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Saturday, 28 November 2009

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Simple Purification Ritual
Because follows is a simple refining ritual that can be hand-me-down on crystals and stones, and other sacred relevant. This rite is best done at daylight or all the way through the day, on your altar (if you pin down one) or on any graph that can be hand-me-down for this belief.Segregate a cavern with wholesome water and place this to the west on the graph or altar. Also, light a red candle and set this to the south. Clear some incense and place this to the east. At last, place a serving dish or flowerpot complete with a moment ago dug earth to the north on the altar. In with all these relevant, set the stone (or stones) to be purified.When all is readied, endlessly your wits and heap up the stone in your projective (general) hand. Suggest your special treatment in the direction of the bewilder of earth. Apply the stone on it and pall with shipshape earth. Say everything to the effect of:"I disinfect you with earth!"Move away the stone contemporary for a few report, all the seeing that visualizing the earth riveting the stone's impurities. After that remove it, wholesome it clean, and shelter it in the incense exhaust. Consent it nine mature as well as the exhaust, from the accusation to the missing, saying words would like these:"I disinfect you with air!"Also, easily papers the stone as well as the candle's flame unlike mature, saying:"I disinfect you with fire!"The fire burns in another place all distrust. Now place the stone in the water and say this or your own words:"I disinfect you with water!"Make believe the water washing it clean. Move away the stone in the water for a time, along with dry it with a clean cloth and shelter it in your not built up hand. Is the stone "clean"? If not, go over this simple ritual as countless mature as indispensable, until your are certain it has done it's work. Once, store the stone in a special place. It is off for use in magick.From: Cunningham's Almanac of Semiprecious stone, Gem and Metal Aura

Reference: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

Friday, 27 November 2009

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28 What Are The Characteristics Of Faith Part 2 Continuation

28. To the same degree ARE THE Disposition OF FAITH? (Discrete 2) (Upholding)

(Comp 28 repetition) Charge is the enchanting morality which is necessary for exchange. It is a free gift of God and is open to all who fairly strive for it. The act of protection is a whatsoever act, that is, an act of the demur of a personality - driven by the attitude stirred by God - who for yourself assents to divine truth. Charge is as well surefire in the function of it is founded on the Lie of God; it works "blunt help" (Galatians 5:6); and it continuously grows blunt listening to the Lie of God and blunt prayer. It is, even now, a sign of the joys of heaven.

"In Brief"

(CCC 183) Charge is necessary for exchange. The Peer of the realm himself affirms: "He who believes and is baptized attitude be saved; but he who does not consign attitude be condemned" (Mk 16:16).

To augment and educate

(CCC 157) Charge is "surefire". It is particularly surefire than all whatsoever knowledge in the function of it is founded on the very word of God who cannot lie. To be in no doubt, revealed truths can turn up complicated to whatsoever mind and receive, but "the firmness that the divine light gives is manager than that which the light of natural mind gives" (St. Thomas Aquinas, "STh" II-II 171, 5, obj. 3). "Ten thousand difficulties do not make one quiz" (John Henry Cardinal Newman, "Apologia pro vita sua" (London: Longman, 1878) 239). (CCC 158) "Charge seeks "understanding" (St. Anselm, "Prosl. prooem".: PL 153, 225A): it is innate to protection that a advocate wishes to know rally the One in whom he has put his protection, and to understand rally what He has revealed; a particularly thorough knowledge attitude in turn request forth a manager protection, still set excited by love. The accuracy of protection opens "the eyes of your hearts" (Eph 1:18) to a shrewd understanding of the contents of Revelation: that is, of the calculate of God's list and the mysteries of protection, of their boundary with each other and with Christ, the centre of the revealed mystery. "The exceedingly Sacred Courage eternally perfects protection by his gifts, so that Illumination may be particularly and particularly powerfully alleged" (DV 5). In the words of St. Augustine, "I consign, in order to understand; and I understand, the rally to consign" (St. Augustine, "Sermo" 43, 7, 9: PL 38, 257-258).

On reflect

(CCC 160) To be whatsoever, "man's retort to God by protection necessary be free, and... fittingly not anything is to be forced to clip the protection v his attitude. The act of protection is of its very nature a free act" (DH 10; cf. CIC, can. 748 SS 2). "God calls men to minister to him in spirit and in truth. So they are mausoleum to him in ethics, but not coerced... This fact customary its fullest rumination in Christ Jesus" (DH 11). Indubitably, Christ invited fatherland to protection and convert, but never coerced them. "For he bore documentation to the truth but refused to use wish to push it on those who spoke v it. His nation... grows by the love with which Christ, lifted up on the tetchy, draws men to himself" (DH 11; cf. Jn 18:37; 12:32). (CCC 2104) "All men are mausoleum to strive for the truth, trimming in what concerns God and his House of worship, and to clip it and keep on to it as they come to know it" (DH 1 SS 2). This board derives from "the very maintain of the whatsoever personality" (DH 2 SS 1). It does not negate a "serious gaze at" for interchange religions which customarily "shimmer a ray of that truth which enlightens all men" (NA 2 SS 2), nor the hardship of help, which urges Christians "to purpose with love, caution and acceptance those who are in misdemeanor or dullness with regard to the protection" (DH 14 SS 4). (IT CONTINUES)

(The be significant "To the same degree are the characteristics of faith?" continues)
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Sri Aurobindo On Age Of Aquarius

By Ellis Peterson

Updating Ancient Wisdom Teachings Sri-Aurobindo "Age of Aquarius"

We are very fortunate to be living in a time called the "Age of Aquarius." We have been given a set of Laws, "The Laws of Quantum Physics," that allow us to understand and explain how the Universe as well as the Mind of God works.

The great teachers, philosophers, and Gurus of the past lived under two great difficulties. First, the wisdom they had to share with humanity was frowned upon by the Religious, Political and Governing bodies of their countries.

Pioneers who bring light are always in danger from the "authorities" who want to keep things status quo, as well as keep them under "control."

Unfortunately for them, the only constant in the Universe is CHANGE. And although they may retard and even punish light bearers, their reign of "controlled terror" will come to an end of it's cycle.

The second problem Sri Aurobindo faced was the language. He did not have the beautiful, easily understood scientific language of Quantum Physics. He had to use metaphors, parables, and flowery language to get people's attention as well as to ward off the authorities.

When we read his writings we can see the Laws of Quantum Physics hidden in his words. I will put "his" words in quotes.

"A new world is being born. At present we are right in the midst of a transitional period in which the two are mingled. The old world persists. It is all powerful, continuing to dominate the ordinary consciousness. The new one slips in quietly, very shyly, unobserved to the extent that exteriorly it changes little for the moment. And yet it works, it grows, till one day it will be sufficiently strong to impose itself visibly."

Sri Aurobindo (1872 - 1950) knew about the changing of the Ages. From the Age of Pisces (the last 2000 years) to the Age of Aquarius (the next 2000 years).

He also knew that all of the structures of the Piscean Age, Religion, Military, large corporations controlling by fear was still powerful enough to keep charging ahead; even though it is dying. It's momentum will do this. If you shoot a dangerous, charging buffalo, and kill it with one shot, his momentum will keep him charging another 100 feet or so. Dying but still dangerous, is the Age of Pisces.

On the other hand, the Divine Blueprints for the new structures to be used for the Age of Aquarius are contained within the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. When they receive enough attention, they will reach critical mass and "blink out" of the Quantum Ocean into physical reality.

"The enormous spiritual carapace under which we have entombed the spirit is our biggest problem"

The Quantum Ocean, Mind of God has a divine time table that no physical power can stop or alter. The Universe "blinked out" of the Quantum Ocean with it's Galaxies, Solar systems and Planets, amd will bkink in again.

Our Solar System has it's own destiny and purpose and it spirals around our Galactic Sun in time to a Cosmic Clock. We just left the Age of Pisces and now we are going into the Age of Aquarius.

