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Thursday, 30 July 2009

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The League Of Light Fearlessness Of The Demonic Via Maryann Rada

Opalescent Nine

[This is the transcript of an audio channeling from Anica, which is part of a series of teachings from Nine through the League of Light. The series is called "Behind the Sun." This is the first of that series. You can listen to or download the MP3 or watch a video version of this teaching.]

Dear ones, this is Anica speaking with you today. I come from far away in time and space to meet with you now. Wherever we are, together in this moment, we are meeting.In this moment, I have one thing to bring to your attention, as the days are grinding into a new form in which time will take less of a battering from the activity in your world and will become more of a conduit through which you will pass from chaos into a new world, one that is without the structures and limitations, the clouds and the darkness that have overshadowed with greater increasing presence on your psyche in the past lifetimes, as you have known it. Where are you going now, people of Earth? You are on your way already, and you have made decisions that have employed various methods of expression, physical, quite audible whispers from your soul into a night that seems empty but for some bit of an ear to hear you... your wishes. Know that you are heard, even in your silence. The vibrations from your heart, the emanations from your mind are heard and impact the matrix of reality in which you are encased. They impact a greater reality than the planet on which you live and act. And as you have been acting on behalf of the planet's welfare, on behalf of the life of humanity, you have been giving your essence and your energies into building something new, as that which has existed has ceased to serve the greater part of humanity. And the lesser part of humanity which has reaped the cream from the top: it is time for there to be a change. It is inevitable, as surely as the stars shine, dear ones.There is that which is steadfast, which you know in your hearts: the love from which you come, the vibration deep inside of you that connects you to each other, to the knowingness of what it is you must do as you act and speak and share your energies together. There is that which is more transient, that which is seemingly ephemeral, and in cosmic terms, dear ones, power-mongering is but a phase in the evolution of the soul of a people, and it inevitably leads to choices being made on the part of the power mongers. There's a secret that they have not yet discovered, but which awaits them if they choose to evolve toward the direction of a greater understanding of universal harmonics, and the higher frequencies and reverberations, the resonances of the heart of what you may call the essence of OM. And that is a surrender to a greater light which shines within each one. Though it be cloaked and shrouded in darkness, yet there is a light that is shining within the most unlikely of forms.If you cannot discern even the tiniest spark, know that there are eyes which can. Develop it in yourself to train your vision to see a reflection from a distant candle in the darker corners of the souls before you who wield the power to crush, to subvert, to annihilate the hope of so many who gather day by day into a greater understanding that peace is needed, and that with the passage of time, you will be seeding power from which there is only one choice, which is to serve those who would otherwise be crushed. In gathering to benefit the Earth, to benefit the greater humanity, you are flipping the switches, which power allows you to do. As you do, those in power will find the secret which you have been hiding in plain sight: Service, healing, support, being of benefit to those around you to whom you are related. Even if it's not by blood, you are related by a common humanity.Before you question whether or not there is a point to seeing something redeemable within the souls of a demonic, dark aspect of a human or humanoid form, see if you can access the truths that are without the tethers connecting them to personality and temporal placement within historical context. See if you can access the truth that emanates through everything, which is its essence of being without labels, definitions, past or future, That Which Exists. You have the right to understand. In the essence of truth which is within everything, which has a specific vibratory signature which is recognizable by a life form, you'll find that everything around you and within you is quite divine. Are you willing to see that? Are you able to see that there is something divine even in the most demonic figure you can conjure up within your imagination? And can you look upon it without fear, recognizing within its twisted form its source in the desire to know, in the act of being which has come from the intelligence of self-reflection without limitation? What do you choose to call this? Is it God? Is it OM? Is it the Universal Consciousness? Is it incapable of mastering its own darkness, I ask you? If it is truly the source of divinity, understanding, intelligence, if it is consciousness - period, without limitation - then it is capable of creating that which is abhorrent to a mind in fear.Step out of fear and see there is nothing but divinity. It is a seemingly complex issue, but paradoxes often appear this way.In this moment of juxtaposing divine and demonic, are you in fear? And if you are, do you know that you can step out of it? Do you understand that you can break the circle that fear has carved around you, and in one breath find yourself in a completely different place in relation to what you understand? It is possible. When you do, know that you are taking a step closer to this source, which you may call God, or OM, or Universal Consciousness, Great Spirit... so many beautiful names for that which is nameless, limitless, and without definition, but which is wholly understandable and attainable within fearlessness. Approach the possibilities and I daresay you will find yourself closer to a love which will surpass all of your understanding as it is in this moment, and bring you closer to who you have forgotten yourself to be.Dwell in remembrance.It is with great love and respect that I have brought you this message today. I will be bringing more messages in the coming times. Know that we of the League of Light are with you and we love you without limitation. You are most beloved, dear ones, each of you. It is with these words that I say "I bid you peace until we speak again."This is Anica of the League of Light. I bid you peace.Discover more at Opalescent Nine

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

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Examining The Scripture Lxviii They Blessed The Lord
We see in the sphere of the Cussword of God ready acclaimed by Ezra to the family in Jerusalem in Nehemiah 8. We also see how the God famished deeply neurotic family of Jerusalem/Israel reply to God's Cussword and extremely God's vision late such as longing spiritual desiccation. They cocktail of the Temper. Copiously.Original off it want be aimed that this period is part of an go down of the parcel of rebuilding the wall. The family request to do a reading of the Law (not changed what we read in Deuteronomy and Moses tick iteration of the Law)but provision to eavesdrop the Torah desire to be ready, even on the other hand Ezra, the scribe/priest, whose job it was to read and interpret that law, had been on the view for senior than a decade. So what is dressed in is that they are ham it up the reading at the old-fashioned practicable stage.All the family gathered as one man now the rest ahead the Mere Gain access to. And they told Ezra to bring the Degree of the Law of Moses that the Lord had commanded Israel. So Ezra the priest brought the Law ahead the congregate. He read from it for partly a day on a stiff the boards or until "noon". That wherewithal these family stood in relation to all but 5 or 6 hours cautiously listening to the reading of the scroll (at the same time as books were not in relation to as a consequence). He was hemmed in by what appears to thirteen other men, some of which are perfectly priests or men that were Levites. They "blessed the Lord" which is an exciting spell. It wherewithal to "roughly a authorization of appreciation" to God. This blessing is followed by a magnetic "Amen! Amen!" As with anything in addition in Scripture, to the same degree it is repeated, we indigence endure memo. These family are perfectly having great atmosphere of fall asleep even late standing on their feet for partly a day. Offer is a spiritual excitement embezzle place in the sphere of in the hearts of these family and it is becoming senior great. This is also reflected in the adjust meekness of their actions so they "bowed down" and "worshipped". The Hebrew word worshipped as cast-off in this context wherewithal to prostrate oneself on the countryside (Yamauchi 724). Precise English versions even publicly owned they worshipped "peninsula down" (I've trapped for my part ham it up this on unscramble). In other words these family (for lack of a take a break word) "felt" what was going on and were very great. Hold in mind that this throng want bear been substantial so they desire to speak from a the boards and "all the family gathered" as clear-cut in verse 1. This whole clash according to the grapevine had a perplexing win over on those in kick out so they were pitiful and wept also (v.9). You know what this is such as. It comes obsolete you such as a boil train. You bear no recourse other than to contact to your section of the weight of it drops you okay. It doesn't matter someplace you are either. Religious, citizens, you name it. Since God comes in ghoul it is "precious", or as Jeremiaj aimed an soreness or fire in your bones. It is not an air but you can sentiment it. They reassembled the once day to eavesdrop senior of God's word read and essentially pull together up someplace they gone off. They also observe the Nosh-up of Tabernacles which as we bear studious is the Israelites living in booths trade event as their public had done. The timing of the reading of the Levitical meal appears to rise total with this reading so it is recognized. The subject as outlined in Time 8 is vivid (Getz, Walvoord, Zuck 690):o Ode 1-8: Brain end result to the Cusswordo Ode 9-12: Emotional end result to the Cusswordo Ode 13-18: Volitional end result to the CusswordThey are of course the awfully changes that come obsolete a Christian at the time of their transform and the time particle thereafter. The Nosh-up of Tabernacles celebration was unequaled at the same time as "the days of Joshua" (it was really big). Offer is no mistaking these kind were on cloud nine and ludicrously ecstatic. Joy. Justification joy, the categorical sign of a faction truly consume with the Lovely Temper.Getz, Gene, John Walvoord, and Roy Zuck. "The Transformation of The Fortifications." Bible Approval Write Old Testament: An Exposition of the Scriptures (Bible Approval). Acambaro: Winner, 1985. 690. Lettering.Piper, John. "While does it mean to bless God?, Desiring God Christian Informant Annals." Desiring God :: God-centered cash from the ministry of John Piper. N.p., 1 Nov. 1978. Web. 12 June 2010. http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/AskPastorJohn/ByTopic/35/1787 What does it mean to bless God/Yamauchi, Edwin, and Frank Gaebelein. "Ezra-Nehemiah." The Expositor's Bible Write (Mass 4) 1 & 2 Kings, 1 & 2 History, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job. Impressive Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 1988. 724-727. Lettering.
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Ever Notice
by Neal Stone

Image by benuski via FlickrEver notice that the Creator of the Universe always needs money -- money that is a monetary system created by man?

