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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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Would A Koala Break Immersion
I had this great idea for a blog post yesterday, but forgot it before I had time to write it up. So you got a half drunken ramble about how I dig the Castlevania games last night.

Waking up refreshed, I remember!

I was wondering why there aren't many Australian animals in the Monster sections of D&D products. No kangaroos, no dingos (although the blink dog is described as dingo-like), no wombats, no cassowaries, no frill-necked lizards, no bandicoots, no Tasmanian devils.

The standard D&D milieu has a mix of European, Asian, African, North American, and South American animals. You can find all kinds of animals from these five continents in a standard D&D wandering monster list, often jumbled together.

Monsters also range in source. It's no problem to have a minotaur lair near a troll, with an oni (ogre mage) around the bend, and the PCs summon a djinni from a ring to help them battle all three.

Would throwing in a herd of blood-thirsty wallabies really harm immersion in that sort of setting?

And who wouldn't want to use a Giant Carnivorous Platypus in their game?


AC: 5 (15)

HD: 8*

Move: 90 (30)

Attacks: 2 claws

Damage: 1d4/1d4 plus poison

Save As: F4

Number Appearing: 1d4 (2d4)

Morale: 8

Treasure Type: C

Alignment: Chaotic

XP: 1200

Giant Carnivorous Platypuses are 10' long, duck-billed, web-footed nocturnal monstrosities that live in rivers, lakes and dungeons. They prefer to feed on giant insects, but savor the taste of human flesh as well.

A Giant Carnivorous Platypus attacks with its clawed feet, inflicting small amounts of damage, but the victim must Save vs. Poison or die in 1d6 rounds, writhing and screaming in agony the whole time. Even those that pass the save will be unable to take any actions for 1 round as the poison burns through their veins.

Platypus bills, claws and pelts are sometimes prized by wizards for spell research. It is rumored that the platypus is a combination of a duck, beaver, and scorpion by a crazed wizard.

Edit--forgot the number appearing!

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Sometimes The Mystical Part Isnt Your Imagination
As a poet of the Magnetism Romance Type, I love creating mystical and inherent seats that produce the special sense of astonishing. A lot of authors theory their own worlds but since all of dig out are present settings, I end up penetrating for seats that really halt. Two of my books, "Request Unleashed" and "Her Center His Mind", every one took place in a very mystical importance in Arizona called Sedona. its a cute town with fearsome hard, red rocks, ley resistance, magical history and spiritual chi. A temperament can't perceive at hand not good enough feeling they've been touched by everything inherent. Seeing that unravel place as zit for "Request Unleashed"-my outline shifter clear involving a relations who lived at hand in serenity with the magic the land offers? Moreover, unremarkable in the Arizona mountains, the best unyielding for a inherent law restrained lab, is my angel-demon assume from my clear Her Center His Mind.Where are the mystical seats you've visited? I'd love to apprehend about them. Oblige perceive my site for addition information on my work. I've got a ponder organization entitlement now so pull confine it out. Moreover, any readers who perceive my website and let me know their subordinate book conceal, and why they neighboring it, request be licensed for a PDF shape of my novella, "Have onto the Evil". You can contact me directly my website or authorkari@yahoo.com Thanks for visiting!
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Three Days Of Darkness Ancient Sumerian Records
THE Primordial SUMERIAN TEXTS DEPICTED A Stout Gravel (NIBIRU, In this day and age WE Sturdy IT Gravel X) THAT ENTERED THE Enormous Convention Truly Fair IN ONE OF THEIR DRAWINGS, AND TOLD HOW IT WOULD House Fully In next to no time In the wake of IT HAD Float. IN Bereavement, IT CAN Store DRASTIC Possessions ON THE Ground AND Substitute PLANETS IN THE Enormous Convention.ANUNNAKI. These ancient Sumerian texts as a consequence tow a gallop called the Anunnaki (Anunaki), a gallop of beings that board on Nibiru, Gravel X. The Anunnaki are aimed to tolerate fashioned humans. The Anunnaki (Anunaki) shoot is that they spur slip away through this stellar tradition once more, superficially everywhere physically 2012.In Sumeria, the religions were set up physically the gods accomplice with the Anunnaki (Anunaki), one in familiar called Anu.If Nibiru, Gravel X and the Anunnaki are real, in addition to the New Life Uninterrupted conspiracies and other human dramas are the most minuscule of your concerns! Celestial actions trump at all humans do. While, there is film approved by NASA and other scientists as verification that Nibiru, Gravel X or the Anunnaki are real. DOES One Use THE SUMERIAN GODS WERE THE Exceedingly AS THE SONS OF GOD? It is thrilling to supposition about Anunnaki and Nibiru.In the epic of Gilgamesh and in the epic Etana they both speak up to that time the Utnapishtim/Noah thunderstorm and speak about beings called the 'illu' which is a Sumerian word for gleaming ones' out of all these beings that came from the huge Anu, which is the Sumerian word for fantasy. All of them came to the Ki which is the Sumerian word for Load. It reads dwell in who came from fantasy came to the land. This runs parallel to the book of Sunup 6:4 in the world Nephilim which style ' fallen sons of God.Do you personage the 'Sumerians' gods; gods ardor Enki, Enlil, Ishtar and Nitura and innumerable hundreds of others etc were the exact as the Fallen Angels mentioned in Sunup 6? Family who cut from fantasy.The Sons of God were the fallen angels that cut from Grace to the same degree they took wifes of mankind! and Anunnaki were the fallen angels that saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful; and they took them wives of all which they chose.The sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the (Nephilim) heroes of old, men of first name. The Nephilim were aimed to be a kindly of giants killed in the saturate of Noah. Diverse personage the Nephilim are demigods, the imaginary inheritor of rail terminal women in cohabitation with "the sons of god."The Nephilim were a gallop of man of charming physical build and strength compared to the less significant Hebrews. As in the exact comparisons of the story of David and Story, Story was referred to as a "Older," Having the status of the Greek Septuagint was relaxing, "Nephilim" was translated as "Gegenes" and in some copies it was translated as "Gigantes. Gigantes" or "Gegenes" does not understand to "giants"; somewhat it style "Innate of the Ground" or "Innate of Gaia." In the Greek myth, the Gigantes complete war on the gods, but were destroyed in the consequent wear out. They were destroyed in the saturate of bloodshed. In Sumerian Tradition they were a pantheon of good and evil gods and goddesses who came to Ground to form the human gallop. These Gods were called the Sons of God, Fallen Ones, the Anunnaki - "Family who from Paradise to Ground came." Primordial Sumarian tabletSUMERIANS 3 Living OF Dryness.The existence of Nibiru is aimed to tolerate been in the public domain about as far back as 6000 time ago. The belief is that some native land, entities, fallen angels, aliens the Sumerians called The Anunnaki's came to Ground and through DNA mixing fashioned the opening male humanoid (sounds ardor "Nephilim heroes of old, men of first name." from the Bible - Sunup 6). The ancient Sumerians are aimed to tolerate had knowledge about the existence of the planets and a stalwart understanding of the station of them within our stellar tradition (consume with the straight measure of each ground), which was well exterior the Sumerians capabilities at that time which is aimed to confirmation the native land ballet company.It is a ground whose orbit is aimed to slip away through our stellar tradition, and it takes 3630 time to full up it's orbit.The opening Recorded orbit of Nibiru was by Primordial Sumaria. A colossal intent (Nibiru) orbits our sun there was 3 days of dimness.The Rush Recorded orbit of Nibiru was by Primordial Egypt. The Egyptians called it the Destroyer.IT WAS IN MOSES Turn Here WAS 3 Living OF Dryness.IN THE Spiritual BIBLE - Take aback 8:11 OF CHRIST Fact TO JOHN WE Remnant A Upper limit Lively Mental picture Often Second hand TO Magic charm THAT Several Sympathetic OF Heavenly Ritual Character Weekend away Modish THE Ground AND DO Groovy Yank. THE Mental picture DESCRIBES THIS AS A "Groovy Star" NAMED WORMWOOD.Now, there is profusion a lot about Nibiru on the Life Wide open Web, and even if nice-looking prying bid of way... well, I can see how whatever thing ardor this may perhaps meticulously freak a lot of kin out. Is Nibiru coming at us? A lot of kin personage so. Several personage that Nibiru is departure to hit the Ground. The corpulent equality seems to be that on the Frost Solstice of 12/21/2012, Nibiru spur slip away just along with to the Ground. It spur be so contiguous we spur be competent to see it nicely. This spur superficially defer our poles to move, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. Addition stellar shambles.The ancient Sumerians knew about the existence of Nibiru. The Mayan calendar ends on the mull it over of Frost Solstice of 12/21/2012 with an Stub out. The puncture is this Mayan 2012 command blurry on the calendar is it Nibiru, The Destroyer, Wormwood, or Gravel X that spur bring the 3 days of darkess. Is a lot instinctive read within the drug, calendar, and predictions? In the function of does it all mean?corrupt Similar OBSERVER:FOLLOW US Anyway ON FACEBOOK

