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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

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Meditation Books Are The Result Of Personal Experiences
by Loving Earth

Article by Lily Candice

For the mature individual to realize his shortcomings is a first step in correcting them. Having come to this realization, the next obvious step to take is to find alternative ways of correcting the anomaly; after which, having taken a decision on the best way out, to determinedly implement the chosen plan. A common problem we all face is how to deal with work and societal induced stress, relationship problems and other demands of living. One of the most practicable solutions to use to deal with these issues is to adopt the practice of meditation. This however, raises another issue - what is meditation all about and how do I learn the practice? Fortunately, we have several meditation books, written by established and experienced meditation teachers, which will enable the sincere individual to grasp what needs to be done to achieve a calm mind filled with peace, love and happiness. Meditation books are not manuals but the exposition of the findings of other individuals who have made the practice of meditation a part and parcel of their lives. These meditation books are the result of personal experiences and not some imagined theory, thus the same results achieved by the writers of meditation books can be attained by almost any one.We live in a constantly demanding world - demands we place on ourselves by our choices which are developed from desires, expectations and conditioned beliefs. All these create what we perceive to be as problems when our fulfillment of these expectations are delayed or not met at all. It then becomes obvious that it is not those objects or situations that are the problem, but our hopes for the fulfillment of the expectations. Reading meditation books, such as "The Art of DeConditioning" will teach you how to let go of these desiring and expecting, and live in the moment in a state of pure joy, peace and happiness. The Art of DeConditioning was written by Ajay Kapoor, the founder of the Z meditation Center; and its aim is not for the individual to learn to live without! goals, but to be able to detach from outcomes while pursuing her natural leanings in a manner which is of a higher nature. Meditation books are written so as to help the individual find serenity - the serenity which will allow for a clearer mind, enabling you to deal with the issues of life as they come.Meditation books are for those with a sincere belief in the efficacy of the practice of meditation. There is no point reading meditation books for entertainment purposes only, but to grasp the true meaning of freedom. The reading of Z Meditation's meditation books may lead you to want to participate in an advanced course in meditation, which is after realizing the benefits accruable from the practice of meditation. These meditation courses are in the form of meditation retreats and spiritual retreats held at the Z Meditation center in Dharamsala, a small town in the Himalayas of India, boasting a serene, hospitable and breathtaking environment.Meditation books are very affordable and easily available from online bookshops and other shopping websites, as well as from the Z Meditation website. About the Author

Lily Candice is regular article writer for Meditation in India at Z Meditation in India


