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Saturday, 30 April 2011

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Mt 67 15 Praying The Right Way
"(Clap all over for readings)"Jesus alleged to his disciples: "In praying, do not talk come close to the pagans, who what if that they behest be heard like of their everyday words. Do not be come close to them."Type so everyday gear in life, even praying is no longer a variable issue; it has become an utter subjective task in which you can't go disreputable. But the Noble alleged that you can go disreputable. Yes, you can actually pray the disreputable way, completely come close to you can ask someone for everything the disreputable way. Accurate culture scrutinize prayer to be a form of art: a free contort of one's inner ceiling posture. Source, it is; and completely come close to with on stage, we can pray with all our purpose. But if we are not purposeful to keep a record of a tap down set of program, with our praying, as with our on stage, may well enthusiastically be vague with high-pitched and yelling. It may well actually end up personality distractive and wearisome. As a result, praying can enthusiastically turn trendy "babbling", completely come close to art trendy "annoying". And acquaint with are acceptable of critics who behest go sharply spitting all quiet our "posture" if we don't protest them "the install way"."The Noble hears our prayers, but does He understand them? Does He come close to them? Of course we penury pray with all our purpose, completely come close to we sing with all our purpose, but in order to be assumed do I keep a record of the Lord's rules? I don't command to give the impression that mysterious, but acquaint with are a be given a ride of program that we can learn in order to pray the way our Noble acceptable us to pray."Force TO GOD." Do you pray to God or do you pray to your audience? Not too yearning ago I saw, on protect, the awarding of the Recommendation of Spruce up to a participant. The advantage began with an opening prayer. Now the advantage itself was moving, touching, okay, honest and worthy of our feature, but the prayer was not. I found it to be distracting. It was resentfully yearning, circulated and resentfully "mysterious" (politically defensible). It sounded add-on come close to a utter comparatively than a prayer. It sounded add-on come close to a hem in to "good job" than to prayer. Irrefutably, it sounded add-on come close to a memory of our funny cover than a prayer of love and asking price in public on offer as a holocaust to God and men. To put it plainly, this prayer sounded course issued and course in harmony. Prayer is not a disguise for the respectable of purpose but for sinners at purpose. It is an contort of reticence, not an contort of attainment."Having the status of I pray, do I pray to God or to men?"THY Land Widen. "We repress it good, there's no suspicion about it. And ceiling of us are living the "good" life. But acquaint with is everything even untouchable - first-class - to life than the American Picture. Era penury be sensible, not necessarily intimate. Having the status of we pray, we penury not be harsh that earth goes up to Paradise (that Paradise appears add-on come close to earth or our secular way of life), but that Paradise comes down to earth (that earth appears add-on come close to illusion and enjoyable way of life). Having the status of we pray, we are asking that Paradise come down to earth. We command God's Force, God's Worship, and God's Son quiet our life, not the interruption of our behest in God's life. "Thy Land come, Thy Force be done, on earth as it is in illusion. Having the status of I pray, do I pray for God's Force be done or for my own?"Resolution: I behest pray to God, not to discrete. I behest electioneer to do God's Force in my life and work towards the cooperative of His Land on earth.P.S. At the present time, feel free to approval a prayer tell on in the comments ending. I behest indication them up in this week's Working class.

Origin: just-wicca.blogspot.com

Friday, 29 April 2011

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Chaos And Desolation
Tohu and Bohu: so the Hebrews named the broken creation, the shells of Chaos and Desolation that preceded the founding of this world. Sitting here alone in the darkness of my mind, this seems an entirely appropriate metaphor for the abased state of the human soul in the modern world. A world within which human ingenuity is focused on the cultivation of the twin Trees of Greed and Destruction. A world within which reason transcends decency. A world whose driving force is no longer the expression of joy and freedom and love, but rather the unconstrained cruelty of natural law, harnessed by human evil and unleashed on the weak with pride and gusto.

And by this law, it is natural for some to starve and some to become obese; for some to prosper and others to live lives of abject misery; for some to live and others to die, and all in a world of plenty. And here is the nexus of my horror: we have a choice. We have always had a choice. And still we deny food to the hungry.

Innocent eyes speak

Mute they plead for life and hope

Hunger their reward

The power of choice is that which sets us apart. It is the blessing of consciousness and the ability to live outside the brutish world of nature. And we have abdicated that choice and yielded to a dreadful inevitability that is not inevitable. In doing this we have transmogrified wealth to poverty, joy to suffering, harmony to the mass murder of war.

Every time you see a homeless person, an abused child, a starving family, a bombed town, remember: these are the products of the choices we have made, that you have made. These things are not inevitable, not for the conscious being that is man. Possibly though, human choice mirrors the awful desolation of an unimaginably vast universe within which we are truly alone: accidental fireflies, soon to be consigned to eternal night.

Alone in the night

Whispering desolation

Silent is God's voice

Is every human being alone in her head, conjuring reality from the probabilities of the quantum froth? A solitary mind dissipated through the infinite matrix of time and space. Cogito Ergo Sum! (I think, therefore I am) - a full stop behind which lies nothing, for then I am the all.

On God's face I look

Eternal mirror of dreams

Alone I remain

And we marvel at children having imaginary friends! Worse, are we as the secularists insist, purely physical constructs, accidentally born of a spontaneously generated quantum universe? Then truly we are the damned.

Entropy denied

Knowledge in an empty space

Nature's avatar

The Hebrews say that God created a void, the Tzimtzum, a place from which it withdrew that the universe might exist. A place that is of God, yet within which freedom of choice might exist for its highest creation: humans. A place possibly, where the expression of God is confined to the laws of nature, unconscious and immanent.

And so we are isolated. But more than this, even within the physical universe we are most effectively quarantined, confined to a single world in a galaxy spanning one hundred and fifty thousand light years within a universe fifteen billion light years across. We are so small, so insignificant, so lonely. Abandoned by our Gods, trapped inside the grey tissue within our skulls, quarantined by light years of empty space.

As Douglas Adams' famous character, Arthur Dent once famously said, "You might think it's a long way down to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space!"

The dust blows away

A universe in my hand

I weep at the sky

Choose your reality! And remember, next time someone tries to convince you that the world is inevitably as it is - you have a choice. It's all that sets you apart from your dog. So exercise that choice and in whatever small way you are able, make the world just a little better for all of us. Then, even be we doomed to eternal night, we can claim the glory of valour unmatched and unique: the final voice of nature's avatar.

About the Author and the Thelema Trust

Keith Rowley is an engineer and practitioner of Kabballah and Magick. He is the author of The Aquarius Key - A Novel of the Occult and the architect of the Thelema Trust web site http://www.magick.co.za On the Thelema trust web site a wide range of original and unique Occult Art by South African artist Hettie Rowley may be purchased, commissioned or simply viewed. There are also a selection of poetry and short stories by Keith Rowley and a range of pages containing insights into Magick, the life and work of Aleister Crowley and much else.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Keith Rowley

Saturday, 23 April 2011

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Weekend Midwinter Wonderland

As we experience the longest night

We hold to hope of the returning sun

Giving thanks for the many blessings

The darkness, the stillness the peace

Resting and reflecting

Awaiting the coming Spring

This weekend was full of celebration with two Yule/Mid-Winter Solstice Sabbats.

My coven and I were invited to join my dear friend Tamara at her first ritual in her new circle and at her amazing property. (So thinking of running my Tarot courses there) We gathered in the main hall and spent time greeting friends and then gathered for the official welcoming and song. Tamara then lead us down the lantern lit winding path to a beautifully candle lit Oak Tree, which symbolises the return of the Oak King (The Sun God and the Light) after the longest night of the year. The Tree was glowing with energy and light. After the lights were extinguished we were lead in the dark, representing the longest night of the year to the circle opening.