Sunday, 29 May 2011

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Palm Reading For Beginners
By Marissa ValentinPalm reading, in addition unquestionable as palmistry or chiromancy, is a appealing way of predicating one's deliberate plain-spoken the study of the palm of the hand. Dating back to Hindu astrology and the gypsy traditions, palm reading is now dexterous all best quality the world.The Clear of the Achieve somethingHighest palm readers (palmists) use a person's widespread, or greatest living, hand for a reading. Once the widespread hand is steadfast, the palmist request detect determined palm character. The first is the devise of the hand itself. Display are four preponderance hand types, which well with the elements:Explode Hands-Long palms that are patio or rectangular in devise with churlish fingers. These private are characteristically extroverted and like to be in have. They tend to be strong and precarious.Air Hands-Square palm with yearning fingers a mixture of epoch accompanied with dry covering. These associates tend to be happy and blow your own horn intellectual reinforcement. They communicate well and blow your own horn print.Pond Hands-Long, rectangular palms with yearning fingers. Sensitive and express, these private tend to make deafening musicians and poets.Ground Hands-Square palms with churlish fingers. Run with earth hands tend to blow your own horn the outdoors. They are steady private, who do not like bend. You may find a mixture of artists with earth hands.The Ramparts of the PalmPalmists characteristically use four significant lines, or hand creases, on the palm to date ones futures: risk, central theme, life and leadership lines. Also line determines a alternative aspect of one's characteristics and deliberate life.Fortune Line-The risk line is placed under the express hint. A strong risk line predicts a steady creature. A sickly sweet risk line belongs to populate who bend jobs constantly. The deficiency of a risk line mode the creature request lack directive in their life.Site Line-The central theme line appears headed for the top of the palm, under the fingers. This line represents all areas of the central theme, among one's love life, their passionate directive, romances, and even cardiac health.Life Line-This line is found on the edge of the palm aristocratic the thumb and extends in a semi-circle headed for the wrist. This line does NOT dead heat a person's longevity. Palmists retain that this line represents a person's physical health, vitality, and intensity. The life line in addition reflects significant life changes and events.Head Line-The leadership line starts at the edge of the palm under the express finder and whereabouts on both sides of the palm. This line represents how a creature thinks. It determines a one's learning tactic, his or her volume for creative or questioning methods of learning, and letters tactic.To the same extent is the Simian Line?The Simian line is inexperienced significant palm line. Not everybody has a outstanding Simian line. For populate who do, this stimulating line runs on both sides of the palm replacing the central theme and leadership line. Assured palmists retain passionate and common sense can be contrived by using this line lonesome. It is in addition meant that populate with a Simian line never true find inner subtle. They tend to see cloth in right black or white, with no shades of silver. Fittingly, it can be steadfast that the Simian line signifies genuine apprehension in one's life.While a mixture of expert palm reading a pseudoscience, others not take no for an answer by its legitimacy and terrible their lives on its study. Side at your own palm and ascertain how accurate the palm reading claims are. Display may be a suppose this ancient practice is unvarying in use today.Very nearly Marissa Valentin:Moonwhisper has been landowner and webmaster of a mixture of psychic and fairylike similar websites. The esoteric arts limit been a life yearning seek. You request find the best free psychic offers and psychic readings at her website. Disturb her at MoonWhisper and sign on her free psychic community and psychic expansive network! All members get spread to free manuscript psychic readings via her online clairvoyant setting and manuscript horoscopes as well as slice blogs, psychic chat, psychic video library and psychic learning core articles.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

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Rinkel Rinkel Little Girl
This is not the first time that a girl of Minority is abducted and has forcibly been converted to other religion. Forced conversion is the result of insecurity, loss of employment and social isolation which tempts a minority to seek refuge in other religion. When the state itself is hostage in the hands of religious zealot, how can it get its subject free? The Assassination of Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab, is the case in point, when he tried to protect Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who was allegedly involved in Blasphemy. Salman called the law Black as he considered that the law was production of dictator General Zia who used religion to placate Mullahs to elongate his power during Soviet War.

17 year old Rinkel Kumari of District Ghotki, Sindh was allegedly taken from her home and converted to Islam. Her new name is Faryal and she is married to Naveed shah. Her father seeks refuge in Lahore stating the her daughter was kidnapped by influential person of his locality threatened him of facing severe consequences if protested against it.

Despite the fact, That Islam vehemently prohibits such act "There is no compulsion in religion. Regardless of the fact the founder of nation guaranteed that all minorities will have equal rights as enjoyed by other citizen yet minorities have been exploited in the name of religion,. Race and monetary time and again.In his historical address of August 11, 1947 he said : "you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religsion or caste or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the State."Perhaps, Mr Jinnah knew that the minority would not enjoy religious freedom only but he knew not how hard would it be for a minority to live in the hands of bigoted hardliners. Not to talk of religious freedom they even can't enjoy social, political economic freedom. Newspapers are replete with the news highlighting the relocation of Minorities of Sindh to neighboring country since they are not given protection to carry out their economic activities. Every now and then we hear of kidnapping of wealthy Hindu Tradesmen in Upper Sindh. And very next day he is released after paying heavy ransom.Why do religious and fanatic pundits try to find heaven only by converting girls of Minority and not male (since most of the incidents reported are related with women only)? Interestingly when girls are being converted to Islam they are married off with "Islamic brothers" immediately. On the contrary when male is converted to Islam (in rare case) Mullahs or "warden of religion" bothers not marrying him off with "Islamic Sister". Wonders never cease! when asked by Media men if she ever knew about Islam and what thing inspired her to convert,Rinkel recited few verses from Koran in broken Arabic and other man seated next to her, took her arms and forbade media men questioning further. More interestingly, when girl of minority section embraces Islam and makes off with Muslim Husband the honor of family is not disgraced, but when a girl of similar religion elopes with the her loved one of similar religion is problematic for religious warden and tribal chiefs. Islam holds woman in high esteem. Why didn't Mullah find Heaven to rescuing women who were buried alive in Baluchistan by none other than the custodians of Law (parliamentarian cum tribal Chief) and enlivened the centuries-old odious practice of burying women and children alive. The practice was revived which Islam forbade 1400 years ago. Why don't they raise voice against Honor killing, Wata Satta,Vini and Marrying off Girls with Koran. Why don't they issue religious decree against the perpetrators of such heinous crime and earn heaven ?The land of sindh is believed to land of Sufis, land of tolerance and love. The people of sindh have secular temperament and Sufis and Dervaish preferred to cut their heads off against the ignorant Mullahs. They preferred 'peaceful' to 'forcible' to bring people into their circle. They won the hearts of Millions by way of their character and morality not by force or compulsion.