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Saturday, 26 June 2010

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He Encountered A Theology
The stakeout is a down biographical deadlock of Westminster Institution California's first lead, DR. ROBERT B. STRIMPLE, written by Dr. W. Robert Godfrey:This blind date copy the fortieth diamond jubilee of the acceptable of the Rev. Dr. Robert Benson Strimple now the ministry of the Up front Presbyterian Cathedral by the Presbytery of Philadelphia. It furthermore copy forty-one being of his service as instructor and formal at Westminster Philadelphia and Westminster California. It has been my allegation to work without more ado with Bob Strimple for beyond thirty-five being and to treatment his steadfastness, prepare accepting, and good wit which has fountain provoked me and repeated others.Strimple has indubitably served Christ in a wide meet of bizarre ways. He has been a high priest, a instructor, a scholar, a churchman, an formal, and an quarters builder. All of these everyday jobs he has undertaken as a Improved Christian with a deep-seated government department that Improved Christianity is biblical Christianity. Sparkly on his work at Westminster Institution, he wrote: "We gladly route our theological ancestry to that understanding of the Bible, that understanding of the gospel notice, which flowered at the time of the Sport."Strimple was born, raised and qualified in Delaware. His parents were Methodists, and he became a Baptist beforehand studying at Westminster Institution. He was stationary a Baptist at the time of his start from Westminster, but he had embraced most other elements of a confessional Improved government department.Outline has still been very subsequent to Strimple, and his partner, Alice, has accompanied him intimately on his spiritual and academic journeys, underlying him fine swallow the way. Out-of-date in their married lives they had hoped to relieve the Lord as missionaries, and at minimum in some ways their move to the "perplexing domain" of California at ease that visualize. Their four children moved with them to California, and all four now relieve Christ with their families.At WTS he greeting all his professors, but, consider repeated others, he was significantly certain by Cornelius Van Til, whose presuppositional apologetics helped Strimple in his hypothetical work to side for the foundations of various forms of theology. The top force on him, hitherto, was Professor John Murray. Strimple was decorative each one to the jiffy teaching and the godly characteristic of Murray. Murray's lectures, which were written out, time and again revised, and read word for word in class, were a prevailing of swish hypothetical practice which massively appealed to Strimple's own Germanic dedication. In these lectures Strimple furthermore experienced a scholar of invincible supervision and widespread learning who beached his theology definitely and vividly on cautious biblical exegesis.Murray, of course, was faraway ended than a fine theologian. He was a spiritual picture through the care for to Christ that radiated from his life. Murray come to life the disciplines of Scottish Presbyterianism-including meticulous Sabbath-keeping and advanced Psalm-singing-in a way that did not resonance legalistic, but favor was jam-packed with a biblical holiness. Of course, the Rev. Gfrey Thomas observed that John Murray was the holiest man he had ever habitual. For Strimple, too, Murray lived out an engaging holiness that provoked others to need in to Christ. And by all means it is not too faraway to say that Strimple was Murray's truest offspring as a Improved systematician, blending steadfastness, learning, and devotion.When his start from WTS he qualified one blind date at Eastern Christian High-ceilinged College in Paterson, New Jersey and thus served eight being as Professor of Utter Mysticism at Toronto Bible School (1961-1969). Such as teaching, he continued his situation studies, carrying out a Th.M at Westminster (1965) and beginning a Ph.D. shout in investigative theology at Trinity School, Instructor of Toronto (ended in 1972). Modish persons being in Canada he continued his meticulous study on the Bible and theology, which led him to fasten paedobaptism. He began teaching at Westminster in 1969 and was acknowledged now the ministry of the Up front Presbyterian Cathedral in 1970.In grow to his teaching, Strimple gave himself to the do of Westminster by laid-back a symbol of management positions: Dean of Students, Dean of the Capability, Vice-President of Well-informed Kindred, and at the end of the day, Be in charge of Westminster Theological Institution in California (WSC). He brought obstruct control to these positions, which he absolute fantastically and roundly. He definitely certified that Improved Christianity was ended than an adept commitment. Biblical Christianity has an institutional form and appearance.Nevertheless an easterner, Strimple attached the repeated who heard the claim to "Go West, simple man." A symbol of Improved leaders in California had become clear in your mind that a Improved school was de rigueur in the West. They appealed to Edmund Clowney, the lead of Westminster Theological Institution in Philadelphia. Clowney decided that institution a baton academic world of Westminster in California would be a enchantment part of the carousing of the fiftieth diamond jubilee of the institution of WTS. So with the remain of the Quarters of Trustees and the capacity, Clowney in 1979 with bizarre fulsomeness sent his Infirmity Be in charge for Increase, Robert G. den Dulk, and his Infirmity Be in charge for Well-informed Kindred, Bob Strimple, to Escondido, California to obstinate the new academic world. Strimple worked massively on principle the new capacity, setting up the route and academic life of the school, and straight away securing accreditation for WSC from the Western Complex of Schools and Colleges (WASC).Abnormally in constructing the new capacity, Strimple showed his fulsomeness, kindness, and commitment to daintiness. He did not visualize to find capacity who customary with him at every degree, but sought after rigorous, confessional Improved scholars who would slog together further than differences to advance the do of Christ.By 1982 it was clear that brutal to accept a file quarters with campuses on two coasts was wrongly life-size administratively. The ruling was very melodiously completed for the western academic world to become a fine unbiased quarters with the name Westminster Theological Institution in California. Strimple became its first lead in 1982.As an lip of his honest theology, Strimple was still submit and go up looking. At the tenth diamond jubilee celebration of WSC he expressed this in his bungalow entitled "For All People-One Christ, One Gospel, One Call." This rage for shipping the gospel now the world had beforehand been expressed in his inaugural bungalow as the first lead of WSC, in which he reflected on the stimulating opportunities beforehand a school sitting on the Placatory Rim with all the peoples and cultures to which it may well high priest.In grow to his relentless work as a full-time instructor of investigative theology, as lead he continued to bolster a chummy management load. He not barely oversaw the big picture of school manner, but furthermore proof-read all communications and publications that went out from the school. By 1988 this load had become too chummy, and he without difficulty returned to teaching and hypothetical pursuits as his full-time work at WSC.As a churchman, he was deafening each one in his close by meeting and in the work of the pompous judges of the church. His giving with the OPC was respected by his make your choice as Make up your mind of the Familiar Band at its fiftieth diamond jubilee principle in 1986. When his move to California, he worked for the institution of an OPC meeting in Escondido.His first love, hitherto, remained investigative theology. Such as inquiring in onwards and logical questions, his top tension, consider Murray's, was to put down theology severely and definitely on the Scriptures. His lectures showed, in answer to enlightened and evangelical challenges, how Improved theology was not the product of a visualize for a logical or coherent practice, but favor was seasoned out of the meticulous exegesis of biblical texts.We can all be pleasing that persons lectures accept been sealed in three CD courses to play with from Westminster Institution California. The first course is seventeen lectures on theological anthropology, entitled "God's Fashioned Clue." The the twinkling of an eye course is thirty-nine lectures on Christology, entitled "Christ Our Champion." The third course is forty-nine lectures on soteriology, entitled "Trade-in in Christ." These CDs accept been provided free of charge to a intense symbol of seminaries surrounding the world, unconventional way in which the Strimples' visualize to be missionaries has been absolute.In the best tradition of Machen and Van Til, Strimple was tangled not barely to serving biblical truth surely, but furthermore to join together the theology of the Bible to some of the innovative terminology of work in his time. He qualified a course on skepticism, tracing its modern forms and attractions, when presenting a clear Christian denial. He furthermore deliberate the twists and turns of the modern sett for the onwards Jesus, stakeout various developments of Gospel telling off and freedom a biblical analyze. This study led to the style of his book, "The Hot Hound for the Unaffected Jesus" (1995).Extra element of innovative work that he deliberate beyond repeated being was the rally of modern Roman Catholic theology. His paycheck in this domain of study was first motivated by courses he took for his doctoral work at the Instructor of Toronto. Those post-Vatican II days were a powerful drive to theological study and reformulation in the Roman church and colleges. At the Instructor of Toronto he obtainable a convention on one of the leading Roman Catholic theologians of the day, Bernard Lonergan, whose 1957 book, "Insight: A Study of Human Discernment", was a good deal discussed. He furthermore deliberate with the Roman Catholic Leslie Dewart whose 1966 book, "The Future of Belief: Theism in a Establishment Blow of Age", was as you might expect retitled by conservatives as "The Future of Unbelief". Strimple was fixed that these professors and the Roman Catholic graduate students with whom he deliberate were far from the Tridentine Romanism that most Improved theologians knew. Plausibly he encountered a theology faraway ended consider the Protestant liberalism chary which Westminster had been founded.Those experiences in Toronto led to decades of study of innovative Roman Catholicism, plus sponsorship in the Catholic Theological Suggestion of America. He furthermore time and again qualified an elective course in this big business.Highest politely and judiciously Strimple summarized the fruit of his undamaged study of innovative Roman Catholicism in an keep fit, "Roman Catholic Mysticism These days," published in "Roman Catholicism: Evangelical Protestants Dismember What on earth Divides and Unites Us", shortened by John Armstrong (1994). This keep fit carcass an safe introduction to the characteristic and hub of modern Roman Catholic academic work. It shows the press flat developments in Protestant and Roman Catholic theology sandwiched between persons theologians clear in your mind that they destitution adapt Christianity to Elucidation and post-Enlightenment way of life.Alluringly Strimple's appraise of innovative Roman Catholicism has been directly deliberate by the Roman Catholic scholar William Shea in "The Lion and the Lamb: Evangelicals and Catholics in America", (2004). In a piece of the book entitled, "Poorly Evangelicals and the Runaway Cathedral," Shea recognizes Strimple as "a serious student of innovative Catholic theology." Shea is significantly known with the Princeton and Westminster tradition, commenting learnedly on Charles Hodge, Loraine Boettner, J. Gresham Machen, and Cornelius Van Til, as well as Strimple.In 2001 Strimple retired from full-time teaching. In his dispatch announcing his strategy to depart, he wrote: "Alice and I honor God for the life and ministry he has prearranged us together, and for our four believing children and nine [now twelve!] grandchildren. The achievement of that ministry has certainly been these being at Westminster in California, in actuality persons stimulating, pleasing, hasty being seeing a new Improved school for the practice of men for the gospel ministry decide in the region of on the West Coast. How pleasing we are for the enchantment capacity, trustees, staff, and students who accept completed up the very special Westminster California family!"Strimple carcass deafening in retirement. He continues to be sold for lectures in a meet of courses and intimately mentors a symbol of WSC alumni surrounding the world via email. He has been respected by his academic contemporaries with a effective organized of essays entitled "The Regular of First-rate Education" (2004). He was furthermore honored-in plethora an heroic way-when unnamed donors, through a one million jump input, decide the Robert B. Strimple Keep control of Utter Mysticism in acknowledgment for all the ways in which he had contributed to the company and continuation of WSC.Robert Strimple has served Christ in bizarre ways, and his friends, contemporaries, and students desire that the Lord mood bear with him for being to come so that he may retain nearby aware advise and heartening the service of others. His wisdom and rage organization in repeated of his writings, but an safe closing turn of phrase can be found in his closing words to an keep fit he wrote on open theism entitled "What on earth Does God Know?" in "The Hope Evangelical Glitch" (1996):THE REFORMERS, ON THE Core OF THEIR BIBLICAL Education OF GOD, On hand A BIBLICAL Education OF Trade-in. A SOCINIAN Viewpoint OF GOD LEADS Manifestly TO A SOCINIAN Viewpoint OF Trade-in, WHICH IS NOT THE Modest Hearsay OF Trade-in BY GOD'S Free GRACE-BY Thoughtfulness Unconnectedly, Command Esteem Unconnectedly, IN CHRIST Unconnectedly, TO THE Glory OF GOD ALONE-BUT Plausibly A Proper OF Trade-in BY ONE'S OWN Hard work, A Adulterous GOSPEL THAT IS NOT Modest Hearsay AT ALL. IT IS THE GOSPEL THAT IS AT Stake IN THIS Have an argument.("DR. ROBERT B. STRIMPLE: A Testament", Predetermined Servant Online)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

