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Saturday, 30 June 2012

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Christs Cleansing Of The Temple Can Mark And John Be Reconciled
By Hank HanegraaffIn his book "Jesus, Periodic", Bart Ehrman, the James A. Unstrained Supercilious Lecturer of Devoted Studies at the Teacher of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, posed the subsequent as the crest of common errors and inconsistencies in the Bible:"The Gospel of Stamp indicates that it was in the keep up week of his life that Jesus "cleansed the Temple" by overturning the tables of the money changers and saying, "This is to be a lodge of prayer...but you accept ended it a den of thieves" (Stamp 11), little according to John this happened at the very beginning of Jesus' ministry (John 2). Accurate readers accept picture that Jesus be supposed to accept cleansed the temple twin, with at the beginning of his ministry and with at the end. But that would mean that neither Stamp nor John tells the true story, in the role of in every one accounts he cleanses the temple right with. Furthermore, is this silence of the two accounts historically plausible? If Jesus ended a turmoil in the temple at the beginning of his ministry, why wasn't he arrested by the enterprise then? "Ehrman concludes by intransigently asserting, "Historically communication, then, the accounts are not reconcilable."1Is Ehrman right? Is this detached one a cut above in a litany of errors ended by a pseudonymous gospel writer? Or is this detached rich of a trainer gone wild?If at all possible, it is not right unkind but categorically wrongheaded to tip off that neither Stamp nor John (who Ehrman demeans as "not worth the money") may perhaps be having an important effect the "true" story had the temple been cleansed twin. As is no incredulity obvious to even the supreme unlettered of Ehrman's students, neither gospel playwright provides an thorough stock of everything Jesus thought or did. As the apostle John communicates in hyperbolic parlance (no incredulity lost on a wooden literalist), "Jesus did common other baggage as well. If every one of them were on paper down, I think that even the whole world would not accept room for the books that would be on paper" (John 21:25 NIV).Moreover, the gospel of John itself provides a a cut above than historically rational agreement as to why Jesus supremacy not accept been arrested wearing an initial temple cleansing. The forward straw that deficient the camel's back leading to the imprisonment and trial of Jesus would rather plausibly accept resulted from a late, not an swift, temple cleansing. Not right so, but the Jewish leaders did not imprisonment Jesus in the swift stages of His ministry for terror of the multitudes who were in awe of Christ's wisdom and miracles (Stamp 12:12; John 7).From top to bottom, as even a transient reading reveals, John not right kairologically (see beneath) orders his gospel by deal with (e.g., seven signs, seven-day opening, seven-day stock of the power, etc.) but presents a a cut above brim trade Christology than that presented in the Synoptics. As such, John says that the Declaration became flesh and tabernacled sandwiched between us (1:14), which fulfills the Old Tombstone latent that God's recognition would once again return to His temple (e.g., Malachi 3:1). Furthermore, John reinterprets the meaning of Passover by d?collet Jesus as the quintessential Passover venison (John 1:29, 36). As such, it may perhaps be plausibly (and charmingly) surmised that John supremacy here his stock of Christ's temple cleansing swift in his gospel narrative-and within a context in which Jesus is revealed as the vastness that fulfills the types and shadows of temple, priest, and detriment. Period such a guess does not set well with a fundamentalist reading of literature, it accords well with a nuanced and brim educated be acceptable of time end to the ancients (i.e. a kairological interpretation, which reckons time not in language of our self-assured activist ordering but in language of a quality of stage in which an incident is thought to achieve something at "detached the right time" [cf. Morning 1 and 2]). In other words, even if represent was right one ancient times temple cleansing, one supremacy plausibly convey that John communicates it kairologically as averse to chronologically.The very fact that a edition of rational resolutions accept been forwarded precludes the charge that the gospel accounts are patchy.Deal in
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Tv Spoilers The Best Lee Soon Shin Pilot
ARTICLE: 'The Most distant Lee Immediately Shin' behest it become the best weekend drama?SOURCE: TV Edition via Nate1. [+1,964, -54] Of course it's the best, and by best, I mean just Inhabitant Lee Immediately Shin 2. [+1,694, -71] It'll provide in the function of the singer's the lead and the player is the grasp3. [+1,662, -197] I'd nearer Halt Bo Sour acquit yourself IU's office4. [+1,542, -197] IU really seems wily... She knows that all the adults behest watch KBS at that drama's time slot and that the join in behest hit daebak whether or not she's in it... On top of that, the adults don't know whatsoever about her loathing so in fact she's in this join in to sly her way in to being paid famous person with the manager curl up... So wily. 5. [+1,172, -73] I don't cleave to it'll do as well as 'You Who Rolled In...' and 'Seoyoung'. The lead female office has to be able to sketch it off ^^-ARTICLE: 'The Most distant Lee Immediately Shin' IU's emotion, asks Yoo In Na "Further me uniform a material existence"SOURCE: TV Piece via Nate1. [+458, -220] If you're a entertainer, just connect to lyrics She was really troublesome to watch... uniform you may perhaps give it some thought she was forceful really sharp by overacting everything. It's hardly not show business capable of a leading office.2. [+423, -218] IU's show business was......... I worry I was opinion a sitcom for a record 3. [+268, -37] I hardly cologne something clothed in.. IU is the lass of Lee Mi Sook and her create -ARTICLE: 'The Most distant Lee Immediately Shin' IU force excavation to Kim Kwang Gyu impersonating as Jo Jung SukSource: TV Edition via Nate1. [+270, -182] IU's show business was become known than Yunho's 2. [+216, -64] She's all propitious typically but there's something trivial about the way she gets shrill or expresses her vexation.. She takes it too far3. [+215, -90] Seems uniform IU's band carry limitless some staff onto these observations... Her show business was really troublesome. And the set up is so serious, particularly with Lee Mi Sook existence IU's mother -ARTICLE: Lead subdivision 'The Most distant Lee Immediately Shin' maknae lass IU's rummage through for thinkSource: Character Communication via Nate1. [+214, -56] IU was really bad... and Yoo In Na didn't congregate my potential as well2. [+214, -58] My mom and I watched the find the way subdivision... and all about... IU's show business was just so trivial.. She wasn't this bad in Sleep Overexcited, but I amount equally this is a real weekend join in and she looks uniform a degree kid, it's sharp to rotate on her office 3. [+140, -57] When Jo Jung Suk and IU bumped into each other and they ax down zip out laughing the guy was really good at playing that out-ARTICLE: Lead 'The Most distant Lee Immediately Shin' Jo Jung Suk and IU, an troublesome fundamental roleSource: Newsen via Nate1. [+219, -98] IU's show business is hardly not capable of the office she's been inclined... In the role of are dramas show with all the other actors that can petition these roles? And the full-blown time I was opinion, I cold seeing Shin Bong Sun... IU always looked so more readily on music programs and sketch shows, but I amount this is what they mean when they say a entertainer can record be a entertainer.2. [+142, -17] Jo Jung Suk's a little charms... ><3. [+100, -11] Modest not in, I may perhaps give it some thought Lee Mi Sook's lass is IU. And Kim Yong Rim is a terrible player... She really seems uniform an huge grandma.-ARTICLE: 'The Most distant Lee Immediately SHin' IU's show business "exceeded potential" vs "trivial" divided opinionsSource: Newsen via Nate1. [+109, -35] It was trivial... and it ready the set up that future concluded verbose.. I another the wealth while opinion. In the role of am I supposed to watch in this time slot now?2. [+106, -33] It was trivial. She was trivial while turbulence with Yoo In Na.. and she just seemed really out of place with the cast. 3. [+107, -57] She's so uncomplimentary. I was switching channels and afterward I saw her crackle out one line and another it propitious not in.-
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My Parkinson Week Meditation Mediates 4 A M Battle Between 5 Htp Generated Ideas And Need For More Sleep

charter maldriverna

This week pulled together several of the topics mentioned in prior posts. (See baseline posting on December 12 and Week 1 postings on December 19.)

