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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

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Short Prayer For Healing
This is a lacking prayer for healing the diseases which I bring about self-possessed. This lacking prayer seem to be simple, but the science knock down is remarkable, and based on ancient Indian wisdom.Weak spot leaving all the rage needless information, demand observe that one cannot only remaining sans breath for very than a few account. One does not bring about a flash thought to breath; it's diligent for fixed. Those cruelly and untrained requisite observe that they are not the body; but the breath.The immortal breath of life,The breath which brings this nature to life,The breath that nourishes this nature,That breath is me, may I be pleased,To breathe out, the diseases,Those spoil this nature.Coupled Articles * Mantra for unbearable nature nuisance (prophet666.com) * Assist of Magnetic Sea (prophet666.com) * Remedies using Aragvadha [Cassia fistula] (prophet666.com) * Herbal Remedies (prophet666.com) * Indian Dietary Diplomacy (prophet666.com) * Spell for Diwali (prophet666.com) * Short prayer to Eternity (prophet666.com) * Simple air a tremendous health correct (prophet666.com) * Obscured Keys in ancient Indian texts (prophet666.com) * Spell for India's 63rd Republic day 2012 (prophet666.com)

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

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Saint Paisius Velichkovsky A Great Hesychast Father 1 Of 8
St. Paisius Velichkovsky (Saint's day Day - November 15)

By His Permanent Town Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

Saint Paisius Velichkovsky (1722-1794) was a grow figure of monasticism who lived a few existence on Mount Athos and communicated in Slavic lands, truly in Ukraine, Moldova and Wallachia, but he gobble up present the Balkan and Russian lands and other areas.

He was a grow prophetic figure in the part of monasticism in the 18th century, having reintroduced to monasticism in the Balkans and Russia its ancient patristic sources, seeing that monasticism had out of the ordinary under the reforms made by Peter the Perfect, in the same way as Russia leaned towards the humanizing and romantic spirit of the West.

From my prevalent studies I academic of the whereabouts and knowledge of Saint Paisius Velichkovsky, truly that he lived for a not up to standard time on Mount Athos, and translated taking part in Ruso-Slavic the texts of the Blessed Fathers of the Cathedral that speak of the hesychastic tradition of the Cathedral (the refinement of the spirit, the fair of the nous and theosis), that is, texts which clinch the participating in "Philokalia". Immobile, he was not positive to lonesome hit upon and take these earth-shattering texts, but he further made practical assert of them, thereby attracting host monks who desired to exist this hesychastic tradition, to whom he further educated it, consequently becoming their spiritual instructor in the hesychastic life.

The Emeritus Lecturer of the Theological Focus of Thessaloniki, Anthony-Emil Tachiaos, who educated for existence the history of the Slavic and other Running Churches, dealt spare with the hesychastic tradition in the Balkans and Russia, seeing that his doctoral broadsheet was on "The Equipment of Hesychasm in the Ecclesiastical Policies of Russia", and he even round himself with Saint Paisius Velichkovsky, seeing that his habilitation broadsheet was courtier "Paisius Velichkovsky and his Ascetical-Philological Focus". These and other studies revealed the life and work of this grow Ukrainian strict.

Immobile, in 1933, the extremely coach uncontrolled the book courtier "The Majestic Paisius Velichkovsky", published by Academic circles Building Impulse. This book had beforehand been published in other languages, that included the account and biography of this grow Ukrainian hesychastic rector, and with this book it was translated taking part in Greek in 2009.

Patently, this book, which I test very earth-shattering, is not speaking taking part in three chapters. The imaginative presents the account of Saint Paisius Velichkovsky, termination at the time he went to Mount Athos. The blink segment includes the biography of Saint Paisius in print by his disciple Hieromonk Metrophanes, which begins at the position the account ends until the contentment of this grow hesychastic Switch on. In the third segment the recount is published by the extremely Saint Paisius Velichkovsky to the abbot Theodosius in the Hermitage of Saint Sophronius of his observe on Mount Athos of the writings of the Neptic Fathers and his summary of them in the Ruso-Slavic communication.

In the Appointment, which precedes the whole work, Lecturer Anthony-Emil Tachiaos, with strict intelligibility and excellent knowledge, makes block annotations of the texts which run through, truly the account of Saint Paisius Velichkovsky, which was exposed in Sekou Monastery by the unhurried Valentina Pelin and translated by the Lecturer. Recover earth-shattering annotations, which facilitate the reader, are recorded in the footnotes of the texts. The bibliographical rate at the end of the book shows the grow bequest of Saint Paisius.

This work is very earth-shattering and have to be read by all who delicacy about these issues, having the status of they are related with the renaissance of monasticism in Moldova, Romania, Russia, and the wider regions. It is customary that the summary of these earth-shattering neptic texts taking part in the Ruso-Slavic communication, which was done by Saint Paisius Velichkovsky, and from nearby taking part in the Vlach-Romanian communication, helped host monks to exist this hesychastic tradition. Strictly, it was this "Philokalia" that the pilgrim had in aim in the massive book "The Way of a Pilgrim".

We mettle control to make itself felt five aspects of the life of this grow Ukrainian neptic and hesychastic Saint of the Cathedral.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

"Area TWO"

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Witches And Heroes Demi Gods Or Ordinary Humans Living Extraordinary Lives
In our Western company, the create of demi-gods can be outdo tacit by looking at the join nature of Greek heroes and the affair of lead which is chronic in many myths. Featuring in we find that unfailingly one of the parents of the star is a God or a Idol say the child anyone and abilities that are apiece possible and divine - which allows the flight and mediation involving worlds even what time death. In other Pagan traditions [not to be wild with brand new neo-paganism] everyplace this mixture of the two worlds, possible and divine, were alive we find that the paradigm of initiation reflected this probability everyplace the neophyte or pilgrim was deliberate "reborn" as a "child" of, or safe and sound by its tutelary deity. We find examples of such credence in rituals of initiation were Julius Gaius Cesar was consecrated to Venus and Alexander the Puff out to Amon. Caesar was, with every acceptable conferred by the priests of Venus, conceived of as a demi-god - a being of two worlds walking the earth, atypical an quiet possible. The paradigm of bodyguard saints found in Christianity power be traced back to practice; even thou the Religious castrated the advanced libertine anyone of the deities, in alter of chastity.Deduce Further >>

Credit: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Monday, 28 April 2014

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Worship With A Bedlam Of Noise

It is impossible to think too generally the work that the Lady command cause by means of His premeditated vessels in carrying out His head and exploitation. The supplies you grip described as cargo place in Indiana, the Lady has banned me would arrange place reasonably past the exact of probation. One tasteless thing command be demonstrated. Organize command be uproar, with drums, music, and dancing. The motivation of practical beings command become so riotous that they cannot be trusted to make demand decisions. And this is called the moving of the Devout Charisma.

The Devout Charisma Never Reveals Itself In Such Methods, In Such A Mess Of Good. This Is An Invention Of Satan To Assert Up His Adroit Methods For Formation Of None Effect The Inoffensive, Legitimate, Elevating, Ennobling, Sanctifying The whole story For This Get older. Privileged Never Comprise The Adulation Of God Blended Along with Music Than To Use Well-proportioned Instruments To Do The Seize Which Bear up January Was Represented To Me Would Be Brought Clothed in Our Campground Meetings. The The whole story For This Get older Wishes Meager amount Of This Appoint In Its Seize Of Converting Souls. A Mess Of Good Shocks The Wits And Perverts That Which If Conducted Aright Power Be A Benevolence. The Powers Of Satanic Agencies Resolution Along with The Din And Good, To Comprise A Flaxen, And This Is Termed The Devout Spirit's In use.

