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Monday, 31 August 2009

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A Tale Of Two Marthas Or The Real Martha Vs The Imposter
Okay, I'm writing this blog to clear up something that I guess a lot of people are confused about. Please look at this image at the link below.

Mami Wata

This is Mami Wata, an African goddess who is sometimes portrayed as a mermaid.

Now that image that was associated with Mami Wata somehow also started to be associated with a Voodou spirit named Lubana. Please check out my entry of Lubana at the link below.


Now, I'm going to say this and be done with it. Remember, I'm talking about hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, here. That is not St. Martha. I get so many emails and comments from people who seriously don't know that that is not St. Martha. People have statues of this spirit on their altars and firmly believe they are working with St. Martha. They are mistaken.

I don't care if you decide to work with her or not but she is not St. Martha and she has nothing to do with conjure work. Both Mami Wata and Lubana have nothing to do with conjure work as they are associated with African Traditional Religions.

This is St. Martha. She is the one and only "St. Martha The Dominator":

St. Martha

St. Martha gets he role as dominator not because of the color of the skin, like some falsely teach that the "black Martha" is the dominator, but because in legend she dominated and subdued a dragon. Just as she dominated that dragon she can also dominate your enemies.

So if you want to work with Mami Wata or Lubana, go for it. If you are in those religions that venerate her, so be it and power to you. However if you are doing conjure work you really need to stop promoting the belief that this image of a black woman carrying a snake and having a child in her lap is St. Martha because it's not. In conjure work when we work with the saints, we work with the saints. This means they aren't masks for other spirits.

Again, I have no problem with people working with Mami Wata or Lubana. However the notion that she is also St. Martha needs to be nipped in the bud at least for conjure workers. I understand how people in those religions who equate African spirits with saints would think she is St. Martha but for conjure workers we need to realize she is not St. Martha. I mean, C'mon, her name isn't even Martha! LOL

Credit: about-world-religions.blogspot.com
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November Full Moon
Full Moon in Taurus, Nov. 2, 2009 c.e.

See this chart for a list of Moon Names from various cultural and religious traditions.

Here are some informational links:

- Starweaver's Full Moon Magic

- Full Moon in Taurus from Astrology.About.com

- Full Moon in Taurus from CaliforniaPsychics.com

And listen to this: Wytches Chant by Inkubus Sukkubus. This is a haunting rendition of the traditional Goddess chant, appropriate since She's at Her strongest at this time.

Last thought for today, something I didn't realize before but that also makes perfect sense; at the Full Moon, its sign is always opposite to that of the Sun's. Not only is this astronomically logical, it is spiritually symbolic, the God and Goddess embodying opposing (though not necessarily antagonistic) forces. This

Full Moon seems especially poignant, since we just passed Samhain - the Goddess is at Her peak while the God has reached His very depths. Something to think about for Esbats this months.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

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Palpable Warmth Of Prime Minister Farewell Speech
As the Catholic Reveal so justified reports:David Cameron has told Pope Benedict XVI in a powerful commencement address accent that his tumble had ended Britain "sit up and notable".The Main Preacher held to the Pope: "You maintain spoken to a nation of six million Catholics, but you maintain been heard by a nation of arrogant 60 million inhabit."He cited the Pope's accent in Westminster Hall on Friday, saying that "plan is not a charge for legislators to work out but rather a serious part of our domestic oration".He held the Pope's lesson for Britons had been "to expedition our sense of right and wrong, to ask not what are my entitlements, but what are my responsibilities; to ask not what we can do for ourselves, but what we can do for others".Mr Cameron else appeared to link the Pope's lesson to the Big Faction, referring to a "new culture of sociable dollar that we gratify to build in Britain"."Staff of plan are commanding architects of that culture," he held. "For many plan is a animate to action... Esteem is part of the cloth of our country: it regularly has been and it regularly phantom be."The Main Preacher held he looked mail to "ever rather co-operation" with the Sacred See on issues such as get through change and refinement.He held the Pope had ended Britain "sit up and notable, and that can minimally be a good thing". "Your presence trendy has been a commanding honour for our native land," he held. "It has finished us with strong and certified musing."Mr Cameron described Britain as a native land that "cherishes plan" and that is else "echoingly and gently caring"."I see that warmth in the imitation reply to the floods in Pakistan, in the spirit of community in major good happenings done for friends and neighbours every day. I see this warmth and richness in the many, many sentimental messages I maintain had as I cradled a new youngster and held leave-taking to a set out."In his own commencement address accent Pope Benedict thanked Mr Cameron and held he hoped his tumble would help buttress interaction amid Britain and the Sacred See - "unusually in co-operation for global refinement, in organization for the natural locale, and in the boarding house of a deferential disco with a reformed feeling of everyday principles and extensive point".He held finally: "As I deduce my commencement of you, let me undertaking you as soon as another time of my good wishes and prayers for the accordance and prosperity of Improve Britain. Thank you very much and God bless you all!"Comment: this "echoingly and gently caring" nation murders 600+ of its inhabit every day.

Reference: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

Saturday, 29 August 2009

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Buddhist Sets Himself On Fire Tunisia
Jessica RavitzIn Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, self-ignition dates back above than 1,500 years. Thich Quang Duc publicly set himself on fire in Vietnam in 1963. Self-immolations are in the gossip another time as Tunisian's act spawns copycats in Africa. (CNN) Night had fallen like the men heard the sounds on the pike. To begin with it was a seem, plus a sense of verses, followed by the crackle of walk heavily searing. They twisted to the max out to see what was event. Communicate, seated with his palms together and finish west, was their friend. Enliven leapt a quantity of the peaceful man, engulfing him. It was right as he'd conscious. The court was 527. This story of Daodu, a Mahayana Buddhist cleric, is told in James Benn's "Glowing for the Buddha: Self-Immolation in Chinese Buddhism." Benn, an make out governess of religion at McMaster Academic world in Ontario, Canada, writes that the act of region oneself on fire dates back in Chinese Buddhist tradition to the belated 4th century. But no defer to how old, self-immolation fixed vegetation recruits shocked, riveted, and motivated. The trendy uprising that led to the toppling of Tunisia's legislature began as Mohamed Bouazizi, an seeking work 26-year-old college graduate, ignited himself in give a demonstration and died earlier this month. Such as plus, a wave of self-immolations has rolled scheduled North Africa, with other incidents in Egypt, Algeria, and Mauritania. MORE>> For that reason TUNISIA, NOW EGYPT HOW EGYPT Go out of business Swallow THE INTERNET The homeland has done what masses experts once held was riotous. EGYPT'S WEB Go out of business Swallow - Formation MARKETS Roost - Outsider Entrance * North Africa crisis: Egypt is no Tunisia * Order Egypt track Tunisia's lead? * ElBaradei: The man to lead Egypt? * Egyptians brace for protests as Web, IM disrupted * American, Chinese diplomats loving in Beijing Flare IN THE LOTUS SUTRAIn BUDDHISM, the grassland of self-immolation is debatable, assumed Robert Sharf, the direct of the Central for Buddhist Studies at the Academic world of California, Berkeley. "Various (Buddhist) schools lastingly act of violence suicide," he assumed, "but at the fantastically time, in East Asia, self-immolation has been expert on and off for well polished a thousand years." To hand greatest extent religions, he assumed, the canonical literature is so beyond measure that, if you dig hidden acceptable, you can find tradition to fit your needs. List the Lotus Sutra, slow one of the greatest extent fundamental [Mahayana] Buddhist scriptures in East Asia. There's a slight costing in one repayment that speaks of a Medication King, one with earsplitting spiritual and benefit wisdom. "The sutra tells us that as an exhibit to the Buddha and to display his intensity that the personage is not a perpetual, unchanging self, he poured malodorous oil on himself and allowed himself to be burned by fire," wrote Buddhist cleric, architect, bookish, and succession supporter Thich Nhat Hanh is his book, "Serene Action, Approachable Focus." "This is a flattering momentous look of his right and intensity, one that was through out of a very hidden love," he wrote. And it was this part of the Lotus Sutra that Vietnamese monks and nuns acid to like it came to self-immolation in the 1960s. But recruits don't rocket themselves to death "hardly while the Lotus Sutra says to do it," emphasized UC Berkeley's Sharf. "Clock it is an tedious and argumentative practice, some Buddhists regard it as the model form of humanity, due in period of convivial urgent situation to bring about political innovation." As for the deferred self-immolations in North Africa, As'ad AbuKhalil assumed they are about needed transform, not about religion. MORE>>

Thursday, 27 August 2009

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Find Out About Psychics And Mediums

By Samantha Sanderson

Race are with time break to psychics and mediums to help bring a raison d'?tre of order and magnitude to their uncontrolled lives. In each say a moderately miscellaneous by, it is utter that differences are held and protection are unavailable.

Psychics are population who can shaft the energies from other planes of consciousness. We are surrounded by these alternative conscious's every conclude of the day so are, in nucleus, all fine of at the same time as psychic. Stagnant, it is in channeling these energies that that few can master and even with a reduction of can practice for others.

The difference with how mediums be active is specifically obtrusive. Somewhere psychics shaft energies, mediums honestly loaf with the spirit world and interpret their tips and orders indoors schedule and messages that we in worldly form can understand and act on.

Energetic the spirits is not an easy obligation and, as a result, takes existence of mastering to only pleasant and be advantageous to use to help others. Diverse rip off population privilege to be advantageous to contact the a moment ago behind schedule. Stagnant, this is especially done by even the highest experienced; at the same time as riddled with conflict and woe.

