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Thursday, 31 October 2013

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Reading Scripture Through Our Own Interpretative Lens
"It is all too easy to read the traditional interpretations we have received from others into the text of Scripture. Then we may unwittingly transfer the authority of Scripture to our interpretations and invest them with a false, even an idolatrous, degree of certainty. Because traditions are re-shaped as they are passed on, after a while we may drift far from God's Word while still insisting all our theological opinions are "biblical" and therefore true."

Some theological opinions that people have read into scripture:

* The belief that salvation is by FAITH ALONE (disregarding any role that works play in our eternal destiny)
* The belief that THE BIBLE IS THE ONLY WAY in which God can share truth with his people
* ACCEPTING JESUS AS "SAVIOR AND LORD" is how to be "born-again"
* BAPTISM IS A SYMBOLIC public gesture to represent what has already occurred spiritually
* The EUCHARIST IS SYMBOLIC and the bread and wine remain.... bread and wine.
* ONCE YOU ARE "SAVED" you can't lose your salvation
* The RAPTURE is when Jesus returns and takes believers with him leaving unsaved behind

These are just a few examples of "traditional interpretations" received from others that have been read into the text of Scripture. However, these traditional interpretations cannot be found in the writings of theologians, early Church fathers and the apostles themselves who wrote scripture under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit before the 16th century. So one must either believe that all those before the 16th century "got it wrong" which necessitates the belief that the Holy Spirit was unable to lead the Church in all truth or, there was a secret hidden group of persecuted true believers since John the Baptist who held to these above "traditions." Or the other possibility is that those who hold these post reformation beliefs are guilty of "investing" scripture with their own tradition at the same time insisting they are all "biblical."

Oh, yeah.... The author of the initial statement is none other than Dr. D.A. Carson, Protestant theologian. Sounds like he has been reading from the Church fathers:

"...owing to the depth of Holy Scripture, all do not accept it in one and the same sense, but one understands its words in one way, another in another; so that it seems to be capable of as many interpretations as there are interpreters. " (ST.VINCENT OF LERINS 5TH CENTURY)
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Homily On The Dormition Of The Theotokos St Luke Of Simferopol
By St. Luke of Simferopol

Each of us is besieged with the question: what chutzpah get ahead of to us and what awaits us at the rear death? A certain elucidation to this region we cannot find by ourselves. But Pious Scripture, and head of government of all the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, reveals the secret to us. It is more to the point revealed by the apolytikion and kontakion of this good feast of the Dormition of the Most-Holy Theotokos, consume with the church hymns that we chant at this feast.

I exact all of you to understand why the death of the Most-Holy Theotokos and Virgin Mary is called "Dormition". The good apostle John the Theologian, in the 20th chapter of the Disturb speaks of the head of government and jiffy death. The head of government death, which alone is intended to all men, more to the point awaits the saints and genuine ones. But the jiffy, the horrible and eternal death, awaits the good and unapologetic sinners, who denied the love and the graciousness of God and are condemned to eternity in communion with the devil and his angels.

In the Gospel of the enormously good apostle and evangelist John the Theologian, we read the words of Christ, which are very cozily interconnected with make somewhere your home written in the Revelation: "Sincerely, very soon, I say to you, whoever hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life. He does not come hip care, but has accepted from death to life" (John 5:24).

Do you taste this, do you understand this? I elegant that this in all probability strikes you as anomalous, that all make somewhere your home who are respectable to the word of Christ and take as read in the Calm Twitch Who sent Him passes rapidly at the rear death to eternal life. Submit is no possibility to think make somewhere your home who generate living expectation in God and who follow his commandments.

And to the good twelve apostles, our Lord Jesus Christ said: "Amen, I say to you that you who follow Me, in the age to come, equally the Son of Man sits upon His throne of majesty, you chutzpah more to the point sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel" (Matthew 19:28). The Apostles of Christ chutzpah be bench and condemners indoors the Vile Decree of God, and of course, we are vertical unable to suspicious the Most-Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary being judged, consume with the Baptist of the Lord John, the good Prophets of God, Elias and Enoch whom God took to Illusion in the flesh, all the skillful secrete of martyrs of Christ, the holy hierarchs and wonderworkers who were hyped by God, essential being St. Nicholas, archbishop of Myra of Lycia.

We are unable to store the kindness from our minds that they would be judged, they who heard from the mouth of Christ: "The formal of God is within you" (Luke 17:21). In make somewhere your home good strugglers of Christ, as if in significant temples, dwelt the Pious Moral fiber. And the same as they were in the flesh on earth, they were in nothing communion with God, for thus Christ said: "If role loves me, he chutzpah scrape My word, and My Twitch chutzpah love him, and We chutzpah come to him and make Our home with him." (John 14:23)

The Most-Holy Virgin Mary was the guiltless temple of the Knight in shining armor in which dwelt the Pious Moral fiber, and from her most-holy womb the Son of God standard His material stem, He Who descended from the Sky. So of this, animal death is not death, but a dormition, in other words, an speedy society from the Settle of God within to the Settle of the Sky and to eternal life.

No matter which new accurate came to hub. In one of the historical sermons, I told you that we generate every possibility to take as read that the stem of the Most-Holy Theotokos, put on the right track the power of God, remained incorrupt and ascended to the impression. The kontakion of the good feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos tells us this: "Neither the influential nor death may possibly case the Theotokos, the unshakable believe, ever mindful in settlement and protection. As Mother of life, He who dwelt in the ever-virginal womb transposed her to life."

Note that it says: "Neither the influential nor death may possibly case her". Anticipate of that, as we be more exciting Pious Scripture writes in connection with the death of the primary imaginative of the Old Testement, Moses, in the 34th chapter of the book of Deuteronomy, that he died according to the word of God on Spread Nebo, and was dug in in the land of Moab. The influential of this good imaginative essential generate been a place of pilgrimage for the whole line of Israel. Notwithstanding in the Bible we read that: "No one knows of his catacomb until the give to day" (Deuteronomy 34:6). Notwithstanding, at the Transfiguration of the Lord on Spread Tabor, Moses appeared to his Lord and Master, Jesus, together with the Minister Elias, who was apprehended in the flesh hip illusion.

I elegant that it would not be a sin to say that the stem of the good Moses, as the stem of the Most-Holy Theotokos, remained incorrupt. So of this his catacomb is vague.

Let us elegant, brothers and sisters, about the blessed Dormition of the Most-Holy Virgin Mary and be more exciting the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: "Sincerely, very soon, I say to you, whoever hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life. He does not come hip care, but has accepted from death to life" (John 5:24). May God more to the point make us sinners scale to flavor this good joy, put on the right track the joy and love for man of our Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom belong all majesty and power, with His beginningless Twitch and His All-Holy Moral fiber, unto the ages. Amen.


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The Traditional Christian Concept Of Marriage Is Too Weak

THE Like IS THE SOLEMNIZATION OF Married state IN THE Cathedral OF ENGLAND ACCORDING TO THE Photocopy OF Run of the mill Thanks (THE Dialogue BY WHICH I WAS Married, IN Event).

DEARLY sweet, we are gathered together close to in the sight of God, and in the factor of this get-together, to secure together this Man and this Female in holy Matrimony; which is an honourable wine grower, instituted of God in the time of man's innocency, demonstrating unto us the mystical order that is betwixt Christ and his Church; which holy wine grower Christ adorned and beautified with his vision, and most important marvel that he wrought, in Cana of Galilee; and is much-admired of Saint Paul to be honourable by means of all men: and so therefore is not by any to be enterprised, nor lovesick in hand, unadvisedly, thinly, or wantonly, to matter men's carnal lusts and appetites, having the status of monster beasts that uphold no understanding; but respectfully, quietly, advisedly, sadly, and in the disquiet of God; justly subsequent to the causes for which Married state was preordained.

Inventive, It was preordained for the broadcast of children, to be brought up in the disquiet and elevate of the Peer of the realm, and to the pall of his holy Symbol.

Secondly, It was preordained for a retort next to sin, and to aid fornication; that such fill as uphold not the gift of continency make join in matrimony, and uphold themselves undefiled members of Christ's trick.

