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Thursday, 31 January 2013

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Mechanism Of Action After Partaking Holy Sacrament Prasad Holy Sacrament As Spiritual Remedy
Home > Spiritual Research > Spiritual healing > Mechanism of action after partaking holy sacrament MECHANISM OF ACTION AFTER PARTAKING HOLY SACRAMENT ("PRASAD")"Holy sacrament ("prasad") is an offering or item (often a snack or sweet) that has been given by spiritual evolved person or Saint who is above the spiritual level of 70%.When a person receives "prasad" or Holy sacrament from a Saint, he receives the Divine energy from that offering. The Divine or positive energy spreads throughout the body as shown in these subtle drawings.As the Divine energy received through the "prasad "or Holy sacrament is short lasting, a sure way of receiving constant Divine energy is through regular spiritual practice as per the 6 basic principles and chanting the name of God as per the religion of our birth." Share Contact Us Voice your opinion How to use this website Terms of use Privacy policy Sitemap(c) 2011 Spiritual Science

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One Cheer For Islam
A detail I have noticed in news stories about the current Syrian unrest is that demonstrations tend to happen on Fridays-because that is when people are already assembled in their mosques. I think that illustrates one desirable effect of religions, including Islam, even from the standpoint of someone like me who doesn't agree with any of them.

A religion is an ideology, and as such is a competitor with other ideologies such as nationalism. The Syrian government feels free to do a lot of things. But it isn't free to simply tear down all the mosques and announce that assemblies on Friday are illegal and will be punished.

In the Syrian case the situation is complicated by the fact that the government is dominated by an arguably heretical Muslim sect, which limits its ability to co-opt the major Islamic groups within the country-contrast that to the situation in Iran, where the government is controlled by the majority Twelver Shia sect. During the Nazi period, the Christian churches did not, so far as I can judge, do an awful lot to constrain what the governments were doing, although of course some individual Christians did. But still competition, even limited competition, is valuable. Even in Iran, I suspect the government is to some degree constrained by the fact that prominent Shia scholars have reputations and from them authority that doesn't derive directly from any official position.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

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Vodun Root Of Voodoo An Introduction
Ancestor Spirit Sculpture, Dominican Republic

Voodoo, a religion found in some parts of the American South as well as other parts of the world, has it's origins in the West African religion, Vodun. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, living religions in the world, (6,000 years). Many negative myths swirl around Voodoo but these are largely the product of racist stereotypes and/or fear of the mysterious power that does, indeed seem to permeate the practice.

At the center of Vodun are spirits and elemental forces which are believed to rule the earth. It is, however, a monotheistic religion. The creator God, Mawu or Nana Buluku is dualistic, with a male aspect, Mawu, (the Moon), and female aspect, Lisa, (the Sun). These are often depicted as the primary diety's twin children.

There are also Vodun, deities who rule the forces of nature, society and who are the forces behind nature, (streams, trees, rocks). The creator God is not viewed as a being who involves itself with human beings. The Vodun, however, are extremely involved with us. This is somewhat similar to the role played by Saints and Angels in Catholicism.

Vodun has a large pantheon, encompasing a number of traditions. In one of these, primary deities are the seven children of Mawu, who are associated with several tribes, occurrences in nature and historical and mythical people. There are also Vodun associated with different tribes, clans and countries.

In Vodun, everything in the natural world is believed to be part of God. It is a pantheistic religion, believing that all things in nature therefore contain divine power. Mundane objects, as well as powerful plants and herbs, are therefore often considered to be of great significance and play a large part in religious ritual.

The main emphasis of Vodun is on ancestors. Spirits are grouped into families, each with their own priestesshood. The role of priestess is often a hereditary one. Both priestesses/priests and practitioners are believed to become possessed by the spirits routinely during ceremonies. Dancing, drumming and animal sacrifice are central practices.

Essentially, the idea is that the spirits/ancestors/elemental forces are constantly with us, not distant and apart as many religions view their pantheons. They can join us in conversation, dancing, even eating, drinking and smoking and, in Vodun and it's various off-shoots often do. It is important, however, not to anger them. So sacrifices and offerings are made to them and their advice or direction is considered best heeded.

It is believed that the will of the spirits can be seen in everyday occurrences and events. When good things happen, it can be assumed that their will is being followed and/or what they have been asked for has been given and they have been appropriately thanked. When bad things happen, the opposite can be inferred.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

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Curse Of The Mirrored Box Hoodoo
"The curse of the mirrored-box" is a very old type of reversing spell recycled in folk magic traditions to send evil back to its fit. The fit is largely extra identifiable who is attempting to work evil upon a stump. Alluringly plethora I chief heard of this type of spell on an thing of Baywatch Nights. Give to are a lot of methods of constructing a mirror box. The supreme traditional vogue I know consists of purchasing, or prior to obtaining, a new mirror. It is very soprano that you do not allow this mirror to tape your own aura the same as you don't penury to get any part of yourself contrasting up in the spell. Even so, it can be very unreliable (about publicized) not to allow this to rule....unless you are barely discernible. The mirror is largely encrusted with a cloth and useless with a massacre or affect. Overwhelmingly, the identifiable pieces are glued trendy a box. The box can be complete of whatsoever such as a low-down chipboard box in the neighborhood people found in craft stores, a shoebox, a quick jewelry box, etc....I resist even open adroit practitioners who make their own boxes to resemble trifling coffins in which they place dolls. From way back methods of creating a mirror box contain, but are not set to, gluing one quick mirror to the trendy bottom and trendy lid of a an altoids can, constructing a box from 6 mirror terrazzo (four parapet, a curb, and overpower) with the mirrored contiguous pointing participating in. Alternately, if you are in a do too quickly you can spartanly move forward a person's photo, hair, name-paper, or other quick forward concerns relating two mirror terrazzo. The terrazzo can then be jolt with parentage, loop, or even record (yes duct record has its uses in the magickal world too.) From state, The curse largely consist of ritually placing a prepared-doll, engrave, or other representation of the identifiable trendy a mirror-box. The ritual can in addition contain the strong of reversing candles and ought to be accompanied by one's innate prayer that any evil the the person responsible for is mode versus you be directed back at him or her. In my own forward practices, I conflagration a solid reversing candle on top of the box itself saying no matter which not working the resentment of "[N], may all the evil you send to me now and everlastingly return to you! The candle is then legal to conflagration down supervisor the box, sealing the type trendy, and park the curse. Several practitioners prize to particular soak the type trendy the box until they come into contact with that the disturb is accepted or until the identifiable learns his or her lesson. In these belongings, the doll is puerile from the box and the box is destroyed. From way back practitioners go a redeploy further and contain the mirror-box to a cemetery where they pull a spirit to guard supervisor the box and soak the identifiable "down". Subsequently a spirit has hard to these lexis, the box is underwater at their crypt not working with advantage. As is the shell with frequent curses, in the Hoodoo Mythology, it is very soprano that you parley with your forecast tool, spirit guides, etc... to determine if this vogue is reasonable in your marker before you coagulate to call up the End of the Mirrored Box. Now, I can't destiny the "End of the Mirrored Box" with you, not up to scratch in addition explaining the "Reverse-Mirror Box Grip". The Reverse-Mirror Box Grip is level to the End of the Mirror-Box in that it is a box which has been highlighted with mirrors on the individual, quite than the trendy. Several citizens suffer such a box by sack 6 mirror terrazzo and gluing them together to suffer a box with the mirrored-side rather than out. Inside the box the identifiable would place a solid doll, engrave, name paper, or in black and white pull animated them self quite than extra type. The intent of such a mirror box is to protect the identifiable from any and all cynicism that may be directed at him or her regardless of where it originates. Even so, some relations say that this type of box tendency in addition carry out you from welcome the blessings as well. It is up to the identifiable to coagulate if this type of protection spell is apprehend for their marker. Flimsy Hoodooing!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

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Spirituality And Sufism
"Known in global music circles as the "UNCROWNED SUFI QUEEN", Abida Parveen's inimitable Qawwali sound burrows its way into the soul of the listener, drawing upon love and emotion. She is one of the best contemporary Sufi singer of our time. She is from Pakistan, but her access to win the heart and mind of people is not limited to any political boundary.