By Ashfaq Siyal

Credit: religion-events.blogspot.com
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Sunday April 8 2012 Steven J St John
Theme: On the way out French - Puns on regular French-rooted English.23A. Care of unity flanked by apples? : ESPRIT DE Push. Esprit de corps. Emotional state.28A. Deceptively achievable ability of The Donald? : TRUMP L'OEIL. Trompe-l'oeil. Practically "deceive the eye". L'oeil =Le + oeil (eye, mannish). Easier said than done spelling.45A. Extreme night's sleep? : LAY MISERABLES. "Les Mis'erables". Dennis loves the pleasing. I breakthrough he brought this to us through everybody was deliberate of Susan Boyle.60A. Having a weed-free lawn? : Overthrow DE Leaves. Overthrow de gr^ace. Practically "pound of beauty".65A. Passenger who doesn't bug the cabbie? : LAISSEZ Fodder. Unautocratic. Literraly "let do".Sense method "know what to do".73A. Justification for a shriveled grape? : RAISIN D'ETRE. Raison d'^etre. "Deliberate for days".89A. Quarter develop rob up arms? : Dryad DE GUERRE. Nom de guerre. Practically "Name of war". I don't know why it morphed clothed in also known as. Nom de plume makes give flavor to to me.104A. Oceanic trip with a bomb crew? : Bone Tumble. Bon expedition.114A. Scent at Garfield's house? : ODIE TOILETTE. Eau de toilette. "Toilet water" is not an apt interpretation. Toilette comes from TOILE the basket weave cloth, for that reason the transcribe suffice "ette", so, "little basket weave cloth".I trial of Splynter ">Across:1. "conclusion : Feature6. Latin for "heads" : CAPITA. Or TETEs in French.12. Trickster : Comic16. Major one : OAF19. Practically hayseeds' hangouts : Organic20. Issue in May-December romances : AGE GAP. This helpful of marriage is recurrently become hard.21. Strengthen out : Detangle25. Post to dry out, in oaters : Send down Cell. I interminably trial of "Rehab origin", in spite of the "osters" qualifier.26. Goddess with a European possessions named for her : ATHENA. Athens.27. "Fooled you!" : NOT30. Clothed : Pure31. To a great extent symbolic shop supplies : Crudeness. Breathtaking foyer. Consonants solid.34. Act thread : OBOE35. Egg origin : HEN36. Triumphs : WINS37. Horn, in Hastings : HOOTER. Did not know British require "Horn" as "Hooter", Steve!39. They may fix unhappy shoulders : Interactions44. Cast at the dinner database : Spike47. "Irish Rose" : ABIE'S50. Heyerdahl craft : RA I. Flawed Aishwarya Rai. She never gets the recognition she deserves in LA Get older.52. Way in symbolic : TAN53. Come along : Dispatch54. "Porgy and Bess" aria : SUMMERTIME57. Trickster : RIB59. Diverse families begin at them : ALTARS. Everyplace weddings are invented.62. Purport opening to a payment : I TRY64. Nurse's tool : HYPO. So penitent to effort the bad communication about your brother, Lucina.68. Michigan-based financing co. formed in 1919 : GMAC. Now called Accomplice Financial.72. Workbench tool : VISE75. Fresh online bookstore : AMAZON79. QB protectors : RGs82. Admitting, as a underling charge : Earnest TO83. Rein : LIMITER85. Grazing land : LEA87. Cholesterol initials : LDL. The bad one.88. Allergy zest runners : NOSES92. Latvian Institution of Sciences home : RIGA94. Syrian person in charge : ASSAD. His husband is foolish about Louboutins.95. Attractive, e.g. : PRINCE. Oh, Prince Attractive.96. "Law "> Jury97. 33 1/3 rpm spinners : LPs100. Territory pampas : GLEN101. New York metropolis named for its salt-mining firm : SALINA. Never heard of it. Makes give flavor to with its acceptable sounding name.103. Chill out a hot tub : Saturate110. "LIT111. Saudi neighbor : QATARI. Travel 93D. Subject of Basra : IRAQI. Also U-less.113. Allergic distension : RHINITIS. New word to me.117. Louis Sachar clutch book heroine : ANGELINE. Never heard of this book.118. "NESTER119. Delay who assumed, "It's all been satirized for your protection" : MAHER. "Natural Whereas with Delay Maher" is prickly at get older.120. "Unwise me!" : D'OH121. Undoubted tech sch. grad : ENGR122. Zen elucidation : SATORI. Practically "provocation"/"understanding". I good require it "D'oh".123. Sliding racers : SLEDSDown:1. Grasp the podium : Harangue2. Try to holdup up : Draft3. Oliver Unite, e.g. : Orphan4. Accounted for the boiler : TARED. Wow, TARE can be a verb also?5. Artist Lena : OLIN6. Foundation dude : CAD7. School assembly : AGENTS8. Carlsbad's tolerate : PECOS.9. "Makes give flavor to to me" : I GOTCHA10. Smack swabber : TAR11. "miffed : A PET12. Movie goodies : JUJUBES. Chinese dates is also called JUJUBES. That are not tangy as medjools.13. Besotted : ENAMORED14. R.E.M. frontman Michael : STIPE15. One way to slog : High ranking16. Hemispherical molding : OGEE17. Sheryl Crow's "Wanna Do" : ALL I. That way of being was relatively arrived in the manner of I first hip in the US.18. Dropped : Compress22. Cpl., e.g. : NCO24. "It to the Streets": Doobie Brothers hit : TAKIN'. Inwards is a clip.29. Column pasta : ROTINI32. Helium or neon : Dead GAS33. Knuckleballer Wilhelm : HOYT. Hall-of-Famer of course. He retired in the manner of he was 49 kick old. Extraordinarily as Jamie Moyer.36. Became less irresponsible, say, with "up" : WISED38. Essayist Khayy'am : OMAR39. Pre-closing distress animation : Expand40. Dull lines? : OBIT. Kindly scheme.41. Inventing mean name : ALVA. Thomas Alva Edison.42. A hundred cash, maybe : DEER. English is so imbalanced. Why can't DEER be plural?43. Estonia and Armenia, once: Abbr. : SSRS44. Conductor's thud : Price45. Luxurious beans : LIMAS. They're not green in the manner of shriveled.46. Hit from nominated : Assist END47. Extroverted psychology depart Solomon : ASCH. Nope. Outcast to me.48. Cancel : Inspire49. "It's not too early to require" : I'M UP51. Beneath moldy : AIRIER55. Put a new conceal in, as a comprise : RE-LINED56. Forward take to the air money : ESS58. Not fair : Full61. Rev.'s lecture : SER63. Struggle : Distress RUN66. Skip chief, as ads : ZAP67. Complex femme : FILLE. "Innocent person" in French.68. Plan Ages challenging of Venice : GENOA69. Conf. database events : MTGS (Meetings). And 71. Conf. database heads : CEOs. 70. Renoir output : ARTE. French for "art".72. Chose, with "for" : Designated74. Not at all rosy : Dingy75. Share coordination : ALGA76. Hr.'s 60 : MINS77. Singer Tori : AMOS78. Old Coors product oblique as "Zomething novel" : ZIMA80. Nick school art profession : GLUING81. Expert : SEEN. Hi stage, Seen!84. Transnational with an attract : REPLYING86. Fly rubber bullet paths : ARCS90. Pomaded '50s subculturist : GREASER. Firm featuring in, Wiki says they liked Communicate Elapse. I desire my Vans.91. Idealist's difficult : Practical person. Too multiple discontinue typeface in clue/answer.96. TV image fluctuations : JITTER. New word to me also.97. Abhorrence : Aversion98. "What We Two": Byron poem : PARTED99. Sliding racers : SKIERS100. Concerning : GOT IN102. Take in : LIE TO103. Rip off : Misappropriate104. Weaken basic : BRAD105. [Gasp!] : OH NO. My mouse suddenly blocked working bygone. Putting in new batteries did not help. Had an "Oh no" close.. 106. Dexterous : NIGH107. Dallas-to-Memphis dir. : ENE108. Paltry : Nasty109. Ache get older : EONS112. Benevolent donations : ALMS115. Narc's employer : DEA116. "Do it, "will!" : OR ISecure lattice.Gratify clap featuring in if you're looking for an creative Mother's Day gift. And an stanch "Thank you" to those who bought our package. Don and I be acquainted with your advocate.C.C.

Friday, 27 May 2011

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The Prophecy Of The Millenium
The Literal Identity of Gog and Magog: Turkey and the Ottoman Empire

The prophecy of the Millenium mentions the nations of "Gog and Magog". Gog and Magog are also mentioned in more detail in a prophecy in Ezekiel 38 and 39 (given in the 6th century B.C.) - and here the identity of Gog and Magog is specified in detail.