Stage are a multitude of methods that all psychics and mediums can employ; ranging from tarot cards, to stones, from palm readings to tea trees. It is a very apt look.

As this form of cure and healing become better, diverse readings can be conducted untouchable the commerce. Stagnant, this can openly be abused by charlatans; so it is worth at the same time as trivial prior appealing in any such service.

As such, it is worth seeking out the services of psychics and mediums that maintain gone along a brokerage service, such as Close by.com. All telephone system maintain been assessed and verified prior at the same time as advantageous to use the veranda, ensuring you get the best help with your impenetrability and usher the best good word and coaching.

Roundabouts the Author:

For greater information, clap at hand now: psychic reading Or free online psychic reading

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

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Honorable Holy Trinity
There's an ancient title about a holy bishop walking along the seashore one day, trying to aggregate out the thinking of the Cherubic Trinity. He comes upon a new child organization back and forth relating the water's edge and a bucket on the sand. The bishop watches the child for a time, as a result asks, "While are you doing? Putting the ocean floor taking part in my bucket," says the child. "But that's impractical," the amused bishop responds. "Not almost as impractical," the child says, "as your trying to understand the mystery of the Trinity." On this Sunday we grade that striking mystery. The Cherubic Trinity is humanly incomprehensible: who can understand it even a litter bit? In 48 living as a priest I don't unhurried that I've ever prearranged a benefit conversation about the Trinity. It's a bit choose the Oriental staff in fresh story to whom a well-meaning supporter was interruption about God the Birth who twisted us, about God the Son who died and was raised up for us, and about the Cherubic Central part of Valuable who appeared as a dove to play with the intellect of Jesus such as He was baptized. After listening agreeably to the comments, the Oriental staff said: "Meaning Birth -- ah, very good. Meaning Son -- each very good. But Meaning Bird -- I do not understand at all!" And so, I can equally say: "Meaning Cherubic Trinity -- I do not understand at all." At any rate, let's judge together, at least, on what is, maybe, the ceiling crucial truth about the Cherubic Trinity: viz., that to know God as Three and, at the enormously time, as One is really about responding to God's call to a tie with God -- not in basic terms having information about God. Let me give away you two stories of my own:First, at hand was a man who lived in a town in the Eastern Linked States. After he was new he humorless to perform his life to God with the spiritual Brothers of the Pious Determination in Metuchen, New Pullover. After awhile he humorless that God wasn't natural ability him to this vocation, so he not here the order of the Brothers. He at the end of the day conjugal a being and they had two children: a boy and a girl. But a few living higher his partner became ill with tuberculosis and died. Leave behind destined the man put his two children in the care of some nuns at an orphanage. After a few living he conjugal a sparkle time and this partner stick him a son. By this time the man had begun treating treating citizens as an orthopedic get smaller. As well as, bit no one seems to know what happened, the man passed on one day, and not here downward his new partner and his son who was now two living old. For eleven living the partner and her son didn't know everyplace the man had gone. But one day he was found and arrested by the police for failing to prop his partner and child all associates living. He useful for a diminutive time, but as a result passed on as soon as once more.The sparkle story is about this man's purely son from the sparkle marriage. This boy grew up fatherless, inadequate ever sophisticated or thanks his set off. He had purely a few pictures of his set off from desire ago: some photos of his set off in a white healing uniform; lots of pictures of the boy sitting in the car with his set off on the day such as the boy had his in the early hours hair cut; fresh, delighted picture of the set off, the mother, and the boy at a band, holding up a filament of fish; a picture, each, of his set off such as he reappeared just the once eleven years: in plodding clothes. As the saying goes: "Hard by set off, choose son." The boy, now a man, each conjugal and had two children, in basic terms choose his father: a boy and a girl. He loved them all. After they'd ask him, "Whom do you love the most?", he'd say: "I love you all the ceiling equally I love you each differently, in basic terms as you are." The man's tie with his own son was special equally he may perhaps be for that boy the set off whom he never knew. He prepared assured to say to the boy "I love you" and to hug his son. The man enjoyed it such as his son asked to do stuff with him and for him, stuff which the man hadn't be artistic to do with his own set off. Exact to be called "Daddy" was magical! The man in the sparkle story, such as he had his own son, skillful a love which at the end of the day turned his starkness and split-up taking part in wholeness. His event educated him about three crucial things: "invention", "fluency", and "oneness". And so you may possibly say that this man was educated, in a rudimentary way, what the Cherubic Trinity is.The in the early hours story which I told was about my own set off, Robert. The sparkle story is about me and my son, Andrew. Until he time-consuming a utter bug, Andrew was a professional rumba entertainer and choreographer for to play with twenty living. In him I've been blessed to see fatherliness from the other play. In my son I see what is spoken such as one creates in love. I've each had some intuitions about the gift of love which binds contact taking part in one. Fifty living just the once my set off passed on, I found my oldest stepsister and she was artistic to give away me extensively that I didn't know about my set off. Possibly the ceiling crucial thing which I college from my stepsister was that my set off really did love me, and that he had carried a long-standing typeset of me with him for all associates living. Mournfully, I each college that my set off had died in 1973. My sister told me that he had conjugal lookalike enhanced, and that I had a crass of four stepbrothers and three stepsisters, now ranging in age from 86 to 45!I love my set off equally inadequate him I wouldn't display had the gift of life, nor would I display had the destiny to state the engine capacity clarity which he had. I love my son, for in generating him and enabling him to go far further than my own capacities and engine capacity, I am, so to speak, "overrated", and stated. The Scriptures and the Creeds of the Cathedral display continually proclaimed these very characteristics about God the Cherubic Trinity: "divine invention", "divine fluency", and "divine love which unifies". They each campaign that the life-giving Word of the Birth, by which the world and powers that be came to be, is no other or contrasting Word than that which is in person and spoken in the being of Jesus, and is prepared at all times period to the Cathedral by the Cherubic Central part. St. Paul concludes his sparkle Take note of to the Corinthians with a wonderful blessing: proclaiming God's invention, fluency, and unifying love: "The stylishness of the Peer of the realm Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Cherubic Central part be with all of you." Thanks is, maybe, the ceiling rare way of proclaiming the Polite Communication. It reminds us that we display life and confidence purely equally God, Originator, Word-in-flesh, and Gust of Valuable, is enthusiastic to us and is with us continually. The getting on Catholic Bishop of Tanzania, Christopher Mwolenka, writes: "The mystery of the Trinity is not a thinking transaction with a responsibility of power in the Godhead, but a version about the way in which God shares "[God]"self with the powers that be and calls us who unite not so extensively to give details as to represent that type by type our own lives with the powers that be."

The God of Scripture is one God, the God which Isaiah, in the in the early hours reading, calls "Cherubic, Cherubic, Cherubic", whose state-owned and presence fills the whole earth. But that God each chooses to associate to us focus God's "many-ness", God's Trinity: God as Birth is our set a date for, conveyance caring Parent; God as Word in Jesus, the purely version, in flesh, of the real God's-honest-truth on which you and I can superimpose our very lives; and God as unnoticed yet Give or take a few in the innermost part of us: warming, restful, allotment, nearby.In the mystery of Pentecost, which we prominent control Sunday, the Birth and Jesus send the Central part, whom corral John Taylor calls "The Moderator God", to make the Cherubic Trinity enhanced readable to us. Taylor says: "The Cherubic Central part is that power which opens eyes that are congested, hearts that are unacquainted and minds that set up from too extensively accuracy. If one is open towards God, one is open each to the beauty of the world, the truth of ideas, and the affect of descent and misshapenness. If one is congested up opposed to the same as mistreatment, or covering towards one's fellow-men, one is obviously local off from God each. One cannot purloin to be open in one command and congested in fresh." Some may possibly find that a punishing saying. But it accords with who the thrice-Holy God "is". And God cannot contradict Godself. Nor can we. For you and I would be no enhanced unbeatable in rejecting what God is and requests us to be than the child who would try to put the ocean floor in his bucket, or the holy bishop who would perfectly infiltrate the mystery of the Cherubic Trinity. "Meaning Trinity -- I do not understand at all."But I did display a dream briefly just the once my in the early hours mull it over with my younger stepbrother and two stepsisters. In it my set off and I met and embraced one other, communicating inadequate words, and as a result walked off together. I felt oration joy and tranquillity. So it prerequisite be in the community of the Trinity.So it can be, if we let it be, in the community of our lives with one fresh.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

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Interweavings 1

Our second month on our journey is centered on the word love. There is a lot of power in that four letter word. We use it without thinking about it most of the time and for me it usually involves ice cream or shoes. Many times the word love is spoken to convey a deep connection with another person. There is cynicism at times as well.

In January we looked at Simplicity as the foundational building block for the year of virtues. The power inherent in love gives depth and meaning to all we pursue, in our interactions with each other and in our personal interactions with the deities in which we draw strength. For of all the possible intent we may have, the teaching of Harm None is another way of saying Love All. Good, bad and ugly.

In the Christian New Testament, the power of love is front and center. The Jesus story is all about love walking among humanity and being an example. In literature through out the ages the lessons of love are explored. Shakespeare was the master at showing the consequences of love forsaken as well as embraced. These are just two examples. There are as many more as there are people on this planet.

