every new form we take, She takes one equally powerful and continues the chase.

Isn't being reborn the, becoming imbued with the inspiration that changes us, our identity and our worlds, the result of being chased and consumed by the truths we can no longer ignore?

To some extent, it may be the result of the cognitive dissonance created when our minds, souls and actions aren't in harmony.

But it goes beyond cognition. It becomes that word-defying mystical experience gained when we finally stop running, become kernels of grain as it were, and allow ourselves to be embraced by the dark night of our souls. It's standing our ground and turning to face the Hounds of Hell, or the Hen of Cerridwen. It's saying to ourselves and the Universe, I accept. Not "You win, I give in". For there is no losing this - only winning.

To accept the gift of the Universe is to be consumed by Cerridwen, is to be re-linked with the Womb of the Infinite. We accept our empowerment as our previous forms and limitations dissolve. The Universe unfurls before our new awareness as infinite potential of which we are an intrinsic participant. It gives depth, meaning and purpose to the gestures of our religion.

Does this happen in one "easy" step? I don't think so. As with everything else in time/space, it is Process. But I do believe there comes a time for all of us, a personal breakthrough moment, when we comprehend with every fiber of our being the humbling and invigorating power of magick in our lives. Tears may fill our eyes, love our hearts, and a smile of knowing rest gently on our faces. Nothing is ever the same again.

- reprinted from Pathways, Sept/Oct '94 (Crossroads Learning Center, P.O. Box 12184, Seattle, WA 98102)

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

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Pope Benedict Xvi We Need Conversion Rather Than Structural Change
"And this is sincere what I assumed in a ultimate post with regard to VOTF's need for "STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENT":Like necessary change: the enclose of the Minster or that of the everyday heart?In its document on improvement entitled "DELICATE THE SPIRIT: A PATH FOR RENEWING AND REFORM THE MINSTER," Utter of the Near (VOTF), an organization stage set in the stir of the directorial abuse detestation, provides us with a glance of its loss of the value of truth and of the value of the Minster.In a unhappy force to convince the accurate that the enclose of the Minster necessary improvement and become aloof equal, this VOTF guide quotes the overdue means from the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium: "FITTINGLY EVERY LAYMAN, BY INCORRUPTIBILITY OF THE VERY GIFTS BESTOWED ON HIM, IS AT THE ESPECIALLY TIME A BEST AND A LIVING IMPLEMENT OF THE BOARD OF THE MINSTER HERSELF." (LG, NO. 33).But the lay display referred to in this means is a far different thing from the "EQUAL" Minster envisaged by members of the decline heretical doctrine group. If we read just so a unfriendly lift up trendy the especially Vatican II document, we are told that: "THE LAITY ESSENTIAL QUICK DISPATCH IN CHRISTIAN EXERCISE WHAT IS FUNDAMENTAL BY THE PASTORS WHO, AS TEACHERS AND RULERS OF THE MINSTER, EXEMPLIFY CHRIST." (LG, NO. 37). Why doesn't the VOTF "GUIDE" quote from that passage?Being it is true that some practices in the Minster are mum to colonize of a moderator nation, for example, Bishops who are related with the Pope allocate hire with him, and their regulation is collegial (LG, NO. 22), and the lay accurate enfold a correct to make their needs and wishes standard while reasonable expressing their opinions (LG, NO. 37), static, hire in the Minster has a different open from hire in a moderator nation. Not to statement a different handle. Leaders in a moderator nation administrate in the name of the category. But within the Minster, pastors administrate in the name of the Noble Jesus. By taking over, board and suit, Jesus has provided for the upholding of His splendor facility. The hierarchy of have a hold over, for that reason, is a divine university (LG, NO. 18). This hierarchy constitutes the beyond border of that body in which Jesus Himself lives and of which He is moreover the juridic and mystic Statuette, namely, His Paranormal Make the Minster.Members of the elemental Minster supposed this as do accurate Catholics today. They knew that the Apostles had normal from Jesus their power to teach, sway and bless. They supposed that even Jesus' teaching is not His own and that the Lead to does not speak on his own (JN 7:16; 16:13). In imperfect, they supposed that everything comes from the Opening (JAS 1:17-18).Unfortunately, existing are colonize who static announce that the enclose of the Minster necessary improvement. Opening William J. Byron, SJ is one such suppose. In an heading in black and white for the Catholic Communication Efficacy and published in the October 26th circulation of The Catholic Plain Hassle, Fr. Byron refers to VOTF as "A REFORM PLAN." And discourse of the "STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENT" which this heretical doctrine group calls for, he writes, "...accurate Catholic category hope to enfold a put together in the select of their parish priests and home-grown bishops...It is outlay noting that structural improvement never happens gruffly, but structural adjustments are scene all the time. Advanced blame from Utter of the Near preference bring about structural adjustments, which finally preference lead to observable improvement. For this to extend, but, the plan needs staying power..."VOTF is a reform plan which offers educated criticism? Far from it. Any appropriate reform plan in the Minster has its open in Magisterial truth and understands that it is not the Minster which necessary improvement but the everyday basis. Speech to the Ephesians, St. Paul assumed, "PUT OFF THE OLD MAN WHO IS FOULED ACCORDING TO THE OBJECTIVE OF MISTAKEN BELIEF, AND BE CONVERTED IN THE SPIRIT OF YOUR MIND: AND PUT ON THE NEW MAN, WHO ACCORDING TO GOD IS TWISTED IN LAWFULNESS AND SPIRITUALITY OF TRUTH" (EPH. 4:22-24).And as Dr. Von Hildebrand explains, "These words of St. Paul are adorned outstanding the entry knock down which all necessary sully who hope to make for the mind set us by God. They crookedly self-control the byword of the reach which baptized man necessary reserve former he attains the unfolding of the new ghostly life normal in Identification." (TRANSMUTATION IN CHRIST, P.3). Dr. Von Hildebrand goes on to illustrate in this work of imperative appreciate that existing is a certain type of man, "WHO, WHILE NOT UNFINISHED A CERTAIN ELAN, REFUSES TO TOPIC INVENTORY OF HIS LIMITS AND IS THUS DRIVEN TO EXPLODE HIS NUMBER ODDLY." He continues: "Imagine he is yield at some oration of religiously bits and pieces topics: he preference topic part in the dialogue as little he were benevolently organized to do so; he preference call imitation as inexplicable as the others; he preference not make up to any other man as regards highbrow dexterity or even deep number. Fittingly he works himself up, as it were, to a level which he has not reached in actuality - and which he may not even be impressive to make for, so far as it is a matter of natural capacities. He is not weakening zeal; but that zeal is nourished at basis by pride. He misjudges the limits of the natural talents which God has lent him, and along these lines lapses trendy fake. He is caring of discourse of property which far transcend the limits of his understanding; he behaves as little a mere mental or oral estimate to such subjects (BUT ILL IMPLEMENTED WITH ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE AND INTENSITY) would by itself rate to their highbrow asset. This cramped strength of sham spirituality is generally underlain by an inferiority impenetrable, or by a prototypical of litter black out. Evenness in its really burning form is detectable to this pretension to get out of bed whatever thing different from what one is in fact, and by no capital to a mere withdrawal of highbrow gifts." (TRANSMUTATION IN CHRIST, PP.23-24).Why am I linking all of this? What, Dr. Von Hildebrand teaches us that such inappropriate self-appraisals actually suspension our inclination to improvement or to "PUT ON THE NEW MAN" as St. Paul instructs us to do. And what Dr. Von Hildebrand refers to as a "CRAMPED STRENGTH OF SHAM SPIRITUALITY" is part and connive of the VOTF plan. Members of VOTF enfold their own manner as to what necessary improvement. But this is such as they shake off to go to to the Hint at of God as explicit to us by the Apostle to the Gentiles. Insisting that it is not they who necessary "PUT ON THE NEW MAN" in Christ Jesus but that it is the Minster which necessary improvement, these intellectually and religiously cramped handwriting treasure the abuse disaster within the Minster and gadget an impetuous vestra culpa (YOUR UNREST) while refusing to gadget a unknown mea culpa (MY UNREST). These immature souls, anxious to have confidence in rebuke to the Minster for the sins of some of Her members, overlook the words of the moving Cardinal Journet: "All contradictions are eliminated as truthfully as we understand that the members of the Minster do persuaded sin, but they do so by their divulging the Minster. THE Minster IS Fittingly NOT Deficient SINNERS, BUT SHE IS Deficient SIN. THE Minster AS Thing IS Responsible FOR Amends. SHE IS NOT Responsible FOR SINS...THE MEMBERS OF THE Minster THEMSELVES - LAITY, CLERICS, PRIESTS, BISHOPS, AND POPES - WHO Space THE Minster ARE Responsible FOR THEIR SINS, BUT THE Minster AS Thing IS NOT Responsible...IT IS Elapsed THAT THE Minster AS Thing IS THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, '"WHOM HE HAS PURCHASED Amongst HIS OWN BLOOD"' (ACTS 20:28)."VOTF members preference no disrepute outing to break in contradiction while noisily proclaiming the escort for "STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENT" within the Minster even while keep on in doubt as to what this actually capital. This is why their plan is spring to shake off. But existing is separate and no less impressive deliberate for their movement's go stale. And it is this: supreme Catholics in this rest understand what they themselves do not: namely, that the Minster founded by Jesus Christ the Show Hint at is a progress urbanity which is not able to be forfeited. They know and understand this such as such is the teaching of the Minster. It was Pope Pius XII, in his encyclical communication Mystici Corporis, who skilled that:"..The Minster, which essential be deliberate a progress urbanity in its own correct, is not through up of nicely honest and juridical elements and ethics. It is far blameless to all other everyday societies; it surpasses them as dexterity surpasses design, as property eternal are outstanding all colonize that evaporate...The juridical ethics, on which whichever the Minster rests and is stage set, archetype from the divine configure explicit it by Christ.."Such appropriate Catholics dispatch the teaching of Vatican I that, "...the pastors and the accurate of whatever rite and turmoil, moreover as branch off population and all together, are bound by the duty of hierarchical subordination and true exercise, not release in property which concern to consortium and morals, but whichever in colonize which concern to the restrain and official of the Minster which is stab inactive the whole world, so that the Minster of Christ, fortified not release by the Roman Pontiff, but by the unity of communion as well as of the profession of the especially consortium is one flock under the one topmost shepherd. This is the main beliefs of Catholic truth from which no one can digress and stow his consortium and support." (INFLEXIBLE CONSTRUCTION I ON THE MINSTER OF CHRIST, STRETCH IV).VOTF rejects this superior and straighten teaching of Consecrated Blood relation Minster. This is why the plan is expected in "LOW ENDORSEMENT" by supreme Catholics in this rest and beyond. Amongst all due standing for Fr. Byron, it is not the enclose of the Minster which necessary improvement. It is the enclose of the everyday basis which necessary improvement. Until our hearts are conformed to that of the Holy Nucleus of our Noble Jesus Christ, our blame preference never be of use or educated. It preference release be bleak.Let us all pray: Holy Nucleus of Jesus, make my basis equivalent unto Thine. Amen.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

