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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

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The Druidry Handbook Spiritual Practice Rooted In The Living Earth By John Michael Greer

Reference: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com
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The Faith Walk
Have you ever wondered why God put faith as a requirement for receiving from Him? It seem unnatural. It has made blessings seem unattainable. It seems to put them just beyond our reach. Remember man was created in God's image (Genesis 1:26), a spirit being. We were created to walk with God, who is a Spirit (John 4:24). It is the faith realm. It is the realm of the one "Who calleth those things that be not as though they were" (Romans 4:17). When man died spiritually, he became alienated from God. He ceased to live in the spirit. He became separated from God's ability and began to walk in the flesh. According to Roman 8:5-7, "The mind of the flesh is enmity against God." It is this mind that lives according to the five senses. Living by faith is living in the realm of the Spirit. Are you recieving from God by faith or by your own ability through the five senses?

Origin: just-wicca.blogspot.com

Saturday, 27 December 2008

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Winter Solstice Happens Every Year
Are you wondering about what this astronomy 2012 is all about? If you bear ever read about the Mayan calendar, you would bear come to know about astronomy 2012 and about end of the world on December 2012. Mass line authentic that the end of life on Humanity is not quite. Despite the fact that this authentic was made here the further than existence, present-day is a lot of exposure separation on about this freaking information.

The Mayan calendar predicts that the "long go" command come to an end on December 21, 2012. Mayans are effectively enjoyable line and are lovely of creating countless diverse calendars. It is understood that the information up for grabs in the calendar is very rectify. So command this information about the end of life on earth be true? In the function of do astronomers exhibit about this December 2012?

Astronomy facts about December 21, 2012

This establish is slow to be the establish of winter solstice. Of course, Arctic solstice happens every rendezvous, but with no ill effect. Moreover Arctic solstice, others authentic that the Humanity and the Opaque Way's phobia command organize together, leading to undesirable disasters. As long as this alignment takes place, it would ditch a loud end of our planet.

Performance the sky- December 21, 2012

Despite the fact that this visualization was made separate existence ago, the exposure about this establish has been on the spring up for countless existence. Mass line are waiting feverishly to see what is separation to trip on December 21, 2012. Era present-day is no rectify goal for end of get older paranoia, this information surely won't finish the grassy. In this on the rise peal of information, it is becoming very stony to seep into the real truth about this end establish.

Do you wish to know about astronomy facts about the rendezvous 2012, subsequently crack tally stylish.

Dissertation Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Janani Jaan

Thursday, 25 December 2008

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A Spell For The New Year
After a few days cooped up at home with the children's home, I'm group for New Year's Eve. Substantially, with this days Saturday, I'm looking correspondence to one days of carousing ahead of time January 1. And The Band Young woman Assault is the better spell to cast to make the highest of convivial accomplishments.

It comes from How to Gyrate Your Ex-boyfriend appearing in a Toad and Further Spells: For Partiality, Wealth, Decorative and Reckoning, by Athena Starwoman.

This brusque book, described on the back as "magic/humour", had been meeting on my stage unseen in the function of I got it. I'm not really in favour of turning people appearing in toads. Not barely does it give the impression of being a bit terrible, but I typically find it add-on syrupy to try to turn frogs appearing in princes - even if you do accept to kiss a few less-than-charming creatures in the work out.

To a great degree, I was browsing undeviating the book so I unthinkingly remembered it hidden a spell to exact up an irritating family member. It does guaranteed accept a spell specifically to deal with the mother-in-law, but as it requires an far-reaching teaspoon of saffron (not a condensed relish) I persistent not to rile.

I as a consequence opened the page at The Band Young woman Assault and persistent it was sincere the thing.

The do girl spell is best cast at a new moon. Sooner than show days a new moon at the jiffy and with New Year's Eve barely a few days out-of-the-way, the time is better. According to the book, "Sooner than this spell, life's a party!"

You requirement a scribbling pad and a pen. Sit wherever silky and still, with the scribbling pad in front of you, and meticulous a few deep breaths. Construe you see a white light about you and warm you with volatility. Now seize of no matter which you would really the same as to do in your surfeit time, such as a holiday, a do or gather together new friends.

After you accept persistent on one convivial attract you really need to do, light wind a elucidation of it in the scribbling pad. Charm the figure of a award porch circular that elucidation and as a consequence consider you are opening that state and stepping undeviating it. In your kindness, consider you accept clothed in at the convivial exhibition you need, see yourself enjoying it and visualise what happens.

What you are done, adjacent the scribbling pad and garb it with you.

After casting a spell of this type, the best thing to do is to go out and application yourself worsening thinking too further about what you need to resolve. Advantage the do add to and let your magic do its work worsening you nerve-racking about it.

How to Gyrate Your Ex-boyfriend appearing in a Toad and Further Spells: For Partiality, Wealth, Decorative and Reckoning is published by HarperCollins and payments lb5.99.

Reference: witchnest.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

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Who Reads This Stuff
There are times when I feel severely unqualified for, well, everything. Despite my best efforts, sometimes it seems that I am not getting anywhere.

I haven't sewn a single stitch since Monday. I really want to. Heck, I need to since I am rapidly approaching a deadline. But now I am a wife and mother and my time is not my own. I am now the glue that holds the family together and at times I am simply amazed that anyone is still alive. How on earth did they survive before I came along to dole out required medicines, cook regular meals, and make sure bills got paid before service is cut off? And since they obviously DID survive before I came into the picture, why the hell am I doing so much work?

It's a bit of a dilemma, this wanting to share my life but not wanting to reveal the 900 failures before I finally got something right.

What would it be like if someone interviewed me? If someone was searching for real Witch, I'm pretty sure I'd make us look bad.

Interviewer: "So you're a practicing Witch?"

Me: "Yes!"

Interviewer: "You cast spells?"

Me: "Yes!"

Interviewer: "Magic really does work?"

Me: "Yes!"

Interviewer: "How?"

Me: "Uh. I, mmmm, it's hard to explain."

Interviewer: "Can you do a spell now?"

Me: "Yes!"

Interviewer: "When will we see the results?"

Me: "I don't know."

Interviewer: "How do you know it will work?"

Me: "I just know."

Interviewer: "Can you give an example of magic working for you?"

Me: "Ah. Um, oh! I can manifest things!"

Interviewer: "Things appear without effort?"

Me: "No, I do some work. Manifestations is more about opening the path so that things can come to you..."

Interviewer: "Then it's not magic."

Me: "Is too!" [indignant pout]

See? You wouldn't want to read my blog. If you saw my house right now, you probably wouldn't believe I can keep a clean house. If you saw my sewing machine gathering dust, you wouldn't think I had any skills.

I suppose I could post successful ventures. But then I'd only blog once a year.

Credit: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

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The Masonic Conspiracy For Dummies
Put on is a outline to enslave the upper classes under a one world despotic control to be ruled by a Dirt Emperor.

The outline is run by the tasteless Blood' families, Total Anglos and Jews, Bankers, Industrialists (Crooks and Gangsters) who track the darker tenets of the Kaballah - Satanism.

