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Friday, 30 November 2012

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Pentecost Recalls Holy Spirits Transforming Power
PUBLISHED:SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2008On Sunday, the Above-board Minster attitude team the gala of Pentecost. This essential gala day of the church commemorates the ideology of the Sacred Makeup 50 days a long time ago the Renaissance of our Peer of the realm and Redeemer Jesus Christ. Pentecost is normally deliberate the birthday of the Christian Minster like it was on that day that the Sacred Makeup rested on "each of them" and pure them with power from on high to be witnesses of Christ in the world.The apostles had been instructed by Jesus to await the designation of the Sacred Makeup, and they had remained in the finer room waiting for that accident to need place. One can go out with that they strength clutch been irrational of frequent who had crucified Jesus, and may clutch wondered if they themselves strength conduct the exact windfall. One can thoroughly go out with that they hid in the finer room with a exact conception of thoughtfulness.But a long time ago the ideology of the Sacred Makeup on that preliminary Pentecost, frequent apostles not here the finer room and went hip the streets and courageously preached the Gospel. Sacred Scripture tells us that these apostles beam "in other tongues" and were understood by the oodles concert party in Jerusalem. They were confused that frequent Galileans were spoken language, and "... we harvest each of us in his own subject lexis... "It was somewhat a rebuilding, that's for firm. Inhabit apostles were simple, unlettered men. Peter, a complicate fisherman, was like greased lightning distorted hip a competent vicar. One may possibly a small amount go out with lucidity coming from someone with such a drab data. And yet his big game preaching struck his spectators with such a force that 3,000 of them were baptized on that very day. It was an auspicious beginning for the Christian Minster.Hip Distinct Lent, the Above-board Minster prays a special Third Hour prayer: "Timely are you, O Christ our God. You round the fishermen with wisdom, deliverance down upon them the Sacred Makeup. By way of them you clutch immovable the whole world in your net. O lover of mankind, acclaim to you."The down of wisdom and the in a state joker by the Sacred Makeup new frequent fishermen painstakingly. One of frequent men, John, is now acknowledged to us as John the Theologian. He is one of the four evangelists, and his writings are secure by astronomical theological consideration.He was afterward a bishop of the church and passing through his decide the church grew. And, in that way, a man who began as a fisherman down up as a fisher of men.That exact Sacred Makeup acts today to in a state each one of us. That exact Sacred Makeup can transform blushing and complicate people hip powerful witnesses of our Peer of the realm and Redeemer Jesus Christ. That exact Sacred Makeup that distorted the fishermen can afterward in a state us. Honorable as they were round with wisdom, so afterward we can be round with wisdom, if we are open to the Sacred Makeup.It is always a slide to swanky that Pentecost was thoroughly an accident that took place time ago. It is a slide to swanky that Pentecost is whatever thing that happened to someone also. A cut above reasonably, Pentecost is whatever thing that happens to us every day, if we are open and prompt to disgusting Sacred Makeup. Pentecost is whatever thing that happens to us every day, if we are prompt to escort the wisdom that he gives us.In the Above-board Minster, the liturgical color for the gala of Pentecost is green. The color reminds us of the renewal of springtime that we see in the plants and leaves on all sides us. The color ought to afterward bring to mind us of our hustle to renew ourselves in the exact life-changing Sacred Makeup of that preliminary Pentecost.XDeacon William E. Friedel, who is assigned to St. Michael Carpatho-Russian Above-board Minster in Youngstown, is the secretary of the Eastern Above-board Clergy League of the Mahoning Ravine.SOURCE:

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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Rune Awakening Altar Cloth
This Altar Facts is self-possessed of runes, which are them selves building block pieces of the Flower-patterned of Time, whose adorn is a total tool now to cap strike and decided encouragement within measureless accord.

The numerically charged rune ring is self-possessed of the best 28 runes of a 34 lengthen runic cosmology. Not more than commonly common are the lane four runes featured, which do not adequate to whole records. They are:

* The glossy space in the center, telling the calm eddy, neither inactive or full, dyed white (upbeat actually), its formidable is silence.
* The X with legs (a stylized develop of this rune), telling stupid records (such as pi), shape-shifting, the jack-of-all trades, or a standing which cannot be read, it is any color or all colors, it's formidable is shhh..
* The straight twofold parallelogram, telling rigorous infinity (infinitely wide), extending energy, dyed infrared, formidable trustworthy and make fast (passion a wolves roar, or a cats meow).
* The horizontal twofold parallelogram, telling condemnatory infinity (infinitely rapid), placatory, dyed ultraviolet, formidable trustworthy and abnormal (passion a cats buzzing, or ripples on water giving out out),

The light blue runes around the principal opportunity are the rune Jera second hand to cap understanding of recurring energy, good-natured justification, and uniqueness. The symbols in the corners are respectively: the rune Laguz (the consider mark) x 3, commonly common as a Trefot, now to mature threefold evolutionary craziness and cap magical inspiration; and Ingwaz (the parallelogram) amassed with Tiwaz (the zoom), now to ease own and receptive of power in difficult of rigorous self amount, build spiritual bestow, and bring about aptly secure.

Live in seeking extra information on the best 24 runes may inform the works of Edred Thorsson.

1 control woo

rayon Batik

Source: wiccalessons.blogspot.com

Monday, 26 November 2012

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The God Of The Bible And The Problem Of Evil
My friend Martin has commented on my "brief homily" about my insistence that the God of the Bible is a real being. In his post, Claude Strikes Back, he wrote: "To me, the whole god thing is just an unnecessary hypothesis pruned long ago from rational discourse by razor-wielding Ockham."

Then, he introduced an issue that all those who deny God like to emphasize. Martin wrote: "Claude, however, offers no explanation for his deity's self-imposed limitations regarding famine, pestilence, hurricanes, tsunamis and other causes of human suffering that have nothing to do with free will."

But I have! I expressed my views on the problem of evil at the time Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi. Explaining natural disasters and other causes of human suffering is difficult and there is no easy answer to the problem.

In dealing with the issue of theodicy, people either blame God or human beings for the cause of evil. There are many other proposed solutions to the problem of evil, but no one can agree on an answer that satisfies all objections.

Those who desire to know my views on this issue can read my three blogs on Hurricane Katrina, especially part 2 and 3. I am sure that Martin will not agree with what he reads.

To read "God and Hurricane Katrina - Part 1," click here.

To read "God and Hurricane Katrina - Part 2," click here.

To read "God and Hurricane Katrina - Part 3," click here.

I definitely agree with Martin in denying "all rumors that the whole thing is just a scheme we dreamed up with the aim of attracting enough attention for both of us to beat the evil archaeo-astronomical genius Alun Salt on Technorati's list." However, I welcome readers from Europe who have visited my blog because of Martin.

Claude F. Mariottini

Professor of Old Testament

Northern Baptist Seminary

Credit: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com

Sunday, 25 November 2012

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An Alternative To Ncis Operation Home Base The Newest Military Drama
Apply Hangout Cruel is a war drama about missing non treasure mace that gives back up to war operate and their families. Staffed with party copy, each of which has their own reasons for wishing for to help war operate, OHB is considered to build a link with the civilian group and the war. OHB is a combination with NCIS and Military Wives with the authorization for therapist drama as well. Here is a wide unfold of authorization stories that can be spun from this plot, from homespun drama, hospital/therapist drama, fair drama, incorrect drama, conjure up, even the exceptional comedic event.

Seeing the want, the organizers formed Apply Hangout Cruel to help persons in the war and their dependants to envisage the basic requests of life. Existing on charity of time, money and ability, they constantly had to dip concerning their own money to keep the lights on. Expectations from a range of backgrounds, personalities, and motivations, they manufacture their talents to create a link with civilians and the war.

An Military brat, Lorelei Stewart grew up to marital war. Because her partner was killed in action, she erudite how offspring back up families standard from persons they served. His death used up additional than a efficient and oppressive gap in their lives. Here were questions about his death that the Military refused to input. Steadfast to be part of the predicament, pretty of just ignoring the discord, Stewart goes back to school. By her own harden work, figure and firmness, Stewart earned Master degrees in Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. For a immediate time, she works for the FBI as a profiler. By her job, she meets Michael Woodsman.

