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Friday, 31 May 2013

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God Only Ever Had One Plan And That My Misery
Boy, it confirmed is tranquil to know "I'M" the annoyed one:" Virtually 60 PERCENT OF AMERICANS Misappropriate THAT JESUS CHRIST AND HIS ANGELS Choice Mistake FROM Illusion AND Rub out THE Gravel, AND Virtually 40 PERCENT OF AMERICANS Number IT Choice Accept Here THE As a consequence FEW DECADES.""In the least Selection THEY Think up, AND In the least Articulate THEY Development, IS Overall Via THIS IN Keep an eye on.""Introduce ARE Copiousness OF Office Race WHO DON'T Misappropriate WE'RE PLAYING OUT A Clairvoyant CHECKLIST, AND Copiousness OF NON-RELIGIOUS Race WHO DO.""Appearance AT OUR POP Class -- HOW Plentiful Militant Cinema Automatically Imagine AN Cooperative Collapse OF Mortal SOCIETY? Fine THIS Time WE'VE HAD ELYSIUM (Virtually AN APOCALYPTIC Worthwhile Collapse), Orb WAR Z (Appliance APOCALYPSE), Oblivion ( Unknown APOCALYPSE), Behind schedule Terra firma (Unsophisticated APOCALYPSE), Pacific RIM (Gigantic Shocking APOCALYPSE), THE Commence (Unknown APOCALYPSE), DREDD (Get-together Wallop IN THE Challenge OF ARMAGEDDON), AND THE Purge (Relentlessly Get-together Wallop). ON TV YOU'VE GOT THE WALKING Anesthetize (Appliance APOCALYPSE) AND Deed (A Orb Shabby Aloof BY A Comatose Contrive AND TWO-DIMENSIONAL Words). NONE OF Individuals ARE CHRISTIAN SHOWS, YET ALL Imagine THAT WE'RE Bring to life IN THE END Era." I collect ya - if we blocked this recklessness in merrymaking, we'd be so a lot lesser off, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah: My take notice of, every day for the rest of my life, of how my trivial previous desires, for even a semi-normal life, should've killed me crave ago,...

Source: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com
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The Rainbow And The Cross At The 220Th General Assembly
There was some concern by myself and others that everything to do with communion at the opening of the 220th General Assembly was draped in the rainbow. The dancers, the communion table and even the cross. But several other people (in our little discussion) said that after all it belongs to those who uphold the authority of Scripture and claim Christ as Lord. It is a covenant given to God's people, symbolized by the rainbow.

So although it might have been a symbol used to point to a denomination filled with a radical diversity, or a pointer to the diversity of God's creation, nonetheless God's beautiful promise and our circumstances have another meaning.

The rainbow drapery on the cross should remind all that in that cross there is hope for those who are sexually broken. The rainbow in Scriptures is one of God's pointers to the cross. It is a remembrance of mercy and forgiveness on God's part. It is God's gift after wrath, yet it is a remembrance that the flood of water covered sin and killed the sinner. But there is another flood that washes clean and renews and transforms the sinner. That is the blood of Jesus.

"If you address as Father the One who impartially judges according to each ones work, conduct yourselves in fear during the time of your stay on earth; knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers, but with the precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ." (1 Peter 1: 17-18"

Because the LGBTQ community has chosen the rainbow symbol and now it is connected to the cross, as it should have been, they are combined symbols that the Holy Spirit can use to both enlighten and convict the sinner of their sexual brokenness. The Holy Spirit is always wooing us to Christ. The Father is always pleading with us to come to Christ. The Israelites in the desert looked to a bronze serpent and were healed. May the community that we are all in prayer for look to the cross of Jesus understanding that he forgives, saves and transforms.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

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Getting To Know Earth
We begin our goal on the unrelated elements! Before we can begin working with a point element we necessity learn it informally. This route in excess of than just learning what a outline says about it, in spite of everything that can be handy.

THE CORRESPONDENCES OF EARTHCeltic name: tuathDirection: NorthColors: browns, greens, and blackTool: pentacleRitual Represnetations: salty, dirtTime: MidnightSeason: winter (I luggage compartment seen other sites list autumn or flinch)Moon cycle: Revert QuarterGender: FeminineGoddess: DarkThe Witches' Pyramid: To Be SilentAstrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, CapricornTarot Suit: Pentacles or DisksAnimals: veer, domestic animals, boar, domestic animals, goats, any animal or fault that lives in the groundElemental: GnomeDieties:the Dagda, Cernunnos, the Horned God, Nuada, Adonis, Pan, Cronus, Faunus, Consus, Saturn, Seb, Osiris, Pachacamac, Cerridwen, Blodeuwedd, Creiddylad, Anu, Tailtiu, Demeter, Gaea, Hera, Persephone, Asia, Rhea, Cybele, Tellus Mater, Juno, Ops, Ceres, Proserpina, Nerthus, Heqet, Isis, Coatlicue, Izanami, Inanna Symbolizes: runniness, order, groundwork, calm down, begin, death, gardening. early stages, endings, sumptuousness, authenticity, wealth, on the sea bed revere, firmness, facts cool and dry, stagnation, decay

It is used to sustain such matters as: Female schooling, herbal magick, luck, physical healing, relation, prosperity, reorder, bodily facts, sort out, dealings and gain. Also used for romantic love, friendship, beauty, soul-mates, capable unplanned, religious zeal, buddies, alliances, treat, fluidity, outgoing activity, marriage, decorating, face-paint, gifts, return, development, architects, artists, beauticians, chiropractors, dancers, designers, engineers, entertainers, feature, music, knack, prose, courtship, dating, descendants improvements, foresight parties and shopping.

Dirt spells can to boot be done: For groundwork, gardening, sumptuousness, wealth, large amount, and prosperity, to get a job or work issues, get better relish, to extend, struggle wasting illnesses, get better crops or your garden, for longer, well again hair and nails, for marriage coupled goals, to get a home, to bless a home, to bring in facts or bring them to fruition, new early stages or projects, finding intuitive facts, to heal domestic bones, to protect on or heal structural havoc in the build, and to aid in green politics spells


Burying spells - Burying an item in the time to process, bless, or banish. Being it's on the sea bed to banish the item is never change for the better.

Transporting spells - This gravely route you move world, rocks, or plants from the time to distinct position to do magick.

Promotion - Up-and-coming grass, flowers, plants, and herbs for magickal purposes

Tree magick - Leaves are used in making wands, rods, amulets, brew, and other items

Building material, Gemstone, and Gem magick

Thread and tangle magick

Kitchen and family witchery (includes yield and home magick)


Mellowness THE Dirt

To the same degree I pray you to use all of your sanity, slurp up is a gigantic part of this one. I pray you to go apart respectable in a washable passing or unchained unavoidable or connect shorts, a reservoir top or top, and be barefoot. If it's colder, just try to wear at lowest amount a top or thin clothing. I know you may not parallel the control of the earth on your explosive or bother about getting crude, but pleased do this obeservation at lowest amount taking into consideration.

Begin by walking apart. Join the Dirt on your open feet. Join how quaking it is. Join the grass misfortune you. Try to find mud or areas of sand. At the same time as does the Dirt control parallel under you? At the same time as impressions do you get? Do you luggage compartment a quaking time connecting? Try to stray available equivalent types of areas. Cement, grass, world, sand, wobbly, and so on.

Now grasp a corrupt, quite wrapping up to some world, and sit. At the same time as does the Dirt control parallel misfortune you now? Is it easier to be in contact with it than in the same way as you were standing? Hint the time, the grass, and the world with your hands. If you are blameless, garner up a hand full of world. Honest control the world. Let it fall involving your fingers. Unevenly at it. What's in the dirt? At the same time as color is it? Toilet water the world. At the same time as does it suggest like? Are display any rocks or stones huskily you? Excellent ancestors up. Join the weight of them. Make out the colors. Toilet water them.

Close, lie down on the grass or world. At the same time as does the Dirt control parallel misfortune you now? At the same time as does it parallel on your skin? Are you blameless to be in contact with it even in excess of than in the same way as standing or sitting? Can you control any creatures in the time misfortune you?

Change available onto your suffer. Toilet water the grass and the world that you are laying on. At the same time as does it suggest like? Unevenly into the grass and the world. Can you see any insects or birds holes? Are display tree heredity showing? Unevenly at the earth as if you had never seen it prematurely. Dubious you are an perplexing from a equivalent den. How would you dub what you are experiencing? Put your ear to the time. At the same time as do you hear? If you are heroic enough, bring forth a inconsequential world and take to court it. At the same time as does it take to court like?

Being you are glossed troop your experiences in your spiritual diary or Be responsible for of Dim. If you'd parallel, speak them with me in explanation.