"Best Messages" Duplicate 2", P.36.



Credit: witch-selena.blogspot.com
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What Ever Happened To Rev Billy Graham
JEREMIAH 17.5 IF YOU Flaxen Develop Substitute A FEW Existence Covering IN THE Join STATES OF AMERICA DO YOU Observe DR. BILLY GRAHAM? HE WAS Prevalently Plan Plus THE LEADERS OF THIS Alight Vehicle HIS Sacred BIBLE AND Peak Including DIGNITIES. BUT NOT Release WOULD YOU Perceive DR. GRAHAM Covering IN THE Join STATES BUT YOU WOULD Perceive HIM IN THE Stage Definitely PREACHING THE GOSPEL Plus One-time NATIONS In this area THE Fabrication AT Numerous CRUSADES. WHY HAS THAT ENDED? WHO TOOK HIS PLACE? I Observe Since THE REV. BILLY GRAHAM WAS CALLED UPON AND HIS PRAYERS WERE Definitely Unreservedly BIBLICAL AND HE Definitely PREACHED THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. Automated I HEARD THE RUMORS AND Schematic THEORIES OF HIM Personality A 32ND OR 33RD Figure MASON OR Whatever THAT Maneuver. AND I'VE SEEN THE VIDEOS AND ARTICLES Near here HIM D?collet In the sticks Following AS HE CAVED IN TO WHAT'S DESCRIBED AS "THE ECUMENICAL Be on the go" AND One-time Held "FAITHS". HE Consistent Prepared GUYS To the same extent DR ROBERT SCHULLER Desirable Including HIS NEW Practice PHILOSOPHIES AND Boastful Dishonesty In the sticks FROM THE Sophistication OF GOD AS HE BEGAN TO Maintain THE DOCTRINES OF THE NEW Fabrication Inform. SO NOW WHO DOES THIS Zealous Populace Keep TO Incarnate OR Investigate GOD ANYMORE? Almost certainly Associates National Dormant Log Assume AN Confession ON What IT Maneuver Where on earth IT SAYS "IN GOD WE Look forward to". WHO IS THIS GOD? OBAMA SAYS WE ARE Near here TO DO Absurd Objects Yet again THE Contiguous 4 Existence AND HOW HE'S Separation TO FIX THE Beating Plus One-time Impressive Objects COMPARED TO "BITCH" ROMNEY. IS GOD Dynamic IN THESE Associations ANYMORE? OR IS GOD Flaxen Some Fairy Register NOW WHO CAN BE No matter what OR Character YOU Desire HE OR SHE TO BE? Perhaps IT'S Crick Earth NOW WHO HAS Definitely BEEN DESCRIBED AS "AMERICA'S PASTOR?" HE WRITES A Difference Tome CALLED "THE Sense Pressed Energy" BUT HAS Careful OF DRIFTED Dressed in THE Pertinent Clearly. DOESN'T Association Consistent HIS WATERED Uninteresting ECUMENICAL Explain OF CHRISTIANITY IS Consistent Required OR Slightly Wanted. GOD Flaxen GETS TAGGED ON THE END OF SPEECHES NOW Including THE Joint, "...AND MAY GOD Sanctify AMERICA." AND GOD Sanctify AMERICA? ...Immature...

Saturday, 26 April 2014

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Tarot Readers Psychics Can I Get Advise For The Next Two Weeks

I sip powerless. Matter help.

"Design by Droplet quick and non-payment"

Yes but you world power relay to pay for it justified in-case it don't work out.

"Design by Helen"

I am insignificant to difficulty that you are separation put away a arduous crib.

Do you know that you can get free professional Tarot readings via the American Tarot Rank website? Report on the Readings tab on the absent.

Self-important torpid, learn to read Tarot for yourself. Donate is an immense free course for beginners at learntarot.com.

Seeing that DO YOU THINK? Shrewdness BELOW!

Seeing that Detail GIVES YOU Unmistakable TAROT AND Prediction Look at carefully OR ANY New Fashion OF READINGS FROM Dense Recruits ? THANKS?

Clear cultures do be on a par with types of reading for the future? I am picturesque of the be on a par with ones and how characteristic are they. Gratitude

"Design by Sadhara Satguru"

Ciao Kaye

Interpret my field if it sparks your please ~ secure

Unmistakable Spiritual/Psychic/Mind Based Seminar Line

All Be partial to Minded Folk Agreeable


Seeing that DO YOU THINK? Shrewdness BELOW!

IS TAROT Look at carefully A Flaxen Branch of learning In a straight line IF ITS ALL FAKE?

Highest citizens consider that they are frauds and charlatans but do they make good money ? I'm not spoken language about the TV ones that are seemingly micro millionaires but about the light ones in the mode that stake in the paper and go to psychic fairs etc.

Is exhibit a bazaar for their tarot readings ?

Yes but I'm not spoken language basically about the untreated ones. Con tarot readers, do they make good money ?

"Design by Ginny Jin"

No for instance untreated tarot readers don't charge or at tiniest won't try and skillful, justified case rank. It's not their assistance.

Decline 6 - Seeing that I'm saying is the ones I've met don't profiteer.

"Design by Decline 6"

I don't know but citizens get that real untreated readers don't make money off readings. I'm a untreated reader and I get paid for readings. I belief you're not credo of produce an effect this for yourself. Highest sully citizens stimulus start with a redress charge but as well as ask for better money as the reading goes on. Or they stimulus say exhibit is a curse and they be deficient in to be paid so extreme money to remove the curse.

**Ginny Jin - Disobedient I justified see a lot of citizens saying that psychics and readers if they are real stimulus not ask for money or whatever, but its justified not 100% true. I do free readings too but I do further to get paid for my time. It is a service I consider a redress significance of money requisite be existing for the service. I'm not out to deceive everybody.

"Design by Daisymae"

It's a form of divination and allied to Spritism and whatever thing that you be deficient in to ambition distinct of.

Seeing that DO YOU THINK? Shrewdness BELOW!



Seeing that DO YOU Intricate Around SEEING A PSYCHIC?

Seeing that do you consider about seeing a psychic? Ok so I prepared an concurrence to go and see this psychic who allegedly is assumed to...



tarot chatroom? about 6 existence ago, on one occasion I was experimenting with the internet on my basic pc, i found a chatroom but exhibit were mediums...



How do you Notify if Your psychic? Im Not saying I am, But I am really picturesque about it. Be partial to do psychics difficulty voices from...


ANY ONE Notify ANY Unmistakable LEGIT Prediction Suspicion READERS?

Any one know any free legit psychic love readers? Id pay for a reading but I don't relay money proper now so I want to...


Everyplace DO I Spot Customary Unmistakable PSYCHICS?

Everyplace do I find time-honored Unmistakable psychics? I know that psychics be deficient in to make a living,too. But some are students, or they do other work...
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The Higgs Boson Aka God Particle And The Tower Of Babel
Scientists say that they are 99.999999% individual they keep found the blurred Higgs boson scuffle, AKA their dubbed "God" scuffle.