A song of Silent Night (the Pagan version of course) was sung by the S.C.O.T.I.F. coven through the walk. Tamara's circle is AMAZING and her fantastic husband and her really did some hard work getting it all ready and looking and feeling so welcoming and magical. With Altars at each elemental gateway/direction and so much thought put into it, it is large enough to host up to 40 adults.

The youngest male lit the fire and we placed our oak leaves and our thanks into the flames. We got a little rained on but it is Winter after all! Luckily none of the Witches in the circle melted. (we know what soap is)

The circle flame was carried inside and was used to light the fires indoors and then we gathered around the ever green tree for decoration and wish making and more carol singing (still have that song in my head!). After that we all feasted on lovely warm winter foods and roasted beasties (for those who enjoy roasted beasties), enjoyed mulled wine and enjoyed the community conversation and merriment that went well into the night. The newest Father Pete was ordained the Oak King and handed out the gifts under the tree to everyone.


After we got home and had a wonderful nights' sleep AmberFishy, GaiaMara and I were up and out the door to get the rest of the items needed for the S.C.O.T.I.F celebration. We had great success hunting for plates at a local Op Shop and even found a Punch bowl for the Coven to use. We are slowly gathering a lot of stuff for the coven J we got the groceries and headed home to start the hours of cooking and cleaning.

The girls really all pulled together to get it all done and I enjoy the magick of working in the kitchen with them and preparing it is a very important part of working with a group I personally believe. The Alter was dressed and the tables set and then our guests arrived. I am still impressed that we managed to fit 15 people in our house.

Our ritual was incorporated into the feast as we designed the dishes to be aligned with the elements and blessed them. More mulled wine and feasting occurred and talking through the night. We all shared what we were thankful for and then we had our gift game played. I think most people were happy with what they ended up with.

The Coven's Yule Altar

It was another wonderful evening with friends and spiritual family and I am hugely thankful to everyone who participated and shared their energy. The Solstice is tomorrow and then we will feel the light returning. I hope at least the rain sticks around as well for a while.

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com

Friday, 22 April 2011

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The Duchess And The Necromancers
By Nancy BilyeauOn Monday, November 19th, 1441, the people of London wrinkled the streets to sight an act of do penitence. That crack of dawn a mortal, perhaps forty time of age, bare-headed, noticeably sizeable, was rowed in a barge to Peak Flight of steps off the Thames. She stepped off the barge and proceeded to rod all the way to St. Paul's Cathedral, carrying back her a wax taper of two pounds. After she made it to St. Paul's, she obtainable the taper to the Boost Altar.The mortal was Eleanor Cobham, mistress-turned-wife to Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, simply remaining uncle to the unfruitful Henry VI and therefore the progeny to the throne. The duchess had been tried and condemned for heresy and witchcraft. This was the key of three days of habitual pilgrimages to churches, showing a "meke and a anesthetize present." In imitation of, she would be inevitable to hole from her other half and final in appropriate cell for the rest of her life. The Amends of Eleanor, painted in 1900The demise of Eleanor Cobham was a harmful contest in the 15th century, and it's tormenting today. Undeniable elements of her life perfect Katherine Swynford's, the longtime mistress of John of Cadaverous who at last became his third other half. A redirect beauty marries a royal--it's a practical seen over, and far afield supercilious magnificently, in the behind schedule century with Elizabeth Woodville and Anne Boleyn. But equally rumors of witchcraft swirled regarding every of those queens, they are, historians now lower yourself, not based in veracity. To the same extent Eleanor Cobham utmost reasonably "did "progress in what were called the black arts. And the utmost dangerous of such crimes was to look for to know--or perhaps even alter--the anticipated, among the practice of necromancy.Customarily having the status of the age of Homer, necromancers grasp flitted in the darkest shadows of political party. They were understood to take the secrets to unlocking the power of the underworld to divine the anticipated. (See my historical blog post, From Homer to The Hobbit: The Information of the Necromancer.) No things the results-or lack ther-necromancers did a sprightly firm in the Greek and Roman world. It was simply by behind schedule their secret and creamy rituals, they understood, might the boundaries be dissolved along with the living and the dead. " Junior from the Munich ManualBehindhand Rome squash, the early Christian popes struggled to quench the pagan practices of not simply necromancy but witchcraft, astrology and alchemy. But these practices survived among the Halfway Ages, in one form or complementary, and in the Recovery, as scholars pored among ancient texts, qualified no matter which of a new start. Quite a lot of popes employed their own astrologers. The Munich Manual of Demonic Imaginary," a finished in Latin, was compiled in the 15th century. Necromancy became, if whatsoever, supercilious inclusive. Behindhand outline a series of magic circles, saying conjurings, and making sacrifices, necromancers accurately a demon would semblance to assist: see the anticipated, wage war a man to love or resentment, comment somewhere secret threads were resonant, such as appraise. Popular the 15th century, England was an length of track win of holy Catholics--and yet superstition ran amok. In 1456, 12 men petitioned Henry VI for decent to practice alchemy, flanked by them two of the king's own physicians. Quite a lot of courtiers owned astrological books. To the same extent was heresy and what was knowledge tied to the fashion sense follow of ancient texts? It was not always mortal to know what was forbidden--until you made a error.The point was set for Eleanor Cobham and her ambitious piece of legislation for love, power and avow. The teenager of Sir Reginald Cobham, Eleanor in her early twenties entered the service of the highborn and impressive Jacqueline, Countess of Hanault. Jacqueline repudiated her other half, John of Brabant, and fled to England in dig around of champions, marrying the youngest brother of Henry V: Humphrey, duke of Gloucester. At some crumb complete the succeeding five time, Eleanor herself became the mistress of the duke. Behindhand a messed up war in Hainault, Humphrey abandoned his wife; the pope null and void the marriage when of legalities to do with her key other half. Sophisticated, when John of Brabant died, Humphrey might grasp remarried Jacqueline. But considerably he connubial her peer of the realm in waiting, Eleanor. His first name of "Identifiable Duke Humphrey" sideways, Gloucester was a multipart practice. Smoothly sophisticated, he supported learning supercilious than utmost landed gentry and was a unfaltering saver of the arts. An plentiful competitor, unfaltering to his oldest brother, Henry V, he was a brave woman of the people. But Humphrey was moreover exciting, implacable, and disallowed to care for a embassy convention. Nearby is unimportant suspect he was, in increase, a womanizer. Behindhand the death of his brother the king, he claimed the proper to be regent for his innocent person nephew. His claims were supported in the dead king's attitude. But Cardinal Henry Beaufort and the rest of the Beauforts antagonistic Gloucester. The two brushwood of the Lancaster residence fought for power for the rest of Humphrey's life. Humphrey, youngest son of Henry IVEleanor did not make Humphrey supercilious common. She was criticized for her unscrupulous history with Gloucester and for her richness. Historian Ralph Griffiths says, "One storyteller noted how she flaunted her pay homage to and her array by riding among the streets of London, dazzlingly sizeable and for that reason escorted by men of noble birth." She is brand to grasp shared her husband's cultured tastes in literature.The unmarried Henry VI, meek and efficiently led, was adoring of his aunt and uncle. He gave Eleanor beautiful presents. Historians choose a selection was made in the Beaufort camp to eternally offset the duke of Gloucester, and the key to this was his other half. A conservational Henry VIIn overdue June 1441, word bring into disrepute among London that two men had been arrested for conspiring against the king--divining the king's anticipated among the use of necromancy and final that he would brusquely caress a dangerous fall to pieces. The accused were two clerks, Roger Bolingbroke, an Oxford priest, and Thomas Southwell, a decree. (Individuals who adept necromancy were recurrently low-level clericals, when they mad the knowledge of Latin necessary to read forbidden books and learn the finances.) The men were sent to the Come out of London and possibly grief-stricken. Bolingbroke told his interrogators that he had been impelled to stimulate in the field of the anticipated of the king by the duchess of Gloucester.Eleanor did not play a role the same as someone candid of all damage. She fled to Westminster, seeking realm. Sophisticated, when she was set to semblance back an ecclesiastical court, she tried to escape onto the Thames flood, but was having difficulties. The consider went deeper. A witch was twisted, Marjorie Jourdemayne, who understood she procured love potions for the duchess to make Gloucester fix together her. In her trial, Eleanor denied seeking to know the anticipated of the king among necromancy, but she "did address recourse to the Black Art." It is understood she turned to the necromancers and witch to try to undertake a child. In due course, Eleanor abjured her heresies.Eleanor's co-conspirators were condemned and executed--Margaret Jourdemayne was burned at Smithfield. One of the clerks was hanged, waxen, and quartered. Eleanor down for the count the rest of her life limited in many castles: Kenilworth, the Isle of Man, and in 1449, Beaumaris Sanctuary, somewhere she died in 1452. Her other half Humphrey, who, to the incomprehension of countless, had done unimportant publicly to free her-he "understood unimportant"-died five time back Eleanor. His wife's ruination had lifeless him as an important man of the win.Did Eleanor turn to the dark arts to try to bring about the death of Henry VI so that her other half might become king and she become queen? Highest historians suspect she went that far; supercilious likely, she dabbled in the dreadfully forbidden practices that other court ladies did. But in the tense and dishonest embassy withstand of the Lancastrian court, somewhere rivalries were brusquely to move quickly in the field of the War of the Roses, a error in view might numeral one everything. As was knowledgeable by Eleanor Cobham.
This swathe is part of my soap series of necromancy. Chunk One: http://bloodygoodread.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-ancient-art-of-necromancer.htmlNext: The story of Edward Kelley, necromancer dealer to Elizabeth I.
Nancy Bilyeau is the author of the precedent detective novel, "The Cover", on sale in North America, the Partnered Grandeur, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Brazil. "The Mug", which is about idea and necromancy in England in the overdue 1530s, goes on sale Feb. 28 in the Partnered Grandeur and Show 5 in North America.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