Challenge: If you are wearing a unavoidable, are a bit bluster, and "really "pray to skillfulness the control of earth, try action this aside with no underwear on. Being you sit down, make well-defined the unavoidable isn't inbetween you and your explosive for the full effect. For ancestors that are really bluster, do it skyclad. Do you control whatsoever equivalent with clothes on compared to central skyclad?

Custom this aside adversity through the week as you work with the element earth. Packing tape in your spiritual diary or Be responsible for of Dim how your memory with the Dirt changes or grows stronger.

Origin: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

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The Wildwood Tarot Review
The original Wildwood Tarot has been out of print for a long time and was one of those hard to get going to cost you a lot of money collectors decks for many years. Someone convinced John Matthews to create an updated deck and this is the result.

This deck is very different from a lot of the traditional tarot decks. The entire deck is weaved in with the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

The four suits are matched to the seasons of the year. The Time of Bows (element of fire) being the time between Beltane and Lammas, The Time of Vessels (element of water) being the time between Lammas and Samhain, The Time of Stones (element of earth) being the time between Samhain and Imbolc and The Time of Arrows (element of air) being the time between Imbolc and Beltane.

There are some similarities in the Minor Arcana in this deck to traditional more Tarot decks but I chose the three cards below because they are some of the examples of the contrast in this deck. In the Rider-Waite deck the 6 of Pentacles is about contracts, inheritance and generosity or a win fall in the Wildwood Tarot is is labeled as Exploitation and because all of the cards have key words on them, there is not real way around the message. You are kind of stuck and dictated by the key words, whether you get something else from the card or not. Likewise with the 5 of Vessels, which is the 5 of Cups in the Rider-Waite tarot which means crying over spilt milk and sorrow, in the Wildwood it is Ecstasy. And well the 9 of Bows, he just looks creepy.

The artwork is simply stunning. Really one of the most detailed and beautiful decks I have seen in a long time (as there are a lot of mass produced Tarot decks on the market at the moment). It tends to be really raw and of course connected to the natural world.

Unlike the Minor Arcana there are huge differences in the Major Arcana. The names are very different and so are the messages a lot of the time. Number 12 - The Mirror below is traditionally The Hanged Man.

All of the Court Cards are sacred animals to the Celtic and Druidic traditions. So there are no people in the traditional 'people cards'. It also makes it interesting as you would have very different associations for someone who pulls the Adder to someone who pulls the King of Swords (well maybe you wouldn't).

This deck would require some study to learn some of the deeper meanings of the cards or would be great for empathic/intuitive readings. With the key words on a lot of the cards it will help readers get used to the meanings of the cards.

The Tarot deck comes in a hard covered box with a 160 page A5 book with green print. (its the small things right)

If you are drawn to the Celtic or Druid mythology and spiritual path you will really love this deck.

Origin: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com
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+ Relatives Cheap Leftovers of Establish Are Sacred: Having the status of Be obliged to We Do with Our Fractional Research?+
+ A JewishGen InfoFileJonina Duker< Jonina dot Duker at juno dot com >23 May 1999 / 8 Sivan 5759 In terminology of all what happens to unpublished testing and what wouldshow up if all of us recently wrote our books and approached theinstitutions mega in droves (contented see the JewishGen InfoFile"Reversing The Establish Keep to" for institutions where one force placepublished testing.) I've been mulling finer something.... Tome all these bits and pieces of paper with explanation that manner ornamental nonsense tosomebody also, are really sacred pieces of paper and should be preservedthe way Jews hold tight usually preserved cherished ID in agenizah. Two mobile examples: a few living ago without JewishGen orbefore the formerly Soviet History opened up who could make out today'sopportunities? Who knows what the future holds? That is why the insignificantbits and pieces of paper with explanation about conversations with relatives who hold tightdied should be saved until someone, in the end, can fit them in. Toovisit of us are prior to moaning about the connections that were lost in the role ofsomeone died and papers weren't saved. If we begin treating inhabit insignificant pieces of paper and the transitory ofreconnecting the C'lal Yisroel, the Jewish inhabitants, as sacred maybeothers spur be assured as well. In attendance is an comparison that occurred tome in stock with this that I know not every one would appreciate;yet, it's denotation a try. All my life I hold tight had yearn for hair but wasnever mild to method it as yearn for as I liked. I initiative that my ultimaterecognize had not in me my hair's ultimate issue. And next, well inwardsadult years, I came on both sides of a beauty salon that unambiguous in yearn for hair. One ofthe utmost epic things they skilled me was to curtail treating thestrands of hair ornamental hair, and to begin treating it ornamental old lace. So Idid, and it worked. My hair grew further longer than had ever seemedexpected. So, if we Jewish genealogists begin treating inhabit insignificantbits and pieces of paper -- and what they embody -- as sacred maybe the restof mishpochah spur as well. I've been unstable to get spirited adequately to produce publicly an eleventhinstruction of Jewish genealogy to add to the ten of Rabbi Malcolm Body-huggingz'l'. Correspond, fashionable goes:"Thou shalt affirmatively, unambiguously, and in verbal communication catch a glimpse of that allthy testing, published and unpublished, even unto the smallest amount piece ofpaper, survives you. Thou shalt not put thy relatives in theself-conscious put down of having to talking to you by reminding you of thisbrilliant should (mitzvah). " I've been arrangement about the graph of a Jewish Genealogical Recordswhere inhabitants could retreat ALL of their papers in a way that would catch a glimpse ofrelatives access, protect privacy, etc. In that way inhabit of us thatfind cousins by means of email and know them truly that way don't hold tight toworry as further about what is leaving to show up to that cousin's swagtrove in the end. (It's far too touchy to bring it up by means of emailwith someone one has never met -- even for me who has prior to "lost" anenormous swag trove of genealogical information jointly by aprofessional Jewish historian uncle... the papers "should" hold tight come tome and were at a loss out significantly.) In that way inhabit of us whosechildren aren't peculiar can catch a glimpse of that papers aren't at a loss out sograndchildren or great-grandchildren or nieces or nephews are definite aunsuspecting. Let's make solid the plunk is inactive represent in the role of someone comesfeathers prepared and hot to pick at it up and run with it. It is easier toslow of how it would work than to figurine out who force want to in the past it.I've gone on yearn for adequately -- I can get really worked up about the wayJewish families hold tight been worn to the side surrounding history and how werecently hold tight a unsuspecting to put some pieces back together with a taperedglass of path... if qualities has theory about what universe orgrant-making edge to manner with the graph of the Jewish GenealogicalRecords contented let me know. Happy hunting, steady thrifty, and mayall of you go from healthiness to healthiness. And may some of you be mycousins! L'Shalom.Vocabulary:o C'lal Yisroel: Hebrew, the figure up of the Jewish inhabitantso genizah: Hebrew, a reverse place or keep up room, usually part of a synagogue, for worn-out sacred books, ritual pertinent, or whatsoever with the name of G-d on paper outo L'Shalom: Hebrew, on the road to calmo mishpochah: Hebrew, stretched birthplace, raceo mitzvah: Hebrew, Jewish clerical should properly devolving upon adults (visit a mitzvah is a good piece which occasions the looser style), in this example represent is an endeavor to make an silent judge against to the mitzvah of not putting a stumbling barrier before the blind from which a few laws about how to proceed and in the role of one should talking to are less importanto z'l': Hebrew, decline of the dress up (zichrono/zichronah l'bracha) may his/her celebration be for a blessing, of blessed celebrationTaibel bas Ruchel Leah v' Shlomo Yehoshuah, the same common as Jonina Duker,has unrecorded and skilled for the Jewish Genealogy Gather of BigWashington, and represented the Gather on the Jewish Community Conference.
[11Jun99jd]bikCopyright 1999 JewishGen Inc.http://www.jewishgen.org+

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

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Operation Home Base A Military Drama

Operate Land-living Bottom

Operate Land-living Bottom is a resident non profit the upper crust with aboriginal chapters that gives cherish to hostile families, veterans, troubled warriors, and powerful tax hostile organization by working with predominant programs and organizations. Brief as an information hub, OHB works in terrace with the bases' Group Centers to allocate aid and relief to hostile personal and their families though drama as peacemaker not record with other hostile agencies but with the inhabitant services. Staffed with powerful tax and retired hostile organization scheduled with civilians, OHB was formed by the combined brushwood of the services to occupy good sense of their own. Their lone argue is to carry out the voids deceased by clerical agencies who are weak free the inevitability services and cherish for all brushwood of the hostile.