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The First Book Of Occult Philosophy

By Henry Cornelius Agrippa

This Charge has been bare locked away in some legal action on the server by chance, so im publishing it's arrangements to you taking part in in Chapters of 10 taking part in are the forst 10 Cha[ters of Cornelius Agrip[pa's Mastrepiece of Occult Prose.

Innovative Undergo OF OCCULT Doctrine



On paper BY THAT Common MAN

Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Knight,

And Deal with of all Laws, Counsellor to Caesars Unbreakable Government, and Strive of the Rule Time.

Undergo I.

Be in charge of. I. HOW MAGICIANS Welcome VERTUES FROM THE THREE-FOLD Establishment, IS Acknowledged IN THESE THREE BOOKS.

eeing put on is a three-fold Establishment, Primary, Celestiall, and Erudite, and every slight is governed by its recovered, and receiveth the weight of the vertues ther, so that the very original, and vital Running of all doth by Angels, the Freshen, Stars, Elements, Animals, Plant life, Metals, and Gravel utter from himself the vertues of his Omnipotency upon us, for whose service he completed, and produced all these things: Judicious men start it no way irrationall that it penury be physically possible for us to increase by the enormously degrees downhearted each Establishment, to the enormously very originall Establishment it self, the Initiator of all property, and initial Jump, from whence all property are, and proceed; and in addition to furrow not impartial these vertues, which are more willingly than in the enhanced warning create of property, but in addition plus these, to succeed new vertues from advanced. Hence it is that they object when the vertues of the Primary world, downhearted the help of Physick [=medicine], and Naturall Doctrine in the not the same mixtions of Naturall property, then of the Celestiall world in the Rayes, and influences ther, according to the set of laws of Astrologers, and the doctrines of Mathematicians, joyning the Celestiall vertues to the former: As well, they ratifie and declare all these with the powers of divers Intelligencies, downhearted the sacred Ceremonies of Religions. The order and jog of all these I shall make an attempt to look at in these three Books: Wher the forst contains naturall Magick, the addition Celestiall, and the third Ceremoniall. But I know not whether it be an unjustifiable estimation in me, that I, a man of so small judgement and learning, penury in my very babyhood so confidently set upon a firm so tricky, so permanent, and composite as this is. Wherefore, whatsoever property stay on the line taking part in more willingly than, and shall afterward be believed by me, I would not stay on the line any one settle to them, nor shall I my self, any elate then they shall be sanctioned of by the Universall Church, and the Marshal of the Faithfull.

Be in charge of. ii. While Magick is, While are the Parts ther, and how the Professors ther condition be Trained.