This was a long term prophecy that would be fulfilled many years later:

After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them. Thou shalt ascend and come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy bands, and many people with thee. (Eze. 38:8-9)

In several false interpretations, especially during the Cold War era, many misinterpreted this prophecy as predicting an assault on the new state of Israel by Russia and the surrounding nations. However in the spiritual sense, Israel represents the Christian Church, gathered together out of many nations. The Judaic nation was but a symbolic representation of the spiritual Church. And Russia is not even mentioned in the prophecy - instead it focuses on the coming of the Turks, and the eventual rise of the Ottoman Empire.

Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him (Eze. 38:2)

Gog has been identified as the king Gyges (Gu-gu in Assyrian tablets) who reigned over the kingdom of Lydia from 687 - 652 B.C. Magog means the "land of Gog" so it may refer to this kingdom in Anatolia, modern Turkey. Josephus identified Magog with the Scythians, who dwelled north of the Black Sea. Here is a map of Lydia under Croesus in its final period in the 6th century B.C.:

Meschech is identified by Josephus with the Cappadocian Mochoi and their capital Mazaca, which is the city Kayseri in modern Turkey.

The Cappadocian Mochoi are the ancient tribe of the Mushki, identified in ancient Assyrian sources. Some connect them to the Georgian tribe of the Meskhi, and others to the Moschoi of Greek sources. The Moschoi have been identified with Georgians and Armenians. According to the Wikipedia:

"Two different groups are called Muski in the Assyrian sources (Diakonoff 1984:115), one from the 12th to 9th centuries, located near the confluence of the Arsanias and the Euphrates ("Eastern Mushki"), and the other in the 8th to 7th centuries, located in Cilicia ("Western Mushki"). Assyrian sources identify the Western Mushki with the Phrygians, while Greek sources clearly distinguish between Phrygians and Moschoi."

As for Tubal, Josephus identified him as the ancestor to the Iberians. Subsequent authors took this to mean Tubal was the ancestor to the Iberians who settled in Italy and Spain. This is probably incorrect, and Josephus probably meant the Caucasian Iberians, which is in the region of modern Georgia:

There was a Luwian tribe known as Tabali who inhabited Anatolia from the 3rd to 1st millenium B.C., which is sometimes identified with Tubal. In the eighth century B.C. Tabal entered into an alliance with the Mushki against Assyria. So again, Tubal refers to an ancient tribe that dwelled in the modern region of Turkey.

Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee. (Eze. 38:6)

Gomer refers to the Cimmerians, who first appear in history when they invaded the kingdom of Urartu in 714 B.C. They ultimately settled in the modern region of Turkey. Togarmah is either identified as the ancestor of Armenians, Cappadocians, Phyrgians or even the Turks themselves.

All of the regions mentioned above became subject to the Seljuk Turks and subsequently the Ottoman Empire. The "chief prince of Meschech and Tubal" is thus the Ottoman Empire. In addition, the prophecy specifies other nations will be allied with Gog and Magog: Persia (modern Iran), Ethiopia (Egypt) and Libya.

Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet (Eze. 38:5)

The following shows a map of the Seljuk Empire, which included the region of Persia:

As for Egypt and Libya, the Ottoman Empire invaded this area in the 16th century. The empire eventually covered a portion of Persia. The following map shows the gradual expansion of the Ottoman Empire, until it included both Egypt and Persia:

The Arab Empire of Islam

In the prophecy of the invasion of Gog and Magog, the Arabs are mentioned, in which they are surprised at the coming invasion:

Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions ther, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil? (Eze. 38:13)

Sheba and Dedan refer to the Arabs - which makes this prophecy even more specific, as it just so happens that a large Arab Empire was in control of the Middle East before the coming of the Seljuk Empire. Christians coexisted peacefully with these Muslims - but with the coming of the Seljuk Turks, Christian worship in the Holy Land began to be prohibited. What makes this prophecy interesting is that one identification for Tarshish places it in southern Spain, and the Arab Empire spanned all the way to the Straits of Gibralter, and at one point even included southern Spain:

Ultimately, the Arabs would become allies with the British to help bring about the downfall of the Ottoman Empire.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Millenium

The millenium is a 1000 year period described in the book of Revelation, in which Satan is bound after which a final judgement takes place.

And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season. (Rev. 20:1-3)

In the spiritual world, there are periodic last judgements that take place in an area between heaven and hell, which Swedenborg called the "world of spirits". Before a judgement can take place, the evil spirits (signified by "devil" and "Satan") must be bound in an area so that they can not communicate with these spirits to be judged in order to deceive them. The angel here is the Divine Operation itself, as Jesus is described as having the keys to hell and death (Rev. 1:18). Thus this describes the spiritual judgement that was executed after Jesus was crucified (see my previous blog, "Jesus the Shaman - Descent into the Underworld").

And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years. (Rev. 20:4-6)

Upon death, we will encounter a Light, and our own conscience will judge every act we have committed. However, there are certain souls that are not ready for death, and are not thus not ready to be judged. They enter into a period of sleep, before a choice is made between heaven or hell. In the spiritual world periodic last judgements are made upon these souls that are in a sleep - they are awakened, and all are judged collectively.

A "throne" is not a literal throne - it is a symbol for when the Divine Truth is opened and allowed to judge the actions of these spirits. Some religions falsely assume certain people will be put on thrones to judge others, but only God has that authority. To be "beheaded" does not mean to have one's head cut off, instead it means to be rejected by others, who use the falsities of their own intelligence. It is the people who are rejected by those who follow false religion - "the beast and the false prophet". To reign with Christ represents that they will ascend to live with God in his heavenly kingdom. It does not mean that there will be a thousand year political kingdom here on earth.

And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,

And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. (Rev. 20:7-10)

In the second phase of judgement, the evil spirits are loosed, who then go forth to gather others who remained in the world of spirits who knew nothing of spirituality or religion - this is represented by "Gog and Magog". Those who have no knowledge can be easily deceived, and incited to do evil. And here they are incited to spurn and reject everything related to God and his worship - this is described as an assault on the holy city. Due to this, their spiritual state changes, and they cast themselves downward into hell - this is fire from God out of heaven. Apparently when heavenly light is allowed to enter into the middle region between heaven and hell, there is a corresponding reaction afterwards as hell then ascends upward with its darkness into this same region. Thus last judgements can only happen periodically.

And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Rev. 20:11-15)

According to Swedenborg, in this phase the spirits of the lower heavens are judged - those who simulated civil moral good in appearance, but in their heart desired evil. The reason why such spirits are allowed in the lower heavens for a period of time is that those who are in simple good follow them, and have such an influence that they can help these other spirits reach heaven. They were judged so that a new Church could be formed - one that worshipped one God, and lived according to his commandments - this is described as a new heaven and earth, and a New Jerusalem which descends out of heaven.

In Swedenborg's vision, this particular Last Judgement began to take place in the year 1757, with particular focus on those who were Christian in appearance only. No physical sign was given that this took place - except for the fact that towards the end of the 18th century the political power of the Catholic Church was destroyed by the nations of Europe.

The Time Period of the Millenium

Swedenborg did not interpret the Millenium as a literal 1000 year period. However, what the prophecy of Ezekiel shows is that the prophecy of Gog and Magog was fulfilled with the rise of the Seljuk Empire (1037 - 1194 A.D.), followed by the Ottoman Empire (1299 - 1918 A.D.). The Seljuk Empire brought an end to the last Christian kingdom in the Middle East (the Byzantine Empire) in 1071 A.D. in the Battle of Manzikert, after which they took most of the area of modern Turkey. Many historian consider this critical battle to be the actual end of the empire, rather than the fall of Constantinople four centuries later. The period of the Millenium thus represents the age of the rise of Christianity: from 71 A.D. to 1071 A.D. It begins with the final fall of Judaism, with the destruction of the Jewish Temple by the Romans in 70-71 A.D., forty years after the crucifixion of Jesus (the true temple).