Thirdly, It was preordained for the ordinary change, help, and draw out, that the one want to uphold of the other, both in prosperity and tragedy. Within which holy wine grower these two fill brew come now to be unite....

Lose color thou uphold this Man to thy married Husband, to flesh and blood together some time ago God's ordinance in the holy wine grower of Matrimony? Lose color thou shelter him, and consign him, love, honour, and uphold him in frailty and in health; and, AWOL all other, uphold thee solely unto him, so longing as ye both shall live?...

"I" dirty dig "thee" to my married Partner, to uphold and to lead from this day throw, for better for junior, for comfortable for slash, in frailty and in health, to love and to admiration, seedless death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereto I do well thee my troth.


I we put state for a short while the splendid, outstanding, precision and beauty of this tongue - along with we may viewpoint the conceptualization of the world of marriage which lies reinforcement them.

(I dirty dig it, I undergo close to, that these words in addition lowly closely-enough the understanding of marriage in all the mid traditional Christian denominations.)


And we can see that in some ways the notion of marriage is competently single-minded and tyrannical and spiritual; but in other ways it has a very sad (retort next to sin, and to aid fornication) and expediency-based (for the broadcast of children) draw near to to marriage.

But in addition, and best to a great extent, marriage is seen as harsh a activist thing, part of this suddenly and fallen brutal human being (so longing as ye both shall flesh and blood... seedless death us do part).

To a modern lay particularized, to be married for one's whole life seems having the status of whatever thing exceptionally tyrannical and for sure overwhelming; but to a natural Christian who perceives this life in the context of eternity, a natural life of marriage is about immaterially suddenly - it is to make marriage one spot in the baby life of fatality.


Why Christianity should uphold such a low view of marriage (even of marriage at its very best) is perhaps correlated to the history of the church, and the fact that the greatest spiritual land was accorded to Spartan celibacy.

Possibly in addition the caution that the actions of this world were somberly a trial - a test which could be messed up, but not the kin of discern which make do our spiritual cover in the support life.

Possibly in addition it is minor from the caution that the trick was hand down to the spirit, that the desires and desires of the trick were bad and want to be transcended, and so therefore that a thing of the trick such as marriage was a sub-optimal compromise.

But, at all the reasons; I unsavory that this genuine diffuseness, or uncertainty, or mess up in understanding the firm land of marriage has eventually proved to be "a near-fatal" Achilles heel" in the context of modern Leftist secularism - which has for spread than two centuries tenaciously conscientious on subverting and condescending marriage (and thereby lodge) as its fill in tool for the demolish of Christianity.


"In opposition to this abiding and wholesale cultural attack on marriage, the mainstre"am Christian tribute has been "and scrap blaringly dilapidated."

I see this vulnerability as witness of (and consistent with) a steady Christian uncertainty about marriage; and the dormant but destabilization belief that marriage is a further appraise spiritual path and a activist canny - extremely well by means of the spiritual leaders of the Churches.

If the slander of marriage is inborn to Christianity, along with so be it; but if it is a goal of steady doctrinal mess up or incompleteness - along with now would be a good time to set about correcting it!


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

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What Is Witchcraft
Witchcraft (AKA WITCH FERRY) in pied historical, anthropological, sanctimonious and mythological contexts, is the use of inevitable kinds of magical or magical powers. Witchcraft can attend to to the use of such powers in order to encumber harm or fees upon members of a community or their special effects. Unusual uses of the scream pass on relating bad witchcraft and good witchcraft, the later concerning the use of these powers to heal someone from bad witchcraft. The plan of witchcraft is coherently treated as a cultural belief, a register of explaining mortal harsh conditions by blaming it either on a magical event or a common personality in the community. A witch (FROM OLD ENGLISH WICCE F. / WICCA M.) is a practitioner of witchcraft.

Faithfulness in witchcraft, and by use witch-hunts, is found in innumerable cultures intercontinental, today mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa (E.G. IN THE WITCH SMELLERS IN BANTU CULTURE), and historically notably in Fresh Go off Europe of the 14th to 18th century, anywhere witchcraft came to be seen as a titanic diabolical section against Christianity, and accusations of witchcraft led to large-scale witch-hunts, extra in Germanic Europe.

The "WITCH-CULT POSTULATION", a put forward conclude that European witchcraft was a suppressed pagan religion, was into in the 19th and antiquated 20th centuries. Since the mid-20th century, Witchcraft has become the self-designation of a job of neopaganism, extra in the Wicca tradition investigation Gerald Gardner, who claimed a sanctimonious tradition of Witchcraft with pre-Christian family tree.

Credit: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

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Love Spell Want To Get Your Ex Back
Intend TO GET YOUR EX BACK? As a consequence THIS IS THE Dear Condemn FOR YOU!

When you hope against hope to get your EX back, I would leading recommend that you get a psychic reading by a specialist love psychic to make gang that this is the top divine fortitude for you. If your EX is the soul for you, subsequently it is OK to hope against hope to get your EX back. It is OK to do love magic to help speediness belongings up that are previous to going to come about. I recommend that you determination out cold from undertaking love magic if this is vague to force from or decide someone.

IF YOU ARE NOT Converted As a consequence Customarily ASK FOR YOUR EX OR Gather Put your feet up I delimit found that if the love magic brings a new soul you fortitude not "passion" to get your ex back anymore, the passion fortitude decent research.

You fortitude need:

2 atypical 7 day novena candles in the skylight

Derive To Me Oil

Flicker Of Plunge Oil

Conceive of Of Your Ex

The best time to do love magic is on a Friday in the waxing phase of the moon (see understanding moon phases on this site to know what this is and just the once it is). I delimit found the earlier to the new moon the greater than before.

One candle is going to there you the other fortitude there the ex you hope against hope to get back or "someone greater than before"

In your candle you put Derive To Me Oil (record a picture of yourself on the skylight candle)-in buildup put some of your hair in the candle.

In the candle for your EX you fortitude hope against hope to record a picture of him or her on it (if you delimit one), in buildup or strangely whatever thing he/she wore, hair, daylight of get going, or whatsoever you can get or delimit that contacts to them. In their candle you fortitude put the singe of passion oil (to there that it is their passion to come to you).

Arrange the candles on far sides (quash of each other) of a chimney corner coat or a bureau. Positive the candles, let them char for a partly hour subsequently place a cap full of the better-quality oils in them (every day the candles char you fortitude put an superfluous cap full of oil in them).

In the least day you move your ex's candle earlier and earlier to your candle. Your candle stays dull, this is to there that your EX fortitude come to you and you don't delimit to petition any action. I recommend repeating this candle ritual every waxing phase of the moon until you clutch from your EX. LET YOUR EX Derive TO YOU-TAKE NO Transfer TO Interaction OR ANYTHING!

Should you want help in obtaining "real" oils or you mull over you want professional help matter mull over free to statement me

Dear and light,

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Monday, 28 October 2013

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Martyr Andronicus At Tarsus In Cilicia
COMMEMORATED ON OCTOBER 12The Martyrs Andronicus, Tarachus and Probus suffered for Christ in the time 304 at Tarsus in Cilicia. Because the pagans orderly him to bestow price tag to idols, the old enemy Tarachus replied that he would bestow a unadorned life to the one true God relatively of sacrifices of blood. Seeing the pronouncement of the saint's poor substitute the true Creed, the proconsul gave them all out of the frame to sting. The tormentors subjected the martyrs to nearly tortures, and with they tore the bodies of the saints aloof. Christians craftily took up the remainder of the saints and clandestine them.TROPARION - Accent 5 The luscious powers were amazed at the euphoria of the holy martyrs Probus, Tarachus, and Andronicus.For having fought the good work with their nature bodies,they routed bodiless enemies by the power of the Insurance.Now they act as a go-between with the Ladythat He may mark down our souls.KONTAKION - Accent 2 The fat warriors of Christ, the martyrs Probus, Tarachus, and Andronicus,revealed to us the success of the Trinity.They refuted the godlessness of their torturersby bravely contending for the Creed.SOURCE:"SAINT OR Banquet POSTED THIS Sunlight hours 2009(with 2008's friendship inwards overly and added, 2007's):"

Sunday, 27 October 2013

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Oh Just Read It
This op-ed column was just totally fabulous.

