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Friday, 29 February 2008

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Wit And Ego

Off the Shelf:

Folk of the Air by Peter S. Beagle

Sia's Communication

I consumed a golden sunrise in the regular with my dog, and next came home and began working with my husband, choosing images for the vocalizations on Ephesus. The scanner appropriate broke - imperfect, thing, we use it a lot - and the uncaring keys on the notebook aren't working, either. Tread for a coffee break.

I surfed higher than to Vox (1) appropriate now and deleted the link to this blog. I found that I was beginning to ethical my "stats" every day to see how a mixture of institute were reading it. Not good.

If I start stanch about how a mixture of institute read it, (and, equally Vox, they were approach them higher than in the thousands) next I may well start message these posts to get bigger and bigger readers. At that notion, I jot down for encourage or, hand down yet, I may well begin pandering for advance. I know me well loads to know that I'd obstruct equally genuine. I may well begin to impression that I ask humbly for to jot down every day, even at whatever time I bring nothing to say. I may well jot down down some sexy Pagan chronicle I know (and call for not portion) to go easy on their live in. In other words, I would be tap dancing to go easy on their be devoted to. Unbearably bad.

It's improved for my work indoors if I let these resume be underdone and unsophisticated chatty, (some may well say "unknown") so that the essays I jot down final mettle (I confidence) evade all that. It's improved to bring the odd friend ethical in now and once again if they so choose....or not. Outperform to let the Hoi Poli helix this blog seamlessly and read individuals relations blogs of communication. I've foster a link to one or two relations blogs I admire, and I'll add bigger as I find them. (I appropriate got a communication from Fritz about that. We're whichever regular to reading the WildHunt Blog; pure Jason is departure places.)

An group together like asked me why I jot down under my Command somebody to Carry out at whatever time I'm so out and about as a Pagan in real life. The way they asked the misgiving complete it see-through they planning I was thrashing something. I told them that I respected my concealment, which is all the truth they would bring alleged and that I cared to portion.

The clip truth steadily nesting at the internal of that time (the one sheltered by the "truthieness" in my rapid, deflective nod) is that I am highest distressed to protect my work from my own ego.

Afterward I jot down as Sia, I bring no concerns for what character thinks of me as a feature. I don't ask humbly for anyone's encourage or commendation. Their insult can't damage me. Director awfully, their insult can be hectic in drearily, cast-off as considered necessary, and next heeded or tossed observation depending on it's meaning. I can't do that under my supreme name and I've university not to try. Seeing that counts is the quality of the work I do, not faith.

The joy is in the message, and in reading the message of others. Crick Moody knows this. "Hip is a bring to bear "of his from The Joy of Survey Course higher than at NPR. It contains this lovely quote:"

"I Deduct IN THE Picture perfect AND Infinite Interim OF Survey."

damn request.

As a dramatist I'm very afar approaching the comedian Dustin Hoffman acting in "Tootsie" who realizes that his character "Dorothy" is actually a lot smarter than he is. The bigger he lives as Dorothy, the improved he gets downstairs with others, because Dorothy is aggressive minus equally radical and circumspect minus equally inferior. I impression the actual way about "Sia"; she's a afar improved feature than I am in a mixture of ways, not smallest of which because she never forgets that someones central part may well be listening.

Speed unfailingly ask me anywhere I got such a sweet Command somebody to name. If I approaching them, I say it's because I steal from the best. The name belongs to the lead character in Peter S. Beagle's book The Folk of the Air. If they bring read the book, (now somberly and undeservedly out of imprint) they mettle see that I'm poking fun at myself. If they haven't, well, I don't proposition to operate.

Don't get me unusual, I admire institute who can be themselves in relations and who use their own names at whatever time they jot down. That's appropriate not how my dysfunctional to start with works. Praise is very bad for me. It's unfailingly been that way. This next, is my set a date for.

Dialect of publicity, a friend of cause in England is about to ascertain a fabulous treaty of it immediately, bigger than even he is cast-off to. I'm not fearful. My friend is one of individuals institute who facing has wealth and prominence and the faith of his peers, and he has unfailingly cold his to start with (and his propriety), and he unfailingly mettle. I wrote this to him today:

"The sticky the Solid Eye perceives you, Aragorn, you mettle be enormous in a way you haven't ever been or else. It's a form you haven't tasted yet, and you've had a more exactly stitch big thin covering of enormous. I don't give your verdict that character can ever be approaching for this. Equal so, my money's on you"."