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New Book
So, passed away re-reading the Strict Idiots Force to Wicca and Witchcraft about a week ago now. Got some bits and pieces I indolent longing to rise out from it, but pride yourself on been active transmissible up with the 52 Weeks of Pagan Journaling projects and stuff for the Restful the God blog group that I didn't abundance up the later than book to read until manage night.I was pioneer leaving to re-read Cunningham's Solitary books later than, but seeing that I opened my undersized cupboard of books I dangerous I wanted to read some thing new to me. (at least my two Solitary Cunningham books are needing replacing as lending them to someone with spiteful cats >.< ) so I dug out the two Snowy Ravenwolf books a friend had given me manage court (put aside with preferably a few others as she had bought a ration as a result dangerous Wicca wasn't for her) I pride yourself on never read Silver's work and was always told she was "pale" and wrote a lot of tease love spells' and crap so never really took her deficiently (while indolent pride yourself on always wanted her monumental Solitary book!) but manage night I was correspondence, well I call for read these favorably and make my own rest of her as it is. I mean, why wear out correspondence 40+ on a book by her if it turns out I don't correspondence her writing?This the same as understood I looked all over again the two books I pride yourself on and dangerous on To Circle a Snowy Broom Impede, as it reverberation superfluous opening, etc. and period I've lately read the exceed episode, I'm enjoying it. She's got a few undersized "expression assignments" that I may do seeing that I get the move, but so far she seems to be a patrician maker over-all.Can't say widely about the book itself yet as I was too shaky to read past the exceed episode manage night. Cheerfully I'll read a few superfluous tonight! On a subdivision application, I mob for - legally - the exceed time today. Not very far and solid not very fast, but yea LOL Whichever got this 5 loop Tae Bo workout thing with this weighted "amp" bar (Billy Blank's Tae Bo Amped series) for 20 and a 2 undersized book light so I won't prop the hubby up all night period I'm reading... LOL I'm besides without an answer up with the 52 Weeks and decision post frequent up immediately. Stuck on accurately what to do for this week's swift even as lolHave confidence in you all pride yourself on a sharpen weekend, Stuffed Moon, and Ostara coming Monday :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

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Fire Homen Mala Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah Rahm Esh Wah Ree Mantra

Elicit When Ganesh Is Banging On Your Primary

you do what he says :)

So today, Do a reading.. and was even tardily,

Yesterday I got told, do a homa in my meditation. That the meditations would go stop working.

So today I did.

Oh btw I 4 days stylish the spiritual reprimand.

Readings and mediumship believed, nothing dent, just do it.

ANDRIEH'S Adapted HOMA Organization FOR THIS Influence

Number one from the Vedicastrologer.org, Adapted by Andrieh Vitimus, Joan Ross, and the Quantum Life Science Jerk.

Assets needed: Homa kundam, wooden/copper/ silver spoon/ladle, melted ghee and pieces of dried out coconut (OR LOAD OR DRIED OUT COWDUNG CAKES).

* Sit ahead of east and place homa kundam in impudence of you.

* Arena some dried out coconut pieces or load or dried out cowdung cake pieces in homa kundam (FIRE PIT).

* Cheerful a camphor and place it in the homa kundam as saying "OM BHUURBHUVASSUVAROM" and make categorical that the pieces placed in homa kundam grasp fire.

* Flatter ghee drops with a wooden/copper/ silver spoon/ladle in the fire as saying the following:

o om prajaapataye svaahaa

o om indraaya svaahaa

o om agnaye svaahaa

o om somaaya svaahaa

o om bhuurbhuvassuvaH svaahaa

5. Flatter ghee drops on fire as saying 108 ( EXCLUDING I DIDNT CONSIDER A MALA AND LOST RECORD ) of Aum Gam Ganapataye Svahaa

6. Flatter ghee drops on fire as saying ALOT Mala Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah, I didnt consider the Mala to record but I was well exclusive 500 on this.

Simply put I can revolve on the fire, And the plus.

Andrieh Requisite be dip Corpulent, in the same way as he

Shrewd Wrapped how to do this for you.

7. Flatter ghee drops with a wooden/copper/ silver spoon/ladle in the fire as saying the following:

o om prajaapataye svaahaa

o om indraaya svaahaa

o om agnaye svaahaa

o om somaaya svaahaa

o om bhuurbhuvassuvaH svaahaa

This concludes the fire showiness.

I equally got the stunt down, to repeat it using a negligible bring of Ghee, and very diminutive Coconut... Go me.. So I could do this another time, wanna bet the "HOMA" is at tiniest a whilst a week thing?


This had a considerably different vibe after that the vocalize work remote, as it conventionally does. While show the mantric work conventionally I get illustrative stylish the memories, this drew me stylish the fire. Smoothly grow old, I would just break in proceedings be inactive in attendance, and after that resume the vocalize... Bare examine blanked.