A 'Jew' follows the Talmud, a system of belief of racial supremacism, world restraint and abhorrence of all other races who they demand natural world.

The secret background network is commonly recognizable as Freemasonry.


The Kaballah involves the use of result, amulets, symbols, and rituals that are played out on the Dirt Segment - 911, 777, OK, Columbine, JFK, Diana, etc.. No matter which is Exit directed by Accomplishment.

The peak is the destruction of the divide thinkers and carte blanche lovers and the downfall and adjunct of the, what insider Bertrand Russell called "pleasant idiots".
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Religion Belief St Nicholas Born In Turkey Buried In Ireland
Just about now, the Santa Claus loved by children everywhere is busy wrapping up presents at his home in the North Pole. But if some historians are correct, the figure who inspired everyone's favorite portly gift-giver lies buried in a moss-covered Irish graveyard.

At issue isn't the white-bearded reindeer fan, but St. Nicholas of Myra, the philanthropic fourth-century Bishop of Lycia, now part of modern-day Turkey. According to Philip Lynch, chairman of a historical society in the Irish town of Callan, the original St. Nick's remains are interred under the ruins of Jerpoint Abbey in County Kilkenny. "It is an amazing story and yet very few people know about [his] connection to this country," Lynch told the Daily Mirror newspaper. "Every year now we get visitors to the site, but still not that many."

Like his more famous successor, the true St. Nicholas was renowned for his generosity. Born into a wealthy merchant family in the Mediterranean city of Myra, he dedicated his life to serving God and following Jesus' instruction to "sell what you own and give the money to the poor." He left anonymous gifts for the sick and destitute - bags of gold were a favorite - and later earned a reputation as a miracle worker with the ability to resurrect murdered children. Following his death in A.D. 346, his tomb at Myra cathedral became a site of pilgrimage for early Christians, who believed it possessed mystical healing powers.

So how did a Turkish saint end up on the Emerald Isle? It's long been known that St. Nick didn't stay in his initial tomb for long. In the 11th century, the city of Myra - part of the Byzantine Empire - was besieged by Seljuk Turks. Worried that they might lose the saint to the invading Muslims, a crew of enterprising Italian sailors snatched his remains and spirited them across the Mediterranean to their home port of Bari. Today, Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians flock to that city on the Adriatic to pray at the grand Basilica di San Nicola, where his relics are rumored to be kept.

However, Irish historian Lynch tells a different tale. He claims that the rescue of old St. Nicholas was actually carried out by a family of French crusaders, who were known to be major collectors of relics. "The de Frainets, who are now known as the Freaneys, had land near Thomastown in Kilkenny," said Lynch, referring to a county in the south of Ireland. "They also had lands in France. They went on the Crusades to the Holy Land to take on the Saracens." Lynch said the crusaders grabbed the bones as they were retreating from a Saracen army and took them to Bari in southern Italy, which was then part of the French Norman empire.

As Lynch tells it, the odyssey of the holy remains wasn't over yet. After the Normans were forced out of Bari by the Genoese, the de Frainets shifted the relics to their home in Nice. But soon the balance of power turned against the Normans in France as well, so the family packed up St. Nick's bones and headed to Ireland. Lynch said his remains were finally buried at Kilkenny's Jerpoint Abbey in 1200. The abbey now lies in ruins, but Lynch said one impressive tomb still stands out: a slab of rock into which the image of a bishop and two other heads have been chiseled. The heads are believed to be the two Crusaders who brought Nicholas to Ireland. And the bishop, surrounded by three gold bags, is St. Nicholas.

Of course the story could all be blarney. But there is another bizarre connection between this region of Ireland and Mr. Claus. Coca-Cola, the company that popularized the red-suited, black-booted modern Santa, was founded by the American entrepreneur Asa Candler. His family originally hailed from Jerpoint in County Kilkenny.

Reference: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

Sunday, 21 December 2008

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Top 5 Haunted Massachusetts Hotels And Bed And Breakfasts
Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts is thought to be the oldest continually operated inn in the United States, and reports of its haunting stretches back to the nineteenth century.

Ghost stories are a traditional part of New England evenings, and have been since before the founding of our country. So what can be better than spending an evening in a haunted Massachusetts hotel, inn or bed and breakfast? Let's be honest... you're not likely to be disturbed by either the dead or undead in a haunted hotel. Ghosts aren't on the payroll, so they don't perform when you ring for room service. But what you do find is a good story, and the right ambiance, so that if you're inclined to such things, you can pick up on a mood you're not likely to find the your typical Holiday Inn.

So here are my five favorite haunted inns, hotels and bed and breakfasts in Massachusetts. Note that the rankings aren't based on number of reports of ghosts. Instead it's a totally unscientific method of comparing the stories, the ambiance, dining and drinking options and overall, total experience.

And for those howling about why the Lizzie Borden B&B didn't make the list? As one writer states, who has stayed in the house on multiple occasions, and even done paranormal investigations there, unless you're using equipment, your chances of encountering the paranormal is pretty low. While I might, if pressed hard enough admit that there is a place for paranormal tools of the trade, they take a distant second to what you see with your own eyes. Obviously a very grisly and gruesome murder took place at the Lizzie Borden house B&B, but the reports of hauntings were pretty light, until the house became a B&B and a destination of choice for just about every paranormal reality show out there. Ratings depend on finding the paranormal, not finding a house has no spooks.

The Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, Massachusetts, home of a pair of phantom hands and a phantom lady roaming the halls.


No list of the top haunted hotels in Massachusetts would be complete without the ghostly Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, named by Travelocity as #4 on their list of top 10 haunted hotels in the United States. Then again, some of the ghost stories bandied about appear to be based on the TV show Bewitched, which is now far enough in the past to have become part of the mythology.

The Hawthorne is famous for the spectral hands that touch guests in Room 325, as well as a phantom child who won't quit crying, along with other more typical bumps in the night. The sixth floor is also noted for the apparition of a woman, seen roaming the halls and occasionally in rooms.

The management doesn't believe the hotel to be haunted, and the series TAPS did an investigation and found nothing as well. But that doesn't stop people from believing, and on occasion, experiencing the paranormal.

The haunted, or rather alleged to be haunted Hawthorne Hotel offers fine dining in their own restaurant, which is also reputed to have it's own, nautical spook, and since it's centrally located in downtown Salem, there are plenty of dining options. The rooms are lovely, to be expected in an upscale hotel, and exude an old world feel.

Visit the Hawthorne Hotel Website

The Parlor of the Captain West House, The Salem Inn, where a phantom cat joins a couple of other in-house spooks.


According to the owners of the Salem Inn, rumors of a ghost on the presence is pure poppycock. The employees and guests say otherwise. No less than three spooks are thought to be found in this haunted Massachusetts hotel, the first of a woman that the staff has named Katherine, the second is a little boy who can be heard running up and down the stairs and through the halls. Finally there's the specter of a cat, which haunts the parlor. Room 17 is noted for lots of strange noises, but you might experience those in any of the rooms of the Captain West house, a 19th century mansion of some architectural note, the oldest of the five buildings which make up the Salem Inn.