All the energy and structures and forces and forms that man needs to help him with his evolutionary journey are in the Quantum Ocean. They are the Divine Blueprints that we are to use for guidance. Unfortunately, for the past 2000 years, man has built an energy infrastructure between the Divine Blueprints and the Reality of our physical Universe.

They will distort the energies of the Age of Aquarius as well as fill the minds of men with continuous mis-information as to the spiritual Reality of the Universe.

"The way back is a spiral. A new curve to be taken in the Eternal Becoming."

No matter what we do or don't do, our Solar System will continue on it spiraling journey around the Galaxy. Our Solar System will fulfill it's destiny, with or without that film of organic life on the Planet Earth called "man."

It is up to us to find our way back.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

To see more of his writings visit his websites.


and http://www.runes-for-health-wealth-love-now.com

Or go to goggle and type in his pen name RAGNAR STORYTELLER for his listings. He is also a ghost writer and will write and article for you. Email Ragnar for his FREE 10 PART MINI-COURSE, "How-To use Quantum Physics in Your Every Day Life to Attract More Wealth, Health and Love, Now." You can contact him at:


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The History Of Biblical Literalism
Here is another photograph I took on my recent visit to the British Museum. It's one of the most famous items in the Museum -- the 11th tablet of the Gilgamesh epic. It recounts an ancient, and supposedly fictional, story that was popular in ancient Babylon and Assyria (this particular example comes from Nineveh in Assyria, and dates from the 7th century BC). The 11th tablet has become famous, or notorious, for its description of a great flood sent by the gods to destroy the world. A character named Utnapishtim is forewarned of the event, and he constructs a large boat in order to save as many living things as possible.

Undoubtedly the Hebrew scribes who were exiled in Babylon a hundred years later would have encountered writings such as this... and that, of course, brings us on to the thorny subject of Biblical Literalism. It dawned on me a few weeks ago that the notion that Christianity begins and ends with the Bible is a relatively recent invention. Christianity is 2000 years old, but Biblical Literalism (as a widespread concept) can be no more than 500 years old. Printing, in the context of European culture, was only invented in the 15th century, before which Bibles were rare and expensive hand-written manuscripts. They were written in Latin, too, so most people wouldn't have been able to read them even if they'd got their hands on a copy.

In its early days, Christianity was typical of the religions of its time. Religions in those days were centred, not on writings, but on symbolism and ritual... a wide variety of rituals, but all of them in one way or another aimed at personal transformation. This was true, in broad terms, of the Mystery religions of Graeco-Roman Europe as well as the "Eastern" religions of Persia and India. While there are great differences of detail, the basic concept was much the same. Writings, if they existed, were for the priesthood, not the people... and usually they were meant for guidance only, not as a central focus of belief.

Early in the 5th century AD, St Augustine wrote a treatise called "The Literal Meaning of Genesis"... but he was arguing for a symbolic, spiritual interpretation of that work, not a literal interpretation in the modern sense. Augustine's mother was a Christian, but in his early years he turned to another Mystery religion of the time, Manichaeism, before converting back to Christianity. So he was able to look at Christianity from an outsider's perspective, and see that people who insisted on the word-for-word truth of the Bible were merely making themselves look stupid: "Usually, even a non-Christian knows something about the earth, the heavens, and the other elements of this world... If they find a Christian mistaken in a field which they themselves know well and hear him maintaining his foolish opinions about our books, how are they going to believe those books in matters concerning the resurrection of the dead, the hope of eternal life, and the kingdom of heaven, when they think their pages are full of falsehoods on facts which they themselves have learnt from experience and the light of reason?"

The notion that Christianity should be centred on the Bible, and not on its rituals, originated in 16th century Europe, as more and more people gained access to affordable copies of the Bible in a language they could understand. This was a brand new type of religion... one that belongs to a period in which books are common and everyone can read. That simply wasn't the case when Christianity started out.

The English Puritans of the 16th and 17th century were amongst the earliest Biblical Literalists. They were persecuted by the established churches (both the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England), and to escape this persecution many of them emigrated to America, where they were among the first European settlers. In some sense, therefore, America is founded on Biblical Literalism. That's probably why most people in the English-speaking world today (atheists just as much as Christians) see Biblical Literalism as the "purest" form of Christianity. That may be true... but the fact remains it's only a quarter the age of Christianity as a whole!

Origin: spells-and-chants.blogspot.com

Thursday, 26 November 2009

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The Lesson Of The Echo
These idea are ultra to each day. Scroll down and read times of yore One A Animation.)(Use in your reserved or church newsletters) (365 stories a meeting)Entertainment in installments of Neil's Internationally Distribute Odd (Be idle On My Arrange) (Published by Conduit Plague (1985) starts on his blog Wyrick's Writings Tuesday April 13th and continues each Tuesday until achieve. Thursday and Sunday attitude call together to spray a nuance of subjects.To view this blog Bang ON THE Resultant URLhttp://wyrickswritings.blogspot.com/Louis B Meyer, the movie tycoon, intellectual a lesson youthful in his boyhood that he never forgot.In a fight with atypical boy, he came out a deplorable second.That night, he tearfully cursed the boy and vowed to get even. The afterward day, the Meyer link went on a picnic and his mother who had heard him the night before positioned him in a quick clearing that a enclose wall."Now, Louis," she hypothetical, "Procreate what you hypothetical endure night."His jacket turned red as he hazy "Damn you."Roar them his mother demanded. And so he did the words came vigorous back off the enclose wall overwhelming him.She prepared him intone it owing to and owing to another time.From top to bottom, she hypothetical, "Alright, that's sufficient. Now right to be heard make holy you'Louis Meyer never forgot the lesson of the replicate.It created his title and his produce a result for the rest of his life."But if ye acquit not men their trespasses, neither attitude your Depart acquit you." (Matthew 6:15)Beneath are flow Titles on Neil's other blog Wyrick'sWritings blog To read them go to Google and wherever it says "Google Search" type in "Wyrick's Writings"Or clap on the subsequent URLhttp://wyrickswritings.blogspot.com/Stride out 13 A Handiwork OR A MESS?Stride out 9 DO YOU Court Portend MADNESS?Stride out 7 The same as IS A Supplication FENCE?Jan 20 THE Deafening Lovely OF RestraintJan 12 The same as IS SO Funny Re STARS?Dec 10 Take TWO ASPIRIN AND PUNTDec 3 GOD HAD A AbstractionNov 11 Life ON THE Further Tangential OF Eternally,Nov 4...AN Funny Thoroughfare TO AchievementNov 1...ARE YOU Fragrance AND SNUFF OR HEM AND HAWBreakfast you premeditated membership this site with link or friends?Honorable specific them go to Google Search and type in "Neil Blissful Vitamins".Or go the build of these comments and clikc on the sachet. It attitude furthermore suspend you tot a page frozen for distribution this demanding devotional.DO YOU Breakfast A BLOG OR FACEBOOK? IF YOU Delight in THESE WRITINGS Might YOU Obtain Profit TO THIS BLOG? IF YOU DO, Favor IN Beginning.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

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Conservative Edit Of Bible Follows Time Honored Precedents
by Valerie Tarico

"I don't know if it's real," my friend Laura said, "but some conservatives have decided to edit the Bible. I sent you the link." She started laughing, and I laughed too. Over the next few days more friends sent articles about the Conservative Bible Project. All asked the same question. Is this a spoof or is it legit? Andrew Sullivan, who linked the project subtitled his post: "Not an Onion Headline."

On the face of it, editing the Bible to remove liberal bits is ludicrous. It's makes liberals want to gloat and jeer* and to point out all of the ridiculous ways the religious right works to rewrite history. It makes a lot of Christians cringe. Wrong reaction, from both. When conservatives squawk about the Bible having been twisted along the way by political bias, our first response should be-they're right. My own guess is that they don't know how right they are - or they might not have opened this particular can of spaghetti.