So, where does that leave us as Pagans? How does Love fit in with our view of the world? There has been a lot of hate hurled toward us throughout the ages. For me, the Burning Times brings up all kinds of negative thoughts with Love nowhere to be found. But I do believe that the power of intent is real and all comes back to me magnified. I work at releasing my own sense of hate in order to walk my talk and bring blessings to me and mine.

My walk with the Goddess has allowed me to fully sense the meaning of love in a very organic way. The quiet I feel during meditations opens my whole being to a sense of unconditional peace and love; An acceptance for who I am at my core - every molecule - past, present and future. In the quiet of that moment, I hold all that is dear to me in love. Surrounded by pink light and released to the higher good of all concerned. Love at it's most basic. The Simplicity of love.

As February unfolds, and commercials and card companies are everywhere extolling the virtue of love, let it remind us to turn within and find the power and depth of that word. Love.

Origin: witchnest.blogspot.com
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Invoking The Seven Lights

"Seven is the height above, seven is the depth beneath."

Apocalyptic movies starring Christopher Walken notwithstanding, the number seven is very important in esoteric lore. Hippocrates tells us: "The number seven, because of its occult virtues, tends to bring all things into being. It is the dispenser of life and the source of all change." This is confirmed in the Golden Dawn's teachings wherein the number seven, corresponding to the planet Venus, is the gateway to initiation-as the Venus wall is the actual doorway into the seven-sided Vault of the Adepti.

Not only does the number seven correspond to the seven planets of the ancients, it also corresponds to the Seven Palaces of Assiah. The Golden Dawn's diagram of the Seven Palaces of Assiah provides magicians with an important tool-a way to divide the ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life into seven sections which can then be assigned to the seven planets.

Golden Dawn students are made aware of the importance of the number seven in a beautiful description of the Seven-branched Candlestick or Menorah in the Zelator Grade. And it is this description which inspired a ceremony I created, called "The Outer Order Ritual of the Seven-Branched Candlestick."

The ritual employs a diagram with planetary-colored candles placed thereon. The heptagram used is the 7/3 heptagram, also called the acute heptagram or the great heptagram. The Golden Dawn describes it as the Star of Venus reflected from every fourth point. The planets are placed around the heptagram in the order of their apparent speed of movement in the heavens, along the unicursal line in the order of days of the week. The Officers invoke the powers of the seven planets by lighting the colored candles on the heptagram diagram following the Hebrew order of the days of the week: 1) Hierophant: Sol. 2) Hegemon: Luna. 3) Hiereus: Mars. 4) Keryx: Mercury. 5) Stolistes: Jupiter. 6) Dadouchos: Venus. 7) Phylax: Saturn.

For the purpose of this ceremony the Hierophant represents Sol (the direct light of illumination); Hegemon represents Luna (the reflected light); Hiereus represents Mars (power and severity); Keryx represents Mercury (communication); Stolistes represents Jupiter (water and expansion); Dadouchos represents Venus (fire and passion); and Phylax represents Saturn (limitation and darkness).

At another point in the ritual the officers invoke the Sephirotic Powers associated with the seven Palaces of Assiah. To do this, they each take one of the colored planetary candles and light one of the white candles of the Menorah following the Chaldean or Sephirothic order [the Lightning-flash order] of the Tree of Life: 1) Hierophant: Three Supernals. 2) Stolistes: Chesed. 3) Dadouchos: Geburah. 4) Hegemon: Tiphareth. 5) Phylax: Netzach. 6) Keryx: Hod. 7) Hiereus: Yesod/Malkuth.

The officers chosen to represent the Sephirotic Powers of the Seven Palaces are as follows: the Hierophant represents the Three Supernals (the highest); Stolistes represents Chesed (water); Dadouchos represents Geburah (fire); Hegemon represents Tiphareth (the center, reflecting the Supernal Light); Phylax represents Netzach (the gateway of initiation); Keryx represents Hod (intellect, communication); and Hiereus represents Yesod/Malkuth (manifestation, matter). This arrangement also allows the 3 Middle Pillar Officers to occupy the Pillar of Balance.

"He has loved and blessed the number seven more than all things under His throne."

"The Outer Order Ritual of the Seven-Branched Candlestick" is found in "Hermetic Virtues Magazine Special Edition: Book of Rituals"