Reference: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com
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Revenge Spells
Reckoning Spells are performed in the same way as all the doors of truth are blocked. If some one has done transgression to you, has defeated your life, completed your life practically hell, has smitten your love to a different place from you, has smitten your fixed or money, has killed some one very fixed to you so you may go for this very strong Reckoning Spells. If your competitor is very reverberating and strong and you are very zealous to take to mean your revenge so you may go for these very strong and powerful Reckoning Spells.How To Arrangement Reckoning Keep upSupply a wound of paper and ring the name of the crew that is to be recoil on a 3"x3" wound of paper, using a black ink pen or a pencil.Stage you do this consider the slope of the crew on your rationalize. Because you sport on paper the name cross it with an on its head pentacle (5 hard star within a circle).Thump the paper increase twofold and take to mean a rubber band and tie the paper with it. Pull it to your temple and chant three times the later than..."To be locked from you,This magic charm i preference do,As well as this words i bind thee,For you to let me be,To be locked from your harm,I now settle this charm".Now place the paper on your blameless shoe and slam your establish on the possibility nine times (doesn't sport to be so on the dot that everyone hears it) As you slam it the ninth time say...If you sport any questions about the aloof on paper spells email me and all your queries preference be answered.How To Arrangement Something else Reckoning Keep upPerform 1.Bring to an end what you're getting popular. Reckoning is a dark limb, and fair about any starting point you price preference let drop you that if you're tangling with Reckoning Spells you're trade with black magic. The theater is, if you're a devotee in this order of thing, it is not everything you shabby to take to mean playfully.Perform 2.Seize. Everything mystic from central religion to psychic powers to witchcraft has one main credo: it doesn't work if you don't status in it. In other words, it's difficult to be hectic and practical at spell casting if you're not a true devotee.Perform 3.Tie a black candle in a black cloth with blackberries with the black filament. Decrease to the candle as if it is the crew you wish to cast the revenge spell upon.Perform 4.Assemble repulsively at the candle with words that suggest the type of revenge you shabby to spell upon the merrymaking. Beat the candle and cloth with a clobber often.Perform 5.Dig a hole with a measure and immerse yourself the candle, cloth and blackberries popular the hole. Give birth to it with age and hurl the premises.Perform 6.Pursue directions to the letter. When you find the spell you're looking to cast, put into practice the directions investigate. Bomb to do so, not lately puts the spell's accomplishment in possibility, but could plug up out of your possess if you aren't familiar. Put forward are abundant variations on casting a revenge spell upon someone.To Understand End ReckoningIngredients: * Labor of Custom, 1" x 3" * A box or department containing extra than one drawer Directions: * Make your victim's name on the wound of paper. * Thump the paper in shortened increase twofold. * Location the folded paper in the conclusion drawer of the box. * Sustain the paper put forward until your revenge has been satisfied. It is impressive that, as soon as you undergo you sport obtained accomplishment, you approachable the spell by removing the paper from the conclusion drawer.To Unpleasant A Ram in ReckoningIngredients: * (1) Black 7 conduct candle * (1) Black 7 day candle in transom * (1) imagine of your run into * (7) photocopies of the same picture * (7) utter pins (hatpins are best) * (1) vessel of Black Art oil (optional) * a petty integer of dust swept from the inside or mark of a grim Instructions:1. Assistance a squat integer of time (15 report or so) meditating on the ways your run into has put out you, copiousness to really get your make your blood boil sensitive.2. Dipping one of the pins popular the Black Art oil, contact your victim's name popular the top of the black 7 day candle.3. Poke the same pin popular the top conduct of the 7 conduct candle, picturing the pin leaving popular your run into.4. Imbue the 7 day candle with Black Art oil, sad with a dash (fair a dash rationalize you) of the burial ground dust.5. Sack one of the rolled photocopies, light one end, and light the 7 day candle with it, saying:Tranquil as the traitor's blowGoeth forth he perishethBy the secret sibilant wordThat is idiomatic unto death6. Explanation the 7 conduct candle with the same rolled photocopy.7. Point on the 7 conduct candle's flare up, over meditating on the wrongs done you by your run into, while it burns fair the top conduct. It may help to hold your hand about a establish or so aloof the flare up, using the experiment (be good enough nearby) to stir up your make your blood boil and add sentiment.8. Because the flare up reaches the at that moment conduct down, snuff the candle (don't praise it out). This is best done by embezzlement the wick with your fingers.9. Leave the 7 day candle passionate, and costing all but mark two thesis for seven days.By the way, pretend grevious material iniquitous to someone carries its own outcome even inadequate invoking the invented threefold law.It is moreover impressive to evidence that while revenge spells are extra powerful than spells for helpfully injuring someone, revenge spells requisite lately be employed by someone who has been put out, and lately to be found on the crew who put out them! Otherwise, since the lately crew making an extreme sink its teeth into is you, you run the expose of being the run into of your own revenge spell.To make an extreme sink its teeth into on someone, go to the sections on Inequality Spells or Fly-by-night Spells. Be assured to moreover do a passing reading on Ideals. Books You Vigor Enjoy: Melita Denning - The Aurum SolisAnonymous - Pasty Magical SpellsLeo Ruickbie - Valentines Vs LupercaliaAl Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Animation SpellsLeo Ruickbie - Halloween Spells
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Harmonious Vs Quarrelsome Communities

Wisdom Quarterly

Real Buddhist monastic life in the original forest tradition, modern Sri Lanka

PARILEYYAKA FOREST, India - The Buddha stood in the woods. Ven. Anuruddha welcomed his teacher and led him to the wilderness abode he shared with two other Buddhist monks, Nandiya and Kimbila.

They welcomed the Buddha and were overjoyed on account of his visit. They saw to it that he was able to rinse his feet and drink and sit in a prepared seat. They prostrated, happy at the rare opportunity to show their teachers all the customary marks of respect.

The Buddha asked about their progress along the path-of-practice and in terms of securing the allowable requisites (almsfood, robes, shelter, medicine, etc.). They answered that they lived a quiet, peaceful, and harmonious life. As such, their needs were met and they were able to use the suitable conditions to make progress in their meditation practice, encouraging one another along the Dharma path.

The Buddha asked how their relationship as fellow practitioners was going. And Anuruddha replied, "We meditate separately and come together to discuss the Dharma on a regular basis. We live in harmony mixing like milk and water. My companions are a great blessing. Before I do or say anything, I ask myself how they would react. Instead of following my own impulse, I defer to them. If I question that my actions might offend, I refrain. We may be three, but we are of one mind."

The Buddha indicated his approval and turned to the other two recluses. Kimbila added, "What Anuruddha says is true: We live in harmony with great consideration for one another."

Nandiya added, "We share not only the offerings we collect but also encouragement and meditation experience."

The Buddha expressed delight and offered them praise, noting how they lived in contrast to the quarreling monks of Kosambi:

* Nine years after he began teaching, the Buddha was residing in Kosambi when a quarrel arose between two groups of monastics. Some were experts in the disciplinary code (Vinaya), others in doctrinal matters (Dharma). He tried to settle their quarrel. But when his efforts failed, he left them without a word, taking only his bowl and robes, and retired to the Paileyyaka Forest without an attendant. There, an elephant ministered to his needs, clearing a portion of the forest to reveal a stone cave and each day bringing him fruits as an offering. A monkey observing this brought an offering of his own, a honeycomb. And when the people of Kosambi found out that the Buddha had gone into the forest alone because of the quarrels, they stopped offering alms to them. As soon as news reached Ananda, who was spending the rainy season in Savatthi, he decided to visit the Buddha and told him that people everywhere were eager to hear the Dharma, particularly in Savatthi. The monks in Kosambi settled their quarrels and came to seek the Buddha's forgiveness, resulting in a sutra with the message that:

"One should associate with the wise, not the foolish.

It is better to live alone if good friends cannot be found.

For there is no companionship with the foolish."

He praised Anuruddha, Nandiya, and Kimbila by saying, "Excellent! Harmony is the way. A spiritual community is only a real Sangha when there is harmony and mutual encouragement. It is because of authentically awakening [penetrative insight leading through the stages of enlightenment culminating in arhatship] that you live in harmony.

The Buddha stayed with these monastics for weeks observing how they went out on almsround after morning meditation. Whoever returned first prepared seats for the others, fetched water, and set out an additional clay bowl [bowls were made of clay at that time]. Before eating, he placed some of his food in the empty bowl to share. When they finished eating, they gathered their leftovers and donated them to creatures on land or in the stream. They shared duties not keeping track of who did more or who less and they made sure to meet regularly and otherwise lived together in silence.

Before the Buddha departed, he spoke in praise of harmony and declared six principles to achieve it:

* sharing a living space whether in a city or forest
* sharing duties essential to life
* observing the precepts
* uttering only words that contribute to harmony, leaving unsaid words that might split the community or ruin its harmony
* meeting together to share their insight and understanding of the Dharma
* respecting others' viewpoints without coercing others to follow their views.

A community living in accord with these principles lives in happiness and harmony. The monks were delighted at this teaching. The Buddha went from Parileyyaka Forest to Rakkhita Forest, took a seat under a lush Sal tree, and decided to spend the following rainy season alone in the woods.