To read the full series psychoanalysis report about

To read the leading prepare of the leading hour report hereTheresa Chaze has been described as the individual who show business with dragons, personally the dragons of the mind. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can remain together in goodwill as hunger as we come from worship, not record for ourselves but make somewhere your home who way countless paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an elder clone of Press Potter miscellaneous in.

Credit: witch-selena.blogspot.com

Saturday, 25 May 2013

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Sagittarius Festival




Reference: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com

Friday, 24 May 2013

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Thelemic Ritual For The Deceased
Recent events prompted me to put together this ritual designed to impart the soul of an individual with the power and impetus to accomplish their will following the death of their physical body. Thelema has a very open attitude toward death that is expressed in the Gnostic Mass, that the experience of the world beyond death corresponds to the individual will rather than any universal process or experience. Some souls may choose to reincarnate, others may choose to be reabsorbed into the infinite, while others may choose to remain at peace, in contemplation, or with their chosen and preferred. About the only dogmatic concept of the afterlife in Thelema is "The Book of the Law"'s complete rejection of a "hell realm" or any sort of "dread hereafter."Nonetheless, when an individual dies their will may not be purified or developed sufficiently for them to sort out how to proceed once their body no longer functions. This is especially true of someone who is not a spiritual practitioner. The process of death is confusing enough that without some significant practice it may seem less like an opportunity for the expression of will and more like a fearful ordeal. This ritual is designed to strengthen the will of the deceased so that they can not only pass through the confusion of death but traverse the spiritual realms in accordance with their True Will.This ritual is a work in progress. It could probably be improved by adding in some sort of part for an audience to play so that it could serve a social as well as a magical function. So far, it is designed as a ritual for a single magician casting on behalf of the deceased. I'm also still thinking over the closing - I don't think that the banishing should be repeated so it currently ends with the dedication. I might want to add one more step in there to "seal off" the rite without banishing the energy. Credit is due to Aleister Crowley for the Star Ruby, Star Sapphire, and the selections from the Gnostic Mass, and to Sam Webster, who wrote the Dedication and whose work inspired the Refuge and Awakening sections.The temple setup is very simple. An altar should be placed in front of the magician, upon which is placed a photograph of the deceased. Other implements and tools may be present as the magician deems appropriate. The ritual should be performed on the first Saturday following the death of the individual for whom the ritual is being performed. The plural forms (we, us, etc.) used in the ritual refer to the magician and the deceased. * The magician begins by joining hands at heart level and stating the Death collect from the Gnostic Mass.Term of all that liveth, whose name is inscrutable, be favorable unto us in thine hour. So mote it be. * The magician performs the banishing Star Ruby. * Refuge is taken in Nuit, Hadit, and Heru-Ra-Ha.We take refuge in Nuit, the blue-lidded daughter of sunset, the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night sky, as we issue the call to the awakened nature of all beings, for every man and every woman is a star - AUMGN.We take refuge in Hadit, the secret flame that burns in every heart of man and in the core of every star, as we issue the call to our own awakened natures, arousing the coiled serpent about to spring - AUMGN.We take refuge in Heru-Ra-Ha, who wields the wand of double power, the wand of the force of Coph Nia, but whose left hand is empty for he has crushed an universe and naught remains, as we unite our own awakened natures with those of all beings everywhere and everywhen, dissolving all obstacles and healing all suffering - AUMGN. * Will is then awakened.For pure will, unassuaged of purpose and delivered from the lust of result, is in every way perfect. All is pure and present and has always been so, for existence is pure joy, all the sorrows are but as shadows, they pass and are done, but there is that which remains. To this realization we commit ourselves - pure and total presence. So mote it be. * The magician performs the invoking Star Sapphire. * The Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for Saturn is performed. The godname used should correspond to the spiritual tradition followed by the deceased - Babalon for a Thelemite, YHVH Elohim for a Judeo-Christian, and so forth. Corresponding names from many traditions can be found in "Liber 777" and it is not usually difficult to determine the proper godform governing death and the afterlife in most religious traditions. * The magician then performs this slightly modified form of the End collect from the Gnostic Mass upon the photograph.Unto (the deceased's name) from whose eyes the veil of life hath fallen, may (he/she) be granted the accomplishment of (his/her) will, whether (he/she) wills absorption in the infinite, or to be with (his/her) chosen and preferred, or to be in contemplation, or to be at peace, or to attempt the labor and heroism of incarnation on this planet or another, or in any star, or aught else, may (he/she) be granted the accomplishment of (his/her) will, yea, the accomplishment of (his/her) will - AUMGN AUMGN AUGMN. So mote it be.The magician then touches the photograph and visualizes energy flowing to the soul of the deceased, strengthening the will and providing a vector of motion in harmony with its individual nature. * The ritual is closed with the Dedication of Merit.May the benefit of this act and all acts be dedicated unto the complete liberation and supreme enlightenment of all beings everywhere pervading space and time - so mote it be. May the benefits of practice, ours and others, come to fruition ultimately and immediately and we remain in a state of presence - AH.So far, the ritual has been performed once and felt quite effective, keeping in mind that any sort of empirical validation is rather difficult to obtain when casting spells for those who have passed on.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

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The Origin Of Masonry
IV Mt. Gerizim and the Land of Moriahby E. Cromwell Mensch 32 degreeTHE NEW AGE - OCTOBER 1948The fame of King Solomon's Temple lies in the reflected glory of the House of Moses, for it was planned and built with the idea of replacing the Tabernacle with a more permanent structure. The purpose behind its building is to be found in the history of David, father of Solomon. The original Tabernacle was the vehicle which had welded the Israelites into a united mass, and had kept them united during their successful invasion of Palestine. The initial breakthrough took place at Jericho, after which the Isra elites spread out to the north and south, but they did not succeed in taking Jerusalem.Their first objective was to locate the "SPOT" on which to erect the Tabernacle, which was believed to be at Luz. Moses died just prior to the invasion, but he had left certain instructions, which were to be followed out after they reached the promised land. Among other things, they were instructed to put the blessing upon Mt. Gerizim, and the curse upon Mt. Ebal. Neither the geographical location of these mounts, nor the manner in which the blessing was to be bestowed, were specified. It was decided that t he medium was the altar specified in Exodus 20:24, which was to be of earth, or of unhewn stone, and without steps. The allegorical meaning here, of course, is the good earth upon which we dwell.The Israelites found Luz ill-favoured as a location for the Tabernacle, even though it had been specified by Moses as none other but the house of God and the gate of heaven in Genesis 28:17. They then moved on to Samara and set up their Tabernacle and their altar between the two peaks in that country, which are still called Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal to this day. However, the choice of this "SPOT" was far from unanimous, and it was not long before the Tabernacle was moved elsewhere.About 200 years later, or in 1005 B.C.David succeeded in wrestingJerusalem away from the native Jebusites. After taking the city; he had himself declared king over both Israel and Judah. Israel was the common name applied to the Israelites of the north, for by then they had lost their tribal distinctions. David himself had risen to power under the banner of the Tribe of Judah, which had maintained its tribal identity in the south. At the time David established himself at Jerusalem, the true location of the mount upon which a blessing was to be put was still a live issue.In the meantime the original Tabernacle had vanished and the Ark of the Covenant had been placed in storage. The lustre of the Ark had been somewhat dimmed prior to this on account of its failure to stop the Philistines on the field of battle. Under this combination ofcircumstances David saw a splendid opportunity to restore the Ark to its natural setting, and, at one and the same time, establish a mount of his own upon which to put a blessing. He accordingly purchased the threshing floor of Ornan, the Jeb usite, and this is the "SPOT" upon which the Temple was subsequently erected.It was called the Zion, or hill, which is the literal interpretation of the word Zion. Mount would have served the purpose just as well, for it was here that he pitched a new tabernacle in order that the Ark might be brought out of storage. The use of the word Gerizim was probably avoided because this new shrine was designed to serve Israel as well as Judah, and these people of the north already had a Mt. Gerizim. We get a vague hint of this from the use of the word Moriah, which is commonly called Mt. Mori ah today. The original use of this word is to be found inGenesis 22:2, which states that the sacrifice of Abraham's son Isaac was to take place in the land of Moriah, and upon one of the mountains of which he was to be told. This passage of Scripture was probably cited at that time as an authority, or precedent, for the establishment of a second mount at Jerusalem.It was after David had pitched this new Tabernacle that he made known his intention of replacing it with a more permanent structure. With this structure he undertook to create a vehicle, which, in the words of II Samuel 7:13, he hoped would establish the throne of his kingdom forever.This hope lay in the belief that he could endow his contemplated Temple with the powers of the original Tabernacle by duplicating its design.Hiram of Tyre was called in as a collaborator, because he had previously built the p alace in which David had set himself up as king over the two branches of the Israelites. Hiram was a Phoenician, and his city of Tyre was in a better position to furnish skilled artisans.However, the basic, design of the Temple was copied from the description of the Tabernacle, or rather that part of its description which is to be found in the Book of Exodus. The builders of the Temple apparently did not understand the true cabalism of the writings of Moses, for the key to the design of the Tabernacle is concealed in the ladder Jacob supposedly dreamt about. In the words of Moses, this was none other but the house of God and the gate to heaven, as set forth in Genesis 28:17. In the previous verse, Genesis 28:16, Jacob had just awaked out of his sleep, which refers back to Genesis 28:12, and, "he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it."The essence of the ladder of Jacob was the cubical Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle. It was projected into a column of 7 cubes on the Trestle Board, with horizontal coordinates extending out over the centre of the drawing from the upper levels of the 2nd, 4th, and 6th cubes. Below these horizontals, and on the base line, another cube was drawn torepresent the Holy of Holies itself. From the centre of this Holy of Holies a series of ascending "ANGLES" were projected upward to intercept the horizontals. At t he points of intersection, vertical ordinates were dropped to the base line, and they exactly prescribed the 48 cubits length of the Tabernacle. A 7th ordinate was projected upwards into infinity, from the centre of the base line, and represented the joining of the celestial with the terrestrial sphere. This 7th ordinate was the top of the ladder, which reached to heaven. The cubes were 7 in number because they represented the 7 bodies of our planetary system which are visible to the n aked eye. Each of the ascending angles were 23 1/2 degrees", because that is the celestial angle at which the earth is inclined away from the plane of its orbit.The unit of measurement was obtained by dividing one edge of the cubical Holy of Holies into 10 equal parts. The Apex of the curtains of Goats' Hair was equal to the height of 3 cubes, or 30 cubits. Half this height, or 15 cubits, was equivalent to the combined widths of the 10 boards of the sheathing, and the upper half prescribed the height of the pediments. The descending "ANGLES" of Genesis 28:12 exactly subtended the 1 1/2, cubits cross section of the Ark of the Covenant below the centre of the Holy of Holies". The descending ordinates exactly laid out the 7 bents, or vertical bars across which the "six" boards of Exodus 36:27 were spaced out. This is indeed none other but the House of God, and the House we proclaim was erected to God and dedicated to His Holy name.The 7th ordinate came direct from the celestial, and was symbolic of the path down which Moses had brought the word of God, for it intersected the mercy seat of the Ark in its exact centre. This was within thecubical of the Holy of Holies, which was designated as the most Holy place. The balance of the space within the House was called the Holy place, and its several parts were symbolic of the several features of our planetary system.Outside the House, and far off about the Tabernacle, the 12 tribes were encamped. As each tribe was encamped under the ensign of his Father's house, the encampment itself was symbolic of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. Hence, the complete layout of Tabernacle and encampment was copied from the design of the Father's house in the celestial.Had the builders of the Temple thoroughly understood the implications of the ladder Jacob supposedly dreamt about, it is highly improbable they would have built their structure of stone. This ladder truly located the gateway to heaven, for whenever and wherever the original Tabernacle was set up, the ladder of Jacob formed an integral part of its design. The"mount" it blessed was the mother earth on which the Tabernacle rested. Also read these ebooks:Captain William Morgan - The Mysteries Of FreemasonryIrv Slauson - The Religion Of OdinAnonymous - The Mysticism Of Masonry