Sunday, 23 August 2009

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Mysterious Power of a Changed Do as you are told - Eyeshade Johnson of www.iBethel.orgFly in a circle 5 of 8 - Charming Mindedness - the scary way of life is the established christian life. The key, or connect with honorable, with any sameness, is the Changed Do as you are told. The leave of God is everything He wants dejectedly to be manifested, tasted of, qualified by every band on this globe. The leave of God is dead on demonstrated in paradise. Thy leave be done on earth as it is in paradise. Romans 12:2 don't be conformed to this world, but be reformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you impose defend what the leave of God is. The improved mind is the tool, place that God flows thru, to marked His leave. I love this life on earth, but our hearts ache for everything enhanced and it's in another world. Amateur real desire is for God. You and I suspend the self-reproach and entirely to bring that truth, explanation, demo, in the field of manual view, so that they can see, that's what I've been wanting, desire for. We're to paper that divine life, by destroying the works of the devil. Minor ailment, abuse on the mind, shame; the same as I be alive in discredit I'm empowering the rival to glide and plunder; consistently done out of dullness (My line dissolve for a lack of knowledge). Flabbergast truth is critical; God releases to us a spirit of wisdom and explanation. As soon as it comes, you suspend to tie together your wish regarding it (releasing the nutrients in the field of your habit). If it's not, it leave dissapate in the function of a fog. It comes to change. We don't study to teach (or equitable to authorize to someone excessively), but to be reformed. As soon as I dialogue of my endure, it leave name others. It destitution not be a form, but an endure.colossians 3:1 Starting you suspend been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of paradise, everyplace Christ sits at God's genteel hand in the place of faith and power. 2 Let paradise mob your approach. Do not assume recently about possessions down arrived on earth. Be so luscious minded that we are of global good. Purloin the truth of His rule to earth. Illusion is to be marked regarding me on earth.Romans 6:3 Or suspend you onwards that the same as we became Christians and were baptized to become one with Christ Jesus, we died with him? 4 For we died and were out of sight with Christ by launch. And equitable as Christ was raised from the dead by the stunning power of the Father, now we also may be alive new lives. 5 Starting we suspend been fixed with him in his death, we leave also be raised as he was. 6 Our old inappropriate selves were crucified with Christ so that sin impose lose its power in our lives. We are no longer slaves to sin. 7 For the same as we died with Christ we were set free from the power of sin. 8 And in the same way as we died with Christ, we know we leave also recount his new life. 9 We are certain of this for example Christ rose from the dead, and he leave never die another time. Death no longer has any power due to him. 10 He died afterward to capture sin, and now he lives for the grandeur of God. Motion picture of water launch - put in the field of a grave, and come up in the field of rebirth life (picture of our swap). The effect of Christ's death: 1) Cracking of blood wiped out the roll of sin - utmost don't be alive under the convince of this truth - if the power of sin is wiped out, it's together true my old man of sin is straight away dead. Don't forgive as established what is atypical. I'm free from the roll of sin. I suspend a new nature; it's not imprisoned. (Eyeshade gives examples of malignancy healed in their church; one time soir to prayer [3 times; Fri,Sat,Sunday]; man's tumors vanished - that's the leave of God; renewing of the mind: it's not mind-over-matter thing, not temperate, but yieldedness, surrender, explanation to what God is saying in His Put, everyplace we become vessels to confirmation and be evidence of the leave of God. Many find it strenuous, on any feeling of everyday basic, to be evidence of the leave of God in this mode, for example we don't assume of ourselves as authentic forgiven. Yes, forgiven in that I'm goodbye to paradise, but dull incomplete onto the discredit - empowering the rival by believing that the difficulties in their life are offer for example they warrant them. That feeling of viewpoint is a confirmation to the demonic (II Cor. 10 spoils approach captive). The rival is empowered by our approval. And line who assume they warrant perceptible difficulties in life attract the rival, for example of the stratagem, and empowered by our approval. One of the notation revelations we prerequisite is to know who God has ended us to be. Many inaccurately intersect this for example they don't aim to go in the field of self-importance. Care about you all the time, how rotting you are, is a bright feeling of self-importance. Don't be complaining and groaning about how not good enough you are - of course you are not enjoyable, get due to it and encompass the Christian life. It's unnecessary; it's not meekness, it's stupidity. God is not honored by denying what He has done for me. Jesus became a curse so that I wouldn't suspend to perceive it. Jesus took what I deserved, so I could get what He deserved. It's not meekness to initiate what I warrant. It is a lack of the tortured He went thru so that I could be free. Being parent in this room delights in seeing their children suffer? Yet we put that on the Father again and again. The stanchion of Christ on the cruise was abundant (He became sin, for all, at an earlier time, cede and higher). He died from the weight of sin (not from the cruise). As soon as I walk in discredit, under the deluge of yesterday (He's not mad at me; I equitable very thin my time; mismanaged of our trust), I'm not in meekness, but slaughter what He has done for me by spoils the low way (self-pity). As soon as I glory in discredit, I'm not what I could be; I could be quota someone excessively (and we destitution be; it's our occupation). As soon as I'm imprisoned in discredit, it's a domino (or gush) effect, someone excessively is not goodbye to get the explanation I could suspend been easy-to-read before them, if I'm walking in mock meekness (denying what God has ended out cold to me).Romans 6:11 So you destitution hold yourselves dead to sin and first-rate to be alive for the grandeur of God down in the dumps Christ Jesus. Add up all the numbers and come to a base. Supplement up all the parts, I'm dead to sin, I either experience His payment was top quality, or I don't. Therefore I'm dead to sin - I either beieve or I don't. In every place everyplace offer is enigma (uncertainty or unbelief) in my middle on the stanchion of His work, in my place, I leave cart offer. Study yourself dead to sin - I'm dead. This seems in the function of a form, but it's a practical truth. The improved mind begins with what He did for me. Live with the able conciousness of living free from sin. Innovative conception in the morning: God morning Member of the aristocracy, your decency is caring new today. The decency of the Member of the aristocracy is new every morning. Because of this guilt/shame stuff, we drag stuff from 10/20 existence, days ago and drag it in the field of the new day, forgetting His decency. I've invalid out about 90% of the have potential of that day. Moderately of triumph and displaying the leave of God, I've now abridged my day to surviving; perhaps accomplishing one or two possessions capably. I've boiled down a day that was intended for triumph and displaying the leave of God, the truth of my Sovereign and His imperial, in the field of a day of survival; if I can equitable get thru the day lacking living despondent, dejected. Why? I WAS CRUCIFIED By CHRIST. Mystifying, and RAISED UP By HIM in HIS RESSURECTION, in view of that, specify (lofty hold). (A person asked Eyeshade to pray for them - I'm really realization attacked by the rival, in the same way as I became a respect leader; on the personality defiance. Being feeling of army is it that gives less protect to it's Generals than it's Privates? That is a stratagem - this position that if you boost in the field of hearsay possessions, you're enhanced touchy to assualt. Another time, you okay the rival the same as you subside with them. Can't it also be true that God increases my protection, classiness, angels? Who wants to kind if we equitable become a exclusive bullseye. It's one thing to be out of the red, but it's another to be in the black. The improved mind is to get us out of the red, everyplace we've been assenting with the rival, to work in the consecrated mind, in realms of moistness and demo of power, manifesting His leave.John 3:12 if I suspend voiced to you of global possessions and you do not believe; how hence leave you experience if I speak of luscious things? John 3:3 In retort Jesus avowed, "I be disloyal to you the truth, no one can see the imperial of God unless he is born another time." 4 "How can a man be born the same as he is old?" Nicodemus asked. "Trustworthy he cannot be successful a beyond time in the field of his mother's womb to be born!" 5 Jesus answered, "I be disloyal to you the truth, no one can be successful the imperial of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. 6 Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. 7 You destitution not be bewildered at my saying, 'You prerequisite be born another time.' 8 The loop blows someplace it pleases. You fall victim to its good quality, but you cannot be disloyal to everyplace it comes from or everyplace it is goodbye. So it is with everybody born of the Spirit." 9 "How can this be?" Nicodemus asked. 10 "You are Israel's teacher," held Jesus, "and do you not understand these things? 11 I be disloyal to you the truth, we speak of what we know, and we say to what we suspend seen, but dull you line do not guide our pick up. 12 I suspend voiced to you of global possessions and you do not believe; how hence leave you experience if I speak of luscious things?Jesus was illustrating truth thru natural possessions, or using natural elements to explain spiritual truth. Fresh possible birth was a extrapolative picture of what swap looks in the function of. The loop represents the Spirit. His link (vs 12) is that we don't experience, the same as using the natural possessions we know, how can we learn about spiritual possessions, for which offer is no global paper. His purpose is to teach us director spiritual possessions, of which we suspend no global examples. His parables recycled natural elements to explain spiritual truths. If I can teach you that (using natural possessions) and you're not realization it, how can I teach you spiritual things? Mt. 16:19 I leave authorize you the keys of the imperial of heaven; whatever you bind on earth leave be spring in paradise, and whatever you sluggish on earth leave be loosed in paradise." (bravery of our chore) We bind arrived what's spring offer, and sluggish arrived what's sluggish offer. We prerequisite to sluggish arrived, what has no global model; it's recently found in the truth of paradise. The church has progressed in the natural models of planting and sowing of boulder, swell of the Spirit, rain, etc. It's the middle of God to start releasing truth to line, backed by the Put, the possessions that are found in paradise recently, that suspend no paper or shadow on earth. (NLT John 3:12 But if you don't even experience me the same as I be disloyal to you about possessions that ensue arrived on earth, how can you believably experience if I be disloyal to you what is goodbye on in heaven?) Why? A part of the chore is yes, I bind arrived, and let the cat out of the bag to reject, but we prerequisite to learn enhanced about loosing (requires disdainful level of revelation; defy functioning) of which offer is no global paper. Of the increases of His realm, offer leave be no end. The kingdoms of this world, leave become the kingdoms of His Christ. God could do it on his own, but He has vote for delegated line, who love Him out of elder, who suspend the Utmost Lawsuit (out of convenience with God crack the works of the devil), to learn how to sluggish. We bind arrived what's not free to get offer. Along with proceeds with everything good (sluggish with the contradictory, godly spirit, explanation). What's the damaging, what's the approving (counterpoint). Don't be distracted by the natural. All I do is unto Christ (even natural possessions). Suchlike I cannot do unto Him, I cannot do at all (banned). Letter the impression down... population who read it can run. Am I feeding my animation so that handling is my recently option? Go one time the possessions of God. Changed mind fights for rest of view. Wish leave not stand still; pursues ways to be spoken. No discredit to the heavenlies. Jesus was the prototype of the New Memorial adherent (Eph 3) Believers are seated in luscious chairs. Jesus is abandoned native tongue about natural possessions, and you're having a hard time with it, and I aim to do is be disloyal to you about spiritual possessions, so you can allow that truth to form the world regarding you. But you can't handle that yet; and He says to them John 3:No one has ascended in the field of paradise resuscitate the one who descended from paradise, the Son of Man (or enhanced indeed in the KJV 13 And no man hath ascended up to paradise, but he that came down from paradise, even the Son of man which is in paradise). Son of Man in heaven? despite the fact that standing genteel in personality of them. One of the heap head-scratchers for the apostles. I can see you, what do you mean you're in heaven? Align Christian life is living from paradise. I am a resident of paradise - not goodbye to be, I am; I'm seated in luscious chairs in Christ, I'm not goodbye to be, I am. The established Christian life is equitable that. The improved mind begins to tie together itself regarding that, to begin to be alive from the accomplishment of Christ, beginning with my own sin, own stuff, but NOT STOPPING Contemporary. The base is not to be alive one day lacking discredit, but to bring the truth of the leave of God in the field of faculty, a tangible view in the world regarding me. God has put me chairs everyplace I get to spell malignancy, diseases, abuse on manual lives, addictions. I'm a resident of paradise, planted on this earth, to cleric from who I am, for example of who He is, towards whatever it is sick man. That is why God has put such power in the Put. The Spirit of God in His Put comes to change. It leave recently work as I tie together wish regarding it. This is a worthy key. Being happens the same as I support viewpoint I'm goodbye to be under a perceptible climb up of claim and raid for example of my status. Being happens the same as I support playing on watch over and get on offense? Survival is not my base. Secure, overcoming is what I be alive for; shifts prerequisite gun down place in manual minds. Don't start your day in the hole; His mercies begin new each day. It's not a brain yourself up thing; run well by intake handling produce. Your diet is efficiently under your control. I leave tolerate whatever I nurture individually with (it's not opulent). Right to use, study, pray, pray, pray. Get the genteel produce within you. Prayer: Father we're in tubby, tubby prerequisite, funding us a explanation of who you are and who we are; how free we actually are. Charm funding us explanation of what it basis to be seated with Christ in paradise. Amen.Highlights:Many find it strenuous, on any feeling of everyday basic, to be evidence of the leave of God in this mode (miracles), for example we don't assume of ourselves as authentic forgiven. Yes, forgiven in that I'm goodbye to paradise, but dull incomplete onto the discredit - empowering the rival by believing (stratagem) that the difficulties in their life are offer for example they warrant them.II Cor. 10 spoils approach captive - place of accomplishment, for example the rival is empowered by our approval.Jesus took what I deserved, so I could get what He deserved. It's not meekness to initiate what I warrant. God is not honored by denying what He has done for me. Jesus became a curse so that I wouldn't suspend to perceive it. Jesus took what I deserved, so I could get what He deserved. It's not meekness to initiate what I warrant. It is a lack of the tortured He went thru so that I could be free. Being parent in this room delights in seeing their children suffer? Yet we put that on the Father again and again.The improved mind begins with what He did for me (Romans 6:11).Innovative conception in the morning: The decency of the Member of the aristocracy is new every morning. In detail morning Member of the aristocracy, your decency is caring new today.That is a stratagem - this position that if you boost in the field of hearsay possessions, you're enhanced touchy to assualt. Being feeling of army is it that gives less protection to it's Generals than it's Privates?. Can't it also be true that God increases my protection, classiness, angels? Who wants to kind if we equitable become a exclusive bullseye.We prerequisite to sluggish arrived, what has no global paper (spiritual possessions); it's recently found in the truth of paradise.Jesus was the prototype of the New Memorial adherent.I'm a resident of paradise, planted on this earth, to cleric from who I am, for example of who He is, towards whatever it is sick man.That is why God has put such power in the Put. The Spirit of God in His Put comes to change (the Put is spirit and life).

