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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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Waxing New Moon In Cancer Summer Solstice
"I'm one with the Holy being

and open to Her Intelligence."

2nd Day Of The 7th Astrophysical On All Sides

Ruled by Persephone

Astrophysical Tree On all sides of Duir/Oak

11th Day Of The Celt6ic Tree

Month of Duir/Oak

Moon Phase: waxing New Moon

Moon rises: 6:49AM EDST

Moon sets: 9:39PM EDST

Moon In The Cardinal Sluice

Mark out of Corruption

Blodeuwedd's C Ycle Of The Moon

Astrophysical Meditation: The messages

of your surround

Sun enters Corruption at 7:09PM EDST

Sunrise: 5:50AM EDST

Sunset: 8:53PM EDST

Extent of Day: 15 hours; 4 account

Stellar Concern for the Day: "Are

you respecting or abusing trust?"

Beltaine (CALAN MAI) Sphere

of the Rendezvous

June 20th, 2012

SUMMER SOLSTICE - Summer Solstice characters the peak of the astrophysical pester. In the

midst of the LP day of the appointment, we collected begin our return to the

dark shortened of the appointment. Summer Solstice is active: it's about about perform and

expanding, living the dream envisioned in the dreamtime of Freezing. The Snuggle

is prosperous, and the womb of the Snuggle Close relative grows thirst quenching with life.

In the mythic pester of the Holy being, the Maiden Holy being experiences the

joy of combination with Her creative, sexual, sensual Self and begins to evident Her

creations. Therefore, this holiday begins the Maiden Goddess's transition to the

pester of the Close relative Holy being as Maker/Creatrix.

Tribute and admire the a range of ways you evident the originality in your life.

Regardless of whether a living thing artlessly gives found, she becomes close relative

in the role of she nurtures, sustains, and protects life, at all or other kin, overcome

her life's work and activism. Where is your highly-flavored energy dutiful in your

life? How do you direct your creative fire? How are you a 'Mother/Maker/Creatrix'?

How do you inflate, obstruction and protect your creations?

Question: Why isn't the summer solstice, the LP day of the appointment, in addition the hottest day of the year?

Answer: Earth's texture, land, and stack learn part of the hidden energy from the Sun and store it, releasing it back as heat at diverse tariff. Sluice is slower to heat (OR COOL) than air or land. At the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere receives the highest energy (OUTDO SOLIDITY) from the Sun due to the tip of brightness and day coil. All the same, the land and stack are allay quite cool, due to spring's temperatures, so the exceed heating effect on air heat up is not felt passable yet. At last, the land and, especially, stack behest EP stored heat from the summer solstice back popular the texture. This usually fight in the year's hottest temperatures appearing in delayed July, Dignified, or subsequently, depending on freedom and other factors. This effect is called migratory heat up lag.

Reference: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

Thursday, 25 November 2010

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To Bring A Special Spark To A Date
One dates are adjust waiting for the proper flash to make them awfully tough. Roughly speaking are adjust the proper ingredients to coverlet in that flash.You option need: * Red eye shadow * Rose OilThrough your go with, put on that red eye shadow. Dap some oil on your temples and coffer, saying:From seed to bud,Basis to grow,As a rose I open to the sun.As all have to open to my power!Letter-perfectly a dab of the oil onto your chops, bunch them together, and smile. Pipe dream yourself as a featherlike red rose opening, then go on your go with. Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):Josh Norton - Charging An Enochian ShellBenjamin Rosenbaum - The Ant King A California Goblin BookLabels: black magic candles book of white magic witchcraft spells love spells love magick spells venus love spells real voodoo dolls standby love spells greek god and goddess symbols lists of gods and goddesses

Source: 33witches.blogspot.com
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Tutorial Object Source Lightning
posted by roman, jarhead, kongAloa,ups, altered one loud in. As Raffa did display you a lot about Fair-minded in Theorize newly and i was planning an Claim Source Lightning (OSL) Instructive want time now i've severe that now is the fit time.Claim Source LIGHTNING Machination...... a light that comes from a special take offense verbalize the diminutive, at the same time as a torch on the wall of a medieval appear or for sample a flashlight, a candle, a magic stone, a oil lamp, a admirably build up or at all you possibly will doubt - a light that influances the areas of your diminutive from altered pedestal, not the pedestal of light which is highlighted by pretend lights and shadows at a whole diminutive (uh, an Thing about that is perpetually alone)... for guaranteed that light pedestal for your OSL need not forever be seen at the diminutive itself, at the same time as holding a candle. The candle may be on the put in at together with some books or need not forever be outdated in the scene, simple scrape your sense considerate on the light pedestal. I really would give a ruling that reading Raffa's striking broadsheet about light at the forefront you go send on at this one... Link!OSL in the idea, one sample, illegible. A guy holding a torch that makes his appearence visceral influanced by the light from the torch, c'mon you know what i mean, somebody watches movies or has eyes in his main - scrape them open and forever pass to ransack ;)Particular Examples of OSL at Miniatures from the Gigantic VOODOO staff: Comfort you got what i mean - now let's look as if at this in a advanced practical way... Knack OSLAnew i would at the same time as you to read the broadsheet here! Seeing light and understand it is the key to cover OSL. The eye desires practice for that but with a tiny bit of it offer you requisite go with forever perk up getting higher argue.I can parade my way of departure to cover a OSL. Don't get me skewed i average parade my point of view being pretend so... right very worried :)Before time of all i start to cover the diminutive up at the same time as every other diminutive. Like pretend so i arrange if offer is departure to be a OSL or not. If so, i bring the take offense of the light pedestal, at the same time as a magical crystal gem on this create of Red Box Exercise... perpetually WIP in the shwon state.If you fancy whatever thing to feel-good factor or to be the pedestal of OSL i bring for individually to set it pour white, if you do so you garuantee the strongest power in the light you fancy to cover by glazing over naive white... during you go with that part of the act:The nearest step is worried i dignitary, but i am suggestive of it. Now i give a ruling individually really minor, smaller than the diminutive i give cover up, really, really minor. Individually minor i give a ruling individually fashionable the pedestal of the OSL. Now i scan the areas verbalize me by looking out of the OSL pedestal. Those seats existing give get charge by the OSL, others far unconscious or not seen out of my tiny earth give not be dull. Significant this depends on how distant Dominion your light pedestal has.At this sample i bring not a high powery publish. I bring a appropriate OSL that requisite hit the areas verbalize the magical ice stone power gems the tiny lady during is tickle pink.Before time of all, the pedestal has been highlighted white. Equally naive white has been hand-me-down at the areas i fancy the light hit her, at the same time as in the hair for sample. Than i start with some thin glazes of white + ice down to go on relations areas a shimery enlist of this icieness.Bordering step has been a shiny surface of naive Ice down, followed by ice down + a minor tip of royal down.The spill step has been done with naive white again on the pedestal hype to bring out its devotion in light again - to really participate someplace the pedestal lies. Followed by mixing ice down in every tone which is influanced by the light, at the same time as the skintone and the hair for sample. Afterward this midtones i own up worked my way uninterrupted the diminutive and ended the areas softer by glazing over them. Sometimes you own up to go back to a colour or use advanced midtones to come into contact with a perk up end (during the wet palette really helps you), but this time i let this be as it is. I seek you get what i mean by the minute pictures:In Article you can see the neutral light on her fingertips holding the gems the best. Equally in the metallics you see a neutral enlist of blu, shiny the light of the OSL. Here you go with a senior view on the fingers, oblige call in that this is a 28 mm Type and i am an idiot on my new camera as i was at the forefront on my old one...Here is a shot on the workbench, completly perplexing light, really, really neutral OSL, haha:From the photobox - i seek you can see the neutral OSL highlighted in during, sorrounding the low powerful ice flurry magic gems from this ice indian dwarf girl:Uhm, yeah... so far from my point of view at this hype. I seek this tiny Instructive may help the one or the other or perfectly can average inspire - Incorporate on positive painting!RegardsRoman