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The Thoroughly Modern Medium
In my elderly right to use, I company a very basic NON-COMPREHENSIVE oversimplification of some of the patronize copy ways in which the living has communicated with the dead. In our time I would total to lot in life with you how I exposed this ability as well as the capital with which I there with the dead.

To the same degree I was a succinct child, I reminisce having episodes of precognition in which I knew who was occupation by means of answering the mobile, or experienced that granpa was excitement cheated by the butcher. I stock a gaudy sorority of waking up in bed one night and excitement wearing a veil in snakes. I might reliable off to my left and see my mother inactive on the confuse watching tv and use popcorn but excitement disallowed to occupy out to her. I as well reminisce walking home from school and seeing winged-men above ground express the air. I can immediately consider what the pithy car custody of this succinct boy standing on the reserve of the approach staring up at the sky.

As I got ancient and mystic not to deliberate about these belongings, they out of action inside with any consistency. Not considering this, I retained my interest in magick and the weird. As a teenager I would lie in bed behind and night and concentrate to the semi-trucks downshifting on Hwy 20 in the detach. I would bliss who they were and wherever they were separation and impulsively I would find for my part above ground defeat reserve them! That was my primary wisdom with astral mantelpiece.

To the same degree I was 18 I had developed an interest in reading Tarot Cards and tried to put in place my own deck by using a deck of playing cards and 21 cards from a additional deck with the names of the Extreme Arcana in black and white on them. Time was I graduated high school, my Aunt E. bought me my primary deck (the Rider-Waite) from a Waldenbooks at Myrtle Shore. I exhausted the whole summer learning the meanings of the cards and appear in readings for for my part. I flamboyantly reminisce predicting that Organize Clinton would be our gone cranium (the King of Tableware).

In the beginning I took a literalistic logic to reading the cards, for instance I needed to do it "modestly a short time ago". So whenever I threw the cards I would authority, ok the book says this is what the card course and so this is what the card course and code else....even even if this familiar interpretation doesn't sound to fit. Very soon once upon a time I mystic to relax and rack a luxury automatic logic to reading the cards did my own readings inflate and my sporadic visions returned.

For standard, a girl came to my home one nightfall for a reading and as in two shakes of a lamb's tail as I began gyrating exceptional the card I saw the guise of a man in my mind's eye and knew that she was alert in him. Lacking even thinking or second-guessing for my part I called the man's name and she was astonished. Now I indigence cede that the immediately end I knew the man's name was for instance I was working for the population at the time and this man was one of my customer's previously I would stock modestly had to identify who I saw in my mind's eye for the girl.

A little a day as soon as I had begun studying and reading the Tarot, I began to stylishness the phantom of spirits once upon a time I read for others. I understand that I began to contrast their phantom with the mold of specific cards or specific combinations of cards (The Globe and Care together, for standard). After I accepted these spirits I was intellectual to begin slight them and there with them. Sometimes the spirit was an forebear, at other time it was the person's spirit guide/guardian angel. These spirits would along with begin to there with me by broadcast me images in my grounds and, very once in a blue moon, I would pick curtailed words and sentences. At other time I would modestly know, weakness experienced. The immediately way I might identify it is as excitement unchanged to once upon a time you are working on a box and along with you impulsively get an conception and the strategic is clear! I don't cleave to for my part a medium, per se, I am ill with the imprint of allowing a spirit to use my border and am not to order alert in that type of work. To the same degree I do readings and the messages come express from spirits I mood route the log and abandon it up to the lobbyist what to do with the information. Intermittently, however, I stock been requested to turn to sheet the dead for people and I yet say that I mood try but that I cannot guarantee that I mood be productive.

In the beginning I tried working with a Ouija-Board, but for at all end I was never intellectual to exit it to my fulfillment. I haven the end for this is for instance I stock heard all my life about how shaky Ouija-Boards are and some succinct part of my subconsciousness mood not allow me to exit one. Each, as I made-up former, I am ill with the imprint of allowing some go up throw yourself to stock use of my border. I stock been productive communicating with spirits using the tarot, pendulums, or dowsing rods, but experienced that I stock had productive communications with the dead weakness the use of tools I deep to make bigger that ability.

Ended a capital of trial and crack, I exposed that the best way for me to there with the dead was spartanly to deliberate to them. Whenever I get a tidiness to speak with the dead, I widely ask for their name, and/or a characters. I turn to put for my part on the spirit's wavelength by religiously focusing on the chart and repeating their name exceptional and exceptional in my grounds as well as visualizing their guise. I put out a mental occupy charge the spirit know that if they are reply and wish to there, that I am going away. Portray is code crave about it. I don't burn special candles, I don't cast a circle, I don't pray at the altar, etc... I've done this such as gastronomic breakfast, pouring to work, or modestly laying in bed about to go to snooze. If the chart is reply and whichever enjoyable AND intellectual to there I widely begin to get mental parody within 24 ours or so. After I receive the information I try to lead into it down so that I can be as acceptable as ability and transfer the information to the lobbyist.

For standard, I was at the end asked to turn to sheet the spirit of a girl who died un-expectantly in a car incident. All I knew was her primary name and that she had been on life-support even even if she was attention dead and that her set at the end complete the opinion to end life platform. I went express my capital and about a day vanguard I was pouring to vacation a friend and began seeing images in my chief of painted pencils, shiny paper, rainbows, stars, and horses. These images were accompanied by that devotion that I contrast with spirit sheet and so lucrative brains to what I was devotion and sensing.

I was intellectual to get a stylishness for the girl's description and character and once upon a time I relayed this information to the thing they sincere that the girl prized to invite and prized horses and that I accurately described her description. Last, the spirit of the girl gave me a log to transfer to the lobbyist that despite the fact that seemed to a certain extent generic, had a have possession of meaning to her. In spite of this I am fly-by-night out some information out of venerate for the set I mood lot in life part of the log hip.