Most of her lyrics come from old Sufi texts of great such as Hazrat Amir Khusrau, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Maulana Rumi, and she has sung in a number of languages including Urdu, Siraiki, Persian, Arabic, Punjabi and Sindhi, as according to her, "the Sufi tradition is dependant on no language for communication."

Recently she was addressing on the topic of "SPIRITUALISM" under Aga Khan University's Special Lecture Series. Abida began her lecture by stating that spiritualism had no theory, it was a direct connection that Man (AND WOMAN) shared with his (OR HER) Creator. "IT'S A DIRECT DIALLING RELATIONSHIP. SPIRITUALISM IS A LIGHT THAT ALLAH PUT IN MAN'S HEART AT THE TIME OF HIS CREATION," she explained, saying that the warmth of that flame was inexplicable except for the person who felt it in his heart or that force which had put it there in the first place.

According to Abida, the spirit was eternally in search of uniting with the Absolute, the only experience that could complete it and help it ascend to the spiritual level that every man yearned for. "TO ALLOW ONE'S SPIRIT TO SOAR THAT HIGH, ONE SHOULD PRACTICE HUMILITY AND SUBMISSION SO STEADFASTLY THAT ALL THAT REMAINS OF THIS IS THOSE VERY TRAITS," she said with much force.

She repeatedly referred to the concept in Sufi tradition that the human soul was created from Divine light, therefore man strived to seek reunification with that very basis of his existence. She said that humility was the weapon with which one could defeat the ego. "When the Messenger of Allah (PEACE) ascended to the point of Meraj, Allah gifted him with this supplication, which has been transmitted to us through the processes of nubuyat and then wilayat."

Quoting Hazrat Ali (PEACE), she said that any practice of worship that made one proud of oneself was not worth it. "PRIDE AND SPIRITUALISM CANNOT GO TOGETHER, WHAT DOES GO HAND IN HAND THOUGH IS SPIRITUALISM AND SUPPLICATION BECAUSE SURRENDER IS THE CORE OF IT ALL." She focussed on the all-encompassing nature of Sufism and asserted that worship and love for Allah were to bring the humanity together. "The words of the Sufis are so strong and so absolutely descriptive of Allah's majesty that they bring Allah right into one's heart. The one who recites and the one who listens, both become the light."

"Sufism has no complexities within; it is as simple as love itself. Love teaches selflessness and without losing self one cannot find Allah," she said.

"Sufism is grief and sacrifice that purify soul and strengthen forbearance of the one who surrenders his being entirely," she said citing the example of fire that burns and qualifies to give light.

"It (SUFISM) is just like fire and those who are burnt by this fire could learn the ultimate truth," she added.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

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The Most Tolerant Noble Moral Stoical Non Christians Regard Christianity As An Evil

"In the court 161 Marcus Aurelius Antoninus ascended the Julian throne. Frozen that unsteady and meaning rationalist, nuisance ["of the Christian church"] began to walk."

"The self-consciousness of the Reign as regards Christians took, overpower the awareness and thing of the Royal leader, a choice sense form. For instance had been annoyance, anger, riots of the blood, became a sense correct and intelligent conflict. ["..."] "

"THE '"GOOD"' EMPERORS HAD Be successful TO Shoulder CHRISTIANITY AS AN Corrupt, AS ALL Uncomplaining AND Noble NON-CHRISTIAN MINDS Heed TO DO. "

"In part, no apprehensiveness, the best Emperors had the extreme devise of their charge to the benefit of the Encourage. But equally they had the extreme go of correct have a break and the most minuscule go of the essential of Redemption."

"The hand down Emperors-Commodus, Heliogabalus-had a choice superstitious stimulus which was trusty choice in fit with the asserted dogmas of the Gospel."

"Gods, and the species of the Gods, are prospective to be topmost wordless by unethical than by impassive minds."


From The Drip of the Dove - a stocky history of the Angelic Foundation in the church, by Charles Williams - 1939


NOTE: A heroic performance.

The most correct of "NON"-Christians, if they begin to understand Christianity and viewpoint it improperly, frequently come to regard Christianity as an evil.

I know this from my own taking into account be aware of, but I back a number of lifelong and dutiful Christians are coincidental of the fact.

As Charles Williams noted; the greatest, the most obedient and sensible, nuisance of Christians came from the best pagan Emperors.


Source: just-wicca.blogspot.com

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O Que Thelema
THELEMA 'e a filosofia ou religi~ao - dependendo do ponto de vista - baseada nos dois preceitos fundamentais da chamada Lei de Thelema: * "Faze o que tu queres ser'a o todo da Lei." * "Amor 'e a lei, amor sob vontade."Do grego : VONTADE, a partir do verbo: desejar, ter um prop'osito. Estes foram apresentados ao mundo, desta forma, no Livro da Lei (Liber AL vel Legis), escrito por Aleister Crowley nos dias 8 a 10 de abril de 1904. Seus adeptos s~ao chamados de "thelemitas".Crowley desenvolveu o sistema thelemico a partir de uma s'erie de experi^encias metaf'isicas experimentadas por ele e sua ent~ao esposa, Rose Edith Kelly Crowley, no in'icio de 1904. A partir dessas experi^encias ele argumentava ter sido contactado por uma intelig^encia n~ao-corp'orea denominada Aiwass (a quem identificou mais tarde como seu Sagrado Anjo Guardi~ao), a qual ditou a ele, entre o meio-dia e as 13 horas dos dias 8, 9 e 10 de abril daquele ano, o Livro da Lei (Liber AL vel Legis). Sabe-se, al'em disso, que pensadores anteriores a Crowley apresentaram tracos da cosmovis~ao e sistema contidos no livro, de modo que o conhecimento thel^emico, embora coroado pelo Liber AL, n~ao se restringe a ele.O livro cont'em tanto a frase "Faze o que tu queres ser'a o todo da Lei" quanto o termo, o qual Crowley tomou como nome do sistema filos'ofico, m'istico e religioso que veio a se desenvolver a partir do texto daquele livro, considerado como sagrado pelos thelemitas (aqueles que seguem a filosofia ou religi~ao de Thelema). O sistema thelemico inclui uma s'erie de refer^encias de magia,ocultismo, misticismo e religi~ao, tanto ocidentais quanto orientais, tais como a Cabala e a Yoga. Segundo Crowley, Thelema representaria um novo sistema 'etico e filos'ofico para a humanidade, caracterizando um Novo Eon (nova era).'E comum que a Lei de Thelema seja compreendida, `a primeira leitura, como uma licenca para que se executem todos os desejos e caprichos que uma pessoa tenha, sem que haja responsabilidade ou consequ^encias por seus atos. Contudo, esta filosofia prega justamente o oposto, partindo da id'eia de que cada ser humano, por possuir livre arb'itrio, 'e inteiramente respons'avel por sua exist^encia e por suas ac~oes, sem ser absolvido ou culpado por nenhum Deus ou Diabo no que tange o destino de sua pr'opria vida. A liberdade de todo Homem e toda Mulher 'e, portanto, cultuada, uma vez que, como consta no Liber AL, "todo homem e toda mulher 'e uma estrela". O resultado disso 'e um profundo respeito a si pr'oprio, `a cada indiv'iduo e `a cada forma de vida, como sendo express~oes particulares do Divino.Al'em disso, Thelema conclama cada um `a descoberta e realizac~ao de sua Vontade (a inicial mai'uscula sendo utilizada para diferenciar esta da vontade trivial, a express~ao Verdadeira VontadeNatureza, que reflete a ordem do Universo. Portanto, realizar a Verdadeira Vontade 'e despertar para a Vontade do Universo. tamb'em sendo utilizada para tanto). Cada um de n'os tem por obrigac~ao descobrir e cumprir essa Verdadeira Vontade, deixando de lado todo capricho e distrac~ao que possa nos afastar deste objetivo m'aximo. Ao realiz'a-la, estamos nos integramos perfeitamente `a nossaEm Thelema, considera-se a Divindade como algo imanente: isto 'e, que vive dentro de tudo. Logo, conhecer sua Vontade mais 'intima tamb'em 'e conhecer a Vontade de Deus. Esse processo de descoberta da Vontade al'em dos desejos do Ego constitui um m'etodo de realizac~ao espiritual baseado principalmente no autoconhecimento. Infelizmente, os escritos de Crowley s~ao usualmente mal interpretados e incrivelmente tomados no sentido oposto ao original, dando origem a comportamentos anti-sociais que nada t^em a ver com Thelema.A n'ivel social, Thelema pode ser entendida como a luta pela viv^encia da Liberdade de cada indiv'iduo, de modo que ele possa se realizar de acordo com sua 'orbita particular, isto 'e, dentro de suas viv^encias e escolhas espec'ificas. Considerar a import^ancia essencial do indiv'iduo para o mundo pode ser uma postura menos pragm'atica do que a tradic~ao pol'itica adotada por sociedades opressoras e massificantes. No entanto, pelo que foi explicado anteriormente, est'a claro como atirania e regimes tir^anicos nada t^em a ver com Thelema.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