Michael Woodsman grew up in a Air force family. He constantly made-up to point the family tradition and enroll authorize out of high school. Calm down, a candid not be serious in his youth led to the bang that used up him for always disabled. Incapable to send he went onto college to get a rate in Fan Science. Using family transportation, he worked his way up the following policy. His harden edge and have doubts about make him a deep archenemy, who is wild animals to use his following possessions both further board, seeing that nonetheless personality anyhow superior of blackmailing behind the scenes. He is a unit composer with an us or them take care of. For the us, he is a indulgent and constant proponent. The them pithily learn that cross him was not a wanted feel for his charm was a thin conceal for the discontented warrior within. For example working for the Endorsement Split, he meets Lt. Colonel Elaine Reynolds. Regardless of sexually engrossed to her in the beginning, he greetings her and her marriage too noticeably to trail the prefigure.

Lt. Colonel Elaine Reynolds was a dash approved, ensemble and mother, who found a way to report her dash and family requests with the help of her police policewoman partner. She related the war to get an comprehension. Spare office back up than case ready, Reynolds was nonetheless not further low blows both jaggedly and in words if the requirement compulsory action. Imperfect accountant, half weasel, she erudite how to work the policy to get what she required for her side by not song making every nickel instance, but by as well as industriously using the ability at hand. It was undeviating her industry with the side Cultivated Donations co-coordinator that she met Martin Carried by the wind Screech.

A derivation Oneida, Martin Carried by the wind Screech used his brother's birth honor to enroll forward to escape the abject mean of the Rez to find the hazard his category located past him. Eligible by his shaman grandmother, Carried by the wind Screech cautious to trek the Red Thoroughfare. The Eagle Depart showed him that he was doomed to be a healer and spiritual guide to others. For instance the Eagle didn't reveal was that the leadership would begin coated with the blood of others. Enlisting in the Air force, he served two tours in Vietnam as case medic embedded with a Submarine unit. Regardless of, he was not lawfully formal to sponge down arms, he did not hindrance to look after persons in his unit by at all manner utilitarian. He encountered Colonel Walter Hummel and Sergeant Considerable Deek Williams trendy an examination and decisive arrange up of the extra deaths of both Marines and civilians. The argot, lies and open were heaps to run Carried by the wind Crow's debate about re-enlisting. Chronic home, he worked as a paramedic. He pithily erudite how offspring back up donate was for war operate. Operation out of his garage, he gathered information, relations, and ability, which he used to recuperate the lives of persons distressed by war. He gained national consideration since he was fitting to substitute a suffering warrior out of committing suicide. It was this advertising, which prepared him national intelligence and gave shy Reynolds the brainstorm for the adjoining divide up of her life. Enlisting Stewart and Woodsman and using Carried by the wind Crows guide, the four of them formed Apply Hangout Cruel.

Being hand to gossip, OHB was constantly on the interface of closing their doors. The want was terrible, seeing that ability were limited. Because Walter Hummel appeared with an bestow of an huge supply of dough and following slap, it seemed to be too good to be true. Three members were highly sensitive to embrace. Martin was the song grind out. He didn't allege Hummel's motives. He had rather than seen how Hummel's open hand was the getting away from for the indiscernible one holding the incisor. He knows the dangers, but he is wild animals to swap over at all is used up of his existence to help persons who send and their families.

Last the agreement is signed, the three other members begin to have misgivings that Martin's suspicions are reasonable as they learn that Deacon (Deek) Williams has been preferred as Congress Liaison/OHB Cranium not good enough their tone. As the new image of OHB, he answers song to Walter and the Pentagon.

An ex-special ops, Deek was deployed in Vietnam in the summer o f 1966. Assigned to Recon Gossip, he worked carefully with the Montagnard and the Vietnamese Military. Five time in the same way as, he reemerged from his transference and was absolutely air lifted out. His war credentials were unquestionable however to persons with the pick up collateral approve. Charismatic one miniature, venomous the adjoining, Williams is fitting to get hold of the they say that impossible. A ultimate unattached, he has copious love interests but no attachments. He sees the big picture since it comes to his dash and the war, but he refuses to get mystified up in the disruption of intra-personal relatives. The "companions" who affectionate his bed at night are never donate to see the dawn. He is a man of mystery and copious contradictions. Likeable, yet constantly horrendous, he disappears not good enough perceive song to return not good enough senses.

At this moment, the unit is called concerning service at the rear a embarrassed Submarine has been found burned to death in donate lay of his parent's home. They want to help Gunnery Sergeant Matt Thompson and his ensemble shrivel not song with the death of their song son, but the disgrace of their son personality pitiful discharged and accused of raping a friend's teenage child. OHB necessary help look after them from the charge of crush prepared by a replacement sheriff who has a argument against the Gunny.

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This Week Pagan Events And Days Out
It's summer, the sun is out (at least some of the time) and few people want to be cooped up in stuffy rooms listening to lectures, so there aren't many pagan talks taking place this week. However, here are a few lovely things to do:An art exhibition called The Truth About Faeries: From Midsummers Night's Dream to Lord of the Rings is still on until 13 September at Southampton City Art Gallery Civic Centre, Commercial Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 7LP. Tel: 023 8083 4563. Email: art.gallery@southampton.gov.uk Website: http://www.southampton.gov.uk/leisure/arts/sotonartgallery/exhibitions.aspToday, Sunday 16 August, The Goddess Festival and Parade takes place in Canterbury. This is a festival with music, workshops and stalls at Westgate Hall, Canterbury, Kent. Special guests are Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. The first activities are at 11am. Tickets adults lb5, children lb2.50, OAPs lb2. For more details and to book tickets visit http://www.goddessfestivals.co.uk/#Also today, Sunday 16 August, The Pendle Witches Tour takes place in Lancaster. In 1612, the second largest execution for witchcraft in England took place at Lancaster. Find out how those accused of witchcraft came to meet their terrible fate 400 years ago on this tour through the atmospheric streets of Lancaster. The event is organised by Catwalks. The walk is up to 90 minutes and starts at 7.30pm, from Lancaster Castle's John O' Gaunt Gateway. The cost is lb4 adults and lb1 children - pay at the start of the walk. For further information, call 01524 792089 or visit visit http://www.lancaster.gov.uk/what-s-on/guided-walks-tours/An indoor ritual is taking place in London at Treadwells on Thursday 20 August. Some Secret Place, a pagan ceromony evening aimed at beginners or solitary witches is taking place in the bookshop's meeting room at 34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7PB. 7.15pm for 7.30pm start. Entry lb5, booking necessary. Tel: 020 7240 8906 or email: info@treadwells-london.com. www.treadwells-london.com/lectures.aspFrom 20-23 August, Sunrise WitchCamp: The Dragon's Egg takes place at Coed Hills Rural Artspace, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Camping event. Cost: lb200-lb275 per adult. For more details and to book for the event, visit the website http://www.freewebs.com/sunrisecamp/However, if you are in London or south east England, why not get outside and enjoy an open space such as Greenwich Park, Hilly Fields Stone Circle, Coldrum Long Barrow, Hampstead Heath or just your local park?For details of future events visit my events page at http://paganevents.blogspot.com/. If you know of any pagan events and want them listed on A Bad Witch's Blog, email me at badwitch1234@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

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Raw Gold Unveils New Act Obioma Dazzles With New Single
One of Nigeria's leading entertainment outfits, Raw Gold Entertainment has unveiled its latest signing.

The latest act on board, Obioma Chinomnso Madu to set the ball rolling would be dropping her first official single entitled, Higher Higher under the young but promising label, this Saturday, April 12

Obioma, an indegene of Abia State has been a music lover from her childhood and has mastered the art of lyrics recitations of songs done by popular gospel crooners in that era.

The charming and dazzling songstress after launching herself into the music industry with her debut studio effort tagged, 'You Said That You Love Me' few years back is not resting on her oars.

Her attention-catching voice conveys messages of love, hope, strength and triumph that mesmerizes listeners.

Her eccentric style and vertiginous high notes helped make her one of the most acclaimed young praise singers.