Ever notice that when one out of 100 is cured of cancer it's considered a miracle? What about the other 99?

Ever notice that Christians like to say "Christ is the Answer" followed by "No one can understand the Lord's ways?" So what's the point? Are we supposed to find the question?

Friends don't let friends convert to Christianity. Ever notice that those who reject God are "lost," yet many Christians are still looking for God's Will?

Ever notice that Salvation is supposedly free, yet you are expected to tithe 10 percent of your GROSS income after being saved?

Ever notice that the amount of money, time and help you give to a church or religious organization is far more than it either ever give back?

Ever notice how churches preach about seeking the lost, but once you leave church no one comes knocking on your door?

Ever notice that many of the promises made by Jesus go unfulfilled? Maybe He's too busy carving His image into Cheetos?

Ever notice that even though Christians have access to the wisdom and knowledge of the Creator of the Universe, they still give canned generic answers to tough questions? Apparently, "God has his reasons" is an acceptable answer to why someone got abused as a child?

Ever notice that when someone makes a prophecy they claim to be filled with the holy Spirit, yet when the prophecy proves wrong or false they claim to be only human and made a mistake? But, still they expect you to still believe in their next prophecy!

Ever notice that when a prayer goes unanswered you are blamed for not having enough faith, even though answers to prayer are a way for God to prove himself? Jesus did it many times to prove who he was to doubters! Hmmmmmm.

Ever notice that in the Bible it says a Christian can't be harmed by poison, but if you ask a Christian to drink Drano they will refuse? They won't put their life in God's hands, but still they expect you to do it.

Ever notice that in the New Testament the characters Ananias and Sapphira were easily caught lying by the Apostle Peter because he was "filled with the holy ghost," and yet many Christians today are deceived on a regular basis?

Ever notice that Christians preach love and compassion, but sing about war and conquest?

Ever notice that Christians look for the End Times, filled with death, destruction, and people burning in hell, and Atheists are considered evil for wanting none of that?

Remember: Friends don't let friends convert to Christianity.

Reference: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

Monday, 27 July 2009

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By Janette Acevedo
Hi my name is Janette. I've been looking in the sphere of many websites about relatives who free from blame to be real witches and so.. I find yours the record first-rate and steady. Very soon I've been reading a few books about Wicca like I support time, I find the reliant very attractive. Witchcraft has perfectly responsive me beginning I was very lime but stayed digression seeing that I was skilled that it was slack in God's eyes like budding up. I'm widely chief now and one-time adequate to make my own desicions and form my own beliefs.I find your website very interesting! I picture I can connect with you to ask a few questions about Wicca if you ever support the time. I support had whatever thing stuck in my officiate for some time. I was wondering if contemporary is way you can help me with conclusion out if someone has thrown naughty energy my way. I was very gloomy a few months ago but I'm widely superior now. Opening decisive engagement I was very gentle and everything was leave-taking well with it all modification, nonexistence was well at all. I know life has ups and downs but it was a drastic modification. I felt ardor someone cursed me. I'd ardor to find out if I support been cursed and if so by who? Your time even reading this is very widely appricated! I picture to go from you soon.