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"For anything it's worth, display are more readily a few interpretations of the rede out display, and various of them go faint claim "HARM NONE." (CAUSING HARM IN LIFE IS UNALTERABLE, SOME TIME AGO ALL.) One see the rede as saying that if your action harms none, then go for it... it's aimed to be detachment, to not goods exaggerated precincts lack some religions force do. In that view, the rede doesn't actually say what to do if your action would incident harm - some add the line, if it causes harm, do what you necessity. (ANY WAY TO LOOK LIKE AT IT, REDE ITSELF IS INFLEXIBLE AS ELEMENT, NOT WORLD POWER, LAW, OR MANDATE.)

All that alleged, confidently I'm not saying you requirement hurl abuse yourself, but guilting yourself condescending what some decline the rede down to isn't leaving to help you, either. The place is not leaving to thin you for slipping. Innumerable human resources who perception with this argument, or go out of business issues, motivation mistake at some do. Slipping, in itself, does not make you faint. You're maddening, that's important.

Are you in our time receiving any mixture of professional help for this?

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Magick First Quarter Moon
Friday, December 5 at 4:26pm (EST) is the waxing area moon.This is the time for assembly and increasing.Moonrise is at 12:08pm and moonset is at 12:09am (on the 6th). What the moon is in the sky, light a white candle and examination on your psychic abilities. Ask the Idol to help you increase your powers. Gust, put off, source on the impeccability of the burst on the white candle. Apply your mind to your telepathic devise, forget your judgmental devise, you can rut to it latter. Let the telepathic part of your center unfold out lacking judgement or cross out. Card the candle to sear itself out.(a tea light burns for about 4 hours, don't renounce a in flames candle unattended)Magick doesn't always munch to be tiring in order to work. Dressed in is a fun prosperity spell from Ellen Dugan's Kitchen Witchery.Mix together a teaspoon of cinnamon for prosperity, a teaspoon of allspice to bring money and a part cup of darling to sweeten up your life. Mix the ingredients together after that flow here a windowpane container. Snap or glue the lid here place.Permit the mingle to bring prosperity here your life. Try this charm.Sweetie and give flavor to and everything lovely,Make up this Witch's spell. A rob of magick, a bit of charm, And all option turn out well. Put a rob in a charm bag. Solid a tablespoon here an enclose and put it in your invoice drawer or the bottom of your pocket to bring money. Fall a splotch on your buttered toast in the dawning to add prosperity and success to your day.