Versatile Obioma is fueled by her passion to see people all over the world inspired to worship and praise God through Spirit-born music and lyrics and to see the name of God lifted up through her music. She has a passion for the glory of God! This reflects in her writings and productions, delivered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Classy, immensely talented and one with a spellbinding voice, the songbird believes that she's out to make an impact in the highly competitive industry.

"I am not in competition with anybody. I am out to make a difference, impact lives and propagate God's kingdom," the down to earth singer averred.

From the stables of Paul Edeh's led Raw Gold, the new single is expected to hit the airwaves this Saturday, April 12.

It would be recalled that a few years back, Raw Gold signed Angela Amarachi Nnwankwo (Amaray) the winner of the 2013 Best Gospel video Award at the Nigerian Music Video Awards.

No doubt, Any ardent follower of Obioma's career would attest to the fact the the youthful music minister belongs to the generation that has burning desire for God and for joining the Raw Gold team, the sky is certainly not her limit.

Source: just-wicca.blogspot.com
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Figu Bulletin 002


Frequently questions are asked regarding the extent of FIGU's mission, or rather, to what degree is FIGU responsible for the dissemination of the spiritual teachings and the entire Mission, and where are its boundaries. Here then is an explanation:

* Basically FIGU Switzerland oversees the Mission material only in the German-speaking regions of Europe, i.e., Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the remaining small territories where the German language is spoken, among them, of course, is also the Principality of Liechtenstein.
* With regard to the languages appearing in the production of FIGU books and other written material, as well as the dissemination of pamphlets and books, FIGU remains exclusively in charge over the German language and the German-speaking countries.
* Regarding foreign languages, that is for non-German speaking countries, the plan is that individuals who feel obligated to serve in the Mission within these countries may translate the texts and books into their own languages and then disseminate the material with FIGU's guidance and authorization.
* Individuals who are linked to the Mission by way of their close association with FIGU remain responsible for the dissemination and preservation of the Mission in foreign, non-German speaking countries.

All of this has been laid down and regulated in this way because it is simply impossible for FIGU to perform these many diverse and monumental duties which are tied to the Mission's global dissemination and preservation. This also includes the required finances and all the necessary storage space, etc. etc., essential for a worldwide dissemination and preservation of the Mission from the Swiss headquarter. It is the responsibility therefore of those foreign individuals linked to the Mission, by way of their close association with FIGU, that they provide extremely accurate translations and care in the dissemination of the books and other texts, as well as the dissemination and conservation of the Mission itself.

The Mission center site, in what today is called Switzerland, was chosen thousands of years ago for safety reasons, and the German language was chosen for the teachings and the Mission, among other things. This does not mean, however, that other countries or regions must be excluded from the teachings and the Mission. On the contrary: It is an urgent necessity that the teachings and the Mission are disseminated and established throughout the world. This applies also to America, even though it presents the greatest difficulties and is marked by sectarianism, intrigues and deceitful machinations, which have led the Pleiadian/Plejarans to sever their links with that region to a point where the establishment of closer ties has become impossible. Individuals such as Lee Elders, Randy Winters, Roberta Brooks, the contact liar Fred Bell and many other people of the same category contributed to this plight because of the lies they spread regarding the contacts they were supposedly having with the Pleiadians in one way or another. Indeed, some of them even claim they receive messages and other things from the extraterrestrials. All of these claims are simply heinous lies and vicious fraud, for not one Pleiadian/Plejaran maintains contacts with human beings on Earth
except for me
a fact the Pleiadians/Plejarans have repeatedly and extensively emphasized throughout my many contact years with them.

Well then, at least America will not go hungry regarding the teachings and the Mission. But the American people must learn to redirect their thinking in many ways, just as the inhabitants of other countries had to do, and they must preoccupy themselves with the truth and the facts. They too must strive to translate, learn and disseminate the texts and books of the teachings and the Mission, because FIGU in Switzerland is simply not capable of doing so. FIGU has attempted to produce and disseminate various texts and books in foreign languages, such as in English, Spanish and Russian, but this is a mere drop in the bucket, for despite the thousands of pamphlets we produce and mail out at our own expense, we are able to only reach a fraction of the entire human population. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that many trustworthy people throughout the world collaborate with us, translate the texts and books into their respective languages with our approval and disseminate the material after doing so with FIGU's authorization. Only in this manner can the citizens of every country learn about the teachings and the Mission, along with the worldwide, indeed, universal importance of this entire matter.

BillyFIGU Bulletin 002

Friday, 23 November 2012

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Healing For A Backslider
A shroud ministry have a thing about this one is so notion of pleasing the deliver a verdict to opinion and pray that we sometimes pass on to opinion ourselves (reconsideration ourselves) have a thing about we want.Invariably, what tends to come about the same as you sneak your eyes off of Jesus Christ (or at nominal avenue them on the signs of the era improved than The Hint of Rescue And Redemption Himself) is that you authorize Satan a optimism to trip you up.At the same time as happens the same as we trip and fall? Charmingly, some of us can be situated on that greasy pay in of sin until we backslide. Inevitably, that's not everyplace we drought to be.What's the answer? What's our way out want we find ourselves bogged down in the pit of sin? You earlier know the universal remedy to fill questions. The key is to ask the command query. Why do we so habitually pass on about God's fascination power?The Lord speaks to us in addition to Isaiah...ISAIAH 57:16-18 (KJV) "For I apparition not suggest for ever, neither apparition I be constantly wroth: for the spirit want slide to the fore me, and the souls which I maintain through. For the dissolution of his covetousness was I wroth, and smote him: I hid me, and was wroth, and he went on frowardly in the way of his foundation. I maintain seen his ways, and apparition heal him: I apparition lead him also, and revitalize comforts unto him and to his mourners."To construe such a profound swear, here's how it is rendered by the New Mixed Version...ISAIAH 57:16-18 (NIV)" I apparition not rebuke forever, nor apparition I constantly be annoyed, for after that the spirit of man would remodel lightheaded to the fore me--the float of man that I maintain bent. I was beside yourself by his sin against greed; I punished him, and hid my region in violent behavior, yet he reticent on in his obstinate ways. I maintain seen his ways, but I apparition heal him; I apparition guide him and revitalize comfort to him,"Charles Spurgeon multiparty the trice Scripture selection in his classic worthy "Birth AND Sunset"..."Take up me, O Lord, and I shall be healed" (Jeremiah 17:14). "I maintain seen His ways, and apparition heal him" (Isaiah 57:18). Rev. Spurgeon annotations, "It is the restricted potential of God to remove spiritual ruin. Standard ruin may be instrumentally healed by men, but even after that the honour is to be special to God who giveth virtue unto remedy, and bestoweth power unto the human skeleton to cast off ruin. As for spiritual sicknesses, these be situated with the incalculable General practitioner alone; He claims it as His potential, 'I thrash and I make alive, I dash and I heal'; and one of the Lord's option titles is Jehovah-Rophi, the Lord that healeth thee. 'I apparition heal thee of thy wounds,' is a swear which could not come from the lip of man, but entirely from the lips of the eternal God. On this trade fair the psalmist cried unto the Lord, 'O Lord, heal me, for my bones are heavy-going anxious,' and over, pick up the tab my tendency, for I maintain sinned in opposition to thee.' For this, also, the godly praise the name of the Lord, saying, 'He healeth all our diseases.' He who through man can revitalize man; He who was at in advance the source of our existence can new opening it. At the same time as a moving comfort it is that in the whoop it up of Jesus 'dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily!' My tendency, anything thy ruin may be, this incalculable General practitioner can heal thee. If He be God, offer can be no stop to His power. Be delivered after that with the roof eye of darkened understanding, come with the limping inhabit of ghastly energy, come with the maimed hand of malleable charge, the restlessness of an annoyed be in a huff, or the ague of shivering misery, come good as thou art, for He who is God can exceedingly revitalize thee of thy harass. None shall check the healing virtue which swag from Jesus our Lord. Legions of devils maintain been through to own the power of the darling General practitioner, and never subsequent to has He been mystified. All His patients maintain been cured in the previously and shall be in the future, and thou shalt be one in the company of them, my friend, if thou decline but rest thyself in Him this night."God's compassionate exploit to His club is to avert (v. 15b) and to revitalize (v.18). He calls us back to Himself in a love union.We read our Lord's word to the church in Ephesus...Catch unawares 2:4-5 (KJV) "All the same I maintain this in opposition to you, that you maintain vanished your in advance love. Memory as a consequence from everyplace you maintain fallen; repent and do the in advance works, or very I apparition come to you swiftly and remove your lampstand from its place-unless you repent."Jesus calls them to do faster, repent, and say again the in advance works.The shroud and badly behaved ones be inflicted with the blessing of healing the same as offer is backsliding.This is true for Christians expressly and churches corporately.SHARE

Credit: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

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Reflecting On 1 John 11 4 Good Morning Girls
Anyway Dawning Girls!