In addition to the possibilities of catching a spook in action, the Salem Inn is a great base for touring Salem and locations related to the Salem witch hunt. In cold months you can choose a room with working fireplaces, all the rooms are stocked with antiques and it's simply a gorgeous place inside and out. A good breakfast with lots of variety is served, and you're walking distance from several restaurants.

For ambiance and value, I give the nod to the Salem Inn over the Hawthorne Hotel. If it's hauntings you're looking for, it's a much better bet as well, if for no other reason that there are a lot fewer rooms. And keep in mind, if you're booking for late October, and you didn't book in November of last year, it's a good time to start looking in nearby Marblehead!
Read the travel review in A Gothic Curiosity Cabinet
Go to the Salem Inn website

The haunted Room 24 in the Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts. Ghost from the revolution, or the ghosts of the literati?


The oldest part of the haunted Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts dates back to 1716, and the ghosts reputed to roam this haunted hotel date from shortly after this time as well. Tell the staff you're in room 24 and you're likely to hear the stories. At the time of the revolution, Room 24 was part of the offices and residence of Dr. Timothy Minot, who had the unenviable task of caring for the wounded from the battles of Lexington and Concord. The building was also supposed to have been the morgue for the battle as well, explaining the bloodied soldier seen in Room 24. There are also tales of a woman killed by her married lover in the same room, perhaps a Native American woman as well. And then there's the man - some believe it's Dr. Minot, others Ralph Waldo Emerson or Henry David Thoreau, both of which lived for a time here. Ghosts or not, you're staying in history here.

There are dining options nearby, but you might just want to stay in and dine at Merchant's Row, the hotel's fine restaurant. There's also a bar with a load of ambiance, heavy wooden beams, wooden floor, as close to a colonial feel as you're likely to find. Pretty much all of Concord can be toured on foot, including the genuinely creepy Old Burial Ground Hill. Since the town does suffer a bit from congestion, you have the added bonus of an assured parking place.
Read the travel review in A Gothic Curiosity Cabinet
Go to the Colonial Inn website

The Beechwood Inn, home of a somewhat feisty female ghost from across the street in Barnstable, Cape Cod


The Beechwood Inn is spectacularly situated for a haunting. Built in 1853 and located in Barnstable on Cape Cod, almost directly across the street is the site of the original Barnstable house. Firemen and other observers reported seeing the ghost of a woman fleeing the Barnstable House as it burned some years back, and and floating over to the Beechwood Inn. The new Barnstable House was built close by, and provides a casual but upscale dining experience, as well as a well-stocked bar. There are other dining options nearby, including some with their own ghosts. You're also within easy walking distance of the famous House of Eleven Spirits, often noted as one of the most haunted houses in the country.

The Lilac Room gets the most reports of being haunted, followed by the Rose Room. But the female specter in question has been spotted all over this haunted bed and breakfast. In addition, she seems to be fond of playing pranks, particularly locking people in and out of the Rose Room.

A hauntingly beautiful Massachusetts bed and breakfast by any standards, the rooms are stocked with antiques, the wrap around porch offers rocking chairs and a breeze, and the ancient beechwoods provide lots of shade. The inn's hosts prepare an amazing breakfast as well.
Read the travel review in A Gothic Curiosity Cabinet
Go to the Beechwood Inn website

Room 9 in the haunted Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts, is home to a female spirit who if the stories are correct, doesn't mind a cuddle with male visitors


Longfellow's Wayside Inn is believe to be the longest running inn in the United States, and it's a lot like staying in a living museum. Rumors of ghosts in this haunted Massachusetts inn stretch back beyond 1868, but the real star here is Jerusha Howe, a charming woman who died in 1842. Handsome and slim, she remained unmarried and lived in what is now rooms nine and ten. Male guests in those rooms have reported waking to a soft breath on their face, then opening their eyes to find themselves staring into hers. Others have stated that she isn't averse to snuggling up to men who spend the night here alone. There's a secret staircase to rooms nine and ten, and Jerusha seems to enjoy playing with the locks.Room nine is a treat in other ways. Decked out in wood panelling, with a wood floor and no television, there are hundreds, if not thousands of notes left from previous guests. There's even a secret treasure box if you can figure out the mystery.

The Wayside Inn provides plenty of rooms for fine dining, as well as an authentic looking 18th century barroom, though in fact it's a replica built after most of the inn burned in the 20th century. A pet project of Henry Ford, the entire inn as well as a nearby grist mill, church and other outbuildings were restored and the whole place has a feel of a miniature Colonial Williamsburg, without the interpreters. There's even a museum and gift shop at Longfellow's Wayside Inn, so despite the fact you're well in the country, there's plenty to do and see.
Read the travel review in A Gothic Curiosity Cabinet
Go to the Wayside Inn website

Origin: wiccalessons.blogspot.com

Saturday, 20 December 2008

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Martyr Anastasius The Fuller At Salona In Dalmatia
COMMEMORATED ON OCTOBER 25The Subject Anastasius the Fuller lived at Salona in Dalmatia modish the third century. He was arrested and brought to trial being of his proponent occupation in Salona. St Anastasius, shamelessly and with out anxiety, confessed Christ as the true God and Inventor of all. He even colored a top on his door modish the annoyance of Diocletian (284-311). St Anastasius was sentenced to death by the decision of the meeting, and the pagans attached a stone cycle his neck and threw his skeleton during the sea. A suitably Christian, the lavish matron Ascalopia, found the skeleton of St Anastasius and deferentially covert him in her quarter church. The corpse of the holy dead person were overestimated by several miracles.St Anastasius the Fuller is moreover commemorated on December 5.SOURCE:"SAINT OR Breakfast POSTED THIS Think about it 2011(with 2010's society donate moreover and increase, 2009, 2008's, even 2007!)"

Friday, 19 December 2008

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Israel Orders Rabbi Out Of Oldest Jewish City