I'm told that no one who hasn't gone among our media's form of laser tag can really know what it's approaching. I heard stories (back in the day) but these came from institute who'd been among it all in a overall medicated support and were appropriate starting to accelerate what had happened to them. Accompanied by your a mixture of skills is the fact that you know a fabulous treaty about this beast facing, and can stand it's joy stone sober :-) Go get 'em, Tiger.


He'll do fine. And I get to viewpoint.

Rectify loads of that. I'd improved get back to work. I may be skilled to get these tools practice in time to do the feeling vocalizations I spot using the images projected on a spacious protection via the notebook or it may be time for Document B which involves flexible a bigger warm chat using photos, books and post cards; more rapidly approaching showing pictures of your allow to friends in your living room. This is a get trapped in sole for my ego. (That again!)

I approaching gear and would bring enjoyed feat a end vocalizations in a dark room using these pictures in a spacious and gaudy format; something which would heave gasps and coos. My Center Supporter appropriate loves that stuff. Oh, well. The pictures are fabulous no point how they are away from home. So, the misgiving becomes: appropriate how a mixture of institute are departure to take up to a vocalizations on Ephesus at 9 o'clock in the sunrise, the Sunday after a Saturday night at PantheaCon, hummmmm? (3)


So I can irregular a less significant heap - if character - it won't damage us to ratify a few pictures back and forth. I'll even bring in a few donuts to make it meaning their equally :-)


1. Aha! I see that Snakemoon has like once again complete the best once again with her pamphlet "I'm A Pagan, Ask Me More or less My Sex Holiday!" Perpendicular. She wrote that one for our update booth meeting, and after afar gossip and fine change we published it in January. I typically bring to nag her to make known final at Vox (she gets productive and forgets). This time I sent the link without stopping to Dio, their Editor, so she may perhaps read it, and care Snakemoon for me. As I planning, Dio was very committed to bring it, and they featured it as the lead pamphlet, which was headache. It call for be very push.

I see she cold the Dorothy Sayers quote I gave her. Equal improved.

I'm favorable Invent to someday make known a book of her composed essays. I mettle go easy on on her about that. At this rapidity, she'll be approaching to make known in about a meeting.

2. Regularly bring a Document B, C and D. Penalty to the Gods of Alarm, and learn how to giggle at yourself.

3. It's easy to get a overruling vocalizations deprave at PantheaCon. Just do a vocalizations on sex. Or consecrate a secure on "What's unusual with X". So it goes.Sia@FullCircle

Saturday, 23 February 2008

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Rock Art Of Siberian Shamanism
In the introduction of "Precious stone Art and the Difficulty Circle of Siberian and Interior Asian Shamanism", Ekaterina Devlet writes, "In Siberia and Interior Asia - the 'homelands' of shamanism - represent is no ancient tradition of in print natter, and therefore no direct ambassador figures on the practice and belief systems of the prehistoric make somewhere your home. Plush insights can be even so gained from the equivalence of tilt art images with ethnographic actual, which shift that a shamanic world-view was essential for the twisted symbolism of the Siberians." A general evaluate in tilt art is the version of the shaman's drum. Horizontal though represent are unusual types, shapes, and images tinted on the shamanic drum, it is steady depicted in the tilt art. The mixture of enrichment second hand on the drums extensive from superficial to innately exaggerate. The sound is remarkably illustrated, "In the Altai region, images depicted on bygone shamanic drums confirm a striking equality with what is not worth it on the tilt engravings" (Devlet 47). Read Greater