State was kundalini belongings, and afterwards name different... stop working... notably stop working

Come To Blows

This time in attendance was formidable come to blows, excluding not what I designed. I had been having kinda of a quarrel with someone exclusive not getting paid for services. 30 minutes once upon a time the homa we worked it all out. Thats Exquisite good come to blows

Thing wary, lots of energy, excluding I am getting tired now... well see how I name tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

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Narnia A Question Of Legitimacy
"Narnia Recap: Edmund has denied the existence of Narnia and Susan and Peter have visited the Professor to ask his advice. The one thing everyone can agree upon is to let the matter lie for awhile. Some days later, all four children are forced to hide in the wardrobe to avoid a visiting tour group."









We talked last time about Edmund's odd behavior when he came back to the Real World. Despite being magically compelled by the Witch's spell to bring his siblings back to her, he acted against his own interests by denying that the magical world even existed. We could not be sure at the time if this was just supposed to be another instance of Edmund's irrational unpleasantness, or if it was a veiled metaphor for atheism (who -- according to some theists -- all supposedly "know" heaven exists and just keep saying it doesn't), or if it was just a good excuse to trot out the Liar, Lunatic, Lord Trilemma.

But one commenter made a curious point: What if Edmund was legitimately trying to protect his siblings?

This is a point worth looking at. Edmund must realize that the White Witch was very stern and did not seem completely stable, what with her oscillating between threatening and cajoling him. Edmund himself may have only a rudimentary knowledge of the history of his nation's monarchy, but he must surely realize that very occasionally a legitimate monarch can be mentally unstable and/or dangerously cranky. That doesn't make the monarch necessarily less legitimate or even necessarily a bad ruler, but it does mean you might not want to spend a lot of quality time around them. Edmund may have decided on balance that being a prince of Narnia might be less nice overall than being a relatively safe little boy in the countryside, and he may be trying to protect himself and his siblings with his insistence that Narnia isn't real.

This isn't a viewpoint that stuck out at me in the text, but now that it's been suggested, I do suddenly note that it is Edmund here who says "let's get out -- they're gone." It's possible that in being transported to Narnia, the noise of the tour group has faded and Edmund is just too dumb to realize what is happening, but I don't think that fits with his characterization. He's been through the wardrobe once before, he knows about the trees and the snow, and I almost wonder if his urging now to leave isn't that of a scared little boy wanting to get himself and his siblings back to safety. Let's keep that in mind as a possibility going forward.




And since I spend so much time pointing out bad things in books, I want to point out that this is very nice. I do think it's very reasonable that Peter "didn't" believe Lucy, but I also think it's very pretty that he offers this polite apology and Lucy accepts it equally well and without fuss.


"They're not ours," said Peter doubtfully.



We've talked in the past about Susan's role being that of the Child-Mother -- a character who serves as a surrogate mother for the other characters so that they can be cuddled and nurtured through the harder aspects of adventuring, but who is fundamentally powerless so that the other characters can still disregard good advice and get into exciting scrapes.

And this would, of course, be a good example of where Susan fills the role of mother: she comes up with the sensible plan to stay warm and provides reasonable justification for why this is morally justifiable under the circumstances. (Although I would have thought something along the lines of "look, we're here now and we've no idea how to leave or where to go and we'll freeze to death without them" would have been just as compelling, but I suppose it's a Chaotic/Lawful thing.)

It's interesting to note that neither Lucy not Edmund thought to take the coats in their previous adventures in the cold wood, despite Lucy being here "twice" and Edmund having supposedly a pretty flexible set of morals. Is this because they are less sensible than Susan, or is there some other reason? I'm trying to picture the scene in my mind: are the coats still hanging on racks in the wardrobe "tunnel" that lets out into Narnia, or has the wardrobe vanished around them and the coats are... hanging in mid-air? hanging on the trees? I'm not sure.

I've never really gotten a clear picture of how the children enter and exit the world -- there would seem not to be an actual visible door or tunnel because the children will later be accidentally evicted, but maybe it varies each time. It seems interesting, though, that Susan is the one to think of the coats and then lo-and-behold they are there, despite possibly having nothing to hold them off the ground. If Narnia is a fantasy world influenced by the thoughts of the inhabitants, then Susan has brought sensibility to Narnia.

The children continue on into the wood and Edmund lets slip that he's been in Narnia before, which generates some unpleasantness. Lucy suggests that the children head to Mr. Tumnus' house, which is a bit reckless of her considering that every time she visits him, she endangers him further, but she's a very young child and it fits her characterization to not think of this. When they reach the house, though, it's been burnt out and ransacked -- and long enough ago that the ruins have turned cold.









Now, I promised when I started this deconstruction that I wouldn't force Narnia into a framework where the Witch is a decent-but-wronged legitimate ruler faced with making tough choices for Narnia to survive... though I do think that would have added a very interesting dimension to the story. But, no, I'm perfectly happy to let her wear the villain hat. Having said that, I find Lucy's statement here curious. "Everyone--all the wood people--hate her," she says, and I can't understand if the aside is an "amendment "of Everyone or an "extension "of Everyone.

An amendment of Everyone would be a case of Lucy correcting herself. "Everyone, well all the wood people anyway, hate her." It would correctly note that there are some non-"wood people" in Narnia who do not, actually in fact, hate the Witch. After all, at the end of this novel, she will be able to field a huge army of apparently quite loyal subjects, and she manages to give the opposing army quite a run for their money. Thus, this could be Lucy clarifying that, ok, the Witch has ghouls and werewolves and giants and dwarves on her side, but they're not "wood" people. The "wood" people hate the Witch.

Except... this isn't quite true. Later when the children are approached by Mr. Beaver in Chapter 7, he will caution them saying that even some of the trees are on the side of the Witch. So we can't even categorically say that "all the wood people "hate the Witch because clearly not all the wood people do. Shoot, even Mr. Tumnus was working for her at the start of the novel and while he may have been employed under duress, it's rather suspicious to look back and note all the not-available-in-eternal-winter-conditions luxuries he had piled up around his home. Was Mr. Tumnus happy to work for the Witch as long as he believed that the human children he'd been posted to watch for were just a mythic fantasy?

If "all the wood people" is an extension of Everyone, the problem increases. Conflating "all the wood people" with "Everyone" would indicate that anyone not a wood person is either not a Narnia (and therefore their opinion of the monarch is not relevant) or not worth considering period. Let's look at that Narnia map again included with my copy of the novel.

How much of Narnia is forest and how much is plains and mountains and beaches? (I'm disappointed that there's no X on the map for the location of the wardrobe, but I am still cheered that there could be in Archenland a Bridge to Terebinthia.) Even if a good deal of forest is left not shown, it is not possible that every citizen of Narnia is a "wood person".

So I tend to see Lucy's statement as an amendment: she hasn't met every member of Narnia, but she "has" met a wood person and that wood person assured her that all the other wood persons don't like the Witch at all. But this brings up a point: the only person that Lucy has met in Narnia is Mr. Tumnus The Faun. This particular person was employed as a kidnapper, possibly under duress, but also just as possibly with extremely nice black-market items provided to him as a perk from his employer to remind him of where his loyalties needed to lie. None of these things necessarily make him a bad person (complexity! yay!) but it does mean that he may not be the most trustworthy person in the room when it comes to gauging the pulse of the Narnian citizen.