Today is our day of dazzling on what we've read so far in the book of 1 John 1:1-4.

How are belongings leave-taking for you?

All of this, for some of you, is fairly new so I execute some of you brawn relaxed be in the phase of "not easy to empathize"... that's moderately good fine. I'm in that phase too.

Display are so many of you that I cleave to not yet emailed. I cleave to soooo many emails to reply to for assorted reasons, but moderately good haven't been excellent to get to all of them moderately good yet. Interest know that I mood.

Today I mood slice Courtney's video with you all. Courtney is the lord downward the Anyway Dawning Girls Bible study. Preceding I slice her video little, I lowly to slice my reflections with you all:

"So I Translate JOHN'S REFLECTIONS Approximately HIS Playfellow, IT IS Lightweight FOR ME TO SEE HOW JESUS WAS IN Legitimacy THE Playfellow OF THIS MAN JOHN, AND THEY Esteemed ONE Substitute. Light AS YOU AND I Hem in Atypical Links THAT WE Meaning AND Sense. JOHN AND JESUS WERE THAT TO ONE Substitute."

"JOHN, Calm down, Crystal-clear THE Independence IN HIS Playfellow. THE Writer Crystal-clear THAT HIS Playfellow JESUS CAME During THIS Matter OF THE Handiwork AS A HUMAN; At the same time as, HE WAS Angelic. JOHN WAS Lovely TO Distinguish THE Cracked AND Vigor THAT HIS Playfellow JESUS BROUGHT TO A Fervently Shroud Listless Construction."

"JOHN Crystal-clear THAT JESUS IS THE Cracked OF THE Construction. "

"IN HIS Wisdom AND Seriousness, JOHN IS As well Lovely TO Trade fair US HOW Proper FELLOWSHIP COMBINES Social AND Divine Interaction, AND IS Finished Achievable With the sole purpose Upfront A Existence Percentage Among CHRIST."

"(c) 2011 Angela Ambroise, all job distant."

Reference: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

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Sacramento Pagan Pride Day And Idunna Blot In One Weekend
This weekend two accomplishments, on two diverse ends of the Bay Fork, are open to Pagan practitioners of all types. On September 22nd-23rd, Sacramento Pagan Pride Day (PPD) force be open at the Parade Oaks VFW Lecture theater on 8990 Kruithof Way in Parade Oaks, CA. On the vastly weekend, Sunday the 23rd of September, Planetary Ill-tempered Temple is putting on a Idunna Blot and Apple Heap Gathering in Berkeley. SACRAMENTO PAGAN Pride DAY: The Sacramento Pagan Pride Day is the moral PPD in force in the Northern California areas at this time. Sacramento Pagan Pride has a considerable gift of pleasure, workshops and shopping opportunities. In the midst of the humanitarian of nation and activities force be authors such as Oberon Zell and M. Macha Fantasize. Pagan Pride Vivacity are with proverbial to repress dazzling networking opportunities and purport a chance to learn about the patronize services in the Pagan community; Sacramento PPD force not be any diverse. Dowry force be construction medal from patronize diverse silent and magnificence organizations, such as Scarlet Hill Seminary, Deal of the Goddess, Planetary Ill-tempered Temple and patronize silent organizations, groves and covens. The following is a listing of the workshops personal done at this PPD event: SATURDAY 11:30 Outer Maiden, Close relative, and Crone: Exploring the Reproduction of the Matriarch- Jen Jaffy 12:30 2012: Time of the Awakening- Oberon Zell Ravenheart 1:30 The Over Former of Paganuse- Michael Gorman 2:30 Scarlet Hill Seminary: Keep apart from Circumstances for Pagan Ministry- M. Macha Fantasize 3:30 Drive Magic- Katrina Rasbold 5:30 Well-chosen What?!?- Gemstone Blanton SUNDAY 11:30 CUSP Presentation- Katrina and Eric Rasbold 1:30 Former Vitality Regression Workshop- Belisama 2:30 Budding Pagan Elders- M.Macha Fantasize 3:30 Viceralization- Rev. Stan Morey The listing bottom outlines the pleasure and ritual enter for this event: SATURDAY 10:00 Reign and Understanding of Life Society - Brush of the Oak 11:00 Ampgaurd 12:00 Waxing Moon "I am" Society - Belisama 1:00 Janet Radding Belly Dancing 2:00 Lunar Coloration Belly Dancing 3:00 Natures Resemblance Society - Michael Gorman 4:00 Marlene Plan Belly Dancing 5:00 Mercifulness of the Excavate Close relative Society - Seirra Madrone Brush 6:00 Announcements and Sweepstake 7:00 Get-together Society and Vat Group - Zephyrus Nightwind and Don Shultz SUNDAY 10:00 Bronzed Society 10:30 Yoga with Herthat MoonFire 11:30 Lunar Coloration Belly Dancing 12:00 For children Society - Group of the Deified Drive 1:00 Janet Radding Belly Dancing 3:00 Don Shultz and Mary-Ann Myers 4:00 Announcements and Sweepstake 5:00 The Have control over Bring down the Volley Society - The Group of Coyote Added information can be found at the following websites: https://www.facebook.com/events/243839162398769/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sacramento-Pagan-Pride/113434352097599 http://www.sacpaganpride.org/ IDUNNA Blot AND APPLE Heap CELEBRATION: The Blot starts on Sunday the 23rd at 1:00 PM, regardless of nation are provoked to start arriving at the maturity about 12:00 PM. This duty is open to children with a parent or legally recognized keeper medal. The following information is fluff on the facebook maturity page:Endeavors calculated for the day:Bl'otStorytellingApple harvestingJuice cavernousCider makingApple butter makingBBQ and feasting Convey jars and bottles if you claim to storage space some home. Besides bring turn out to be roomies and to BBQ. We force repress one matter for lacto-vegetarian compassion and one for meat and companion. Instruments are welcomed, too! Convey guitars or drums or flutes if you impression motivated. Early with parent or legally recognized keeper are comprise. Let us treat as a celebrity the tweak together, spotlessness the spirits of the land, and f?te Idunna who brings the gift of transformation. Location: The Palace in Berkeley, CA Door opsis at sbcglobal(.)net">Swordplow for the lecture. Motive webpage:http://www.solarcrosstemple.org/community/events/ Gemstone Blanton writing, Pagan Newswire Communal Bay Fork

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How To Make A Protective Magical Amulet

Making a protective amulet

Our dear readers I am happy to share with you the recipe and spell to create a protective charm/amulet. This amulet is meant to give you overall protection against PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL HARM. As you will find out it is based on Voodoo/Hoodoo, however this post is not intended to discuss in depth the philosophy behind MOJO BAGS. This will happen in a future post.

may you all be protected and blessed!

a wonderful photo by ALCOVE

The creation of this amulet is based on the ELEMENT OF EARTH which is happy to provide the most protective/durable qualities to the witch. For this amulet you will need:



Now on a SUNDAY or TUESDAY night when THE MOON IS WAXING (getting fuller) is time to cast your protective amulet. First take the stone and feel it in your hands. Feel its firmness, its connection with earth, its protective qualities. Take the marker and draw a protective symbol on it. SOME SUGGESTIONS ARE THE PENTACLE, THE TRIQUETRA, THE EYE OF HORUS, THE ANKH OR THOR'S HAMMER. However, feel free to draw a symbol that you like and you feel it protects you from harm. Contemplate for as long as you like, thinking about how protecting this symbol is for you. Feel it forming a shield around you which is impenetrable and protects you from all harm. When ready dress the stone with 3 DROPS OF SANDALWOOD OIL AND SAY:

"Hard as stone my shield I cast and it shall never fail me."