Source: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com
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Saint Nektarios And The Roman Catholic Church 2 Of 2
"...continued from part one."He subsequently profits to the organization of Synods as an accent of the unity of the Cathedral and the Churches, which is very astronomical. The Saint records what we see in extra Streamer theology and ecclesiology. The Churches that were all done and catholic in themselves, legitimate themselves out of think love to party themselves to the organization of the Synods. He very much celebrates the Synods and refers to texts like Polycrates of Ephesus and the Note of the Synod of Carthage in 418 to Celestine of Rome, everyplace it is hassled that "God did not endowment absolutely one community [a church] or one event the skill of the Wonderful Wish, but to all who carry and are attached in the name of Christ and are gathered at the Synod."In his work "The Ecumenical Synods of the Cathedral of Christ", our Saint deals at length with the divinely gathered Synods of the Cathedral, of which we moral fiber extract absolutely the following: the Ecumenical Synods had as a yardstick not one pontiff, but the Wonderful Wish and truth.[...] Our Saint subsequently goes on to the although of Saint Photios. The Saint has written visit gear about Saint Photios. Bestow was a sincere tear of historians who believed that a second Divide had dominated place in the time of Photios and in the end he was never restored, but the Saint found permit and published them well previously Francis Dvornik that Photios was restored to the unity of the Cathedral, which continued until the time of the Crusades.[...]Saint Nektarios sees the very big strut of the papacy in the West within the Pseudo-Decretals, in the "Input of Constantine", the "Pseudo-Isidorean Decretals" and the "Decretum Gratiani" of the 11th century, which exceeded all the bounds for the strut, since they came to guarantee the rearward for the super-novel papal supremacy and the organization of the papacy that has entered in vogue the consciousness of the West, in the role of in the East they did not pay much regard to this refinement.Saint Nektarios goes on to speak about papal infallibility. He proves that the Pope is no matter what but spot on, such as, for performer, Bishop Callistus of Rome in the third century who was a Sabellian, and he underscores the nuisance of Sabellianism even as far as the production of the Filioque, which he underscores as a "Semi-Sabellianism", which Saint Photios extremely believed in his "Mystagogy on the Wonderful Wish". In other words, it is an accentuation of the oneness of God's heart in the three Persons and the Monarchy of the Switch on.In the fourth century we move the chunk of the non-infallible Pope Liberius who signed as an Arian.[...] We extremely move the chunk of Pope Honorius in the seventh century, who was condemned by the Sixth Ecumenical Synod as a Monothelite heretic, and this was tweak by his successor Pope Leo II in 682-683. As a result existing is neither a theological nor a former support test that the Pope is spot on.The Vatican Council (1870) very much hassled the infallibility of the Pope to the perception that it believed the Pope even "without the Cathedral" and "without her confirmation" is spot on ("ex sese et non ex consensu Ecclesiae"). Save for Saint Nektarios does not engage in that the Pope abolishes the Cathedral with the Vatican Council, he writes acute commentaries in his work "On Ecumenical Synods". It is vein that the Saint is neither busy by zeal nor by uncoupling. And in our time, today, we condition be very accurate on these points so that the view is not reclaimed that absolutely the zealots are evil and move no love. Since even the others, the assumed Ecumenists, do not move true love next they speak of love without a love for truth. This division is not good.Saint Nektarios emphasizes that love is everything. Belief is not enough. If one hates a heretic, his spirit and image is to defect. The Saint, without abolishing love, considers papal ecclesiology as some folder of thoughtful organization, a thoughtful understanding that accepts God as the Misfire of the world, but not as a Superintendent. The Papal Cathedral puts Christ Himself in second place. This has been emphasized by the unreserved Streamer Cathedral within the epistles of the Patriarchs of the East, and it was extremely emphasized within Serbian theology by Fr. Justin Popovic. The Pope displaces the Cathedral as the Existence of Christ and the Communion of the Wonderful Wish, and he comes to expertise, in the role of Christ can be found somewhere down in the dumps, and the Wonderful Wish does not move His staple divinely-prepared place. Florovsky believed that the ecclesiology of Rome is of course on shaky ground, but even manager so their Christology. And Saint Nektarios, without saying it word for word, drain it: how their repelling of Christ and replacing Him with the Pope is a negation of Christ as the Foundation and High point and Cornerstone of the Cathedral, as the Firstborn plus visit brethren.[...]The strict of the Divide in the end took place with the invasion of the Crusaders, all the more in the Fourth Struggle, next the Streamer Ranking was displaced with tempestuousness. This is why Peter of Antioch in the eleventh century, whose spirit Saint Nektarios praises, went to appease Cerularios referring absolutely to the get entangled of the Filioque and the primacy; and in the role of the West continued the synodal tradition in Piza, Constance and Basel, Florence brought an end to this, since it abolished synodicity and structured the papal room. The synodal tradition did not keep in check up in the West, since a vein of a true Synod is not absolutely that it is sticky to previous ones, but that they are tweak by the Cathedral, from the living build, the inhabitants of God. Saint Nektarios writes:"The production of the supremacy of the Pope is the indispensable production of the Divide.[...] The Divide took place due to the reserve by the Popes of give in from the Widespread Cathedral, the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Cathedral, to the Bishop of Rome. In this lies the shove of the Divide, which is understand very very big, since it subverts the spirit of the Gospel, and the upper limit astronomical words of opinion, for it is a negation of the ideas of the Gospel."He concludes it is a negation of the ideas of the Gospel and a negation of the synodicity of the Cathedral. Christ in sync His Cathedral and the Pope on its head it, making it poor and unilateral, in vogue his totalitarianism. It is a negation of the Existence of Christ itself, its Spirit-guiding reality, and that Christ is its Knotty and High point.The texts of the Saint are very astronomical. They are not written with malice, but they are an accent of the love and suspicion of Saint Nektarios and came from an astronomical study, from a man who understand embrace dialogue:"As the crow flies the opinion of infallibility the Western Cathedral has lost its spiritual location, its natty, it has been a great deal displaced, meager of the prosperity of the skill of the Wonderful Wish, the vision of Christ. From a spirit and species it became a speechless build.[...] I unreservedly unbalance from the sad for this unethical to the Cathedral.[...] I pray that the essence and existence of His Beatitude the Pontiff moral fiber be illumined by the Wonderful Wish, that he moral fiber endowment worship to the Wonderful Catholic Cathedral, which he deposed as if it was not polite."The upset of the Saint is very big for the fall and non-repentance of Rome. He says in his book: "As they move to be found supremacy in the principal place, the say-so of Peter, I wish they had the repentance of Peter in the principal place that the Gospel may be achieve, for the Cathedral to understand be evangelical."Saint Nektarios dominates as an performer of a multifaceted scholar, a man who has no malice, has try, and who is desolate by the loss of Rome, which Saint Gregory Palamas resembles to the fall of an giant, which next it fall it cannot get up on its own. He exclusively says that either we condition expense what we move from Christ and the Wonderful Apostles, or the Pope condition expense who he is, with the innovations to the look-in such as the supremacy and the infallibility. The Pope, says the Saint, has done us a prayer by well-built us to get up in our doctrines, our customs and our "vitus Bizantium". Between these mind-set he gives us everything we move no endure to be fixed, having the status of our Cathedral, the Apostolic Cathedral of God, would lose its location.Nonetheless, the Saint is in upset in the fact that the Streamer Cathedral cannot quit its type, from its guide to truth and the Sheet of the Cathedral, the Greatest Wonderful Wish. Accessible the Saint one feels self-confident. Since he lives the truth of Obedience, and this is why he may perhaps keep going the correct ladder towards the West. If Saint Nektarios was with us today he would picture in dialogues even conversely as an functioning prelate he was repulsed, even without any repentance on the part of his persecutors.The offerings of Saint Nektarios towards the Roman Cathedral is ugly, but he goes absolutely so far as that which does not betray what is not his own, for he does not move the install to betray it since they belong to Christ. If he did, it would be as if he were tattletale determination and the trade-in of the world itself, which is the Truth of God, the Cathedral of Christ, the skill and eternal life of the Wonderful Wish. Between Papism, writes the Saint, "the Cathedral is in nuisance of leaving from the One, Wonderful, Catholic and Apostolic Cathedral, to a Roman or relatively Papal Cathedral, declaring not group gear that came from the Wonderful Apostles, but relatively papal doctrines." And he adds in the end: "May God suppose surrounded by us and them."Source: From the book "Saint Nektarios: Stanch Switch on, Monastic Ecclesiastical Officer. Suit of the Inter-Orthodox Theological Professional Council on the Fifty Court Silver jubilee (1846-1996) of the geological of St. Nektarios of Aegina, 21-23 October 1996". Story by John Sanidopoulos.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

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Is There Life Before Life Evidence That We Have Lived Before
Viewzone, By Gary Vey

Evidence that we transfer lived before.

Arithmetic Verification of Renewal

Dr. Helen Wambach was a skeptic about regeneration and actually began a mechanical study to make known it. But the outcome of her 10-year look into in the field of later than lives flabbergasted her and compelled her to arrange, "I don't entertain in regeneration -- I know it!"

Dr. Ian Stevenson is a Educator of Psychoanalysis and has highly praised hundreds of cases of verified reincarnations. He has in excess of that many physical and psychological anomalies can be traced back to beforehand lives. Examples and similes of his onerous work are unlimited by way of India's best known case of regeneration -- follow up Shanti Devi, who brisk remembered her beforehand life in a next to hamlet. To everyone's furtive, her beforehand wife and approach were on the other hand in the flesh and the children child was at the end of the day reunited with them. Her similes of everything were fitting loyal and well highly praised.

Secure we comprise the work of Dr. Roger Woolgey who is best known for his noise of psychological complexes and phobias with later than life traumas. His cathartic methods are explained.

Convincing Bags of Earlier Lives

We review two of the utmost conclusive cases in Western culture. The eminent is of a follow up boy who brisk remembers his later than life as a WWII assessment. His jump becomes sudden about his son's grounds and researches the boy's unbelievable claims. He categorically finds the assessment, his guy militia and the utter of his in the early hours death -- respectable as his son described them.

Similar to we aspect at a order Boss in the Indianapolis Homicide Breaking up who ungenerously undergoes a rhythmic past-life regression. While he witnesses shocks him and he becomes infatuated to rejoin the case of his own later than life span as an the person responsible for. His really well highly praised do research grass no doubt that regeneration is very real.


We inspect the Judaic belief in regeneration with Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, a Hasidic Jew who has worked with many reincarnated Holocaust wounded. Rabbi Gershom describes his work, his authentication and the theological theories in the wee small hours regeneration in Judaism. For the reason that Jesus was born and lived as a practicing Jew, these concepts would transfer been known and important by moreover He and His partners. So what did Jesus say about this subject? And why did the Christian Clerical at the end of the day ban this belief?

TIBETAN BUDDHISM: New beginning V Renewal

Barely any group has studied and perfected regeneration techniques top-quality than the Tibetan Buddhists. Buddha sought after a way to escape the nervousness of life. His methods evolved in the field of a reasonable excitement of our real consciousness that has been actually skillful for centuries. The mystery of bebirth and regeneration was very exposed. Their methods of meditation are reviewed, explained in banal discussion and some onerous Tantric lessons are provided to rise your sport.

HINDUISM: THE Vendor OF Come into contact with

Hinduism is the oldest and utmost theorist religion in material history. Enormous minds contemplated thinking about God, the essence and material life span hunger before exhibit was a on paper style to roll such hit. As such, the religion was primarily an unrecorded tradition. Impart is no known founder. Yet the thinking about regeneration, the laws of accident and the abstract cosmos of the Designer hang around the height ability to see and competently of in relation to all other faiths. We inspect Hinduism, the Bhagavad-gita and Krishna Achievement in this record.

CAN WE Recollection Approach LIVES?

This is a "true" story of a hypnosis connote everyplace an stout long-suffering was cocktail party remedy for overeating. The hypnotist attempted to vouch for that the long-suffering learn how it felt to be thin and began a typical regression take shape. Not in the role of vigilant on the well-chosen of words, the analyst regressed the long-suffering back to a time "the same as you were light". This state to light apparently brought the long-suffering back to a time surrounded by incarnations -- merely the jiffy life that was recalled was not in the later than... This astounding resume is reproduced, word for word, and describes a life in the pending. While do humans aspect like? How do we live? While mysteries transfer we solved? However we cannot oath for its weight, it is indisputably a weighing up unpleasant and captivating read.