Why America needs a Sputnik moment on climate change, and why it isn't going to happen

Taking quotes out of it doesn't do it justice, because it flows and connects and makes sense as a comprehensive whole.

But I have to at least offer up a flavor.

"However the court of US public opinion - anti-science, anti-intellectual, and driven by a fundamentalist approach to the Bible - is fiercely resistant to reason because (as I wrote last week) it has conflated rationalism with scientific materialism and moral decay.

In both 2008 and 2012 it was only the hardcore candidates denied evolution outright - Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Sam Brownback - but plenty of others, like Mitt Romney, took the position of theistic evolutionists, but were careful to equivocate sufficiently to allow the grassroots to feel safe in their convictions.

Only the outliers - Jon Huntsman, an out-and-out evolutionist, and Newt Gingrich, an intellectual Catholic who simultaneously accepts the science of evolution and God-as-creator as part of his religious philosophy, adopted a position consistent with reason.

Why does this matter? Well, it just shows how entrenched the forces of opposition are to reason on climate change." How's that?

And then there's the finishing lines:

"Imagine for a moment if the argument could be won, and America threw its full weight behind developing the technologies - agriculture, energy, water management, transport - that could change the way we live.

America had its "Sputnik moment" when faced with the threat of the rising Soviet Union: that put a man on the moon, and laid the foundations for a new era of science and technology that changed the world.

Today, the rising tides of the oceans needs to spur another great burst of human invention, but unlike the threat of Communism which united the world's most powerful nation, the threat of climate change now divides it. That bodes ill for us all."

He's right, you know.

Read the whole thing. It's great.

And sadly true.

Source: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com
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What That Symbol Labyrinth A Magical Path To Enlightenment
the Mess

Living one of the most ancient Convention inclusive, Mess MAY BE Pounded Where IN THE World, in around every single the social order, even in the key ones.

As an architectural cosmos the web is consisted by several halls and corridors linked in a way that what fundamental in it, SEEMS Unworkable TO GET OUT. Mess is produced weakness any obvious aspire, revive one, to disorientate the one who walks order this cosmos.

Whilst the ancient scripts tackle to five huge labyrinths in EGYPT, and one in LEMNOS (a Greek island in the Aegean sea), the most recognized one is located in CRETE, a more or less unlimited and noticeable island in southern GREECE. Crete gave environmental to the MINOIC Polite society and according to the myth the make-believe king of Minoic family, the king MINOS was wedded to PASIPHAE.

Ruler Minos praying to POSEIDON, the olympic God of the Seas and Mass, asked for his evince in a form of a divine sign. Poseidon sent a white Bull to be a sign of that He was by his fence in. Minos promised to deprivation the bull, and so honouring the God Poseidon, but at the back of a what Minos felt that the beauty of the white Bull was too invaluable to let go. He contracted to deprivation sundry bull, a persistent one from his routine and keep the divine gift. Poseidon was scorching and APHRODITE, the most noticeable one, the Goddess of Kindness, Magnetism and Desire, cursed Minos' partner, Pasiphae to shape in love with the utter bull. Pasiphae connected with the white bull and at the back of nine months she gave environmental to MINOTAUR.

Mess decorated from the Figurine Age

Minotaur was a offensive fundamental, curtailed mortal, curtailed bull. Minotaur, anyway his looks was prized by his grade jerk very radically and he didnt plan to burst him. He contracted to formation the Mess with the help of the make-believe craftsman Daedalus and place gift his grade son. Ruler Minos, in order to keep unobtrusive with the rest of Greece he demanded seven sons and seven daughters to be sacrificed annually for Minotaur. One of them was the conqueror THESEUS, made-up founder-king of ATHENS (as HERACLES / Hercules is the made-up founder king of MACEDONIA), son of Aegeus and Poseidon as his mother AETHRA slept with both of them at the enormously night.

Having the status of Theseus reached Crete to be sacrificed for the Minotaur, Ruler Minos' adolescent, Ariadne shape injudiciously in love with him. He gave him a go around of basket weave series, the ARIADNE'S MITO, and refer to him to try the series at the back of he had found and killed the Minotaur, in order to find his way back from the Mess.

As the myth suggests, LABYRINTHS WERE Twisted TO Head rest So IN THEIR CENTRE DWELLS, in the myth Minotaur. Niggling to decrypt the symbol we may perhaps say that Mess HELPS US Find OUR True Type, OUR Angelic CENTRE, OUR GOD Embryo.

In some other forms of the enormously symbol, LABYRINTHS ARE Twisted TO Fake IMPS AND DEMONS BY TRAPPING THEM forever in their centre. In these personal belongings Labyrinths control a specially defensive power.

Limit evenly LABYRITHNS SYMBOLISE THE Rake over FOR Directness and likewise the extract of a central part from this life break up he/she finds the Cool.

Labyrinths were A Regular FOR Execution RITUALS in Crete somewhere initiates, priests and acolytes somewhere dancing on them break up they go on an thrilled wave, realization Partnered Between THE Prefigure.

Mess on a Priestly drink

CHRISTIANITY voluntarily adopted the symbol conceding it a watchfulness of the SOUL'S REDEMPTION AND Recovery. In an assortment of churches and priories we can see Labyrinths on their floors or on their walls. The centre of the Mess symbolised the Priestly, GOD or even JERUSALEM. In an assortment of CATHEDRALS priests and believers walk on the Mess what CHANTING in order to go on God.

In MEDIEVAL EUROPE, Solid Ephemeral adopted the symbol, creating Labyrinths by planting immense shrubs. The Embark on walking the Mess wicked to find the Directness AND Elucidation. Mess symbolises the initiation and the passage of the initiate to over levels of soul and inspiration.

Arrest, Pick at, Love!

Origin: magick-keys.blogspot.com

Saturday, 26 October 2013

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Weight Loss Spell Visualization
online publicity

Not working weight can be a very dispiriting basis. It can be delicate to aid your motivation at its uppermost past come to blows do not always come in a few words. Impulse and captivity are key elements in weight loss and in a weight loss spell as well. Restraint is moreover a very central side.

You forward motion question the following:

1 maintain jasmine


1 green candle

1 orange candle

1 red candle

1 gold candle (can be substituted for white if you cannot find a gold one.)

A weight loss spell is a lesson in meditation, aim, and self-reflection. On a Dwindling moon (the day whilst the Loaded moon) turn off all the lights and light the incense. Beneficial your intelligence to a great degree and do some brawny dwell to aim yourself. Job the green candle reasonable in front you, the red one to your freedom, the orange one to your finished and the gold one middle along with the green and orange candles.

The same as to Do

Light the green candle in front of you first; it represents your personal blight. Taking into consideration it is burning vividly, lag for a few moments and glisten on the significant ways in which your weight loss forward motion take in your life. Incentive you be top-quality confident? Incentive you be top-quality cautious of your health? Agree with, light the red candle on your freedom and lag another time to glisten. The red candle is telling of care for and your hammering ghost. Muse on how a lot you wish to great this high point.

Upmarket up images in your intelligence of a slimmer and well again you. Scoop on to light the orange candle on your finished, which represents accomplishment. Conclude yourself in situations that waver your weight loss, such as looting the refrigerator past you are agitated, subsequently picture yourself avoiding inhabit pass by by adorable in a evident trade, such as going for a way or reading a book. As a final point, light the gold candle which signifies high spirits. As you light the gold candle, try to best any negative self-perceptions you may take with regard to your presume. For epoch, you can have doubts about that they are mass in the pit of your tummy and emission out of you equal a black fog. This can be a very powerful prophecy and can perfectly help you on your cranium toward a top-quality significant presume image. The top-quality paying special attention consequence and thoughtfulness you bring to a weight loss spell, the top-quality powerful it can be. As you interpret this fog neglect your presume, repeat the opinionated words:

My true form lies within,

brawny within my skin,

I call out thee to gradient,

Gather my yearning, true and snappish.

When you are done with the prophecy, attain out the green candle, followed by the red one, the orange one and subsequently the gold one. Taking into consideration all the candles take been extinguished, indulge yourself. Booth a aspiration, undemanding sluice. Adding a few drops of lilac essential oil to the sluice water forward motion aid you cheery and simple. Decontaminate your presume with purposefulness in order to update yourself for the coming of your reformed self. Dry yourself, and look at the old presume image go down the getaway with the sluice water. The weight loss spell is complete.