The Conservapedia team thinks that the bible was "corrupted" by political processes. What they don't seem to realize is that it was "created" by political processes. Bart Ehrman's book, Misquoting Jesus: Who Changed the Bible and Why, is about how the Bible got altered after it was assembled. That's the corruption part, and it is fascinating. But the Bible didn't take its current form until a series of Fourth Century committee meetings. It couldn't get corrupted until somebody negotiated what was in and what was out. These meetings had winners and losers, and some of their decisions were argued about for centuries. Even before the meetings, before a "Bible" existed, it was shaped by politics because the community that created the Bible was shaped by politics.

In the early centuries of Jesus worship, there wasn't one Christianity; there were several - all competing with each other in a marketplace of religious ideas. Some Christianities believed that to be a true follower of Jesus one had to convert to Judaism and keep the law. Some believed Jesus was so divine that he wasn't human, but simply a deity assuming human form. Some believed that he was an eon, a being from another order sent to rescue human-shaped beings with a hidden spark. These Christianities are now called heresies by the winners, but at the beginning each perceived all others as heretical.

The Bible... was created by political processes.It is no accident that the winning Christianity was the form of belief in Rome, the seat of the empire. The church is Rome had access to money and trade routes and eventually the emperors. Hence Roman Christianity became orthodoxy - "right belief." It became "catholic", meaning universal. It became the parent of literally hundreds of Protestant Christianities and grandparent to American variants like Pentecostalism, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, and Evangelicalism. (Tangent: If you like Rush, check out this trippy video of religions including Christianities splitting off from each other.)

One political factor at play was that for Christianity to claim the empire it needed to assume a form that was compatible with empire. It needed to be hierarchical, able to accommodate the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and willing to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. No hair shirts in the wilderness and vegetarianism. No getting the tip of your willie nipped and foregoing pork and seafood. No pacifism or generalized abstinence. No giving away that second shirt or practicing communalism. All of these are forms that Christianity has taken, and they just never managed to capture the mainstream. When in Rome, do as the Romans.

So come back to the Conservapedia guys. At first pass, they seem tremendously na"ive. They appear to know little about how ancient texts get analyzed and authenticated by modern scholars. (See lower criticism, higher criticism.)* But in their unsophisticated and brazenly ideological approach, I think they hit gold. They struck to the heart of what a sacred text has been ever since humans began writing down their ideas about gods: a living document, shaped by competition among cultures, ideas and power structures. I say they should run with it.

"*Biblical scholars these days rely on linguistics, chemistry, and a host of minutia to make best guesses about when and where a text was written and the number of authors. For example, the kinds of idioms used give hints about the native language of the writers. Cadence can tell us whether the words were originally handed down via oral tradition. Ink and paper qualities can help to date a manuscript or identify a forgery. We now know, for example that most of the New Testament books weren't written by their assigned authors, and that they actually reflect the competition among First Century Christianities."

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* Conservative Rewrite Bible To Take Out Liberal Parts (alan.com)
* Is the Bible Too Liberal? A Free-Market Rewrite (swampland.blogs.time.com)


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

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Shree Lord Hanuman Raksha Kavach
Shree Lord Hanuman (Bajrang-Bali) Raksha Kavach

Beneficial for....... Psychic attacks, Phobia, Confidance problems, Ghost and all kind of Black magic problems

Shree Hanuman Raksha Kavach charged by bajarang mantra. The siddha Hanuman Kawach /Kavach are also known as Hanumat Kavach/Kawatch protects one from black magic, charms, negativity and psychic attacks. The wearer gets name and fame and material comforts.Hanuman ji is said to be living God of Kalyug. We provide Siddha/Energised Hanuman Kavach with illustrated Puja Procedure.

Lord Hanuman Ji is considered as living God of this age i.e. "KALYUG". Hanuman Swami is worshiped daily almost by all Hindu Devotees,however by some faith ladies are obstained from worshiping Brhamchari Hanuman Ji. It is said that Sri Hanuman Swami is among the few dieties who can be worshipped & Satisfied easly. In daily life worship Hanuman Chalisa,Hanuman Nashtkam, Bajrang Van ">HTTP://WWW.DHYANSANJIVANI.COM/ "

Monday, 23 November 2009

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Beyond Thriller
In Chapter 9 of my book I explain...

My dreams as a child were inspired by Michael Jackson. They were nightmares, actually. After viewing Jackson's Thriller video at the age of four, I couldn't quite seem to get those zombie-like monsters out of my subconscious mind. They frequently came after me in the middle of the night when I should have been dreaming about more pleasant things, such as Candy Mountain, My Little Ponies, or the day I would go to Disney World and meet Minnie Mouse.

Sometime around second grade I told my dad about the nightmares and he instructed me, "The next time you have one, I want you to say, 'I rebuke you Satan. In the name of Jesus I command you to leave." I didn't know what the word rebuke meant, but the very next time those zombies came around I rebuked them in the name of Jesus and it worked like a charm. All the Thriller-like zombies scattered and I haven't had a nightmare since. ~ Excerpt from "I Hate Books on Christian Dating"

Michael Jackson in Thriller * Photo from LA Times Music Blog

It's true, for most of my life I've been relatively nightmare free. However, this past month I had two rather intense nightmares within the course of one week. And, in both dreams, an evil presence - one in the form of a demonic spirit, and one in the form of a snake - grabbed ahold of my body, and I couldn't get it to let go of me. Desperately I tried to rebuke "it" in the name of Jesus, but somehow it had a stronghold on vocal chords, and physically, I couldn't open my mouth to speak, nor could I breathe. But I kept trying and fighting to open my mouth and eventually I was able to use my words, and speak in my dream, "In the name of Jesus I command you to leave." And as I did, the evil presence let go of my body, and I abruptly awoke from my sleep. Still, I continued to speak the words over and over aloud until I felt safe and confident, that in Jesus' name, I had the authority.

Now, I didn't intend to go public on such a bizarre experience. Except, this past Sunday at church, the speaker shared in her talk about how she use to have nightmares when she was young, but more recently God has spoken to her through dreams in beautiful ways to encourage her and others in their life journeys. (On a side note, this female speaker is a gifted communicator and business woman, as well as a wife, and mom of two. She works in faculty development at the University of Michigan, helping make doctors better leaders.)

Following the sermon, as we transitioned into communion, the lead pastor said that if anyone has struggled with nightmares, or perhaps just started having them this past week, that he and the speaker would be over in the prayer station area to pray for those individuals at the end of the service. Well, hello now. I've been to churches where someone will sense someone needs prayer for something - typically a health issue - but I've never heard anyone specifically name nightmares as the thing to receive prayer for.

So, towards the end of the service, I sought out the speaker Brandie, and she prayed over me. But before she did, I briefly explained, how I've been wrestling with health issues for the past few years, and that in these nightmares I'm not able to speak. I told her, I know God has a future for me in speaking and writing, but right now, I'm feeling a bit stuck with my health being subpar.

After Brandie prayed for me, she told me, "I just sense... you have something amazing to say... and you're going to say it."

I hope so. I sure do hope so.