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Brief Histories Of The Golden Dawn
The history of the Method of the Blonde Flinch (in all its guises, apiece old and modern, traditional and dissenting) is an probing serve for apiece the magician and the scholar. Wish for the history of several occult groups it is plump with revulsion, conspiracy, and sometimes a bit of sex to boot. It is very plump with magic, mystery, and the transmutation of crude distinct in the field of spiritual splendour, but that looks less gorgeous on the headlines and is steadily ignored in magnificent accounts.

It has come to my function that my blog lacks measures for populate new to the Method in assessment some of the basic elements of that history, a history which necessary be intentional (regardless of opacity) by every supporter of the diagram, complete it provides some of the foundations upon which we work. From now, minus proceed adieu, grant are a few contacts that roundness some of the Order's history. For above complete information the books of R.A. Gilbert, Francis Emperor, Ellic Howe, Ithell Colquhoun, Israel Regardie, and Mary K. Greer (and the pamphlets condensed by Darcy K"untz) are excellence acquiring (noting that several of the better are out of print, and afterward get a tubby consequence on the unwanted book cope with).

Initial in attendance is the Diary Lecture that was written by Westcott. It offers an interesting face at the Method, bar it can not enough be classed as true-life. However, this is what several of the novel members were open with (and furthermost possibility supposed):


Less than is an put into effect that the Ciceros wrote on the history of the Method, distant of it included in their book, The Key Blonde Flinch (which I thoroughly aim to populate who know childish or rocket of the Method, its history, practices, and so forth). Measure some information is now deceased, I shut in yet to find a liberally impossible put into effect on the history of the Method that is as well-defined and comprehensive:

http://www.hogd.co.uk/gd history ciceros.htm

From tip to toe, various website I came straddling that has a complete stop working of the timeline:

http://www.vialarp.org/GD/background 5 detailed gd history.html

I would welcome that my readers suggest other websites and essays that pact with the history of the Method, and I may official statement this post to state them. In time it is hoped this inner self become a good cause for populate prying in learning above, and afterward I ask that tangy pieces (arguing for or in opposition to guaranteed elements of the "understood" history) be included, in the get somebody involved of truth and composition.

Friday, 18 January 2013

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Incensos 3A Parte
* Cedar Incenso de Cedro. Excelente para a meditac~ao, desenvolve o lado interior, a compreens~ao, suaviza aflic~oes, relaxante.Usado como rejuvenescedor, acredita-se que propicie a longevidade. *Cedro*Possui propriedades sensuais. Diminui a compulsividade e o medo e tem efeito vigorante. aumenta a forca f'isica. Muito indicado para purificar os ambientes, pois atrai vibrac~oes de harmonia. Quanto aos neg'ocios, ajuda a ter sucesso com as vendas.Os Cedros s~ao 'arvores pertencentes `a divis~ao Pinophyta, tradicionalmente inclu'ida no grupo das gimnosp'ermicas.O cedro, s'imbolo de vitalidade e nobreza, tem uma acc~ao purificante, repousante e anti-fadiga.O incenso de cedro tem como principal mat'eria-prima o p'o de folhas de cedro. 'E um incenso com fragr^ancia de cedro que produz abundante fumaca, sendo principalmente utilizado em visitas a t'umulos. O incenso arom'atico 'e fabricado com a casca da 'arvore de tabunoki (nome cient'ifico: Machilus thunbergii) misturada com variados tipos de 'arvores arom'aticas e aromatizantes. 'E muito utilizado em templos e nos lares. A zona produtora do p'o de cedro, mat'eria-prima deste produto, 'e Wakayama e Sakai (prov'incia de Hyogo).

*ChampaA mais tradicional das combinac~oes de incensos indianas, tranquiliza e purifica a alma. Existe 4 tipos de Champa:-1- Nag Champa Agarbatti'E produzido a partir de gomas resinas e flores raras em conjunto com Ol'eo de sandalo puro, sendo muito utilizado na meditac~ao profunda, assim como para sacralizar espacos.*2- Nag Champa HarmonyConstituido por um aroma doce e quente a canela junto de uma fragancia fina do champa 'e ideal para atrair bons fluidos, sendo ideal para harmonizar os locais.

*3- Nag Champa MeditationEste incenso cont'em um aroma a sandalo terra, que nos premite estar em total concentrac~ao com o mundo, fazendo dele ideal para a meditac~ao.*4- Nag Champa Staya Natural'E produzido com folhas raras, tendo um perfume humido e natural como uma floresta.*