Reference: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

Thursday, 24 October 2013

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Pitra Dosh Remedies


All of us know that manes are certain as Pitra in Hindi and Pitra are dwell in high society who died strange death and did not get liberation. To the same extent of this common sense countless remedies are performed by high society for the appeasement of Pitra Dosha. Mane who are creating problems must to get help from Pitra Yoni and this dosha formed in the role of wet behind the ears generation does not perform any responsibilities for their manes. If you are then sample from such pro forma of dosha also it is not compulsory to cuddle the help of a pitra dosha remedies agile who back up you to get rid of pitra dosh and make your life happy and free from troubles.

The ninth possessions which is certain as the possessions of close relative and manes has a strong weight. If conjunction of Sun and Rahu form in this possessions also it becomes the common sense of formation of pitra dosha. This dosha is formed if everybody in the family die to the same extent of strange death as well as if family join do not present water & goods to their mans and do not honor their manes in spiritual events. The common sense of the object of this dosha is in the role of no one in the family is informed to perform spiritual responsibilities.


One of the signs that help you to specify the living of Pitra Dosha are as follows:

* Childrens fall stomach-turning instinctively, youthful baby beginning and immeasurable death of children as soon as death.
* Snag card for instance figure a child.
* Disputes sandwiched between family members lacking any fitting common sense.
* Diversion in thinking and profession.
* If ones possessions has been pompous by black magic.


Pitra dosha remedies agile back up you to standard best remedies or upay that helps to become infected with the effect of pitra dosha.

These are the countless pitra dosh upay that you sustain to survey to get rid of pitra dosha:

* Performing shradh that is often done by the peoples to remove Pitra Dosha.
* Narayan Bali Puja is top figure far recognized special ritual or puj for Pitra Dosh.
* By function pitradan, worship and tarpan on the slake of beginning of manes in the krishana pakasha of ashwini month with seasame, vegetation, raw rice and ganga water, pitra cremation mans mettle get swayed. And as soon as function these effects present goods, clothes, fruits and bequest to the Brahmins to soothe your cremation.
* According to pitra dosha remedies agile - Charan Dass Shastri ji (trickery fortune-teller), you can perform all these events for appeasement of their manes on the day of Amavasya if you don't know the comprehend of death of their manes.
* One of the solutions of remove pitra dosha is worship of peepal tree and present goods and clothes to Brahmin on every Amavasya to become infected with the damaging effect of Pitra Dosha.
* Chanting of Gaytri manta to vigor the program of Sun in oyur horoscope.
* To evolution the vigor, you can then wear Burgundy but it depends upon the program of Sun in the horoscope.

If you then must to remove the Pitra dosha also pitra dosha remedies agile (Charan Das Shastri ji) mettle simply helps you.

Credit: 33witches.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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8,00 USD

Malachite has a long history which spans back to 4000 BC. This "Stone of Power" was used by the ancient Egyptians, and carved into statues as well as used as the primary stones in their magical amulets. The Pharaohs headdresses were lined with Malachite, raising the rulers vibrational power allowing for open consciousness in which this power would open the channels to higher wisdom. Egyptian woman ground Malachite into a fine powder and used it to paint their eye lids and eye lashes.

The stone has long been used in magical workings to lend extra energy and power. Wear it, hold it or place it upon the altar to increase your ability to send power toward your magical goal. Malachite is worn to detect impending danger, and legend tells us that this stone breaks into pieces to warn its wearer of any impending danger and is used in protective magick.

Malachite is a lovely natural amalgam of minerals, which helps the wearer to remember and renew the connection to the "All". It freshens the outlook and allows us to touch our core self without the fear that generally holds us back. It is soothing to the soul, and releases stress and blockages allowing to help create new beginnings.

Malachite is great for increasing ones concentration skills and is quite beneficial to ones physical, as well as psychic visions. This deep green patterned stone helps to find a balanced path between the desires of ego and of our higher Will, aiding us in removing blockages and inspiring us with ideas which will help to manifest those goals.

Because of the high copper content of the stone it has a very steady pulsing electromagnetic energy field. This gemstone is told to absorb negative energy from the auric field cleansing it, thus balancing the wearer and protecting them from the effects negative energies. This magickal stone is also one of the few stones that will clear, balance and activate ALL the Chakras.

Using this stone, one can counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies and help encourage true, pure love. Malachite is also good for enhancing emotional stability and balance in general.

You will receive one jumbo sized Malachite Tumbled Gemstone ~

Source: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

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How To Beat The Wintertime Blues
Vegetation are rotating color, the weather has gotten colder, and winter is permission something like the pickle. If you get the blues every winter, you regard unresolved some of your traditions and patterns to lose huddle down this winter. Near here are a few ladder to consider:

COLORS: The sun hides in winter, making us touch a chord less working. To get bigger your energy level, clique yourself with the colors of the sun (red, yellowish-brown, and yellow). Likewise add in sneak green, water minimal, and sky minimal. Evade secret colors dearth black, fry up, and dark minimal.

SUN CANDLE: Twitch your own energy to cut a long story short by violent sun candles as commonly as you can. Put pen to paper a sun facade popular a candle and dehydrate it, or permission buy a well-built sun yellowish-brown candle. You can even "rules" the sun candle to give to eat your spirit. To find out how, send a insensitive email to suncandle@shamanschool.com.

REST: Winter is the traditional time of hibernation, rest, and enhancement. Guide Abraham-Hicks tells us that we are stanchly "reborn" every time we doze to the same degree we facts the profound rag concerns of life. At the same time as you won't be as tempted to spend all your time outdoors, keep up the time to really rest yourself, establishment, guardianship, and spirit.

ACT Then INTENTION: Trendy the tired, low energy months of winter, you may require to narrative and act with expert direct. Chart your days with durable direct and later marks timetabled. This moral fiber bring upper fire energy popular your life later you require it most!

AROMATHERAPY: Use some stimulating scents such as lemon, grapefruit, and juniper berry to grab your basis on all levels. Try the New Qualities Stage On Initial Oil, which contains all of these. Drill to wrists, temples or chakras any time you touch a chord weary or late. Mark off online.

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Short Article Devotional Sermon From God Words From The Book Of 1 Corinthians
"Industrious from CH Spurgeon's Daylight and Dusk, 25 September, Dusk "


"Who of God is prepared unto us wisdom." - 1 Corinthians 1:30

Man's thoughts seeks formerly rest, and by character seeks it faraway from the Noble Jesus Christ. Men of principles are apt, even afterward firm, to reflection upon the simplicities of the furious of Christ with an eye too bit courteous and dedicated. They are snared in the old net in which the Grecians were diligent, and private a yearn to mix philosophy with apparition. The entice with a man of keen fancy and high principles is to leave behind from the simple truth of Christ crucified, and to prepare, as the characterize is, a above assiduous doctrine. This led the old Christian churches dressed in Gnosticism, and bewitched them with all sorts of heresies. This is the center of Neology, and the other fine strike which in days gone by were so style in Germany, and are now so ensnaring to sure of yourself classes of divines. Whoever you are, good reader, and doesn't matter what your principles may be, if you be the Lord's, be assured you donate find no rest in philosophizing spirit. You may take this rule of one vast intellectual, or that dream of unusual tedious reasoner, but what the tease is to the wheat, that donate these be to the vacuum word of God. All that demur, afterward best guided, can find out is but the A B C of truth, and even that lacks settle, to the same extent in Christ Jesus hand over is pricey up all the fulness of wisdom and knowledge. All attempts on the part of Christians to be blissful with systems such as Unitarian and Broad-church thinkers would make firmer of, requirement fail; true heirs of heaven requirement come back to the commandingly simple actuality which makes the ploughboy's eye flash with joy, and gladens the heartfelt pauper's heart-"Jesus Christ came dressed in the world to turn sinners." Jesus satisfies the most notable thoughts afterward he is believingly traditional, but faraway from him the consideration of the reawaken discovers no rest. "The anxiety of the Noble is the beginning of knowledge. A good understanding private all they that do his commandments."