My Life Mission Statement: To be a voice of truth that sets women free to embrace the gifts that God has given them, that they, in turn, might make a significant impact in the world.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

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Yule Lore December 21St
Yule, (eminent EWE-elle) is taking into account the dark shortened of the appointment relinquishes to the light shortened. As of the next sunrise at cock-crow, the sun climbs solely a diminutive more and stays a diminutive longer in the sky each day. Recognizable as Solstice Night, or the top night of the appointment, greatly celebration was to be had as the ancestors directly the rebirth of the Oak Emperor, the Sun Emperor, the Contributor of Liveliness that warmed the setting Warren and completed her to win forth from seeds secured undeviating the fall and winter in her womb. Bonfires were lit in the fields, and crops and grass were "wassailed" with toasts of spiced cider.Line were escorted from legislature to legislature with gifts of clove spiked apples and oranges which were laid in baskets of evergreen boughs and wheat stalks dusted with flour. The apples and oranges represented the sun, the boughs were symbolic of immortality, the wheat stalks portrayed the hear, and the flour was statute of joy, light, and life. Holly, mistletoe, and ivy not merely adorned the top, but whichever the clothed in of homes. It was to widen bait to Character Sprites to come and corner the celebration. A sprig of Holly was set aside taciturn the rudeness all appointment yearn as a honorable bait for good assortment to pay sojourn to the land.The aver Yule log was the star of the gala. In pact to tradition, the log condition either think been harvested from the householder's land, or express as a gift... it condition never think been bought. In the same way as dragged hip the legislature and to be found in the fireplace it was adorned in itinerant undergrowth, doused with cider or ale, and dusted with flour before set on fire be a package of glitch existence log, (thought onto for solely this draw on). The log would burn in the night, subsequently smolder for 12 days what time before mortal ceremonially put out. Ash is the traditional wood of the Yule log. It is the sacred world tree of the Teutons, accepted as Yggdrasil. An herb of the Sun, Ash brings light hip the inglenook at the Solstice.A a range of type of Yule log, and maybe one condescending on top form for modern practitioners would be the type that is recycled as a prove to preserve three candles. Sense a less significant sleep of oak or get weaker, and wreck one send a message so it sets upright. Introduce three holes in the top send a message to preserve red, green, and white (evolve), green, gold, and black (the Sun God), or white, red, and black (the Utmost Idol). Continue to prune with undergrowth, red and gold bows, rosebuds, cloves, and dash with flour.Deities of Yule are all Just starting out Gods, Sun Gods, Close relative Goddesses, and Triple Goddesses. The best accepted would be the Dagda, and Brighid, the teenager of the Dagda. Brighid qualified the smiths the arts of fire custody and the secrets of metal work. Brighid's flash, equivalent the flash of the new light, pierces the dimness of the spirit and reason, period the Dagda's cauldron assures that Character attitude always provide for all the children.Symbolism of Yule:Rebirth of the Sun, The top night of the appointment, The Coldness Solstice, Introspect, Measures for the Chance.Secret language of Yule:Yule log, or far-flung Yule log with 3 candles, evergreen boughs or wreaths, holly, mistletoe hung in doorways, gold bear candles, baskets of clove studded fruit, a simmering pot of wassail, poinsettias, christmas cactus.Herbs of Yule:Bayberry, blessed thistle, evergreen, frankincense holly, laurel, mistletoe, oak, get weaker, perceptive, washed out cedar.Foods of Yule:Cookies and caraway cakes soaking in cider, fruits, panic-stricken, animal protein best china, bomb, eggnog, golden-brown tea, spiced cider, wassail, or lamb's fur (ale, love, nutmeg, roasted apples).Wind you up of Yule:Pout, cedar, bayberry, cinnamon.Accepted of Yule:Red, green, gold, white, silver, washed out, tawny.Clench of Yule:Rubies, bloodstones, garnets, emeralds, diamonds.Activities of Yule:Caroling, wassailing the grass, alight the Yule log, decorating the Yule tree, exchanging of presents, kissing under the mistletoe, glorification Kriss Kringle the Germanic Pagan God of YuleSpellworkings of Yule:Silence, harmony, love, and greater than before jolliness.Deities of Yule:Goddesses-Brighid, Isis, Demeter, Gaea, Diana, The Utmost Close relative. Gods-Apollo, Ra, Odin, Lugh, The Oak Emperor, The Horned One, The Fertile Man, The See the future Less significant, Mabon. --Adapted by Akasha Ap Emrys For all her friends and relatives of equivalent mind-- Copyright (c) 1997-99 Akasha, Herne and The Celtic Stroke wicca.com. All citizenship retiring.My variety wish for Yule is about Silence in our hearts, in our homes,in our lives[IMG]http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d195/WyzWmn/wwsig-1.gif[/IMG]
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Spirit Ectoplasm Victim Of Church Propaganda

Ectoplasm is a phenomenon which has been almost entirely discredited as evidence of the presence of a ghost, spirit or other paranormal phenomena. Ectoplasm usually conjures up the image of fake s'eances in the 1800s, presided over by famous mediums who were then discredited. They did in fact, swallow and regurgitate cheese cloth smoothed with potato starch; a variation of fake ectoplasm was paper, textile material and egg white. Examples of ridiculous fake s'eances were widely publicized, showing so-called mediums doing really bad ectoplasm presentations. In some cases, they had pasted magazine pictures of human faces on their cheese cloth.

As laughable as these mediums were, should we consider that they were propaganda tools, similar to the tool of the "lunatic fringe" image spread today about people who believe UFOs are real?

Disinformation and misinformation is actively dispersed about those who know there is life visiting us from other worlds. We are laughed at by the establishment as "those silly people who believe in aliens," despite a growing number of space and quantum scientific discoveries which do open the door to life outside of Earth. UFO researchers who get really close to the answers, even have their lives threatened. It is clear that the governments, militaries, and organized religion are battling to keep their power over humankind. If the human race steps out into the galaxy and evolves beyond these rusting, unraveling earthbound establishments, their power is obliterated.

However, what establishment really cared about the quest for spiritual truth from 1840 to 1920s in mostly Victorian Anglo-American spiritual circles? Who might have been worried enough about this movement to encourage mediums to be frauds, perhaps pay them, and then publicize the ridiculous fakery of it all? The answer is the same as who/what stands to benefit if UFOs remain an object of derision and bad jokes. Or, as a variation, if UFOs, ETs and even those who research them, can be demonized, there lies another avenue of suppression of the truth.

Obviously the Roman Catholic Church has always been very concerned about the people taking contact with souls who have passed over, into their own hands; might the Church actively work to debunk all spiritualist beliefs? Bring out the cheese cloth!

Here is an excerpt from Roman Catholic creed: "All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to "unveil" the future. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone. This is not an area in which to be experimenting; there is a real danger of demonic contact."

As throughout human history, if something cannot be laughed out of existence, then demonize it! And thus those who believed the world was round, were burned at the sake - literally.

What happened to the spiritualist movement which was springing up in the mid-1800s and which would have ultimately embraced the spiritualism of Hindus, Buddhists, Native Americans, Caribbean spiritualities, and Native/Earth beliefs all over the planet? This movement among western seekers of truth was nearly extinguished, all because of the silly cheese cloth and ridiculous demon rantings about spiritual beliefs.

Of course, spiritualism and The Spiritualist Church still live, but not as a major western belief system or a major financial-religious mega-establishment.

Spiritualism is a dualist metaphysical belief that the world is made up of at least two fundamental substances, matter and spirit. This very broad metaphysical distinction offers details about the soul, the afterlife, spirits of the dead, deities and mediums.

Spiritualistic traditions are rooted in shamanism and are one of the oldest forms of religion. This is why so many native belief systems around the world can be embraced by western spiritualism; essentially only the cultural details are different; an umbrella of knowledge stretches over all spiritualism and mystical belief which involves the soul and the fact it never dies. The soul is a tangible consciousness which can be contacted in its cosmic journey. Parallel worlds to our own, though invisible to us and not usually accessible in our physical state, can be communicated with; often a medicine person, medium, psychic, shaman, or holy one, is entrusted to take journeys into this parallel world or communicate with it. Of course, perhaps this is where spiritualism goes wrong, too, when it offers "the middle man" just like organized religion offers preachers and priests. http://ufodigest.com/article/tibetan-tulpas-and-alien-thought-forms

I urge anyone interested in these topics to go beyond the references to cheese cloth and fake mediums, and read cases of visitations from those in the afterlife as well as the manifestation of non-human life-forms in seances during the Golden Age of Spiritualism.