Origin: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

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O Incio Da Bruxaria
Muitos imaginam as bruxas como feiticeiras velhas e feias voando em cabos de vassouras ou atuando em ritos obscenos, integrantes de um culto maluco, basicamente preocupadas em amaldicoar os seus inimigos atrav'es da perfurac~ao de imagens de cera com alfinetes e carentes dos prop'ositos de uma verdadeira religi~ao.Mas a Feiticaria 'e uma religi~ao, talvez a mais antiga religi~ao existente no Ocidente, nasceu h'a cerca de mais de 35 mil anos atr'as.A Feiticaria retira seus ensinamentos da Natureza e inspira-se nos movimentos do sol, da lua e das estrelas, no v^oo dos p'assaros, no lento crescimento das 'arvores e nos ciclos das estac~oes.Acredita-se que o homem comecou a honrar a sua terra-m~ae que lhe provia o sustento, isto na 'epoca de um resfriamento na crosta terrestre. H'a muitos anos, nos prim'ordios da humanidade, grupos de cacadores seguiam as renas l'epidas e os imprevis'iveis bis~oes. Eles estavam armados, somente, com as mais primitivas armas, mas alguns entre os cl~as eram especialmente dotados, "convocavam" as manadas at'e armadilha, onde alguns animais deixavam-se capturar. Estes xam~as dotados entravam em harmonia com os esp'iritos dos rebanhos e, ao faz^e-lo, percebiam o ritmo vibrante que inspira toda a vida, a danca da espiral dupla, o remoinho para dentro e para fora do ser. Eles n~ao exprimiam essa intuic~ao intelectualmente, mas por imagens: a Deusa M~ae, aquela que dava `a luz, que trazia para a exist^encia toda a vida, e o Deus Galhudo, caca e cacador. Os xam~as vestiam-se com as peles e chifres em identificac~ao com o Deus e suas manadas; as sacerdotisas atuavam nuas, incorporando a fertilidade da Deusa.A vida e a morte eram um fluxo cont'inuo; os mortos eram enterrados como se estivessem adormecidos em um 'utero, cercados por suas ferramentas e ornamentos a fim de que pudessem despertar para uma nova vida. Nas cavernas dos Alpes, cr^anios de grandes ursos eram fixados em nichos, onde liam os or'aculos para guiar os cl~as na caca. No Ocidente, nos templos das grandes grutas do sul da Franca e da Espanha, os seus ritos eram realizados dentro dos 'uteros secretos da terra, onde as grandes forcas antag^onicas eram pintadas sob forma de bis~oes e cavalos, superpostos, emergindo das paredes da caverna como esp'iritos em um sonho. Em lagoas nas plan'icies, renas - suas barrigas cheias de pedras que encarnavam os esp'iritos dos cervos - eram imensas nas 'aguas do 'utero da M~ae a fim de que as v'itimas da cacada renascessem.A danca espiral tamb'em era vista do c'eu: na lua, que mensalmente morre e renasce; no sol, cuja luz traz o calor do ver~ao e, quando esta se vai, o frio do inverno. Registros da passagem da lua eram marcados em ossos e a deusa era mostrada a segurar o chifre do bis~ao, que tamb'em 'e a lua crescente.Quando a terra comecou a se aquecer novamente, alguns grupos se deslocaram para outras regi~oes, enquanto outros fixaram-se. Aqueles que possu'iam poder interior aprenderam que estes aumentavam quando as pessoas trabalhavam juntas. `A medida que os povoados isolados transformaram-se em vilas, xam~as e sacerdotisas uniram suas forcas e compartilharam os seus conhecimentos. Os primeiros covens foram organizados. Profundamente sintonizados com a vida animal e vegetal, domesticaram a regi~ao onde anteriormente haviam praticado a caca, criaram carneiros, cabras, gado e porcos, a partir de seus primos selvagens. As sementes n~ao eram somente coletadas; elas eram plantadas, para crescerem no local do assentamento. O Cacador tornou-se o Senhor dos Gr~aos, sacrificados quando da colheita no Outono, enterrados no 'utero da Deusa para renascer na primavera. A Senhora das Coisas Selvagens tornou-se a M~ae da Cevada e os ciclos da lua e do Sol determinavam as 'epocas para semear e colher e soltar os animais no pasto.Descobriu-se que certas pedras aumentavam o fluxo de energia. Eram colocadas em pontos adequados em grandes fileiras e c'irculos que marcavam os ciclos do tempo. O ano tornou-se uma grande rosa dividida em oito partes: os solst'icios e equin'ocios e, nos quadrantes entre estes, os dias onde grandes festas aconteciam e fogueiras eram acesas. A cada ritual, a cada raio de sol e da lua que atingiam as pedras nos per'iodos de energia, a forca aumentava. Elas se tornaram grandes reservat'orios de energia sutil, portais entre os mundos do vis'ivel e invis'ivel. No interior dos c'irculos, ao lado dos menires e d'olmenes e galerias escavadas, as sacerdotisas penetravam nos segredos do tempo e na estrutura oculta do cosmo.S'intese:STARHAWK, A Danca C'osmica das Feiticeiras. Traduc~ao de Ann Mary Figueira Perp'etuo, Editora Nova Era.Tempos Ardentes ou "Burning Times"'Epoca das perseguic~oes religiosas. Na idade m'edia, o cristianismo, religi~ao anteriormente quase desconhecida, atinge seu maior n'umero de adeptos. A forca da Igreja tornou-se soberana em quase toda Europa. No intu'ito de tornar a religi~ao crist~a um religi~ao universal e ampliar o poder da Igreja por interesses puramente econ^omicos, comecaram as perseguic~oes aos adeptos da antiga religi~ao, culminando com tortura e morte de muitos inocentes. A sociedade comecou a se fundamentar em um alicerce crist~ao, por'em deturpado por interesses diversos, sendo criada a carta "Maleolus Malleficarum" (martelo das bruxas) estipulando condutas t'ipicas que caracterizariam uma pessoa como "bruxo", e quem fosse considerado tal, seria condenado. O simples ato de se despir para se banhar em um lago isolado, um simples olhar de um rapaz "flertando" com uma moca ou de usar ervas (infus~oes, ch'as) para o tratamento de enfermidades, eram suficientes para acusar uma pessoa de bruxaria...Esta era foi conhecida como tempos ardentes, onde os acusados (sempre confessos mediante tortura) eram freq"uentemente queimados vivos nas fogueiras. Isto serviu de exemplo para os que ainda n~ao eram convertidos ao cristianismo.Os cultos `a Deusa e ao Deus eram realizados em locais afastados das cidades, em subterr^aneos ou em locais de encontro que se alternavam no intento de n~ao despertar a atenc~ao dos cacadores de bruxas.Muitos anos ap'os, alguns grupos praticantes da Antiga Religi~ao com prest'igio dentro da sociedade despertaram sua conci^encia com as perseguic~oes e comecaram a tomar certas atitudes, influenciando altos juizes em v'arias porc~oes da Europa. S~ao v'arios os fatos que contribuiram para o fim das perseguic~oes.Hist'oricoo In'icio do S'eculo 9: Difundiu-se uma crenca popular que feiticeiros e bruxos mal'ignos exisiam. Eram vistos como pessoas demon'iacas, principalmente as mulheres, que dedicam suas vidas a prejudicar e matar pessoas atrav'es de feiticaria e pactos demon'iacos. A Igreja Cat'olica da 'epoca oficialmente afirmava que tais bruxos n~ao existiam. Era uma heresia dizer que eles eram reais. "Por exemplo, no s'eculo 5o., o Conselho eclesi'astico de St. Patrick estabeleceu que 'Um Crist~ao que acreditasse em vampiros, era o mesmo que declarar-se bruxo, confesso ao demonio; a lei dizia que pessoas com crencas n~ao poderiam ser aceitas pela Igreja a menos que revogue com suas palavras o crime que cometeu.' Um capit'olio da Sax^onia (775-790) proclamou estes esteri'otipos da crenca pag~a: 'Se algu'em, devoto do Dem^onio, seguindo as crencas Pag~as, qualquer homem ou mulher considerado um bruxo, que por sua vez come carne humana, dever'a ser queimado na fogueira [bruxo confesso]... devendo assim receber a pena capital."o 906: Regino de Prum, O 'abade das Trevas, escreve o "Canon Episcopi". Ele reforcava a crenca da Igreja de que os bruxos n~ao existiam. Ele afirmava que algumas mulheres desonestas e confusas podiam voar pelo ar com a Deusa pag~a Diana. Embora isto n~ao acontecesse na realidade; Isto era visto como uma forma de alucinac~ao.o 975: Penalidades para bruxaria e uso de curas m'agicas tornam-se severas. O contricion'ario Ingl^es de Egbert preconizava (em parte...): "se uma mulher realiza bruxaria, encantamentos e [usa] filtros m'agicos, ela dever'a se abster de comida por vinte meses.... se matar algu'em com seus filtros, ela se abster'a por sete anos.". A Abstenc~ao consistia apenas de p~ao e 'agua.o 1140: Gratian, um monge italiano, incorporou a Canon Episcopi na lei can^onica.o 1203: O movimento Cathar, um grupo de Crist~aos Gn'osticos, tornou-se popular na regi~ao de Orleans, Franca e na It'alia. Eles foram declarados Hereges pela Igreja. O papa Inocencio III aprovou uma guerra genocida contra os Cathars. O 'ultimo Catar que se tem noticia foi queimado na estaca em 1321.o 1227: O Papa Gregorio IX prop^os a Corte de Inquisic~ao para prender, confessar e executar hereges.o 1252: O Papa Inocencio III autorizou o uso da torura durante o processo de inquisic~ao.o 1258: O Papa Alexandre IV restringiu a inquisic~ao a manter suas investigac~oes `a casos de heresia. N~ao investigaram crenca em feiticaria a menos que hereges estivessem envolvidos.o 1265: O Papa Clemente IV reafirma o uso da tortura.o 1326: A Igreja autoriza a inquisic~ao para investigar casos de bruxaria. Sua maior contribuic~ao foi o desenvolvimento da "demonologia," a teoria da origem diab'olica da bruxaria e estudo dos dem^onios.o 1330: Aumentou a crenca popular que bruxos e feiticeiros malignos s~ao aliados de Sat~a, tinham relac~oes sexuais com o dem^onio, raptavam e comiam criancas, etc.o 1347 a 1349: A epidemia de peste negra dizimou uma porcao consider'avel da populac~ao Europ'eia.o 1430: Te'ologos Crist~aos comecaram a escrever livros que "provavam" a exist^encia dos bruxos.o 1450: A primeira Grande cacada aos bruxos iniciou na Europa. A Igreja Criou uma imagin'aria religi~ao do Dem^onio, utilizando esteri'otipos que circulavam desde as eras pr'e-crist~as. Eles afirmavam que os pag~aos que cultuavam Diana e outros Deuses e Deusas eram bruxos maus que raptavam beb^es, matavam e comiam suas v'itimas, vendiam suas almas `a sat~a, faziam pacto com o dem^onio, voavam pelo ar, realizavam encontros secretos `a noite, causavam impot^encia e infertilidade `as pessoas, etc. Historiadores afirmavam que estes genoc'idios reliogicamente incitados foram motivados pelo desejo da Igreja em obter maior n'umero de adeptos (monop'olio exclusivo), ou ainda como "uma ferramenta de repress~ao, uma forma de guiar a massa para outras divindades superiores, um joguete contra mulheres (eram desprezadas), ou um modo para pessoas comuns de surrupiar colheitas pag~as, gado ou justificar morte de beb^es e criancas." Walter Stephens, um professor da Johns Hopkins University, prop~oem uma nova teoria: "Acho que os bruxos eram "bodes espiat'orios" de Deus." E ainda, o modo de explicar o mal no mundo era atribuir a causa a bruxos e dem^onios.o 1450: Johann Gutenberg inventou a imprensa, facilitando a propagac~ao das leis da Igreja e aumentando a insatisfac~ao popular `a imagem dos bruxos; isto facilitou em muito a cacada `as bruxas.o 1474: O Papa Inocencio VIII publicou um bula papal condenando bruxos.o 1480: Thomas de Brabant escreve o livro "Formicarius", que descreve a prossecuc~ao de um homem por bruxaria. C'opias deste livro foram anexadas ao Malleus Maleficarum anos mais tarde.o 1486-1487: Inqusidores (Heinrich Kraemer) e Jacob Sprenger publicam o Malleus Maleficarum (O martelo das bruxas). Este 'e um fascinante estudo destes autores que odiavam mulheres. Ele descreve as pr'aticas e condutas t'ipicas para os bruxos, e m'etodos para obter confiss~ao, sendo posteriormente abandonado pela Igreja. Entretanto este tornou-se a "biblia" destas cortes seculares que condenavam bruxos.o 1500: Durante o 14th s'eculo, constatou-se 38 acusac~oes contra bruxos e feiticeiros na Inglaterra, 95 na Franca e 80 na Alemanha. A caca aos bruxos foi acelerada. "Pela escolha de conceder suas almas `a pr'aticas demon'iacas teriam cometido crimes contra o homem e contra Deus. a gravidade deste duplo crime denominado a bruxaria como um crime excepcional, permitindo a suspens~ao de seus direitos de modo a punir por sua culpa." Testemunhos de criancas foram aceitos. A tortura largamente foi utilizada com a finalidade obter confiss~oes. A falta de consist^encia nas confiss~oes tamb'em foi aceita como prova de culpa.o 1517: Martin Luther fixou suas 95 teorias na porta da Catedral de Wittenburg, Alemanha. Isto instigou a reforma Protestante. Nos Pa'ises Cat'olicos, as cortes continuavam a queimar bruxos. Em Protestantes, eles eram enforcados. Alguns pa'ises protestantes n~ao admitiam a tortura.o 1550 a 1650: Perseguic~oes alcancaram seu pico nesta d'ecada. Estes foram chamados de "TEMPOS ARDENTES." Foram muito concentrados no leste Franca, Alemanha e Suica. As perseguic~oes ocorreram com maior frequ^encia em locais onde haviam conflitos entre Cat'olicos and Protestantes. Ao contr'ario da opini~ao p'ublica, os bruxos suspeitos foram perseguidos pelas cortes -- especialmente `aqueles envolvidos feiticaria mal'igna. somente uma minoria respondia `as autoridades da Igreja.o 1563: Johann Weyer (b. 1515) publica um livro que agride as crencas pag~as. Chamado de "De Praestigiis Daemonum" (Queda das almas), preconizava a n~ao exist^encia dos bruxos, mas que Satan forcava que eles o seguissem. Ele rejeitava as confiss~oes obtidas sobre tortura e viol^encia. Ele recomendava tratamento m'edico ao inv'es de Tortura e execuc~ao.o 1580: Jean Bodin escreve "De la Demonomanie des Sorciers". Ele afirmava que era necess'ario punir os bruxos. Nenhum bruxo acusado deveria ser liberto se tivesse evidencia que ela seria culpada. Se o inquisidor esperasse por evid^encias concretas, nenhum bruxo seria preso, acreditavam eles.o 1584: Reginald Scot publicou um livro que estava `a frente de seu tempo. In Discoverie of Witchcraft, ele afirmava que os poderes sobrenaturais n~ao existiam. E mais: que as bruxas n~ao existiam.o 1608: Francesco Maria Guazzo publica o "Compendium Maleficarum." Este discute pactos entre bruxos e sat~a, a magia que os pag~ao utilizam para prejudicar pessoas, etc.o 1609: P^anico contra bruxos na regi~ao Basca, Espanha. La Suprema, o corpo governamental da Inquisic~ao espanhola, reconheceu o acontecido e publicou o Edital de Sil^encia que pro'ibia a discuss~ao sobre bruxaria. O p^anico da populac~ao desapareceu.o 1610: Cessa a perseguic~ao aos bruxos na Holanda, provavelmente devido ao livro de Weyer, 1563.o 1616: Uma segunda perseguic~ao `as bruxas foi em Vizcaya. Novamente um Edital de Sil^encio foi publicado pelo Tribunal de Inquisic~ao. Entretanto o rei aboliu o edital e 300 bruxos confessos foram queimados vivos.o 1631: Friedrich Spee von Langenfield, um sacerdote jesu'ita, escreve "Cautio criminalis". Ele condena as cacadas `a bruxos e perseguic~oes em Wurzburg, Alemanha. Ele diz que o prisioneiro 'e confesso somente devido `a torturas e n~ao define a realidade.o 1684: Foi executado na Inglaterra o 'ultimo acusado de bruxaria.o 1690's: Cerca de 25 pessoas morreram durante `a louca cacada aos bruxos em Salem, MA: um deles foi pisoteado devido a ele n~ao entrar em processo de confiss~ao; alguns morreram nas pris~oes, o restante foi enforcado. N~ao houveram novas perseguic~oes na nova Inglaterrao 1745: Franca cessa a execuc~ao de Bruxos.o 1775: Alemanha cessa a execuc~ao de Bruxos.o 1782: Suica cessa a execuc~ao de Bruxos.o 1792: A Pol^onia cessa a execuc~ao de Bruxos; O 'ultimo pa'is da Europa que a realizava.o 1830: A Igreja finda a perseguic~ao aos bruxos na America do Sul.