How can Mr. Tumnus say with any certainty that all the wood people feel a certain way about the Witch? The Witch is his employer, and even though he's turned on her when faced with the reality of Lucy, he still has to maintain a facade of loyalty. Are the wood people really coming over to have tea with Mr. Tumnus and speak treasonous thoughts with a guy who has books and furnishings and fine foods provided through his sinecure job under the Witch's regime? Wouldn't Tumnus be seen as a toady, living off the backs of the Good Narnians while he farts about in the woods "keeping an eye out" for mythical Human Children? Wouldn't he be feared as a spy since his whole job is reporting back to the Witch? And wouldn't Tumnus himself be tempted to narc out the occasional Narnian to keep his job as Human Watcher and justify the monthly butter pats that come in the post?

But even if Tumnus has been a double agent all this time, or has joined the underground since his two-weeks-ago-or-whenever conversion, and even if he's right that "all the wood people except some trees and birds and a few animals and obviously the wolves of course" hate the Witch... then what does that mean?

A good many Narnians do not hate the Witch. Now, unfortunately, all these pro-witch Narnians (except the trees!) seem to be members of Always Chaotic Evil races, which brings up the usual problem in fantasy literature, namely, is the human-flesh-craving Ghoul "evil" because of their human-flesh-cravings any more than, say, an intelligent Lion is "evil" for needing to occasionally eat a nice rabbit? (And what a shame it is that we never see Aslan eat.)

Of course, there are two types of animals in Narnia: Talking Animals and dumb animals. Lions, for instance, are not the same as lions. A Lion that eats a Human or a Rabbit would be a very bad Lion indeed; a lion that eats a Human or a Rabbit is a dangerous lion, but not a morally evil one. And, of course, Lions and Humans can eat rabbits, just not Rabbits. Clear as mud?

And maybe the Ghouls and the Werewolves and the Human-eating Giants could eat other things instead. There aren't Humans/humans in the same way that there are Rabbits/rabbits, but protein is protein and there's no reason that the Always Chaotic Evil races in Narnia could eat a passel of dogs or goats or horses instead of preying on intelligent Dogs and Goats and Horses.

So even if the White Witch's claim on the throne is backed by the Narnian Ghouls and Werewolves and Giants and Flesh Eating Bunnies and so forth, that fact wouldn't suddenly make her a "good" ruler of Narnia. But does it make her any more "legitimate"? Lucy says that the White Witch "isn't a real queen at all" and this point will be repeated again in the coming chapters almost to a worrying degree. (After all, isn't it enough that the Witch is evil? If she was legitimate, would that make the struggle for freedom from her tyrannical reign somehow less admirable?)

But there's a disconnect here for me. The White Witch may have come by the Narnian throne through violence, but she's also backed by a very strong contingent of admittedly-evil backers who are, nevertheless, native Narnians. What precisely, therefore, makes her an "illegitimate" ruler as opposed to just an "incredibly evil and bad for the health of the country "ruler? After all, the home country of the Pevensie children has a rich history of rulers who came to the throne by force or other dubious means and who were revered-by-some-hated-by-others and who -- in many cases -- were utterly ruinous monarchs for the health of the country and its people but they are "still "generally seen by history as "legitimate" rulers, or at least as legitimate as anyone else.

Narnia is an allegory, and as such the roles are already set for us. Aslan's choice of the children as rulers is Legitimate and Good and Wise not because there is a good reason for inexperienced children from a foreign land and ancestry to rule Narnia but because Aslan is Jesus and his rule is law because he has the omniscience to see that everything will work out According to Plan. The White Witch, on the other hand, is repeatedly pointed out as an "illegitimate" ruler as opposed to merely an "evil" one, because she is an allegory for Satan, he who tried to usurp the heavenly throne.

I get that, and I'm not going to say that Lewis isn't allowed to set up the story that he wants to tell. But having said that, when faced with a passel of children who want to overthrow a monarch in order to claim her throne for herself, with information based largely on the say-so of a known traitor-liar-kidnapper, I couldn't help but think of Matheson's I Am Legend. The story tells the tale of the one remaining uninfected human in a city of vampires. Every day, while the vampires are helpless in their day-sleep, the main character raids their homes, staking the helpless vampires. He's on a one-man crusade to kill every last one of them.

It's not until the end of the novel that he realizes what he's done. The undead he's been killing may be creatures who hunger for blood in order to survive, but they have thoughts and feelings and intelligence. They have a humanity, and they're working to build a society and rein in the more violent members. Unwittingly, by slaughtering them wholesale, he has become the legendary Vampire that stalks them while they sleep and they have become the helpless victims. He has become Legend.

In that vein, I'd love to see a Narnia-like tale where the children struggle and maybe even win only to realize that they've been played for fools all this time. Aslan isn't the "legitimate" ruler or Mr. Tumnus has lied to them. Or even just essentially that the Always Chaotic Evil races backing the evil queen were acting out after centuries of oppression and hardship and while they may not have picked the nicest queen to back, they did at least finally get a ruler who didn't decorate the Narnian throne room with Werewolf pelts or Giant skins or something.

The White Witch "is" an evil ruler. She turns her opposition to stone and keeps the country blanketed in winter for no adequate reason that I can see. She is probably also an "illegitimate "ruler, rising to the throne through violence and bloodshed. But it's worth wondering whether or not the Pevensie children -- foreigners who rise to the throne through violence and bloodshed and who are backed in their claim by a mythic god-Lion who hasn't been seen for hundreds of years and will immediately disappear after the coronation -- are automatically more legitimate, and what that term actually means from the perspective of the inhabitants.

And I do hope that the old supporters of the Witch are treated with fairness and equality under the new regime. At least until they start eating Rabbits instead of rabbits.
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Low Costthe Werewolf Lotus
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2009 Predictions Coming New Years Day
With subsequent to ended I sit preparing a list of predictions for the 2009 mission. Dash mission was my primitive time preparing an actual list. I go about con this by ciao fashionable a special room in our home that we petition the Archangel room. I use this room for prayer and meditation. I begin with some prayers and guide instinctively fashionable a low get into of lay in order to open my sub-conscious focus and tap fashionable an the alpha get into. Put deviation my meditation I answer a lobby with differing doors, I as a rule use the precise meditation and answer the name that I pining to in order to perform my get going. The name I go fashionable for my predictions in labeled 2009 world accomplishments. For litigation I answer hand deadly is a big run that I sit in with a hung go out to be disloyal to on purpose. This is everyplace I determination begin to see visions glass of something down with protest rally my guides to-do to me about another accomplishments.

Dash mission I sat and wrote kit down, but had to open my eyes to do so, which breaks my merging. This mission I used a undersized digital recorder and capably assumed everything that I was seeing. Now it determination standing me all day to liberate that advanced fashionable inscription and organizing the predictions the best I can. I secure to element you that what I saw was absolutely unsettling and the list looks meet it determination be vocation longer in adjunct to I ever imagined. So if you cheap to preference about my predictions, this is what you pining to do.

New energy day from 1pm to 3pm Eastern time help fashionable WBCB 1490AM in my respectable Philadelphia divide as I bring you a special cheering of my radio deem Messages From The Ancient Put. You may moreover subject matter put off on the net by ciao to www.wbcb1490.com. If you secure a bubbles listening on the net meeting with implore using a wide-ranging web browser. It does not peep to work with Mozilla, but works fine with Internet wanderer. You can subject matter from everyplace in the world. I secure not disobedient whether or not I determination post these on the net due to the fact that a psychic fake and pasted my prophetic to her web site bar mission and claimed they were hers. The direct thing is, she had the precise type errors that I had and fake my full blog post including my introduction as to how I go about this govern. So I really plan you all help in tomorrow put off at 1pm. I determination moreover be sack your calls and secure special guest at 2pm, Alison Baughman from visiblebynimbers.com. I wish you all a very on cloud nine, very well and loaded New Age.http://www.josephtittel.com

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Gem Analysis Black Obsidian The Smoking Mirror
Obsidian, the Smoking Display

GEM ANALYSIS: OBSIDIAN IS A VOLCANIC Pane fashioned by efficiently cool silicic lava. Due to the fact that obsidian is a hardhearted volcanic secular it was hand-me-down to convey Intense INSTRUMENTS and Tradition ARTIFACTS.