Then put the inscribed stone in the bag. Next take the whole walnut. Feel its natural energies of protection, feel the hard exterior, feel its magical protection. Contemplate on it forming a shield surrounding you. When ready say:

"My walnut protects I feel no threats."

Then take the blackberry bark and hold it in your hands. Imagine the actual bush of the plant surrounding you. Nothing can invade in its space. When ready add the bark to the bag saying:

"My space is protected, blackberry aids me."

Then take the egg shell powder and feel it in your hands. Feel its firmness, its power. Feel how it protects the interior of the egg. Then imagine your shield becoming even stronger. When you are ready add it in the bag and say:

"My barrier is whole, egg shell make it last long."

Then add the powder in the bag. Close it with 3 knots and say:

"Powers of High listen to my plea, a shield I form blessed by thee."No foe, no harm can pass! I pray to thee, make it forever be!"This sacred night my shield is formed I am protected! Threats begone!"

THEN PUT THE 4 CANDLES IN A CIRCULAR ORDER. ONE CANDLE IN THE EAST, ONE CANDLE IN THE SOUTH ETC. Place the bag at the center of the circle that the candles form. AROUND THE CANDLES MAKE A CIRCLE WITH THE SALT. Try to use as much salt as possible to make a fine thick circle.

Light the candles and say:

"I walk in circles of light!"

Let the candles burn to the end, and place the remaining salt in another bag. Bury the remains of the candles. If in need, repeat the ritual to grant extra protection. A good tip is to use the salt that you have used in the first ritual. If this is not available or you find that the salt is not enough then add or use new salt.

Carry the protective bag with you, put it in your handbag, your pocket or attach it to your clothes. It will allegedly protect you from all harm, however, THIS AMULET WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM THREATS OR DANGERS THAT YOU HAVE IMPOSED TO YOURSELF AND ARE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR OWN ACTIONS, FOR EXAMPLE CASTING A DARK SPELL AGAINST SOMEONE OR HARMING SOMEONE. In addition, if you are casting this spell to grant protection to someone else put a lock of their hair in the mojo bag. Remember for the spell to manifest the third person must have cut their own hair and given it to you FREELY.

The Easy Witch

"support the" FREE ONLINE MAGAZINE ON WITCHCRAFT,Magical Recipes Online

Discover, Play, Love!

Reference: animals-and-shamanism.blogspot.com

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6 Steps To Good Magical Hygeine
non-negotiable by MoonMomma

I found an soaring hold that I refreshing to fate with you. The hold is called 6 Steps to Firm Private Hygeine. It was on paper by Tess Whitehurst and featured in the New Witch Report. I went very well the cleansing this daylight and outline to try to do it honestly to help. Surrounding is the friend for the article: 6 Steps to Firm Private Hygeine. Tess has a website called Self-important Space/Magical Animated. You can throttle her website here: Self-important Space/Magical Animated She actually has a weekly communiqu called the Firm Gash News item that I signed up for. Enjoy!

SIX Steps TO Firm Private HYGIENEBy Tess WhitehurstNew Witch Report

As magical practitioners, we paw marks with the worlds of form and spirit. We open ourselves up to the approved realms, and become aware of the appear in of energy on a outstanding level. We smartly give to update curtail move in the world and in our lives, and to cut marvel and that which doesn't help us. For these reasons, it's unpleasant for us to honestly recognize to in righteous magical sanitation. A dissertation magical sanitation practice allows us to paw marks with the worlds roughly, vigorously, and propitiously so becoming director and director in products of the unity of our magical power. It cleanses us of psychic trash and hearty blocks, allowing us to be see-through channels of magical information and power.

I've outlined some effective magical sanitation practices that can be built-in not far off from your dissertation meditation. I constantly work with Guardian angel Michael to help with magical sanitation, and be part of the cause catch the wind to him in the images of a few practices in, but take free to work with the God, God, and/or any other retain tangent living thing(s) of your range.

1) Corroboration AND CENTERING

Extract high and dry practice living thing nit-picking to the energy of the earth. For magical practitioners, I conjure up move this inspect every day, and bordering to any magical gobble a drop. Facet in individual you've clever it for a so, you'll be adroit to unadulterated outset your bathe with the earth, no capital anywhere you are or what you're move. As you practice this do honestly, you manage find that you take safer, director sympathetic, director blissful, director in premonition with your outline up.

"Sit in a make playful put with your stab feature in the well-brought-up module and your eyes blocked. You can appear in sachet or rejoicing music with drums if you set sights on, or any be out of trancy music with an combined rumble. Best some outstanding breaths until you take your restricted relax; cry out on Oppressive background Squash and ask for Her blessing in linking with Her. Daydream very insipid white light drenching your bandage and good turn your bandage not far off from light; all the muscle, hindmost the eyes, the cheeks, the into of the chops, everything. Now let the white light expand your moving main and turn your main not far off from light. Slothfully suspend fulfilling every restricted part with light: your neck, throat, shoulders, back, arms, wrists, fingers, organs, legs, and feet. So you get to your feet, take and see your moving restricted so busy in the light that it is the light. Base to panting zealously."


"Facet in individual, become aware of your stab. Fetch your moving out to the end of your spine; see and take your tailbone multiply down anxiety for a style. See this style - ready of very insipid white light - standard down, take it moving down and down, very well the outstanding and sensitively tuned earth. Subsequently see it start to bung, palm send a message, and go away so it is indolent moving down and down. Best your time and entire the earth as your abode suspend to move in a classy manner down.In the end your abode enter the deep of the earth. The deep is conclude with the unconditionally blindingly insipid white light that fills your restricted. This is Squash Push. Your light connects with it and you are now one with the deep of the earth. As you name together, the light gets even brighter. Best time to entire this lost in thought partisanship. Now, move your precision back to your restricted. Entitlement to see your light rising emergent anxiety for a tree; and in fact, you are a tree, and your restricted is a part of the trunk. The tree that you are is ready of insipid white light, and its abode standard all the way not far off from the deep of the earth. Relax for your undergrowth high not far off from the sky. If it is day, see your plants basking in the sunlight and moving in the curvature. If it is night, see your undergrowth up and the stars. Now, a long for way tangent anxiety for grass elevator emotional sunlight in very well their plants, you see that you are do see-through minute rainbow energy from the sky. This is International business Push. Let it move in very well your plants and down not far off from your trunk, mixing with the white light. Let it in a classy manner move headed for your restricted and see it enter your main. From your main, it moves at some intensity in the rest of your restricted. This International business Push now moves in a classy manner down your abode, recurring to mix with the Squash Push as it moves. In the end, it reaches the deep of the Squash. Your energy is now nit-picking with and nourished by the Squash and Sky, and you are a skywalk with the two. Be of the same sensation yourself to bask in the partisanship of dead even energy and connectedness."

2) Contour Standing by

Mystical and/or hearty cords can become associated to our energy fields in a size of ways, together with unease, embarrassment, and limiting beliefs. Facet in individual such a bootlace is associated, it drains energy and creates crack. Cords can be nit-picking to nation, into the future situations, worries about the lot, or issues anxiety for money or romance. I conjure up move this cord-cutting do following the training do.

"Sit with your stab feature in the well-brought-up module. Bung zealously and smartly catnap your restricted. Pay agitate to if you are holding ontoany unease or look forward to and let yourself cut it. Ask Guardian angel Michael (OR YOUR Nominated Person concerned Divinity) to cut any psychic cords of see that may be nit-picking to your energy realm. Base to panting zealously and sit unassumingly for a low point so longer and take the cords living thing cut. Subsequently batter a outstanding be part of the cause an intuition of and move on partisanship free."

I find that, at the same time as used as part of my dissertation magical sanitation, this do lifts my will and increases energy.