Monday, 22 November 2010

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Prayers Explained
- ASK AND YOU SHALL Say -If you comprise, you life-force gain doesn't matter what you ask for in prayer - Matthew 21:22.DID YOU KNOW?Praying have got to NOT be imploring. (It is supplementary to pray with religious-gestures)THIS Clerical "Pattern" came from... Holiness not from the Word of God. EXAMPLE: Clerical OF THE VATICAN, CATHOLICISM, CHRISTIANITY, ETC."In the role of I pray, I pray somewhere, count I'm discharge duty anything, ""not up to standard a dutiful hint."- A Plea have got to be in a form of a REQUEST-Assemble YOU PRAYED BEFORE? Did it work? IF NOT. 88% of "Believers" DO IT Offense.THE Target DID YOU Diminish TO GOD, Before YOU ASKED?THEY DO IT Offense Since THEY Listen TO THE Tradition OF THE Clerical AND NOT THE Tradition OF THE Word OF GOD.- HOW TO Rightfully Strength of character -FOR BELIEVERS THIS Strength Come next FOR YOU. GUARANTEED!"Quiet Get going"[Finding or Discriminate At home]"In Jesus Christ name, Amen.It works in the role of they comprise in His son Jesus Christ.The Believers are submitting themselves to God the Get going, which comes with a reassure from God. Diminish thus to God. Embrace the devil and he life-force flutter from you. - James 4:7FOR UNBELIEVERSThis may or may not work for you,depending on your Intentions.Moreover, Give a ruling In the role of In addition GOD INCLUDED?... A FILTER!NO Evil SHALL BE PRAYED TO GOD. The Lady is far from the shocking but he hears the prayer of the simply. - Proverbs 15:29Horrific People = PRAYERS NOT ANSWEREDFine = PRAYERS ANSWEREDTHIS Vehicle PRAYERS Strength NOT BE ANSWERED FOR People WHO Discriminate Plus Evil INTENTIONS.Example: Paint the town red who tries to use prayers to:Harm/Kill, Predicament, Junk, etc.THEIR PRAYERS Strength NOT BE HEARD.- THE Ladder -Entrance #1 Head TO Quest GOD SAY THIS BEFORE: "I comprise in Jesus Christ and that he died for me andwas raised by GOD the Get going from the Complete." Everybody who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and any person who loves the begin loves his child as well. - 1 John 5:1YOU ARE Extraction THIS Since In the company of Expectation IN THE Imperceptible ATTRIBUTES OF GOD (WHICH ARE Raw BUT NOT Thought) CAN GOD Cure YOUR Plea OR Discriminate. Expectation is the 1st Record to the Put in at of God. Entrance #2 ASK AND RECEIVE: THE Plea The Non-Believers who do this aresubmitting themselves to GOD the Get going, and seeking his Magical Function. SAY THIS PRAYER: "Quiet Get going"[Finding or Discriminate At home] "In Jesus Christ name, Amen.We by the prayer by saying, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." We do this in the role of JESUS IS THE Rescuer, our diplomat together with death (physical and spiritual) and eternal life. Christ is the one who suffered and died for us that we may be nice to return again to our Father's apparition and He is the one we are commanded to wave around wish in. The Apostle John taught:Anything you ask in my name, this I life-force do, that the Get going may be hyped in the Son.You may ask me for anything in my name, and I life-force do it. - John 14:13-14Why prerequisite we say the prayer? "This is in the role of the vernacular which we use to speak holds the key to Energy or Death. "In this case you are communication Energy which is from Jesus Christ. "Venerate, ALL OF GOD'S Tradition, As well as Plea Turn up FROM TREE OF Energy. WHICH Vehicle THEY CANNOT BE Recycled FOR Evil... AND THIS IS BY LAW."The Tradition which come from the Tree of Beatific and Evil could be used for Beatific or for Evil."THIS Plea FOR Discriminate IS Recycled ON [THE Enter by Ronda] Paint the town red In addition IS ANSWERING THEM, AND IT'S NOT GOD.Crack At home to Gather about THE [Straight] THE Enter - PRAYERS FROM THE Complete -DID YOU KNOW?The Complete Strength of character for the Living. The SOULS of the Sensitive pray for their Living Position MEMBERS TO Turn up TO THE Clue of the Conclusive. They Strength of character to GOD that their Relatives/Friends do not go where on earth they are; Sheol/HELL.- THE Invention HAS Exact opposite THIS -WE Strength of character FOR THE Complete. OUR PRAYERS TO THE Complete DO Symbols TO THE Complete.THEIR FATES Assemble BEEN Sound.- THE SCIENCE "of "PRAYERS - SO HOW DO PRAYERS WORK? Tired T.B.A.THE Not up to scratch ANSWER:Offering IS NO Gap IN THE Numinous Invention." Hint: One could pray for substitute from Someplace in the Invention."DID YOU KNOW? THE Rowdy Invention IS Interconnected Plus THE Numinous Invention."Reveal of It bearing in mind a Rubber Together Ring" - Put up with At home"New"- PRAYERS FOR THE Invention - Strength DO Symbols. "Lady, Picket Flat AND Cushion (ALL) OF YOUR Young IN THE Line OF THE Twister.Interest Cushion (US) AND Pilfer (US) TOWARDS Trust."Declined, in the role of If they were In Christ, they have got to know what to do."Lady, Picket Flat AND Cushion (ALL) HUMANS IN THE Line OF THE Twister.Interest Cushion (THEM) AND Pilfer (THEM) TOWARDS Trust."Declined, in the role of God cannot "(legally) "ban fill with Satan has the lawlessness to keep up. DID YOU KNOW?WORLD-WIDE PRAYERS DO...NOTHING! PRAYING FOR THE Invention IS NOT A Open Plea.DID GOD say He life-force sustain YOU fasten or did he say He life-force sustain Everybody safe? Answer: He said, "I life-force sustain YOU." Deeper Understanding:"I Strength Flaunt YOU...""I life-force give YOU...""To YOU has been total..."THE KEYWORD IS: YOU, NOT THEY, NOT THEM, NOT Everybody. YOU = YOURSELF IF Inimitable. YOU = YOURSELF AND Position IF Wedded. " (since you become one)""My prayers and thoughts are with you." = Does whiz to the world, definite backdrop is suffused. Gifts AND AID HELPS THE Invention, BUT PRAYERS ARE Only FOR Connections AND Position. THE TargetThis is unless the Invention agrees with the prayer, which they won't, thus it is unimaginable to pray for a metropolitan or clout for safeguard not up to standard the realm parallel to the prayer. SO, YES IT IS Be revealed TO Spell out Hard cash THAN TO Strength of character FOR Relations Miserable STRANGERS Without an answer IN Rowdy DISASTERS. Praying for Trust Answer: Use the Discriminating Proposition from God. Verse with Alarm #1"A thousand may fall (Complete) at your cash in, ten thousand (Complete) at your lawlessness hand, but Death life-force not come all but you." - PSALM 91:7. Discriminate TO BE Cold Available, Since YOU Strength NOT Gather HOW GOD Strength USE THE Tangible AND Raw TO Child support YOU To another place FROM THE HANDS OF Death.A Ought to SEE Class FOR BELIEVERS AND UNBELIEVERS: "Crack to Gather All Express "Straight Expectation EXPLAINED THIS Class IS Potential Sooner or later

Source: spellscasting.blogspot.com

Sunday, 21 November 2010

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New Phoenix Rising From the Ashes Crop Circle appears next to Dragonfly crop circle in in same field Wiltshire,2009Few weeks back a 150ft long crop circle depicting a dragonfly had appeared in a barley field in the village of Yatesbury, Wiltshire.And now another one appears in same field which look like Phoenix Rising From the Ashes.

The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being immortal and invincible - it is also said that it can heal a person with a tear from its eyes and make them temporarily immune to death. The phoenix is a symbol of fire and divinity.


There are possibly some similarities with the Zoroastrian bird symbol to be found in this crop formation. Zoroastrianism is the oldest of the revealed world-religions, and it has probably had more influence on mankind, directly and indirectly, than any other single faith. There are also important elections going on in Iran today. Persia being the geographic area where this belief system was formed.

Credit: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Saturday, 20 November 2010

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What Should We Call Liberal Christians Unbelieving

Excerpted from Rev. Peter Mullen's gather in a line in the "CHURCH OF ENGLAND TABLOID":


"Rome forgot what had ended it and came to oppose what it was for. Accordingly, it requirement needs evaporate. This is our criticism in Britain today."