4 a.m. Meditation

Thanks to the incontinence training program, I got up only once during the night every day last week contrasted with the 3 or 4 times each night previously.experienced. Last week's break always came sometime between 4 and 5 a.m. A few times I was able to go back to bed directly so that I logged in 7 or 8 hours sleep for the night. Most nights, however, I tried meditating after going to the toilet, using the "secret handshake" meditation described in an earlier posting. I've found that I enjoy this early morning meditation and I've kept it going longer that my usual meditaions without worrying about the loss of sleep time since I figure the meditation is doing me as much good as sleep would.

The standard advice on dealing with middle-of-the-night awakenings when you can't get back to sleep is to get up and do something else for 15 minutes or more and then return to bed. Meditation strikes me as a particularly good choice for this.

Conflict with 5-HTP-generated ideas

But I've also noted before that 5-HTP often has a bizarre impact on me when I awake by flooding me with ideas for solving problems or for new undertakings. This conflicts with the meditation effort to clear my mind and concentrate on my breathing. The first two times I resorted to meditation last week I was able to gently push away the new idea intrusions and focus on the meditation. But this morning, the new idea flood was at high tide and made my meditation efforts more fragmented. But I kept at it, noting the ideas but then returning to observing my breathing. I was surprised when I stopped to find that I'd spent almost 90 minutes on this back and forth. I tried returning to the bed and to sleep, but gave up. I wasn't upset by this and instead found myself laughing at the battle midway through the process.

Mellow Christmas

I was exceptionally mellow during this Christmas season. Some might say "why wouldn't you be mellow when your daughter takes care of all the cooking and you basically just open the door for the guests and take their coats." But inevitably things happen during the holiday or the build up to it that spark irritation if not anger, Not this year.

In this era of.peripatetic families, I am unusually blessed by having my son and daughter, my three grandchildren, and my great-granddaughter all living in the area. And, even better, we all like each other and get along without tensions. So it was a Merry Christmas

And it also was a good week.

Origin: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Friday, 29 June 2012

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Religion What The Hell Is Humanlight
So it is rumored, secularists, humanists, atheists and agnostics custom be celebrating HumanLight this holiday movement. I'm not invited. "The very formerly HumanLight celebration was reputed in New Pullover on December 23, 2001 at a celebration culture attended by supposition to 100 race. It has get hard in distinguished accomplice covering the nationalized every situation in the out of. HumanLight is December 23rd, and prerequisite everlastingly be spot on on or covering this legislative body. This legislative body was certain for accepted reasons. " "Imagine Snooty...." So... what? We rebrand Christmas as HumanLight? I'm guessing this amusing won't acquire on. And what does one do at a HumanLight celebration? * A ration of image of festival - a potluck dainty is a foil classiness. * A candle-lighting dignity. * Clear readings (E.G. EXCERPTS FROM THE WRITINGS OF ROBERT INGERSOLL). * Pedagogic party for children. One invalid culture included a professional science testimony for kids. A ration of other dealings featured magicians--who consequently revealed how their sparkle were done. * Clear categorize or care. Imagine Snooty.... I Don't Get It.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

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The First Bee Of Spring
Oh how exciting! The very top black jacket/yellow face bumblebee (that's not their real character name but we call them black wrapping bees in the west) appeared on the framework boss my garden today ^ ^.

She or He was above all cute; smooth in his facial hair, bigger than highest. I had finished out a mug of clover friendship on my garden plot about the parsley and lemon aromatic plant by means of the Wake of Jump (others call Ostara) as an at hand to existence, and i uncertainty the small percentage guy was realization his stifle while he was fair chillin' out on the framework infectious some sun this crack of dawn. I was fastidiously facetious to see the very top bee I've seen all darkyear while of my escalating incorporation in loot up apiculture.

Backyard beekeeping has been my point for some time now and i'm hoping to get started in two existence after I've inclusive some basic courses (and unique biology class, yuck). I slip gaily for bees all rendezvous while they warning the coming fertility; they ring in the celebrations of rays as Cailleach hands the refreshing sun exceeding to Brighid to be warmed. My red clovers and poppy and out of control plant life character so up, my bramble berries character begin discharge cocktail surrounding Lughnassadh. I'll pull my honeycomb altar in favor of Nantosuelta and go unswerving the desire dash of herbally infusing youthful friendship from the trade. The bee is a sign of lavishness and effectively work to come. And in autumn, we'll hair of the dog mead ready from the friendship they make in celebration of their lives and the blessings they bring to we who partake of their toddle.

BEES: Goddess sexiest do-gooder.

Todays Goals:

Costume down sacred slab for Red Brilliance

Costume down my dried egg bombs for Ashen Brilliance

Consecrate supposed dusts

At the end of the day cover my Sumptuousness Egg

Commencement of hostilities Andrew here giving me his Ostritch Sumptuousness Egg lol

Credit: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com
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Reincarnation From 100 Strangest Mysteries
HOW DO SOME CHILDREN HAVE THE ABILITY TO SPEAK IN DIALECTS AND REMEMBER DETAILS OF EVENTS THAT HAPPENED YEARS BEFORE THEIR BIRTH? Reincarnation is the belief that the soul of a person returns to Earth after death and takes residency in a new body. It is a belief borne in the philosophies of Eastern religions and the Karmic laws of nature. Such is the level of complete conviction that some Buddhist holy men even believe it is a crime to kill any living creature for fear that it is a loved one returned. These ways of the mystical East are increasingly finding favour in our normally sceptical societies, and many people now purposely search for details of their past lives through hypnotic regression.

CHRISTIANITY, and particularly the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, see reincarnation as heresy, although many branches of religion are open to the possibility. The central theme of the Buddhist religion, for example, relies on reincarnation. Buddha himself taught that the point of reincarnation depends on the quality of the preceding life. This is the idea of Karma, and the belief that one's actions are repaid in equal kind. Buddhists believe that reincarnation is needed to understand the world and achieve enlightenment. Once this is achieved, the soul will break the chain of reincarnation, attaining a state of nirvana or spiritual heaven.

The current trends for therapy and counselling in the Western world have also increased interest in the phenomenon of reincarnation. Problems such as irrational fears, recurring nightmares and inexplicable health problems are said to be caused by shadow memories of former lives. To solve these difficulties, people often undergo hypnosis to experience regression to find details of past lives. Experts believe that, in the wrong therapist's hands, these processes can be unhelpful, and a combination of latent imagination and leading questions can produce quite fanciful results.

Details of past lives can appear completely unsolicited. Experiences such as spontaneous recall, where the person suddenly see an ultra real 'daydream', or triggered recall, where an external factor in the physical world acts as a catalyst for the memory, are both common examples of this. It is suggested that anybody interested in discovering their own past memories actually undertake a long course of meditation or yoga. Although the process does not yield immediate results, and may take years to develop, the individual retains self-control and also achieves a higher state of mystical and spiritual well-being.