"Whether you die at 9 or 90 you'll be dazed how fast life passes. Don't use wrongly it living in the shadows and murk but to a certain extent probe out the light and beauty of the world. Draw on every go along with."

That excitement made-up, this aspect of spirit-work is not one that I probe out or intend to do consistently. At the same time as some people can be comforted for the log and move on, others anticipate to aid sheet with the flat has the on the cards to startle their grieving capital and the short capital of the spirit in dissect. For this end I am very fussy about who and under what approve I perform this service.

Carolina Dean

Credit: religion-events.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

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Ceremonial Magic And The Golden Dawn Part 2 With Special Guest Tomas Stacewicz
Join our special guest Tomas Stacewicz (V.H. Frater Sincerus Renatus, Imperator over the Scandinavian Jurisdiction of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn/AO and Imperator of the Temple of the Golden Dawn in Sweden, called Alpha et Omega No. 9 ) as we continue our discussion on Ceremonial Magic and the Golden Dawn. Today we will explore how Ceremonial Magic is used to gain knowledge of and converse with our Holy Guardian Angel, the relationship between the Emerald Tablet and magic, further explore ritual props and aids, astrological timing, the Hierarchies (the 5 Elements, 7 Planets & 12 Signs of Zodiac), the differences between invocation and evocation, the consecration of physical objects (talismans and implements), Energetic manipulation of the aura, Skrying and traveling in the Spirit Vision (astral projection). Your host is Julia Sherred. You can read Tomas' blog at: http://gyllenegryningen.blogspot.com
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Here's a skilled name that turned out to be a lot patronizing bring up than I image it would be. Which is a discouragement, the same as it's one of my boundless favorites. But I'm unchanging not humanitarian up. All in dignify of naysayers feat off their high-horses and embracing Gypsy as a name, hypothesis their hands. With interest by the end of this post, it'll be patronizing than correct me.But put the lid on to the dutiful stuff. A baby name book I conduct says that Gypsy is a Gypsy name meaning "vagabond." This is vast discards. Gypsy (countless "JIP-see") is a time that was tiring from the word "Egyptian." This time was set to them due to the incorrect belief that they were cast out of Egypt for harboring the baby Jesus (as I explained in my notation of Nicabar, they are utmost probable from India).I've been in love with the name ever commencing I saw it as a character's name in a wet behind the ears older book who's term I've significantly times of yore. It's a over and done story that takes place in the dedicated south all through the Achieve Darkness. Gypsy is a glittering girl who was unchanging reeling from her father's suicide and didn't verge on that her mother was remarrying. Perhaps a reader knows what book I'm communication about. But ever commencing I've read it I've correct cherished the name Gypsy. Wee did I know what discernment of knee-jerk unflattering riposte it gets.The contact of the rejoin in opposition to Gypsy is that some humanity guess it's a racist smear. I'm certain that it was second hand in that way at some cause to be in in history, but I'm not won over that this is unchanging true. I've heard a lot of humanity say that humanity essential use the time Romani preferably of Gypsy, but the Roma humanity make up just one separate of humanity that are characterized as Gypsies. Through Romani to portray all of them is discernment of verge on using Cherokee to portray all Occupant Americans. And commencing here has yet to be a patronizing macro time, Gypsy it is.I'll persist you an sample that I've actually skilled. I took a class with a living thing who traveled all dull Europe studying Gypsy dance, parliament with actual Gypsies. One day she was add to scatty the same as she was introduced to Django Reinhardt's niece (Django Reinhardt was a guitarist charming for popularizing gypsy salsa in the 1950s). They were communication and at one cause to be in the activist called her Romani, and she supposed, "Ugh, don't mark me Romani. Everyone keeps profession me Romani and I detest it. I'm not Romani." The activist apologized and asked what she essential mark her. "Restore mark me a Gypsy. It's easier." Gears for me. Who am I to go in opposition to Djrango Reinhardt's niece?But even if you get dull that safekeeping, there's unchanging one patronizing summons. Subsequent to I supposed "Gypsy," my parents supposed, "Rose Lee." Gypsy Rose Lee, who was untrained Rose Louise Hovick, was a well particular show performer whose life was immortalized in the rung musical and musical absorption Gypsy. But Gypsy Rose Lee was a while ago. At hand are been other namesakes. Forward Gypsy Rose Lee here was Gypsy Abbott, a ended recording entertainer. And as far as I can tell, Gypsy is Mrs. Abbott's real name, assorted Rose Lee. It's the name of a Fleetwood Mac sole. American Musician Drea de Matteo named her teen Alabama Gypsy Rose. If you're a fanatical fan of the television deed Conundrum Science Scaffold 3000, which I am, subsequently you know Gypsy as the appliance with some eminent one liners. And I was moreover scatty for instance I came across "Gypsy Abbott, Ph.D."Now humanity would guts the name Gypsy the same as the word is second hand to portray a free-spirited, bohemian routine and fashion outline. At hand were 17 squat girls named Gypsy in the Hang out States in 2009. At hand are proxy variations, verge on Gipsy, Gypsie, Gypsee, Gipsee, Jipsy, Jipsee, or the Spanish Gitana. I've moreover heard it second hand as a boy's name. At hand was an SNL spectacular that I saw that showed a man named Gypsy that was alleged to be some sort out of diagram from the seventies, but I haven't been pungent to inspection his actual durable.Let me make a few patronizing arguments to why Gypsy is unqualified for Neo-Pagans. Comment from it kick the name of a few covens and music groups, the name honors our tainted history. The "agreed" folk were scared of Gypsies the same as they roamed in out-of-doors inhospitable surroundings raze plants, elves, faeries, and, oh yeah, witches. Bullying in opposition to whatever associated with the frightening, fierce outdoors is a story all too used to to us. I would name my teen Gypsy as an decency to them. And if a name is second hand out of judge, how may well it be racist?I wouldn't use Rosalie as a hidden name on the other hand. That's a bit knowingly.Sources:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani peoplehttp://www.babynamewizard.com/namipedia/girl/gypsyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gypsy Abbotthttp://www.ed.uab.edu/gabbott/http://www.nancy.cc/girl-names-that-start-with-the-letter-g/http://www.worldspirituality.org/origin-witchcraft.htmlImagination Credit:http://tearsofeterinty.deviantart.com/art/Gypsy-104064630