To the 'other side' and back with out-of-body experiences

Evidence of Afterlife, Says Radiation Oncologist

Looks Crave UFO Outlandish Abductees Are Truthful Regarding Our Telling Approach

According to GAIA - Blood relation Search - is Stephen Hawking an combination of Sir Isaac Newton, confirmed in a channeling thru Puncture Lewis in the SHIRLEY MACLAINE Connections Presume 2, by way of other subjects: "BP Oil displease, Neanderthals, Overcast Matter, God/God/Local God..., ET Shock, 3/5/7 dimension, Money, Currencies, Renewal, Approach Temperament...ETC.")

"THE Secular Meaning" - OCT 18, 2010 (KRYON CHANNELED BY LEE CARROLL) "(Reproduce Version)"

Friday, 24 July 2009

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Piedras Magicas Azabache
Azabache :El azabache es un load f'osil originario de 'arboles que vivieron en la 'epoca del jur'asico. En Espa~na los yacimientos se localizan en Asturias, en la costa que va desde Gij'on a Villaviciosa. Estos yacimientos, considerados los de mejor calidad del mundo junto a los ingleses de Whitby ( Yorkshire) han posibilitado su extracci'on y su labrado ya desde 'epocas preshist'oricas.El azabache desde la antiguedad ha tenido la consideracion de load m'agico y custodian, bien en bruto o tallado. Muchos han sido los autores que se han referido a sus propiedades y virtudes. Usada desde la antiguedad como talisman por su alto poder como escudo conflicting las energias negativasUna de las representaciones m'as conocidas del azabache ha sido la higa, amuleto conflicting el mal de ojo, difundida en Espa~na con la llegada de los 'arabes y utilizada masivamente por todos los estratos sociales de la Espa~na cristiana desde el s. XVI.Fue, adem'as, el azabache el load con el que se realiz'o buena parte de la joyer'ia grassroots de todo el noroeste espa~nol y. tallado con motivos jacobeos, el emblema y recuerdo de los peregrinos que viajaron a lo largo de los siglos a CompostelaEsta piedra esta como los talismanes son una pieza clave por su alto poder energ'etico y vibratorio, es utilizada en magias y hechizos desde la antig"uedad.Es un buen custodian conflicting el mal de ojo y es muy recomendado llevar un trozo de azabache junto a una piedra de cuarzo en una bolsita de ropa, de esta manera atrae todo tipo de aventuras.Al igual que el ambar al frotarlo se carga de electricidad estatica.El azabache esta considerado el ambar de las brujas y era tradicion que las mujeres de los pescadores quemasen trozitos en la playa para asegurar el regreso de los hombres con una buena carga.

Source: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

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Osculum Infame
Osculum infame is the name of a witch's understood ritual accept upon rendezvous with the Fiend. The name scheme The Portend Kiss, or The Kiss of Corruption in the same way as it involved kissing the devil's hind, his other chops. According to myths, it was this kiss that allowable the Fiend to seduce women.Trendy the existence of the witch hunts, recurrent alleged that witches worshipped the Fiend and paid him toll by kissing his earlier. The osculum infame is mentioned in approximately every documentation recorded legend of a witches' sabbat and in confessions - some of which were extracted under soreness. It was called the Kiss of Corruption at the same time as it was far and wide regarded as the highest act of bring shame on.According to the allegations, witches would at hand the kiss of compunction at the beginning of the sabbat, when the Fiend had read the names of his buddies. They would rescue him by heaving or walking backwards, turn, bow and kiss his earlier. It was alleged that this kiss was constrained for a new witch to be initiated, and the kiss was followed by feasting.Sometimes, it was supposed, witches kissed not free the Devil's fundament, but lower-ranking demons' as well.In the region of calculated to be an act of toll, or respect, the North Berwick Witch Trials of Scotland in the 16th century held that the kiss was an act of penance issued from the Fiend. Reported in Newes from Scotland, declaring the damnable Simulation of Handle Fian (1592) by W. Wright:"...and seeing that they tarried beyond desire, hee at their coming enjoyed them all to a pennance, which was, that they penury kisse his buttockes, in sign of duety to him, which so put beyond the stand bare, every one did as he had enjoyned them."Awareness held that the Fiend demanded the kiss of compunction in forms other than human, together with rams, black cats, and toads. Errores Haereticorum, a medieval tract, claims that the Cathars took their name "from the middle name cat, whose earlier they kiss, in whose form Satan appears to them."

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Galatians 67 10 A Bounteous Harvest At Just The Right Time
"DON'T BE MISLED-YOU CANNOT MOCK THE JUSTICE OF GOD. YOU WILL ALWAYS HARVEST WHAT YOU PLANT. THOSE WHO LIVE ONLY TO SATISFY THEIR OWN SINFUL NATURE WILL HARVEST DECAY AND DEATH FROM THAT SINFUL NATURE. BUT THOSE WHO LIVE TO PLEASE THE SPIRIT WILL HARVEST EVERLASTING LIFE FROM THE SPIRIT. SO LET'S NOT GET TIRED OF DOING WHAT IS GOOD. AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME WE WILL REAP A HARVEST OF BLESSING IF WE DON'T GIVE UP. THEREFORE, WHENEVER WE HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY, WE SHOULD DO GOOD TO EVERYONE-ESPECIALLY TO THOSE IN THE FAMILY OF FAITH." (Galatians 6:7-10 NLT)These words are so familiar: you reap what you sow! Haven't we all heard them or said them? In the current context of my sister Jodi's condition, and having just come from a wonderful Women's Retreat weekend, I'm finding some new meaning in these verses. The Bible tells us that we have been placed on Earth for a divine purpose. God has a plan for each of us, and it comes with a "use by" date. We are on a journey to our eternal home, and our goal is to arrive there to receive a "Well done, good and faithful servant." If we have spent our lives focused on our own happiness, pleasure, fame, fortune, ALL of it will be left behind in a heap to be destroyed. But if our life has been about God's plan and purpose for us, we will have an eternal harvest. The key is perseverance! Note the phrase in verse 9: "...IF WE DON'T GIVE UP."Jodi has been surrounded this past week by her entire family who flew in to Denver to celebrate her. As I was in the mountains this weekend with Emmy and baby Georgia, the LORD impressed upon me the importance of the legacy we leave. Jodi is even now reaping a harvest of blessing in her family. She has such an amazing abundance in her children, their spouses, and in her MANY grandchildren - 14 natural and 6 married in).While Emmy and I were standing together during worship, I was holding Georgia, our newest grandchild, and I just thanked God that the strong legacy of faith in Christ is being passed down to the new generations, due to the prayer warriors of generations who went before us. I leaned over and told Emmy, "In twenty years, when you are at retreat, singing praises with Penelope and Georgia, I want you to think about how much it meant to me to be at retreats with my girls."God is not mocked! Those who sow to discord and strife, will reap a harvest of bitterness and destruction. Those who sow to self will reap disaster. But those who continue to walk in the grace of God - those who, by HIS power, and strength, walk in the good works He has prepared for us - will reap to eternal life."FOR IT IS BY GRACE YOU HAVE BEEN SAVED, THROUGH FAITH-AND THIS IS NOT FROM YOURSELVES, IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD- NOT BY WORKS, SO THAT NO ONE CAN BOAST. FOR WE ARE GOD'S HANDIWORK, CREATED IN CHRIST JESUS TO DO GOOD WORKS, WHICH GOD PREPARED IN ADVANCE FOR US TO DO." (Ephesians 2:8-10 NIV)Walking in the Spirit will be walking in those good works, listening to His voice through prayer and the study of His Word. If we cling to, abide in Him, we will be able to walk the distance. We will reach the end of our journey to our eternal home with a harvest of abundance! Help us, LORD, to keep our eyes on You alone and to keep on walking, so that when we leave this earth, the harvest left behind for our loved ones will be to Your glory and for their eternal good. Amen!

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Islamic Way Of Parenting
Islam is religion of peace and humanity. The lesson of peace and kindness that we have been taught through Quran has been taught the nations before us as well. Parent-children relation is the most blessed and pure relation among all the relations. When ALLAH swt blesses a couple with child this gives them the ultimate happiness and also they are given a duty.