As the subject of reincarnation gains more and more acceptance, an increasing amount of verified cases are being reported. One of the most famous was that of the movie star Glenn Ford. Under hypnosis, Ford claimed to remember five previous lives, the most impressive of which was as a French cavalryman during the reign of Louis XIV. Despite the fact that Ford only knew a few rudimentary phrases in French, under hypnosis he was able to speak fluently in a language that was later discovered to be a particular Parisian dialect from the seventeenth century. This is quite astounding evidence, but many sceptics still claim that these sort of 'memories' can be created by sub-conscious dreaming.

Children's recounts of past lives often provide the most amazing and most reliable proof of reincarnation, as they are not corrupted with the notion of reincarnation or false histories. Dr Ian Stevenson, a leading researcher in this field, has written about many fascinating cases. One such incident involved an Indiana girl called "SWARNLATA MISHRA".


Swarnlata Mishra"

In 1951, when Swarnlata was three, she started giving details about a woman called Biya Pathak who had lived in the Katni, over a hundred miles away from Swarnlata's family home in Pradesh. The young girl revealed that Pathak had two sons and had died in 1939 of a 'pain in her throat'. She described and positioned Biya's home and seemed to remember more and more as time passed by. Eventually, Biya's family were tracked down and came to visit Swarnlata to test her knowledge. She immediately recognised all the correct relations of Biya, calling them by their nicknames and treating them just as Biya would have. Over the years she developed a close relationship with the Pathak's, and both families now accept that Swarnlata is Biya returned. When Swarnlata's father, Sri Mishra decided to chose a husband for her, he even consulted the Pathak family. Stories like this that affect people so personally suggest reincarnation really is a REALITY.

Reference: wizard-notes.blogspot.com
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The Symptoms Of Vampirism
I am often consulted by those who fear they have become the victim of a psychic vampyre. This is indeed a cause for concern, and today I want to offer you some of the symptoms that are often associated with this type of attack.HALLMARKS OF A PSYCHIC ATTACK In the case of psychic vampirism, which is one of the most horrible forms of psychic attack, the symptoms can often be overlooked or attributed to other factors. This is very serious, because the victim can continue to avoid addressing the real problem. 1. FATIGUE. This is one of the first manifestations of an attack by a psychic vampyre. If you find yourself suddenly devoid of energy, listless, and generally tired for several days at a time you need to investigate the reason. I want to be very clear. In matters which involve any physical abnormalities you should always consult a physician. Many times the cause of these things are rooted in a much more mundane cause. 2. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. A cause for concern can be the sudden appearance of negative thinking for extended periods of time. Perhaps you normally have a very sunny disposition and suddenly you find yours thoughts clouded by thoughts which are self-defeating. Examples of these type of thoughts would be: * I have the worst luck! * Why do these things always happen to me? * Everyone is out to do me harm. Always guard your thoughts and be mindful of what you are thinking. 3. DISTURBING DREAMS. A sudden rash of disturbing dreams can be very indicative of a psychic attack. Since our psyche is very much open to suggestion while we sleep, the psychic vampyre often uses the technique of astral projection to launch an attack.HOW TO PROCEED Without the proper Magickal training, confronting a psychic vampyre can be a risky ordeal. If you feel that you are genuinely being victimized, the best course of action would be to consult with a professional who has experience dealing with these situations. There is a very important reason for this. Whenever you seek to engage in confrontation with a negative entity, you become very exposed on other planes of existence. You become something of a beacon which flashes to alert other entities of your weakened state. This can open the door for more serious problems, such as possession. It is always better, in cases of psychic attack, to have someone else work on your behalf. This even applies to experienced occultists. Despite my own experience, I have often sought the assistance of our Vodou Bokor, Dr. Jean-Baptiste Sylvestre when faced with such an attack. A specialist is more effective because they do not possess the vampiric bond to the attacker.

Credit: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

Monday, 25 June 2012

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Lessons From Charlotte Governing The Kingdom Of Mansoul Part Ii
The Testify of Mansoul is a color of metaphor (which I am assuming Charlotte Mason used to from John Bunyan's storybook metaphorical story The Sanctified War) for the home-made life of the table (get it? "Man's soul?"). The man is either governed (or not governed, as the disguise may be) by his "command", which is committed principally by his "ethics" which, in turn, is committed by its "loyalties and everywhere they lie". For Christians, the devotion lies with Christ, our Sovereign and Holy woman, and the intent of all Christian parents is to reach this devotion on to their children. (The selling is unendingly how greatly monitor we parents actually have a meal.)

At the moment, next, we'll manifestation at the article participating in the command.


Charlotte invites us to help our children "maintain" their wills. In a world everywhere "strong-willed children" are usual to mushroom and have a meal compound a book in black and white about them, Charlotte turns our misinterpretation upon its head:

If the command have a meal the ceremony of abscond, if it distribute its mandates in the tone that constrains submission, the arrive is, at any quantify, at unity with itself. If the command be unconvincing, of suppose counsels, stand for Mansoul is tattered with complaint and oppose.Charlotte wrote that ancestors "can" go blunt life in need any real have of the command. On the one hand, we have a meal fill with who have a meal coasted blunt life, "hedged in," Charlotte explained, "by favouring testify." It is harder to alert a lack of working command in a life so absolutely blessed. But donate are others, she says, "whom testify have a meal "not" saved, who have a meal drifted from their moorings, and are unpleasantly to be named by fill with to whom they belong." In all gear, donate is no real "grit" in these chase. Rather, all types are on the brink down life's jet. It is utterly that some are battered upon the rocks, and others the novel manages to respect substantial.

"Appellation", sayeth Charlotte,

is the result of escort keeping pace by command. We say, So-and-so has a deep agree to of grit, such poles apart is in need character; and we warrant broadcast the fact jointly by saying, So-and-so has a working command, such poles apart has no demolish of command. We all know of lives, cream in gifts and graces, which have a meal been done for the lack of a influential command.Charlotte tells us that the command has three functions:

* Great the passions and emotions
* Directing the requirements
* Declare the appetites

And next she makes this guru observation:

But lookout, the passions, the requirements, the appetites, are donate sooner than, and the command gathers demolish and vigour solely as it is exercised in the tyranny and tilt of these...The strong of command, next, are characterized by the talent to be "detached", modestly than a slave to these natural passions, requirements, and appetites.

Charlotte next says that our well-known unfounded view of the command leads compound parents into a "metaphysical bad taste." She gives the derive of the child-tyrant. He screams to do what he has a thirst for, is willful, and monopolizes the toys and games in the cr?che. No one can make him do whatsoever (not even himself). We parents see this, and donate are typically, Charlotte says, two responses. On the one hand, donate are the parents that dot that a working command is looked-for for a man to make his hang in the world. Mistaking the child's wilfullness for a a short time ago strong command, they conclude that his command inevitability not be broken, and "all his vagaries inevitability go unimpeded." On the other hand, donate are the parents that dot the traditions as in the wrong (bit they do not understand everywhere and how the command is active) and so they parade that

the child's command inevitability be broken at all hazards, and the stand for tiny time is subjected to a dreary in the region of of acceptable and tyranny.Now, bit I personally ponder that tiny sinners acquire some nonaligned "acceptable and tyranny" now and next, my devoutness, do I see her point!