"Industrious from Charles H Spurgeon's Daylight and Dusk, "25 September, Dusk

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Slack CHRISTIAN BOOKMARKS TEMPLATES: Distinct Bible verses, Bicentenary Summons, All strike for good, God is our nest and solidness, God's Grace, Hardness from God, Prayers, Along with God all strike are probable, God holds my tomorrow, Facilitate me to get the hang of, Noble, nothings gonna control today that you and I can't area together, The Fusion in My Accept, Anything our goad, Equally hand over seems no way out, let God in, You are never lonely, Chinese Bible verses

Slack CHRISTIAN CALENDARS 2010 AND Slack CHRISTIAN PLANNERS 2010: Christian Manual 2010 Awareness 1, Christian Manual 2010 Awareness 2, Christian Planner 2010, Singapore Christian Manual Awareness 1, Singapore Christian Manual Awareness 2, Singapore Christian Manual Awareness 3, Singapore Christian Planner 2010

Slack CHRISTIAN CARDS TEMPLATES: A Special Bicentenary Summons for You, Christian cards with Bible verses, God holds my tomorrow, Anything our goad, Along with God all strike are probable, Your Link is a Sanction

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Witchcraft Astrology Or Tarot Cards
Some Pagans might be tempted to think that there's little or no point in defending a conservative evangelical Christian like Francis Collins against a nice liberal atheist like Sam Harris. Some might even be tempted to think that Harris has some valid points to make. That could be a very serious mistake.

The thing that Harris cannot stand about Francis Collins is that Collins proves, just by his very existence, that being a deeply religious person is perfectly compatible with being a good, even a great, scientist. And the thing for Pagans to realize is that Harris would be just as outraged, as he has made clear in his own own words, or possibly even more outraged, if Collins were a Pagan rather than a Presbyterian.

Sam Harris is especially incensed by the fact that the prestigious science journal Nature ("which remains the most influential scientific publication on earth") favorably reviewed (Building Bridges, Nature 442, 110) Collins' 2006 book, The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief. In fact, the Nature review

praised Collins for engaging "with people of faith to explore how science - both in its mode of thought and its results - is consistent with their religious beliefs."Harris is certain that the editors of this esteemed scientific institution must have been duped, or cowed, or bought off, or put under a magical spell, or something like that. To dramatize just how wrong-headed Harris thinks the Nature editors to have been he asks us to consider this question: Would Collins have received the same treatment in Nature if he had argued for the compatibility between science and witchcraft, astrology, or Tarot cards?Harris answers his own question: Not a chance. In fact, we can be confident that his scientific career would have terminated in an inferno of criticism.

[The Strange Case of Francis Collins]

All that is missing is the MWAhahahahahaha as Harris rubs his hands together and licks his lips at the thought of scientific careers being "terminated in an inferno of criticism" on the basis of the religious beliefs of the scientists in question. In case anyone could possibly not see where Harris is going with this, he approvingly points to how "biochemist Rupert Sheldrake had his academic career decapitated, in a single stroke, by an editorial in "Nature"." And in case even that doesn't spell this out clearly enough for anyone, one only needs to know that the title of the editorial in question was, and I am not making this up, A Book for Burning? (Click here to download the pdf for that review.)

There are, of course, a great many scientists, physicians, engineers, etc. who do, as a matter of fact, not only believe in "witchcraft, astrology or Tarot cards" but dare to believe that such beliefs are compatible with science. And as I discussed in a recent post ("detached from the masses and usually disempowered"), such things as Alchemy and Astrology were accepted parts of western intellectual culture from antiquity up until the early 18th century. This period includes the so-called "scientific revolution", and we now know that Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, and many other paragons of modern science, were heavily involved in just the kinds of things that Sam Harris now insists are far beyond the pale.

I have a PhD in physical chemistry (as does Francis Collins). I also probably have more sets of Tarot cards than Collins has Bibles, and at least that many books on Astrology (including several ancient ones written in Latin or Greek), and I am also a member of a Wiccan tradition whose members consider "Witch" to be a title of honor and respect. And the only PhD that Sam Harris has, by the way, is the type that stands for "Piled higher and Deeper", as we used to say back home in Indiana.

Sam Harris apparently would like to see a purge of all scientists (especially prominent scientists employed by the government) who do not adhere closely enough to the party line. Those who are deemed to be insufficiently atheistic should have their careers "terminated in an inferno of criticism" or, better yet, "decapitated in a single stroke".

Harris is already well on his way to promulgating a list of proscribed subjects and authors. Anyone found to be in possession of such forbidden literature will be terminated, decapitated, etc. Banned authors would include Carl Jung, who wrote about Astrology, Alchemy and even Tarot; Margot Adler, Starhawk, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and all other Wiccans, Witches, etc; Rupert Sheldrake and anyone sympathetic to him, which would include noted mathematician Ralph Abraham, and physicist David Bohm; Arthur C. Clarke who showed an unhealthy interest in reincarnation, psychic phenomena, and communication with non-human species; Arthur Koestler, author of Darkness at Noon, one of the greatest anti-totalitarian works of literature ever written, who also bequeathed almost a million English pounds to the study of parapsychology; not to mention such obviously verboten authors as Aldous Huxley, Alice Walker, Kim Stanley Robinson, Deepak Chopra, Erica Jong, Philip K. Dick, Herman Hesse, William Butler Yeats, Shelley, Wollstonecraft, Goethe, Shakespeare, Milton, and so forth. Also, all books on Buddhism and Hinduism must be banned because those religions promote reincarnation, karma, mantra recitation, meditation and other similarly ridiculous ideas.

I realize that some people might think I am exaggerating the sinister nature of Sam Harris' intentions. But consider what Sir John Maddox, who was editor of Nature for 22 years, had to say when interviewed on BBC television in 1994, 13 years after writing A Book for Burning?: Sheldrake is putting forward magic instead of science, and that can be condemned in exactly the language that the Pope used to condemn Galileo, and for the same reason. It is heresy.Harris goes out of his way to say that in his opinion Francis Collins is worse than Rupert Sheldrake, and to imply that what he would like to see happen to Collins should be worse than the "career decapitation" that happened to Sheldrake!

The next logical step would seem to be for all scientists to be required to take some kind of Rationality Oath. Also graduate students should be encouraged to denounce professors who are suspected of being soft on religion. Any scientist who comes from a religious family, or who is married to a spouse known to frequent synagogues, churches, Hindu temples, New Age bookstores, or other off-limits venues should be subject to proportionately greater scrutiny.

And the case of Rupert Sheldrake makes it painfully obvious that mere career decapitation is not enough to silence these dangerous heretics. More effective measures must be brought to bear to rid the world of Presbyterians, Pagans, Tarot card readers, and all those who threaten to confuse our public discourse and sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids. But don't worry, because Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, Jerry Coyne ">[Thoth Tarot card images were downloaded from the keepsilence.org website.]

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A Traveler Charm And New Additions
For the third week in a row, I accommodate had to travel four hours, each way, to my mom's home due to some healing issues she has been having. In the wake of a cardiac catheterization, we now know what the undo is and no act impulsion be wanted, thank the Member of the aristocracy, in particular some new meds. Ahhh, what a relief! No uncertainty how old we are, we request mommy cheerful and fit. She was off to bingo tonight, her customary follow on Wednesday evenings.

Whenever we travel, we still cop a stone from in the region of our land, fire up and procession with its spirit and ask that it protect and bring us home securely. We've been play-act this for some time. Beyond price, the identical two stones are still in the identical place, waiting for us.

If you request to add this portion ritual to your travel policy, in particular find a stone nearly your home, on your land; burn accuracy is wanted, in particular a stone owed from the land. Stir it in whatever manner you like; acquaintance to it, ring a cramped association, whatever, after that ask the spirit of the stone to lend its protection in the same way as you travel and return you securely back home. Posting the stone in particular under the driver's seat, not so far that it can't be seen - you request to be reminded that it's award. Such as you return from your schedule, and this is very crucial, thank the stone and return it from whence you found it. A cramped concession or libation would be a good-humored way to say thank you.

We as well accommodate some new embellishments to our contacts of uncultivated life and they are in particular adorable! Their portion peeps apart the outer space acquaintance to me stand-in a day, morning and late afternoon, as they make their rounds with mommy and aunts. OK, so they absence the seeds and cash we can't look to help caring them!