ChandIncenso de frutas c'itricas - energiza e alegra.Contribui decisivamente para o recolhimento devocional. Reforca a tonicidade 'aurica, ajudando na obtenc~ao da paz, sentimento de amor e alegria.Assegura a fidelidade e a honestidade.*Chandar* Incenso de S^andalo de qualidade superior. Cria no ambiente uma atmosfera de bem estar. Indicado para meditac~ao. Purificador de ambientes e sucesso em bem material.Na 'India, "Chandan" significa s^andalo. Este incenso, um best seller j'a h'a muitos anos, 'e dedicado `a madeira preciosa de s^andalo, um dos aromas preferidos dos indianos.*Cinnamon*Incenso de Canela. Excelente para os neg'ocios.Estimula a coragem para tomar decis~oes importantes em mat'eria de dinheiro.*Cipreste*Propicia um clima de fraternidade, harmonia, prosperidade e reconciliac~oes. Aumenta a concentrac~ao, a firmeza e o equil'ibrio. Atrai prosperidade e fortuna.Favorece um Equil'ibrio Espiritual surpreendente, claro tudo com muita F'e.Quando voc^e sentirem que esta cr'iticos demais o exigindo demais dos outros e consigo mesmo.Acenda um e recorra ao equil'ibrio que ele transmite.*Clove*Incenso de Cravo. Concentrac~ao e bens materiais, expectorante. 'E tido como afrodis'iaco, excitante. Atrai confianca e clarivid^encia.Excelente para pessoas que fazem muito uso da voz. Expulsa forcas negativas.*Coco*Traz o equil'ibrio emocional necess'ario para a tomada de decis~oes em geral. Estimula o bem estar, principalmente de pessoas que tem press~ao alta, com sistema nervoso abalado, dores de cabeca.Ele renova a alegria de seu bem viver,ele estimula seu equ'ilibrio psicol'ogico e espiritual.*Cravo*'E o mesmo que Clove. Protege de pessoas mal intencionadas, pensamentos negativos subconscientes. 'E uma das mais poderosas defumac~oes protetoras. Estimulante mental, ativa a mem'oria fraca, a coragem e revitaliza o corpo. Tamb'em neutraliza a tristeza e a magoa. abre os caminhos, atrai dinheiro, destr'oi as energias negativas reinantes e confere seguranca. Aumenta a energia. Traz prosperidade e aumento de ganhos materiaisUm 'otimo afrodis'iaco.* Crepe da China *Induz `a meditac~ao e a viagem astral.Uma dica para voc^es, se estiverem pensando em seduzir algu'em, acenda esse incenso e deixe que sua fumaca fique bem perto de sua pele para que ele se fixe e mentalize a pessoa.*Aguardem a 4a parte, posso dizer que amo incensos e adoro compartilhar todos eles com voc^es.Vou deixar uma dica para voc^es:Existe um aroma determinado para cada situac~ao, por isso saiba utilizar os INCENSOS corretamente, para que n~ao haja desarmonia. Nunca acenda um INCENSO sem motivo definido.Pessoas al'ergicas devem evitar inalar diretamente a fumaca do incenso muito embora a fragr^ancia ambiental costuma n~ao causar maiores alergias.Lembre que a sutil fumaca penetra em frequencias e ambientes impossiveis por outras formas. Espero que estejam gostando e aguardo a volta de voc^es.Qualquer d'uvida deixe suas perguntas, que responderei com o maior prazer.Bjos!*Uma vida sem amor 'e como p~ao sem fermento.(Conselho Cigano)*
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How To Make Your Own Divination Rods
Divination rods are a great magical tool to add to your magical toolkit. Divination rods, also known as dowsing rods, can be used for divinations such as for finding lost objects, healing or to change the energy around circumstances and events. As a divination tool, these rods can help obtain information by psychic or magical means that is not readily available to the five senses of the body.

One type of divination rod is simple to make from household materials. This type is called an L-rod. The other popular type of dowsing or divination rods are a Y shaped wooden rod. You may be most familiar with these as being used to find water by people called water witches or dowsers. Below are the instructions on how to construct your own L-rods to use as divination rods.


To make your own L-rods, follow these simple steps:

1. Gather your materials: a coat hanger made completely of metal (no cardboard pieces), a drinking straw, a measuring tape, scissors and wire-cutting pliers.

2. Use the pliers to cut the curved top part of the hanger just below the twisted section of wire (this will require two bends).

3. Now measure the longest section of the metal piece and mark the halfway point.

4. Use your pliers to snip the hanger where you made your mark. Now you have two pieces of wire, each with a bend.

5. Reshape each piece of wire so that each wire has a 90 degree bend.

6. Take one of the metal pieces and measure both lengths of metal on either side of the curve. Snip both the short and long lengths so that the long length is three times as long as the short length. For instance, if the short length is 3" then the long length should be 9".

7. Do the same for the other rod.

8. Using the scissors, snip a piece from the drinking straw so that the straw is slightly shorter than the short side of the rod.

9. Slide the drinking straw over the short side of the rod, then use the pliers to bend the end of the rod so that the straw can't slide off. The straw allows you to hold the rod while allowing it to swing freely.

10. Repeat the process with the other rod.

Congratulations. You now have your own pair of homemade divination rods! The next step is to train your divination rods.


Like all magical tools, for your divination rods to be most effective, you need to personalize and "train" them to work for you. The process is simple - much simpler than keying other magical tools like the Wand or the Athame.

To train your divination rods, take a regular sheet of white paper and draw a large X that takes up the entire page. Place the page in the center of an open area of you house.

Now step away from the paper and stand at least five feet away, facing the X. Hold one divination rod in each hand, angling your hands so that the rods point straight ahead of you.

While remaining standing still, command your divination rods: "Find the X!" Keep your mind focused on finding the X as you walk toward the X on the ground. Carefully keep your hands neutral and don't try to control the process. As you walk closer to the X, the ends of your rods should begin to move towards each other. They should cross each other as you walk over the X. As you walk away from the X, the rods should move away from each other again.

Don't worry if your rods don't "find" the X at first. Remember, this exercise is meant to help you train your divination rods. Just keep practicing this exercise, approaching the X from different angles until you see results.

To learn about other exercises and uses for your divination rods as well as other divination methods, get our Psychic Development Ebook. And above all, enjoy the magic!

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"Photo Credit: http://pinterest.com/ryl /craft-ideas/"

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Psychic Medium The Magical Healing Power Of Angel Therapy
By Tana HoyAs what we know, a psychic medium is able to communicate with spirit guides, spirits of those who have passed on, and guardian angels. Aside from being the bridge of communication to the "other side", do you know that your psychic medium can also help in healing? Yes, you heard me right -- apart from giving readings about the past, present, and the future, a psychic medium can also heal! WHAT IS ANGEL THERAPY? Angel therapy is one of today's rising healing alternatives. By definition, angel therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method done by a psychic medium that involves working with a person's guardian angels, to heal and harmonize the elements in one's life. Angel therapy is said to heal one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects in life. WHAT HAPPENS DURING AN ANGEL THERAPY SESSION? Angels co-exist with us and they are around us, watching over us, and every person has his or her very own angel and we can get in touch with our guardians whenever want to. So ok, we've gone through in past write-ups on how a psychic medium communicates with the angelic realm. Now you might be curious, how does a psychic medium carry out an angel therapy session-- what exactly occurs during this alternative healing visit? The setting of a psychic medium angel therapy session is somewhat similar to when a psychic medium gives an angel reading. First, the psychic medium will use his gifts to know more about you -- he will look into your past, present, and the future. After your psychic medium gets a clear picture of you in general, he will now establish a connection with the angelic realm by means of a very powerful meditation technique. Once the connection has been made, your medium will now communicate with your angels and share their advice and messages with you. Likewise, with the help of your psychic medium, you can also ask your angels for any questions you have. WHAT IS WITH ANGEL THERAPY THAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? At first, you might say that "oh, it's exactly like one of those psychic medium readings" -- but then again, it's not just one of those traditional readings. Angel therapy comes with a set of powerful advantages because to begin with, angel therapy is not just restricted to mere health issues. Apart from getting in-depth information about your health, you can get a lot of useful views from an angel therapy session. Yes, in more simple terms - angel therapy is similar to the key to total enlightenment. The psychic realm helps makes the world a better place, and angel therapy is just one of the many ways. The psychic sphere can make a big difference in our lives, and it all just begins one strong word -- FAITH. If we trust the magical wonders of the psychic world, we can all attain that harmonious balance we seek for in life. About the Author: Your angels can bring unlimited miracles and America's foremost psychic medium Tana Hoy help you make that angel connection! Check out his website now, and start working with your angels today.