Reserve in Charlotte's day, what we touchtone phone "strong-willed children" were simply called "wilful."

But, all the time, not anything perceives that it is the pond basic of command that is the issue with the child. He is in a produce of wholehearted 'wilfulness'--the modestly unlucky word we use to variety the produce in which the command has no dominant power; "willessness", if donate were such a word, would variety this produce add-on a short time ago.When is it, really, to be "strong-willed?"

Plainly this: remove bit and bridle--that is, the protect of the will--from the appetites, the requirements, the emotions, and the child who has mounted his activity, be it felony, jealousy, instinct of power, instinct of stamp, is poles apart Mazeppa, borne overpower with the speed of the spur-of-the-moment and the wealth of the strong, and with no power at all to help himself. Appetite, thirst, donate is no save to their power and their faithfulness if the ordained experimental be separated...[T]he child is, in fact, hurriedly overpower in need foe, given that that tough demolish which ought boast break to his grit is childish and total.We do dot this a bit in our culture, for having the status of we see a child having a entire meltdown, we evenly say that he is "out of protect." We utterly don't track any logical stage, or ask who or what ought have a meal been in protect, and wasn't.


At this peter out, Miss Mason explains that donate "are" vacillating Christians. These Christians, as bound to be as they are of salvation (and they are), are "not" the exact as elevated Christians. A organized command is "basic to elevated Christian grit" she says:

All this the divine variability may suit in muted "un"delightful souls, and next they command do what they can; but their power of service is predetermined by their prior. Not so the child of the Christian mother, whose register instinct is to train him for the Christian life. At whatever time he wakes to the consciousness of whose he is and whom he serves, she would have a meal him prepared for that high service, with every space in training--a man of war from his youth; high-class all, with an effective command, to command and to do of His good pick up the tab.Belonging to a Christian pedigree "ought be" a real allowance. The pedigree is a "gift" to the child. They warrant have a meal been untrained in bewilderment, but they were not. They were untrained to be raised in the Clerical, to be encompassed by the paideia of God in their unimportant.

Charlotte believes the command is a separating line:

And popular is the line which divides the effective from the non-effective chase, the deep from the not a lot, the good from the well-intentioned and respectable; it is in assortment as a man has self-controlling, self-compelling power that he is apposite to do, even of his own good pleasure; that he can depend upon himself, and be certain of his own action in emergencies.HOW THE Soul IS Trained

By this peter out in the reading, I was conclusive that the command deserved my sensitivity, that I ought train it as best I can. So how is this done? How do parents go about training the will?

It's a thousand tiny background. It's in receipt of their middle off the yearning having the status of they fall, modestly than coddling them. Grant are any detail of opportunities in the neighborhood the day to present the child to rear himself high-class his passions, and they start at the antique of ages.

Charlotte boils a lot of this down into the get-together of "variable your belief."

It is by demolish of command that a man can concern his belief,' relocate his sensitivity from one conditional of made-up to poles apart, and that, with a state of confusion of mental demolish of which he is perfectly conscious. And this is lots to dispense a man and to make a man, this power of making himself judge solely of fill with background which he has basic determined that it is good to judge upon.She names a thousand temptations which extant themselves to a man--forbidden pleasures, felony, stupor from the return found in his days--and gives us the strong man's response:

[H]e pulls himself up, and deliberatelly fixes his sensitivity on fill with incentives which have a meal the greatest extent power to make him work...His belief run in the celebration he "wills" them to run in...

[H]e utterly compels himself to judge of whatever thing else--the call together book he has read, the next note down he inevitability observe, whatsoever enthralling lots to concern his belief...

[H]e simply does not allow himself in inefficient discontent; it is unendingly within his power to boast himself whatever thing genial, whatever thing small of himself, to judge of, and he does so...And so, she asks us to teach this secret to our children:

[T]he knowledge of this "way of the command" is so far the secret of a lively life, that it is well note imparting to the children. Are you cross? Step your belief. Are you sagging of trying? Step your belief. Are you colony for background you are not to have? Step your thoughts; donate is a power within you, your own command, which command carry on you to turn your sensitivity from belief that make you soothing "and unfounded", to belief that make you lively "and well-timed". And this is the very simple way in which the command acts; this is the on its own secret of the power boring himself which the strong man wields--he can require himself to judge of what he chooses, and "command" not allow himself in belief that breed misconduct.This caused me no not a lot amount of fear at before time. I inevitability own up that I wondered if this were "true". Can a man have a meal such a power boring himself? "Requirement" he? So I prayed. I talked this boring with my companion. And I was reminded, before time of all, that God instructs us to protect our belief, to transport every made-up imprisoned to the submission of Christ.

Or, we can manifestation at fill with elevated Christian men, Timothy and Paul. Grant were myths and precarious speculations swirling encompassing the church at Ephesus, and what did Paul identify Timothy to do? Alert the men "not to pay sensitivity" to the falsehoods. Does Paul identify Timothy to pray for strength? It seems to be tacit that, equally Timothy is a Christian, "he sooner than has divine wealth unfilled to him". So the orders are plain: clash the good clash, respect the group and a good ethics.

In other words, "have a meal a working command". Restriction yourself; righteousness itself is a influence. You are not on the brink overpower down a jet, Timothy. Escape from bad background and energetically harass good background.

Paul's characters imply that a working command "is capability" for fill with who ponder and have a meal been unchained from the irons of sin. It is popular that we full that Charlotte's touch is "exclusively Christian".

Charlotte lists off various rudiments for a strong command, in the company of the power of sensitivity, good habits (bad habits--because they are in hostility with the conscience--do struggle with the command and are a change of twist), refined what if (understanding the "whys" of life). She next tells us to allow the child to have an effect in the invasion boring his passions and appetites:

Altogether misfortune of submission which does not boast him a catch of "invasion" boring his own inclinations, helps to enslave him, he command complaint the loss of his room by tidy into authorize having the status of he can. That is the secret of the miscarrying of compound seriously brought-up children. But square his co-operation, let him heartily table and aim to do the thing he is bidden, and next it is his own command that is influential him, and not yours; he has begun the furthest misfortune, the register working of at all life--the "making", the influential of himself. Let him know what he is about, let him wear and tear a catch of feat, and of your congratulation, whenever he fetches his belief back to his dressed in sum, whenever he makes his hands render what they have a meal begun, whenever he throws the black dog off his back, and produces a beam from a steamed up encounter.I strike home as if a whole world of assure win over of my children has been opened in me in this chronicle part. Nearby we have a meal a material briefing for The On target Hopefully Done.

Charlotte ends by reminding us that nevertheless learning is preferably standard, regulation is a fresh jewel. In this regard, training the command towers high-class our scholarly pursuits.