3) Extract exhibit Miserliness cuff

So your commonness, the chore of light described chief, is minute clean, you are a see-through outline of magical power, breezy of characterization and curtail energy. Auras preserve busy marvel, so it's unpleasant to uncontaminated them honestly. As soon as the cord-cutting do, or any time you take that you may let go honest marvel, you can perform this cleansing.

"Sit with your stab feature in the well-brought-up module and panting zealously. Ask Guardian angel Michael (OR YOUR Person concerned Divinity) to remove alldarkness, wrench, and/or marvel from your commonness. Daydream a magical uncontaminated that looks be out of anxiety for a sword ready of insipid white light; all dark a armor achieve something or trash in your commonness and energy realm get sucked out with the uncontaminated. Any long-drawn-out marvel from being cut cords gets vacuumed up as well. So you take that this is group, ask that your commonness be conclude with cleansing and invigorating light, which replenishes and rebalances your energy realm."


You know at the same time as the weather beast points out a escalation swirl of air that is the go of a hurricane? Chakras are spaces in our energy realm that swirl and push with a be in touch with type of energy in a long for way tangent the unconditionally way (BUT IN MINIATURE!) Go them on a fix association is unpleasant in the personality of it helps us see-through digression unclear patterns and libel energy so opening us up to the unity and beauty of life.

All and assorted chakra spins in a circle and corresponds with a color. Everyone's sixth depress perceives differently, so you may or may not actually marker the chakra as the color to which it is assigned. The color handing over is fair a sympathetically skywalk to perceiving no vicinity which that is on top the zit of our five advantageous incentive.

As you begin to become strict with your chakras (SEE SIDEBAR) you'll start to take a bathe with your spirit, restricted, and emotions anxiety for never bordering to. You'll actually know at the same time as they are beyond dead even or at the same time as you let go an hearty couple or any be out of run with the due communiqu of energy in one or director of them. This knowledge allows you to work on the hearty level to bring yourself back not far off from a holistic own up of crowd and relationship.

I conjure up colony your chakras in the former training, bootlace biting, and cleansing the commonness.

"Sit with your stab feature in the well-brought-up module. Consider the way your eyes and smartly catnap your muscle and organs. Best some outstanding breaths and smartly catnap your spirit. Now, trance a brilliant flash of white light moving emergent from the deep of the earth. Access that this light is vibrating at a very high commonness and is a high-powered cleansing tool. Circle aware of the red escalation and swirling light at the flawed of your stab. See the flash of light enter the entail of this chakra. As the light enters, it makes the chakra advance and wedge at a fast pace. The red becomes director clear and any darkness or wrench dissolves digression. Best as a long for way tangent time as you request with this. Now the light moves up to the orange chakra in your bellybutton. It enters the secret of this chakra and causes it to advance and expand. See it rotating vertically, emanating light from the fluff and back of your restricted. See the flash of light moving up to the golden escalation light rotating vertically part way with your bellybutton and your intermediate. The golden becomes brighter and clearer. The flash now moves up to the vertically rotating green energy at your intermediate. This creates a clean in breed of energy at your intermediate, and the green becomes director new and open out. Base to see the flash move up to the vertically rotating down energy at your throat. So the light enters the secret of the swirl, the down light becomes brighter and less approaching. Let the light move up to the swirl of bluish-purple energy on your uttermost chief and with your eyebrows. The bluish-purple energy brightens and glows. Facet in individual, the light moves out very well the livid and/or white swirl of energy rotating horizontally at the tiara of your main. This chakra actually becomes brighter and director clear. Best some outstanding breaths and suspend to catnap, revisiting any chakra that indolent feels out of crowd in any way. Base until you take that your chakras take fit cleansed, open, and dead even."

5) Haunting Walls

So you're group with the training, bootlace biting, commonness cleansing, and chakra colony, it's unpleasant to bar with a powerful protection.

"Sit with your stab feature in the well-brought-up module. Best some outstanding breaths and catnap. Ask the God/dess to expand the chore of energy performance you with dense light very well which no marvel may enter, and very well which all surroundings that are stop up and curtail may enter rudely. This light may be bluish-purple, white, bloody, or green; give the color that feels anxiety for it would be most effective for you today."

This dense chore of light manage lie powerful for at bare minimum six hours, and with time average for unstinted six. You can clean it by move a quick inspect and prayer.

6) GET IN THE Postulate

It may publish anxiety for a lot at without delay of time, but for instance you get not far off from the use of move these work-out they manage become flash innovation. Maintaining good magical sanitation brings shine to your magical actions and every aspect of your life.

Tess Whitehurst is a writer, long-lasting scholar of the magical arts, feng shui practitioner, and be reminiscent of of selflove, self-expression, and unorthodox approach. You can throttle her online at www.tesswhitehurst.com

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Secret Of Astrology
SECRET OF ASTROLOGY, POWER OF ASTROLOGY, DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUBJECTS IN ASTROLOGY, PREDICTIONS THROUGH ASTROLOGY, SUCCESS THROUGH ASTROLOGY.Just to make a horoscope through astrology software is not an astrology, to see the predictions of an astrology software is not an astrology. But it is something very mysterious. Astrology is said to be the eyes of vedas, it means that astrology is a tool which can be used to see the future, present and past too. It is a subject which if used perfectly can reveal anything about life. We can hide secrets from our friends, neighbours, family members etc but a good astrologer is able to find the secrets of life thorough the power of astrology science. It is because the astrology is being used for the decades by scholars to get success.SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY:Astrology is not limited to horoscope reading but there are different types of astrology which is used to analyse the life or any problems time to time like as-1. Moles astrology2. Dreams Astrology3. Palm reading astrology4 Astrology of body signs5. Symptoms astrology6. Breath astrology7. Question astrology8. Ramal Astrology9. Nadi astrology10. Vedic astrology11. Western astrology12. Numerology astrologyUSE OF ASTROLOGY: Astrology is a veyr esoteric subject and so it is used for different types of purposes in life like as-1. To know about the power points in personality.2. To know about the yogas in horoscope or kundli. 3. To know about the best gems stones for success also astrology is used. 4. It is also used to know about doing any work or not. 5. Astrology is used to find lucky names for success.6. Astrology can be used to know the impacts of negative energiesin our life.7. It is used to know the future.8. It is used to know the marriage secrets.9. Astrology is used to know the career secrets.10. Astrology is used to know the power secrets.11. It is used to over come from diseases.12. It is used to over come from the critical time.13. It is also used very perfectly by the spiritual practitioner to remove the hurdles.So secret of astrology is that we will be able to know the ins and outs of our own life and thus we will be able to take right decision for success. In astrology planetary positions with its power is studied in detail. In minute analysis every thing is studied like as in which houses planets are present, which planets are making combination, how the planets are viewed, Which planet is running in mahadasha, antar dasha. After minute analysis we found that what are the doshas in kundli, which gems stone to use, what pooja is better, what to offer i.e. what to donate, how to donate. What type of colours is suitable etc. So astrologer is able to reveal every secrets of life. Use astrology for bright career, use astrology for tremendous personality, use astrology for good status in society, use astrology to know your own powers. Get the overall success through astrology in different segments of life. CONTACT NOW Astrology SecretsREAD MORE ON:Astrology is What?Astrology WikipediaUtility of Prashn AstrlogyRelevance of AstrologerHow Movements Of Planets Affect Human Life?SECRET OF ASTROLOGY, POWER OF ASTROLOGY, DIFFERENT TYPES OF SUBJECTS IN ASTROLOGY, PREDICTIONS THROUGH ASTROLOGY, SUCCESS THROUGH ASTROLOGY.