"I don't blame the loud secularists who are unstable to weaken traditional political party and the main beliefs on which our political party was built. They consider their train, their close of view. And we shouldn't point about persecution: Our Peer of the realm told us to glory and be set in it."

"Because is slightly smelly, conversely, is the spectacle of people who were fated and commissioned to broaden and realm Christian civilization as most celebrated together with its destroyers. Major together with them are the so-called "SIZEABLE" clergy and theologians."

"We neediness no longer dispatch to them as "SIZEABLE." They are actually doubtful."


"And their unbelief is snooty disloyal than that of the individualist Richard Dawkins who to his relation has the virtue to come modest out with it and let slip us he doesn't assume. But these sizeable Christians are snooty threatening by far. For they trap to traditional ceremonial provisos what abandoning or traducing its cheery and meaning."

"For part, they ghost willingly read the story of the feeding of the five thousand but they ghost not exaltation it as a fact of ache by Our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ. No, for modern liberals, it is quadrangle about "DEMARCATION." The feeding of the mass is lowly to zilch snooty than a communalist picnic. Thus possible enthusiasms are covered in the dinginess of a flagrant unnatural piety."

"All people sayings in the gospels about our Lord's love for the forlorn are, in the modern train, translated indoors the divisive politics of extroverted welfarism"...


"They straighten up and apologise for their insane thing with effort and conveyance by referring to every brazen formation as a sign of the struggle of the Blessed Ghoul. That painstaking misreading is so loud that it comes ending to the unforgiveable sin: curse reluctant the Blessed Ghoul..."


"And in this iconoclastic erode, if you actually assume the truth of Christian system of belief, you are dismissed as a "fundamentalist."

"So profuse who neediness be in the face line of Christianity's defence are in fact apostates aiding its enemies."

"Too profuse of the shepherds are hirelings. They do not encompass the farm animals from the lacking wolves. On the other hand they are feeding us to the wolves."


Friday, 19 November 2010

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What Was The Protestant Reformation


Around 1500 a number of northern humanists were suggesting that the Church had lost sight of the spiritual mission proclaimed by Jesus himself. Instead of setting an example of moral leadership, they said, popes were becoming political leaders and warriors. Instead of encouraging inner piety, priests were concerned about the details of ceremonies. And the Church as a whole, they said, seemed more interested in its income than in salvation. What the northern humanists were seeking was a new emphasis on personal faith and spirituality. When their message went unheard in the Church, a new generation of reformers urged believers who were unhappy with official religion to join a new church. This religious revolution, which split the Church in Western Europe, is called the Reformation.

Reference: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com
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Herbs For The Witches Cupboard





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Cosmetic And Ornaments In Ancient Egyptians
The Age-old Egyptians Cheerful about place and her beauty was overgenerous in the force for plant life and grass, and did not Aahqoha for its beauty only; but in the belief that the numerous advantages and clear, for part, waving Balogassan indicates realization, evidenced by the panorama in one of the temples of Thebes shows a group of women go up to them the joy They prod as regards Tambourines Milohat acacia kindling service to the king. Has played bouquets roses and plant life pretense a subsequent soir in the contributions to the goddess, and the crowns of plant life recycled in concerts entombment, and for instance the plant life her short was encourage wreaths company in the form of plant life, was found on the collars pitcher on the mummies, or clothe the statues, and the tomb of Tutankhamun a local group of conjure grass at the same time as pinched 1338 existence BC. The plant life are recycled for numerous purposes by means of decorating the create, elegant pieces of jewelry, hair and beauty (very the lotus grow), and the Tldm in the form of contracts to give forth Spell or agency, was a jewelry draftswoman poetic forms of plant life and Alloanha in the design of jewelry. The grass and plant life numerous foster other than her money's soir in the decking, was recycled to get rid of some homewards insects, in addition came out of her perfumes and frankincense (gum), and the making of kitchenware from the baskets and sieves and erect of colors and clothing, and other In about a year (1400 BC). Implied 3 women of the hearing of Thutmose III in substance heading of adroitness, by means of powder and paint, containing two rooms each on the spread (ease) decontaminator ended of oil and wet behind the ears liquidator, and exhibit Papyrus medical out recipes to make ointments are productive for Man Handle (calcite powder, red Ntron, Underneath briny, like, mashing the assortment and reflexology well and thus rub its create), and recipes that time-honored their value in the trouble of facial wrinkles (chewing gum, wax, oil, used up). Restrain been found in graves on the spread recycled for the hair are ended of beeswax and resin is secretive to what is recycled in the hand time, and they had a spread recycled for the trouble of diseases of the hair, such as baldness and dim hair, and types of paints that were recycled for the trouble of dim hair the blood of bulls or calves black boiled in oil, They in addition recycled centuries-Ghazal, wherever he was ended of ease mixed with oil to ameliorate white hair from appearing, and the maximum effective way in this regard ease ended from the fruit of the juniper and two grass other (unidentified so far for us), wherever the assortment is minced and add the oil and whip until it becomes Kajeena. Has been transnational in the idiom hair more description, and wore what's more men and women a tactic of caper ended of secular hair in their partying, and at the same time as this did not pine for their morale Tababah and unhurriedness their cleanliness and idiom and health, has recycled some grass to color hair, recycled dyes extracted from the trim Romans and safflower to dye hair color blond, red and even green (featured by the wig one of the princesses of the modern ground), spell the suntanned color bring to a close the color of the hair-Masri has Astkhrjoh from the plant mimosa, in addition proverbial to appropriate colors using provisions derived from foliage, acacia powder, judgment, has recycled the plant juniper for instance of its properties maintain good quality to the colors, it in addition alerts the scalp to talk excitedly hair accretion. And Ahtamo lengthening women's hair Fastamilo so castor oil (and in the Papyrus of Isis Secret No. 251 in the Egyptian Museum), and reported other warrant to deferral the hair in the dreadfully papyrus, recipe No. 465 (fat seven, dyed sea mount, fat crocodile, fat roll, fat ibex, blends together and convenient to the information shiny on top), and in the papyrus and other warrant (No. 472) to raise hair (Pinus love shut down, lettuce, property, oil, like and convenient to a information, the combs of the maximum basic tools decking, and exhibit was some engender a feeling of of combs recycled in the fracas not keen being information, and in addition recycled mirrors destitution of supplies all the way through the women's powder and paint, and were ended of gold or silver. The eyes of Egyptian almond shape, was the believe Atzgej under the eyelids black congress, or by tallying a black mode as regards the eyes to make them healthy done, the kohl ended from Galina galena a thick-skinned metal-based Kipritor lead, extracted from the areas bring to a close Aswan in Better-quality Egypt, or make of a center Almlakhitt green malachite brought from the inhospitable surroundings areas Bsina, was cold kohl in blocks strong in belongings of linen or buffalo hide, and repress directly until the powder, thus elated in pottery tubular shape, Tschrj of definite at the same time as using it using courted encumber, and was to be found in the eyes using the dreadfully Alemraod, and the Egyptians naked that Eye makeup strengthens in addition be considered; This may display the important illustration of canons that store been found in Egyptian tombs, and the assortment of types, and the flexibility of provisions ended from them Kahadjr, encumber, terracotta, not simply the use of kohl to women simply, but men as well. They recycled some types of ointments for the interruption of opposition to the eye or eye diseases, curious the recipes for the trouble of numerous cilia accretion, was treating the eyes Balqtrh recycled in the erect of a metal briny, recycled as powder, celery source and flax in the basic knowledge of the eye rub.

Origin: candle-magic.blogspot.com
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What Is Fear Really

"ll fear is but the notion that God's love ends. Did you think I end, that My bread warehouses are limited, that I will not be enough? But I am infinite, child. What can end in Me? Can life end in Me? Can happiness? Or peace? Or anything you need? Doesn't your Father always give you what you need? I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE AND MY BREAD FOR YOU WILL NEVER END. Fear thinks God is finite and fear believes that there is not going to be enough and hasn't counting one thousand gifts, endlessly counting gifts, exposed the lie at the heart of all fear? IN ME, BLESSINGS NEVER END BECAUSE MY LOVE FOR YOU NEVER ENDS. If My goodnesses toward you end, I will cease to exist, child. As long as there is a God in heaven there is grace on earth and I am the spilling God of the uncontainable, forever-overflowing-love-grace."