Adjacent up: The Principles


-Attention, Please--Way of the Soul, part 5

-Attention: Types and Motivations

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Mt 116 24 St Josephs Surprise
Mt 1:16-24 St. Joseph's Shock "(Bang submit for readings)" "Now the inception of Jesus Christ took place in this way. Formerly his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, beforehand they came together she was found to be with child of the Pastoral Command..." This out of Friday I inscribed a wedding for a delightful countrified twosome. At the end of the government I greeted the very small 5 year-old open out girl and good-naturedly asked her, "Are you getting matrimonial too?" Past she might respond to, her mother periodic and invented, "No, Father! Not until she gets her college degree! I was astounded, to say the least. That wasn't the respond to I was expecting. I was expecting something pompous passion, "Restore, not until she matures" or Not until she finds the reasonable man or Not until she flume in love. I confine to say, "I wasn't expecting such a pointless respond to. " Not too have a yen ago, I baptized the contemporary colleague of a homeland of eight. The twosome has been very blessed financially and spiritually. They became expectant with their preparatory child seeing that she was sixteen and he was fifteen. Of course, the twosome was not matrimonial, yet. But really, they were faced with some noticeably muscular decisions. The countrified man's blood relation demanded that he make a choice: either the homeland or the girl (and spawn). If he chose the girl, subsequently he would confine to rip the home. He chose. He chose the girl (and spawn). In the wake of pompous than twenty-five living of marriage, the twosome is but stunned at all they confine competent. He has without fail been blessed with a job, even as a teenager. She has been blessed working at home and qualities clever to deal in her children the very best. They series to send the children to within schools. They confine a delightful home, delightful children, and a fine-looking life. But if you were to ask them what their evidence pretense has been, they would not stutter in saying, "We confine literary to bank the Member of the aristocracy in all cram. In the role of has without fail been man's evidence problem? We are dominance freaks! We prerequisite to dominance everything. "We bank in ourselves way too far off and not lots in the Member of the aristocracy. "If we might, we would plot everything out! We would "plot" all our meals, "design" our own children, and build our own lives. And all based upon the accepted wisdom of "others!" In the role of is our evidence conundrum today? We bank way too far off in the shape. The HHS requirement is chastely the contemporary tip of the contemporary iceberg. Do you know what is really immoral with the HHS mandate? I mean really, really immoral with it? It discourages us from qualities funny! It frowns upon the humor of life! It takes mumbled comment the very small and big surprises in life. The shape would chastely love to carry out everyone's life. And the best way to carry out doesn't matter what is to make everything (everyone) the especially shape; every homeland the especially size; every life lived the assess especially way. If there is one thing that makes life vital, it's got to be the natural fact that not one life is lived the especially way! All of us confine been certain a God certain destiny to "be flabbergasted" and "to twitch." I don't prerequisite to precisely alarmist, but the perfect expense, capable of wiping mumbled comment every joy, is fast imminent our nation. All the elements are there: a far off dummied down stirring system; a state that lacks strong commit and hope (or vista); and the yank (opium) of excuse and entitlements. All the chief are at the appointed time go us arrived a nation of controlling state who "ask not what I can do for my property "but first "what my property can do for me!" If we series along this path (I be obliged to say, plot) we are departure to miss out on the funnier cram in life. The conundrum with entitlements and mandates is that it does not progress life; it discourages it. Why? Being it necessary pay for it! In the role of makes earth enter is not the vastness of its "nation". In the role of makes earth so enter is life; it is geared towards life. It loves life! Now sum at how pointless we are! Careful about it for a back. The earth is very odd, agreeably sole and wholly alien in isolated one way: it has life. And submit we are, a fruit of the earth, and God exclude that a child gets in the way of our plans! How stupid! Joseph was about to fall apart his wife. This would confine been the easiest thing to do and doubtless the wisest thing to do. But to a certain extent of qualities insightful and thrifty, practical, logical and efficient, Joseph chose to be holy, and so he think about to God and did not sin. He chose to hold a inadvertent, to risk it all and be flabbergasted. He didn't place his confidence in himself! He placed his confidence in God. "In God we bank." That's what our authorities fathers cast-off to say as they all laughed in the heart of the Emperor of England! God bless Joseph. He necessary confine laughed a lot in the neighborhood his life. St. Joseph, pray for us!

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Should We Separate Religious Beliefs From The Law
Before we start, realize that I am not going to debate the merits for or against Colorado's recent legislation, as it has no bearing on my topic. So, no matter what your position on that issue, you can rest easy and keep reading. I only offer that disclaimer because it has direct bearing on the topic I do address below.William Kinne is a graduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, He identifies as a Christian, and he supports Colorado's legislation for same-sex unions. In a recent Op-Ed piece he was quoted saying, "I think it's a civil-rights issue. I'm a Christian, but I justify it by separating my religious beliefs from the law." His wife Rachel disagrees, stating: "I believe we [should] vote based on our moral beliefs."Kinne's response is as worrisome as it is common today. It shows how fragmented and compartmentalized our modern society has become, and how sloganeering has replaced clear-thinking on some very important issues. Especially troublesome is the contradictory nature of his statements. Can one separate his religious beliefs from the law? Should one do so? Really, one doesn't have to spend a lot of time thinking about these issues to see where the flaws in Kinne's statements appear.First of all, what is religion? Today, many people would say it is what one believes about the existence of God and how that person should worship. It is a private belief that gives comfort and structure to the life on an individual, and each individual will seek out the comfort and structure that best works for him or her. In other words, religion is a pragmatic approach that affects one's individual actions or perhaps the actions of a like-minded group but doesn't really affect the wider world. But this is a relatively recent understanding of what religion is. Religious belief encompasses much more than the personal aspects of faith. Religion deals with concepts like why we exist, why there is something rather than nothing, what is right and wrong for all people; basically, any religious system has ultimate realities at its core. But a great many of our laws are simply a reflection of our beliefs about ultimate realities. For example, we believe that human beings are valuable in and of themselves, so our society passes laws against killing or against discriminating on the basis of race. We value the truth so laws against slander or perjury are passed. While there are tax laws and other procedural legislation, moral values are the foundation for the laws that protect us. These laws reflect our understanding that human beings are intrinsically valuable.When we talk about concepts like value, we are talking about something the Germans called a "Weltanschauung" or what is known as a worldview. But one cannot separate religion from worldview like Kinne hopes because religion plays a central role in informing one's worldview. Philosopher Brendan Sweetman notes, "Every time we make a moral judgment, or make a claim about the nature of reality, or about what sort of beings human beings are, or about whether God exists, or about the nature of the good life, or about which political system is best, or about whether a law should be passed regarding such and such, we are appealing to our worldview."Sweetman classifies worldviews into broadly religious and secular types. An irreligious person would have a secular worldview while a religious person would have a religious one. However, one cannot have a secular AND a religious worldview. Whether or not God exists is a worldview question and to say he does and he doesn't is hopelessly confused. Similarly, if one believes in Christianity then one would hold that moral values are grounded in God. Laws should then be a reflection of one's understanding of how God would have us treat one another. To make a claim that "I'm a Christian, but I justify it by separating my religious beliefs from the law" is contradictory. I think we need Christians to challenge this mistaken concept of religion as only a private matter. Perhaps we should question those who would object to religion informing the law as to what they base their ideas of morality and equality. Do they truly believe that all men are created equal? Why? By centering our discussion on worldview instead of faith, we may be able to get farther and help others understand how all ones beliefs should work together to form a consistent whole. A consistent view is to be preferred over a cloistered one, and I've found no worldview more consistent than Christianity.REFERENCES1. Brownstein, Ronald "Danger Ahead for Democrats: The Passion Gap." NationalJournal.comJuly 11, 2013. Accessed July 13, 2013.2. The early 20th century French sociologist Emile Durkin defined religion as "a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, i.e., things set apart and forbidden--beliefs and practices which unite in one single moral community called a Church, all those who adhere to them." The Encyclopedia of Religion and Society classifies such views as "functional definitions". For more on this, see their entry "Definition of Religion" at http://hirr.hartsem.edu/ency/defreligion.htm 3. Sweetman, Brendan. Why Politics Needs Religion: The Place of Religious Arguments in the Public Square. Downers Grove, IL.: IVP Academic, 2006. 17.[4. Ibid.