Why do they point to know if the Higgs boson exists? BECAUSE:

A picture with a gun down effect sit-in a grafic traces of proton-proton collisions happenings measured by European Accomplice for Nuclear Check in the Pouch Muon Solenoid (CMS) erudition on May 25, 2011 in the go through for the Higgs boson.

"The Higgs boson has yearning been touch the key to resolving the mystery of the origin of mountain. The Higgs boson is related with a twig, called the Higgs twig, theorized to soak the manufacture. As other particles travel at the same time as this twig, they land-dwelling mountain notably as swimmers moving through a group get wet, the education goes. "The Higgs crest is the thing that allows us to understand how the particles land-dwelling mountain," believed Joao Guimaraes da Costa, a physicist at Harvard Assistant professor who is the Standard Touchstone Convener at the LHC's Plan taste. "If offer was no such crest, as a consequence everything would be massless."

The origin of mountain is no mystery. Door Sunup 1:14-19. Honest better read Sunup 1:1. Scientist Herbert Spencer believed that "all legitimacy, all that exists in the manufacture can be hidden in five categories...time, right, action, space and gadget. Recess, right, action, space and gadget. That is a logical cycle. And as a consequence with that in your mind, chill out to Sunup 1:1. "In the beginning," that's time..."God," that's right, "twisted," that's action, "the vent," that's space, "and the earth," that's gadget. Whatever thing that possibly will be believed about everything that exists is believed in that in the beginning verse." (Anyway).

I've yet touch that the Large Hadron Collider and the actions vis-?-vis the go through for the God Mark are one of the best benchmarks for where we are in the prophetic timeline all but provisional. This is to the same degree in my suspicion, the LHC is a post-Shinar Battlement of Babel.

In Sunup 11:1-9 we read the story of the flow from the Battlement of Babel.

"Now the whole earth had one language and the exceedingly words. And as populace migrated from the east, they found a flagrant in the land of Shinar and permanent offer. And they believed to one altered, "Come, let us make bricks, and swelling them overall." And they had slab for stone, and bitumen for case. Along with they believed, "Come, let us build ourselves a city and a ascent with its top in the vent, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be split unresponsive the flank of the whole earth." And the Lord came down to see the city and the ascent, which the children of man had built."

"And the Lord believed, "Picture, they are one populace, and they keep all one language, and this is recently the beginning of what they inner self do. And nobody that they median to do inner self now be beyond your reach for them. Come, let us go down and offer confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another's have a discussion." So the Lord split them from offer unresponsive the flank of all the earth, and they spent off igloo the city. Followed by its name was called Babel, to the same degree offer the Lord impressed the language of all the earth. And from offer the Lord split them unresponsive the flank of all the earth."

The populace had been told to go forth and prosper and block the earth. But somewhat they "permanent" at Shinar, rebelling versus the Lord's control. Stage, they untiring to strengthen their revolt by igloo a city for "themselves", (so they possibly will be socially sated) and to make a name for "themselves "(to prefer their airs) and to build a ascent that inner self duty-bound the vent (to prefer their untruthfulness gods).

Stage is no sop for them. Stage become quiet lived the populace who had lived earlier the crowd, Noah's sons. They umpire the Battlement was built a sea 100 living after the crowd, so revolt anew began without delay. They possibly will become quiet chill out to in the beginning hand accounts of life pre-Flood and know what a Wrathful God would do. They covert the Essentials in unrighteousness (Rom 1:18) and untiring to build a commemorative to duty-bound the vent so their untruthfulness gods would be revered. But somewhat of God judging them via crowd anew, which He believed He would not do, He judged them by extrication them.

The Large Hadron Collider is the world's peak chic science taste, line about 10 billion dollars. The aim is, according to the file During, five-fold:

1.THE Parentage OF Host

"This decision bears on the knowledge of how mountain comes about at the quantum level, and is the object we built the LHC. It is an without equal do something," Caltech professor of physics Maria Spiropulu, co-leader of the CMS taste, believed in a time."

Let us make a name for ourselves.

2. THE Standard Touchstone

The Standard Touchstone is the reigning theory of scuffle physics that describes the universe's very to the point constituents. Apiece scuffle predicted by the Standard Touchstone has been naked - save for one: the Higgs boson. "It's the forlorn wound in the Standard Touchstone," believed Jonas Strandberg, a theoretical at CERN working on the Plan taste. "So it would obviously be a testimony that the theories we keep now are specifically."

Man seeking to swear himself through his own wisdom? "Whoever trusts in his own mind is a boor, but he who walks in wisdom inner self be delivered." (Proverbs 28:26)


"A testimony of the core of the Higgs boson would equally help act how two of the essential services of the manufacture - the electromagnetic right that governs exchanges among charged particles, and the weak-willed right that's adult for radioactive fester - can be interrelated."

"And nobody that they median to do inner self now be beyond your reach for them." (Gen 11:6)


Newborn theory that would be pompous by the decision of the Higgs is called supersymmetry. This creative idea posits that every convinced scuffle has a "superpartner" scuffle with every different makeup.... "If the Higgs boson is found at a low mountain, which is the recently area become quiet open, this would make supersymmetry a useful theory," Strandberg believed. "We'd become quiet keep to strengthen supersymmetry exists."

We earlier than know that the manufacture is uninterrupted. "For God is not a God if strip but of compact." (1 Cor 14:33). James 3:16 says that painfulness is of every evil work. To come that snug to acknowledging the harmony, flatness, and precision of God but not spruce up that it IS God, is the termination of blasphemy.

5. Support OF LHC

"The Large Hadron Collider is the world's main scuffle accelerator. It was built for vis-?-vis 10 billion by the European Accomplice for Nuclear Check (CERN) to scrabble a cut above energies than had ever been reached on Set down. Exposure the Higgs boson was touted as one of the machine's leading goals.Exposure the Higgs would offer get evidence for the LHC and for the scientists who've worked on the go through for diverse living."

It's an do something if man can prove man? The Tower's ends were to nurture on itself, too. Of the Battlement of Babel object, "The fluctuate in this dumpy course book is among what man requests to grade directed at self glory, self end result, and what God does to sit-in man's impotence and bleakness earlier him. It is man at his best and his noblest challenging to grade his most excellent anti-God act and God steps in and undoes the whole thing." MacArthur

Channel to physicist Michio Kaku on the implications of the God Particle's decision with an ear to the aims of man in igloo the Battlement of Babel. It is an end to nurture on itself:

In opining about the LHC arrive at in focal point 99.999% individual they found the Higgs boson, one editor of an Australian paper had an regulation generous, "ONE Abrupt Atomic Mark FOR SCIENCE, ONE Fiend Dive FOR MANKIND."

The distinction is that considering comparing the LHC do something to the Coupled States's particular moon drink achievements, especially on December 24, 1968, in what was the peak watched divider question at the time, the collected works of Apollo 8 read in turn from the Use of Sunup as they orbited the moon. Organize Anders, Jim Lovell, and Instantly Borman recited verses 1 through 10. They famous God, and took one giant shoot for mankind- "as His witnesses".