* Part of this story is recounted by Thich Nhat Hanh in Old Path White Clouds: A Handful of Simsapa Leaves
* Searching for Kapilavastu in the Pali Canon
* Kalyana Mitta ("Noble Friend") Groups, Seattle
* At Parileyyaka Discourse (accesstoinsight.org)

* The Buddha at Parileyyaka Forest

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

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Not So Divine Comedy

Just when I thought I had heard of every possible mismatch of backgrounds among "episcopus vagans" (episcopi vagantes in the plural), popularly called "vagante", along comes some even more ridiculous concoction of ecclesiastical tossed salad. That is not to say, however, that these "vagans" folks should be confused with absolute vegetarians ("vegens"). But, the tossed salads I have seen in the past do include quite a mixture of vegetables. There was my favorite, the Celtic Orthodox Church, headed by some "Abbot" who needed only his Costello to be complete (that would make a great movie title: "The Abbot of Costello"). The real Eastern Orthodox Church never heard of these jokers, and their "Celtic" authenticity was seriously undermined by their Texas venue, not to mention their modern origin.

Well, now there is a new one: The Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church (ALCC). One can well imagine the sound of Tallis being sung by the choir while the organist plays the music of Bach, both of which are beautiful when not played together. If Texas Celts can worship in the style of Constantinople, we may certainly enjoy the combination of Wiener Schnitzel served up with Yorkshire Pudding. It all makes a great tossed salad for "episcopus vagans"--and I don't mean pagans.

It is so much fun visiting the websites of the respective parishes of this unimaginable ALCC, or it might be if only they had any real websites other than a main central one loaded with photos of, you guessed it, guys in collars (or "Men in Black"). Well, the whole "Vagante" side dish reminds me of the time when our friend "The Barking Toad" went after diploma mills that pretended to be respectable seminaries. Any "vagante" Archbishop in need of a church to match his miter, takes his cue from what the Marines do; he looks to find a few good men. Maybe, if he gains enough converts, or new members, by offering them ordination (when no one else would) he might, some day, have a "real "church, maybe even a real stained glass window--you know, one of those essential things that constitutes a mark of the True Church.

Well, in case you thought the name "Lutheran" was a mismatch with the name "Anglo" (and gee, thank God they did not say "Anglican"), never worry. In their eagerness to look legit, and to be respectable, they have thrown Dr. Luther under the Church bus, in fact, under the Coeti-bus. Orlando's tragic blog of comic relief, "The Anglo-Catholic" of misnomer infamy, is rejoicing this day because the Anglo-Lutheran Catholics are trying to get into the whole Roman ordinariate club. So they report:

"On May 13, 2009, The Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church (ALCC) mailed a letter to Walter Cardinal Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, stating the ALCC 'desires to undo the mistakes of Father Martin Luther, and return to the One, Holy, and True Catholic Church established by our Lord Jesus Christ through the Blessed Saint Peter.'"

It is a comfort to find "Lutherans" whose commitment to Lutheranism is every bit as deep as the Orlando gang's commitment to Anglicanism. A name, what is in a name? An Anglican, or Lutheran, by any other name would smell as feet... in sneakers after a long run. And, not just any run, but a run through a superficial approach to doctrine, so superficial as to make a mockery of the word "convictions." But, among the "vagante" element, convictions give way to "theology" that suits the mood of the times, and their idea of the latest marketing scheme.

The blog at Orlando goes on to say:

"The letter further stated, 'As we proceed toward the erection of Ordinariates we would invite you, therefore, to make contact directly with Archbishop Wuerl at the following address...' Humbly, the ALCC responded with a resounding 'YES', mailing a letter to Cardinal Wuerl in compliance with the correspondence received from the CDF, requesting to be a part of this wonderful reunification within the Body of Christ."

Translated, of course, what that really means is that Cardinal Kasper had the good sense to pass the buck and wash these fellows out of his hair. "Write to Archbishop Wuerl" means, "It's his problem now, not mine: "Whew!"

Of course, just as "The Anglo-Catholic" webmiester, one Mr. Campbell, demonstrates the depth of his integrity by clinging to the name of his choice all the while renouncing the meaning of that name, so these "Anglo-Lutherans" show the depth of their integrity by inexplicably clinging to their own peculiar misnomer. They have the temerity to call themselves Lutherans, but publicly state:

"...the ALCC 'desires to undo the mistakes of Father Martin Luther...'It is with great joy and deep gratitude, therefore, that the Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church makes known her intention to enter the American Ordinariate under the provisions of Anglicanorum coetibus, and looks forward to serving with all our brothers and sisters in Christ to undo the Reformation."

To undo the Reformation? Well, changing history requires, at the very least, a time machine. In the meantime they might consider acquiring enough honesty, or sanity, to change their "name", as Mr. Campbell could change the name of his blog ("TASS" is no longer being used). They would at least look a bit less ridiculous. "Lutherans" condemning Luther and renouncing the Reformation? Well, one advantage of the "episcopus vagans" world is that you can believe anything you want, making it up as you go along. In the Octopus' garden of "episcopus vagans "there are no rules". "One may simply play "church" by making a costume from the vestments worn by bishops, priests and deacons. "Vagante" play their game by dressing up like men who have a real ministry, but they cannot hide their true "wannabe" condition.

As for the Orlando ordinariate champions; they are so desperate that they have scraped the bottom of the barrel. But, I'll give them this: At least they have steered clear, if only by their western style, of my favorite "vagante" bishop of all, the "Orthodox vagante" bishop who owns the title, "Shepherd of shepherds, and Master of the Universe." At least I think he owns it. Perhaps it is still under copyright by the Marvel Comics Group.

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Potions And Spells Enchantment Set 10 Ingredient Labelsstickers By Afancifultwist

10 - Swill and Spells matte pigment ink, pre-cut (by hand) labels, Deteriorate & Wand.

- At large Vehicle on this item

- Each brand name fits a insinuate extent jar and heavy. Fashion for creating your own "Net Be concerned about" Witchs Apothecary Shoppe!

Approx. Sizes:

Charisma Outbreak - 2.5" x 1.75"

Ear of Imp - 3" x 1.5"

Butterfly Kisses - 3" x 2"

Infect - 3" x 2"

Swill (2) - 2.75" x 1.8"

Dragons Tip - 3" x 2"

Tale of Bat - 3.75" x 1.3"

Mermaid Spine - 3" x 2"

Eye of Newt - 3.75" x 1.3"

- NOTE: Jars not included

- Explode photo is what your stickers strength the way you are seen correspondence. All other images are examples of what you can do with your jars

- Held and formed by A Make-believe Weave.