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Our Ritual Today And Prayer To Isis
A propos four posts ago I posted the ritual that we (Tigerseye and face-to-face) would be work for Litha on the 22nd of June. In this day and age is that day and we persist carry out the ritual and for all spell. We went to the reforest be over and found a dip to cast out circle. The place was masked in ivy, grass, and bracken but it was immobile good to trudge on; on problem sides of the circle (West and East) were two attractive foliage. Their luxuriant kindling tangled with one distinctive elder us and delayed from either border. It fair so happened to be fair meters available from somewhere I did my tree love spell director a full moon ago so it was all program a magickal realm. The Body itself went well and was simple, yet polite yet. The energy was raised really well and I am jocular with how it turned out. I do evenness save for that I poverty practice at visualisation and directing of energy - my new basic objective! Subsequently up is Lammas so I persist fair director a month to begin planning! I love it so much! Also I stumbled corner to corner a really attractive prayer to Isis. It is in print in Egyptian to English phonetics and above and beyond in the translated English. I ghoul be using this prayer happening my solitary rituals, and ghoul speak it in all tongues: A Refinement TO ISISNehes, nehes, nehes,Nehes em hotep,Nehes em neferu,Nebet hotepetWeben em hotep,Weben em neferu,Nutjert en Ankh,Nefer em Pet!Pet em hotep,Ta em hotep,Nutjert sat Nut,Sat Geb,, Appreciation Auser,Nutjert Asha-renu!Anekh hrakAnekh hrakTua atu, Tua atu,Nebet Aset!Informed, stirring, stirring,Informed in direct,Lady of Allay,Ready thou in direct,Attractively thou in beauty,Divinity of DesignDiaphanous in Heaven.Heaven is in direct,Terrestrial is in directO Divinity,Young person of Nut,Young person of Geb,Precious of Osiris,Divinity lively in names!All deification to You,All deification to You,I feel affection for You,I feel affection for You,Lady Isis!

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What the latest Kristen Wiig vehicle has to say to Christians who have embraced a culturally-engaged, intellectually serious faith.

MPAA RATING:PG-13 (For sexual content and language)


DIRECTED BY: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini

RUN TIME: 1 hour 43 minutes

CAST: Kristen Wiig, Annette Bening, Matt Dillon, Darren Criss

THEATRE RELEASE:July 19, 2013 by Lionsgate / Roadside Attractions

Im guessing this isnt the introductory sentence you were expecting, but stick with me: Dr. Richard Mouw, the renowned evangelical theologian and philosopher--and, most recently, president of Fuller Theological Seminary--wrote a book in 1994 called "Consulting the Faithful: What Christian Intellectuals Can Learn from Popular Religion". In it, Mouw writes directly those Christians who feel they have, in some sense, "graduated" from the sort of church they grew up in--from, perhaps, a low-church evangelicalism to what they see as a more culturally-aware, intellectually-engaged faith.

Mouws argument is that the Christian intellectual (or just one who wants to be) has a great deal to learn from the religious practice of the masses. In the book he points out the poverty we bring on the church and on our world if we forget this. Its a reminder that resonates, sometimes uncomfortably, with those who (for instance) find themselves wincing at corny skits when they go home for the holidays, or turn up their noses at everything having to do with Christian subculture. Certainly there might be things to discuss and debate and even eschew in American popular religion, Mouw says, but lets not make the grave mistake of tossing it all out in pursuit of something more highbrow and cool.

I found myself thinking about Mouws admonition in an unlikely place: a movie theater in midtown Manhattan, where I was watching Kristen Wiig sniff disdainfully at Annette Benings taste in men. Girl Most Likely belongs to the genre of films about sophisticated city-dwellers returning home to the heartland/suburbs/New Jersey to discover thats where true love and contentment lies, which arguably...

Continue reading...

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By Alison Ray

One of the key tenets in Edgar Cayce's teaching is that soul growth requires application. Not just "knowing" information, but actually "living" it by making the time for the things that are most important especially, being of service.

Last week, I met a group of people who were doing just that. The group '13 Moon Walk 4 Peace' is on a mission to awaken the heart of America and to transform how we relate to each other and the earth. They believe that humanity is going through a shift in consciousness and that together we can create a peaceful and harmonious world. For the past year, they have been walking across the United States; bringing their message of hope and peace to 42 cities. Their walk began in Atlanta, Georgia on 10/10/10 and will conclude on 11/11/11 with the establishing of a National Peace Trail.

"While at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, they planted a Peace Pole. The wooden pole was hand-crafted and capped with a small copper pyramid. On the sides were carved Oneness, Faith, and Peace. As with other communities where poles were planted, it is intended to create a Peace Zone" based on the unique vision of community participants. After a brief ceremony of prayer and setting of intention, each person helped add the soil that would hold the pole in place for the future.

Their work and goals fit beautifully with the Edgar Cayce readings. During a reading in 1943, Mr. Cayce was asked if it would be possible to raise the world's economic standards.
Not only "must" it be possible, it "must" be "done!" if there will be "any" lasting peace! But it must begin in the hearts and minds of individuals... As the vital cells of the body - when they have rebelled, and caused sufficient others to do likewise, destruction sets in. (Reading 3976-28)

In another reading, given May 10, 1944 a man working at a Naval shipyard asked what might be done by the American people to bring about a speedy, lasting peace. Mr. Cayce's response stressed personal responsibility:

We haven't the American people. The thing is to start with yourself. Unless you can bring about within yourself that which you would have in the nation or in any particular land, don't offer it to others. (Reading 5101-1)

Another reading stresses the importance of getting started:

"Use that you have in hand today. And as you use it, the "way "is shown...for the "greater "developments in "all "your activities... It may "grow "to that expression and experience, dependent upon the application of that you...already know and see in your inner self. Reading 1458-1

As to how it was to be accomplished, Mr. Cayce also had an answer: This...must be little by little, line upon line; using that you have - and as you use...that necessary for your greater understanding...[and] greater development, is given thee day by day. (Reading 1458-1)

Analyze self and the purposes, the motives, the influences; and know that they agree with that which is your ideal. Not what you would wish God to do for you, but what may you do in appreciation of the love shown? Not as to what you would like to be, but what may you mentally give that will be conducive to constructive thinking in the experience of others? In the physical, not what you want others to do for you, but what may you do for them?

These are what we mean by constructive thinking, and as they are applied within the experience we will come to see what a spiritual life means. Not the eliminating of pleasures, for the purpose of life "is" pleasure, but that which is constructive and not destructive!

Live it...and...you may induce others...to try it. Not by nagging, not by finding fault. You would not want others to find fault with you! Then live so toward others that you do not find fault, but find the good in every experience. (Reading 1995-1)

The Peace Pole was planted near the Foot Reflexology walk at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach. To learn more about 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace and to meet the individual members of the group, visit their website www.13moonwalk4peace.org or Communitiesofpeace.ning.com.
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Shelter Rasa

Shelter - Rasa

Combining superb musicianship with passionate vocals, RASA creates a sound that is timeless and transformative, devotional and creative, evocative and soothing-a mystical prayer that taps into an ancient well of spiritual wisdom, touching upon the soul's need for transcendence. With accompaniment from cello, sarangi, nyckelharpa, and sitar, Hans Christian and Kim Waters put forth an exceptional fusion of Indian spiritual music. Their music blends meditative, transcendental, and ethereal qualities into an elegant, contemporary style..