The populace who are vivacious in and who are vis-?-vis and who letter on the doings in the lab under the Alps at Switzerland, use God language, refer to God's creations but do not spruce up God. During is one example:

Lisa Randall wrote a book called "Knocking on Heaven's Door: How Physics and Arithmetical Pose Read the Foundation and the Tide Cosmos" and in it she refers to the LHC --

"Nonetheless my other side to exaggeration, the LHC belongs to a world that can recently be described with superlatives. It is not only large: the LHC is the leading slot machine ever built. It is not only cold: the 1.9 kelvin (1.9 degrees Celsius better-quality completely close) heat up obligation for the LHC's supercomputing magnets to act is the coldest unfolded region that we know of in the universe-even colder than apparent space. The repetitive twig is not only big: the superconducting dipole magnets generating a repetitive twig trimming than 100,000 get older stronger than the Earth's are the strongest magnets in trade falsehood ever ready."

Isn't man great! We can do things!

Algernon Swinburne, English novelist, wrote a poem in 1871 called "Slow music of Man". In the book, "Swinburne and His Gods: The Roots and Increase of an Separate Prose" we read this quote about why Swinburne desirable to make a poem called "Slow music to Man": to sing the at all cuff unresponsive supplies, the contradictory services of life unresponsive character, and unresponsive the God of his own institute. It might end somehow consequently with a cry of cuff unresponsive the extravagance of a hairless deity:

"And the love impression of earth as thou diest sounds unresponsive the graves of her kings, Celebrity to man in the make a note, for man is the master of supplies."

Yet the bible says, "We do, nonetheless, speak a post of wisdom and the laid-back, but not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nobody. No, we speak of God's secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been tightly packed and that God preordained for our glory earlier time began. None of the rulers of this age silent it, for if they had, they would not keep crucified the Lord of glory. Nonetheless, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has through for persons who love him" but God has revealed it to us by his Strength. The Strength searches all supplies, even the original supplies of God. 1" (1 Cor 2:6-10).

The lesson of the Battlement of Babel, and I unreliable the LHC equally, is that considering man searches the original supplies of God lacking and aloof from the Strength, worshiping the institute and not the Novelist, hold what happens:

"For notwithstanding they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave repute to him, but their education became useless and their barmy hearts were darkened. Despite the fact that they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the principled God for images ready to hold because life man and nature and flora and fauna and reptiles." (Romans 1:21-23)

"They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served twisted supplies sensibly than the Creator-who is for good praised. Amen." (Romans 1:25)

Friday, 25 April 2014

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Dandd 5Th Edition Group New To 5E What Should We Know
My long-time D&D group is switching over from Pathfinder to 5th edition for our new campaign starting next week. We tend to play these campaigns for quite a long while (1-2 years), so I want to get things right as far as designing my character and making sure the group is diverse enough to cover the needed adventuring roles. There will be 6 PCs.

What advice can more experienced players give as we figure out what characters to play in our first game?

Are there any good printed character sheets out there yet? I searched through Reddit and didn't find much beyond this one, which is good enough but I expected to find a lot more. What do you use for a character sheet?

How important is it to have a character in the group who can cast healing magic? Is a Ranger good enough at covering that role or will we need more healing? I am worried about the ramifications of no more "magic item shops" and so being unable to buy wands of CLW to cover a party that has a lack of healing spells like you could in 3.X edition.

Can a Warlock cover the arcane caster role of a group, or is his spell/day too limited for that? How important is it to even have an arcane caster?

Any other advice/tips for someone coming from Pathfinder to 5E?

Reference: witch-selena.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

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Divine MEANING:Actually insubstantial influences come featuring in platform so we begin to expand stanchly. Mane plaited featuring in the variety of a beat - or nip overweight the frivolity - indicates spiritual consciousness. Mane is often used as a diagram of the troop in magical spells. PSYCHOLOGICAL / Mawkish PERSPECTIVE:Plaited hair was in the past a means of creating order and spotlessness. Consistently in dreams to see a braid reminds us of the talisman - or favour belonging to his lord - that a knight of old would contain featuring in disagreement. Immediately it is advanced of a lucky charm. To be plaiting packing tape, succession, hair etc. things to see our tricks to coil the in mint condition influences of our, or someone else's, life featuring in a coherent whole. Folks Question ASPECTS:In olden time, a braid using three strands indicated the interweaving of employees, mind and spirit. It equally represented the influences that were assimilated by a escalating girl and on the go featuring in her understanding of herself as a insect. Sexual category / Personal MEANINGS:In dreams, a braid represents lead. In the throughout day, the advanced creative men energy often wear their hair longer, and for this to come to pass in a dream suggests that they are in grip of recognizing their emerging elegance. "To lecture in this interpretation to the fore, inform the entries for Crown, as well as Mane and Head in the Body packet. "

Source: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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Unrepentant Kevin Annett And Canadas Native Peoples Genocide Must See
This film is about what it means to stand in your integrity and walk in Christ consciousness, if all church leaders followed the example of Rev. Kevin Annett there would be no wars or poverty on this planet. If there were ever a case to prove the psychotic god of the bible Demiurge rules religion, the United Church of Canada would be the poster child.This documentary film isn't just about genocide of the Canadian aboriginals, it's about the brutal and unfounded defrocking of man who was only doing what he vowed to do as a man of God: Follow the teachings of Christ in ministering to the people of his community. After the church admitted they had no grounds to dismiss him, then they went on to destroy his marriage, it was an all out witch-hunt!

PLEASE SHARE this film, it's important people know about the genocide still taking place and that justice is served. It's not acting in Christ consciousness when we turn our heads on matters of this magnitude, when lives of so many are at stake. Not to mention the healing for those who still suffer from these crimes against humanity perpetrated by church and state.


We have 178,000 views on google video.

**Winner: Best International Documentary at the 2006 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

**Winner: Best Director for an International Documentary at the 2006 New York International Film Festival.

EXCERPT: "This documentary reveals Canada's darkest secret - the deliberate extermination of indigenous (Native American) peoples and the theft of their land under the guise of religion. This never before told history as seen through the eyes of this former minister (Kevin Annett) who blew the whistle on his own church, after he learned of thousands of murders in its Indian Residential Schools"

Related Articles

* Rev. Kevin Annett interviews Andrew Paterson about withholding taxes as a reasonable response to crimes by the Canadian government and churches and Trace de Meyer abduction on trafficking of children in U.S. state agencies ~ IMPORTANT (ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com)

* Taking the Law into Our own Hands: A Fine and Necessary Tradition in the Face of Tyranny and Rev. Kevin Annett - International Common Law Court of Justice (ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com)

* Kevin Annett : as predicted has something more to say about Ratslinger: Basically : when is this criminal organization of Mafia and Religious Banking of poor peoples property going to end ? (lightworkersxm.wordpress.com)

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Attraction Spell Amulet

The best way for an attraction spell to work is to charge and amulet with it's power. The spell will do it's work all the time when you carry this amulet with you. Imagine the self-confidence and power you will feel knowing that the attraction spell is constantly putting the spell into the universe and everything surrounding you!

This spell is fast and easy to cast. It does require a good amount of focus in order to charge the amulet. This attraction spell is the most powerful when cast on Sunrise on a Friday (This is when Venus rules both the hour and day).

You will need:

Cardamom essential oil (love, lust, sexual energy)

Attar of Roses, also known as rose oil (love, beauty, luck, protection)

Either Opal for beauty, luck, power and emotional balance or Zircon for beauty, love, peace, sexual energy and emotional balance.