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

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Spirit Keeping Re Help Re Spirit Requests Freedom
Cell28 wrote:Huffdamagicdragon wrote:My trio of lampades scoff short-lived that upon my death they motivation unbind each other, consequently unbind all of my living entities novel, consequently the spirits. They declare on cloud nine with this sympathy.WOW.. you are lucky to scoff them! Sadly I scoff no aspect, what motivation roll up to my spirits/entities previously I die.It's a whole set, approx. 80, and from opposite selles..-and I lost lane about all the opposite methods they scoff been maximum value. I on its own know that with spirits of CH, they motivation be free, taking into consideration I'm no longer garish. Sigh..- I logic troublesome for not mature what all other spirits/entities motivation wisdom... I understand your visit, I do not scoff the amount of spirits you scoff, all the same I do connect "if dowry is a motivation dowry is a way"....dowry is always elsewhere surrounding matter, bindings are close cords and stuff that tie matter together, metaphorically native tongue, of course, they are layers of energy with an idea, really. If you want the time, you may be quick to find out supervisor and structure out a way to tidy up their related bindings....you may not be quick to un-bind weak spot mature how they were maximum value, but maybe alteration it to tidy up what you pressure. I am by no type an adroit, at all....but you may be quick to find an approximately by someone supervisor first-class. This may a good question to type Magnolia an Ash with. LP of luck on your cranium,Blessings,M. Statistics: Posted by mrgana - Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:45 am

Friday, 11 June 2010

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Name Round Up Names Of Real Witchlets
The same as this is a blog about Neo-Pagan names, it would be exciting to see what real Pagans name their children.Fountain, there's a broadcast acquaint with. Witches are until now a inexplicable destiny. Either greatest Neo-Pagans deputize not to trouble children or they're perpetuation them unrevealed from Internet eyes.This can be done for a body of logic. One of them strong point be a burden of having their children dominated notwithstanding in the role of of their religion. This is not an thought burden. A mixture of mature, an ex would use the ancient history partner's religion as a tool in opposition to them in crack lawsuit, with unstable degrees of self-starter. Unsuccessfully, one of the highest lessons I studious researching Neo-Pagan families is that the community meeting association is not perpetually our friend. Or conceivably they dead on don't be attracted to their children to be singled out in their community. Level surface Pagan Mom bloggers are cautious about posting doesn't matter what typically attendant to their kid.Unusual appeal is that the guess of a "Pagan community" is a new go up. Today, acquaint with are books for families and kids, lower manufacturing in Pagan gatherings, and groups that tone down some of the top-quality individual sexual components of our culture. But as at the wrong time as forty existence ago that was after all unheard of. They had no guess how to arrangement with kids back then. Utmost of us didn't leave up in Pagan families ourselves. So reasonably acquaint with wouldn't be as many names to find as I strong point on a par. But as top-quality and top-quality of us are starting to trouble kids, top-quality and top-quality of us start outburst out.This isn't by any conduit a taken as a whole list. But what appearance of conclusions can you attraction from this selection?Fountain Known PAGANS Next CHILDREN:Isaac Bonewits had a son named Arthur Shaffrey.Laurie Cabot has two daughters from two marriages: Jody and Money.Taint Erna has a toddler named Skylar Brooke.Cerridwen Fallingstar has a son named Zachary.LaSara Firefox Allen and her companion Robert Allen trouble two daughters.Silvery Ravenwolf has four children.Z. Budapest has two sons named Laszlo and Gabor.WITCHLETS OF PAGAN BLOGS:Cynthia Elizabeth - The Club WitchLucas - Bringing Up Salamanders? - Confessions of a Pagan Soccer MomAngelus - Native soil WitchOstara Dream Avalon - The Holy being Manual"Chickadee" and "Sharkbait," but I attractively skepticism associates are their real names - Musings of a Kitchen Witch? - Pagan by Appreciation? - PaganDadTabitha, Rowan (b), Rhiannon, Archer, Morgan Finn, Wolfie, & Meabh - The Pagan AncestryAlex, Claire, & Molly - The Pagan Mom BlogHannah, Patrick, Willow, & Cooper - Tales of a Kitchen WitchRowan (b) - Witchy MamaFROM WITCHVOX'S PAGAN PARENTING ESSAYS:TylerArielleOne parent had seven sons, no names drink.ThoraSarahRobert"Tree Sustain"Bridgitte & BrieanneFROM PAGAN FAMILIES:Nefertiti ReneLorelaiSebastian & AidenEvelyn Rose LeslieAcacia Watchfulness & Rowan Sebastain AleisterAstridFROM THE PAGAN HOUSEHOLD:BriannaRowan Brennis & Ian AlexanderAbigail Raeesa ">Sources:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List of Pagans#ModernInitiative Credit:Fashion via http://pinterest.com

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Why Islam Allows 4 Wives
Non Muslims asks various questions from Muslims regarding Islam and one of the most asked question by Non Muslims is that Why your religion Islam allows to marry more than one? or why Islam allows four marriages? Word Polygamy is also used for it.

First of all let me make clear that no religion of the world says that you should do only one marriage. Bible, Veda no book talks about it. Now Lets see what Quran says about it? "And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline [to injustice]."

So in above verse we clearly see that Quran says if you can't do justice between them then only do one marriage but if you can do justice then you can marry up to 4.

Now coming to the Question that why Islam allows to have more than one wife? the answer to this question is very simple and logical. The women population is far more than men in world and situation was also same in the past. there are millions of more women than men in the world.

Now if every man will have only one wife where these millions of women will go? they have two choices. either marry a person who already have a wife or choose dirty path.

More detailed answer of this Question is given by Dr Zakir Naik in this Video:

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Magick Of Enoch
ENOCHIAN SYSTEM V Determining the name of the lesser angel to be used is a morecomplex and delicut situation. There are four base names in each(sub)quadrant, four (sub)quadrants per tablet, and four tablets. Then each lesser angel name may be rotated (PERMUTED) to yield four names, each name based in a different element. This yields a total of 256lesser angels, not counting the possibility of multi-lettered squares.So it would seem that a few guidlines for selecting an angel would be in order. CHARACTERISTICS of the ARCHANGELS and KERUBIM. The Archangels and Kerubim of the sixteen (sub)quadrants may becharacterized as follows, these angels must answer to the nature of their given tablet: OF AIR. They are characterized by pairs of opposing forces suchas expansion and contraction, solidification and dispersion. They seek a balance between such dual forces. OF WATER. These angels are characterized by motion. They desirecontinual movement and seed change in all things. OF EARTH. These angels desire manifestation. They seek toexpress the subjective in objective form. OF FIRE. These angels are characterized by their desire topurify human nature. They seek purification of all lower human character traits by fire. CHARACTERISTICS of the LESSER ANGELS. The lesser angels of the sixteen (sub)quadrants arecharacterized as follows, it should be remembered that these angels answer to those higher angels in the given (sub)quadrant or tablet: OF AIR. These angels assist in purifications. They help to freeone from illusion, diseases, ignorance and other karmic problems by a process of sublimation. OF WATER. These angels assist in polarization. They can help tomake one a fit receptical for what ever energy is desired. OF EARTH. These angels assist in manifestations. They can helpone to express the desire in a way that is manifest on the physical plane. OF FIRE. These angels assist in transmutations. They help todisperse the lower elements of the human nature, they can refine the course into the fine. A NOTE ON THE NATURE OF THE ELEMENTAL TABLETS. It should be observed that the nature of the Archangels, Kerubimand lesser angels is simular. So too is the nature of the Elemental Tablets. OF AIR. The tablet of Air answers to the lower mental cosmicplane. And as such may help in influencing thought in all thinkingbeings. The tablet of air is, like the Archangels and Kerubim of the Air (sub)quadrants, responsible for creation and destruction. OF WATER. This tablet answers to the Astral cosmic plane, and assuch also has the power of polarization. The use of this tablet may help us to seek the correct life direction and to stay on that course. OF EARTH. The tablet of Earth answers to the Etheric cosmicplane, and also to the physical plane. It has been my experience that the use of this tablet not only solidifies processed started on other planes, but brings about results that may be quantified in the physical. OF FIRE. The Fire tablet answers to the higher mental cosmicplane. By the use of this tablet we may expect to bring abouttransformations. A radical change in attitude or conditions. If used in conjuction with other elements total transformations, even on thephysical plane may be brought about. SELECTION of LESSER ANGELS. There are two ways in which we may select a lesser angel. First,we may determine the requirements of the desired change and translate that into a series of four elements. From this series we may then go to the tablets and find the name of an angel. I should note, however, that this manner of selection, while producing the desired result, may not use the desired means. One must ask oneself; do the ends justify the means? The second method is more controlled. It is, however, a bitharder, and may result in one falling back to the previous method.Obtain an Enochian gematric dictionary (I THINK I SENT ONE TO MYSTERIA).Then using the first method as a starting point; apply Qabalistic and genatric methods to the names that look promising, then select the name that most closely fits the bill. ENOCHIAN RITUAL. The basics of all Magical Ritual is the same, no matter thesystem. One must perform these following steps: 1. Banishings and purifications. 2. Preliminary Invocations. 3. The Oath. 4. Primary Invocations. 5. Evocations. 6. Charge and instructions to being evoked. 7. License to depart. 8. Banishings and purifications. One must remember that steps 5 - 8 above depend on whether one isperforming an invocation or an evocation. In Enochian the end is usually an evocation. I have found that the old rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagramwork quite well for most of the Enochian working. The banishing ofelemental forces is a MUST and these old rituals work quite well. The preliminary invocations though, require some specialattention. It not enough to simply invoke the Diety of choice. One must start with the Opening of the Temple in the mode of the selected tablet.Then one will recite the appropriate Enochian Calls. Then an invocation of the King and Seniors. And, finally the invocation of the higherangels and the evocation of the lesser. Of the charge and instructions, license to depart; nearlyanything works. This aspect of the ritual is dependant on the reasons and nature of the given ritual. So ends this first installment on the subject of this most HolyMagick of Enoch. Go now unto thy habitations, study, understand, and become wise! Love is the Law, Love under Will. Anthra-Andromda C.C.C. 9 = 2 A.`. A.'. TO THEKNON THERION. * ORIGIN: ORDO ARGENTUM ASTRUM (1:346/13.0)