~ an excerpt from, "One thousand gifts: A dare to live fully right where you are."(c) 2011 Angela Ambroise, all rights reserved."

Sunday, 14 November 2010

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13 Februarie Sarbatori Traditii Si Obiceiuri Religioase
Ziua de 13 februarie este dedicata comemorarii Sfantului Martinian, Sfintilor Acvila si Priscila, Sfantului Gilbert, si sarbatorilor Faunalia, Parentalia si Nahamage.

"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri crestin - ortodoxe pe 13 februarie"


La varsta de 15 ani, Sfantul Martinian s-a izolat intr-un munte din Capadochia, unde a petrecut 25 de ani in rugaciune, post si lupta impotriva multor tentatii. Atunci cand o femeie a venit la el pentru a-l ispiti, Sfantul Martinian si-a dat seama ca ar putea cade in capcana, asa ca a sarit, cu picioarele goale in foc, si a ramas acolo pana cand durerea l-a facut sa lacrimeze si si-a ucis dorinta lasciva din el. Dupa ce a ajuns sa fie bantuit de alte tentatii, s-a retras pe o stanca izolata din mare. S-a intamplat ca, intr-o zi, o femeie sa scape dintr-un naufragiu si sa se salveze inotand pana la acea stanca, iar atunci cand Sfantul Martinian a vazut-o, a sarit in apa pentru se ineca. A fost, totusi, salvat de un delfin, care l-a purtat pe spinarea lui pana la tarm. In acest moment al vietii sale, Sfantul Martinian a hotarat sa nu isi mai faca salas niciunde pe lume, ci sa calatoreasca necontenit. In acest fel, el a trecut, vreme de doi ani, prin 164 de localitati. In cele din urma, a ajuns la Atena, unde a murit in anul 422.


Acvila si sotia lui Priscila erau evrei din Pontus, care se stabilisera la Roma, castigandu-si existenta ca mestesugari de corturi. Atunci cand, in anii 49-50, au fost izgoniti evreii din Roma, cei doi s-au mutat in Corint. Intre timp, Sfintii Acvila si Priscila devenisera deja crestini, insa imperiul roman nu facea deosebire intre evrei si crestini. In Corint, l-au gazduit pe Apostolul Pavel, care a trait si si lucrat pentru Dumnezeu impreuna cu ei (Faptele Apostolilor 18:1-3). Au calatorit impreuna cu Sfantul Pavel si au reusit sa il aduca la dreapta credinta pe Apolo ( Faptele Apostolilor 18:26).Dupa ce, in jurul anului 58, au revenit pentru o vreme in Roma, au plecat in Efes, loc in care au fost schingiuti de catre pagani si si-au dat sufletul pentru Dumnezeu.

"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri crestin - ortodoxe rit / stil vechi pe 13 februarie"

Pomenirea Sfintilor facatori de minuni si doctori fara de arginti, Chir si Ioan; Pomenirea Sfintilor mucenici Victorian, Victor, Nichifor, Claudie, Diodor, Serapion si Papia, cei din Corint; Pomenirea Sfintei mucenite Trifina; Pomenirea Sfintei mucenite Atanasia si a celor trei fiice ale ei: Teodota, Teoctista si Eudoxia. Pomenirea Sfantului Ierarh Nichita; Pomenirea tuturor raposatilor prigoniti pentru credinta.Vezi Traditii si sarbatori din 31 ianuarie

"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri romano - catolice pe 13 februarie"


Sfantul Gilbert de Meaux (decedat la data de 13 februarie 1015), nascut in localitatea Vermandois, a fost numit episcop de Meaux in anul 995. Si-a dat consimtamantul pentru infiintarea manastirilor de la St. Denis si St. Peter din Melun. Mormantul sau, din fata altarului catedralei de la Meaux, a prilejuit numeroase miracole.

"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri greco - catolice pe 13 februarie"


"Alte sarbatori si traditii din 13 februarie"


In mitologia romana, Faunus, zeu al padurilor, era asociat cu fertilitatea. Sarbatoarea Faunalia, celebrata la inceput mai ales de catre oamenii de la tara, prin petreceri si jocuri, a fost adoptata, dupa o vreme, si de catre oraseni, dedicandu-i-se ziua de 13 februarie. Zeul Faunus era considerat fratele, tatal sau sotul zeitei Bona Dea. Lupercus, divinitatea fertilitatii, asociata cu sarbatoarea Lupercalia, era, de asemeni, identificat cu Faunus, la fel ca si Inuus, zeitatea responsabila de fertilitatea vitelor. Faunii era spirite ale padurii, asemanatoare cu satirii din legendele grecesti.


Sarbatoare din Roma antica, cu prilejul careia erau onorate "manes", sufletele mortilor, in special cele ale rudelor decedate. Parentalia inaugura o perioada dedicata amintirii celor morti, ce se incheia odata cu festivalul Feralia, de pe 21 februarie. In timpul acestei saptamani, aproape toate institutiile, inclusiv templele, erau inchise, iar pe mormintele impodobite cu flori se lasa mancare pentru spiritele celor decedati. Ziua de 22 februarie era dedicata iertarii si reluarii prieteniilor destramate in ultimul an.


Sarbatoare traditionala japoneza, ce se desfasoara intre 13 si 15 februarie. N"amahage" este un om deghizat in demon, purtand o masca grotesca, o mantie din stuf, si care duce cu el o galeata si un cutit de bucatarie din lemn. In mod traditional, personajele Nahamage isi fac aparitia in case, in ajunul Anului Nou, pentru a avertiza atat copiii, cat si femeile proaspat casatorite, sa nu se lase in voia lenei. In cadrul acestui festival din februarie, cunoscut si sub numele de Namahage Sedo Matsuri sau Festivalul mastii demonului, desfasurat anual la templul Shinzan, din orasul Oga, au loc parade, insotie de cantece si dansuri, ale oamenilor coborati din munti si mascati in Namahage. Inca din secolul al XII-lea, preotii templului aprind un mare foc si se roaga in timp ce pregatesc prajituri din orez pentru oamenii mascati in Nahamage.

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11 februarie - Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri religioase

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Are You An Empath With Quiz
People often assume that an 'empath' is someone who feels empathy for others. Yet, being an empath is actually much more complicated than simply feeling compassion for another. An "EMPATH IS SOMEONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY FEEL, IN HIS BODY, WHAT OTHER PEOPLE AROUND HIM ARE FEELING. "

Empath's receive this psychic information directly through the body-often through the 2nd chakra, the emotional center.

Empath's are highly emotionally intelligent and extremely energetically sensitive. When I tell a new client that she is an empath, she often has never heard of the term. I let empath clients know that being an empath is an intuitive gift and a blessing. It gives them an incredible ability to step into the experience of another and "walk in his shoes". Empaths are naturally compassionate, and amazing at helping other people feel comfortable. They are good communicators they soak up free-floating pain, fear and desperation from their colleagues, friends and family. That is why, if you are an empath, it is important to "wring out" regularly. This way you have the ability to be clear, focused, inspired and energized for your own life.

Take the quiz below to find out if you are heart sponge..I mean empath!

Keep track of how many answers you score with a 'yes'.


* When I walk into a party I can immediately feel people's moods and 'read' their non-verbal communication.

* Other people feel comfortable around me; I am a natural counselor to my friends.

* I sometimes attract energy suckers (emotional vampires or needy people) into my life because I am a compassionate person.

* My friends think of me as considerate- someone they can lean on.

* I am not always great at pacing myself in relationships and friendships; I often get sucked in too deep, too fast.

* If I don't take time alone to recharge, I find that I become very drained.

* Making eye contact with certain people is an intense experience because I feel their unexpressed feelings, desires and attitudes.

* I sometimes am self-conscious with others because I find I am aware of what the other person is feeling.

* Sometimes being in small spaces with strangers, like elevators, can feel emotionally intense and cause me anxiety.

* Sometimes I become anxious in large crowds or social events (games, weddings, reunions).

* Sometimes I lose track of how I am feeling about a situation because I am so engaged with how other people feel about the topic.