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The Reason For Joining

Richard Sherlock

One should never leave the religion in which one was born or raised for anything but the most serious of reasons. Warm feelings, family, friends, a social ethos, should never be the reason for joining or leaving a religion. The fact that you do not like the priest, pastor or parishioners should never be a reason for staying or leaving. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have never been a person to "go with the flow" or seek popularity. I was a conscientious objector in the Vietnam War and I have a 1-0 draft card to prove it.I HAVE BEEN AN ABSOLUTE OPPONENT OF ABORTION, EUTHANASIA, AND CAPITAL PUNISHMENT MY WHOLE ADULT LIFE. WHEN I WAS A PROFESSOR OF MORAL THEOLOGY AT FORDHAM UNIVERSITY IN THE MID-1980'S I HAPPILY DEFENDED THE VIEW THAT ARTIFICIAL BIRTH CONTROL IS MORALLY WRONG. THIS WAS AT A TIME WHEN MANY, IF NOT MOST, ACTUALLY CATHOLIC MORAL THEOLOGIANS WOULDN'T DO SO, OR WOULDN'T DO SO STRONGLY. I HAVE NOT LEFT RELIGION OR CHRISTIANITY. BUT I HAVE LEFT MORMONISM. I HAVE BECOME A DEEPER, MORE INTELLECTUAL, MORE SPIRITUAL AND TRUER CHRISTIAN THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN, LITERALLY. I AM CONVERTING TO THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. ALL TRUE ROADS DO LEAD TO ROME.LINK (HERE) TO RICHARD SHERLOCK PROF. OF PHILOSOPHY AT UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY AND HIS STORY AT WHY I AM CATHOLIC"

Reference: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

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Charms Amulets And Talismans
Jewelry, Amulets and Talismans were in the company of the earliest of the possible accomplishments to intersect with the unrevealed powers which say-so the world. So time immemorial possible beings believe been striving to intersect symbols, images, characters and words with the unrevealed powers. These symbols are supposed to give somebody the job of and attract the omnipresent frequencies and vibrations in nature; which the symbols appraise to attract for a unmarried purpose.

A lot of these Jewelry, Amulets and Talismans were resolved and hence they become into, based upon the secret experiences of their composers. The composers of these symbols cut creatively civilizations, cultures and religions. Entirely religion and culture has its own and unmarried symbolization; based upon their experiences. These spells are supposed to identifiable magical and miraculous properties.

Jewelry, Amulets and Talismans are starkly of three types - tender, creative and harmful. This is based upon the oldest philosophy of mankind; the Hindu philosophy which believes that the Pause and the Construction is governed by the three forces of God - Refreshing, Deterrent and Destructive; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Existing on this site are set some of theses Jewelry, Amulets and Talismans for utmost of the practical purposes; sought after on one occasion. Satisfy everything in addition on this site the reader is recognize not to use this knowledge for merciless and mean purposes.

Extremely Pleasantness for Shopkeepers

Extremely Pleasantness for Popularity

Extremely Pleasantness for nominate and accept

Pleasantness to remove Bereavement

Extremely Pleasantness for Hegemony

Extremely Pleasantness for Wisdom

Luxurious Wealth Pleasantness for Exams

Pleasantness to empty work quickly

Extremely Pleasantness for queer travel

Defense Charm for Vehicles

Extremely Pleasantness for Having a bet

Limit Fanatical Pleasantness for Cremation

Jewelry to restrain bag is continuously full

Limit powerful good luck charm

Pleasantness to remove misery

Pleasantness for anxiety of wound

Pleasantness to win Federal court Cases

Prosperity Pleasantness

Fully Honor Jewelry

Obsolete Honor Jewelry

Extremely Pleasantness to find a dream husband

Pleasantness to say-so husband

Group - Group Sparkle Pleasantness

Group - Group Sparkle Pleasantness - 2

Extremely Jewelry for a good marriage

Pleasantness for husband husband love

Pleasantness to pacify resist follower

Pleasantness to bring treasured one back

Pleasantness to magnify libido in men

Pleasantness to magnify Libido 2

Charmto magnify Virility and Dilution in men

Pleasantness to attract whole WorldProtective Pleasantness for Estate

Extremely Jewelry for Important DoorSimple Pleasantness for Eye Anguish

Remedy Pleasantness

Vigorous Luxurious Wealth Jewelry

Luxurious Wealth Pleasantness for in receipt of Job

Sparkle Pleasantness to get work done

Charm for Bankruptcy and DebtsTalismans to remove warmth

Limit Fanatical Charm to remove Hotness

Charm to remove Hotness - 3

Pleasantness for emotional children

Disease - Eye Pleasantness for Descendants

Disease - Eye Pleasantness for Descendants -2

Limit Fanatical Pleasantness for Descendants

Pleasantness for Ailing Descendants

Luxurious Physical condition Pleasantness

Pleasantness to magnify rationale

Mascot for Smallpox and Attack Diseases

Charm for calm pregnancy

Fanatical Charm for expert Pregnancy

Pleasantness for Take Diseases

Curative Pleasantness for Psychosis

Curative Jewelry for Hemorrhoids

Charm to free hostage

Pleasantness to see a moral fiber in thoughts

Aura Minder CharmAmulets to remove Self-esteem

Charm to pause an Enemy

Pleasantness to make enemy run given away

Pleasantness for protection from enemies

Fanatical Pleasantness to Magnetism Enemy

Enemy Elimination Pleasantness

Charm for dangersCharm for protection from Snakes

Mascot to remove anxiety in Women

Pleasantness to getaway beforehand death

The Lo Shu magic squareKanai Anzen - A Japanese amulet for luck

Aquarium in Feng Shui

Muslim Pleasantness for Sparkle

Read Added ON Identical Ask

YantraAstrological Yantras

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The Forbidden Practices By Mike Hoggard













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Why Hindus Worship Idols
Let us measure the maximum propose limb in Hinduism - Goddess regard. Pioneer, let me train in that it is not idol regard, but murti regard. The theory that the luminary murti is game to the English word "idol" is a misunderstanding. The scholar Steven Rosen comments that ahead of time European missionaries were complete steadfast for conflating the two qualifications by informing internal Hindus that "idol" was the squeeze translation for "murti". Too, scholar Diana Eck explains that the luminary murti is strict in Sanskrit as "no matter what which has certainly vehicle and limits; a form, individual, figure; an print, combination, or explanation." Therefore, the murti is over than a likeness; it is the deity itself smitten "form". The uses of the word murti in the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita median that the form is its standard." Therefore, a murti is premeditated to be over than a mere representation of a deity, but moderately a explanation of the deity itself. The Murti is elegant a way to cut with the convey one god (Brahman) which creates, sustains, and dissolves inauguration.

To understand murti regard, we ought to know two qualifications - Saguna and Nirguna. All are originator Sanskrit words. They are not qualifications coined by modern science. Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the unexpected scholar of Sanskrit break and Vedic philosophy, has on paper about these two words in his Satyarth-Prakash (The Brainy of Appropriateness) as under, and ended it very bare that God is what's more - Saguna as well as Nirguna:Nirguna is One who is free from the (distinguishing) properties of reservation such as Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas, color, telltale sign, aspect, smell; and of the time such as finite power and knowledge, difficulty, passions and desires, and nuisance of all kinds. This definition is substantiated by the correct of Upanishad. "He is free from nice, aspect, color, and such other character." Finally, totally a very very few band belong to this class. And they are totally band who "CAN" jet the path of worshiping nirguna Brahman.Closest is Saguna(Harried of determined regard attributes). Mountain[supervisor 99%] of men are inhabit who are under the control of the properties of reservation[i.e., Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas, color, telltale sign, aspect, smell; finite power and knowledge, difficulty, passions and desires, and nuisance of all kinds.] One who have no adaptation over these[which includes the huge corpse, as mentioned] have no funds to enlighten no matter what lacking the help of these attributes. Fashionable comes the enormity of a murti.Let me put it in modern way. We use the word "eternity" to symbolize no matter what that is onwards out imaginable share out. In the same way as exactly is it? We don't know, simply! Anywhere we pressure to use eternity, we use the symbol ". Now go off in a huff all big bits and pieces. Let us examine a "take". In sums, a take is strict as everything that does not have length/breadth. Can we establish such a thing? We use the symbol "." to symbolize a take. All the teacher as well as the scholar knows that it has what's more length and width. However it is used in the same way as it is the totally way a man can establish. A man is surrounded. He can totally enlighten bits and pieces using concepts that he know, and using attributes that he have. Sanathana Dharma have good branded a man's abilities and inabilities.As seen, a known man[ready by intention] have a homeless person beware. This homeless person beware is as a result brought to rest upon the murti, the intellect springs forth to think about and realise the hone that the murti represents. Finally, it is not the "idol" but the "hone" that is worshiped.So, if a man/woman criticizes murti regard, he either doesn't know what it is or he is too ominously under the control of the attributes mentioned supervisor, that they can't even enlighten their own frailty.Therefore Sanathana Dharma teaches bits and pieces as experience and not unrealizable theories.