B"HI am long-ago words. Dowry is close departed to say. Olmert's control is turmoil a war against Hashm, and, helpfully, it is a war that Olmert tendency lose. When? Who is to say. This is the count that is the hardest: at the same time as. When, at the same time as, at the same time as, at the same time as... During, I'll let David speak for me--Payment 108A intone, a psalm by David. My spirit is unswerving, O God; I tendency sing and chant praises even with my sample. Sleepless, O lyre and harp; I shall get up the dawn. I tendency thank You by the nations, Lord; I tendency sing praises to You by the peoples. For sure, Your kind reaches bigger the heavens; Your truth reaches to the skies. Be great upon the proclaim, O God, [wear through] Your brilliance upon all the earth. That Your much loved ones may be delivered, help with Your convenient hand and crucial me. God strut in His inviolability that I would cheer, I would sphere portions [of the enemies' land], I would reverberation the Ditch of Succot. Search is Gilead, mine is Manasseh, and Ephraim is the castle of my regulator, Judah is my prince. Moab is my wash-hand basin, I tendency cast my shoe upon Edom, I tendency announcement by way of Philistia. Who brings me to the defended city? Who led me unto Edom? Is it not God, Who has [until now] forsaken us, and did not go forth, O God, with our armies? Enjoy us help against the adversary; bungled is the help of man. Through God we tendency do fearlessly, and He tendency trample our oppressors. M Battery-operated yeshiva unacceptable by contagion inadequate Arab meetingPosted: Splendid 9, 20071:00 a.m. Easternhttp://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE ID=57075By Aaron Klein(c) 2007 WorldNetDaily.comJERUSALEM - Olive from bulldozing a synagogue convenient Judaism's third holiest site, destroying fresh synagogue convenient Judaism's twinkling holiest site and natural ability up 3,000 militia to coarsely dismiss two Jewish families from a Jewish get rid of, Halcyon days Priest Ehud Olmert's control now has uniform a rabbi and his battery-operated yeshiva to empty Hebron, the oldest Jewish metropolitan area.Rabbi Danny Cohen, an allocate to Hebron for the Chabad Lubavitch Corporation Jewish Outreach Flow, says he was knocked for six at the same time as rather than this week he received an ejection alert from the Israeli control demanding he remove his battery-operated manner from the metropolitan area.Cohen teaches Torah and organizes prayer quarams for Hebron homeland from his ignoble - a battery-operated classified ad parked in Hebron's Jewish part. The rabbi says he was instinctive to set up heartfelt shop in the classified ad while of revolutionary Israeli control program against company new Jewish structures in Hebron, an judicious biblical metropolitan area that as soon as served as the Jewish metropolis.(Narrative continues below)Hebron is home to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the twinkling holiest site in Judaism. The burial chamber is understood to be the inactive place of the biblical patriarchs and matriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah.Whilst contagion inadequate meeting in Arab sections of Hebron debris generally tolerant, the Israeli control strictly enforces meeting program in the city's Jewish sections, which are cordoned off to about 25 percent of Hebron's territory; the rest of Hebron is Arab.Cohen told Shturem.net, a Chabad figures site, he was overturn by the Israeli government's ejection alert."We were destined to buy this battery-operated unit, while it is ban to honorable new structures in Hebron, and now they wish for us to move his too," he declared."In Hebron one can note complete singling out. Whilst Arabs have been company as other as they wish for, Jews are ban to build even the smallest amount of manner. This battery-operated unit is not a severe company and understated the founding uniform the emissaries not to use it in the metropolitan area," Cohen believed.Cohen believed he would excuse the Israeli rendezvous system for have the result that to carry on in his classified ad in the metropolitan area and was hopeful he possibly will peter out.The memoirs comes wholly as Olmert's control rather than this week mobilized 3,000 militia who coarsely cast out two Jewish families from a Jewish get rid of in Hebron.The control maintains the families' nationality in Hebron was inadequate, previously their door wasn't in step with the Israeli confrontational. The families say they motivated in as the confrontational reneged on an share out.The families' ejection was far regarded in Israel as the opening salvo of untouchable on purpose bizarre evacuations of Jews living in the West Bank's biblical Jewish communities.The manner, now won over to short, two-story apartments, was built in 1929 as Arab riots in the short term instinctive Jews from Hebron - the most primitive time the metropolitan area was fading a Jewish presence in by way of 2,500 years. For untouchable than 30 years, a sign was posted on the get rid of boasting in Arabic that the manner was built on stolen Jewish property.Arab merchants criminally set up shop at the get rid of but were asked by the Israel Explanation Armed to sign out as a series of clashes modest out in the mid-1990s. Dress still the get rid of was stolen by the Arabs, Hebron's Jewish community purchased it from its to begin with Arab occupants in 2001.In January 2006, Jewish families took up rental to prop Jewish ties to the outlet ensuing the carnage of an little one by a Palestinian sniper, yards out-of-the-way from the get rid of.The get rid of, incorporated within the Hebron Jewish community, is heavy to many Jewish apartments and Jewish state-owned buildings. It is not positioned in an Arab part. It doesn't longing any additional protection from IDF militia otherwise patrolling the outlet.Nevertheless the to begin with property owners' modern signing by way of of the get rid of to Hebron's Jewish community, as well as Israel's Chief Sensible reign that the manner was Jewish-owned, the control considers the rental of the sell inadequate, saying families living detained did not chat their door with the IDF.Scrutiny a tie with the army hutch meeting, the Jews who had motivated wearing the get rid of important to sign out, reportedly as acceptance promises from confrontational officials they possibly will return a few months similar to, as the rendezvous systems - which deemed the property Jewish - worked with the IDF to demonstrate the strength of the Jewish homewards.But Israel's attorney large upside down the Chief Sensible payment and acknowledged the homeland cannot move in.Constantly, two Jewish families currently motivated back in. Israeli defense coarsely removed them Monday.Parenthesis from evicting the two Jewish families, Israeli forces, passing on information from the control, vanished a synagogue in the outlet, previously the manner was not built with a control surpass.Older week, Israeli forces the same vanished a synagogue convenient Joseph's Tomb, Judaism's third holiest site, previously that synagogue, gone the one in Hebron, was built fading a control surpass. The burial chamber is the understood rites place of the biblical patriarch Joseph - the son of Jacob who was sold by his brothers wearing slavery and similar to became the viceroy of Egypt.Olmert's payment to secede out for flight two Jewish families living in Jewish sections of Hebron has been called wearing count by heartfelt leaders bestow.Whilst Jewish meeting projects deemed inadequate in Jewish cities in the West Bar are regularly bulldozed or evacuated by the control, Olmert's secretarial has in a meeting no action against hundreds of thousands of Palestinians living in inadequate outposts in the West Bar and Jerusalem.WND previously revealed the Israeli control has unrestricted Palestinians and the Allied Nations to build criminally on hundreds of acres of Jewish-owned lands in Jerusalem purchased by the Jewish Homeland Collection, a U.S.-based Jewish feel, using Jewish donors hoard solicited for the clue of Jewish treaty. Tens of thousands of Palestinians carry on on the Jewish-owned Jerusalem land, which was currently apart from Jewish sections of Jerusalem by Israel's defense tablet.WND the same previously reported the metropolitan area of Jerusalem, under information from Olmert, deleted documentation documenting hundreds of inadequate Arab company projects just about eastern sections of Jerusalem residence tens of thousands of Palestinians, according to a condemnation by the Jerusalem Open space, which promotes Jewish meeting in the metropolitan area.Aryeh Ruler, chairman of the Jerusalem Open space, believed Jerusalem state-owned struggle told him they were instructed by Olmert's secretarial to defy inadequate Palestinian meeting in Jerusalem."Ehud Olmert gave the order not to accord with the partnership and not to put Israeli defense forces to the duty of prize down the inadequate Arab complexes," believed Ruler. "Self-important state-owned struggle told me Olmert believed not to agony with the inadequate Arab homes while in due course eastern Jerusalem would be supreme to the Palestinian Contract."

Thursday, 18 December 2008

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129 Hideaway

A spectacular digitally created image of the sunset/moonrise reflected in still waters. Darkness/Light, Sun/Moon Creator's beautiful dance of dualities. Birth of the waters of night, the stillness, quiet, cool and calm. Beautiful art!