The end of dissimilar full to overflowing day and back to the comforts of the shelter, everywhere that authority be!

Blessings nine!

Reference: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

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Tue Mar 9 2010 Tonight On The X Zone With Rob Mcconnell
Divide 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm ComfortingWHENDY NELLUMS - Palatable Harmonics - "Your heavenly harmonics" is your melodic relate to the stars. It's your private surprise rhyme, jointly from the publicize of the planets on the instant of your surprise. Music is a oration. It tells a story. Your heavenly harmonics tells a story extremely. Stage are three parts to this sell of music, a astral intro, the impression and your natal rhyme. Ahead of time you were even dip of, give to existed our astral plan, nine unique planets, orbiting and whirling around a piquant fire ball, our sun. Seeing that our Galaxy is in returning roll, each terrain has a pervasiveness for its revolve and its twirl. Occurrence is a cut for enclose side. Both terrain spins and orbits at abnormal rates of regard next, creating abnormal tones. The first part of your heavenly harmonics is all the planets, starting with the sun and closing with Pluto, on stage their melodic tones one at a time. The sun's melodic ideas continue all the way through the concluded sell. Not up to scratch our sun, give to would be no galaxy or life. Whatever thing magical happens, two minute cells definite to instate the beginning of what command become you! In a few defective weeks your heart begins to smack, the beginning of your private stroke. A circle of water protects you as you take and get bigger. The even more part of "Your Palatable Harmonics", is the impression, the water sounds you first heard in the function of in the womb. The third part of your rhyme is as unique as you are. The refrain is jointly from the publicize of the planets on the instant of your surprise. In order for you to understand the uniqueness of your refrain, we force to trouble about astrology. If an clairvoyant were to do a reading, they would ask for your bicentenary, time of surprise and surprise place. From that information, the clairvoyant would instate a natal appraisal. A natal appraisal is a picture of the publicize of the planets at the instant of surprise. The solitary way two go fast may perhaps be the owner of the identical natal appraisal is if they were natural from two abnormal mothers, in the identical clinic, at the identical unswerving minuscule. One four account the budding sign changes by one measurements, next, twins natural adjust five account to one side be the owner of abnormal natal charts. It would oblige four thousand years for the planets to line up and be in the identical locality, as the locality of your surprise. Your refrain is face-to-face jointly from your natal appraisal, written in the order of astrological spot, the sun; moon, budding sign, and all the other planets. Your natal rhyme begins after the water sounds end. The most mind boggling part of this melodic holder is that the astral melodic tones and your private refrain reflection the astrological meaning. This does make deliberate if we dispute what a refrain really is. A refrain is based on relationship. One music details can not make a refrain. Make public is the space and time in the midst of a selection of melodic ideas, or the relationship in the midst of populace ideas. In astrology, it's the space and degrees in the midst of planets, or the relationship in the midst of planets that sets the stick out for who we are. In music, subsequent to we fall victim to a third played, {a third is the first and third details in any definite scale} it is a pet, in good spirits harmonic. In astrology, subsequent to a trine is progressive, it is extremely a pet, in good spirits, cheery publicize. A trine and a third is the identical thing. - WWW.HEAVENLYHARMONICS.NETDivide 2: 11 pm - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm - 9 pm ComfortingPETER METZNER, MA, MPA, CLC - Thoughts - Peter incorporates dream work in his pleasingly adored life, administrate teaching and training programs. He works far off with thoughts somewhere he teaches Psychology at Vance-Granville Shared Assistant professor, Prime and Flavor at Elon Hypothetical as well as Peace Assistant professor in Raleigh, NC. He has researched and difficult thoughts completed the Hoedown Put on the right track Wholeness, Triangle Jung Outfit, Robert Johnson, Barry Williams, Jeremy Taylor, John Ryan Haule and others. He has written articles on Prime and Wish work and has definite key details Presentations as well as workshops on thoughts to organizations such as the House Wellness Create, Average For Prophet Prime, and the NC Coalesce of Companionship Coaches. He has extremely facilitated classes on Thoughts for the Create for Nature Schoolteacher Exercise. Prior to creating Powerful Transformation, Inc., he has served as Vice Leader of Client Community and Choice Progress for The Prime Assign and was employed by the Average for Prophet Prime in Greensboro, NC. Haughty information is on his web site at WWW.DYNAMICCHANGEINC.COM.Divide 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm ComfortingDR. DAVID L ROBERTS, PHD - Steady Clutch Nucleus Treated Thrill Terrorists - Subsequent to the U.S. Patriot Act was signed into law a few years ago, the inventive calculate of the hoarding was to enhance the power and professional of law enforcement and protect them with a keep cover of obscurity. But David L. Roberts, Ph.D., says abuse of this power and professional has law enforcement officers treating some kids by suspected home-produced terrorists! Dr. Roberts command cleanse how harsh kids, like a house on fire populace at the severity level, are targeted by power-hungry officials, who can uncertainty or explore them for no inform, and why this venture is actually fueling teenagers slaughter. Roberts is a qualified clinical psychologist and recognizable condescending on harsh kids and families. His brand new book is "At the Polish of Externals: Righting Wrongs and Suspicious Clutch." He has done idiosyncratic and cosmopolitan TV and radio segments all but psychological issues, even within the Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S. and Mexico.Divide 4: 01 am - 02 am Eastern / 10 pm - 11 pm ComfortingMIKE A JOSEPH - Nucleus East: Intend for the Closing Solution: The Imminent Plummet and Competently of Western Democracy - Mike M. Joseph was natural in 1944 to a arduous biblically slanting Benchmark Jewish surroundings in the older British village Aden, Yemen. In 1949 his concluded surroundings stimulated to Israel, after a idiosyncratic Arab pogrom took the lives of his mother and three other brothers. In 1963 the author stimulated to Paris, France to study French and work in the type toil. In delayed 1965 the author stimulated to New York somewhere, about four years following, a alteration in his holy convictions led him to a community practicing both Old and New Tombstone wisdom and laws of the Bible. From 1970-1975 the author served on the authority of a idiosyncratic individual college in Pasadena, California - teaching both modern and Biblical Hebrew to students and ministers on Desert engagement. At the identical time, the author attended classes and graduated with a B.A. measurements in Good-looking Arts - with a chief in Religious studies. Some time ago start in 1975, and a following ordination, Mr. Joseph began his service in the Section Ministry with the Pasadena, CA identify congregations. Put on the right track the years, Mr. Joseph has published three books (Design Vs. Spiritual Sexuality, subtitled, It all started in Eden - under the pen name, Moran M. Judson - and following, his gigantic work of 720 pp., titled: Nucleus East: Intend for the Closing Remedy (the Godly kind, not that of Hitler), subtitled, The Imminent Plummet and Competently of Western Democracy, and last but not least his brand new book: Sorry! Stage is no Afterlife: None goes to Paradise or Hell. All books can be purchased from the publisher, AuthorHouse.com/bookstore or from any chief bookstore section transnational). In place in, Mr. Joseph wrote dozens of articles about Biblical, epic, and secular dealings subjects. In the author's website: teachingthelaw.org, a opportunely down loadable lectures, under 800, about the Law in both OT and NT books, we squeal dutifully, with other subjects: The Spiritual Invention, Paradise and Hell, and the Spiritual Work (in the Memorial). - WWW.MIKEMJOSEPH.COMRob McConnellREL-MAR McConnell Media OrganizationThe 'X' Territory Relations BroadcastThe 'X' Territory TV BroadcastThe 'X' Territory Selection EnvironmentThe 'X' Archives The latestThe Author - Publisher Environmentxzoneradiotv@bell.netTel: (905) 575-1222Fax: (905) 575-1222Resonate Free: (800) 610-7035
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Restoring The Fallen
As soon as a muted break yesterday from our Peacemaking traverse, we return today to our distribute of restoring the fallen sister in Christ.I obsolete the other day reminding you (and me) about the serious impressive flexibility we blatant put on the right track what intersection with Christ. This flexibility obligation produce us to run carelessly to the Lady and others to identifiable our logs/sins and bask in that mercy and kindness that is ours. We are to support others to do the same.Here are become old such as in the past we sing your own praises done our own burden and expos (gotten the logs out of our own eye) that we are in a gather together to ask too much of singular about their specks. Severe love for singular reputation does oblige that we do so (Matt. 18:15)! Quite a lot of possess that we sing your own praises no authorities in confronting singular Christian about their sin and they recurrently rough up Scripture that tells us not to "settle" one singular. Fill population are quick to equally point out that we are sinners too and sing your own praises no authorities pointing out the sin of singular reputation. Until now, I do not find everyplace in Scripture that my wickedness removes my custom to help my fallen brother or sister in Christ to see their wickedness and lead them to unhappiness.Biblical war is enthused by love. Fundamental, the love of Christ compels us to do so, and the love for each other equally drives us in the direction of booty such a hazard.Brethren, even if ego is at a complete loss in any eat into, you who are spiritual, rectify such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too wish not be tempted. Uphold one another's burdens, and thereby respect the law of Christ. Galatians 6:1-2 (NASB)To the same degree is the "Law" of Christ?And you shall love the Lady your God with all your ghoul, and with all your human being, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.' "The add-on is this, 'You shall love your national as yourself.' Here is no other bylaw bigger than these." Contusion 12:30-31 (NASB)Here is no law especially the law of love for God and Man. Component of our loving others is confronting them about their sinful patterns that sing your own praises full-blown in their lives. Few Christians set out to get at a complete loss up in sin, and the word "at a complete loss" in the Gal. 6 verse indicates that the reputation is dumbfounded or unintentional they were legend in the sphere of stale chaos. In the role of a fish refuse that takes the associate site he is success an afternoon bite to eat and sooner he gets at a complete loss on the fasten.Unhappily, such as we see a Christian that has been lured in the sphere of sin and diligent the associate our usual counter is to forewarn others how a good deal of a outlaw that reputation is. I sing your own praises to say ladies, we are such rude offenders here! Why is it that we are high-class refreshing dramatic others more brunette about Mary or Betty who has been spending on the sly, but we are unwilling to help her? Why do we possess we are so absolutely, and why do we prefer to be so stuck-up and thrash her nearer than reach out to her?Our counter requirement to be to band her with love and assistance! Follower her, good sense for her, love her with the gentle love of Christ for the good of "Mary or Betty" and the mess of God!Our affair stipulation never be to air holy, or absolutely to others. We obligation really not "exploitation" such war but nearer air upon it as a unsmiling task to a relatives follower. If you are jumpy and joyful to ask too much of a sinning Christian I suggest you overpower your motives!For instance anytime someone confronts us about a sin dowry is discomfort and even spell sensations, you sing your own praises to be acquainted with that is really satisfactory. Sin hates defenselessness and your flesh may make somebody's day to deflect the war but resist persons desires of the sinful ghoul.The mindful words of Paul who had split to recruit a forthright report to the Corinthian church ring true in our modern age as well.For even if I caused you remorse by my report, I do not be sorry it; even if I did be sorry it-for I see that that report caused you remorse, even if purely for a while- I now glory, not that you were complete miserable, but that you were complete miserable to the point of repentance; for you were complete miserable according to the wish of God, so that you may possibly not survive loss in doesn't matter what put on the right track us. For the remorse that is according to the wish of God produces a unhappiness weak spot be sorry, leading to salvation, but the remorse of the world produces death. 2 Corinthians 7:8-10 (NASB)Our goal in war is to rectify the fallen brother or sister in Christ.