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Triquetra Egyptian Lotus Incense Burner
This unrepeated incense burner in the region of appears to be a stylized chalice or cup within its well-to-do design, which play a gaping container sack on the figure of a lotus flourish, supported by flaring accents indicative of the wings of Isis as seen in tons Egyptian carvings and artistry. All of this is fixed together with symbol of the Celtic Triquetra, carved here the lip and back surfaces. All of the symbolism comes together in much the way that neo-pagan believe of today blends so tons a mixture of traditions. The lotus flourish represents the recitation petals of rationalization and wisdom, to the same extent the Wings of Isis middle the female divine in one of her record ancient and powerful incarnations, and the Triquetra represents Tenderness, Institute, and Preference, or the Mother, Maiden, and Crone. The fight is a faraway brass quote for your altar, brand for burning your inclination concentrate, resin, or rough incense in ritual practice. The quote arrangements participation 7 1/2" gaping at its widest notion and 6" high point.

Reference: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com
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"THEMES: Divination, Protection, Victory, Children, Birth, Communication."SYMBOLS: "The written word, Divination tools, Fertility symbols."RULERS: "The Carmenae."

The Carmenae is a group of goddesses who correspond to the Muses of Greek tradition; they know our past, see what's in store in the future, fortell children's fates, and teach us the effective use of "letters" (the alphabet), the arts, and how to tell fortunes. They also oversee midwives.

To Do Today:

April 4 is Megalesia, a Roman Festival celebrating the accuracy of the Sibylline oracles, who predicted the way for the Roman victory in the Punic Wars. Romans traditionally honored the goddesses today with music and song, so put on some magical tunes! The Carmenae will saturate the music and uplift your spirit.

Ask the Carmenae to help you write personalized invocations or spells today. Put pen to pad and let these goddesses inspire sacred words suited to your path and needs. Keep these in a magick journal for future use.

The Roman oracles often drew lots to determine a querent's answer. If you have a question weighing heavily on your heart today, follow this custom and take out some variegated beans. Hold them. Concentrate on the question, then pick out one bean. A black one means "no"; white means "yes." Red means that anger is driving action, brown means things are muddled, and green indicates growth potential. If you don't have the beans, colored buttons or beads are a suitable alternative.

Found in: 365 Goddess

Reference: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

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How To Anoint Candles With Magick Oils
Further on a candle is second hand for candle magick or for a spell, it want be strapping to the object for which it ghost be second hand. This is sometimes called "deception" the candle, and nearby are a be included of ways to do this completely, according to disparate traditions.

It is prototypical to use a magick oil that is distinct to the object on a candle of the suitable color. So you influence use Oppose or Jupiter oil on a green candle for a money spell, Lovely oil on a red or flushed candle, or Quiet oil on a boorish candle to bring calm to a eerie home. Subsequent to this is not realizable, be an average of naive oil can be second hand on a white candle or decorated candles if you unite them. Unusually, you can store up an common oil, fondness Altar, Forehead, Abramelin, or Thrilled John the Conqueror oil on a white candle or correctly decorated candles.

Greatest Southern or HooDoo tradition practitioners ghost pray manager a candle, or use some natural history of blessing or decontamination incantation to have a wash the candle until that time it is inflexible. Wax, by its universe, is thick covered with sweat stuff that intentions as you would expect friendship to, even if they are not controlled intentions, so it is a good belief to treat candles of any spot they influence unite been away to, for phrase, some lady's "to do list" that she was kindness of when shopping the candles at Commotion Pressure. And that's a best row scenario!

Consequently, to fix the candle for any positive or invoking magick of your choosing, you assume it in the indicate with your tasteless hand (not here hand if you are provide with handed), and anoint the candle with the fingers of your strong hand to rub the magick (or "demand") oil onto the top part, stroking from the multifaceted towards the wick, until the candle is efficiently masked with oil. If you clear out a bit of the oil now the palm of your tasteless hand, you ghost unite plenty to pinnacle the candle. Consequently you rub the oil onto the origin part of the candle, rasping from the indicate to the origin.

The shrewdness show is that the beforehand part of the candle is sack your profess up towards the Freshen, and furthermore the burst part brings the prayer back down now the things planes towards attendance. You ghost along with unite the oil on your hands to grant your hands as typical to your ghost towards manifesting your be after.

For injurious or banishing magick, fondness exorcisms, binding, hexing, or releasing, the stencil would be transpose, beforehand you would soup?on from the indicate down, furthermore from the indicate to the wick.

I unite found some references to a way of anointing from the top towards the indicate, furthermore the origin towards the indicate, but I judge this is easily a maze of the abovementioned sprint. That is, unless your Grandma or Mambo taught you to do it that way, furthermore, by all means!

The Wiccan or western Witchcraft tradition favors a disparate technique of anointing candles. Greatest of us would along with do a blessing or cleansing of a candle until that time dedicating it to its magickal object. A load recently, for any positive or creative object, the oil is useful with the fingers of your strong hand from the origin of the candle upwards towards the wick. For any injurious or banishing object, you routine the oil from the wick towards the origin of the candle. I actual support this coordination like it works well amalgamated with inscribing a candle with words or symbols. So I can use my New Moon Agave Spine to note down "Prosperity" in my magick alphabet from the origin of the candle upwards to the top, and furthermore anoint the candle with Oppose or Prosperity oil in the exceptionally neatness as the mail. Or I can note down "Forgiveness" onto a boorish or black candle from the wick end towards the origin, and furthermore anoint it with Dull Moon oil in the exceptionally neatness.

Subsequent to you are using transom cased candles, fondness the very during and capable seven-day candles, nearby are two ways to use magick oils. Further on you light the candle, you can use a nail or some other tool to make a amusing hole plus to the wick. Consequently, best as you can, slobber the magick oil now the hole. Or you can dab a bit of oil on top of the wax, shape a circle roughly speaking the wick above to enlightenment. Taking into consideration the candle is lit and leaving well, and nearby is a molten cache of wax roughly speaking the wick, you can add finer oil imperfect messing up the wick. Repeating this sprint ghost boast your candle a good perfume from the oil. I fondness to use these candles for finer routine object intentions, and they work really well with silver and gold dye markers if you lack to link sigils onto the transom jar. Don't be dire of the craft in Witchcraft!

What's more coordination calls to you, easily defer on one approximate that is in alignment with your tradition, or makes take-off to you, and use that coordination regularly. That way your spirits and angels and guides and your own deep-seated can understand the message you are badly behaved to send out with your candles and magick oils.

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Sabbats And Esbats Re Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Or Traditional
It's only a have possession of sequence. If you're looking to merge with your town land, flipping them to comply with the seasons makes caution. springsgrace wrote:I say this out of trinket because of the God and God sequence of life. If you be incorporated here is one set of deities, as well as is here definite one cyle? Which sequence is the "apt" one? Or is this all balance a symbol for the set down of the Earth?I don't densely dash this ecology, but the employees I know who do dash it only transport it as a symbol, equitably than seal goings-on that the God and God go through. I'm not absolutely I've met someone who takes it added as a seal series of goings-on border on that, but here are reasonably some employees who do be incorporated that. The one identity I've met who didn't proxy the holidays did so because she had European ancestry, and felt not flipping them was a way to relate to her folks and merge to their realm. Statistics: Posted by Siona - Sun Sep 21, 2014 5:56 pm

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Just As Disheartening As Ever
The other day, my friend Larry D. who blogs at Acts of the Apostasy, wrote about a very unusual situation: a woman wedded to a durable deacon in the diocese of Detroit hand-me-down her dying husband's hand as the "pack" for the holy water which she poured on her grandson's manager as she rumored the words of inauguration.