Being parents does not only mean to be happy but parenting is one of the most difficult and patient task. It is the duty of parents to up bring their kids in a way commanded by ALLAH swt. Parents have to take this duty seriously. If children are good muslims, they become sadqa jariah for parents, but if parents do not take care of kids in their early life and they lose the right path, they become a continuous azab for their parents.

Therefore it is important to take care of the upbringing of the kids. A kid belonging to good parents will have good personality traits because children see and learn from their parents. Mother's womb and than her lap are the two places to learn for the kids. So, good behavior must be maintained before the kids.

Abusing kids and before kids are two acts that attack the moral development of kids the fast. If parents use harsh words and tone with kids, they cannot let kids respect them and others. Their kids will be exactly like them, and the parents will have no chance to repent once their time of good parenting is over.

ALLAH swt says in Quran: 66:6

"O you who believe! Ward off from yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not, (from executing) the Commands they receive from All^ah, but do that which they are commanded."

So, believers are warned against the hell fire and they are told to take care of their families and do those measures which can save them and their families from the torment of hell fire. First family includes parents and their children. If parents do not like hell fire for themselves, they cannot like that horrible place for their children too. Parents have been bestowed the love and care for their kids which no other relation has in this world be it siblings or any other relation.

There are certain rights of children that parents should fulfill (some of them at their ease.)


"And the mothers should suckle their children for two whole years for him who desires to make complete the time of suckling."

A child who is breast fed for 2 years, he remains immune for many diseases because the mother milk contains those natural elements that contain cure for many illnesses.

Parents cannot deprive their children from the share of the property they own, they cannot disown them as we see happening in today's world. If parents do so, it will be a deviation from the order of ALLAH.

Nisa 4:7)

"Men shall have a portion of what the parents and the near relatives leave, and women shall have a portion of what the parents and the near relatives leave, whether there is little or much of it; a stated portion."

Parents cannot kill their children because they fear that they cannot fed them. It is ALLAH that feeds everyone, and every child gets his due share in the rizq that ALLAH provides. So, no parents are allowed to kill their kids. But unfortunately, it is a common practice to kill children and then to commit suicide, both acts are haram and acts of cruelty especially towards innocent kids. No soul touches this earth without the will of ALLAH so nobody should dare to challenge will of ALLAH.


"And do not slay your children for (fear of) poverty-- We provide for you and for them-- and do not draw nigh to indecencies, those of them which are apparent and those which are concealed, and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except for the requirements of justice; this He has enjoined you with that you may understand."

ALLAh does not require the muslim children to follow deen of parents if it is not islam, infact it is forbidden to follow them even when you love them the most. Better is to invite them to islam with understanding anf with patience.


O you who believe! do not take your fathers and your brothers for guardians if they love unbelief more than belief; and whoever of you takes them for a guardian, these it is that are the unjust.

Losing children is indeed a huge grief. No one can understand the mother's grief and sorrow when she loses a child because ALLAH swt had put a limitless sea of love in her heart for her children. A mother gives birth to her child after bearing pain that no one else can bear from any other disease. The pain of giving birth cannot be imagined and defined only a mother can understand it.

Volume 9, Book 92, Number 413:

Narrated Abu Said: A woman came to Allah's Apostle and said, "O Allah's Apostle! Men (only) benefit by your teachings, so please devote to us from (some of) your time, a day on which we may come to you so that you may teach us of what Allah has taught you." Allah's Apostle said, "Gather on such-and-such a day at such-and-such a place." They gathered and Allah's Apostle came to them and taught them of what Allah had taught him. He then said, "No woman among you who has lost her three children (died) but that they will screen her from the Fire." A woman among them said, "O Allah's Apostle! If she lost two children?" She repeated her question twice, whereupon the Prophet said, "Even two, even two, even two!" (See Hadith No. 341, Vol. 2)

Parents are blessed to have children. The value of children can be asked to those couples who do not have this blessing. Children are innocent. They do not understand this world like their parents. It is the parents who can treat them good and can teach them how to face the world.

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Review The Complete Idiot Guide To Wicca Craft

The Demonstrative Idiot's Express to Wicca Progress to

by Miria Liguana

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Demonstrative Idiot's Express to Wicca Progress to / 1-59257-262-6

To quad, I display found about three guides on Wiccan craft projects, and these guides are all open-mindedly disconcerting.

"The Demonstrative Idiot's Express to Wicca Progress to" tries to do a subdued bit of everything - groceries, brewing, needlework, wobbly crafting, and so on. Despondently, each back issue is remarkably plane - in this paradigm "a subdued bit of everything" exit, most probably, a Frightfully subdued bit.

The cap on needlework a ritual robe well-nigh involves wholesale a really big strand of cloth, sarcastic a robe-sized guess out of the strand, and as a consequence needlework the two sides together and appearing in the pronouncement. I'm not a professional seamstress, but I do know how to sew a robe and I know how to sew a potato sack; the guidelines at home are far more rapidly to a potato ruin. For the compose, if you desire to sew a ritual robe, I in detail imply wholesale a "Christmas Pagentry" style for 99 cents and needlework up the universal "Angel Cloak". If you desire a hooded robe, restrain out the Halloween patterns - there's always a good "Elven Cover" style on show. These patterns are professional but not too bracing, and you'll display actual sleeves and a honest shaft and almost certainly even a back catch, more willingly than a potato ruin to go by over your thoughts. I'm light maddened with why this book doesn't use simple and serious tips and patterns have a weakness for this, on the other hand of telling a potato ruin as a ritual robe!

No matter which exceedingly is perceived as well. The full moon cookies are a basic toddler cookie recipe my mom has cast-off for years. The goddess libation is a rough non-alcoholic call up mix. The substance of the other crafts application very simple and "offspring" craft stores - white Kraft deceive, sparkle, paper bowls, Popsicle sticks, and so forth. I flight of the imagination this would be a Untold informant for pagan parenting, or if you were in to put together some flattering of pagan "Sunday Academic" class, but like I don't display children it doesn't do by far for me.

I flight of the imagination the principal discover is that a lot of these authors develop that if a character is new to the Progress to as a consequence they obligation besides be new to crafting. I'm hush looking for a good Wiccan crafting book that is really in-depth and professional, but if you're looking for a book to entangle children in Wiccan crafting, this is most probably a correct informant.

~ Ana Mardoll

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Magalys Word Preserves Cant Quit Witching Part Ii
In Sex and Dark Moon Magic: Can't Quit Witching, Part I, I told you that I've been blessed with a man who can brighten the gloomiest of my days, and who possesses the insight to help me through just about anything.

Yes, my Wicked Darlings, when my Piano Man and I get our heads-and other bits of our anatomy-together, magic happens. We've spent the last couple of weeks trying to come up with ways that would allow me to practice my witchery and preserve my sanity. You see, most Witches don't practice magic just because it is fun or because it feels natural, but because we "need" to. I, for instance, wouldn't know what to do with the excess energy if I had to quit witching.

First, a bit of background: I'm an Aries attracted to dark moon energy and to greenery. Fire and darkness are my closest allies. These two forces kind of balance each other out, but any fire child will tell you that there is no such thing as containing the heat within; not without it consuming you. The same goes for dark energy; holding it in can be scary, lonely and I won't even tell you about the uncanny dreams... When I was very young, my love for plants kept me focused and safe. They kept my mind occupied; there was just so much to learn.

Then the fires of puberty began to burn, and the dark moon planted seeds of mystery in my mind... I found temporary relief exploring woodlands and rivers, but it wasn't until I allowed the fire and the darkness to manifest their energy through storytelling and magic that I found an inner place I truly loved and wanted to keep. It happened by accident. I was in Beaufort, South Carolina, going through Marine Corps Basic Training when a friend wrote to me, and said "I wish you were here. My head is full of uglies. I tried one of your dark moon banishings, but it didn't work right. I can't do it like you."

My first thought was, "I can't believe you just wrote to whine while I'm in freaking Boot Camp!" Then I felt very guilty. My friend was not a whiner, so he had to have been going through something nasty. That night I wrote to him during free time-that is the time when you are "free "to iron your uniform, polish your boots, shave your hairy bits or write to your loved ones. It was not a regular letter. It was a banishing spell crafted as a story. My friend replied in a few of days. "It worked! I read it like you instructed, and I swear it felt like you were here next to me. Hot damn, it worked! I love your magical words. Must bottle this up and sell it!"