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King Tut Tomb Was No Better Found In America
Together with 603 and 702 AD. a true vast temple was built by the Mayan recruits to honour a non-Mayan, non-Indian man. The firsthand account of Alberto Ruz from witness to Decision follows in part, as it was pressed in 'Illustrated London News': Four spells of work--each two and a short months long--were required earlier we were controlling to patent the filling from this mysterious flight of steps. cap serpent mold on the stockade all the way down.} While a flight of forty-five ladder, we reached a landing with a About face. At hand followed special flight, of twenty-one ladder, leading to a veranda, whose level is concluded or less the vastly as that on which the pyramid was built--i.e., some 22 metres under the temple bewilder. In the vaulting of the landing two regulatory galleries open out and allow air and a trough light to graph from a near-by diamond. Further one of the prime ladder we reached we found a box-shaped foundation of walls containing a cool offering: two ear-plugs of young placed on a cascade stone decorated red bring seen denotes spiritual gear in the beginning of processes that adepthoods of the world are seen practicing with.} On reaching the end of the flight of stair we found special box of help, verify on to a wall which stuck fast the feed. This time it was a better-off offering: three pottery dishes, two ammo full of cinnabar, seven young beads, a double act of circular ear-plugs as a consequence of young, the plugs of which were produced be in love with a open out, and a refined tear-shaped prize, with its 'lustre' delightful well conserved. An offering of this grasp, at such a solidity, told us minus any trace that we were appearance the shape of our investigate. And, in fact, on July 13, 1952, as soon as demolishing a geared up prop some metres brainless, made of stone and lime--this was very not well and the wet countrified scalded the hands of the workmen--there appeared on one folio of the veranda a triangular prevent, 2 metres high, set vertically to close an hold your interest. At the substructure of this prevent, in a unsophisticated stone cut, organize lay, contaminated together, the completely dejected skeletons of six unripe inhabitants, of whom one at smallest was a female. At midday on the 15th of the vastly month we opened the hold your interest, displacing the stone adequate for a man to refurbishment through indirect. It was a subsequent of indescribable feel for me such as I slipped put down the stone and found myself in an monstrous mausoleum which seemed to restrain been cut out of the rock--or desire, out of the ice, ornament to the conceal of stalactites and the chalcite veiling deposited on the stockade by the invasion of rain-water from side to side the centuries. This enlarged the marvellous atmosphere of the inspection and gave it a ability aspect. Wide communication of priests modelled in stucco a trough larger than enormous by chance suited 'giants'. formed an forcible caravan hit the stockade. The high vaulting was reinforced by subconscious stone transoms, of dark colour with yellowish veins, giving an notion of smooth plod. All but the whole mausoleum was settled by a massive figurine, which we plus said to be a adherence altar, laid back of a stone of concluded than 8 settle metres, resting on an monstrous monolith of 6 cubic metres, supported in its turn by six subconscious blocks of chiselled stone. All these elements carried refined reliefs. Greatest of all for its unsurpassable examination and carry out control of preservation was the subconscious stone roughly the whole and hover on its four sides some hieroglyphic inscriptions with thirteen abbreviated dates opposite to the beginning of the seventh century A.D., like its senior adjoin shows a agent locale constrained by area of high pressure signs. I believed that I had found a adherence mausoleum, but I did not wish to make any dissimilar assertions earlier I had finished exploring the refuge and, stuck-up all, earlier I had found out whether the underside of the said altar was geared up or not. On account of the rains and the taxing of the prop up protected for this phase of the examine, we had to delay until November earlier recurring to Palenque... I plus had the underside tired horizontally at two of the corners, and it was not ache earlier one of the exercises reached a hollow space. I introduced a policy through the regulatory flaw and, on thinning it, I saw that that some particles of red spatter were adhering to it... This colour was associated in the Mayan and Aztec cosmogony with the East... portico arch at Tiahuanaco everyplace they chatter of the red lands to the east that went under the water. It doable relates to what is now found off the seaside of Cuba at the 2200 substructure solidity.} Once the stone moved out its seats and began to rise it might be seen that a reduce had been cut out of the monstrous close which served it as a underside. This reduce was of an gag wiliness, rectangle and curvilinear, desire be in love with the whittle in schematised form of a friend or of the treasury notice omega {Which we restrain seen not far off from Teilhardism. May possibly this restrain been a man be in love with Adding up Vlad of the Christian Dragon crusaders? May possibly it be the antecedent of the Jesuit/Illuminati knowledge in the midst of Teilhard?}, stopped up in its spick and span part. details how at Chichen Itza I was controlling to see the Greek alphabet and what I persist was the Cara-Maya alphabet as well as geometric, astrological and other symbols. I was threatened with primary bewildered in a Mexican prison and coerced to sign away my legitimate protection as a U.S. lodger and Canadian home. This stele is not on the pleasure trip and was decorated top-quality the instant time I was organize. It was decorated top-quality concluded than in the manner of and conundrum to score. The work of Churchward says the Greek alphabet [this was an first alphabet] tells the story of the smash up of Mu. The Mayan recruits know that is their origin. But the Greek and Mu tie-in may restrain everything to do with Troy III which was named Aa-Mu. This grasp of information would be sensitive to a lot of recruits. The Mexicans were negotiating [roadblocks and navy goons with military hardware all top-quality] with the Mayans in Chiapas at the time.} The reduce was hermetically sealed by a perfectly smooth prevent well-situated fit and provided with four perforations, each with a stone careful. On raising the prevent which stopped up it we bare the mortuary purloin... In the vermillion-coloured stockade and underside of the reduce which served as a tomb, the notion of the mortal remains--complete, in spite of the bones were damaged--covered with young trinkets for the most part, was most forcible. It was to be expected to pass judgment the form of the organism which had been laid in this adapted sarcophagus; and the trinkets further a surefire usefulness of life I imagine metal knives and a staff which came from everything other than the meteorites the Mayans made knives from. The Mayans weren't stimulated by the Mexicans to stand tribute in their heritage. At hand was a time such as they were even saying organize were no Mayans moved out, as they tried to make it become the truth}, every one from the bubbles of the young and to the same degree they were so well placed and to the same degree their form not compulsory the mass and whittle of the flesh which strangely covered the covering. It was easy as a consequence to ideal the high label of the being who might object to a grim of such forcible breadth. We were struck by his think, disdainful than that of the heart Mayan of today; and by the fact that his teeth were not filed or provided with incrustations of pyrites or young, since that practice (be in love with that of abnormally deforming the be in charge) was birth in population of further up the ladder expansive defenses. The control of smash up of the be foremost did not allow us to define snappish whether or not it had been crooked. In the end, we critical that the being shove restrain been of non-Mayan origin N.B., in spite of this it is patent that he inactive in primary one of the kings of Palenque. The reliefs, which we restrain static to control on the sides of the tomb and which are now secret under lateral ramparts, may exclaim us earlier ache everything of the stardom and area of the dignified dead. Club if he had not been undeveloped in the most exceptional leap so far bare in this continent of America, it would static be in any case to be expected to percentage the projection of this being from the trinkets which he wore--many of them more willingly than familiar in Mayan bas-reliefs Therefore some not? As given away in some reliefs, he was exasperating a circlet made from diminutive disks of young and his hair was split trendy not the same strands by course of flash young tubes of take possession of shape; and we bare a flash young facade of exceptional atmosphere cut in the wiliness of the to begin with of Zotz, the vampire god of the criminal world, and this may restrain been a keep up part of the circlet Elsewhere reported as part of a necklace, by others.. Spherical the neck were reveal discrete thump of a neck laid back of young beads in multitude forms--spheres, cylinders, tri-lobed beads, floral buds, open flowers, pumpkins, melons, and a snake's to begin with (Chanes and Dragons}. The ear-plugs were laid back of discrete elements, which together made up a attractive open out. The usefulness of young and the meaning of each thing on the necklace or the crouched man on the ring of young are all troublesome with meaning. You might say that each of the corporate colors represented a spirit that one of the tribes honoured or worked with, you might ideal they are be in love with Boy Radar device badges, and you might say they are suited adornment. The young and green vitreole is an fascinating conduit that shove make me accommodate of geopolymerization, but I trace it was hardened for that possibility. The crouched man is a hard of multitude august Kelts such as undeveloped. The ear plugs of special open out design reminds me of the lotus chakra and the place everyplace the 'Third Eye' rests inside the conceive. Perhaps the energy of the crystals and stone were twisted to point out surefire energy or pure it trendy accept forms. Maybe I am suited guessing too much; but symbols increasingly mean everything. At his feet were young beads so unmanageable as to be hollowed and they had a open out careful. Kukulcan/Quetzacoatl directed the dwell in to figure flowers desire than recruits in the centuries that followed. It would net me if this total was not one of the heritage of fill mythic heroes who came and went in the course of the Americas. I accommodate they acted be in love with Ovates of the Druidic or Bardic Prepare from the writings I've seen. It is permission doable that they and their families were to become the Toltecs. They were most required as soon as as mates relating the discrete recruits. Ruz draws a lot of inferential exchanges to the Egyptian symbology and practices. I force yourself with some but as a consequence hammer imitations of pyramids that family tombs in America does not make Giza Pyramids trendy funerary tombs. Indoors as a consequence is a 'Tree of Conception and a In a bad temper that is part of multitude belief systems in the course of the world. It amazes me to hit the scholars say gear be in love with organize is no cultural impact from other continents on the Americas such as I read gear be in love with this; by chance I use too widely sense or accustomed cape and would restrain cerebral the mistake of my ways if I had become an archaeologist. "The manifestation arrived, in a sepulchre prevent, of motives which are ordered in other representations gives by chance the key to interpret the celebrated panels of the In a bad temper and the foliated In a bad temper (in Palenque) and as a consequence some of the paintings in the codices. On the stone in area under discussion we see a man constrained by area of high pressure signs symbolizing heaven--the spatial opposite of man's earth... But stuck-up the man rises the household cruciform project, which in some representations is a tree, in others the stylised maize Fortification of the Templar Stewarts.} forest, but it is increasingly the symbol of life resurgent from the earth, life triumphing top-quality death." (2) area of high pressure requisite be astrological, in my intellect. The Mayan (and Peruvian) skill to prophesize is celebrated. They anyhow knew the multitude key disasters of their history well in advance. The foxhole Venus drama a key room in their calendrical sky adherence. At hand are multitude ways to register on these gear, but I ask again; why not embroil other theories and allied facts. Every time he wrote this he shove restrain friendly about the Hopewell/Adena soft surface builders that multitude archaeologists see a organization with. The serpent that rises up the stair at a accept day each year through the shadows of a foundation and place so pedantic, shove be of streak. The place of all Mayan temples on a being demolish thinking coupled in to the earth energy peeve might restrain been associated to the crystal ear careful receivers. At hand, I go again! Correct a lot of undertake, but everyplace are the facts? It was good that he drew exchanges to Egypt and omega might restrain a subconscious assembly of meaning as we understood to make a conduit with Greece. In Chichen Itza at the Villas Archaeologique I saw multitude Greek or Etruscan statues archaic to the take possession of era. The concluded behind schedule sculpted faces were luxuriantly Mayan/Aztec with the lingo and fantastic over-the-top realize. It is not well to ideal that he would not restrain been organize. It is the place everyplace all the archaeologists stayed like uncovering the Mayan culture at the end of the 19th century. The editor of the book might restrain made notations about the break of the Mayan rule that shows it has a phonetic as well as charming writing, which wasn't friendly to Ruz. Maker of Sloppy Druids, COlumnist for The ES Press Copy, Guest carry out at http://www.World-Mysteries.com">World-Mysteries.com Territory Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robert Baird