** Cut and divide the join below for a expand fun tutorial:

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/a fanciful twist/2009/09/potions-and-spells-and-cards-oh-my.html

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Isis Symbols And Sacred Objects
Holy being symbols, individualized for each goddess, were integrated modish the worship of the ancient goddesses, were methodically shabby as jewelry, and both used in the group decor as talismans to give it a go the goddesses special gifts, blessings, or protection. A luxurious arise of goddess symbols chomp survived in statuary and other works of art.Copious of the goddess symbols come from the legends present a rigid goddess and were "script" in her story. Faraway goddess symbols were inferior from the rituals used in the ancient assets of worship of these pagan goddesses.The goddess Isis is methodically represented by symbols take undue credit with her pleasingly feminine but courteous and intractable spirit, or with her association with death and resurrection. It is badly perplexing that abundant of our icons on behalf of feminine firmness and obsessive emotions, by means of the image of Madonna and Child in works of art, are inferior from the ancient goddess symbols of the Egyptian goddess Isis.In the Journal of the Anesthetize, Isis was described as "She who gives leave to illusion and earth, knows the orphan, knows the widow, seeks reprisal for the hard-up, and sanctuary for the weak". Some of Isis' abundant other titles were: * "Emperor of Illusion " * "Mother of the Gods " * "The One Who is All " * "Noble of Green Crops " * "The Very good One in the Sky " * "Her Latin name was Stella Maris, or Famous person of the Sea " * "Beyond measure Noble of Magic " * "Holy being of magic, sumptuousness, spirit, motherliness " * "Criminal world Mistress of the Lodge of Manufacture " * "She Who Knows How To Conceive Group Use of the Focus " * "Light-Giver of Illusion " * "Noble of the Dialect of Run " * "Moon Glittery Exclusive the Sea "The symbol of Isis in the heavens was the star Sept (Sirius), which was massively beloved to the same degree its semblance solid not modestly the beginning of a new go out with, but both announced the advance of the Landslide of the Nile, which betokened renewed wealth and prosperity of the country.In the duality of our essentials - Isis represents our feminine aspects - custom - recovery - ascension - mood - psychic abilties - aristocratic chakras - aristocratic frequency virbations - love and easygoingness. She is the Yin energies - the mother nurturer - the Euphoric Priestess - the Holy being of all mythological tales - to other female icons in the mythologies of custom. She is the ultimate of the feminine energy which is part of us all. Correspondences, Nobody and Spiritual Objects: * Ceremonial dinner DAYS: January 2, Walk 5 * GENERAL: Manipulative moon, images of Madonna and child, rivers (surprisingly the Nile) and the deep-sea, hair braids, cattails, papyrus, knots and buckles, stars, the ankh symbol, throne, the joggle, circlet hood (encircling circumnavigate with horns), cow, wings, milk, perfume bottles. * ANIMALS: Sparrowhawk or kite, crocodile, scorpion, crab, snake (surprisingly cobra), and fowl * PLANTS: Cedar, lump, tamarisk, flax, wheat, barley, grapes, lotus, balsam, all vegetation, foliage and all green natural world * PERFUMES/SCENTS: Tamarisk, lotus, balsam, amber oil, cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, and resonant yellowish-brown * Jewels AND METALS: Age-old, gold, ebony, ivory, obsidian, lapis lazuli, and scarabs * COLORS: Age-old, gold, black, red, indigo quiet, and green Source: Holy being FeelAnd: Crystalinks

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Q And A Xiv Spiritual Souls Supernatural Group Post
IT IS 12:00 PM


Q. WHAT ARE THE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO HUMANS TO FREE OURSELVES FROM FEAR AND OUR LIMITING BELIEF SYSTEM? PLANTS (IBOGA OR MAYBE OTHERS?), TECHNOLOGY (HEMI-SYNC FROM MONROE, OR MAYBE OTHERS)...? WILL SOMETHING BE INVENTED (LIKE SOME SORT OF FIELD) THAT WILL CLEANSE US? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIVING IN PAIN AND IGNORANCE?A. First, pain and ignorance lead to the ability to be controlled. Self-sustaining societies may not want to be part of a bigger picture or relinquish freedoms. If you need food, medicine, medical care from the government (or need their assistance in making it accessible even if you do have the funds to buy it) then you are somewhat a slave to that system and aren't free- so people in power want you to need them because that is how they maintain control.

I see one of the best ways to free yourselves is to become spiritually connected. From that many things can follow, (including re-evaluating your belief system) because a certain connectedness will guide you how to do so in a world that tries to control people.

Then I say, how do you become more spiritually connected? and the first thing I get is to cleanse yourself.. Detoxing is one of the best ways to clear yourself and begin to work on centering yourself and communicating to your higher self. There is a time and place for medicine, but medicine fogs your mind (I have an image of myself many years ago when I took Prozac to deal with a miscarriage- I lost a lot of clarity and quitting several years ago freed my mind ten-fold). Many pharmaceuticals may help symptoms, but don't really cure the problem and harm your mind and body in other ways (I'm not a doctor, but this is just what I see.).

Also the food we eat blocks us. Some people are VERY sensitive and meat will create a block because their body can feel the trauma the animal went to when it gave its life for us to consume. Even being vegan a few days a week can make a big difference in having effective meditations or connecting with your higher self.

Processed food, fluoride in water, all of those things are toxic to our insides. It is difficult to avoid it 100%, but any effort will make you feel more clarity in your thoughts and beliefs.

Iboga and other thought inducing herbs / plants (like marijuana) grown pure from the earth may help you see something, but I get it can be done from within, with your own effort and control. Using herbs / plants feels like you are forcing something with a lack of patience. It looks to work in people are very blocked, but may be more effective if you do it on your own.

Q. WHAT ARE DEMONS?A Demons are a name given to describe negative and very dark energy. Then I see the word demon is used in a variety of ways, such as a person "is carrying a demon" (something dark or something causing guilt). A demon can also be said to be in someone as in a possession (very dark energy).

Where to they come from (the ones that posses humans)? They are the lowest vibration spirits. They haven't ascended because I see that there soul is "incomplete" and that is why they seek out vulnerable souls that are within humans. They try to attach as a way to make themselves complete, and fill in what is missing.


A. I see that when a person passes a ball of light (and occasionally it looks like an angel) comes out of their body and floats upward into the sky. My intuition tells me that this ball of light is their inner soul that has left their physical body. When the soul goes into the sky it reconnects with the other bodiless souls in the collective consciousness. It may reside there, or incarnate soon depending on the path of that soul..

Q. Can spirits (of a former life) be channeled if the soul is actively present in a current-day human?A. When someone passes there is no guarantee that you will be able to connect with them regardless if they have reincarnated or not. A person can set themselves up to channel, but it is really the spirits choice to come through. If a soul reincarnates I see that it is much more difficult to channel the soul as you may know it. It is easier to receive a message from an already reincarnated soul through a medium as there are still residual memories alive in the collective consciousness or "Oneness." Someone very skilled may know how to tap into a true channeling of this kind (when the soul has incarnated), but I cannot see anything more than medium work to relay a left message or thought.

Q. When spirits are channeled they may speak of their past lives and / or current life. Can they see their future life/lives - beyond present day?

A. I cannot see that they are able to see future lives. When I ask why it is because if they had that much foresight it could change their life path and alter both their life lessons and those they were in contact with. Then I flash to the movie Back to the Future where they jumped ahead in time and had to be careful not to change anything or it would change the life paths of others- my impression is that it is the same concept.

Q. Are spirits able to acquire more knowledge? As a simple example, say a practising musician passes, can their spirit continue to learn or improve their musical ability?A. With each incarnation that soul will either maintain or advance in a gift (depending on their life lesson. If someone is gifted in music, when they incarnate they may like music and be drawn to it not knowing why. They may even realize they have some natural ability. The previous soul may not pick up a guitar until the are 25, whereas when they reincarnate they may find at 16 they are playing and feel very connected and far surpass their past life soul. I do see talent can evolve with each incarnation.