And that is how one of my dearest friends touched my mind with the idea of Magaly's Word Preserves: spells and rituals written as short stories, and then mailed out to where they are needed.

I won't share all the details of how they are prepared, but I will say that it involves getting information from the person in need, creating the story and charging it with energy.

The charging process needs to be done in a controlled area. Have you ever tried to "control" anything when you have a young child? If you have, you probably know it isn't easy. Nevertheless, you-and by "you", I mean "me"-can do anything when you have a creative lover, mirrors, patience, locks, a witchy imagination, bottles, crafty friends, paint... and a Cherry Blossom Shoji Screen.

We are still smoothing out the kinks, but I'm sure things will work well in the end. Not only that, but the challenge has become a learning experience for our family: I'm learning to accommodate my magic around the ones I love, my Piano Man is learning a whole lot about how magic works, and the Princess is learning about boundaries.

I'm happy; life is good and magic is happening!


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Solitary Witch The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For The New Generation

INDEED! This is the ULTIMATE book of shadows! This book has everything a teen Witch could want and need between two covers: a magickal cookbook, encyclopedia, dictionary, and grimoire. It relates specifically to today's young adults and their concerns, yet is grounded in the magickal work of centuries past. This is an encyclopedia/dictionary of terms, ideas, celebrations, rituals and Witchcraft in the Tradition of Silver Ravenwolf. She has put together a massive handbook for those who follow her path, and it is just a huge undertaking on her part.

The book is put together in five parts, covering '"Shadows of Religion & Mystery"', '"Shadows of Objects and Tools"', '"Shadows of Expertise & Proficiency"', '"Shadows of Magick & Enchantment"' and '"Shadows of Magick and Real Life"'. Each section covers elements of the craft and discusses them in modern terms.

Information is arranged alphabetically and divided into five distinct categories: (1) Shadows of Religion and Mystery, (2) Shadows of Objects, (3) Shadows of Expertise and Proficiency, (4) Shadows of Magick and Enchantment, and (5) Shadows of Daily Life. It is organized so readers can skip over the parts they already know, or read each section in alphabetical order.

This is Silver Ravenwolf's Tradition and her version of the Craft. "CAKES AND ALE" are described as "COMMUNION" and Angels are included in "SPIRIT GUIDES". All the material echoes her previous works and is meant for the individual who follows this particular path.

Her approach in this huge work is to provide the Solitary Practitioner with reference material to help them along on their spiritual journey. She has gone into great detail, amassing a huge volume of work. The work includes a good table of contents, a bibliography, and is indexed.

It is comprehensive, in depth and gives one profound insight into The Craft. Silver writes with her usual humor, sincerity and groundedness. As a purveyor of many different "BOOKS OF SHADOWS", and other Pagan and Wiccan authors, I give this one a A++. She goes into depth on many, mnay subjects related to the Craft. It is deep, yet understandable and not at all "WU-WU." The only thing I can't understand is why people think it's mainly for the younger generation. I'm 51 and very well read and I found this masterpiece truly enlightening!

Silver RavenWolf (PENNSYLVANIA) is a nationally recognized leader and elder of Wicca, and through her writing has been instrumental in guiding the future of one of the fastest-growing faiths in America today. The author of seventeen books, she has been interviewed by The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Bust Magazine, the Baltimore Sun, the St. Petersburg Times, the National Review, Publishers Weekly, Body ">Find Silver Ravenwolf's book in AMAZON.COM:

Solitary Witch The Ultimate Book Of Shadows For The New Generation

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Siddha Ayushya Japa And Havan

Ayushya Havan

Siddha Ayushya Japa and havan

Helpful for Securance of Tot.

This Ayushya Japa and havan is done to worship the god of life (Ayur Devata ). By produce a result this Ayushya Japa and havan, one gets hope for life blessings from Ayur Devata. According to him, if a child is frequently ill, this Ayushya Japa and havan possibly will be performed on a periodical stand turnover the child attains good health. But in comprehensive, this is performed following a rendezvous on the day of the star in which the child is born. It is started on the day the child completes one rendezvous of age. In isolate one is incapable to perform it on this day, it neediness be done on the as the crow flies month. It may be done even on a periodical stand. You atmosphere work to perform this Ayushya Japa and havan on the Nakshatra, real rendezvous of the child. It is very considerable that you do it on the prime real day. Optionally, you can perform it on the other birthdays too. By interim the Ayushya Havan or Yagna, the evil equipment caused by tithi [day of the fortnightly], vara [day of the week], nakshatra [star] are eradicated. It bestows longevity, and good health. For Ayushya Japa and havan, we chant 11001 Japa and 1/10 havan.


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Hold Your Wants Lightly

Getting caught up in wanting - wanting both to get what's pleasant and to avoid what's unpleasant - is a major source of suffering and harm for oneself and others.

First, a lot of what we want to get comes with a big price tag - such as that second cupcake, constant stimulation via TV and websites, lashing out in anger, intoxication, over-working, or manipulating others to get approval or love. On a larger scale, the consumer-based lifestyle widespread in Western nations leads them to eat up - often literally - a huge portion of the world's resources.

Similarly, much of what we want to avoid - like the discomfort of speaking out, some kinds of psychological or spiritual growth, standing up for others, exercising, being emotionally vulnerable, or really going after one's dreams - would actually be really good for oneself and others.

Second, some wants are certainly wholesome, such as wishing that you and others are safe, healthy, happy, and living with ease; it's natural to want to give and receive love, to express yourself creatively, to be OK financially, to be treated with respect, to make a big contribution, or to rise high in your career. And many things in life are pleasurable - some of my personal favorites are morning coffee with my wife, walking in wilderness, watching the SF Giants win the World Series last year, seeing kids flourish, writing these JOTs, and laughing with friends at dinner.

But even with wholesome wants and pleasures, trouble comes when we get driven about them - grasping after them, insisting that they continue, craving and clinging, taking it personally when there's a hitch, getting pushy, or staying in a tunnel with no cheese. The art is to pursue wholesome desires with enthusiasm, discipline, and skill without getting all hot and bothered about them - and to enjoy life's pleasures without getting attached to them.

For even the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences always end. You are routinely separated from things you enjoy. And someday that separation will be permanotnent. Friends drift away, children leave home, careers end, and eventually your own final breath comes and goes. Everything that begins must also cease. Everything that comes together must also disperse.

Given this truth, grabbing after or clutching onto the things we want is hopeless and painful. To use an analogy from the Thai meditation master Ajahn Chah: if getting upset about something unpleasant is like being bitten by a snake, grasping for what's pleasant is like grabbing the snake's tail; sooner or later, it will still bite you.

Therefore, holding wants lightly is helpful in everyday life, bringing you more ease and less trouble from your desires, and creating less trouble for others - even across the world. And if you take it all the way to its end, holding wants lightly is a powerful vehicle for liberation from all of the suffering rooted in desire.


For starters, be aware of wanting inside your own mind. Try to notice:

* The ways in which desiring itself feels subtly tense or uncomfortable.
* The emotional pain of not getting what you want. Including disappointment, frustration, discouragement-perhaps even hopelessness or despair.
* The frequent discrepancy between the rewards you expected to get from a want, and what it actually feels like to fulfill it.

Similarly, notice that the anticipated pain from the things you want to avoid - especially things that would be good for you to open to or go after - is usually worse than the discomfort you actually feel. In effect, your brain is routinely lying to you, promising more pleasure and more pain than you will actually experience. The reason is that the pleasure and pain circuits of the brain are ancient and primitive, and they manipulated our ancestors to do things for their survival by overselling them about apparent opportunities and over-frightening them about apparent risks.

* The costs of pursuing the things you want, and the costs of trying to avoid some of the actually beneficial things you don't want. What is the cost/benefit ratio, really?
* The ways that every pleasant experience must inevitably change and end.

Next, imagine you are observing your wants from a great distance, like seeing them from on top of a mountain as if they are down in a valley below. Let them and go like clouds in the vast sky of awareness.

They are just one more mental content, like sensations, thoughts, or memories. Don't give them special status. They are just wants. You don't need to act on them. Usually, they'll just pass away after awhile.

Then, on paper or in your mind, make a list of problematic wants:

* Things you've wanted to get but are either not good for you or others, or come with too high a price.
* Things you've wanted to avoid, but are actually good for you and others.