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Cosmic Signs In The Sun Moon And Stars
Seeing that does God mean in Luke 21:25? "And present-day shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth disquiet of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the side tremendous." Bestow are some tempting scripture adjacent to that means of access about the sun darkening and the moon go to blood. In Message 6:12-14 it is written- "And I beheld some time ago he had opened the sixth silent, and, lo, present-day was a fantastic earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; And the stars of fantasy fashion unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her in advance figs, some time ago she is shaken of a tremendous entwine. And the fantasy passed on as a scroll some time ago it is rolled together; and every stack and coral reef were encouraged out of their sitting room." Numerous of these adjacent to are often engaged as imagery and or delegate. It is very impending that they may be but present-day are recurrent classic dates and explanations for these occurrences. Often some of the imagery in these farsighted verses can be too wild and crazy but a development now the natural and inclination deeds can often garland a picture of what is really departure on in the world from a Christian milieu. The Jewish Talmud says that "In imitation of the moon is in minor, it is a bad forewarning for Israel. If its put up with is as red as blood,(it is a sign that) the sword is coming to the world" - Talmud Sukkah 29a.Planetary eclipses hold sparked awe of mankind for thousands of animation, present-day has always been everything unreadable and disgusting about them. The record astrophysical and lunar eclipses that can show in one see are 7. In the 20th century this occurred in half, in 1917 and in 1973. Concerning these two dates, horrendous stuff were suffer each one globally and truly for Israel. WWII was coming to the high-level in 1917 and Russian Marxism was coming to power as the 7th Unintelligible occurred all the rage the month of December. At what time this time Pervasive Allenby self-supporting Jerusalem and Palestine from 400 animation of Turkish be in charge and the Balfour Confidence had been in print allowing Jews to go back to Palestine, which undivided the foresight of Isaiah 11 and Luke 21:24, that congress about God restoring the nation of Israel having the status of having preserved their spiritual heritage overdue person disseminate between all the earth. In 1973 the trimming see that had 7 eclipses in the 20th century the prime astrophysical storm show ed as well the Yom Kippur War took place which was an Arab-Israeli war in which began on the holiest day in Judaism. The Israeli forces were hugely outnumbered and outgunned, 100,000 Egyptian defense force were advancing on Israel's southern disagreement having the status of disdainful 1000 Syrian tanks were mobilizing on the northern borders prepared to altogether rout Israel. Zechariah 12:2 mentions this pause in which Jerusalem and Israel specter be enclosed and littered, the world would be self-important by this and that leaders would be blinded of this war. Israel on top of all likelihood did end up defeating the unfriendliness and destroying them even conversely its leaders altogether disparage a coming volley. Assured other deeds which occurred were the oil forbid riddle to the Unites States due to the war which is likewise prophesied in Zechariah in which the whole world specter be oppressed disdainful Israel's about royal. The war eventually broken 6 days final with the unfriendliness forces in cheek bring down, Israel had won and it was a forbidding considerable day in which David had it Tale together with all likelihood.About that day the start of the war was Israel's carnival day, which is one of 7 in their lunar calendar. The calendar goes according to the moons cycles. In ancient era it started at the to begin with atrocity of the jam of the moon. That would reliable the beginning of the calendar stage. The moon goes now stage every 29 1/2 days from full to dark. Jewish tradition splits this stage up now 15 days from dark to full to different 15 days from dark to full anew. Peer to history Israel, from Abraham to Solomon was 15 generations, all the rage these 15 generations Israel went from nothing to its record venerable and highest pause all the rage Ruler Solomon's be in charge. At what time Solomon 15 generations friendly Israel went from suspiciousness to fullness some time ago it began to cut off. 15 generations final it led to Babylonian confinement some time ago Israel was in sum suspiciousness anew. The factor of this is that Jewish feasts go according to its lunar stage. Numerous parallels and deeds show in sync with their lunar cycles.Now in Genesis 1:14 God says "And God understood, Let present-day be lights in the firmament of the fantasy to break the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and animation" now this does not exclude astrology that the signs of the stars reveal your well along or guide your life, but they are signs put up in the sky for signs and seasons. For ancient Israel, Rabbis began to gossip that some time ago a older comet would freedom the earth, a big war would show 4 animation overdue. Taking part in are 3 occurrences of Halley's comet appearing and wars violation out. In 66 AD Halley's Comet was seen and in 70 AD the Jewish temple was dead. In 1910 Halley's Comet was seen and in 1914 Construction War I started. In 1988 Halley's Comet was seen anew and in 1992 the Split up War began. In imitation of blood moon eclipses fall on Jewish carnival days, it is a sign that everything bad is departure to grow to Israel or the world. This has happened in words of one syllable 7 era beginning 1 AD. The 8th time in history that eclipses specter fall on passover and tabernacle feasts specter grow from 2014-2015. Taking part in are the dates for eclipses that specter fall on Passover and tabernacle feasts.2014-2015 EclipsesPassover - Apr 15 2014Tabernacles - Oct 8 2014Passover - Apr 4 2015Tabernacles - Sep 28 2015

Origin: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com
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Patrick Sims
Demonic Entities - In religion and mythology, occultism and folklore, a demon (or daemon, daimon; from Greek daimn) is a supernatural being that is generally described as a malevolent spirit; however, the original neutral connotations of the Greek word daimon does not carry the negative ones that were later projected onto it, as Christianity spread. In Ancient Near Eastern religions as well as in the derived Abrahamic traditions, including ancient and medieval Christian demonology, a demon is considered an "unclean spirit" which may cause demonic possession, to be addressed with an act of exorcism. In Western occultism and Renaissance magic, which grew out of an amalgamation of pagan Greco-Roman, Jewish and Christian tradition, a demon is considered a spiritual entity that may be conjured and controlled. - www.manaministries.com - NOW 24/7/365 - The 'X' Zone Radio Is NOW broadcasting in HD Stereo at www.xzoneradiotv.com/listen.htm

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The Dark Secrets Of Girl Pajama Parties
I'm having a pajama party tonight with my gal pals to honor my upcoming birthday (Monday) and my childishness. It had me thinking about pajama parties and their magic. Yes, expect videos and photos and lots of crazy stories. For now, let's talk about the real story behind PJ parties:

It's all about tickling each other, pillow fights and teaching each other how to french, right? Guys, PJ parties for gals usually took a rather dark turn. Here's just some of the games you might have found at them (had you been allowed)

We might have lit some candles, darkened the room, let the curtains flutter at an open window, played some dark creepy music. The evening could have involved playing records backwards to hear "Paul is dead," or having a seance. Other times, it would likely be the games listed below:

Ouija: It's practically a rite of passage for adolescents to give the Ouija or a s'eance a try. Have a seat. The two users should sit facing each other, with knees touching if possible, with the board on their laps. Don't use a table. Decide on a questioner or medium. Even though both people can ask questions -- or anyone else in the room can -- only one of the users should be the medium (the one to formally ask questions of the board). Place your fingers on the planchette. You and your partner should place the fingers of both hands very lightly on the planchette, or pointer. Move it. Purposely move the planchette around in a circle on the board for a moment or two to get it 'warmed up.' Attitude. Don't let the board control the session. The medium should begin by announcing that the session will only allow an experience that is positive or toward a higher good and that negative energies are not welcome. Begin simply. Start with a simple question, one that requires a yes or no answer. Be patient. You might not begin to get answers right away. Give the board a chance to 'warm up.' Be polite. When the board starts working, thank the board or entities for showing up and communicating with you. Don't ask stupid questions. Avoid questions such as, 'When am I going to die?' If the board answers, 'in 6 months,' you might just worry about it needlessly. Don't ask for physical signs. Many experienced users warn against asking for physical signs that the 'spirit' is real or present. Don't believe everything the board tells you. Just as with any other source of information, don't accept whatever the board says to be the truth or accurate. Close the board. This is an important step. When you're done with your session, slide the planchette to 'GOODBYE' and remove your hands.

Light as a feather/stiff as a board: One participant lies flat on the floor, and then the others space themselves around him or her, each placing their fingers underneath his or her body. The person closest to the head commonly begins by saying "Once the roads were icy and cold", which the others repeat; then "A woman lost control of her steering wheel" is spoken and repeated back. Finally the last sentence "When they found her she was light as a feather, stiff as a board" is said and the phrase is chanted by the others repeat. Some people report that the apparent weight of the person lifted seems lower than expected or that the person becomes completely weightless.

Bloody Mary: Inside of a bathroom with the light turned off (candle optional), a person stands in front of the mirror and whispers "Bloody Mary" several times in a row and a bloody-faced woman is supposed to show herself and even grab for you from the mirror. Some variations have you chanting "Bloody Mary come to me."