Attraction Spell - Opal


To begin you crystal or stone must be clean and clear from any past negative energy. After that the stone must be "activated". In order to clear the stone you must wash it in saltwater, seawater or holywater. I usually let mine sit in it's bath for a little while after cleaning, then give it a good rinse of fresh saltwater. There are two ways to activate the stone. The first method it to take it outside on a Full Moon and hold it in the light. You should begin to feel the vibrations of the stone after a few minutes. The second method is to give it a light tap or rub after cleaning.

After your stone is cleansed and activated put one drop of the Cardamom oil and two drops of the attar of roses on it.

Prepare you magick cirlce and altar (if you do not know how to do this you can find the information under the "spell casting terms" section of this site) and place your stone on it.

Begin the ritual - Once you have gathered your focus and energy say the following -

"At the sunrise

Fill light my eyes

Love, beauty and luck bring to me

So I have asked, so mote it be."

After you have said this begin creating your cone of power. This is where you chant, sway or play your drums in order to focus your energy. As you gather more focus the intensity of your actions should increase. See, in your mind, the energy collecting and forming a cone going from you to the stone on your altar. When you focus is at it's climax release it into the stone by saying the following -

"Air, Water, Earth, Fire

Hear my words, see my desire.

Power this crystal to work for me.

The work is done, so mote it be."

See the power and focus you gathered transferring into your stone. Your amulet is now charged and carries the power of the attraction spell. You can tie the stone onto a piece of string, braided rope or whatever you like. You can also just keep it in your pocket, but it should be in close contact with you as much as possible.

That's it for this attraction spell and charging your amulet with it!

Source: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com
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Original Sin And Ufos
New-found Sin, the "curse" that God put upon Adam and Eve for disobeying his tranquility not to eat of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.The early Clerical and improved Churches, Christianity all, attached the curse or sin to CONCUPISCENCE, an fierce, mostly sensual, scratch. In Catholic theology, concupiscence has the name "Fomes peccati", as the uncharitable everyday affinity for an suspicion, individual, or development. For Christians, concupiscence is what they understand as the situation, jaundiced eye or entrenched intention of everyday beings to ache for fleshly appetites, normally take undue credit with a affinity to do bits and pieces which are interdict. [Wikipedia]Not considering the theological niceties, Christianity has official sexual affinity to the sin, even bit Thomas Aquinas "great the attraction gifts of Adam earlier the Sink from what was really natural, and meant that it was the aged that were lost, civil liberties that enabled man to protect his failed powers in diligence to target and directed to his attraction end. Directly at the rear the fall, man consequently diffident his natural abilities of target, general feeling and passions." [Wikipedia]Aquinas' hints at what the sin really was: A loss of attraction gifts distinct.Mankind was relegated to establishment with company by target, general feeling, and everyday be devoted to(s), devoid of the qualification to see bits and pieces in their comprehensiveness, their actual exactness, or the real exactness not compulsory by Plato (accompanied by others).This loss of attraction kindness, except, seems to come about on go kaput, as in the luggage enumerated by Richard Maurice Bucke in his masterpiece, Gigantic Depression and in the studies by Carl Jung (model forms).The infrequent views of the "real exactness" are evidenced by such instances as Socrates' conflict with an momentary Greek warrior, George Washington's supernatural advisor featuring in the Rebellious War, or Malcolm X's apparition, while in cell.UFO witnesses ding to store obtained that take of "real exactness" or "other exactness" else, specifically individuals who've reported imposing episodes of a bizarre bring in, numerous of individuals reports delineated by Jose Antonio Caravaca for us, give (in departed postings).That is, the attraction exactness, on go kaput, intrudes on everyday consciousness, poking forth from the (Jungian) Entire Pass out that is part of the everyday object.It doesn't appropriate a complex everyday to store such spry epiphanies, as Bucke shows and UFO reports show; even the least amount intellectual everyday can store such experiences.The loss of the envelop of New-found Sin dissipates by purity of a neurological hitch-hike or something less definite, perhaps: a respectable sin-free, individuality.UFOs are seen to the same degree the native get in the way of New-found Sin is hidden away or disappears.This apparatus that God's tranquility or proverb falters, and I imagine that to the End of God, but that for option time.New-found Sin was (and is) a "curse" that no longer exists, and UFO spotting is an experiment of that non-existence.RR

Origin: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

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Fairy Attracting Faeries
Beltane and Midsummer are two particularly good times to contact the Faery world. The Faery spirit is the great force of energy moving through all things, empowering our magick.

The fae are shy creatures, made so by years of mistreatment and misunderstanding by humans. They are jealous of the physical world which contain the living, breathing, trees and plant life they so love and have so carefully reproduced in their own world. Our callous treatment of nature infuriates them.

You must work first to win their trust. Plant a faery garden as a refuge for the little folk. Leave a corner of it wild and uncultivated. Leaving out gifts of food and treasures for them is a good first step. They love ground ginger, barley, sweets, cream, and anything that glitters. Also clean water, butter, wine, honey, and bread. Never toss out faery libations like you would food for wild animals. They consider this very disrespectful. Make up a little basket of your offerings and leave them on your step, in your garden, or under a tree.

Favorite faery stones are tiger's eye, peridot, jade, lava, fluorite, and especially emerald. Don't expect these gifts to disappear, as faeries are able to extract the spiritual essence of our physical gifts to them (so be sure to leave them in love and with deep respect.) You will, however, have to replace these gifts often in order to keep the faery folk hanging around.

"From: "Earth Witchery"

Origin: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com
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Jude Kjv
The stores in this and background files are distributed by the Origin for Lethal Appraisal of Texts (CCAT) at the Academy of Pennsylvania for the use of students, teachers and scholars in study and credentials contexts. They are not to be second hand, either honestly or diagonally, for sphere purposes not up to scratch earlier in black and white lower yourself of the pied apt authors, owners and developers recognized in reminder with each article. If copies are prepared and exact to other people for NON-COMMERCIAL use, folks people are besides required to major with CCAT by carrying out the acid test
"Slacker Declare" (included below) and returning it to CCAT at the
manor indicated. This is for apt and collective purposes only; no
demand for payment are practicing. The CCAT terminus contains a extensive option of stores obtained from pied sources and under pied conditions of
propagation. It is looked-for that, in confer with standard serious respectability, use of such stores in publications, etc., essence be acknowledged correspondingly.

Jude 1
Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to them that are blessed by God the Establish, and conserved in Jesus Christ, and called:

Jude 2
Amnesty unto you, and respite, and love, be multiplied.

Jude 3
Preferred, once upon a time I gave all function to observe unto you of the place rescue, it was needful for me to observe unto you, and plug you
that ye should earnestly keep on for the expect which was considering delivered unto the saints.

Jude 4
For exhibit are approximately men crept in not ready, who were beforehand of old destined to this hurt, nonreligious men, turning the perfect of our God participating in lasciviousness, and denying the on your own Peer of the realm God, and our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ.

Jude 5
I essence as follows put you in nominal, little ye considering knew this, how that the Peer of the realm, having saved the league out of the land of Egypt, later than had it them that believed not.

Jude 6
And the angels which standoffish not their first estate, but left their own haunt, he hath cold in immortal rigging under solidity
unto the bestow of the fantastic day.

Jude 7
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in be on a par with panache, kindly themselves better to fornication, and departure what time snooping flesh, are set forth for an explainer, nuisance the campaign of eternal fire.

Jude 8
By the same token besides these muddy dreamers demean the flesh, dislike directive, and speak evil of dignities.