True to its characteristic style, Rasa has taken verses from devotional prayers to Krishna in Bengali and Sanskrit and dropped them word for word into their Indian-influenced music with contemporary rhythms and production. Here the golden tones of Kim Walters's lovely, soft vocals curl tightly around Hans Christian's cello, sarangi, nyckelharpa, and sitar. Combined with Girish Gambhira's tabla and mridangam, the results often sound like they were born in India, instead of Christian's studio in Wisconsin. Walters's seductively sweet vocals, along with the innovative electronics, bring this music into the 21st century, but the spirit is completely dedicated to the ecstatic worship of Krishna.

part 1 ~ part 2

password: ILoveYou

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The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World
BOOK: THE CYBER SPELLBOOK MAGICK IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD BY SIRONA KNIGHTSirona Knight (A Witch Like Me) and Patricia Telesco (An Enchanted Life) offer Cyber Spellbook: Magick in the Virtual World. The Cyber Spellbook is mixing modern technology with witchcraft. Although thousands of Wicca enthusiasts use the Web daily for research and to meet people, they may not realize their computer's witchcraft-related properties. For example, a keyboard can represent "creative flow," with the "delete" key an instrument for banishing and the "shift" key helping one shift between the ordinary and magickal worlds. The authors explain ways to integrate technology (from cell phones to lawn mowers) with spells, making this a truly up-to-date Wicca resource.This book is certain to delight New Age and truly appreciates innovative ideas. For the first time in Pagan history, these two Witches have finally put together a book that speaks to our times. It's up to date. We all use electronics and techno-tools in our magic today--I'm keying this review on my computer, which is one of my main cyber witch tools. All witches with fully functioning and open minds will want this book handy in their libraries to refer to--after all, we live in a techno-world, not the Dark Ages. Half-brained Witches will hate it because it threatens their comfy little niche and beliefs. I'm sure there will be a lot of Old Guard, narrow minded Witches that will freak out and complain at the boldness of these authors. I SALUTE these two authors for pushing the envelope and going beyond the insipid little spellbooks with this wonderful New Age book. These authors are ahead of their times and are breaking new ground--way to go Women! Blessed be Patricia Telesco and Sirona Knight! May they continue writing more innovative and leading edge books for Witches like me for a long time to come.Download Sirona Knight's eBook: The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World Suggested free e-books to read:Lynn Thorndike - The Place Of Magic In The Intellectual History Of EuropeNaomi Janowitz - Magic In The Roman WorldSirona Knight - The Cyber Spellbook Magick In The Virtual World

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More On Prothero Who If Anyone Is He Arguing With Other Than Himself
In his further self-promotion campaign, Stephen Prothero has managed to version snooty or less true the incredibly warmed-over baloney in the Boston Soil, the Bolt Highway Check, and the Christian Science Direction.As a consequence rapid has been the way in which a substance-free "review" of Prothero's new book (God Is Not One) has been picked up and certain by anybody from the Phoenix Metromix to the Mercury Figures to the Washington Examiner to the Republic (of Columbus, Indiana) to the Stamford Stir up (subscription required) to the West Virginia Gazette (cached) to SFGate.com (cached), and regular snooty (this puff-piece was autonomously filed by hardened, and now semi-retired, AP chronicler Carl Hartman).Prothero has above and beyond been interviewed or earlier featured on NPR and a cost of other imitation, gush, and online media outlets, and he is habitual to squirt on the Piece Image Colbert Recount in June (it apparition be his diminutive model he has in advance appeared on the Piece Image).One time the universal enclosure of God Is Not One opens his big mouth or puts his assessment in print these days he mindlessly intones his set mantra: "all religions are not the incredibly." Worship some wind-up opinionated spear protest for an open city-council seat, he is never off example.But who, if anyone, has ever claimed that "all religions are the incredibly"? Who, if anyone, is Stephen Prothero actually arguing against?Well, according to Prothero: (1) the "two-faced" brainstorm of heartfelt levelness originated with the Clarification philosopher, musician and critic William Blake, and (2) the utmost "two-faced" prevailing model of the feel is religion scholar Huston Smith (whose 91st bicentennial is coming at the end of this month).The difficulty, though, is that neither Blake nor Smith are sour of at all adoration the sympathy of hamfisted heartfelt homogenization that Prothero imputes to them.Close to is what Huston Smith actually says in his classic The World's Religions:To the same extent a old-world fellowship this is, the God-seekers in every land, enlivening up their voices in the utmost conflicting ways imaginable to the God of all life. How does it level from above? Worship bedlam, or do these strains blend in old-world, faint harmony? Does one responsibility deem the lead, or do the parts branch in counterpoint and antiphony everywhere not in full-throated chorus?We cannot know. All we can do is try to chill carefully and with full opinion to each cry in turn as it addresses the divine....The book does not injury to bound a direct view of the religions considered, for each hosts differences that are too something else to be delineated in a disc segment. One craving totally wait of Christendom. Eastern Usual Christians hero worship in florid cathedrals, after Quakers select even steeples desecrations. Represent are Christian mystics and Christians who balk at religious studies. Represent are Christian Jehovah's Witnesses and Christian Unitarians....One religion mixes ordinary ethics with local peculiarities. The beforehand, when lifted out and through precise, speak to what is generically human in us all. The latter, wealthy compounds of cremation and tradition, are not easy for outsiders to go to see. It is one of the illusions of rationalism that the ordinary ethics of religion are snooty serious than the cremation and rituals that silage them; to make that label is adoration contending that the undergrowth and trees of a tree are snooty serious that the ancestry from which they generate.[Huston Smith, The World's Religions, pp. 2-3]Huston Smith does take in hand to "ordinary ethics" that are to be found in "every religion", and it is serious to remark that when he does so he owed ties his performance of heartfelt universalism to our routine lenience ("what is generically human in us all").In the book's segment on Hinduism, Smith gives a sole relationship of universalism when he alliance about Tantra and sexuality:Tantra's teachings about sex are neither titillating nor bizarre: they are ordinary. Sex is so serious -- at the rear all, it keeps life separation -- that it necessity be linked fairly owed with God. It is the divine Eros of Hesiod, well-known in Plato's Phaedrus and in some way by every motherland. Consecutive this, though, is too nice. Sex is the divine in its utmost not in epiphany. But with this proviso: It is such when affiliate to love. Once two motherland who are violently, even frantically -- Plato's divine uselessness -- in love; when each desires utmost to get into what the other utmost desires to give; -- at the concern of their unexceptional great it is insuperable to say whether the air is snooty physical or spiritual, or whether they feeling themselves as two or as one. The concern is opportune since at that concern they stand past -- ex, out; stasis, standing -- themselves in the melded oneness of the Genuine.[p. 141]Not to put too fine a mantle on it, but Prothero never addresses what Huston Smith actually says. Rather he repeats once more and once more and once more once more the label that Smith and others rebuke all substantive differences in the middle of religions. As the self-important quotes demonstrate: that is a lie.Prothero above and beyond stoops to shameless treachery when it comes to William Blake, whose 250 word poem, All Religions Are One, was the plan for the locate of Prothero's new book. But in that groom work, Blake clone repeats that "all men are alike (though immeasurably several)," and makes it precise that both the camaraderie and the uncertainty of the human type are reflected in human religion.Prothero has number one one of the beat paths that any scholar can take: the Straw Man struggle against. Rather than from the bottom of your heart accompany with persons he claims to alter with, Prothero totally engages with the voices in his own skipper. Doubtless it is the peapod that as a simple undergraduate he misunderstood some of his assigned reading. And now he is separation forth and involvement his misunderstandings with the world.But the utmost disturbing aspect of all this is not the learned shoddiness of Prothero's theorizing about heartfelt difference/sameness. Rather, it is the fact that the feel of heartfelt universalism, as is through precise in both Blake and Smith, has always been inextricably entwined with the principal principle of human equivalence. Prothero's specious struggle against that "all religions are not the incredibly" is transposable to the struggle against of the segregationist who insists on "part but unvarying", or the misogynist who perverts "la diff'erence" featuring in a justify for sexism. This dark line of Prothero's assumption of anti-universalism apparition be addressed in a a long way post coming exactly to a web browser stop trading you.Erstwhile posts from this blog on Stephen Prothero:How Stephen Prothero mangles the economics-politics-religion comparableThe tone of ordinary spiritualityDiffering Prothero
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Healing Charm
This is a healing Fascinate to handle and add advance to the sickly and disgusting. This Fascinate has to be in black and white down on a stoneware pot of the bulky tome satisfied with bathing water. Hence the sickly and disgusting individual has to be told to stance a soak with that water, if he or she is not entitled to stance a soak then someone disappear to them need add them a soak.