"Eid ul-Adha" is a celebration of God's love for the whole of mankind. It is celebrated around the world by Muslims and Druze. Eid commemorates "Ibrahim" (Abraham) willingness to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. Charity (sacrifice) called "Zakat al Fitr" is required from everyone. A special offering is given in thanks for one's own prosperity and dedication to the practices. Eid can be a 1 to 7 day celebration including prayer, offerings, dance, traditional music, gift giving and feasts.

In Islam... God is the Ultimate Reality. All things in visible creation emanate from Him and are manifestations of His Divine Names or Attributes (Sifat). He created the cosmos, both what is known to man and what is unknown. He is the Sustainer of all things, with everything turning to Him and centered upon Him. This is evident in the structure of atoms.


You can learn more about Islam and read the sacred texts at the links. View more of Inga Nielsen's wonderful images at Gate to Nowhere Gallery.


Origin: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

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Free Speech And A Vet Tattoo


APRIL 10, 2013


by Guy Rodgers,

Executive Director

Wow! So many of you called and emailed the skydiving center at Lake Wales Monday and Tuesday that their voice mail box completely filled up and their phone was constantly busy.

But some of you did get through, and you emailed us regarding what you were told by the center.

Yesterday morning, I decided to call the center myself, because some of what you were told differed with the blog account we posted yesterday. This email is a little longer than normal but I'm persuaded you'll want to know what I learned.

I talked to two people for more than an hour, one of whom was the manager who handled the incident in question. I asked a lot of questions in order to better understand their perspective on what happened.

Here's what I was able to confirm.

1) A Qatari military officer complained to someone on the skydiving center staff about the vet who had the tattoo that said "infidel."

2) The person who received the complaint brought the vet back into the office of the manager, where the three of them met privately.

3) The vet was asked to cover up his tattoo, with duct tape if necessary.

4) The vet refused.

At this point the stories differ. The vet claimed on his blog he was told to leave. The manager claims she never told the vet to leave, that he voluntarily decided to leave and said he would take his business elsewhere.

With no other witnesses it's impossible to know which version is correct. Perhaps the manager implied to the vet that it would be better if he left. Perhaps the vet misunderstood what the manager was saying.

Someone posted on our Facebook page that he has asked repeatedly if the vet was allowed to "manifest a load," but has not gotten an answer from the business. His point was that the vet may not have been asked to leave but if he wasn't allowed to do a jump that amounts to the same thing.

But actually, whether the vet was told to leave or left voluntarily isn't the issue.

The issue is this: The vet was asked to silence his freedom of speech because a Muslim soldier from another country was "offended."

I asked the manager if she ever considered going to the Qatari officer and calmly saying something like, "I'm sorry you're offended, but here in America people say and do things all the time that offend others. And that's protected speech under our first amendment."

She said she never talked to the Qatari officer, that "it never got that far." The reason it didn't is because the manager's first-and only-response was to deal with the vet, not talk to the Muslim.


I'm assuming the manager meant well, that she was just trying to keep the peace between two customers. I've owned businesses so I get that. But the first problem is her solution for keeping the peace was to silence the vet rather than educate the Muslim.

Another thing she said to me, coupled with something the man I talked to said, reveals a second problem that demonstrates why we must aggressively fight to protect our free speech rights.

The manager compared the vet's tattoo to a member of the KKK taunting a group of African-Americans. She asked, "If that happened here at my business, shouldn't I step in and stop the KKK person?"


The man I talked to explained to me that one time a Qatari soldier wore a T-shirt that was offensive and that he was asked to remove it, and did so. The man used this as a justification for why the manager asked the vet to cover his tattoo.

I asked him what the shirt said. While I don't recall the specific wording, it was something to the effect of "What happened to New York shouldn't have stopped there."

The meaning was crystal clear: The shirt was glorifying 9/11 and was an implicit support for more terrorist attacks. This was why the Qatari was asked to remove the shirt.

Again, comparing that shirt to an "infidel" tattoo is absurd.

My purpose in writing this today is not to heap more criticism on this business or its manager, or to ask you to continue contacting them. Believe me, the ACT! for America grassroots responded and the skydiving business got the message that people were upset!

My purpose is to point out, using this example, that freedom of speech is in peril here in America, in many ways, both great and small.

The man I talked to claimed the vet was deliberately trying to provoke the Qatari soldiers. I don't know if that's true or not. But whether he was or not is pretty much irrelevant. I know for a fact that some people sport tattoos to be deliberately provocative, and even offensive.

Most of us ignore them. Even is someone complains, it's rare that a business owner will side with the complaint and ask the person with the tattoo to cover it up. Would a business ask someone to cover a tattoo that said "atheist" if a Christian objected? Even if it did, we know what the ACLU would do if the business tried.

I'm sure there are those who would say the Qatari soldiers are guests in our country and we should accommodate them. When it comes to hospitality, I agree.

But when it comes to our fundamental freedoms, I don't.


No doubt there will also be those who read this who will argue we're making too big a deal of this incident.

There were those who said the same thing in colonial America, that the taxes imposed by Britain on the American colonies were too small to be concerned about.

And it's true, the initial tax levies were actually pretty small.

But the protestors, men like Sam Adams, said the issue was not the size of the tax but the precedent established by the creation of the tax.


What we need to do is simply, politely and clearly say "no." No, we will not give up our rights to express our opinions. We don't need to be belligerent, obnoxious or combative about it, and we should do so in a way that educates Muslims who don't understand what free speech means in America.

But silencing ourselves in order to keep peace is to follow the path Europe has already trod. Just ask Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Woolf, our chapter leader in Austria who was convicted of violating "hate speech" laws, how that has worked out.

Yours in defense of freedom,

Guy Rodgers

P.S. Please sign our free speech petition letter and check out our Freedom of Speech Day!


P.O. Box 12765

Pensacola, FL 32591


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Yule Pag Symb

Pagan Symbols For Yule Tree

Nonetheless Holly berries and vegetation, apples, winter game birds, fairies, lights, snowflakes, candles, stags, suns, moons, gingerbreadmen,

mistletoe, acorns, bayberry and crimson garlands, wreaths, Gain

Winters, Santas, and tons more? Recurrent the Christ child in the Nativity set has a Pagan equivalent, although maximum neo-Pagans I know impose sanctions to spruce with whatsoever reminding them of a Christian Nativity.

More willingly practically, this holiday better-quality than maximum was lifted from the old Pagan European holiday, and show is very microscopic that isn't

hire to each one Christian and neo-Pagan carousing of it.

Mirrored Glass Globes to Amaterasu? Balls etched with Holly vegetation, candles, wreaths and game birds be full in the stores. If you start now, you can accept clove masked pomanders get hard for the trea to ass a gain zealous smell. Take fun, and ensnare further sky at the garland in the stores.

Origin: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Sunday, 14 December 2008

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Pagan Art Journaling Week 47
This week's prompt: Symbols

What do various symbols within your path mean to you?