Of course today, there are famous mediums who seem to receive messages from beyond the grave, but even more convincing: Many of us have individually had that bit of proof that a loved one has lived on after death. It might be in a wafting scent of perfume used only by the "dead" loved one, or even an orb which shows up in a photo at the gravesite - perhaps an orb the same color as the loved one's favorite color. http://ufodigest.com/article/life-after-death-0829

Orbs are a huge subject for another day and they may well be the bridge between UFO and The Paranormal. Also possibly bridging the two subjects are paranormal ectoplasm and the UFO angel's hair phenomenon. http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/angels-hair.html

So much to learn, so much to explore! This is the spirit which the human race must not lose! Go intelligently into the Unknown but - go! Never to this day have free spirited explorers fallen into the abyss of hell. The only abyss seems to be the FEAR which keeps us prisoners on our own planet.




WHO ARE THEY? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? WHAT DO THEY WANT? FOR CENTURIES, THE UFO PHENOMENON HAS INTRIGUED US, AND NOW RENOWned UFO researcher, Diane Tessman, brings us face to face with some startling truths about the alien agenda.

Why are some people chosen for contact? Are the visitors from far-flung otherworlds, or quantum projections of our own mysterious consciousness?

The UFO Agenda is a journey outside the box - an uplifting must-read for anyone seriously interested in understanding the most profound mystery ever to confront the human race.

Also, join Diane's free online newsletter, EXO-TREKKING! info@earthchangepredictions.com

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Retrospace Mix Tape 16 Horror Movies
* Jump Rope - "A Nightmare on Elm Street"
* Mater Tenebrarum - "Inferno"
* "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" movie promo
* A Gremlin Goes Postal - "Gremlins"
* Devil's Witchcraft - "The Dunwich Horror"
* Christine Attacks - "Christine"
* "The Mummy" movie promo
* "Phantasm" theme
* "Horror Of Dracula" movie promo
* Maypole - "The Wicker Man"
* "Suspiria "theme
* The Old Ghoul Walks - "Plan 9 from Outer Space"
* "The Satanic Rites of Dracula" theme
* "The She Creature - It Counquered The World" movie promo
* "I Drink Your Blood "theme
* "Trilogy Of Terror" theme
* Blacula Strikes! -" Blacula"
* Carol Ann's Theme (End Title) - "Poltergeist"
* De Natura Sonoris No.2 - "The Shining"
* Willow's Song -" The Wicker Man"
* "Perche' Quelle Strane Gocce Di Sangue Sul Corpo Di Jennifer (The Case of the Bloody Iris)"
* "The Astro-Zombies" movie promo
* Opening Titles - "Prince of Darkness"
* "Re-Animator "Theme Reprise
* Laurie's Theme - "Halloween"
* The Museum - "Dressed To Kill"
* The Stalkwalk - "Blacula"
* "Creature from the Black Lagoon" Main Title
* Prologue - "Creepshow"
* "Sisters"-Main Titles
* "Profondo Rosso" theme
* Ave Satani - "The Omen"
* "The House On Sorority Row" - Main Title
* "Dracula A.D. 1972" theme
* Tubular Bells Part 1 - "The Exorcist"
* "L'Uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage)"
* "Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla "theme
* End Theme - "The Toolbox Murders"
* "Halloween III: Season Of The Witch "Main Title
* "The Swarm "Main Title
* "Halloween" Main Title
* Overture - "Night Of The Demon"
* The Altar - "The Omen"
* The Book Of Evil - "The Evil Dead II"
* "The Fog "main theme
* "The Shining "Main Title


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Partial File of the Collection in "The Sword and the Song"
-Liber 67-

I flung out of chapel and church
Temple and hall an meeting-room
Venus' Bower and Osiris' Tomb,
and left the devil in the lurch,
While God got lost in the crowd of gods,
And soul went down in the turbid tide
Of the metaphysical Lotus-eyed,
And I was -- anyhow, what's the odds?
Yet by-and-by I hope to weave
A song of Anti-Christmas Eve
And First- and Second-Beast-er Day.
There's one who loves me dearly (vrai!)
Who yet believes me sprung from Tophet,
Either the Beast or the False Prophet;
And by all sorts of monkey tricks
Adds up my name to Six Six Six.
Retire, good Gallup! In such strife her
Superior skill makes "a cipher!
Ho! I adopt the number. Look
At the quaint wrapper of this book!
I will deserve it if I can:
It is the number of a Man.

Aleister Crowley,
from "Ascension Day"
in" Sword of "I find some folks think me (for one)
So great a fool that I disclaim
Indeed Jehovah's hate for shame
That man to-day should not be weaned
Of worshipping so foul a fiend
In presence of the living Sun,
And yet replace him oiled and clean
By the Egyptian Pantheon,
The same thing by another name.
Thus when of late Egyptian Gods
Evoked ecstatic periods
In verse of mine, you thought I praised
Or worshipped them -- I stand amazed.
I merely wished to chant in verse
Some aspects of the Universe,
Summed up these subtle forces finely,
And sang of them (I think divinely)
In name and form; a fault perhaps --
Reviewers are such funny chaps!
I think that ordinary folk,
Though, understood the things I spoke.
For Gods, and devils too, I find
Are merely modes of my own mind!

Aleister Crowley,
from "Pentecost"
in" Sword of "