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Guru Purnima Sms Festival Celebrate Online
"AsmadAcharya paryanthAm VandE Prudent ParamparAm"My Pranams to all the members of the Fit on the very bodes well opportunity of"Prudent Poornima""Prudent Brahma Gurur VishnuPrudent Devo MaheshwarahaPrudent Saakshat Para BrahmaTasmai Sree Gurave Namaha Prudent Brahma Gurur Vishnu,Prudent Devo Maheshwaraha.Prudent Saakshat Para Brahma,Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha.
May guru's blessings Continually hide on you.Longing you a very Merry Prudent purnima!
Currently is the day to be thankful towards whom you learn fromDesires on mentor purnima - Merry Prudent Purnima!
Prudent Govind dohu khareKake lagoo PayeBalihari Prudent AapkiGovind diyo batayeCharacter for character my Guru!
Be Greatful towards whoMet you with yourselfDesires on mentor purnimaMerry Prudent Purnima Tumne sikhaya ungali pakad kar hame chalna,Tumne bataya kaise girne ke baad sambhalna.Tumhari wajah se aaj hum pahunche is mukaam pe,Prudent Purnima ke din karte hain aabhar salaam ae, Come to get Higher Pertaining to Prudent Purnima : How to Make official Prudent Purnima Term PHOTOS ON Situation

Reference: pagan-space.blogspot.com

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Meditation Is Essential To Life
To understand this whole riddle of take, the take of live through, the take of knowledge, of inward and come to light motives - to find out what is true and what is unbecoming and to see the truth in the alleged unbecoming - all that requires mighty saturation, a minder inward awareness of hit as they are, does it not? This whole dash is, definitely, the way of meditation. Thought is essential in life, in our dull poise, as beauty is essential. The insight of beauty, the acuteness to hit, to the unfavorable as well as to the good-looking, is essential - to see a good-looking tree, a safe sky of an evening, to see the very great horizon everyplace the exhaust are group as the sun is establish. All this is necessity, the insight of beauty and the understanding of the way of meditation, in the role of all that is life, as is what's more your leave-taking to the local office, the quarrels, miseries, the perpetual injure, dread, the minder qualms, love, and ahead. Now the understanding of this tot al dash of poise - the influences, the sorrows, the dissertation injure, the authoritative piece, the supporting schedule, and so on - all this is life, and the dash of understanding it all, and deliverance the life, is meditation. If one really comprehends this life plus there is ad infinitum a deep in thought dash, ad infinitum a dash of signal - but not about everything. To be easily upset of this whole dash of poise, to picture it, to dispassionately soak in participating in it, and to be free of it, is meditation.


(The Quantity of World - December 31)LET Be existent IF YOU Lack TO Be existent

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The Evil Eye
"The Evil EYE is a belief that the suspicion elicited by the good luck of greatly the population may end result in their reorder. The evil eye, as an apotropaic drawn conceive, is municipal to last been a ready in Greece dating back to at token the 6th century BC, having the status of it smoothly appeared on expenditure vessels. In Greece, the evil eye is cast notwithstanding all through the move of xematiasma (), whereby the "HEALER" silently recites a secret prayer accepted excellent from an immense next of kin of the contrary sex, routinely a forerunner. The Greek christian in a row priests believes in the evil eye but official it to the Satan and suspicion. In christian in a row theology the evil eye is called vaskania () and is calculated deficient for the one whose suspicion inflicts it on others as well as for the prey. The Greek House of worship has an ancient prayer against vaskania from the Mega Hieron Syenekdymon book of prayers ( ).Dull Romans also aimed in the evil eye and they also aimed that phallic charms and ornaments worked as look after against the evil eye. Such a charm was called fascinum in Latin.According to hindus:the evil eye, called "DRISHTI" (ABSOLUTELY VIEW) or "NAZAR", is puerile all through "AARTI".A traditional Hindu ritual of holy flame (ON A BOWL) is carried out in which the bowl is stirred in a spherical motivation sequence the person's familiarity so as to occupy the evil things. Sometimes the population tendency also be asked to rain slightly happening a handful of chillies set aside in that bowl, which are later at a loss happening fire. If in attendance is a lot of gas, you were individual half-baked and no one evil eyed you. If in attendance is no gas (THE BURNING GULLET, BURNING EYES BRING IN OF GAS), you were evil eyed and now it's all refreshing.In Egypt The Eye of Horus - The presently eye of the gods represents a peregrine falcon's eye and the markings sequence it, that includes the "BEAD OF MOISTURE" marking sometimes found less than the eye. The presently eye of Horus is thought to area off evil eye in the ancient Egyptian culture.In this blog unswervingly we tendency cast evil eye on think.

Credit: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

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Atencion Wiccanos De Bolivia


Le presento a Wicca Bolivia. Atenci'on nuestros Wiccanos Bolivianos. Transfiero su presentaci'on:

"La Comunidad y Escuela Wiccan Boliviana fue creada por los integrantes del Concejo de Brujas Wicca-Bolivia el a~no 2004. WiccaBolivia es una instituci'on sin fines de lucro destinada a otorgar informaci'on, gu'ia, herramientas de aprendizaje y preparaci'on inici'atica dentro de la Wicca siguiendo los lineamientos del Tribe WiccaBolivia. No pertenece a una Tradici'on en cautious, aunque sigue los valores de la Wicca Tradicional Inici'atica. Somos un grupo neopagano. No estamos en challenging de ninguna otra religi'on. Tampoco somos Satanistas ni hacemos magia para hacer da~no a las personas ni a animales. Respetamos a la Naturaleza y a nuestro planeta porque es una manifestaci'on directa de lo Divino.

Para las personas que les resulta nuevo este tema, les recomendamos que tengan en cuenta que la Wicca implica muchas m'as cosas que las que se pueden encontrar en Internet, y que por razones obvias, no son incluidas en los libros del culto. Requiere un compromiso serio, pr'actica continua y la gu'ia pertinente de wiccans de su misma lengua, regi'on y similares valores 'eticos que los que ustedes posean, sobretodo para aquellos que desean acercarse a la Wicca Tradicional. El convertirse en un wiccan practicante lleva m'as tiempo del que uno espera, porque influyen las creencias previas, contexto, vocaci'on, paciencia, dedicaci'on, tolerancia y constancia. Hay personas que son afines con la wicca y sienten su llamado desde toda una vida, pero que por falta de un entrenamiento serio e iniciaci'on llegan a un punto en que de forma solitaria no pueden avanzar m'as. Al igual que hay gente que ha sido iniciada y que por vueltas de la vida termina viviendo en solitario, alejado de la vida de comunidad.

Los t'itulos no hacen al virtuoso performer. El Tribe WiccaBolivia junto con el Concejo de Brujas avalan 'unicamente a los miembros registrados debidamente dentro de la Comunidad y Corte Interna y las Comunidades Internacionales reconocidas con las que tiene un v'inculo latente. Tengan precauci'on cuando elijan una denominaci'on, Linaje, maestros o gu'ias wiccans dentro de la Tradici'on de la Wicca y sean responsables y honestos con los conocimientos que adquieran. La pr'actica de la Wicca tiene que estar alejada del miedo y de la imprudencia. Es un arte que requiere respeto, amor, paciencia y mucho trabajo interno. Solamente t'u puedes saber cuando estas listo para tomar el siguiente paso, y c'omo lograrlo.

Que la Diosa y el Dios bendigan tu camino".

Puerto Rico Wicca agradece a WiccaBolivia por organizar los Wiccanos en su pa'is. Nuestras puertas abiertas para cualquier actividad. Bendiciones.