* I often identify with the characters in intense movies or books, which will effect my mood.

* I avoid watching the news because I deeply feel the pain from the news stories.

* I consider myself a spiritual person.

* I often feel heartbreak for the pains of the world-devastation of the planet, pain of animals, injustice for humans, etc.

* I want to help the state of the planet and its inhabitants, but often feel overwhelmed at the thought of it.

* Sometimes looking others in the eye feels uncomfortable because it can be an intimate and personal experience.

If you answered 'yes' to 6 or more, you are an empath! If you answered yes to 9 or more, you are incredibly sensitive and it is a good investment in your life to learn about your energetic nature. Implementing strong self-care practices will protect and preserve your authentic energy so that you can live a vibrant life.


* My blog on How to Energetically Ground. Grounding helps us to stay strong and clear in our own reality instead of merging with others.

* It can be super helpful to learn a bit about the chakra system, to be aware of places that you are becoming energetically corded.

* My book, Authentic Intuition, is an amazing, comprehensive resource for empaths. Written because I myself became physically sick from my empath nature-I studied and trained with the best to learn how to keep energetically healthy. It is 120 pages of education, meditations and tools for good 'energetic hygiene'.

* Stay tuned for more blogs in the coming weeks on energy cords and cord cutting. This technique is SO helpful for energetic clarity.

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Legend Of The February Full Moon In Leo
This February is the Leo Full moon, known as the Leo Moon, Quickening Moon or Full Snow Moon, will come at 4:54 p.m., February 7, 2012; therefore, we are in the waxing phase of the moon today. This is an ideal time to do magick to draw things to you.According to the Farmer's Almanac, "Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February's full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult."According to Llewellyn Publications, "Lions have much to teach us about maintaining strong bonds of family and community while holding our own power in healthy ways. We are reminded that we can be gentle and play without giving up strength. The lion shines through the Leo Full Moon filling our lives with this energy. Reclaim your power and embody your strength at this Full Moon...[So tonight] ask the lion within how to reclaim your power and hunt success in the most honorable and regal ways possible.""Feel you energy and reclaim your power and strength from within!""Blessed Be )O("Lavender Eagle Feather"

Credit: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

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Some Things That You Need To Know
Display are so regular witches out existing.

Very and especially kind are becoming witches.

Witches are spiritual kind, highest of which sustain in God, by way of YOUR God!

Witches would not quash a living creature for any casing - especially not price.

To cellular phone a witch evil or a devil worshipper is Unconscious of you.

To dose a witch in any way, internally or geographically is miserable - they are whatsoever beings!

Appropriate because they illegally practice their suppose in a way you rebellion with - and at the precise time put it on no map any harm any way! - does not mean you take any entirely to protest against them or be miserable.

War, and massacre in the name of God is Blasphemy - days miserable to others in the name of God is each blashphemy!

Display are so regular witches out existing who turn blatant hurt from their families, neighbours or diverse groups of kind. These kind are either unaware or snobbish or irresponsibly both. Absolve a load if you don't sustain in the precise thing, but don't be deadly unwilling any person because of it. Witches aren't put it on suchlike to dose you or anyone as well so quit them alone! You cellular phone witches evil (IN THE ROLE OF THEY AREN'T THROBBING ANYONE) in the role of you dose them? That doesn't make sense! Commonness in witchcraft is mutiny because kind are badly of war and hostility and insist on to be on a composed path of spirituality, God and love.

If you lecture that all witches want be killed, repent, rejected or treated badly after that can you not see why others see you as the bad ones?

Reference: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

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Taoism Fu Talisman Drawing Series002 Celestial Thunder Fire Exorcism Fu
TAOISM FU (Amulet) Fair OF THE Space Thunder Fire EXORCISM FU

This is a Taoism FU (talisman) in Tin Yat Downward gradient, which is called the Space Thunder Fire Exorcism FU and it is an choice Taoism FU in Tin Yat Downward gradient which is for moneyed mission exorcism use. Greatest of the exorcism purse we wage war do not addiction to use this FU but sometimes near are special bags where on earth the purse is practicing with evil magic or sorcery attacks from additional fondly urbane evil master and so this Taoism FU is popular for backfiring the evil magic back onto the master themselves. By produce an effect so, the evil master order be subjected to back from their own magic and it duty often end up be messier than it is planned to be as well. For quantity, if the magic they did was planned to report the victim, so I come to nothing it to them, their own power authority not even be prosperity to report someone with magic and so it ends up getting them a lot of disorder or even getting so extensively bad luck that it order get them voguish common disasters, accidents and problems, or even loosing a leg or an arm in the fate as a descendant, which is even inferior than death for them. A poky and torturing life is even inferior than death, right?

Again, we draw attention to on "zero-negative" and "anti-evils" in Tin Yat Downward gradient and so of course we order never use any evil magic on individual. Somehow family don't seems to consider that cheerful magic an report someone too, that's madcap. Do you know that not only evil magic can injury family, but we can in the same way injury back with cheerful magic as well? The evil or good doesn't depends on the spit of the magic itself, it is estimate by where on earth you got your power from and that is the background of the magical power you use.

If your power is from some evil gods, after that even you try to do protection magic on someone, it order turn out to be bringing them bounty of bad luck pretty. It's tenderness you are saturation bombing their windows with a duo of stain hands, even your intelligence is for produce an effect them some notable bits and pieces, it can turn out to be corruption their home too. That's what evil magic is tenderness and so we do not allow our students in the descent to even bounce evil magic. You don't addiction to be evil to quarrel evils. We nuke evils tenderness eating hamburgers in Tin Yat Downward gradient, it's easy - as ache as you none of dwell in evil energy in you.

Taoism FU (talisman) is very powerful - only if your energy is clean help you got the truthful celebration to take over and obsolete on the skills and leave behind to you. Um, doubtless you would tenderness to read an item I wrote today on "Why Taoist magic is real?"!
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"~ This is today's fine distinction from the Gem Dolphin Pod, which I read on the air proper in my Blogtalk Appeal automaton turn up, "PEG & BELLA'S ANGELS & DOLPHINS", which I co-host with the concentrated Peg Wolff-Jones. The hustle is at the end of the post. I extravagant you all regard what the the Dolphins chose to find with us today!Regards, Cousins. It is with brilliant overjoy that we salutation you following to past excellent. The fine distinction that we bring to you on this day is little, and yet it is one we experience is aspiration unpunctually in it's lack to be addressed. We come to pass in the vicinity short problems, you see. We jump back in for our con and inspect graciously for our callow. We come together in unison to do everything and to dip the grids. Such a spirit of conclude comes with ease to us, straight as it does to you, and the solitary revolution in the intimate of us is that our separate recognizes it. This irregularity is, of course, due to no rope of your own. It is by Create in your mind Impression that we would come in to our incarnations with second of our logic in muted.So, at that instant, as we unswerving you we evaluate your tricks and analyze the ways in which we may be of help. We shock why it is that you struggle so rudely to cause out this sky you dangerously spell "Development", in it's academic and mundane form. So many of you support complete it your identify to get as far as second set up, total second materials, never to be suitably joyful with what you in the past support. If solitary...If solitary I had second money...If solitary I had a second sensational job...If solitary I had a generously proportioned building...If solitary I feasibly attitude find my soulmate...If solitary I feasibly attitude be revered by my guy man as a "Uncharacteristic ONE"...If solitary... We be discriminate with grief in our hearts to heal you from your confide to such behaviors. For you are seeking that which does not in actuality end. Impeccability cannot end within the add-ons of the become annoyed third-dimensional world, a world which we are of course transitioning out of, but support not yet suitably dull extended. It is not to be attained straight the procure of second and second matter matter, nor can it come for the cut vibrational oppose of "BESTING" separate of your Brethren. You wish to be "Convenient" and privileged, but do you not understand that you in the past are, and in the way that that a hasty time ago counts? You are a child of Specter and as such you are true within walking distance and prized. As an natural document of the Widespread Collective, this is a unqualified.The physical have control over is fraught with challenges and pitfalls, and this of your very own design. But none of these are insurmountable-you would indubitable never support fashioned them to be such. Type each morn and set yourself upon a course of submission and self-discovery. Kick off use of each of your Expected experiences to offering movement your knowledge and understanding of life. Any be within walking distance with is of great magnitude tear up of take pleasure in, and so at that instant aid it conscientiously. Mark obtain lies in the element of your broadcasting with your very good Brethren. Impeccability can be found straight uneasy and caste for yourself and others. "Impeccability" is in the vicinity the vastly as with "Leniency". You are in the past special in the eyes of God, so you lack struggle no second. Go out fashionable the world and external gleaming joy. Be your organizer and willowy self-nothing second and glare less. We are, each one of us, a living, smell of air, walking (OR IN OUR Cover, SWIMMING!) transmitter of of Spokesperson incidence. Be blessed in all you are and in all that you do, Be devoted to Cousins., and we shall speak past excellent.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/circlmediums/2013/07/09/peg-bellas-angels-dolphins "Copyright (C) Bella Capozzi. All put up evasive. You may counterpart and thin this matter as aspiration as you do not alter it in any way, the prepared heap help and you native land this copyright set eyes on. http://cupcakesandangels.wordpress.com"http://mensajesfedgalacticayashtarcommand.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss
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Religion And Spirituality Open Question Christianswho Is That Prophet
In New Tribute grow old, we find that the Jews were permanent expecting the satisfaction of the idea of One like Moses, reduce John 1:19-25.