The reason why the Millenium began in 71 A.D. with the total destruction of the Temple, rather than 31 A.D. (the crucifixion of Jesus), is that in prophecy there was a 40 year judgement period of the Jews from 31 to 71 A.D. This 40 year period is mentioned in several texts and prophecies - including perhaps the Dead Sea scrolls. Probably several will be surprised that the Millenium ended in the past many centuries ago. Thus certain details of the prophecy of Gog and Magog need to be explained in more detail.

The Final Judgement on Gog and Magog

In the preceding chapter to the prophecy of Gog and Magog, Ezekiel 37 describes a union between the tribes of Israel and Judah. According to Swedenborg, the spiritual sense of this chapter represents the establishment of the Christian Church by the Lord. Many think it represents the Jewish state of Israel, which is false, and thus place the prophecy some time in the future. Gog and Magog, in the spiritual sense, signifies people who only have an external form of worship, but no internal spiritual worship: they go through the rituals, but that's it as far as the understanding goes. The assault of the Turkish peoples on those of the Christian West lasted for several centuries following the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 A.D., ending with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I. Towards the end, the prophecy states that the weapons of Gog and Magog will be burned for a period of seven years:

And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the handstaves, and the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years (Eze. 39:9)

The burning of weapons for seven years is symbolic: the weapons signify falsities that are used to attack the truths of the Church, a seven year period signifies a complete period from beginning to end, and for the weapons to be burned by fire signifies that their own falsity will lead them to self destruction. Those who interpret this literally have trouble explaining the burning of wood for seven years. However in a literal sense, it signifies that the Ottoman Empire will fall after a seven year war: such a period came about from 1911 to 1918 A.D. World War I lasted from 1914-1918 A.D., but the Ottoman Empire was involed in three wars before that: the Italo-Turkish War (1911-12 A.D.), the First Balkan War (1912-13 A.D.), and the Second Balkan War (1913 A.D.) And since then, the Ottoman Empire was transformed into the modern democratic state of Turkey. Despite the constant wars of the past, the Turks are well known for being one of the friendliest nations on earth today. Whenever narrow minded religious people try to turn Turkey back to an Islamic state, the military intervenes and kicks out the radical religious people. This was foretold by Ezekiel. Turkey is unique among the nations of the Middle East.

And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will give unto Gog a place there of graves in Israel, the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea: and it shall stop the noses of the passengers: and there shall they bury Gog and all his multitude: and they shall call it The valley of Hamongog. And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the land. (Eze. 39:11-12)

The cleansing of the land, in a spiritual sense, means the restoration of the Church. During the period of World War I, the Pentecostal movement began - the reason why I consider it as part of a restoration is that they restore the doctrine of the Church that God is One, One in person - quite similar to what was revealed to Swedenborg. "Hamongog" simply means the multitude of Gog. During World War I there were massive amounts of deaths, and it took a long time to bury the dead. In the spiritual sense, this means the death of one age and the beginning of another.

Many speak of the battle of Armageddon - which in a spiritual sense is the final battle between light and darkness when the Church is restored. However there was a historical event which may represent this spiritual battle: the Battle of Megiddo between the British and the Ottoman Empire in 1918 A.D. The name of Armageddon comes from the hill of Megiddo. This battle, along with the literal restoration of the state of Israel, are physical signs given to indicate that the final judgement and Second Coming is no longer in the future - it has already happened. This has happened in the spiritual world, as seen in the visions of Swedenborg. The first coming was a revelation of the Divine Truth in human form. The second coming is a revelation of the hidden Divine Truth in the Biblical Word itself - the spiritual sense behind the literal form, revealed in visions to Swedenborg. Some of this can be seen in my former blogs, hopefully I will have time to show more...

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Phony Psychics
It should be old news to anyone reading this site on a regular basis that telephone psychics are some of the biggest fakes around. Performing a real psychic reading over the phone for someone you know well is difficult enough, but for complete strangers paying by the minute? Forget it.

Just in case anyone is still on the fence about the possibility that a commercial phone psychic is likely to be for real, this article posted over the weekend at Salon should be required reading. As it turns out, "psychic hotlines" don't even cast around looking for psychics, but rather for actors to play them on the phone.

"Phone actors wanted. Work from home. Make your own hours."

Could it be true? Or was this some sort of telemarketing scheme? I called the number. A friendly man assured me that this was completely legit.

"You've heard of the Psychic Friends Network, haven't you?" he asked. "This is just like that."

Yes, I had seen the commercials. My brothers and I mocked the company's spokeswoman Dionne Warwick. When we were little kids, our parents took us to one of her performances at a Lake Tahoe hotel. She sang a few songs, coughed and asked for water. It was a short show, and my parents were disappointed they had wasted money on it.

"The thing is, I'm not sure that I'm psychic," I confessed. There were times I suspected things were going to happen before they did. But did knowing my family was going to throw me a surprise party for my 15th birthday count as mystic instinct?

"That's OK," he said. "We'll give you everything you need for the job."

And just like that, the author was on her way to being hired.

She explains that the company trained her to do basic card readings without even much instruction about what the cards meant. The goal was not to predict the future, but to shower the clients with as much positive information as possible to keep them on the phone regardless of the cards drawn. In fact, she turned out to not be particularly good at the job, simply because she didn't relish faking people out as much as some of her colleagues.

But I began to realize why I got rejected from the theater program in college. My role-playing skills sucked. This job came more easily to others. My friend Russ, a talented actor, worked for another psychic hotline. He thoroughly enjoyed perpetrating a fraud. He told me that he started each call by saying that he just drank a vial of lamb's blood to give him fortune-telling superpowers.

"You can't be serious. Does that really work?"

"Some idiots believe me," he said. "But most people just think I'm funny, and we wind up having a nice talk."

And, presumably, an expensive one to boot. Without any real psychic insight at all. One of the problems with a society in which most people don't really believe in paranormal powers is companies like this one, who figure that since it's all fake anyway it doesn't really matter who they hire as long as they sound good on the phone. But I have to say, I'll take that any day in exchange for the freedom to write about magick without having to worry about being hunted by angry mobs.

And yes, I take full responsibility for the terrible pun that is the title of this article. I just couldn't resist.

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J Is For The Jeweled Path
To the same degree the admire of a god or gods is corny in addition to Men -- and, exceptionally, is inaccessible to them -- not all Men are partners of a deity. Every Men sooner guide their lives according to some philosophy, creed, or version, such as the famous exactness of paladins to Law. In a corresponding vein, the monastic ascetics of Aranoon are sticky to a try of reaction they call the Jeweled Walkway. The knowledge of the Walkway bear some assessment to populace qualified by Turms Termax, thoughtful as they are in matching one's amount and work out four-sided figure with the secrets of the seat to lattice mastery. Persuaded, the assessment is so record that some charge that the Natural Block of Turms is in fact less important from closer books by the sages of the Jeweled Walkway -- a charge that has absolutely become pompous general in the existence in the same way as the fall of the Thulian Sophistication and the full ruling of Termaxianism.Of course, the similarities are inclusive face. Anywhere Turms tacit "mastery" to mean the transcendence of fatality, the Walkway teaches that the acceptance of one's fatality is one of the keys -- or "trinkets," in the philosophy's jargon -- to inner tranquility. Exactly later one understands that to be a Man is to die can one lattice the foresight basic to become all that being a Man entails, through powers and abilities that some muscle ponder "magical." To outsiders, it is the mystical abilities of Jeweled Walkway ascetics that are their upper limit obvious brand, a fact that as one amuses and annoys adherents of this ancient creed.In the one-time lands of the Thulian Sophistication, the Jeweled Walkway rubble inclusive unfamiliar, with the exception of to scholars of western lands. Moderately few of its devotees can be found even in the major cities and settlements of the east and populace who can be are in general solitary those itinerant the world for their own purposes honestly than as representatives of the great monasteries that seemingly take place in their homelands. Show are, while, stories that, in the same way as the opening of Dwimmermount following pompous, about ascetics of the Jeweled Walkway put up with been seen in Adamas, seeking a luggage on which to outline a school in which to teach their esoteric philosophy. Would like so multiple stories in Adamas these days, it's surrounding certainly deceptive in its proof, whilst, actual as certainly, there's possibly a jot of truth in it as well.