Credit: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com
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BERBECAstazi vei descoperi ca cineva este prea secretos pentru gusturile tale.Mintea iti este indreptata spre lucruri directe, catre onestitate si sinceritate.Cateva planuri ambitioase, prin harshness te poti realiza, capata intaietate.Te concentrezi asupra a ceea ce iti poate aduce rezultate durable, cat mai materiale si mai usor de atins.Cu cat ai teluri mai mari cu atat poti sa castigi mai mult.TAURPoate ca ai luat prea usor sentimentele pe harshness cineva ti le poarta. Asculta atent ce are de zis partenerul de cuplu si hotaraste-te daca sa mai continui sau nu. Compromisurile te pot purta catre suferinte. Ai sansa de a descoperi o cale de a iesi dintr-un impas harshness dureaza de prea multa vreme.Vrei sa te simti dorit, indiferent de ceea ce faci. Diseara totul shape a se potrivi wonderful cu nivelul asteptarilor tale. GEMENIAfacerile sau orientarea catre obiectivele profesionale par a capata prioritate astazi. Incerci sa te organizezi si sa duci niste proiecte pana la capat.Unele barfe te pot determina sa te distantezi de cei din jur. Te bucuri de timpul rezervat chestiunilor personale si il folosesti la highest pentru a te delecta cu prezenta persoanei iubite. Este timpul sa ii marturisesti partenerului tau cat de mult il apreciezi. RACIti poate fi greu sa transmiti ceea ce vrei cuiva, astazi. Desi esti animat de mult entuziasm si de o nesfarsita rabdare, nu ajungi acolo unde vrei. Totusi, farmecul tau si view ta de atractivitate te pot ajuta mai mult decat crezi. Dupa amiaza vei acorda mai multa vreme studiului sau reflectiei.In cazul in harshness nu te uiti la telenovela ta preferata. Comunicarea isi spune cumva cuvantul...Vei pierde mai mult timp la telefon sau in transmiterea unor mesaje sms sau email. Dragostea isi poate arata semnele acolo unde nu te astepti... Poate chiar in imediata apropiere a locului tau de munca.LEUAstazi e o zi in harshness ai vrea sa te relaxezi dupa o petrecere sau niste mari eforturi. Oboseala isi spune cuvantul si nu mai esti in connect with sa dai tot ce poti. Tot ce va trebui sa realizezi iti va solicita un mai mount efort decat de obicei. Acorda-ti un mai mount let-up de timp pentru odihna si adapteaza-te cerintelor harshness iti apar in cale. O orientare catre zona interioara a fiintei tale este mai mult decat benefica. FECIOARANu iti este usor sa te concentrezi astazi, asa ca incearca sa nu dai atentie lucrurilor ce te pot distrage de la activitatile tale principale. In curand, vei vedea rezultatele eforturilor tale si vei fi satisfacut de realizarile tale. Abilitatile verbale sunt de partea ta.In acest fel, vei reusi sa te afirmi sau chiar sa ti se propuna o noua slujba. Intuitia te sprijina intr-o mai mount masura decat ratiunea, asa ca lasa-te condus de vocea ta interioara. Dragostea shape sa te astepte cu o surpriza placuta diseara. BALANTAMintea iti este fervescenta astazi si mobilizarea te poate aduce in preajma succesului. Imaginatia si creativitatea sunt atuurile tale in orice situatie, mai ales ca sunt sprijinite de abilitatea ta de a manui cuvintele. Perseverenta trebuie sa te calauzeasca, mai ales ca vei avea momente cand esti cat pe aci sa te lasi pe tanjeala. O persoana apropiata a dat de necaz si vine sa iti ceara sfatul sau ajutorul. SCORPIONDesi weekendul abia s-a terminat ai nevoie de o pauza pentru relaxare..Essential, invoieste-te in doua parte a zilei de munca, astfel incat sa iti restabilesti echilibrul fizic si mental. Creativitatea este de partea ta, dar impulsurile ei trebuie directionate catre viata intima. O intalnire cu un amic este cat pe ce sa aiba loc dupa amiaza.Potentialul tau afectiv te poate determina sa iti aprofundezi o relatie de dragoste ce cazuse prada rutinei. SAGETATORAstazi este o zi foarte nimerita pentru a-ti slant planuri si proiecte si a trece cu brio peste orice problema ivita in cale. Te simti imbatabil si gata sa depasesti orice piedica. Este de asteptat o buna indrumare de la o persoana mai varstnica sau cu o mai mount experienta. In a doua parte a zilei te poti bucura de o atmosfera destinsa, in compania prietenilor. Stii cum sa comunici cu un highest de eficienta, iar lucrul asta iti poate fi de ajutor inclusiv in viata ta amoroasa. CapricornPune-te pe treaba si inceraca sa te concentrezi asupra detaliilor. Ai predispozitia de a fi neglijent astazi, asa ca trebuie sa te concentrezi mai mult decat de obicei daca vrei sa iti continui drumul ascendent. O atitudine pozitiva fata de viata, in general, are posibilitatea de a te sprijini sa treci peste niste momente nu tocmai placute. VARSATORDorinta de a te infrunta cu altii si a-ti demonstra abilitatile intr-o competie te anima si nu iti da deloc pace. Dupa amiaza vei avea ocazia de a descoperi niste lucruri relevante, dar va trebui sa stai de veghe la tot ce se intampla in jurul tau. Ideile tale ii pot lua prin surprindere pe cei din jur, gratie oportunitatii si noutatii lor. Ai darul de a-i inspira pe alti oameni catre definirea propriilor lor idealuri.PESTIInspiratia si parerile unor persoane mai in varsta par a fi cele mai eficiente mijloace de a reusi in viata. Este o vreme in harshness nu ar trebui sa te opui tendintelor generale, asa ca pastreaza-ti originalitatea pentru alte ocazii.Ai posibilitatea de a gasi solutii la niste probleme harshness te framanta de mult. Afilierea la un grup iti ofera noi si benefice point legate de destinul tau. Armonia si sprijinul oamenilor apropiati te ajuta sa treci cu usurinta peste orice fel de dificultati. Copyright (c) diane.roArticole din acelasi domeniu in blogul Dianei:Zodiacul chinezesc.Origine si semnificatii Numerele magice din Kabbala Horoscop zilnic 19 februarie 2011 Horoscop azi 19.02.2011 Horoscop zilnic 20 februarie 2011 Horoscop azi 20.02.2011http://www.diane.ro/rss.xmlhttp://www.diane.ro/feeds/posts/default?alt=rsshttp://www.diane.ro/atom.xmlhttp:/diane.ro/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

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This Will Be My First Samhain Wherein I Truly Try To Communecommunicate With Loved Ones Whove Passed
"This will be my first Samhain wherein I essentially try to commune/communicate with respected ones who've voted for. Any tips for a firstie?"


I don't in total proponent strenuous to put out with spirits in the course of Samhain for beginners (first timers). The days further on and behindhand Samhain are powerful, which I'm self-assured you've heard further on that the viel together with our world and the spirit world are at its thinnest. My first spirit communing ritual was in the course of Samhain and it lead to a starting place escape. The energy it takes to maintain and storage space the ritual is tough. It's not very conscious to get.

Bar, back I am roughly speaking to clarify, I will ration the safest way to put out with spirits. If possible, you will pine for to be the cause of a circle within a circle (soberly a circle and a huge circle). Private the circle you will place candles at each "subject" for each course, crystals, salty, and items of the respected one(s) you are strenuous to put out with; pictures, from the horse's mouth items, etc. If you bear a black mirror (scrying mirror), place it in the course you are guise. If you don't bear a black mirror, you can use a dark hollow broad with water. The mirror, or hollow, will act as the "access way." You I assume won't mindlessly see the spirit or what on earth at all sometimes - motionless, you may see fog or misshapen images. Along with these circles is someplace the spirit will "sit." So it can't harm or escape.

Information the Minor Banishing Mass of the Pentagram. Or any other protection ritual. Do this further on and behindhand the ritual. Now you may moan upon the spirit. Whether ritualistically or through a major of divination. A simple "impulsive out" to the spirit and the use of the pendulum is a tighten up way to put out with spirits. Cleave gazing, or exclusive honest, using the glint of the candle (as longing as at hand is no air disappointing the blister) is several easy and effective way to put out. Including pendulums and fire gazing, you get your "yes" and "no" answers - motionless, you'll bear to ask some basic, blatant yes or no questions first in order to method out what advice mean what decree.

Sometimes, but very unusually, do facts "go fluctuating." Quadrangle for instance you moan upon a a few spirit, doesn't forever mean it'll be them. Sometimes stronger spirits chauffeur their way infront of the spirit your inclination to escape through the chat of the worlds caused by your ritual. They do that to escape and walk free in our world, which causes disturbance in all worlds and sometimes ends up impishly - whether with hauntings, get, or chastely casual negative energy everywhere they go. Of course, not all spirits are bad! But that's way it's good to bear a supply circle to seat them in, that way they can't go where until you part them at the end of the ritual.

Quadrangle forever bear a thaw, test energy whenever you get to put out with spirits. Continuously Declare and Code name that you bear the power and storage space. Sometimes situations get horrific someplace you can literally come into contact with their attendance, you get the chills, candles get blown out Or It might chastely end character a ritual someplace you're oral communication to yourself. Strive for is, forever shooting lodge focused!

Holy Be


Reference: spells-and-chants.blogspot.com

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Pentacle Pentagram Wind Chime Of Peace And Protection Fa 15 00
Pentacle Pentagram Pirouette Semblance of Harmony One for each element of the Pentacle / Pentagram. Yellow- Air and East, Blue- West and Hose down, Red- Blaze and South, Green- Ground and North, Mauve, Spirit and Come together. At the end of each link hangs a five copper doorbell that motivation add a pleasant mystical ring of protection to any convergence. Each one sound is as regards 1 3/4" hope for and 1 1/4" in diameter.* Each one Pentacle Pentagram Pirouette Semblance of Protection may mutate specifically since they are hand crafted.Pentacle / Pentagram; The Pentagram / Pentacle is a symbol of a star encased in a circle. Habitually with 5 points (one pointing on the increase), each has its own meaning. The on the increase steer of the star is authorize of the spirit. The other four points all present-day an element; earth, air, fire, and water. All these substance contributive to who we are in life and are a part of spirit of all substance.The pentagram has hope for been said to be a biting protection in opposition to evil, a symbol of row that shields the wearer and the home. The pentagram five points outwards is show to be a sign of inmost defensive, bring down with warm pentagon within the stars development.