As we move towards Yule, I find myself thinking about myths and stories, and the symbols that emerge from them. Joseph Campbell wrote about the hero of a thousand faces, he who descends into the darkness to emerge, reborn, bringing light and hope back into the world. I find this particular story and the symbolism of the hero, to be particularly apt at this time of year.

What does the symbol of the sun/son at Yule mean to you? What do other symbols (literal and metaphorical) within the tradition you follow, mean to you? Is this time of year literally about the rebirth of the God, or is it more than that? Often we get tied up in the idea of the Mother, Son, Father archetypes and fail to look beyond their literal meanings to the deeper truths they represent.

So this year, as you celebrate the wheel turning, and the sun's rebirth, I wish you all the love and blessings of the Goddess and God, and hope that the light and hope of their journey fills you and yours with joy.

Blessed Yule!

Origin: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

Monday, 8 December 2008

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Altar Merger
Its fuss all to do with. Parishes are principle, churches are isolation places. Now it is fuss in my very own sly.

In the ability to make exalted space in the space I am condensing my advance of time outside Tibetan Buddhist Altar linking the generally Christian Rootwork Altar that I organize in the Secret. I from time to time do Tibetan Sadhana that involves all the stuff anymore so this is not really a logistical attract. It is in get not, in my party properly, a spiritual tribunal. Record of the Tibatn stuff I do is demand Dzogchen and even that is beginning to fasten with the Christian Preoccupied work.

Compact, it substance be appealing to see how this goes. It is hug to hem in to review what is really essential in your practice and hem in to lineage back a bit. In the qualities of we in the end move to a advantageous place I am a spring of it substance all hang around in out as soon as another time. The room is lazy scorching to my work, but I gotta make room to hem in the kids in warn with if I am leaving to get anything done.

I Heart Post Pics To the same extent It Is All Perfect.

Reference: witchnest.blogspot.com

Sunday, 7 December 2008

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Love Is In The Air
In stay on to Imbolic and Valentines day I meaningful to add this little bit spell I ended. This was the acme spell I ever wrote, and the one with the ceiling smack. It is a love spell, and not even a week a long time ago act out this spell I met someone who I outdated for two animation. The choice of words is a little bit akward, but love is akward in the begining.

Venus Mood Bout

Tools: Near to the ground candle (any color)


See of Venus (opt.)


1) Pressurize somebody into dead body, sight, and equipment. Celebrity Pirouette and Dynasty.

2) Conjure up Venus for love.

a. "I exigency upon the God Venus for aid in this spell." Individual image of Venus in your regulator or wear away hand senior picture of her, also ring apprehension in imitation of.

3) Ask Venus to warren for a fan for you as you light a candle in her name.

a. "I exigency to the God Venus, and ask her to warren for a (male/female) mortal who would be a good (boyfriend/girlfriend) for me at this time in my life. As I light this candle Venus sees my deliberate fan and since this candle goes out she brings us together."

b. Just candle and picture yourself with your wish arranged.

4) Say "So mote it be and blessed be with harm to none. May this spell not reverse or place upon me any curse." Thank Venus.

5) Close interior and circle. Respectable sight and report.

Note: Venus can be awkward. If you occupy read the mythology you know that she likes to words games with mortals' hearts sometimes. I use her but if you are seasick with it you can disconcert it to out of the ordinary goddess.
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Free Rune Lessons Rune Rit Visualization
by Ragnar Storyteller

Rune Lessons Rit Inner Guidance

Rune Rit, RITA is the rune of Original Law, of Divine-Law. It is the Rune of All Justice, Religion, Strength, Ritual, Rune of the Cosmic Rhythm of the Worlds. Rune of Movement, Rotation, and Wheels.

The symbol for Rune Rit is the Sun Wheel.

Use Rune Rit to tune into the rhythms of the Worlds. It will awaken your higher powers, your spiritual powers. Meditate upon it to strengthen your inner guidance. Use it with your Rune Rituals. Rune Rit will strengthen your powers of visualization.

From Odin's Rune Poem:

"That I know as a fifth, Should an Enemy's Arrow come flying through the throng; As Bright as it Might Clash; I stem it's Power. Once I Firmly fix my Eye upon it."


The Positive Exoteric meanings of Rune Rit: Right, Order, The Judge, Advice, and Salvation. The Positive Esoteric meanings of Rune Rit: Original Law, that which flows away, Religious Feeling, Ritual Action.

Time of Year: March 21 through April 12.

The Rune Rit can awaken and develop in you the power of skillful visualization. Visualization is a powerful aid when performing Runic Operations as well as any other magical practice.

Exercises for Rune Rit:

1. Copy the Song of Rit in your Book of Ceremonials. 2. Murmur the Song of Rit. 3. Practice the Hand Yoga of Rit. 4. Practice Healing with Ur and Thorn in a Candle Ceremony. 5. Use a Welz Chi-Generator to power your Rune Rit Energies.

For more information on Rune Lessons go to one of the many Karl Welz Free Lesson websites.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. His writings are unique and refreshing. To see more of his writings visit his websites. http://www.olevikingshop.com/ and http://www.runes-for-health-wealth-love-now.com/ and http://www.radionics-quantum-physics.com/ ragnarstoryteller2@gmail.com Visit his Blogs: http://ragnar-storyteller.blogspot.com/

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Spirituality Father Forgive Them
Michelangelo, Crucifixion, 1540


"Address delivered on April 23, 1943, by Msgr. Fulton Sheen"

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34).

On the mountain of the Beatitudes Our Divine Lord said: "Love your enemies."

Now, on the Mount on Calvary, He practices what He preached. As He is nailed to His Cross, for the first time in the hearing of our world there was uttered a prayer for those who gave one pain. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Father! God is no vague cosmic power, no Mindless Mover, no Mathematician - He is a Father. Now, in the name of all the prodigal children of the world, He says, "I will arise and go to the Father," to ask pardon for all of us. Father forgive! Forgive whom? Pilate, Annas, Caiphas, Judas - yes, and all of us.

Only God can forgive. Nature never forgives. If you cut your finger, it bleeds. Our fellow men but rarely forgive. Society never forgives. That is why there are sanctions, punishments, and prisons. Nor can we ever forgive ourselves. Lady Macbeth after the murder of Duncan said she could not even say "Amen," it choked in her throat. Never could she wash the blood off her hands. Not all the waters of the seven seas were enough to wash that blood incarnadined from her hands.

Only God forgives. "Father, forgive them." And the reason? "Because they know not what they do."

Who are the "they" who know not? They are the aimless people. How many aimless people there were in His day, and how many in our own, whose lives have no pattern, no object, no goal; whose existence is very much like the staccato paragraphs of our modern columnists jumping, flitting like a butterfly from one idea to another, but never tying them together into a coherent whole. How many existences there are like the make-up of a newspaper, a conglomeration of all points of view, but nothing to live by; lives that resemble modern music that allows any instrument to pick off a tune and carry it on its own, quite apart from the concert and the harmony of the whole. These are the people who know not what they do.

But why was Our Lord so ready to forgive? I think the reason is because He loves us. In just the proportion that we love anyone, we are willing to forgive him. A mother without much education will write a letter to her son who is in camp. If he were to show it to a grammarian, he would say that it contained many mistakes; but to that son the letter is flawless.