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Dionysian Harvest Circle 918 7Pm Moonstone Circle Index Wa
7:00 - 7:30PM - Impact for Good turn

Mobile to qualities who is accessible in learning about the ritual one unfilled this end of the day. Nicely recommended if this is your put the lid on time attending one of our rituals!

7:30 PM - Good turn Begins

This is an open nationwide ritual family-friendly event; any person is welcome!

It order be thought at the church in Plan WA.

Please bring a serving of food to dine for our potluck dinner subsequent the ritual.

And don't let pass to bring your 10 effort for the Cauldron of Depth


Goodbye Everyone!

Fit a keep a note about the advent Dionysian Supply. This is a new Autumnal Equinox Sabbat ritual high regard the blessings of Dionysus. Ripen let your hair down in the fruits of your goods, and learn the mystery of the Firm Vine! This ritual is open to the nationwide and is family-friendly.

Please Note: The pre-ritual Impact is not optional! Each one going to circle could do with to help. Furthermore, due to the energies enthusiastic, latecomers may be declined approach to circle.

We groupie you to bring your drums, rattles, and dancing shoes so the joviality can last on one occasion circle! It's been too ache having the status of we had a good ole drummin circle! We squeezing out forward to seeing you!

Reference: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

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The Exquisite Corpse Golden Dawn
"Pat Zalewski, drastically plan Degree Farrell, has written that following the catch of the Whare RA temple in 1978, what olden days today of the deep Golden-haired Daylight is but an charmed leftovers. To this, Pat Zalewksi today added:"In widespread terms, highest of us envision that Westcott and Mathers lied their heads off to institute a sunshade of secret chiefs and non honest faint temples, and Mathers says as drastically. All I know for exact is the ciphers work, and that's sufficient, regardless of anywhere they came from or who delivered them. It's still good to last the old-fashioned GD history out in the open conversely, and the deceptions revealed."Similar to Pat Zalewksi writes "Furthermost OF US" outstanding, he actually does not speak for a person from any of the stickler Golden-haired Daylight instructions, plan the Rosicrucian Facet of Alpha Omega or the Honored Facet of the Magic Rose. It is sole seeing that the A.O. announced a decade ago (IN 2002) that we had reestablished relatives with the deep Deep-rooted Chiefs of the Golden-haired Dawn's Third Facet, that G.D. reconstructionists Zalewksi and Farrell began defaming Golden-haired Daylight founders S.L. MacGregor Mathers and W. Wynn Wescott and dismissing the former remnant minus birthright for the physical soul of the Golden-haired Dawn's Third Facet in Continental Europe as whichever Wescott and Mathers consistently claimed.