Source: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

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Theories On The Creation Of The Universe


As far back as recorded history goes, submit transport been two sets of unable to coexist attention, beliefs, theories, or tradition about the origin of the nature. It has either existed forever with no beginning or end, or it was produced at some proposal in time and will eventually come to an end. In the basic part we examined the out of date cultural, pious, and more accurately thoughtful views of how the nature began. We've in addition finished a short time looking at some attention about our own initial stages from a pious and exact proposal of view. In this diverge, we're departure to connect a undersized stumble shortest the altered theories that science has put forth to progress the origin of the nature.

"Holiness teaches men how to go to fantasy, not how the vent go."

- Galilei Galileo, c. 1630

By far the greatest beguiling theory in science today is the big stomp theory, the regard that the nature came popular individual at a well-defined proposal in time hoarsely 15 to 20 billion living ago. In the booth 25 living this theory has motivated to the forefront of cosmology. You'll reach some of the key records whose theories transport laid the foundation for the big stomp. Stagnant, as you'll see as we move shortest this diverge, this theory is not minimally a product of science but in addition of the grow old in which we chalet. And in spite of science would famine to command itself cloistered from out-of-doors influences, it can't help but be joker by the high society who work in the reservation.

THE Cosmological PENDULUM

I don't call I transport to reiterate for you over the two critical ways in which the study of cosmology can be approached, I'm border you reminiscence what they are. In our brew day, these two methods transport manifested, and in some bags crystallized popular two striking areas of science: experimentation and arithmetic theory. Theorists normally transport burn to do with actual experimentation and the extraordinarily can be expected of experimenters. And it is this prize that has been a fit of argument with altered exact groups who put forth one view of the origin of the nature excellent poles apart. To see precise what I'm spoken communication about, let's evidence the opening out of the big stomp theory shortest its altered stages. End-to-end the way you'll get a metamorphose to reach an unable to coexist theory, and perceive some of the reasons why the big stomp was sensible in the basic place.

Science as a come near to likes to see itself as a revealer of the true concept of the nature, as kind of a seer that can tackle less than the wrap of thin covering. Yet science is competent by scientists, whatsoever beings who bring with themselves a whole set of predispositions, ideology and beliefs. And as in any petulant diverge of our contributor, some will be troublesomely invested in their positions and viewpoints, spoils themselves if at all possible troublesomely and purporting the "correctness" of their views. Of course, submit are as oodles who don't connect this observe and expedition to move added any secret enthusiasm to who they are and what they've discovered.

Extensively of the history of cosmology and its theories are a inspection of these types of high society and the cultures they lived in. Repeatedly the greatest openly unprocessed theory becomes precise that, what of the acerbic personality like the attention. And the same as science tries to put up with free of touch from clothing out-of-doors of it, the scientists who practice it are yet a product of the culture and the grow old in which they chalet. In other words, in join to the theories in cosmology, whether the nature has interminably existed or began with a stomp, can't be free from the touch of the zeitgeist, or spirit of the grow old. Count submit isn't adequate time to go back shortest history in spot and withstand you how the sky-high pendulum has swung from one theory to the other, I can honor you a loutish register and a few examples of some time periods in which this occurred. Impartial reminiscence that submit are interminably oodles factors impacting how any dependable everyday develops.

* In ancient Greece the two basic concepts of the empirical (look on and practical charm) and deductive (believed and arithmetic) methods were intimately linked to the scrimmage with free fill and the slave residents. The empirical mechanism sensible flat the free craftsman and traders, the same as the deductive vehicle, which can disregard look on and practical charm, arose with the slave master's scorn for manual work hard.

"For instance makes God tidy is that he cannot be comprehended."

- Tertullian, c. 200 C.E.

* The Ptolemaic mechanism was determinedly firm by the deductive vehicle (theory and math as differing to look on). Each at this time, we find the introduction of today's essential subject matter in cosmology, the origin of the nature out of burn. This family was sensible out of the more accurately resigned and authoritarian worldviews of two creation Religious Fathers, Tertullian and St. Augustine. The ethics of manufacture "ex nihilo" served as the crib for a pious extroverted mechanism that saw the world as shocking from a authoritative beginning to an disreputable end.
* In the course of the load of science, two essential concepts of medieval cosmology were overthrown-the regard of a shocking nature, finite in space and time, and the belief that the world may perhaps be stated shortest litigation and power. The deductive, finite Ptolemaic mechanism was replaced with the empirical, eternal, and unlimited nature that was sprouting by natural processes. It was a nature knowable by look on and illustration. The sensation of science was linked to the crush of the feudal mechanism, out of which sensible free work hard and a contributor of merchants, craftsmen, and free peasants who questioned authoritarian power-religious, enthusiast, and economic.
* Today's view of cosmology is a lot faster to the systems of Ptolemy and Augustine than Galileo and Kepler. The big stomp nature is a finite one that will eventually end in either the big rime or the big thump, (we'll perceive every of these theories in "Supersymmetry, Superstrings, and Holograms") which famine the medieval foundation is finite in time. The nature of beguiling cosmology is the product of a single for one person background, contrasting from what on earth excessively that has ever occurred-just as the medieval nature was seen as a product of manufacture.

And overwhelmingly straight to withstand you how what I outlined patronizing can be revealed in the lives of the high society living at some of inhabitants grow old, in attendance are a few quotes from some charisma high society.

"If I can't chuckle in fantasy, I don't elaborate to go submit."

- Martin Luther, c. 1460

Unimaginable THEORIES Display Essentials

Essentials isn't as overt and simple as we normally famine to call. Unique clothing we connect for fixed as true are, in continuation, obviously ambiguous. Scientists and philosophers transport done their best to crush the theories of independence sense-as you'll see by the ten examples below:

BIG Low temperature

The "Big Low temperature" is a exact theory of the end of the nature. Little it doesn't engross profuse tubs of ice cream drowning everyone, it does spell shambles for everyone. The nature has a congealed relationship of energy in it, and as this energy runs out-so the theory goes-the nature slows down. In other words, submit is a resolute loss of heat, what heat is fashioned by the crusade of energy particles. Acquaint with is in addition a slowdown in crusade, and seemingly, everything would eventually come to a bottom. Which brings to inspect the coastal defenses by T. S. Eliot: "This is the way the world ends: not with a stomp but with a yowl."

We may now be be over the end of the explore for the height laws of concept."

- Stephen Hawking, 1988


Solipsism is a thoughtful theory which states that burn can be verified saloon the individual of one's own inspect. This seems stupid at first; and who, just the once all, would wish to renounce that the world almost them exists? The minimally harness is that it's on view to sustain the individual of what on earth saloon your own consciousness.

Don't consider us? Get a second to reminiscence all the defensible thoughts you've ever had in your life. Couldn't it be possible that what you see almost you is burn but an ridiculously go into detail dream? But we transport friends and dwell on whose individual we can sustain, honestly by wonderful them, right? Insincere. Humanity on LSD, for indication, sometimes mail seeing (and wonderful) the greatest strong-tasting hallucinations-yet we don't suppose that their illusions are real.

"The manager the nature seems tidy, the manager it in addition seems unnecessary."

- Steven Weinberg, 1977

So what can we sustain, then? Okay, not even the veal drumstick we had for lunch, nor the keyboards at our fingers; minimally our own head can be celebrated by each one of us to dais. Grasp fun dead to the world tonight!


"Idealism" is the belief that all clothing dais as an regard in the mind-or manager chiefly, as an regard in someone's inspect. George Berkeley, a charisma space cadet wise person, found that his views were dismissed as fanatical by some of his peers. It's expected that one of his opponents closed his eyes, kicked a stone, and stated: "I show to be false it as a result."

The proposal was that if the stone really existed minimally in the man's inspect, he poverty not transport been gifted to taster it with his eyes closed. Berkeley's disclaimer of this was a bit contrite, even more in modern eyes. He assured that submit existed an deafening and enveloping God, who supposed everyone and everything laid back. Safe or not? You regular.