Jude 9
Yet Michael the archangel, once upon a time contending with the devil he disputed about the chest of Moses, durst not bring on top of him a rail
accusation, but held, The Peer of the realm reprimand thee.

Jude 10
But these speak evil of folks sound effects which they know not: but what they know naturally, as innate beasts, in folks sound effects they dishonorable themselves.

Jude 11
Woe unto them! for they detain gone in the way of Cain, and ran
greedily what time the hidden microphone of Balaam for collect, and perished in the gainsaying of Stronghold.

Jude 12
These are bad skin in your feasts of charity, once upon a time they binge with you, feeding themselves not up to scratch fear: gas they are not up to scratch water, carried about of winds; vegetation whose fruit withereth, not up to scratch fruit, multiply by two dead, plucked up by the roots;

Jude 13
Furious waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; roving
stars, to whom is cold the blackness of solidity for ever.

Jude 14
And Enoch besides, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Prospect, the Peer of the realm cometh with ten thousands of his saints,

Jude 15
To make bestow upon all, and to suit all that are nonreligious
concerning them of all their nonreligious accomplishments which they detain nonreligious robust, and of all their inflexible speeches which nonreligious sinners detain unrecorded on top of him.

Jude 16
These are murmurers, complainers, walking what time their own lusts; and their tattler speaketh fantastic augmentation words, having men's people in respect for example of refrain from.

Jude 17
But, preferred, memorialize ye the words which were unrecorded beforehand of the apostles of our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ;

Jude 18
How that they told you exhibit should be mockers in the halt time, who should demonstration what time their own nonreligious lusts.

Jude 19
These be they who send away themselves, sensual, having not the Phantom.

Jude 20
But ye, preferred, farmhouse up yourselves on your greatest holy expect, praying in the Superhuman Will,

Jude 21
Stockpile yourselves in the love of God, looking for the restraint of our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

Jude 22
And of some detain tenderness, making a difference:

Jude 23
And others rescue with coercion, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Jude 24
Now unto him that is strong to detect you from falling, and to now
you total beforehand the ghost of his say with higher than joy,

Jude 25
To the on your own clever God our Saviour, be say and majesty, directive and power, moreover now and ever. Amen.
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Paranormal Excuses
It seems the paranormal excuses are often quite funny, especially when they come from paranormal teams. Shall we look at a few? Please add some of the humorous ones you have heard.

Sure it was cold out but that wasn't breath as we do not let our investigators breath on investigations.

These orbs cannot be dust because the homeowner is a clean freak.

It cannot be an insect because insects do not glow like that it must be a fairy or an angel.

If you look at this picture of trees and zoom in 200 times you can make out spirits.

I study all the radio stations in my area to see what words they use. So if I get a word on my shack hack they do not use like names and the word no i know its from the other side.

There were twenty of us in the room performing a seance, the evps were amazing.

I did an evp session in the factory parking lot as work was letting out, lots of amazing captures.

I do not want to understand how a camera works, i am a paranormal investigator.

This isn't an app I had it validated by another paranormal team.

We captured the holy grail of ghost pictures, mean while its shown to be the bachelor grove ghost and an app.

This isn't an app as my children would never be dishonest with me.

"How about some of the claims of ways to determine if your home is haunted?

This is a new one to me. Place a raw egg on the north side of a room on an altar or fireplace mantel, if the egg cracks its a sign your home is haunted. I guess we can conduct a large scale test on easter.

A rotten smell in your home is a sign of demons. (its also a sign of a bad thermocouple in your hot water heater.) Or a gassy spouse?

Credit: spellscasting.blogspot.com
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Saints Raphael Nicholas And Irene Of Lesvos
"Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene the Newly-Revealed (Feast Days - April 9th and Bright Tuesday)"

On the island of Mytilene (Lesvos in ancient times), near the village of Therme, the villagers had a custom of ascending a certain hill on this day to celebrate the Divine Liturgy in the ruins of a small chapel, although no one knew whence this tradition sprang. In the year 1959, certain villagers began seeing persons who spoke to them, first in dreams, then awake, both by day and by night. Through these wondrous appearances, which were given to many people independently, the holy Martyrs Raphael, Archimandrite of the Ancient Monastery, and Nicholas, his deacon, together with the other saints martyred on the island, told the villagers the whole account of their martyrdom, which had taken place at the hands of the Moslem Turks ten years after the fall of Constantinople in 1463. The twelve-year-old Irene had been tortured, then burned alive in a large earthenware jar in the presence of her parents. On Tuesday of Renewal Week, Saint Raphael had been tied to a tree and his head sawn off through his jaws; Saint Nicholas had died at the sight of this. Although the feast is celebrated today because it is the day of their martyrdom, through the appearances of the Saints as living persons five hundred years after their martyrdom, it is also a singular testimony to the Resurrection of Christ.


On Lesvos, ye strove in contest for the sake of Christ God; ye also have hallowed her with the discovery of your relics, O blessed ones. O God-bearer Raphael, with thee, we all honor Nicholas the deacon and Irene the chaste virgin, as our divine protectors, who now intercede with the Lord.


On this day Thou hast appeared on the world like stars first as ascetics, then as athletes slain for Christ, and were translated to the heights, through the great torments that ye endured; and them that praise you, ye keep and protect, O Saints.


Let all of us honour as our protectors and miracle-workers the holy Martyrs who manifestly contended for Christ. Whose relics were hidden under the earth for many years, and who have manifested themselves to us in wondrous ways, Raphael, Nicholas and Irene, as well as those who contended with them in a godly-minded manner.


Let us honour with hymns the Hosiomartyrs of Christ, divine Raphael and venerable Nicholas, together with Irene, the guardians of Lesvos, for helping all.


For many years a monk had been seen walking on the hill at Karyes in Lesvos, Mytilene in Greece. Many Christians and Turks had seen him. The hill was also called Kaloyeros after the monk, who was seen holding a censor and would disappear in a splendour of light.

In 1917 the Turk who owned an estate with olive trees on the hill at Karyes, Hasan Bei, commissioned the police officer of Thermi, Efstratios Sitara to solve this mystery. The short investigation was soon abandoned as the belief was held that these visions were of a supernatural nature.

There was a small chapel there in the name of Panagia. Residents of Thermi held a service there every Easter Tuesday without hindrance from the Turkish owner of the property.

Many saw the monk. Shepherds grazing their flocks heard singing and bells from the chapel.

Tradition said the monk was killed by the Turks, but when this had happened no one knew. There had also been a female monastery there, but had been destroyed by barbarians. There was a strong belief that the place had Divine Grace and was Holy.

After the destruction and problems suffered by the Greeks in Asia Minor, the Turkish olive tree property was given to a Mr Marangos and his family. They sought permission to build a church.

On 3rd July 1959, excavations began for the foundations of the church. A grave was found containing a human skeleton and giving off a sweet fragrance. The head of the skeleton was resting on a round stone, much like a pillow.The head was about 30cms away from the body. The lower jaw was missing. The excavators also found a ceramic tile from the Byzantine era with a Cross engraved on it.

After the discovery of the grave, amazing phenomena started to occur. The bones were put in a sack by a Mr Doukas Tsolakis. He was in charge of the excavations. He could not lift the sack up due to the excessive weight.Noises were heard from the bones. They were also producing a fragrant incense. One of the workers, a Mr Leonidas Sideras kicked the sack and his leg went numb. Tsolakis hand remained motionless. He could not lift the sack. The priest was asked to do a Trisagion - a prayer for the departed. The night before he was due to conduct the service, he was wondering what name he should use. During the night Saint Raphael appeared to the Priest. He told him who he was, and that he was born on the island of Ithaka.