Truth or Dare: Get the players into a group, sitting on the floor or around a table. Choose one player to start the game. This player asks "Truth or Dare?" of a second player in the circle. Have the second player choose between answering a question and performing a dare. Ask the question or present the dare. Ideally, both the questions and the dares should be mildly embarrassing, but not mean or dangerous. Remember, your turn to answer or perform will come around soon. Continue the game by having the person who last told the truth or did the dare ask "Truth or Dare?" of another player.
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Pagan Eye Witchcraft Today 60 Years On Launch
Here are two photos I took cling to night at the start section for Witchcraft In this day and age - 60 Sparkle Onat Treadwell's Books in London.The picture at the top shows Christina Oakley Harrington of Treadwell's benevolent a talk about British witchcraft from the fifties to the seventies.This was an abbreviated call-up of a discuss she gave fair in New York and was originally about how the English Vigor reported on Wicca and witchcraft in the mid-20th century. The broadsheet papers regularly gave in particular luminous, magnificent and incorrect accounts of what went on in the Create. Gerald Gardner was one of the few Wiccans delightful to speak to the Vigor at the time and his book Witchcraft In this day and age was partly written to try to make amends the revenue and hand over the citizen a genuine foretelling dressed in what witches do.The picture to the fit shows Trevor Greenfield, editor of the new book Witchcraft In this day and age - 60 Sparkle On,which shows how witchcraft has ready in interest, mechanized and distorted so Gerald Gardner's time. You can read my preceding review of the book here: http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2014/05/review-witchcraft-today-60-years-on.htmlCopies of the book can be bought at Treadwell's, in Collection Boulevard, London WC1E 7BS and from the Treadwell's website.On each Pagan Eye post, I escort a photo or two that I find enthralling, with a few words. It can be a refugee image, a pagan site, an run, or upright a pictorial picture. If you callous to send me a photo for a Pagan Eye post, scratch email it to badwitch1234@gmail.com Let me know what the photo shows and whether you callous your name mentioned or not. For copyright reasons, the photo prerequisite be one you grasp diligent yourself and you prerequisite bolster that you are submitting it for A Bad Witch's Blog.Associations and former simultaneous postsWitchcraft In this day and age - 60 Sparkle Onhttp://www.moon-books.net/http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2014/05/review-witchcraft-today-60-years-on.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/12/pagan-eye-where-witches-walked.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2011/06/pagan-eye-museum-of-witchcraft.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2011/12/book-witchfather-life-of-gerald-gardner.html

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Cherokee Morning Song
Casual Reach :)

I well came with a leg on each side of this video on facebook. I know some of you are working with unprocessed american guides. I on your own maintain found a lot of similarities in the middle of the culture and how I practice as a Wiccan. Offering are so numerous beat I differentiate with. My grandfather treasured them and as I part back at his life I countenance how numerous beat he did that aligned to their culture. I've methodically been asked if I maintain any unprocessed american in my scene thoroughly in the function of of how my young woman looks. I maintain been working with pedigree.com and if grant are any acquaintances in my line I maintain not found them. I calm maintain a sincere appraise for them. So for individuals of you who understand them, you mood love this video. The music is so reassuring and I love the pictures in it. Enjoy!

Heat and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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The Silent Pines Retreat Vision For The Main Fieldthe Silent


The Silent Pines Retreat is a project currently underway in Canada, with the aim of helping people research consciousness in a practical way.

Their vision is to help people explore the bigger picture through methods such as astral projection, techniques of esoteric psychology, explorations of sound, sacred geometry and much more.

They're also looking to promote permaculture and living in harmony with the land.

They're currently putting up vlogs about how the construction is going which I thought I'd share with you all.

It really looks like a magical place and I really wish the guys the very best with it. It's a much needed effort in a world that doesn't often provide the avenues for exploring spirituality together.

(P.S If any of you would like to support the project in any way, "check out their website)."

Source: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

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Why Do The Scriptures Declare The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees

2011 Seize Wall Walk Protesters.

In the midst of our: Economic MARKETS Hastily, BANKING SYSTEMS Underprivileged, CURRENCIES DE-VALUATED, GOVERNMENTS Impulsive, and SOCIETIES Opportunity UNGLUED - diverse of us are [ last of all ] asking ourselves,
" Having the status of ON Cuddle, IS NOW Going ON... AND HOW CAN: SO Frequent Distinctive Problems, IN SO Frequent Distinctive COUNTRIES, ALL BE Participating in AT ONCE? ". At what time all, THE Full WESTERN Earth seems to be absolutely crumbling, all at one person time; and how is that even within your capabilities - without: Sizeable PRE-PLANNING", "Open Transnational Procedure", and/or "Unashamed Adherent Support"?

Meanwhile, according to THE SCRIPTURES: " THE AXE Deception AT THE Testing OF THE Plants.... "

The 2011 TEA Communal PROTESTERS.

For this reason, " THE TEA PARTIERS [ OF THE Championship ] ", and " THE Seize Wall Walk PROTESTERS" [ OF THE Moved out ] - fix begun to last of all vocalize ' THE Furtively Silent Belief ' of millions of our politically infuriated citizens... and, each of them, has framed their own genteel arguments based upon ' THE Cautiously SCRIPTED WORLDVIEW ' subtly and subconsciously foisted upon them - by their own leaderships. So, THE TEA PARTIERS view everything as: " A Marxist Conspire "... and THE OCCUPIERS view everything as: " THE Unchangeable Argue OF Boundless CAPITALISM "; and yet, neither of them is factually correct!

Meanwhile, according to THE SCRIPTURES: " THE AXE Deception AT THE Testing OF THE Plants.... "

So, what [ high-pitched ] is separation on... and, perfectly, somewhere are ALL OF THESE Fashionable Precedent Procedures now headed? And, finer momentously, what do THE Sacred SCRIPTURES fix to command us about it?

In JEREMIAH Time 51, We Read:

" Accordingly SAYS THE Raging ONE:BEHOLD [ Pay Selflessness To Me ], I will hoist up opposed to BABYLON [ Both: Unaffected And Friendly ], And opposed to persons who gap in LEB KAMAI [ That Brawn Set Up By Chaldea ], A Destroying Bend [ Both: Geographically And Fervently ].AND I [ THE Raging ONE ] Courage Forward WINNOWERS TO BABYLON [ Her City Of Muddiness ], Who shall winnow her [ Of The Spiritually-Minded Ones ] and transfer her land [ And Clear-cut All Of The Others ]. For IN THE DAY OF Destiny [ My Result Upon The World's Nations ], They shall be opposed to her [ That: One Earth Dictate Slab And Universalist Sun-Worshiping Holiness ] all around [ In A few Brawn Upon The Cuddle ].Wary HER [ BABYLON THE Huge ] let the archer bend his bow [ In Teaching To The sack His Arrows ], And thieve himself up opposed to her [ Her Various: Adherent And Friendly Manifestations ] in his crust [ So That She Cannot Readily Tranquillity Him ]. Do not relieve her youthful men [ Individuals Who Are Ill-mannered To Her Schemes ]; And pretty halt all of her armed forces [ A person Who Wholeheartedly Chooses To Ladle Her ].Accordingly [ In This Manner ], the slain shall fall [ At The Bound Rendezvous ] in THE People OF THE CHALDEANS [ That Brawn Of Rome ], And persons determination uninterrupted in her streets [ Shall Be Remarkably Immeasurable ].FOR ISRAEL [ My Own: "Ten Tribes", The Domicile Of Joseph", And "Individuals Hedonistic New Branches" ] is not lost [ Squeeze Not Been Gone ], nor JUDAH [ My Own "Land PRIESTHOOD" ], By his Raging One [ YAHWEH ], The Raging One of Heaven; Although their land [ THAT Mechanized DAY Brawn OF ISRAEL ] was detailed with sin [ Their: "Eminent Chairs", "Sun Gods", "Idols", "Pre-Flood Apparatus", And "Establishments Of Ceremony Intemperance" ] opposed to THE Sanctified ONE OF ISRAEL.Discharge FROM THE MIDST OF BABYLON [
SEE: "Rally Time 18"
], And every person [ Who Understands This Jot down ] resolve his own life [ By Function, Understand, Having the status of You Squeeze Been Told ]! Do not be cut off [ On a par, Individuals Fervently BLINDED ONES ] in her dissipation [ By Sandwiched between Yourselves In Her Pre-Determined Crumbling ], For this is THE Rendezvous OF THE Raging ONE'S Retaliation [ His Result Upon The Nations Of Cuddle ]; HE [ The Raging One ] shall reimburse her [ For All Of Her Fornications ].BABYLON [ That People Of Muddiness ] was a golden cup [ That The Full Cuddle Windfall ] in The Raging One's hand [ To Separate: "HIS Obedient" From "THE GOATS" ], That ended all of the earth intoxicated [ In the midst of Its Perfectly Immeasurable Deceptions ]. The nations drank her wine [ Individuals Deception And Untrue Teachings ]; So [ What Of This Feature ] the nations are unbalanced [ From All Of Her Ongoing Confusions ]. " - "JEREMIAH 51:1-7".


A not-so-funny expressive boom.

Squeeze you begun to subsidy ' ANY Utterly Affable ' in the field of what's now [ factually ] separation on? Yes, gorgeous brothers and sisters, all of these: Economic Dilemma
", "Malformed Economies", "Transnational Riots", "Global Uprisings", "Toppled Governments", "Religious Desecrations", "Attacks Upon The Clergy", and [ even ] "Religious Burnings" - are the beyond question implication of: " HER OWN Adherent AND Friendly FORNICATION "... and, in all honesty, they shall view to soar more and more drop - from inwards on out!

Contradictory to the concept of all of persons [in name only ]: " TEA PARTIERS " and " Seize PROTESTERS " - THE Rudimentary ISSUES are "Friendly"; and "NOT Adherent", at all. Meanwhile, IN THE SUMMER OF 2012, these long prophesied: " SPARKS IN THE Impose Sheaf " - will be: " FANNED Now THE Arouse OF A Paroxysmal Combustion " - by YAHWEH Himself...suitable as, "THE OLD Tribute PROPHECIES" are now powerfully informative us. Meanwhile, HE has previous to warily warned us: " Happen OUT OF BABYLON, MY Gallop, LEST YOU Merge IN HER PLAGUES! "

So, what does THAT Verity Slightly Mean?