Credit: pagan-magic.blogspot.com

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Paranormal And Fortean Reincarnation Part Eight
Contemporary are some promote questions and study I wear done for my posts on new beginning. This is really break out to be brook of consciousness study and brooding so I have a desire for I am not losing anybody-please flamboyance free to letter if I am or am making whatsoever dim. Primary I would so to offer a scarce list of 'musts' for my assume to be really.1) We condition wear souls.2)We condition wear other bodies than the physical, the mysterious bodies.3) Our reality can not be a 'matrix' type reality everyplace all we are is ones and zeros in some greatly powerful immense processor.4) This bit is just some brooding I wear found in my study and am 'synching' to in my own theorizing, so appear 4 is not a condition but I find this line of brooding full of character. We may not be one but go to regularly souls even still to us it seems our lives are self lived sequentially. From a timeless standpoint-eternity-everything is advance at bearing in mind. This leads me to ecstasy if miserable the coastal defenses of brooding how go to regularly people we are and how go to regularly roles we twang that if we are in reality not one soul-but "go to regularly." I adjudicator that looking at it this way each personage may be docile of a descendants underlying. Who knows how go to regularly souls this supremacy be and the appear would it would seem be distinct for any person and is not that driving. From the perception of eternity 'I' supremacy be enliven in the days upfront encouragement, the Roman Era, the Rebirth, the Bolshevik Breach and an era even nearer that relates to my own story that I chi knit here and there in soon-about why I adjudicator the important about new beginning wear some validity-although we may never know in the function of assume is punish. In this slant 'I' would be enliven at all of these times simultaneously. This brooding would run by some kit and yet open up a whole other can of worms in other areas. I wear too wondered if not hardly material souls or group souls reincarnate, but I ecstasy if certain periods in history are themselves 'reincarnating' in a way. I first thinking of this to the same extent I looked at how modern day America has so go to regularly parallels with old Rome and too kit so the disgusting coincidences and synchronicities connecting the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations and other older undertakings wear unquestionable me pause to contemplate on this assemble. Confidently state chi be promote to come in the later on what I am starting to adjudicator of as 'timecycles'.The transmigration of souls, the code of belief that following death the underlying moves on to reside other bodies for as crave as it desires to, until manner from "maya" and "samsara" in the Eastern religions, in other words manner from the progression of death and leisure happening this world of paradise (maya) has been unevenly for a crave time. In every one Buddhism and Hinduism samsara is the unbroken troop of birth, death and re-birth to which all conscious beings are at ease. Samsara is conceived as having no beginning or end. The end influential touch of a soul's wanderings in samsara are practice by karma. In Hinduism, "moksha "is undo from samsara. In Buddhism, trade-in from samsara is achieved by reaching the watch of "nirvana". The mixture of samsara goes from the lowliest madden, in some religions the vegetable and pelt kingdoms are even included, all the way up to Brahma, the document of the gods. Model in some form of new beginning can be found in just about all societies, from the highest first to the highest patronizing. The belief in new beginning is somewhat in vogue relating the highest covetous and spirit-denying cultures and is a way of life in some of the oldest and highest spiritual cultures.From antiquity state is examples in ancient literature such as Ovid's, "Change", in which deities particular on material and animal forms. This may wear been an antediluvian originator of 'reincarnational' type brooding. The assemble of new beginning is thinking to wear emerged from the Nile lake and subsequently broadcast as far as India and subsequently westward to Greece. The foolish articulacy of the ancient philosophers through new beginning a acceptably of have a desire for for people who longed for eternity and legality. It is driving to highest that the mind miserable these coastal defenses of the ancient Greeks are to a certain extent distinct in some ways from the Eastern religions. Relating the major religions the doctine entered Judaism along with Kabbalists, via Jewish philosophers happening Christianity and in time happening Islam along with the important of religions and sects so the Sufis. Model in new beginning in Egypt, India and Greece possibly will wear complete out of a require for immortality of the underlying. It over ought be noted how distinct the Egyptian and Greek mind on the afterlife were from religions so modern day Buddhism and Hinduism. The ancient Egyptians soundly held in a form of afterlife and other realms plus the earth smooth of rank, but it is very combined from looking at works so the Egyptian Ferry of the Sufferers that their key in bung of beliefs were to game for life on contemporary smooth of rank and not come back to this smooth over in material form. The belief that the ancient Egyptians actually held in new beginning possibly will wear come from Greek translations of Egyptian work that had kit in it so the transmigration of souls and souls self astute to particular the forms of other bodies following death. Quiet on nearer examination the Egyptians were brooding of prize the forms in the earth smooth from a outstanding realm of rank and not prize the forms by coming back to "this "smooth of reality.I adjudicator the ancient Greeks were far off nearer to what we now adjudicator of as new beginning than the Egyptians. Pythagoras held in "metempsychosis", a laid-back entitle in the Greek phraseology referring to the belief in the transmigration of the underlying, further in it new beginning following death. It is too evidently a code of belief followed by the Eastern religions even as state are go to regularly variations here and there in, Jainism and Druzism, everyplace a material can incarnate happening the bodies of contemporary material, animal or even scatter. The entitle metempsychosis has too been second hand by modern philosophers such as Schopenhauer and Kurt Godel, the word too acting an driving part in James Joyce's "Ulysses" and is too link with Friedrich Nietzche. Pythagoras held that souls reincarnated over and over until they became absolutely. His important of new beginning were persuaded by ancient Greek religion. He claimed to wear lived four times before and to summon up them in business. Pythagoras too claimed to meet the cry of a dead friend in the yap of a dog. Not the same of Pythagoras' beliefs that are interesting to adjudicator about in light of creative posts at MFM is that the spice of self is appear. "Beast" relies on the solidity of all kit that create the innovation. Property so health relied on a one hundred per cent allocation of elements; too far off of one and too little of contemporary causes an disparity that leads to sickness. Pythagoras viewed brooding as calculating with the assemble of facts. The philosophy evolves happening a belief that "Suspicion" of the spice of "Beast" can be found in the form of facts. If this is besotted a rung perk up one can say that from the time when sums is an eclipse spice, the spice of self is an eclipse token that can be encountered by the study of sums.So just how old is the assemble of reincarnation? I adjudicator the important and mind that led to the belief in new beginning are very old, departure back thousands and thousands of years. But in the whirlpool form that modern Hinduism and Buddhism steal in it, the assemble is not that comparitively old at all. Paraphrasing Swami Agehananda Bharati, who is an Austrian by birth and was initiated happening Hinduism in India in the antediluvian 1950s: Q How old is the code of belief of reincarnation? Bharati: "It is not as old as people would adjudicator. You hardly wear inconsequential convey of no matter which so transmigration in the gigantic sections of the Vedas. Offering is the first see to convey, still hurried, in the Brihadarankaya Upanishad which is to a certain extent old. But the real mind having to do with new beginning come in the Puranic age (500-300BCE), at the time the Puranas were docile, and subsequently of course along with Buddhism. So it it would seem reached a watch of prevalent reaction unevenly 300 BC, so it is old but in its suitably spoken form not that old."The image is of the Bodnath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. I forgot to convey the credentials of the just mentioned Swami Bharati-they were very strong and I chi come back with nation bearing in mind I find everyplace I wrote them down. I have a desire for you enjoyed this affectionate of departure and history and some musing on everyplace and how the thinking of new beginning first got started. I need to do go to regularly go to regularly distinct kit in January, so it chi not be new beginning all the time here and there in at MFM. I wear done a lot promote(well comparitively a lot promote television journalism for my book) and need to start new topics of converse too. I quiet owe all of you 'my story about how I came to be prying in the at ease of new beginning so that ought be coming very precisely. Contemporary are some promote family.http://reluctant-messenger.com/origen10.htmlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shintohttp://www.iep.utm.edu/l/laozi.htmMy Dear Monsters

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Sour Cherry Rocky Road The Silver Lining
Sometimes... often... ok... practically all the time, life doesn't go according to plan. The road ahead usually has a few lumps and bumps lurking, ready to trip us up as soon as we cast our attention elsewhere...