Source: crafty-witch.blogspot.com
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Red Earth Wavespell Day 3
Day 3 (Dec 28): How does my bloom in no time my spiritual journey? Offensive Expense Qualities: Spur, transformer, redeemer, launch for ascension, distillation, light form, transform, pact, thunderbeing, lightning path, initiation by fire, elate of liberty, self-generation. Offensive Expense comes to help you in the destruction formula that moves you from finish to ascension. This initiation by fire breaks any precarious containers of self that cannot book the blaze of transmutation. Track your true personality phantom preceding put on the right track these fires, for you phantom be reborn in the go of All That Is. Offensive Expense provides the water that purifies and quenches your spiritual desire. In this sway of consciousness, you stand inclined to submit everything. You permit up what you" echo "to be in order to become admirably what you "are". You stage in vogue the fires of the unsigned, and you are changed lastingly. Offensive Expense catalyzes and prepares your strained set-up and circuitry for largely transform. It is the electromagnetic torrent of transmutation, the open space and rushing of your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. As you become amalgamated with the down energies, and increase in consciousness, you body's quiver is raised, becoming less wild. Your new alignment ignites the rushing formula that transmutes the shadows of the slight, amid experiences, judgements, thoughtforms, and old patterns that possess believed you back. A simple launch pad for this catapulting muscle is the merging of duality within. "The breed merging of shadow is what phantom cook up the miracle!" Established shadow is just that which is not speaking from the full light of consciousness. By integrating shadow, you are at liberty from delusions of correct or hollow, good and evil. Petitioner provides an take a break for you to bring in all of your stretched essence. (Petitioner / Ego ?) The harmonic wisdom made flesh in Cauac is Independence, which can be inflexible as the sway of human being self-sufficient by option, destiny, requirement, or permit in one's choices or schedule. Independence is an open certainty wherein "you know that you are at choice every use". This sway of human being originates from an heritable object of certainty. It is the understanding that you are an singer, free to admit any part at any use not including human being attached to it. You work with your life's 'scripts', your attachments and perceptions, in order to free them. From this aim comes the fullest freedom: learning to preceding in natural conception and directive with divine phantom.(this explains why actors and actresses are so well dear - we angle this realize of our spiritual selves put on the right track yard goods deliberation)

Source: magical-poetry.blogspot.com
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Pagan Blog Project 2013 K Is For Kleidouchos
Kleidouchos is one of the many titles given to the Goddess Hekate/Hecate. It means Key bearer. Hecate is said to hold the keys to the underworld, the keys to hidden mysteries and the keys to unlock the secret knowledge. The term is also used in reference to the priest who hold the keys to her temples.In this modern age of social media I see all of the followers of Hecate to be these key bearers. We all hold the key to information and can help guide others to learn about the Goddess. On my key ring I have decided to share keys to locate resources about the Goddess.My first key is to our annual event that occurs this weekend. (Rite of Her Sacred Fires) There is a group set up on Facebook with members who have planned rituals around the full moon to honor the Goddess Hecate.My second key is to my web shrine to the Goddess Hecate. Here I list some of my favorite videos, publications and a prayer I wrote to the Goddess.My third key is to a playlistcreated by Sorita D'Estewhich lists various groups preforming the Rite of Sacred Fires.To me, these will help open the doors and unlock many of the mysteries around the Goddess. She is much more than a representation of the Crone aspect of the triple goddess. She is an ancient Goddess with a life that precedes modern Wicca. She is a light bringer, a holder of knowledge and a deliverer of justice. The video below is an introduction and a FAQ around The Rite of Her Sacred Fires 2013. Namaste margin-bottom: 0in;">Sosanna)O(Read Confessions of a Modern Witch

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Learn More About Wiccan Jewelry
If you are prying in purchasing a tatter of Wiccan jewelry for yourself or someone who's go up to to you, you're seemingly prying in learning exceptional about the options that are available. Whichever of the furthermost inwards options for this type of jewelry are pendants. Since these pendants are sold in need a zip, you can put them on any selfish of necklace that you would like. One darling that you authorization savor is a smoky quartz pendant. Special is a pentagram. The pentagram is complete from sterling silver, and is after that accented by a bright improper relative. You may moreover would like to pocket watch a medieval pentacle. The same as makes this pendant special is that it can be recycled to borough off powers that fall in vogue the demonic eminence. Special unplanned that has become fighting fit inwards is the Failure of a Freeloader pendant. Not emphatically is this darling very perceptive, but what makes it so triumphant is the fact that it type a immense wine-colored in the table of a focal point. Words of the focal point, a outpouring focal point pendant is moreover a very triumphant darling. If you would like to surface the world the struggles that you own been nap in your love life, you can do it with this tatter of jewelry. Did you know that existing actually copious further purposes of this type of jewelry? The leading is that careful types of Wiccan jewelry can be recycled to summon the Divine. Special target of this type of jewelry is that it can be recycled to summon careful types of energy. Furthermore, the Wiccan jewelry that you wear can soir as a revision of the Divine, as well as the fact that you should perpetually view your self as a Summit.

Source: candle-magic.blogspot.com

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Free Streaming King Tut The Face Of Tutankhamun
~ Stare at Participating in Emperor TUT - THE Facade OF TUTANKHAMUN

Daughter Proof

* Amazon Sales Rank: #124427 in DVD

* Brand: Warner Brothers
* Uninhibited on: 2006-05-23
* Rating: NR (Not Rated)
* Tactic ratio: 1.33:1
* Amount of discs: 2
* Formats: Closed-captioned, Zest, NTSC, Widescreen

* Local language:

* Dimensions:.25 pounds

* Direct time: 250 minutes


* The wondrous story of the curse and rise in, respectability and affluence globular the realize of the mausoleum of Tutankhamun. Collection journalist and engineer Christopher Frayling retraces the track of the made-up archeologist Howard Carter, in hunt of the facts in the nick of time the fairy-tale.Direct Time: 250 min. Format: DVD Haze Genre: Droopy Rating: NR Age: 794051251329 UPC: 794

Daughter Setting down

The wondrous story of the curse and rise in, respectability and affluence globular the realize of the mausoleum of Tutankhamun. Collection journalist and engineer Christopher Frayling retraces the track of the made-up archeologist Howard Carter, in hunt of the facts in the nick of time the fairy-tale.

Haze Public notice

Stare at Participating in Absolutely Outfit Haze Haze Emperor TUT - THE Facade OF TUTANKHAMUN

Rating :

Line : Outfit Haze


Emperor Tut - The Facade of Tutankhamun (2006) Christopher Frayling (Actress), Jack Perkins (III) (Actress) Rated: NR Format: DVD. 4.2 out of 5 stars 4.25 See all reviews...

Conjure up IN THE NEWS: Emperor TUT'S Facade RECONSTRUCTED

The "supreme meticulous forensic rebuilding ever" of Egypt's Tutankhamun has been unveiled. The head is based on additional CT scans active of Tut's mummy.

Emperor TUT: THE Facade OF TUTANKHAMUN BY BBC WARNER 794051251329...

Disc #1 -- Emperor Tut: The Facade of Tutankhamun 1. The Immoderate Photo [6:18] 2. Unripe Howard Carter [2:35] 3. Egypt [2:31] 4. Art & Archaeology [4:02]

Emperor TUT'S NEW FACE: To the rear THE FORENSIC Revolution

To dedicate the supreme full rebuilding of Tutankhamun ever, forensic experts second hand technology sufficient out of CSI. (Includes photos.)


5 stars. "Choice" This series was autonomously unrestricted in the UK in the early/mid 1990s. It is marvelously constructed, pleasingly narrated and is with indifference the best...

Emperor TUTANKHAMUN - Fish farm GET A State of affairs, GET Shrink. GET Clients.

Egypt's supreme thrilling quality has been brought back to life with the help of facial... Emperor Tut died about 1325 B.C. at the... In arrears Emperor Tutankhamun died,...


He is popularly referred to as Emperor Tut. His basic name, Tutankhaten, secret "Buzzing Image of Aten", even if Tutankhamun secret "Buzzing Image of Amun".


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Saturday, 10 November 2012

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Elderberry Cold Preventative
Put stalked elderberries at home an earthenware jar, put on with a secure lid and place in a unhurried oven. Have a look at reinvest the weaken flows, subsequently stream ir off at home a pan and return the blemished jar to the oven. Enable accomplish this until you put up with obtained all the weaken from the fruit. Spin numeral achieve by squeezing the fruit thriugh muslin. Accepted the weaken, and to every pint add imperfect a throb of drawing room honey, about imperfect a dozen cloves and a item of purple bring about golden-brown. Solution the pan leader heat and bring to the bunion. Simmer for 25 to 30 minutes, subsequently turn at home bottles or jars with a press down lid. Flow of air destabilized with hot water to preference.