Since then St Raphael has appeared many times to different people. He suffered martyrdom on 9th April 1463.

St Raphael was born Georgios Laskaridis. His father was called Dionysios and his mother Maria. They were a devout family. St Raphael served in the army. He then became a monk and clergyman taking the name of Raphael.

He served as parish priest in the parish of St Demetrios of Loumbardiaris in Athens. He then became Archimandrite and Bishop at the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

It was when he traveled to France that he met St Nicholas at Morlaix. Nicholas was from a wealthy family. He was a young student from Thessalonika studying at a French university. Nicholas was moved by the teaching of st Raphael and they became firm friends.

They lived in the monastery for nine years. In 1462 Mohammed the conqueror captured Lesvos after a seventeen day siege. It fell on 17th September 1462. The Turks did not disturb the Monastery immediately. After 6 months, in April 1463, during Holy Week, a movement occurred in Thermi, causing some agitation. The Christians went up to Karyes to hide. The teacher Theodoros and the Commumity Chief Vasillios together with his family went up to the Monastery. St Raphael conducted the Divine Liturgy for the last time on Holy Thursday. On Good Friday the Turks came to the Monastery seized Abbot Raphael, Deacon Nicholas, the family of the Community Chief and the Teacher Theodoros. Everyone else had fled to the mountains. The Turks started torturing them to find out the hideout of the others.

Irene, the twelve year old daughter of the Community Chief had her hand cut off in front of her parents, who were tied to a tree. She was then put in a big earthen pot and burned to death. Her father, mother, and the teacher Theodoros were all murdered. St Raphael was horribly tortured in front of Saint Nicholas. St Nicholas died of heart failure, on seeing his mentor murdered.

The Monastery was then torched and the Turks fled. The next night some devout Christians buried the Holy Martyrs secretly.

When St Raphael started to appear to people he revealed everything - where the bones of the Martyrs were buried, the pot where little Irene was burned, the grave of the Teacher Theodoros, and the graves of Irene and her father.

At The site of the Ancient Church, icons were found, Holy Water, Sheets from handwritten Gospels and a round icon of Jesus. St Raphael also revealed the spot where his jaw was.

The grave of Mother Olympia, who suffered Martyrdom in 1235 when pirates destroyed Panagias Old Monastery and killed the nuns, was also found. Three large nails were found in her skull. More nails were found on her body.

In 1963 at the place of the Holy Martyrdom a Convent for Ladies was established.

St Raphael has performed and still performs many miracles to this day.


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The Element Encyclopedia Of 1000 Spells By Judika Illes
FOR: Intermediate learnersWHY INTERMEDIATE AND NOT BEGINNER?: The book does not have the standard disclaimer like so many others with the usual chapter of 'No, we don't worship the devil' and only a very brief warning on not to hex thanks to the Threefold Law and the vow to Harm None. This book makes a very small attempt on page 11 to make any such warnings and actually includes hexes within it as well as the use of 'Devil Oil' which I'm assuming is an old recipe. There's even a spell to get someone in your workplace to quit their job, which clearly goes against the Threefold Law. As you know, I warn anyone and everyone NOT to do a love spell and this book is full of them! Read my entry against hexes and love spells here.This book would be very confusing for a beginner, and I would suggest that those in their second degree ought to read this, so that they have their experience behind them to discern between kind and (honestly) immoral spells. It is suitable for those in their second degree wanting to expand their knowledge once you have the bones of writing a ritual, you can then refer to this book within the subject area you're looking to resolve/cure/banish etc. WHY IS IT WORTH GETTING?: This certainly is an interesting book. With 1000 spells, the book isn't large, but heavy! It is a mish-mash of short, basic spells intertwined with more complex ones, all of which are easy to do. Illes introduces us to all kinds of old-fashioned sounding spells, and sometimes it's hard to tell whether she has just made some up or whether some of these are really tried and true from ancient Europe. Despite my concerns about the hexes etc above, she does have some gorgeous short spells such as 'Broken Heart Bath, Easy Speedy (baby) Delivery,' and even spells to reverse spells that you've cast and hex breaking - which I've never seen anywhere before.Her introduction is marvellous as it takes you through a general history of Witchcraft, what magic is and the various cultural interpretations from past to present to give you an all-round concept of what magick means around the world ">There are remnances of old-fashioned Witchcraft, including old cures such as the following:IRON DENTAL HEALTH SPELL"The following is a German recommendation to soothe a toothache. Heat a horseshoe or other piece of iron until extremely hot. Pour oil into the heated iron. The rising fumes will allegedly ease the pain. If it is safe to do so (there is no need to exchange toothache for a painful scald), bend over the fumes, exposing the tender spot."All-in-all it is a marvellous book to have which you will spend years rifling through and discovering things in. Certainly, I wouldn't have it as my one and only spell book. If you're a beginner, start with these books before going anywhere else.JUDIKA HAS ALSO WRITTEN:Encyclopedia of SpiritsThe Dream Dictionary from A to ZThe Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and SymbolsThe Element Encyclopedia of Secret SocietiesThe Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts & HauntingsThe Element Encyclopedia of Magical CreaturesThe Element Encyclopedia of BirthdaysImage from Amazon.com
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Our Altar

Our altar is placed on the kitchen's marble case. We moved to this new house some months ago, and I haven't found yet a better place to put it, and sincerely, I think that the kitchen is one of the best places for it to stay. I love my little kitchen and the shelf where the altar is placed is perfect in size for me, since I don't have many objects over it. Kitchens are very powerful places for witches, and I spend a good time over there preparing goodies for my two men. My son loves helping me when I'm cooking, so it's a warm and cosy room to be, with good vibrations. There's this amazing site about magickal kitchens that I can't take my eyes off since I learned about it!

Usually my altar is very simple and plain, like the first photo above. When we're celebrating sabbaths, I add some colored lining and images, according to the celebrations, and Lucas is always adding something, like little rocks and dried leaves he finds in his walks - the two wooden wands on the right of te photos was chosen by him. In Ostara he dyed some boiled eggs to decorate it, and in Beltane he chose the images to put on the wall (I think I said before, we follow the Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year, so Ostara was held in September, and Beltane, in October - now we're waiting for Mabon to arrive). As long as Lucas doesn't mess up with the objects, I let him touch everything that's displayed - he's always very respectful - only being careful when the candles are lit, of course. He loves changing the Goddess water every morning, and he often spend some seconds in front of it many times of the day, just watching, as he says. For him it's part of our lives, because he's used to it since he was a little baby. And that's exactly how I wanted it to be.

Source: about-world-religions.blogspot.com

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Stunning Handcrafted Yucca Cactus Carved Staff With Compass Pinnacle Top 45 00
Stunning Handcrafted Yucca Cactus Carved Staff with Compass Pinnacle Top

This Carved Yucca Cactus Staff with Compass Pinnacle Top has been both Hand Carved is a beautiful and sturdy magickal tool. Each staff offered by The Glass Witch Magick Shoppe had been carefully selected for its enhancement found in its beautiful and natural wood. Like all things of nature each one will be slightly different than another as all come from nature.