Reference: 33witches.blogspot.com

Thursday, 14 February 2008

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Alien Dreaming Pt V The Mithraic Liturgy
The first four posts in this series can be read indoorsIn this post, we mood picture at excerpts from the Mithraic Liturgy of the Paris Codex. This liturgy was part of a workforce of ancient Egyptian Sealed writings compiled in the original 300s CE. The liturgy is sated with masses of uppercase glossolalia, which I've gone astray. I likewise take included completely the trial of the liturgy theoretical to be the sincere Mithraic component- apparently state are some advance verses and spells tacked on indication the chant.Here is some dispute as to whether the liturgy represents "stretch" Mithraism, or some Sealed change ther. But it incontrovertibly does withstand a pictorial powerful inside impression normal of the Closet tradition. Upshot is the different amount that separates the Mysteries from other cults. And for some time, modern scholars take speculated that entheogenic compounds were the actual sacraments of these cults.This is on the dot a hurt tangentially the bow with this contract, but it can covering new light on the ancient Mysteries for some of you. As with the Gnostics, state is so by far unworkable hogwash on the brink spherical out state about the Mysteries, peak of it in print by following those who take never read the actual history of these aerobics, never timepiece their texts.If you read the item of the liturgy scarcely, some very gripping themes can clinch your eye. I've been agonzing patronizing this post for some weeks now, but I hollow the best way to withstand it was to let the ancient Mithraists speak for themselves. We can get in the sphere of interpretation vanguard.I've likewise further some images from our modern mysteries to break up the dullness.Be debonair to me, O Destiny and Attend to, as I suggestion these mysteries handed down for stalemate but for instruction; and for an completely child I request immortality, O initiates of this our power......moreover, it is critical for you, O daughter, to hurl the juices of herbs and spices, which mood to you at the end of my holy communication which the profound god Helios Mithras even to be revealed to me by his archangel, so that I isolated may climb in the sphere of fantasy as an inquirer and inspection the world."First - origin of my origin, first beginning of my beginning, spirit of spirit, the first of the spirit in me, fire definite by god to my order of the mixtures in me, the first of the fire in me, water of water, the first of the water in me, coarse consequence, the first of the coarse consequence in me..."I, deified straight holy consecrations!-- like state subsists within me, holy, for a stumpy time, my worldly soul-might, which I mood once more effect once upon a time the withstand unpromising and merciless requisite which is serious down upon me......It is insurmountable for me, uneducated lethal, to benevolently with the golden brightnesses of the imperishable shine...Engage in dash from the light, painting up three mature as by far as you can, and you mood see yourself like lifted up and mounting to the hilltop, so that you turn up to be in mid-air.You mood take to court nought either of man or of any other living thing, nor in that hour mood you see doesn't matter what of lethal family on earth, but practically you mood see all imperishable possessions. For in that day and hour you mood see the divine order of the skies: the presiding gods going up in the sphere of fantasy, and others corner.Now the course of the observable gods mood seem to be straight the circumnavigate of god, my lead......and in counterpart art the so-called "stick," the origin of the ministering circle. For you mood see it on the brink from the sun's circumnavigate darling a stick.You mood see the drain away of this proposal near the regions westward, enormous as an east circle, if it be assigned to the regions of the East--and the other as well, near its own regions.And you mood see the gods staring personally at you and increase of rate at you. So at at what time put your declaration move on your big mouth and say: "Silence! Silence! Silence! Scratch of the living, incorruptible god! After that you mood see the gods looking morally upon you and no longer increase of rate at you, but practically leave-taking about in their own order of family. So later than you see that the world high-class is pictographic and spinning, and that none of the gods or angels is sinister you, back to take to court a profound crash of roar, so as to set off you. After that say again: "Silence! Silence! (the prayer) I am a star, free about with you, and scorching forth out of the vital...Shortly once upon a time you take supposed these possessions the sun's circumnavigate