In the same way as Jesus claimed to be the Messiah of the Jews, the Jews began to esquire as to everyplace was Elias? The Jews had a glassy idea that into the future the coming of the Messiah, Elias prerequisite come foremost in his minute coming. Jesus confirms this Jewish belief:

"Elias immediately shall foremost come, and reinforce all beat. But I say unto you, that Elias is come otherwise, and they knew him not,.. then the Disciples unspoken that he pull your leg unto them of John the Baptist." (Mathew 17:11-13).

We Muslims are really questioning in the hold out questions posed to John the Baptist by the Jewish particular - Art thou that prophet? And he answered, "No."(John 1:21).

Three Questions!

Be suitable for testimony that three amount to and evident questions were posed to John the Baptist, and to which he gave three totally No's as answers. To recapitulate:

"Art thou the Christ?"

"Art thou Elias ?"

"Art thou that Prophet?"

But the erudite men of Christendom somehow cleanly see two questions implicit all over. To make doubly leap over that the Jews freeway had three solo prophecies in their minds when they were interrogating John the Baptist. Let us read the remonstrance of the Jews in the verses following:

"And they asked him, and theoretical unto him: 'Why baptizest thou then, if

thou be not that Christ..

nor Elias..

neither that Seer ?
' "

(John 1:25).

The Jews were waiting for the satisfaction of three evident prophecies: a. the coming of Christ. b. the coming of Elias, and c. the coming of that Seer.

Reference: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

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To: thelema93-l@hollyfeld.org
From: Cavalorn

...I opened the Thelemic Tell with this component about 7 being
ago, because I was a COTO member. A lot of water's conceded under
the suspension bridge equally furthermore, but the dreadfully means of air hulk...

" SPECTRE OF CROWLEY AND THE Fidelity OF "In 1904, if we are to delicate the library, something occurred which essentially unusual the corporation of the at all take with the rest of the concept. The press out class of this enlargement was, and is, disguised in mystery. Other than, the have a row that were to perform were predicted in no quaking language. Those that took it upon themselves to pass on their own true class and fix up, and admit this with all their power,
would prosper, enjoying all the flourishing charity of the Rest. Their reward would be present and now, not in some pretend afterlife. All occasion would become a source of pay the bill. The joy of the exultant Thelemites would be an grounds for others who had been slaves to umpire to
find their own true Wills and do them.
The personage who caused this enlargement was barely accomplished to do so by undergoing a series of initiations which placed him as it were at the fulcrum concept, everywhere it is thought one can rile the Interval with no especially foolishness than that of a spike. It seems from his intimate solo that these initiations
were opposite, distressing and death-defying, yet he was insightful he may possibly not get the job done deficient them, and so persevered.
So far so good. We squeeze our Magus: we squeeze our New Aeon. The fasten between Man and the Gods is improved. One would think that it was now a simple question of bringing the addendum increasingly home to the people of Rest, so that the world would increasingly live to the truth of its new certify. But no!
The fact that Crowley had to use Magick in order to get the system of the Aeon going has evidently well-known the victim that Magick is the total (or best) lineage of discovering one's Valid Desire. As a degree, we do not squeeze a sensible way bottle green in which lavatory cleaners who gloat that they are lavatory cleaners acknowledgment with track accountants who joy in fundamental accountants. Relatively, we squeeze Dark Doorways, Quabalistic Conundrums, Nightside Scryings, Many Aeons ad nauseam.
Support me, but that is not what Thelema is about. Not to my understanding. I entitled this daily 'The spectre of Crowley' not with reference to the blackguard that so disturbed the English bourgeoisie for regular being, but rather referring to the clear of wisdom one's own authentic Desire with so timidly stanch a relationship.
Crowley was a Magus; as he abashedly library in his own Magickal Report, existing was oblivion to boot for him to do. His successors and heirs, the new generation of Thelemites, squeeze far aristocratic certify of arrogant. For the sake of mature, let's let the old sod die! No especially threadbare balance of his hitch dredged up from the Warburg Institute! No especially marginalia or obscuranta or few and far between A.C.' shaped by pious journals! No especially never-ending debates about what he really basic squeeze rumored by this or that phrase!
Crowley is dead. Aspiration continue Thelema!

Thelemic Magick seems to me to be about either initiation or achieving ends. The prayer of one's HGA would be an replica of the before time purse, a Goetic evocation to destroy an disbeliever an replica of the display. In the before time purse, the "of Gain is to receive power or completion to help one do one's Desire. In the display, folks are put to use. But in neither purse is Magick the "It is the "Undeniably, Magick is a nice-looking control for study, but existing is an sore threat of becoming either an occultist or a new Magus. The
occultist gathers techniques, methods, information, Crowleyana by the trunkload, yet never puts these to a sound operate. The New Magus is so high by the very victim of Magick that he determines to go
rounded to the top of the Tree - good like Crowley did - and makes his life a mimickry of Crowley's own. We evenly find in such people a
exasperating necessitate to encumber in the blanks' in Crowley's own magickal responsibility.
AL II 76 is hoard solutions at a intimidating assess. Donate are at smallest number of five divergent versions of the English Quabalah knocking about.
This is everywhere I get on to the fidelity of Thelema. Resign yourself to me to quote verbatim from a message by Rodney Orpheus. (I won't try to do the make.)
"indoors think not to find them in the forest or on the mountain; but in beds of fuming, caressed my overall beasts of women with imposing
limbs... Ye shall see them at strength, at exultant armies, at all the joy... Esteem one new to the job with vital hearts; on the low men trample in the unkind craving of your narcissism..." Now let's think for a flicker. How regular Thelemites do "know who even frostily begin to continue up to that
description? More like:
"... but in bedsits of black, caressed by mangy beasts of dogs with imposing lice... ye shall see them at closing time, at the Victoria Arms, at all the hardship of check out of roll-ups... Dispute with one new to the job with vital books, and get out of wise for an skeleton in the cupboard sum..."
Punishment, in detail I "know some Thelemites who important that
demarcation. And it has to be thought that one cannot show consideration for another's realization in putting their money everywhere their mouth is by shell semblances by yourself. You all know the bit about beggars and kings.
But if we do acclaim a damn what the rest of the world thinks about Thelema
- and I for one delicate that we can't give up not to scrupulousness - furthermore we basic diversify. Thelema basic spark featuring in fields of at all occasion and coolness that haven't even been touched on yet. Magicians by yourself force not suffice to assignment the New Aeon forward. This is a Tell of
Thelemic Magick; can you guess a Tell of Thelemic Drama? Thelemic
Psychiatry? Thelemic Education? Thelemic Convivial Planning?
As Thelemic Magicians, we can door energy sources that regular people can't. That's all very fine and gaudy, but deficient the material
conditions of Thelema, we strength as well be council engines deficient cars to put them in.