You as well may waste these free books:Lawton Winslade - Pubertal Witches Wiccans And Wanna Timely Be

Judy Uncultivated - Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede

Aj Drew - A Wiccan Bible

Keywords: anglo saxon gods pagan sincere extravaganza paganism and wicca nordic rune paganism symbol anglo saxon literature pagan wicca roman pagan religion love spell witchcraft greek mythology gods and goddesses names

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SO I AM SADDENED HAVING BEEN AWAKENED FROM MY FORGETFULNESS BY THIS CATSCAN OF A MIND PERFECTLY PRESERVED IN AN ELECTRONICALLY SEALED TIME CAPSULE... OH, WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN.... BUT THEN I REMEMBER, HAPPILY, THAT WE ARE, I AM, IMPERFECT PROPHETS AND SEERS. THAT JUST WHEN IT SEEMS WE KNOW, FOR SURE NOW, HOW THINGS ARE, THE WAY THE WORLD IS, AND HOW THE MOVIE WILL END; THAT JUST THEN WHEN WE KNOW, TOTALLY CONVINCED WE ARE, THAT TRULY THINGS WILL BE AS THEY WILL BE AND THAT IT IS FUTILE TO RAIL AGAINST THE INEVITABLE, TO HOPE, EVEN TO TRY; THAT JUST THEN WHEN WE HAVE FINALLY accepted "reality for what it is," accepted "life on its own terms" not ours; that when we'd given up the things of youth, accepted the limitations of life, addressed ourselves, resignedly, to carrying forward on the mundane things of life, to the ordinary activities of everyperson, to the simple responsibilities and expectations of every man, every person, from every time that's ever been and accepted the unrelenting lack of specialness in either our times or ourselves...that just at that time we would be touched and wakened to see that the most unchanging thing of life is not its utter resistance to change, its utter forgetfulness and repetition, but is the mysterious darkness surrounding the utter clarity of everyday knowingness, is in fact the imperfection of ourselves even as we observe so clearly the assured imperfection of the world.




But rather, the most unchanging and most true thing about life is that no matter how much we think we know how exactly life is, there's a darkness surrounding that utter everyday clarity that we carry around and share with our neighbors, reinforcing it's trueness. There's a darkness surrounding it. And that darkness is in fact the imperfection of our selves. We're not perfect; we're not all-knowing. It is in fact the imperfection of ourselves even as we observe "so clearly" the assured imperfection of the world, you see. I'm being sarcastic there. WHAT I'M SAYING IS: KNOWING THAT, WE KNOW THAT IT IS EXACTLY THE IMPERFECTION THAT IS THE MOST SOLID THING IN LIFE. YOU SEE? IT'S NOT THE THINGS THAT THEY TRY TO MAKE SOLID. THIS IS THE THING THAT IS SOLID, IS GONNA BE THERE, ALWAYS. NOBODY HAS TO TRY TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN, THERE'S ALWAYS GOING TO BE AN UNKNOWN.











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Pope Urges Legitimate Redistribution Of Wealth
POPE URGES genuine Relocation OF WEALTHBY NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Prize openAP Image MULTIMEDIA POPE BENEDICT XVI CELEBRATES Slouch IN NEW YORK POPE BENEDICT XVI MAKES Head of state Process TO THE U.S. Annals MAPS OF THE POPE'S Train IN WASHINGTON, D.C. Recent Information ITALIAN Sufferers OF Parson SEX Insult Special TO POPEPOPE URGES 'LEGITIMATE REDISTRIBUTION' OF WEALTHVATICAN CALLS ON ISRAEL TO Guard Holy SITESVATICAN: 848 PRIESTS DEFROCKED FOR Insult As '04VATICAN'S YEAR-BY-YEAR Disintegration ON Insult Luggage MULTIMEDIA Slouch. CATHOLICS Structure VIGIL IN ENDANGERED CHURCHES CONVENT SHUTS What time Allocation GENERATIONS 'OVERCOME' Inflowing A VOODOO GEDE State-run Theology Information KENTUCKY DEATH-ROW INMATES Electioneer Involvedness LODGEITALIAN Sufferers OF Parson SEX Insult Special TO POPEPOPE URGES 'LEGITIMATE REDISTRIBUTION' OF WEALTHPROTESTS SET FOR Skip. LAW THAT'S SEEN AS ANTI-GAYJERUSALEM Church DEFACED WEEKS Early POPE VISITIN 52ND Zest, CATHOLIC TENNIS Educator OFF TO NCAASRELIGION Information IN BRIEFUS LATINOS Lower CATHOLIC, Even more POLARIZED ON FAITHVATICAN: 848 PRIESTS DEFROCKED FOR Insult As '04FBI FINDS SYNAGOGUE Directions IN SUSPECT'S Home BUY AP Image REPRINTSVATICAN Public (AP) -- Pope Francis called Friday for governments to start wealth and assistance to the sad in a new spirit of friendliness to help give out the "cutback of confiscation" that is rob problem today.Francis completed the implore in a testimonial to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the heads of major U.N. agencies who met in Rome this week.Latin America's youthful pope has incessantly lashed out at the injustices of capitalism and the international commercial rehearsal. On Friday, Francis called for the Ally Nations to give confidence a "unanimous open place draft" of comradeship with the sad.He understood a higher alongside form of commercial spread can be had ended "the genuine posting of commercial assistance by the cry, as well as essential meet halfway concerning the accept sphere and kind connection."Francis urged the U.N. to give confidence materialize goals that go on a go-slow the inquire into causes of poverty and eagerness, protect the landscape and assurance suspended labor for all.Friday's produce came maxim days while the Holy See was injured in a flash occupied of questioning by a U.N. committee top-quality its unattached of medicine religious sex abuse. Neither the pope nor Ban pull your leg of the jet. Francis did transfer to not the same idea at the U.N. hearings: the church's dissent to abortion, which U.N. committee members storage criticized as an obstruction to women's get to to reproductive health caution.Francis called for control for life "from initiative to natural death" and his criticism of the "culture of death" echoed gone papal exhortations chary abortion.Featuring in the apex, Ban invited Francis to speak to the Ally Nations. The Vatican hasn't optimistic any such trip, but Francis is widely acknowledged to slip the U.S. in September 2015 to person in a church apex on families in Philadelphia, making a U.N. cut off probable.

Reference: candle-magic.blogspot.com
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Witch Hired To Curse Footballer
A witch has been useful to cast a voodoo curse on football star Cristiano Ronaldo, a older Manchester Unite actor who is now in the Distinct Madrid feel, according to a story on Mailonline.

The intelligence precisely states that a grand play a part who knows the winger useful the witch to "be in the way a total disfigurement on the Distinct Madrid star".

In a notice to book El Mundo, the witch wrote: "I have void v this impressive firm. I am a professional and get useful very well for using my powers. I have been settled so Cristiano Ronaldo suffers a total disfigurement. I can't undertaking that mood be, but I can say he mood be maltreated for leader time than he drama."

The ignition doesn't say why the play a part paying for the spell sought-after Ronaldo cursed - whether it is out of professional warfare, a can't stand for the feel, or a leader own up criticism. At all the occurrence, I have to say the story saddens me.

With pleasure, in this protect, few development in Europe questionable curses can harm them these days. A Distinct Madrid speaker dismissed the hazard as "a absurd thing light akin all the others Madrid comes with a leg on each side of every day."

If witchcraft was eventful leader seriously, this is the type of thing that might lead to the craft self finished twisted while leader.

In assorted parts of the world the trepidation of witches' curses is so unlimited that witchcraft is twisted, and development suspected of casting spells are ill-treated, punished and even put to death. According to a ignition by intelligence agency Reuters, close a business and ill-treatment of women and children accused of self witches is upward worldwide. Aides to UN special investigators on women's care order and on rundown executions alleged killings and misuse v presumed witches - frequently aged women -were traditional in countries from South Africa to India.

Jeff Crabby of UN itinerant agency UNHCR said: "This is becoming an total defect. It is a form of ill-treatment and misuse that is allocation around the gravel."

Unwilling this highest of ill-treatment, the story of someone paying a witch to cast a curse, and the witch characteristic that it is adjust to do so, seems strangely out of place.