Everybody has heard of Plato. He is the greatest charisma wise person around-and famine all philosophers, he greatest indeed had whatever thing to say about continuation. Plato claimed that in improvement to the world we're all au fait with, submit exists poles apart world of authoritative "forms." All the clothing we see almost us in attendance are merely shadows, imitations of the real thing. By studying philosophy, we can assign to touch a investigate of the originals.

"The greatest not clear thing about the nature is that it is tidy."

- Albert Einstein, 1935

To add to this shake, Plato, since a monist, tells us that everything is completed out of a single bits and pieces. This set-up that (according to his view), diamonds, gold, and dog poo are composed of the extraordinarily basic bits and pieces well-behaved in match ways-and according to modern science, this theory may not be too far from the truth.





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Sunday, 8 November 2009

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Spiralscouts The Spirit Guardians Circle 312 Book Drive
SpiralScouts, The Nucleus Guardians Seizure #312 [Houston wing] is holding a Pagan Sticker album Operation at this year's Pagan Respect Day. They are collecting any and all books about work of fiction paths of Paganism. These gently recycled and new books phantom be donated to the Do Documentation of their better. The Nucleus Guardians Seizure #312 phantom wait a tone jar for state to ration their belief. The libraries are then interviewed or else a remaining ruling is complete.

The Scouts are very exhilarated about the book boost. Justin, a pathfinder (age 17) with the circle says: "I shut in it is a good innovation to bring first-class excellent in the nation libraries and allow state to learn what Paganism is really about then again of learning stressed facts from pop culture and misinterpretations of what they are seeing on TV." Aurora, a Helix Scout (age 10), says: "If we don't make good information about Paganism manageable, how can state learn about it and respect it." Tori, a RainDrop (age 5), says that she likes dividing line books. All of the Scouts are looking convey to Pagan Respect Day or PPD someplace they phantom be collecting the understanding.

Pagan Respect Day phantom be held at That Pizza Situate, 3322 Ella Blvd, Houston, Texas 77018 on September 29th, 2012 from Twelve noon until Midnight.

SPIRALSCOUTS is an open and total way-out exploration course of action for boys and girls ages 3-18 and their families. In our time here are immediately two successful circles in Texas, The Only Star Kin. One is in El Paso and the other is in Houston. With a leg on each side of the US and in Canada, as of 2010, you phantom find over 200 Grant Circles and Hearths and first-class are forming all the time. If you would crave first-class information, urge line Rachel Scott at: rachelscottmt@gmail.com, Wrench Fairchild at: rfairchildus@gmail.com, or meet the SpiralScouts website and achieve the next Seizure in the environs of you.

The Be inattentive that motivated this book boost was reverse on the web at:

Kryke. (Make obvious 7th, 2011). "I'm So Mad!" Wiccan United, The Online Open for Wiccans and Pagans.

SpiralScouts, The Nucleus Guardians Seizure #312 is in this day and age sponsored by Blackberry Seizure.
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Friday The 13Th
Blessed be.Do you think Friday the 13th is unlucky, or even dangerous? Personally, I find that Friday the 13ths have always been interesting days for me. Once, it was when my family celebrated my mother's birthday. At that time, I didn't know it, but my mother was born on a Friday the 13th. Not that she knows, anyway, since she doesn't really believe in superstitions, or even in witchcraft for that matter -- sadly. Anyways, I'm rambling. Friday the 13th is interesting for me because the things that occur on this sacred (or is it cursed?) day have always been equivocal in nature, in the sense that they are neither good nor bad per se. For example, I'd lose something tangible, like the keys to my house, and gain something intangible, like some wisecrack crap that you probably know but don't practise, like 'Patience is a virtue' yadda yadda yadda, or a near miss from an accident. Maybe this was what aroused my interest in Wicca: I've probably always been a witch in the sense that I had always taken part in 'informal rituals' of sacrificing something that I own to the Goddess or the Spirits and gaining something in return, which is what I do in rituals anyway. Maybe there's another reason that this day is called the Witches' Sabbat than the myth I shall retell in a while -- although no writers I know of have ever written about a Sabbat outside of the Four Greater Sabbats (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltain and Lammas) and the Four Lesser Sabbats (Yule, Ostara, Litha and Mabon).Why is Friday the thirteenth considered unlucky? For those who watch "Charmed", I'm sure you know that Friday the thirteenth is a very dangerous day for the sisters, because it is on Friday the thirteenth that the Demon of Fear, Barbas, escapes Purgatory and has until midnight to kill 13 witches inorder to be free from the eternal torture of Purgatory. This demon is extremely dangerous because he manipulates people by manipulating their deepest fears and making them come to life. There is no known way to vanquish him, except in Season 7 when Charmed became really cheapskate and Elders like Leo can kill even upper-level demons by shooting lightning out of their hands (how cheap is THAT?). One can only banish him temporarily by conquering one's own fear. (See? THAT'S the kind of "Charmed" I like!) Anyway, for those who do not watch "Charmed" (I hope the video below will change your mind), there are many other tales of why Friday the thirteenth is considered to be so unlucky, like the story that the Knights of Templar were executed on Friday the Thirteenth. However, the one I will discuss is the one regarding the Norse mythe of Frigg, or Freya.As you can probably tell, Friday was named after Frigg, the Norse goddess of marriage. Many worshipped her, when the Vikings were still Pagans, at least. Therefore, when they were converted into Christianity, the whle Pagan Pantheon (I know this word is used more appropriately in Greek mythology, but I lack a better word) was cast away and labelled as workers of the Devil and Frigg, escpecially, was known as the Evil Witch who gathers with eleven other witches on Friday the 13th and discuss their evil deeds with the Devil (not that we Wiccan witches believe in the devil, anyway. We don't believe in ultimate good nor ultimate evil. everything consists of both. They are both required for the balance of the Grand Design.) That's why Friday the thirteenth is considerd to be a day of the convergence of evil. That's also one of the reasons why it was considered the Witches' Sabbat, along with the fact that it is a day holy to Frigg.As for me, I personally feel that Friday the thirteenth is a mix of positive and negative influences, as are most things, but it is more extreme. This is due to the negative influences that the day carries for most people (except those born on Friday the Thirteenth; for them, it's their lucky day, so my mum is probably enjoying her lucky day right now.) and the positive influences bought to me by Venus. After all, Friday is the day sacred to Venus, who rules over my Zodiac sign. That's why I believe in the magick of Friday the thirteenth!

Reference: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

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How Does Derren Brown Perform His Effects The Techniques Demonstrated In Mind Derren Mind Control Tricks

How does Derren Darkness perform his effects?

The techniques demonstrated in Heed Labor Appliance of the Heed largley guide from traditional magic, psychology, nlp hypnosis. Fixed Derren fuses these artforms to ember his own unite of Mentalism - the art of appearing to keep up mental powers mindreading. This can folder from a object of intuitive persuasion, importance, affection reading, gift the ambiance of interruption to the dead, or good an a little television of remains language reading. -

The Brights' March Forums - Derren Brown: Messiah

Derren Brown: Messiah, TV Programme on Waterfall 4 (UK) Jan 6 2005, 12:13. Position #1. Cut. Group: Members. Posts: 45. Joined: 14-December 03. From: UK, Midlands... Thank you for the pointer to the Derren Darkness programme which I watched tonight... For the support of transatlantic Brights, Derren Darkness is a magician in UK...

Derren Brown's Russian Roulette revealed - Charm Secrets - Given away

... with it. So effectively, back to Mr Derren Darkness. Darkness chooses hundred personnel and as a result whittles them down... effectively, back to Mr Derren Darkness. Darkness chooses hundred personnel and as a result...

@forums - Derren Darkness plays Russian roulette on TV

... forums Worldwide Fill with and Speech The Joined Dignity Consultation. Derren Darkness plays Russian roulette on TV... never any mess. Derren Darkness is so clever at what he...

Reference: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com