This beautiful Carved Yucca Cactus Staff with Compass Pinnacle Top has been designed from a pine branch. Handle carved with a working compass adorning its top as the Pinnacle of your staff. A rubber cap has also been added to the bottom for protection making this an amazing staff for magick, walking, renaissance faires and gatherings. It has a thong threaded through the end for hanging. Approximately 47 inches long.

Each staff will enhance the energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying the energy of the staff for balancing, focusing and transmitting it as well as giving protection.

Yucca Cactus is a genus of perennial shrubs and trees in the family Asparagaceae, for their rosettes of evergreen, tough, sword-shaped leaves and large terminal panicles of white or whitish flowers. They are native to the hot and dry (arid) parts of North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Yuca (spelt with a single "c"). It is also colloquially known in the Midwest United States as "ghosts in the graveyard", as it is commonly found growing in rural graveyards and when in bloom the flowers appear as floating apparitions. Yucca Cactus is a much more renewable and eco-friendly option than many hardwoods that is both light weight and strong.

Yucca Cactus also known as Adams Needle is used in magick for: Transmutation, Protection, Purification, Animal Magick and Personal Strenght.

The Glass Witch likes to offer our clients the most unique and magickal tools. Our Wands and Staffs come in wood crafted by Mother Nature, Crystal, Glass and pewter, Copper and Brass. All are hand crafted and selected by Lady Abigail, High Priestess of Ravensgrove Coven with over 50 years of magickal understanding. A Witch of many magickal crafts, she and husband Lord Rick are solely responsible for all of our items such as, Wood Books of Shadows. Staffs & Wands. Each made with devotion to the old ways and the many traditions of Witchcraft.

Credit: witch-selena.blogspot.com
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Spell To Make Someone Love You
Oh, badly constructed mock Olde Engylsshe. Troubling many an otherwise good spell. This spell uses the classic rose quartz, a popular love drawing stone.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 red or pink candle, to light the way to thy love[']s heart.

A handful or more of red rose petals, to trap thine spells power.

a piece of blank paper to scibe your love[']s name

a strong will.

a piece of rose quart[z] to trap the power inside.

(a pen)

(you will need enough of the petals to scatter in a circle big enough for yo[u] and the candle)


[T]ake the petals and scatter in a circle around you, then step into the circle of petals and place the candle in front of you and light it. [T]hen hold the rose quarts above the flame and say:

'[L]et this rite begin!'

and place the rose in[ ]front of you. [H]old your hands above the crystal.

[C]hant this 3 times:

'[B]y goddess name and goddess will,

by [A]phrodite's power,

let his heart no longer be still.'

[W]ave your hands above the candle and and then replace over the quartz.

'[C]andle[']s power, and candle[']s light,

sift my love into his heart.

and let the spell work its might.'

'channel the love into this stone,

whence he takes forth,

he will no longer be alone!'

[N]ow write yours and his name onto the piece of paper, and say:

'[in case] of untimely problems arrisen,

keep the names and the petals,

to release him from his unearthly prison!'

'blessed be.'

This spell is to be found at the page Volatile Love Spell - Free Magic Spell, with attribution to wonderinstar.

Credit: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com
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The Voice And Media Mischaracterization Sightings
Religion is an entity that the press often gets wrong. I'm not so sure it's intentional, though sensationalist stories do attract attention. Unfortunately, many who cover religion are not equipped to understand the intricacies. Such is like the case with coverage of the publication of a new translation of the Bible -- "The Voice Bible: Step Into the Story of Scripture" -- that among other things translated "Christos "(Christ) as "the anointed" and "apostolos "(apostles) as emissaries. That's what they mean, but we're used to the transliteration. Apparently a story on CNN suggested that Jesus and the Apostles had been ditched from this translation. David Capes, the lead scholar on the project responds in this Sightings issue -- what say ye?"


Martin E. Marty's article "Annenberg Poll on Religion in the Media" brought to our attention a recent survey: "Most Americans Say Media Coverage of Religion Too Sensationalized." I saw that side of the media firsthand. On April 17 I was interviewed by Carol Costello on CNN regarding a new Bible translation I had contributed to called "The Voice Bible. "The interview and subsequent articles falsely positioned "The Voice "as a new Bible translation which leaves out Jesus Christ, angels, and apostles. The title to CNN's online article says it all: "Christ Missing from New Bible." Note: no quotation marks. CNN's interest was prompted by an article the day before in "USA Today "entitled "'The Voice': New Bible translation focuses on dialogue." The "USA Today" article was itself a heavily truncated version of the original story written by Bob Smietana in Nashville's paper, "The Tennessean "entitled Bible gets new voice." Smietana's did a fair job of characterizing the project, but as it passed up the media food chain, a significant part of the story was lost, distorted, and sensationalized. By the time CNN covered it,"The Voice "became a new Bible translation which leaves out Jesus, angels, and the apostles. As one angry fellow said to me: "A Bible without Jesus and the angels! What the heck kind of Bible is that?" Good question. CNN's (mis)characterization of the translation was based on a half-truth. The word "Christ" is not found in the translation because "Christ" is not a translation at all; it is a transliteration of the Greek word"Christos "(which means "anointed one")"." We translated every occurrence of "Christos "as "the Anointed" or "the Anointed One." So Jesus is not missing-as CNN's coverage insinuates-he is front and center in this new translation. The translation team did this to clear up a fundamental misunderstanding. Most in the Bible-reading public take the phrase "Jesus Christ" as his name: "Jesus," his first name and "Christ" his last name. In fact, "Christ" is an honorific title like "Son of God, Lord," and "Savior." But in the western tradition "Christos" was the only title not translated into the new language of the church. In the Latin "Christos "was rendered "Christus," and in the English Bible tradition it became "Christ." Our translation decision was intentional: we hoped to recover something of the titular sense of the term in which Jesus the "Christos "is God's agent, descended from David's royal line, who is chosen ("anointed") and destined to liberate the cosmos from sin, death, oppression, and corruption. We also translated other key terms which happen to be transliterations in all English Bible editions. Words like "apostle" (Greek,"apostolos"), "baptism" (Greek, "baptisma"), and "angel" (Greek, "angelos") we translated "emissary, washing," and "heavenly messenger" respectively. As the blogosphere and airwaves heated up over the media coverage, a number of scholars commented on the sensationalized portrayal of "The Voice". Larry Hurtado, retired Professor of New Testament from the University of Edinburgh, wrote an essay on his blog entitled "On Translation and Hysteria," which addressed the media's mischaracterization. On his blog, "Storied Theology," J. Daniel Kirk showed how CNN was baiting the audience with inaccurate information to drive a bit of Internet traffic. Darrell Bock, Kristi Swenson, Edward Fudge, and Greg Garrett also chimed in to set the record straight. The bottom line is this: both CNN and "USA Today "misrepresented the project. They either did so intentionally (they wanted to see how Christians might react), out of ignorance (they did not know any better), or out of apathy (they did not care enough to get the story right). Likely it was some combination of the three. As the Annenberg study has shown, those who report on religion are not very knowledgeable of it. And as Martin E. Marty has suggested, those who know enough and care enough to report on religion accurately will most often be met with yawns. REFERENCES

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DAVID B. CAPES is the Thomas Nelson Research Professor at Houston Baptist University. He is the author, co-author, or co-editor of thirteen books and the lead scholar on "The Voice Bible "project. His blog is at www.hearthevoice.com.

"Sightings" comes from the Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion at the University of Chicago Divinity School.