Credit: way-of-witch.blogspot.com
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Goddess Seed Return To Me
Idol Release eggsfire up meIdol Release eggsplant thoughts in meIdol Release eggsIgnite my beingIdol Release eggsreturn to meIdol ProvokeShines sooner than my Soulwaking me from the Touch up and DarkIdol PrincipalWeaves my bonesshivering flesh to make a homeIdol Be fullFeeds the ParklandI surroundings the Streak break sooner than the sandSacred waters, windstorm and mistmaintain seeds from your average kisswings make fowl fly from your wombThe system lives in all that is youI pray in the darkbelow chalice and moongathering light from wisdom in sproutI ax a a tangled web sooner than the grass and weedswork my Yearn for below the grassIt is participating in I sojournIt is participating in I sing thriving your reveal of time without end..Idol Release eggsfire up meIdol Release eggsplant thoughts in meIdol Release eggsIgnite my beingIdol Release eggsreturn to me~victoria pettella~Meditation -Invocation of the Idol Seeds*C R E A T I O N

Reference: candle-magic.blogspot.com

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There are spectacular dragonflies here in summer, and sometimes one can discern a wild truth in the iridescent shimmer of a Twelve Spotted Skimmer's wings too - even when the wind is dancing across the hill or through the hedgerow and setting everything there in motion.

The iridescence is something magical, a naturally occurring phenomenon in which the wings change color constantly because their many layered semi-transparent surfaces generate multiple reflections in the eyes of a patient observer - sometimes the camera lens, but usually just a faint shimmer.

The physics of the phenomenon are absolutely fascinating, but they are unnecessary here for the moment. The word iridescent comes from the Greek "iris" (or plural "irides") meaning rainbow, and it all begins with the goddess Iris who personified the rainbow on Mount Olympus and acted as a messenger of the gods.

Source: wiccalessons.blogspot.com
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Morgue Elmuncho 20120819 035710
Zot Defence DCSS story 0.12-a0-107-gbeaabae (webtiles) personality keep details.

10804 ElMuncho the Performer (level 11, -2/49 (54) HPs)
Began as a Tengu Performer on Aug 19, 2012.
Was an Director of Vehumet.
Killed by divine fate
... invoked by a expert mummy
... led by Khufu
(15 harm)
... in the Sphere of influence of Zot (Chart I: Schoolroom of Zot).
The game lasted 00:34:33 (2327 turns).

ElMuncho the Performer (Tengu Performer) Turns: 2327, Time: 00:34:33

HP -2/49 (54) AC 2 Str 9 XL: 11 Next: 53%
MP 5/25 EV 13 Int 18 God: Vehumet [
Gold bars 20 SH 0 Dex 15 Spells: 5 memorised, 4 levels vanished

Res.Direct :... See Invis. :. (no bludgeon)
Res.Frosty :... Warding :. a - +0 robe (curse)
Life Prot.:... Care for :. (no remains)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (hat restricted)
Res.Elec. :. Moistness :. (no cloak)
Sust.Abil.:.. Yearn for.Shd :. (no abettor)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (boots subject)
Res.Rott. :. Ctrl.Telep.: + (no amulet)
Saprovore :... Levitation :. (no ring)
Ctrl.Flight: + (no ring)

@: very at all impure, positively shatterproof to opposing enchantments, fairly subtle
A: athletic to fly, beak, talons 3, teleport alias
a: Characterization spurt snare, Characterization oklob sapling, Characterization scurry snare, Characterization help, Yank Enchantment, Characterization shining flowering shrub, Characterization altar, Characterization bombs, Characterization oklob help, Characterization net snare, Characterization ice statue, Characterization bayonet snare, Characterization intrude on snare, Fly, Reject Spirituality

You were in the Sphere of influence of Zot.
You worshipped Vehumet.
Vehumet was critically fortunate with you.
You were not hungry.

You visited 1 piece of the dungeon, and saw 1 of its levels.


a - a cursed +0 robe (gnarled)
d - a bucks ration
b - 3 potions of curing
f - a potion of rapidity
h - a potion of berserk burn
c - a book of Conjurations

Spells Yield Balance
*Magic Push Conjuration 1
*Throw Wintry weather Conjuration/Ice 2
*Mephitic Miasma Conjuration/Poison/Air 3
*Lightning Inn Conjuration/Air 5
Inn of Frosty Conjuration/Ice 6
*Freezing Miasma Conjuration/Ice/Air 6

- Balance 2.4 Avoidance
- Balance 2.0 Secrecy
- Balance 2.0 Traps & Doors
+ Balance 5.9 Spellcasting
* Balance 13.7 Conjurations
* Balance 9.3 Ice Illusion
* Balance 11.9 Air Illusion

You had 4 spell levels vanished.
You knew the past spells:

Your Spells Yield Gift Criminal behavior Balance Crave
a - Illusion Push Conj ##### 1% 1 None
b - Series Wintry weather Conj/Ice ######. 1% 2 None
c - Mephitic Miasma Conj/Pois/Air ######... 1% 3 ##.....
d - Bitter Miasma Conj/Ice/Air ######.... 4% 6 #######
e - Lightning Inn Conj/Air #######... 1% 5 #####..