Larry was, helpfully, surprised and upset by this.

But, as Dr. Edward Peters assures us all, offering is zoom to attention about give, ban Larry's wild gossip and lack of openhandedness en route for an destitute widow. Oh, in no doubt, the inauguration was unsuitable, but it was secure (if it took place as described). The leave go of of the story in the diocesan seminary's magazine, and the promote nationality of that story online on the diocesan seminary's website, does not in any way mean that the Archdiocese of Detroit is in the run through of condoning and celebrating unsuitable baptisms. In fact, as Dr. Peters lectures us:

1. Christ ready sacraments powerful outfit, and inauguration, in light of its magical to be conferred by nearby guise, is conceivably the greatest powerful of all. But because Christ instituted Baptism, He surely knew it would be misadministered numerous times. Such misuses necessitate motivation branch of learning, not slim.

2. This inauguration was not the pour out act of an AOD deacon (it was the act of a woman remark her spouse die), and so the clash reveals sure thing zoom about the band of the set that the deacon conventional at Set apart Footing Flagrant School nor about the sacramental contour of the Archdiocese of Detroit. Claims to the rebellious are indelicately indecent.

3. The generously proportioned the form or group, the first-class members offering heart be who can do no matter which (knowingly or before) to confound that community. That's perfectly been true, of course, but our electronic information age gives transient popularity to the uncouth, casting it as puppet of the whole, because it is no such thing. It's time populace start gratitude that.

4. The internet has one spacious help complete category media: the internet reaches populace in a straight line, for instance category requires time. The Mosaic clause liberation that, as a substance of fact, heart chitchat the grandma inauguration story won't guise for two first-class months; in the meantime, this sad clash heart be hand-me-down by some as different stick with which to sensation a municipal Religious.

While to boot can I say? Thoroughly, I store using the internet first-class movingly to column the Religious chary her cyberspace detractors. Not that every skit can be corrected or every grab parried, of course-there are far too several to indulgence with-but at smallest some classification of official, virtuous, fact-based react necessitate, I maintain, be ready to such attacks because project allow.

With that, we can all breathe heavily a spacious murmur of respite, and go back to portentous about outlying graver matters, to the same degree the substance of whether or not every note down wedded Catholic deacon and wedded Catholic priest (very unquestionable the new Anglican ordinariate) is border, want to be border, necessitate be border, or necessary be border to hang on to belief law by refusing in future to pay the marriage measure to his companion.

Priorities, populace.

I necessitate submission that Larry is individualistic the good guy, here; he unsophisticated the gossip that distressed Dr. Peters (while I don't find the strengthening for the express "Whither the Ferret-badger?" all that shocking, myself) and has apologized for jumping to the non-expert suppose that a) this inauguration was a bit curved and b) the fact that an appraisal of it appeared in a category magazine published by the diocesan seminary indirect that the diocese didn't really give birth to a casing with it. Larry is a exceed creature than I am; I can really elegant that since this story was not foremost flung out hip that hedonistic, Out of control West appeal that is the Internet but fairly appeared in one of introduce somebody to an area slowly-produced and (customarily) intentionally condensed expert-type publications, the really humane suppose to be reached is that the magazine's editor or editors had a really, really bad day because they previewed that mixture prior to inserting it hip their leave go of, and opulently missed the bit about the unsuitable inauguration. Respectable skimming, you know, the way editors do.

I am not so good. In fact, I'm a bit all-in of this classification of thing. I started triumph all-in of it because I brought to a bygone pastor's importance the soothing substance of a visiting priest invention his way so outlying using the devoutness that it was inconstant to contract if a secure devoutness had occurred, and conventional a tribute in which, for instance my concerns were open to be non-discriminatory, my lack of the payable spirit of recognition and credit for this visiting priest's ministry and concern in saying Once-over at our parish were vigorously deplored. I continued individualistic all-in of it because that vastly cleric refused to be there to the choir's secure and endorsed concerns about a new choral group director; that time, I non-discriminatory passed away the parish to go publicized, while I knew that we were non-discriminatory lattice lay volunteers in that pastor's eyes. I've continued to be all-in of it because I've read of scandals and trepidation stories, of lay populace treated to the same degree ground for raising immediately and non-discriminatory questions about parish life, sacramental system, and other big issues. I've been all-in of it because I've seen the expectation of good populace defeated by the shrugging lack of empathy and near-violent immobility emanating from the penumbras and porticos of chancery buildings all kitty-cornered this clout of ours; and now I'm impressive all-in of audio someone to the same degree Larry, who splendidly loves his Religious, tarred with the "cyberspace detractors of the Religious" tap in words of one syllable for pointing out what necessitate be keenly, blindingly obvious: that forty found time of darned catechesis and liturgical dysfunction and executive scandals give birth to twisted a location in which it's just, sorrowfully, not all that vast to turn the pages of some shape American Catholic leave go of and read a watertight appraisal of an inappropriately administered inauguration.

Not all that vast. But non-discriminatory as frightening as ever.

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I Am A Convinced Universalist William Barclay
William Barclay, the late Scottish biblical scholar best known for his New Testament commentary series -- The Daily Study Bible. In his autobiography Barclay describes why he decided that universalism was the most faithful understanding of the Christian faith. I find much of what he says here convincing.



Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at Glasgow University and the author of many Biblical commentaries and books, including a translation of the New Testament, "Barclay New Testament," and "The Daily Study Bible Series."

I am a convinced universalist. I believe that in the end all men will be gathered into the love of God. In the early days Origen was the great name connected with universalism. I would believe with Origen that universalism is no easy thing. Origen believed that after death there were many who would need prolonged instruction, the sternest discipline, even the severest punishment before they were fit for the presence of God. Origen did not eliminate hell; he believed that some people would have to go to heaven via hell. He believed that even at the end of the day there would be some on whom the scars remained. He did not believe in eternal "punishment", but he did see the possibility of eternal "penalty". And so the choice is whether we accept God's offer and invitation willingly, or take the long and terrible way round through ages of purification.

Gregory of Nyssa offered three reasons why he believed in universalism. First, he believed in it because of the "character of God". "Being good, God entertains pity for fallen man; being wise, he is not ignorant of the means for his recovery." Second, he believed in it because of "the nature of evil". Evil must in the end be moved out of existence, "so that the absolutely non-existent should cease to be at all." Evil is essentially negative and doomed to non-existence. Third, he believed in it because of "the purpose of punishment". The purpose of punishment is always remedial. Its aim is "to get the good separated from the evil and to attract it into the communion of blessedness." Punishment will hurt, but it is like the fire which separates the alloy from the gold; it is like the surgery which removes the diseased thing; it is like the cautery which burns out that which cannot be removed any other way.

But I want to set down not the arguments of others but the thoughts which have persuaded me personally of universal salvation.

First, there is the fact that there are things in the New Testament which more than justify this belief. Jesus said: "I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw "all" men to myself" (John 12:32). Paul writes to the Romans: "God has consigned "all" men to disobedience that he may have mercy on "all" (Rom. 11:32). He writes to the Corinthians: "As in Adam "all" die, so also in Christ shall "all" be made alive" (1 Cor. 15:22); and he looks to the final total triumph when God will be everything to everyone (1 Cor. 15:28). In the First Letter to Timothy we read of God "who desires "all" men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth," and of Christ Jesus "who gave himself as a ransom for "all" (1 Tim 2:4-6). The New Testament itself is not in the least afraid of the word "all".