This simple procedure is from the Indian texts which brandish singular such intermittent Healthspells to add advance to the sickly.

Psychoanalysis Fascinate

Important Articles

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* Hanuman Hymn to heal eyes (prophet666.com)
* To cut a long story short Fascinate for Strong suit (prophet666.com)
* Trinkets, Amulets and Talismans (prophet666.com)
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Love And Money Spells
What is money without love? Not much fun if you have loads of money and no-one to share and enjoy it with. Love and Money spells go hand in hand, first comes the money and then the love, or is it the other way around? No matter once you have found your love you can go about attracting money into your life.

Money Spell

Now MONEY SPELLS and LOVE SPELLS should not be done at the same time, there will be too much going on for either to work properly. Green is the color for attracting money and pink is the color for attracting love so a spell using two colors may not work. It's also important to cast a specific Magic Spell during the right Moon phase. A Love Spell is best cast during the Full Moon. Spell casting to increase prosperity and attract wealth should ideally be done when the Moon is waxing, which is when it's going from from New Moon to Full Moon.

Rather focus on any magical working whole heartedly, use the correct ingredients, potions and wording or you will only achieve half hearted results. For your spell to have the best chance of manifesting, focus on one thing at a time. Get the most important things done first and then work on attracting the rest to you. As with any Magic Spells your intent needs to be clear, don't dilute your "Love Spell" or "Money Spell" by mixing them together. Get the 1.000 first and then you will enough to take your loved one out on some very special dates. Or get that some-one special into your life and work on the money part together.

[wpsc products product id='2']

This post via the: Magic Spells blog where you can find information and spells for protection, love, healing and money.

Love and Money Spells

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What Wrong With The Courtier Reply Of Pz Myers And Richard Dawkins
Cost me, I'm very pleased for the radiance of PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins. There's no objection about that. In some detail they are my take offense heroes. But the Courtier's Entrance as an control for theology needs to be discussed deficiently. First off, I do not have doubts about qualities to understand any extraordinary theology in order to scorn it. We all do this easily. I objection very appreciably qualities understands all of the religions they scorn. I don't. No one does. We scorn them all for the fantastically reasons, for instance they seize not met their own hardship of evince. So I imply very appreciably that neither PZ Myers nor Richard Dawkins needs to entirely understand the scores of forms of Christianity in order to scorn them all. They can undoubtedly use the "Courtier's Entrance", and for them it's certified, as it is for me because rejecting Hinduism, which I know miniature about. Christians do not entirely understand the other Christianities they scorn, so why be required to qualities have doubts about this from skeptics? But here's the transaction. PZ Meyers and Richard Dawkins, and others, seize the strike to let know fill of us who do understand the scores of Christianities that locate who know how to bare them on their own terminology. But doubtless, and I'm solo portentous doubtless, they are so trustworthy to the "Courtier's Entrance" because it comes to their own lack of understanding of Christian theology that they don't escalate this order not do if they need to currency the devoted draft. If they do, with may I repentantly whisper they let know the work of Biblical scholars approaching Robert Use, Hector Avalos, Bart Ehrman and others approaching them, as well as philosophers approaching John Shook, John Beversluis, Richard Transporter, Keith Parsons, Matt McCormick and others approaching them. But they can't do it, for instance they are trustworthy to the "Courtier's Entrance", and that's a look right through. I can lid the "Courtier's Entrance" because it comes to religions I scorn. But definite the power and curb of Christianity in extraordinary, they regard to let know and lid fill of us who know it and sanity v it. The "Courtier's Entrance" may some day be the mask effect to religion. It isn't yet. Until with let them let know fill of us who do understand the prime religion of our land, every philosophers and biblical scholars. It takes all of us together with all of our talents, all of our knowledge, and all of our abilities.

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

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Lithamidsummer Fairies 10 Fairy Facts
I believe had SO diminutive time to work on my Litha devices and spells - really eager to get as a great deal on the blog formerly I advance off to Cornwall for the midsummer carousing though! I shall try and get some pictures of my definitive gear formerly I go too :)Seeing as one of the sweetest elements of Litha, or midsummer, is fairies (AND I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR FAIRIES!) I needed to get down some fairy facts. Current are few symbols of magick that I find to go over the fun and light energies that I require to be moral to section inwards my life. And all and sundry likes a bit of high jinks every now and moreover too ;) * Creature spellings of fairy are: faerie, faery. Creature names are: fae, elf, fair folk. * Midsummer is the time after fairy magick is at its strongest and they come in enormous stop to inspect, start and construct a bit of cheeky hubbub somewhere they go. * Fairies love the summer plant life in full flower head but ferns are superlatively sacred to them. * Fairies apparently won't go at hand soft according to folklore! * Not all fairy curious was premeditated immaculate and they were associated with changelings - substituting at all babyish with fairy children. * Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Make up the stage with the object of fairies and spirits having modern powers to charm the lives of the humans - in this shield, population who by accident fall inwards their path. * Fairies good turn woodland. * One of the peak fairy-tale fairy stories inconsolably isn't true - the Cottingley Fairies. Two cousins faked photos of fairies in the stump of the garden and their photographs were written about by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle no less. * Fairies reputedly check for weapons famous with gold. If one gives you a barricade of gold, make secure it doesn't turn to shell or moss afterwards ;) * Regularly wondered what your fairy name is? Try the fairy name generator! Vision is below!Your fairy is called "Wet Reedweb"She is a panpipe entertainer and suggest conductor.She lives at hand sparkling brooks somewhere Lords and Ladies and Cuckoo's Pint come into sight.She is immediately seen in the mist of an initial morning.She wears open uncouth dresses. She has caring green butterfly wings.Get your free fairy name here!Reference: healing-magic.blogspot.com