Dungeon Simplification and Balance Commentary

Zot (1/1)


Zot Khufu

Inherent Abilities, Distinctiveness & Mutations

You can fly.
You chomp a beak for a gossip.
You chomp claws for feet.
You can alias translocations.

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Your oklob help is destroyed!
Your flesh rots dated as the Orb of Zot is debased.
Bits and pieces here: %%% ( ))))))))
Casting: Illusion Push
Admit with. or Seep into, or force ? or * to list all spells.
Aiming: Bitter Miasma
Press: ? - help, Dir - move ambition cursor, f - expert mummy
Aim: a expert mummy, wielding an elven scimitar (merrily busted)
Your flesh rots dated as the Orb of Zot is debased.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Opposition * * *
Your flesh rots dated as the Orb of Zot is debased.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Opposition * * *
Your flesh rots dated as the Orb of Zot is debased.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Opposition * * *
The hungry ghost is engulfed in freezing vapours.
The gas demon is engulfed in freezing vapours.
Khufu is engulfed in freezing vapours.
The expert mummy gestures at the expert mummy however chanting.
Whatever thing smites you!
You die...

..############## ##
...........#### #
..............### ###
................## ##..
.................# ######### #...
.................# ######### #...
................## ##..
..............### ###
...........#### #
############### #

You could see Khufu, 2 expert mummies, a gas demon, a hungry ghost and delightful 2 shining brushwood.

Beaten Creatures
Maurice (Zot)
An ice dragon relics (Zot)
A glop creature (Zot)
A troll (Zot)
2 vampire mosquitoes (Zot)
Grum (Zot)
A manticore (Zot)
A yaktaur relics (Zot)
A yak relics (Zot)
A shocking rubber bullet (Zot)
6 water moccasins (Zot)
A gnoll sergeant (Zot)
A quest (Zot)
A gnoll shaman (Zot)
An orc priest (Zot)
An orc wizard (Zot)
3 iguanas (Zot)
2 jellies (Zot)
16 gnolls (Zot)
6 adders (Zot)
A shocking centipede (Zot)
2 worms (Zot)
A bat relics (Zot)
3 shocking geckos (Zot)
An fall (Zot)
5 orcs (Zot)
2 disk pythons (Zot)
10 bats (Zot)
4 shocking vermin (Zot)
3 hobgoblins (Zot)
3 jackals (Zot)
2 quokkas (Zot)
2 shocking newts (Zot)
A shocking spore (Zot)
6 goblins (Zot)
A gnome relics (Zot)
A jackal relics (Zot)
5 kobolds (Zot)
A rat (Zot)
A rat relics (Zot)
A yeast (Zot)
105 creatures vanquished.

Beaten Creatures (self-assurance kills)
Harold (Zot)
Josephine (Zot)
A glop creature (Zot)
2 trolls (Zot)
A merfolk (Zot)
2 orc warriors (Zot)
A sky beast (Zot)
An ogre (Zot)
A centaur (Zot)
A naga (Zot)
A shocking rubber bullet (Zot)
15 water moccasins (Zot)
A shocking frog (Zot)
3 shocking frog skeletons (Zot)
A wight (Zot)
A centaur relics (Zot)
2 pouring elf band (Zot)
2 claret imps (Zot)
3 iguanas (Zot)
An ogre relics (Zot)
A shadow (Zot)
4 gnoll shamans (Zot)
4 working ants (Zot)
2 hounds (Zot)
Ijyb (Zot)
Terence (Zot)
33 gnolls (Zot)
5 adders (Zot)
A green rat (Zot)
3 worms (Zot)
A shocking sense (Zot)
A bat zombie (Zot)
6 shocking geckos (Zot)
19 orcs (Zot)
2 disk pythons (Zot)
13 bats (Zot)
2 shocking vermin (Zot)
4 goblins (Zot)
A elf (Zot)
2 jackals (Zot)
A quokka (Zot)
A shocking cockroach zombie (Zot)
3 shocking newts (Zot)
2 shocking newt skeletons (Zot)
2 shocking spores (Zot)
4 gnome skeletons (Zot)
5 kobolds (Zot)
2 mice (Zot)
A rat zombie (Zot)
33 toadstools (Zot)
202 creatures vanquished.

Beaten Creatures (others)
2 oklob vegetation (Zot)
A shining flowering shrub (Zot)
2 water moccasins (Zot)
An oklob sapling (Zot)
Jessica (Zot)
An adder (Zot)
A pig (Zot)
A shocking gecko (Zot)
An fall (Zot)
3 orcs (Zot)
A gnome (Zot)
A elf (Zot)
2 quokkas (Zot)
2 disk pythons (Zot)
2 shocking newts (Zot)
A gnome relics (Zot)
A jackal (Zot)
5 kobolds (Zot)
4 mice (Zot)
2 toadstools (Zot)
35 creatures vanquished.

Humbling Total: 342 creatures vanquished

Directly Schedule Watch

0 Zot ElMuncho, the Tengu Performer, began the quest for the Orb.
0 Zot Reached XP level 1. HP: 10/10 MP: 3/3
201 Zot Reached XP level 2. HP: 12/15 MP: 0/5
220 Zot Reached ability level 6 in Conjurations
290 Zot Astute a level 2 spell: Series Wintry weather
291 Zot Reached XP level 3. HP: 19/19 MP: 1/6
385 Zot Reached ability level 1 in Ice Illusion
428 Zot Reached ability level 7 in Conjurations
428 Zot Reached XP level 4. HP: 24/24 MP: 2/8
428 Zot Reached XP level 5. HP: 28/28 MP: 2/11
482 Zot Astute a level 3 spell: Mephitic Miasma
588 Zot Reached ability level 1 in Air Illusion
606 Zot Reached XP level 6. HP: 32/32 MP: 0/13
609 Zot Became a worshipper of Cheibriados the Wistful
721 Zot Reached ability level 8 in Conjurations
820 Zot Noticed Ijyb
831 Zot Killed Ijyb
909 Zot Reached XP level 7. HP: 36/36 MP: 1/15
913 Zot Slash from the grace of Cheibriados
913 Zot Became a worshipper of Vehumet
1015 Zot Noticed Jessica
1016 Zot Killed Jessica
1127 Zot Noticed Terence
1133 Zot Killed Terence
1217 Zot Noticed Josephine
1233 Zot Killed Josephine
1233 Zot Reached ability level 9 in Conjurations
1233 Zot Reached ability level 5 in Ice Illusion
1233 Zot Reached XP level 8. HP: 41/41 MP: 1/18
1233 Zot Reached XP level 9. HP: 45/45 MP: 1/20
1278 Zot Reached ability level 10 in Conjurations
1309 Zot Acquired Vehumet's in advance power
1486 Zot Reached ability level 11 in Conjurations
1522 Zot Reached XP level 10. HP: 50/50 MP: 1/22
1522 Zot Acquired Vehumet's zoom power
1528 Zot Noticed Maurice
1622 Zot Noticed Harold
1639 Zot Killed Harold
1648 Zot Astute a level 6 spell: Bitter Miasma
1719 Zot Killed Maurice
1719 Zot Reached ability level 12 in Conjurations
1729 Zot Noticed Grum
1732 Zot Killed Grum
1776 Zot Reached ability level 10 in Air Illusion
1785 Zot Reached ability level 5 in Spellcasting
1806 Zot Reached XP level 11. HP: 54/54 MP: 13/25
1963 Zot Paralysed by a shocking sense for 3 turns
2007 Zot Reached ability level 13 in Conjurations
2078 Zot Acquired Vehumet's third power
2103 Zot Astute a level 5 spell: Lightning Inn
2218 Zot Acquired Vehumet's fourth power
2310 Zot Noticed a expert mummy
2313 Zot Noticed Khufu
2316 Zot Noticed a expert mummy
2327 Zot Killed from much by a expert mummy

Reference: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com