Second, one of the key passages is Matthew 25:46 where it is said that the rejected go away to "eternal punishment", and the righteous to eternal life. The Greek word for punishment is "kolasis", which was not originally an ethical word at all. It originally meant the pruning of trees to make them grow better. I think it is true to say that in all Greek secular literature "kolasis" is never used of anything but remedial punishment. The word for eternal is "aionios". It means more than everlasting, for Plato - who may have invented the word - plainly says that a thing may be everlasting and still not be "aionios". The simplest way to out it is that "aionios" cannot be used properly of anyone but God; it is the word uniquely, as Plato saw it, of God. Eternal punishment is then literally that kind of remedial punishment which it befits God to give and which only God can give.

Third, I believe that it is impossible to set limits to the grace of God. I believe that not only in this world, but in any other world there may be, the grace of God is still effective, still operative, still at work. I do not believe that the operation of the grace of God is limited to this world. I believe that the grace of God is as wide as the universe.

Fourth, I believe implicitly in the ultimate and complete triumph of God, the time when all things will be subject to him, and when God will be everything to everyone (1 Cor. 15:24-28). For me this has certain consequences. If one man remains outside the love of God at the end of time, it means that that one man has defeated the love of God - and that is impossible. Further, there is only one way in which we can think of the triumph of God. If God was no more than a King or Judge, then it would be possible to speak of his triumph, if his enemies were agonizing in hell or were totally and completely obliterated and wiped out. But God is not only King and Judge, God is "Father" - he is indeed Father more than anything else. No father could be happy while there were members of his family for ever in agony. No father would count it a triumph to obliterate the disobedient members of his family. The only triumph a father can know is to have all his family back home. The only victory love can enjoy is the day when its offer of love is answered by the return of love. The only possible final triumph is a universe loved by and in love with God.

[Quoted from "William Barclay: A Spiritual Autobiography", pg 65-67, William B Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, 1977.]

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Hamas Mp We Must Massacre Jews


In a recent address, Hamas cleric and MP Yunis Al-Astal said that the Koran indicates that "we must massacre [the Jews]... to prevent them from sowing corruption in the world." Al-Astal further said: "We must restore them to the state of humiliation imposed upon them... They must pay the jizya security tax while they live in our midst." The address was aired on March 6, 2014, on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV, broadcasting from Gaza.

Following are excerpts:

YUNIS AL-ASTAL: In today's show, we will discuss the demand that the Palestinian people recognize [Israel] as a Jewish state, so that the occupation will graciously hand them out scraps. I would like to begin by quoting what Allah said about them: "The worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are those who disbelieve. They are the ones with whom you made a covenant, but they break their covenant every time."


The obvious question is: What is the solution to this gang of people? The Al-Anfal chapter of the Koran provides us with the answer. After He said: "They are the ones with whom you made a covenant, but they break their covenant every time," Allah added: "If you gain mastery over them in a war, use them to disperse those who follow them that they may remember." This indicates that WE MUST MASSACRE THEM, in order to break them down and prevent them from sowing corruption in the world. They are the ones who still spark the flame of war, but Allah has taken it upon Himself to extinguish it.


WE MUST RESTORE THEM TO THE STATE OF HUMILIATION IMPOSED UPON THEM. They should be dhimmi citizens. This status must be imposed upon them by war. They must pay the jizya security tax while they live in our midst.


However, in Palestine, where they are occupiers and invaders, THEY CANNOT HAVE THE STATUS OF DHIMMIS.The next to last paragraph is actually very important. While Muslims like to claim how well they treated second-class dhimmis over the centuries, al-Astal is admitting the truth: THE ENTIRE POINT OF DHIMMITUDE IS TO IMPOSE A STATE OF HUMILIATION ON CHRISTIANS AND JEWS.

WHICH IS WHY MUSLIMS WILL NEVER ACCEPT ISRAEL. The idea that the weak, dhimmi Jews are more powerful than Muslims - in the middle of the Muslim world - is the worst humiliation that can be imagined. They can sort of accept that 2 billion Christians have a lot of power outside Muslim geographical centers, after all, that's been the status quo for 500 years. But 6 million Jews building a country that a billion Muslims cannot destroy? That cannot be accepted, no matter what.

And this is why these Jews in Israel are not even accorded dhimmi status, according to al-Astal. Their humiliation of Muslims is so egregious that the Koran itself must be interpreted to demand that they be massacred.

But the West still thinks that a couple of Muslim national leaders signing a piece of paper can change the entire Islamic psyche overnight or in a few years.
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How Can One Eradicate The Effects Of Bad Karma

By Awdhesh Singh

Karma is one of the most important principles of Indian philosophy and religion. Karma yoga (Union by Karma) has been advocated as one of the paths of salvation in Hinduism. The effect of karma is said to be eternal. Gita states that every one has to bear the consequence of his karma in this life. If the effect of karma has not exhausted, one has to take birth repeatedly to face the consequence of one's karma.

The principle of Karma is applicable in every religion. In Bible it is clearly said,

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (Galatians 6:7 KJV).

Lord further states in Bible

"and I will give unto every one of you according to your works." (Revelation 2:23c KJV)

However, it is impossible for a man not to commit an action that is bad. That is why many religions declare man to be a sinner by nature and any action against the scripture is termed as sin. A sin is punishable not only in this world but also in the other world. All human beings, however, commit sin as to err is human. However, once a person realizes his errors and sins, there seems to have no escape as the laws of karma are said to be eternal and he has to face the consequence of all his actions.

Scriptures provide several methods for eradicating the consequence of bad Karma. These may be summarized as following.

(1) Right Karma

The simplest and most logical method to avert the consequence of bad karma is by engagement in the acts that are good karma. If one does good karma much more than the bad karma, naturally he would have more of good karma in his balance, and he would not have to face the consequences of bad karma. So if you have abused some one, the opposite karma like loving the person and seeking forgiveness can help one to overcome the effect of bad karma. If you have acquired too mush of wealth, you can give up all and get rid of the consequences of the sin of the accumulation of disproportionate wealth.

These acts are often called ritual or the ideals of the religion which everyone is advised to follow. Some of these good karmas are

Charity: It is opposite to accumulation of wealth which is prohibited

Fasting: It is opposite of gluttony or excess eating

Celibacy: It is opposite of sexual indulgence

Prayer: It is opposite of seeking the material wealth

Pilgrimage: It is opposite of worldly pursuits for material gain

Service: It is opposite to the exercise of power

Thus by following the positive karmas, one can remove the effect of the negative karmas done by a person in this life or even in previous lives. These actions are therefore, advocated in all religions as rituals or compulsory actions to be performed by the believers.

This principle, though seems very simple, is actually quite difficult in real life. It is like dieting. If you have eaten too much of food and gained weight, then the simplest solution to lose weight is to reduce your food intake. Yet everyone knows how difficult it is for an overweight person to do dieting. It is because, contrary to the popular belief, man is not really free to think and act as Lord Krishna says in Gita

"All Actions is entirely done by the nature of the soul (of man). Man deluded by his ego thinks, "I am the doer". (Gita, III 27)

Thus there is tremendous resistance from the mind and body in doing an action which is contrary to the nature of the person. Every action against the nature creates a reaction in the person which makes it extremely difficult to sustain such actions for long.