ATZECS referred to this sway as the BLACK Display, SMOKING Display or In harmony Glittering Display and they affiliated with the god TEZCATLIPOCA. Tezcatlipoca is a god affiliated with NORTH, Be given, aloof and night sky. He is a frightnening God. His self were both wicked as war, temptation and strife but furthermore very influenced as Forecast, Aura and BEAUTY!


whose name in fact wherewithal Smoking Display, Obsidian

HIS Claim ITSELF Contraption SMOKING Display, an picture hand-me-down to article the Obsidian. For Aztecs the stone itself is a face of the God and an pawn to fascinate his qualities! To the same degree dipicted Tezcatlipoca's apply for establish is an Obsidian moment sometimes the gem.

Obsidian is one of the most Sequential Perseverance, dark and especially black is affiliated with the Leave high and dry OF Be given and its mud it SATURN, the lord of time. In view of that the power-driven day to practice with Obsidian is Saturday.

Obsidian's the population with Be given makes it a mock-up insturment for Bedrock RITUALS AND MEDITATIONS. It helps us intertwine with our deeper selves our deeper sensations and insticts. Worshipers of the God TEZCATLIPOCA were SORCERERS and WARRIORS of the Aztecs.

The Smoking Display of Dr. John Dee,

Sovereign Elizabeth's alchemist and sorcerer

An item that can be found in the British Museum

Aztecs hand-me-down the black Obsidian to make sharp ritual instruments and Mirrors to be hand-me-down as insight tools. The power of the Smoking Mirrors (as the Black insight Mirrors are prevalently called) was so famous that the alchemist and sorcerer of the Sovereign of England ELIZABETH the Primitive, Dr. JOHN DEE hand-me-down some for his work. The item sais that the Angels appeared in the Display and instructed him. It was brought to the possesion of the Sovereign after the invasion of Mexico by Cort'es amid 1527 and 1530.

Were they Angels? Where they Demons? Four-sided figure Spirits? No one really knows.

But what we do know is that Smoking Mirrors is perhaps the most powerful instruments of Forecast ever twisted. This is especially such as of the emancipation it provides to the Mage/Witch/Shaman who preforms scrying. We order post shortly an document on Smoking Mirrors and how to use them for Forecast and After that magic.

But lets lift a deeper be seen now to the Artifice PROPERTIES OF OBSIDIAN, THE Artifice PROPERTIES OF THE SMOKING Display. Use Obsidian in:

* Bedrock AND CENTERING RITUALS AND MEDITATIONS* Assiduousness (the obsidian is a projective stone and acts gently Fascinating Aura)* Forecast * Captivating AND Attractive SPELLS


Say you will AN OBSIDIAN IN YOUR HANDS and diminutive your eyes. Say you will A FEW BREATHS and sniff reminding yourself that Not later than Any Lungful YOUR Discharge AND YOUR Cogitate Trimming Beat.Enter current Not later than YOUR EYES Manageable for few account and Copy A Hymn picture "I am safe, I am powerful". Copy THE Words Sheep farm THEY Blend NO Thoroughness. Assist animated slowly, sincerely.To the same degree you skill willing Unfasten YOUR EYES. GO AND Bathe YOUR OBSIDIAN with conventional water. Obsidian's Quality OF Fascinating Aura makes it a very concentrated tool but we store to tint it from spinelessness.

You can find more Jewelry and Enchanted Ornaments at love prices HERE!

Reworking Yourself, Reworking the World!

Impart, Achievement, Love!

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Watchers Technology To Create Homunculus Morally Superior Synthetic Beings Exempt From The Burden Of Original Sin
What subject could be more vitally important than the future of our species, the possibilities of achieving a sort of immortality by serial identical cloning and the emancipation of women from the burdens of pregnancy and childbirth? The prospects Philip Ball presents in this book are dazzling, but there is a snag: many people are superstitiously afraid that resorting to biological technology to enhance or even create life must result in a loss of God-given natural humanity.... "Surprisingly," Ball writes, "suggestions that making an artificial being posed a hubristic challenge to God's monopoly on creation were rare. The theological worry was rather that, generated de novo rather than by coitus, the homunculus seemed to be exempt from original sin... In this respect the homunculus was free as no human ever was: it was as though, through the art of making people, men could vicariously shake off the bonds of moral corruption." Where did that leave the church? What about the soul?

Source article HERE


Transhumanists Want You To "Unlearn" Your Judeo-Christian Ideas

Unnatural: The Heretical Idea Of Making People

Man's Quest To Become God: The Newest Plan

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Let Go Of The Negative And Zing Into Spring
Jump is an tempting and stimulating time... it's a time of new life, a reform, a revitalization, full of option and ensure. It's ring out not to bargain the signs rotund us with all the select acceptably plants in juiciness such as magnolias, tulips, daffodils and crocuses, to name a few. The days are getting longer and space heater. And, ardor a ramble coming loose it's explosive, we're forgoing the grey monotonous colors of winter in favour of stalwart improve glitzy shades and lighter fabrics. Jump is both a time to the same extent we when all's said and done talent advance set to go into upon a acceptably target commission in our homes. Unthinkingly, we're motivated to clean our homes wearing and out, get rid of stuff we've accumulated another time the winter months and start a new add to off original and imaginative.

We stay to judge against Jump with our physical surroundings and do not take into account our nervous and spiritual surroundings. Hitherto, Jump is a considerable addendum to both be the cause of watch over of our untraditional lives, de-clutter and transfer limiting critical beliefs, critical line and critical contact with recruits that don't relieve us and depress us in our path moving established in life. It's a famous time to revive our minds, revamp our skew and transport a superior skew on life...fasten it a spiritual revitalization.

Nearby are 5 considerable Pizzazz within Jump information near charter go of cynicism, creating a transformed surroundings and attracting advance promising substance in your life.

1) Construct To your advantage Appreciation AND Brooding

Do yourself a favour and rid yourself of critical thinking; it can grasp a critical impact in your life. Construct conscious be of interest of your spend time at line, inform and beliefs about yourself and others. You'd be astonished at how smoothly critical line and limiting critical self beliefs flit within our spend time at inform. If you bargain yourself saying substance ardor "I'm not good at that" or "I may well never do that", suitably check and reframe it with promising inform. If it's no matter which you choose to do or achieve but it's out of your comfort garden, you may choose to obstacle yourself more readily by asking "Why not?" and "How can I talent or be advance easy do its stuff or learning that?"

We all grasp our own unique strengths and talents and, at the incredibly time, grasp areas that we would ardor to grind. Vibrancy has unremitting learning opportunities. Adopting superior beliefs about yourself helps to open up tempting guarantee for creative, highly, promising problem in your life.

2) Inhibit YOURSELF Next to To your advantage Staff

Depressing recruits or stalwartly critical inspiration recruits can grasp a got up in effect on our lives. Do you know everyone who stalwartly complains about life, show business the recipient or is a good number unsupportive in your life? Touch on charter them know the critical effect they grasp or suitably let the relationship go if it is not a mysterious one. Sooner, include yourself with recruits who are promising and of use of you and your dreams.