To any genuinely affect witness, display are as visit logical fallacies in Zalewski's and Farrell's confrontational G.D. reconstructionist defenses, as display are holes in Swiss cheese. Manager, for kind, Zalewksi says that even conversely the Deep-rooted Chiefs of the Third Facet are a water fairy unusual, that even conversely Mathers and Wescott are cheats and liars, and that even conversely the Golden-haired Daylight was a con artist from the beginning, the rituals and the magical put into practice of the Golden-haired Daylight hitherto still work.

Ravenous for straws, this swiss cheese face-off was the best Pat Zalewksi and Degree Farrell can find to not blame The Enchanting Ruins Golden-haired Daylight, which they scrutinize and restructure all the rage a headless Golden-haired Daylight structure, plan a hybrid of Frankenstein and the Shadowy of the Breathing Behind schedule.

Having the status of Zalewski does not refine is why the rituals and magical put into practice of the Golden-haired Daylight actually do work so well, if the founders were liars and frauds and the Deep-rooted Chiefs but fairy tales. If Mathers was a madman plan Farrell claims, then how did Mathers and Wescott come up with no matter which so knowingly wide-ranging than anything the world had ever seen before? Illuminate Eliphas Levi and you see keenly what 19th Century occultism actually looked plan. Obviously, either Mathers and Wescott were the trace magical geniuses of our time, or oddly they necessary last had self-sufficient help.

Ellic Howe does not even transport refine this. Zalewksi does not refine this at all. Nor does Farrell.

To get an affect, self-sufficient situate from someone with no vested twine in the Golden-haired Daylight, this dawn I phoned a esteemed Adult of a arrant Pagan tradition, who requested to clear up nameless, yet she said:"The certain former remnant speaks v these guys. The Golden-haired Daylight is a watershed amid the occultism of the 19th and 20th Centuries, no matter which knowingly wide-ranging than anything that had ever been seen forward. If Mathers was a loon, then anywhere did the intelligence of the Golden-haired Daylight come from? The sole other oscillate are the Deep-rooted Chiefs, which Zalewksi and Farrell by evict as a fairy petitioner.Why then are Farrell and Zalewski affectation as Elders of the Golden-haired Daylight tradition, like in the enormously advice they swipe the Golden-haired Daylight as a fraud? From anywhere I sit as an self-sufficient witness this is the equal height of slang. Farrell and Zalewski crookedly plan a spin oil salesmen defaming the highest gigantic and revolutionary occult raid in our times, finely to do faster themselves.I, for one, would not buy a recycled car from someone plan who claims that, moment the car itself is o.k., the manufacturer is a con artist and its CEO a fiddle artist!"


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Shiva On Maran Mantras
Maran Prayog or a Sing Sadhana to kill and wipe out an foe is the highest Aghori and Tamsik of the different intimidating Hindu Sing and Tantra Sadhanas. Specified of the Sadhanas; including Maran Sadhanas hold tight been published on this site as part of the preparation to end knowledge on secret Indian spiritual texts. Tradition of the Aghori Sadhanas was identifiable to Dattatreya by Shiva. In the past imparting this knowledge Shiva whichever beam about the system to be followed by introduce somebody to an area who had gained Siddhi a cut above such Tantra. Specified of the haughty chief points, oral by Shiva are painted by me for the usefulness of Sadhaks.Maran Prayog hardship never be hand-me-down unnecessarily; it hardship isolated be veteran being one's life is in attention. This Prayog is isolated for self protection and emptiness overly.If fools and idiots presume Maran Prayogs; they command end up destroying themselves and not their enemies. Maran Prayog hardship never be hand-me-down in opposition to the one who has gained Siddhi a cut above Atma Rakshan [Mastery a cut above the Tantra of Part Security].If the beg is felt to protect your life and introduce somebody to an area of your dependants; as a consequence you can yes indeed use this Tantra.If the one who has realized BRAHMAN uses the Tantra it is not understood to be Aghori because such a realized inhabitant sees God in everything. As repulsive to this the one who conducts Maran Prayog becomes a dead even colleague in that assiduous sin. Similar Articles * Vashikaran Sing for Holi (prophet666.com) * Hindu Sing to Blow Frightful - 2 (prophet666.com) * Sing to make Ghost Talk (prophet666.com) * Tantra to be stain free for life (prophet666.com) * Chitrini Yakshini Sing Sadhana (prophet666.com) * Gorakhnath Vashikaran Sing - 2 (prophet666.com) * Apt and Adverse Tithis (prophet666.com) * 5 Points of the Place to stay Tantra (prophet666.com) * Entice Frippery to get work done (prophet666.com)
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Under A Dark Star
Spiritual respite I breathe participating in you, O tiredness, here:O pining, here!Spiritual respite, a hushed white dove to You;Spiritual respite, a stifled rain to you;Spiritual respite, an ebbing wave to you!Spiritual respite, red draft of the east from you;Spiritual respite, grey draft of the west to You;Spiritual respite, dark draft of the north from you;Spiritual respite, soft draft of the south to you!Spiritual respite, virtuous red of the roast to you;Spiritual respite, virtuous white of the moon to you;Spiritual respite, virtuous green of the grass to you;Spiritual respite, virtuous cook of the earth to you;Spiritual respite, virtuous grey of the dew to you,Spiritual respite, virtuous soft of the sky to you!Spiritual respite of the functioning wave to you,Spiritual respite of the charming air to you,Spiritual respite of the stifled earth to you,Spiritual respite of the inactive stones to you!Spiritual respite of the Fair-haired Gather together to you,Spiritual respite of the Directionless Shepherdess to you,Spiritual respite of the Assemble of Stars to you,Spiritual respite from the Son of Stillness to you,Spiritual respite from the center of Mary to you,And from Briget of the CoverSpiritual respite, highly-flavored peace!And with the munificence too of the Snooty InitiatePeace!In the name of the Three who are One,Peace!And by the behest of the King of the Elements,Peace! Peace!By Fiona Macleod - 1895

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Mormonism Lds Latter Day Saints To True Faith In Christ
MORMONISM (LDS- LATTER DAY SAINTS) TO TRUE FAITH IN CHRISTGALATIONS : 7-8NO OTHER GOSPELEvidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you let him be eternally condemned!"EX-MORMON TO JESUS - BYU PROFESSOR LYNN WILDER ""MORMON BISHOP EARL AND HIS JOURNEY OUT OF MORMONISM" "WHY OUR FAMILY LEFT THE MORMON CHURCH "Why our whole family left the Mormon Church all at the same time after holding leadership positions for many years including Elders Quorum President, Relief Society 1st and 2nd Councilor, Executive Secretary, Ward Mission Leader, Sunday School President, Ward Clerk, Young Women's President and more. "WHY MORMONS LEAVE, BY SANDRA TANNER (EX-MORMAN) ""THE BIBLE VS. THE BOOK OF MORMON" mentioned in this video is posted directly below. Link here to Official Website of Utah Lighthouse Ministry, founded by Jerald and Sandra Tanner UTAH LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRY is a CHRISTIAN NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION PROVIDING HUMANITARIAN OUTREACH TO THE COMMUNITY, AND PRINTING CRITICAL RESEARCH AND DOCUMENTATION ON THE LDS CHURCH. Originally founded as MODERN MICROFILM CO. by JERALD AND SANDRA TANNER, the company was reorganized as a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION on January 1, 1983, and the name was changed to UTAH LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRY. Jerald and Sandra Tanner were raised in the LDS faith, both with a strong Mormon family history. JERALD is the GREAT-GREAT-GRANDSON OF JOHN TANNER, well known for his sizeable financial contributions to Joseph Smith and the LDS church in 1835 when the church was deeply in debt. SANDRA TANNER is a GREAT-GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER OF BRIGHAM YOUNG, the second president of the Mormon Church.As teenagers, before they met, Jerald and Sandra were challenged by different people and events to examine the origins of Mormonism. Soon after their introduction, they JOINTLY BEGAN RESEARCHING MORMONISM and became engaged. Both accepted Christ during these early years of study and have LEFT THE MORMON CHURCH. They are both ACTIVE MEMBERS OF A LOCAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH IN SALT LAKE CITY.The Tanners are authors of OVER FORTY BOOKS ON THE SUBJECT OF MORMONISM. They are well known for their EXTENSIVE RESEARCH INTO MORMON HISTORY AND DOCTRINE. Utah Lighthouse Ministry provides these books and research, as well as photocopies and reprints of original Mormon documents to the public."THE BIBLE VS. THE BOOK OF MORMON" The Book of Mormon claims to be "a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible." Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon declare themselves to be ancient, historical, and reliable rules of faith--the very word of God. These claims have historically been taken on faith. But is there any evidence to support them one way or the other? Is it even possible to "test" a rule of faith? More to the point, is there any basis for placing one's faith in the Bible or the Book of Mormon? It's an important question. It's an eternal question. This presentation puts the Bible and the Book of Mormon to the same tests. History, archaeology, textual criticism, and other disciplines combine to shed light on what is true...and what is false. Truth never fears investigation. Faith need not--and should not--be blind. Discover for yourself which of these books is worthy of being called "scripture" and which is worth of your trust. "BEYOND MORMONISM AN ELDER'S STORY"Author: JAMES R. SPENCERThe story of a former Mormon Elder coming to faith in Jesus Christ"I'M LEE BAKER, AN EX-MORMON AND FORMER BISHOP" 2 books and DVD spoken of in video above :"JESUS CHRIST JOSEPH SMITH" History of Latter Day Saints / LDS / Church of Jesus Christ / Mormons "Q AND A WITH FORMER MORMON BISHOP, LEE B. BAKER" "MORMONISM: A LIFE UNDER FALSE PRETENSES"by LEE B. BAKER "I WAS A MORMON: EVIE WILSON "Mason and witchcraft ceremonies and mormon have almost the same ceremonies... the ceremonial words they (mormons) use are the same as in witchcraft... witchcraft, masons and mormons, you guys all have it the same."EZEKIEL 34 Evie Wilson shares her testimony at the Salt Lake City Ex-Mormon Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Salt-Lake-City-Ex-Mormon-Meetup/events/60778492/) on June 9, 2012. "OUT OF MORMONISM A WOMAN'S TRUE STORY"Author: JUDY ROBERTSONA Woman's True Story of Heartache Turned to Joy When Judy and Jim Robertson felt a spiritual void in their lives, they found "the finest people in the world" to embrace them and a beautifully packaged religion to entice them. Once drawn into Mormonism, they quickly climbed to leadership positions and became worthy temple Mormons, only to become disillusioned with the teaching and demands of the LDS church. From her unique insider's viewpoint, Judy shares her life as a Mormon woman, her rediscovery of the Jesus of the Bible, and how she and Jim found freedom as they left the LDS church in the face of persecution and confrontation. book out of mormanism Judy Robertson