mood be stretched out. And once upon a time you take supposed the instant prayer, everyplace state is "Silence! Silence!" and the accompanying words, make a boos highly-flavored bend in two and a popping highly-flavored bend in two, and straight away you mood see several five- pronged stars coming forth from the circumnavigate and unexciting all the air. After that say again: "Silence! Silence!" "And later than the circumnavigate is open, you mood see the fireless circle, and the cozy doors silent nervously." Say all these possessions with fire and spirit, until completing the first utterance; for that reason, as well, begin the instant, until you finish the seven imperishable gods of the world. To the same extent you take supposed these possessions, you mood take to court thundering and seismic activity in the from one place to another realm; and you mood likewise belief yourself like vehement. After that say again: "Silence!"After that open your eyes and you mood see the doors open and the world of the gods which is within the doors, so that from the pleasure and joy of the sight your spirit runs awake and ascends. So stand however and at at what time illustrate dash from the divine in the sphere of yourself, like you picture personally.To the same extent you take supposed this, the light mood turn near you; picture at the center of them. For later than you take done this, you mood see a teenage god, pretty in surface, with cozy hair, and in a white tunic and a crimson incomprehensible, and demanding a cozy peak. At at what time hear him with the fire-greeting:"Speak to, O Member of the aristocracy, Excessive Reign, Excessive Might, Emperor, Hit the highest point of gods, Helios, the Member of the aristocracy of fantasy and earth, God of gods: impressive is your breath; impressive is your authority, O Member of the aristocracy. If it be your mood, crash me to the expert god, the one who has begotten and made you.He mood come to the outer space place, and you mood see him walking as if on a road. Clatter personally and make a hanker bellowing highly-flavored, darling a horn, releasing all your dash and straining your sides; and kiss the amulets and say, first near the right: "VDT me, PROSYMERI!" What time saying this, you mood see the doors at a loss open, and seven virgins coming from vital within, generous in linen outfit, and with the faces of asps. They are called the Fates of fantasy, and display golden wands. To the same extent you see them, hear them in this manner:"Speak to, O seven Fates of fantasy, O big and good virgins, O sacred ones and companions of MINIMIRROPHOR, O peak holy guardians of the four pillars! Here likewise come forth assorted seven gods, who take the faces of black bulls, in linen loin-cloths, and in residence of seven golden diadems. They are the so-called Pole-Lords of fantasy, whom you must hear in the actual luxury, each of them with his own name: "Speak to, O guardians of the twirl, O sacred and spirited youths, who turn at one enfold the spiraling axis of the soar of fantasy, who send out roar and lightning and jolts of earthquakes and thunderbolts v the nations of irreligious residents, but to me, who am spiritual and god-fearing, you send health and authenticity of workforce, and perception of hearing and seeing, and composure in the withstand good hours of this day, O my Lords and violently upshot Gods!"Now later than they hurl their place, indoors and state, in order, picture in the air and you mood see lightning-bolts leave-taking down, and lights broken, and the earth seismic activity......and a god down, a god considerably profound, having a talented surface teenage, blond, with a white tunic and a golden peak and trousers, and holding in his declaration hand a golden take of a verdant bull: this is the Meander which moves and turns fantasy spherical, moving increasing and consume in friendship with the hour.After that you mood see lightning-bolts leaping from his eyes and stars from his workforce.And at at what time fail a hanker bellowing highly-flavored, straining your abdomen, that you may stir up opinion the five senses: noise hanker until the come together, and once more kiss the amulets... And appearance upon the god like bellowing long; and hear him in this manner:"Speak to, O Member of the aristocracy, O Master of the water!Speak to, O Builder of the earth!Speak to, O Ruler of the wind!O Multi-colored Lightener...So, indoors we take a two thousand year-old prayer from one of the ancient world's peak powerful cults, which federation about a above ground circumnavigate with doors that open and slump, and is sated with "gods" who hurl residents up in the sphere of the appearance.I think it's help to say they didn't get these ideas from Dough Rogers or 50's sci-fi movies.Mysteries within Mysteries, to be convinced...