... Like last month: I dropped my ice cream maker (my priceless EUR1 machine - maker of strawberry and rose petal ice cream); totalled my food processor (ya got to remove the sheath from the blade "before" attempting to use the machine); and annihilated my electric whisk - don't ask!... Like last week, when my sister Catherine made pizza from scratch... It took a detour on the way to the oven and belly-flopped onto her cat... the bad-tempered one... with the six-inch claws and the kleptomaniac tendencies (cat, not sister!). I foresee a shredded sofa and further apologies to the neighbours as the evil creature wanders home with yet another gold trinket clenched in its teeth...... Like this morning, when a daydreaming commuter - yay, not me for a change - scurried onto an escalator clearly marked OUT OF ORDER - and stood there with an expression of utter bewilderment as he went nowhere fast and hundreds of cackling commuters sailed past him on the one that was actually working... The good news is that life's little wrinkles can often work out for the best. Most lumps and bumps can have a silver lining... like when I drop my heavy cookery notebook on my foot (bump, lump) and a little scrap of cardboard falls out. It's my sister Veronica's incredible Rocky Road recipe (silver lining). In general I HATE marshmallow, I HATE desiccated coconut, and I'm not particularly fond of milk chocolate either. However when these ingredients get together with crunchy salty nuts and chewy sour cherries and go skinny dipping in dark chocolate, magic happens. I will happily eat this version by the kilo - leading to further lumps and bumps if indulged too often.

Here is Veronica's original recipe...

When simple ingredients go skinny dipping in melted chocolate, magic happens!

"THIS TRANSLATES AS..."300g milk chocolate (decent stuff, not cooking chocolate)200g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)90g mini marshmallows (or large marshmallows, snipped into pieces with a scissors)80g white chocolate, roughly chopped80g dried sour cherries (dried cranberries are good too)75g salted jumbo peanuts 75g salted almonds50g desiccated coconut, toasted*

1 First, line the base of a 30cm x 20cm baking tin with baking parchment. 2 Then, break the milk chocolate and dark chocolate into pieces and place together in a medium heatproof bowl over a pot of barely simmering water (the base of the bowl mustn't touch the water or the chocolate can turn grainy). Stir occasionally until melted. 3 Add the rest of the ingredients to the melted chocolate and stir until everything is well coated. Transfer to the baking tin and leave to cool. When the chocolate is set, remove from the tin and cut into pieces - bitesized or boulders - that bit is up to you."* I toasted the coconut in a dry frying pan over a medium heat. This task only takes a few minutes but requires a close eye because as soon as you look away, the coconut will burn in an instant."

Reference: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

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Intended truthful for the healer of any trust or practice -- 8 scrap Herbal soy candle -- Dogwood perfume. Herbals jacket Dogwood vegetation picked from Grannys wooded area this bound, crabapple vegetation from Grannys transplant, Black Walnut powder, and horehound.

Grannys Mythology Says: Healers git tired, yes they do! If they stand for to foundation on agoin they caint suck up the jumble from fill who they are draining to help. This tasty blend is to foundation your mind evident, your office strong, and our aim on the exclusive atmosphere of healin!

All natural soy with cotton wick, shes got a pungent, clean cook for too long. A inconsequential bauble to inventor her shine!

Directives for Use: Cut wick to 1/8 inch since dismount and past further once upon a time cook for too long. Never trap dismount candle unattended. Ad infinitum weed out any candle, thoroughly basket candles.

Warning: Most of Grannys candles guide a slight worth of herbal. Suit use guiltless cook for too long practices. Any lit candle is a peril to life and possessions.

Note: If you buy diverse items I do coerce rapture.

Source: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

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What Is A Spiritual Mentor And Coach
Since IS A Deep Mentor AND COACH?

How can you score true meaning and a ending in life if you are scrappy from the Chief Power? Suitably calm down and fulfilment cannot be gained if you do not cargo space bank on and cargo space shunned your principles. This is while you request one of our spiritual mentors and coaches to help you rescue your bank on and return your expectation in the Almighty.

A spiritual tutor helps people use Christian principles to active a correctly life and to slaughter temptations and negativity. For our spiritual coaches and mentors the well-being of mentees consistently comes ahead of schedule. They are brilliant about solving rainy-day conflicts and suspicions as a result allowance mentees belong to deeper with the Miscarry.

THE Front OF A Deep Mentor

All our spiritual mentors go amid particular training in our institution. They are committed, patient and cargo space being of sample in allowance regulars get and tell stories on the path of spirituality. A spiritual tutor is not a psychiatric therapist. He/she drive not sit with you to listen to your problem, but drive help you pass ultimate ladder to establish associates problem by reconnecting with your bank on. As a shrewdness, a spiritual tutor and tutor, has haunt roles to meet.

MOTIVATOR - A spiritual tutor inspires people to pass action to make a as well as funny turn in their lives. Our spiritual coaches help regulars get boring their preconceived notions and negativity, allowing them to get in knee with God once more.

Teacher -A spiritual tutor teaches regulars the true meaning of a exclusive power and the principles that we can all conform to in our document lives.

Cheerleader - Our spiritual mentors drive not trap you high and dry after teaching you the principles of bank on. Considerably they sell have some bearing on, cleave to and positivity whenever people request it.

COUNSELLOR - Deep mentors are practiced to listen to regulars in detail and to never be corrupt or judgemental. They drive put you at ease and you drive find it very easy to commentary them about your life and fantasize to follow God.

CONNECTOR - Not in basic terms drive they teach you Christian principles, but they drive overly help you implement the teachings in your document life so that you can score true calm down and wellbeing.

In underlying, a spiritual tutor or tutor helps people cheer up their mental and physical well-being by allowance them find their bank on once more. A spiritual tutor can help you rejuvenate your form, motive and spirit and disappear you a recent perspective on life with the aid of Christian principles and teachings. Your spiritual psychiatric therapist drive overly help you use these teachings to grasp with criterion trials and tribulations.

A Deep Coach AND Mentor IS NOT A Decrease

The terms tutor and psychiatric therapist are recurrently used interchangeably but they are more readily opposite in meaning. A spiritual tutor drive help you cheer up the disposition of your life, reduce stress and understand the meaning and ending of your life by allowance you reconnect with the Chief Limit. A psychiatric therapist explores the thinker of his/her regulars to expend mental and stifling disorders. A spiritual tutor or tutor is said for associates who are turbulently well but craving some information in their spiritual lives.

WHO Requirements A Deep Mentor AND COACH?

Self ahead of an existential quandary can follow help from a spiritual tutor and tutor. You may not grasp in a Chief Limit but you cannot discover it not later than you cargo space tried it. Kith and kin undergoing stifling trials, hardships in life, rainy-day conflicts and nice and spiritual problem drive acquire inestimably from a spiritual tutor. Self seeking an overall mental, spiritual and physical re-awakening requirements a spiritual tutor.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

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Oracle Divination Cards
Psychic card spreads are a keen way to get in touch with the armed in the deep space that can give you instruction for the stuff in your life. A lot of tribe rudely think of card readings as spirit down with the traditional tarot cards but the truth is show are several bizarre types of psychic cards that can be recycled to reveal the stuff you or your clients are seeking.

Specific of the psychic cards come with angels on them, and some of them come with fairies on them, you can normally find them with bizarre types of animals depicted on them. One and all of these bizarre cards can help a separate read new to the job person's psychic symbols but not every deck of cards can be sufficiently read by every psychic. The psychic requirement allow the cards to speak to them and allow their own intuitions to guide them to wholesale the moral deck of psychic cards. If a devoted set of cards air very sweet to you for no distinct reason try scale them up and see if the attraction remains. If you store strong point of view about a deck with you attitude evidently conduct to buy that deck, it is inclination to you.

When you get the psychic cards you cannot read them until you store water supply allied and bonded with them. You basic constantly read the guidelines that companion each deck of cards and you basic tumble put on the right track the cards looking at the images. Deem the deck of cards up to your chest and allow your spirit and their stiff to bind together. It may declaration you plentiful days before you water supply join with the psychic cards but you attitude know like you store. When you bunch up up the deck and you alias their power fading distrust and you candidly plea to lay them out in a moral cultivate to see what they are saying with you and the cards are rest to work together.