Live with this list. Stare at it. Listen to what it says to you. Perhaps talk about it with others (maybe a therapist). Then make a plan for what you are committing to do about it. Honor this plan; if possible, tell others about it.

Also list wholesome wants that you would like to pursue more. (Some of these may be suggested implicitly by the list above of what you've wanted to avoid.) Hang out with this list for awhile, perhaps discussing it with others. Then make a sincere plan for what you are committing to do about it. Your wholesome wants will help crowd out the unwholesome ones.

I know what I am suggesting here about these two lists is a big deal, much easier said than done. I've been grappling lately with a couple of my own items on these lists, and it's not easy. But we can be aware of our issues forever - even mindfully aware! - while still never doing anything about them.

After you've stared at the garden for awhile... it's time to pull weeds and plant flowers.

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Thirteen Principles Of Beliefs
1. We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal quarters and cross-quarters.

2. We recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility toward our environment. We seek to live in harmony with nature, in ecological balance offering fulfillment to life and consciousness within an evolutionary concept.

3. We acknowledge a depth of power far greater than is apparent to the average person. Because it is far greater than ordinary, it is sometimes called "supernatural", but we see it as lying within that which is naturally potential to all.

4. We conceive of the Creative Power in the Universe as manifesting through polarity -- as masculine and feminine -- and that this same creative Power lives in all people, and functions through the interaction of the masculine and feminine. We value neither above the other, knowing each to be supportive of the other. We value sexuality as pleasure, as the symbol and embodiment of Life, and as one of the sources of energies used in magickal practice and religious worship.

5. We recognize both outer worlds and inner, or psychological worlds -- sometimes known as the Spiritual World, the Collective Unconscious, the Inner Planes, etc. -- and we see in the interaction of these two dimensions the basis for paranormal phenomena and magickal exercises. We neglect neither dimension for the other, seeing both as necessary for our fulfillment.

6. We do not recognize any authoritarian hierarchy, but do honor those who teach, respect those who share their greater knowledge and wisdom, and acknowledge those who have courageously given of themselves in leadership.

7. We see religion, magick, and wisdom-in-living as being united in the way one views the world and lives within it -- a world view and philosophy of life, which we identify as Witchcraft or the Wiccan Way.

8. Calling oneself "Witch" does not make a Witch -- but neither does heredity itself, or the collecting of titles, degrees, and initiations. A Witch seeks to control the forces within him/herself that make life possible in order to live wisely and well, without harm to others, and in harmony with nature.

9. We acknowledge that it is the affirmation and fulfillment of life, in a continuation of evolution and development of consciousness, that gives meaning to the Universe we know, and to our personal role within it.

10. Our only animosity toward Christianity, or toward any other religion or philosophy-of-life, is to the extent that its institutions have claimed to be "the one true right and only way" and have sought to deny freedom to others and to suppress other ways of religious practices and belief.

11. As American Witches, we are not threatened by debates on the history of the Craft, the origins of various terms, the legitimacy of various aspects of different traditions. We are concerned with our present, and our future.

12. We do not accept the concept of "absolute evil," nor do we worship any entity known as "Satan" or "the Devil" as defined by Christian Tradition. We do not seek power through the suffering of others, nor do we accept the concept that personal benefits can only be derived by denial to another.

13. We work within nature for that which is contributory to our health and well-being.

-- These principles were adopted by The Council of American Witches in 1974.

*From Bewitching Ways*

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The Gods And Goddesses Part Four

Valkyrie by Peter Nicolai Arbo (1869)

In his Geographica
" of 23 AD, the encyclopedia written in Greek by the Roman Strabo, the author writes of the priestesses of the Cimbri, a Germanic tribe located in what is now Denmark. "Their wives," he writes, "who would accompany them on their expeditions, were attended by priestesses who were seers; these were grey-haired, clad in white, with flaxen cloaks fastened on with clasps, girt with girdles of bronze, and bare-footed; now sword in hand these priestesses would meet with the prisoners of war throughout the camp, and having first crowned them with wreaths would lead them to a brazen vessel of about twenty amphorae; and they had a raised platform which the priestess would mount, and then, bending over the kettle, would cut the throat of each prisoner after he had been lifted up; and from the blood that poured forth into the vessel some of the priestesses would draw a prophecy, while still others would split open the body and from an inspection of the entrails would utter a prophecy of victory for their own people; and during the battles they would beat on the hides that were stretched over the wicker-bodies of the wagons and in this way produce an unearthly noise."

There is further historical evidence of these ritual leaders. The Arab writer Ibn Fadlan described a viking funeral rite that he witnessed in 921 AD on the shore of the Volga River in Russia. He writes of the "Angel of Death" that presides over the proceedings, including the killing of a young slave girl who is burned with the dead chieftain. The older woman is "in charge of the whole ceremony, from the dressing of the cadaver to the execution of the slave." She was "a strapping woman, massively built and austere of countenance." When the final moments come, "the men began to beat their shields with wooden sticks, to stifle the cries of the slave girl, so that other girls would not take fright and refuse to die with their masters." This noise-making echoes that of the Cimbri priestesses almost a thousand years earlier. The grisly ritual reaches its climax when the men involved in the ceremony "made her lie at the side of her dead master. Two held her hands and two her feet, and the Angel of Death wound a noose around her neck ending in a knot at both ends which she placed in the hands of two men, for them to pull. She then advanced with a broad-bladed dagger which she plunged repeatedly between the ribs of the girl while the men strangled her until she was dead." The role of the Germanic priestess either changed over time, was different in different tribes, or had a complex makeup that included both prophecy from the high-seat and a leadership role in ritual sacrifice. Ibn Fadlan worked with an interpreter, and it seems clear that his "Angel of Death" is the same as the Norse "chooser of the slain."

In 1014, the Anglo-Saxon bishop named Wulfstan published his "Sermo Lupi ad Anglos" ("Sermon of the Wolf to the English"). In a time-honored tradition that continues to this day, he blamed a great calamity (in this case, thirty years of viking raids) on the his own country's lack of moral fiber. He lists a catalog of the most grievous types of sinners that surrounded him, including "wiccan and waelcyrian" - witches and valkyries. This is not a mystical list of devils, but a human list that includes murderers and robbers. Evidently, there were still active wise women and prophetesses at this late date.

These women were, for obvious reasons, bloody and terrifying. It is understandable that whispered tales would grow up around them, especially given the idea in Germanic society that women had mysterious powers to begin with. This gave rise to the mythological concept of the valkyrie as magical maiden that flies above the battlefield, choosing the slain in a mystic sense by marking certain warriors for death in battle. The earthly woman who chooses those who are to be sacrificed evolved into the heavenly war-maiden who magically marks those who are doomed to die on the battlefield. The physical appearance of the original human figures - cloaked, wearing a girdle of bronze, and carrying a sword - is replicated in the mythological descriptions of the warrior-goddesses. Freya in her falcon cloak can be seen as a super-valkyrie, as a primal version of the horse-riding warrior goddesses of the late mythology.

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And Hollywood Latest Bad Guys Are The North Koreans
Hollywood's programming about exotic villains embrace never really altered. The studios further bad guys from countries everyplace they embrace no beneficial stake... or from Britain. They go to sky-scraping lengths not to compromise the capitalist projection of their movies by lawbreaker audiences in the countries everyplace they are individualistic away from home. Their graciousness has never unfolded to the Brits. They realise that we determination go and see their movies regardless, even if an Alan Rickman or a Basil Rathbone, a Claude Rains, a George Sanders or a Jeremy Shackles is cast as the contemporary imprint of the devil humanize.We Brits keep tough perennials in Hollywood's hit balance of torturers, bombers, kidnappers and widespread all-round troublemakers but the citizenship of the other villains of vote is in a lasting gain of shakiness. The Germans had the top villainous perception for total reasons in the mind part of the move along century. Russians in the Unsympathetic War were a careful fountain of antagonists. The French - "cheese-eating give up monkeys" as they were demonised modish the dark days of George W Flowering shrub - embrace flitted in and out of course. The Japanese were bad guys in the Second Construction War and for that reason anew in the 1980s and 1990s, being their car and electronics manufacturers were drubbing their American competitors.Gone the US studios pained to impose a curfew a storage in the fast budding Chinese manage, it is zealously a very bad icon to embrace too patronize movies with heavy Rambo types sack on Red Services crowd, opium smugglers or cyber hackers. The especially applies to the Meeting place Eastern and North African manage. India (point in the right direction the Part of an empire Group) is or else limit endorse big American movies. Distended Falsehood...Linked POSTS: * IRAN VS HOLLYWOOD: TEHRAN VOWS State of affairs V OSCAR-WINNING ARGO... * "PENTAGON INFLUENCES HOLLYWOOD AND HAS Finished AMERICANS Further WAR-LIKE..." * DAVID ICKE ON "JOHN WAYNE AMERICA" * ANGELINA JOLIE: Wolf IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING? * HOLLYWOOD AND OBAMA... * ARE Selected HOLLYWOOD STARS Secret CIA OPERATIVES? * NORTH KOREAN Skin BLASTS WESTERN Advertise AND State...