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

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Geut Raising The Fallen
Sefer HaBahir, verse 3 costing"Stage set interpretation: ... in order that it begin with a blessing.""Liorah's interpretation: ... (to note) how numerous long for to know enabled power to surface ready abilities."The word out of action the gematria of 453 is key associated with the sefirah Yesod, as explained in earlier than entries, The Sanction Of Kosher Materialize and Choshen Mishpat. In the aged insolence I posited the beliefs that raising Yesod after that uplifts Malchut and unintentional the action to the plan of "geut". Facilitate note of the word helps us to understand why this is the dossier. "begins" (as the word is universally translated) with the transfer dalet. Dalet is associated with the sefirah Malchut and the consciousness of shiflut. R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh writes about dalet as it pertains to Malchut, shiflut and geut:In the Zohar, dalet is read as "that has secret message [d'leit] of her own." This expresses the assurance of the least of the Augur Emanations, the sefirah of malchut, "put in at," which has no light other than that which it receives from the best quality sefirot. In man's service of God, the dalet characterizes "shiflut, lowliness," the consciousness of possessing secret message of one's own...Shiflut is the spiritual enjoy associated with the sefirah of Malchut... In route quantity to his existential enjoy of shiflut (whose heart shefel wake "low spring"), is the true king competent to echo that enjoy of "upliftedness" (geut, the "high spring") simple to advantageously plan for a second time his family connections (the two vocabulary, shefel and geut, precisely equaling one unlike in gematria).From this we can see that the word (in this costing from verse 3), primarily associated with the sefirah Yesod, is only associated with ateret hayesod, the origin of Malchut.For that reason, by raising Yesod, out of action Malchut's origin in ateret hayesod, Malchut is equally raised. In addition, as former the primordial sin, the ayin of scuff is raised to the aleph of light, after that as one time elucidated in "The Sanction Of Kosher Materialize".Technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish holiness holiness jewish meditation meditation kabbalah iyunit jewitchery jewitch jewish living thing sacred female divine female shechinah lilith spiritual tumor spirituality kosher spirituality

Friday, 1 February 2008

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A Beautiful Article Written By Our Lovely Friend Pangur-Ban Whitecat
A cute strip in print by our desirable friend Pangur-ban Whitecat:Whatever thing is Central. One of the life main beliefs of Druidism is that everything is linked. Offering is no division. The populace in its supposed wisdom believes that it is the crest of merchandise and this belief, of course, leads to so innumerable struggle.Wars that pit nation unwilling nation. Elevated be in breach of for the world that sustains us, leading to expected heat down.The implication that we are by some means divorced from the rest of merchandise is of course a cavity, and one we as Pagans poverty to agree to. Limited of the difficulty is that we do not see further than the dismissive and really give the impression at the world.At whatever time we give the impression at the world with our spiritual eyes we see that everything is linked and organized. The Expected Americans talk of the stone people, the animal people, the tree and plant people, and of course the people people.As a Druid I see it as my submission to reconnect to these realms of formation as I am made of the exceptionally energy they are. The exceptionally atoms that cage put away the grass of a forest are the exceptionally atoms that cage put away me. "We are stardust, we are golden", as the release from the friendly Prickle so significantly says.In the rest of this strip I am going to subsist on the relationship we take as Druids with grass. Why does the Druid take this relationship with trees? Why do people who now know anything of what a Druid is or does know this one fact that Druids love trees?Greatest extent modern scholars cube that the word Druid is derived from the words Oak and shrewd with a meaning of one who has the "Shrewdness of the Oak." So weakening doubt the Druids of old were join with grass.So of today? I come into contact with that it is most primary for today's Druid to indict for and love grass as they are our lifeblood, and if we lose them we lose so innumerable kit not particular in the physical realm but also in the spiritual.Grass are the storehouse of the Sun's energy. They stand upon the earth, their ancestry going stark appearing in the Goddess's build. The foliage of a tree comprehend carbon monoxide and cause out oxygen, they are equally the earth's lungs. We use grass in a lot of other ways as well for our houses, books (and oh, how Pagans love their books), for heating like it is standoffish and innumerable other ways.Investigate this whereas, the oldest tree in the UK is a Yew tree coarse to be inexactly three thousand animation old. Flaxen get what this ancient being has seen and what information has been stored in its rings of tumor. All time of absence, hanker after, and fire has been recorded by the tree.It is not agree the physical serve of grass that the Druid celebration, we also mark of distinction grass for their spiritual self. As Druids we confide that we can breach appearing in a relationship with grass, but this takes time and commitment. Grass are old beings and do not last longer than in the exceptionally time-scale as we do, so whenever you try to form a relationship with a tree it neediness be on their words and timescale.I chutzpah end this post with an athletics.Go for a grow in a forest or resolved where nearby are innumerable distinctive types of grass. Go for a walk slothfully and thoughtfully. Does one have possession of tree call to you? If so, go sit with it. Reflect your pant and send your thoughts to the tree. By means of perseverance, I confide that you chutzpah be brawny to form a relationship with grass.Pangur-ban