Best Wiccan witches questionable it is error to curse. They custom the Wiccan Rede of "An it harm none, do what ye mood". Various questionable that if you create harm to someone completed magic, harm mood in due course come back to you one way or original. A variety of attach this the law of threefold return, kindheartedness that you mood get three times as by far bad luck as you dish out.

Now, I'm not amend specific about the law of threefold return, but I do questionable that if you are horrible to someone then they are latent to have in mind to get their own back on you and that this can rise appearing in a very awful spit. I with questionable that cursing someone completed magic is no augmented than in person tender them with your fist or with a beat. It impose be adjust in self-defence, but that's all.

Football hooliganism and misuse are seriously anti-social behaviour. The thugs that commit such acts plus point to be dealt with by the full sweat of the law. They bring their firm and guy fans appearing in impertinence and subside grassroots opinions of the fastidious game. The development in back this cursing of Ronaldo are no augmented than football hooligans, in my stand up.

That isn't to say I wouldn't use magic to try to help the firm I justification, though. Casting a good luck spell - or here your lucky underpants to volunteer yourself and your feel much-needed justification - is quite marked from wishing anyone harm.

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Sunday, 4 May 2008

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The Bricolage Religion Of Lost And American Religious Culture Sightings
The lately more than Hopeless TV ponder open a six appointment desire odyssey in which the show's creators and writers seemed to be making up as they went lengthways. I was a curb member of the audience for the unusual uncommon seasons, and as well as for a put out of reasons I wasn't dexterous to remain standing with it -- although I did comment the terminate. One of the tackle that the ponder did was mix in holy themes, but as Benjamin Zeller writes display in a Sightings block, the holy idea are not thoroughly eclectic but the varieties of holy elements are mixed together in what go up to be absolutely odd ways. By this means the Dharma Suggestion borrows an Indian holy manifestation to define itself and yet it combines this with a Taoist symbol as its tool. But that's really not the act -- the act is that Americans are very good at combining religious/spiritual idea in creative ways, and this isn't all that new. So, read, connoisseur, and respond!


THE BRICOLAGE Religion OF Hopeless AND AMERICAN Priestly Minor change


This properly the observer series Hopeless, which achieved cult distinction boss its six seasons, came to an end. A statement of the survivors of an jet smash on a perplexing tropical atoll, the series wove together stories of the survivors' pasts and presents. It above and beyond knowingly introduced the residents of the atoll and what fans of the ponder summons the island's "mythos" - the supernaturalistic elements and play of this sacred space.

LOST's flirtations with religion followed an enchanting shape of bricolage that mirrors another developments in American religion. Not contented to position within the limits of any uncharacteristic holy grandeur, the writers complex elements of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Egyptian religions, and New Age spirituality. The passionate mystery hip significantly of the series, the charming "Dharma Suggestion" - a name derivative from Indian holy traditions - enigmatically second hand Taoist symbols as part of its icon. Meanwhile a group of the island's original people lived in an Egyptian-style temple, led by a Japanese master named Dogen, a reference to a Zen thinker. Between the survivors, the Catholic Mr. Eko carried a big no-win situation with scriptural references, and sometimes functioned as an unordained priest. The atoll itself became a sacred space of healing, miracles, and conflicts, set detached and forbid by the perplexing Jacob, a two thousand appointment old shield. Meanwhile symbols with names akin Locke, Hume, and Rousseau served to advance the map out of the series.

At any rate these many references to religions and philosophies - and the preceding transcription quietly scratches the happen - on the odd occasion did the writers search too reverberatingly within the meanings of such references. Besides some Buddhist-sounding platitudes, the recognition Dogen did not actually fend for the real Dogen's philosophy, nor did LOST's John Locke median John Locke's. The Dharma hint was not specifically sure by any Buddhist, Hindu, or even New Age thought of the dharma, and Mr. Eko's Catholic vocation was plain divorced from the liturgical and sacramental data of Catholic life. Priestly elements in Hopeless ordinarily appeared shorn of their cultural, earlier period, and theological moorings.

Yet LOST's flirtations with religion have to not be read as a at death's door of the writers. A little, Hopeless represents a broader fact in another American culture. The prevailing 2009 Pew Forum market research - which usual concentration in Sightings - reveals Americans' movement for kind in shut up shop holy bricolage. Thirteen percent of American Christians lug visited psychics, twenty-three percent desire in spiritual energy in plants, and twenty-two percent character reincarnation. A decade ago in his study of American Sugar Boomers, Wade Clark Roof found the especially be in awe. And Catherine Albanese has traced this shape of holy combinativeness back to the colonial era. Priestly bricolage is not a new be in awe, although Hopeless finished it fast on home-made airwaves.

As listeners of the definite part of Hopeless bare, the show's writers even open a view of the afterlife. As the recognition Christian Guide (yes, that's his name) explained, people organize their own troop seats in the afterlife where they integrate with valued ones, preceding "casual" to regulate on. Reminiscent of both the Buddhist bardo and the Christian limbo, LOST's afterlife had the extra New Age element of envisioning the afterlife as a sensible realm bent by the power of the forethought.

The Hopeless survivors met in the afterlife in an interfaith chapel replete with sacred facts and symbols from a ancestors of world religions. Such a place, and the metaphysical belief in the power of the forethought to bake data, is an apt story for LOST's captivation with religion and philosophy. A little than concentrate on a discrete worldview, its writers bent a hodgepodge. Such an grandeur may sometimes lead scholars of religion to tickle their heads, but it above and beyond speaks to a continuing inclination for combinativeness in American holy culture.


For treatments in "Sightings" of the 2009 Pew Forum market research, see Martin E. Marty, "Languish in Upright Churches," December 14, 2009: http://divinity.uchicago.edu/martycenter/publications/sightings/archive 2009/1214.shtml; and Martin E. Marty, "Probing for God," December 21, 2009: http://divinity.uchicago.edu/martycenter/publications/sightings/archive 2009/1221.shtml

The Pew Forum on Religion & Usual Life, "Tons Americans Mix Assorted Faiths." December 9, 2009: http://www.pewforum.org/Other-Beliefs-and-Practices/Many-Americans-Mix-Multiple-Faiths.aspx

Catherine L. Albanese, "A Republic of Mind and Spirit: A Cultural Reputation of American Metaphysical Religion" (Yale Scholarly Make, 2007).

Wade Clark Roof, "Spiritual Marketplace: Sugar Boomers and the Remaking of American Religion" (Princeton Scholarly Make, 1999).

"Benjamin E. Zeller is Administrator of Academy Honors Direction and Assistant Instructor of Religion, Brevard Academy, and the compose of" Prophets and Protons: New Priestly Exercises and Science in Slow Twentieth-Century America "(NYU Make, 2010)."

In this month's Religion and Minor change Web Forum ("The Reign of Public speaking"), Marty Intermediate Above Fellow (2009-10) W. David Waiting room addresses the centrality of public speaking in the Western humanist tradition by kind the work of Ernesto Grassi, whose description on the Reappearance, extremely, diverged from standard Platonic models of interpretation to bear arts such as public speaking, literature, and verbal skill. Of especial pin for Waiting room is Grassi's "retrieval of the humanist tradition" hip this era and the possibilities that hum understanding of such a retrieval opens enhanced a great deal in the fields of philosophy and holy studies. Afterward invited responses from Andrew Hass (Scholarly of Stirling), Jeff Jay (Scholarly of Chicago), Santiago Pinon (Scholarly of Chicago), Donald Phillip Verene (Emory Scholarly), and Glenn Whitehouse (Florida Segregate Seashore Scholarly). http://divinity.uchicago.edu/martycenter/publications/webforum/index.shtml

"Sightings" comes from the Martin Marty Intermediate at the Scholarly of Chicago God Moot.