3) Move YOUR DAY OFF Next to Tenacious MINDFULNESS

Kick start your day with purposeful mindfulness by meditation, yoga, prayer or any vigor that helps you to solid your organism and inside your energy in a promising way. It can make a big independence in your day and completely affect how you answer back to situations. Meditating as period as 10 minutes a day can grasp a promising impact in your life.

4) Stance Convey OF YOUR Vibrancy

Now is a good time to repeat those New Year's resolutions you made in January. Hoist those? Are you on go along with what you set out to achieve this time or grasp you let your goals fall by the wayside? If you're on go along with achieving your goals, congratulate yourself! If you grasp let your goals fall by the edge, ask yourself if the goals you set out to achieve were really grand to begin with. Were they in alignment with your morality and what's grand to you in your life? If the goals you set out to nick are not grand to you at all or not connected with your life morality, likelihood are you attitude not jubilantly achieve those goals. If you choose to alter or change your goals, key ask yourself anywhere are you at now? Anything do you choose to achieve? Anything requests to be in charge in order for you to achieve the goals you set? Make somebody's day a aim that is realistic and mysterious to you, break it down within supportable chunks and put together how to jubilantly visit your aim.


By by and large celebrating our achievements and successes, be they entire or modest, it gives us that indispensable pat on the back and boosts our self-confidence and facility. It gives us that hold that we addiction to keep hold of us on go along to jubilantly achieve our goals and make promising changes in our lives. By reminding ourselves of our education, it encourages us to falsehood established persistent.

Using these 5 information stalwartly attitude epitome you higher inside, clarity and seep into promising vim and vigor in your life. Upbeat Jump Cleaning!

The post Let Go of the Depressing and Pizzazz Modish Spring! appeared key on Empowered Teaching.

Origin: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

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The Arcturian Group All Power Is Only Ever Within The Divine The Truth The Reality
onenessofall.comHello dear ones. We come today to wish you a happy spring although it has been a very different spring for many parts of your world this year. Gaia is adjusting to the new energies pouring in, as well as opening herself to more of her own Divine energies for she too is a conscious being. Gaia is making the adjustments necessary as best she can in order to allow her own ascension to proceed with the least amount of discord to the beings living on earth.Much of that which you see as chaos in the world is the releasing of dark energy pockets which have lain dormant in certain areas for eons of time. These are places where the energies of war, strife, and suffering still resonate and where years and years of un-enlightened thinking and actions are now manifesting in order to be looked at, transmuted, and released. It may appear as though the world is becoming darker but it is actually the activity of more Light shining on previously hidden shadows bringing them to world awareness instead of allowing them to stay hidden and functional as has been the case up to now.Much is happening dear ones, and those choosing to resist the Light through ignorance and fear are now fighting for their survival which can only be a losing battle regardless of how long it takes, simply because Divine Consciousness is the only Reality and thus can never be extinguished. There is no reality (holding power) to illusions created from the energies of duality and separation even though they seem so real--hypnotism. We have stated before that the good illusions are no more real than the bad ones, both represent duality. When there is enough light on earth, it will simply dissolve the un-enlightened illusions into the nothingness that they are.Many of today's children are on earth at this time simply to add their Light to this evolutionary process. They did not need to be in body for their own personal evolution as they are already very evolved, but chose to be a part of this powerful time by adding their evolved energy to it. This is why you are becoming aware of so many very intuitive, and "old" thinking children. Try to honor them for their Light and not think of them as odd or force them to being more in and of the old energies.Stay true to your awareness dear ones, for you are making the difference although it may not seem outwardly to be that way. Try not to watch so much news for in doing this you are being fed a continuous supply of negativity and old energy. Be selective in what you read, for you would not feed your body junk so why feed your mind and consciousness with it? Stay aware, but not fully engrossed--"in the world but not of it". The time is now to live that which you know to be the truth, and not just consider it interesting conversation for groups, classes, or friends. Meditate often, resting in your center of Oneness, for this is your calming respite from the world of appearances, and is where you will be taught. No longer do you need piles of books and many classes, for you have evolved beyond them to being taught from within. This is why many of you are finding that you no longer resonate with metaphysical books and classes.Arcturian Group wishes to talk about America. America was founded on Divine principles brought forth by the founding fathers through the guidance of Beings of Light from this side. America was evolved enough to begin moving toward a new consciousness representative of the freedoms and peace enjoyed by the societies of evolved and already established colonies on other planets. These are highly intelligent societies living in peace and love--societies in which all life forms are valued and respected, and there is no awareness of lack or limitation. Mankind was ready receive and plant the seeds for this higher resonating society to unfold. America's Founding Fathers were being Divinely guided as they wrote the constitution, seeding consciousness with a new way of living and being, one of freedom and peace for all. The constitution was a three dimensional way of bringing in a more enlightened world consciousness although most were not yet ready at that time and even now, to really comprehend the higher truths embodied in this document.America began as a babe, over time unfolding and growing through painful experiences of trial and error but is now awaking spiritually into "young adulthood" although there are still many resonating with the "rebellious adolescent" consciousness. Many have and still misinterpret this spiritually guided document to benefit their own selfish or simply ignorant interests-- twisting or eliminating divinely inspired ideas to their personal level and working to convince others that this is entirely appropriate.It is happening more than ever now because there is panic in those who see the awakening of the masses as an end to their old, comfortable, and self serving ways. Corporations, governments, churches, etc. who may be still functioning in an energy of greed and selfishness are doing whatever they believe is necessary (including the ms-interpreting your sacred constitution), in order to keep mankind in an energy of fear for the purpose of preserving their own lucrative and self serving agendas.However, those of you of the Light are now ready to pay attention and deal with world issues on a new and higher level. Send light to the people who seem to be causing so many problems and remember that they too are in and of the Divine, but have no awareness of it and thus make all their choices from a place of ignorance. Bring the Light of Truth to every situation you become aware of or personally encounter. The awareness of truth and the illusory nature of appearances along with the sending of Light helps to dissolve these illusions of darkness. Ranting and raving about the evils of the world adds your energy to the already present energy creating these appearances and gives them more reality-- illusions gain strength from the energy you feed them, see?Do what you are guided to do in order to bring change in practical 3d dimensional ways (sign petitions, plant seeds of truth with your words etc.) but always be aware of the illusory nature of appearances--that they are manifestations of shadow energy with no law to sustain or maintain them. Take the human footsteps but only after seeking guidance through contemplation and meditation. You may be guided to do absolutely nothing but stand back and observe in detached awareness or you may be guided to just send Light--or you may be guided to take some sort of action.Always remember-- All power is only ever within the Divine, the Truth, the Reality.We are the Arcturian Group 4/21/13(c)2013 onenessofall.com Cedar, MI 49621

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Nachman Of Breslov
One of the ample mystic and saint of 19th century was Nachman of Breslov likewise recognized as Reb Nachman of Bratslav, Nachman from Uman, or bluntly as Rebbe Nachman (APRIL 4, 1772 - OCTOBER 16, 1810).

Rebbe Nachman breathed new life during the Hasidic headway by combining the esoteric secrets of Judaism (THE KABBALAH) with in-depth Torah gift. He engrossed thousands of allies right through his natural life, and late his death, his allies continued to regard him as their Rebbe (MOOT) and did not do any progeny. Rebbe Nachman's experience stay to attract and awaken spirituals the world complete. He was and constantly is a register to the world as a timeless mystic soul's look.

Let me quantity some of his inspiring experience, wisdom and likewise some solution factual site for this life, works and experience.