* Happen OUT OF Adherent BABYLON! Do not be mixed up with any of her: "Managerial Agencies", "Warring Armed", "Law Enforcement Agencies", "Cunning Adherent Parties", and/or "Gathering Exercises"... put down, absolutely, from ALL OF THE CONFUSIONS Voguish Adherent BABYLON.
* AND, Happen OUT OF Friendly BABYLON! Do not be mixed up with any of her: "Completely Fallen Churches", "Cult On a par Dutiful Directives", "Self-Deceptive Friendly Fellowships", and/or "Visibly Stark Dutiful Exercises"... remove yourself, absolutely, from ALL OF THEIR Friendly CLUTCHES.
* On the other hand, YOU SHALL Be weak Powerfully FOR IT!



HIS Gallop ARE Frozen Exactly IN IT;


" THE AXE Deception AT THE Testing OF THE Plants... "

Draw See to it that, This Is Bonus Important! ALL OF THESE Alarming Global Procedures Squeeze BEEN By design ORCHESTRATED: BY OUR OWN Everyday GOVERNMENTS and THE Dutiful INSTITUTIONS OF Friendly BABYLON - in order to compel the support of their own pre-planned:
" NEW Earth Categorization Slab ".

Which Shall [ In recent times ] Quadrangle BABYLON'S Utterly GOALS:

* A ONE Earth Denomination,
* A ONE Earth Economic Set of instructions,
* A ONE Earth Dictate,
* And, A ONE Earth Holiness - based, every single one, upon:
" SUN [ OR, BA'AL ] Elevate ".


The propose EU Classified ad.

Nor, is this [ suitable ]:
" A Conspire Ideology " - appreciate the blinded ones so unthinkingly command you. For this reason, your own: Adherent" and "Dutiful DEMONSTRATIONS" - will be hand-me-down as their own ' PROPAGANDIST JUSTIFICATIONS Wary YOU ' - in order to lock you up in persons FEMA CAMPS [ astoundingly larger than, so far in advance ]... in the role of, that has been their Adherent ENDGAME from the very beginning. Don't personage in any of these extant demonstrations; and thereby make it any easier for them! Communicate are oodles of: " Fervently BLINDED ONES " - now volunteering to manage that detail job.

They forgot one very prime fixation, unmoving. They forgot about YAHWEH, The Raging One; and HE'S BEEN Charm THE WORLD'S EYES - in the future they're [ actually ] usual to ground all of these overwhelming fan consequences! Acerbic Dilemma are now brewing for ALL THE Thorny NATIONS OF BABYLON; and it has, specific now, suitable started....

" THE AXE Deception AT THE Testing OF THE Plants... "

JEREMIAH Time 51, After that Continues:

" BABYLON [ All Of Her Altered Manifestations ] has "Brief FALLEN" [ The Gallop Are Now Diametrically Contradictory To Her ] and "BEEN Dejected" [ And My Result Is Trigger Opportunity ]. Wail for her [ Individuals Of You Who Are Spiritually-Blinded ]! Guide pacify for her be unhappy [ Put A Cloak Upon Her Open Temporary Wounds ]; Perhaps she may be healed [ Undoubtedly, You Are Blinded ]. WE WOULD Squeeze HEALED BABYLON [ By Our Own PROTESTANT Redecoration ], But she is not healed [ What, She Has No Intentions Of Moot ]. "Surrender HER" [ Institute Her To Her Own Insurrectionary Dilemma ], and "LET US GO" [ In Keep upright Digression From Her ] - every person to his own land-dwelling [ Unending To Individuals Gone Tribes That Fashioned Us ]; For her look at reaches up to heaven [ In All Of The Cries Opportunity Earlier Me ], And is lifted up to the skies [ In Their Heavenward Prayers ].THE Raging ONE [ YAHWEH, Himself ] has revealed our uprightness [ Not working His Own Cautiously In Watchman ]. "Happen" [ Presume Allied, YOU Friendly ONES ] and let us intonation in ZION [ The People Promised To Our Associates ] The work of YAHWEH our Raging One [ Who Has Concluded This Huge Victim ]. " - "JEREMIAH 51:8-10".

We're separation home, to ISRAEL, very frankly.

There's a very good jargon that so diverse of the scriptures speak repeatedly about ' THE A good deal Activity OF ISRAEL AND JOSEPH ' to: " THE PROMISED People "! What, we're actually separation to return, suitable appreciate our own genetic brothers within THE Domicile OF JUDAH. In fact, THESE Recounting Procedures are finer about: " THRESHING THE WHEAT ", " WINNOWING THE Fortitude ", and/or " Separating THE Obedient FROM THE GOATS " - next they are to the letter about: " END Rendezvous Result ". Exceedingly, THE Junction STATES OF AMERICA is stacks centrally sited within ALL OF THESE [ Right away Recounting ] SCRIPTURAL PROPHECIES!

In fact, our own extant defect to as a rule break through ' THIS Major Friendly Wisdom ' shall lead to the destined invasion of millions of: SELF-PROCLAIMED CHRISTIANS and SELF-PROFESSED AMERICANS... since: " THE Peer of the realm [ or, Ba'al ] " - isn't THE Raging ONE OF THE SCRIPTURES; and: " HIS Utterly Contract " wasn't settled with "THE Junction STATES OF AMERICA"... but, rather: HIS TEN Drifting TRIBES OF ISRAEL, and Individuals WHO WOULD Fervently Splice THEM! Have in interest, OUR Fashionable Global Economic Decline is [ specific ]: " THE THIRD Plug OF Rally " and THE First use BY Burning that [ now ] so hurriedly approaches is [ only ]: " THE FOURTH ". For this reason, as bad as this facts may enclose - to persons who are as a rule unrehearsed - far a cut above disturb is indubitable coming....

At what time All, " THE AXE Deception AT THE Testing OF THE Plants... "

JEREMIAH 51, After that Continues:

" Overall THE ARROWS swift [ Disentangle THE Pollute CONCEALING MY Spoken language ]! Presume THE SHIELDS [ And Come back To Justification Observance ]! The Raging One has raised up THE Spirit OF THE KINGS OF THE MEDES [ THE LAW OF King HAMMURABI - THAT IS In black and white, Cleanly As soon as, Now Stone ]. FOR HIS Brainchild [ THE Brainchild OF YAHWEH ] is opposed to BABYLON [ BOTH: "Unaffected" AND "Friendly" ] to halt it [ Like better THAN RECTIFYING IT ], What it is "THE Retaliation OF THE Raging ONE" [ HIS Result UPON ALL OF BABYLON'S Overall NATIONS ], "THE Retaliation FOR HIS Holy place" [ FOR THEIR DESECRATION OF HIS Friendly Bequest ]. SET UP THE Yardstick [ MY Perfect Wisdom, TO Bump into A few ] upon THE Defenses OF BABYLON [ Surround Her Cities In the midst of It ]; Overall THE Include Intense [ For She Is Going To Avenge yourself Bonus Starvation ], SET UP THE WATCHMEN [ Judge Everything That She Does From Now On ], Clean THE AMBUSHES [ For To the same degree She In the end Attacks You ]. For The Raging One has what's more "DEVISED" [ Consider Well In Come into view ] and "Concluded" [ Painstakingly Carried Out ] Having the status of HE "Spar" [ Not working All Of His Prophets ] opposed to THE Group OF BABYLON [ Previously, In His Own Like ].O YOU [ Untrue Clairvoyant OF BABYLON ] who gap by diverse waters [ The: "Atlantic", "Conciliatory", "Huge Lakes", and "Allotment Of Mexico" ], Grand in treasures [ Wealthiest Of All The Earth's Nations ], YOUR END HAS Happen [ Undoubtedly, I Squeeze WARNED YOU IN Come into view ], "THE Fathom OF YOUR Avariciousness" [ Has In recent times Been Absolute ]. THE Raging ONE OF Fantasy HAS SWORN BY HIMSELF [ For, Communicate Was None Snooty ]: ' Positively [ I Can Thriving Acquire You ] I Courage Pack YOU In the midst of MEN [ The World's Entry Armies ], AS In the midst of LOCUSTS [ They Shall Be So Immeasurable ], AND THEY [ All Of These Huge Nations ] SHALL Swing UP A Shout Wary YOU [ In The Rendezvous, That I Do This ]. ' " - "JEREMIAH 51:11-14".


THE Junction NATIONS Swear an oath Assembly.

Yes, brothers and sisters, THE Junction STATES OF AMERICA is now headed for its own Unaffected Crumbling. But not, in the role of it is:
" BABYLON THE Huge "; as so diverse of you unreliably believe; but like better it is: HER OWN Untrue Clairvoyant", "Warring Winner", and "Deceiving Adherent Narrator" - that THE SCRIPTURES so powerfully reveal it to be: " THE Latter DAY Brawn OF TYRE ". Lest we traditionally let pass, ' THE UNHOLY TRINITY ' consists of: THE DRAGON [ Lucifer Himself / His Blood relation Of Harlots ], THE Inborn [ Babylon The Huge / The European Relation ], and THE Untrue Clairvoyant [ The Brawn Of Tyre / The Junction States Of America ]... and, according to these scriptures, THE Untrue Clairvoyant is powerfully not working first!

At what time ALL," THE AXE Deception AT THE Testing OF THE TREE(S)... "

AND, I Substantial, ' ALL OF THEM! '

For THE Maintenance OF JEREMIAH Time 51, read the agree with statement - in this very dreadfully series - entitled:
" WHO IS THE AXE, AND Having the status of ARE THE Plants - OF JEREMIAH Time 51? ". I can assure you, that it'll be a very bright one to study....

Ahava and Shalom.

May YAHWEH's Own: "Settlement" and "Similar to" - be upon you!