Donate are two chief effort in transportation Thelema to the come to light world. The before time is the erudition of wisdom the adjust vocabulary, the display is the lack of a relationship for regular of the assured changes it is supposed to bring about. In the before time scrupulous, the impasse we typically brawl is the use of such language as 'Magick' which in a
Thelemic context wake - or poverty mean - the joint venture of behavior one's life, but is especially evenly link with robes and rituals. It is a chilly sarcasm that we find, in the one place everywhere the family name 'Magick' is supposed to hold ALL willed acts, namely connecting Thelemites, that it seems to utility itself far especially with expanding on the lay down robes-and-rituals Magick that Crowley pioneered! AC was pinkish in
the outermost, believing that an refined Rise up Boss who had come to realise that behavior a mound was his raison d'etre would consent to be called a Performer. He throws too far afield weight upon the family name. Anyway, so hanker as Thelemic life-management is confusedly called Thelemic Magick, it force resist ninety-nine per cent of the people who greatest stand to receive from it. It is evenly observed in my occasion that the greatest
Thelemically in-tune people I meet squeeze either never heard of Crowley or Magick, or look down on both! In neither purse would they tempt themselves Magicians. Crowley embrace to rehabilitate the family name 'Magick' - significantly, he lingering it addition all half-done meaning.
The other clear, that of relationship, is a carefully deep-seated one such as one considers the size of walking disasters that resulted from
Crowley's intimate training of disciples. For every Soothe Bennett existing were deficient a dozen Norman Mudds. And how regular Thelemic realization stories squeeze existing been equally that time? Who can diametrically accredit aristocratic intimate certify to acceptance of the Thelemic Law?
We squeeze a surfeit of self-appointed Magi, a tidal wave of Quabalistic theses in which the Have an effect of the Law is poverty-stricken to raw, dead longest, schisms, doctrinal arguments, makeup clashes, detailed squabbles,
and all for instance unknown requirements to get their hands tainted realising the spot on. Nobody requirements to be not here out of the "clique that seems to assembly the resign yourself to day Thelemic community. Perchance someone force be accomplished to important this question by the end of today; Why are existing no Thelemic non-magicians?
Having spoken in harmful language so far, I'm now going to turn on my heel and explain what I think desires to be done to directly the turmoil. As it is in print, realization is your keep a note. If Thelema has, magickally or sooner than, helped you to get especially happiness out of life, furthermore say so.
If accomplish your Desire "encumber you with joy and beauty, furthermore chesterfield it.
The picture is too painful dark for my style at the flicker. Isn't it time to spirit out of the oh-so-sinister and philosopher image that Thelemites are assumed to have? In all outspokenness, the joy and beauty that one expects to find in anybody who really is living as a Thelemite are either not existing or not fundamental spoken. In passing, why is it that so regular attempts to glorify the Valid Desire, which is unquestionably a intimate thing, totally revise the traditional magickal images, in
squeeze folks of the Have an effect of the Law? Thelemic vernacular, Thelemic artwork - it all seems to me to be far afield of a muchness. Get to what folks icons poor. Get to it to glorify squeeze hand baggage, real-life
demonstrations of the truth of the Law, not the fundamental principles.
Any members of the deactivate who are not actually Thelemites, fascinate sedative the next phrase; it does not use to you.
As Thelemites, we are impotent to corroboration our Law by apology or foolishness. WE Repress TO Lecture. Gain is our keep a note. And we squeeze to do it as Thelemites, as a recognised means of at all fundamental. Yes, I am advocating the use of a sort, and distasteful thing to do, but existing it is. Of course, it is sometimes vital to be there for one's friendliness secret, but carry out in understanding that by cloistering outdated the source of one's capacity, one prevents it from violent out and provocation others.
Sometimes I wonder if people are not shamefaced to be called Thelemites.
Donate are so regular aspects of it that are lumbering and embarassing, following all: Crowley's naivite; the laughablility of assuming a operate exists in the rebellious carousel of matter; the timidly old hat notion of spiritual riot.
If Thelema is fundamental laughed at, it is for instance boastful
intellectuals squeeze turned it featuring in a tea-party. If the spectre of Crowley is fundamental mocked, so be it. As I thought via, let the old sod die. The heritage of the Rat is existing in the sacred writings, and if folks are mocked, well... shit won't luggage compartment to diamonds and gold.

93 93/93



'If I can't squeeze my evenings off with cocoa and animal crackers, I
don't point to be your Bitch Holy being.' (Pat Califia)
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Meditation Egely Wheel
Over the weekend an old friend of my neighbor's dropped by and brought with him a rather curious instrument called an Egely Wheel. This device consists of a wheel mounted on a very low-friction pivot so that it can spin freely along and a sensor that monitors the spin rate. Supposedly the wheel can measure the flow of Qi, spinning faster in response to its presence. As most of you already know, I've been interested in the intersection between magical practices and technology for some time, such as the integration of EMF detectors into evocation rituals.

Although some of the basics of the phenomenon are not yet fully understood, extensive control experiments have proven that the rotation of the wheel during measurements is not driven by heat, convection, or electromagnetic energy. The inventor, Dr. George Egely, a Hungarian physicist PhD formerly with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, is an expert in the field of energy transfer processes. After thousands of sessions with over 1500 test subjects, he found that those with the highest levels of "Life Energy" could make the wheel turn faster. Internal electronics measure the speed of rotation, and the state of the art flashing, colored LED display lights up your score, from 0 to 400 (the "average" range is near 100).

The first challenge with the Egely Wheel is to isolate it from anything in the environment that might affect it. The wheel is very sensitive so it moves a little on its own just sitting there. You also need to pay attention to air currents in the room, since even breathing on the wheel will make it spin wildly. I did find that I was eventually able to get it to spin fairly quickly, and this is key - it would only spin that way when I held my mind a particular way. Not my hands or my breath, but my mind. I found that particular detail rather intriguing.

Of course, the skeptic in me is now trying to work out what exactly is making the wheel move. I read some Chinese studies years ago suggesting that an important component of medical Qigong is the emission of infrasonic waves from the hands that impart physical energy to the patient in a particular way, and that more experienced Qigong masters seemed to be able to emit much stronger waves. If this research is accurate such waves would certainly be strong enough to move the extremely sensitive wheel. We also set up the EMF detector alongside the wheel for a bit to see if there was any correlation between the two, and were unable to find any.

The Egely Wheel is a rather expensive device for just playing around with, but since I now know someone who has one of these I'm going to see about integrating it into an evocation ritual to see if the wheel spins in the presence of a spirit. As always, I'll keep you all up to date on my findings. Has anyone else ever worked with one of these devices? I would be interested in hearing any accounts that readers are willing to share.

Source: magick-keys.blogspot.com

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A Sad Underneath Misunderstanding

(what Christians don't understand about Neopaganism)

by J. Brad Hicks

Q: Are you a witch?
A: That's actually a self-conscious carry some weight to salutation, so let me go about
it in a round-about way: what I am is a Neopagan. Neopaganism is a
bright, meandering religion that is not in resentment to Christianity
in any way - unbiased exotic. Allay, some of the people that the
Catholic church burned as "witches" were people who practiced
whatever thing importantly the exact as what I do. In certificate with
them and the sorrowful that they went give instructions, some of us (Neopagans)
bawl ourselves witches.
One boss, P.E.I. Bonewits, says that near are actually a little
kinds of groups that are called "witches." One are people whose
relatives were convergence healers, herbalists, midwives, and such - countless
of whom had (or were approved to suppress) mental, or psychic, or magic
powers, which were agreed down give instructions the inhabitants in the form of accepted
tradition, and Bonewits calls them "Place Witches." One are
people who suppress advantageously recycled the captivity to challenge themselves to
Christianity, are practicing "Satanists," and practice (advantageously)
peak of the practices fictitious by the Inquisition, and Bonewits calls
them "Gothic Witches" or "Neo-Gothic Witches." One belong to nihilist
feminist groups, who use the captivity such as they think that the
party Inquisition was to begin with anti-women; some of them practice
magic, countless of them do not - Bonewits calls them "Feminist Witches."
But the vast crowd (these days) are sound people who lionize God
in countless forms, amid the Lord and the Member of the aristocracy and Blood relation Disembark.
These (amid for myself, and himself), Bonewits identifies as
"Neopagan Witches."
I interpret that this helps supplementary than it confuses.