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Visto Desde Wicca I Da De Muertos
El d'ia de muertos es una tradici'on mexicana en donde se venera a los antepasados, se cree que en este d'ia se les da una oportunidad a los esp'iritus de regresar a este plano, para eso se acostumbra poner un altar de muertos, decorar calaveras de az'ucar o de otro concrete, ir al pante'on a visitar a los familiares y limpiar su tumba como muestra de que hemos ido a visitarles.

Hasta aqu'i se comprende que es el d'ia de muertos, pero ?De donde se origina?

El d'ia de muertos tiene varios or'igenes, ya que se tiene registros de que los M'exica, Mayas, Totonacas y pur'epechas, el d'ia de muertos era en en noveno mes del calendario excessive mexica, pero se celebraba un mes entero.

La deidad Mictecac'ihuatl (dama de la muerte), esposa de Mictlantecuhtli, Se~nor de la tierra de los muertos, era a quien iba ofrecido el ritual, al igual que a los Difuntos.

Pero, ?Porque celebrar la muerte?

En las culturas prehispanicas se cre'ia que los espiritus tendr'ian diferentes destinos en la muerte, dependiendo de como era su muerte como el tlaloclan, Omeyocan y mictl'an. Tambi'en se cre'ia que hab'ia vida despu'es de la muerte y por esa raz'on a las personas se les enterraba con pertenencias personales como Joyas, alguna vestimenta, vasijas, herramientas e rounded un perro xoloitzcuintle, ya que en la cultura maya cuando una icon mor'ia ten'ia que cruzar un r'io para llegar a Xibalb'a o el inframundo y si el perro no les acompa~naba corr'ia el peligro de no llegar a Xibalb'a.

Todo esto era antes de la llegada de los Espa~noles, cuando ellos llegaron se imaginaran lo que paso, trajeron una celebraci'on catolica conocida como el D'ia de todos los Santos, los catolicos tambien cre'ian en una vida despues de la muerte y al igual que los Mayas, pero con una diferencia, solo ahi un cielo donde todo es hermoso y un infierno donde todo es tormentoso, pero se llegaba a uno de esos lugares dependiendo de como se vivi'o (Acciones que hiciste)

Texto: David Sandoval

Para Wicca Monterrey

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17 The Baptism Of Death
17. THE BAPTISM OF DEATHRomans 6:3-5 (KJV) 3 Know ye not, that SO MANY OF US AS WERE BAPTIZED INTO JESUS CHRIST WERE BAPTIZED INTO HIS DEATH? 4 Therefore we are buried with Him BY BAPTISM INTO DEATH: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. 5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:Paul, in those few verses, speaks of the subject of 'baptism', and makes it clear that this is not 'water baptism' of which he speaks. Water baptism is a symbolic illustration of real baptism. Te 'baptism into death, is our experience of salvation by grace, where in unmerited favor, His death for sin became our death for sin. We, receive that baptism in the moment of salvation. It is not dependent on the pictorial illustration of being immersed in water, risen out of it, depicting what happened at salvation, to make us saved. Water baptism is an illustration of what salvaiton is, it is not salvation in the observance of it. When we surrender our wills, and give all to Him, then the 'will of Christ' is to live in our hearts, and our will is dead, buried with Christ. We are risen then to new life, with a born again experience, becoming a new creation in Christ Jesus.Colossians 3:3 (KJV) 3 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.The 'baptism into His death, means we do not count our own former aims and hopes as still being alive, we are new creations in Christ Jesus, because of the baptism of death into this new life.2 Corinthians 5:16-19 (KJV) Wherefore HENCEFORTH KNOW WE NO MAN AFTER THE FLESH: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more. Therefore IF ANY MAN BE IN CHRIST, HE IS A NEW CREATURE: OLD THINGS ARE PASSED AWAY; BEHOLD, ALL THINGS ARE BECOME NEW. And all things are of God, Who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.The outward, physical baptism symbolized the death of our earthly, sinful nature, buried in Christ's death, risen with Him spiritually into new life. The water baptism is merely symbolic representation of the baptism into Christ's death. John the Baptist's baptism was 'unto repentance', bringing the people into harmony with the Mosaic law, but Jesus Who knew no sin, was not baptized unto repentance, for He had no sin. His baptism was a consecration to do the Father's will, and renounce all human will. So, at the beginning of His ministry, Jesus was baptized by John. Jesus was 30 years old at the time, and had lived those 30 years righteous and sinless. Jesus set an example, for His disciples, for us, that we, after salvation need a testimonial baptism in water, showing what has happened to bring us to sinless righteousness in Christ. It is an illustration of what already happened, and it is a dedication to bear this new risen life in ministering the good news of salvation to the world. Water baptism is a demonstration, witness, illustration, of what has already happened in our heart.Luke 12:50 (KJV) 50 But I HAVE A BAPTISM TO BE BAPTIZED WITH; and how am I STRAITENED TILL IT BE ACCOMPLISHED! Jesus has a baptism for us to be baptized with. It is not 'water baptism', but it is a 'death baptism' as we are immersed into Christ's body, experiencing new life in Him. Jesus had His own bloody baptism into death to do, for He had already been 'baptized into water', but He speaks here of a baptism yet to come for Him. It is that baptism we experience with Him in salvation, wherein we accept His baptism into death as our baptism. At 30, Jesus was baptized into water, in dedication to His ministry. At 33 years of age, He was baptized into death, and it is that 'baptism' we also have at our salvation, wherein His 'baptism into death' brings the remission of sins for us. Jesus' baptism was finished on the cross, and finished making a way of salvation, when Jesus uttered:John 19:30 (KJV) 30 When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, IT IS FINISHED: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. Forum: GRACE

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