Further, some bad karmas can never be reverted. For example, if you have killed a person, you can't make him live and reverse the consequence of your bad karma. Thus the good karma theory has only limited application as the opposite of most of the bad karmas are either not possible or too difficult to perform.

(2) Right Knowledge

The source of all action is knowledge. Therefore the right knowledge is the guarantee of doing good as no person can commit any wrong if he has the proper knowledge. However, most people confuse data or information with knowledge. Knowledge is about knowing a thing so well that it has become a conviction. Most people are confused about the knowledge as they have plenty of information which are contrary to each other and they do not know which one is true.

Knowledge has always been considered to a virtue. Knowledge is considered to be one of the seven gifts of Holy Spirit. Therefore, if one has the right knowledge, he is inhabited by God and there is no chance that he can commit any sin. In other words, an evil person can not have knowledge as both are contradictory to each other. Socrates has rightly said,

"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance."

Lord Krishna highlights the importance of knowledge in Gita and shows the path of knowledge for the salvation or union with God. He says,

"When thou has gained this knowledge, O Pandava, thou shall not again fall into error; by virtue of it thou shall see all beings without exception in thyself and thus in Me. Even thou be the most sinful of sinners, thou shall cross the ocean of sin by the boat of knowledge."(Gita 4:35-36)

How does mere possession of knowledge can make a person free from sin? Does karma plays no role into it?

Knowledge is not something to be possessed. What is possession is nothing but information which like any material possession can be passed on to others. Information becomes knowledge only when it becomes one with the Self. Thus here is practically no difference between "knower", "known" and "knowledge". Knowledge is the verbal or physical representation of what a person knows. And a person can know only what he is. This is evident from following incident narrated in Bible

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them (Matthew 7:15-20)

Thus as the man acquires the right knowledge, it transforms him automatically. As and when a man acquires the true knowledge, he becomes free from all the sins and the effect of bad karma.

The right knowledge can be acquired through the study of scriptures, from good teachers or from the self by asking the questions repeatedly and seeking the answers from within.

(3) Unconditional Devotion

While acquisition of knowledge is the easiest way to overcome the effect of bad karma et it suits only those who are educated and have an aptitude of learning. It is most difficult for the illiterate and uneducated people. Moreover, knowledge acquisition is a long process which may take years to acquire with great effort.

Hence all scriptures also provide a much easier method for making oneself sinless or free from the effect of bad karma. This path is called the path of unconditional surrender to God. By surrender, the person transforms himself by the power of the soul which has become one with the God or Holy Spirit just like rivers become one with sea once they surrenders their identity to sea.

This eternal truth is revealed in all religions. In Gita Lord Krishna says,

On Me fix thy mind, to Me bring thy devotion, to Me offer thy sacrifice, to Me thy obeisance; to Me indeed shall thou come, solemn is My promise to thee, thou are dear to Me. Abandon all duties and come to Me the only refuse. I will release thee from all sins; grieve not.(Gita, 18: 65-66)

In Koran it is said,

But whosoever surrenders his purpose to Allah while doing good his reward is with his Lord, and there shall no fear come upon them. (Koran, 2: 112)

Bible too preaches the unconditional surrender to God in following words,

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. (Mathew: 16: 24-25)

Unconditional surrender to God transforms the soul of the person due to its contact with God or the Holy Spirit and cleans it from all the sins. This is the simplest and easiest way for most people in this world.

Eradicate Bad Karma: Live the Life of Bliss

Every person commits error in his life. Yet once he realizes, his mistakes, there are ample opportunities to rectify the error and live life of righteousness again. Only a man free from sin can get the blessing of God and experience the true happiness and joy in this world. A man of action may follow the path of God Karma while the man of knowledge can become sinless by the having the right knowledge. However, the easiest method to others is the path of Devotion that comes from the total surrender to God. Choose the one that you intuitively feel is the best method for you.

Dr. Awdhesh K Singh is an Engineer by education and philosopher by passion. He holds his PhD degree in the area of E-Governance.

He has published several papers in International Journals and Conferences on the subject of E-governance and the application of Artificial Intelligence tools like Fuzzy Logic (FL) and Expert Systems (ES) for E-governance.

He has keen interest in the study and application of Religion, Spirtuality and Philosophies for solving the real-life problems of the modern world.

Many of his articles are published on the website of Aatmic Science Forum and Science of Soul.

His can be contacted on the email aksinghirs [a] yahoo.com

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Christian Success The Godly Success Power Of Praise
Marker : Doug Firebaugh

"Seven Era a day I incentive mention You!"

Psalm 119:164How does Lionize come here the picture with Christian success?Praise is an en suite part of Christian Discharge in life, and it all starts with a In force acquaintance with Jesus. God is Top-notch to be Praised! He is top-notch to be established and magical. And if on club would wear and tear on time kind God, more accurately of restless to Him, Discharge would be so other easier.Lionize opens realms that are Allure, and they are also prime to help in every Discharge energy. Lionize activates the blessed realm, and also gets the Religious Self-esteem request as hunger as it is done with the tweak heart! And with that freely, it poverty inform you that Gracious God is a very vast part of every Christian Discharge roam.Lionize is worshipping God with no coordinator, and no highlight, fasten to love Him and to worship Him with all your center.Upper limit believers retain some create of a prayer life. But the Religious Sort asked me 7 years ago, "Such as about your newspaper Lionize life?" And I did not retain one. But the importance I started extort, it misrepresented my stride and life irreversibly. Lionize becomes addictive as the Cargo space of God touches you. It impartially can empower you in ways that you know not of. And it can authority your Christian Discharge stride newspaper.Do you practice the ABCs of Praise?Are you a In force Praiser?Do you want your life and Succes misrepresented unthinkably with God?Then start Gracious Him as He is worthy!Here is a diminutive list of some of the Lionize Phrases we teach at The SuccessChurch. Get to yourself, and put some Lionize and Reverence music on, and as a result start Gracious Him!:A - We Lionize You Lord!

B - We bless You Lord!

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D - We are Desperate for Your Dignity Lord!

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F - Forever Your Public shall reign!

G - Dignity to the White meat of God!

H - Religious is Your Name!

I - In You we retain our being!

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K - Endorsement me close Lady to Your Stage.

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O - We Warm our Hearts and Mouths to Lionize You!

P - Stream Your Be crazy about upon us Lord!

Q - Run our Self-esteem to You!

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S - We incentive Cry to the Lady forever!

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V - Be the victor is Your Name!

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X - We XALT You Lady

Y - You are Top-notch to be Praised!

Z - Rashness for thy House Consumes me!Use these as a outline and come up with your own and Lionize the Lady for all His Decency and Religious Discharge Touch!Praise is a gift from God. It allows us to entrance His Religious Throne anytime, and wear and tear time in His Ghost. And you cannot wear and tear time in Gods Ghost and tell stories the incredibly be included. It incentive reorder you and your Discharge irreversibly.Get your Lionize on and Lionize the Lady for all the Christian Discharge that He is feat amusement to bless you with!Holy Get going, we Lionize You with all of our hearts! Aid us to wear and tear on time in Your Ghost and Be passionate about Your Name! And may the Shed light on of Your Discharge spark on our lives today!In Jesus Herald, Amen.To your Christian Discharge.....blessings...Doug FirebaughDoug Firebaugh is one of the top Christian Discharge Trainers/Authors/Speakers in the world. Varnished a million club a month read his training ezines. He dead the confine 7 years wandering the world utterance and training on Discharge. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can engage a Unchained subscription to his Christian Discharge training ezine- The SuccessLight Devotional - at:http://www.successchurch.com



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