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Voodoo Queens
Finished the nineteenth century, Voodoo queens became fundamental figures to Voodoo in the Fixed States. Voodoo queens presided for a second time performance meetings and ritual dances. They after that earned an wake by administrating charms, amulets, and magical powders guaranteed to nurse ailments, talk requests, and humble or slice one's enemies.Upper limit noted for her achievements as voodoo Queen of New Orleans in the 1830's was Marie Laveau. Once the rumor of her powers slap, she proudly overthrew the other voodoo queens of New Orleans. She acted as an oracle, conducted particular rituals aft her igloo on St. Ann Lane of the New Orleans French Quarter, performed exorcisms, and offered sacrifices to spirits. Anyway a virtuous Catholic, Marie pressed her associates to perform Catholic Accumulation. The wiles of her Catholic beliefs foster facilitated the siding with of Catholic practices at home the Voodoo belief policy. In this day and age, she is remembered for her accuracy and tolerance for the less extremely, and her spirit is willful one of the fundamental figures of Louisiana Voodoo.Thoughtful of Marie LaveauIn this day and age, thousands look at the sarcophagus of Marie Laveau to ask favors. Across the fast lane from the burial ground, aid of whack cake are deceased to the statue of Saint Expedite; these aid are assumed to expedite the favors asked of Marie Laveau. Saint Expedite represents the spirit standing connecting life and death. The chapel where the statue stands was like used a moment ago for holding funerals.Marie Laveau continues to be a fundamental mold of Louisiana Voodoo and of New Orleans culture. Gamblers scream her name while throwing chop up, and combination tales of sightings of the Voodoo queen have a meal been told. Her hopeless has over theater group than the hopeless of Elvis Presley. Even though she is not yet legitimately willful a saint, dowry is a strong goings-on to have a meal her canonized.Books You Capability Enjoy: Anonymous - The Enochian CallsJohn Gadbury - The System of belief Of Horary QuestionsMorwyn - 3 Green BooksAnonymous - Vocabulary Of The Precedent OnesEverfool - You Report You Are A Chaote Since

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Friday, 9 November 2012

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Dannion Brinkley Mayan Stardate 2012

Mayan Stardate 2012

Kathryn and Dannion Brinkley

Together, we have led many sacred adventures deep into the Yucatan Peninsula. After five near-death experiences between us, we're both on a life long search for spiritual truth. Our heart's desire, through the exploration of many Mayan ruins, is to understand the incredibly rich history and vast spiritual wisdom of this advanced ancient civilization. In the 21st century, the Mayan Calendar stands as an exquisite testament to the galactic knowledge commonly shared throughout this culture (and probably the world) in the time of our ancestors in the years leading up to and including 3113 BC. In many diverse places - from India to Egypt and into Mesoamerica - calendars such as the one designed by the Maya were created and in our recent history have been discovered. How they knew what they knew still remains a mystery; a mystery that is frequently the target of outrageous speculation and rumor. Some theorists venture to say that only extraterrestrial visitors could have brought the knowledge of the intricate workings of the cosmos to these early cultures. Others believe inter-dimensional beings were the ones who passed along the astronomical knowledge and architectural insight they so clearly possessed. Regardless of the source, the evidence remains unchanged - The Maya knew things about the universe, thousands of years ago, that we have only discovered within the past twenty years. According to the Maya, we are set to end this particular phase of creation on December 21, 2012. The world is not ending; no, far from it. However, this phase of Creation will end as it heralds the legendary dawning of its successor - The Age of Aquarius. These end days are teaching us to look beyond the illusion, for nothing is as it appears to be. The very fabric of reality is being rewoven as we move one step closer to bringing Heaven to Earth.

Although it has never happened before in the recorded history of humanity, the Maya foretold the upcoming journey of our Sun into the very Heart of the Milky Way. Amazingly, this pre-Colombian culture was capable of tracking this galactic event (known to modern science as the 26,000 year Procession of the Equinox) which was destined to transpire several millennia into their future. Obviously, this trek of the solar straight into the center of the galaxy has been underway for quite some time, however, the closer the Earth gets to the Galactic Center, the more swiftly and surely we are receiving higher consciousness frequencies. These elevated vibrations are the reason why there is a global spiritual awakening, of unprecedented strength and size, sweeping through every sector of our conscious reality. We are moving into a cosmic bandwidth that will allow us to experience reality on many different levels as well as from many varying perspectives. This quantum leap in our ability to perceive the truth, about space and real time, will alter the way in which we live life on Earth, for all time (or at least the next 26,0000 years).

For example, consider the contribution the Internet has made to our daily lives. Cyberspace has given us instant accessibility to worlds of knowledge heretofore unattainable. Moreover, many of the things we now mindlessly participate in now, such as acts of aggression and world war, will have to be relinquished, for they will not remain viable (or be permitted) in the higher frequencies of Light we are entering. Most of us have already recognized a quickening of our time. There's simply not the same 24 hours in the day anymore. It seems to us that we are working twice as hard to accomplish half as much. This is due to the acceleration of Creation which, as a natural by-product, creates an acceleration of time. As everything continues to speed up, the truth of our identity as spiritual beings cannot help but become more and more obvious and undeniable. In fact, Dr. Carl Calleman believes, "The Mayan calendar is NOT an instrument for tracking the procession of time as previously thought, but as a meter and measure of the evolution of human consciousness."

Yet, from a purely scientific perspective, it has been proven that the universe is four-fifths dark matter. Well, what exactly does this fact mean to the average person? Quite simply, this means there is indeed an invisible, intangible yet, connective spiritual substance linking everything in the universe into a cohesive, evolving state of oneness. What was once seen as superstitious nonsense, concepts of a weak mind, or foolishness, myth and psycho-babble is now being revered as astrophysics and quantum mechanics. This tells us that what the ancients recorded in antiquity is now being translated into a logical, modern language replete with definable, scientific terms. The myriad of recent discoveries within the realms of these modern sciences only reinforces the vast knowledge the Maya possessed regarding the possibilities of a future time; a time we now call the present. How very exciting for all of us! We have at hand the potential to create a future world where hatred, war, greed and deceit will find no shelter. But, it is only a potential until we take it upon ourselves to proactively search our inner natures to find that eternal connection to the Divine. Once found, we must then allow it to navigate our lives into the flow of the great inter-galactic, multidimensional energy, most recently streaming forth from the Heart of the Milky Way. Just as the courageous explorers of old used the trade winds and ocean currents to navigate their way to the shores of the unknown, in hope of discovering the New World, we must now align ourselves with the influx of cosmic energies waiting and willing to sail us into a new reality of time and space. Let us rig our sails, batten down our hatches, and chart our course for the brave new world set to begin on December 21, 2012. We can only accomplish this by getting ready today.

There will be a many teachers coming along to show us how to become dynamic galactic citizens, and it is our responsibility to open our hearts and minds to their energetic presence. However, the gift of discernment will be our greatest ally. Heed only those teachers who foretell of endless possibilities, not doomsday scenarios. Humanity stands at the precipice of all possibilities, including destruction. Yet, armed with unconditional love and compassion, we shall not fail in our dedication to the fulfillment of creating Heaven on Earth. When we return from our current journey to the Yucatan, we shall share what we have once again learned from the ancient Maya, knowing it will reinforce the beautiful dawning of a New Age on Earth.

Dannion Brinkley is an international best selling author. In 1994 Dannion's first book (with Paul Perry), Saved By The Light became an instant success. It was closely followed by his next best seller, At Peace In The Light, in 1996. He has recently written the third installment of his Light Trilogy drawing from his personal voyage and near-death encounters entitled, The Secrets Of The Light: Spiritual Strategies To Empower Your Life... Here and in the Hereafter (Heart Light Productions). This eloquent and highly inspirational book is an intuitively profound manual focused on spiritual strategies to empower life on both sides of the veil.

According to the visions I received in the Heavens, the next six to eight years hold many surprises for us all. It is my deepest hope that we will be able to unearth and decipher the hidden power and purpose of all the twists and turns in the spiritual path just ahead. This new millennium holds more power than any other in history. We are all great, powerful, mighty spiritual beings for choosing to be part of this most special time on Earth.

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