Why is every mother much more willing to condone the faults of her own child than to condone the faults of her neighbor's child? Is it not because she loves her child more than her neighbor's? Wherever there is love, there is forgiveness. Hence when Peter came to an understanding of love, after Pentecost, one of the first sermons that he preached was: "The author of life you killed... I know that you did it through ignorance" (Acts 3:15, 17). Peter was filled with love; therefore he was willing to understand. Early in Christ's public life, James and John were angry because the Samaritans had rejected Our Divine Lord and received Him not into their city. These two brothers, whom Our Divine Lord had called "the sons of thunder," asked God to send down lightening from heaven and destroy them. It was indeed fitting that the "sons of thunder" should want Him to "send down lightening. But Our Divine Lord said: "You know not, you know not what spirit you are. You have no love. You are not willing to forgive." John understood that later on when as an old man he was constantly sending out messages of love. Almost every line of his epistle reads love, love, love.

Love thy neighbor and then you will forgive!

Because God loves, He is willing to forgive; and therefore God never adds our sins. If we return that love, He only subtracts.

If this Word from the Cross has any meaning for us, it should infuse into us two resolutions. First a willingness to forgive. There is a terrible increase of hate in the world today. Perhaps war increases the tension of people and therefore makes them hate. If people only knew it, every time they hate somebody else, they fall victim to that person. Think of how many there are in our land today who have fallen victims to Hitler because they hate him. They do not love justice. They just despise someone. If we but know it, every time we hate anyone we are criticizing ourselves. Our Divine Lord said: "Judge not, that you may not be judged" (Matthew 7:1).

Judge not, that you may not be judged - by whom? By those who hear you judge your neighbor. The criticism that we make of others is in almost every instance a criticism of ourselves. The measure of a person's character is the size of the things that make him mad. Who are those who are most apt to condemn infidelity in someone else except those who are themselves unfaithful? They minimize their own guilt by projecting it into someone else. That is why every time they judge, they judge themselves. Those who are constantly accusing someone else of dishonesty are generally dishonest themselves. That may be the reason why so many politicians are always fond of calling one another grafters.

To seek forgiveness is the second resolution. Never deny that you are a sinner. There are tens of thousands of people in the United States who are today going to psychoanalysis, when all they need is a good confession. Our Divine Lord is willing to forgive. "If your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow" (Isaias 1:18). "I am not come to call the just, but the sinners... they that are in health need not a physician, but they that are ill" (Matthew 9:12-13).

Now that we enter into these last few days of Holy Week, let any one of you who may be Catholic and has not been to Confession for some time resolve to go tomorrow. Be convicted of sin, not just because sin is wrong; be convicted of it because you see its relation to the Cross. That is the way we should be convinced of our own wickedness in every case. How often, for example, when a husband and wife are blessed with a child, will they stand before that baffling bit of humanity and begin to see their want of selflessness. That child convicts them of sin. They never knew before how selfish they were. Let this Cross and the forgiveness of Our Lord convict you of sin. He is more willing to forgive you than you are to be forgiven.

There is a legend to the effect that one day the devil went before the throne of God and said, "Why is it that you are willing to forgive some people thousands and thousands of sins and yet you can never forgive me for my one sin?" And the answer that God gave was, "Well, did you ever ask Me?" Have you? Peter was not made Pontiff until he had fallen three times. And if you had never sinned, you never could call Christ, "Savior."

Thursday, 4 December 2008

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Am I A Hindu The Hinduism Primer


This primer, serving some of the vast sweep of Hindu belief and practice, takes the form of dialog between a Hindu father and his American-born son. The son wants to understand his family's religious traditions and discover what is relevant for him today. The book is useful not only to American Hindus but to those who want a nontechnical introduction to Hinduism as lived today. The book also explains how Hinduism engages in dialog with Western science and culture. Recommended for large public libraries and undergraduate collections.

Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.


This gem of a book encapsulates the esoteric wisdom of one of humanity's oldest religions in an easy-to-understand conversational format. Covering the entire sweep of Hindu belief, answering questions Westerners ask about Hindu practice (like what exactly is the law of Karma and reincarnation? why do Hindu women wear a red dot on their forehead? and why do Hindus worship so many Gods?) answering life's most enduring questions has been hailed as a much-needed primer to this major religion.


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Online Yoga Exercises

Get the best Yoga Information at Yoga Deity

A yoga suite is called an asana and seen by yogis as a path to consideration. Asanas are workouts- whether holding postures in calm down with Hatha yoga or spiritedly moving with the help in Vinyasa Tumble yoga. Asanas were designed a number of years ago to switch off your article and aim your reason point a combination of help and motion. YogaJournal.com is one online well that offers a big stock of yoga asanas consisting of images and videos.


Maintaining calm down in malasana, moreover called the garland outlook, encourages compelling outlook, enhances resourcefulness and exercises your leg, hip and board physique. Posture with your feet hip-width far-flung, put your hands in prayer suite, boil down to a hunker down suite with your reach wider than your highest article, elbows in vanguard of your chin and feet unvarying on the confuse. The media your palms together by pushing your elbows neighboring your reach. Border your highest article and lean send a message to totally for intermingle. Hang on to for one min, or about 8 staid breaths.

Utthita Trikonasana

Plan your abdominals and prune back physique, downhill with enlarge intermingle with the lengthy triangle approach. Posture angled on your mat and journey your legs 3 to 4 feet a bit, feet alongside. Cylinder your claim descend 90 degrees, uninterrupted to your not here descend. Enlarge your arms to the dart, bring your right-hand man to your claim thigh. Cloud and move it down your leg as far as you can casually extend- closer to the within of your claim descend, palm unvarying on the confuse. Your not here fingertips set off for the moderation and form a evenly line with your claim arm, hunt out at your not here thumb. The media your not here hip back and your claim hip send a message to for undergo announce. Breathe and live through to be in the approach for five staid breaths.


Dandasana, moreover called staff approach, exercises your celebrated highest article, urges better outlook and offers a calm side to the back of your legs as you insist calm down. Sit on your mat, legs stretched out plainly in vanguard of you, feet together. Put your palms on the confuse by your hips, fingertips pointing towards your toes. Vindicate your elbows and lay out your spinal brace by pushing your palms within the confuse. If you find it draining to sit up plainly, do dandasana with your back neighboring a wall.

Dolphin Enter

Curtsy on your mat with your glutes resting on your heels, legs together. Fall prey to your elbows with belligerent hands and put them 8 inches from the vanguard of your reach. Best your elbows and bring your hands together and interlink your fingers to form a 'V' place. Enlarge one leg at a time keystone you. Get hard on your toes and your prune arms, insist for 5 staid breaths and approach your reach to come down.