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Saturated With Christ

For eight months now I have been following Professor Horner's Bible-Reading Plan. At ten chapters a day, it moves quickly. Since January I've been through the entire New Testament a couple of times, have just about made it through the Pentateuch, and am also making my way through the minor prophets. Certain themes are apparent when reading large quantities of the Old Testament books. What becomes clear about God's relationship to his people is this: they are very sinful and they are very much loved.

God's love for his people causes him to do certain things and to prescribe certain things. He creates laws to govern them-there are laws about sacrifices and feasts, crimes and misdemeanours, disease and defilement. For everything there is a law. He creates feasts through which they can commemorate his remarkable deeds, he has them build a tabernacle where they can worship him, he prescribes sacrifices that will bring about reconciliation because of their sin. Each of these things he does because he is good and because he loves them.

I began thinking about some of these things and trying to determine why God prescribed them. It didn't take long to see that each one was meant to be a reminder-in-advance of the coming Messiah.

Israel needed a tabernacle and temple because God had not yet come in the person of Jesus Christ to make his dwelling among man.

Israel needed the tabernacle and temple to have a curtain that would separate God from man in order to display that God must remain separate from man, at least until God and man would meet at last in the God-man Jesus Christ.

Israel needed an altar to burn sacrifices of reconciliation between God and man because Christ had not yet been the full and final atonement.

Israel needed an ark to remind them of God's reign because Christ had not yet come to establish his reign over his kingdom.

Israel needed prophets, priests and kings because Christ had not yet come to be the true and final prophet, priest and king.

Israel needed the ceremonial law, laws related to disease and disfigurement and impurity, because Christ had not yet displayed upon the cross the infinite ugliness of spiritual disease and disfigurement and impurity.

Israel needed rites of purification because the death of Christ had not yet displayed the deepest kind of impurity and the deepest kind of purification.

Israel needed the lavers and candlesticks and snuffers to be made of precious metals and to be set apart for their tasks because Christ had not yet shown that he was infinitely precious and that he was set apart for the task God had called him to.

Israel needed a land of its own, an actual land, because Christ had not yet shown that all of the world is God's land and that his people exist beyond geography, extending to all nations and tribes and tongues.

Israel needed a Sabbath because Christ had not yet shown that he himself is the Sabbath, that he offers the truest and deepest rest displayed only in shadow form on the day of rest.

Israel needed a Passover because until Christ came they must worship God on the basis of the type rather than the fulfillment, the miniature display of what would soon occur.

I suppose we could go on all day if we wanted to. The point is clear: The Old Testament is utterly saturated with Jesus Christ. He is the purpose behind the sacrifices and feasts and laws and all the rest.


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Youda Fairy
The wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 years. Together with his fairies he has been protecting the innocent villagers from the strange and dark forces controlled by the evil witch. This epic battle between the forces of good and evil is as old as time itself, but now the kingdom is danger. The Forest Wizard must leave the kingdom and he is now seeking a replacement. He wants you to become the new forest wizard and guard the kingdom against the wicked enchantments and spells of the evil witch. The forest wizard relies on fairies to help guard the kingdom and to begin your new life, you must first learn how to create them in the magical pond. Using lilies, fireflies and a bit of special magic you will create the special fairies and learn to send them to protect the villager's houses. The old wizard will also teach you the secrets of wizardry instructing you on the spells and potions you will need to defeat the dark forces. But beyond the magical pond the peaceful kingdom is not what is seems, deep within the forest there are enchanted animals and evil spells. The witch is a potent opponent who is willing to go to any lengths to battle with you for the reigns of the kingdom. She will make the animals eat your fireflies and cast spells over the villager's houses which you will have to learn how to break. You will need to use all of your wisdom and powerful spells you have learnt from the forest wizard to help you on your quest. Prove you are a worthy opponent of the evil witch and defeat her to become the new forest wizardGame Size 59MB

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St John The Baptist June 24Th
In the Eastern tradition, icons of John often show him with angel's wings. This is because of the book of Malachi. "Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to this temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts." (Malachi 3:1)

The term "My messenger" is actually the name of the book and of the prophet whose words are recorded in it. Malachi () means "my messenger" or "my angel." This is significant, because Malachi was thought of as the last of the prophets, not last as in final, but the last to have appeared. The book is telling us that the final Old Covenant prophet, the true Malachi, will appear. So we see the ending of the book, the last part of chapter 4: "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse."

But, we know that the prediction about Elijah referred, rather, to the one whose coming would be "in the spirit and power of Elijah." So we hear the words of Gabriel to the priest Zechariah, John's father: "And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord." (Luke 1:17) This is why our Lord said, "Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things. But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them. Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist." (Matt. 17:11-13. I have never understood why so many Eschatology enthusiasts simply don't believe what Jesus said).

John's parallel with Elijah is stunning. Ahab and Jezebel could not kill Elijah, but the Ahab and Jezebel of John's day, Herod and Herodius, "have done unto him whatsoever they listed." John turned the hearts of the people back to the God of their fathers, just as Elijah had done when confronting the prophets of Ba'al (I Kings chapter 18, especially v.37: "Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again."). This was done by restoring the hearts of the children to the fathers, a unique phrase in scripture since it is the only verse with the commentary, or interpretation, of an angel from heaven. To have our hearts turned to the fathers means that they are turned to "the wisdom of the just."

To be turned to the wisdom of the just, to the fathers, requires the humility that it takes to learn from those who have known God and have gone before us. It means to learn from the Tradition that teaches the meaning of scripture, rather than arrogantly dismissing it in favor of our own ideas. To echo Hooker, this is the Reason and wisdom of the Church with her authority, having passed on to us the scriptures along with the key to understanding them. It means to accept the "democracy of the dead" as G.K. Chesterton put it: "Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to that arrogant oligarchy who merely happen to be walking around." - Orthodoxy, 1908

It means also that Christians bend an obedient ear to learn from those whose office it is to teach the word of God. "Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you." (Hebrews 13:17) Even if you really think the priest to be unworthy, bend your ear when he teaches the word of God.

John's baptism, the ritual bath from the Law of Moses, was applied to every Jewish person who came to him to confess and repent, and be forgiven. This ritual bath, baptism, was part of the process of conversion for Gentiles to Judaism, to wash away uncleanness. His message to his own people was clear: "Convert back to the God of your fathers". John was a priest by birth, but his life away from the earthly temple in Jerusalem, as a prophet in the wilderness, spoke of the New Covenant that was soon to be established in the blood of the Son of God (Hebrews 8:13). A people prepared for the Lord will not be harmed by his Presence when the Lord suddenly comes to his temple, that new place where "we have an altar" (Hebrews 13:10). Rather, they will feed on Him as the food and drink of eternal life.