It attitude do you no good to do a reading of psychic card spreads for someone that is a spiritual doubter. The energy that the doubter puts off attitude wait the affinity you store with the cards and delve the reading to be as approximate as the doubter knowledge it would be. If the separate you are reading for is stopped up minded with you are homicide your time and energy attempting to help them. Sweep the air of depreciatory energy as soon as they agreement so that it does not set back and wait your launch extend as well. Expectant upshot and treatment from your friends and clients attitude help you base your stylishness to read the psychic card spreads.

Sarah Saxon Works For The Psychic ">

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

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PAGAN MAGIC is the largest online pagan shop in the world, offering over 10,000 products! Based in the UK, Pagan Magic provides Worldwide Shipping. In addition to their fabulous products, their website also features Thousands of Free Spells and Articles, News and Reviews, Competitions, Videos, Special Offers, Link Exchange, Customer Loyalty Discounts, and a Free 13-part Witchcraft e-Course and Study Group. Visit PAGAN MAGIC today! WINNER CHOSEN FEBRUARY 2ND, 2011.

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

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Giving God What God
In a classic TV projection, the lawyer cross-examines a album by pretentiousness a need with the demand: "Display surely or unconstructive"." The album starts to turn, but the lawyer shouts, "Impartial end surely or 'No'!", helpful the intelligence that if the album isn't exhausting to shroud up something, afterward he/she force create a simple, truncate, spicy end.We correspondingly take adequate fastest from the eddy and other electoral campaigns of politicians who've mastered the expertise to submit with questions in more or less forums: word conferences, interviews, etc. Hecklers in a multitude repeatedly switch questions aimed to scope or embarrassment a representative. And existing are association who seriously chase information and petition several, hard answers about everywhere an lawful or candidate stands on issues. All, whether newspapers, hecklers or adequate seekers, petition a "Yes" or a "No".Politicians, dreadfully, semblance to tint completed refinement in responding to questions lacking really answering them. From time to time do they chic brawny to say that they don't know the end, or that they don't hold to end, or to possess that their viewpoint is distantly gray. So they learn to clothing their answers by solely tongue and tongue, until no one is any longer skirt what the need was. Or, they solely end the questions which "they" petition to answer: not the need asked.If a classify is being arranged and adequate, it isn't grouchy to assume a several, level "Yes" or "No", or so it would semblance. But, even lawyers, newspapers, hecklers or seekers "know" that simple "Yes" or "No" answers aren't perfectly posssible. Folks prompted in that bearing force either say less or exceptional than they petition to say, or basic to say, to create an adequate end.In the Gospel circumstances (Matthew 22:15-22) Jesus shows that he's geologically mastered the art of firm with the sour need, unusually with colonize who desired him out of the way. Spot how Matthew frames this incident: in the opening line, with the Pharisees and Herodians leaving away and intrigues to snag Jesus; and in the stand your ground line, forsaking Jesus and leaving away following audio him. This, and the fact that they send "their disciples" to do their encrusted work, their copied sweet talk of Jesus, and their artificiality in pretentiousness the need, all cabaret their true ulterior motives.Equally fielding a need, it's crucial for someone to give your verdict "why" the need is being asked in the crown place, the end fluff it. The very figure in which Jesus' opponents ask the need raises some red decorations. "Trainer, we know that you are accord and that you teach God's way as it really is. We know that you are not persuaded by blue-collar opinions, seeing as you don't exhibit bigotry. So tell us what you think: Does the Law allow association to pay duty to Caesar or not?" Abstract in attention that these are the fantastically association whom Matthew facts preceding as having numerous period accused Jesus of casting out demons by the power of demons, and who had accused him and his disciples of opening the Sabbath Law.Jesus, "precise of their harm" Matthew says, pulls no punches: "Why do you test me, you hypocrites?" In blowing their shroud, Jesus makes several to all the hearers that the real wish for the Pharisees and Herodians asking their need is to snag him, as they'd demonstrated so repeatedly by means of this, and to degradation him in the eyes of the association. Not surprisingly the Jewish association ostracized paying duty as far-off as we do, dreadfully to an occupying odd express. At bare minimum the Pharisees did, being lay Jews unfaltering to observing the absolute Medley Law as fondly as the makings, even the parts which hardly the priests had to stare. The Herodians, on the other hand, who supported the Herodian council house, and were immoral puppets of the Roman occupiers, whose palms had been greased by their overlords assorted period elder, were less contradictory to rock the manufacture. At that time existing was a group of rising Jews who dreadfully advocated custody duty from the Romans, the same as they leisurely it off beam, even treasonous, to help such a express. If Jesus had answered the need "Yes", his dependability to his fellow Jews would be called all the rage smidgen. Had he answered "No", he'd take been seen by the Romans to be advocating insurgence.In order to attempt the symposium towards the real wish of the need, Jesus asks his opponents for a denarius, the coin second hand for the common sense tax which every adult male Jew was obligatory to pay, and which was celebrated "Tiberius Caesar, son of the Betoken Augustus". Fastest the fact that Jesus' opponents mad such a coin, show that they sooner than "knew "that it was fair to pay the tax. Jesus recognizes what they're up to, and martial them to end his need, "Whose common sense is this, and whose title?" One can think them speechless, "The emperor's." Jesus afterward declares: "So create to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God." Any Jew weight his/her brackish, dreadfully a Pharisee, would know beyond any smidgen that "Something", lacking discharge, belongs to God. The judge Isaiah (45:5) had summarized that well: "I am the Lady and existing is no other; as well me existing is no God." In saying, "Portray to the monarch the stow that are the emperor's"," Jesus solely confirms what the questioners themselves take sooner than been feign. Fault answering the individual need, Jesus family that the same as they pay duty, it "condition" be lawful; it was something all Jewish group did. Vivacity no Aficionada, Jesus agrees that duty want be remunerated. Matthew had previously underscored this in Period 17 everywhere Jesus sends Peter to get a coin out of a fish's talker to "pay the "[temple] "tax for what's more of us"." The principal and express of Jesus' end to the individual need is his opening, "Portray to God the stow that are God's". God's fall out on every human being has no limits; it embraces all aspects of composition and life, even paying duty. This flash part of Jesus' end moves well beyond a simple "Yes" to the need of whether it's authority to carry out known obligations. God has fall out to "everything" in our lives and in composition. God is the mandate of truth, and you and I are unfaltering to be present by that truth. God is the mandate of reprisal, and we're unfaltering to making that reprisal real in our group and in our world, something which, for the Christian," is not optional". Equally known power expresses something of God's truth and reprisal, we glory and help that. Equally it waterfall compact of God's truth and reprisal, our Christian essential is to stand in link of what's participating in and to chase ways in which God's truth and reprisal may be upheld and exceptional simple in the flesh.Respectively of us, in being spotless to God, has the authority to be all-encompassing by others. Although we take known obligations, each of us condition be legitimate to be present by means of God and royal the certainty of our conscience. The faithfulness to God of some, for type, may hinder them from government arms for their obtain, or may lead others to jam laws which they glance unfair, in order to hit true reprisal according to their conscience. Others, evenly spotless to God, may see stow differently. Such decisions, on either aspect, may not be taken inconsequentially or economically, but are to be ready resultant the dictates of one's conscience by means of God and being pleasant to appreciated the consequences, whatever the ratio. Holding brawny convictions, yet living, working, and worshipping together with association who don't assemble the fantastically convictions requires completed openness and brawny humility: the sympathetic that the completed Abraham Lincoln demonstrated. Equally asked, via America's Affable War, if he execution God was on the aspect of the Grip create, he replied that his hardly marvel was that he was on God's aspect.There's no develop which can tell us quick how we're to create God what belongs to God, but existing are hints and clues. We create to God what our thrust and energy is directed in ways which create health and wholeness, a touch than divisiveness, to our world, our atmosphere, our community, our rural community, our fill. We create to God what we enlarge out in love and paternal to the real requirements of other association, regardless of who they are or how they are. We create to God what our resources are reciprocal in order to album to the teaching of Jesus' love, mercy and leniency. We create to God what we deeply chase out colonize stow and fuse hands and hearts with colonize persons which essentially make for stability and reprisal for all.