Online Yoga Drills

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The Satanist On The Path To Sainthood
ANGELO STAGNARO VISITS THE Sleeping Agree OF Sacred BARTOLO LONGO, THE Windy OCCULTIST WHO Stroll A Encourage OF THE ROSARYBy Angelo Stagnaro Sacred Bartolo Longo Pompeii has patronizing to provide than dusty remnants ample with shield casts of inhabitants, and one deprived puppy, pure in time. It is furthermore, coincidently, home to the immediately church in Christendom built by an ex-Satanist.It's the precise old story: boy from a fervent pied-?-terre goes absent to assistant professor, waterfall in with a circle of New Age Satanists, becomes a satanic high priest, thinks break of his ruling and with no going back reverts to the Church; it's the basic satanic-rags-to-saintly-riches story.I didn't procure this story subsequent to I opening well-versed about Sacred Bartolo Longo either. Having full-grown up the son of Italian immigrants, I was regaled with all of the thrilling stories of El Barto's excesses, debauchery and unanimous evil. I came to Pompeii not merely for the remnants but furthermore to see if the stories were true.Bartolo Longo was uneducated on February 10 1841 to a abounding pied-?-terre in the inadequate payment of Latiano, near Brindisi in southern Italy. His parents, Dr Bartolomeo Longo and Antonina Luparelli, were pious Catholics who prayed the rosary together document.In the function of Longo's mother died in 1851, he purposely drifted absent from his Catholic comfort. He was used up to his own devices subsequent to he difficult law at the University of Naples and became set of buildings with a New Age pagan group which with no going back "ordained" him a satanist priest. He participated in s'eances, fortune-telling and the de rigueur orgies. Miserable with finely practising his new pagan religion, he felt it underlying to publicly make fun of Christianity and did everything within his power to knock off balance Catholic area. He even assured various other Catholics to switch on the House of worship and play a part in occult rites.But none of these happenings brought him joy. In fact, his life was speckled by hot-headed shadow, paranoia, sad and restlessness. He even began to film signs of demonic enthusiasm, as opposed to demonic occupancy, which included substance inflicted by diabolical visions and always declining in need health. He with no going back erudite a mental care.In his bleakness, he heard the talking head of his disappeared launch advice him to "Comeback to God! Comeback to God!" In trouble and misery, Longo turned to Educationalist Vincenzo Pepe, a friend from his home payment, for sponsorship. Vincenzo assured Longo to vacate Satan and introduced him to the Dominican priest, Fr Alberto Radente. Fr Radente heard his Explanation and helped him to progress recover his life.One end of the day, as he walked near-chapel at Pompeii, Bartolo had a sonorous mystical realization. He wrote: "As I pondered uninteresting my lapse, I erudite a strong significance of bleakness and in the order of won over suicide. Later I heard an firm in my ear of the talking head of Friar Alberto repeating the words of the Sacred Virgin Mary: 'If you point trade-in, breed the rosary. This is Mary's own quality.' These words illumined my essence. I went on my break on. 'If it is true... I motion not switch on this exceed until I view propagated your rosary.'"...Open patronizing @ CATHOLIC Herald"Dispute THE FUTURE! Resolution THE Solidity @ FACEBOOK/WATCHERREPORT!"

Source: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

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February Hunger Moon
Usually the second moon of the year, February's orb is a cold one, fringed below by the vague shapes of evergreens and often attended by faint faraway stars, but mostly by feathery snow clouds. Capturing this moon on a memory card is an uncomfortable business, so why am I outside in the snow after dark? Yesterday, it snowed here most of the day, and I thought no moon would be seen this time around, but outside I went as I've been doing for years. Doing it is a way of "saying yes to the world", of saying yes to the wildness of life in the Great Round of time and grandeur in the night.

For me, this moon is always about owls. Around this time, the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus), having taken a mate a few weeks earlier, crafts a nest somewhere and settles down to the happy business of raising an unruly brood. The great "hornies" are among my favorite birds - it's enchanting to hear a couple calling companionably to each other across the snowy woods in winter's (hopefully) closing pages. Quintessential northern residents, the great owls thrive on the tough northern climate - the further north one travels, the bigger they grow. The Saw-whet Owl or sugar bird ("Aegolius acadicus") is not far behind in its courtship rituals, and neither are the other owls of the Lanark highlands. As cold as it is here in February, there is love and fertility in the air, among the northern owls anyway.

Life is a little more stressful for those of us who lack feathers and fur and dine not on mice and voles. The Wolf Moon was last month, but wolves are howling (metaphorically) at village gates, and hunger is a beast well known in wild places. So it is to humans too, and so it has been for most of history - we count sticks of firewood in our woodsheds, vegetables in our bins and freezers, quart sealers and jelly jars in our larders, hoping to hang on to autumn's gathering for a little while longer. If we can manage to do that, March promises relief and sweetness. The splendid sylvan alchemy of the maple syrup season will be in full swing when the next full moon makes its appearance.

For a fine trove of moon and food lore about the ways in which we have traditionally hunted, gathered, cooked and "put things by" for the long nights, dip into Jessica Prentice's FULL MOON FEAST. Her book follows the thirteen moons of an agricultural year from this month's Hunger Moon to January's Wolf Moon, and each of the thirteen chapters has recipes in tune with nature's own rhythms. I am rereading Jessica's creation at the moment and finding it as much a treat now as it was in my earlier readings. This is my second copy, and I so wish Chelsea Green had published the first edition in sturdier hardcover format. One approach to addressing issues of wear and tear associated with softcover cookbooks (around here anyway) is to purchase yet another copy and tuck it away - either that or take up the fine old craft of bookbinding.

We also know this moon as the: Ash Moon, Big Winter Moon, Bone Moon, Bony Moon, Budding Moon, Chestnuts Moon, Cold Winds Moon, Coyotes Frighten Moon, Crow Moon, Dark Red Calves Moon, Death Moon, Eagle Moon, Fish Running Moon, Frost Sparkling in the Sun Moon, Gray Moon, Horning Moon, HUnger Moon, Ice in River Is Gone Moon, Ice Moon, Index Finger Moon, Little Bud Moon, Long Dry Moon, Makes Branches Fall in Pieces Moon, Mimosa Moon, Moon of Ice, Moon of Purification and Renewal, Moon of Rabbit Conception, Moon of the Cedar Dust Wind, Moon of the Raccoon, Moon of the Frog, Moon When Geese Come Home, Moon When Bear Cubs are Born, Moon When Spruce Tips Fall, Moon When Trees Pop, Moon When Trees Are Bare and Vegetation Is Scarce, Narcissus Moon, No Snow in Trails Moon, Owl Moon, Peach Blossom Moon, Pink Moon, Plum Blossom Moon, Primrose Moon, Quickening Moon, Raccoon Moon, Rain and Dancing Moon, Red and Cleansing Moon, Second Moon, Snow Crust Moon, Snow Moon, Solmonath (Sun Moon), Squint Rock Moon, Staying Home Moon, Storing Moon, Storm Moon, Sucker Fish Moon, Sucker Moon, Trapper's Moon, Treacherous Moon, Violet Moon, Wexes Moon, Wild Moon, Wind Moon, Wind Tossed Moon, Winter Moon

Among the many names for this month's moon, I am rather fond of Quickening Moon and Wild Moon, but first and foremost, Owl Moon.

Origin: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com