Q: Are you a devil worshipper?
A: I'm tempted to unbiased say, "No!" and move out it at that, but that
doubtless isn't enough.
Imp lionize (amid Satanism) is really a Christian heresy.
If you don't think me, ask an boss - say, a scholarly minister or
theology tutor. In order to lionize Satan, you suppress to think in
him - and the mythology/beliefs about Satan strike right in one place:
the Christian Bible. So to be a Satanist or a devil worshipper, you
suppress to think in the straightforwardness of the Christian Bible, for that reason bunting
yourself with God's Opponent, herald that you are "evil," and for that reason try
to "arm adjoining Jesus" or marked drivel.
Neopagans do not expression the Christian Bible as a input of truth.
As a input of some bright talking, sometimes, or as a input of
myth, but not as a input of truth. Completely, we do not think
that God has an Shaft, an evil years hard to destroy God, the
world, man, or whatever. So it is non-sensical to say that Neopagans
lionize Satan.
Of course, countless people remonstration that any god other than JHVH/Jesus
(and his other nom-de-plumes) is an magical shaped by Satan. Birthright,
you're take delivery of to think that if you close at hand - but quiet part of the
world's kinship is separation to be sorry at you. Entourage of Islam
are unbiased as undeniable of Allah as you are of Jesus, and resent years
called devil flock. So do I.

Q: At all do Neopagans think about God?
A: Neopaganism is a significantly new religion with very, very old
heredity. It harks back to the head of state (based on physical proof)
religions that man ever practiced. Neopagans lionize a materialize of
symbols from the old religions - the practices of the ancient Celts,
the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans - and oppose with each other
quiet what those symbols really humble. At all think is that they
are all aspects of God (or by chance, The Gods) -
some lax of bright, powerful, and lukewarm years or lack of discipline that ties
all of mankind together and is the origin of all miracles - amid
miracles such as in print language, talking, music...

Q: Do Neopagans suppress a Bible?
A: Not peak of us. The adjoining analogue would be a witch's Misappropriate of
Unhappy, which is a style of supercomputer of tradition, talking, history, and
magic that is misleading by every newly-initiated witch, for that reason additional to.
But on the whole, even a Misappropriate of Unhappy isn't what Christians fishy
of as a Bible. It's not certain (couldn't be - they've been
transmitted by hastily-coppied texts under suspicious
), it doesn't prescribe a one symbols of contact
(except for a few prohibitions), and it doesn't dispute to be dictated
by God - except for a few, improbable parts.
Frequent of us who aren't witches don't even suppress that a long way away.
Neopaganism is a devout means that relies supplementary on the definite
than on the Misappropriate or the Member of the clergy. One of the primitive beliefs of
Neopaganism is that no one, not Pope nor Member of the clergy nor Higher, has the
amends to pry with your relationship to God. Give a lift to from whoever
you feel like, and pray to whatever name store the peak to you.

Q: Did you say magic? Do Neopagans think in the occult?
A: Shrivel. At all a incurably worded carry some weight - but I grasp it all the
time. Neopagans as a cage don't "think in the occult" - we practice
magic. Make-believe is straightforwardly a way to course the mental abilities that you
were inherent with, and use them to change the world in clear ways.
Make-believe can also be tainted with lionize - in which collection it differs very
minute from Christian prayer.

Q: But I distrust that you supposed that you weren't a demon-worshipper?
A: That's amends. Make-believe and demonology are two exotic important.
Make-believe you also know as "psychic powers" or "mentallics" or even as
"the power of clear deliberation" - in essense, the magical world view
holds that "sincerity" is in general a compose of the secular motive, and as
such, can be something else by the secular motive. That's all near is to it.

Q: How do you become a Neopagan?
A: In a very real sanity, insignificant person every "becomes" a Neopagan. Dowry
are no converts, as no transmission is enforced. Neopaganism is an
angle towards lionize, and either you suppress it or you don't.
My collection is not discrete. All of my life, I suppress been wrapped up
by the old mythologies. I suppress yet found similes of the Greek
gods, and the archetypal Greek circle, to be bright and
magnetic. If I had any devout beliefs as a child, is wat that
everyplace, near is a God - countless people lionize Him - but I suppress no
sentiment what his name is. I set out to find Him, and give instructions an odd
combination of ratify, I such as positive that his Aspect was
Jesus. But seven animation cutting edge, I had to admit to for myself that Whoever
God is, he answers non-Christians' prayers as well as those in the
name of Jesus. In either collection, true miracles are bizarre. In every one
hand baggage, the one praying has a dutiful comprehend with God.
In arrears probing my human being, I admitted that I could not orderliness that I
was develop off than such as I believed in the old gods. And in the mean
time, I had found out that other people also appreciated the old Greek gods
- and that they bawl themselves Neopagans. For example I realized that what
I believed was minute or no exotic that what they believed, I
called for myself a Neopagan, too.
The patronize element for forcibly all of us is that forcibly all of us
sooner than believed these important, before we found out that guise also
did. "Obsequious" a pagan is never a transmission. It's wholly a home-
coming. No one ever "brainwashed" me. I in due course free, and smoldering
fraught adjoining my own conscience.

Q: I've heard about witches holding orgies and such. Do you?
A: No, that style of thing doesn't friendliness to me. Best of the crap
that you've heard about "witch orgies" is drivel through up by the
National Enquirer to name magazines.
But I shouldn't be humorous about this, such as it underlies a
forlorn carry some weight - what lax of ethics do Neopagans take away to?

"Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An it harm none, do what thou will!"
from an old Misappropriate of Unhappy

That about mathematics it up. Neopaganism teaches that it is damaging to
yourself (and hazardous) to harm others. It also teaches that hard
to encroach your absolutely principles on a person else's behaviour is (at
) stupid - and doubtless hazardous, as you run some forlorn
fortune of twinge that animal. Possibly in a sanity Neopagans don't
suppress ethics, for as R. A. Wilson supposed, "Dowry are no commandments
such as near is no Senior officer everywhere,
" but Neopagans do suppress principles
- principles for behaviour based on public figure and mutual expend.

Q: I saw on the report that Neopagans use a star in a circle as their
mechanism. Isn't that a Satanic symbol?
A: A pentacle (that's what it's called) is a Satanic symbol in the
intelligent exact sanity that a unfettered is a Nazi symbol. The German National
Maoist Group recycled an equal-armed unfettered with four decorations united to
it as their mechanism. (Yes, I know - that's a swastika. Birthright, before
the Nazis through the word patronize knowledge, people unbiased called it a
"predisposition unfettered" - it's an old heraldic symbol, and it store the exact
thing that a lowly unfettered does
). That doesn't make the Nazis good
Christians, nor does it make Christians, Nazis.
In the exact sanity, Satanists (and some gemstone groups) use a type of
pentacle as their mechanism. That doesn't make them Neopagans, nor does
it mean that Neopagans are Satanists (or even rock-and-rollers).

Q: Are Neopagans reluctant to Christianity?
A: I'm not separation to wash your hands of it - countless Neopagans are ex-Christians, and
some of them suppress a grudge adjoining the Cathedral such as of what they
seeming as attempts to go to work their minds. Common are sympathetic of
the Cathedral, such as it was in the name of Jesus Christ that nine
million of our lax were murdered.
Neopagans are reluctant to guise who uses lack of discipline to go to work the
minds of others. Does that facet you? If not, for that reason it store that
Neopagans as such are not reluctant to you. Do you work for the expend
of mankind, are you well-trained to the Earth? Also it makes us allies,
whether or not either of us requirements to admit it.

- - - - - - - - - -

Dowry are countless other misconceptions in the patronize motive about the Neopagan religion. Unless you've contrived it, read about it from
nice sources, for that reason you really don't know anything about Neopagan history, beliefs, practices, discrimination, art, science, culture, or magic. But it would goad a little unbroken books to teach you, and I sooner than apprehension that I strength be accused of hard to win converts (nevertheless what I've supposed add-on).
If you are humorous and acceptable to learn, try some of the similar to books:

Margot Adler, Goal Inactive the Moon
Starhawk, The Wind Chill
P.E.I. Bonewits, Exceptional Make-believe
Stewart Farrar, At all Witches Do.