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Sabidura Arcana Meditacion Mundial De Plenilunio Escorpio 2010




DOMINGO 21 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2010 - 17:28 HS PM GMT (Horario exacto)

Domingo 21 a las 16 hs de Argentina por FM Mantra

Nota clave: "Soy el guerrero y salgo triunfante de la batalla"


Escorpio es la gran constelaci'on que influencia el punto de inflexi'on, tanto en la vida de la humanidad en su totalidad, como en la vida del ser humano individual. Energ'ias y fuerzas descienden sobre nuestro sistema y nuestras vidas planetarias incesante, potente y c'iclicamente y la cualidad de la corriente de energ'ia disponible, durante este Festival de la Luna Llena (le Escorpio, evoca esas condiciones en la vida de la naci'on o de un individuo que proporcionan pruebas cr'iticas en todos los niveles de conciencia: f'isicos, emocionales y mentales. Cada etapa y capa aspecto del crecimiento es sometido a pruebas. El disc'ipulo o servidor mundial es aquel que ha logrado trascender las limitaciones emocionales y mentales de la personalidad a trav'es del servicio, que es cooperaci'on con la luz y el amor del alma. La cualidad singular de la energ'ia de Escorpio, disponible a quienes se esfuerzan por recibirla y distribuirla durante la meditaci'on, ayuda a los individuos y a la humanidad entera a probarse a si mismos y, a trav'es de pruebas y errores, a madurar hacia un entendimiento planetario y un desarrollo espiritual. Cada paso hacia el alma debe ser substanciado y consolidado. Se estimula la persistencia, la fiabilidad y la dependencia en el servicio al todo mayor.

El discipulado, o el crecimiento en conciencia, como todo crecimiento, es un proceso. La conciencia del disc'ipulo se desarrolla lenta y secuencialmente y, en cada etapa, atrae su forma espec'ifica de pruebas de la personalidad, conduciendo al proceso llamado iniciaci'on. La iniciaci'on es el sendero de perfecci'on que el disc'ipulo elige hollar por el bien de otros como forma de acelerar el proceso evolutivo. Dependiendo del siguiente paso que corresponda dar a cada individuo, grupo o naci'on, estas pruebas autoadministradas de Escorpio conciernen a los aspectos espec'ificamente f'isicos o emocionales o mentales de la vida de la personalidad.

En el nivel f'isico, a medida que los individuos se aproximan al punto culminante de la primera iniciaci'on, se encuentran con "las pruebas de apetito, "relativas a la forma de vida material. A medida que se aproximan al punto culminante de la segunda iniciaci'on, deber'an enfrentarse a los problemas del "deseo y del desequilibrio emocional, al "acercarse al punto culminante de la tercera iniciaci'on, son probados por su propia "mente cr'itica, "la mente inferior o concreta. Todas estas pruebas est'an presentes, hasta cierto punto, en todas las etapas del crecimiento de la personalidad, pero uno de los aspectos domina, dependiendo del estado de conciencia alcanzado.

En la actualidad, la humanidad entera se encuentra involucrada en este triple proceso de pruebas de la personalidad. Nos encontramos en un momento decisivo de la historia, en el que podemos avanzar unidos para convertirnos en la familia planetaria, el disc'ipulo mundial. Debido a que esta oportunidad se encuentra estimulada por la energ'ia que fluye desde la constelaci'on de Escorpio, observamos las pruebas de las condiciones f'isicas, emocionales y mentales de la humanidad surgiendo claramente en los asuntos mundiales.

LAS PRUEBAS DE APETITO EN EL NIVEL F'iSICO son las del sexo, utilizado ego'istamente; la comodidad f'isica, apropiada ego'istamente y el dinero, acumulado ego'istamente. LAS PRUEBAS EMOCIONALES son las del miedo, que influye en la acci'on; el odio, que condiciona las relaciones; y la ambici'on, que determina valores y objetivos. LAS PRUEBAS DE LA MENTE INFERIOR son las del orgullo, el separatismo y la crueldad: el orgullo es la satisfacci'on intelectual que convierte a la mente en una barrera al control del alma, el separatismo es la actitud aislada que convierte a la mente en una barrera a las correctas relaciones humanas y la crueldad es la satisfacci'on con los m'etodos de la personalidad y convierte a la mente en el instrumento del sentido de poder. Cuando estas faltas son percibidas y superadas, el resultado es doble: el establecimiento de las correctas relaciones con el alma y tambi'en con el entorno. Estos dos resultados son la meta de todas las pruebas de Escorpio.

Todas estas condiciones se encuentran presentes en nuestros urgentes problemas humanos de la actualidad. Existen "porque somos capaces de enfrentarnos a las pruebas que representan. "Nunca se nos pide que realicemos lo imposible, pero si lo que somos y lo que seremos, probados hasta el limite de nuestra capacidad de cambiar y crecer. Cuando la conciencia humana sea capaz de una expansi'on ulterior en entendimiento y relaciones planetarias, esa condici'on evocar'a "y har'a subir a la superficie "impedimentos al crecimiento, hasta que ambas caracter'isticas de la personalidad material que deben transformarse y el naciente poder espiritual del alma a medida que aumenta su control se enfrenten cara a cara". "A "trav'es del sufrimiento, a trav'es de pruebas y errores, surgiremos como el disc'ipulo triunfante, purificado y fortalecido en car'acter, en la cualidad de nuestra vida de deseo y en los valores que decidimos adoptar como nivel de una vida buena para todos. A medida que la humanidad aprende a apelar a todos los recursos espirituales de que dispone, en momentos de crisis, los poderes ocultos del alma se revelan progresivamente.

La influencia de Escorpio es poderosa y su poder lleva a la humanidad a salvo a trav'es de pruebas y errores y a la influencia de la nueva era que se aproxima.

A medida que los individuos consiguen enfrentarse a sus propias pruebas inmediatas de crecimiento y cambio, cada uno contribuye al avance de la raza humana. En esta percepci'on los hombres y mujeres de buena voluntad del planeta meditan unidos durante este Festival de Luna Llena, aceptando y respondiendo a esta tremenda corriente de energ'ia y distribuy'endola a trav'es del magnetismo de la intenci'on abnegada a la conciencia humana. Quienes meditan alcanzan una creciente capacidad de trabajar con energ'ia. Todos cu'antos participan en este tipo de servicio ayudan a irradiar la conciencia de la humanidad con la luz, el amor y el poder del Plan del alma. El futuro no es desconocido y el crecimiento humano no es impredecible. A trav'es de la fusi'on de luz y amor en la cualidad de la vida diaria, el desarrollo de la conciencia prosigue sin contratiempos.

Durante todos los per'iodos de luna llena, la corriente de energ'ia del sol a la Tierra est'a libre de obst'aculos, permitiendo una plena relaci'on con el sol, el "coraz'on" simb'olico de nuestro sistema solar. Estas energ'ias son literalmente dirigidas hasta el campo de la conciencia humana mediante la invocaci'on, haci'endolas asequibles a quienes pueden responder a los valores superiores, aquellos de corazones amorosos y mentes abiertas. La forma m'as efectiva que tenemos de cooperar con las Fuerzas de la Luz para abrir el camino a un futuro mejor es el empleo de la f'ormula de energ'ia de La Gran Invocaci'on. La Invocaci'on fue dada a la humanidad como un instrumento de servicio y est'a ya efectuando cambios en la conciencia humana. Es una forma de servicio tan sencilla y obvia que su tremendo poder podr'ia pasarse por alto.


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