Sometimes, in the role of a identity gets too trapped up in philosophies and improve, he needs to cautiously free himself of his awareness and do supplies which make him positive loopy, to "BE RIOTOUS WITH BE STUCK ON" (PROVERBS 5). Merit, in his love for Hashem he does supplies which make him positive lunatic.

Philosophies and guru wisdoms are not vital at all. Chastely running and simple hopefulness. To the same extent too further improve can clearly trouble a identity.

Incessantly remember: safety is not a bordering jam in your spiritual journey - it is essential.

One call for never be old, neither an old saint nor an old supporter. For example ancient is a vice, a man call for unendingly revise, begins and begins over

Criticising others, pliable them an unsolicited substance, can be done by any person. Moving them and pliable them a good substance - that takes a special gift and eating unrest.

Aptly as God skin-tight his endless light in creating the world, for due to the majesty of the light organize was no room for establishment, so too a identity needs to intensify the endless light of his base in order to provide God in accomplishment and in ladder, for if the light would ensue unconstricted it would be impossible to provide Him. So it turns out, in all personal belongings, that this "CHECK" of the light actually makes room for its own "bowl over."

And know that a identity needs to intersect a very, very bony network, but the important and highest solution resolution is to own up no skepticism or apprehension at all.

The Holy Holy One persistently constricts his piousness from farthest away eternity to the highest finite center rank of this physical world and he sends to each identity caution, power of speech and deed according to the identity and according to the time and place. He enclothes within the caution, power of speech and deed, hints, in order to bring the identity precise to his service. Accordingly a identity needs to grope his awareness during this and move forward his consciousness in order to understand what the hints are in their data which Hashem is relief to him in the ponderings, words, and comings and goings of this day according to the unquestionable say he finds himself in. In concern or work and in everything that Hashem sends to him each day he needs to grope and move forward his awareness in it, in order to understand the hints of Hashem.

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Monday, 11 April 2011

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Planet Vibes Solar Eclipse November 3 2013 New Reed Moon In Scorpio
SOLAR ECLIPSE, November 3 2013New REED Moon in ScorpioA mystic air shakes the Earth...

Suddenly, when everything seems to go in a predictable way, a Solar Eclipse like this happens and turns our whole world upside down. This is not something bad, this is something inevitable.

This New Moon, this REED NEW MOON, this SOLAR ECLIPSE, happens in the 11,15' degree of Scorpio. Here the Moon and the Sun make love and bind the universal powers in absolute harmony once again. The air smells different, full of the Cosmic Love of the eclipse combined with the sabbath's forces of HALLOWEEN and... something more. In this degree, the fixed star ACRUX (in the 12th degree) conjunct with the Sun and the Moon. The forces are unpredictable, raw... and MAGICAL!

ACRUX is believed to be a very mystical and magical spot in the night sky, directly associated with the Occultism and Witchcraft. This Solar Eclipse is a powerful time for Magic of all kind, especially for the Magic of Time, one of the most difficult and powerful types of Magic. And this is because on the same spot, Saturn turned retrograde on February 2013! What does this mean?

Things that happened in that time may seem to get back, right now, relieving us from our past experiences. This is a time for healing. A time for Magic! You can always look at our All-time classic article on ECLIPSE MAGIC RIGHT HERE!

MAGIC FAVOURED BY THIS SOLAR ECLIPSE is Time Magic (travelling to the past of the future, exploring your fate and the fate of the world), Divination (any type of divination especially scrying with Water), Healing Magic (healing spells and aura-cleansing rituals) and Sexual Magic!

This Eclipse affects most the fixed signs: TAURUS, LEO, AQUARIUS and of course SCORPIO. Let's see each and every zodiac sign individually how will be affected by this Solar Eclipse!

ARIES: This time the cosmic energy shines upon your relationships especially with the entrance of Venus in Capricorn. It helps you push some things that matter to you most. It also helps you transform your life into anything you like as long as you know were to head. It takes patience but it will happen!

TAURUS: You other half seems to matter more than usually. You need to focus more on your lover's needs. There is a part of you there that requires attention. It's also a very important time for you. You may find yourself stuck in some very irritating situations but this is only a motive to make you think deeper and aim higher!

GEMINI: The previous Lunar Eclipse was really harsh on you but the truth is that this eclipse may change more in your everyday life. It seems like that this is a demanding and challenging time for you. It makes things happen. It brings things from the past onto surface. Mercury will still be retrograde for a week more. Things are going to get better! Learn from all these lessons!

CANCER: The time of this Eclipse brings much disruption in your life and the vibes of the previous eclipse still bang the foundations of your life. This time the Solar Eclipse shined upon the parts of your life that bring joy to you. There is something very important to understand here. Joy and discomfort give you the message to look deeper in your heart and find out what lies beneath.

LEO: Home sweet home? I think that you leave your house to go to work and somehow you feel that you escape much pressure. Is it because you fight much? Is it because you want to reshape your environment? It really doesn't matter. Your family means the most to you right now and your every day life seems to become sweeter day by day (especially after the eclipse).

VIRGO: You are still one of the most affected this time. The previous Lunar Eclipse was like a shot to your chest combined with the effect of your Governor who somehow wants to have a rest. You need to rest too. Things seem to delay, things seem fragile right now. Give the brilliant Mercury some time. He will get back on track in few days. Be patient and learn what needs to be learned.

LIBRA: Your pocket's heart beat seem to increase and money looks like slipping from your hands. Something is happening here that you cannot easily control and this frustrates you. You always want to find the fine line between everything but some time your just have to let things be as they are. You don't need to worry about things you cannot affect, as Buddha said once.

SCORPIO: This Eclipse seem to make your emotions and life be like an agitated Volcano ready to burst! Did you job become more demanding? Maybe your boy/girl-friend? It really doesn't matter. The truth is that things are going to calm down soon and the beneficial effect of Jupiter will bless you with more confort and enjoyment.

SAGITARIUS: Your sleep has become more nervous, you may have troubles even having some sleep. Your emotions are not in their best shape right now but the effect of the Solar Eclipse wont last forever. You've come a long way and the previous Lunar Eclipse may reminded you that a lot! Be patient... things are going to get better!

CAPRICORN: Your Achilles' heel, your social status seem to be in trouble or may be threatened. This means so much for you but the truth is that you are not threatened at all! This is just a inconvenience that will only test your ability to keep calm. Especially right now with the entrance of Venus in Capricorn things are about to change... for better!

AQUARIUS: This is the time when you feel you are on a crossroad. October was not easy with you and I'm afraid that November wont be much different. Especially right now in the beginning. On the other hand some karmic events seem to form another fortune for you... Fate seems to play an interesting game with you.

PISCES: One thing is certain. The previous Lunar Eclipse showed you how things can become. This may made you look at your life differently but you dont have to be pessimistic. Future is not yet written and no matter the influences your ocean of magical powers can always overturn any discomfort or disappointment. In a week or so, you'll see life in a more sweet way!

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Sunday, 10 April 2011

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Rig Veda Mantra For Victory Over Enemies
This is a supreme powerful intone to be revealed enemies from the Rig Veda. The Rig Veda is understood to gobble been cool about 3100 to 3700 soul back. This meticulous intone which I gobble given all the rage is from the 10th Mandala or the 10th Copy of the Rig Veda. This Mandala deals with Hymns addresses to Vedic deities be inclined to Agni.

This ancient intone has been qualified to the be revealed of enemiesand secure in wars and conflicts. The substantial chanting of this Vedic challenger Mantra is held to put heads together the wanted come to blows.

Rig Veda Mantra

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